Max F. Long, Vol 10 (1961), English HUNA VISTAS Bulletins 17 - 28


A “Planned” World &

Results from the Hudson Experiments

January, 1961



Man’s inhumanity to man … and Nature. Discussion of “THE PRICE WE MUST PAY for a planned civilization for the world …”HOW CAN THE HRA HELP WITH THE PLANNING? Discussion of How and Why TO PLAN A RELIGION. Notes from HRA ERIC BIDDLE, one of the editors of THE PENDULUM magazine on the Hudson Method of healing and REPORTS from other HRAs experimenting with this method. Article by HRA M. McC. tells of a fine effort to learn from her spirit contacts what they know that fits in with Huna and what does not. Book Review: THE ISLAND CIVILIZATIONS OF POLYNESIA by Robert C. Suggs





May your year be free of an invasion by inimical saucer people. May the shift of the earth on its axis be delayed, or put off indefinitely. May no meteor or comet strike our earth or new Ice Age strike suddenly. May our incomplete tampering with Nature’s laws bring no great disaster.


The first three of the above wishes lie in the laps of the gods, but the fourth is something in which we all have a hand. Mankind has been tampering with the laws of Old Mother Nature to some degree since the Dawn Ages when plants and animals were taken out of their natural state and slowly domesticated. Nature gave man no weapons, but he began inventing them. He learned to make a spear, construct a bow and arrow, a sling for stones, a gun to throw deadly lead bullets, a bomb to replaced a million guns. Nature gave man nothing more than a log for crossing water barriers. He invented boats and ranged far and wide. Nature provided no wings, but man made his own and learned to fly faster than sound.


Nature set mankind several fine examples to show how life could be made better. The flocking together of living creatures showed how mutual help could provide much greater protection. The ants set the example of farming with planted and harvested plants, and with the care of less able insects to act as their cows. Dwellings were constructed and kept in good order. Food was gathered and stored for winter. If an enemy threatened, the ants gave their lives in battle for the good of the group.


“Population explosions” were anticipated by Nature, and one form of life was set to prevent another from taking over too much space. Mankind was given hate, greed and anger to match a desire for power and glory which led to endless wars. There were plagues and diseases, famines and floods, all helping to keep men from overpopulating the earth. This “balance of forces” has now been upset in all too many dangerous and delightful ways. Wars have become so dangerous that we dare not make them on a population thinning scale lest radiations from bombs put an end to all forms of life. We have put an end to plagues, and we have learned to combine into our own ant hill groups, but each hill contends with the next for the good things of life. Race, color and language barriers no longer serve to cause wars to thin out the population. Nor do the rivalries of commerce produce wars as in the past few centuries. Religion was once a starting point for wars: now it causes “displaced” persons such as we see in India and Pakistan where thousands have been forced to leave their homes and go to become refugees, homeless and jobless and not even able to make war to clear places for themselves.


We have NOT, as yet, gone far enough with the work of taking over from Nature to make a new way of life with new balances to keep an even keel. There is, obviously, no turning back, but we are not yet half way through our journey toward a planned and ideal civilization. We have some cooperation on the national level, but little on the international. We of the more fortunate nations still lack breadth of vision, although here and there an individual begins to think and plan on a world scale. We can control population explosions. We can stop the men of great greed and of great political power from turning back the clock for their own purposes while justice is flaunted and a profit is made on human misery and degradation. We can prevent the great corporations and unions from taking unfair advantage of the less well organized members of our society.


THE PRICE WE MUST PAY for a planned civilization for the world is the loss of individual freedom to do as we please. Mother Nature gave us that freedom to enjoy “rugged individualism,” but made us fight for it to the point of extinction of the weaker members of society. Now, after many “long lasts,” the weaker members are coming to have a  voice backed by sheer weight of numbers. The “meek” are about to “inherit the earth” if the signs along the route are read correctly. A national conscience has been slowly developing in our own land, as against a scattering of individual or small group consciences such as represented by church groups. On television we see the plight of the migrant workers laid before us, also the conditions in the refugee camps the world around. No longer can the Queen cry, “Off with their heads,” and put an abrupt end to the problem. No longer can a Hitler order extermination of an unwanted part of the citizenry. “Man’s inhumanity to man” grows less as the males of the world are prevented by the H Bomb from making war. We have come to the place where action is replaced by TALK, and at last the women of the world can make themselves heard. The instinctive elements in “mother love” begin to counter the destructive elements and demand preservation of the helpless.


Perhaps the greatest single obstacle to progress into a fully planned way of life on a world scale is that strange characteristic of the human animal which he shares with the mule: an unreasoning and blind stubbornness. Let a man or woman of any race or social level accept a certain set of ideas, and nothing can change them. These set ideas are seen in religion and politics, also in hatred of people of other races or walks of life. The rich often hate the poor with illogical reasons given. So far, only three answers to this mule-like trait have been offered. The first answer is very old: “Convert them or put them to the sword.” Stalin, in the days of his power in Russia, killed or starved to death thousands of those who would not give up their fixed ideas and go along with his plans (be they for good or evil). The second answer is “brain washing,” which is similar to the method used in the Inquisition of the Middle Ages to force conformity of religious belief. The third and last answer is the one in which the child is so reared and educated that a desired set of fixed beliefs are established. Unfortunately, the educational approach must be such that it is able to remove the child from the parental environment sufficiently to prevent the parental fixed beliefs from overcoming those implanted in the school. To succeed on a world scale, the things taught in the schools will have to be made uniform. No opposing ideologies can be free of fixations and the resulting clash.


HOW CAN WE OF THE HRA HELP WITH THE PLANNING? This is a question we should all ponder. Plans of the ordinary kind are a dime a dozen, and worth only that much because the view is narrowed to a single problem. Our view must be broad enough to include the whole scope of planned progress. For instance, it, will not be enough to solve the problems of farm surplus or segregation just for ourselves in America or the “free” countries. No answer will be an answer unless it is given with the whole world in mind. More than this, no one problem can be cut away from a host of related problems. If we, for example, feed the needy in India or on the Navajo Reservation here in U.S.A., then the effort is soon wasted. With more food comes more of the “population explosion.” 110 years ago there were 6,000 Navajo Indians on their reservation. They had barely enough to exist on, but today there are over 60,000 of them. When dams were built in India and more farm land opened, the leap in the population caught up over a short period. In India today, they see the light and a beginning is being made at sterilizing males who already have a sufficient family. It is difficult to control population in this way because of the religious obstacles and because of the “rugged individualism” of the many who refuse to lived under planned controls of this kind. It is the long look ahead that we must urge all to cultivate. The short look is no good at all unless we turn back the clock and let Mother Nature use her methods to keep the balance.


DR. OSCAR BRUNLER, who gave us Biometric measurement of over all intelligence, saw one thing very clearly. This was that people of low IQ were incapable of exerting the wise leadership needed to guide the progress in planned living. He saw that the planning simply HAD to be done by the more intelligent men and women of the world. I talked long into the night with him several years ago about his findings and conclusions. He spoke of the ancient caste system in which the ideal was the rulership of the most intelligent for the good of the descending levels of more ignorant and less endowed citizens. He pointed out the undeniable fact that while all men are created equal as to rights, they were created with a great variety of brains. He was firmly of the opinion that the right to good things should be preserved, but that to let the vote of a near imbecile of 230 degrees biometric (our P.A.) be equal to the vote of a leader of 450 degrees was the height of folly. Very well then, shall we urge that P.A. readings be used to classify citizens and that they be allowed to plan and to exert voting control only if they have sufficient intelligence, regardless of race? I say, “Yes.” Look at the Congo today. Can the ignorant people of the back country tribes have a wide and long view to enable them to make plans for themselves?


AND THE WORLD? (It is not just their problem, it is a world problem.) Dr. Brunler said most seriously to me, “It is the obligation of the intelligent to lead and guide and control the less intelligent for mutual good. We are, indeed, ‘Our brothers keeper,’ like it or not, if we have around the 350 to 450 degree reading of intelligence and soul evolution.” He added, “This is not good Americanism, but it is GOOD SENSE.”


All of which brings us to the question which has confronted the human family for endless centuries: How can we get wise and just leadership? The old answer is “Divine leadership.” But men have turned out to be evil dictators instead of gods. Is education the answer? Leadership by men and women trained for the task and selected for their P.A. high standing? Can you think of any better way? The energetic brute who drives to leadership and dictatorship is not good enough in the long run. Shall we begin to urge that the best be sought out and trained for the task of leading and planning? I say, “Yes.”


TO PLAN A RELIGION for the world is perhaps the task for which we of the HRA are best fitted. Shall we give thought to this? It must be a religion which can serve the needs of all the world and of all races and conditions of men. Once more we must plan to fit the needs of the several levels of intelligence as measured by the Psychometric Analysis readings. Fortunately, we already have much information in hand to guide us. We know that the lower levels of intelligence cannot grasp even simple abstractions. The formless Aumakua or Parental Pair of Huna is entirely beyond their comprehension for those people of the 240 to 270 degree level. They must have images and must be taught to think of the Aumakua or of God in terms of human forms and attributes. They must have a man god or Savior to worship and to imitate. Jesus, Buddha, the emperor  who  is  god are examples of images to fill this need at levels up to 300 degrees. Above 300 degrees a slightly more abstract concept can be made to serve. We see in the “masters” of Theosophy and of popular “occultism” the less material image to be looked to for help and to serve as a goal of growth. We have the New Thought formula of “think right, and all will be right” rising slightly above the material man god. At 350 degrees we find psychic abilities to the fore, and the more abstract concept of “God as Spirit” can be grasped. From 360 upward, the formless Aumakua can be understood, and, as we scale the levels, the formless becomes without human traits, and the jealous and vengeful God of the early Jews is replaced by something beyond the power of man to picture or imagine.


TO ACCOMMODATE THE SEVERAL LEVELS of people, classified according to evolutionary growth and intelligence, we can have the church and the pastors to help and guide and organize on the lower levels. Above this we can have the secret or initiate orders which will take candidates up and up into the abstractions. The old doctrine of “NON HURT” and of LOVE and SERVICE will furnish the basis for moral and ethical teachings. What should be done about a “Hell” or similar threat to keep the evil from hurting the good, will have to be worked out. Na kahuna had one of their 52  member  levels given over to the use of the Death Prayer, and this formed a great deterrent force to police the evil at all levels. Perhaps we can perfect our courts of justice to the point at which swift and just punishment will be guaranteed. The opposite of “Hell” has been the promise of “Heaven” and this reward for correct behavior has been a valuable social force, as has the promise of freedom from “karma” and the escape into the heavenly conditions such as that of the abstract Nirvana.


Religion must come back into the schools, but the PLANNED way of teaching will have the schools fitted to match the several intelligence levels, The child of 250 degree standing will be given what is fitted to his mental grasp, and so it will go with the top level students forming a very small part of the student body, but being taught by high level teachers and given concepts to bring out the best in them. With the school of the planned future depending on the P.A. reading done by several expert operators, the naturally bad child will be separated from the good. We will have to find ways of changing the counterclockwise personalities to the clockwise or else develop a form of benign policing which will be continuous. Much will have to be worked out in this part of the field, but a start could be made with no more knowledge than we now possess. We could even give special care to the child showing the signs of obsession  proneness. Let us join in considering all these many angles. We are few, but ideas can serve as the tiny seeds of mighty works. Things cannot be made to stand still with Nature’s balances off as badly as they are now.


HRA ERIC BIDDLE, who, with Egerton Sykes, edits THE PENDULUM magazine ($4. 00 per year outside England. Markhan House Press, Ltd., 31 King’s Road, London, S.W. 3) has a very good outline of Huna started in the November issue, and has been helping greatly by sending me excerpts and digests of the books by Thomson Jay Hudson which he has found available in a library. I have The Law of Mental Medicine on long loan from one of the Texas HRAs, and own The Law of Psychic Phenomena, from which I have quoted passages dealing with the sleep healing method which we are testing. I will quote parts of his letters so that we can all benefit from the excellent work he has been doing.


“Regarding my own efforts, (testing the Hudson method since early November), I think it is safe to say that quite a fair degree of success has been attained up to this point, despite adverse weather conditions.


“On the whole, I don’t think the other books by Hudson are as good as the first, The Law of Psychic Phenomena, although they are all well worth reading. If you do not get hold of copies you will not miss much that is interesting from the Huna angle. A prophecy: The next five years will see Russia lined up with the West against China, wherein lies the real menace. (Comment by MFL: As I see it, the Chinese have been failing to control the birth rate, and it is inevitable that the leaders will be forced to face starvation at home or to force a way into other countries into which they can spill their excess of population.)


“One thing which struck me in reading Law of Psychic Phenomena, near the end of Chap. XV, page 217, was that in speaking of  mind reading by a medium, Hudson says: ‘The sitter may or may not think consciously of the subject of the communication; he may even be endeavoring to cause the medium to speak of some particular one with whom he earnestly desires to communicate. It makes no difference whatever, for it is the uppermost thought of the subjective mind that is read and of which the sitter has neither knowledge nor conscious control.’ You may recall that about 7 years ago I sent you a copy of some correspondence I had with a now deceased friend on the topic of carrying a thought to the Super-conscious by the process of forcing the consciousness to the top of the skull. The point was stressed then that in experimenting along these lines we could never be sure what thought would be taken into the Super-conscious at the moment the mind became a blank, as it might quite likely not be the one we had consciously in mind.


Extracts from THE LAW OF MENTAL MEDICINE, Chapter 1, page 5 et seq.:


“More important still is the fact that the records show that under all systems, ancient and modern, many marvelous cures have been effected, some of these seemingly miraculous.


“This fact … is demonstrative that the whole subject is under the dominion of some natural law. … It has become evident … that cures of disease are being effected, in the midst of the highest civilization, by means obviously identical with those employed in the darkest ages of superstition … results are identical and it is obvious that, in any series of cognate phenomena, identical results presuppose identical or cognate causes.


“No necessary connection between theories of causation and the results produced by those who hold them … there are vast numbers of mental healers whose theories of causation are more fantastic, not to say idiotic, than those of any savage tribe.”


(HUDSON GOES ON TO ARGUE THAT all healing of the mental kind is the result of suggestion, and should not be connected with religion any more than is the giving of a pill. He draws on the Bible, and elects to ignore the statement, “Not I, but the Father within: He doeth the works.” Now quoting from Chap. 2 page 16 et seq.):


“… there is nothing supernatural or super-mundane in the methods or agencies employed in healing the sick by mental processes …. No, power or agency extraneous to the patient himself has any part in the process of mental healing. …. Jesus …. never claimed any credit for healing the sick, nor did he arrogate to himself any personal power to heal disease; much less did he ascribe the power to any other agency, human or divine, extraneous to the patient himself. His words,’Thy faith hath made thee whole’ constitute a scientifically exact statement of the fundamental fact of mental therapeutics. (He explains at length that the subconscious has the ability to bring about the healing when caused by suggestion to act. He also says that illness is caused by the subconscious.) Faith is that dynamic energy which enabled the leper to throw off his disease instantaneously or the lame man to take up his bed and walk the faith which Jesus proclaimed as the one prepotent agency in the healing of disease … faith includes all the spiritual energies of the human soul. On page 29 he gives his idea of “soul”: Whether we call it the ‘principle of life,’ the ‘abdominal brain,’ the ‘communal soul,’ the subliminal consciousness,’ or the ‘subjective mind,’ it exists, and it controls the bodily functions in health and disease and, in turn, is controllable by the subtle power of suggestion.” (In later editions of the Huna Vistas we can continue our examination of the conclusions of Dr. Hudson. MFL)


REPORTS ON THE TEST USE OF THE HUDSON HEALING METHOD have been coming in and enough success has been attained to make the method a definite part of our TOOLS OF HEALING. The results are not nearly as certain in all cases as Hudson tells us his were. On the other hand, he did not report cases where age was a large factor in causing the trouble, nor did he speak of success with obsessional insanity. Many of the cases worked on by our HRAs were those of arthritics, and here we have a condition which doctors and metaphysical healers alike have found very often caused by fixations or various mental upsets.


The need to get at the causes of disease and first see that they are removed, still seems unavoidable unless the Aumakua will take over and perform the miracle of healing with a knowledge and power a step above that of the lesser two selves. We cannot remind ourselves too often that there are people who do not wish to be healed, at least subconsciously. To drive away obsessing spirits may need the use of a combination of Mesmeric shock, in which a large surcharge of low mana is used, and direct hypnosis aimed by the Auhane. (This was the method used by na kahuna.)


A most interesting success was reported by an HRA living in Arizona. She wrote, “I tried the Hudson Method on a man who lives here at the same motel and, of course, he knew nothing about it. He had been bewailing the fact that he wouldn’t be able to go deer hunting …  arthritis, heart, dropsy, and stuff. Well, in two weeks time he didn’t seem like the same man. Went deer hunting and got a deer, tramps over the mountains here, when before, he couldn’t walk a city block without resting. He can’t figure out what brought about the change, but gives the climate credit for it.”



Case #1. The arthritis condition of this woman is improving markedly now, after a slow, undramatic beginning. I had not taken into account the fact that she also suffers with her thyroid, a fact that I had forgotten until she spoke of it at my last visit. I am treating this now. Both my husband and myself have an idea she likes the attention this semi-invalidism brings, so some of her attacks may well be psychosomatic. Case #2. My husband’s. The hemorrhoids are responding beautifully, we’d like to report. The Hudson method is one we highly recommend, provided one is willing to persevere in the treatment, even if results do not at once appear.” HRA M.P.


HRA M.M. writes: “I am trying the Hudson method on Danny’s school work, and on A. Little by little the prayers are showing their good effect in her life. In her own changed attitude, I see the ‘delayed action’ of which you sometimes speak.”


HRA Mrs. W. E. S. writes: “As soon as I acquired the feeling for the work I began ‘practicing’ on my landlady, who has been ailing since last spring. She received treatment from her physician for a time, then continued on her own, as she expressed it. Almost immediately I ‘hoped’ I saw an improvement, and by the end of the ten day period which I had arbitrarily decided upon, she manifested energy and spirit the like of which I had not seen in her for over a year. And she continues to do so. I am now practicing on a neighbor who is in great need. It will require many trials for me to be comfortably certain that I am a channel of healing, and what a glorious comfort that would be. And how little investment of personal effort for so great a return.”


HRAs L.and T. write: “We have tried the healing method on Allan’s dog. He is now able to get up from his rear legs and walk steadier, and his back is straightening out. ” (Comment: We know that telepathy can be used to call dogs at a distance, having tested this a few years ago. Now it is interesting to see evidence to prove that suggestion with prayer can get across and bring healing. Who knows but what plants and all forms of life might respond to similar efforts? MFL)


HRA T. T. writes from Canada: “I can truly say that Mr. B. is very much better already. In another case there was a remarkable change within two days. I believe that as we continue in this testing we can see some marvelous results.” (Comment: Mr. B. was also placed on the TMHG list for help. He was badly crippled by rheumatism. MFL)


HRA R.H. of Canada sent notes made daily for a time after starting the test on a woman afflicted with arthritis and asthma. It was most interesting to see his ways of working and the personal reactions, although the report on the outcome of the treatment is still to come. He spoke of a visit with a couple, also much interested in Huna and the test. I quote, “He was very much improved. She was not, but found out she had been trying a healing prayer for three seriously ill persons, and had picked up all the symptoms of the patients — completely depleted. She will go more slowly, requesting the return flow of mana at the end of the making of the prayer for healing. ” (Comment: Suggestion that oneself is in the clear protects.)




The following article by HRA M. McC. tells of a fine effort to learn from her spirit contacts what they know that fits in with Huna and what does not. The statements which follow have been made to her by inner voice in answer to her questions:


“Yes, we all have on earth two entities within our physical body. One, our thinking self, and a helper, the subconscious, which is working toward sometime being advanced to the thinking, reasoning stage when it win have a subconscious to help it. It does the things you, Max, believe, and does have the ability to reach a higher source which the reasoning self does not have. However, on the death of the physical body, the reasoning body (self in its aka body?) takes charge of its memories etc. while the old subconscious either at once incarnates as the subconscious of a to-be-born reasoning soul or stays in the heaven world in a semi-conscious state. ‘They doubt that it ever becomes an ‘astral’ shell at seances as many Theosophists seem to believe. But, eventually, the subconscious incarnates with a new reasoning soul or might with the one it had been with before. The soul on the other side can only contact the Higher Soul or what you call the ‘Father Mother Parental Spirit,’ by advancing spiritually while there. People stay different lengths of time on the other side before coming back here, and some do advance to the point where no more earth lives here are needed.


“Our physical mechanics, such as the digestion, heartbeat, chemical reactions, growth, etc., are taken care of by a higher source, but I do not take it that it is the ‘Parental Spirit’ which takes care of that. (Perhaps “Nature Spirits” of the Aumakua level or just below? MFL)


“Now this is all very interesting and I believe it is the truth as they see it. It could be that they take it somewhat out of my mind and add to it although why they would do so would make little sense. Those of this (spirit) group all believe in karma and reincarnation but are not Theosophists. They laugh at some of the ideas that the T. S. group believes and the beliefs they bring with them. I take it that it is hard to convince them that their beliefs are erroneous.


“I find this (spirit) group to be made up of eager seekers after truth. They try their best not to be deceived or to deceive others. They never pretend to know the ultimate, and merely say they do not know any question that I ask which they cannot answer. They are always saying they are going away to study or that someone about whom I ask has gone to study. The Ke are people who are more advanced and who are teachers for those less so. They claim that it is a lovely, busy world for those who like to work and learn, and it is only unpleasant for the lazy and too materially minded — these people being bored. They do not spend much time in the plane next to this, only to help the newly born (newly arrived dead?) there or to help those who, like me, are psychic. We, it seems, are recognized by the fact that we emit a sort of light. We are always protected from birth to keep the ignorant (spirits) away. It was an accident that one of their number became too fond of me (in years past) and (became) so very mean and possessive. (One of the “ignorant” spirits? MFL) They guard themselves against this attachment, and several have told me they must go away because it is dangerous both for me and for them. Some are so interesting and lovely that I feel lonesome after their departure, but I realize it must be the law up there.”


CRAIG WAS HEARD FROM on December 20th. He asks me NOT to pass on what he had to say, and regretted very much that I printed parts of his letter in the H. V. telling of the Hawaiian healer and the chanter who got the help in moving the car through the snow. My face is RED. I am writing to make my apology. You HRAs can do your parts by FORGETTING all you read of the letter. Should the Healer  at any time elect to contact me and give us further information, not of a secret nature, I will be happy to accept it and pass it along. My guess is that if we ever learn to do instant healing, we will have to work out the method for ourselves as best we can. In the meantime, I take it that there is no secret about the help Craig is trying to give the Hopi Indians in  their effort to get back lands which they claim the Navajos are holding but which rightfully belong to them. Much interest is developing in Indian problems, and the magazine, “New Republic” has a good article on the several problems and what is to be done. The new administration strongly favors righting as many wrongs as possible. Craig’s new address is, “Craig,” Rt.2, Box 83, Montrose, Colorado. Funds sent to him will help in his efforts to help the Hopis. He also edits and prints a little magazine, “Indian Views”, 24 page, offset.


SHINE SMITH, (Cameron, Ariz.), writes to say that several of the HRA have sent most welcome gifts of money or clothing to be given to his special friends, the Navajos of the “Four Corners” country, at the Christmas party. My thanks with his. I am very proud of you and your response. Until, in some far day when we have planned the new economy and society and have realized it in the tired old world, the great need will remain to give a hand as we can to those so caught in the trap of circumstances that they cannot help themselves. I also pray twice daily in the TMHG that the unbalance of Nature’s laws will not cause our Western way of life to crash about our ears before we can take action … or that the planning now being done by Communist leaders does not catch us off balance to the point of being taken over and forced into their way of living and thinking. What we can do to deserve the help of the Po`e Aumakua, may be important not only in the present and near future, but, if we reincarnate in no long time, the better we plan and work now, the more satisfactory world we may find upon our return. (Think what a good place Shine Smith should come back to as a reward for his loving service!)


I ASKED, IN A RECENT ISSUE OF H. V. that those taking part in the Telepathic Mutual Healing sittings at 3 and 7 P.M., California standard time, contact me instead of waiting for me to make the contact with them. I had used up my space and did not elaborate on the request. The result was that several HRAs have written to ask what I meant. It is simple. In making a telepathic contact with anyone at a distance during the TMHG sittings, I look at the person’s inked signature or picture, and desire to make the contact along the aka thread connecting the signature and the one who wrote it. My Aunihipili does the actual work, behind the scenes so to speak, and in about ten seconds I feel a strange little sensation like a “sinking feeling” in my solar plexus, this telling me (from long experience in making contacts in this way and for P. A. readings) that I am in telepathic touch with the one for whom the Huna type prayer is to be made. The effort to make the contact seems to tire my Aunihipili, and with an increasing number of contacts to be made in this way, the ten second time stretches out to thirty seconds and more at the end of a sitting. What I ask is that those who sit in with me will look at a signature of mine, or just think of me, then make the contact. With an aka thread already activated in this way and mana sent along it for me to send along with the general prayer to na Aumakua, I have instant contact when looking at a signature.


THE ISLAND CIVILIZATIONS OF POLYNESIA by Robert C. Suggs, published by Mentor, (address: the New American Library of World Literature, Inc., P.O. Box 2310, Grand Central Station, New York 17, N.Y. Send 55¢ and ask for a copy of this book, No. MD304) is a new paperback book which all who are interested in the origin of the Polynesians, their native lore and in na kahuna, certainly should have and read. It is at present on the news stand racks, just out, written by a professional anthropologist and based on sound studies of language similarities and of artifacts unearthed from various layers and levels of ancient camp sites. Unfortunately, the author does not discuss religious beliefs or practices, although he does speak of temple structures and images cut from wood or stone.


The Polynesians are said to be a mixture of rac


es gradually blended into one, and to have lived originally on the coasts of South China and to have been pushed out of those parts by the Chinese, moving gradually past the Philippines and on out to the island of the “Polynesian Triangle.” From Tahiti they doubled back to settle in New Zealand, also moving to Samoa, Hawaii and as far as Easter Island. They may have made voyages to the west coast of South America. Madagascar, off the east coast of South Africa, is mentioned only twice, once because of the Polynesian dialect and culture found there even today, and once speaking only of it as the limit of Polynesian travel and settlement in that direction. Nothing is said of the possibility of na kahuna and their people having penetrated as far as Egypt and, of course, nothing is said of similarities of early Egyptian beliefs and those of Huna. The great similarity of the early Egyptian glyphs and those used on the paddle boards of Easter Island, noted and so well illustrated by Prof. Werner Wolff, came in for no mention, and Wolff’s book, Island of Death, is not even listed in the bibliography.


With all its lacks from a Huna point of view, the book being reviewed is very much worthwhile. It brings anthropological discoveries and findings up to the year 1960, and has a delightful chapter in which the Thor Heyerdahl theories are neatly taken apart, shown to be based on little that will hold water, and to be largely an effort to prove the old guess that American Indians had settled Polynesia.


Of utmost value to us in our amateur effort to learn where Huna came from and how old it may be, are the dates given by measuring the radiations from bits of charcoal dug up at various sites and levels. These radiocarbon datings show that Negrito groups arrived in Australia about 12,000 years ago, and that they and mixed blood groups gradually spread from some home land, probably Indochina and South China. By 700-750 B.C. the Polynesians had reached the islands which they began to explore and settle. Hawaii was occupied about 1,000 A.D. (At the very latest.)


The author says that modern methods of tracing word changes from dialect to dialect have enabled experts to show an affinity between languages seemingly entirely different. Borrowed words can be traced, and original root words identified. The Malayo-Polynesian group of related languages are tied back to the Asiatic generally called the “Thai-Kadai family,” which family is still going strong in Siam and is found in the languages spoken by the Formosan aborigines in their Li dialects. (Now we need to know how came the words such as “prana” and “mana” to be so similar and to have almost the same meaning in India and in Hawaii.)


Many thanks for your Christmas Greetings and blessings on my New Year.



The Huna Teachings of Jesus

February, 1961



The Secret Doctrine (Huna) in the teachings of Jesus. The question of the actuality of the Lord Jesus. Jesus as the Aumakua Father-Mother. Book Reviews: A Space Woman Speaks by Rolf Telano and He Sent Leanness, a Book of Prayers of the Natural Man, by David Head. Round Robin is now The Journal of Borderland Research. Reports on the Hudson Sleep Healing Method tests. Psychometric Analysis.



THE SECRET DOCTRINE (HUNA) IN THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS, is slowly becoming nearer to recognition. In the January 6, 1961 issue of TIME magazine, page 48, may be read the story of how “a meticulous scholar, Dr. Morton Smith,”  assistant professor of history at Columbia University has discovered excellent proof that Jesus taught one set of facts to the general public, and another to a circle of “initiates.” For centuries the Church has denied that there was ever more than the one doctrine, despite the Gnostic works and “mysteries.”


Dr. Smith, so the account goes, found an ancient book in the 5th century library of the monastery of Mar Saba in the wilderness a dozen miles from Jerusalem. In the back of the book was copied by hand two and one half pages quoted from a letter which appears to have been written at an early date by Clement of Alexandria, one of the early Church Fathers, who lived late in the 2nd century and who, it is evident, left in writing the text of the secret teachings of Jesus — later veiled behind “seven veils” of coded meaning to come down to us in Gnostic writings. In the quoted part of the letter to someone named “Theodore,” Clement mentions a “secret Gospel of Mark,” but enjoins Theodore, because it was so very secret, “to deny knowledge of it even if under oath.” This secret Gospel was said to be carefully guarded in Alexandria, the home of Gnosticism, and to be made available only to certain ones who were to be initiated, as were the inner circle of disciples of Jesus.


Clement wrote that after Peter’s death, Mark took Peter’s notes on the teachings of Jesus to Alexandria and there wrote the account we now have as from his hand. He is supposed to have written the “secret” version as well as the version in which the outer teachings were veiled behind the simple sayings and parables.


What Dr. Smith does not seem to have guessed is that, instead of a special book of the mystery teachings being written, Mark depended on the initiates to translate the language of the script into the current version of what we now know as the Hawaiian. (Or some similar Polynesian dialect, of which the Hawaiian seems now to be the


nearest to the language used by Jesus as an initiate into the Huna lore.) Once the modern student knows Huna and can work with simple Hawaiian in translation of such accounts as those of the New Testament, the riddles of the Gnosis can be sufficiently solved to give back the lore of the great kahuna, Jesus — be he a historical character or simply the imaginary source of the veiled teachings which the Initiates knew.


THE QUESTION OF THE ACTUALITY OF OUR LORD JESUS is something that cannot be touched upon and lightly questioned in passing. As I have done in the past, I must once more explain my position. Bear with me if you have been through this with me before. I will be brief.


In the Hawaiian of the ancient Huna lore, “Our Lord” indicates the “Master of the dividing of the waters” or manas. The Aumakua is the only one who can thus be described, for to it is offered the lower mana, and from it comes back the mana after being changed to the “water of life.” The life force, or mana, cannot be used in the instant change in matter operation of the miracle until that force has been changed in a very special manner, or “divided.” The basic value in Huna lay in the fact that one has an Aumakua which can be contacted and given a working supply of mana, after which it can, and often will, use the mana to give the desired healing or help. That is the first great point.


THE SECOND GREAT POINT to be understood by a Huna initiate is that certain things can block contact with the Aumakua. These are: (1) a sense of guilt which can be shared by both the Aunihipili and the Auhane for doing wrong, or the Aunihipili alone may hold the sense of guilt as a fixation. (2) The harboring of evil spirits in or around the body, and the response to their evil suggestions. The Huna symbol for the two are, respectively, A CROSS WHICH IS THE SYMBOL OF BLOCKING THE WAY TO THE AUMAKUA THAT IS PREVENTING THE AUNIHIPILI FROM MAKING THE CONTACT FOR THE TWO LOWER SELVES. Kea means “cross,” and in the Huna language code used in the inner teachings, the secondary meaning of the word is used: “to obstruct.” The symbol of the evil spirits who influence one is THE CROWN OF THORNS such as was worn by Jesus, also the KNOTS in the scourge with which he was whipped, also any net or snare, even the snare symbolized by the web of the spider. Jesus called the disciples to leave their nets. Aka threads connect with spirits.


A drama or mystery play, evidently of Huna origin, depicts a central figure who is Jesus in the Christian version. Jesus declares that he is ONE WITH THE FATHER, and as such, often “speaks for the god,” which Huna custom survived in Hawaii down to modern times and was used by na kahuna in healing. The “Father” is united to the “Mother” and together they make the Aumakua, or Parental Spirit Pair. In Huna, the mention of the Father includes the Mother, but she is the Holy Spirit and “Comforter.” Together, the Aumakua pair exert a creative force, using mana, to heal, change the future of the individual and drive away the evil spirits for the individual who determines no longer to be evil or to obey their evil promptings.


THE “WAY” OR “PATH” is the symbol of the manner in which one should live and progress. It is also the secret symbol of the silvery cord (aka) which connects the lesser man to the Aumakua and through which contact may be made by the Aunihipili. When contact is made, the Father is said “to be within,” otherwise he is “the Father in heaven.” Jesus said, “I am the way, the light and the life.” The Huna wordla, has combinations to give la a (Aumakua, holy and greater LIGHT), and o la or “life.” (Life is preserved and restored by the Father, and is the very “light” itself.) La is “light” on the lower level and is reason and knowledge or “enlightenment.” So, Jesus presents himself as of all three levels, the lesser man of two levels, and the Aumakua. He is also the “enlightener,” showing the “Way” of contact with the Aumakua and the necessity for living the hurtless and loving life of good, in contrast to the life of hurtfulness and evil. Cleansing by baptism is the symbolic use of high level mana by the Aumakua to remove fixations or evil spirit “eating companions” which “block the path” of contact. “Water” used in baptism, symbolizes mana, in Huna.


THE CRUCIFIXION, AFTER THE SCOURGING and the placing of the crown of thorns, took place in the Huna drama to show the suffering which results from having the “path” blocked by the things already mentioned. However, the drama ends on a note of hope when the central figure “arises from the tomb” to be allowed to live again and once more try to learn to “tread the path aright,” as the Hindus would say.


To have Jesus teach the secret Huna lore and then actually to suffer such a crucifixion as is described in a way that uses all the symbol meanings, is TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE to be believed by a well informed student. It is much easier to believe that if Jesus was actually a man, he taught the hidden drama to illustrate Huna meanings in the inner circle, but that he did not, himself, actually die on the cross.


JESUS, AS THE AUMAKUA FATHER-MOTHER, is the one who cleanses and of saves one from “sin.” The belief that the death by crucifixion of a man god atoned for “all the sins of the world” is nothing more than a following part of the false dogma of “original sin.” Each individual, learning through several incarnations, will eventually be helped to save himself by his own Aumakua.


The CHRISTOS of the Greek and the KRISHNA of the Hindu Bhagavad Gita (who is looked upon as the last incarnation of the god, Vishnu, and the Second Aspect of the Trimurti or Trinity) are too much alike in their dramatic role of Aumakua seen to be instructing the lower man, to allow us to deny that both were based on the original Huna beliefs and teachings. Lord Krishna also teaches the mystery of the three selves. In the Bhavad Gita we read, “The senses and organs are esteemed great, but the thinking self is greater than they. (Aunihipili and Auhane of Huna are here indicated). The discriminating principle is greater than the thinking self, and that which is greater than the discriminating principle is He. Thus knowing what is greater than the discriminating principle and strengthening the Aunihipili by the Aumakua, do thou of mighty arms slay this foe which is formed from desire and is difficult to seize.” In the Gita we find the offering of mana to the Aumakua mentioned in veiled words in this passage, “The Gods being nourished by this worship with sacrifice, will grant you the enjoyment of your wishes. He who enjoyeth what has been given unto him by them, and offereth not a portion unto them is even as a thief. But the man who only taketh delight in the Self within, is satisfied with that and that alone, hath no selfish interest in action.” (Judge translation)


IN THE EARLIER FORMS OF YOGA, we find the familiar symbols of Huna and can conclude that it came also via the original Huna, even if distorted later. The gunas (or knots) of the scourge of the crucifixion as well as the entangling strands of the net or spider’s web, are symbols at once  recognized upon reading the veiled writings of the earliest exponents of Yoga, or the “science of union” which allows full contact with the Aumakua. This is the union meant by Jesus when he said, “I and the Father are one.” Huna teaches that the three selves are always in a state of being united, but that contact between the Aunihipili and Aumakua becomes a conscious and temporary state at times, and under certain circumstances. In the end, one evolves to become an Aumakua after experiencing Auhane schooling. At that time, the mystical union of the Father and Mother halves is accomplished.




A SPACE WOMAN SPEAKS by Rolf Telano, a new paperback of 93 pages. Publisher: Understanding Publishing Co., El Monte, Calif. Price not stated. No mention is made in the book of the evident fact that it was dictated to an earthling. So far as the reader is concerned, this space woman materialized, sat down to the typewriter and began to write her book. Like most of the other “space people,” this friend of Rolf Telano (a pen name long familiar to readers of Round Robin) discusses everything from the creation of the world to the manner in which space visitors had a hand in everything from first to last as mankind developed. The saucers are covered with swift classification, and the reader is set right in matters of the true part played by her people, the “Nords,” from the Garden of Eden right through Christianity and even Huna. Huna, she says, is something left over from Lemurians who lived in Mu or Lemuia.” It is “the almost  forgotten art of creative thought,” she decides, and is too complicated for many people to understand and, she explains, The Huna lore contains many elaborate rites, rituals and ceremonies, but it is not enough merely to learn these by rote. In themselves, they are of no use whatsoever. The student must look behind their symbolism for the deeper meanings. These things serve merely as a sort of ‘check list’ to remind the user of things which must be done. For example: much importance is attached to the ceremony of foot washing. The real purpose of this is to remind that humility and self abasement are essential. Yet they are of no avail whatsoever unless they are accompanied by a real spiritual purification of the Inner Self.”


In discussing what actually happened in the Garden of Eden she writes, “The woman naturally got the blame for this (the expulsion from the Garden of the “Adam race”), since such has been the custom of men since the beginning of time. Perhaps some ancient ‘Eve’ was at the bottom of it. It is usually the woman who wonders if things could not be improved, and begins to snoop around to find out. As long as man has a comfortable place to sleep, plenty to eat, and is not required to exert himself in any way, he asks no questions. He is satisfied with the status quo… So, in defense of my own sex, I must point out that the worst that can be said of this ancient ‘Eve’ is that she slightly hastened the inevitable.”


Belatedly I find a mimeographed list of books to be had from the publisher. A post office box number is also given. It is No. 181. The price of the book did not print clearly, but seems to be $2.25 or $2.50, postage paid, but 4% tax to be added for California residents.


HE SENT LEANNESS, a Book of Prayers for the Natural Man, by David Head, the MacMillan Co., price $1.25, 62 pages, is a delightful little book filled with serious things to recite as prayers to fit various situations and conditions. Interlarded with the serious are most amusing prayers which hit below the belt as often as not under the heading of “Prayers” of pious intention, a fine long passage from Genesis (28:20 22) is followed a gem. I quote:


“O Lord, if I can get away with it this time, I promise I’ll never steal again. (And this one): “Dear God, if it were not for the war and Philip’s illness, I should like to believe in Thee” … High time someone held up the mirror to those who use books of prayer so that they can see themselves as they really are.


THE JOURNAL OF BORDERLAND RESEARCH, is the title now being given the main space by Editor, Riley Crabb, who took over from the ailing founder and former editor, N. Meade Layne. The old name,ROUND ROBIN, has been relegated to small type. I think this is again a step forward. It stresses the organization, The Borderland Sciences Research Associates, as it should and the mimeo publication becomes more and more its means of communication. It is most pleasing to see the “research” angle given first place and we may look to the editor to hunt down for us such new discoveries as are reported and let us know about them. I look forward happily to having Mr. Crabb begin soon to let us have his personal opinions about the many things discussed in the several articles written by members of the BSRA. He is in close touch with the writers and travels and lectures, talking with many people of similar interests. With his high P.A. reading and excellent background, he will be able to do as Meade Layne so often used to do, that is, to round up the scattered lines of research, discovery and speculation and in a few pointed remarks, give us the values and possibilities in one coordinated picture. For the hurried reader, or for those of us who have too little background of study in these fields, such help in understanding and assaying the values of the articles (and of the work being described) will be very helpful.


In the January-February issue, which was released early in January, I f1nd 19 of the 34 pages given over to articles of the kind under discussion. Let me list them from the table of contents.


“The Work of Dr. Ruth Drown” by Trevor James. A fine description of her “radionics instrument used for diagnosis and treatment as well for photographing things such as a stone in the gall bladder of a distant patient, the contact with whom has been through a blood spot sample. (Contact through an aka thread?)


“The Keely Force” by Nicholls, reprinted from Pendulum magazine. A good outline of the history of the “Keely Motor” which has caused so much controversy and interest in the past. The subject is brought up to date and the theories covering the nature of the “force” postulated by Keely and others is discussed.


“The Keely Force in the Secret Doctrine (of Blavatsky) (apparently by Mr. Crabb) carries the speculations forward and presents information from the writings of Helena Blavatsky, whose work was responsible for the “Theosophical Society” (which, by the way, split into factions after her death — these factions now being under strong pressure to drop differences and again become a single unit). Mr. Crabb knows his Theosophy and is extra well qualified to lay before us the surprisingly detailed information in this speculative field, which is to be found in the writings of early Theosophists. As a continuation of his presentation of the material, Mr. Crabb gives us two more articles, one presenting the Theosophical concept of the levels of matter. Following that, he presents the best information on the subject to be combed out of the extensive communications of various spirits who have spoken through the medium, Mark Probert. Here are the heading for these follow up articles:


“The Scale of Physical Matter” (Mostly based on Blavatsky)

“Lao Tse on Sound and Color” (This sage appearing as a communicator)

A donation of $5 a year gets BSRA membership as well as the 8 a year Journal. Address: B.S.R.A., 1103 Bobolink Drive, Vista, Calif, U.S.A.




Reports on the Hudson sleep healing method tests continue to come in slowly from the HRAs who are taking part in this important work. The strange fact that one tends to fall asleep far more rapidly, after beginning such sleep healing work, has been noted by at least four. Some report that they fall asleep before getting set to give the Aunihipili its instructions for the work of the night. But, as the general level of success with treatments seems to remain about the same, we must conclude that the Aunihipili has become interested in the task assigned to it, and that it is in a hurry to get off on its nightly rounds.


While a number of difficult cases have failed to respond, many have shown improvement. Age seems hard to overcome, as it was found to be by na kahuna of yesterday. Younger people seem to have more strength to be worked upon by the suggestion of healing. Last month I did not report my personal findings. I can now report that one friend at a distance reports improvement, and that a friend, whom I see almost daily (but who has no idea that I am treating him) has been recovering nicely on both the physical and mental level. I have been working on four friends, and feel that an experienced healer might be able to handle twice as many. I have picked up the symptoms of one subject, to a small degree, so have taken to telling my Aunihipili to be careful not to pick up such things. This has happened to two other HRAs, but they report success in avoiding the trouble once the danger is recognized and the proper precautions are taken. Where two are treating the same distant subject, it is difficult to determine the degree of help provided by each healer, but the vital thing is that improvement be noted.


A rather new angle of the testing has come up in which youngsters are treated to help them do better in their school work or general attitude and behavior. No report on results has come in except in the case of one small boy, who seems to have responded nicely. Another angle is the projection of suggestion while awake to one who is asleep in another room, or asleep on the other side of the bed. The suggestion to stop snoring or to stop coughing was found to work surprisingly well. Snoring has caused endless woe down the long centuries, and to find a remedy in projected suggestion is perhaps more valuable than we realize. Self-administered suggestion NOT to snore, might also be made a part of the remedy to the benefit of all concerned.


The use of the Hudson method, just as Dr. Hudson reported, seems to help the healer as well as the one healed. It seems probable that, as we charge the Aunihipili to give the suggestion of good health to another, the same suggestion is accepted by the healer’s Aunihipili and reacted upon. It is also possible that a healing labor of love attracts Aumakua attention and results in help for all involved from that high level. I think we are right in adding a prayer to the Aumakua to the method as described by Dr. Hudson.


HUDSON’S BOOKS WERE FILLED WITH ARGUMENTS aimed at proving that spirits do not (even cannot) return to communicate with the living, or to effect their lives. Obsession was something he would not tolerate for a moment as a possibility. He might be said to have been the leader of those who undertook to explain all psychic activity in terms of telepathy and suggestion. In his day this seemed to cover the whole field of phenomena rather well, but well attested psychic activities were reported in time which could not be so easily explained without the spirit hypothesis.


THE BEST PROOF OF SPIRIT RETURN, (as I was reminded recently by HRA Eric Biddle) is the speaking of unfamiliar languages by mediums under spirit control. If telepathy is to explain this feature of psychism, the individuals from whom the telepathically projected language comes must be located. I think it may be interesting to most of us, especially since we have recently had HRA Hal Falvey’s article denying spirits run in the H.V., to see a digest of a famous proof case. (I have touched on this case before, but it will bear a second look.)


CARLO MIRABELLI, a natural medium of Italian parentage, living in Brazil, produced under test conditions almost every known type of psychic activity. (See Fodor’s Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, pages 243 and on, or see a full book based on the work of this medium, titled, Communication With the Spirit World, Personal Experiences of a Catholic Priest, by Johannes Greber, which is to be had from Greber’s widow if desired. Yes, he stopped being a priest and changed his religious views because of his studies and experiences. (A copy of this heavy book was sent to me January 8th by air mail as a loan by one of the HRAs, so important does she consider it. By the way, always ask me whether I have a book which you may wish to lend me. As in this case, I may have my own copy.)


UNDER STRICT TEST CONDITIONS supervised by Cesar Lombroso and members of his psychical research group in Italy, around 1924, Mirabelli (I quote Fodor), in 392 sittings attended by 555 people, and in full light, “The medium (in trance) spoke 26 languages including 7 dialects, wrote in 28 languages, among them 3 dead languages, namely, Latin, Chaldaic and Hieroglyphics. The automatic writing (which he also did) was inspired by celebrities. Johan Huss impressed Mirabelli to write a treatise of 9 pages on the independence of Czechoslovakia in 20 minutes; Flammarion inspired him to write about the inhabited planets, 14 pages in 19 minutes in French; Muri Ka Ksi delivered 5 pages in 12 minutes on the Russo-Japanese war in Japanese. Moses wrote in Hebrew on slandering; Harun el Raschid made him write 15 pages in Syrian and an untranslatable writing of 3 pages came in hieroglyphics in 32 minutes.” As many of the several living or dead languages were unknown to anyone who was aware of the tests, the telepathic theory is pretty well ruled out. This is also the case in some famous “cross correspondence” tests, as in the famous one in which mediums in three different cities were alerted by “Walter,” the “guide” spirit of the medium, Margery, to watch to pick up from him parts of a sentence which would only make sense when all three parts were put together. The three mediums soon reported their parts, as given by Walter and the three made the sentence, “No one stops … to kick … a dead horse.” This was a sentence not known to be in the mind of any living person, so it appeared to come from the spirit of Walter. In reading your Hudson, keep the above things in mind and ask yourself if his many arguments really cover the whole ground. I feel that they do not.


BY MAKING A PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS READING, of the author before beginning to read his or her book, one may often know in advance the breadth of vision to be expected from the writer. Pictures of writers are often to be found on dust jackets. I have recently made two readings which have explained much to me. Check and let me know what you get. G. I. Gurdjieff, famous for his All and Everything, I read as:   388 degrees, placing him in the “professor level.” Commanding “will” pattern. Warped circle.


P. D. Ouspensky author of In Search of the Miraculous and other books, including his famous Tertium Organum I read as   369 degrees. In this we see the will and circle pattern fully constructive, and the degree level that of the man who likes to fit his abstractions into a mechanical background. Frank Waters, author of Masked Gods, a presentation of the religions of the Indian tribes of the West (Navajo and Hopi, in particular) I read as   403 degrees. His book is a splendid example of a fine extra high level intelligence at work surveying this field at first hand and making most impressive and enlightening comparisons of Indian beliefs and beliefs of a similar nature found in India or other parts of Asia. ($5. 00 from University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico) In his discussion of the circled cross symbol used by the Indians, he writes, (page 223) “All this is expressed in one abstract symbol, the encircled cross. This is like the ‘reconciling symbol’ of modern psychiatry. We recognize it in many variations as the Chinese Taoist Golden Flower, the Tibetan Buddhist lotus cosmos, the Navaho four petaled universe. It is the cosmic Mt. Meru surrounded by its four universe continents, each of its world petals protected by a world guardian. It is the axial Encircled Mountain (Indian) surrounded by the four directional Holy Mountains, each protected by a Talking God.” (Get the flavor?)


President John F. Kennedy may give me the wrong reading, as I am a Democrat. If I am right, however, (  369 degrees) we have the will pattern of a leader, a fully constructive personality, and a high intelligence level where the ideals will be taken out of idle dreams and forced into a place in the material picture with all possible speed and the best of intentions. What do you Republicans get for him? Am I far off, or fairly close? I am reminded of the old tale of the knight who knocked on the castle door but was refused admittance. He battered in the door and came in. Whereupon the lady mistress of the castle remarked, “This man will be welcome.”


They say that the stature of a man can be judged by the enemies he makes. I look to see some rather impressive enemies made in no long time by the man whom I read


as I have. At the risk of being cried down by the HRAs who do not go for the Taro Cards, I give a prediction from a run of the cards which I have made. Things will begin to move swiftly in business lines. Generally good things indicated, but with some enemies trying from under cover to cause all possible trouble. No fresh war. Some out of date ideas will come in for sharp inspection.


AN HRA WRITES: (HRA F. G.) “As for your P.A. readings, I am not yet sure just how much importance to place on this kind of character and personality study. I think too much depends upon the perceptiveness of the Aunihipili of the one doing the reading. By the way, here’s a suggestion for testing the accuracy of the Aunihipili. Why not use a circular chart with markings and numbers and see if you can tell the birthday, month and year. This should be much easier than reading the person’s character and it is something which could be checked.”


I comment that, unfortunately, this conjecture fails to fit the experience of users of the P.A. reading method. The Aunihipili seems to sense the will and Aunihipili personality of the one read, but not to find in the memory of the person thoughts to be read at the moment, which would tell the day, month and year of birth — nor does the Aunihipili seem to find it any easier to spell out the name and address of one being read from signature or photograph. With no other method available, however, which is better, we can be thankful that we have learned as much as we have of this way of finding out the nature of those who are helping us crowd the earth. The approach I suggested in H.V. #17, that of planning a better economic, social and religious world, depends greatly on the successful use of Psychometric Analysis methods.


Another HRA, discussing “PLANNING” with me, asked, “How many reliable P.A. readers do we have at this time?” I was forced to confess that I did not know, and as it is impossible to go ahead with a plan based on such readings without readers, I am now asking all of you who think you are fairly adept at the art to write to me and send me in a few signatures or photos with your readings so that I can check with you and see how well our readings match. If we could in some way charge for good attempts at P.A. readings, and make it worthwhile for the readers to give time to it, we might develop a group ready to go to work when more important undertakings are indicated. The time may never come, admitted, but at least we can get ready. It might turn out that it would be necessary to start a school of sorts to train the needed readers for the first start.


THE VALUE OF P. A. READINGS seems to me to be very great. If we are ever to have successful PLANNING, we simply MUST have a way of finding out who is to be trusted, and what, in a general way, may be expected from each of those whom we contemplate placing in a position of authority. No other method of learning the basic nature of the individual has yet been discovered. Tests of the kind which measure the intelligence do not measure the goodness or badness which is so important to the working out of any plan for public or private welfare.


ABOUT 3970 of the HRAs have written to say that they are interested in my proposal that we survey PLANNING and try to give a hand, using the knowledge we have of P.A. readings, to improve on current plans being made the world around for a better economic, social and religious system. I realize that such planning to finish taking over from Mother Nature (and the law of “dog eat dog”) has been going on for centuries. The plans have been put into action more and more. I said that if we did not like what the Communists are planning and doing, it is up to us to try to make better plans. Unfortunately, none of us seem to know except in a very limited way, what the Red plans are or how they are working out when tested. I admit painful ignorance, but hope that some of the better informed HRAs can help me. My part must be, basically, that of the sorter of materials and the presentation of the materials in the form of a digest. I have read a few books giving nothing but praise to the Red planning and experiments, and in many of the magazines and daily papers I read constantly of the Red evils. Knowing the modern use made of propaganda, I have learned to try to strike a safe balance between the claims of the opposing sides. All that I feel I can be sure of is the fact that the good in any system of planning could be made better through the use of P.A. readings and their use in forwarding the good plans, perhaps in thwarting those bent on making or executing bad plans. I also said that it might be that our best planning might prove to be in the field of religion.




You may not have decided and it may be well to go along with the projects for a bit in the H.V. before making up your mind and writing to say you approve or disapprove. We will have much of the H.V. given over, as always, to HUNA, but a few pages reporting to the HRA the findings and thoughts of those interested in PLANNING should not be begrudged. We have a large part of the world already on fire with Communism, and for such a learned and august body of students as ourselves, it seems hardly fitting that we sit idly by and “fiddle while Rome burns.” About 17, 000 men with carefully laid plans took over Russia and soon were forcing everyone to try to carry out their plans for reform. Only a handfull of Chinese Reds made the long march to the North of China, but because no one else had a plan, soon had taken complete control. Here in America the corporations and the labor unions have for years been making the most careful plans and uniting to present a solid front on both sides. It is not at all impossible to have a general strike called and a state of such confusion result when the plans of the great contestants began to break down, that the Reds in our midst might rise and repeat the coup as in Russia. It is time to look ahead.


ONE OF THE HRAs RESPONDED by sending me Senator Barry Goldwater’s article from a Dec. 8th newspaper   I will quote: “One of the great weaknesses of the liberal position is to be found in a total dependence upon ‘blueprints for action,’ and ‘plans for the future’ —  but man is a complex combination of divine will and human ego. Man, the reasoning animal, rebels at the prison imposed by blueprints. It is in this area that we find the conservatives diametrically opposed to the liberal concept and totally committed to protecting and enlarging the areas of living wherein freedom of choice and independence of action can lead men forward to a better understanding of the meaning of life. … The mad pace of our present materialistic society, with its built-in pressures, requires reform. The planning of the superstate, imposed on top of the frantic rush of twentieth century living must inevitably result in a straight jacket existence entirely contrary to the nature of man.” I comment that while the sender of the clip made no comment to indicate her position in the matter, she felt that Goldwater’s position was well taken, and that my proposed plan project was worse than useless.


On the other hand, she might have thought that the Senator was stating extra well the position of those who wish to let Nature take her course and the strong take what they can, regardless of the rights of the weak. It is very true that we all desire greatly to be allowed to live just as we please, but the clock is not easy to turn back. Try avoiding taxes or driving on the wrong side of the freeway and see how long you stay out of jail. People love complete freedom, but in learning to live together in orderly fashion, we give up one bit of over all freedom after another. All we can hope for at the best is freedom to vote for the governmental representatives whom we feel will be wisest in deciding what additional freedoms must be taken from us, always (we fondly hope) for the general good, be it the army draft and being forced to go to possible death in battle, or be it something less drastic.


LITERATURE ON OUR MONEY MONOPOLY evils was sent by another HRA in calling my attention to the need to plan to correct a situation in which we allow private individuals, organized and strong as owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, to control the national currency for their own profit. Federal Reserve bank notes are nothing but the IOUs of the bankers used as our cuirency. We print them and they loan them out at interest. We borrow them back at interest. 11¢ out of every Federal tax dollar goes to pay interest on the national debt, a large part of which might have been saved if Uncle Sam had used his own IOUs as currency — or so I understand the deal.


THIS IS ONLY ONE of many causes for complaint. We are confronted by graft from low to high places, and abuse of authority from the lordly traffic cop to the judge on the bench. Admitted. But I feel that we cannot divide and waste what little strength we may have by putting all our pressure on the correction of some one thing, even the many injustices suffered by our Indians and migratory harvest workers. We are not reforming; we are looking over things as they are so that we can begin trying to plan for their betterment when time comes for a change.



Confirmation of Some Huna Beliefs

March, 1961



Confirmation of some basic Huna beliefs, leading to the “Pearl of Great Price.” Mother Alice Kaholuoluna. 5 Steps of sending mana to the Aumakua for prayer making. Psychometric readings. The Hudson healing method. “Craig” and his Hawaiian Healer. The matter of the Planning Project.



THERE IS MOST EXCITING RESEARCH NEWS to report in this issue of the H.V.


It is that at last I have come upon confirmation of the fact that in Huna there was the belief that mana had to be sent with a prayer to enable the Aumakua or the Po`e Aumakua (“Great Company of na Aumakua”) to have the needed earthly force to work on their level to bring about the desired conditions specified in the prayer. Also, there is confirmation of the belief that the prayer had to be strongly built in terms of thought-form picturings.


AS MOST OF YOU KNOW from reading my books and the bulletins, much of the recovery of the ancient Huna lore was accomplished by studying the root meaning of one word after another of the compounded words used by na kahuna to name elements in their beliefs and practices. In addition to the meanings of the roots, there were symbol words to be understood, as, for example, the word “water” standing for mana of any kind.


WHILE THE SECRET CODE OF NA KAHUNA was gradually broken in this manner, even to breaking the code as used in the New Testament and early Yoga writings, there was often nothing to be found in the very scant written material from na kahuna to show that the conclusions reached from studies of the code were correct.


NOW, AT LAST WE HAVE DIRECT CONFIRMATION on one of the strangest and most unique beliefs and practices in Huna. At an early period in the research work, it was realized that there were certain things to be found in other religions which seemed to resemble the things turned up through the word studies of Huna. More than that, there were great similarities between the phenomena of Psychic Science and the findings of modern Psychology. For instance, the Huna words in which the root akaappears, were not understood in their inner or code meaning until comparisons were made to our knowledge of the ectoplasm of the seance room. Hinduism, via the priceless studies of the early Theosophists, gave the clue to the three aka or “shadowy” bodies of the three “selves” of Huna. Theprana of Yoga led to the understanding of the basic force or mana of Huna, and eventually to the three uses made by the three selves of the basic mana, these uses being identified by the different uses, as in the case of the mana when used by the Aumakua to cause instant or slow changes in physical matter, as in miraculous healing. (For convenience, we think of the mana as having three “voltages” or speeds of vibration, as in the case of radiant energies such as seen in light or radio broadcasting.)


OF ALL THE DIFFICULT-TO-ACCEPT BELIEFS found in Huna, the one of the three selves or spirits has caused the most objection. We had all been taught that a man had ONE SOUL, and to split it into three separate souls or “selves” caused rejection on the part of many Christians. In Yoga there were traces of the earlier Huna belief to be found, particularly in the “high” and “low” parts of the “self” as mentioned in earlier writings. The Theosophists, in giving us their findings after endless sorting of conflicting and tangled beliefs current in India, stopped short of giving us the concept of three independent (although closely associated) selves. Instead, they confused the “bodies” with the characteristics of the recognized facets of the accepted ONE self. (This statement will bring me arguments from some of the HRAs who still prefer Theosophical conclusions as against those I feel are of the early and original Huna.)


THE SECOND MOST DIFFICULT thing from Huna to accept, especially by the HRAs of Christian background, has been the need to send mana along the aka cord to the Aumakua as a part of the prayer. We were taught to stand up and say our prayer, and that was the whole of it. And, because some prayers, even those uttered silently at a moment of danger or desperation, were certainly heard and answered, it was thought that the Huna preparation of the prayer ahead of its delivery, and with the gift of mana, could not be necessary. “God is all powerful,” reads the dogma, and all prayers were addressed to God, with the Christian addition of the, “this we ask in the name of Jesus as our intercessor.” (Jesus being the Huna Aumakua introduced at some early date into Christianity by na kahuna using their secret code to veil their inner teachings.) The outer rite of offering sacrifices in many religions replaced offering mana. We cannot be certain that the mana of sacrificed animals or birds did not serve some real purpose. But in Christianity the blood sacrifice vanished, as it did in the inner or uncontaminated Huna found in Polynesia. However, the only open hint that mana might be offered with the prayer is found in the non-Huna part of the New Testament, supposedly given by Paul. He advised: (Romans 12 1.)…. “that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.”


THE BASIC IDEA OF SACRIFICE IN HUNA has been worked out through a study of the roots and word symbols of words used by na kahuna (Hawaiian). Mo`hai or just hai, means “to sacrifice”. Ha`i gives the meaning of “to break”, and suggests the “breaking” in two of a thing so that half of it can be used as a sacrifice. Jesus “took bread and broke it” in the coded mystery of the “Last Supper” and his blessing and passing of the wine takes us back to the pouring of an offering or “oblation” to the gods, so common in olden days, but having behind it the great Huna mystery of “dividing the waters” – that is, sharing the water or mana with the Aumakua. The ha root in the word for “sacrifice” warns one who is initiated to watch for the heavy breathing (ha) by which a surcharge of mana is created to send as the “living” or “life” sacrifice to the Aumakua along the aka cord of connection. Na kahuna had words for all the forms of sacrificial offerings known to the early Hebrews. They are listed in the old Hawaiian dictionary over which I have pored so many hours, and in the list is the compound word mo`hai`hoo`mana BUT WITH NO MEANING GIVEN FOR IT. This word is left out in the modern Hawaiian dictionary. Apparently some learned kahuna who helped the first missionaries in Hawaii to make a dictionary of the Hawaiian language, gave the word but, as it was part and parcel of the Huna “Secret”, refused to say what it meant. We have only to translate it to see what it meant: The translation is, “to sacrifice by making mana.” The symbol word idea of “to make mana” is code for accumulating a good surcharge of mana and sending it to the Aumakua. Hoo`mana also means “to worship. ” The roots appear time and time again in the words connected with the use of Huna and the mechanics of worship, cleansing and prayer. It is all there before the student, BUT one does not find writing in which some initiate into Huna says definitely what the secret meaning may have been.




In the last issue of Huna Vistas I spoke of a small book which someone had sent to me. (I do not yet know who.) The title of it was He Sent Leanness, and it is by David Head. I quoted a prayer from it, then dropped the short review, only to discover a few days later when continuing my reading, that there was something priceless to us on pages 51 and 52. Let me quote:


“There have always been those in the Church who have been most at home with the doctrine of Creation that man is made in the image of God, however much that image is distorted. Primitive man has a deep sense of awe and worship, far deeper than that found in many Christian congregations today. Dr. Nels Ferré begins his book Strengthening the Spiritual Life by quoting Mother Alice Kaholuoluna of Hawaii:


“Before the missionaries came, my people used to sit outside their temples for a long time meditating and preparing themselves before entering. Then they would virtually creep to the altar to offer their petition and afterwards would again sit a long time outside, this time to ‘breathe life’ into their prayers. The Christians, when they came, just got up, uttered a few sentences, said Amen and were done. For that reason my people called them haolis, ‘without breath, or those who failed to breathe life into their prayers.'”




Ha is the Huna symbol of accumulating mana and sending it to the Aumakua (or na Aumakua). Ole, the second root of the word means “without”. In the dictionaries the meaning of ha`ole is given simply as “a foreigner”. Not a word is said of the origin of the word, and one may well suspect the early makers of the dictionary of purposefully avoiding the true and apparent meaning of the word as given above.


MOTHER ALICE KAHOLUOLUNA (Star in the Heavens Above) was unknown to me and I wrote at once to my learned friend, Charlie Kenn, in Hawaii to ask about her. He sent me back a long letter and a booklet in which is told the story of the leper settlement on the Island of Molokai, and of the first Protestant church built there and named “The Church of the Healing Spring” – “Siloama,” after the Pool of Siloam at Jerusalem, where, according to the Bible story, an angel came to trouble the waters betimes, and those who entered the pool at such a time were healed. The church still stands, even if more modern churches came later at another spot in the settlement. Rev. Alice Kaholuoluna was pastor of these churches in 1948 when the account was written by Ethel M. Damon for publication by the Hawaiian Board of Missions. She was called “Mother” by those she served in illness as well as in the matter of their religious needs. Half Hawaiian and well educated in our Eastern Seminaries, she now flashes like a bright star for us, also, in our long efforts to learn the great secrets of Huna and, which is very important to our work, give us direct and impressive proof that we are right in at least one basic conclusion concerning the Huna beliefs and practices. I will try to find out whether I can reach Rev. Kaholuoluna at this late date, and ask whether or not she can give us other confirmations. Failing this or not, the very fact that we have had from her one such direct proof of correct insight, allows us to believe that, on the whole, conclusions reached through similar studies of Huna words and symbols are fairly reliable.


THE MEDITATION AND PREPARATION before approaching the “holy place” (Aumakua), is described in the code with hoo`aka (the root hoo is the causitive prefix meaning “to make” or “to cause”) which means to “make very clear and properly understood”. This is serious business because one must be very careful to weigh all elements in the proposed prayer for a change in conditions, then picture the desired condition in careful and clear detail. That can be called STEP ONE.


STEP TWO is hoo`iha`iha, “to cause the drawing tight of a rope”, the Huna symbol of activating the aka cord that connects the Aunihipili with the Aumakua. A secondary meaning is “to be intent”, and this well describes the state of mind before making the actual prayer.


STEP THREE is to pray, pu`le. The root pu means “to come forth, as words from the mouth”, also to try to talk while holding water in the mouth, which would make no sense to us did we not know that water means mana, and that the mana as well as the words of the prayer must come forth to go to the Aumakua. The root le is found in le`le, “to leap or fly upward”, symbol of the passing along the aka cord to the Aumakua of the thought-form picture of the desired changed condition as well as of the upward flowing of mana. The word lele`huna symbolizes the upward flying of fine particles of something, or of the fine drops of water in mist. Huna, as the code root in the full word, shows us that the thought-forms (which are symbolized as tiny and invisible particles) are to be accompanied by mana, the latter indicated in the meaning of the “water” composing the mist or “fine rain.”


STEP FOUR begins as the prayer is presented at the symbolic altar (sent to the High Place or Aumakua). One may then settle down to the work of sending a sufficient amount of mana to allow the Aumakua to break down the old future before it can arrive, and replace it with the new and desirable future condition. The word hoo`mana has the dictionary meaning of “to cause superhuman power” and “to cause one to have regal authority”. The mana is transformed by the Aumakua so that it can be used to make the desired changes. We might say that by giving the mana to the Aumakua we give it regal authority, and in so doing we say, “Not my will but thine be done,” giving the Aumakua full authority to decide upon the good of granting or denying the answer to the prayer.


STEP FIVE comes after much or little time has been spent accumulating and sending mana. For a miracle of instant healing in which a broken bone is dematerialized to be rematerialized unbroken in the mold of the uninjured aka of the bone, we suppose much mana is needed, while for the giving of intuitional guidance, the need might be small. In any case, we learn from Rev. Alice Kaholuoluna that a considerable time might be spent after delivering the prayer to “breathe life into it.” From other words and roots we gather that a difficult answer may be made less difficult by daily repetition of the prayer action and the renewal of the supply of mana. Prayers were repeated three times word-for-word very often.




MY P.A. READINGS GIVEN IN H. V. 18 have been checked by several of the HRAs and I am pleased to be able to report a general agreement. The will and personality patterns hit close in most cases. The degree reading, which is more difficult, has the largest variation. In one HRA’s reading for President Kennedy, she got 389 as against my 369. She wrote that it might be her hope of his leadership which caused her to read high. On the other hand, it is possible that I read low for fear my hope for leadership might cause me to read too high. HRA Joseph Gunter, of Florida, who recently conducted color telepathic sending with us, wrote that he had checked my reading from his signature with two others who make similar readings, and found the three of us within a few degrees. If we can come within five degrees in averaging three readings, that will be close enough for a beginning.


“BIG BUSINESS” WILL HAVE NONE OF P.A. and refuses to give it a test – as one of the HRAs who is himself in a high place with corporations discovered sometime back. Recently I had the opportunity to talk over the matter with a retired man who for years stood high in the world of corporations. After learning that the readings depend on psychometric ability, he shook his head and said the heads of big corporations would never pay attention to such a thing unless it could be done by a machine. He then told of a board meeting which he attended at which a man was to be selected for a very high place in one of our great corporations. The names of five men were considered one after another, and when one man was named, one of the board members spoke up at once, saying, “We don’t want him. He’s the kind who reads books.” It is evident that in high business circles the self-made man is the favorite. Perhaps such men are better hands at organizing to fix prices in a way similar to the very inclusive rigging which recently brought jail sentences to several “Big Boys”, and some very stiff fines, to say nothing of lawsuits to recover some of the illegal profits. Of course, no corporation head may be interested in the fact that P.A. readings would tell in advance just what ones in his circle have the patterns which would fit breaking the antitrust laws and robbing all and sundry, from Uncle Sam to half the growing cities in the land.


LASTING MARRIAGES are far more probable when a P.A. reading is taken of the man and woman to see that they are well matched in constructiveness, in freedom from fixations and obsessive spirit influences, and are of about the same degree level of general intelligence. If, after marriage, readings are made, the peculiarities of each partner may be shown and explained so that there is that very important thing, understanding, which makes for mutual efforts to adjust. In the rearing of children it should be a matter of course to have a reading for each child soon after birth to enable the parents to anticipate future needs or problems. It would save endless waste of effort if parents knew ahead of time how to guide the child according to its natural characteristics. No “babying” for the child with a counterclockwise will and personality pattern, but a strong hand with him from the very first. The boy only intelligent enough to be a common laborer, would not be pressed fruitlessly to become a doctor or lawyer. When one contemplates the success of the several schools teaching “Graphology” and promising good financial return to students, one cannot help but feel that if we had the right promotion and teaching arrangement, we might soon produce P.A. readers in much the same way. One HRA writes that he is sure there are many people who would be happy to take time to learn to make the readings for spare time cash if someone would arrange it.




THE HUDSON METHOD OF HEALING by instructing one’s low self to go during sleep to contact a distant person

, also asleep, and to administer predetermined suggestions for the causing of healing, continues to look good as more and more reports are made.

IN OUR HANDS it has not worked out as perfectly as Dr. Hudson reported that it did for him and the few of his friends who also ran tests. Advanced age seems to be one of the things which prevents our success in many cases. It may also be that such suggestion is rejected if the Aunihipili of the patient has mental “blocks” or is influenced adversely by “eating companion” spirits. The cases which have been worked upon cover a wide variety of troubles, from physical ills to lack of progress in school. The pain of arthritis has gone in three cases involving arthritis. Two hearing cases have improved. General betterment often is to be seen almost at once. I am keeping on with five patients on my personal list, but am working on them alternately, three one night, two the next. I would say that the method is a good addition to what we already know and use of Huna.


OTHER METHODS ARE IMPORTANT AS WELL. Amongst the HRAs we have advocates of almost any healing or “spiritual development” method one cares to name. I continue to have a few letters from HRAs or strangers praising the results obtained by being “opened” under the Subud system and then taking part in the group work called “latihans”. Healing is not as often mentioned as I had expected after reading the several books and pamphlets on the subject, but the “Spiritual development” is often described in vague but glowing terms. One cannot forget the possible action of group or self SUGGESTION in all these approaches. It is very possible that physical reactions come because they are described ahead of time to the candidate and are, therefore, expected. We have had discussions covering Subud in the H.V. and need not say more at present, the picture remaining, as it does, much the same. But many HRAs may not know about the rather new cult of “Johrei” which was made up of current and personal beliefs several years [ago] by a Japanese gentleman of some means. It is, primarily, a healing cult, although it has a fairly well developed philosophical and religious set of beliefs to give it a background. I will quote from a letter just in from a new HRA, living in Los Angeles, and of Japanese blood.


THE LETTER FROM HRA C.S., reads, in part: “As a fellow HRA experimenter, here’s my ‘2¢ worth’ regarding better planning for world conditions, etc. The P.A. system is fine for those who are led to use this means. As for M and I we are getting wonderful results by using the ‘johrei’ method. Labels do not count, just so it works fine. Most folks know of this method but that is where it ends. We are constantly experimenting and having fun, too. Not everybody need use the same method to get good results, as some are better fitted for a particular method.

“M is a wonderful channel for color (healing) and has been using this means for over 25 years. She is a Religious Science Practitioner and a lecturer, etc., giving a lecture on color this coming Sunday. We have experimented with ‘absent’ treatment, using the johrei system, and then were led to use color. The johrei method, as you may well know, is that of becoming a human transformer for the cosmic energy. We actually feel the ‘tingle’ of current going thru our hands, arms and brains. Heat also, but for me it is more electrical. We also ‘hear’ the current flowing when we are in complete attunement.


“We have had many wonderful healing results working for others, too numerous to mention. One exception was my pop who is now living in Japan. I had an electric shock like touching an actual live wire when treating for him, which was for only a second or so. I was not aware that he was very ill as our correspondence lapsed for over a year. About four days later I got an air letter, written with great effort, telling me about his prolonged illness. He had seven doctors originally but down to one now. This shows that distance or time doesn’t enter in when we are in the 5th dimension. All this started with my johreing the world as an experiment, and when I came to Japan I naturally recalled I have a father there. Wish I could get good results for Russia and Red China, but so far no result. Usually I feel led to pray and johrei certain parts of the world, like Turkey and more recently King Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. These worked very nicely, according to the papers… I intend to keep on, stopping only because my health went down temporarily. Too much johrei work sensitizes the body and it can’t take it. Get shocks often when I do too much johrei work. I am learning to strive for a balance.


“As you say in your Huna books, concentration and visualization – we use color with johrei – are powerful tools for good. We too are quite concerned about the world conditions today and feel we do not have time to waste. Recently I experimented with the outside solar system and particularly our planet earth. From green I raised it to blue – this is a weekend project when there is more time. Anyway, it is fun finding new avenues to experiment. It is like our P.A. system, only better, I’d say, not because we are prejudiced, but because it is using a higher law and becoming a channel for the Father’s will ……….


A VERY INTERESTING EXPERIMENT HAS BEEN REPORTED by HRA H.C. of California. He started using the Hudson method in October for a rather hopeless hearing case and a frozen situation began to thaw out, with two near the patient starting to act, finding the right doctors and getting help also for themselves. I now quote from his letter: “What we are interested in is a method that works. I suspect that it can be different according to the person trying one. For a while I used the exact Hudson way. Now I can command a ‘force field’ to accumulate in a corner and my ZNO (a form of hinged, horizontal pendulum) will bounce away from the space like a rubber ball from all sides and top. I can command the charge to go somewhere and it probably does as the ZNO effect is gone at once though I have kept the force there all day while ‘piling it up’. So, for a while I ordered it to go to the person as mana as soon as we were both asleep. Then, for some reason I got into the habit of sending it ‘now’ to fill that room. All through it was done at 10:15 P.M. When I learned that the man and wife in the house were necessary agents, I ordered the force to overflow throughout. They merited help, but I didn’t beam to them as they are of badly mixed polarity, while the woman to whom I ‘sent’ is 100% feminine, hence of negative polarity and receptive to my positive beam, as I understand it. Again, help to them would be through her, and only that way. This grows complicated, but there is that interrelationship there. As of now, I am sending the healing prayer immediately, asking my low self to take charge while we sleep, to call on our High Selves, all to use the mana according to their higher wisdom as to channel, time and the means of bringing about the perfect hearing which would mean so much to the three of them. ” I comment: This seems to me to be excellent, experimental testing, using what we know of Huna in addition to the Hudson method. I will be much interested in the outcome of this series of treatments.


FROM AUSTRALIA, HRA C.G. REPORTS on her testing of the Hudson method. She writes, in part, “I have tried it on a friend who has had a renal tract infection which was not responding to orthodox treatment, and was pleased to be able to report a complete success, also noted an improvement in my own general health and vitality. Seems that when we send out good, it returns to us.” My comment: I am inwardly excited by all the good done others and the rebound of good to us.




It will be remembered that a few issues back I reproduced part of a long letter by a gentleman calling himself “Craig” and who later expressed his displeasure in having his letter made public. “Craig”, whose last name is Carpenter and who is part Indian, still puzzles me by his attitude. He publishes a small magazine titled, “INDIAN VIEWS” and was kind enough to send me several back numbers as well as considerable material in leaflet form, all bearing on the possible return to the Indians of properties and rights taken from them by stronger races. Why we must not repeat in the H.V. what he printed in his uncopyrighted magazine, I cannot see unless it be that he fears breaking a cult of secrecy dear to the Hawaiian healer. If afraid, why then tell all about it in his magazine?


IN HIS PRINTED RELEASES he did not hesitate to describe the healings, nor did he hesitate to say that the Hawaiian healer was named Kahaulani and that his name meant “Dew of the Heavens”. He told how the healer had the favor of Pele, the Goddess of the Volcanoes and of Fire. Also, Hiiana had come to dance before him (her younger sister), a pact being made between them that resulted in a recent very large flow of lava as part of the work of cleansing the land. There was a promise that the Islands would be purified in a similar way and the white and other foreign taints removed. The Hawaiian, referred to as “King of Hawaii” is to be given back the Islands in no long time. The statement is made that for 30 years Kahualani has been fighting to get back his rights and that he has spent over $300,000 in the U.S. courts to no purpose. He is said to have refused an offer of four million dollars to drop his claims. (This information seemed enough to allow a tracing of such an important man, and I wrote to friends in Hawaii who know about everything of Hawaiian activities, but they had never heard of him.)


IN ONE OF HIS LEAFLETS, Craig made no apologies for the following: “On August 28th and 29th (1959) there occurred in Hopiland the ‘Second Meeting of Indian Brothers’. (The Hawaiian healer is accepted as an Indian, apparently.) Some 65 people and untold numbers of unseen guests attended. Those who arrived early were privileged to witness the world famous ‘Hopi Snake Ceremony’ and receive the honor of being baptized by Rain. Those who remained after the meeting had the opportunity to witness the Hawaiian Secret Miracle Power and how it can heal 70 people in one 13-hour day and 56 people on the following day. Witnesses saw a gourd dipper full of water  transformed into human blood for the healing of one woman. They saw the crippled, lame, blind, deaf, paralyzed and suffering helped, healed and made whole. Witnesses were reminded that the same Miracle Power that was then healing and giving life could also be used for destroying evil. It could control winds, insects and fishes, life and death. It could stop motors or make them run automobiles, boats, airplanes, rockets, atom bombs. To be reminded of the broad possibilities of this Secret Power at every moment that it was actually being demonstrated before our eyes was to give added importance and meaning to the reports and thoughts and conclusions brought out during the ‘Second Meeting of Indian Brothers’ … As far as we know, there now remains only one last step to be taken by one certain leader, (toward the Great Day of Purification) as far as the Hopi are concerned. After that, The End.”


FROM READING WHAT CRAIG HAS HAD TO SAY I gather the impression that Indians of many tribes are united in the hope that the Great Spirit will bring to pass prophesies made by the ancestors of the present generation of native Americans, and the foreigners be removed as a part of a “purification” which will leave the descendants of deposed ancestors in full possession – provided the old customs and religions are carefully restored. Most of the Indians of the West are split into two factions: those who wish to change to fit better into the surrounding economic and cultural life, and those who wish to restore and preserve in almost all details the way of life enjoyed by their fathers. Mr. Red Man seems fully as stubborn and set in his beliefs and convictions as men of other races. However, it seems quite impractical to turn back the lands to the Indians at this late date so that they can resume the way of life of those whose rights and traditions they have inherited. What to do???


LET ME RISK DISFAVOR BY QUOTING MORE from Craig’s colorful and very interesting report on the activities of Goddess Pele and Healer (or King) Kahaulani. “PELE has warned the people and warned the world that She is supreme in The Islands, and that She wants Her Lands and Way of Life recognized, respected and unmolested. On Saturday, May 14th, 1955, for instance, She caused the biggest fire and lava flows in Hawaiian history. Tens of thousands of acres were purified at that time. The ocean boiled and steamed for days. This demonstration and warning was part of a prophesy given in the earliest days of 1955. I, Craig, heard the prophesy at that time. Kahaulani was instructed to be in the Islands for the event. We have known him for many years and taken keen interest in his work because it joins hands with the Divine Plan of Indian re-birth that is taking place at this time. Four days before this world shaking event (the lava flow?), that is, on May 10, 1955, Kahaulani went to Panaewa Forest on the outskirts of Hilo town. There he met Hee Eka (Hiiaka), Goddess of Beauty and the best hula dancer in the world. She floats in the air and is the only one who has been given the power to awaken her sister, PELE, from her slumbers. As far as I know, Kahaulani is the only person in this generation to whom HEE EKA has revealed herself in the flesh. She said in Her own language that the reason for the serious eruptions and lava flows of the past few months was because ‘a hundred years or more ago some strange people came to these shores from a foreign land. They brought with them a book – indicating with her hands a large, thick, old fashioned Bible. Now my people have the book and the strangers have the land. They hold the land with only a piece of paper and a pencil but nobody seems able to stop them.’ HEE EKA then emphasized, ‘IF YOU CAN’T REGAIN WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS AND MINE – the Royal lands of Hawaii – MY SISTER – the volcano – WILL TAKE IT BACK, TO A THOUSAND YEARS OR BETTER, and the people will blame it as the work of God.’ In other words, if the lands and rights of Kahaulani are not recognized, and thus restored, the Islands will be covered with lava and fire and melted rock – everything will be destroyed. HEE EKA then warned Kahaulani to not look at too much land because everything he put his eyes upon would be purified as soon as he left that island…. Three days later he left that Island and when he landed at the other Island the first news he heard was PELE is awake again.’ It is all true. At that very moment the lava was covering all the lands Kahaulani had inspected in accordance with the warning of HEE EKA.”




I have come to three conclusions. First, that only a very few HRAs are interested and, to complicate matters, over half of these are adamant in their opinions that “rugged individualism” must be preserved at all costs and that planning is to be avoided at all costs. Second, that most of the other half of those interested are, like myself, aware of only a few major failures in our own governmental affairs and are uninformed on the great amount of social economic planning which has been done and which is in process of being tested, especially in Communistic and Socialist states. Third, that it begins to look very much that the HRA turn of mind is better fitted, broadly speaking, to work at planning in the field of Religion, Psychology and Psychic Science.


I suppose every other voter in the U.S.A. fancies himself more or less an expert on political answers to all socio-economic problems. Moreover, he is convinced that his party is the one with the right ideas, and he will play both the mule and the ostrich when confronted by a contrary argument, and either balk while a fire is burned under him, or hide his head in the sand lest he see imperfection in the doings of the party of his choice. The ability to consider all available facts and work to draw conclusions from them seems painfully rare.


In my own case, I started happily out to try to learn what plans had already been made, what plans tested and results had been reported. In no time flat I ran into masses of propaganda and into the writings of mules arguing stubbornly that all other mules were wrong, or Red, or just downright wicked. My own ignorance became more and more apparent, and when I came upon the January 21, 1961 issue of SATURDAY REVIEW I was very humbly grateful for the information which the editor, Norman Cousins, had gathered and presented under the heading of INSIDE THE SOVIET ECONOMY, subtitle: “What does its growth mean to the Free World?” Second subtitle: “Exclusive report and analysis presented with the Committee for Economic Development.” In pages of special articles and reports I found evidence that I was approaching with sublime ignorance a field complicated beyond all expectation. A whole column was given over to listing books which were recommended “to readers seeking further information on the subjects discussed in this special issue” … And I had never read one of the books. I had not even heard of a single one of them!!! (See page 33 of the issue for the list.)


Frankly, I was and AM frightened. If we of the HRA, including, especially, myself, know so little and have so little interest in the materials of this field, the prospect of getting proper plans made seems bleak indeed. For the life of me I cannot see how we can take a single step toward the successful planning which will enable the world to get on happily, now that we have taken over so much from Old Mother Nature and need so badly to plan with the greatest care as we are forced either to take over entirely from the Old Mother, or let her slap us all down and re-establish her rule of claw and fang, of wars and starvations, of plagues and ignorance. We seem to have become a nation composed mainly of blind and stubborn fools. We are divided into warring political parties, factions and classes. If the Reds want to conquer us, and if they rely on the formula “divide and conquer”, we are certainly ripe for a disaster. I am speaking with the “Americans” in mind, but what I say goes for you HRAs in other lands just as well. You are just as bad as we are in thinking you have done your duty when you have elected someone and turned things over to him to run. Theoretically, those we elect are the best informed experts in the governmental field. Practically, they give us just what we seem to deserve.



The Possible Re-Structuring of Huna

April, 1961



Some revisions to the structure of Huna. Corrections and updates from Charles W. Kenn. A request for scientific information on the Ice Ages and the breaking up of one land mass to create what’s currently floating around. A little about Comfrey plants. Reports on the use of the Hudson Method of healing. Psychometric Analysis. Book Reviews: Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, M.D. and Self-Realization and Psychological Disturbances by Roberto Assagioli, M.D. Planning and constructing a World Religion – preliminary remarks.



MUCH INTEREST HAS BEEN SHOWN in the report in the last H.V. on the former practice of the Hawaiians of breathing vital power into prayers, both before making them and in the period of meditation which followed the voicing of the prayer.


SIDE REACTIONS HAVE ALSO BEEN REPORTED. In one case, a gentleman who had been given the H.V. to read (and who was familiar with the Huna lore from my books) was stimulated by the article to continue healing efforts in a certain case, and to write to me about his experience. He has been gifted with psychic ability from boyhood, when he began at an early age to hear a voice which told him often of things which were to happen. The predictions which he made came true so often that he frightened his young friends and was taken to be looked over by a doctor. After this he kept his predictions to himself, but still, as a grown man, married and with three daughters and one stepdaughter as well as a new son, the “voice” comes at times to tell of things about to happen. Before the birth of his son he was told that the child would be a boy, that he would be born before 5:30 in the morning and would weigh over nine pounds – all of which came about as predicted, the son being born at 5:26 A.M. and weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces.


THE VERY EXCITING PART of his experience is that, having read about the Aumakua of na kahuna, he came to the conclusion that the “voice” was that of his own Aumakua, not, as he had thought as a lad, that of God. If he is right in his conclusions, we must revise our idea that under the Huna system, na Aumakua were not given to speaking to the lower man by an inner voice, and in English or some language known to the man. Several of the HRAs have in the past felt that they were in such “voice” contact with their Aumakua, and some have believed that the intelligent “something” working the pendulum through the Aunihipili was the Aumakua. The fly in the ointment has always been the fact that predictions made by these entities seldom came true. Na Aumakua were believed by na kahuna to be able to see into the future to a certain extent, so false prophesy could not be laid at their feet. In this case, the prophesies have been correct, and, as only the Aumakua is said by na kahuna to be able to see ahead and give the information to the lesser man, the chances seem to be all in favor of (1) The Aumakua actually speaking directly in a voice heard psychically, using English (not pictures) to let the individual know, probably through the Aunihipili, what was to come, or (2) that the voice was that of a highly advanced spirit who, in its turn, had direct contact with an Aumakua who was the originator of the predictions. If we discount the spirit explanation, we must accept the direct contact answer to the problem. This is a thing we would all love to do. So many of us have felt cut off from our Aumakua Parental Spirit Father-Mother because contact can only be made by the Aunihipili according to the reconstruction of Huna which we have made from the meager information we have to work with.


H.R.A. Eric Biddle, whose excellent articles have been appearing in the little English magazine,PENDULUM, has often taken issue with the current belief assigned to na kahuna, that contact with the Aumakua must be made by way of the Aunihipili, and that, if the Aunihipili is prevented from doing its part, the contact is “blocked”. He has argued that a direct contact between the Auhane and the Aumakua is to be accepted as a theory, or, failing that, the Aunihipili and Auhane must be looked upon as a single “self,” not as two spirits, after the Huna theory.


THE OBJECTION TO DIRECT CONTACT, from the point of view of Huna (as it has been tentatively reconstructed) is mainly based on the part of reconstructed Huna which describes the Aunihipili as the spirit which has control of the body, the basic or low mana, and of ALL MEMORY. To understand a single word, if spoken in the inner consciousness, the Auhane would have to have the help of the Aunihipili and its memory of words and sounds and meanings. (Our very inability to recall the name of a person by an act of “will” argues that the Aunihipili is in charge of all memories – apparently, hunting up the memory of the needed name, and presenting it to the conscious mind self only after a delay.) There are many other objections, involving the belief in fixations, spirit influences, guilt complexes and so on  all tending to prevent the Aunihipili from making normal contact with the Aumakua. What is NOT so well reasoned out is the possibility that the powerful and wise Aumakua often makes contact of its own accord with the lower man, BUT, when it does, we still ask ourselves whether it uses the Aunihipili memories and mechanisms to get across to the Auhane the intuitions or whatever is to be given – or to bring healing or even the direct voice.


IT MAY ALSO BE that we have our reconstructed version of Huna too set or fixed in a given pattern. Perhaps we should allow for CHANGES to fit the many different characteristics and talents of individuals. Where one person might never be able to hear the Aumakua speak as a voice or to see a vision in vivid pictures, another might easily do so. Or, there might be a difference between na Aumakua which could account for various ways of making contact with the lesser pair of selves. We know that miracles of healing and protection and guidance do happen, and we assign these to na Aumakua (or to spirits who are helped by na Aumakua) knowing that there is often no evidence that mana has been drawn from any living source, and that a prayer may not have been uttered. If we believe in the superior wisdom and power of the Aumakua, as most of us do, we cannot reasonably deny it the ability to speak directly to the Auhane and to make it understand what is said, even if the associated Aunihipili is not doing its regular part.


WE MAY EVEN HAVE TO REVISE THE IDEA that the Aumakua is only to be contacted by causing the Aunihipili to activate the aka cord and thus touch the Aumakua. If we could prove that we na Auhane can make a direct contact with no Aunihipili help other than that given by helping us remember that there is an Aumakua, and if we could, after making the direct contact, have something happen which would be real to us (perhaps outside of the evidence of the senses and of memory), then we might attack the question from a new angle. If we could, and if we did, the entire structure of Huna as we have rebuilt it, would have to be taken down and reconstructed to fit the new evidence – not that this would be less than proper in a search such as ours in which truth is wanted, not baseless dogmas.


TO GET BACK TO THE REPORT OF THE GENTLEMAN on his experiences: He writes that the vital element of prediction still remains, and that he was told well ahead of time that Kennedy would be the next president. He goes on to tell how, last September, he noticed a new man named J who had come to work where he was already employed. At once his Aumakua told him that this man needed help, and instructed him to tell the stranger about “occult science”. This he undertook to do, finding J receptive, but “much disillusioned about life”. There was much improvement during a period of five months.


The account continues, “About a month ago I was in a public library and I let my High Self guide me. It led me right to your book SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES. Your book clarified everything that I had been studying and wondering about.” J also read the book, and together they obtained and read the following two books. “But J still seemed to be very unstable and unhappy even though he improved greatly. My conscious mind could not reason out what was wrong with him and he didn’t know what was wrong either. Yesterday, just after noon, I got a very strong telepathic message from his High Self by way of my High Self and low self. The communication lasted about an hour. The main thing it told me was that his low self did not want to cooperate with his middle self and High Self because it was far from being convinced of what the middle self had accepted. The low self had usually been able to have its own way by influencing his middle self through emotions. His low self was lazy and didn’t want to put out the effort required. His low self had completely cut off his High Self from his middle self because it wanted to retain control. It had been trying to get him to move to another state to get away from my influence. It had even been trying to get him to leave his wife because it didn’t want the responsibility of raising children which it feared they will have if they stay together. His High Self said that he would have to work very hard to bring his low self under control and to convince it that it should cooperate. When I told J these things he was surprised, but said that it must be true because it made so much sense. His High Self took mana from my low self because it was unable to get it from his low self. It was going to use it to help clear the path to his middle self. The two High Selves – his and mine -gave me back some of the higher mana loa and an abundance of love that brought tears to my eyes while I was in his presence. They said I had made a great sacrifice in. giving the mana. Soon I began to have a very tired feeling and began breathing heavily. They said that they had taken mana from my low self, which already has much more than the average person, because it was willing to give it. My middle self was not aware of what had happened until after it had already happened. Not having built up a superabundant supply of mana beforehand, I was left in a partially depleted condition. I felt dizzy, cold, jittery, and very tired and empty for a short time. Break time ended and J and I had to get back to work. After he left I almost lost consciousness, so I laid my head on my desk and breathed very deeply for about five minutes, after which I felt better than I had ever felt in my life. It proved to me that the Huna teachings are true. The few minutes of unpleasantness that were experienced were more than balanced by the flood of love I felt from the High Selves. I guess it was what you would call a mystical experience. I never had felt anything so strong before in my life.” (Unfortunately, the writer did not say what effect the action which he described has had on his friend. Perhaps he will report on that outcome a little later.)


THANKS TO THE KINDNESS OF CHARLES W. KENN, of Honolulu, I was able to get the information that “Mother Alice Kahokuoluna” mentioned in the last H.V. as quoted in a small book, “He Sent Leanness” by David Head, has been dead for a few years, as has her husband, Peter. Mr. Kenn called my attention to the mistake in spelling her last name. (It should be as given above, not as Kaholuoluna as mistakenly given in the book.) If possible, I will find out where her writings may be had. She may have given other important information which would help us in understanding the lore of na kahuna.


ANOTHER CORRECTION given by Mr. Kenn concerns the translation given by “Craig” (whose reports on the Hawaiian healer have been given in recent H.V. issues) of the name of the Hawaiian healerKa`hau`laai. As Craig seems NOT to know the Hawaiian language, his information concerning the meaning of the name must have come from someone else, perhaps the owner of the name.’ The meaning was given as “The Dew of (or from) Heaven.” Mr. Kenn writes:


If it had to do with “dew”, then it should be ke, not ka (for the article). Ke`hau is dew, Kahau is ice, or in Hawaiian, hibiscus. Lani does not mean HEAVEN in the ancient kahuna language, but the word was accepted by the missionaries to mean “heaven” – see Andrew’s Dictionary on lani and his reference to Genesis where the word was used for “heaven”. So many basic kahuna words have had their meanings changed in like manner. LANI originally meant one of chiefly status, particularly of the senior family of chiefs. Thus, the word lani in a name means that the person hails originally from such a family. The Hawaiians had three so called “heavens”, lands to which they returned after death. One was for the commoners, one for the chiefly and one for na kahuna (highest priestly caste), the latter class lost its privileges to the chiefly caste when Wakea (an early chief) killed his elder brother Lihauula, i.e. Li`hau`ula, and superseded him but ruling through his elder brother’s son. The alii (chiefs) always recognized the kahuna as the “elder” in social relations. The Polish anthropologist, Bronislaw Malinoski, referred to “Polynesian Primogeniture” of succession through the eldest sons of eldest sons down the line – So, today’s meaning of Lani (heaven) becomes far fetched and meaningless. Thus, Pua`lani (a name for girls) has come to mean “Flower of Heaven”, when in kahuna language, it would mean “the young of the nobility or alli. Pua means young in the kahuna language. Craig’s healer, Ke`hau`lani should have his name spelled so that it would mean, “The life giving element in a chiefly clan” ….


ONE MORE EFFORT is being made to try to identify Craig’s Healer, this time asking a former correspondent named George Robinson, living at Castro Valley in California for information. He is by way of being a natural healer, and he does not agree with my Huna findings, as I recall his few letters of several years back. However, he is Hawaiian, and in the years between may have developed into a great healer, using, as Craig said, “thirteen helpers”, whom we suppose in turn must be spirit helpers or guides working through the Healer. This, of course, would suggest that the spirits were those of Polynesian blood and perhaps na kahuna. As the white people who moved into Polynesia were not greatly liked by na kahuna, it would seem natural that they would prefer to heal the Indians, perhaps refusing to have anything to do with people of other races. I’ll report later on this clue.




While this has nothing to do with Huna (unless we ask how Huna could survive if a world cataclysm came), I am wondering if some of you HRAs might have information to share with me on the explanation of the several “Ice Ages” etc. In our tight little circle we find someone thinking about almost anything which invites investigation and speculation.


There is so little information concerning the several “Ice Ages” which are said to have struck the land masses, sometimes to the equator and moving in from the north or the south. Official “Science” contents itself with a recital of dates and places where the ice came and left its marks. The amateurs have proposed a few theories as to the causes. The known fact that the magnetic north pole is moving away from the geographic north pole, has been speculated upon and the “wobble of the pole” has been pointed out as something which may have, in past ages, caused the earth to change its tilt. Ice caps on the poles have been said to threaten to become too heavy and cause the “flip.”


One of the most interesting explanations came from Ignatius Donnelly,in his book, RAGNAROK, pubished in 1883. (His P.A. reading is such that it demands attention to his findings. He was clockwise and constructive and had a degree reading of 413, which is far higher than most.) His theory was that the earth had, at various times, been touched by a comet, which had struck with great force, brought much heat, and left the great “drift” deposits of its own substance mixed with the earth substances broken up and carried along. He wrote (Pg. 97), “It (a comet) came with terrific force. It smashed rocks; it tore them up; it rolled them over on one another; it drove its materials INTO the underlying rocks; it INDENTED IT INTO THEM, says one authority…


“It was accompanied by inconceivable winds the hurricanes and cyclones spoken of in many of the legends. Hence we find the loose material of the original surface gathered up and carried into the drift material proper; hence the Drift is whirled about in the wildest confusion. Hence it fell on the earth like a great snow storm driven by the wind. It drifted into all the hollows; it was not so thick on, or it was entirely absent from, the tops of the hills; it formed tails, precisely as snow does, on the leeward side of all obstructions ………”


So far as I know, Donnelley’s comet theory has never been given the slightest attention by men of Science, nor has his theory been disproved.


NOW COMES SOMETHING NEW to me, renewing my curiosity greatly. In an article on pages 181-188, ofTHE READER’S DIGEST, for March, 1961, we are told by the author, Rutherford Platt, that the data gathered recently in various fields tends to prove the theory that the earth’s land was once in a single large piece, but that convection currents in the fluid center of the earth have caused the breaking up of the large mass and the floating here and there of the several parts. A look at a globe map of the world will show how the pieces fit roughly together, although some have rotated clockwise. There are some surviving and some fossil remains of plant and animal life which call for more than a “bridge” between continents in the past. The topper, to me, is the fact that particles of iron oxide are found in rocks which have been molten and which have hardened, also in rocks made by the laying down of layers of sedimentary material. All of these iron particles have had their polar attraction cause them to point, as does the needle of a compass, to the magnetic North Pole. Samples of rocks from around the world have been examined and the direction indicated by the needle-like pointing of their iron particles have enabled scientists to determine their place on the earth’s surface in relation to the then magnetic North Pole as they hardened from the molten state or as sedimentary rock. The conclusion was reached that either the magnetic pole had moved in a quite impossible manner, or that the continental masses had floated in a not quite  so  impossible way. The rock measurements in South Africa, for instance, indicate that this continent, some 300 million years ago, was floating over the South Pole. The earth seems to be so fixed in keeping its tilt as it spins, that the drifting land masses appear more acceptable, when formulating theories.


India appears to have broken off and floated south below the equator and then back north, striking the Asian mainland and, some think, causing the Himalaya Mountains to be pushed up. Radioactive materials in the core of the earth are supposed to cause the heat which in turn causes the convection currents. It is all most fascinating. Geologists can give the approximate age of various types of rocks, and as a captain takes his bearings at sea, the bearings for a given age are taken from the iron particles in the rocks. North America is said to be drifting to the west at present, at the rate of three inches a year.


HAVE YOU ANY INFORMATION to pass on to me? Please. (I know Barker’s theory, and do not think much of it, by the way – ice cap weight and polar flip.)




Comfrey plants have recently been advocated by natural foods health magazines, but it has been very difficult to get a start of such plants for one’s garden. While this is another topic rather far from the field of Huna, we all try to keep well, and many HRAs are dedicated “food faddists”, while most of us wish we could buy canned and preserved foods which have not been made up with questionable preservatives and coloring or flavoring chemicals. Food grown without chemical fertilizers are much in demand, as are those which have not been treated with poisonous sprays. Comfrey, as I understand it, is a bushy plant whose leaves contain many natural chemicals and minerals which are good for one. The green leaves are picked and eaten. It has been known and used for many years in parts of Europe, and is credited with being a curing aid in many illnesses.

HRA Fred I. Hamman of Davis, Calif., writes that after much experimenting he has found a good way to propagate the comfrey plant, and will be able to fill a few orders after the first of April. The price is $5 for five plants, five being about right to supply one with leaves and juice made from same. They will be mailed, postpaid, in USA to those who order now. (I am saving a spot in my garden for some plants.)




Reports continue to come in and all are, for the most part, reports of success. Nothing spectacular as yet, but averaging good enough to merit the method’s continuing use. From New Zealand, HRA G.P. makes a good suggestion from his experience. He writes, “I am much in favor of writing down what is required (by way of suggestion to be delivered by the low self), rather than thinking it or saying it, but I am sure results are obtainable any way.” I would like to have some of you try the writing down way of ordering the things to be suggested and let me know whether you get better results. I imagine that just to write down the instructions as you would give them mentally or vocally, will help to make the ideas clearer and perhaps carry additional authority. The Aunihipili is always much impressed by material things, and these offer the value of the “physical stimulus” which I have often mentioned in my discussions of kahuna practices. Such material helps have been used to advantage in rituals down the centuries. The water and ki (or ti) leaves used in ceremonially “washing away sins and illness” by na kahuna of old, stand out as an example of the method in all its values. Baptism for the remission of sins came to Christianity from Huna in all probability.




One HRA writes, “In this country we must have plenty of girls and women anxious to make some money at home. A training school to teach P.A. reading, with preliminary tests for ability, and a good promoter to go after paying work (for graduates) might bring results.” One HRA has responded to my invitation to check ability with me and may be ready after a bit to take on customer orders for readings. The thing that takes time in the readings is to tell what a reading means after it is made. If the customer has my book, Psychometric Analysis, and will go into it to work out the meaning of the symbols of his or her reading, the reader would use perhaps a half hour in reading the letter from the customer, making the reading, and sending it back by letter. If $2 were charged, that would be at the rate per hour paid a good plasterer. If $10 were charged, that would be about what a doctor charges. The charge that has been made by the Brunlers and others has been $25, and for this amount the meaning of the reading is told verbally at the time of the reading. (Readings were not made from signatures or photographs, only with the tip of the thumb held on the slide of the Brunler Bovis Biometer. Our system is much simpler and works well from inked signatures and from pictures.) A short mimeographed explanation of the meanings of various P.A. readings could be made up, and a mimeographed form filled in with the data and meanings. $25 is not too much to charge as only a few readers can be certified as fully competent out of many who make just fair readings, often at a disadvantage because there are not several associates to check results with on each reading. However, most people either cannot afford $25 for a reading, or would not pay out that much for one. Perhaps a $5 charge with a written report of meanings or the use of the P.A. book or some mimeographed sheets might be the best combination.


In any case, the reader should always stress the fact that readings made by any psychometric process cannot be guaranteed to be correct. They must be offered as the best that can be made by the reader in question. It will, as a matter of course, be well to avoid making readings except for members of the customer’s own family. If a reading is made of someone who turns out to be counterclockwise and generally bad, that person might take the reader into court and challenge him to explain to the judge the difference between making a libellous statement and reporting a P.A. reading. As the judge would never have heard of the latter, and as psychometry is not recognized by the “Law”, one could get into trouble. The best way would be to have one member of each family able to make a good reading.


As a safeguard, a reader might ask for the written permission of the owner of the signature or picture to make the reading and report the results to some specified person or persons. It is to be supposed that a person prominent in public life or in articles in the press might be read and the results reported just as one may give one’s opinion of such an individual. But the reading must be an opinion, not a statement that the facts reported are “Out of the horse’s mouth” and therefore are correct. Let’s be careful and circumspect.


FOR YOU WHO WISH TO CHECK YOUR READING ABILITY against mine, here are two men in the public eye. My readings are made from pictures on page 31 of LIFE magazine for March 10, 1961. I selected these two famous fighters out of curiosity to see what makes one tick. For Floyd Patterson I get:  and 312 degrees. His will pattern shows the most determination in its perfect 12 o’clock swing, full length. His is a fine power to concentrate, and a fine determination.


For Ingemar Johansson I get:  and 323 degrees. His will pattern shows a shorter swing at 12 o’clock and less determination. He is smarter by a few degrees. Both men are smarter than average and have unusual will power.




PSYCHO  CYBERNETICS by Maxwell Maltz, M.D. 256 large pages. Price $4.95. Publisher: Prentice Hall. Each year this publisher seems to disown the last “book to end all books” and present a new one which in its turn is a “last word.” This time we have left The Power Of Positive Thinking and others which followed on its heels to find the “Open Sesame” offered by a plastic surgeon.


As in L. Ron Hubbard’s books, the reader is asked to replace the concept of the Aunihipili with one of a calculating machine which cannot go wrong if the correct data are fed into it by the Auhane as the operator. Instead of the standard idea of the complex and fixation, the author tries to reach down to the witless reader and explain in terms that he might understand, that he suffers from being hypnotized, either by himself or his fellows or his surroundings. Nothing is said of the recognized fact that hypnotic suggestion wears out as the mana charge in the thought-forms wears out, and must be renewed about every 10 days.


On the whole, the author makes a fine collection of quotations to bolster up his simple statements and give an air of authority to his equally simple instructions aimed at telling one how to think about oneself, one’s fellows and ones conditions. Years ago, New Thought issued the dictum, “Think right and you will be right.” The instructions are all very good in their way, but the trouble, as I see it, with books of this yearly blossoming is that those who might possibly benefit from reading the book and putting its preachments to practice will neither read it nor DO ANYTHING AT ALL. The ones who would DO something don’t need to read it; they have already pulled themselves up “by the boot straps” and given themselves what “pep talks” they should have. One can read, “Suggestion explains nothing”. Or, “An emotional face lift makes you look and feel younger.” Or, “How to play back your own built-in success patterns.” ….. I feel that it would be an excellent thing for all of the new machines which can think to read the book – but not to record the data as something to use to get correct answers in solving problems in the field of Psychology, especially Abnormal Psychology where fixations have people down.


SELF-REALIZATION AND PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTURBANCES, a booklet by Roberto Assagioli, M. D., is released to members of the “Psychosynthesis Research Foundation” group, the address being, “Valmy”, P.O. Box 3895, Greenville, Delaware. Unlike the book just reviewed, this one is certainly NOT for those who cannot grasp even a simple abstraction. It is a dignified and scholarly effort by a thoughtful man to feel his way around amongst the “vast, vague intimations” which surround the Aumakua for those who do not know it through the lore of na kahuna. Let me quote a passage: “First of all, it is well to have a clear idea of what self-realization is. The term has been used to indicate two kinds of growth in awareness, of expansion of consciousness, which, although more or less related, are different in their nature and have quite different manifestations. The meaning most frequently given to self-realization is that of psychological growth and maturation, of the awakening and manifestation of latent potentialities of the human being for instance, ethical, aesthetic and religious experiences and activities. These correspond to the characteristics Maslow (1959) ascribes to self-actualization, and it would perhaps be well to use this term in order to distinguish it from the second kind of self-realization. This IS THE REALIZATION OF THE SELF, the experience and awareness of the synthesizing spiritual Center. It is not the realization of the personal conscious self or ‘I’, which should be considered merely as the reflection of the spiritual Self, its projection, in the field of the personality.


“Self-actualization may be achieved at different levels and does not necessarily include what may be called the spiritual level. On the other hand, an individual may have genuine spiritual experiences without being at all integrated, i. e., without having developed a well organized, harmonious personality. This has been clearly shown by Jung (1956), who calls our attention to the fact that the developing of the personality is not an absolute prerogative of the man of genius, and that he may have genius without either having personality or being a personality ………


It is interesting to note that on all sides, books and articles are appearing in which the search for the Aumakua is being rather blindly pressed. Jung may be said to have started the procession in “scientific” circles, but remains more or less of an obstacle to those who follow after. Much confusion is caused by the fact that new names are constantly being coined in an effort to describe the “selves” and their qualities, with no one knowing just what is being named.




The idea of PLANNING has brought a little more response of late in the matter of improving social and economic conditions. However, there is a general tendency to call attention to some small abuses rather than to do what I have in mind – plan clear across the board and start with the broad basic items upon which present systems depend. For instance, I see no hope of correcting the abuse of money, credit and inflationary influences unless we first survey and correct the entire structure surrounding the need for a medium of exchange and a source of credit. Will you HRAs who know so much more than I do of the materials of this tangled and churning field raise your sights to their full extent before you begin to fire? The only thing I can think of that is certain is that we CANNOT TURN BACK THE CLOCK. We have to go forward, whether we go boom or go bust.


PLANNING FOR THE OUTLINE OF A POSSIBLE WORLD RELIGION is something else again. It should begin with the sights raised as far as possible as we survey human needs in the matter of a religion and weigh the values of religions of the past. We can measure everything in terms of Huna for the present (having nothing better to use), and begin moving from broadest generalities to the details in due time. For the first time in history we will be measuring the religious elements in terms of the intelligence levels found in all walks of life. (This applies strongly here, and not so much in the planning for economic and governmental improvements.)


THE CASTE SYSTEM found in all societies to some extent, and developed to the fullest in India, has the same defect as the system in which social position depends on being born into a certain class or level. So many of low intelligence or bad character were, in past times, born into supposedly superior circles, that the whole system fell into disgrace. If we elect to re-establish caste levels in any future system of economic social living, it will be imperative that provisions be made to use a perfected P.A. reading and to place individuals in levels to fit their intelligence and goodness or badness, sanity or obsession, etc. No longer will the mad prince be allowed to take the throne simply because he is the son of a king. Nor will the man talented as a politician or the man inheriting great wealth be allowed to “stand on his inalienable rights” and wreck the works. We are pioneers in this corner of the field, thanks to Dr. Oscar Brunler, and have responsibilities.


CONSTRUCTING A WORLD RELIGION – PRELIMINARY REMARKS: We, as HRAs will, if enough of us take a hand, be doing something of lasting importance if we can assemble and put together, tentatively, the elements needed to give us a WORLD RELIGION. There will be two benefits at least. The first would be to order the muddle of conflicting world religions existing today, and the second would be to order the ideas we, as individuals, have about our own favored religion as well as about the beliefs of others. Most of us have been too busy to make for ourselves a study of the several great religions, to say nothing of the modern ones based on the supposed revelation given by a superior entity, usually a spirit, to a mediumistic or visionary living person. (Oahspe and THE BOOK OF MORMAN are examples.)


Most of us have never found a proper text book on religions, and, as the subject has not been included in the curriculum of public schools, we usually have no definite idea as to the merits of the concept of Amitabha in Buddhism, or of Bodhisattvas or even beloved Kwan Yin. Almost none of us can quote a passage from the Koran, and while we might have some information concerning the Taoism of China, we would look blank when asked how the Jews observe Hanukkah, their Festival of Lights … Not that these things make any particular difference to us except that we must not fail to gather such ideas from all sides, examine them and place them in some part of the World Religion which we are constructing, or put them aside as of little value away from the circles in which they were evolved.


A proper and inclusive text book for such a purpose as ours would fill a good dozen feet of library shelf. If we were to include only the important written discussions of the religious scriptures themselves, we would have the library filled to bursting. Fortunately, the great mass of literature is speculative in its nature. The practical aspects of living according to the teachings of religions can be covered in small space. For example, we speculate on what God may or may not like to have us do, and we fill books and books. We ask what we should do to make our lives and the lives of others better, and everything boils down to the Golden Rule more or less.


BRAHMANISM: This is the sum of duty: Do naught unto others which would cause pain (Huna uses the word “hurt”) if done to you.


BUDDHISM: Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful


CONFUCIANISM: Is there one maxim which ought to be acted upon throughout one’s whole life? Surely that is the maxim of loving kindness: Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you.


TAOISM: Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss.


JUDAISM: What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow man. That is the entire law; all the rest is commentary.


CHRISTIANITY: All the things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.


ISLAM: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.


From the practical angle, we may say that when stripped of dogmas born of speculation, pure invention and revelation, SALVATION, as something missing by man at birth, may be obtained by following the rule: “DO NO HURT TO OTHERS, BUT HELP WHEN POSSIBLE.” All such things as baptism, confession of sin, repentance, and joining a church belong to the dogmatic, and because of this, the salvation dogmatized by one religion is rejected by all the others.


(AS AN HRA, have you anything to suggest at this point?)




HRAs Don’t Want a New “Religion”

June, 1961



A LETTER FROM CIGBO, HRA “KITTY”, using the book The Great Religions by Which Men Live to approach an acceptable God concept. HRA objections to using the word “religion” with discussion of some alternatives. Reports on the use of the Hudson Healing Methods. Book review: BEYOND THE LIGHT by HRA Mr. Fay M. Clark and Thinking and Destiny by Harold W. Percival. Constructing a Personal Religion, Part 2: Possible questions to ask ourselves as we develop our personal God concept.





Dear Aunties and Uncles HRAs:


I have had the dog gondest time (no cat would ever have been that far gondest). Last month ME and boss decided that it would be nice for ME to make all the HRAs a presink of a little paperback book named The Great Religions by Which Men Live, because most of you would not bother to get it for yourselves. We did some high frynance and turned my cigar box inside out, and figgered that if maby we shortchanged all of you a few issuse of the Huna Vistas when I couldn’t scratch up paper and stamps and stuff some more –  well it looked like we could chance it. The book only cost 35¢ and we could get it hullsail for 28¢, and ennelopes cost only 3¢ and the stamp was 8¢. So we placed the order and announced that the book would be sent “soon.”


The man promised delivery to us in “about three weeks”. When six weeks was gone and still no books, ME and boss insisked that some wires be burned up, and after a while we had word that the book had run out of print but was being printed again, in fact, had been and was now ready, and that 250 copies had arrived for the man to take to drug stores to put in their revolving library stands. Only joker was that the new printing was called a “Premier Book” instead of a “Crest” and that the rascality pubrisher had jumped the price on us to 50¢ and 40cents hullsail. He said “take it or leave it”, so ME and boss conflabbed and I cried so loud the pubrisher sure heard me. But he never backed up a inch. The upshot and downshot was that we did some more high frynancing and with piteous yeowls I telephoned the man in San Diego. He was ashamed to answer, but a nice lady who lives in the Agency did, and when she heard what trouble I was in, she said she would run out to the back room and stop them drug stores from getting any of the books which had already come. And she did. And she managed to scare up 250 of the books, which was just half of what we kneaded. So she sent them, and ME and boss hurried to get them mailed out. The ones of you who live in heathen lands was all sent this first batch because Africa and Australia and Finland and Iron Curtain is so far away that it takes longer to get boat mail. If the rest of you have not got your copy yet, when you get this bullington, be patient, or meow loud, whichever you feel like. If that pubrisher does not change the book again to a different imprint, like mabby “Inflashion Books”, and doesn’t jump the price again, you’ll get yours. So sorry for the slowness.

Love from your very own: CIGBO, hra jr. gd.Kitty.


WHEN YOU GET YOUR COPY of the little book, THE GREAT RELIGIONS etc., please read it and enjoy it, as I have done. But, as you read, try to watch for information concerning the views of God held by various religions, be God called Brahman or Tao or The Absolute.


Watch to see whether the concepts were based on reason, experience, revelation or the dogmatic statements of founders of a religion. Revelation may come through spirits, or through intuitions of the mystics.


The great unsolved mystery is how a Supreme Creator who, supposedly, is all powerful and all good, can allow evil beings on the level of gods and spirits to exist, or, on the human level, human beings. Even on the lower levels, how can a kind and just God allow evil forms of life to exist and prey on other forms? As you read, see the clever ways in which evil in a good creation is explained from one religion to the next. Read the arguments for the “Fall”, and the explanation of maya, or of karmic justice.


And, as you read, examine your own beliefs and explanations. This, frankly, is why I wanted to see the present study project taken up. I get so many letters which show me that the writer needs, like myself, to take time out to examine his or her beliefs concerning an ULTIMATE SOURCE and to clear away the fogginess caused by accepting the ideas or beliefs of others. In my copy of our text, page 187, pgr. 3, 1 have marked with red pencil the part which reads:


“The tragedy is that too many of us remain content, even in our adult years, with the answers or descriptions offered by someone else. We limit ourselves to what others say instead of re-exploring the basic questions for ourselves. Many of us cling to the values emphasized by some past leader without exploring their meanings in the present. Almost all of us have closed off certain areas of thought somewhere along the line … There are doors to be opened …” (The authors, Floyd H. Ross and Tynette Hills, will continually delight you by their knowledge, kindness and sympathetic understanding of all points of view.)


For the present, let us confine ourselves to the study of the several concepts of God. (I use the word common to the West, for convenience sake, but by it I mean to include all concepts of “CAUSE”.) After we consider the concepts of the ancient religions, we can quickly assay the ones presented by more modern revealed or invented religions.


Once we have filled in for ourselves, individually, an OUTLINE of what we have tentatively decided is acceptable as a God concept, we can move on to the lower levels where we will meet angels, gods, na Aumakua, Ashfars, Saints and Ascended Masters. That will begin to be very unsafe ground for us all, as here we will find many views based on revelation and dogmatic statements. We may even find that some of the HRAs are so set in their own beliefs that we can no more discuss the dogmas or compare them than we can discuss politics without war being declared and scalps taken right and left. I realize that in proposing this study project I have “walked in where angels fear to tread” and that, despite my best efforts to keep us all tolerant and able to hold our hats on, I may inadvertently touch off an explosion which will blow the HRA to bits. I sincerely hope that this will not happen, but we must all be forewarned and watch our steps with care.


SEVERAL LETTERS SHOW GROWING INTEREST IN THE OUTLINE project, but there is much objection to the use of the word RELIGION. There is also a general doubt that we can outline a set of beliefs, in which religion and psychology are combined, which would be accepted by even the major part of the HRAs, to say nothing of the millions outside our charmed circle.


The idea of selecting beliefs to fit various levels of people, measured in terms of “degrees Biometric,” seems to be considered a matter of less immediate importance than working out things for ourselves to fit the level falling between about 350 and 384 degrees.


IN A TAPE LETTER, ONE HRA SAYS that the mention of “religion or church” is to be avoided at all costs as these words have too long been connected with the bad features of priestcraft and blind dogmatism. Most people in our level who value Huna would be upset by having the element of “cult” enter at any point to tarnish our record of being a straight research organization.


He suggests that, if we have to give a name to the  OUTLINE, we call it, “World College of Wisdom” and then try to include in the outline everything we can which relates to the materials of the field in which the work will be done. He suggests six departments of study: Philosophical, Metaphysical, Mysticism, Occultism, Science and the section for the Devotee who is trying to practice or live some accepted system. He also points out the difficulty which we will encounter if we approach the mass of material which comes under the heading of “Comparative Religion” and in which there is no general agreement on sources of beliefs or on social values. Instead, we may do well to select things from various religions without too much comparison, and use them if they seem good. He thinks the stress should be placed upon the need to expand personal awareness and to encourage intuition so that the basic element of CONSCIOUSNESS in the universe can be better understood and even experienced. If, later on, we attempt to assemble ideas fitted to the several P.A. levels of intelligence, the six departments could be divided into as many grades as may be needed.


My reaction to this set of suggestions is that “College” at once suggests teaching, and that we are not teaching anything. We simply hunt for information and share what we find, not being sure that it is or is not valid and trustworthy. We also must be continually aware of the fact that what we believe today may not fit the evidence of tomorrow., Above all else, we must avoid being “frozen’ in our tracks” so that the later ideas are rejected, a cult formed and the slogan, “Believe this, or else” be printed on our banners.


A QUITE REPRESENTATIVE LETTER came from HRA W.M., of Buffalo, N.Y. who writes, “Might I ask WHY you propose a new religion? Why not use our HRA knowledge as it is and let it go at that? As a student of the HRA materials I have given many hours to reading and re-reading what you have written in the Bulletins and in your five books. I have accepted your findings because they make sense to me and give proof of many things I have read in the past.


“What would another religion mean to us? Haven’t we enough of them at present? Do we want a dogmatic one such as the Roman Catholic? Do we want one such as the Protestants have which can continually be broken down into one more segment? Last night we had 251 different denominations and this morning we may have a few more. As a Protestant, it has been a thought of mine for years: ‘How can there be so many diametrically opposite opinions on a religion?’ Everybody and his brother has a different interpretation when he reads the Bible. Or do we want a religion such as Christian Science, where not a word can be changed over a period of more than 75 years? If we have a set of tenets to begin with, what is to stop one from adding or taking away something from them? I believe we should also be open to what Science brings to light.


“NOW, HERE IS MY SUGGESTION: In reading your books I marvel at the miracles you bring to light. Not only what you have seen, but also what Dr. Brigham reported when you first went to Hawaii. Some of the lesser experiences, such as the materializations, I fully understand. I have seen materializations performed many times. But an outstanding miracle which you reported was that of the reviving of a drowned boy after an eight hour delay. That was a miracle of the first order.


“As I read your Huna Vistas, I note that many of your researchers are of an argumentative nature. Would they be fully in accord with any plan we might decide upon for another religion? I do not think so. But if they have been doing research on HRA lines, they must have hit on some of its truths. Take those simple truths and then try to add more of them to the collection. If we can get only a few of the wonderful things reported as done by the kahunas of years past, we will have done a good job. Let’s get into the study of healing in such a way that Huna students can obtain positive results. How about using our HUNA knowledge in getting better psychic demonstrations? I AM QUITE SURE WE CAN if we give our Huna a real try at psychic seances. I have often wondered at the immense power a group of sitters could exert if they all used the Huna method of building up the vital force. But Huna is not known to those who sell Spiritualism.


“I would like to have you use the Huna Vistas more toward extracting and reporting instances out of the realm of everyday experiences. Telling us in more ways how Huna has helped various ones. I don’t know how many members we now have, but in a recent H. V. you said there were 75 oversea HRAs. (We number 463 at this writing, about 425 of whom are other than “exchanges” or “complimentary.” MFL ) Knowing how other researchers have used Huna would help others to get more out of Huna teachings. Perhaps many have never given the Huna methods a real trial. From a psychic point of view, they all seem – as methods – so simple to demonstrate that results should be expected. Give these thoughts a bit of consideration, and let me hear from you ……..


MY COMMENT: Since first proposing the project of trying to gather materials and to outline a possible world religion tied to Psychology, I have been seeing the difficulty of using the old word, “religion”, and I have realized that the main value of such an effort lies in helping ourselves, as individual HRAs to take a long and questioning look at our own beliefs and try to fill in the holes as well as chuck out the inherited things which we see are useless. Personally, I have already had a very rewarding experience in such a re-examining of my all too vague ideas about Ultimate God. I have been pouring over books, old and new, always asking myself whether or not I had a satisfactory answer for the astonishing parade of questions which arise from reading aimed at getting a broad view of what men, ancient and modern, believe God to be. I agree most heartily that we do not need a new religion or cult. As I said in the beginning, I still say, we can measure all beliefs and theories all revelations and manufactured dogmas with the yardstick of Huna. It may be, as Wing Anderson (who, by the way is not an HRA) wrote, “kindergarden education”, but to me it seems to give in its ten elements all that is needed for our purposes, at least until we get to examining the beliefs and dogmas of the many religions. I agree heartily with the suggestion that our  best chance of developing a workable healing method lies in staying close to Huna. As to the use of spirits to aid in healing and the accumulation of mana surcharges by the seance members, I think that a most excellent idea. I have wanted to try it out in past years but could never find the right people or medium for the experiment. I did make a few preliminary tests and through them learned that with a surcharge of mana and the willingness to give it to spirits, one ran a great danger of attracting spirits of the lowest and worst kind, and that to give them access to one’s mana surcharge was dangerous. I encountered what seemed to be subhuman and wolfish spirits. Na kahuna of old allowed Aunihipili spirits to take mana from the victim of the death prayer, and to use up the force in typical poltergeist activities, throwing around the simple furnishings of his hut, making noises and the like. For the test to be made safely and properly, one would need a good medium and a very strong and good spirit guide who could stand guard and prevent the mana accumulated by the circle from being taken by low level spirits. In theory, at least Huna theory (of course), miracles can be performed if there is enough mana and the right entity to use it to break down present conditions and substances (aka forms also) and rebuild them in the correct aka mold. (The breaking down of aka forms is, supposedly, needed only when the form of some future event of a “bad” kind is encountered and must be broken down and replaced with the aka form of a desired event or condition.)


If such a seance circle undertook to heal a person suffering from the full or partial obsessive influence of one or more spirits, a complicated situation would arise. Such spirits feed on the mana of the victim, if we are to believe what we see happen in epileptic attacks where the victim is left unconscious and greatly weakened after an attack. We would have to work with the greatest caution in such cases and consider the mana surcharge something which would be as dangerous as a high explosive if put into the wrong hands. A spirit of evil nature, so armed, might take possession of the body of one of the members of the seance circle and refuse to let go. In the past few years I have followed with great interest (and sometimes anxiety) the experiences of four different HRAs who attended seances and sat in “development” classes in two instances, only to attract low level spirits to them and have much difficulty getting free’. One HRA and his friend, both having sat for development of psychic abilities in a class conducted by a greedy medium, were knocked down, tripped, pushed at the head of stairways to make them fall, and subjected to many “punishments” for leaving the class and breaking with the spirits assigned as guides and said to be good and moral. Only by sticking it out stubbornly did the two men outlast the spirits and get rid of them. In another case a very intelligent woman HRA set out to investigate seances and mediums in Los Angeles, only to find that she was threatened by mediums when she wished to stop attending their classes and seances, and often ran into frightening psychic attacks. But she, also, held her ground and got clear after a considerable struggle.


Our efforts to try to use Huna healing methods have never gone all out for several reasons, the main one being that none of us have felt that we could give our full time to such experimentation in healing, and the secondary reason being that the patients, if found, would hardly wish without proof of the efficacy of the method, to submit to the cleansing (kala) work to make them and their na Auninipili ready to accept the healing ministration. I described in detail the cleansing work done on me in my book,SSBM. I went to a woman kahuna to get help in selling my camera business, and was told to give up smoking and food until after noon for a week. I was also to give “until it hurt” to some charity. I had been examined psychically beforehand and found not to have the need of going to others whom I had hurt to make amends. If you have forgotten the account, pick up your copy of SSBM and turn to page 336 where it begins. It is good that we refresh our memory on the method in any event. (The Hawaiian healer mentioned in recent Huna Vistas as healing many Indians successfully is said to have used this same cleansing method when at home and when there is time for the patient to do what is necessary to impress his Aunihipili that the healing is deserved. I think that the statement passed on to me that I had Huna wrong in many parts, was aimed at the belief in the ability to heal without the aid of spirits rather than at the cleansing steps, the latter appearing to be universally accepted as standard by the Polynesian na kahuna.)


I still get letters begging me for the name of a powerful healer. They come from a woman who first wrote to me several years ago, and whom I was able to direct to a healer who had been successful in exorcising the semi-obsessed, as I took it she was. The treatment was progressing to the point of the final call to the “Light” to drive away the spirit, when it, apparently seeing what was about to be accomplished, took over and filled the patient with such fear of the doctor that she fled from his town without telling him she was going. As in every case where some healer has tried to rid her of the spirit, she turned on this doctor and began accusing him of coming at night to make psychic attacks on her. She describes in her letters the nights of horror in which she fights to retain consciousness and to keep the attacking spirits at bay. I believe she, as a person, greatly desires to be freed of the obsession, but that the spirit is strong enough to prevent her taking proper hypnotic or other exorcising treatment. It is a distressing case at best, and an example of the obsessional difficulties which seem at present to defy help. Perhaps the seance with the large supply of available mana may in the end be the answer. Tradition gives us the hope that “casting out devils” may yet be an art put into practice. (The famous work of Dr. Wickland is not to be forgotten. He drove the spirits out of the patients with static electricity and invited them to enter the body of his wife, who was a fine medium. Once in her, he could converse with them and often get them to see the evil of their ways and go with good spirit guides to live properly on their own level of life. Na kahuna used mesmeric shock methods of driving out spirits, and often controlled them by hypnotic suggestion, if I understand their methods correctly.)


THE QUESTION OF HOW MANY HRAs THERE ARE, brings up the possible question of why Cigbo and boss ordered 500 copies of the give-away paperback book. The full 463 have their stencils cut for their addresses, and all will get a copy, even the exchanges, so that our present work can be better understood. The extra 37 copies are to have on hand to be sent to those who may belatedly discover the HRA and wish to get back copies of the H.V. The back copies of the old HRA Bulletin have also been kept on hand, and now and again someone desires the full set. (As I write these lines, Cigbo is meowing cheers and waving two letters which arrived in the afternoon mail. In both of them the writers sent thanks for the book that they had received, and each sent a dollar to help Cig to finance the deal. The HRAs are very kind, and I have an idea that Cigbo is very much spoiled but he reminds me that he never forgets to meow his thanks for gifts sent him, and that he meows very loud for those who help him “over and above the call of due ty”.)


GOOD REPORTS ON THE USE OF THE HUDSON sleep healing method continue to come in. Children respond well. Animals also seem to respond, and this brings up the question of whether or not suggestion is being used in our astral travel at night when we set out to heal. (Or when we only make telepathic contact through a connecting aka cord with the one to be treated.) All we have to go on is the knowledge that there is often telepathic communication between humans and animals, as in the case of an HRA who found he could call his dog telepathically and have him come from wherever he might be – often some distance away. The “talking horses” which have seemed to possess mathematical information of a high order, and even the ability to predict the future to a certain extent, have not been proven to be directed by the telepathy of the owner, but this form of direction has not been disproven. In a celebrated case some years ago in England, there were men called “horse whisperers”. One of these was famous for his ability to take a horse which was quite beyond ordinary control, and by whispering into his ear for a time, make him gentle and tractable. Chickens seem to be put into a form of hypnotic sleep by holding them gently in a position such as they take when asleep, and by silently suggesting sleep while gently stroking the head.


HRA W.B., of Los Angeles , who has managed to get copies of all five of Dr. Hudson’Is books, has boiled the method down into a short form for us. He writes: “Use George (the Aunihipili) somewhat as a machine, although a part of us. Tell him to go underground when we fall asleep and perform as per Hudson. Wait with joyous expectation, and something works out.”


I COMMENT: It would be good if we were able to understand just why and how this method works, but, fortunately, this is not entirely necessary. A savage may have no understanding at all of what makes a match light when scratched, but will be able to use matches just the same. I continue treating four friends. One became we, to all seeming, and I gave thanks and stopped work on him. Shortly after that the old trouble came back, and work was resumed. I see him almost daily, and once more he is back to normal. An interesting try was for arthritic trouble in the arms. One arm is reported much improved, and thus encouraged, I am working hard to try to get both arms in shape.


NEVER FORGET THAT SELF-SUGGESTION IS A MARVELOUS THING when used in healing one’s self. From things told me in letters during the past few years, and from personal testing, I pass on the following instructions: Have a good talk with your Aunihipili and give all the arguments to convince it that you want healing or freedom from some habit such as smoking. Take plenty of time, three or more conversations over several hours or on up to three days. If over a few days, watch for a reply in the form of a dream. The dream may be symbolical and if one does not understand its meaning and message upon awakening and recalling it, ask at once “What does this dream mean?” The answer will usually come at once or in a short time. An interesting case was reported by an HRA who wanted to stop smoking and who set about convincing the Aunihipili that this was a good thing to do and also very easy because they would pray and the Aumakua would help them. He dreamed that he was in a storage building where a small boy was smoking in hiding. He lectured the small boy on the evils of smoking, and got only nasty looks from the youngster. Then in walked a young fellow who was eight feet tall, blond, powerful, and dressed in shirt and shorts for athletic work. The small boy had vanished. The dreamer said to the big fellow, “You sure have all the muscle you need.” The young giant nodded and the dream ended.


Upon awakening and asking for the meaning of the dream, the thought came at once that the powerful youth represented the Aumakua and that it stood ready to help. That day the thought was kept to the fore that when going to bed the self-suggestion would be given to stop smoking without the least discomfort, and that the prayer to the Aumakua would be made for help. By night the mental attitude had been reached of giving thanks for complete freedom from the smoking habit. The self-suggestion was made and the prayer. Next morning there was no desire to smoke, only the joyous feeling of freedom and the deep thankfulness for the help which had been given.


This reminds one of the Hawaiian way of “breathing power” into a prayer by dwelling long on it as well as making the approach to the Aumakua in prayer a matter of slow and thoughtful steps. Once the steps are taken, as laid out above, keep giving thanks for the answer from the Aunihipili and the Aumakua. Stop talking to others about the original trouble as their doubts as to the healing will act as a suggestion to revive the thing which was been disposed of. In breaking up the aka mould of a bad condition, the Aumakua may let the pieces fall on one’s head, and the condition may seem to become suddenly worse. But sit tight, stop thinking about the trouble in so far as possible, and keep before the mind the picture of the desired condition as if it had already come. This will build the new aka thought mould of the proper condition and also continue to reinforce the suggestion given the Aunihipili. Repeat the prayer and suggestion as long as needed, always, after the first action, giving thanks for the freedom from whatever it has been that has caused trouble. Once healed or helped, never look back to dwell on the old state. If it is remembered, give thanks that it was done away with and turn the mind at once to other things.


FOR THE CHRONIC AILMENT which has taken some time to develop, the above method may need to be put to use in such a way that a small improvement is asked for at a time, obtained, and then rejoiced over before setting to work to get another step forward toward a complete healing. Sight, hearing and ailments seeming to involve a greater change in the body to put right can be taken in the slower way. In difficult cases the old kahuna method of having the patient do cleansing acts should not be over looked. Physical acts which will make the Aunihipili feel that you deserve healing are powerful physical stimuli to make self-suggestion take hold and to cause the Aunihipili to be open to the help of the Aumakua. In making the suggestion that, for instance, one’s sight be bettered by a noticeable extent, be sure to tell the Aunihipili that the good deeds and sacrifices you have been doing and making cause you to deserve the healing and help. Be very sure that you do not have an Aunihipili which is clinging to an affliction as a means of escaping some obligation or a means of punishing someone near you. The Aunihipili often does amazing things to the body just to get even with someone or to get some attention or sympathy. Very often it carries over childish traits and wants to bawl and blame someone else when the toe is stubbed. The approach there is, “You are a fine, big, stout fellow now and can handle things for yourself.” A desire to “get well” so that you can begin doing something which you wish very much to do will be a fine carrot to dangle before the reluctant donkey of the Aunihipili. Dwell on how much you will love being able to do this or that or the other thing, and when you can, begin to do whatever it is, even if in only a token way. Try to see, to hear, to walk or hoe in your beloved garden plot. If one finds that one has a firm faith in something, be it Jesus, a saint, a rabbit’s foot or the act of performing a “novena,” by all means get the benefit of that faith in the process if possible.




BEYOND THE LIGHT by HRA Mr. Fay M. Clark, ($2.75, 80 pages, to be had from Pyramid Publishing Co., Hiawatha, Iowa) is a most important document to us just at this time when we of the HRA are trying to decide what  we as individuals think God to be. We ask about the nature of God from the ancient and modern religions as well as from Science. The answers we get come largely from revelations, and from the dogmatic statements of the founders of religions. The spirits who have given thick volumes of dogmatic statements do not agree. Whom may we believe? In recent years a building effort has been made to learn through hypnosis, self-suggestion and the use of rare drugs, such as found in the peyote cactus roots or buttons – mescalin – or in some rare varieties of mushrooms, a way to open the consciousness to let in the very substance of mystical knowledge and visions.


Harold W. Percival started the effort by throwing himself into a special condition and having stenographers take down the answers he gave to the questions of his associates. His replies and comments make a book of over 1,000 pages, Thinking and Destiny. Under hypnosis an entity which gave the name of Bridey Murphy appeared to speak of a past life and to dwell on some mystical materials. A similar use of hypnosis caused Irene Specht to enter the special state and answer questions as if from the mouth of her “God Self”. Now we have the condition reached through self-suggestion and the use of peyote by Mr. Clark, and his answers to many questions put to him by his friends. His description of his heightened sensory impressions is excellent and provocative, but for the student his answers are most important. They are often unexpected and cause one to pause to wonder whether such a thing could be or not. Always there is the question of whether the answers are being given by a spirit on the “other side” or because of a great expansion of mind to contact what he calls “God mind,” and considers part of a “superconscious”. On page 35 he is asked: “WHY DOES THIS MIND USE THE PHYSICAL BODY TO TALK THROUGH?” (Check the Huna idea that the Aumakua does not speak in words through the body.) The answer was: “I would rather not; I would rather not. It took me a long time. It took me a long time to learn to talk. You can’t make words unless you have a body to talk out of.”


This surprising answer does not suggest communication with a spirit who is listening and giving the answers through the living man. Spirits are always great talkers. They even wrote the 884 page book,Oahspe through the hands of a medium who sat waiting before his typewriter. Only crazy spirits fail to talk, and, even they gibber through mediums. Then, we ask eagerly, who or what was this entity which had to learn to use words? Was it the author’s Aumakua? Was it a level of consciousness so high that the denizens there used no words? Or, had he, as he guessed, expanded the upward reach of his normal consciousness to the point where he covered vast reaches of the God mind?


HRA Clark wrote his comments on his experiences before coming to know Huna, but many of the things he says point to Huna concepts very clearly. His comments are simple and cover at a leap many complications. He writes (page 79), “Searching for contact with God is simply searching for truth – truth for you today – not searching for truth yesterday or tomorrow, but today – right now – the God mind is within us, not in our reasoning physical mind ………..




IN OUR STUDY OF ANCIENT AND MODERN RELIGIONS we will sort materials and do a little thinking for ourselves. After recognizing the fact that the human mind cannot understand the way a divine mind may think, and after admitting that we cannot grasp the idea of anything which does not have a beginning and an end, limited by time and space …. we must go on to decide for ourselves, individually, what concept of FIRST CAUSE or CAUSELESS SUPREME BEING best satisfies us. For our purpose of discussion we will use the word “GOD”, although our concepts will not be limited by what we have been told in religions. Perhaps some questions may be put to act as guides in weighing the old ideas and those of our own time.


Shall I consider God as an original and eternal CONSCIOUSNESS existing without anything of which to be conscious, such as force or matter, space or time?


Shall I favor the idea that this basic CONSCIOUSNESS was a personal BEING, or something impersonal? Man can grasp nothing which is not colored by his own sense of being personal and apart. Shall we say that Consciousness, force and matter (the latter perhaps at first unformed and “etheric” in nature) existed together at the start of time limited “creation”, or shall we say that Consciousness created by an action of itself – thought – the force and subtle matter which were used to form the Universe?


Shall we reject the ‘single unit’ idea of Consciousness and accept Consciousness as a Duad in which it is divided from the start of material creation into the positive and negative or male and female polarities which we observe on all sides in Nature? Or shall we divide Consciousness to make it a Trinity, each part equal, such as we find in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost idea, or The Father, Mother and Son idea of some ancient religions?


Shall we go on to divide Consciousness as creation progresses, to have descending levels of lesser “gods” and “angels” some assigned to one task and some to another, with the dividing continued down through man and to the last and least atom, giving a sufficient consciousness to serve the purpose of living?


Shall we consider the First Something so good and just that IT could NOT create bad or evil conditions or  entities, the latter starting with a co-existing God who was perhaps equally powerful and who created bad and evil? Shall we say that because the Absolute is undoubtedly good, evil cannot have been created or tolerated, therefore there is no evil except in the eyes of men? That men are blinded to the absolutely good universe by some “maya” or built-in illusion peculiar to men?


Shall we say that Consciousness, force and matter are without beginning or end and must be looked upon as a vast Something always in a state of change, this change producing and destroying creations on the planet level, perhaps on an invisible level such as the postulated “etheric” or “astral”? Shall we say that in that part of this ever changing mass which we can observe, there seems to be a process of evolution from simple to more complex forms and units, and that evolution is the purpose of life? If so, to what goal are we humans evolving?



Constructing a Personal Religion

July, 1961



PLEASE READ AT LEAST THIS FEW LINES before throwing this issue into the waste basket. If you do not want the Huna Vistas and do not read them, please be kind enough to drop me a post card to say so. The reason for this request is that my ego has been deflated – to say nothing of Cigbo’s – in the past few weeks by the painful evidence that some HRAs throw the Huna Vistas in the wastebasket without a glance at the contents. One HRA returned the gift copy of the WORLDS GREAT RELIGIONS with a note to say that I must have thought that he had loaned it to me, but that it must have been someone else. Another HRA had the post office return the book as “refused,” apparently deciding that I had sent him something he did not order and for which he had no intention of paying. Two copies were returned without comment. One letter came asking JUST WHY I had sent the book to the writer and to a similarly bewildered fellow HRA. (I replied that my purpose in the sending was not to ask anything of anyone, but for purely selfish purposes because I wanted to refer to passages in the book and dared not copy them at length in the H.V. for fear of being sued for stepping over copyright bounds.) I am sure that there are a number of HRAs on the mailing list who have long since lost all interest in the H.V. or what is being said and done. They do not read the issues and do not write or try to pay a share of the expense of the sendings. If you happen to be one of these, DO have the kindness of writing a line to say “Drop me.” I will not be offended but, on the contrary, will be most grateful. (So much for that.)


FOR THOSE HRAs NOT INTERESTED IN THE NEW PROJECT (the survey of the beliefs of various religions in order that we may decide what we, as individuals, believe), I promised a time back to try to put material of different kinds in each issue so that at least a few items might be of interest. In line with this promise, let me begin this issue with things quite apart from Huna or the project of the moment.


HRA MRS. GERTRUDE SPRINGER has asked that I tell you all of her new $2 postpaid book, A HOBBY A DAY. It is a paperback which tells how to amuse oneself with many hobbies, and in which she tells how to make endless new things such as lamps, shades,dried weed arrangements, lovely gifts from almost nothing, etc. The book is illustrated and gives the proper formulas for no end of things. Good for any person or group needing something interesting to do which will also produce pleasing end products. A fine gift for young or old and will furnish mothers with simple projects to introduce to restless children. I have not seen a copy, but I am sure that from the pen and resources of this writer, the book will be valuable and delightful. Rt. 1, Box 264, Delton, Mich., is the address.


BIO RHYTMUS is the name given by HRA Marion Ver Hoven and husband, Ben, to the “tides” that rise and fall in the human body and mind, much as moon tides affect the waters of earth. As long as thirty years ago German studies were made and three tides or rhythms discovered and the periods between “High” and “Low” determined. At birth the three tides get going, and they continue through life. The tides come to a high for each one in a different length of time, and for a man not the same as for a woman. One trained in the work can take the time of birth of a person and make a chart for a given period which will show when the tides combine at “highs” and make for the best going, physically, emotionally and mentally. There is an excellent article on the subject in the June issue of THE JOURNAL OF BORDERLAND RESEARCH, which may be had for a dollar by writing care P.O. Box 548, Vista, Calif. (Other things in the same issue are very interesting also.) Some details may be had from Ben Mar, P.O. Box 805, Hesperia, Calif. If you wish your chart for a year to tell you when you will be at your best, send in $10 and your birth date. I have had the gift of my chart for the year ahead, and am interestedly watching to see how the high and low combinations affect me. Looks exciting. Might show when the Aunihipili is at its best in the “emotional cycles” and when the Auhane will be most able in terms of its particular “mental” tide. I’ll know more about the system after a month or so of observation.




The passing of the founder of THE ROUND ROBIN MAGAZINE and the Borderland Sciences Research Associates, and long our close friend, came  after a year of poor health and a short period of serious illness, ending May 16th.


Meade Layne, as we all called him, was a man whose natural curiosity was not turned to blunted materialism by a university education and M.A. degree. Not at all satisfied with the evasions of “Science”, he took every opportunity to investigate the strange and fascinating things of the psychic realms as well as those parts of the physical from which flying saucers and Foitean “falls” appear to emerge. In his Round Robin he was first to recognize Flying Saucers as genuine and to propound the theory that they materialize and dematerialize in our atmosphere – a theory which has not been bettered as yet. In the realm of Psychic Science he spent much time making first hand investigations of mediumistic phenomena, holding many sittings with Mark Probert and making him famous in a limited circle by reporting the communications of the several “guides”, often bringing out most intriguing information or speculative material.


In addition to a careful scientific approach, Meade could happily become mystic or poet in turn. Perhaps what delighted his friends most was his writing. With penetrating insight he could explain the difficult or expose frauds and pretensions. He was the born reporter and had a natural “nose for news”. For fear of overlooking something strangely important, he sometimes was too credulous, but always most entertaining even in making retractions. His monument should bear the symbol of the silk smooth pen tipped with light and attuned to melody. He managed to do the things he wished to do, what with the loyal help of Mrs. Layne, and any day now I expect him to be introduced at a Mark Probert seance by no less a personage than the great and learned spirit, Yada, or the amusing Lanford who asks the medium to assist him to the joy of a cigarette while he speaks through the body. Perhaps it is not too much to expect that, given time to examine his surroundings and peer with delighted expectation into dark corners, he will again be reporting.

Aloha, Meade.




This question arises because of strangely similar messages in a Polynesian dialect given to two different people and forwarded to me for translation. In the efforts of spirits to prove their reality in the past century, the “cross correspondences” have been messages which could not be explained away by reference to telepathy, mind reading or suggestion. In one famous case a spirit arranged through a medium for such a test and proposed that he give three different mediums parts of a quotation. The mediums were not acquainted with each other, nor were those sitting in the circles in three different cities. The spirit spoke through the three mediums, gave each a third of the quotation, and instructions to mail the parts of the message to a certain person. The orders were obeyed and the message, divided as follows, was put together: “No one … stops … to kick … a dead horse.”


WITHIN A PERIOD OF LESS THAN TWO WEEKS I received two messages, one from a professional medium who was a stranger to me, and one from HRA I. S. who had been using a combination of Huna and Scientology methods to help a young woman who, when the treatment was well along, was impressed to do a sitting Hula dance and recite lines in what sounded like Hawaiian. In both  instances the words were written down as they sounded and sent to me to study.


Both short sets of lines appeared, when studied, to be typical Hula chants of olden days. They were both filled with the double talk of coded and secret meanings. Both, on the surface, sang in praise of sexual union and its delights. Both, in the double meanings of the words indicated contact with the Aumakua and all the joys of interchanging flows of mana. Heavy rain, flowing and deep water, fine rain and aka threads symbolized by the web of the spider, high banks from which one leaped into the deep pool, the clearing of the way to enjoyment of the full contact – all the symbols of the ancient inner lore of Huna.


I reported the general meaning to the professional medium and soon the kahuna spirit guide sent me a very interesting message through her. “Honomoku (maker of ships?) has given me a message for you. First he has shown me your tapestry, as in an Oriental rug with a wide border of finely woven texture giving a strong protective force  denoting a refined person. Bright, exotic colors show a quick mind, eager to learn and a love of life and all it offers. Graceful swirls again show refinement, love of nature and of the arts, also idealism and imagination. The fine black lines show the correct negativity in their swirls – a proper balance, for where there is positive force, there must be a balancing negative force. Then I saw you on a mountain peak, arms raised straight out from the sides, palms downward. You took a deep breath, exhaled, and gloried in your position. Then a larger and higher mountain appeared to the right of your position – another pinnacle to reach. There is never a stopping place for very long – even the gods progress. I don’t know if you know, or have guessed, that at one time in Old Hawaii you were a kahuna of a high order and that your main mission in this life was to bring out the old teachings ……….


COMMENT: It would seem that with my books being read, the psychic preparation is being made that enables na kahuna in spirit to speak with the chance that they will be understood. I wait hopefully for one to come along who knows the full lore of Huna and who will instruct us. I’d love being  sure that I was once a kahuna in Hawaii.


SPEAKING OF THE KAHUNA SPIRIT, who gives his name as “Hono moku”, it is interesting to note a possible play on words here as well as on the Hula aforementioned. The usual name in which moku or “ship” or “canoe” is included, begins with hana, which means “to work at” or “to make”. In this case the word Hano is used, and it has the basic meaning of “to unite”, which points as a symbol of the Huna code to one united or in full contact with his Aumakua. However, the double meaning is seen in the fact that large canoes were often built by sewing together the wooden parts with native rope before tree gums were smeared over the seams to make them water tight. One is allowed by this typical double meaning code use to guess that this spirit kahuna considers his main teaching that of the necessity of “union” of the lower selves with the Aumakua, which is, of course, the thing upon which the whole Huna system turns.


For those of you who may have Hawaiian-English dictionaries or who know the Hawaiian, and who may be curious about the Hulas, let me give them as I have reconstructed them, but without the translation or secret code meaning, our idea of morality in the modern West being unlike that of the Hula dancers, who spoke of the sex matters freely while actually setting forth a deep religious secret in the double meanings of the words they chanted.


Ona Ipo a hena

Wau nui halua a (or kalua a.)

E pono, nui ka loa (From Honomoku.)

San? (Tan?) ah (?) hono (unite, as by sewing)

Pui ni wahini ka

Hila. noni ipo wau aya … aya! (Or Hilah vau noni etc.)

Kane nui oi

Kawa nana kili kawa

Nia luananana (As coming through the girl while doing

Kuami loa loa a sitting Hula dance. Recorded by I.S.)


A SPIRIT PURPORTING TO BE FROM VENUS is reported by by HRA L. H. who says he began noticing this visitor in his odd costume and with large ears some time ago and found him friendly. Becoming acquainted he identified himself as a spirit from Venus, and because she was writing to me, he gave her a message for me through automatic writing, even sketching a picture of himself for my benefit. His message follows.


“Dear Mr. Long: I am so happy to make your acquaintance via this note. The picture doesn’t do me justice. I am Warren Antonne from Venus. Many of us are on your earth planet in spirit to help hold the peace. We could not live here in a body. Neither could you live on Venus in a body. Earth people are wasting time and money trying to reach the moon. The Divine One created the people and planets for each to stay in its own sphere. We are much like you In body, but live much longer. We do not age or lose teeth and hair. We travel in air carts but do not walk on ground. We live by atomic power. We have always had television, as you call it, and can tune in on your programs. My children enjoy the horses. We do not ride them. They are pets for the children. With grace and love from our planet to yours. (Signed) Warren Antonne” (No comment. MFL)


PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS READINGS for you to check to see how your readings and my own match, this month cover Navy Commander Alan B. Shepard and his wife, taken from pictures of them in TIMEmagazine for May 12th. I read him, 357 degrees. For Mrs. Shepard I get 353 degrees. It will be noted that both have a normal clockwise leaning will pattern, and both normal and well rounded clockwise personality circles. No indications at all of spirit influences or complexes. He was reported as of very high I.Q. rating, and at 357 degrees that should fit. Also, at 357, he should be gadget minded and able to handle machinery extra well. His wife told reporters beforehand that she was completely sure that he would come through his flight with no trouble. She probably has a natural psychic sensitivity of high order which told her that all was well. At some other time, should she sense trouble, he would be wise to be forewarned and stay on the ground. (“Astronaut Allan B. Shepard, Jr.”)


WILHELM REICH, the psychoanalyst who, about 20 years ago, claimed to have discovered a force – Orgone – which could be collected by a simple instrument from the earth and atmosphere, and even stored to use for health benefits, makes an interesting subject for a P.A. reading. His discoveries were put down as frauds by the authorities and the sale of his instruments stopped. He spent some time in prison for refusing to obey desist orders, and finally killed himself. I have always suspected him of drawing a long bow, so my reading might be colored by my ideas concerning his invention and claims. I would be happy to have you run a reading and give me your results so that we could check. I took my reading from a picture of him appearing on page 75 of FATE magazine for June, 1961. I got 331 degrees. The will pattern would show a man of great determination but who could act destructively as well as constructively. His personality pattern is strong and round, but counterclockwise. Together, these two readings would, according to Dr. Brunler’s findings, warn of criminal tendencies. His degree reading at 331 is barely on the edge of the level where abstractions are grasped, and one would expect his inventions to hinge on gadgets. We might say, if my reading is at all correct, “An unfortunate incarnation” for him. Or we might ask, was he one of those who are just “naturally bad”?


THE T.M.H.G. (for Telepathic Mutual Healing Group) keeps to the time of California, and we sit together at 3 and 7 P.M. daily for 15 minutes, with me sitting to act as the center or exchange point, looking at the signatures of those who have need of help, and making the mental picture (thought-form structure) of the desired condition (not of the undesired one). The ritual (if one may call it such) was described in my book, Secret Science At Work, and the history of the plan outlined. California went on daylight savings time in April, so our clocks were set up an hour. In October the clocks will be set back an hour. In USA you can ask your telephone information girl what time it is in Los Angeles, and she can tell you at once. This will enable you to be sure you are keeping the correct times. However, some who cannot work at the regular time sit by themselves and send mana through the “braided cord” which we have constructed by our mental images to reach the Great Company of na Aumakua and strengthen them to create the desired conditions. All are welcome to join in the work, but a report is needed once each 30 days to tell me whether to continue working with or for one. The reports of help received continue to come in regularly, and to be sufficiently gratifying to make us wish to keep the work going steadily. A telepathic image, usually a scene in hills or of the sea and sand and rocks is often sent, sometimes a star or triangle may be used.




FOR OUR BOOK REVIEW this month, let me speak of a book sent in by HRA S.S.H. who got the author, Martin A. Larson, to autograph my copy, and whose signature was found to give a fine constructive will and personality pattern and 426 degrees (which delighted me no end, as such people are very rare, and as one may expect from such a writer and researcher, the greatest insight.).


The book is, THE RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT, a 711 page paperback with strong, sewed binding and fine large print. The book was the result of a study lasting four years and during which four million words of notes were taken. Price is $2.95 with postage about 14¢, and publisher is Littlefield, Adams & Co., Paterson, New Jersey. It belongs to the “New Students Outline Series”, and might be found in news stands or at a stationary store. It begins with the earliest religions from Egypt to India and on to China, covering in much detail the development of the old concepts and leading up to the study of Christian beginnings and early progress.


If Cigbo could dig up $1, 500, I would send you all a copy of this book to go with the little paperback already sent out. It is certainly the finest source book I have found for this part of the field, and the writer lays out the picture of what happened in a most delightful and sane manner, playing no favorites and accepting no person or spirit as an authority for anything. I shall often be drawing on Mr. Larson’s information and opinion as we go ahead with our survey of what we may or may not believe. There is only one thing to be desired that cannot be found in the book, and that is Huna and its beginnings and ramifications. But perhaps we can trace those threads as the tale unfolds and point them out for ourselves. A “must” book for all of you who take our study project seriously, and I am sure that many of you do. As a reviewer, let me quote a few passages to give the flavor of the book.


(From page 142) “The golden age of Buddhism, therefore, came in the third century, B. C. But its strength was also its weakness; it won adherents by revolutionary renunciation (of marriage, family life and property, giving rise to an order of begging monks which was a burden on the workers, MFL), but by the same token it cut off the source of wealth (on which the Brahman ruling priestly caste fattened) and, even worse, threatened the continuity of the race. Slowly, gradually, Brahmanism won back India, for even though it was an onerous system, it demanded labor, and encouraged human propagation. It absorbed a good deal of the Buddhist philosophy, including toleration, and became Hinduism. Buddhism itself, however, expelled from India, was constrained to modify its pristine doctrines in order to survive.” (Continuing on pages 144-5) “The only exertion on the part of the monks, we read, consisted in walking – a very healthy, and, we take it, necessary exercise for those quiescent saints. No wonder the poor, the despised, the downtrodden, the disinherited of the earth came flocking to the Buddhist order (the Samgha or Holy Brotherhood) by the thousands, where they could live, not only in comfort, but also in security and idleness.” (As a price for membership and salvation, the nobles and the rich gave their palaces and homes as well as wealth and sources of income to the Samgha, so the monks were well housed. The doctrine was that alms given the begging monks stored up karmic merit for the donor – merit to be enjoyed in the next incarnation. MFL)


Turning to the last summing up of his study of Christian doctrinal origins, the author writes on page 662: “It is true that the Eucharistic mystery was an integral portion of the Gospel Jesus, and not something engrafted upon it by the pagans, as were the Virgin Birth, the Logos Doctrine, Mariolatry, purgatory, etc. Yet both baptism and the Eucharist, like the ethics of the New Testament, were all of pagan origin. And so after six hundred years, the Catholic Church reduced its worship to a ritual very similar to one which had been practiced in Egypt for more than 3,000 years before the advent of Christianity; in Thrace for 2, 000; at Eleusis for 1, 500; by the Orphic  Pythagorean societies for 600; by the devotees of Mithra for 200; and by the Essenes for 150. And so the religion of Jesus Christ became an almost exact replica of the universal mystery by which the communicant became divine and immortal by essential union with his savior god.” (Changing bread and wine to the god and eating it as his flesh and blood. MFL.)


“So we note again that as it was in the beginning, so it is now: the consolation craved by the poor and the ignorant of ancient Egypt (keep in mind the average P.A. degree level of 250 of the masses) is still desired by their counterparts today in the United States and in Europe. The freedom and enlightenment offered by Ikhnaton, Epicurus, and Marcus Aurelius is not yet for the masses. (For those of the P.A. levels above 330 degrees?) Nevertheless, the struggle is not hopeless; the human race is still in its infancy. Less than twenty thousand years ago, a great icecap covered the northern hemisphere and destroyed all animal life. Six or eight thousand years ago, all Europeans were still savages and cannibals. Civilization was created by Iranian  Sumerians, who carried it to Egypt, which gave us Osiris, and the first savior god, whose mystery still reigns in the Christian Churches. It is fitting that this study should end with him, even as it began, our cycle comes to a full turn. And when the human race outgrows its need for Osiris by finding resources within itself, it will achieve its first plateau of maturity.”


In the back of the book, pages 663 to 711 are taken up by an excellent glossary, listing of sources of information chapter by chapter, and an extensive index.


YOUR MANY LETTERS TO ME have accumulated with passages and pages marked with red pencil as good to use in the HV, but space is so limited that it would take at least three whole issues to reproduce the interesting comments on our study project, to say nothing of letters dealing with healing and personal experiences centering on Huna information and practices.


I have read all letters and comments with care and have tried to weigh opinions, watch for proofs and try to be guided by the most thoughtful amongst you of the HRA. Of necessity I have to make the presentation of units in the study after trying to decide what comes first. In many letters the statement of a belief in the doctrines of one religion or another have offered proof from the teachings of the founders of those religions. Such proofs belong to a later stage of our study in which we will compare the accepted teachings from several sources. Just now we need to lay a very wide and very strong foundation on which to build. Our idea concerning the nature of A Creative Source must be examined and an agreement reached, if at all possible, on several dogmas and points of approach to fit the needs of the several different levels of intelligence as measured by Psychometric Analysis standards. It is obvious that we cannot force the ideas of God as a Being similar to man, only larger and stronger, on those who are thinking in terms of the Universe and of a Something which may be beyond the limitations of time and space. It is also very obvious that at the higher P.A. degree levels the individual will usually refuse to accept the teachings of the founders of religions, if they were men, or even if they were spirits offering supposed “revelations.” Beliefs at this level must be based on reason or personal  intuitional experience after the strange power of the mule-like stubbornly held beliefs in some one set of dogmas has been broken (if it has) by the individual. Religions describe The Ultimate, after which they offer a way by which the Source can be worshiped with magical potency to gain help here or hereafter.




STARTING WITH THE ADMISSION that the human mind cannot grasp the idea of an Ultimate Creator or God, we can borrow from the early sages of India the belief that it is well just to call it THAT, with no effort to describe characteristics, motives or essence of being. (See page 27 of The Great Religions, paragraphs 1 and 2.)


THE TAO CONCEPT of the Chinese (page 77-all) was less abstract and was seen as a Something standing in and behind all of Nature, also man. It is the “reality,” in contrast with the things that come and go.


In SHINTO (page 98-4 and 99-2), we find the belief that The Ultimate is to be seen in Nature, and in man because he is a part of Nature.


In JUDAISM (page 109-all) the idea of God being beyond our understanding was poorly outlined, if at all. He was given human characteristics and was subject to human type loves and hates. While the many gods of earlier systems were combined to make ONE GOD, the concept remained childish and fitted for the 250 degree man.


In CHRISTIANITY (page 130-4) Jesus, being of the Jews and possibly of Essene background, added nothing to the God concept of Judaism. (He was interested in God as something close and personal, the “Father” which matches the Huna idea of the Aumakua.)


In ISLAM (page 160 and 161-2) the ONE God concept of Judaism prevailed.


In BUDDHISM (page 64-4) the Brahman concept of the First Cause was little changed and speculation as to the “THAT” was forbidden.


In HUNA, which we are using for a basis of comparison, very little has been found in the words used by na kahuna to tell us their concept of First Cause. They probably had a word with which to name an indescribable abstraction, but all we now have to guide us is a name word with a double or Huna coded meaning which really belongs to the next step of our study in which we examine the ideas of the Abstract God as it begins to manifest or create. This word is Hawaiki and is the name of the place from which the Polynesians came. It is Hawaii, the ‘k’ dropped in the tongue of Hawaii. Ha as a root word is the symbol of accumulating or CREATING mana. The root wa is “water,” the standard Huna symbol of life force or mana. The root ki has several meanings, but in the code it is “because of this or that”, in other words, the inner meaning of the word is First Cause composed of a consciousness which is able to create mana or living force. The CONSCIOUSNESS is not described in any way, but is identified as the Something which caused life force and, it follows rationally that the mana was made and that it was the material out of which was created all substance and form. This is startlingly like the modern scientific idea that all matter is made of units of energy, polarized and in motion. If the motion stops, the energy vanishes and matter goes back to nothingness. The root ki also has the meaning of “to speak, or utter a word” such as a single word of command spoken by a chief to start a battle or start the building of a temple. It may be the concept from which that of the “Logos” or creative “Word” was derived.


OTHER ANCIENT RELIGIONS usually began their theology with the manifestation of the First Cause, not pausing to ask the condition before creation was started.


MODERN INVENTED AND REVEALED RELIGIONS usually begin their descriptions of First Cause with its manifestation as something already at work.


CHRISTIAN SCIENCE seems to consider God as already at work when first contemplated. As God can be the only reality, all material things are unreal and do not actually exist in terms of the greater Reality. (Dualism creeps in, however, to explain “malicious animal magnetism” after an odd fashion.)


In OAHSPE, a modern revealed religion, there seems to be little stress placed on the condition of the ALL ONE before manifestation begins in creation.


In THINKING AND DESTINY, statements of supposed facts concerning life and religion, obtained by Percival by asking directly of “Consciousness”, gives us the concept of REALITY as CONSCIOUSNESS, taking into account the play of force and the creating of form and material only as creativity manifests. Consciousness is said to be beyond the limitations of time and space.


In THE URANTIA BOOK which is composed of 2,097 pages of spirit dictated statements covering religion and life, there seems to be a concept of a First Cause which is everlasting and beyond time and space, but which is only described when the manifestations of creative action are discussed.


OTHER MODERN RELIGIONS such as Bahai and offshoot cults of the older religions, offer little concerning the unmanifesting ULTIMATE, each beginning serious consideration by setting forth dogmas concerning God as creation starts and progresses – or, in some cases, as it may be when all ends with some form of “Last Judgment”.


In EXISTENTIALISM a First Cause is ruled out by simply accepting the whole of the Universe as something which has always existed in some form and which will always continue to exist. In this way the inability of the mind to grasp a thing which has no beginning or end is no longer a difficulty. In Brahmanism there was offered the idea of a God which was a great NOTHINGNESS, so to speak, but which roused itself to create the Universe and run it through a life cycle extending for many long years, and eventually ending while God again assumed the unmanifest state. This fitted nicely with the idea of eternal existence and of periodicity to match night and day, the in and out of breathing, the alternation of the seasons etc. However, even this expedient only puts off the questioner for a time. As long as time is considered something enduring and real, there must come a time when even the cycles of Brahma stop. If they stop, then they must have started at some time. And, to complicate the thinking, even after ALL ceased to BE, time would still be marching on, a strange and eternal thing in itself. Space could be thought of as vanishing with the coming of a “Night of Brahma” when all ceased to manifest, but even at that it is hard to think of space as ceasing to exist just because there is nothing to fill it.


So, by accepting things just as we find them and by using either one of two escape hatches, we can proceed. We can say that our idea of time and space is wrong. Or, we can say that the Universe and whatever God there may be inside or outside of it, has always existed and always will, constantly changing, but never vanishing.


Then how shall we look upon what we call “GOD”? THIS IS A QUESTION to be answered by each of us according to his preference for rational thinking or for some accepted dogma. In terms of the P.A. levels of intelligence, we would expect those of the average of the HRAs to use their reason in solving the problem of Creation and its purpose. On the other hand, the chains of fixed or complexed beliefs prevent even the most intelligent from considering the facts before us. And the lower the P.A. level, the stronger the fixed beliefs hold one. It is painfully probable that several HRAs of high level readings will read this H.V. and sit down to write to me to say that they know God created everything as described in Genesis and that they know because the Bible says so, and because they know the Bible to be THE WORD OF GOD.


Most of us have been eager to make up our own minds. We were willing to reject the inventions and revelations of men and spirits, but we have had such a hard time to get books which would give us the plain facts needed to allow us to think out the answers for ourselves. Organized religions and cults, including Philosophy and Science, have prevented us from seeing the facts as they are. But perhaps we can now assemble enough information to allow us to come to reasonable conclusions instead of having only the dogmas of others to consider, sort and wonder about. This includes the HUNA of the pre-Polynesians as well as all other systems of thought and belief. We are “on our own” now, if we can get past the childhood training in religion and the materialism of Science.


I do not know what you may decide to believe about the Something responsible for what we know as the Universe, but for me, at least until I find more light on the subject, I prefer to admit that the human mind cannot grasp the far reaches of intelligence and power which must be the ingredients of whatever it is that turns the wheels of the Universe and of my small self as a part of it.


For me the simple approach seems best. I need not worry about how the old trees in my grove were engineered and caused to be what they are. I can stand down in the grove with a hand on a cool gray limb and find peace and contentment in the feeling that the great and wonderful Something is all around me and that life and order moves under sure laws or direction. I recall that someone said, “Be still and know that I am God”, and I find this a most satisfactory thing to do.


I cannot sense the Something or the Totality of Nature with any one of my five limited senses, but I can drink in the beauty and wonder of a blooming flower or of the distant hills. I cannot join the mystics at will and cause myself to produce a “realization” of the final and basic Reality, nor do I particularly wish to do so. I have sensed the strange white light and its other  worldliness. I have gone far enough in Zen to experience the ability to feel my individual beingness without even the memory of my body and the things connected with it. Yes, it was all very real and very wonderful to recall later, but there is more wonder and beauty to be seen for the asking at any time in a flower, a perfect snail, or a wisp of cloud. I have arrived at the point at which I feel the urge to hurry is easing up. More and more I am convinced that we are given all the time needed to pause to enjoy the good in living and to claim beauty as a reward – a reward perhaps unearned but given in a way that suggests endless love and care and watchfulness. That is how I feel about the problem of how we got here and why. You will make your own approach, but we shall not be too far apart. How wonderful to be free of dogmas!



A Breakthrough in Psychometric Analysis

August, 1961



A discussion of Obsession by spirits and the use of P.A. to measure the levels of both the person and the obsessing spirit, with the Aunihipili reading each separately. Book Reviews: THE RED SEA Is Your Blood, from the pen of Alvin Boyd Kuhn, PhD; AMERICA – TOO YOUNG TO DIE, by Maj. Alexander P. de Seversky; A NATION OF SHEEP, by Wm. J. Lederer; OBSESSION BY VERY ODD SPIRITS by HRA H.B., a Spiritualist minister and a gifted psychic. A Survey of Religion and Psychology – Part Four.


GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!


Let’s all keep our fingers crossed lest this turn out to be a “flash in the pan”, but if the preliminary findings prove out as now expected, we of the HRA have made a breakthrough of great significance. Just how great and how important it is, will depend on what we can later do with the fresh knowledge which seems to be available to us in the healing angle of the Huna restoration and work.


THE BREAKTHROUGH has come in the field of PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS. In the past few weeks I have been under considerable pressure in my position of center point of the TELEPATHIC MUTUAL HEALING GROUP work because of calls for participation in the healing of the circumstances and conditions of loved ones who appear to be suffering from the influence of “eating companion” spirits. My usual practice in such cases is to make a P.A. reading from the signature or photograph of the person needing help, and to watch for the abnormalities in such readings. As you know from my bookPsychometric Analysis and from many discussions in the Bulletins and the HVs, there are certain movements of the pendulum in the readings which we have come to associate with the partial or complete obsession of the subject by spirits. These spirits may be of the Auhane sort, or of the Aunihipili level, or may be normal spirits having both selves together. The indications appear in the “will” pattern or the “personality circle” of the reading, or in both.


A PECULIAR THING which has long bothered me in making readings is that now and then the same person would give two or more degree level readings. I thought at first that this might be because I failed to read correctly. At last it dawned on me that in most of the cases where such a variation of degree reading appeared, there were indications of spirit influence. For a time I thought about this possibility, but came to no conclusion as to the possible significance of the fact that I actually WAS registering the degree standing of the subject AND THE SPIRIT.


WHEN I SUDDENLY REALIZED ONE DAY that my Aunihipili must have been able to contact the spirit and read its degree as well as that of the living subject, I jumped to the conclusion that the will and personality readings must have been a mixture representing both subject and spirit. At the moment I had three cases of apparent spirit influence calling for better understanding, and so was able without delay to test my conclusion by asking my Aunihipili to read separately for the living person and the spirit. Success came on the first attempt, and the subject of the reading registered as normal and constructive in the Auhane “will” pattern and the Aunihipili “personality” circle. The degree was 347, and it repeated at the same degree, although I had, in an earlier attempt to get a correct reading, been given it as 327. For the spirit whose influence had been suspected, the reading was entirely different. Where the subject’s “will” swing went to 2 o’clock on the P.A. chart face, the spirit’s registered strongly at 12 o’clock – which is for the living the indication of the trained hypnotist accustomed to exerting his perfected power of will to influence others by “suggestion”. To my surprise, I got no personality circle at all for the spirit. This development called, of course, for the conclusion that there was no Aunihipili spirit involved in the obsessional influence which at times is evident. The degree reading for the spirit came at 293, or 54 degrees lower than that of the living person. IT IS MOST INTERESTING to note that in my earlier reading for the subject from picture and signature, I had received a combination of the two “will” swings, one at 2 o’clock coming first, then changing to one at 12 o’clock. The degree reading had, apparently, come as correct (347) for the living person, and then as an average for the man and the spirit at 327. The 327 degree had been discussed by letter with one who knows this gentleman well, and seemed decidedly too low for his demonstrated abilities. In the combined reading the personality circle wavered, but for the man alone, it was steady, well rounded and clockwise.


THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT NEW ANGLE and I would like very much to have the help of those of you who have learned to make a P.A. reading from a picture. As I write this, I have before me the picture of Abel B. Aragon, clipped. from a newspaper account dated July 9, 1961. This man has been in the news because he killed a woman, badly wounded a male companion, and kidnapped the woman’s 15-year-old daughter, who, at this writing, is supposed to be dead. (You will probably be able to find a picture of this man at your library in newspaper files or in TIME.)

Aragon was respected in his home town in Utah as a good man and kind father. He was a coal miner but out of a job. The motive for the attack on the three from Connecticut was robbery, the killing following the taking of $250 from the man before shooting him twice. Aragon had  been given the second highest medal for valor for exploits in the Marines in the fighting on Guam when he was but 19 years old.


Please run your readings and then check with mine and let me know your results. I got my first reading for the man combined with a possible obsessing spirit. I ran this preliminary reading to see if  it would give any hint of obsession. Unless I had known what the man had done, I would have put his reading down as a little unusual, but not indicative of obsession. I would have said “A man of will and determination and with some block in the Aunihipili to warp the personality circle. Intelligence level low, and probably that of a foreman. My first reading was:  [image]  285 degrees. My second reading was made only after asking my Aunihipili via the pendulum if the man had a spirit connected with him,  and getting a “yes” swing in answer. I called for the reading of the spirit, and got [very bad image] 314 degrees, this being much higher than the combination degree reading, and placing the spirit in the dangerous 300-315 level where so many go wrong and become criminals. The odd part is the almost complete lack of a personality circle to indicate a Aunihipili spirit taking part in the obsessive action. The pendulum made only a faint movement side to side on the 9 to 3 o’clock axis of the chart. Here, again, is the hypnotic will swing which grows more and more familiar in cases where the spirit can command the victim.


My third reading was for Aragon, the living man himself, and I got [bad image] 263 degrees. Here the “will” swing was weaker, being down to about 2:30 o’clock on the chart, and suggesting that he was rather easily commanded by the spirit. The Aunihipili “personality” circle came well rounded and clockwise, indicating normal goodness and constructive drives. The degree reading, having dropped to 263, gives us NOT the foreman, but the ordinary coal miner who needs to be given his orders. In the light of these readings, one can only wonder whether or not the spirit took charge during the fighting in Guam and gave the drive and determination which caused the winning of the high valor medal. One also wonders whether the spirit supplied a “killing instinct” for the time of the fighting that was beneficial but which was disastrous when the good and simple man decided he would have to turn to robbery as a means of making ends meet. One may also ask whether the spirit took over when the officers of the law found him in his car and he moved with swift decision and valor to shoot himself. The spirit may have been very little concerned in the early fighting with the Japanese about the life of the man he had elected to live with as an “eating companion”. The same lack of concern may have been shown in causing a weak man to become decisive and kill himself.


HOW MANY OF US MAY HAVE “EATING COMPANION” SPIRITS and not suspect their presence in the akas? The question takes on importance, now that we see that spirits may not be indicated in ordinary readings. On the other hand, many people have “familiar spirits” whose voices they hear, but whose presence they keep secret lest friends think them crazy. Consider the following letter and the resulting P.A. readings: (from a California HRA.)


“Mr. Long, you often mention the fact that others seem to hear (what they consider) the voice of the Aumakua. Has anyone heard the voice of the Aunihipili? I have heard a voice for eight years. It does not seem to be another entity or wise enough to be the Aumakua. This is how it works: I think of something, the Voice, as I call it, picks it up and discusses it. It seems to know everything I think or feel. I can listen or not as I choose. It is very polite and never speaks unless I do listen. Sometimes I will not listen for days. By this, I mean, it makes no harmful suggestions. It does not seem to have original thoughts of its own, but only discusses my thoughts. It has a great sense of humor. I have very little, and seldom laugh, although I laugh a great deal over its foolishness. I had never experienced the relaxation of laughter before. Often it acts like a psychotherapist and forces me to think a subject through to a conclusion. I am inclined to throw up my hands at a weighty subject. It is interested in everything I do or think as I am myself . . . . It is a strange experience and I can see no good or harm from it, and do not understand it at all. Somehow I do not think it is the Aunihipili, but it may be some phase of it. It could also be a part of my Auhane. Perhaps you have heard of a similar case and can add some light on my problem, if it can be called a problem.”


To make a long story short, signature tests after the new manner were run with the following significant results: First: a reading for the combined self and spirit, as in the every day readings: [bad image] 283 degrees, then 373 on a recheck. Second, for the HRA herself: [bad image] 373 degrees. Third, for the Voice: [image] 283 degrees. NOW NOTE that here the living person has the hypnotic will pattern and normal constructive “personality” pattern or circle. She easily controls the entity, who is destructive in the 10:30 o’clock will swing, but constructive in a warped way in its flattened but clockwise circle which has the axis on the counterclockwise leaning side. One may decide, using the usual rules of P.A. readings, that the Voice spirit is one having a Auhane as well as a Aunihipili, and that while the Auhane has a destructive “will” swing (which might explain why it elects to bother the living), it is partly constructive in its own strange way. Its degree reading is that of slightly better than average intelligence.


We have a puzzling thing that must be kept in mind in the fact that we can get a degree reading for an obsessing spirit which shows no indication of having its own Aunihipili with it. Can it be that such a spirit is a Auhane which has lost its own Aunihipili (a thing na kahuna considered commonplace), but when fastened to a living person, can then use its Aunihipili and draw on its memories? We must watch this point and observe any evidence which may show such a use of resident memories.


THE PROBLEM OF HEALING or “casting out” obsessing entities should be made easier to solve if, by the P.A. reading, we can know just what type of entity is involved in the individual cases. The medical fraternity has long used “shock therapy” to dislodge invading entities, although they are not supposed to exist. Spiritualists have made progress with their system of asking spirits of a high level of goodness and power to assist in removing the unwanted spirits. In the June, 1961 issue of “The Journal of Borderland Research” appeared an excellent article on Brazil’s fine hospital run by Spiritualists and using teams of mediums as well as medical doctors to treat the mentally ill, 70% of whom suffer from obsession of the type under discussion. The average length of treatment is 45 days, and only 7% fail to be set right. The poor are housed, fed and treated free but those who can pay, do so. (It is to be hoped that with the recent translation of my early books into Portuguese in Brazil, the Huna concept of spirits will spread and be helpful. Perhaps we can see a way soon to get across the information concerning the new P.A. reading tests.)


EXCELLENT HEALING RESULTS were recently reported by an HRA in Vancouver, Canada. He is a medical doctor who has taken Huna seriously and has been working on Huna lines. He writes: “I can report a case of obsession, verified both by clinical behavior and P.A. reading. By treating with mana, followed by hypnosis, teaching the patient to gather mana himself and to ask his Aumakua to remove his trouble, he was completely freed from occupation – which had been present from childhood, age now 33 – in about three months. There was improvement from the first session. Sessions came weekly. Free now for 3 months, unheard of previously. The P.A. reading taken at the beginning of treatment in January of 1961 showed the combined man plus spirit reading of [very bad image]. The degree reading when taken from the left hand was 270, from the right, 281. I was sent the signature from which the first reading was taken and ran a check, getting all the same except that I got 274 degrees, apparently an average of the two levels. The reading made for the patient in late June was also sent to me, and with it the signature to check. The doctor’s reading and my own checked in everything except that I had a degree reading half a degree lower.! Here is the reading: [bad image] 287-288. It is very important to note here that the degree reading of the patient had risen from 270 or 281 to 288 after the treatment. It is even more important to note that the “V” will pattern which indicated a destructive side to the spirit and a sensitivity to suggestion on the part of the patient, changed to a combined hypnotic and constructive swing when the spirit was removed. The strong will now indicates the ability of the patient to keep control of himself, although the circle is still a bit warped.


IF WE CAN NEXT FIND A WAY TO GET A READING of the Aumakua, apart from the reading of the lower pair of selves and of spirits who may be attached to the living person, we will have completed a great stride forward. Have you any ideas on this? Do your own experimenting, and let me know how you make out. If I can work out a method, I will shout the news of it from the house tops. How I wish Dr. Brunler, father of the Biometric Reading System, were still with us to see what we have done and assist in progressive work.




I am indebted to HRA Clifford Howard for a gift copy of a 64-page book, THE RED SEA Is Your Blood, from the pen of Alvin Boyd Kuhn, PhD, whose scholarly studies are known and valued by many of us. In this, his latest work, he goes back to Egypt and the Old Testament as well as to similar sources, to make a case for the belief that the “Red Sea” symbolized human blood. From this symbol he ranges far and wide, from the symbols of fire and water to those of earth and heaven, presenting a wealth of significant material for the student, and interesting reading for those who run as they read. The price is very low, only one dollar, so add 9¢ for postage to encourage the labor of making such material available. Address: The Academy Press, 125 Murray St., Elizabeth 2, N.J. (Double the postage for overseas orders.) The book was printed expertly by HRA Howard, who has a printing establishment in Elizabeth and who had this job Verityped and then ran it by offset, thus being able to use italics freely.

AMERICA – TOO YOUNG TO DIE, by Maj. Alexander P. de Seversky, and the book following, do not fall under the heading of Huna or religion, but were sent to me by two of the HRAs who feel them to be so important to our well being as Americans that they should be mentioned in the HV. Maj. Seversky, who seems to make his living manufacturing airplanes and who is a designer of them, bears down on the danger of the Reds taking us over because we lack planes. He dwells long on the many blunders of our military men and politicians. His picture is on the back of the dust jacket. Make your own P.A. reading and decide for yourself  how far you care to go with his conclusions.


A NATION OF SHEEP, by Wm. J. Lederer is the second book, and it also has a picture on the dust jacket inviting you to make a P.A. reading of the author. This book warns us against the fact that we are kept ignorant of the true circumstances about such thing as Formosa and Laos. One might say that what he is telling us is that the mass of U.S. citizens are too low in P.A. degree levels to think for themselves, and that, given assurances that “all is well”, will follow like sheep any leader who can struggle to the head of the thoughtless and helpless flock. Have a look at the books yourself and make up your own mind. (HRAs are not supposed to take much stock in what MFL says in the pages of the Huna Vistas. Not being sheep, they make up their own minds, what?)


OBSESSION BY VERY ODD SPIRITS may be a very real danger. HRA H.B., who is a Spiritualist minister and a gifted psychic, has written of her success in healing obsession by laying on hands. She says: “as I laid hands on a woman, I saw two of the queerest looking things jump from her and walk right through the wall. The best description I can give is that they looked like those one-line drawings with single lines for body and limbs but with a big round head ……. (The healed woman) had been plagued by them for over 14 years and had found no help. The spirits had come to her when she became very jealous of a sister on the night the sister’s wedding cake was being cut. Na kahuna had names for these subhuman entities. We call them “elementals” sometimes.




Please note that the heading has been changed from, “Constructing a Personal Religion,” as the idea of compounding a religion displeased many of the HRAs.


LAST MONTH we discussed the idea of God as an abstraction, before becoming manifest in acts of creation. We found that in the most evolved religious systems of the ancient peoples, little interest was held by something which was beyond the power of the mind to imagine. Attention, and the bulk of interest turned, rather, to the things more easily understood or imagined as sages and spirits offered speculations and “revelations” (much as they continue to do today).


TIME AND SPACE had to be included as things which were created as almost the first items. If, in our effort to simplify the complexities of the many religious and psychological systems, we can bear in mind the fact that the time space limitations of concepts threw the sages and spirits, we can play the game with much less danger of being “thrown for a loss”, to use modern football terms.


My argument has always run something like this, “If First Cause created everything, IT must have created time and space, and if IT did, IT certainly cannot be said to be limited in any way by time and space. THEREFORE, IT and all creation can continue to BE without the limitation of time and space. IT may have a CREATION which has been ETERNAL, never having to have a beginning or an ending, and never having to be limited by space.” For those who could accept this idea, the Universe became simply something that EXISTED and would continue to do so, regardless of time and space. For those who could not give up the idea that time and space were greater than First Cause and must have existed even before IT, the problem of making explanations became one of many contradictions and thus, of endless complicated inventions and of efforts to plug loopholes.


AS WE WILL USE HUNA AS A YARDSTICK in trying to get the measure of the many systems of belief, let us see what the words used by na kahuna were for “time and space.” But first recall the discussion last month of the word Ha wai ki as the “PLACE FROM WHICH THEY CAME” of the Polynesians, and its symbology, the latter indicating that na kahuna did not start from the abstraction of a NOTHINGNESS which, under the limitations of time, eventually roused and produced Creation. The contrary is suggested by the word root symbols. Consciousness, speaks the WORD of command and breathes out the Breath of Life, creating the mana or life force with which all things are formed. (Modern science gives us “energy” as the thing from which all else is created, but still remains stubbornly silent about the Consciousness which makes and uses the energy.)

Na kahuna of old presented first their idea of Consciousness acting to create mana and from mana energy, to create all material things. But as soon as this creation had been symbolized in a name, (Hawaiki), both time and space were added to the picture in the symbolic word, mana wa, which means time as well as space. Here we have mana at work, and the wa root indicates no actuality or reality in time or space, only what separates events and things. Cycles, apparent beginnings and endings, or periods of continuation with slow change: all these are in themselves nothing. Time space (the “continuum”) are real only in terms of mana put to work.


In other words, if nothing is being done, neither time nor space are required for the NOT doing.


ONCE FREED FROM THE TIME AND SPACE limitations of CREATION, there is no need to try to explain how things were created in any BEGINNING. All that is necessary is to do as did na kahuna of the inner schools and say, “Things just were, and are, and will be.” No day or night of Brahma cycle (maha pralay ) needs to be assigned a beginning or an ending. There is no need for a “Day of Judgment” or “The End of the World”. Eternity becomes really eternity, and within it can be postulated endless cycles of growth, change or repetition.


THE PROBLEM OF GOOD AND EVIL has been one confronting the sages from the earliest days. They usually accepted at the very start of their speculations a veritable millstone of dogma which continually threatened to drown them in a sea of contradictions. This was the very reasonable belief that God, as the Creator, could not have created evil, He being Himself only complete and perfect good. Later on in our survey, we will consider the several clever ways in which the founders of religions got around this contradiction with the invention of the story of revolt in Heaven and the “Fall,” or with the explanation that good and bad were natural conditions in the whole of Creation, but that as God is good, and as he must be the stronger, He will eventually overcome bad. The bad was personified as some form of Devil. Or, the fact that evil was seen to exist in a world created by a totally good God was met with the explanation that evil was, after all, just an illusion. It really did not exist. In modern religious cults we have the denial of “error” as a method of doing away with it and replacing it with “good”. (This, of course, belongs to the subject of “Magic,” which we will look into in due time as we view with bright interest the many surprising and often illogical methods invented to combat evil and bring good.)


Turning again to na kahuna and their system, we may well ask what they did about the contradiction of evil in a world created by an entirely good Creator. Here, in so far as words for “good” or “evil” are concerned, there is little to enlighten US. Early na kahuna might just as well have said, “There is nothing needing an explanation, because good and evil just simply ARE. ” Or they might have said, “Badness is simply a lack of goodness. Bad things can become good, and good things can become bad.” However, they had a picturesque symbology which they used in discussing the states, good or bad. Po, or darkness, symbolized all that was evil, while La, or light, symbolized all that was good. There was darkness in the evil man, but it could be driven out by light. This symbol of dark and light is to be found the world around as we study ancient religions. Na kahuna may not have invented it, but on the other hand, they may have been the originators and may have shared their symbol and ideas with many others in far parts.


The thing that seems to point to a Huna origin of the symbol is that in the language of na kahuna the word for light, la, becomes with an added “a” the word for all goodness, for all sacredness, and for the white light observed when contact is made with the Aumakua. La is the sun (Ra in the Egyptian). (Perhaps I am wrong, but up to now I have failed to find the name for daylight, the sun, or something sacred and good and holy, interchangeable with the same basic roots.) (Can some of you who are familiar with the religions of India and the Sanskrit check on this point for us?) Not having to have a beginning or end, na kahuna did not have to specify an end to evil at any reform of the Devil. Their word,ki no stood for “the human body” (among other things), and in the Hawaiian, the customary dropping of the ‘Y’ at the beginning of the word gave ino, or “hurt”, “evil” or “BAD”. The id root has been seen in the word Ha wai ki, indicating the Creative Consciousness of First Cause. The root no, may be said to show that where something is bad, it is not perfectly created, as no means, “to leak out, as water”, and in the symbol of water for mana, we see the energy used in the course of creating being lost to such a degree that the thing made is imperfect. An evil person is said to be “crooked” or improperly made. If he is “made straight” he is made good. On examining the word for “uprightness or good” we find that it also means “to make straight”. This word is po lo lei and the first root, po, tells us that evil symbolized as “darkness” is in the evil person. The second root, lo is an intensive, so we have “very dark”. The third root,  lei, is “to cast out”. This all adds up to the intimation that some very bad forms of evil are caused by evil spirits who must be cast out by the kahuna before the person is “made straight” or “good”.


THE DOGMA OF THE IMPOSSIBILITY of the First Cause creating anything evil, is certainly not Huna. Moreover, it is not in accord with what we see on all sides as we look at Creation. It is quite apparent that man’s idea of good and bad does not match the idea of the creator of all things. Men have hated and feared serpents, for instance, and have thought of them as the very essence of “badness”, but from the point of view of God, or perhaps of a serpent, a normal and healthy snake is a very good thing. Like time and space in the view of modern Science, goodness and badness are also relative. It would appear that many forms of life which are a danger to man, serve very well as vehicles for the manifestation of that great Life Force which acts under the direction of Consciousness to make everything from a germ which may kill a man, to a man who may kill a multitude of germs. Aside from the evidence that indicates the probability of obsession by evil spirits, there is little or nothing to make us think that a Devil exists and makes evil things – or things we, as men, consider bad, ugly or dangerous to us.


EVIL SPIRITS may well have been the starting point from which all theories of god like devils were unfolded. Men have been psychic from the earliest times, and have been well aware of spirits, both good and bad. Fortunately, we do not have to accept the theory of Sattu or Dark Beings in order to understand the simple process of dying and remaining on the earthy level to live with those still in the flesh, influencing or obsessing them so that they appear “evil”.


ORIGINAL SIN is propounded in the West to explain “sin” or evil in some religions. It is a substitute for the idea that Satan wars with God and makes much of humanity sinful and evil. In this strange explanation, all men are classified as evil from birth. They are evil because they have been born in sex sin, and because they have not been “SAVED”. It follows that because many refuse to be “saved” through a proffered “salvation,” they remain evil and infect the earth. One dogma must be laid over another to make this explanation seem anything but silly.


“FREE WILL” and “PREDESTINATION” should be included in our list of items under the heading of Good and Evil. The argument is that if God is all knowing, He knows, exactly what every man will do from birth to death, therefore, man cannot possibly have “FREE WILL” and do what he elects to do, be it good, bad or indifferent. Here, again, we have a dogmatic belief concerning the nature and power and intentions of First Cause which has no foundation in fact. It is a theory which sounds reasonable, but which is disproved the moment we pause to look around us. Man HAS free will. He can decide what he will do, change his mind several times, and end up by doing nothing. To say that God knows before hand that he will do just these things and in just that order, sounds well enough in the play on ideas and words, but holds little water. All of us know that we change our minds and act as we see fit to do a hundred times a day. The fact that the “seer” can foresee only a very tiny number of things which are to happen in the future, argues forcefully that free will is the rule and that predestined incidents are the exception. (Huna offers the belief that the Aumakua can, to a slight degree, bring about certain events in the future or can change events which would naturally follow because of earlier thoughts, plans or actions. But, as the Aumakua is a definite part of the three-self man, this even serves to confirm the fact that man enjoys the blessing of FREE WILL. In fact, free will seems to be part of the gift given all living things. In the rising levels of intelligence we see instinct giving way progressively to free will all the way from spider to bird to dog. In man, the instincts still rule strongly in the Aunihipili, but these are at that level subject to the will of the Auhane as it censors the instinctive drives of the Aunihipili and thus creates the human code of morals.) (Speaking of morals and the Auhane decision concerning what is good or bad, it is interesting to observe that in the two main words for “good” used by na kahuna, the one already noted, po lo lei applies  to moral uprightness and symbolic “straightness” with freedom from the influence of bad spirits. The other common word is mai kai, literally, “sick plus  recovered”. This applies not to moral rectitude but to one’s health. There is, however, a secondary meaning of the rootkai, that of “being lifted up from sickness” and in this we get the hint of healing performed by the Aumakua, for “lifting up” is the Huna symbol of “lifting up the mana” as a gift to empower the Aumakua when calling upon it to perform the act of healing.)


DOES GOD LOVE THE GOOD AND HATE THE BAD? This is a question put before the makers of religious beliefs from time immemorial. That God does either is unfounded  dogma, but while not founded upon observation of the teaming life on earth, it has caused contradictions in all of the cult theories. Man loves what he feels is good for him, and hates what is harmful, so he made his “gods” in his own image very largely. In early Egypt the deceased was said to have to appear before the gods in Judgment, and if his life had been evil, he was at once seized by a waiting monster (which seems to have been the forerunner of Satan and the Devil) and devoured on the spot. If found good, the deceased was allowed to go on into a pleasant place which was the early idea of Heaven. It was at a later date, at least in the West, that simply being devoured and so reduced to obliterating soul nothingness, was augmented by Hell and eternal suffering in the flames.


MODERN RELIGIOUS CONCEPTS give us such dogmas as, “God is love”. Which is then balanced by the very unrealistic command, “Love those who despitefully use you, etc.” When inner symbolic meanings (if any apply in some cases) become lost, then absurdities and impossibilities add to the sad confusion and make impractical beliefs even more impractical. Thanks to Huna we can see that we are animals in so far as our na Aunihipili are concerned, and that what best evolves this self may not be suited to the growth in understanding of the Auhane, or even of the Aumakua. Common sense demands that we fight to defend ourselves and loved ones.


HAVING CONSIDERED SOME OF THE BASIC QUESTIONS which have confronted the makers or “revealers” of religious systems, let us dare to over simplify the vast and complex mixture of ideas by noting how the highest God or Gods were divided or multiplied and given charge of various items in the list of creative or destructive acts. As the PSYCHOLOGY of man, even in a primitive stage of development is often mixed in with the ideas concerning the Gods, try to keep the men and Gods separated as best you can. For instance, do not mistake the Hindu First Cause, Brahma, for the Atma or god-self in man – who matches the Aumakua of Huna rather well in some respects.


THE “DUAD” CONCEPT is found in such religious as that of the Zoroastrians. Here our reference book offers us nothing, so I will supply a brief outline. The early Persian sage, Zarathustra, was instructed in trance by what he considered the voice of God. He wrote down what he heard and what he decided about it all, producing the Avesta, one of the world’s first “Word of God” scriptures. He taught the belief that there were DUAL GODS, The God of Light and the God of Darkness, with the control of creation and of mankind rather evenly divided between the two. He taught that, eventually, Light would overcome Darkness, and presented a set of dogmatic beliefs.. The God of Darkness and so of evil, was borrowed later by other early syste


ms and appeared in Judaism and Christianity as the Devil. The sun and fire were symbols of the God of Light and were worshiped. Sun, moon and stars were worshiped in early Egypt and the lands between in the same general period, and we may well ask if the Huna symbols for good and bad, Light as Laa and Po as Darkness, may not have been current among a few of the more intelligent in these lands. Contrary to popular belief, there was much traveling and visiting around in the early days, all the way from Egypt to China. Religious ideas and beliefs, as well as rites and odd practices of worship were shared, but usually changed to fit in with local beliefs. The Esseas of the time of Jesus drew heavily on Persian ideology.


THE “TRINITY” CONCEPT was the most popular. It was a very natural way of explaining who and what the GODS were and how they created the earth. The early Egyptians evolved the belief that the Creation was started by a Father God who had a Mother God for his wife, and a son, who was, by right of his birth, also a God. In some stories the Mother appears first, giving birth to the Father, then the pair produce the son. Osiris, Isis and Horus were the Egyptian “Trinity”, and eventually these appear under different names in most of the neighboring lands. These THREE were joined by a host of lesser divinities, and eventually Judaism tossed them all out and set up the tribal god, Jehovah, as the ONE AND ONLY GOD. Later on, Jehovah was borrowed by the Mohammedans as their “Allah”.


Christianity contained many of the current Essene ideas, but soon was made by the Church fathers to contain large borrowings of belief and ritual. It appears to have been TRINITARIAN in the beginning, but with a mixture of Dualism in the belief in Satan and his power to resist the rule of the  ONE GOD accepted from early Judaism. The anti-woman attitude of the Essenes, whose doctrines we now know to have influenced early Christian ideas, seems to have caused the Father-Mother-Son Trinity of Egypt, which was basic, to be that of Father-Holy Spirit-Son. Jesus, it appears, had contact with the early na kahuna, because, as we of the HRA have seen, much of the teaching attributed to him is pure Huna in hiding behind the code so long used where a Polynesian dialect was used. (Pre-Polynesian, if you wish.) (Check your copy of GREAT RELIGIONS, and next month we will continue our survey.)



Psychometric Analysis, Religion & Psychology

September, 1961



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A VERY SPECIAL OFFER on the “must” book, RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT, (reviewed in HV23) has been made through the kindness of the author, Dr. Martin A. Larson, who has taken an interest in our effort to make a survey of religions in the light of Huna, and who is eager to help us all get a copy of his 733-page paperback. He values what he found in a long study of the sources of the Christian religion, as well as the steps taken as it slowly took on its present form, and is willing to let a few students who have scant means, have each a book at less than the cost to him.


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ONE OF THE REASONS why we have so many cults and religions is that it is almost impossible for a person to get the materials with which to think when deciding on a personal religion. The literature of each cult is such that it tells only what it finds will tend to convince the reader that THIS one cult has the correct facts and so the ultimate truth. It is as though one starts out to build a house when allowed to see only one set of plans and when being denied both the cement for a foundation and the doors and windows.


HOW DID YOU FIND THE MATERIALS YOU USED TO THINK WITH when deciding what religion you would accept or when deciding to reject them all? In my case I set out at the age of seventeen to try to get the facts about various religions. I visited the ministers in my town and asked them why they believed what they did; also I visited a Catholic priest – the latter being the only one who seemed to know anything about the history and development of Christianity. I went through the pages of the encyclopedia and got a bit of the history of religions, but found no article touching on the basic things which I needed in order to decide what dogmas were rational and what were not. The slanted, colored and timid articles at first made me suspicious, then disgusted and angry. I decided that religions had been concocted by fools and idiots. I rejected Mormanism and Christian Science, then ran into a man who introduced me to Yoga of sorts and the complicated and confusing Theosophical Society digest of world religions and, especially, of the six major religions of India. I poured over the poorly organized masses of material assembled by Mme. Blavatsky and over the writings of other Theosophists who tried to condense and simplify the information which had been gathered concerning the traditions and GUESSES of the ancient sages who had worked to explain man and the universe in terms of a kind which fitted their day and time. I read some of the literature of India as translated from ancient original writings. I joined the Theosophical Society and became more and more convinced that the dogmas were man-made and dangerous to accept without careful comparison with all similar dogmas from other religious systems. Like so many men in modern times, the scantiness of basic information tripped me up at every turn. If one accepted a few dogmas one risked falling into the trap of blind belief. If one applied reason to the dogmas in an effort to test their validity, one was tempted to toss aside everything and go over to Materialism. I went over to Materialism. But I was not satisfied. I still had the uneasy feeling that mixed in with all the guesses of the past, there must be certain elements of truth. I plunged into the study of the thin and contradictory subject of PSYCHOLOGY and found at the same time that it was entirely incapable of explaining the gathering evidence of the “supernatural” in Psychical Research. I was unable  to think things through for lack of basic information and because the literature of each religious cult threw mud in my eyes.


When I chanced to go to Hawaii and blundered into the odd and tangled materials of the dying kahuna religions, I was for years unable to make head or tail of the provocative system because I could not find the needed information to use to think through the problems that confronted me. In other words, I was unable to provide for myself a proper background of information or experience against which to try to take the measure of the beliefs and practices of a kahuna. The Materialists had already plowed this field lightly, but in their learned writings, not one had ventured an opinion as to the nature of fire-walking. What does not fit into the preconceived set of beliefs of the Materialist is always explained away by saying “It is impossible and therefore cannot be.” This applies to everything from fire-walking to ghosts.


It might be said that in my youth I was a typical “angry young man” and now might be called “an angrier old man.” The more I have searched for bits of basic information with which to try to think, the more angry I have become because of the willful withholding of information or the distorting of facts by crafty men who make a living by promulgating old and new lies and misinformation. Politics and Science are also contaminated in much the same way as Religion, Psychology and Psychic Science. In the universities, the professors who have won through to a little light dare not pass it on for fear of being fired and read out of the sacred order of “Blind Leaders of the Blind.” But I rant and become too tiresome.


WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS THAT we of the HRA will soon be ready in our project of surveying religions by the dim light of Huna, to take a long, hard look at Christianity. I am trying to get across to those of you who may be interested the fact that not until I came across the assembled materials in Dr. Larson’s book have I been able to find enough basic facts to allow me to do a satisfactory job of considering Christianity and coming to a tentative conclusion concerning its values. I am trying to convince YOU that here is something we have all needed to give us the facts behind the mountains of fiction built up by priests and preachers and the authors of “revelations.” I make only one reservation in my excited and delighted recommendation of Dr. Larson’s findings. This is in the matter of the coded Huna which we seem to have found in early Christian writings, and which present such things as the Crucifixion as nothing more than a part of the several Huna symbols of man’s need of getting rid of fixations and spirit influences in order to win through to free communication with his own Aumakua. I have sent Dr. Larson a set of my books and have asked him to consider the possible validity of the code – also, from his great store of information, to watch for some pointer of an historical nature which might lead us to more information concerning the source in Christian writings of both secret and open Huna beliefs. He wrote recently, “As to the ideas you discuss, I will have to examine the whole before I can analyze them intelligently. To delve back into history for the origin of ideas is most fascinating.”


Naturally, I am greatly pleased, no matter what the outcome, for I have never yet been able – that is, up to now – to get a single man of any standing whatsoever in the ranks of the learned to pay the slightest attention to my findings concerning the lore of na kahuna. From the head of the Roman Catholic Church down to the changing heads of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, I have had my request for an examination of my findings met with vast and haughty silence. (Not that I have really expected anything more at any time.) Spend the price of a tank of gasoline and buy yourself an education such as you cannot buy, so far as I know, in any university in the world today. If only in terms of amusement, the book will beautifully reward you by explaining the incredible feat of a recent Pope of the Church of Rome, by which he produced proof sufficient to the needs of the faithful, that the woman, Mary, was actually the mother of Supreme God. Read the steps by which such a conclusion was reached and the dogma promulgated (with damnation for all who refuse to accept it as the final and most absolute truth). If you do not agree with me that religion is still being concocted by fools and idiots, I will agree to attend one Mass – with a straight face – and go through the motions of assisting to “eat the god” according to the dictates of Catholic soterology [sic] current in this Year of Grace, 1961. Or, as a Protestant compromise, I will return to the Baptist Church of my childhood and solemnly drink the blood of the sacrificed Jesus from a small glass filled with unfermented grape juice. If you have ever asked yourself, “How silly can we get?” read this book and learn at least part of the answer.




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RATHER STARTLING THINGS HAVE DEVELOPED in the matter of the new method of making PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS READINGS of the spirit “eating companions” of individuals. I am keeping at hand a good supply of salt so that I can take all the strange new findings with several large grains. (We had all better take this precaution as we go forward in this part of the field.) The strangest of several difficult-to-believe things which I seem to have gotten from my Aunihipili via the pendulum and the P.A. code of meanings has been the indication that a gentleman (stranger to me) who wrote and sent his picture, was NOT the rightful owner of the body, but was the obsessing spirit, using the body and in control of it almost all of the time. The gentleman sent me literature on a project aimed at making important E.S.P. tests and invited me to close up shop here and come to be his guest and take part in his planned efforts. He has authored some books “from the other side”, so to speak, and his signature was of the kind one can never make out unless it is reproduced in print below. The picture showed him bearded and with rather commanding blue eyes. All-in-all a most intriguing subject and one inviting me to make a test and learn from it about him.


THE RESULTANT READING puzzled me greatly, as it was unlike any I had made before. I called for the combined man-plus-spirit reading after getting a “yes” from my Aunihipili on the question as to whether there was an “eating companion.” This reading showed the will pattern swings at 12 and at 2 o’clock, with the personality circle shifting axis and assuming a flattened shape (a type of reading I have come to take to indicate the influence of one or more spirits on a living person). (This is the combined reading which I got: [image] 349 degrees.) I next read for the man alone, and got: [image] 330 degrees. The thing that puzzled me here was that the living man registered almost no Aunihipili circle at all. I argued that as he was alive, he must show a Aunihipili circle, but the reading remained the same on rechecking. I went on next to read for the spirit, and got: [image] 354 degrees. This seemed very odd because it reproduced all three of the “Will” pattern swings, not dropping out the one at 2 o’clock that registered for the living man. As a rule I find the “eating companion” spirits show no Aunihipili circle, apparently all using the Aunihipili and body of the host. But here a Aunihipili circle registered, and it was round and steady but counterclockwise, giving the typical reading for a destructive tendency. After considering all the evidence of the reading and after asking my Aunihipili whether or not I had made a correct guess, I was forced to conclude that I was actually reading a letter from a spirit who had taken the body of a living man and was using it, and the resident Aunihipili in a most brazen manner.


In answering the gentleman’s letter and his invitation to make a P.A. of himself, I, quite naturally, did not stick out my neck by telling him what I seem to have learned about him. However, I did say that the reading I had made of him was so hard to accept on its face value that I did not wish to say what it was. Of course, what I would have liked to do  would have been to tell him my readings and ask him point blank whether he was aware of being an obsessing entity, and whether he felt that he was guilty of a very grave offense or not.


THIS BRINGS UP OTHER QUESTIONS. One wishes to know whether the several spirits involved in dual and multiple “personality” cases were aware (except when made to surface and talk through the use of hypnosis) of the fact that they were obsessing the body of a living person. This is a complicated problem because we must consider whether or not one self or both a Aunihipili and Auhane is involved in the shifting control of the living body. In my book, SSBM, I belabored all these changes  and the various combinations as Huna reveals them, and pointed to the memory of the Aunihipili as the probable clue to who was dominant and who was not. If the resident Aunihipili is pushed out and replaced by a ghostly one, there would be reciprocal amnesia in which memories would change with the change of entities. If the gentleman with the strange reading replies in a friendly manner, I may eventually dare to tell him what I suspect, and question him as to where his memories fit into the picture. As a spirit, his degree reading places him in the top of the level where we find the natural mediums – at 354. The resident (if he can get back his body at times) reads 330 degrees, and he would be hardly psychic. Also, in his level, people seldom are interested in psychic matters.


TO ADD TO THE PUZZLEMENT, a few of the HRAs have plunged with shouts of glee into the trying out of the new method. To one it was not so new, as he had already been hard at work asking for readings on the “Guardian Angel” as well as the Aumakua of persons being read. He even went beyond that to ask for the “highest reading” possible, considering what still higher entities might be overshadowing the one read. Another HRA has about decided that all of us are entertaining as “eating companions” one or more spirits. He thinks that for the most part these are good spirits who refrain from grabbing the body and who wish only to help when they can. He read for me, and while I cannot yet say that “I feel like a new man or like two or three new men”, I must admit that the possibility of having a kahuna of high degree standing (as he thinks I have) to help me from the other side, is most provocative. Then there is also the reading passed on to me for my Guardian Angel, and for my Aumakua and for Something even higher. One suggestion has been made that the Great Company of na Aumakua, of which one is a charge, may give a very high blanket reading. The several readings sent in for na Aumakua vary from 500 to 800 degrees, and it has been further suggested that one’s Aumakua might not need to be as evolved and high in degree as we may have supposed. Still another HRA writes to urge that his idea and that of our famous dowser, Verne Cameron, be accepted and that we say that the Aunihipili does not make the P.A. reading but that the work is done by our Guardian Angel or by some spirit guide of good ability and which never fails to be on hand to respond instantly when we pick up the pendulum and wish to make a reading. This possibility must certainly be listed as such, and while the arguments in favor of this are such that they demand close study, I still prefer, personally, to believe that the Aunihipili is the one who can follow the aka thread and find the writer of a signature, then examine him and make a report via the P.A. code. I admit that this demands rather more intelligence than Huna seems to assign to the Aunihipili, but, on the other hand, I, as a Auhane, find that I have no ability at all to project myself, find the subject and learn things about him or about the spirits who may be acting as “eating companions.” We need more information and more definite proof on both sides – but how can we get it?


ALL JOKING ASIDE, as absurd as this new method and its results may seem, we must not discount its great promise. If we are not all obsessed or are not obsessing some other poor person and his body, the insight we may gain through the use of the new method may be the “saving grace” of psychology and of psychic science (to say nothing of some facet of religion) in days to come.


A number of the HRAs who have in the past asked me to make P.A. readings of themselves or of loved ones, wrote at once after reading of the new breakthrough, and asked that the readings be repeated, using the new method, to see what additional information might be obtained. One thing which may be of importance is the indication that migraine headaches may be caused by a spirit in the aka body, perhaps just an isolated Aunihipili spirit which has been in some way separated from its own Auhane. Also, it may be found that such an isolated Aunihipili spirit may be responsible for “emotional instability” in some persons. In one sad case, the reading for a girl of 20 who had been emotionally unstable from early childhood, showed her to be afflicted by such a Aunihipili as well as two other spirits, each of which appears to be “normal,” that is, possessing their own Auhane and Aunihipili. One of these was read as having attached itself to the girl only in the last year or two, and as it was that of a female Negress, it caused the Caucasian victim to fall deeply in love with a Negro, and to prefer the company of Negroes to that of her former friends. As this gang of young colored people was very evil, much trouble resulted.


ANOTHER IMPORTANT ITEM is that we seem to be getting spirit guides or Guardian Angels of various sexes. I am said to have a female guardian with a reading of 330 degrees. Some na Aumakua were reported of “mixed” sex, others as female or male. This may tie in eventually to an investigation of the many people who have bodies of one sex but the characteristics of the opposite sex. If we have understood Huna correctly, the Aumakua should register both sexes in every case.


Work is being done by one of the HRAs to see if we can get the degree reading for everything from insects up through birds and beasts to man. His readings begin with 2 degrees for the lower forms and have risen to 6 degrees for pet lizards. This is a most promising project and I hope in time to be able to run some tests myself. I have been concentrating on trying to find out the degree reading of the Aunihipili when separated from its own Auhane and found (through a P.A. reading) to have fastened itself as an “eating companion” to a living person. In two cases I have obtained readings, these being 154 for one and 160 for the other. As a moron has, supposedly, a Auhane, even if it is almost unable to use inductive reason, and as morons were found by Dr. Brunler to have readings as low as 218 degrees, I am wondering whether we may learn that the Aunihipili runs naturally from 100 to 200 degrees, according to its stage of growth, and, perhaps, the Auhane from 200 on up, with the Auhane (and perhaps an ingredient from the reading of the Aumakua) having its degree reading lowered when a combination reading is taken of the Aunihipili and Auhane as a pair. Our HRA who is working on readings for the lower forms of life made a strange reading for me which makes me wonder if it was my Auhane alone that he measured when he got many degrees higher for me than the 382 reading made for me by Dr. Brunler. I would appreciate any work any of you may do along these testing lines and report to me the results. I have no dog or cat (except the imaginary “Cigbo”) and find nothing at hand to test at the moment unless it be the many June bugs which are gobbling our figs, and whom, if I read them, my distaste would be certain to lower any true degree indication.




Free will, prophesies and theories, as touched upon in the last HV, brought several comments from HRAs. One objected to what I had written in trying to add the item to the survey of religions now in work, and asked me to read again what I had said and decide whether I had not made a mistake or had not said what I meant. I have gone over the material, and for the life of me cannot see what the objection was caused by. To my eye it seems that I said what I wanted to say. But as it was not specified just where the trouble lay, I cannot argue or make a correction. Another HRA asked a friend to send me literature on the books by Stewart Robb, Prophesies on World Events by Nostradamus, andNostradamus on Napoleon. (Paperbacks with fine large print and about 137 pages, at $1 each to be had from Oracle Press, P.O. Box 142, Kew Gardens 15, N.Y.) These books are the most impressive of any I have seen on the thousand odd quatrains containing cryptic predictions of things to come, and covering world events from the middle years of 1540 through to the year 2000. Stewart Robb has done a remarkable job of finding the secreted meanings in the prophesies and presenting them against the background of what later happened. The results argue loudly that events are foreordained because they can be foreseen well ahead of their coming. However, the question is not directly taken up, otherwise there would have much theorizing, without a doubt. What we seem to need is a set of predictions, half of which are allowed to fall out as predicted, while the other half are tested by seeing what man can do to change or to prevent the events.


If we accept predestination, we may be unable to qualify our acceptance and to say that we have free will even in the smallest things. But to reject predestination entirely would be to challenge the evidence accumulated to prove that at least part of the future can be seen under certain circumstances. In Christianity the problem has been fought over down the centuries, but in India, where the belief is strong in karma, man is thought to make his own decisions and act for good or bad. The problem is very like that of trying with our limited human intellects to understand how Ultimate God must be and must do things.


The Nostradamus predictions, by the way, became few and far apart where our time is concerned, but Stewart Robb feels that we have about 12 years ahead of us before the present uneasy peace is broken with a war in which cities will be wiped out in a single night. Finally, in the seventh month of the year 1999, the prediction tells of “a great king of terror (who) will descend from the skies” and that “Mars will reign for the good cause.” Mr. Robb suggests that we may have in this an intimation that men from Mars may arrive and play the deciding part. Before that time a “bloody war” will last twenty-seven years ………. but get the book and have a look at the prophesies and commentary yourself. A person now 25 years old may live long enough to see this “end of the age” arrive. Nostradamus seems to have seen nothing after the year 2,000 A.D.


SPEAKING OF PREDICTIONS, the saucer man from Venus reported by one of the HRAs, (as mentioned in a recent HV,) has obliged through more automatic writing when asked if he could see ahead and make some predictions for us. He signs himself “Warren Antonne” He writes, “I do not blame Mr. Long for being concerned over earth conditions. It seems that the entire planet is going through a phase of growing pains. There is much to do before the turbulence comes to some sensible conclusion. From our Venus point of view we do not see any big conflict. It is because America holds the key to the events, with our help. The Russian big top men are talking because they must do so to keep rattling the swords or else their own heads are in danger. That is the way they keep control of their people, keeping them in constant fear of invasion. They still remember the German invasion and quickly fall into line. That talk is mostly for home consumption. You want to know how the cold war will come out. From our point of view it will fizzle out gradually and everyone will be just where they started. There will be brushes here and there including a few changes, as there always are. The earth planet’s map has gone through many changes each generation or two going through an upheaval. That also means progress, often painful, but growing slowly towards the higher development of the earth people.


“The Divine One has many schools, so that His children can learn their lessons in each phase of life. We on Venus are graduates. Also, we teach through spiritual contact. We have had a hand in many things bringing higher development, and will be back again to lead the way when the time is ripe.” (The P.A. reading taken from the writing gives the same result as from the writing of the HRA through whom the spirit communicates: 337 degrees. No matter what else we may conclude after examining the readings, we can be happily sure that the intentions are good.)


CHANGING THE FUTURE, once it has been set more or less in the aka substance of the level on which na Aumakua work, is a basic belief of Huna (if we have reconstructed it correctly). In the old days na kahuna were kept busy looking into the future and trying to “change the luck”, as it was put in the beginning of modern times. For the individual this was usually possible. I had it done for me years ago in Hawaii, as I have told in my book SSBM. (The exact instructions were given which enabled me to sell my business, when all efforts had failed.) Healing of a disease or illness instead of letting it run its course is changing the future. Experience has taught me that when one sets out to get a change in the individual future with the help of Huna type prayer to the Aumakua, the old future which had been made and was on the way to eventualizing, breaks up, and parts of the bad things seem to happen with a rush, but the storm is tempered to the lamb and if one sits tight, the bad is lived through and the good which has been pictured steadily and asked for, begins to arrive. Prayer is a part of most great religions, and the fact that the faithful ask a higher something to help bring about desired events, argues well for a general belief in at least a fair amount of free will. Let me say again what I have said in books and Bulletins: I believe that na kahuna thought that the hopes and fears as well as the things one expects to happen, furnish the thought-form “seeds” from which na Aumakua seem almost automatically to shape the future.


The old argument for predestination is that as God is all knowing, He must know everything that will ever happen, therefore, even if one sees trouble ahead and does something to avoid it, still, God would have known that one would foresee the predestined trouble and avoid It. In this way the avoidance is part of the predestined course of events. The flaw in the argument is the assumption that we know what God is and that He thinks just as men do, only on a large scale, and that He is able to predestine everything because of the overwhelming POWER to prevent his plans from going wrong. This argument falls flat, if for no other reason than that we see all about us the working of “chance”. What looks like a predestined perfect wheat harvest on Tuesday, may be hit by rain and wind on Wednesday and the entire picture changed. Also, we do well to see accidents happening on the physical level of the Aunihipili at least. I like this Huna line far better than that of karma.




WE HAVE BEEN DISCUSSING the old and new guesses as to the nature of a FIRST CAUSE, and have seen that the latest guess is that the Universe and the Intelligence we suppose responsible for it are without beginning or end – just an endless boiling of the great pot of existence. Now let us go back to the more ancient concepts. They are important to our survey if for no other reason than that mankind clings to ancient and outgrown ideas with such stubbornness that even when men become spirits, and come back to give a “revealed” religion through some living medium, they – the spirits – insist on repeating the same old dogmas that they believed in when in the flesh. We have spoken briefly of the very ancient belief in God as a Trinity: a Father, Mother and their Son. The Mother, at a later period, in some religions where women were looked down upon, became the “Holy Spirit” or “Holy Ghost.” Men of the early ages made God in the image of man. God created men, so he was looked upon as a Father. He could not be a father unless he had a wife, so the Mother was postulated. To get creation started, there was need of offspring, and a Son was added to the picture. As each was of the divine stock, each had to be a god in his own right, so they were assigned equal power, and as this was rather confusing, it was taught as an afterthought that they were really not three, but in some mysterious way just one. Now let us have a quick look at the way this childish dogma of the dawn ages has been kept and injected into the very modern “revealed” religions given by spirits considered by some to be mouthpieces for Ultimate God.


THE URANTIA BOOK is the latest of the revealed and spirit written books, so far as I know. It was given through a medium, supposedly by various spirits belonging to a team, and these spirits have claimed that this is the first special revelation to man “since the coming of Christ to our planet.” A letter which came to me with the 2097-page book (published in 1955), explains: “These papers differ from all previous revelations, for they are the composite presentation of many beings. But no revelation short of the attainment of the Universal Father can ever be complete. ALL other celestial ministrations are no more than partial, transient, and practically adopted (adapted?) to local conditions of time and space.” At the end of the first paper, page 32, the communicating spirit of the moment introduces himself as one of the several beings who will give the revealed material. He says that he has acted as a “Divine Counselor” in all of the seven “super-universes” and has long lived at the very center of these, the “Paradise Center.” He goes on to say that he has, many times, enjoyed the great pleasure of living in the “immediate personal presence of the Universal Father.” He assures the reader that he shows with “unchallengeable authority” the correct nature and attributes of the Universal Father. He ends by saying that he knows what he is talking about.


Farther on in the big book, pages 110 and 111, the “First Source” is explained as a trinity of Father, Infinite Spirit and Eternal Son. It will be noted that the spirit giving this writing through the medium has had his ideas colored by the later dogmas in which Mother Isis of the Egyptians has become the vague and Impersonal Holy Ghost as the “Infinite Spirit”. The spirit explains that the Father could not be a father unless he had a son, (or why not a daughter?) so the Son was there, but not created by the Father   no indeed, as that would have upset the standard dogma that claims the three parts of the Trinity are equal, of the same age (coeternal) and, of equal power. A queer twist added by the dictated material on page 111 is to be found in the statement that Father and Son are the “eternal progenitor” of that part of the Trinity named the “Infinite Spirit”. To complicate this very complicated set of beliefs which the spirit attempts to present, there are two sons, the “Original Son” and one designated as just the “Son.” This pair make up the “Word”, and, if I understand rightly what is being set forth, the two Sons are the “Word” because God the Father speaks through them. They are also said to be “The Act of God”, but they act through the Infinite Spirit. However, this Foursome remains what we might call a “threesome”. The sons of the sons are listed soon, these called, the “Creator Sons”. The many grandsons of the Father must also have had mothers, but this place is not filled by the grandchildren of Infinite Spirit. (It is very hard to work out a family expansion like this after doing away with all the mothers, I should judge.) These grandchildren appear to act as lesser gods and to be scattered throughout the universe to direct life on various planets. The Father has something very handy called “his personality circuit”, and the many lesser gods finally are thinned down until they appear to be His direct agents in ruling men. In this office they are called “Thought Adjusters” Of course, it is explained, the Universal Father purposefully assumes these limitations of universal authority”, and it seems that, no matter how he is fragmented and his power and authority divided, all parts remain one whole. (As in most revealed religions, one finds old things given new names for no particular reason, and many new names invented and presented. For example, on page 113 one meets the “Paradise Trinity”, “the Trinity of Supremacy”, the “Trinity of Ultimacy” and “the seven triunities.” It gets more and more complicated as special names and terms multiply, and by the time one arrives at page 207, one finds a whole section captioned, “The Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy.” By page 289 one must learn about “The Secondary Supernaphim” in order to go on getting happily enlightened and converted. The spirits do not live in Heaven, but in “Havona”. The name “Earth” is not right. It is “Urantia”. (Before I got even started on the Complicated new vocabulary, for which there is no glossary supplied, I was lost in the Woods and strongly wondering who had been trying to kid whom. But no difference about my reaction. What I wish to point out is that the spirits cling to the dogmas with which they were probably familiar in life.


OAHSPE is a 900-page book given through a medium nearly a century ago, and is an example of what may be expected as “revelation” from spirits who claim divine authority to tell the straight of religion and history. In this older book, the communicating spirit (or spirits) elected to present Ultimate God under the name used by the writers of the Old Testament, in the form of “Jehovah”. As  in the Old Testament, this was a Unit Being, not a Trinity. My friend, Wing Anderson, however, in a most interesting article in the current issue of the ABERREE, elects to give a slight Trinitarian aspect to the ONE. He writes, “Jehovah, the CREATOR-SUSTAINER-DESTROYER, ONE in Essence, THREE in aspect.” This takes us at once in thought to the ancient Vedic Brahma, who had a wife and then a son, the first creating things, the second (or was it the third?) sustaining, and the third destroying. But the Hindus have always loved metaphysical speculation, and have made many changes in the early religion. The trinity of three aspects of Brahma is given as being made up of three male gods. Shiva, the third person of the Trinity in some sects, is male and the destroyer. Kali, the rather terrible “mother” god is both worshiped and feared. Vishnu, is the Savior God who incarnated in the flesh to teach and save men from time to time. He was Krishna or Rama. See our book, Great Religions, pages 26, 41 and 44. It will seem a far cry from there to Oahspe.



Dual Psychometric Analysis

& Survey of Religion – Part 6

October, 1961



I AM DELIGHTED TO HAVE SO MANY OF YOU prove to be interested in the work we are doing with the survey of religions from the point of view of Huna, and to have ordered the “must” book, Religion of the Occident, by Martin A. Larson. Now we have before us a text on Christian source ideas and beliefs to which we can refer by page and paragraph in our discussions. In this very exceptional book by an exceptionally intelligent delver, we also have side lights on religions other than Christianity which have donated to the strange mixture of ideas assembled over several centuries and said to have been the “teachings” of Jesus. I am thinking of the chapter (beginning on page 107) on Brahmanism which so delighted me by giving me, at last, a look at a most complicated forest of Indian thought in which I had never been able to get a good look at the said forest because of the trees. For years I have been reading books which have had to do with only a single phase of Indian beliefs and speculations. Instead of laying out the basics of the tangle to give a general view and an account of what lay back of the welter of inventions, I got lost in that strangest of all strange mirages – that in which a play on words follows the acceptance of some unproven religious or even psychological starting point. The strange quality of such “religious” writings, no matter from what religion or book of spirit revelation, acts as a drug which puts the reader into a trance of sorts. Caught in this drugged or hypnotic trance once or twice, the habit is formed and the victim returns time and time again to drink at the fountain of supposed truth, soon becoming unable to question the source of the invention, also, soon becoming a “true believer” or fanatic who can no longer be approached with a contrary belief based on simple reason.


BREAKING THIS STRANGE DRUG HABIT is possible, even if painful, provided one comes in some way to realize that he has been caught in the web of true seeming falsity. I could not recommend a better antidote, awakener and stimulant than large doses of Dr. Larson’s carefully collected and so very clearly presented information. The hypnotic effect of words tends to make us idolaters who bow down and blindly worship a BOOK as “God’s Word” and as the great and final authority. We forget in the haze that blinds us that not a word in any book was dictated by God – only by some man or spirit. As an example of this strange trance reaction, consider the cleverness of the blinded leaders of the blind who are caught in the net and who then become fanatics in trying to convince others that what they have come to accept is the final and utter “truth.” I take from my shelf a book which has the play on words made more hypnotic by its fanatical translator using (of all thingsl) King James Bible English. Let me quote a pipe full of this opium from the Bhagavad Gita, William Q. Judge translation.


“I will now make known to thee that path which the learned in the Vedas call Indestructible, into which enter those who are free from attachments, and is followed by those desirous of leading the life of a Brahmacharya, laboring for salvation. He who closeth all the doors of his senses, imprisoneth his mind in his heart, fixeth his vital powers in his head, standing firm in meditation, repeating the monosyllableOM, and thus continues when he is quitting the body, goeth to the supreme goal. He who, with heart undiverted to any other object, meditates constantly and through the whole of life on me shall surely attain to me, 0 son of Pritha. Those great souled ones who have attained to supreme perfection come unto me and no more incur rebirths rapidly revolving, which are mansions of pain and sorrow ………”


I have risked giving this quotation from a book which in my youth I venerated for a time in trance  blindness. If I have stepped upon the exposed toes of a few fellow HRAs who still venerate the Gita as I once did, I offer my apologies and my warm sympathy. But for those who can rouse themselves and have a straight look at this “teaching”, I need only point out the utterly impractical nature of such a set of religious beliefs. Here the normal life of the Auhane as well as the Aunihipili are thrown violently overboard while an effort is made to live only the Aumakua life on the plane of abstractions – if we may even say that this would suit a normal and busy Aumakua who is anxiously taking the guiding part in living the life of the three selves in the flesh.


I am reminded of the story of the great master painter who was at last persuaded against his better judgment to teach a class. When he appeared before the assembled class, the pupils dropped their brushes and gathered in a circle around him to gaze and mutter and worship his greatness. After a few thoughtful moments he quietly took off his paint daubed smock and draped it over his waiting easle. “There,” he said, backing toward the door, “worship that faithfully every day for a year without putting brush to canvas. That will do it. By then you will have lost all desire to paint or to do anything except worship something you imagine resides in my smock.” The next morning he returned to get his smock, only to find the class too large to get into the room. “‘What are you doing?” he asked a student standing hopefully outside the door. “Oh, nothing,” she replied. “But I hear that if one can get in and will spend days worshiping the master’s smock, he will one day return and in an instant make all faithful worshippers great masters like himself.” He asked wonderingly, “Do you believe that?” She nodded. “I didn’t yesterday when I first heard it, but when one person after another assured me that it was absolutely true, I came to believe it also. Isn’t it wonderful? You just stand in line behind me and after a while some will go away and we can get in.” The master turned away in disgust and went home to pack, and remove himself to a far city. When very old he returned and was amazed to find a great temple where the class room had stood. Priests garbed in elaborately decorated smocks went in and out, chanting a ritual and collecting sacrificial gifts from the faithful. He entered and found a high altar where his old smock was enshrined and was being worshiped. Again outside, he asked a young priest, “Why do they worship a smock?” “Oh,” replied the priest, “it is the symbol of the body which the Master sacrificed to appease the wrath of God and thus save the world. And at any moment the Second Coming may be upon us and the Master descend in glory from the heavens to judge mankind.” The master asked curiously, “How do you know all these things and that they are true?” The priest drew a fat book from under his smocks, kissed it with great reverance, and said, “All the sayings of the Master were written here after he was risen from the grave. The words here written were inspired and are the true and only word of God. Unless you believe this, you will go to hell.” The master thought a moment, then asked, “Do you learn to paint pictures?” The priest looked at him pityingly. “You must be a stranger from a very far land not to know that sin is measured in what we paint or do with material things. To be saved one must paint constantly with the mind, and only the  picture of the Master sitting on the right of God. To do anything other than that is to sin.” The master turned away shaking his head, “Then what a grand sinner I must be,” he muttered and made haste to shake the dust of the place from his feet.




KHRUSHCHEV P.A. RE-CHECKED and a check on my re-check is needed. Since we have learned to run Psychometric Analysis readings for the spirits who may be strongly influencing the living, I have been working over pictures of Khrushchev. On page 110 of my book on this subject will be found my 1959 reading of: [image]  371. At that time there was a slight unevenness in the clockwise and otherwise normal personality circle but I made nothing of it. My prediction was that he would be constructive, intelligent and an improvement on the type of men who had been running Russia. The tendency of the pendulum to give his personality pattern flattened effects was something I put down to worries or to fixations which might cause emotional outbursts.


NOW I GET A DIFFERENT READING and wonder whether I missed on the old one or whether the new system of reading for spirit influences has made the change. There is, also, the possibility that the spirit has only recently come to influence him. In any event, I would appreciate a check by any of you who are using the new “Dual P.A.” reading method. The odd thing to me is that in reading for the man with the old method I still get the same results as earlier. But when I ask for a “yes” or “no” answer to the question, (Has this man a spirit or spirits influencing him?) I get a “yes.” I then ask for the reading of the man alone and get: [image] 347 with the personality circle again uneven. Next, asking for the reading of the spirit who influences him, I get: [image] 430 degrees, or I get [image] 429. In the first of the two readings it will be seen that I get a Auhane hypnotic will pattern swing (which is standard for eating companion spirits who force their will on the living) but no Aunihipili personality circle at all. This suggests that the obsessing Auhane has lost its original Aunihipili, and it leaves one with no indication of the constructive or destructive nature of the spirit. The second of the readings will be seen to give the same will pattern swing and also a small counterclockwise Aunihipili circle, this indicating the destructive nature. Upon questioning my Aunihipili as to this confused reading and asking whether there were two spirits, I got a “no.” I asked whether the Auhane spirit of the first reading was good or bad, and got the hypnotic will pattern repeated, then a swing at 11:00 o’clock, which, by the code, is an indication of destructive urges and actions. There you have my dilemma and the reason for calling for checks on my re-checks. In the troubled world conditions of the moment it seems important that we learn what type of man we face in the battles of the Cold War. If the spirit takes over and dictates actions, and if it is causing a naturally constructive man to do destructive things, even part of the time, there would seem to be danger of anything from atomic attack up or down. The exceptionally high degree reading of the spirit adds to the danger. In the combined man plus spirit reading, I get the degree as 371, but for the man alone this drops to 345 and places him at the lower edge of the mediumistic level where spirits often work through the living as mediums. This change in the degree reading looks to me like an averaging of the man’s degree with that of the spirit, and makes me more certain that I have uncovered a real spirit influence. What do you get? (Not that I have the slightest hope that what we of the HRA do or find will get even the shadow of official notice.)


STALIN’S P.A. READING of: [image] 205 degrees, made in 1959, with no Aunihipili circle found and a very strong hypnotic will pattern (see page 94 of my book, Psychometric Analysis) has caused considerable comment and doubt. While the man seemed not to have original ideas, he followed the Lenin doctrine to the letter, and managed to get to the top in Red Russia and stay there until his death in March of 1953. Now, making a fresh “Dual P.A.” from a badly reproduced print, I get a strong “yes” in answer to the question as to whether he was influenced by a spirit. The reading for the spirit was requested, and, strangely enough, turned out to be identical with the spirit reading for Khrushchev. This brings up several interesting possibilities. First, my reading may have been influenced by the one made for the present Russian leader. Second, both men may have been under the influence of the same spirit, first Stalin, and now Nikita K. The latter possibility is most intriguing as well as harder to believe. Anyone care to run a check on this reading for us? (Later I hope to find a good picture of Lenin to run.)


WE NEED A NEW SYMBOL for use in P.A. readings where no Aunihipili is found, and I suggest one made like this: -o-  that is, a dash with a zero in the middle. I am drawing it thus these days: -o- . If one finds a Aunihipili spirit with no accompanying Auhane, the symbol can be turned to the vertical and used to replace the will swing thus: [image] Any objections?




On the 24th of September California goes back to regular time for the winter, and with it goes the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group sitting times of 3 and 7 P.M. If in doubt as to the difference in time between California and your home, ask your telephone information girl what time it is in Los Angeles. She can tell you, and from this you can see how to adjust. The work continues steadily, and frequent letters tell of the Help and of the Guidance given us by na Aumakua. As the list is always crowded, names are dropped in a month if a request is not made to continue work. If you ask that a friend of yours be placed on the list for help, try to send his inked signature, otherwise I have to try to contact him through you as I make the preliminary prayer actions. Do not request work for someone unless you are able and willing to sit in at least once a day to help work for him. Remember that according to our dependence on the Huna theory, there must be an aka thread running between me at the center of the group and each person who participates or for whom we make the prayer action that consists of sending mana to the Great Company of na Aumakua (through me acting as center point) and with the mana the mental picture of the desired condition NOT of the condition to be removed. It is always well to remember when asking anything of na Aumakua, either in or out of the TMHG, that the old future which is on the way to materializing must be broken up to make way for the new and good condition to materialize. Repeatedly we seem to have the sky fall in on us instead of the good things brought about. One must sit tight, hold the faith that the way is being cleared for the good things to come, and keep on sending mana and holding up to na Aumakua the mental picture of the desired condition. If one cannot see the way out, picture the end result as brought about and leave it to the wise na Aumakua to find the best way to clear away the obstacles to happiness and general normalcy. Approach na Aumakua with all the love possible to generate. No emotion, no Aunihipili at work. Work up strong desire for the needed condition.


THE P.A. CONTACTS AND THE AKA THREAD THEORY deduced from Huna, keeps coming up for discussion. HRA F. McC. of California, who makes a good P.A. reading, said in a recent letter that we have four possible explanations for the fact that we can look at a picture reproduced in a magazine and make contact with the person whom it represents. He discounts the radiation or vibration theory because paper and ink would not reproduce these forces endlessly as the presses roll. He also doubts very much that an aka thread attached to the original photograph, even after shifting from man to the film in the camera, then from developed film to each photograph which is printed, and then from photo to plate and from plate to endless sheets of paper – that the aka thread could remain in contact after such forced transfer and either division or forced reproduction and multiplication of itself. The fourth explanation is that a friendly spirit guide comes and finds the original of the picture and makes the reading and gives it through the pendulum or to the reader’s Aunihipili to give through the pendulum and code of meanings. Complicated, what?


AS I HAVE SAID in earlier Huna Vistas, HRA Verne Cameron, our famous dowser and investigator of  strange rays and radiating forces, has decided that a spirit guide is responsible for the contacts which Huna explains by the mechanism of the aka cord or thread. He also feels that the spirit goes at his request to distant places (as in map dowsing for water or oil), investigates the conditions on the spot, then comes back and moves the “Aurameter” rod or other dowsing instrument to tell what he has or has not found. While I am ready and willing to admit that spirits may do the things which Huna indicates are done by one’s Aunihipili, I do not agree to discounting the aka thread by any means. One may slang the question, “What has a spirit’s Aunihipili got that mine does not have?” In telepathy, where two persons work to send and receive impressions in ESP tests, the persons are often separated only by a sheet of cardboard and a distance of a few feet. Or, the messages may be sent half way around the world. It is hard for me to believe that spirits are always right on hand or are subconsciously called when such experiments are tried at close range or otherwise. On the other hand, I argue that spirits have work to do and are often hard to call. The best hand I ever knew at automatic writing often had to call and wait and call for some time to get her spirit guide to come and take her hand to begin writing. He often said that he was far away and that he had to finish something he was doing before he could come. (He claimed to be helping the suddenly killed “across”.) At times he did not come at all. In making the P.A. contact for a reading, it seldom takes me more than ten seconds, although in a few instances I fail entirely for some reason to get into touch with one to be read via signature or picture. The usual swiftness of the contact and the odd little sensation which comes in my solar plexus region at the moment of completed contact, suggest strongly to me that my Aunihipili is doing the work itself and NOT calling for a spirit to come, waiting for its arrival, then telling it what is to be done, and later taking the message of the spirit and passing it on to me by way of the pendulum. If, on the other hand, a call might be made to the busy spirit guide, by what mechanism would the call be made?


THIS IS THE VERY SAME QUESTION that confronts us when we ask how one’s Aunihipili contacts a distant person for telepathic sendings or the Aumakua for prayer sending. I feel that we must admit that the spirits MUST at times be away at a distance when called, so again we have to explain the success of call contact by something other than the discredited theory of sound, vibration or radiation. I can’t forget the several instances reported in recent years in which a pet dog or even cat has been able to trace its owner and find him after traveling up to 1,800 miles and being on the way for weeks. In one instance, a dog given to a neighbor, found his master even though he had moved by plane from near Chicago to Seattle. It may be argued that the dog was guided by a spirit in its long travels, but again one may ask, “What has a spirit that a dog may not have?” I vote for an aka thread connection between master and dog to guide the latter day after day in his search. And, WHILE I CANNOT EXPLAIN the way the original person’s aka thread continues through what na kahuna called its “stickiness” and infinite ability to be stretched endlessly when it comes to one reproduction out of thousands in a magazine picture … well, I still go for the aka thread theory. I seem to recall the statement that when two explanations are set before one, the shortest and least complicated should get the most attention. On the face of it, the spirit theory seems by far the more simple, but upon noting the problem of the calling of the spirit from a distance, it appears that the aka thread explanation is only half as complicated. One more thought. The spirits will claim almost anything to bolster up their positions and, as we have learned from sad experience, there are even more confirmed and obliging liars on the spirit side of life than one is apt to meet on this.


HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, incidentally, has been given a new twist for me of late in the various letters which I have received. It is beautifully simple, and it works like this: When you meet someone whom you wish to operate upon, use this approach. “Oh, my dear! Do hold still just a moment and let me have a look. You have the most beautiful aura around you I have ever seen! It is all golden and flows with the most gorgeous colors! You radiate particularly the rose color of unselfish love, and I fear I shall have to work hard to prevent your innate generosity from causing you to donate to my cause far more than you can really afford …   not that I am at all suggesting that you donate ANYTHING, you know, my dear. And that wonderful Master of yours! He just blinds me with his light and you reflect it perfectly as he stands ever beside and above you. How I envy you! What magnificent work you can do if you should decide to help me with my great labor of love! Do think about it! ”


OR TRY THIS ONE: “Why Sir! Do hold still and let me have a better look at you! Are you aware that you radiate the most wonderful aura of power – like that of the great Masters? And that in your many past lives you have appeared repeatedly as a great leader of men? That unmistakable Thinbunkum. symbol fairly dances in your aura! And have you never known that in past lives you were the emperor of almost every great nation of the past, to say nothing of having been the writer of the plays of Shakespear! What a wonderful privilege to know you! You must let me come often when your wife is away and sit at your feet!”


INFORMATION PLEASE! Not long ago our ranks were swollen by the joining of a new HRA who is male, thirty years old and by way of already having dabbled in almost everything from A to Uzzel in the field of “occultism”. He has a P.A. which shows definite spirit (or something similar) influence, and also wants to have some answers concerning what which who in the matter of a strange whatsit which he has conjured up. He has me out of my depth. Help! He writes: “Thanks for running my P.A. for me. As I created a ‘familiar’ with a Kabbalistic ritual of fire and Invocations – the whole business lasting over a month. I am wondering if this created entity of Imagination was discerned by you? When not working for me he resides within the physical under force of my will. I realize, of course, the whole business was willed imagination. I have no way of knowing just what happened afterwards, but, at the time, immediate circumstances were against me. All of this has changed now, one year later, beyond my hopes. At my instruction this familiar was to get in contact with yogins throughout the world in order to further me on the Path of Light, to use a phrase. One year later I had Vivekananda’s ‘Yogas’ in my hands, was invited to become a monk in the Ra makrishna Order of India, reading Kitselman (E-Therapy?) and others and, finally, you. Now, how much of this work was performed by my familiar and how much was done by my own inclinations and work?” If any of you have had experience with such things as are described, will you please send a letter to HRA E von B in my care? The only familiar I have ever created seems to be Cigbo, but he lives in a cigar box, and certainly is not under control of my will at any time, so far as funds go, otherwise we would long since have had a finely printed journal rich with full color pictures of auras and things or would we? Cigbo speaks up and says, “NO.” (Lazy little rascal thinks it would involve too much scratching.)


AN IMPORTANT QUESTION has been asked by a new HRA. “One thing puzzles me in Huna. I thought that when one dies, sickness dies with the “body.” As I understand it, this is correct, but the trouble comes because memories do not also die. They are carried across by the unreasoning Aunihipili. In her work, the famous medium, Geraldine Cummins, repeatedly has found that ills and compulsions, blocks and fixations, were memories carried over from a past incarnation where such troublesome things had been experienced. In cases where there is strong “eating companion” influence, the ills of the spirit are often impressed on the living Aunihipili so that it shows all the symptoms of the spirit’s former ills, fears, and even fanatical drives.


THE EXORCISM OF EVIL SPIRITS seems to be our best hope, lacking na kahuna as we do. The Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, of which I wrote some months ago when I joined as a member, advocates having healing ministrations connected with churches by non-denominational spiritualistic mediums. A little magazine is published for members, but I see almost no reports on actual healing being done successfully. The need for spirit aid in driving out invading spirits is, however, being stressed by the Vice President of the S.F.F., who is also an HRA. He writes of watching a medium, Gloria Lee (also active in Flying Saucer circles in the past), do trance work in which her spirit “teacher” called in and conversed with entities obsessing one called “Kay”. I quote, “So there began a ‘parade’ of the obsessors. Each gave his name, and each was readily recognized by the wife of Kay; most of them had been friends or relatives of the family … each, when we explained the situation to him, apologized, and said that he would try to learn the proper way of life. A common complaint on their part was that they were ‘lost’, did not know what had happened, and that they found Kay, who had ‘left the door open’ so that they were able to take over his body.” (Once in control of the body they used it to do as they had in life, beating the wife, getting drunk and so on.) “The names given were not usual ones. One said that he had been killed when a tractor overturned on him, and the wife recognized the name, and verified the cause of death.” In the two weeks following, Kay improved greatly, although he did not know of the treatment. Gloria Lee was much impressed by her success and it is hoped that she will continue work in this line. (Wing Anderson, long familiar with the “casting out” work of Dr. Wickland, says ousted spirits go to obsess others unless educated by “Mercy Band” spirits and set to living right “over there.”)


THE EUTHANASIA SOCIETY of AMERICA, Inc., (139 East 57th St., New York 22, NY. Mrs. Ronald E. Curtis, Secretary, should you care to write and add your weight to the movement) is growing more and more active in its fight to get Legalization of Voluntary Euthanasia. We put a dog out of his misery when we know he is too ill to recover, but the blindness of the religionists and some others, makes them insist that a human being, no matter how he may beg to be helped across when death is inevitable, be forced to suffer on and on. Religion is, very largely, still in the Dark Ages. Scientific knowledge and progress marks the New Age, but its greatest efforts must be directed to creating better means of wiping out life by atomic explosions –  this because of Dark Age racial and political prejudices. There is little the individual can do to prevent the world from being blown up, but we can, at least, hope that it will not be, and can join in the work of trying to get Euthanasia organized and legalized. How wonderful it will be when we get a little more civilized and can be allowed to decide for ourselves when we wish to shuffle off the sick mortal coil without the present black onus of being cursed out as a “suicide”. Let’s help. (I do not fear death at all, but I shudder at the thought of having to live on and on when disabled. Every other week I drive a hundred miles to visit a friend who had a stroke almost 14 years ago and who has since then been unable to speak or use his right side. In the nursing home where he is kept at a price that would support a small family in comfort, I see many men and women forced to wait in suffering for death that seems never to come to rescue them from a torment that is so undeserved. In the TMHG I sometimes have one on the list for whom I ask a swift and easy passing and each time I make such a prayer action, I pray fervently that when my time comes I may be Helped to a quick passage.)




Recently one of the HRA living in Panama, asked for a P.A. reading. It was made and showed eating companion signs, unmistakably, as I told him by letter. In reply he writes, “In my case you hit a perfect bull’s eye. From childhood I felt that something apart from my own ego, some extraneous influence, was affecting my behavior and giving me pushes that made me make many mistakes and blunders …… I have felt the entity coming into my body twice very distinctly and a third time not quite so. This last time I stood up and fought back, and the sensation resolved itself into a tingling sensation coming right up my leg, but then fading out as soon as I rationalized it and stopped it going farther.


Now that you have confirmed my theory so well, I feel that I have better chances to nullify this pernicious coercion.” I shall be most interested in the outcome of this pending battle with the invading entity. It seems to me that once one is aware of the danger, one can be on guard and resist with all the power of will. The hypnotic strength of will which these entities almost always show in the new P.A. readings can be matched, in all probability, by a similar or even greater resident power of will. A hypnotist develops his commanding will simply by practice in using it. By determined use of all the will one has each time an entity is sensed, it should not be long before the eating companion can be repulsed. As I see it, (in terms of Huna) the entities come and make contact, perhaps even entering the body, drawing from the living the mana which they must have to create the force of hypnotic will to subdue the resident Aunihipili and take full  or partial charge of the man. Heavier breathing and the command to the Aunihipili to build up the mana supply quickly, should aid in the work of driving off one or more evil spirits. Where the victim is too depleted in mana to resist, it may be that outside help, perhaps hypnotic, might get resistance started.




THE RESPONSE TO THIS PROJECT from overseas HRAs begins to come in, and I am happy to say that while almost all object to the idea of formulating dogmas for a NEW religion, they go along happily in the survey of the old, agreeing that we need to clear the ground of useless and damaging dogmatic clutter, even if we do not, ourselves, offend by presenting fresh dogmas.


DESPITE THE FACT that I have been shouted down on my original idea of formulating a set of postulates to serve in place of current dogmas, I still cannot help feeling that there is now, or will be, a need for a religion carefully graded to serve the several intelligence  growth  evolution levels of mankind. The P.A. readings of Christian priests and ministers show these to average under the 330 degree level where abstractions are grasped. The church members fall into even lower degree levels, and here the individual simply cannot think things out for himself, even if given the materials with which to work out conclusions. On these levels people have to be told what to believe, and, that is just what has been done since civilization began to dawn. The telling is usually done via a book which is said to be “The Word of God”, and the priests and ministers blindly and continually teach the dogmas of the BOOKS. Circumstances and crafty brains of a few leaders, cause the dogmas to be changed and to be added to constantly. (Read your copy of THE RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT by Dr. Martin Larson and see how Christian dogmas grew from almost nothing to a towering and unreasoned mass.) My point is that if the majority of men must be told what to believe, we should help clean house and offer something that is not an insult to intelligence – something that is clean and honest and reasonable. Because psychology has been mixed with religion down the long centuries (when there was a fragment of psychological knowledge), we need to offer some cleared ground in this direction and some sane suggestions as to the possible nature of man when his physiology has been set aside as out of the scope of the speculative field. To make clear my meaning, let me say that God concepts belong to religion, while the three selves, three manas and three aka bodies of Huna belong mainly to psychology – the Aumakua, unavoidably, being suspended between the levels of religion and psychology. Morals and ethics, if not based on religious dogmas, should stand apart in a separate part of the field, but because the guilt sense and the fact of “hurting” others cuts off the psychological Auhane and  Aunihipili from contact with the Aumakua, there must be provided a point at which a blending comes. The police effect of dogmatic beliefs has the value of  practicality and the blemish of being based largely on lies. “Reincarnation and Karma” with “Sin and Damnation” have long prevented the less intelligent from offending moral and ethical standards, but the price paid is entirely too dark and heavy. Something much better is needed. The present trend in less intelligent circles is to discard the old dogmas which once kept men in line. The resultant revolt against law and order makes crime a major problem and fills the prisons to overflowing.


IN ADDITION TO GRADING BY INTELLIGENCE LEVELS we have still another factor which has been added by the P.A. reading system. This is the need to divide the sheep from the goats, the naturally good from the naturally bad. Also, the sorting process will have to include sorting for those influenced by spirits and who, for that reason, may need a still different type of graded psycho-religion. This grading and sorting seems to offer us a scientific approach to the formulation of a religion combined with the necessary elements of psychology. It also forces the acceptance of a basically complicated starting point. Because of the all inclusive nature of the sorting process, there will have to be a system established on a world wide scale, and this, in its turn, makes it necessary to have the whole world come under one central and directing government. Such a government will have to have the  power to to do away with old religions and build the new through education, if not stern mandate. This will be revolutionary in the democracies where Church and State have been separated, for they will have to be united once more to become effective.


LOOKING AT THE HEALING OF BODY, mind and circumstances which are a valuable part of the proposed new system, we see further ramifications and complications, the healing arts now recognized, coming in for forced additions. More forced additions will have to follow in governmental and administrative circles because it is unthinkable that we will walk into the New Day without using the P.A. reading system to select the properly endowed men and women to act as leaders. (I am finding that the spirits have influenced so many of the leaders of the recent past with abortive wars resulting from their leadership that it begins to look as though normal men can never reach the “commanding positions that are reached by the semi obsessed fanatics.” Today we waste too much in trying to give a blanket education to children of all P.A. levels of intelligence. It is inevitable that we will come to see the necessity of applying the sorting process in education and in training for life work.


THESE INEVITABLE CHANGES cannot take place until the basic aim becomes that of striving for the good of all. At present most men strive for the good of their purse, stepping on all convenient necks, and giving thought to the general good as a secondary matter. Under the current system this is needful but, given a system in which the necessities of life are assured in return for a set quota of production or service, the doctrine of “nonhurt” of Huna can be expanded to one of unselfish helping, even if the impractical command to love everyone is set aside. The rewards of wealth and social recognition which now drive men to work must be replaced by something when equal sharing is the rule. Honors seem the best available reward and incentive yet in sight. The Boy Scouts will work amazingly long and hard and well for no other reward than recognition. It fosters the competitive spirit. On the other hand, those of little natural ability will also need the spur of recognition. For instance, a dull child should be given a badge for as great an effort as made by a clever fellow, even if his effort results only in improving his mental or physical standing by a fractional degree. The reward should not go only to the swift, but to the slow who try equally hard and long. Sorting will result in a form of caste system, but this will be beneficial because it brings order and smooths out the working system. However, the caste system will have to be kept flexible to allow for change in the individual which may take him out of one level into the next. The ramifications will be endless; the task great.


THE BASIC REASON FOR THE FAILURE of the communistic life lived after renouncing family life and similar obligations, is clearly set before us in Dr. Larson”s fascinating and enlightening account of Essene and Buddhistic ways of life as well as monasticism. Have the pleasure of delving into these colorful corners of history under the direction of a wise and unbiased investigator. Later we will discuss these angles here.




October, 1961 – Insert with Huna Vistas Bulletin 25


INTRODUCTORY NOTES: The ancient HUNA system of beliefs was preserved in past centuries in Polynesia. It became all but lost under the avalanche of modern thought which poured into the Isles of the Pacific after their discovery by men of the West in 1778. The System was recognized as one of value in the early years of the present century, and work was commenced to recover it.


Information was obtained at first from a study of what little was still remembered in Hawaii of the beliefs and practices of the native priests, or na kahuna. Some valuable data was found in North Africa in the hands of a woman kahuna, and there was some evidence that Huna had been known in Egypt before the advent of Christianity. Very soon it was found that Huna had been known to those who had written the Four Gospels of the New Testament, and that they had used a language identical to that of Hawaii as a code to insert Huna beliefs into the Christian writings while at the same time hiding those beliefs from the uninitiated. Other recognizable traces of Huna were found in the Gnostic literatures and some of the early Christian writings (which were not included in the Cannon as the Christian Churches were taking form) the same language and idea symbol code being found there as in the Gospels. The early Yoga of India was found to contain some Huna ideas concealed under the code of symbols. However, in all the sources mentioned, the basic beliefs had been lost for the most part under the common outer beliefs of current religions.


In this Year of Grace, 1963 [?], the last step was successfully taken in uncovering the hidden Huna meanings in the coded parts of the Mystery Writings, among which the literature of the early Christians has been found of greatest value. We now have the System rounded out and sufficiently completed in its recovery to fill in a most satisfactory manner the needs of one seeking a religion. Fortunately, this religion gives as part of itself a knowledge of ourselves as men which is far superior to that contained in the infant science of Psychology.


No one can progress under guidance of a religion unless it can be accepted as true and correct in what it teaches of belief, practice or ethics. That being the case and with many of us wishing to make all progress possible, it has been seen that the need at this time is to set down what we have slowly come to know of Huna and to believe veritable. Accepting Huna as we now do, we gain the element of faith in the verity of the beliefs, and because we can believe, we can begin with confidence to act under the guidance of the ancient System.


The work of recovering Huna has remained in the research classification for some years, of necessity. With the research still to be continued in some matters, such as practical application of healing methods, the time has come, nevertheless, to outline as fully as possible the recovered knowledge so that it can be used with more uniformity of application and so that it can be presented as a readied unit to those who may wish to gain an understanding of the System and begin to benefit from that understanding.


This outline in the form of a Huna Credo, is intended to be used as a unit of comparison. The beliefs itemized are those accepted by me, Max Freedom Long, and if the reader will compare his own beliefs with mine, there should result an eventual clarification which will show to what extent Huna is accepted. As I have spent more time in the study of Huna than any other up to this writing, I feel that my beliefs and the reasons for them will make the best standard to be used in comparison at this point in our mutual growth.


Following the example of early “Credos”, I will set down in numbered parts the basic things which I believe and which I think can be shown to be accepted by na kahuna of the full initiation. As many of us have come into Huna by way of other systems of belief, and have brought with us conflicting elements, it will be good for us to include a negative here and there to point up the difference between Huna and the holdings of other systems.


If the reader finds that he accepts all the items of belief presented here, there will be little need to go on to the following pages where objections to the various items will be taken up with the intention of showing why the Huna concept is best. Where the reader is referred to explanations already made in one of my five books, The SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES, will be indicated by the letters, BM, The SECRET SCIENCE AT WORK as AW, GROWING INTO LIGHT as GIL, SELF-SUGGESTION as S-S andPSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS as PA.




I belive in God as the highest form of conscious being, beyond the powers of the human mind to understand except vaguely. I believe that all the universe and all of its forces and substances are encompassed in the Huna idea of God. I do NOT believe that God is dual in nature, having Light balanced by Darkness, or a good God equaled by a “Power of Darkness” or devil or fallen angel.


I believe that there may be many levels of consciousness descending from God, the Ultimate, to the level of man and on down to the lowest forms of life to include such things as crystals, all things obeying laws or patterns provided for their growth and evolutionary progress. I believe that above the level of the Aumakua, man has little knowledge of the nature of these units of consciousness.

I believe in man as a trinity composed of a Aumakua, a Auhane and a Aunihipili. I believe that the Aumakua is made up of a male and female unit of consciousness, blended in the union to make ONE, whom we may call “The Father”, but who always contains the Mother. I do NOT believe in the present Christian idea that there is a “Trinity” which is made up of Ultimate and Highest God, a man, Jesus, who was his “only begotten son” and who was interchangeable with God the Father or the Holy Ghost.


I believe that the three spirits or selves of the triune man are separate and individual, but that they are very closely tied together to form a team, and that the Aunihipili and Auhane occupy the physical body during earthly life, the first having the less perfect ability to reason, but having the task of making and preserving all memories as thought-forms made of invisible aka or “shadowy” (ectoplasmic?) substance. The Auhane has the superior form of reason. The Aumakua has a far superior form of mentation and can see the past and a limited distance into the future. It is able to read at will all memories held by the Aunihipili for this or any past incarnation, and may have an ability to read past events recorded in some way in aka substance similar to the “akashic records” of Theosophy.


I believe that the vital force, called “mana” by na kahuna, is made by the Aunihipili by burning the blood sugar in the oxygen of the air which is breathed. I believe that we can teach the Aunihipili to accumulate a surcharge of mana on command, and that the process is helped by consciously breathing more strongly. I believe that the mana can be sent on command by the Aunihipili along the aka cord to the Aumakua.


I believe that the mana is symbolized as “water” by na kahuna and that it flows along the aka cord of connection from the Aunihipili to the Aumakua, carrying with it, as chips on a stream, the thought-forms which incorporate and picture such things as may be prayed for. These aka pictures of the desired condition are accepted by the Aumakua, and the mana sent along is used to manipulate the aka substance of the “pattern world” where all events are formed before they materialize on the level of the Auhane and Aunihipili as conditions or physical things covering changes that cause healing, or changes that deal with circumstances and conditions. I believe that all prayer or converse with the Aumakua is telepathic in nature and that all telepathic communication can be explained in terms of mental pictures recorded as “things” in aka substance, and sent on a flow of mana from the sender to the receiver of the telepathic “message”. I do NOT believe that prayers can go to a Higher Entity than the Aumakua, unless sent on at its own wise choice, as in prayers for world peace, to “The Great Company of na Aumakua”, of which our own is a member. I do NOT believe that voiced prayer, silent prayer or chanted prayer reaches the intended High Being by way of sound – but because there is always a telepathic element in the sending if the prayer is effective.


I believe that a large charge of vital force can act as a controlling “mesmeric shock” to affect one other than the operator, and that this shock may dislodge such spirits as may be obsessing in part the one to be helped. I believe that the mana is taken from the Aunihipili and used by the Auhane to control the Aunihipili or others as demonstrated in hypnosis. I believe that all hypnotic suggestion is made possible by the mechanism of telepathy, the mana and charged thought-forms passing from the operator to the passive subject and being accepted and acted upon.


I believe that the “path” or contact along the aka cord reaching from the Aunihipili to the Aumakua can be “blocked” by a sense of guilt on the part of the Aunihipili, or by “complexes” involving guilt or disbelief, also by the presence of obsessing spirits of evil nature who obsess in part or fully the living person and force him, by hypnotic means, to obey their commands. I believe that these “evil spirits” were the things mentioned in the New Testament as things being “cast out” by Jesus and his disciples. I believe that they prompt most criminal and irrational actions today on the part of their victims. I believe that these “eating companion” spirits can be discovered through the means of Psychometric Analysis, and that parole boards could be greatly helped by such readings of prisoners applying for parole from prison. I believe that readings can be made of the three individual selves of a man as well as of any obsessing spirits which may be influencing him.


I believe that at the end of a series of several incarnations, the man, as a three self unit or team, can graduate or step up one level higher in terms of evolutionary progress. I believe that when the Auhane is ready to graduate to become a Aumakua, the Aunihipili will have been so trained by the Auhane as to be ready also, and will graduate to become a Auhane in the following incarnation. I believe that a new Aunihipili will be brought up from the animal level to take the place of the graduating Aunihipili. The Aumakua will step up a level at this time of graduation to become a “god High Self” or Akua Aumakua, having still greater power and wisdom. I believe that the Auhane, in graduation, will be joined by one of the opposite sex who has been part of a similar triune team, and that the two will blend and unite to form the new Aumakua Father-Mother of the new triune individual. I believe that the new Aumakua will have in its care two individuals, one male and one female, each having a Aunihipili and Auhane, but the two having a common Aumakua. Conversely, I do NOT believe that each man has a Aumakua Mother-Father all to himself. He shares the Aumakua with the evolving mate. I believe that the mates, once united at the Aumakua level, continue to evolve in the united condition, and that they associate with similar units more and more as upward growth continues.


I believe that it is possible for the Aunihipili and Auhane to become separated during life, or after physical death. I believe that this fact explains some forms of insanity, multiple personality and “obsession”. I believe that even in the most complete states of separation, the selves retain contact with their own Aumakua, even if the contact is so blocked that Guidance is all but impossible. Separated or isolated selves fasten themselves on living victims and control, influence or sicken and weaken the hosts. I believe that surviving spirits of good will often contact the living and help them in various ways, as by inspiration, dreams etc., but do not force them to conform to the desired “goodness”. I believe that spirits can take mana from the living and use it in projecting hypnotic suggestion or in poltergeist or other manifestations. I believe that the Aumakua automatically partakes of the mana of its three-self man, and that this mana is needed on the Aumakua level for thinking and work.


I believe that the future is automatically (to a certain extent automatically) built in aka pattern substance for the Aunihipili and Auhane man by the Aumakua, the future being made to match hopes, wishes, plans and even fears. I believe that we, can decide upon a different future and picture it strongly as a prayer is made to the Aumakua to bring about the desired future. I believe that the old future is broken down to make way for the new future, and that a series of “bad” events may follow the making of the prayers for the new and changed future. I believe that the old future will not result in lasting damage if “bad” events are endured until the old future is broken up and done away with. The “storm is tempered to the lamb” in such cases.


I believe that the Huna lore was known in ancient times by initiates in Egypt and the Near East, also, at a similar period in Asia. I believe that these initiates wished to insert enough coded Huna into religious writings to preserve the knowledge even while protecting it from falling into the hands of the uninitiated. I believe that the code was formed of a selected number of words taken from a language very similar to the later Hawaiian. This language had many words carrying several meanings, and so the “code” could be used to say one thing while meaning another. I believe that this code has been broken and many pieces of coded Huna recovered from the Bible, especially the New Testament, and from extra Cannonical Christian and Gnostic writings of the period. I believe that the language code was not greatly used in India and Asia, but that many of the ideas of Huna and many of its symbols can still be recognized in the beliefs of India and neighboring lands, especially in early Yoga. I believe that there may have been a knowledge of the “graduating” steps of Huna known in Buddhism where escape from the cycle of reincarnation was preached and union with a higher or “real” self was vaguely understood.


I believe that the graduation to the Aumakua level was the heart of the mystery or esoteric teachings hidden under the code in Christian writings. I believe that the Aumakua can and will cleanse one who is ready and who wishes to graduate to the Aumakua level, such “karmic debts” as there may be, vanishing before the ministration of “grace” in the hands of the Aumakua. (In the language of the Huna code, “grace” is loko mai kai. The root meanings of this word tell what really happens when we come under grace instead of the karmic law or the law of “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”) “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” applies when the Auhane accepts the “baptism of the Spirit and of Fire (Light).” I believe that the Auhane changes itself by mental change, and that the Aunihipili is then taken out of the material law of cause and effect to be cleansed by an act of grace executed by the Aumakua to make graduation possible. I do NOT believe in the need to pay off all debts of former actions – “grace” taking over where karma (for want of a better word) leaves off. (I do not believe in the “Lords of Karma” and in the idea that endless lives must be lived to balance one’s debts of hurtful action.)


I believe that the only sin is that of hurting another. I do NOT believe the failure to conform to ritual observances which do not involve hurting others is a sin, as, for example, failure to observe the Sabbath or any other day declared holy. I believe that every act may be tested by asking whether it hurts another or hurts ourselves. “No hurt, no sin” is the criterion. I do NOT believe that the Aunihipili and Auhane can “sin against” any being higher than themselves. There is no such thing as “mortal sin”. Even the most hurtful individual or spirit must eventually evolve and grow into the realm of the Aumakua. I do NOT accept any “scripture” as “the word of God.” I reject the authority of all “revelations” given (supposedly) through men, whether by spirits or by a process of pure invention. I accept the ancient Huna System as the most rational and nearest to what, in my mind, stands as religious and psychological truth, but reserve judgment on any and all points should further research show that a change in my conclusions is justified.


I believe that Psychometric Analysis readings can be made of all three selves of the triune man, and that his evolution or growth toward the point of “graduation” can be roughly judged. I believe that the pendulum can be used to show when a surcharge of mana has been taken on, and when contact with the Aumakua has been made and the gift of mana has been successfully presented and a return flow given. I believe that obsessing spirits who obsess the living or who are good and who stand by to help, can be touched and read by the P.A. method and the use of the pendulum. I believe that the pendulum furnishes a tool by which a degree of communication with one’s Aunihipili may be carried on. (The method has its pitfalls and not all can use it, but the benefits outweigh the dangers of failure or mistakes in results.) I believe that levels of intelligence can be ascertained through P.A. readings, and individuals classified in such a way that it may be known just how much of the abstractions of Huna they are apt to grasp.


I believe that the average Christian (and his counterpart in other religions) who attends church faithfully, seldom has a P.A. degree standing above the 300 level. He cannot grasp abstractions and needs to believe that a man in the actual flesh was God, that he allowed himself to be crucified and buried, but that he rose in living flesh and soon ascended, still in the flesh, to a heaven made of material substances. He can grasp and accept the idea that, on the Day of Judgment, all men will arise in the flesh from the grave and be sent to a material heaven or a hell of actual fire. At the level from 300 to 330 degrees the churchly are able to grasp some elements of abstraction. Here we find the New Thought type of religions, with little said of Jesus, heaven or hell. God becomes the “All Good”, and the material world may be done away with by saying it is unreal and does not actually exist. It is a woe-filled world that fails all too often to conform to the accepted formula of this level, “Think right and all will be right.” The stratagem of denying the actuality of the world and of material things is quite illogical, but touches the edge of ability to work with abstractions in using the argument, “God is all there is, and as God is only GOOD, anything which is not perfect and good cannot exist except as an error in OUR thinking.” In India this illogical method of escaping from the real of ourselves and our universe into the unreal was accepted by the best minds for many centuries. At the level reaching from 330 to 350 degrees, the ability to grasp still more of the Huna abstractions can be observed. Here we find the Theosophists and the Yoga students working happily with the complications of “bodies”, “planes” and the almost endless drift of “karma” and “reincarnation”. Here we find the naturally good psychics  – the mind readers and mediums. They can grasp the simpler concepts of Huna. The levels ranging from 350 to about 384 contains those who, to varying degrees, can grasp the full significance of the Huna abstractions. They are capable of working with the real and the unreal at one and the same time; they can mix the real (if temporary) world of material things with the thin material of mind and disembodied spirits (the world of the Auhane. They can also move mentally from the real to the thinnest mixtures of force, aka substance and CONSCIOUSNESS, understanding to some extent the state and power of the Aumakua, and being able to accept the existence of still higher levels of Beings and forces and consciousness quite beyond the reach of the mind. Above the 384 degree level few are found, and these seem to have grown into a strange condition in which they depend unconsciously on intuitions, and accept consciously “authorities” whose word is law to them in their chosen field of action. The intuition makes for the scientist who gets a flash and goes about testing to see whether his guess was correct. The same brilliant scientist may be held back by blind acceptance of what he feels to be the “ACCEPTED”. (Not always the really well proven facts.) I believe that some  who seem to have a P.A. degree reading in various levels, will be found to have their actual degree raised or lowered by the averaging in of the degree standing of good or bad spirits associated with them, or by the closeness of contact with the Aumakua. (The readings for na Aumakua seem to begin at 450 degrees.) I believe that an exceptionally good memory or a mediumship which allows a good spirit of high degree to “come through” may often account for a person of rather low degree standing appearing to be extra intelligent. People with P.A. readings above 384 degrees very often take Huna in their stride, seeming to understand it intuitively, but rejecting it because it is not yet recognized by those whom they consider to be “authorities”. Many of these people do lip service to the Church, but only because they are in the public eye and do not care to waste time contradicting accusers who may say they are “not Christians”. They should be good material for “graduation” but may be retarded by their dependence on their fine intuition instead of upon their reasoning ability. I believe that in order to get ready to graduate to the Aumakua level, the individual must be able to give careful study to the Huna system, especially as coded in the New Testament etc., and learn just what is demanded of the candidate, and just what must be done to make oneself ready to take the upward step at the end of this incarnation.)


I do NOT believe that the New Testament account of the life of Jesus is in accord with history. I believe that the Huna code shows that his life and teachings were symbolic rather than historic. I believe that the command, “Take up thy cross and follow me,” shows definitely that crucifixion on the cross was a symbolic rather than a factual matter. I do NOT believe in the verity of the theory of “Masters” as propounded in Theosophy and elsewhere. (Or in “Astara” or “I Am” claims.)


P.A. Readings of Obsessing Spirits

November, 1961



FIRST OFF let me wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. This will be much too early for those of you living near me, and much too late for those of you who live overseas where the mail takes up to six weeks to go from Vista to Africa and Australia. You who live In Europe will perhaps be the only ones receiving my greetings about on time. In any event, my warmest alohas go to you all for the year which lies ahead.


AGAIN I HAVE GREAT NEWS OF A NEW HUNA BREAK THROUGH, this time to tell in a hushed voice, lest I fail to speak properly of what appears to have been uncovered. But I wish first to take up letters from the HRAs which would make a poor anticlimax if mentioned after the big news instead of before it.


HRA GEORGE SANDWITH, who joined us several years ago, has often been mentioned in the Bulletins. He was guided by a female spirit attached to an ikon given to him in Africa, and through the guidance came to learn about Huna, then to go to isolated parts of the South Seas and to Fiji, where he had some frightening experiences with black magic and local spirits. He also studied Hindu fire walking on Fiji, had photographs made of the rites, and gave a very fine report on what he saw and what the ones concerned believed relative to their form of worship and healing efforts. Mr. Sandwith married at about this time, and with his wife, Helen, made more investigations of psychic matters in various parts of the world. Together they wrote a book on his earlier experiences and on their later experiences together. The frontispiece of the book was a picture of the wooden icon mentioned above. Other illustrations covered fire-walking and things connected with the account. A fine description of Huna was given, with a number of sidelights on the ancient Polynesian beliefs and practices drawn from their own investigations. It was said that efforts were being made to win back the lore of na kahuna as a full and rounded system of psychology and as a workable healing system based on the ancient beliefs. So far, the book was all praise of Huna.


Then, in the last six pages, under the heading of “SEARCH NO MORE”, it was pointed out that Huna in the hands of the HUNA RESEARCH ASSOCIATES had failed to produce a single fire-walker or kahuna able to bring about instant healing. The failure was laid to the fact that the needed purification of all concerned had been neglected (despite the fact that the kala or “cleansing” process of na kahuna was the first step in healing). After showing the uselessness of continuing further with Huna, the story was told of how they had found Pak Subuh and his “Subud” religion, how they had been “opened”, (which is a process by which one who conducts the rite “opens” the candidate to the the influence of something not well defined but called “The Power”) and how they had then been purified by taking part in a series of “spiritual exercises at the Latihan”. On page 203 of their book, the Sandwiths wrote, “There was little information to be obtained concerning Subud, because Subud was evidently illumination through direct experience. As such, it is not concerned with thought or to use the fire-walkers’ expression, it was not all talk and promises. It was possible that: (1) the Opening, (2) Receiving of Subud, and (3) Purification resulting from the Latihan, provided the link with Destiny that we had sought during the past six years.”


ABOUT TWO YEARS HAVE PASSED since the book was written, and it is to be thought that the letter to follow will contain their matured conclusions concerning the comparative values of Huna, the work of the HRA and Subud as they have found it to function in their own lives. (Parts of the letter follow.)


“We both hope that you will not try to turn Huna, a unique psychological system from Polynesia, into a religion. What our world needs is a super psychological system that will eventually be accepted by science, and, through which it will be possible to obtain all the  experiences of mysticism? Another point is, why not continue to measure different levels of a person’s mind through the Psychometric Analysis system, rather than assume hosts of spirits in which a lot of people have no confidence, and which have not been proved to exist? It seems to us that continual talk of ‘entities’, ‘spirits’ and whatnot, must, surely antagonize those followers of western psychology who could prove to be much more understanding  – about their opposite numbers from Polynesia – than the followers of various religions, including Christianity. I know lots of Huna followers will not agree, possibly because of all the excitement of Spiritism, etc. But, I want to ask those persons, through you, Max, whether it does not occur to some of them that it would be grossly impertinent to attempt to measure the Spiritual Aumakua with their puny minds? Although, on the contrary, it may be permissible to try and measure the higher levels of their own or other person’s “Minds?”


I COMMENT that, as the command has been laid upon me to pass on the ideas expressed in the letter, some of you may feel like writing to express your opinions in turn to George and Helen Sandwith, who will soon be leaving their old castle in England for a winter stay in Australia. Address them c/o The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, Ltd., 343 George St., Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. An air mail postal letter may be had at the post office for 11¢ so your reply will be limited in cost, and I am sure the Sandwiths will be happy to hear from any or all of the HRAs and to learn how the suggestions are received. Your reply may be partly colored by the news of the new break through which will be set forth soon in this H.V., and which I fear will run quite contrary to the advice given.


A LETTER FROM HRA R.H., who gave us the article on Yoga as the Besmer Process of refining the body and selves via breathing exercises and actions of the mind about a year ago, writes to object to the materials now being put into the H.V. by your editor. He says, to condense his statements, that he has stopped talking about Huna and has long since put it to work successfully. He feels we all should follow his methodology and for the hard breathing of Huna for the accumulation of mana, substitute the Yoga system of closing first one side of the nose and then the other during proper breathing rhythms, causing the currents to Ida and Pingala, long familiar to the student of Yoga as it was developed in its later stages of development. He sent a three-page article, too long to use here, and in it tells of an experience in which he was overcome by weeping as was Jesus when he wept before the crucifixion. Recovering from this intense emotional outburst, he felt that it had cleansed him …. soon putting him in touch with “a messenger” who now tells him, often months ahead of the event, of the death of an acquaintance. Included in his method of using Huna is the chanting of Tibetan mantrum units. He writes, “These things come from practicing YOUR material, which you have not practiced, being too busy ‘answering  mail’. He also writes, “I don’t care if you don’t use this type of material, for I have it, but good. If you don’t, however, you will wind up behind the 8 ball with squabbles re: religion, and a forever mixture of crossed threads and purposes, and a mere competitor’s chance in a haystack of a couple of  dozen others. You seem to be in the fix of the ‘Cobbler, stick to your last’ sort of thing. But Huna, except for the name – ou est il? There seems to be no report in straight Huna. To expect instant healing is to expect that the student be permitted to call the shots. I am quite sure that the Plan calls for the student to start small, and work up. I strongly urge you not to spread the attention of the HRAs over a large field which has already been rather widely surveyed. Stick to HUNA.”


I COMMENT that, as editor and writer of most of the material in the Huna Vistas, I am painfully aware of my inability to present material which will be of interest to all HRAs. I bore those who have not learned the theory of P.A. readings, or who have not tried to learn to make them. I run counter to the positions of those who do not believe in spirits of any sort. I irritate those who find the mention of religion repugnant. I fail those who look hopefully to me to have the final word spoken to tell how to use Huna to perform all the magic of na kahuna. I am guilty of failing to become a kahuna and of using precious time to read and answer many letters each day. My shortcomings are too many to list. The wonder of it all to me is how I muddle happily along, happily unaware of my failings and from time to time finding something so new and delightful to me that I cannot see how my bored friends can possibly fail to share my joy as in a new and shining toy. I thought it was something to cheer about when we learned to make a P.A. reading of the spirits obsessing the living. Forgive me if I say that I still do. But I do learn a little as I blunder along. I learned very quickly that my proposal aimed at making a survey of governmental systems was dynamite. I also found that my proposal that we try to outline the things to go into an ideal religion based on Huna was disliked by so many that the outline part of the idea had to be dropped. Even the watered down survey, of psycho-religious materials in the light of Huna has been met with some strong opposition, and one HRA said that page 10 of H.V. 25 was for her “THE END”. She thought I was advocating a world government and concluded that I was a “brain washed old idealist”. She would have none of “planning” of any kind, being all for “rugged individualism”, not that I did more than point out that the division into P.A. levels, if it ever came, would be possible only when there was one head to world government.


MAY I SAY ONCE MORE, as I have said in my books and over and over again in the bulletins, I am NOT trying to force my opinions or conclusions on anyone. I happily respond to the missionary spirit which animates us all when we think we have found a new and wonderful idea and when it gives us great joy to try to share it. All I have ever asked is a hearing. Those who listen are urged to consider what I may say, then to make up their own minds about it. But, on the other hand, I ask that I be allowed to have and to enjoy what I consider “Pearls of Great Price.”


HRA A.V.L., recently sent his picture and signature asking for a P.A. reading. It was made and showed the 12 o’clock pendulum swing for the “perfect will” of Dr. Brunler’s system, but which we now have come to recognize as the usual sign of a spirit influencing the living person. The entity in this case showed no Aunihipili circle, and so could not be classified as either good or bad – this classification resting on whether the Aunihipili circle is clockwise or counterclockwise. To meet this problem I simply ask my Aunihipili to tell me with a circle whether the spirit indicated by the vertical swing (for “will” and the Auhane) is good or bad. In this case I got a small counterclockwise circle, so decided the spirit meant no good in making periodic efforts to take over the living man for a time. Here is part of the letter commenting on the reading which was made and sent.


“Although I am not psychic at all, I have felt the entity coming into my body twice very distinctly and a third time not quite so. This last time I stood up and fought back, and the sensation resolved itself into a tingling sensation coming up my right leg, but then faded out as soon as I rationalized it and stopped it from going further.”


ANOTHER HRA who had a spirit  indicated in her reading, reported the fact that she had suffered for some years from a stiff neck. Learning of the indication of a bothering spirit, she guessed that it might be the cause of the neck trouble. Just recognizing this possible cause seemed to drive away the spirit. The old neck trouble vanished magically and has not returned. (Many of us are far from being ready to throw spirits overboard in the hope that science will eventually accept the Huna lore when stripped of the spirits, and go on to allow us the “mystical experiences” which the Sandwiths look upon as so important. Science, after a century, still refuses to take even a momentary look at the evidence that we have validity in some portions of Psychic Science, Mysticism and E.S.P. Neither will modern western psychologists touch Psychic Science with anything less than a ten-foot pole. Moreover, the psychologists have failed for years to agree on what little they know)


THE TMHG is the only part of the work represented in the Huna Vistas which has not come in for frequent harsh criticism. To the contrary. HRA P.O.C. wrote a rush letter recently asking that his elderly wife be worked for in the TMHG as she had a bad swelling in her left side with considerable pain, and as she was scheduled to have an eye operation in a few days for the removal of a cataract. Soon he reported, by letter, that almost at once when I began the work with my first “prayer action” in preparation for the later TMHG sitting, the pain and swelling began to go. The date for the eye operation was kept and all went off smoothly and well. Hardly a week passes without good reports arriving, but as nothing is so tiresome as “testimonials” (except to those of us closely involved), I just file them.


A LETTER HAS ARRIVED JUST AS I CUT THIS STENCIL. In it Rev. M. G. asks: “Are you sure you aren’t getting Larson-itis? Going from one book to another?” I happily reply, “You bet your life I am!” I am more and more enthusiastic over The Religion of the Occident by Dr. Martin Larson. By the way, I wonder if this HRA responded to my loud appeals in the H.V. and purchased and read a copy. In the same mail came a letter from HRA Sid H., who accepts Oahspe as the last word on history and many other facts. He objects that Dr. Larson does not agree with the Standard Encyclopedia, etc. , on the date for the life of Zoroaster. Sid likes Aristotle’s guess that Zoroaster lived about 6427 B.C. as against Dr. Larson’s estimate – taken from the work of Max Muller – of a date from 560 to 583. I will go along with Dr. Larson. I am a Britannica man myself, (not owning Standard), and in it I read that there is no agreement on the date but that an educated guess places it less than 1,000 B.C. To me it seems far more important to learn what the religion of Zoroaster was and what it added to other religions of the period.


A letter in last week from a seasoned HRA couple says: “LOVE that book. Our copy is being marked on almost every page. We got an extra copy to lend; will try to emancipate a few … ” (My copy is marked up from end to end. By the way, the offer still stands for any HRA here or overseas who wants a copy and can’t get it for one reason or another. Dr. Larson donated several copies and Cigbo will get more for us if needed. I am most anxious to have all of you supplied with the book. MFL)




For years I have wanted to know just what words were used by na kahuna when they spoke of “eating companion” spirits. The words I have known and used are simply the ones used for a living friend or companion with whom one takes food, the old idea of breaking bread together which also appears in the Last Supper rite of Christianity. What I have looked for was a pair of words containing the hidden Huna code meanings. Now one of the long time HRAs, J.C. of California, bridges the gap in a letter telling of her experience while a navy wife in Samoa some years ago. Here are parts of her letter:


“I’ve tried to think back over the things I was told in Samoa. They have a destructive entity that is called I E TU. I don’t know how to spell it any longer, but it is pronounced with a long I, long E, and then tu with long u. They translated the words for me as ‘devil ghost’, but said that it was not necessarily a ghost (one seen prowling about) in our sense of having lived on earth and departed. It was to be feared, and it was a force that took hold of you and usually ended up by consuming you. They had people among themselves that they said had the ‘evil eye’ and by having any contact with them they could make a contact with you that would bring you bad happenings. Your livestock might die; your plants die, or your family become sick. Sickness was, to them, the sign that the patient had become possessed by an I E TU that had to be driven out before the body could heal itself.


“The lomi lomi was a type of healing in which mana was accumulated (and used). It was done by three well friends (to heal one who was ill.) In the healing in which I took a part, one of the girls chanted a little song ‘saga’ telling how we were all friends of the sick one, who was much beloved of us. It went over her charming points of character, told that she had never done anyone ill, and that her problem was that she loved too much if not wisely, which was an ‘earth  problem’. The chanting ended with one of them standing over the (prone) patient, making sweeping motions from her head down toward her feet several times (with her hands). They explained to me that they were sweeping the sickness out through her feet and that the mana swept in through her body from the top of her head. Later, when I had what, in the navy they call ‘Cat Fever,’ they did this to me and it actually feels as if this motion is taking place in your body. As I understood it there was another kind of lomi lomi (the kind popular still in Hawaii) in which the patient is touched and given a kind of massage – probably plus the mana charge also. They also believe that sickness has a particular smell (which comes ahead of time), like that of a wet chicken or wet dog and which is a sign that the person is about to become ill.


“This is true. I know because I could always fortell my daughter’s illnesses by the chicken smell a day or two ahead – chicken pox and measles. All this not too important, but still interesting to note.”


The name used by the Samoans for the “eating companion” entities is easily turned from the sounds given to the Hawaiian dialect where it becomes Aie Ku which provides the double meaning type of words which hide in the code an inner meaning. Aie means to eat without paying for the food, this amounting to stealing, and the thing stolen by spirits is vital force or the mana of the living. The word ku(for tu) has many variations of meaning, one of which is to resist. Another is to rise, as from a sitting position and then to stand. One may stand firmly against an enemy, resisting strongly. The Huna or coded meaning of the words when applied to a spirit shows that it contacts one, steals mana and resists efforts to drive it away. The Huna of later days in Samoa, as well as elsewhere in Polynesia had become more or less muddled in so far as beliefs were concerned, but the practical healing rites had suffered less change. In Hawaii they had na kahuna who might pray one to death if thought to be guilty of a grave offense, but the “evil eye” idea was not known, at least in so far as  my investigations showed. About 2% of the HRAs have written to say they dislike the continual mention of spirits in the H.V. or that they do not believe that spirits of any kind exist. For the other 98% of us, it is quite important – because our main interest is Huna – for us to learn all we can of the beliefs of na kahuna and to substantiate the conclusions we have drawn from the scant materials available. One thing is quite sure, and that is that if we hold off on our studies and wait for modern science to discover spirits and give them to us as a sanctioned belief, we will have to wait for a long time. In passing, may I point out the fact that in the Samoan healing ritual mentioned above, there were three healthy people taking part in the work. These acted as a seance circle or an audience, furnishing a source from which mana can be drawn for use. Whether or not a spirit of the higher and better kind was attracted by the work and came to help throw out the spirit and bring about the cleansing and healing, it is of course, difficult to say. However, we may be sure that such spirit assistance was often called for and often given. Watch for the mana spirit elements in the next item.


HARRY EDWARDS, one of the most famous healers in the world, uses the spirits to help in his work. His headquarters are near London, and he has associated healing teams in different parts of England. In the past it was said that he was assisted by the spirits of famous doctors, then this idea seemed to be partly replaced by the belief that the healing in which changes in bodily substance were brought about must be in the hands of a spirit something of still higher grade such as a “Guardian Angel” (or our Huna Aumakua to whom na kahuna looked for help in instant healing). Harry Edwards works with two others, a man and woman, in his healing ministrations. This would suggest the seance circle and the better supplying of the working force or mana. A letter has just come from one of the seasoned HRAs who, with his wife, handles the healing in a part of England as a part of the Edwards organization. I quote a pertinent paragraph.


“Last Saturday we attended the Federation Of Spiritual Healers meeting at the Festival Hall, London, packed to capacity, 2-3000 to see Harry Edward’s demonstration. A short service (with singing) preceeded his working and the power built up which made possible the most amazing cures – paralysis and arthritis cases responding the best. At his own sanctuary at Shere, I have never seen instantaneous cures such as those.” (Address: Harry Edwards, The Sanctuary, Burrows Lea, Shere, Surrey, England. Requests for healing should be accompanied by a gift of money to make the work possible, and a weekly report on progress is asked.) Our HRA, Maj. O.G., says of the spirit guide matter, “Incidentally, he – unlike many Spiritualists – depreciates all talk of guides, although it is understood that Lister is one of those who help him. (Much talk of guides tends to develop a form of idolatry. More and more, he adopts the religious service before he gets to working, as do my wife and I.”


SOME LIGHT HAS BEEN THROWN on the question of what types of spirit helpers may work with healers by a recent letter from HRA H.M.P. of Florida. He tells of what appears to be a spirit of perhaps the upper human level, but which could well have, in its turn, help from its own Guide or Higher Self. I quote:


“Your comment on trying for a reading of Harry Edward’s has interested me very much, as we recently were closely associated with one of his very successful demonstrations. A friend of ours, in a chronic and advanced stage of hepatitis, further complicated by cancer, entered a local hospital for prolonged treatment in the hope of eventually building her up for surgery. The general medical opinion was that the treatment would be long and with a strong liklihood of failure. The day she entered the hospital an air mail appeal for help was made to Harry Edwards. On the fifth night (following), at about 2 A.M., she awoke with a start, seeing a perfect stranger dressed in medical attire standing over her bed staring intently at her. She thought he was a new doctor and waited several seconds for him to speak. He did not, and after a minute or more turned abruptly and left through the open door. She was in a private room. The mystery was further complicated the next morning when the doctors found the hepatitis gone without sign or reason. On inquiry it was found that no staff doctor had entered her room the night before, nor was there one on the staff answering the description which she was able to give. To say the medical men were puzzled is to put it mildly. Seven days from the day she entered the hospital, she sang a solo at a gathering which we attended, and was apparently in perfect health. We do not know about the cancer yet, but can attest to her freedom from obvious signs of illness. Her thought is that her visitor was a helper of Harry Edwards from an upper plane …….




I think I have succeeded in making P.A. readings of the high spirit guides of really able healers, and (let me  whisper this part) possibly – just possibly – of the Aumakua. Let me tell the story.


NOT LONG AGO when we learned to make a P.A. reading of the spirits who partly obsess or otherwise influence the living, I found that I could break in on my Aunihipili as it was giving its findings via pendulum and chart, and when the spirit gave no circle to tell whether it was good or bad, I could say, “Tell me whether this spirit is good or bad.” The response was given in either a “will” swing or a circle (Aunihipili indicator usually). If the straight “will”swing was leaning counterclockwise at, for instance, 11 o’clock on the chart, or if the circle came counterclockwise, I concluded that the spirit under test was destructive or “bad.” In this way, I discovered that most of the spirits indicated by a will swing straight up and down on the chart face to the 12 o’clock point were bad but not all. I ran into two who registered good and helpful, and in both cases there was no evidence of ill effects due to the “eating companion” spirit. It must be kept in mind that some of these spirits have been shown by the readings to be isolated na Auhane who have lost their companion na Aunihipili in some way. Or, as in a few cases, they are Aunihipili spirits who have lost their na Auhane. In some cases I have run into readings which show one normal spirit with its companion Aunihipili, one Auhane spirit lacking its Aunihipili, and one Aunihipili spirit lacking Its Auhane. This reading closely parallels one of the famous “multiple personality” cases, and the changes observed in the victim of one such case were marked when they came. The isolated Aunihipili may have attached itself to the man as a spirit which had died in early childhood. It seems to make him suck his thumb absently while he is deep in his college studies.


HAVING LEARNED THAT QUESTIONS COULD BE ASKED of the Aunihipili in making readings, I determined to get the readings of the spirit guides of healers in order to learn whether or not they were as high in degree as the two kahuna healers whose readings I had been able to make. (One from a photograph of a very old kahuna and one from a drawing of a kahuna spirit guide of the medium, Jessie Curl. Both read well above the 530 degree mark.) The signature of the HRA Maj. O.B.G. arrived with the information that he was supposed to have a Polynesian guide and that several mediums had seen him psychically. This was just what I wanted. I set to work at once to make a reading and upon asking about the guide, learned that there were two main ones, perhaps some lesser helpers. I asked for the reading after being told via the pendulum that one guide had, indeed, been a kahuna in life. After some hesitation and delay, the readings came through and for both spirits the will swing was at 12 o’clock and very strong; the kahuna registered at 535 degrees and the other guide at 529. They had the same will pattern, and both gave “personality” or Aunihipili circles that were not only perfectly round and clockwise, but were much larger than the circles ordinarily registered. The Major read clockwise and constructive with 383 degrees when I asked for his reading apart from any influence from the guides. I then asked for a combined reading of the Major and the guides, and got [image] 480 degrees. I was greatly interested in the fact that the guides appeared to be perfectly normal in that they had na Aunihipili as well as na Auhane.


A READING WAS SOON MADE OF HARRY EDWARDS and his helpers, Olive and George Burton. All three had the will pattern I have come to associate with the presence of eating companion spirits. All were fully clockwise and constructive. All were far above average intelligence. All gave the very much larger and stronger swing readings for their guides, each seeming to have one principal guide, the readings for whom were: Edwards 534. Olive Burton 529. George Burton 535.


QUITE NATURALLY, I BEGAN TO WONDER WHETHER I HAD A GUIDE SPIRIT. I asked my Aunihipili and it gave me a “yes”. I asked for a reading of myself and my guide spirit – and drew a blank. This effort taught me to realize how a preconceived belief may hinder one. I had been told that it was almost impossible for one to read himself, and my Aunihipili seemed to be stuck with the belief. To try to get around this I lectured my “Big Max” and tried to remove the possible obstructing belief. I also decided to use a physical stimulus to help get him to play along with me. For this purpose I hunted up a photograph of myself which I had taken of myself with a self timer, had developed myself and then had enlarged. Such a photograph would have only my own aka threads fastened to it. The picture supplied the needed something, and after a little hesitation I was given my own reading Just as Dr. Brunler made it several years ago. I got no “will” swing to indicate a spirit connected with me, but as I had been told by my Aunihipili that I had a “guide”, I pressed for a reading. I have learned that when the contact is made with the person who is to be read I get a strange little sensation in the pit of my stomach. I call this a “little turning over” for want of a better description. Now, waiting patiently for this indication that I was in contact with my guide, I kept urging my Aunihipili on. Perhaps a full two minutes passed, then there was almost a thump at my solar plexus region. I had made contact in a large way. At once the reading began to come in. It was the now familiar very strong will swing at 12 o’clock on the chart face. This swing continued much longer than usual, then the circle came, large and round and clockwise and also long lasting. The count followed for the degree, running up to 553 degrees and leaving me quite breathless with the delightful implication that I had a guide of the finest.


Suspecting that the great men whom Dr. Brunler had read well above the 500 level might really have been read in combination with guide spirits of high standing, I hurried to find pictures and run some check readings. In every case I found (if my readings are correct) that a man or woman of good intelligence had been attached to a guide spirit of high level reading – almost always above the 500 degree mark, but none above 600 or even that high. This was something quite new and different, and it contradicted Dr. Brunler’s findings. But we have steadily changed his theories and added to his findings, so I did not hesitate to go ahead. I recalled that na kahuna had one name for the Aumakua, Akua noho, meaning “the god who dwells with the man”. They had another name which means, “the god who inspires a man”. It began to look very much as if na kahuna were right and that the Aumakua was the guide which I had been measuring.


THIS POSSIBILITY intrigued me no end. I rested my Aunihipili a bit and then began to ask questions and get answers by the usual “yes and no” pendulum swings. I must go back a little to say that for some weeks I had been asking for the sex as of eating companion spirits, and had, in two cases, been told that the spirit was of a sex opposite that of the host. Now it had happened that in reading the guides I had been asking their sex, expecting a male guide for a male person and female for a woman, but I had, much to my puzzlement, received the answer that the guide was neither male nor female. As the theory we have worked out is that the Aumakua is made up of a combined or blended male and female spirit or pair of selves (a normal man and woman well enough mated to fuse when graduating from this level of consciousness to that of the Aumakua) I was soon forced to the guess that the sexless guides were na Aumakua and so were combined male-female units. I asked my Aunihipili if this was correct and got a strong “yes”. I then, hardly daring to do so, [asked] if my guide which we had been reading was my Aumakua, and got even stronger “yes” answer via the pendulum. I was left quite breathless by the implication and the possibility. I suddenly remembered a vision of sorts which had come to me years ago when meditating in Hawaii, and in which I had found myself looking at a large and muscular brown man wearing a loin cloth and looking out from a hillside over a large cluster of grass houses in the valley below. As I looked wonderingly at him, he turned his head slowly and met my eyes with a look of complete awareness of my presence and complete acceptance of me as someone long known and loved. (For years I have hoped to see this man again, but never have.) I asked whether or not the man seen in my vision was my Aumakua and got an affirmative swing. I asked if he had once been a great kahuna who had graduated to the Aumakua level and if he really was male and female – the Father and Mother combined – and the answer was always “yes”. I asked if I had been a kahuna in a past incarnation, and got a “yes”. I then asked whether I had been guided for years to play a part in getting back the Huna lore and got a very strong “yes”.


I HAD NO END OF QUESTION STILL TO ASK, but found that I was unable to get the slightest answer as to whether I was doing things in the HRA the right way or not at present, or how the future of the work might go. I wanted to know how the Aumakua could assume the shape of a living man to be seen in my vision. No answer. I asked whether the Aumakua or the Guide Spirit, if it might be such a spirit instead of a Aumakua, could be seen coming into a hospital room appearing to be a doctor and causing a healing. No answer.


A QUESTION ASKED OF MY AUNIHIPILI ALONE that day and twice since, concerns the nature of the thing indicated by the large clockwise circle that always comes after the very large will swing to the 12 o’clock point on the chart. So far I have failed to get information. I have asked if the Guide Self has a Aunihipili type of aka body, and at present my guess is that the “will” swing is the measure of the intelligent force similar to that of the Auhane on our level, but much greater in power. The circle, I guess to be the aka or tenuous body in which the Guide Self resides, and with so large and round and clockwise a circle, I take it that they must have perfected a wonderful “body of light” for their use as a combined male-female being.


THAT IS MY STORY. Right or wrong in my conclusions which have been reached through the thin thread of evidence furnished by the P.A. reading and the pendulum talk with my Aunihipili, the result of the experience for me has been a continuing sense of joy and wonder. Perhaps the greatest feature is the feeling that I AM NO LONGER ALONE. My grasping of abstractions is difficult at best, and the Aumakua is difficult to visualize. Perhaps that is why we are allowed to see the white light of the Aumakua – to give the Aunihipili something on the physical level which to it is real. And the giving of the vision of a living man such as I saw that one time  again provides the something physically real and greatly impressive, an enduring physical stimulus down the years for the Aunihipili. I suppose that men and women have had such experiences down the long, long centuries and that they are the substance of revelations and mystical openings. Perhaps the only difference is that the P.A. system and the pendulum and chart has added just a little touch of the dependability we have come to associate with a machine. At any rate we have a new lead and new and shining possibilities seem to lie ahead. Rejoice with me, even if you cannot share my sense of validity. I feel that we have found a secret passage that leads to the inner keep of the White Castle where the King and Queen sit enthroned. Learn to use the P.A. system if you have not done so. Make your own contact and get your own mystical experience.


FOR THIS PERIOD no additional items in the survey of religions. Read on in your copy of RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT. If you should be interested in trying the peyote of the Indians and of the ones who have found through it a strange awakening or opening of the inner consciousness, I can direct you to an HRA who can supply the peyote. 



This October “tinned letter” might interest you


Dear Friend:

Again a “tinned” letter with a note on the margin to answer your appreciated communication and thank you for sending me the reply envelope.


The other day one of the HRAs asked in her letter for more personal news of my life here at Vista. She wanted to know more about the way I live and about the household. Perhaps you would also like to have some of the background picture against which my Huna work is carried on.


Miss Ethel Doherty


First, the family. It consists of three of us, Mrs. Long, our partner in business ventures for some years who makes her home with us  or we with her. Then myself and, lastly, Cigbo, our imaginary HRA “kitty”. In addition to him, we have the cats and dogs of the neighbors in and out of the house and grounds. As the garden always has gophers, we can usually see a red, gray or mixed cat patiently watching a hole, especially in the early morning or late evening. Our dog visitors make a daily trip up the hill to visit a box in the lower garden where we put out kitchen scraps which might be of interest. Sometimes the skunks and other local citizens also make a night visit to see what tidbit remains to carry away.


The birds come and go with the seasons, but turtle doves and towhees stay the year around, as do the mockingbirds and sparrows. Flocks of robins drop in to stay the night and in the Spring, eat up the red berries on a clump of bushes in the garden. Crows come in noisy flocks, and in the grove and weed patches on our ridge of low hill the pheasants go and come, the cocks with bright feathers and very poor voices.


We have 3 1/2 acres of land with the old house at the top of the strip, and above and below it about 100 avocado trees, the latter having to be watered every second week except for a time in the winter when we have rain, if we have any. For three years the rains have failed badly, wells have gone dry and springs vanished, but the water brought in from the distant Colorado River saves the day. Our Vista district owns a reservoir high in the hilly back country and in good years it fills with precious water. In, recent years it has remained almost dry and wells have been run down in eighteen places on the bottom to get at the underground water.


The avocado is a green fruit shaped like a pear and once one has learned to eat the fruit, it makes a fine addition to the salad part of a dinner. We have three kinds in the grove, and there are only a few weeks in the year when one variety or another is not ripe. The Feurte is the commercial crop, when the trees decide to bear, as they do at intervals, and some years the crop brings enough to pay for the water used in irrigation. But the old trees are beautiful and make a nice bit of seclusion for us, so we love and care for them. Mrs. Long and Miss Doherty handle the book business. I pack and bill as my share of that work. On the side I carry on the HRA work and correspondence, doing my own amazing job of reading proof on the Huna Vistas, or had you already guessed that?


Cordially yours,


Braiding the Aka Cord & A Huna Prayer Experiment

December, 1961


Again for those of you closer to me in terms of surface mail, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


I HAD HOPED THAT BY THIS TIME I would have been able to give you a more definite answer as to whether the new readings for High Spirit Guides are also the readings for the Aumakua. All that I can say now is that, so far as I can see, they are one and the same. In this guess I am much encouraged by the experiments and findings of three other HRAs who are matching my readings within a few degrees on the same world figures. One HRA was well ahead of me in his research, having successfully made readings for what seems to be the Aumakua. He has also tried to make a reading for the lesser God, perhaps of our world or solar system, but not of God  the  Infinite. He promises some day to tell me of the strange things connected with this very ambitious experiment. I feel that there is no telling what avenues of information we may eventually open.


AFTER MANY CENTURIES, during which men have followed the visions and intuitions of a single prophet or seer, forming religions based on his revelations (whether valid or not, made little difference), we have ROUNDED THE CIRCLE and appear to be coming out just where we went in. Now, for the next round we can have the benefit of Psychometric Analysis tests or of pure psychometry, with a number of SEERS or PROPHETS (if we wish to call ourselves such) being able to approach the same problem and to compare the results of findings. This promises to be a great step ahead. In the next rounding of the circle, which rises a degree in a spiral of evolution, we should be able to avoid endless former dogmatic stumbling blocks.


THE RETURN TO MYSTICISM in the new form of psychometry (plus the pendulum as the means of better communication) will allow us to divide the “seeings” of individuals into at least two parts. The first part will contain all that several of our modern mystics (HRAs, of course included) may agree upon. The second part will contain psychic “seeings”, visions and dreams which may be significant and filled with meaning for one individual only, because they are not duplicated by others and thus given validity. Under the first heading comes the matching P.A. readings which a few of us have already made of the Guardian  Guide  Aumakua entities found connected with certain individuals. That seems almost as important as the cross correspondences in Psychical Research, by which the validity of “survival” was so greatly emphasized a few decades ago. Standard ESP tests seem far less important, for they deal with the psychic ability, not with the nature of the “selves”.


A REPORT ON “MYSTICISM TYPE 2″ EXPERIENCE will be made here by way of it starting the ball rolling. It will furnish an example of the way the proposed classification will work. However, should a few other HRAs ask the same question and get the same resultant “seeing,” the experience could then be moved over into the “Type 1″ classification where we keep the psychically verified information such as that in which Aumakua (or Guide) readings made by several HRAs of the same person match closely.


HRA M. F. L., of Vista, Calif., reports. Having been told via Aunihipili, using pendulum talk, and “yes and no” answer method, that I had in a past incarnation been a kahuna, and that my Guardian Angel or Guide or Aumakua has also once been a kahuna, I decided to try asking for information concerning Huna. First, I took my pendulum in hand and held it swinging free over the palm of my left hand. I asked silently whether my Aunihipili was willing to try to get information on Huna beliefs or practices dating back to the incarnation when I was said to have been a kahuna. I did not specify who was to be approached for the information, but advised that the Aumakua or brown man of my past “seeing” might be able to assist. My pendulum answered “yes”. As contact with the Aumakua was now needed, I held the pendulum suspended over the left palm ready for use by the Aunihipili, it being instructed to show me by the pendulum movements when mana was properly accumulating, being sent to the Aumakua and being accepted as contact was established. (For this I have worked out a code with my Aunihipili.) Generating the emotion of love by thinking of the Aumakua Parental Pair, I then began breathing more strongly (ha, in the Hawaiian, means to do this) and will that my Aunihipili accumulate and begin sending along the connecting aka cord to the Aumakua a strong flow of the low mana or vital force of the body. As this action progressed, the pendulum began to swing on the line of 12 o’clock if compared to a clock face. (This is also the “yes” sign and the code for the hypnotic and powerful will of the Auhane, also the will, I think, of the Aumakua when the swing is increased in strength several times. This also applies to the “personality” circle swing of the pendulum when contact is indicated as complete with the Aumakua, the circle made by the pendulum then being many times stronger than when making an ordinary P.A. reading of a Aunihipili.)


As the mana accumulated and flowed to the Aumakua, the “will” swing of the pendulum became very large and strong. This continued for about 30 seconds, then the straight back  and  forth swing changed to a circle, the circle growing larger and larger until the pendulum stood out almost horizontal in the air – this giving me the information via the code that the contact had been made and that the mana had been accepted by the Aumakua. (I conjecture that the aka or shadowy body of the Aumakua, represented possibly by the circle swing, fills with the mana which is sent.)

Note: When accumulating mana it is well to start putting it to the intended use almost at once. Otherwise lurking spirits may try to steal the mana and may be able to do so, in this way upsetting one’s plans for the work being undertaken. If mana is to be accumulated and passed through the hand to a part of one’s body which needs help or healing, begin willing the mana to enter and heal the part as soon as the accumulation begins. In the same way, begin sending the mana to the Aumakua, that is, charging the aka cord and starting the flow which brings contact, possibly by sending the thought-forms of the “call” on the flow. This is called ka hea or “the CALLING” in Hawaiian. The combined action of a number of people working together to send mana to the Great Company of na Aumakua is symbolized as the BRAIDING together of the aka cords of the group for multiplied strength in use. The word for braid in Hawaiian is part of the double talk code used by na kahuna of old to conceal from the uninitiated the Huna or secret meaning of what is being openly said (or written, as in the evident case of parts of the New Testament). We braid the cords ritually in our TMHG sittings where I act as the braider, trying to collect the aka threads and the mana flowing from sitters and send the mana to the Po`e Aumakua. Braid in Hawaiian is ulana, and the outer meaning is simply “to braid, weave or plait”. This is the verbal meaning. The meaning as an adjective is entirely different, and gives the needed double talk insight. This meaning is, “lying still or calm, as the surface of water unruffled by the wind. Idle, unemployed. ” With iwi which means “a relative” and so points to the Aumakua as a related “self”, we have iwi ulana meaning “to use psychic power to gain information of a future event,” as a kahuna looking at someone and predicting an event for him, or even his sickness and impending death. The element of interest to us is that of obtaining the psychic power for use. Another word for braid is hili, which gives the meaning also of “moving from side to side as in walking along a crooked path which moves from side to side as might a small stream of water.” The secondary meaning of the word is “to wilt, droop or flag”, which to the initiate of Huna is the familiar code word for the drooping condition in which one is left when lacking mana   symbolizing the empty condition of one who has successfully sent the bodily mana to the Aumakua. (End of this NOTE.)


A variation is sometimes found in the strong will and circle swings which denote the success in accumulating and sending the mana to the Aumakua. Instead of one strong pendulum swing at 12 o’clock, I have at times had the pendulum change axis and swing back and forth entirely around the clock face, or just change, to swing strongly for a few seconds on the horizontal line from 9 to 3 of the clock, this making a “cross” which may also be significant. The circle which follows in any case is always round and very strong.


WHEN THE AUMAKUA IS FULLY CHARGED the pendulum circle swing slowly comes to a stop. There is a pause and one may then ask for the “rain of blessings” or return flow of the cleansed and changed mana. This may often be felt as a tinging or prickling sensation as if caused by electricity. The pendulum, as a part of the code which my Aunihipili has made to tell me what is happening, at such a time remains perfectly still but the whole pendulum seems to shiver or vibrate gently and slightly, this continuing for perhaps half a minute or less. It is interesting to note that this code was developed almost entirely by the Aunihipili some time ago when I simply asked it to show me by pendulum motions what was going on during various actions of the Huna type – making the contact, prayer, etc. At the end of an “action” of this type, it is well to make a definite end to the contact. Na kahuna used to say something like the old “amen”, and we can use that word as an ending, or can say, the period of sacred taboo is ended. The idea seems to be that the Aumakua then takes care of any excess mana so that no spirits can get it for possibly evil use.


NOW FOR THE “SEEING”. Having made the action above described, and before ending the contact, I asked to be given any helpful information or confirmation of already  acquired information concerning Huna. I then tried to clear my mind of thoughts to present a calm surface for the reception of information. The result was immediate. Before my mind’s eye, as vivid as a dream, appeared a scene. I found myself standing with a group of people whom I sensed but did not see about me.


Before me was a leveled square place in the center of which was a low altar of some sort which I did not see clearly. Leading toward the altar was a long path flanked on either side by low shrubs. All was on a miniature scale as if I were looking at a small moving picture on a screen not over a yard wide. Into the long path from the far end danced a brown girl, skirted in tapa cloth to the knees and with flower leis around her neck. She was beginning a sacred hula dance before us. She danced toward us on the path, swaying from side to side and her dancing step one in which one foot was crossed over the other. With her arms and hands she seemed to gather in invisible strands and her every motion helped picture the act of braiding the invisible cord. Soon she stopped before the low stone which served as an altar, and there she went through the motions of drawing up something from the earth where she had braided the cord, and lifting it into the air above her, beautifully symbolizing the offering of the mana from the braided cord to na Aumakua. In less than a minute, her lifting and presenting motions slowed and soon she stood, arms hanging at her sides and shoulders hunched; head bowed slightly. Soon she seemed to begin to shiver and one could almost see the high mana pouring down on her like a rain in which she stood and shivered as with great joy. There came an end to this and her head went up and she threw out her arms and looked into the sky as if giving joyful thanks. A moment later she began doing something quite unexpected (I had never heard of this symbolic action). As if she stood before a large bowl filled with water, she went through the pantomime of swiftly throwing water out upon us with her hands. We were being blessed and cleansed with the high mana symbolized as water – “holy water”, if you please. I felt a surging sense of pleasure and of being clean and made one with na Aumakua. I was filled with the wonder and beauty of it all as the scene faded. After a time I, gave thanks and said my “amen”.


COMMENTING ON THE “SEEING” may I say that I have an old book giving the descriptions of many hulas, sacred and ordinary, with the chants used and the stories behind the danced and symbolized events which were being celebrated or remembered. Dancing was, as in the case of early Egypt and with the Hebrews (who “danced before the Lord”) a very definite part of Polynesian life. There was a long period of training for each dancer, male or female, and there were many taboos to be observed. The “Virgin” of other religions was represented by the taboo virgin of the Polynesian communities. She was the hostess of the village and the loveliest and also one of the most skilled dancers. In my book I can find no trace of the sacred hula which I saw in my little vision, but everything about what I saw seems to indicate that such a dance could have existed and could have been performed by a special female dancer as part of a religious rite. I cannot say that in the “seeing” I have proof that there was ever such a dance, or that it symbolized what it seems at this late date to symbolize, for me, but if a few of the HRAs duplicated my attempt and obtained the same “seeing”, the conclusion of verity would be fairly well justified.


The word hula,which means many things as well as dance and sing, was used to carry many coded Huna meanings. The roots of the word, hu and la mean “to overflow as fermenting liquid in a bowl” –  the “rising up” of the “water” which symbolizes rising of the offered mana to the La or “Light”, symbol of the Aumakua. Hu is the “leaven ” and symbolizes the power  of the mana when used in this way to “leaven the whole lump” – check the New Testament Huna content. Hu is an outburst of affection, symbolizing the love with which we approach the Parental Pair. Hu is to be silent. It is to meditate. It is to pour out as tears or rain – fall of high mana.


Another significant meaning of hula is that of “to trample and make a beaten path”, this leading to the idea of the path winding from side to side as the braiding of the aka cord is danced. Water flows from side to side in a stream, and up and down in waves, so any waving motion or turning from side to side of a path means to na kahuna not only mana, but mana flowing. Another of the thirteen different meanings is “to tremble, or shake”, which could apply to the trembling with pleasure when the high mana falls like rain (provided such a fall actually was symbolized as in the “seeing” just reported.) Andrews, in his dictionary of the Hawaiian language, page 222, under hula hula, “the name of a good or favorable Aha … the name of a former (Huna) prayer (formerly held to be) very sacred.” On pages 35 and 36 he uses half a page to explain the several meanings of aha, which we see to be a word compounded of the roots a andha. , the latter symbolizing the accumulation and sending to the Aumakua of the mana. Na kahuna often used two words in their secret code to insure at least one of them remaining unchanged. In this case we have hula as “to braid”, also aha “to braid”. Aha means a cord and the odd dance step from side to side to picture the weaving of the aka cord is described by the meaning of aha, (aha aha) “to walk in a mincing or irregular manner”. Aha means “a company of people”, pointing to the ones observing the hula dance in which the aka cord is braided symbolically, and the Great Company of Na Aumakua, to whom the mana is sent along the braided cord. There is also the meaning of, “expressing surprise or wonder”, which fits the feelings engendered by the contact with na Aumakua and the down pouring of high mana.


One may safely say that of all the elements of Huna which we have reconstructed from the information available, no single thing is so fully confirmed as that na kahuna believed in the necessity of accumulating and sending mana to na Aumakua as a preliminary when praying for help for the individual or for the general good of the community. One wonders how much of the secret lore filtered into Christianity to be a part of the ritual and symbology of the Mass.


HRA F. D. has reported (as have three others in past years) that in the TMHG sittings she has seen with psychic vision the cord being braided, and that the aka threads being gathered and braided are of many bright colors. One imagines a hula of great beauty when seen with psychic eyes – the dancer drawing in the colored strands and braiding them like flowing rainbows. Should Huna ever come back to the stage of community worship, perhaps this hula dance may be a central part of the body of rituals.




The Aunihipili loves something which it can do with the body while the Auhane is acting with the mind. The hula was usually danced by one performer, and often while sitting – the body and arms and head being used, not the legs. Like the Sign Language of the American Indians, the hula dancers used a language of signs and of motions, but often with words thrown in to accompany or even replace a motion. In this way a complicated story could be presented with chanting and dancing combined. In casting about for something that would rhyme in English to be used for this form of testing, I found nothing better than our “Little Prayer for HRAs” which was given in the old HRA Bulletin 11 of June 1949. As very few of you will have that issue, I will give the prayer again. It is simple, and should be memorized so that it can be recited with an easy flow while inventing the motions to be used with the words or ideas. The combination of body motions with the spoken words from the mind furnishes the “physical stimulus” which na kahuna found so good when it became desirable to gain the full cooperation of the Aunihipili in any prayer action. (Also excellent when using self-suggestion – perhaps in meditations.)




If I have hurt someone today,

With thought or word or deed

Or failed another in his need,

I now repent.

If I can take those steps again,

Tomorrow will I make amends,

And heal with love those hurts.

I do this pledge.

And if a hurt has struck ME deep,

And no amends are made,

I ask the LIGHT to balance all,

I count the debt as paid.

Parental Spirits whom I love,

And whom I know love me,

Reach through the door I open wide,

Make clear my Path to Thee.



THIS LITTLE PRAYER was long used by some of us as a preliminary, after first accumulating mana and while sending it to na Aumakua in the TMHG sittings. I think perhaps some of the “Old China Hands” of the HRA may still use it now and then, because I am sometimes surprised before the TMHG to find the lines come singing slowly in as from a distance. One HRA once called the verses “The Lord’s Prayer of the HRA.” It contains all the elements, and has opened doors in the past for many. If it comes to you new and bright and shining, yours is its inner magic to put to use. Recite it. If you can, “dance” it as well. Let me know results. Never forget that the unique thing in Huna is the teaching that all three selves must have an equal share in living the life which is ours. The failure of so many religious has come through the belief that all is “wicked” if not of the level of the Aumakua. Trying to live in a physical body and material world, using the Auhane mind at every turn, and allowing reality and value ONLY to the level of the Aumakua, has ended in disaster for individuals down the centuries. Deny two members of the team their rightful part in the living, and the load will not be moved forward. The Creator did not make a mistake when He created man to function on three levels in a strange and lovely harmony. The hermit in his desert cave and the yogin living alone in the deep forests furnish examples of anti-social living and one may well ask what any one of them ever did to help along the world evolution.


IF YOU HAVE A FILE OR BOUND SET OF THE HRA BULLETINS, you may be interested in turning back to Bulletins 39 and 40, in which the subject of “vibrations” was first taken up for discussion. It was seen that little was actually known about such things where the mind or spirit is concerned. Much had been written about “raising one’s spiritual vibrations”, but no one seemed to know what was vibrating or how to go about measuring such vibrations. The Brunler Bovis Biometer seemed the best bet in such investigations. Much later, as may be seen in Bulletins 101 and 102, we came back to the matter and made tests, writing the signature before praying, during the prayer period, and after it. Several pages of these Bulletins were filled with the Biometric (now we say P.A.) readings which I made from signature sets sent in for test purposes. The results were not conclusive, but were of great interest at the time. The will and personality swings of the pendulum changed in form and strength, while the degree level rose or fell. Everyone seemed to give a different reaction when making a prayer. One thing which was noted was the frequency with which the will or personality swings increased in strength and size, or the degree reading rose or fell.


AT THIS LATE DATE, having measured the Guardian Angel or Guide or Aumakua overlooking us as individuals, the earlier testing begins to take on new meanings. For instance, I note that the prayer reading for HRA A.J.P., who was able to call down instant healing for a badly crippled leg when a young man, and who has at times duplicated the performance for some of his patients, gave for his normal reading [image] 386 degrees. For his prayer signature reading I got: [image] 560. As we have recently found that the Guide or Aumakua (when it can be contacted and read) always gives a much larger and stronger pendulum swing and always  a degree reading over the 500 level, I think we can safely say that we have now learned to read in such a way that we can be fairly sure when one is able to make a prayer with the full contact with the Aumakua. (I hope that this is what we measure.) As I look back on the readings on the pages of the old Bulletins, I am impressed that most of us need to work long and hard to perfect our prayer technique, and that the Huna method is the best for our use.


I HAVE ONLY RECENTLY LEARNED the very important fact that a good and helpful spirit does not show in a P.A. reading unless one asks if such a spirit is associated with the person read, and if so, that the reading for it be given. Only the spirits who violate the individual’s right to free will show up as a “will” swing at 12 o’clock on the clock face chart. This indicates that they have hypnotic power and use it to influence or control the living person. On the other hand, a good spirit who comes only to help and who does not force his will on the person, shows in a separate reading when it is made. I have recently run into several such readings, and have been very much interested in the fact that if the spirit is well evolved or advanced, the reading will be [image] with a degree reading NOT over 500 degrees, but with the will and personality swings about half way in size between the very large swings of the Aumakua Guides and those for the ordinary reading.




One of the HRAs asked for a classification of spirits as of now, so I will try to give one, using the P.A. code with short explanations when needed.

Aunihipili – Low Self. Usually with middle self or Auhane. May get separated and may fasten itself as a spirit to a living person, influencing him by influencing his resident Aunihipili. May be naturally good or bad. In making a P.A. reading, one asks whether there is a spirit influencing (or taking over more completely, obsessing). Note that obsessive strength usually seems to come from the use of hypnotic power by a Auhane. Normal Aunihipili plus Auhane spirits may be good or bad. When bad they show the ‘j’ “will” swing and their goodness or badness can be learned by asking the Aunihipili (yours as the reader) whether the entity is good or bad. The answer will come as a clockwise or counterclockwise circle, but this will NOT indicate a reading for any Aunihipili spirit involved.)


Auhane – Middle Self. It may show in a reading as a “will” swing at 12 o’clock. If it has lost its Aunihipili companion, this will be seen when one asks for a reading of the influencing or obsessing “eating companion”. A reading showing the “will” swing but only a horizontal swing instead of a circle, shows that there is no Aunihipili involved. The pendulum gives [image], our code is [image]. Test for its goodness or badness as for separated Aunihipili via c or cc circle.


Kino wai lua –  “spirit of two waters (manas)”  Normal spirit having both Aunihipili and Auhane remaining together as in life. If an “eating companion” type imposing on the living in an evil way it will show in the ordinary composite reading as a [image] “will” swing, or, combined with the victim’s own swing. One watches for [image] or [image]. The influence or obsession may also show in an irregular personality or Aunihipili circle swing in the same reading. The axis of the circle may change to give two or three flattened circle forms which may be either clockwise (good) or counterclockwise (bad). If a helpful spirit of this normal sort is guessed to be connected to the person being read, one asks if it is there and if the pendulum gives a”yes”, one asks then for its reading. If it is lower in degree than the Guide level (above 500), it will give a “will” swing between 1 and 2 o’clock on the chart, also a clockwise, circle, [image] for its Aunihipili. The swings will be between the normal reading swings (in size) and those for the Aumakua or Guide.


NOTE: In all regular first readings one usually gets a combination of the leanings and intelligence level of the person and all influencing or obsessing spirits, even the influence of the Guide or helpful normal spirits which are lower than Guides. It is, therefore, necessary to ask for a reading of the person all by himself, then of each spirit in turn, if there are any. Some people seem to have no influence reaching them from the spirit side, and to be quite cut off from the active influence of their own Guide or Aumakua. One may ask for a Aumakua reading for such a one and get no response even after much urging. Theoretically, we all have na Aumakua, but some of us may have little working contact with our own as yet.


Spirit “Guides”, Guardian Angels, na Aumakua – High Selves. (Nothing still higher has been tested with certainty at this time.) These may show in the raised degree level in the ordinary reading, or may not. One asks whether these spirits may be read for a person, and if the “yes” answer is given, one asks that a reading be given. So far, all such spirits have given a reading in which “will” and “personality swings are so large that they reach the limits of the chart face. The only variation noted is in the degree level, and this ranges from 500 to 600 degrees. The personality circle is always clockwise (good). Just what it indicates is not known, but it may show that there is some spirit element corresponding to the Aunihipili, perhaps a mechanism for the retaining of memories. (Perhaps we will have to change our present ideas of the Aumakua in time, and it may be that we have only reached a Guide Spirit, and that it has its own Aunihipili with it, perfectly trained and good. Most interesting speculation as we enter this new field of investigation.)


ONE HRA OBJECTS to having me give my P.A. readings for famous people or those in the news when asking for others to check with their readings. He thinks that knowing my readings will cause others to read the same. In practice this seems seldom true. Many check readings are sent in which vary from mine, especially when we are trying to run the person and all his associate spirits. The regular readings are more uniformly the same within a few degrees.


THE SEVERAL READINGS FOR THE RED LEADERS pictured on the cover of “‘Life” magazine of October 20, 1961, show a wide variation, but there is general agreement on the fact that most are strongly influenced by spirits whose degree level is higher than their own. In the last issue of the H.V. I spoke of wishing to find a good picture of Lenin to read, so that I might see whether there was an indication that the same spirit had influenced him, then Stalin and now Khrushchev. The “Life” cover just mentioned gave me exactly what I wanted. Marx and Engels apparently did not belong in the Red group. Marx had no eating companion. Engels had one with a degree reading of 413 and with a clockwise circle. Lenin, Stalin after him and apparently taking on the spirit in his later days, and now Khrushchev since Stalin’s death, all show the same spirit influencing them – at least they all show the same reading for a spirit with the degree for it standing at 465 to 467. If this set of readings is correct, we have there something most interesting. It would show that a spirit may influence a succession of men to bring about such things as it may desire. (I have come across a case in which a bad female spirit strongly influenced, in turn, three members of a family, one a male.) By the way, Mao Tse Tung also shows a spirit over him, but his reads only 456 degrees, and would not be the same one back of the Russian Communist leaders. Castro has a similar spirit which reads only 436 degrees. China and Cuba, being under different influences through their leaders will not follow too closely the uniform line of endeavor which has marked Russia from the time of Lenin. Mao and Castro spirits have circles, and these are both clockwise, so they undoubtedly think they are doing good. The spirit behind the three Russian leaders has no circle now, but had a small clockwise one when with Lenin. It registers clockwise when a reading is asked for that element. We seem to be confronted by a situation in which men strongly influenced by more intelligent spirits are in the saddle. The spirits, sad to say, seem to consider it “good” to prompt their living men to murder those who resist in order to accomplish desired aims.


THE NOTE ON A SUPPLY SOURCE FOR PEYOTE IN the last H.V. brought phone calls and letters to say that the laws on having or using peyote are in a tangle. Seems a Supreme Court case not long ago ruled it not a narcotic and so a thing that could be mailed. The law against it was withdrawn in Arizona, but still stands in California. If you are interested in trying its strange effects, better make sure how your state laws stand, or, as one HRA suggests, take a vacation and go to Mexico to try it out, there being no objection on religious, moral or other grounds against its use there.




HUMAN DESTINY by Lecomte du Nolly, 1947, (sent me on loan) is a fine study of the evolutionary growth of man from the bottom up …. until man made the great leap up from the animal level where all is controlled by instincts, and developed conscience, knowing good from bad, and gaining for himself free will to act as he saw fit. The goal of human evolution is set forth as one in which all men become moral. Author’s P.A. all clockwise, and his degree 386 – very high and that of a teacher.


THE NAMELESS FAITH by Lawrence Hyde, 1949. Published by Rider in England. The author learned about Huna some time after writing this scholarly book in which he attempted to assemble the proper elements for a world faith. Excellent.


A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS by “Phylos”, a spirit writing through Frederick S. Oliver before. 1894. A story of life in fabled Atlantis with the same character reincarnating in modern America. Book was famous in occult circles for years. One HRA asked me to run a P.A. on the signature of the spirit and his picture as it was drawn by the author when acting as a medium. For the author I got the reading of [image] clockwise and 333 degrees, falling well below the 350 level where the best mediums and psychics are found.


For the spirit, “Phylos, the Thibetan”, from his signature in supposed Adan characters and, particularly, from the drawing of him, I read [image] c.c. 367. This low reading, in my critical opinion, would fit rather well a spirit bent on making an impression and using the popular method of such spirits – that of predicting no end of trouble for those who do not accept the dogmas as presented. There seem to be a number of such spirits who amuse themselves from time to time writing books through the hands of the living. Some of them appear to be able to read minds and some may be able to recall lives lived in the far past, but the average intelligence level which my readings have shown, leaves much to be desired in a teacher or a revealer of great truths and correct historical facts.


ATLANTIS TO THE LATTER DAYS, by H.C. Randall  Stevens, who also writes as “El Eros”, is a modern example of spirit dictated books. It deals with Atlantis and other lost continents as well as life in ancient Egypt. Facts relating to the history of ancient Egypt are said to be more accurate than guesses of historians. Several similar books have been received and printed, a cult growing up around them which I take to be called “The Knights Templars of Aquarius”. The material in this book falls under the heading of “interesting if true” with me. Its teachings and philosophy, I am sorry to say, do not ring true for me. As is my custom, I judge the book by the P.A. reading of the author when trying to decide on its place in my library. I read for the author a V pattern and a c. c. circle, with 347 degrees, placing him in the class of good mediums. For the spirit responsible for the book I get [image] cc 422. This would indicate man and spirit both of like mind and disposition. I would class the work as nothing to be taken as final or authoritative. I hope some day to come across a book written by a spirit with the reading of the Guides we have come to know, and who have degree readings above 500. (The lowest of these yet read was 516.) When such a book is found, I will sit up and take notice in a very large way!


MAGAZINES: The Aberree, 207 No. Washington, Enid, Okla., $2 a year, lets us all have a voice in its columns, and the editorials by the Harts are a thought  provoking delight. The Journal of Borderland Research (old Round Robin of Meade Layne), under the editorship of Riley Crabb, P.O. BOX548, Vista, Calif., presents much new and interesting material, and gives Huna space frequently by “lifts” from the H.V. Covers a much wider “occult” field than the H.V. Good deal at $5 the year.


BOOK: STAY YOUNG LONGER, by Linda Clark, The Devin Adair Co., 23 East 26th St., New York 10, N.Y., $4.95 post paid, is from the pen of former HRA Linda Bradshaw, university woman of high degree reading and extra well fitted to round up and discuss all available data on such things as natural vitamins, organically grown foods and all the advertised eating and food fads. Just the book most people have wanted and could not find. Helps one understand what is meant on food labels when preservatives and mild poisons are admittedly used. The “low down” on almost anything you wish to mention in this field. Not exactly Huna, but very satisfactory to those of us who want to eat right and pill circumspectly. All I miss in it is mention of two alfalfa pills with each meal which in Vista has helped many of us chase away back and shoulder pains as well as assorted Charley horses. Highly recommended. (The section on the psychological factors useful in right living is excellent and sane. Our Huna findings concerning self-suggestion are even mentioned with approval – well, I was at least mentioned, even if Huna was not.




Dear friends of the HRA:


I was so flattered by the response to the “tinned” letter sent with the last H.V. that I am tempted to repeat, especially as I neglected to sign my MFL at the bottom of page 10 of this H.V. and have just noticed the lack after mimeographing the stencil. Now for news or gossip concerning the life we live here at Vista – as that seems to be perennially interesting.


November brought its full quota of people who called up to make dates to come to visit me, or came barging in with no regard at all for my time or inclinations. I am always faintly surprised at the lack of common courtesy which so many show. Three nights ago I was awakened at midnight by the phone when right in the midst (I fondly hope) of my nightly astral travel to visit friends in need and deliver healing or helping suggestions after the Hudson Method. The man who called said he hoped he had not got me out of bed, but he wanted to talk to me and make a date to come and see me. I told him I did not have time enough to see even my oldest friends and associates in the HRA work, and would appreciate it if he would simply write a letter telling me why he wished to contact me and to ask any question he had in mind. He would not take no for an answer and I stood my ground and refused to let him call. So far as I could learn, all he wanted to do was drop in to see me out of curiosity while on his way past to visit a friend in San Diego. After at least fifteen minutes he gave up, saying darkly that I would sure get a letter from him. As yet none has arrived. Goody goodyl.


Another night when I hope that I had finished astral suggestion in Arizona, I was awakened by the sound of sudden commotion on the wing of the house next my digs. There were excited calls from the two ladies of the household. They each have a room opening into a bathroom which stands between. It so happened that the insides of the toilet had been eaten out by the chlorine in the water and that the afternoon previous, I had turned plumber and replaced the old mechanisms with a fine newfangled sort with a trick water valve. Unfortunately, I did not get a retaining wire in right on the valve head and in the early night the top blew off and started a spray of water that ran under the tank lid and all over the floor. Mrs. Long had heard the sound of water and had happily decided that at very long last we were getting a good rain. After an hour she decided that she had better see if the windows were letting in any of the wonderful rain. That’s when I was routed out. Boy! What us plumbers do have happen to us. I turned off water and mopped and mopped, then went down into my workshop below to check. It was swimming and water had come through the floor and wet up packages of printing and H.V. paper, boxes of envelopes, and my big printing press. Fortunately I keep everything a little above the cement floor on boxes and boards, and the floor slants enough to let the water that gets into the shop run out at the front end. Not too much loss, what with drying things on the outside of packages and laying out envelopes all over the place to let the boxes dry out. Bed felt good when I got back to it at three.


It gets cold here at night now, and we have an oil burning furnace in my basement shop. I service it when it goes wrong, as it has a way of doing. Last week just after dinner it refused to go, so I went down to take a part from the carburetor and drain out dirt and water – as I frequently have done. This time the part refused to go back into place to stop the flow of fuel oil. Too long a story to tell now, but I am happy to say that after a week the house stopped smelling of the oil.


Its a great life if one only dared weaken. My aloha,