The Eternal Game of Forms

Every planet, every Human Being, every Being is consciousness. This consciousness is creating forms through mental forces. Each ideology is a form, i.e. Religion, New-Age, Esoteric etc.; everything is consisting of form. Each thinking individual within this form is convinced that his/her form is the best, the most important, the most evaluated. Only after forms have dissolved, the real consciousness is appearing, the true Being – the Divine One.


Though all sorts of manifestation have to be considered as equal forms, as dark and light equally; not regarding their frequency but regarding their value. They are but an expression of the ONE and a manifestation of the pure Being. We are creating the story and give the form a direction. We say, that mankind is developing to light beings. The truth is, that every Being is an emanation of God and nothing else than consciousness in different frequencies, which represents the spectrum of Divinity. In reality everything is right as it is, because it is needed as it is. If it was different, it would also be right – always seen through the eyes of God.


Nothing else remains to be done as to continue playing this game of forms – as far as we will leave this form and will be melt with the Divine into the unmanifestated Void. The dissolving of the Ego is already an important step in the right direction, but as long as we are still in our body on our Earth or on another planet or star – they are all forms -, we express ourselves by our thoughts and are moved by our emotions.