Max F. Long, Vol 7 (1954), English HUNA Bulletins 106-110


2nd Interim Bulletin

January 1, 1954



THIS BULLETIN, as you will see, starts no place in particular, and ends at about the place where it began. In other words, no definite Guidance from na Aumakua seems to have come to indicate just what the next step in the work of the HRA should be taken.


WARS AND THREATS OF WAR have, in the past, delayed the Guidance in definite directions. In other words, the Great Company of na Aumakua, which seems to have overshadowed the work of restoring Huna, has been able to look ahead and has seen things coming which would upset efforts which might have been started before this or that crisis or war. As I begin cutting the stencils for this Bulletin, the negotiations with the Reds in Korea are stalled and there is the threat that they will resume the war if the Red prisoners are not forced to go home – some 22,000 of them. The South Korean leaders threaten to start the war afresh on or around the end of January if peace negotiations have not begun or if Korea is not united. Russia is said by Intelligence to have moved fifty-eight army divisions to Siberia, along with a great many battle planes. Our plans are said to be centered around using the atom bomb if war is renewed.


OUR FAVORITE PROPHET, HRA Mary Falvey, who has the best score of hits of which we know, has for over a year now said that the Russians would, in 1954, try bombing us, but that the bomb would land in Canada and explode there before reaching the Great Lakes country. She did not see World War III resulting, but one can well guess the reactions which might follow. And in a time of such events, it might very well be that efforts to start off at new angles with our Huna investigations and applications would become badly lost in the shuffle.


SOME PROGRESS IS BEING MADE, however. The new book, THE SECRET SCIENCE AT WORK is gradually being distributed and the public is learning more and more about Huna and its great significance as the months pass. Reports on individual efforts to use Huna keep coming in, and from these much information of value accumulates.


A REPRINT OF SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES, our basic Huna book, is about to be ordered, and this time it will be of the original larger size. There will also be added a fine index which has been made up as a labor of love by HRA Dr. Wheeler in England. (He has also provided an index for the new printing of SSAW.) As Kosmon Press, original publisher of SSBM did not wish to reprint the book, the proprietor, good friend and HRA, Wing Anderson, agreed to sell to the new Huna Research Publications company the rights and plates. The new printing will come out under the new imprint, therefore, and will be sold by H.R.Pubs. along side SSAW and at the same price, $4. Other titles will be added from time to time if world conditions permit.


THE FLYING SAUCER SITUATION, by the by, while getting more and more publicity in book releases, has not progressed a whit beyond HRA Meade Layne’s early prognostications given in ROUND ROBIN when he first scooped the journalistic world by giving out the information that (1) genuine saucer-etheric-space ships had been seen and their reality proven, and (2) that they were not something which could be explained in terms of anything then produced by earthly means.




Many ask my opinion by letter on this subject. Many also ask what I think of the published reports that saucer men have landed and talked with the living. Many ask whether we can believe the things the spirits tell us through various mediums, such as that the saucers come from other planets, are harmless, are vindictive, plan to help or to conquer us, etc.


My answer is that I am convinced by now that saucers are often real, but that from what I read of saucer men contacting the living and saying things to them, my feeling is that men so far advanced as to be able to come in saucers should have something better than presently reported to say to us. As to the spirits and their conflicting statements, I find little that I feel is sufficiently reliable to cause me to say that one spirit is right and all the rest wrong. Averaging them and their statements to get a general dictum on the saucers, I go along more or less with Meade Layne’s cautious approach in which he is willing to admit that almost any of the explanations may be right in some degree, and that the best guess seems to be that the saucers and globes and other “ships” are far more likely to be something out of the “etheric” levels of being than from the earth.


Also that it is not too hard to believe that materialization such as we have long observed taking place in seances may be the mechanism used for the production of saucers and for their sudden fading out. When a saucer man actually speaks up and tells us something better than I could personally make up out of whole cloth were I of a mind to do so, I will then, and only then, begin to sit up and take notice. We of the good earth can speak enough piffle to fill our variegated earthly needs without calling on men able to materialize saucers in space to add to our bombast. Of course, this is just one man’s personal set of opinions and tentative conclusions.


I may be quite mistaken, and the saucer men may this very year be landing to talk piffle to their selected earth people. They might even be saying something of vast importance and be pledging their listeners to utter secrecy – but it does seem that at least a word or two of definite and advanced sense might be let out to fill the waiting ears of an anxious world. Think what it would mean to the Reds to have word that the saucers would not intervene no matter what use was made of force, or to us if we could be assured that should the new bombs be used, the saucer people would at once step in and defend the “right,” stating which these were, Reds, Yellows, Browns, Blacks, Whites, Pinks, Republicans or Democrats.


Sometimes, I must confess, I get a little bit tired of saucers. They seem so inadequate, some way or other. It would seem that at the very least, they could make a few good campaign promises, even if they failed to remember them later. One consolation, however, is that the army and navy have at long last stopped pretending that they think all the saucers seen and reported the world around are “spots before the eyes.” Blessed be even that slight concession to veracity – even if “we, the people,” should be lied to for our own supposed good.




A letter was sent to me not long ago saying that I had “arbitrarily dissolved the HRA” – at least putting it on vacation status – and discontinued the twice-a month Bulletins without consulting the members of the HRA and asking what they wanted. I stand convicted. I did just that, of course, after saying in several Bulletins that we were closing down for various reasons. Perhaps I should, even if very belatedly, invite those HRAs who might be interested in doing so, to take over the job of producing the Bulletins, answering the letters necessary to its continued publication, and otherwise care for details of study, reporting and financing. I had thought of this angle for some time before taking it upon myself to act as I did. I could see my way in so far as getting plenty of articles to be used, but what I could not figure out was who would pass on which articles were to be used, act as editor, and then get out the Bulletin.


Several editors might act, of course, even if scattered around the land, all keeping touch with a top editor by letter. Lists of corresponding editors might, I suppose, be given in the Bulletins, each to be addressed by the writers of letters according to the particular department represented by individual editors. A business manager would have to be appointed to handle the books and funds, but the appointment would have to be made by a board of directors which would have to be established, preferably by election. Lastly, funds would have to be raised to cover the expense of the publication. In small ventures of this kind someone has to be appointed to beg day and night and to keep on begging, so that funds can be raised to keep up with the necessary expenses.


Who wants to take over and try to form a Huna Bulletin team to start the Bulletins coming out more frequently? I’ll act as communications center, if there are those who would like to have a try at it, putting everyone into touch with the others and standing by to try to see that something practical is planned. (Above all we would have to avoid those writers of ten-page letters who would delight in taking over all the space in the Bulletin to grind their own axes – usually axes not at all related to Huna.)


THE MIMEOGRAPHING OF THE BULLETIN could be done here at the Study, as before, providing that we could get local HRA volunteers to cut the stencils and run the sheets, assemble, fold, stuff and so on – then address and stamp envelopes which had already been printed, and finally, cart the boxes of Bulletins off to the post office.


Our old mimeograph which Cigbo and I managed to get by trading cameras and things in a continuous swapping spree, broke down so badly that it was beyond reasonable repair, and was traded in on a better used machine. Cigbo says to tell you he “sighned on the dotty line” for it to the tune of $425, less $50 for the broken-down one, then bought a new $8 roller for same, and some day will get its broken gear wheel replaced. He also wishes to say that anyone who feels he or she JUST MUST send in something to go into the cigar box, is welcome to do so. On the other hand, loud and musical purrrrs of thanks are offered to all the good friends who have already sent in gifts to help with the buying of the mimeograph, materials for the Bulletins, stamps, and for the purchase of the many old and new books needed for the continuation of the study of the basic Huna now being uncovered in the Gnostic, Mystery and other literatures. Studies are also being carried on in the realms of Theosophical materials, the Vedas, and the several revealed (by spirits) teachings, of which there are a surprising number.


THIS BRINGS UP STILL ANOTHER QUESTION, that of whether or not I have been too arbitrary in deciding what angles of the Huna research I should take up, and upon which sets of materials I should report first in writing new books, large or small. As you all know, we ran into the discovery of basic Huna underlying the teachings attributed to Jesus, and found back of Old Testament prophetic utterances, to say nothing of the creation story. It seemed to me that there could be little or no question but that this find was of first importance in a world which is nominally Christian. I also, I must confess, had a great desire to get on with this branch of research in order to see what might be revealed. The new book, SSAW, as you know, was the result, and, as I have said in the Bulletins, many of the HRAs were not at all pleased with the direction the work had been given by me. I believe that a majority were with me in this interest, but I may be wrong.




Here is your chance to offer me your guidance. At the present time many write asking for a book which could be used as a source of daily Huna readings – these aimed at keeping one thinking on Huna and related lines, and offering a source of inspiration and encouragement. It would also contain bits of practical information and suggestions as to exercises which might help progress along Huna lines.


A few have been very anxious that a book be written giving more break-downs of the Huna or hidden meanings behind Biblical writings.


My own inclination is such that it includes, among other projects, a completion of the general survey of the Gnostic and Mystery writings which are presently available in translation. This study is already uncovering much more of the Huna basis of the ancient days, and will perhaps give us more information of great practical value. A first book could be made short and simple. It could be followed at some later period by a large and heavily documented book going at the matter from many angles.


The need for a good text on the Biometer is much in demand, but would be useless unless a Biometer could be had at the same time. The Cameron version of the Bovis Biometer might be put into production if enough of them could be sold. The English Aura Biometer which I received two months ago works very well for the things for which it was designed, but needs changes and additions to allow readings to be taken which would resemble those of Dr. Oscar Brunler.


A book on the use of the pendulum for dowsing and other purposes needs to be written from the Huna and aka thread angle. There are a number of books in English and French which contain good material for such a book if time could be taken to sift and sort the ideas of assorted writers. The mimeo book on the Cameron Aurameter, which also gives information of general interest in an unexplored corner of the field, is already available through ROUND ROBIN, as announced in an earlier Bulletin. ($3 plus Calif. sales tax for Californians, post paid, if still in print. Autographed copies may be had from HRA Verne Cameron direct. Address him at Box S-218 Grand Ave, Elsinore, Calif. Round Robin, 3524 Adams San, Diego 16, Calif.)


A POLYNESIAN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY is something I long to have assembled and published. It should have also an English-Polynesian dictionary to go with it, and a fair outline of the grammar of the Islands and their six main dialects. This would give the serious students the opportunity to make studies for themselves of all the Bible materials as well as of the Gnostic and Mystery writings in which Huna symbology appears or in which the inner meaning of words can be seen by translating paragraphs into one or more of the Polynesian dialects (all of which are very similar on the whole). The legislature in Hawaii has appropriated money for a new Hawaiian-English dictionary, which is a good step ahead. It should be ready in a year or so, and if we could add to it a list of words and roots with the Huna meanings stressed, the problem would be partly solved. A reprinting of the big MAORI COMPARATIVE DICTIONARY by Tregear would be of great value, of course, as it covers several Polynesian dialects. The Hawaiian, of course, is the best and most inclusive when it comes to Huna terms. For my money the offset reproduction of the 1865 Andrews Hawaiian-English Dictionary would be best for a beginning, even if it is not complete and fully accurate by modern standards. Charlie Kenn, in Hawaii, tells me he hopes to assemble a mass of material dealing with the lore of na kahuna, and to publish it as an encyclopedia of the subject. He also has assembled a long list of words used mainly by na kahuna or by those discussing their beliefs and practices. The publication of the books mentioned above depends largely on whether or not there might be buyers enough to absorb a small edition at prices ranging from $12 to $50 a copy. Would you like to speak up in favor of books like this? If so, drop me a line and I will start a list. Or, if you are not interested in the dictionary project, you might like to let me know your preference in the matter of the other types of books which have been discussed above.


A NOVEL IDEA, but one that might work for us, is to write and print Huna studies of the materials of various books of value. For instance, the three volume set of books by G.R.S. Mead, THRICE GREATEST HERMES, is available in reprints once more. It would be impractical to try to quote enough from this set of books to give the reader a good idea of the origin and meaning of this literature, as so skillfully presented by Mead. And, as a digest of the materials from the Huna point of view would be of slight use without long quotations …    well, why not make the comment, pointing to pages and paragraphs instead of quoting them, then arrange to sell the original books and the Huna comment book together in a package deal? This could be done with any valuable book now in print, and might be just the answer to the problem of showing the relation of Huna to other great systems of thought and belief.


I would dearly love to be able to add Huna commentaries to the excellent commentaries of Charles Johnston covering the YOGA SUTRAS OF PATANJALI (now in reprint by John M. Watkins, 21 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, London W.C.2, England@ 7/6 plus about 15¢ more for postage. $1.10 sent by postal money order to the firm just named should get this book, or add a quarter more to make sure. With the exchange so much in the favor of the U.S.A. just now, books published in England are wonderful bargains. Another little book which certainly should have a commentary made on it giving the Huna data, is THE GNOSIS OF THE LIGHT, by Rev. F. Lamplugh, also published by Watkins. $2 should bring this one post paid. Or, write for listings on Gnostic-Mystery books.)


BOOKS PRESENTLY UNDER STUDY may be of interest to many of you. As some of these are out of print, it may be well to look for them at your nearest library, if it is a large one. I have been gathering these books, new and used, from a number of dealers. Those out of print will have a * placed after them.




Pistis Sophia, a Gnostic Miscellany. Translations from the Coptic and Greek, with many comments, 325 pages.


Thrice Greatest Hermes, in three volumes, translation of the source materials and much comment and comparison.


The Doctrine of the Subtile Body in Western Tradition, a smaller book giving the comparison of Western ideas with those of India which Theosophy has popularized by degrees.


The Gnostic John the Baptizer, selections from the Mandaean John-Book and excerpts from similar early sources, 136 Pgs.


Echoes from the Gnosis, originally a set of several small books. In my present collection are: The Mysteries of Mithra, The Wedding Song of Wisdom, and Vol I of The Chaldaean Oracles.


The World Mystery Comparative Studies in General Theosophy, all presented against the Christian-Gnostic literatures.


Fragments of a Faith Forgotten, 625 pages of translations from Gnostic source literatures and much scholarly comment. The current price is $30, if a copy can be found.


The Gospel and the Gospels, dealing with the “higher and lower criticism.” Dated 1902, but still covers basic points.


Did Jesus Live 100 Years B.C? a study of Christian origins.


Quests Old and New, this covers the beliefs of ancient races from China through India and on to the Near East, ends by examining Bergson’s Intuitionism and Eucken’s Activism.


Quest (magazine) Reprint Series No.II. The Sacred Dance in Christendom. One of the few works on this general subject. (Dr. John H. Manas, good friend of Huna, has in print a booklet, “The Dance,” covering Greek and other ancient dance traditions, also dealing with the psychology and value of dancing in modern life. Also other good books. Address the Pythagorean Society, 152 West 42nd St., New York 18, N.Y.)


THE BIBLE IN INDIA, Louis Jacolliot, translated from the French, 187 pgs, presents much interesting material in an effort to show “Hindoo Origin of the Hebrew and Christian Revelation.”


CAREER OF RELIGIOUS IDEAS, by Hudson Tuttle. A frontal attack on organized religion, with a reasoning effort to show just what religion should be in its pure state. (This little book was the gift of Occult Sciences Library Service, 2643 North 33rd St., Philadelphia 32, Penn., where many used books are to be found as well as all the late ones in print.)


THE LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE AND THE FORGOTTEN BOOKS OF EDEN, World Publishing Co. These books, which are not included in the Bible as we know it, are mainly various similar versions of the same accounts, or “visions” etc. Little of the Mystery Gnosis tangle of symbols and “levels” and “spheres” pointing directly at Huna “Secret” lore is contained here.


COPTIC GNOSTIC TREATISE, Baynes, (may still be in print), gives photo reproductions of Coptic originals from the Codex Brucianus, together with the translation and restoration.


THE BOOK OF ENOCH by R.H. Charles (1952) This is another of the many books written from 200 to 400 A.D., giving variations of accounts covered in the accepted Bible.


EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY by W. Max Muller. A study of the growth of Egyptian beliefs with many reproductions of representations of the gods. 441 pages of valuable reference material. (I have also obtained Volumes I and IV of the COLLECTED WORKS OF F. Max MULLER, (not W. Max) done with the same careful attention to details and sources, these dealing with Oriental languages, comparative mythology and a number of other subjects of much interest to the student of comparative religion.)


YOGA FOR THE WEST, by Felix Guyot, translated from the French. This is a very sane treatment of yoga and brings the practices into line with modern living. Discusses general theory.


THE DHAMMAPADA by Radhakrishnan, Oxford University Press, 1950, one of the best books of the Buddhist canonical collection, with excellent notes and commentary. Especially valuable in giving the original and possible variations of word meanings.


CHALDEAN MAGIC by Lenormant (Gift of one of the English HRAs). This contains much source material with careful comparative studies. Two other books sent as part of the same gift are: Tantrick Yoga, by Marques-Riviere, and Ancient Egypt Speaks, by Hulme and Wood, in which the medium, Rosemary, gave way to Lady Nona who could speak the language of ancient Egypt. A classic.


THE PSYCHIC STREAM by Arthur Findlay, 1200 pages. In this rather slow-moving big book much good material is to be found on the sources of religious beliefs and practices. The author does his best to prove that mediumistic contact with spirits provided the central point of inspiration in all great religions.


NOTE: The aim of the present study is to have a second long look at materials examined earlier and classed as different angles of beliefs. Now, since we have made the amazing discovery of Huna as the hidden and basic secret teaching behind the teachings associated with Jesus, both in and out of the canon and the Gnosis, to say nothing of the Mysteries and related sources, a general survey of all available early literatures needs to be finished to try to learn to what extent Huna influenced ancient religious origins. It may be that we will find indications of the origin of Huna itself. Considering the fact that millions have the greatest interest in the several standard religions, it would seem that any fresh light thrown on their original forms would be of lasting value. And, of course, our individual wish to know more about such matters may often be a great driving force.

OTHER NEW MIMEO BOOKS have been issued recently. If you are interested in following through on E-Therapy lines, or on lines of general comparative religion, H.R.A. Kitselman’s INSTITUTE OF INTEGRATION, 201 Clayton St., San Francisco, Calif., is issuing a series of dollar (post paid) books. Just now these have been released: WHAT INTEGRATION IS ABOUT, telling the aims of E-Therapy and discussing various angles. THE EASIEST WAY is a simple description of how to put E-Therapy to work – very good for those planning to form a group. (Both are transcriptions from lectures by Mr. Kitselman.)EFFECTIVE PRAYER, by Bud Horton, is a similar release, and can be placed safely in the hands of orthodox Christians. It is especially good for those working with children. All three books need to have a dash of Huna added.


In addition, the $5 TIME TEACHERS is also available, together with tapes of lectures. A request will bring a listing from the Institute.


THE EIDETIC FOUNDATION, headed by H.R.A. Jim Welgos, 252 Mershon, Fairhope, Ala., continues also to get out mimeo books, courses and lessons for group use, mostly written by Mr. Welgos. Recently he has sent review copies of his first two units on Bible lesson material. Lists may be had upon request.


DIANETICS-SCIENTOLOGY, L. Ron Hubbard’s line of work, continues to progress from one new technique to the next, and I have lost track of the latest changes in theory and practice. Two good friends who have recently taken the latest $800 course which I understand guarantees to make one a “clear,” will brief me and bring me up to date in about February. I note with much interest that in Scientology much less stress is being laid on the healing of bodily or mental ills, and attention is directed largely to improving the mental balance and capacity of those “processed.” The “pre-clear” now seems to be run through the mill in 30 hours, made to see where he is falling short in measuring up to set standards, and then is dismissed with the injunction to take himself very firmly in hand and bring himself up to the standards placed before him. The famous and difficult “engram” seems to be getting little of the former attention. It may be that imagined engrams are easier to handle.


ROUND ROBIN MAGAZINE and B.S.R.A. RELEASES, H.R.A. Meade Layne, the editor and head, still covers the occult’s flying saucer, metaphysical and Spiritualistic front in Mr. Layne’s own thoughtful and hopeful way. $5 per year brings frequent short releases and the ROUND ROBIN mimeo magazine every two months. In addition to the subscription price, gifts to support the work are much needed. The spirit communications of Mark Probert are given considerable attention. Many mimeo books are also available. 50¢ will bring a sample of R.R. and a listing of available publications. Address B.S.R.A., 3524 Adams Ave., San Diego 16, Calif. (R.R. for September-October was the best for many moons, I thought.)


THE GEORGE SANDWITHS, often mentioned in the Bulletins for their occult and other investigations in Fiji, Samoa and other Pacific Islands, recently sent me a copy of a new 20-page mimeo book which is a transcription of a lecture telling of their exciting experiences in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. No price was given and no source was specified from which to obtain copies. Real books are promised on these subjects later.


THE MID-PACIFIC MAGAZINE has been revived in Hawaii as a quarterly, by HRA Crabb. He proposes to include some material on na kahuna in each issue. $3.00 for 12 issues. P.O. Box 1513, Honolulu, Hawaii. Well printed and illustrated.


THE TMHG, our own telepathic-contact healing group, continues to function daily at 3 and 7 P.M., with many happy reports on benefits received, physical, financial, social and by way of higher Guidance in many matters. It is free and open to all.




The HRA Has Refused to Die!

April 1, 1954


CORRECTION PLEASE! It is with the greatest pleasure that I hasten to correct my statement made in the last  Quarterly Bulletin to the effect that our favorite prophet, HRA Mary Falvey, had foreseen that the Russians would drop a bomb north of us on the Canadian border in 1954. Mary wrote at once upon receiving the Bulletin to say that the bomb which she had foreseen in trance to be unlike the atom bomb, was the first Russian test H bomb, and that it was dropped north of us, right enough, but so far north as to be across the Pole and in the wastes of northern Siberia. Also, it was to be in 1953, not 1954, and so has already taken place.


I draw a long sigh of relief, and Cigbo, our old and pampered HRA Cigar Box “kitty” – who always has taken the blame for everything because he has not known any better – meows his best apologies and begins to relax. Mary says, “No really big depression this year,” and that is a comfort.


GREAT NEWS FROM THE SCIENTOLOGY-DIANETICS FRONT was announced in a late February issue of the SCIENTOLOGY journal sent out from Phoenix, Arizona. In an article by Tom Esterbrook, B. Son, entitled “The Granting of Beingness,” it is divulged that in recent experiments carried on by L. Ron Hubbard, it was found possible to transfer the “energy of life” (mana, to us) from one person to another “just by thinking at them.” Hands were not laid on the subjects. The projection of energy was made by an effort of mind to build up an extra charge in some part of the subject’s body.


THE MATHISON ELECTROPSYCHOMETER, which is said to be an elaboration on the Lie Detector, was used to test the parts of the body of the subject after the charges had been projected, and it was found that the normal charge for any given part could be greatly strengthened. Mr. Mathison ran checks later, and got the same results.


This augmented charge, given a subject was found to be of value in healing. L. Ron seems to call it a “Q factor.” It is said not to be sent out as a “beam,” but “is materialized at distant points.”


This set of findings checks nicely with Huna. Na kahuna have been projecting mana over aka threads or cords from themselves to others, and to spirits and to na Aumakua for the past 5,000 years. “Beaming” is not the mechanism, but the flow is sent over  an already established connection made by attaching an aka thread of invisible “shadowy body stuff.” The energy flows along the aka thread rather than materializing at the point upon which the operator concentrates. It will be interesting to see what use is made by Scientologists of this “new discovery.”  As Scientology has now been made a religion, L. Ron may, given time, “discover” the rest of Huna, even the Aumakua.


As a matter of fact, the “thetan” recently offered by L. Ron as the soul or spirit of man, does rather well to fill the shoes of our Huna Auhane. Both are spirits who survive physical death and who reincarnate, although the “thetan” seems to reincarnate through some 72 or more trillion years and on perhaps many planets, while the Auhane was thought by na kahuna to learn life lessons in just a few incarnations, starting as a Aunihipili, graduating into the Auhane stage, and in due time going on into the Aumakua level. Scientology has also given us a substitute for the Aunihipili. It is still not too well defined in terms of Huna concepts, but it is a step in the right direction and fills a large gap in this growing new system. The next logical step is to add something above the “thetan” to take the place of the super conscious or our Aumakua in Huna. It might not be too much to expect an ultimate Ku`Kane`Kahi or Divine Triune Absolute to be added, thus qualifying Scientology as a full-fledged religion in the complete sense of the word.


MORE ABOUT THE MATHISON INSTRUMENT has just been learned as this stencil is being cut. In the “FLASH,” a mimeo sheet put out by the Hubbard Diabetic Service Center, 2663 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena 8, Calif, the editor tells us of the new instrument: “The probe needle is the new feature which is most amazing. With this, one locates the ‘dead’ or anesthetic areas of the body. When on the live areas, the needle beeps; on the dead areas there is no sound. LRH demonstrated how a pre-clear can push his awareness into such an area to make the needle turn on; more impressive still, how the ‘operating the tan’ can turn on this awareness for another person even though that other may be as far away from him as across the room. This has been done, and demonstrated on the meter half way across the country, but this I did not see. This is the first mechanical and objective demonstration we have had in Dianetics of the creation of force by the mind.”


Our thanks to “Ikey” Stone for this first-hand report (She will take orders for the new instrument if any HRA wishes one. The price is given as $400.)


THE BABYLONIAN PRAYER BOWL healing of one of the first HRAs in Australia, HRA Olive Stevens Sutton, was said, in the new book, SECRET SCIENCE AT WORK, not to have lasted. I am more than pleased to have a letter from “down under” to set me right. Her healing, I am told, was blessedly permanent. It was the healing by the bowl (used in an invocation) of Mr. Sutton’s asthma which was not permanent. The Suttons have made some very fine demonstrations in their own lives and affairs of the workability of Huna. Mrs. Sutton gives a brief account of her own healing. I quote.


“I took the bowl (in her hands), got the idea, and made a most earnest prayer request to the Spirit behind the bowl, NOT to the spirit of the ancient priest who had made the bowl (in ancient times), but directly to the Parental Spirit (Aumakua) that the priest must have invoked when he prayed. In short, to the Aumakua spirit behind the bowl. And I remember thinking at the time, with some humor, how surprised He would be to get such a request from one in the modern world, after so many centuries of silence. The healing was instant and complete and nothing was felt. The pain stopped and never returned.” (She went on to say that she feels that her husband, Basil, did not pray earnestly enough for his asthma to be completely and permanently healed.)


THE ONLY HIEROGLYPH ON THE GREAT PYRAMID in Egypt is to be found outside the place called the King’s Chamber, writes HRA John Cooke, who is now finishing his third year in that part of the world and in North Africa making a careful study at first hand of any and every kind of evidence which might connect na kahuna of Polynesia with that part of the world. “This (he explains,) is the hieroglyph standing for Ti or Tahuti, scribe of the gods, the personification of the moon, and the energy of what is called the Seventh Ray, he who invented words, the alphabet, the Book of the Taro Toth, Hermes Trismagistus – and may be the key.” He gives a rough drawing of the hieroglyph, saying, “He holds the palm tree, the top of which bends over to end in the familiar judgments scales balancing the bowl or heart against the feather symbolizing truth. (I will try for a rough reproduction of his drawing here.)



This stands for “Ti,” John says.

 “And this is the hieroglyph for Ti or Tahuti.

As far as I can tell, this is the answer to all our questions.

It’s there before us.”



While I am not sure just what John has in mind, it is most interesting to consider the symbols used in this signature and their possible significance to our Huna research.


The palm tree is a phallic symbol of sex or creative force. The scales show that an exact balance is required between the elements represented by the heart and the feather. The heart has been the symbol of the emotions, and the feather of abstract truth may well symbolize in this case the unemotional thinking and true reasoning of the Auhane or conscious mind self. (Huna tells us that all emotions come from the Aunihipili or subconscious.)


If the Aunihipili is harboring complexes or has spirit “eating companions” driving it to certain ends, the emotions will be out of control when these unwanted elements are triggered into action. Emotions which are out of the control of the reason of the man are the typical symptoms of an out-of-balance or complexed state.


We have discovered that the cross is also the symbol of the complex and obsessing spirit trouble, If these blockings in the path to the Aumakua are not removed, we are made to suffer on the cross day by day. (Jesus is reported to have said, “Take up your cross daily, and follow me.”)


Dr. Freud, who rediscovered the complex in modern times, found that a very large part of the patients whom he treated suffered because their balanced reaction to sex in their lives had been badly distorted.


In the fact that the phallic palm supports the perfectly balanced scales in the hieroglyph, suggests that sex force has some special power to cause the complexes to vanish and the evil spirits to go. This leads us directly to attraction between the sexes and to love as it is expressed on the levels of the Aunihipili, Auhane and Aumakua. Love has been pointed out in cryptic fashion in all great religions as the greatest of all good and important things. Behind all phallic symbology and so-called “worship” lies the Huna secret that love or attraction, on all levels, is the great force that causes creation.


On the Aunihipili level, the creation is that of children. On the level of the Auhane it is the creation of ideas which in turn may be the patterns for anything from a house to an atom bomb. The level of na Aumakua is supposed to be stimulated to create in the behalf of the one furnishing the love-mana and prayer picturing thought-forms. The exact mechanism of the creative actions on the Aumakua level has been the cause of endless speculation. The best information on na kahuna suggests that either the Father or the Mother half of the Aumakua “Utterly Trustworthy Parental Pair” can create answers to our prayers unaided, but that when a miracle is needed, with swift and complete action to do away with old conditions and produce the new, the Pair must be drawn together in some way by the love and mana sent to them by the lower pair, and engage in a mutual creative effort which results in changes on all three levels, that of the material, that of the idea-thought-form Auhane level, and that of the Aumakua level of perfect patterns.


Miraculous and instant healing at Lourdes come far more often to those who go there to pray for help for a loved one than to those who come to pray only for their own healing.


The miraculous healing and reconstructing creative power of the Parental Pair, may be needed when the foot washing rite is performed to ask that a sufferer be freed of complexes and evil spirit influences as a preliminary to the healing that automatically may be given as a result of the cleansing of the “path.” The rules to be followed when we foot-wash each other include the making of amends, directly or in kind, by the one to be treated. Then follows the generating of a surcharge of mana by the operator and the presentation of the charge and the prayer picture (telepathically) to the Aumakua to ask that complexes be removed, etc. Perhaps the love which the operator is able to generate as an emotional help to the generation of the mana surcharge is the measure of the answer that will be given to the prayer. Or, it might be that the sex forces add some element to ordinary mana. It cannot be denied that men have tried for centuries to work out a system of sorts so that the “serpent fires” could be “aroused” and miraculous results obtained, physically, mentally or spiritually. Probably great lovers make the great healers in any age. Will someone who can use the pendulum well take over the assignment of seeing what pendulum reactions result when there is great love force available, as in contrast to when there is little or none? An effort might even be made to see what pendulum reaction comes to indicate that love is in plentiful supply on each of the three planes of our being, Aunihipili, Auhane and Aumakua.




The Besant branch of the Theosophists, some years ago, organized a secret section which had for part of its purpose, I was given to understand, some type of work in which men and women paired off and possibly used or tried to use come combination of positive and negative prana (our manas) force. I gather that the effort was not greatly successful and ended soon. Now for the question. Can any of you give us more definite information as to what was tried out and what theory was behind the test?


THE SCIENTOLOGY $800 COURSE which was mentioned in the last Bulletin, was, I understand, guaranteed to produce a bettered state, possibly what is call being “clear.” We would say that it was to remove the complexes. A letter just in as I cut this stencil, asks whether the HRAs who took the course got the results expected. I have not heard from them as yet, but Ikey Stone, already quoted in this Bulletin, writes, “I came to Phoenix fully determined NOT to stay for the Clinical Course. (The $800 one.) I was so impressed by the changes L.Ron Hubbard has made in his own personality – without any sacrifice of the flamboyant qualities – that I applied for the course. We had six weeks of excellent lectures and of group processing.  The first three weeks consisted almost wholly of group processing by Hubbard, a tremendous experience.”


Just why and how the experience was so “tremendous,” she did not state. As we all know, the original Dianetics was presented as a system that would heal or normalize physical as well as mental difficulties and was simple enough to be used by almost anyone. The main attraction to young college men seemed to be the promise that mental ability would be greatly increased when the ‘engrams” (complexes to us) were removed and that the force tied up in them, when released, would add much to the physical and mental powers of the one “cleared.”


Of late months I hear little or nothing of these claims or promises, but as L.Ron has turned his organization into a religion, I take it that while such results are the real goal of all present “processing,” it is best not to say much about it. There are powerful associations ready to cause much trouble for anyone threatening their exclusive position in the field of the healing arts, either mental or physical. The Scientology method in use at the moment seems to be one in which exercises are taken to create firm belief in the fact that one is NOT a part of the body or even mind. The argument is that if both legs were cut off, the real “I” would be just the same. It follows that if the entire body is lost, the “I” remains. Also, if memory or other mental powers are lost, the fact that one (as in amnesia) still retains a sense of being an “I,” this proves that the real self (thetan in Scientology ) lives independent of the body. If this premise is accepted, one tells oneself that no bodily or mental trouble is a part or belonging of the real “I,” and what with some mental gymnastics which are part of the “techniques,” one automatically corrects the trouble, whatever it may be. For a fuller exploration of this line of thought and practice, see a fine little book by Rolf Alexander, MD, titled THE DOCTOR ALONE CAN’T CURE YOU. Parts of the book were published in 1939 and the book in its present form was put out in 1943. I have sent for a copy, trying the 1943 address of the Overton Press, Zypher Cove, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and if I get a reply, will know the price and ask if the supply is available for HUNA REASEARCH PUBLICATIONS to handle. (The copy I have at the moment was borrowed.)


MY CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS TO HELP PRODUCE THE BULLETIN brought two offers to edit and an offer from two strangers in another city to come over when and if possible to help produce the Bulletins. Several letters came to object strenuously to having anyone but myself write the Bulletins or head the research work which continues to be done. A number wrote to say that the way to handle the problem was to ask those who want to receive Bulletins to send in gifts of money to enable me to hire the assistance needed. This last way is the old way we had before and for the present it seems best to go along as we are, with a Bulletin once a quarter, and with all who wish to receive copies asked to send in small money or stamp gifts for our “Cigbo” cigar box kitty, to help me keep the ball rolling. The new-used mimeograph is gradually getting paid for and books needed for the present research stage are paid for in a small part out of the box. You may remember that I stated that I hoped to pay all Bulletin expenses out of my own pocket, but this did not work out well. “Something-for-nothing” always brings in a great rush of requests from all sides, with often long lists of friends to be put on the mailing list. From now on, only those who are sufficiently interested in the Bulletins to help produce them and to support at least a little the expenses involved here at the middle of things, will be kept on the list.


THE HUNA RESEARCH ASSOCIATES HAS REFUSED TO DIE as an organization. In the new book I said that it had been disbanded, hoping in this way to prevent a flood of letters demanding membership. Either people do not read that part of the book or do not believe me. The letters still flow in asking to be allowed to join and to have the Bulletins sent. Endless requests come asking where the nearest HRA group can be found, and also asking for the names of other HRAs in close reach of the writers. I have refused to give out names, and there is but the one group, that in New York, now operating, but it may be necessary to open the directory lists again to put people in touch with those who wish companionship by letters or through possible groups. My only anxiety is HOW to get past the impossible task of answering so many letters which the slightest renewal of our HRA activities entails. The TMHG correspondence alone is enough to keep me busy two hours each day. Please keep your letters short and to the point when you write. Don’t ask questions unless very necessary, and please say “NO ANSWER EXPECTED” if you possibly can. In this way all of you can help. I can use form letters part of the time.




There are always a few able and/or enthusiastic HRAs who write to propose taking up certain research or experimental projects, and with these I cooperate as best I can. Some of the HRAs make me very happy by laying out their own research work, carrying it through, and pausing from time to time just to let me know what they have tried and what results were obtained. A few have been working on their own lines, but find that their tests throw light on Huna also. For instance:


HRA DR. WESTLAKE REPORTS VERY IMPORTANT FINDINGS from England in a recent letter. Let me quote parts of the report. “I have been concentrating on endeavoring to ascertain how it is possible to achieve accuracy and reliability in radiesthetic findings, and I have made considerable progress chiefly because I have been fortunate enough to have found a first-class doctor who is, at the same time, one of the best medical dowsers I have come across. He and I have been working together, I doing the chemical side and he doing the radiesthetic side. We have had some brilliant results. This last autumn I prepared a paper summarizing our work for presentation to the Medical Society for the Study of Radiesthesia, and it was duly read on November 25th. I also read supplementary papers on January 27th.


“The first was called, ‘The Contribution of Radiesthesia to the New Medicine,’ and the other, ‘Towards Radiesthetic Reliability – Further Chemical Evidence.’ I introduced Huna concepts in two places, (1) in the training of dowsers in the use of the pendulum, where I suggested it was simply a question of contacting the Low Self and establishing a friendly relationship, training it in cooperation and in independence and in the convention of communication, also instructing the Low Self in the sort of facts and data required. (2) In E-Therapy, definitely involving the aid of the High Self. Let me quote from my paper.


“The patient was now ready to move to the fundamental therapy – E-Therapy, (a system worked out by HRA Kitselman) in which a superior entity – the ‘E’ – is assumed and its aid invoked in getting at the unconscious depths. I saw no reason why one should not definitely invoke the aid of the High Self instead of something indefinite like the ‘E’ and this I did, using the following technique.


“The patient was placed in her own Eeman relaxation circuit, and then a lead from my orgone energy cone – this is the Cameron cone, but made as a Reich accumulator – was placed in her left hand, the relaxation circuit at the same time being earthed. The effect of this is to give a large charge of mana which is available to the High Self for (use in) the therapeutic session which follows. At the end of five minutes the cone lead is dropped and the earth is disconnected. She was then told to relax completely, as she had been taught, and when she felt ready, to offer up, out loud, a simple prayer to the High Self asking for whatever she felt she wanted during the session. This done, we waited. Usually there was a complete blank-out for 5, 10, 15 minutes or longer, and then the unconscious and other material begins to come through. No time limit must be placed on the length of the session, which may be 30 minutes or 1 1/2 hours, when it comes to a spontaneous and definite end. I have found it very important for me not to interfere or to take the lead, but only to act as a contact point, interpreting, encouraging, reassuring or maintaining continuity; the thing to remember all the time is that the High Self is conducting the session, not you.


“We only had six sessions in all, but that, in this case, was sufficient to bring up all the relevant unconscious material. I say ‘relevant,’ for what astonished me was the fascinating economy of what was forthcoming. It dealt with the past, the present and the future, the latter two largely in symbols which had subsequently to be interpreted.


“This whole case from which I have taken this extract, was a fascinating record of how a young woman, aged 21, passed from a highly strung, nervous, out of phase little creature, to the beginnings of a hale and whole personality, integrated, God centered, able to take hold of her own life and destiny, in the short time of five months. The method was training the Low Self and then contacting the High Self as described above and also in the Huna prayer technique. We must now keep in close touch as I feel that things are moving fast and great developments will take place this year. I am sure this is the reason why you have had no direct indication of what the next step is – you are waiting for things to happen elsewhere.


“The (Huna) leaven you have released is busily working, even if silently, all over the world. I am amazed at the way I find it is working in this country. I keep coming across it in the most unlikely quarters.


“You are the pivot – the kingpin of the Huna cause and you must remain at the centre, representing, assessing, interpreting Huna in its wholeness – what, in fact, you have been doing for the last five or six years … na Aumakua guide you and bless you, my friend and make you increasingly a blessing to all seeking the truth.”


(This letter is greatly appreciated, both as a report of the finest, and as one offering me friendship, understanding and encouragement in every way.)


AGAIN IN PRINT AND AVAILABLE is The Secret Science Behind Miracles. Only 1,000 were printed, so the unit price of production, plus the purchase price of plates and rights, has been high, but the $4 price, post paid is the same as before. (Sales tax to be added in California.) This edition is of the large size, and has a new index added. The Secret Science at Work is in plentiful supply at the same price. More and more book stores are stocking these books.


MORE OUT OF PRINT BOOKS have been ordered for the present intensive research into Huna as the original and basic system behind most of the great ancient religions. The four best books of Gerald Massey have just been ordered from London as well as a few more of the very important books by G.R.S. Mead. Now that I [know] what to watch for, I begin to see Huna sticking out from all the dusty cracks and crevices of ancient writings. New angles are called to my attention, and slowly the Huna picture broadens and takes on depth. Who knows what will be found next! MFL





For those who wish to try out the method used so successfully by HRA Dr. Westlake, here is a very rough diagram of the Eeman relaxation circuit. The squares under the hips and head are made of canvas and sewed to one corner of each square is a piece of heavy cotton or silk cord about 8 feet long. The end of the cord held in the right hand runs to the canvas square upon which the lower end of the spine rests. The left hand grasps the cord running to the canvas under the head. Vital force or mana runs along the cords as electricity on wires, and causes one lying on his back, lightly and comfortably clad, to become much relaxed, even to fall asleep in a half hour. No reason is given to explain why the vital force does not run along the cloth of garments or the cover of the cot, so I suggest that because we expect the mana to flow from body to canvas through cord to hand, it is caused to do so by the Aunihipili. Anyway, it works.











In the second diagram we see how to put two people together in the relaxation circuit. A well person and a sick one can be so linked for helpful treatments, one sharing mana with the other who needs it, also possibly giving healing thought-forms or vibrations in the Process by sending them with an effort of mind to the one treated – the latter lying relaxed and expectant. In the method described by Dr. Westlake, only the patient is placed in the relaxation circuit. Mr. Eeman found that just to lie relaxed in this circuit often helped complexes come to the surface. With the E-Therapy used and an appeal made to the Aumakua to accept a good gift of mana, then use it to cause the complexes or obsessions to be broken, we have the Huna method used by Dr. Westlake.


He also offers a fine innovation in the matter of accumulating the surcharge of mana before one tells the Aunihipili to contact the Aumakua and give it the mana as well as the mental picture or “prayer” in which the Aumakua is seen removing the complexes, driving away “eating companion” evil spirits and otherwise acting to free the patient and “open the path” to the Aumakua completely. With the “stumbling blocks” removed from the “path,” the Aumakua can then bring about the desired healing or other changes to help the one so treated. The one doing the treating sits by, also offering mana and a similar prayer. He also listens to what is said by the patient and tries to find meanings for things that are recalled or seen in imagination – things often very symbolic.


The Cameron cones can be made of light aluminum sheets or galvanized iron. A suggested size would be one foot from the tip of a cone to the bottom of the side. They may be made from one inch high to two feet. An insulated wire or cotton cord can be run through the points as shown in the diagram. The set of three may be hung up by the cord coming out of the top, or the cones may be set on their sides in a triangle formation. During the accumulation of mana, one takes hold of the cord coming out of the top of the cones, as it is from the cone tips that the concentration of force flows. The fact that one expects the flow of force from the cones to build up a surcharge of mana in the body may be what starts the process going. However, the force which HRA Cameron found accumulated and projected by the cones may be identical in some respects to the “forgone” force of Reich. In any event, one holds the cord from the top cone for five minutes while the bottom cord is grounded in some way, possibly by being tied to a gas or water pipe or to a metal rod thrust into the ground. (I am not too clear on this point.) (One of the newer HRAs found that the cord from the top of three very small cones, when held over his heart for about five minutes – not too long, of course, as this force or ray has a germ-killing power, experiments tend to show – the pain caused by the heart trouble, especially in the upper arms, was stopped.) (Consult HRH Cameron book which has been mentioned frequently in recent Bulletins, for more information.)


USING THE HUNA VERSION OF E-THERAPY or THE FOOT WASHING RITE I have said to those who send in their $1.10 to our new little publishing company to get HRA Kitselman’s little book “E-THERAPY,” that Huna should be mixed well to make it match the Biblical “foot washing” rite discussed in my late book. Here are the combined steps to be taken in using the combined method.


(Huna) Individual must decide to let the Aumakua direct his life. This is not hard as normal happy living and hurtlessness is all that is required. Where much is to be corrected, some fasting and prayer will help as a conditioner. Amends to others for hurts done to them must be made directly or in kind if direct amends are no longer possible. Do daily “good deeds” enough to make you feel you deserve healing or help. Remember that ALL of us have complex and spirit-influence trouble to some degree. The more our paths are “blocked” the less we are willing to admit that this is possible.


(Huna) A session begins with both the observer and the observed accumulating mana for a minute or so at least, visualize drawing the mana up from the feet with the intake of breath, and, when you begin sending it to the Aumakua, visualize it being sent through the top of the head and up along the connecting aka cord to the Aumakua as your gift to empower it so it can work on the denser lower levels and remove complexes etc. Five minutes of deep, slow breathing and sending should be the limit. Best Accumulate about two minutes and send while continuing to accumulate with the breathing exercise for three more minutes. Picture the Aumakua taking the mana and using it soon to “clear your path.” The observer does the same but pictures the one observed as being helped. (E-THERAPY just has both ask the “E” to take over and begin clearing the complexes and/or at the same time bring healing.)


(Huna and E-Therapy). The one observed relaxes and tells what comes into his mind. The observer tries to help figure out the meaning of the material, especially its possible symbolic significance. The Observee may lie long inactive, mentally or physically, but the E or Aumakua is not pushed. This condition may be fruitful. Or, physical and emotional reactions come to the one observed. These are allowed to come and go. With a few sittings benefits appear.


(E-THERAPY and, in a way, Huna) Remember that one does not have to be entirely free of complexes in order to remain alert and watchful as an observer and in order to get through to the Aumakua to a sufficient extent to be able to send the mana surcharge and the telepathic mental picture or “prayer” of what is desired. If one is uncertain whether he is a good candidate for the job of observer, one tries it and sees. Almost all of us have some healing power and it will increase rapidly if we use it. The same applies to the ability to assist by acting an observer. One may take turns sitting with a friend as observer and as the one observed. No harm can come as long as the purpose is to help and as long as the Aumakua is continually allowed to have full charge of what is to be caused to happen or not to happen.


After a sitting of up to one or two hours (or of only a half hour), when either person feels that the sitting has been ended by the Aumakua, mention is made of the feeling and if both agree, the sitting is ended, (Huna) by thanking na Aumakua of both parties and one person saying that the sitting is now ended. (Note that the relaxation circuit may be used all the time by the one observed, or, as in E-Therapy, not at all.) Relaxation should not go so far that the one observed falls asleep unless this seems the plan of the Aumakua..


ASSIGNMENT FOR ALL ACTIVE OLD AND NEW HRAs: Try out the above methods with a friend or several friends and report findings.


For those who cannot find partners for mutual foot-washing, it is suggested that personal efforts be made to use the same general methods. Try acting for a number of sittings as your own observer. Go into the relaxation circuit and relax. Accumulate and send the gift of mana. Make the request to the Aumakua as above described. See what happens. At the end of a session or perhaps in the midst of it, make short notes about what comes to the surface of your mind, the mental pictures, memories, imaginations. You can study these between sittings and sleep over them. Some HRAs have found that if expected, the Aunihipili will, in dreams, give explanations of some of the material that has been given in the sittings. If physical reactions come, such as muscular activities, feelings of hot or cold or other sensations, trembling, jerkings and so on, remember that these things have often been experienced by others in similar sessions and that the theory is that when complexes are broken up, the mana that holds together the knots of thought-forms which compose the complex-chains, is released and used up in the physical reactions or sometimes in some form of emotional storm. If anything seems even slightly dangerous or out of hand, ask the Aumakua, mentally picturing it acting as you request, to tone down the reactions. If one suspects that spirits have tried to take over to use the sitting for purposes of their own (usually irrational purposes on the part of separated spirit na Aunihipili), ask that they be removed and that a circle of light and power be drawn all around to prevent their return. Some who are not nervously strong or who are naturally mediumistic may find spirit interference so great that it will be best to discontinue the sittings. Use good common sense.



HRAs George and Helen Sandwith


HRAs George and Helen Sandwith who have made extended studies of native magic, religion and spiritism in several South Pacific islands, and especially in Fiji and Samoa, are now getting their reports ready in book form. They also plan to become international lecturers on these findings made in the course of their field work.


In early March I was sent a booklet of 24 large pages, well printed, giving their lecture which George delivered before the Medical Society for the Study of Radiesthesia, in England. The booklet is titled RESEARCH IN FIJI, TONGA & SAMOA, and it tells the exciting, interesting and often basically important things which they observed, had happen to them, and discovered by dint of much study and testing with Aurospecs, Aurameter, Biometer and pendulum.


The lecture takes up fire-walking as performed by Hindus in Fiji, giving their cleansing rites, methods, gods, and beliefs in detail. The healing accomplished as a part of this form of worship is discussed and first hand accounts by eyewitnesses are included. The Sufi Ratib is also described, in which Hindus of another group use religious practices to prevent knives from cutting, and so on, when the participants would otherwise have been badly cut or stabbed or otherwise injured. Tests of the power of the male and female “Atuas” or “gods” of stone or other materials play a large part in the Sandwith adventures and studies.


The most exciting part of the account comes in the story of a night-long battle in an isolated native village in Fiji, in which the Sandwiths, using their ikon or “Akua” and other methods, resisted repeated attacks made by the resident chief, a black magician. The magician caused a strange inhuman or animal-like spirit to materialize for the final attack on them, but they fended it off and eventually it got out of hand and went making its odd grunting noises into the village itself. The result was a near panic as the natives screamed and shouted and the dogs became frantic – everyone running. The encounter had been prefaced the day before when the magician explained in some detail about the mana they knew and used, the nature of devils and spirits involved in magical practices, and so on. This is most informative and entertaining reading.


Copies of the lecture may be had from Omega Press, Chisledon House, Blandford Road, Reigate, Surrey, England. The price over there is 4 shillings six pence, to which should be added enough for postage. An international money order may be purchased and sent. Postage for an air letter is 15c still but long mail letters now take 8c. If you wish me to place your order for you, send a dollar marked, “Have Huna Research Publications get me a copy of the Sandwith lecture.”


In May a full size book by the Sandwiths, MAGIC MISSION, giving the story of their findings and experiences in detail, with a good number of illustrations, will be ready. This may be ordered from Omega Press at a price to be decided upon later, probably, they estimate, over 16 shillings. Order direct or send $3.80 to H.R.Publications, care of me, and they will import one for you when ready and send along. If it costs more, you will be billed. If less, Cigbo, our HRA “kitty,” will get the balance for his Bulletin fund.




Huna Formed the Original Structure

of All Great Early Religions

July 1, 1954



GREAT HUNA NEWS has been in the making in the three months since the last Bulletin was sent out. As reported earlier, many books were being obtained and studies were being carried on to see if Huna could be identified in the older religious systems of the world.


Already, and with the materials worked over just on the surface, the GREAT NEWS can be told that definite and unmistakable evidence has been found to show that Huna was known and that it formed the original basic structure of all great early religions, that of the more recent Islam accepted.


Symbols, numbers, drawn figures, words and ideas were used by the initiates into Huna to teach the beginners and to preserve the lore in a form of outline which was so veiled that it would mean nothing to those who lacked the keys.


The same set of keys which broke the secret of Huna preserved by the Polynesians, has now broken the mystery system of ancient Egypt. The same may be said of the Gnostic and Orphic mysteries. We have already seen how the keys have opened the secret teachings in Christianity and parts of the Old Testament. The Chaldean type of mystery has opened, and the vastly tangled systems of India have begun to untangle rapidly.


THE GREAT IMPORTANCE of this news can hardly be grasped. It furnishes at last a common ground upon which all the conflicting teachings and practices can be stripped of dogmas and matched up side by side. Huna becomes the solvent for all. It stands out as the oldest and as the original system upon which great religions were built. To understand the inner values of any of the great religions of ancient times, one now needs but to get a good grasp of Huna, which is, fortunately, very simple, then learn the keys, and after that the original concepts can be identified and the mass of valueless material tossed into the discard.


TO BE ABLE TO BE SURE that what we believe is correct is of inestimable value to us. Present studies show more and more that Huna has been rightly restored on all major points. We know this because it is the pass-key which opens all the religion-locks. If any religion is right in teaching that there are Higher Beings, then Huna is right. Item by item one can go down the list and check. But, even supposing all beliefs in Higher Beings, gods and God, were wrong, when it comes down to things which can be understood and put to practical use, such as the manas, the facts of memory and facts of reason, we are on safe and solid ground. Here we have the proofs of centuries of practical application, and the benefit of the accumulated experience of ages. Hardly less of importance to us is the fact that we now can see clearly what practices are either useless, wrongly performed, or are even dangerous. We “shall know the truth, and it shall set us free.”


FOR INSTANCE, TAKE THE “BOX EXERCISES” in which we train the Aunihipili to “project an aka finger,” reach through a closed pill box and identify the object inside. With six identical boxes, each containing a different object, and with the boxes mixed or shuffled well, the chances against making correct “calls” of objects are simple to measure with great accuracy by simple arithmetic. HRA W. Cole had his friend, a mathematics expert figure the odds for us. I quote from his letter on the subject.


“Arch got four out of six boxes right one night, so we had the ‘brain’ figure the odds on 4 out of 6 and on 6 out of 6 correct calls. In the first case the odds came out 1865 to 1 against the 4 out of 6 calls being right. In the second case, the odds against all correct calls were 46,655 to 1.”


As many of us in the HRA have successfully trained our “George” to make an average of identifications far beyond “chance,” and as under test conditions, with the boxes at one end of a long room and the one doing the calling at the other, 6 out of 6 correct calls were made three times in a row, we can be confident that we have full proof that Huna is right on this score. If, we may reason, Huna is proven right on this one point, it probably is on a whole list of points – points upon which the box calling depend. The aka projection, as “finger” or “thread,” must be accepted as the most simple and direct explanation of such contacts. This then gives us also the mechanism of contact for telepathy and for the prayer contact with the Aumakua.


As intelligence must direct the projection of the aka “finger,” we must postulate some unit of consciousness which is NOT under direct control of the conscious mind or Auhane, and which, still, can be told to perform a task and allowed to do it in its own hidden way. The subconscious or Aunihipili of Huna fits this need perfectly, and the fact that it can be directed, proves that the Auhane is real and is the reasoning director of the Aunihipili.


As we must ask HOW impressions are gained by the Aunihipili through the projected “finger,” and how the impressions are handed over to the Auhane. We need a FORCE to make the work possible. Mana fits this bill and, with proofs drawn also from telepathy, mind reading and prayer results, we can see that the idea of thought-forms moving on mana flows along the aka “threads” of connection, furnish a simple and complete explanation.


In his carefully controlled and recorded tests made with the medium of the Golighter Circle between the years 1917 and 1920, Dr. W. J. Crawford learned that the current from a small battery could be made to flow over an aka cord (he called it a “psychic or ectoplasmic rod”) which had been projected across the room from the medium to a table on which a small electric bell had been placed. The current, when applied to the medium, flowed over the invisible cord and made the bell ring.


Dr. J. Ochorowitz, studying the telekinetic phenomena produced by the famous medium, Mlle. Stanislawa Tomczyk, in Europe, learned she could pick up or move objects without touching them. Let me quote part of an article from HRA Dr. Fodor’s invaluable and out of print, Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, page 251.


“In good light, before a commission composed of physicians, psychologists and engineers, the medium placed her hands at a small distance on either side of an object. (These were balls, scissors, etc.) Between the extended fingers of her hands the object would rise into the air and float without apparent support. In fact, there was a support, a thread-like, non-material line of force of which Ochorowitz says ‘I have felt this thread in my hand, on my face, on my hair.’ When the medium separates her hands the thread gets thinner and disappears; it gives the same sensation as a spider’s web. If it is cut with scissors its continuity is immediately restored. It seems to be formed of points; it can be photographed and then it is seen to be much thinner than ordinary thread. It starts from the finger tips. There were swellings or nodes along the threads, like waves in a vibrating cord. A whole number of filaments surrounded like a net a ball which Mlle. Tomczyk lifted.”


IN THE LORE OF INDIA the traces of Huna include the naming of part of human consciousness “the thread soul.”  Thread, cord and filament of a spider’s web all are Huna symbols of the aka thread, cord, or “finger.” G.R. S. Meade (page 136 of his “The World Mystery”) attributes to H.P. Blavatsky, in her “The Secret Doctrine,” given as a part of the Stanzas of Dzyan, this passage:


“Father-Mother spin a Web, whose upper end is fastened to Spirit, the Light of the One Darkness, and the lower one to its shadowy end, Matter; and this Web is the Universe, spun out of the Two Substances (Father and Mother) made in One.”


Enel, the French writer, in his A Message from the Sphinx, page 58, gives the passage in slightly different translation, saying it comes from the Vedas.


In watching how Huna became known, became lost, and became warped, twisted, made smaller or made larger and complicated through additions and inventions, we have the criterion of the basic ideas of Huna to guide us in making comparisons. The Aumakua of Huna is called “THE UTTERLY TRUSTWORTHY PARENTAL SPIRIT,” and it is made up of a combined Father-Mother pair. The aka thread or cord connects it with the Aunihipili and Auhane. The Aumakua is not God and triune man is not the Universe, but there was the ancient teaching that, “as below, so above,” and here again we have Huna teaching that the same triple structure which enters the composition of man is repeated over and over again as the scale of life and intelligence rises up and up from man to Ultimate Triune God as the Ku`Kane Kahi.


Notice in the quotation under discussion, that the lower end of the spider-web-thread is called “shadowy end.” This term is the symbol of all aka substance, be it in thread or “body.” “Aka” means “shadowy outline.” To understand this we must know that in Huna the aka body (check the idea of the “astral”) is first formed for all things, and the gross matter is then made to fill this invisible mold. For this reason the mistake was made – when Huna had been forgotten – of considering all matter “shadowy” in origin, and therefore unreal. The idea of unreality was spread far and wide and soon a deity was invented to preside over illusion or “maya.” From this idea of the unreality of even the most dense and real substances which we know, there soon was evolved a teaching that, as only God could be real, one must try to stop looking on anything about us as real. The teaching continued that if anything does not last forever, it is therefore unreal. Reasonableness was happily tossed out of the window. It was so much easier to brush aside the world as “maya” than to cope with it, just as it was much easier to try to escape from the duties of life than to meet them happily and make the most of them. The Huna lore was one which called a spade a spade and went to work making a garden with it. Later and garbled versions of Huna became often very negative and taught that as a spade was not real, the need for a garden was also unreal and best let alone… let alone for the other, less informed fellow to spade up and plant and harvest.


A writer in a recent article in HARPERS, tells how he went through India trying to talk to people about freedom, only to find that their idea of freedom was not from slavery or such political pressures, but freedom from the whole kit and boodle of things that make up the world and their surroundings. The idea was that it would do no good to try to make a better world to live in. What should be done was to escape from it into the “great reality.”


One is made to wonder at the bland assumption that God knows less than man, and that He made a vast mistake in placing men in the world. It is high time, if we who live in the world are to make the most of the living experience, that we get back to the sane views of the original Huna teachings where all is orderly evolutionary progression, and where the Supreme Creator is seen to be wiser than man. Now that we have won back the Huna system, and now that we can use it to remove the damning misconceptions and dogmas in what have become contaminated and darkened religions, we must do our best to act.


THE THREAD-SOUL idea can be picked up as early as about 1250 BC in India’s written teachings, such as the Kapila-Sutram, written by one of the several Kapilas, or in the Samkhya-Karika.


Those of you who are familiar with Theosophy, the Vedas and the several schools of Yoga, will remember at once the teaching that man has been given three “GUNAS” – this word translating, “thread” – these being parts of his nature bestowed on him by a vague Nature, herself. The first guna drives man to be spiritual. It is good because it leads him to live the ideal life and get closer to the Source. Next comes the mental, or restless inquiring and striving urge (rajas), and lastly, the low animalistic urge to dullness and all lazy and evil activities. One is urged by all the three gunas, but mostly by the one he cultivates. In time he must, so it is said, stop reacting to all but the highest guna, sattvic or spiritual.


THE TEACHINGS, IT IS TO BE SEEN, HAVE REPLACED THE THREE SELVES once known through a contact with Huna, but while retaining only a very muddled idea of lower and higher “mind” as parts of a single soul entity, and a Aumakua dimly described. The descriptions given of the three gunas fit perfectly with the Huna idea of the natural drives or characteristics of the three selves, the Aunihipili, Auhane and Aumakua, the latter being the most evolved and therefore the ideal. In Huna one does not strive to become the Aumakua or to be absorbed into it, leaving the Aunihipili and Auhane stranded.


Instead, one endeavors to learn, grow and evolve, always a part of the other two selves, Aunihipili and Aumakua, always connected with the aka threads, always a complete man of three parts or selves. Only after the lessons have been learned by each self for its level of consciousness and experience do the graduation days come when all three selves move from one level up to the next. Instead of trying to “kill out desire” and stifle the Aunihipili, the duty of the Auhane is to teach the Aunihipili to desire rightly and well – to desire nothing hurtful to others. The Auhane also looks in turn to the Aumakua for guidance and instruction. It is to be supposed that the Aumakua is also being instructed by something still higher, and that it will in due time graduate to become a more advanced and more god-like self.


The Samkhya-Karika opens thus, “From the disagreeable occurrence of the threefold pain, (proceeds) the inquiry into the means which can prevent it; nor is the enquiry superfluous because ordinary (means) exist, for they fail to accomplish certain and permanent prevention of pain.”


In Chapter 5 of the Judge translation of the Bhagavad-Gita we can read, “Renunciation of action and devotion through action are both means of final emancipation.” The “emancipation” here mentioned is also from the “pain” which was supposed to accompany life on the three levels of living, the bodily, the mental and the spiritual. Only the Highest Super-Self, so to speak, was said to be above all pain, therefore, to obtain release from suffering, one had to escape from life on the lower levels and become absorbed into this Highest Super-Self.


In Buddhism, which came much later, the same idea was taught. Life was “agony” and one had to so live and act that one might be released, emancipated or saved by entering the Nirvanic state.


OUR CLUE HERE IS “PAIN,” and it takes us directly to the Huna original of the concept. Na kahuna had bodily pain or eha. This was the outer meaning. The Huna or secret meaning lay hidden in the symbology and actual meaning of the second word for ‘pain,” which was hui. In addition to meaning “pain,” this word meant “to unite,” or “clusters” or “cold.”


“A cluster” as of grapes, is the standard Huna symbol of the thought-forms which unite to make a complex. This particular hui type of cluster, because it caused PAIN, was a bad kind of complex which kept the Aunihipili from contacting the Aumakua when the man wished to pray. To make doubly certain that the meaning would be preserved for the initiates, an additional symbol meaning was given to the word, that of “cold.” This is the symbol of frozen water, which in turn is the symbol of mana. The mana may be said to freeze and so not to flow along the aka thread to the Aumakua when the complex prevents the Aunihipili from doing its part in prayer.


All this makes it very clear that the original concept behind the teachings built on the idea of escape from pain, came from Huna, and that the escape was not from pain, but from the complexes or “knots” in the aka thread, which prevented full working contact with the Aumakua and the sending of the necessary “sacrifice” of mana for the Aumakua to use to answer prayers – perhaps prayers for healing and the relief from physical or eha type PAINS.


The escape into the Nirvanic state of freedom from “pain” is the escape from the hindering complexes. Nirvana means “No tangle of wild jungle growth.” This is pure Huna, for the wild tangle of growth, especially the thorny plants, symbolized the complex and the PAIN caused by the “blocking of the path” to the Aumakua by any and all “bad” complexes. Jesus suffered from the crown of thorns woven of “wild growth” and Adam was thrown out of the Garden of Eden and the land which he was forced to till was cursed because it brought forth thorns and thistles – complexes. To reach the normal or good state – the Nirvanic – one gets the complexes removed. It is a place of “No complexes,” or rather, a state. Heaven is a return to the normal state – the Garden of Eden, and the return is not to be made until the thorns and thistles have all been gathered and destroyed.


The escape is not from normal life, which is a happy and useful life, with healing for pain. Life is good. The Creator did not act the vindictive Devil and cast mankind down into a world where there was only pain – pain which could not be escaped except by ceasing to live in the God-given happiness of normality. The ESCAPE idea was a later contamination of the systems of belief which once were based on Huna – and from which, as in later Christianity, the secret meanings were lost.


ONE OF THE FINEST PROOFS OF HUNA ORIGINS of ancient beliefs has recently been called to my attention by HRA O.D, who is a Jewess and a student familiar with the cabalistic and other literature not included in the Old Testament. The “Book of Splendor,” or Zohar, belongs to the literature in question. Tradition tells us that it was the work of many writers and that its materials were gathered from many periods and several ancient civilizations – thus pointing neatly toward Huna beginnings. It takes the outward form of a commentary on the Pentateuch, and was introduced into Spain in the 13th century by Moses de Leon, who attributed it to Simeon ben-Yobai, a teacher of the 2nd century – the period when the Gnostic literature was well developed and the written versions of the New Testament were circulating. The passage sent in from the Zohar, follows:


“Names and grades of the soul of man: Nefesh (low soul) and Rush (middle soul) are conjoined, while Neshama (the Super Soul or Holy Soul) has its abode in the character of man, which place remains unknown and undiscoverable. If a man strive to a pure life, he is therein assisted by holy Neshama, through which he is made pure and saintly and attains to the name of holy. But if he does not strive to be righteous and pure of life, there does not animate in him holy Neshama, but only the two grades; Nefesh and Rush. More than that, he who enters into impurity is led further into it and he is deprived of heavenly aid. Thus each is moved upward upon the way which he takes.” Note: the words between ()s are not from the Zohar, but from HRA O.D., and are explanatory.


THE SEVEN BODIES OF MAN AND THE THREE SELVES have been taught in digests of ideas which originated in ancient India, with Theosophy doing a hopeful best to try to make three selves fit seven bodies – and failing to do more than add to the confusion. In her book, The Ancient Wisdom, Annie Besant, pages 28 and 29, quotes G.R.S. Mead, ranking student in this field at the time, as writing:


“The first Triad, which is manifested to intellect, is but a reflection of, or substitute for the Unmanifestable, and its hypostases are; (a) the Good, which is super essential; (b) Soul, the World Soul, which is a self-motive essence; (c) Intellect, or Mind, which is an impartibly, immovable essence.

“After this, a series of ever-descending Triads, showing the characteristics of the first in diminishing splendour until man is reached… He has the Nous, or real mind, the Logos or rational part, the Alogos or irrational part, the two latter again forming a Triad, and thus presenting the more elaborate sepentary division. The man was also regarded as having three vehicles, the physical and subtitled bodies and the luciform body or augoeides, that (again quoting Mead) ‘Is the causal body, or karmic vesture of the soul, in which its destiny, or rather all the seeds of past causation are stored. This is the (so called) thread-soul, as it is the body that passes over from one incarnation to another.'”


On page 210 of The Ancient Wisdom, the “bodies” of man are listed not as seven but as six, breaking the “sacred seven” idea which is supposed to rule bodies and principles or entities. The bodies are, from high to low: 1. Bliss-Body, used by Buddhi or “Spiritual Soul”. 2. Higher part of the “Human Soul,” the “Higher Manas” has the Causal Body, this being the one that is supposed to carry over between incarnations with the seeds of karma while the ones lower in the scale break up and vanish. 3. The second and lower part of the “Human Soul,” the “Lower Manas,” has the “Mental Body” to use. 4. The “Animal Soul,” “Kama,” has the “Astral Body” to use. 5. The body called the “Etheric Double” seems not to be assigned a “soul” and still is called a “body” even if not used as a vehicle by some individual “soul.” 6. The dense physical body, over which the “souls” exert control. Note that above the Buddhi stands the Atma, or Absolute Spirit, with no body named for it. Note also that the three manas or grades of vital force of Huna are left out of this listing. These are replaced by 49 or more “pranas.”


The “Higher Manas” and “Lower Manas” check well with the original Huna idea of the Aumakua and Auhane, the Animal Soul with the Aunihipili. The Buddhi checks with the Akua Aumakua  or God-Aumakua, which is a grade higher in Huna than the Aumakua. In Huna each of the three selves belonging to the human trinity has its own aka or body of shadowy substance. These check with the Causal Body, Mental Body (housing the Auhane and not two selves, as in the first listing), and the Astral Body, which in Huna is the low aka and includes the Etheric Double.

To get “seven bodies,” or even six, the list is not confined to triune man. It has to include a “body” above and one below him.


Huna explains the mystery number of “seven,” the sacred or perfect number “ten,” and the most perfect number, “thirteen.”


Seven was the Huna symbol of the Aunihipili combined with the Auhane, each having its aka body and each its grace of mana.



2. Its aka body

3. Its mana

4. Auhane

5. Its aka body

6. Its mana

7. The physical body during life: “Seven Bodies” in all


Now add the Aumakua and its aka body and grade of mana. This is 7 plus 3, and gives us the perfect number ten. This is the meaning reserved for budding initiates.


Next comes the highest mystery, the fact that the Aumakua is composed of a male-female parental pair, each with its own soul” or self, and each with its own aka body and mana. Thus the “Mother” adds three more units when considered apart from the “Father” with whom she blends for creative work. So, add 3 to 10, and we have the highest and most secret of the mystery symbol numbers. In the Gnosis and Greek mysteries, the “13” was symbolized by thirteen balls, all of equal size. These have the peculiar ability to make a construction of 12 balls, surrounding the 13th, and all 12 touching to make a perfect “surround.” (The term “Surround” is met frequently in the Gnostic literatures, as are the numbers discussed above.)


The triangle is the symbol of the three selves of man. Three triangles symbolize: 1. The 3 selves. 2. The 3 aka bodies, one for each self. 3. The three grades of mana, one for each self. Lay the three triangles one over the other to indicate the blend of the several elements, and the five-pointed star is produced. It is, next to the figure of the 13 balls (too hard to draw to be much used, apparently) the most sacred figure. It is the “Star of David” of the Jews. It is the “Pentacle” of the Tarot Card symbols. Place a dot in the center of the star and it represents the physical body, housing the selves, as in life.


If you wish to study the symbol of the 13 balls, 12 set touching at all points around one in the center, get 13 marbles of the same size and some thick glue to glue them together to make the cluster. Or get a package of Plasticine clay such as is used in modeling, and make 13 balls of the same size. These will stick together without glue. You will see that, looking down from the top or from any side, the outermost layer is composed of THREE balls, giving the 3 selves, 3 aka bodies and 3 manas, basic secret in the symbol. Remove the top three and the middle layer will be seen to be made up of six balls around a seventh in the center, giving the SEVEN symbol which includes the physical body (but not the Aumakua unit of self-mana-aka) and gives the Aunihipili and the Auhane with the aka  and mana of each. This is the ever-popular “flower” symbol used down the centuries in the mysteries. In Egypt, and especially in India, the lotus flower was selected to show the various forms of the “flower” symbology. It was arbitrarily drawn with two, four, seven and up to a thousand petals, the true or secret meaning being lost as guesses were made and the dogmas were endlessly expanded.


Here are some rough drawings of the several symbols which we have been considering. with variations in form number and meaning.






The simplest triangle to be formed by spheres uses but three. To the initiate these represent Triune God, or any lesser trinity of gods, or the human trinity. It may also represent the three aka or shadowy bodies in which each of man’s three selves reside when out of the physical body, as before or after physical death. Or it may represent the three grades of mana, one for each self.


The effort to draw the thirteen spheres in a cluster results in a 7 sphere figure, which shows the ordinary man functioning in the lower two-self levels, with 2 akas and 2 manas and in a physical body. He knows nothing of the Aumakua, either as a single Father or a Father-Mother unit. For the Aumakua as a unit, three more spheres must be added to make sacred 10, or six more for most sacred symbol 13. It is all but impossible to draw the cluster of 13 spheres, but from most ancient times the 13 spheres worked into a swastika has been known and used by initiates. This, because of the “life” or three manas, is pictured as revolving as a wheel. It is the “heavenly plow” which, when revolving clockwise as shown, plows and progresses. With the figure looked at from behind, it turns counter to clock motion, and one makes no progress – lives badly There is some conflict of opinion which direction is bad and which good.



THE MYSTERY NUMBER 13, is difficult to symbolize with geometrical figures and forms, so the number is most often used. However, 13 spheres have been used in this way. Perhaps Jesus drew one of these several “signs” in the sand, saying nothing because the beholder was being tested to see how much of the “Secret” he might know. The center sphere indicates life in the physical body. Beyond death, 12 is the number, not 13.


THE PERFECT NUMBER 10, of the lesser initiation, can be indicated in a similar way with 10 spheres, as shown at the left. At the right is the cross of crucifixion outer meaning. The inner meaning is shown by the fact, that only 7 spheres are used to construct the symbol or figure. We are crucified by our complexes and association with evil spirits. We have not made the discovery of the Aumakua and learned to work with it taking its normal part in our lives.


HOW TO USE THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE hidden in symbols and figures and words, is the SECOND STEP in all true religions. This second step is divided into the outer and inner teaching.


THE OUTER TEACHING is simple: Be good and kind and you will progress and get to “heaven” eventually. This is the slow way of growth, but it fits men of all grades of intelligence from lowest to highest.THE INNER TEACHING, once the knowledge embodied in the symbols has been grasped and understood fairly well, has, for some strange reason, always been kept more or less secret and passed on with care to those who have proven themselves ready to go ahead.


The “mysteries of the kingdom of heaven,” were inner teachings given by Jesus to the disciples. They were given in the “Mystery” cults, in Gnostic orders, and were elaborated endlessly in India as they were passed on under the general name of YOGA.


In INDIA the speculative knowledge was given first. The nature of God, man and creation-in-general, was set forth in the early literature. Following this, came the inner teaching of Yoga, which means UNION, and this union was originally the Huna matter of discovering the Aumakua and learning how best to work with it. As Huna was lost, the simple and easy methods of the earliest Yoga teachings were lost and guesses were made to replace lost parts. The most complicated of all Yoga systems of today is the Tantric Yoga. The simple early system set forth by Patanjali in his Yoga Aphorisms, show that he had lost the simple and basic Huna methods of applying the secret symbolized knowledge to bring about personal growth on three levels of “self” and to obtain healing or to make effective prayers.


IN BULLETIN 107 I asked for information as to the inner work of the secret order once established in some Theosophical society lodges. Nothing definite was turned up, but that is not now of any importance because I was able to get to the heart of the supposed ancient mysteries of sex-in-Yoga through a study of the Tantric Yoga teachings concerning the Serpent Fires or Kundalini.


Behind a vast over-layer of invention, misconception and guessing, I found a small hard core of practical, simple and easily workable facts and exercises. Space does not allow going into that here, but in the next Bulletin I will take the most tantalizing subject in all the “occult” field apart and reconstruct it to get back the original – the original part of the inner teachings of the second step, and the part that furnishes the key to all of the mechanisms dealt with in the ten major kinds of Yoga.


In Tantric Yoga, absurd as it has by now become, we again find more of those very definite and significant proofs that Huna was once known and used and taught in India and a few other centers of very early civilization.


The HRA Bulletins are sent to all who wish to donate enough to pay their share of the expense of making them up and sending them out. (This issue will be sent to many as a sample – and for that reason we add this note. Membership in the H.R.A. is open to all and carries no obligation, financially, but a heavy moral obligation to try to live the kindly and helpful life.)


Bulletin 109

Huna in India, Tantra & Kundalini

September 1, 1954



THE SERPENT FIRES, as promised in the last Bulletin, will now be taken up for dissection under the strong light of Huna, and then put back together again in as nearly its original form as is now possible. For those who are not familiar with this branch of Yoga practice, as developed in India, it may be well to start far back and tell the story as we now begin to see it in its beginnings, in its middle centuries, and in its modern and fabulous form.


The very ancient na kahuna once made contact with the priests of India. We cannot be certain as to when or how, but we can see the unmistakable traces of the Huna lore which they shared with the men who acted as their hosts.


India, at that early date, had many primitive religious beliefs, with gods of endless kinds, but with the coming of the Aryan invaders, there was introduced a religion and set of beliefs very similar to that found in Norse Sagas. A collection of stories, most of which concerned the gods and their relations with men, were written down and preserved. They were the famous Vedas. They were looked upon by the ruling class – the invaders – as Christians look upon the Bible, and all new departures in religious thought were proven to be correct by their instigators by pointing to passages in the Vedas, usually rather obscure passages whose meaning was in question.


The Vedas taught the doctrine of a triune God from whom descended the lesser gods, all Creation, and mankind. In due time, along came na kahuna, who had a three-part God, and whose beliefs were recognizably similar in a number of ways, even though offering many new ideas. It is probable that Huna, because it offered swift healing and many other benefits, was eagerly accepted by the more intelligent of the local priests. Na kahuna taught them that there were three selves in man, that each had its own invisible body of subtle matter, and that each used the vital force manufactured in the body from food, water and breathed air for its own particular purposes. They also taught them that each of the three selves evolved to a higher level of consciousness after a small number of reincarnations. They taught also that the animal spirits came evolving up to be the Aunihipili of men, and that the Auhane had no body of its own when it stepped up from being a Aunihipili, so it lived in the body with the Aunihipili, using its new and better mental powers to guide and direct. The Aumakua, which mated upon graduating from the Auhane level, became a dual or male-female pair of closely united spirits. These did not live in the body, but above it, free to go and come, but connected to the two lower spirits of the man by an invisible cord made of aka substance. Telepathic contact was maintained through this cord, and mana or vital force was had as a flow through the cord by the Aumakua “Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirit Pair.” This Aumakua Pair possessed still finer mental powers and acted as guide and director for the lower pair, much as the Auhane watched over the Aunihipili. If the lower pair was cut off from full telepathic contact with the Aumakua Pair by complexes, thoughts or other causes, much of the help from that source was lost and life no longer remained normal, healthy and happy. Most pain was caused by being cut off from na Aumakua or by failing to invite them to take their part in living the life of their man, or by failing to send them their necessary daily supply of the bodily force or mana.


This Huna teaching was by way of being a great secret. It was to be passed on only to those able to accept, understand and use it. It was not to be written down unless in such a veiled and symbolic way that only an initiated kahuna could understand the writing. In this respect, the part of the Huna lore left behind in Egypt, the Near East, and other places, was also protected by a covering of veiled meanings such as have recently been identified as pure Huna in parts of the Bible and in the Gnostic literature.


We do not know just why the Huna lore was lost either in India or the lands around Egypt, but lost it was. It may have been that the official esoteric religions of rulers caused the loss through continuing opposition to those who tried to keep the Huna traditions alive.


It is easy to see what happened by slow degrees as the initiate na kahuna of the local races died out. Behind them they left only their veiled writings, and around these grew up a vast set of misconceptions as men tried to guess what had once been taught and how the lost knowledge had been put to use.


Whether there had been a Vedic knowledge of reincarnation before the arrival of na kahuna, it is hard to decide, but there can be no doubt about the later belief in repeated lives. When the nature of the three selves and of their joint upward evolution was lost, the small number of incarnations was expanded until they became almost endless. The belief was added that man could reverse his upward evolutionary trend and reincarnate as a beast or even insect, all according to how he failed to live correctly.


The Huna teaching that our progress must depend on our actions, whether good or bad, gave birth to a great exaggeration in the form of the doctrine of “karma,” this coming to be administered by “Lords of Karma” who stood just below the level of Supreme God, and who administered the karmic law with exact justice, punishing in one incarnation for the sins of earlier incarnations. Every action of body or mind was said to create fresh karma, and, be the karma good or bad, one was forced to keep on reincarnating until the last trace of it was lived out, happily or unhappily. The only way to avoid making fresh karma was to stop acting or thinking. The final absurdities were very great indeed.


When the exact nature of the three selves was lost, they degenerated into a single self for man while in the toils of karma and the flesh. The Auhane was lost sight of except for warped trace ideas. The Aumakua was replaced by the Ultimate God, so that the escape from the flesh entailed an absorption back into God or Brahma. Naturally, this made it all but impossible for a man in the flesh to become perfect enough to make the great upward leap and win absorption and the release from personality. About three centuries before the appearance of the great kahuna, Jesus, in the Near East, Buddhism was formulated by a Prince of India. He reformed the tangled mixture of Vedic and primitive religions with their badly muddled admixture of Huna, making the final escape one into a condition or Nirvanic state, rather than into Supreme Brahma. He simplified the codes of behavior and of worship, also preaching against blood sacrifice, corrupt priesthoods and the evil of hurting others. In this his teaching was duplicated by Jesus a few centuries later. He also tried to reform an older and very corrupt religion, that of the Jews.


One of the first sets of short, veiled and symbolic writings in early India has come down to us in Sanskrit, with a great body of commentaries, the latter serving to add guesses and mistaken assumptions to the original, and the original, undoubtedly, suffering much change in being copied time after time down the years. In the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjala, the Bhagavad-Gita, and the writings attributed to one of the Kapilas, may be traced the progress of the changes made by guessing after the last initiates were gone. The Vedic beliefs were brought back as “the words of God,” and used to confuse the picture.


Yoga was perhaps the first systematic movement in which the lost Huna lore was replaced with guesses instead of basic facts. One can picture the anxious men who knew that there had once been a great and practical system, and who tried this and that to make the remaining fragmentary knowledge of it work for them. It is evident that a passage of time had caused the feats to be performed through Huna to take on fabulous and amazing proportions. Listening to tales of what great initiates had supposedly been able to do, the aspiring young religionists made every effort to develop those powers in themselves. Patanjali, in his 49th aphorism, wrote, “Therefrom spring up in the ascetic the powers to move his body from one place to another with the quickness of thought, to extend the operation of his senses beyond the trammels of place or the obstructions of matter, and to alter any natural object from one form to another.” There were many even more wonderful things promised as a reward for learning to use the Yoga teachings.


It is evident that Yoga did not work either well or soon for those who tried to practice it. The system was added to by slow steps until it became a tangle. What we now call Tantric Yoga, as it is taught today in surviving writings in India, is perhaps the last word in the contamination of the original and basic Huna ideas from which the system was evolved after initiations had ceased to be passed on from one to another.


If we picture a man who knew that he must make contact with his Aumakua, forgetting how this was to be done, and beginning to guess as to the nature of the Aumakua and what was to be done with the mana, we can understand how the idea of yoga, which means UNION, became something almost too difficult to attempt. The three types of mana no longer were assigned to the three selves, for the Auhane was lost and the Aumakua pair had become one and had moved up and up to almost the Supreme level that it later was to attain. So, the experimenting began. It was known that breathing had something to do with filling oneself with mana – which by then had become “prana,” so experiments were made by breathing slowly or rapidly, through one side of the nose and then the other, holding the breath, doing all of these things by turns and in various ways.


When this did not give the fabulous results, physical postures were added, with the chanting of sounds and sentences. The posturing was accompanied by the making of mystical and magical signs with fingers and hands.


Diets and washings were tried, with fasting and most austere restraints. One after another, all the most pleasant things of normal living were given up as a sacrifice and to prevent the making of more karma, especially bad karma, which might prevent UNION. The complex and the influence of evil spirits had been touched on in the veiled writings, but their real nature was no longer understood. Sex relations were pounced upon as something to be given up especially, and love of women and of gold were classed together as most to be shunned by one seeking the ultimate goal of union with the Aumakua which had moved so very far away and up in the scheme.


In the early Vedic beliefs, supposedly systematized by the great “Giver of Laws,” Manu, Supreme God was Bruhm Atma, which means “The Breathing Soul.” Breath was, even then it appears, the usual symbol of a spirit or unit of consciousness. God “out-breathed” or projected his consciousness outward, producing force which produced matter, which resulted in Creation. In this process the One became “three formed” or the “Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, respectively, Creator, Preserver and Destroyer.


These gods are still worshiped by a majority of the people of India. They may be looked upon as the resident gods who were given new names by the invaders who spoke Sanskrit, and also new functions and significances. At this stage, Huna seems to have arrived in full form, although it may have played a part in the fixing of the Vedic beliefs. The idea was developed that the human soul was a spark of the “ONE” Ultimate God. It has been symbolized in later times as a “ray” of light which is projected downward through one level or plane of consciousness, tenuous substance and action-force to end in the lowest or densest plane, that of the physical. As the ray passes through each of the seven planes (use this numbering according to modern Theosophy) it is colored and soiled and changed, becoming less and less God-like and more and more degraded. Its wisdom and power are weakened to a painful extent.


In the Sanskrit, we glimpse the Huna knowledge which contained no single monad or ray coming down to be increasingly degraded. Instead, we have the sparks or monad-selves all out-breathed into Creation and first experiencing “life” as single souls in the world of minerals, then as plants, then as creatures. (This is not well defined in Huna as we now have it.) Eventually, perhaps by an evolutionary process of combining tiny atomic sparks, the animal soul or Aunihipili is set in a physical body where sparks animate cells. Evolution continues and we have the Auhane; then it becomes the Aumakua. In associated groups of three selves, the evolutionary growth continues until the selves once more are “in-breathed” or absorbed into the Ultimate.


The tradition of the three selves of Huna is still to be found in the veiled Sanskrit writings, even if much warped and twisted to fit the Vedic beliefs. The Huna idea of the three selves being connected by an invisible (aka) cord, must have made a great impression on the priests of India. The root idea of a “THREAD” was never lost, although the fact of the three selves went out of the window quickly. The three selves were replaced by the single self or monad, but for practical purposes were replaced by a set of three MINAS – literally “thread souls.” These were swiftly stripped of any soul qualities and were changed into three vast and entirely impersonal urges which were in some vague way part of “Nature.” These three urges, Satva, Rajas and Tamas, however, may be recognized as the Aumakua, Auhane and Aunihipili. The characteristics of the three forces or life urges remained those typical of the three selves of man. One urge made the man act like the good and wise Aumakua, one made him act like the less good and less wise Auhane, and one made him act like the Aunihipili when it is not controlled and made to be less than an animal by the Auhane. The good urge was symbolized by LIGHT, as in Huna, the bad or Aunihipili by DARKNESS, and the Auhane as in between.


As in Huna, the aim of living remained evolution or growth in which the man came out of the darkened state and eventually reached the state of enlightenment. But Huna progress was made by three souls strung like beads on a thread, one above the other, while the substitute beliefs made man again a single soul with its roots mysteriously in heaven while its “out-breathed” or rayed bulk stood on lower levels and worked upward to rejoin the root spark. Huna, as may be observed, was ever so much more simple.


The three invisible (aka) bodies of Huna, one for the embodiment of each self, and needed to absorb and hold its individual mana or vital force supply, were lost in the shuffle when the three selves were made into one. There was much guessing and much confusion. The shadowy bodies of the three selves were changed to several “planes,” and to several invisible bodies which surrounded the man. There was a body which was supposed to last as long as karma itself. It was called the “cause body,” and in it lay all the things of karma which caused the man to be reborn into a setting fitted to his karmic position in regard to evolution. On each of the “planes” the descending soul built a subtle body for use on that plane, so that there was a body for the mental and the emotional activities – these matching the Huna Aunihipili and Auhane aka bodies rather well. Other “bodies” to make up the “vehicles” of man were vague as concepts.


The three grades of basic vital force or mana, became misunderstood when the three selves which used the mana were lost. The manas were not added to the idea of the three gunas or urges in a definite way, but the urges were described as very powerful and as something which the man must respond to in accordance with his good or bad nature or evolutionary position. The manas, called prams, gradually were multiplied until there was a prana for each of the senses and organs, with extras for all imaginable physical, mental and intuitional activities.


This brings us back to Tantric Yoga and its extreme of muddling. In this system, the simple idea of the three basic manas, and of the necessity of contacting the Aumakua and sending its mana over the connecting aka cord, was replaced by a set of surprising and complicated substitute ideas.


The three gunas, or “three strings,” original idea of the earlier substitutions, gave rise to the concept of three nadis, or tubes through which the pranas or active forces of man could be made to flow upward. The Aumakua, having been lost, the flow could no longer be sent to it. Instead, the combined pranic force or “SERPENT FIRE” was at first accumulated at the level of the navel and sent upward through the body and out at the top of the head, where a symbolic “door” opened that allowed the force to rise to Brahma, this causing miraculous powers to be given the yoga or UNION seeker. (This union or contact, like that in Huna, was not something that lasted long, but in India it was hoped that after death the absorption into the Supreme Self would take place and be permanent.)


In Huna, the symbol for the act of accumulating extra mana and sending it flowing along the aka string, as through a tube (nada,) was that of hard breathing, called ha. One breathed heavily for about ten breaths, commanding the Aunihipili to accumulate the mana in its aka body which centers on the solar plexus. One then became relaxed (na) as the mana was made to flow up to the Aumakua. The kahuna word mana (in its two roots as ma`na) gave the idea of an action followed by a period of quiet or inaction. This word symbol remained in recognizable form in Tantric Yoga, even if the idea behind it was almost lost. The ha and na root words are a regular part of the vocabulary of the Tantric writings.


In the earliest writings, the “Serpent Fire” or force was not connected with sex to the degree that it was later. It was said to be a goddess of intelligent, but [a] sleeping or static life force. This goddess was called Kundalini. At first she was said to have her head at the level of the navel, and it was there that one thought of her and strove to awaken her, not, as later, down behind the genitals. Na kahuna symbolized the Aunihipili as having its center down in the naau or bowels, so we see how the region of the navel fits into the picture of changing concepts and expanding guesses.


The Serpent Fire force, once aroused, was said at first to rise almost directly to the top of the head and go (no longer through a nada or tube) to the God-self. As results accomplished did not measure up to expectations, more and more complications were added to the system in an effort to get it perfected. The three tubes became a central aushumna through which the augmented force suddenly rushed upward, but only after it had risen along the ida and pingala  or lesser tubes which arose from the left and right at the male scrotum, and circled upward through SIX centers, opening each in turn with the accompanying production of the very special and rewarding powers or abilities. The modern writers who discuss this subject so learnedly – and so blindly – forget that the ancients had no concept of the glands or nerve centers in the body, but they insist on a few centers or chakras being identified with them.


After all the complications of making each center or chakra into a symbolic flower, with petals and with root words written on them, while gods and colors and figures fill the flower centers, and after elaborate meditations and chartings and postures and breathing exercises had failed to get the desired results, the excuse was invented that the chakra centers had to be entirely purified as the first step toward success. The sex forces were also to be purified, as well as the body and mind. So the austerities were enlarged by steady progression. Oddly enough, much that was to be purified in the thoughts and emotions of the man retains the flavor of the complex. The instructions for the use of Yoga tell how necessary it is to learn to control the mind, all thoughts, and, especially, all emotions (such as desire, hate, fear, etc,) are such as na kahuna might have given for keeping the Aunihipili in perfect control by the Auhane when no complex was standing in the way. The complex, as such, or the influence of the evil spirits, known to Huna, became lost to sight, probably because the three selves had been collapsed into one and no Aunihipili [was] left to create or hold fixations or to respond secretly to the evil urges offered by the “eating companion” spirits.


If, for the six chakra centers, we substitute the three aka bodies with a self in each, according to Huna, we have again the SIX things to count off in the system. If we substitute the aka cord leading from the aka body of the Aunihipili through that of the Auhane, and on up to end in the aka body of the Aumakua, for the three nadis carrying force upward through the six centers and then on up to the Supreme Self, we change the Tantric Yoga system back to the original Huna from which it had its rise.

Many who, like myself, gained their preliminary knowledge of the old systems of India through modern Theosophy, will find this comparison of intense interest because the “Serpent Fires” with their great (supposed) rewards for the successful awakening, have been the true “sacred cow” and prime mystery for years. In all Theosophical literature, as in the ancient writings of Yoga, there has been the dire warning that he who attempts to arouse the Kundalini before becoming first utterly purified, invites death, insanity and sudden disaster. On my own part, I find a particular satisfaction in the discovery that our simple and reasonable Huna lies behind all the absurdities which followed the loss of the secret knowledge long ago in India.

For those who wish to check on my conclusions, and perhaps to quarrel with them, I must mention some of the books studied in this investigation. Books on Theosophy are valuable for a general picture, although the effort to knit the conflicting ideas of India into one final system, has been such that Huna basics have remained obscure. The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali, the Bhagavad-Gita, and the Kapila Sutras with their several versions and many commentaries, will be of primary value. A digest of Buddhism is needed as a reform version of the philosophies embodied in the texts just mentioned. For the final absurdities, do not stop with the toned-down “teachings” of the modern and Europeanized schools of semi-Yoga. Go back to source materials and the Tantrics. Arthur Avalon’s works, especially hisThe Six Centres and the Serpent Power, translated into English by Woodroffe, give Tantric originals and commentaries most fully. Tantric Yoga, Hindu and Tibetan, by J. Marques-Riviere, and translated by Kennedy, is excellent for a short source book, as are recent books done in a popular vein by Ernest Wood. (The first two books mentioned and the last, are easily found. The others are difficult to come across. Check your library.)




Thanks to the generosity and devotion to the Huna work, the Bulletin is able to get forward in the hands of assisting HRAs. Some have sent extra help for “Cigbo,” the cigar box “kitty,” others have helped with the actual making and sending of the Bulletin. In addition, it has been possible to send sample Bulletins to new readers of the books, and from this come a few new HRAs to fill our ranks. It is hoped that in not too long a time we will have members enough in various places to begin forming small groups. Letters have been coming in asking about groups and, in some cases, offering to try to form a group. A special sheet discussing such matters has been mimeographed to send out and, as many of you may be interested, a copy will be enclosed with this Bulletin.




This plan was worked out by Charles Pitts and his group at Sunnyvale, Calif. The group has, at the cost of much personal sacrifice, purchased for use at the Study a fine new Crescent tape recorder. They have two others there so that they can duplicate lectures, and the plan is for me to put a Huna lecture on one side of the tape, this to last a half-hour. On the other side special information on the use of the pendulum will be given at first. Groups can get used tape players at small cost to take 5 inch spools of tape playing at the speed of 3.75 and play the lectures, beginning at the first of the series and going on with a fresh tape at each meeting. The present schedule is a new tape every two weeks. Tapes may be rented or purchased outright by groups or individuals. The cost of such service has not yet been determined, but will be known soon.


The Pitts group will pioneer the use of the tapes and help us learn how best to make them up for group work or individual use. (The Kitselman tape lectures, running 2 hours to a 7″ reel and covering E-Therapy with a following series on ancient religions, especially those of India, are now available on a rental or outright purchase basis from Gordon Beckstead, 2330 E. Willetta, Phoenix, Arizona. Write to him for prices and details, also for Dianetics and other tapes.) From the Study will come, soon, tapes covering the E-Therapy and Huna foot-washing rites in combination so that groups of pairs of HRAs can begin helping with this method of removing complexes and driving away “eating companion” spirits which exert evil influences on those who are unfortunate enough to act as hosts to them. A simple measuring system and plate can be made up by groups and individuals to serve as a substitute of the Bovis-type Biometer, not the Brunler-Bovis, of course, but excellent for our purposes. Group members or individuals may be able to take readings of others and so help them to know where they stand in terms of what Dr. Brunler called “evolution of the soul.” Knowing where one stands makes it possible to start correcting one’s “will” or “personality” lacks as well as to advance on the evolutionary scale. A new HRA group is about to form in Chicago. If you live there and wish to have a part in it, let me know. A mimeo sheet covering the materials and so on for constructing a Biometer will soon be ready. A stamped and self-addressed envelope should be sent when asking for this sheet or extras on forming groups. Saves so much time for me here at the Study where I am fighting for time to do a new Huna hook for publication next year, and where all letters of over half a page are now being placed in the “Answer sometime, if possible.” I love short letters ending with, “No answer expected.” The TMHG healing work continues at 3 and 7 (Send a card for replies).




HRA W.C. has made a most unusual personal sacrifice to help others to learn about Huna. He sold his very fine and costly camera outfit and used it to buy copies of THE SECRET SCIENCE AT WORK to present to public libraries. The Huna Research Publications has matched book-for-book with him in this project and most of the large libraries will have a copy in due time. Little by little we are going to see Huna become known and used by more and more people. Unfortunately, it takes a Biometric reading level of over 330 degrees to enable one to grasp Huna, and the average reading across the land is only 250. Eventually, speaking only in the most simple terms, the HRAs with the higher readings will have to stand as na kahuna of sorts to help and heal those unable to understand the abstractions of the Aumakua, aka bodies and manas.


HRA LOVIE WEBB GASTEINER, Celina Tenn, is a new member who publishes a little printed four-sheet release as often as contributions make it possible. She preaches love as her theme, and sells advertising space in the form of short squibs giving one’s name and address, one’s special interests, and one’s invitation to other readers to correspond. She invites HRAs who wish to list their names and invite correspondence from others of like interests to make use of her service. The charge is $1 per issue. Copy should be kept down to 30 words or less. She will soon begin to help spread the good news of Huna in her releases. You might like to be on her mailing list.


MID-PACIFIC MAGAZINE, Box 1513, Honolulu, Hawaii, edited by HRA RFC, carried in its last issue an article with illustrations on myself, giving a most surprising reading via my writing and Graphology, done by a talented Chinese lady. Other articles cover Hawaii, with Huna given its place, and with free ads for the two Huna books. Subscription is $3 a year and 25¢ or perhaps 50¢ should get one a sample copy. Warm thanks to RFC for his telling efforts in behalf of Huna and myself.


THE FIRST HUNA GROUP OF NEW YORK will resume work after a summer vacation. Contact may be made through the leader, Lucien Beck, H.R.A., 78 West 85th St., New York 24, N.Y. This is the oldest Huna Group and one doing most interesting things. You will be made welcome.


THE TELEPATHIC MUTUAL HEALING GROUP work continues steadily with many who take part in it greatly aided in various ways. All are welcome, but correspondence cannot be more than a few words in reply to requests for help. The TMHG Unit which tells about the work and how to join in it costs $1.50 (Plus tax in California) post paid, and orders may be sent to me to hand on to the H.R. Publications to be filled. Reports from those asking help are requested every 30 days. Stamped and self-addressed envelopes for acknowledgments of requests should be sent.


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December 1, 1954



THE SUBJECT OF “MAGIC” was taken up recently by HRA Charles Pitts, of the Sunnyvale, California Huna Group, and as a result of some discussion through tape letters, it was decided that this subject should come up for examination in the light of what we now have learned of na kahuna as they worked and taught from Egypt through Asia and into the Isles of the Pacific. A tape talk was made here at the Study and sent to HRA Pitts to be played for the group.


THE OCCULT ARTS OF ANCIENT EGYPT is the title of a 1953 book dealing with Egyptian magic in particular, and with other forms of the art in general. It is from the pen of Bernard Bromage, an English traveler and occultist. (A copy was sent to me recently by one of my good friends in Africa.) Another book sent in by still another good friend, is titled MAGIC and is by W.E. Butler. (Both are put out by The Aquarian Press, Denison House, 296, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, S.W.1. The first mentioned book lists at 16 shillings, the second, at 3 shillings, 6 pence.)


In both of these books we can see a switch of approach from that of writers of the earlier years. Mr. Butler has stripped away most of the gaudy trimmings so long associated with magic, and gives it as his opinion that, “the best definition of magic is that given by another modern magician who has defined it as ‘the art of causing changes in consciousness at will.'” He goes on to mention what he considers the four possible or probable kinds of “consciousness” in which changes may be brought about by the use of magic. These kinds are: (1) The Conscious Waking Mind, (2) The Personal Subconscious, (3) The Collective Subconscious, (4) The Superconscious. He describes the purpose of “the magician,” very evidently having in mind the modern cult members, not the magicians of old. He writes:


“To be able consciously to become aware of the set of the hidden currents and turn them to the task of directing our life into the ways of wisdom and the paths of peace is the fervent desire of the magician, who, looking into the depths of his being and seeing therein the spark of eternal light which is his own true center exclaims in the name and power of that spark, “I have Omnipotence at my command and Eternity at my disposal.”


Mr. Bromage, in his much larger book, may be said to play the field. He is more interested in what the magicians of various ages tried to do, what they claimed to be able to do and how they said they went about doing it. He mentions the many books that have come down to us from Egyptian times as well as surviving texts and rituals dating back a century or two but still containing much of the more ancient beliefs and practices.


In my first book on the subject of Huna, RECOVERING THE ANCIENT MAGIC, (long out of print), I gave my own definition of magic as, “That system of practices which results in the production of effects entirely contrary to the present-day ‘laws’ of Science; that body of practices using super-physical forces, or the aid of super-physical beings to accomplish physical results.”  I pointed to several cases of fire-walking or fire-handling and fire-eating to illustrate my meaning. From that I went on to the evidence that spirits of the human, subhuman or superhuman level were also responsible at times, and under certain conditions, for other kinds of physical effects. I also pointed out the fact that effects might well be brought about by changes caused in the action of some form of consciousness, as in the mind of one involved in the working out of the effects. I noted the fact that magical actions seldom stopped with a change in the mental outlook or activity of one helped or hindered by the use of magic. Thought is almost invariably followed by some corresponding physical action, restraint or change.


For our present purpose of making a short examination of the standing of magic in the light of Huna, we may safely say that all efforts to bring about changes without the use of the ordinary means known to men in general and to science in its own field fall under the classification of MAGIC. This includes all of religion except pure worship for its own sake. It includes all work done involving spirits of dead things, be they above or below the human level, and work done by the living when the Aunihipili and Auhane are outside the body, as may be the case in trance conditions or during sleep when astral travel is used consciously or unconsciously.


Mr. Bromage would agree to this and would add such things as prophetic ability, making this into a small unit of its own. In touching on this angle, he mentions something I had not known before, and which is of enough general interest to deserve a new paragraph. I quote from page 24 of his book:


“The fact then, that according to the pyramid measurements, a COLLAPSE OF OUR CIVILIZATION SHOULD BE EXPECTED ABOUT 1955 need not detain us here. Such calculations are contingent on the laws of probability, and a general exertion of our talents and our Will should do much to forestall the tragedy. If a civilization is worth saving, it will be saved!”  (The caps and underline are mine, not his. MFL)


In the standard chart of the Pyramid measurements, the end of the distance being measured in “pyramid inches” which represent years of time in this system, August 23rd of 1953 saw the line of measurement reach the far wall of the King’s Chamber where it was supposed to stop. I take it that the line must have been extended in some way by the advocates of this system. In any case, the present struggle to prevent World War III and the use of the H-bomb would seem likely to come to a head during the coming year. If a degree of sanity and of the spirit of cooperation can be found in a world, half of whose political leaders seem to have become blinded by prejudices, we may not only survive, but may even see the dawn of the NEW Day for which some of us have prayed so long and so earnestly in the TMHG these several years past. (At this turning point, I urge you all to join in this prayer for world sanity and progress. The TMHG time is at 3 and 7, California time, daily.)


Perhaps the best way to present the Huna angle on “magic” will be to give a tentative “course” covering the art. At least it will make reading easier, and, as all writers and sellers of “courses” are allowed to make statements and claims without taking time out to offer proofs, let us proceed.




A complete “course” in one lesson.


TO LEARN TO BECOME A MAGICIAN you will need to learn to use some of your native talents which you may not as yet have taken time to develop. There are several of these talents. Men and women have demonstrated them all about us. Hardly anyone lacks latent psychic abilities, which may be trained and made to work in the performance of magical operations. Telepathy is so easy to develop that many use it without training. Ability to sense the presence of the beloved “dead” is very common, and many have excellent mediumistic powers which could enable them to perform that part of healing magic which depends largely on spirit aid.




Begin at once to learn to use hypnotism, mesmerism and the two in combination. To do this you will begin at once to practice accumulating mana surcharges. When you can accumulate a very large surcharge, you can then begin practicing to learn Mesmerism, which is causing the mana surcharge to flow through your hands or along your line of vision into a subject, carrying with it well-made mental pictures or thought-form-clusters (which you will have made ready in advance by the use of your “will.”) If your mana, which is the vital force of the body, is sufficiently accumulated and is discharged strongly into the subject, it will overpower the Aunihipili in him and force him to accept the mental pictures as his own, then to react to them.


Healing magic is performed in this way. The subject can be made to relax, to sleep, and so on. If the shock of mana is sufficient, and the thought-form cluster made with enough power, it can break up and replace complexes in the Aunihipili of the subject. If there are spirits fastened to the subject, and if he has been brought to turn over a new leaf so that he will refuse to respond to the promptings of the spirits, they may be driven out of him and hypnotically commanded to stay away, after first being broken away by the Mesmeric shock of the mana you have projected.


Be warned that if you project a surcharge and hurtful mental pictures at a subject, and these fail to be accepted by his Aunihipili or are blocked from action by his Aumakua or by his spirit friends who may be watching over him, the force and the mental picture will rebound, often with greatly increased power, and lodge in your own Aunihipili, making it the victim. Use the evil eye or spell-casting methods at your peril. Also be warned that all about you are witting and unwitting magicians, who, may be conciously or unconsciously projecting mana and mental images at you weak or strong, good or bad. Begin at once to practice becoming hurtless and helpful in your every thought and deed. Learn to radiate good and helpful and loving thoughts and do all you can to do good. In this way you will soon build a permanent wall of radiation around you which will act as a great magnet, of which you are the center. It will attract the good by its positive pole and repel the bad.


If you suspect that many bad thought-form clusters of sickness, bad luck, etc., or many spirits of an evil nature are already bothering you from former projections against you by magicians, or because you have been bad enough to attract to yourself equally bad spirits, begin at once to use this affirmation frequently. “GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! I AM good. I think only good and helpful thoughts. I do good and reject all hurtful deeds. I try to find and throw out daily any thoughts of hate, anger, greed, jealousy, and the like. I now prove my unwavering determination to swing completely over to the side of GOOD, by DOING some good deed, no matter how small, before continuing my day’s activities.”


The aspiring magician will do well to remember that most of his or her daily tasks are performed to help others to some degree. If each task is approached and blessed as a SERVICE or a good deed lovingly done for others, the good will be true coin of the realm.




This is a continuation of the step you learned to take earlier. After you have become proficient in the use of the Mesmeric force or low mana, begin to strengthen your Auhane WILL, or the mana mana. You must first take on a fair surcharge of low mana because, without this being present in your body, the Auhane cannot get enough of it to make up a batch of strong WILL power. This power is developed by daily use of exercises in holding your mind and full attention on something for as long as you are able. Make a mental picture of the face of a loved one and hold it before your mind’s eye without allowing the face to change in any way. When it “slips” and begins to change or fade, rest a minute or two. Accumulate a little more mana, and try again. Keep a watch by you and note how long you can hold mental pictures. At first you may find a few seconds your limit. When you have practiced daily for several years, you will be able to hold the Aunihipili to the task for as long as five minutes, and will by then have developed will power strong enough to create by a few minutes of this concentrated attention on a mental picture, POWERFUL THOUGHT-FORM CLUSTERS which can be projected by the Mesmeric method described in STEP 1.


If you wish to know whether you have a strong will now, test with the Biometer. Tests made at intervals will show whether your practice is getting results. Be warned that if you develop your hypnotic or Auhane WILL without at the same time developing the ability to become GOOD and BETTER day by day, you will soon have a very badly unbalanced Biometric pattern and it will begin to cause you much moral breakdown and trouble. (Some imitation magicians – those not having been trained thoroughly in Huna – use hypnotism openly. Beware of these unless you have obtained their signature, written with their own pen and with ink, and have tested it on the Biometer to learn whether they are “black” or “white” magicians. The “black” will show a perfect will pattern but almost no personality circle, or, if a circle shows, it will be counterclockwise and usually far from round.) In your own work as a budding magician, avoid the use of hypnotic suggestion as something apart from the Mesmeric element. Use Mesmerism as in STEP 1, with the hypnotic will simply as an adjunct to aid in creating the very strong mental picture of the GOOD condition, which you wish to implant powerfully in the Aunihipili of those whom you help and heal. Never admit that you are a magician; just say that you have a natural gift for healing and will be happy to try to use it if the ones needing help will turn over a new leaf, etc.


Helping others to turn over a new leaf and to become ready to be healed is the GOOD DEED at its best. Remember this, always,


TELEPATHIC OR PROJECTED MAGICAL HEALING is an important part of this work. Contact must be established with the one to be helped. A handshake will string an aka thread between you, which will make it possible for your Aunihipili to make contact at any time. Or the Aunihipili can follow the aka thread that is fastened to a signature written in ink. This contact is telepathic in its nature, and you can send with Mesmeric force a mental picture of healing which has been constructed through the use of your WILL. Practice will enable you to become more and more powerful as you go along. Also, results build up slowly if the magical treatment is repeated over and over.




No magician should be without a good Aladdin’s Lamp. Go to a junk shop at once and buy one. Take it home and accumulate as large a surcharge of mana as you can. Then build up your will to a high point of concentration and create a mental picture of what you wish to have the Genie of the Lamp do for you when you rub the lamp and he appears to do your bidding.


Millions of people in the past twenty centuries may have rubbed a Lamp without getting the slightest response. Their trouble has been that they did not know that the “oil” needed to fill this type of Lamp is not oil at all, but is a large surcharge of mana. So build up your surcharge, make your mental image, and then rub your Lamp. If you do not have a Lamp, remember that it is only a symbol, the symbol of LIGHT. Just think of a genie who embodies all the goodness and so all the LIGHT you can imagine. Then rub — something. Rub your hands together and affirm: “I am now calling to the Spirit of Light who remains ever aware of me and ever ready to come to me at my request when I fill myself full of the mana which is the force or oil which enables the Lamp of the Light to become lighted and cast its rays down to enlighten me on this darkened level of being. I affirm with full faith that I now believe that my call has been heard and that the Spirit of Light above me has come and stands ready to receive the oil to be used for helping and guiding and illuminating me and those whom I will help. I now send flowing upward along the connecting shadowy cord a strong flow of mana. With it I send my carefully and powerfully constructed mental picture of the condition which I ask be brought about.”


Many aspiring students have given up at this point because they could not see the Spirit of Light. This is greatly to be regretted, for the Spirit is always there and will always accept the oil and begin shedding helpful light. A daily replenishing of the Light, which stands before the altar of your Innermost Being, may be needed if the request you make demands much magical work. All experienced magicians know that the instant and complete performance of a task by a Spirit of the Lamp is possible only at rare intervals. They are content to work for many days to get the full task completed.


Be warned, at this point, that if you attempt to use the magic of the Lamp without first purifying yourself with many lustrations and fumigations, drawings of signs and magical circles about you, there will be grave danger that you will evoke the spirit of a dead person – a spirit just as uncleansed and tainted with evil as you may happen to be. If you are greedy and plan selfish gain, the spirit may be equally so and may take your surcharge of mana and turn to bite the hand that feeds it. Keep in mind the fact that all fumigations, incense burning, washings, and rituals of cleansing are, just as are the oil and the Lamp, symbolic. These things, when read about by a magician in a book of instruction, tell him that a cleansing of his thoughts and heart are indicated. Go back to STEP 1 and check what was revealed to you concerning GOOD.


Down the centuries, magicians have written out their knowledge in the form of “evocations” and “incantations,” also “invocations.” Invariably, they have veiled the inner meanings. For this reason, the student must take care not to be caught in the foolish trap in which so many have been caught. In the semi-secret orders in Europe and America, even today, they are drawing magic circles, performing strange physical rites, making fumigations, compounding absurd mixtures of frog’s eyes and the leaves of plants gathered in a cemetery on the night of a full moon – and so on and so forth. Rare books containing rituals and formulas bring hundreds of dollars, and men and women gather to study and to try to use them, always ending with nothing accomplished.


If the student has seen such books, and there are many of them, dating from the times of early Egypt on, be warned that the long repetition of invocations with the exact pronunciation of Names of Power and Words of Power are quite useless to the uninitiated. The magicians of all ages have piled one absurdity upon another in their writings, all for the purpose of causing the greedy outsider to waste his time, if he is that foolish, trying to perform rites which cannot be performed, and to learn to recite unpronounceable “names” without number. The famous “Seventy-two names of God” are part of this blind. So are the endless names given to supposed gods and demons and spirits, good or bad. Look behind this veil of secrecy for the three elements, which are symbolized in all true magic and alchemy. Watch for veiled mention of the three selves and of their three mana forces. Watch for the inner cleansing rather than the outer. You can call a spirit, be it bright and good  and helpful or bad and strong and dangerous, provided you have made a contact with it and so have established an aka thread along which you can send a telepathic call – a flow of mana with the picture of its hearing and coming to you. But just to know the name of a spirit and to speak it, is a waste of time. There may be a thousand spirits bearing that same name, and besides, with no contact already made, your call will be empty. Be warned, however, that if some spirit happens to be near, be it good or bad, it may hear and accept the call, taking all you have to offer, if it is bad, and perhaps, in the end, taking your body away from you. Evil spirits may remain bound to the earth for centuries, and may become most wise in the matter of doing evil for and against the living magician who is even a fraction as evil.


You have read of “sympathetic magic” in which like produces like – a sprinkling of water causing a rain, and the pouring out of an oblation of wine to the gods bringing an outpouring of good things to you in return. This is also a blind to veil away the ignorant. Like brings like only when a powerfully constructed mental picture is presented with much mana to the Spirit of Light so that on this likeness the Spirit may construct for you a reality. The old fertility rites supposed to bring increase in crops and flocks were only if they served to picture the desired things and to furnish, through emotion, some mana to empower the gods.




Having told you that all drawing of magic or ritual circles, pentagrams, and such things belongs to the outer or symbolic side of magic, it needs to be said that a few physical things can be used by the magician as points around which to build mental pictures or images with a mixture of aka substance, thought-forms and mana.


TO MAKE A RABBIT’S FOOT effective, for instance, it is not enough to preserve such a foot and carry it on your person. The foot must be gazed upon and concentrated upon a few minutes each day for a number of days, and the student must picture the foot as a center about which he is building layers, day after day, of that plaster made of thought, mana and aka substance. As all mental pictures are made of these three ingredients, and as a mental picture is as enduring as any strong memory (which is, in actuality, constructed of these three elements), the picture of a radiating center of GOOD surrounding the foot of the rabbit soon becomes a very real thing. But the foot must be encased in thoughts of GOOD for all, not just for its owner, or it will be valueless. This is secret which few know. To become a center which will attract good and ward off evil, the foot must be used in connection with the bringing of good to others as well as to the owner, and it must be used when possible to ward off or remove evil in the same way.


Any object, lucky piece or amulet may be treated in the same way. Shrines are centers into which GOOD has been poured in this way by a saint or magician and made strong and enduring to radiate back to the worshiper all the good he radiates to it in worship. Such a center maybe filled daily with fresh mana, and the good spirits may be invited to come to it daily to obtain enough mana to give them power to perform good deeds on the mental and physical levels. Like birds coming to refresh themselves in the bird bath in your garden, and then going to clear out hurtful insects, so the good spirits will soon begin to come, taking the water of mana and looking to see what requests you have left with the mana for them to fulfill. Your requests are mental pictures of things you desire the spirit friends to bring about if they can. Pour a mana surcharge into your magic center, along with the mental pictures of good conditions desired for yourself and friends. The spirits will soon be coming daily to take the mana and to assist. But try not to disappoint them by forgetting to leave mana and good requests for them daily, otherwise they will soon scatter and go elsewhere.


Just as a center of good can be made in this way, a center of bad may be established if one is not careful. The student who makes a rabbit’s foot center with the desire to get more than he gives is guilty of breaking the first rule of magic, that of being greedy and hurtful to the extent that he wishes to take things from others so that he may enjoy benefits. Keep cleansed yourself. Keep your center clear of all things not fully GOOD for everyone. You cannot steal and hold good things for long. Payment must eventually be made. On the other hand, one can buy almost any good thing with the coin of good thoughts accompanied by good deeds. A “wall of protection” can be built around you or a loved in the same way with the help of the Spirit of the Light. Put only good into the wall and it will allow only good to pass in and out through it…

And so ends the lesson. Here is MAGIC for you, for the taking.




HRA C.H. Murphy calls attention to an article in FATE magazine in which it is related that some years ago a group of Yale scientists, in measuring the electrical potential in the water surrounding a tadpole, found that, just before the change into the frog stage, the surrounding electrical charge had the shape of a frog, not that of the tadpole. A similar aka body, charged with measurable amounts of vital force, can be located, according to some investigators, around a plant seed, the “emergent field having the shape of the plant to follow, not that of the seed. Science is slowly rediscovering what na kahuna had learned in some mysterious way thousands of years ago, and are describing elements in more exact terms, at least in so far as laboratory measurements are concerned. See the fine book, THE SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE by Dr. Gustaf Stromberg, for more along these lines. (David McKay. Co., Washington Square, Philadelphia 6, Pa. $3.50 plus postage of 12¢. 312 pages, 1948.)




Huna groups have recently been formed in Chicago, and one in and one near Boston. The First Huna Group in New York, often mentioned in the Bulletin, has started a beginners’ section and is going strong with a growing membership. The Sunnyvale, California Group has been growing rapidly and now rents a small hall for its meetings – kitchen attached so that refreshments can be served. This is the group which will furnish duplicate tapes of the lectures and talks made up for it but suited to any group. The tapes are the 5-inch size, 3.75 speed and give two talks of one-half hour each. Tapes can be furnished for $6 post paid, and the tapes may be sent in to have fresh lectures run on them for $2.50 each (two sides), including return postage. (Add sales tax in California.) The address for tapes is Mr. Charles Pitts, Box 526, Sunnyvale, Calif. For the addresses of the leaders of other groups mentioned above, drop me a line and enclose a self-addressed post card.




Those who do not have tape recorders, but who would like to have the lectures made available to them, should drop me a line. If enough call for them comes in to justify the expense of taking them from the tapes and running them as $2 mimeo units, something will be done about it. Each unit would contain a lecture, edited and perhaps better presented. There are six tapes as of November 15, 1954 and others will be made up from time to time. Group members are also giving excellent lectures, which are recorded, and duplicates of which are well worth hearing. The Sunnyvale group has a new Hawaiian member who will teach the group a little about the Hawaiian language and whose work may soon be recorded to give the pronunciation of the words used by the old na kahuna. If Detroit HRAs are thinking of organizing a group, I have on file the name of a prospective member, Lysle E. Burgess, 5065 Neff Road, Detroit 240 Mich. He would help organize a group if asked.


LETTER QUOTES: From HRA Andrew Hastings: “The mystical zenner was a cord of three threads… these refer back to Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, the triune deity of early India.” Also this, from A.H.’s pen: “Love without work is futility; work without love is slavery; love with work is freedom; work with hate is defeat.” HRA O. de Borde writes: “Do you know of the obsolete Jainism of Gosala in India, with its 8,400 unavoidable and irrevocable births – the most dismal doctrine of which I have ever read.”