The Awareness of God through Creation - Part 1

The Awareness of God through Creation


A Discourse in our Cosmos – or: Evidence of the Oneness


There was Light


From 380,000 years after the Big Bang there was light in the Universe. Its weak glow is visible 'til today by astronomers and is seen by most of them as indeed the outcome of the Big Bang. When disappearing the so called dark matter emerged. It is the structure which later formed the physical Universe of Matter and made it visible. God expresses Himself in the todays' visible galaxies as well as He changed the earthly subtle matter into present abundance.


The Dark Matter


All galaxies, stars, planets, dustclouds, everything we can see up there, represents only a half per cent of the real existing. The rest of it which is not visible is the so called Dark Matter. Its invisible structural Grid forms the energetic background into which the Galaxies and Planets are placed.It is the unseen Divine substance of the Absolute. It is the primal substance of all being. Probably it is not dark but light. It is dark up there because it is unvisible and elusive.


Let's change from the dark matter to the Black Holes. They are considered to devour everything that comes too close to them. Part of that devoured matter is then transformed into a luminous radiation. Rays are fired outwards from the galactic center way out into the Universe. According to the scientists, the rays of subatomic particles projected outwards nearly at the speed of light resemble huge spotlights. I suggest that since we know that energy is never lost, all matter that is engulfed is transformed into enormous energy. These spot lights are not searching. Rather they are emitting information.


It has been found that the information of the engulfed stars is stored at the edge of the black holes. Yet the data of the stars survives. Is not this data then sent out throughout the Universe by those "searchlights" transmitting rather than just illuminating? Are they not therefore new frequencies which are then materializing out of the black holes? However, materialization does not just occur just simply like that. Materialization happens through information. Matter must know how to unfold. Nothing happens without form nor without plan – nothing ultimately occurs without the Word of God, in this case the stored information of the stars engulfed by the black holes.


In the beginning was the Word, then came the Light – this is the stored information at the edge of the black holes and later appears the projecting ray containing the data of the engulfed matter. The data come upon the dark or presumably the light matter, the Divine primal substance, whence new matter is formed. In the Universe this becomes the creation of new stars, which form in their billions from the data of the engulfed stars.


This may be a self-inspired interpretation, one which is the reverse of the present known materialization of Humanity formed of the DNA codes of our ancestors and, finally in the very beginning we originated from stardust, still carrying it in ourselves.



The Origins of Humanity from the Supernovae is the Evidence of Oneness


All heavy elements in our bodies, as organic carbon, oxygen, calcium, iron etc., have been formed by nuclear fusion in stars and projected as supernovae (explosion of dying stars) into the Universe. This is the proof of our being One. God is the First Principle, and out of Him and through Him the Universe arose and, we arose from the heavy metal of the stars. Our planets have been formed through the ferric release of each planet.


God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Heaven stands for the Universe. The Earth belongs to he oldest galaxy but it is only one planet of many and, it is highly probable that there are other highly evolved creatures that are, as well as us, the Children of God. Scientists have discovered exoplanets orbiting their own sun. Have these creatures their own religion as we do? Religion belongs to Mankind, but what Men have made through the separation of other entities and of God's Creation, is but the expression of his pride and not of his Divinity.