Church/Religion - Spirituality

As in all religions, the difference between religion and spirituality in the Catholic Church is, that the spirituality is based on the personal experience, and religion / the Church is "organizing" spirituality. At the beginning of the Catholic Church, there were visionaries who are now venerated as saints. However, as the Church grew up to a worldwide church, they lost their connection to this vital source. The saints are seen as mediators transferring the prayers to God. Their mystical experiences are appreciated but presently not considered as transferable.


In today's Church it is about power, money and ego - Jesus Christ is hovering over all, still hanging on the cross, as if He had never resurrected. The essence of Christianity is generally not communicated, as it itself is not understood by the clergy in its pure message. Enlightened exceptions have retreated to the monasteries and charismatic communities, the secular priests hope resignedly and lonely for eternal life and serve essentially two masters, God and mammon.


The mystics of modern times turn away from organized religion, and in particular from the institutional Church. In the integral spirituality mediators and hierarchies have no more room, and the mystic has a hotline to God. He needs no special place for his prayers, because God dwells in him and cannot be searched outside, even less be found. In the unity of the heart the competing religions have certainly no right to exist.


The only reason to visit a church is the therein working strength of the prayers and rituals – but unfortunately, there are only few churches in which these forces are preserved and people searching could find. The trend of the times is to destroy the sacred vibrations caused by unconscious worldly affected behaviour.


Let's concentrate on our own Temple of God in our Hearts.