Max F. Long on the Importance of the Huna Bulletins, 15 July, 1950

With world turmoil all about us we must pray our best for peace, and because the time and opportunity for HRA progress may be none too long, we owe it to the na Aumakua who watch over us, to sacrifice our personal pleasures in friendly intercourse and drive with all our combined strength as straight to the heart of the great workable SECRET of Huna as we can. If the worst comes to the worst – heaven forbid – and we slide backward into social and financial chaos because world social structures cannot stand the strain of a final “total war,” we may still be able to leave in a few scattered bulletins a few final words that would make it possible to keep alive the spark of the lost Huna – and in some brighter day, furnish the seed from which a Tree of Life and Light could again be grown to bless the world.


Save your bulletins. We do not know where a set might remain safe for posterity when half the world has gone. There is a danger that, largely because of the dogmas and entirely unproven claims in religions, the men of the “Bright New World” that may follow the upheaval, may, as in Russia, throw overboard all sacred and revealed systems. Only in Huna is there to be found a system based on psychic science and inclusive of all of the science of psychology – and more – as well as on the physics of the aka and the manas. Only in Huna may there be enough proof and freedom from dogmas and absurdities to survive a purge and a revolt of such reactionary force as may come.


I ASK HUMBLY AND IN ALL SINCERITY that you ask often that I be Guided and my hand upheld in all the needed ways – so that I may better lead the HRA work. I feel that it demands of us all that we can give – in whatever way each of us is best able. We are trying to keep alight a very small and flickering light in a swiftly darkening world.


Max Freedom Long

15 July, 1950

Los Angeles, California, USA



The complete English HUNA Bulletins now exist as printed books as well as translations which will be completed in due time. I do not "sacrifice" my time but I am honored as eternal Huna student to accompany the developent of HUNA and the life of my great teacher Max Freedom Long. He is surviving in his books and in my heart, too, and I give my best to spread this light and seed in order that a Tree of Life and Light will grow to bless the world.


Monika Petry

(Translator and Publisher)

15 July, 2016,

Montabaur, Germany