Max F. Long, Vol 14 (1965-66), English HUNA VISTAS Bulletins 64-74


The Word “Kahuna” and More on Tarot Cards

February-March, 1965


MY MOST HEARTFELT THANKS to all of you for your cooperation in letting me stop the Huna Vistas for a few issues so that I could have straight time to work through the final writing and rewriting of the new book. I am happy to report that at this writing, January 22nd, the final copy of the main part of the book is in the hands of typists who are striking a fresh copy which can now be used for the final editing. A few changes may be needed, and then the “copy” will be ready to go to the printers so that the type can be set. In the meantime, the list of words taken from the century old Hawaiian  English dictionary will be gone over carefully to see what words were used in the text of the book that had not been placed in the original list when it was made up by the cut and paste method from the photocopy sheets of the full dictionary. As you might guess, the new angles which continue to turn up each time one works over the material, cause more code words to be found, and so an additional list is needed even before the first one to printed by offset to be inserted into the book which will be printed on other presses from the type. (Between slower work on the book, I will try to get out this edition of the Huna Vistas, leaving the date on it to put in when it nears a finish and I know what the release date will be.) Proof will have to be read on the final draft before it goes to the printer, of course, and later, when the proof sheets come back, they will have to be read, and then the corrections later checked.


Between these activities we will be getting a cost estimate from the printer for the small initial printing, and the price of the book will have to be set, then advertising material of sorts made up. The “blurb” for the dust jacket must be composed also – and in my enthusiasm over the material as it has shaped up, I fear that I shall write a whole page of “Eurekas!” and be unable to tell what I am “cheering” so loudly about. The title of the book has been decided upon, and will be THE HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS. The selling price is estimated now at $6 owing to the higher costs of printing and the inclusion of an offset section in the regular part. The publication or “ready” date is estimated at about the first of July or August, according to how long we have to wait for a place on the printer’s schedule. (Please do not order yet. I will announce repeatedly and in plenty of time the release date and price.) Five thousand copies will be struck for the first edition, and without the old direct by mail advertising method of selling being used this time (what with high postage and such poor name lists available) the edition may last for a long time. Of course, if there was a way to get the word to the general public of the really amazing discoveries concerning the secret teachings behind Christianity, Buddhism and parts of the Gnostic writings, reprints might soon be needed. Eventually word of mouth advertising will shows its slow effects.


ADDITIONAL PROOF KEEPS APPEARING, to show that the conclusions we have reached concerning code meanings in our research work together have been generally correct, even if we have often not gone quite far enough to get the full implications from words and roots. As many of the fine points cannot appear in the new book, it may be well to give them from time to time in the VISTAS, and some day in the far future, we may have students turning to these old pages to dig for additional material – providing, of course, that a few sets are preserved here and there, as have been the sets of the earlier HRA BULLETIN, the stencils of which have gone the way of all flesh.


TAKE THE WORD “KAHUNA”, for instance. In Polynesia, the attitude of the early missionaries, and of the later “authorities” on the native culture – these pretending to adhere to the “scientific” point of view – was the strong tendency to class all native beliefs as black superstition. The learned gentlemen who have recently been heads of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu have all elected to look in the other direction when code meanings were suggested. They have been careful to avoid being found even looking at the material from the corner of one eye lest they be accused of non-missionary and anti-scientific sins. Even the very learned and kindly lady, Mary Kawena Pukui, who shared with Samuel H. Elbert the glory of revising the new Hawaiian Dictionary, has preferred to remain silent on the matter of the possibility that there could have been coded meanings. Long since, amateur “authorities” such as my friend Charley Kenn, turned thumbs down on the use of root translations to explain the full meaning of longer words, except now and then when that practice had been resorted to by earlier dictionary makers. I have been told by several HRAs who have visited the Bishop Museum and have tried to discuss our version of Huna with the attendants there, that no one seems ever to have heard of our work or the books long available from my pen. They are polite, but that is all. A typical description of the meaning of the word kahuna is given in one of the old books. It is said to mean “a cook” or a “nurse for children”. The reason for ascribing this meaning is that the root kahu has that meaning. But my “authorities” object strongly to having me take the root huna for my use, although it means “secret” and although a recognized language authority, Thomas Thrum, gave the meaning of kahuna as “Keeper (or nurse) of the Secret”. The root, ka, usually means “the”, and so ka huna would be, “The Secret”, leaving out the man or priest, which would not do, of course. In the dictionary, however, we find the word ka given to mean “the” and also “of or belonging to”. There then are listed 15 other variations of meaning, and in our search for the coded or hidden meanings in the words used by the na kahuna, we have found that by selecting one or two meanings from such lists, the easily apparent secret implication comes to light, at least it does for one who has been sufficiently initiated into the Huna lore to know what to look for.


THE PROOF OF THIS KAHUNA PUDDING, using our overlapping root system and the basic idea of a code, is self-justifying in my opinion. Watch what can be done to try to learn what a kahuna is and what he does and why and how. The missionaries admitted that he had a religious belief in so far as he “worshiped” something – even if he was a benighted heathen and by no stretch of the imagination could be worshiping God in the necessary way, through the Son, Jesus, as the one and only intermediary. When the kahuna worshiped, he “made mana” (hoo man). Which, to the missionary, was simply ascribing power to some heathen divinity – imitating in a very bad way the ascribing done in the Lord’s Prayer in the line, “Thine be the power, etc.” But the kahuna was not simply ascribing power to a divinity, he was manufacturing the power as the low mana and sending it to his Aumakua to empower it to create the answers to his prayers.


The root ka, in ka huna, is a most picturesque code word in one of its meanings, that of “to bail water from a canoe.” Here the mana is represented as water which has seeped into the canoe which represents the body where mana is accumulated. The bailing is done with a scoop and the water thrown forcefully upward away from the boat, or to the Aumakua.


As if to make certain that the work of a ka hu na was described in the word, the second root used washu, which means “wet, moist, overflowing”. Here the kahuna is symbolized as filled with mana (water) to the point of having it “overflow”, this duplicating the idea of “bailing out water”. Huna means secret, and the na kahuna kept their “Secret” with great care. The word also means “fine particles of something” and in this we have the symbol of the thought-forms, as tiny invisible particles which carry the pictured conditions for which one prays to the Aumakua on the flow of mana sent as a part of the prayer action, or “Ha Rite” (a term I am now using because ha, or “four”, symbolizes the action from beginning to end.)


The final root, na, has the meaning of “by, belonging to,” or it may be short for the “ing” ending as used in English. In this we see that a kahuna is one who does the things symbolized by the combined roots of the word. Na also has the meaning of “nursing, satisfying, quieting, soothing pain, comforting” – all things done by a healing kahuna.


In the Tongan dialect of the Polynesian tongue, the root word hu includes several additional meanings which are significant. One is that of “worship, sacrifice, or pray.” The kahuna worships by sending the mana as a sacrifice to the Aumakua and he then makes his prayer request. A secondary meaning is “to enter within”, and this may symbolize the making of contact with the Aumakua. (In the Gospels we find the na kahuna inserted the code idea of this contact when they made Jesus say that “the kingdom of heaven is within.”) A related idea is found in the word pa hu hu, which means in Tongan, “to run a wet rope through the hand to strip off the water”. The rope is the symbol of the aka cord, and the connection with water which is to be taken from it, points definitely to the sending of mana along the cord to the Aumakua as part of the prayer rite.


A STRANGE NEW LIGHT ON HAWAI`I, the cradle land of the Polynesians, has been supplied by the Huna word code. For years there has been speculation as to the location of the original Hawai’i, which in Maori is spelled Hawaiki, the “k” being used instead of the glotal catch as used for the letter sound in Hawaii. Using the Maori word we have the roots – ha wai ki, and we can take the first root to stand for the Ha Rite of prayer and all that it implies. The second root, wai, stresses the meaning of water or mana, which is all inclusive of the uses of the mana forces from low to High. The meaning of ki is that of “to be full” as with water, and also refers to high tide, the code idea being that the Aumakua is filled completely full of the water mana. The Hawaiian for ki is ii , which is “to collect together small things”, and which may refer to the thought-forms which are collected as the prayer picture to be sent to the Aumakua. So, we may have, instead of a home land in actuality, a coded reference to a place where the Huna Ha Rite was known and practiced. I vote strongly for this meaning.


THE HIDDEN LAND was another title for Hawai`i, and it was usually associated with the god Kane, who was one of the four high gods of the Polynesians. Kane means “man”, and this suggests the Aumakua, while the word “hidden” is huna or “secret. In this far land was to be found Kane’s “water of life”, in which one could bathe and be renewed – possibly reincarnated as a renewal. This “Water of Life” was called also the “rain” (ua) of Kane, and as “rain” is the symbol of the high mana when sent back from the Aumakua during the Ha Rite of prayer, the evidence is strengthened to show that Hawai`i was a state or condition of being or action rather than a definite land.


Tregear, page 57, of his dictionary of the several dialects of Polynesia, says that there was a tradition that this “Land of the Divine Water of Kane” was a paradise. He writes, “It was a sacred land: a man must be righteous to attain to it; if faulty, he cannot go there; if he prefers his family, he will not enter into Paliuli (“Land of the Dark Mountains”, another name for the Land of Kane and the Divine Water). The traditions of this paradise have singular resemblance to the ancient legends of Eden. In the midst of Paliuli were the beautiful waters of life, transparent and clear; and from hence the Hawaiian Adam, Kumu`honua and his wife, Ola`ku`honua (meaning life-arising-beginning) were driven out. This pair was supposed to have been exiled on account of their having done some evil, not plainly stated, but connected with the sacred apple tree, or the ‘tabued breadfruit tree’ (sacred to Kane) and the man is often alluded  to afterwards as ‘the fallen chief,’ ‘the mourner’, ‘he who fell on account of the tree’, etc. Allusions are also made to the moopelo, some kind of lizard or reptile, as a lying animal, and a chant speaks of it under the name of Ilioha.” (Translating “wormy” plus ha, or the Ha Rite, indicating possibly that this “tempter” did something to prevent the proper use of the Ha Rite prayer method.) (From other evidence, I have concluded that the Serpent of the Garden of Eden prevented the Adam and Eve couple from sending mana to the Aumakua as was their duty, and because of this the help of the Aumakua could not be given to keep them normal and progressively growing or evolving. The word for breadfruit is ulu, and this also means “to grow” or “to be wet”, the latter meaning reminding us at once or water or mana, and its possible need in the normal growth of the pair. Still another meaning of ulu, and in this case perhaps its most significant one, is “to be possessed by a spirit”. In this we have the “eating companion” or spirit obsession as the cause of the “sins” and the expulsion from the Garden. In this case, also, the evil spirit causing the pair to do evil would be the Serpent.)


AN ECHO OF THE HUNA THEORY OF EVOLUTION is to be heard in another tradition mentioned by Mr. Tregear on page 58. He writes that the Friendly Islanders had no legendary land such as Hawaiki, but believed in a place in which there stands a “speaking tree”, from which comes the  commands of the “divinities”. It stands near the “Water of Life” pool or spring. This land or place is also called Bulotu. We read: “As only the nobles have souls, they alone pass to Bulotu … The petty chiefs go to Bulotu as servants, but the common people cease to exist with the death of the body.” This may be compared to the stages of evolution in which man reincarnates several times until he has learned the lessons of life and is ready to “graduate” or become united with the mate and made into a new Aumakua. The “nobles” would stand at the head of the line, and the commoners at the bottom. It now appears that the average number of incarnations needed to finish the life’s schooling is about a dozen. This would indicate that one out of twelve humans have learned to be basically kind and helpful and so are ready to “graduate”. In making up a list of one’s friends, one can pick out about one in twelve who would qualify. But as long as the Aunihipili is part of the man, it may, despite the training it has received, upset the apple cart now and then and cause the Auhane to join it in hurting others. However, if the advanced individual has come to know that there is an Aumakua, and that it can be asked to give help through its “grace” to “perfect” him and help him to mingle with the mate and become an Aumakua in the “graduation” process, all will be well. I am now convinced that the whole inner meaning of the vicarious atonement is to be found in this aid which one can obtain after a dozen or so incarnations.


Going back to the idea that only the nobles or high chiefs had souls, we find that in the Hawaii of yesterday the very highest of the chiefs were supposed to become “na Aumakua” soon after death, and were worshiped as lesser gods or “Parental Spirits”, the commoners not knowing that a female element must be joined to the male in this upward step into godhood. The lesser chiefs who were said to act as “servants” of the dead “nobles” can be classed symbolically as the Aunihipili and Auhane who are “servants” on the earth level of living in their relation with the Aumakua. It was a mistake, of course, to deny any human being a soul, no matter how lowly.


IN WRITING THE NEW BOOK it has, at last, come to me clearly that in all of the religious systems which were based on Huna or in which there were retained Huna elements, even after the first insight had been lost by advocates of the religion, THERE ARE TWO UNIONS. The first “union” is for those well along in the business of growing or evolving through the average of twelve incarnations. In this the individual becomes aware of the fact that he has an Aumakua and eventually manages to make contact with it at times when he wishes to worship or to pray. This is the lesser union. It is a temporary contact, not the permanent “union” with the vague “Real” Self of Yoga in which the lesser selves vanish or are swallowed up in the Greater or into Nirvana.


The Greater UNION is not absorption into the Aumakua, as is mistakenly believed by occult students today, but is the interblending and “mingling” of the two Auhane mates, male and female. This is a permanent and complete union in which the rib is put back into Adam and the two halves of the divided man are again ONE. There cannot be a complete mingling or absorption of one self by another, only a temporary contact, otherwise each self would be lost in the identity of the other and neither would remain the Real Self or the Lesser Self. And, in the case of graduation and the blending union of the mates, the na Auhane do not remain themselves – or as they were. They become one Aumakua, with very different ingredients, powers and perceptions. If you have a piece of chalk, write in large letters on your most intimate wall, “THERE ARE TWO UNIONS”.


In the Hawaiian of the code we have pili for union, and it is contact, like the edges of two planed boards placed together temporarily, it is a union such as we see between the Aunihipili and the Aumakua. It is a contact that may be held or broken for a time. The word hui is for Union and it has the meaning of a permanent mixing or interblending, as two cups of water poured together. It is the word for things “stitched together”, and the symbol of sewing together stands for uniting the mates. When united, their shadowy bodies are also worked over in some magical way so that there is made for the new Aumakua a “seamless ROBE OF LIGHT”. In this new shadowy or aka body the permanently re-united two selves become “one”.




A FRESH LOOK AT TAROT CARD SYMBOLOGY seems to be in order, what with the new identification of TWO unions instead of just one. Those of you who have in hand Huna Vista No. 1 with No. 2, containing the sheets reproducing the Major Tarots, (or who have your own packs from which the Majors can be sorted out and laid before you in the secret Huna order) can check the cards as I discuss the new angles on the old symbology.


Where the cards are laid out in opposing pairs, we have the Hierophant V, opposite Temperance XIV, and in the first we have the priestly figure seated between two pillars, one for the male, the other for the female. The two kneeling figures should also be seen as male and female. In other words, we have here the state of life in which the individual, be he male or she female, are separated as from the first incarnation in the series (when the rib was taken from Adam to make Eve). This individual is triune in nature and has an Aumakua, so the figure wears a crown having three tiers, one for each of the three selves, and the top tier of the Aumakua having extending from it two rods standing for the two selves, with a single rod between indicating perhaps their state as a united pair: the Father-Mother Parental Pair. We may look upon the lower tiers as containing a dozen or so crosses extending in a circle around the crown, giving us the symbology of the Twelve Disciples of the Gospels, or the 12 incarnations needed from the start as a new Aunihipili, then, with graduation into the Auhane level, another round of 12 lives, after which the Auhane graduates to become a new Aumakua. There are three crosses on the front of the robe of the seated figure, whose face is neither male nor female, but a combination, indicating the Aumakua as the one standing ready to initiate the growth of the lesser pair of selves. This figure raises a hand in blessing, and shows two fingers united, the symbol of the highest state of blessedness still to come, that of graduation in which male and female na Auhane are united to make a new Aumakua, which, in its turn will take charge of the na Aunihipili who have stepped up a grade to become new na Auhane and to start a fresh circle of about a dozen incarnations. At the feet of the figure are two keys, the handles of which are marked with a circle bearing a plain cross made like a plus sign. This indicates the fact that at this stage of progress, the individual has become aware of the fact that he has an Aumakua and has learned to make contact with it for short periods in the FIRST UNION – which is the temporary one in contrast to the SECOND UNION which is complete, lasting and permanent (that of the male and female na Auhane). As I reported in an earlier Huna Vistas, this cross and circle which has been used as a symbol by various religions and as a halo behind the head of Jesus, Gautama (who was thought to be one of the Buddhas, and of assorted saints, appears to have been connected from ancient times with  the use of the pendulum to find out whether or not one was making contact with one’s Aumakua when generating and sending mana. The pendulum is suspended over the left palm while one begins breathing more heavily and accumulating mana, at the same time holding the command over the Aunihipili to contact the Aumakua and to begin sending the offering of mana. The pendulum begins to swing on a vertical(?) line, then slowly changes over to the horizontal, thus marking out the cross before changing again, swinging in a large circle. The pendulum soon comes to a stop, and the indication is that the contact has been completed and the mana accepted. (After that the prayer picture can be presented.)


Compare this cross and circle with the plain cross which appears on the breast of the High Priestess II card, in which the lack of the circle may mean that the early progress of the individual through the cycles of incarnation falls under the rule of the Aumakua as “Nature”, with no definite knowledge possessed of its being there and no correct way used to make temporary union with it for the Ha Rite of prayer.


TEMPERANCE XIV, as the card opposite the Hierophant, shows a figure with wings and with the sun on its forehead – the sign of “LIGHT” and so the Aumakua. This figure wears a triangle on its breast, indicating again the triune nature of the man. Going up the mountain to a rising sun is the symbolic “path” of life which has been traveled almost to the end by the Auhane pair. The figure holds two cups, these symbolizing the na Auhane, and it unites or “mingles” them by pouring the contents of one cup into the other. This is the act of “Grace”, symbolic of “Perfecting”, then uniting the Auhane mates. It should also be noticed that the mountain peak at the end of the path, usually having but a single point, now has two points, and the sun rises between them. On the right of the figure we see two iris blooms, giving us probably the na Aunihipili which in their blooming symbolize their graduation to the Auhane level.



THE SUN XIX, Major, shows a rising sun with straight and waved rays coming from it, symbolizing the male and female elements of it as an Aumakua. Its light is shed upon a naked child holding a red banner (red for the physical, and Aunihipili), and mounted on a white horse, representing the new Aunihipili coming up to be the Aunihipili of the man at the time of graduation and to be a part of the triune man beginning the fresh cycle of incarnations.



THE WORLD XXI, the last major card in the pack, gives us the end result of graduation. The new Aumakua, which should not be either too male or too female in figure, floats through the air, carrying in either hand a magician’s rod such as we see held only in one hand by the Magician I, and perhaps indicating the power of a new Aumakua to use the dual powers of male and female polarity – the high mana in all probability. Around the floating figure is the three layer Victory Wreath of one who has successfully passed the graduation and  initiation point.


JUDGEMENT XX, shows the angelic figure of the Aumakua sounding a long horn above father, mother and child, who are rising from their graves for the last Judgement, symbolizing a fresh incarnation. A flag fastened to the trumpet has on it the plus cross, but not the surrounding circle, so we conclude that only when the fact of the Aumakua is realized and contact with it is made, do the reincarnations cease and the time of graduation arrive. The same angelic figure, with the same flames for hair, appears in THE LOVERS VI, hovering over the ideal pair of lovers, hands raised in the “lesser blessing” in which all fingers are extended, not in the “blessing of union” in which two touching fingers are extended (as in V).


STRENGTH VIII, opposed by THE STAR XVII, shows the  Auhane using its hands to force closed the jaws of a lion, or so we can read the symbols, and with the figure 8 sign laid on its side as the sign of evolutionary progression, placed above the head of the figure, we may say that real progress in the direction of graduation is made when the Auhane begins seriously to take charge of the Aunihipili or animal self and train it to be hurtless instead of savage, greedy and impulsive.


WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT OF THE TAROT CARDS, let me pause to run them to see for the fun of it what I get concerning the future. (It is now February 7th as I work on the N.V., and news has just come in of retaliatory air strikes against North Vietnam following the killing of eight Americans and the wounding of 62 more by the Red guerrilla forces. The Russian, Kosygin, is visiting those parts and is warning us not to extend the war, while we are openly blaming the Chinese and Ho Chi Min. The Chinese have developed the bomb, and, if allowed to continue developing it, will in time be able to threaten the world, but to try to stop them now would mean a new World War, this time with radiation released to wipe out all life on the planet.)


The cards are a most sensitive instrument which, in the hands of the Aunihipili, often reflect the hopes and fears of the operator instead of giving fairly true predictions of the future. (I ran the cards not long ago for one of the HRAs who was very anxious to sell her property in California and move to Oregon. I had been asking in the TMHG for the success of the plan, and when I ran the cards they gave the information that the place would sell at once and the trip north come almost at once. As nothing happened, it can only be concluded that the “wish” colored the fall of the cards.)


It may be recalled that in the November H.V., written before the presidential election, the cards showed such strange and tangled events to follow the election that I judged that whoever won would regret having to face the events which were to come rather soon. So far nothing unusual has happened, so I will check with a fresh card run to see what light I can get on things as they now stand with L.B.J. in the White House.


The cards no longer show the “preposterous mixture of events” which showed in the run before the election. They have gone back to the main theme for that time for the world – that of the desire to get on with business, trade and commerce. The situation in South East Asia, in so far as the American position is concerned, reads stalemate for both sides, and defeat for the USA, while the South Vietnam heads of government show sympathy with the Reds and a desire to beat the USA out of all possible funds. I find the Russian run showing efforts to find a peaceful settlement rather than to promote an expansion of the trouble. A run for China brought up, quite unexpectedly, the card of DEATH and the Five of Pentacles, which shows beggars in the falling snow outside the warmly illuminated church. I read here largely trouble in Red China, but cut no USA cards which would indicate that the trouble is to be caused by us. “Change for the worse” would be the reading for the cards cut, and whatever the internal changes are that may come, Red China will suffer as a result.


Asking about the USA and European trade balances and the leaving of the use of gold as the value standard, the cards show no panic or upset, but planned and careful changes. I judge that we will slowly replace the value behind currency with something more modern than gold – something that is based on commercial usefulness rather than on [a] useless and too scarce metal which can be manipulated for the benefit of those who can get control of the current supplies. An odd indication of the cards, through a question and the coming up of the Magician, is that soon we will have gold being made artificially in such quantities that it will no longer be of value as a standard on which to base world money and credits. Asking about a possible world quake or other disaster, the FALLING TOWER came up flanked by three water cards. Not California, but near seas and at a distance from here.


“I AM NOT TOO CONCERNED ABOUT proving Huna by the Bible”, writes one HRA, “for if Huna works for you and others, there must be truth in it. To use the Bible as ultimate proof of any religion or truth is to limit truth itself.” Another HRA writes: “For MY PART I must confess that I am not following your work on decoding the Bible. But don’t let that deter you, I’m sure most HRAs find it most interesting. I find that I have my hands full in making contact with the world of here and now. However I suppose you might say that that is everyone’s problem. Somewhere between the past and the future is reality. Where all good na kahuna should be found. And if the mind is the repository of the past and the creator of the fanciful futures in which to escape, what shall we call that part of us that comes into being when we have momentarily been freed from the mind?”


FOR THE RECORD let me try to state my position on these matters. I quite agree that we can prove nothing by the Bible or other holy books from other religions, old or new. Nor can we prove or disprove the beliefs found in Huna by recourse to books, whether spirit dictated or “inspired” or simply giving the opinions and beliefs of certain great leaders, be they religionists or scientists.


My intention, in trying to decode the Bible, Gnostic literature, Yoga texts and Buddhist writings, is not one of finding proofs. What I am after is the knowledge of what was hidden in the great religions by the na kahuna of old as they moved here and there and as they initiated various people. There is a distinct difference between trying to prove that the na kahuna were right in their beliefs which we find coded in several old religions, and trying to prove that their strange beliefs were coded in various writings or preserved in recognizable form in the traditional beliefs and practices of Yoga or of the Sanga organized by Gautama when he proposed to lead his “elect” on the march out of this world into Nirvana.


On the other hand, each of us feels the need to rationalize the world around him and his own part in it. Each one compares the beliefs and opinions of other men, reads the sacred writings of various religions, old and new, and from this raw material attempts to compose a tolerable explanation for the problems which cannot be answered by application of the “scientific method” because of its limitations and inability to handle the materials of Psychology and Psychic Science. I am happily aware of the fact that the HRAs are all of too high a P. A. degree level to accept the leadership of anyone – no matter what claims to “authority” may be put forward. We are, proudly, “lone wolves”, and we consider the available materials and come up with a variety of conclusions. I have yet to find an HRA agreeing completely with what I have decided or with the opinions of even one other HRA. This is as it should be. Let the followers of the blind leaders of the blind do the agreeing and following. Oddly enough, none of us want to lead. We all like to do a bit of preaching to air our views, but we seldom make the mistake of thinking that we can change the opinions of anyone whose degree reading is in our level. And, as to exerting ourselves to try to change the opinions of those of the levels below ours, we have long since seen that it is a waste of time. We will NOT work together in groups because we always bore each other by expressing our personal opinions. We are no end tolerant of the other fellow’s beliefs, but do not wish to be made to sit still and listen to them being expounded. The only one in the tight little circle who is allowed to expound is Max, and because he does it in written form, and because one can skip paragraphs or pages in the H.V., the strain of disruptive boredom is not to difficult to bear for most, although a few bow out from time to time.




Our Search for Something We Can Believe

April-May 1965



OF VITAL IMPORTANCE TO OUR ONGOING STUDY OF HUNA is the question of whether or not the beliefs of the na kahuna (as we think we now know them) were or were not CORRECT. I am inclined to believe that they were. The three selves, three aka bodies and three kinds of mana seem to answer well the questions raised by our scant knowledge of modern Psychology and Psychic Science. Here we have things which are more or less down to earth and subject to study when we try to understand why we have obsession, or “materialization”, for instance. BEYOND THAT we come to the speculative items which we may say are far above the earthy level and quite beyond our ability to look into at first hand. We have to admit that when it comes to the God and Universe and Time-Space-Creation-Evolution aspects of the general problem of validity in beliefs, we have little or no way of making an examination of the material elements.


THE NA KAHUNA have left us no words in their language code to tell us just what they believed about Ultimate God and about the possible levels or descending layers of intelligences and forces which end in man. They LEFT THAT TO LEGENDS. In the legends and folklore of the Polynesians, as in those of India and Egypt, we see two things: (1) The personalization of intelligences supposed to preside over the forces in Nature, and (2) the Totemistic side of all sympathetic magic. For instance, we have the personification of the Sun as the god RA in Egypt. Its totem is the hawk, and its personification is the hawk headed man of the Book of the Dead. Out of this mixture of primitive ideas grew the more abstract concepts, such as the speculative beliefs in gods ranging in ever higher levels until Ultimate God is reached. The Ultimate may then be set off, as in India, as a Something which creates the whole universe, but remains apart from it, simply watching what has been created. Or, as modern Science tends to view the matter, the Universal enters into every part of the created universe, giving each tiniest unit the element of intelligence and life or force. Either view is of little more than speculative use to us when we settle down to try to decide whether one belief or another is sufficiently reasonable to allow us to put upon it the stamp of validity and so adopt it for our personal BELIEF. In my case, I like to divide the problem into two parts. I have made the tentative decision that the na kahuna were the nearest right of any in their beliefs concerning the ten elements which make up a living man. As to the second part, which deals with the intelligences and forces far above man, I prefer to decide on no particular angles of belief – simply contenting myself by looking with joy and awe and vast admiration into the heavens and trying to see in Nature and the Stars the evidence of the Ultimate which my human mind cannot understand but which I am quite certain must be there, and everywhere.


THE HUNA CODE IN THE GOSPELS reveals the “final salvation” in which one is able to “graduate” and become an Aumakua, this involving the permanent union (or reunion) with the original mate of the opposite sex who was symbolically separated in the Adam and Eve creation legend. This very important angle was not found in the study of the Polynesian na kahuna, although, when one is enabled to see the hidden truth in a code study of the Gospels, the code words are at once available in the language of the na kahuna of the Pacific.


REINCARNATION is poorly presented in Polynesian Huna remains, but in the Gospels one at once meets the code words for “to live again” or “to have a NEW life”. On the other hand, the fact that there are two “souls”, the Aunihipili and Auhane, while very evident in Polynesian Huna, is almost entirely missing in the coded parts of the Bible.


THE GNOSTIC LITERATURE, however, which is contemporary with the Gospels or perhaps a bit earlier, repeats much of the Gospel story and hidden “mystery” teachings, giving, in addition, definite evidence of the inclusion of the knowledge that man has an Aunihipili and Auhane as well as an Aumakua. This is best seen in the Pistis Sophia, a mystery play form of account which Gerald Massey thought was the original from which the Gospel versions of the story were drawn. This account, opening like a play, gives us the stage setting of “The mount of the Olive Tree”, and this is found all through the Hermetic works which also stem from the period and perhaps from the hands of initiate na kahuna at Alexandria in Egypt. In the Third Book of Pistis Sophia, from pages 236 onward, we find Jesus, who has been resurrected and who has finished his “graduation” in the Great Transfiguration of Light talking with Mary Magdalene and the Disciples, answering their questions and giving them a series of “discourses”.


On page 238 of P.S., after considerable discussion of what, in Huna, we call the Aunihipili and Auhane (the low being called the “counterfeit spirit” and the term “soul” being applied usually to the Auhane), Jesus is found saying:


“If on the contrary it is a soul which hath not harkened unto the counterfeiting spirit in all its (material and evil) works, but hath become good and hath received the mysteries of the Light (knowledge of the Aumakua) which are in the second space or even the third space which is within (in the Gospels Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven or Light was within), when the time of the coming forth (check the idea in the much older Book of the Dead, or The Coming Forth By Day) of that soul out of the body is completed, (at death after a dozen or so incarnations when the Auhane is ready to “graduate”) then the counterfeiting spirit followeth that soul, it and the destiny (here destiny is like karma – the things it has done and learned and can remember as lessons learned); and it followeth it (the Auhane soul) on the way on which it will go above. (The Aunihipili is with the Auhane before the “graduation” begins, and must be taken in hand by the Aumakua, termed the “ruler” or “rulers” in the male-female aspect, to have its connection with the Auhane broken as “seals”).


“And before it removeth itself (goes) above, it uttereth the mystery of the undoing of the seals and all the bonds of the counterfeiting spirit with which the rulers have bound it to the soul; and when it is uttered, the bonds of the counterfeiting spirit undo themselves, and it ceases to come into that soul and releases the soul according to the commandments which the rulers of the great Fate have commanded it, saying: ‘Release not this soul until it tell thee the mystery of the undoing of all the seals with which we have bound thee to the soul. (This is a little confusing, but we must remember that a “mystery” was being hidden here by the writers, and that the original writing had been done in Greek, then translated into Coptic with a very slight bit of attention to tense and gender, and, when the Coptic versions were found in modern times and once more translated, this time into English, the first version may well have suffered much change.)


“If then the soul shall have uttered the mystery of the undoing of the seals and of all the bonds of the counterfeiting (this might be called “the imitating” spirit as well because it learns from the Auhane how to play a human role) spirit, and if it ceaseth to come into the soul and ceaseth to be bound to it, then it uttereth in that moment a mystery and releaseth the destiny to its region to the rulers who are on the way (path?) of the midst. And it uttereth the mystery and releaseth the counterfeiting spirit to the rulers of the Fate to the region in which it was bound to it. (This appears to have something to do with the cleansing through “Grace” to “make perfect”, as in the Gospels where the “graduation” of the Auhane is about to take place and at the same time the Aunihipili is to be elevated to the state of being an Auhane.)


“And in that moment it (the soul or Auhane, which has been cleared of the Aunihipili, and, presumably, united with its mate) becometh a great light stream, shining exceedingly. And in that moment that the soul becometh a great light stream, it becometh entirely wings of light, and penetrateth all the regions of the rulers and all the orders of the Light, until it reacheth the region of the kingdom up to which it hath received mysteries.” The mention of “wing” gives us the symbol of “a spirit” or its symbol, “bird”, and in Light, we have the Aumakua. The “graduation” is finished and the Auhane has become one with the other na Aumakua and shares their realm, of which the symbol is “LIGHT”.


On page 272 the information is repeated and we read, “The Savior answered and said unto Mary, ‘If they (the souls) receive the mystery when still in life, and if they come out of the body, they become light beams and light streams and penetrate all the regions until they reach the region of their inheritance.”‘


REINCARNATION, in this same P.S., page 238 (Mead’s translation), is the lot of those who have not yet learned the lessons of life and who have not become “good”, even if they have come to know that they have an Aumakua. Here we read: ………. Of all these then will I tell you their type and the bodies into which it will be cast according to the sins of each soul …….


Mention is made of twelve dungeons. in the darkness of the “Dragon”, and it is said that the soul and its counterfeit spirit must pass through all twelve before getting ready to finish reincarnation as a pair and before the “graduation”. In early Egypt, where the beliefs found in the Pistis Sophia were developed much earlier, the place of Light was the Amenta into which the soul passed in its “Coming forth by day”. (Day is la in the code and also means “light”). Life through several incarnations in the flesh was symbolized as time spent in “darkness”.


IN OUR SEARCH FOR SOMETHING WE CAN BELIEVE, reincarnation is one of the most simple units. It has the advantage of being reasonable. It fits well into the general picture of life and evolution as presented by Huna. It is far more in keeping with the idea of divine justice than the Gospel (outward version teachings) idea that one has but one life to live and that it is hell or heaven after a single try, no matter how intelligent or dim witted the individual may be. On the other hand, the standard idea of reincarnation as held in India and in Western Theosophy, forces upon one far too much time and too many incarnations. I can believe in a dozen incarnations, but must reject the prospect of hundreds or even thousands of returns. The belief borrowed from India that we must continue incarnating until we, as a single EGO, have assimilated all lessons of the physical world, and are free from the various desires related thereto, seems to me a stretched and badly distorted version of what may have been the original Huna. In Huna we have two egos, the Aunihipili and Auhane, overlooked by the Aumakua. It is the Auhane that must give up its desire for the things of the physical life so that it can “graduate” and exchange the things of the physical and mental world it has known for those of the “Light” level. The Aunihipili is not supposed, at the time of “graduation” to desire more than to step upward into the shoes and mental abilities of the Auhane life grade. The new Aunihipili which will come  up to form a new “trinity”, will in no way sin in its enjoyment of all the attractive things of the physical world, even if it may often have to endure the bad with the good in its surroundings. (As to the Theosophical speculations concerning the possible incarnations on various planets while passing from one “round” to the next, I have little to say. My tentative scheme of belief has now no place for metempsychosis or transmigration, whether presented as a punishment for evil or for dullness of understanding in learning the lessons of the lives.)




THE ART AND MEANING OF MAGIC by Israel Regardie, $1.75 from Helios Book Service, 8, The Square, Toddington, Nr. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, 46 pages, hard cover. It is always a pleasure to find a new book by this author who gave us such fine insight into the “Golden Dawn” material some time ago. This little book falls right in with the things which we have just been considering, the question of WHAT MAY WE SAFELY BELIEVE? Here we have the standard “occult” approach of our time in which the Qabalah is suggested as something approaching the true picture of what is veritable. Like all writings which urge a belief in a certain system of thought, this book begins with a postulation which, if one is willing to accept it, can then be used as a point of departure from which to develop methods for putting the beliefs to practical use. (An example of the use of a primary postulation is to be found in certain modern schools of religious thought which say,”Only God is REAL, therefore all else, including you and your surroundings and hopes and fears are unreal – and if something bothers you, just realize-affirm its unreality, and it will go away.”)


But Mr. Regardie does not stop with any one postulate or system in this book. He compares and mixes for use everything from the Tarot to modern Psychology as outlined by Dr. C.G.Jung. He sees MAGIC as a system in which one evokes with ceremonials and visualizations, chants, symbols and whatever fits the need, the various levels of conscious beings which may be said to preside over the five elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether – or over the things for which the five elements roughly stand in relation to human life. Let me quote from page 39.


“…….. What is important is that at this stage (of invocational efforts) he must vibrate certain divine and archangelic names which tradition ascribes to that particular symbol. These names may be found in the first volume of my work, The Golden Dawn.”


In this way, he enters imaginatively or clairvoyantly by means of a vision, into the elemental realm corresponding to the nature of the symbol he has chosen. By employing element after element, he acquires a sympathetic contact with and understanding of the several hierarchical planes existing within Nature, and thus widens tremendously the sphere of his consciousness.


“From the psychological point of view, we might understand the magical theory to imply that the Unconscious may be classified into five principal layers or subdivisions. These five levels correspond to the five elements, the most superficial being Earth, and the deepest being Ether or Spirit. By following such a vision or fantasy technique the candidate’s ordinary consciousness is enabled to cross the otherwise impenetrable barrier subsisting between it and the unconscious. A link is formed between the two aspects of mind, a bridge is constructed, across which the psyche may pass at any moment. Entering these various psychic levels by way of an imaginative projection is analogous to forming an association track by means of which idea, inspiration, and vitality are made available to consciousness.”


While this is certainly NOT Huna, it is legitimate “Occultism”, and furnishes us with another of the many examples which one must consider in trying to settle on a single system of belief. Of course, if one does the usual thing, one will take a little here and a little there and manufacture one’s own system. The main thing, I am inclined to think, is to settle on something that satisfies, and then make the most of it. And, by the way, if any of you have tried the invocational methods which Dr. Regardie discusses, and have obtained results, would you please tell me of your experiences? I confess that I have hardly scratched the surface of this field, and that in that brief scratching, got no farther than a sudden threat of obsession which was so frightening that I dropped the venture like a hot potato. (In my opinion the only entity which is safe to invoke is one’s own Aumakua. The aiming of a call with the added power of will and desire may all too often attract a spirit who welcomes the chance to come through the door which has been opened.)


OUR RELIGION IS USUALLY A BORROWED ONE. Almost no one sets out to make for himself a religion from whole cloth. Rather, when we come to a thinking age, we begin to cut and patch the religion to which we happened to be born. Like the whole of our culture, we find the inherited religion made up of bits and pieces which have been collected by our forebears. These are, in religion, all too often things we believe because others have believed them who have counted them “revelations”. We accept them on FAITH with very little application of reason. All too often the things we agree to believe are based on Holy Writ, but we fail to pause to question the credibility of the original writings or the truthfulness of the writers, whether they be Christian, Buddhist or Yogin. All too often the original writer of a book upon which beliefs become based, has done no more than add a new angle to some older set of beliefs, and if the readers have already accepted the older beliefs, they may more easily be converted to the new version. But once a person accepts the offered belief, the tendency is to stick with it, fight for it, and become blindly illogical where it is concerned. William James wrote of the boy who was asked to define “faith”, and who responded, “Faith is believing something you know ain’t true.”


In my own case, I can sort out the parts and pieces of what I consider at this moment my religion, and can usually identify the “BOOK” from which I borrowed each. It is not so easy to recall just how I rationalized the mixture I made of the pieces, and often they seem to have fitted together as of themselves, or to be the best things available to fill a gapping and even damning hole in the patchwork which was in the making. At one side I have accumulated a kitchen midden of discarded shards – of pieces which have belonged to old pots which I smashed at once upon deciding that they were not capable of holding a modicum of water.




AS MOST OF THE HRAs ARE HUNA HYPHENATES, such as Huna-Christian, Huna–Theosophist or Huna-Science of ………, it may be profitable to have a close look at the parts and pieces from which our particular belief (aside from its Huna ingredients) may have been assembled. As the origins of Christian beliefs are most easily discovered, allow me to pass on to you parts taken from a lecture given years ago by Gerald Massey, titled “Christian Origins:  the Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ”. (From a booklet which came at one time from Friendship Liberal League, Inc., 5233 N. 5th St., Philadelphia 20, Pa. Possible price under a dollar.) (More on each itern discussed may be found in Massey’s six big volumes, containing over 4,000 large quarto pages. and with titles: The Natural Genesis, Book of the Beginnings, Ancient Egypt, The Light of the World“, some in two volumes.) I will quote at random from the printed lecture as embodied in the booklet.


MASSEY: “IN PRESENTING MY READERS with some of the data which show that much of the Christian History was pre-existent as Egyptian Mythology, I have to ask you to bear in mind that the facts, like other foundations, have been buried out of sight for thousands of years in a hieroglyphical language that was never really read by Greek or Roman, and could not be read until the lost clue was discovered  by Champollion, almost the other day! In this way the original sources of our Mytholatry and Christology remained as hidden as those of the Nile, until the century in which we live. The mystical matter enshrouded in this language was sacredly entrusted to the keeping of the buried dead, who have faithfully preserved it as their Book of Life, which was placed beneath their pillows, or clasped to their bosoms, in their coffins and their tombs.


“Although I am able to read the hieroglyphics, nothing is offered to you that is based on my translation. The transcription and literal rendering of the hieroglyphic texts herein employed are by scholars of indisputable authority ……. I lectured upon the subject of Jesus many years ago. At that time I did not know how we had been misled, or that the ‘Christian Scheme’ – as it is aptly called – in the New Testament is a fraud, founded on a fable in the Old!


“When the true tradition of Ben Pandira is recovered, it shows that he was the sole historical Jesus who was hung on a tree by the Jews, not crucified in the Roman fashion. Epiphanius gives the genealogy of the Canonical Jesus in this wise: ‘Jacob, called Pandira, Mary – Joseph – Cleopas, Jesus.’ This proves that in the fourth century the pedigree of Jesus was traced to Pandira, the father of that Jehoshua who was the pupil of Ben Perachia, who became one of the magicians in Egypt, and who was crucified as a magician on the eve of the Passover by the Jews, in the time of Queen Alexandra, who had ceased to reign in the year 70. B. C. – the Jesus, therefore, who lived and died more than a century too soon. Thus, the Jews do not identify Jehoshua Ben Pandira with the Gospel Jesus, of whom they, his supposed contemporaries, know nothing, but protest against the assumption as an impossibility; whereas the Christians DO identify their Jesus as a descendent of Pandira. It was he or nobody; yet he was neither the son of Joseph nor the Virgin Mary, nor was he crucified at Jerusalem. It was not the Jews, then, but the Christians, who fused two supposed historic characters into one. Either the Jesus of the Gospels is the Jehoshua of the Talmud, or is not at all, as a Person . . . . . So much for the historic Jesus. And now for the mythical Christ. Here we can tread on firmer ground. The mythical Messiah was always born of a Virgin Mother – a factor unknown in natural phenomena, and one that cannot be historical, one that can only be explained by means of the Mythos, and those conditions of primitive sociology which are mirrored in mythology and preserved in theology. The virgin mother had been represented in Egypt by the maiden Queen, Mut-em-ua, the future mother of Amenhept III, some 16 centuries B.C., who impersonated the eternal virgin that produced the eternal child.


“Four consecutive scenes reproduced in my book are found portrayed upon the innermost walls of the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Luxor, which was built by Amenhept III, a Pharo of the 17th dynasty. The first scene on the left hand shows the God Taht, the Lunar Mercury, the Annunciator of the Gods, in the act of hailing the Virgin Queen, and announcing to her that she is to give birth to the coming Son. In the next scene the God Kneph – in conjunction with Hathor – gives the new life. This is the Holy Ghost or Spirit that causes the Immaculate Conception, Kneph being the Spirit by name in Egyptian. The natural effects are made apparent in the Virgin’s swelling form. Next the mother is seated on the midwife’s stool, and the new born child is supported in the hands of one of the nurses. The fourth scene is, that of the Adoration. Here the child is enthroned, receiving homage from the Gods and gifts from men. Behind the deity Kneph, on the right, three spirits – the Three Magi, or Kings of the Legend, are kneeling and offering presents with their right hand, and life with their left. The child thus announced, incarnated, born, and worshiped, was the Pharaonic representative  Of the Aten Sun in Egypt, the God Adon of Syria, and Hebrew Adonai; the child Christ of the Aten Cult; the miraculous conception of the ever virgin mother, personated by Mut-em-ua, as mother of the ‘only one’, and representative of the divine mother of the youthful Sun God.


“These scenes, which were mythical in Egypt, have been copied or reproduced as historical in the Canonical Gospels, where they stand like four corner stones to the Historic Structure, and prove that the foundations are mythical. Jesus was not only born of the mystical motherhood; his descent on the maternal side is traced in accordance with this origin of the mythical Christ.


“The birth of Christ is astronomical. The birthday is determined by the full moon of Easter. This can only occur once every 19 years, as we have it illustrated by the Epact or Golden Number of the Prayer Book.. Understand me! Jesus, the Christ, can only have a birthday or resurrection, once in 19 years, in accordance with the Metonic Cycle, because his parents are the sun and moon; and those appear in the earliest known representation of the Man upon the Cross. This proves the astronomical and non-human nature of the birth itself, which is identical with that of the full moon of Easter in Egypt. The more hidden the meaning in the Gospel history, the more satisfactorily it is explained by the Mythos; and the more mystical the Christian doctrine, the more easily it can be proved to be mythical.


“And here, in passing, we may point out the astronomical nature of the Crucifixion. The Gospel according to John brings on a tradition so different from that of the Synoptics as to invalidate the human history of both. The Synoptics say that Jesus was crucified on the 15th of the month of Nisan. John affirms that it was on the 14th of the month. This serious rift runs through the very foundation. As human history it cannot be explained. But there is an explanation possible, which if accepted, proves the Mythos. The Crucifixion, or Crossing, was, and still is, determined by the full moon of Easter. This, in the lunar reckoning, would be on the 14th in a month of 28 days; in the solar month of 30 days it was reckoned to occur on the 15th of the month. Both unite, and the rift closes in proving the Crucifixion to have been astronomical, just as it was in Egypt, where the two dates can be identified …….. Two birthdays are assigned to Jesus by the Christian Fathers, one for the Winter Solstice, the other for the Vernal Equinox. These, which cannot both be historical, are based on the two birthdays of the double Horus of Egypt. Plutarch tells us that Isis was delivered of Horus, the child, about the time of the winter Solstice, and the festival of the second or adult Horus followed the Vernal Equinox. Hence the Solstice and spring Equinox were both assigned to the one birth of Jesus by the Chistolators; and again, that which was impossible as human history is the natural fact in relation to the two Horuses, the dual form of the Solar God in Egypt.


“The birthplace of the Egyptian Messiah at the Vernal Equinox was figured in Apt, or Apta, the corner; but Apta is also the name of the Crib or Manger; hence the Child born in Apta was said to be born in a manger; and this Apta as Crib or Manger is the hieroglyphic sign of the Solar birthplace. Hence the Egyptians exhibited the Babe in the Crib or Manger in the streets of Alexandria. The birth place was indicated by the colure of the Equinox, as it passed from sign to sign. It was also pointed out by the Star of the East. When the birth place was in the sign of the Bull, Orion was the Star that rose in the East to tell where the young Sun God was re-born. Hence it is called the ‘Star of Horus.’ That was then the Star of the ‘Three Kings’ who greeted the Babe; for the ‘Three Kings’ is still the name of the three stars in Orion’s Belt. Here we learn that the legend of the ‘Three Kings’ is at least 6,000 years old.


“In the course of the Precession, about 255 B.C., the vernal birth place passed into the sign of the Fishes, and the Messiah who had been represented for 2155 years by the Rain or Lamb, and previously for another 2515 years by the Apis Bull, was now imaged as the Fish, or the ‘Fish-man,’ called Ichthys in Greek. The original Fish-man  – the An of Egypt, and the Oan of Chaldea – probably dates from the previous cycle of precession, or 26,000 years earlier; and about 255 B.C., the Messiah, as the Fish-man, was to come up once more as the Manifestor from the celestial waters. The coming Messiah is called Dag, the Fish, in the Talmud; and the Jews at one time connected his coming with some conjunction, or occurrence, in the sign of the Fishes. This shows that the Jews were not only in possession of the astronomical allegory, but also of the tradition by which it could be interpreted. It was the Mythical and Kronian Messiah alone who was, or could be, the subject of prophecy that might be fulfilled – prophecy that was fulfilled as it is in the Book of Revelation –  when the Equinox entered, the cross was re-erected, and the foundations of a new heaven were laid in the sign of the Ram, 2140 B.C., and, again, when the Equinox entered the sign of the Fishes, 255 B.C. … Prophecy that will again be fulfilled when the Equinox enters the sign of the Waterman about the end of this century, to which the Samaritans are still looking forward for the coming of their Messiah, who has not yet arrived for them. The same tradition of the Coming One is extant amongst the Millenarians and Adventists, as among the Moslems. It is the tradition of El Mahdi, the prophet who is to come in the last days of the world to conquer all the world, and who was lately descending the Soudan with the old announcement, ‘The Day of the Lord is at hand’, which shows that the astronomical allegory has left some relic of the true tradition among the Arabs, who were at one time learned in astronomical lore.


“The Christian religion was not founded on a man, but on a divinity; that is, a mythical character. So far from being derived from the model man, the typical Christ was made up from the features of various Gods. It is not that I deny the divinity of Jesus the Christ; I assert it! He never was, and never could be, any other than a divinity; that is, a character non-human, and entirely mythical, who had been the pagan divinity of various pagan myths, that had been pagan during thousands of years before our Era.


“Nothing is more certain, according to honest evidence, than that the Christian scheme of redemption is founded on a fable misinterpreted; that the prophecy of fulfillment was solely astronomical, and the Coming One as the Christ who came in the end of an age, or of the world, was but a metaphorical figure, a type of time, from the first, which never could take form in historic personality, any more than Time in Person could come out of a clock case when the hour strikes; that no Jesus could become a Nazarene by being born at, or taken to, Nazareth; and that the history in our Gospels is from beginning to end identifiable with the story of the Sun God, and the Gnostic Christ who never could be made flesh. When we did not know the one it was possible to believe the other; but when once we truly know, then the false belief is no longer possible.


“The mythical Messiah was Horus in the Osirian Mythos; Har Khuti in the SutTyphonian; Khunsa in that of Amen Ra; lu in the cult of Atum Ra; and the Christ of the Gospels is an amalgam of all these characters:


“The Christ is the Good Shepard! So was Horus. Christ is the Lamb of God! So was Horus. Christ is the Bread of Life! So  was Horus. Christ is the Truth and the Life! So was Horus. Christ is the Fan bearer! So was Horus. Christ is the Lord! So was Horus. . Christ is the Way and the Door of Life! So was Horus.


“Horus was the path which they traveled out of the sephulchre. He was the God whose name was written with the hieroglyphic sign of the Road or Way. Jesus is he that should come; and Iu, the root of the name in Egyptian, means ‘to come’. Iu-em-hept, as the Su, the Son of Atum, or of Ptah, was the ‘Ever Coming One,’ who is always portrayed as the marching youngster, in the act and attitude of coming Horus including both sexes. The Child – or the soul – is of either sex, and potentially, of both. (The evolving individual headed for “graduation” and union with the mate to become a Aumakua? mfl) Hence the hermaphrodital Deity; and Jesus, in Revelation, is the Young Man who has the female paps.


“Iu-em-hept signifies he who comes with peace. This is the character in which Jesus is announced by the Angels. And when Jesus comes to his disciples after the resurrection it is as the bringer of peace. ‘Learn of me and ye shall find rest,’ says the Christ. Khunsu-Nefer-Hept is the Good Rest, Peace in Person. The Egyptian Jesus is the second Adam. In one rendition of John’s Gospel, instead of the ‘only-begotten Son of God,’ a variant reading gives the ‘only begotten God,’ which has been declared an impossible rendering. But the ‘only begotten God’ was an especial type in the Egyptian Mythology, and the phrase identifies the divinity whose emblem is the beetle. Hor-Appollo says: ‘To denote the only-begotten of a father, the Egyptians delineate a scarabaeus. By this they symbolize an only-begotten, because the creature is self-produced, being unconceived by a female.’ But the youthful manifestor of the Beetle God was this Iu-em-hept, the Egyptian Jesus. The very phraseology of John is common to the Inscriptions, which tell of him who was the Beginner of Becoming from the first, and who made all things, but who himself was not made. I quote verbatim. And not only was the Beetle God continued in the ‘only-begotten God,’ the beetle type was also brought on as a symbol of the Christ. Ambros and Augustine, amongst the Christian fathers, identified Jesus with, and as, ‘the good Scarabaeus,’ which further identifies the Jesus of John’s Gospel with the Jesus of Egypt, who was the Ever Coming One, and the Bringer of Peace, whom I have elsewhere shown to be the Jesus to whom the Book of Ecclesiasticus is inscribed, and ascibed in the Apopcrypha …….


“The Christ of the Canonical Gospels has several prototypes, and sometimes the copy is derived or traits are caught from one original, sometimes from the other. The Christ of Luke’s Gospel has a character entirely distinct from that of John’s Gospel. Here he is the Great Exorciser, and caster out of demons. John’s Gospel contains no case of possession or obsession: no certain man who ‘had devils this long time'; no child possessed with a devil; no blind and dumb man possessed with a devil.


“Other miracles are performed by the Christ of John, but not these; because John’s is a different type of the Christ. And the original of the Great Healer in Luke may be found in the God Khunsu, who was the Divine Healer, the supreme one amongst all the other healers and saviors, especially as the caster-out of demons, and the expeller of possessing spirits. He is called in the texts, ‘The Great God, the driver away of possessions.’ In the Stele of the’Possessed Princess,’ this God in his effigy is sent for by the chief of Bakhten, that he may come and cast out a possessing spirit from the king’s daughter, who has an evil movement in her limbs. The demon recognizes the divinity, just as the devil recognizes Jesus, the expeller of spirits. Also the God Xhunsu is Lord over the pig – a type of Sut. He is portrayed in the disk of the full moon of Easter, in the act of offering the pig as a sacrifice. Moreover, in the judgment scenes, when the wicked spirits are condemned and sent back into the abyss, their mode of return to the lake of primordial matter is by ‘Ventering the bodies of swine. Says Horus to the Gods, speaking of the condemned one: ‘When I sent him to his place he went, and he has been transformed into a black pig.’ So when the Exorcist in Luke’s Gospel cast out Legion, the devils ask permission of the Lord of the pig to be allowed to enter the swine, and he gives them leave. This, and much more might be adduced that tends to differentiate the Christ of Luke, and to identify him with Khunsu, rather than with Iu-em-hept, the Egyptian Jesus, who is reproduced in the Gospel according to John. In this way it can be proved that the history of Christ in the Gospels is one long and complete catalogue of likenesses to the Mystical Messiah, the Solar or Luni-Soarf God.


“The ‘Litany of Ra,’ for example, is addressed to the Sun God in a variety of characters, many of which are assigned to the Christ of the Gospels. Ra is the Supreme Power, the Beetle that rests in the Empyrean, who is born as his own son. This, as already said, is the God in John’s Gospel, who says: ‘I and the Father are one, ‘ and who is the father born as his own son; for he says, in knowing and seeing the son, ‘from henceforth ye know him and have seen him'; i. e., the Father. Ra is designated as the ‘Soul that speaks,’ and Christ is the Word. Ra is the destroyer of venom. Jesus says, ‘In my name they shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them …………


The ‘Litany of Ra’ collects the manifold characters that make up the total God – termed Teb-emt – and the Gospels have gathered up the mythical remains; thus the result is in each case identical, or entirely similar. From beginning to end the Canonical Gospels contain the DRAMA OF THE MYSTERIES of the Luni Solar God, narrated as a human history. The scene of the Mount of Transfiguration is obviously derived from the ascent of Osiris into the Mount of Transfiguration in the Moon. The sixth day was celebrated as that of the change and transformation of the Solar God in the lunar orb, which he re-enters on that day as the regenerator of its light. With this we may compare the statement made by Matthew that, ‘after six days Jesus went up into a high mountain apart, and he was transfigured, and his face did shine as the sun, and his garments became white as light.’ (Massey adds, “of course, for he was the Sun”.)


FROM MY STUDY OF MASSEY and various writers who have tried to trace the origin of the beliefs of the Old Testament and of the Gospels (Judge Fornander, of Hawaii especially, as he found the Hawaiian language related only to the Coptic of Egypt and decided that Huna grew up in Egypt). I managed to confront myself a few years ago with a badly muddled set of conclusions. But, when I began to find the hidden meanings built into the Gospels, including John’s version, things gradually began to clear up. Whatever amount of Huna was hidden by Egyptians or na kahuna living with them in the old days, it was so deeply covered by time that little of it could be identified. But in the Old Testament, especially in the books of Genesis and Isaiah, then in the Gospels of the New Testament, I was able to find what appears to me now to be the straight of the Huna traditions which had been current for centuries in Egypt and had eventually been carried in part to the Pacific. The matter of ONLY TWELVE incarnations, and of the GOAL OF “Graduation”, complete for me, personally, the picture which was left incomplete in my study of the Polynesian beliefs of the na kahuna.


SO WHAT CAN WE BELIEVE? The answer to that, in so far as I am concerned, is that we now have fairly good proof that we have uncovered the main ingredients of the very ancient Huna System. That PROOF, while to me a wonderful thing in itself, has one glaring fault – a fault shared by every religious and psychological system of beliefs known to man – the fault being that one cannot find MATERIAL proof for anything in this field which deals almost exclusively with the imMATERIAL. In the last analysis of the situation, we come down to the simple question of whether or not ANY psycho-religious set of beliefs is to be accepted as sufficiently reasonable to justify belief. It follows, with me at least, that of all the many systems of such belief, that embodied in Huna seems to be the BEST. To me it seems to be a system older than any other, and one which is to be found basic, even if now quite lost, in all older religions.


WE TURN TO RELIGION IN THE EFFORT to find answers to things which cannot be found in the conclusions of Science as yet. A few great men and women are able to accomplish enough in life to satisfy them that they have made their mark in history and will be remembered. The rest of us are left with the uneasy feeling that we have accomplished nothing of lasting value and that when gone we will be promptly forgotten. The human being is so constructed that he has a built in longing for recognition. If we cannot get recognition from our fellows, we turn, quite naturally, to any religion which promises survival after death and a “hereafter” which will give us at least a small reward, if only in the form of recognition that we have at least attended the School of Life for one more term. If we can accept Huna and place our faith in its revelations (revelations perhaps 10,000 years or more old), we can have the satisfaction given by the teaching that we are evolving, and that each incarnation has brought us a step closer to graduating into the next grade – the level of the Aumakua. Some of us are asking daily to be “perfected” and helped at the end of the present incarnation to (1) be separated temporarily from the Aunihipili, (2) to be perfected and brought into contact with a perfected mate, and (3) to be made one with the mate and “translated” to become a new Aumakua. For me the belief that I am drawing closer with each incarnation to the Goal, is a great reward, and the bare chance that after this life I might be helped to “graduate” is something dazzling and splendid. If it should turn out that death ends all, I will have lost nothing by believing that it does not. “In all the transactions of life,” wrote Fitz James Stephen, in the last century, “we have to take a leap in the dark. If we decide to leave the riddles unanswered, that too, is a choice: but whatever choice we make, we make it at our peril.”


NAGGING WIVES AND DEMANDING HUSBANDS may instinctively be trying to make over the mate into their own image so that they will be alike in every thought and opinion. However, it may be the very difference that will give each the ingredient needed for “perfection” in “graduation”.


RUTH DROWN, D.C., whose arrest on fraud charged was reported some time ago, died last month in Hollywood, so the case is at last closed. In all the uproar instigated by the A.M.A., not once was her radionics healing work examined in terms of whether or not it was beneficial.


HAROLD KINNEY, who was trying to help others to get the desert creosote leaves used by the Indians so long for arthritic conditions, and who had himself been cured, was recently notified by the Post Office that the A.M.A. did not recognize healing value in any herbs for arthritis, and that he could no longer send the dried leaves through the mail.


MY EYES, thanks to our combined TMHG prayers and the removal of two old sty infection centers from the lids, are much better and with a change of lens for the left eye next month, I think I will again be working comfortably.


THE NEW BOOK continues its slow progress through the slow, tiresome and expensive printing process. I am very sorry to say that with costs up so steeply the selling price will have to be $6.00 postpaid. This is hard on those of us who are still earning the 40¢ dollar and who have no unions to help us to jump our wages or income. The book will not be ready until about the middle of July, so perhaps those of you who find this price too high might start now saving a little in a teapot from week to week. To keep the price down to this level, we have had to order 5,000 copies and as payment must be made in advance for the printing, the family teapots have been cleaned out rather completely. But all will be well, I am sure, and the project which was undertaken upon pendulum advice, had from the Aumakua, as I am now convinced, was right and good. The book, as it has taken form, throws a blaze of new light on Christianity, Yoga and Buddhism. Guidance has been given at every step of the way. The proofs for the Hawaiian-English dictionary in the back of the book came out better than hoped. Please do not send in your order just yet. I’ll advertise at you in the next Huna Vistas for June-July.



Huna Code in Religions

June-July, 1965



ABOUT THE NEW BOOK: As I write, it is well along in the process of being printed and we have the promise that it will be ready July lst. It will take another ten days for the first shipment of copies to reach us here at Vista, and then, about July 10th, we can begin packing and shipping to fill orders.


The AD SHEET which we are now printing for later use will be enclosed with this issue of the H.V. for your use in case you wish a copy. If you do not, for heaven’s sake do not feel that I am putting the bee on you to buy one. On the other hand, if you want one and still have not saved up enough in your teapot to cover the price, just hold the order blank until your are ready to use it. Five thousand copies are being printed, and there should be no danger of having the book run out of print, at least for some time. In addition to the sales pitch on the ad sheet, you may wish to know what the chapter headings offer, so here they are:




I. From Whence Came Huna?

II. Huna In Ancient Egypt

III. Huna In Ancient India

IV. The CODE and its Construction and Use

V. The Coded Mystery Teachings in the Bible

VI The Nature of Jesus in the Mystery Teachings

VII The HA RITE as the First Great Mystery

VIII. The Way, Life, Light and Path

IX. Jesus and the Fulfillment of the Prophecies

X. Jesus Begins His Ministry

XI Evil Spirits or “Devils”

XII. The Parables and Resulting Church Dogmas

XIII. Reincarnation and the Code

XIV. The Mystery of the Cross and the Crucifixion

XV. The Transfiguration Mystery

XVI. The “Union” in the “Sayings” and in Gnostic Writings

XVII. The Problem of a Drama

XVIII. The Code in the Religions of India

XIX. Huna in China



PART TWO: A Dictionary of Code Words and Their Meanings. (Copied photographically from the Hawaiian/English Dictionary printed in 1865.)


PECIAL OFFER is being made to all HRAs, as they have helped make the research possible which has resulted in the book, and as the book itself is dedicated to them. The offer is, if you buy one book at the regular price of $6.00, you may then buy as many more copies as may be desired at $4.00 each. If you do not order the extra copies at once, please mark later orders, “Repeat Order at Special Price”. If you wish, you may add the explanation that you are getting the extra copies to use to lend, to give to a library, to use as gifts, to replace the copy you loaned to a friend and lost, or to give to the local priest or minister to add to the hilarity of nations and your local religious confusion. If you can talk some unsuspecting heathens into ordering copies through you at $6.00, you will make enough on each two sales to buy another book to help along in your fine missionary effort.


(Cigbo remarks that if you are a really good Christian you may even win several more nice bright stars for your crown. He also offers the sage and slightly catty advice that if you give a book to the Rev. Father or Rev. Preacher near you, it might be wise to sign the name of someone else on your letter of “transmusshion”.) In any event, keep your head down. Our new book is Atomic, and there are bound to be those who will rise up in wrath to smite us – the wicked and devil spawned children of perdition who dare question the sacred dogmas of Holy Church. Men of Science, especially the anthropologists, should also be handled with caution, for they will not at all like having their Complete and Final Authority questioned in the matter of the origin of the Polynesians in a fishing culture in South China. (I was amused by a letter that came in recently telling of a visiting friend of Huna who chanced to be in the famous Bishop Museum in Honolulu at the room where books are sold. She asked interestedly, “Do you carry Max Freedom Long’s books about the Huna lore?” The clerk drew back aghast, saying, “Those books? We certainly DO NOT!”) (Shades of Dr. Brigham) Another letter told of the same lady when she ventured into the largest book store in Honolulu and hunted in vain in the section where they carried books on religion, then in the Hawailana section, failing to find a trace of my books. At last she divulged her difficulty to a clerk. “Oh,” he explained, “you have been looking in the wrong places. We keep Long’s books in the section we call, ‘Crackpot Religion’.” Yes, children, you are keeping bad company, but isn’t it wonderfull in these blessed days of enlightenment one can actually dare to question the Great Poobahs without being burned at the stake for one’s temerity?


THE TELEPATHIC MUTUAL HEALING GROUP sittings were moved ahead an hour with the coming of Daylight Savings Time in California in late April. The sittings continue as before, at 3 and 7 P.M., California time. Adjust your time to match, or work alone starting at the beginning of any hour, day or night. You can ask to have the aka cord put into action and all that will be missing is the telepathic picture I send out when I am presiding. The Great Company of na Aumakua remains free of the limitations of time and space which hamper our physical movements, and a call sent out with a gift of mana to one’s own Aumakua may be accompanied by the request that the inner power of the whole group be put to work. “Where two (or more) are gathered in my name”, is something that applies in the TMHG. If you ask for help in making money, ask also that two others will be helped while you are. If you ask help in selling a house, be sure that you picture the sales agent benefitted by being repaid for his work, and that the buyers of the house will reap their benefit in use and enjoyment of the house. As na Aunihipili, we tend to ask benefits only for our own greedy animal-like selves. As we progress, we must learn to work for the benefit of neighbor and world.


MY “GUIDANCE”, AS YOU WILL RECALL, seemed to be (back in the days of H.V. Nos. 42-48) that I should do two things. First, write a new book covering the things revealed by the Huna Code in religious writings, and second, try once more to get a Huna Group organized and working on healing and other experimental projects. The decision was made to give at least a “token response” in order to test out the Guidance which was had through the Aunihipili and the pendulum from the Aumakua (using the Question and Answer method), and work was started at once with at least a booklet to be written. Also, a meeting was called for August to which all the local HRAs were invited – its purpose being to discuss the question of whether or not we should organize a group, and if so, to try to agree on the nature of the projects to be taken up and worked upon by the group. The meeting was a great success socially, and we had a good time getting acquainted and expressing our various views, but it became apparent that we could not agree on a project  or on much of anything else. So obvious did it become that we were not ready for group work that the idea was dropped as false guidance in which the Aunihipili had gone back to my 1948 hopes of getting groups to form and work. (I tried four times to organize groups in Los Angeles, and each time the efforts failed after a few months and much waste of time.)


NOW, at the risk of having the nearest HRA take me by the ear and lead me to the closest exit, I am going to venture to suggest a possible return to the guidance covering the matter of forming groups. It has occurred to me at this late date that the guidance may have been right in the direction of group formation, but that my response was defective in being greatly premature. Bear with me until I have explained what I mean.


In the writing of the new book, one new and surprising thing after another was turned up by applying the Huna Code to sacred writings, especially to the Four Gospels. Jesus, as the man (not as the Aumakua, which he alternately represented in the great Initiatory Drama) organized a group. It was made up of the Twelve Disciples, some of which we know were men and some, we may suppose, were women. The secret of this arrangement lay in the code word for “disciple”, which is hoo mana, which means, unmistakably, “TO MAKE OR ACCUMULATE MANA”. This could only show that there must have been a need for such an accumulation of mana, and immediately we think of the many miracles of healing performed at first by Jesus, and later by the various Disciples.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the guidance which I decided was false, was actually genuine and from the Aumakua. We have long wanted to be able to duplicate the healing performances of the na kahuna of yesterday, and so far have made a poor showing at best. Of one thing we can be sure, and that is that the spirits of the dead can and sometimes do, come back to work through a medium to heal. We know that some of the na kahuna made no bones about calling on spirits to help bring about the healings, and we may guess that some of those who apparently worked all alone, were helped by spirits, or were able to get direct aid from the Aumakua. (This is a thing we will have to decide upon later when we have more information and experience to go on.) What I wish to suggest, tentatively, is that we may have the proper approach to group work in the HRA circles if we follow the example of the Spiritualists and “sit” in circles, learn to accumulate mana in sufficient quantities, and then supply it to good spirits through a selected medium – the purpose of the work being to heal various individuals who need and are ready for such help.


OUR HOPE, OF COURSE, has always been that we might learn to work directly with the Aumakua and have it use the mana and perform the miracles of instant healing. We have felt that this was the method used by the best of the na kahuna, and have considered the help of good spirits in bringing about such healings a step lower in the scale. Failing to learn to use the higher method, it seems to me that we can fill in, for the time being at least, with the lower. So many doors have opened to us already that I have come to expect more and more insight to be given. If we can simply keep moving in one direction or another, the na Aumakua will be able to nudge us into the right paths as we approach them.


I had a visitor recently who had read my books and decided to drive down from the city to see me. He and his wife, who is a Science of Religion graduate healer, have been working together, combining their skills. He is a natural medium and depends upon three spirit helpers who are said to have been doctors in life. They told of a number of cases in which healing had been accomplished after the usual doctoring methods had failed to get results. The wife was an outstanding example of his work. She had been injured as a young girl in an auto accident and from that time on had constantly suffered pains in her lower back. No treatment helped until, last year, the husband to be examined her with psychic vision and saw that there was a splinter of bone causing the pain. It lay buried in the disc between two lower vertebrae. He entered a semi-trance, a spirit doctor took over, and he was told to place one hand over the place where the trouble lay. In a short time he felt what he took to be the bone fragment strike the palm of his hand, but upon looking, a few minutes later, there was nothing to be seen. The healing was instant and complete. There has been no return of the pain.


One of the long time HRAs from Australia, V.F., who travels as a part of his business activities, recently wrote of his healing experience at the hands of the Filipino healer, Terte, who has been mentioned in the H.V. from time to time. My information was that Terte had been stopped from doing his healing work by the local medical doctors, but it seems that he can still treat a few under the right circumstances. Let me quote from the letter.


“I would like to give you an account of my visit to Mr. Terte while I have it fresh in my memory. Fortunately, I had a car and chauffeur at my disposal, otherwise I would not have dared to try to go there by taxi. He lives during the week in a suburb of Manila, going to Baguio only week ends. His place is in a miserable shack with a kind of general store in front. I entered through a dark and narrow passage which led me into a small room back of the shop. It was hanging full of washing. He offered me a chair but did not make the best impression and could not understand my ailment – gout – so decided to take me to a friend of his, a Professor Tolentino, who is a sculptor and who lived several miles away in a respectable home and who made an excellent impression.


“The Professor explained to me that one must have ‘faith’ – a la Christian Science – and that Terte works actually as a spirit medium and performs a kind of spiritual operation, cutting the belly open and removing the bad stuff from the abdomen. As they still did not understand what gout is, I proposed that Terte make a general prayer embracing everything, which should be just as effective. They let me lie down on a wooden table which a boy brought in, all prepared for such occasions. My clothing was removed from my abdomen and Terte started praying in Tagalo or Spanish. I could not understand it. The Professor was assisting on the other side, and the ‘boy’ was also around me bringing methylated spirit and several bottles. Terte rubbed my belly with the spirits , also my neck, and poured some of the spirits on my abdomen, and after a couple of minutes the ‘operation’ was over. They proudly showed me some ‘cloudy’ methyl spirit (in a bottle) containing various small stones and sand, which supposedly Terte had removed from my abdomen. He said that he had also rectified the position of my right kidney, which was ‘too low’. The bit with the stones is very suspicious. I had in my mind to have them analyzed when back in Sydney, but when I came back to the hotel, there was only a little sand left in the jar, and by now all of the stuff has practically dissolved!? In any case I am supposed to be now cured, and, the astonishing thing is that my pendulum says I am! I don’t lack the ‘faith’, and we shall see what we shall see. I gave him $10, which Terte did not want to take, but the Professor was not shy. He took it as ‘a contribution’ to a religious fund or something. What is your unbiased opinion?”


My opinion must wait until I learn from a later letter whether or not the healing was complete and lasting. If it is, then I would conclude that the spirits who do the actual healing work were better physicians by far than Terte.


One of the generous H.R.A.s who has had correspondence with Terte went to the expense of sending him a typewriter – which I would say was a very nice thing to do for a man as much in need of one as this simple and devout healer. She will, undoubtedly, find several stars in her crown awaiting her when she makes the leap.


TIME GROWS SHORT for my part in the long search for the secret of instant healing and I fear that when I make my own “leap”, the HRAs will have no leader and the research will grind to a stop. So …. I am keeping my ear to the ground and my eyes open to the slightest indication of something of value coming into sight. For example, the stranger who writes the letter from which I will pass on parts, may be on the trail of something which could develop into a new clue. Keep in mind as you read that, at present, the Huna belief has been reconstructed so that we think that the Aunihipili creates at least the greater part of the mana needed for keeping us and spirits supplied and alive. The na kahuna appear to have believed that the na Aumakua take only a little mana from the lesser selves in the flesh to enable them to do the work of carrying on in the normal way. When the lesser selves call on the Aumakua to change the future, heal, and so on, there is a need for a much greater amount of mana, and this is consciously accumulated and sent along the aka cord to the Aumakua when the prayer for help is made. Legends current in old Polynesia indicate a belief that the na Aumakua, when pressed for action and lacking mana, can take it from growing green things such as trees and plants, but the legends are not clear on the point. My guess would be that extra mana might more easily be borrowed from Nature Spirits of the Aumakua level, as these are supposed to be working constantly to oversee plant growth. But, there may be a source of mana of which we do not yet know. The Hindus, in their idea of “prana”, think one can draw the vital force – already made – out of the air. It is upon this assumption that I would make a wild guess that, if this is correct, there might be places similar to tornado centers where mana would accumulate, and from which it could pour down on a living person under certain circumstances. (In Oahspe, much has been written by the transmitting spirits about the “vortex” and its  part in the mechanics of creating the functioning parts of the Universe. The energy created by a vortex is called “vortexya”. It is said to be polarized.)

“Dear Mr. Long: This information is totally subjective. That is, these are my impressions, mostly arrived at before I had ever heard of Huna. I was ‘opened’ in Subud about 3 1/2 years ago, and about a year later became aware that an excess of energy for healing purposes was available to me when I had need for it.


“When my husband would sink into a state of deep depression I found that I could lay my hands on him and revitalize and calm him down to quite an extent. I became rather adept at this and soon found that I could use it for others to a lesser degree, especially on my young son when he responded adversely to his father’s problems. In trying to understand what was going on I became aware that the excess energy entered me and then flowed out into someone I was trying to, help. Or. sometimes it seemed to flow back out of them as part of a cleaning process which I had to learn to get rid of in various ways. (The return flow of energy, I take it. mfl.) Sometimes a (Subud) ‘latihan’ was sufficient, otherwise I exhibited the same troubles that I had attempted to remove in others. Anyway, this energy seems to come to me from up over my head like a shower. I picture it as a water spout, and I have learned to turn it on whenever needed. After some time I learned to use it for myself with varying success when tired or ill. Also I found that in some cases, especially with my mother, I can often direct the flow to detach itself from me and stay with her while she is asleep if she is sick, and I have noted that usually by morning she is over or almost over what was bothering her. (Note how like our use of the Hudson method of projecting healing suggestion during sleep at night. mfl.) This was done without her knowledge.


“I get various sensations from the use of this energy, depending on how I am using it. A year or so later, I became acquainted with a young man in Lakemont, Georgia, who is, I take it, learning to be a healer, and who has had experiences similar to my own. He can command great amounts of power when he wishes to do so. He also has what he describes as a waterfall, but seems to have his under much better control than I do mine. He said that in meditation one night he asked about the nature of the waterfall and was given a mental picture of what seemed to be a layer around the earth some miles up in the sky, with here and there. I think he said there were 20 or 30 places in North America where the layer could be tapped and the energy drawn down. He surmised from this that it was a rare thing for anyone to learn to find and use these outlets. He said I was the only other person he had met who knew about the ‘waterfalls’ and used them ………


“After reading about Huna I might say that I have direct contact with what I believe to be the female part of my Aumakua. I get much useful information through this contact, some predictions of the future. At first I got a lot of confusion, but that is much less than when I started out. I am beginning to be able to recognize the ‘feel’ that tells me when I am receiving and when I am just imagining things. I am trying to talk to my Aunihipili through the use of the pendulum, and the ‘feel’ I get is very different, and I must admit, something like that which comes with the confusion – as if someone, probably my Aunihipili, is trying too hard to please me and is getting mixed up and reaching the wrong conclusions ……….


“There seems to be an excess of the energy in storage in Lake Rabun at Lakemont, Ga., and there may be at other places, but I have not had a chance to test any of them. I also am very much aware that certain people, often ‘healers’ and ‘mediums’ find me a wonderful ‘soft touch’ for energy, and I really had to learn to block them off in a hurry to keep from being pulled dry. I mention this because I make a point of being just as careful as I can not ever to take energy from another without permission. The young man at Lakemont has, upon several occasions, sent me extra energy over the aka thread over long distances, and one time I borrowed from a friend when I needed more in a hurry thinking she had a large supply and that she knew I was using it, only to discover that she didn’t realize I was getting it and it made her very sick for several days, so I have been careful not to do that any more.


“I usually have more than I can use and can get all I want, but at times – I do not know why – the waterspout is not available to me on short notice and I have to work for a time to get it …………

(End of letter)


I COMMENT that I am reminded of places such as the healing spring at Lourdes, and at various healing ‘shrines’, it could just be that there is more mana available than elsewhere. If I had time and could figure out a way to go dowsing at different places, I might eventually learn whether or not it is easier to accumulate a surcharge of mana at say, Lake Rabun, than elsewhere – or whether the flow would come upon request without the usual accumulating of mana, the sending of it to the Aumakua, and having it sent back as a return flow which gives one the sensation of having a fine rain falling on head and shoulders. (Some HRAs have reported feeling a tingling and prickling all over.) If you can add to the information given above, please let me hear from you. Your speculations will also be welcomed. Together we might turn up a new clue. I might say that while I am (like Cigbo) all for anything that is to be had free, my idea is that in the mental process of reaching out to call down the “waterfall” type of energy flow, there is an automatic reaching to a Higher Self and that certain people send what mana they may have on board and in that way, unknowingly complete the mana circuit with the Aumakua at the top and themselves at the bottom. In reports on psychic experiences, as in Fodor’s Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, I have read of the mediums at seances being left weak and ill after their mana has been used up by spirit guides. It seems to be the custom at present to ask the spirits to return the mana at the end of a seance. This, naturally, brings up the question of whether the spirits have actually used up the mana in producing phenomena or not. If not, where would be the need to take it from the one whom they were using as a medium? If so, where would the spirit get mana to give back to the medium at the end of the seance? Some apports are left in the seance room, so one can hardly say that when they are taken away the mana is released.


OAHSPE “The New Bible” was just mentioned in connection with the idea of energy being connected with the vortex, which is defined as, “Ethe holding corpor in solution, and when a portion of the solution is given a rotary motion, it is called a vortex.” While I have been unable to grasp all the ideas as presented by the spirit communicators to the medium, John Ballou Newbrough, about a century ago, and while I have been more than unimpressed with the majority of things presented, FOR THE RECORD, while we are turning up every stone in our search for clues, may I mention one thing that makes me think it possible that one of the spirits dictating the book may have known some Huna, and that if one had the time and patience to go through the nearly 900 pages, there just might be a clue found to give us information concerning the uses of mana, its production and the method of producing instant healing. There might be some form of CODE used in setting down the endless strange names for people and places and the renaming of most of the characters in known secular or religious history. The cheap effort to imitate the Bible by using King James English in the communication, however, would seem to be an indication that the communicators were, on the whole, neither very wise nor very honest in their intentions. There are hints in the book from place to place, that it contains secret lore, and if so, there should be provided some way of getting at the secrets, as in the writings onto which ancient Huna initiates grafted Code meanings. On page 189, top half, verse 17, of Oahspe we read. “Then Fragapatti said. And I declare unto thee, Hoab, that the condition can be attained. For I have seen kingdoms in heaven so fortified. And wert thou and thy people prepared to receive the sacred secrets pertaining thereto, I would most willingly unfold them before thee. Hoab said: Thou art a wise God; tarry thou and teach us.”


In verse 18 we read “Exact a promise of secrecy from thy people. Hoab said: It shall be done.”


BUT, one may read on, page after page, and not find anything given which even faintly resembles genuine secret religious teachings – or did I weary too soon in my search for the promised revelation?


TO GET BACK to the thing which makes me think there might have been one Huna initiate among the communicating spirits, let me remind you that some time ago, when I was experimenting to get a pendulum verification of contact being made with the Aumakua, I discovered that my Aunihipili seemed to have invented pendulum motions with which to tell me when contact had been established, and also when I was in touch and could ask for a Psychometric Analysis type of reading for the Aumakua in question – often that of a person for whom I was making a reading. What the Aunihipili uses is a pendulum swing series to produce a large plus sign inside a large circle. This cross in a circle is nothing new, having been used in ancient times by various religionists. It is used in Oahspe as its symbol, but has added in the center of the cross what seems to be a grape vine leaf. Also, the ends ot the cross protrude well beyond the enclosing circle.


On page 191, lower half, starting with verse 13, (Oahspe), we have an account of the drawing of the symbol and an interpretation of its meaning. This comes in a rewriting of the story of Zarathustra, as we know it from modern books. In this story the people addressed are said to be a mixed race, copper in color, descendant from Cain (“Druks” or “black ground people”) on one side and from Abel (the “I’hins, born of A’su and the angels who had taken on corporeal bodies”) on the other side. The God (Samati) called here “I’hua’Mazda”, is speaking to Zarathustra (described as “a su’is sar’gis of the fourth grade. His mother was “by Samoan, an angel, obsessed before she conceived, and during the time of maternity not suffered to awake from her unconscious trance”.) I quote:


“(13) Then inquired Zarathustra, the All Pure: Whence came All Good; whence came all evil? Who is All Good? Who is all evil? Then answered I’hua’Mazda to Zarathustra, saying Thou perceivest now, all evil must have a name; All Good must have a name. Without names, no man could talk. (Does this suggest a code built from the many names used in the book?) Behold, I will write for thee, O Zarathustra, thou All Pure. The mark I make first, thou shalt call the All Good, the Creator, the Master, the Light! (Jesus was called “Master” and “Light”.) Here, then, have I made a circle and a cross and a leaf. (14) Whoever looketh upon this mark seeth the Name of All Names, the Creator. (15) Then made I’hua’Mazda a circle and painted four dark corners in it, and called it Anra’mainyus, and the Uh-druk, the opposition to All Truth, and All Light, and All Good. (Then explained:) (16) And, behold, there stood within the circle of evil, the name of All Good, the cross, and it was light, and the corners were black. I’hua’Mazda called this mark fate, explaining…  these three marks (or characters) embrace all the created creation; hence the name of the third one is Fate, from which there is no escape, nor separation, forever ……


“(17) Zarathustra (asked): Is evil, evil; is good, good? I’hua’Mazda. said: Evil is evil to man, but evil is not to Ormazd. Good is good to man; but good is not good to Ormazd. Only two conditions are before Ormazd, that which man calleth evil is unripe; to Ormazd, that which man calleth good is ripe. (19) Without green fruit, none could be ripe; without evil, none could be good. (After the Creation, all things were set in motion): And those at the front were called All Good, and those at the rear were called all evil. (This seems to be an excellent conception of evolutionary progress upward, in which the three selves of the man grow from the Aunihipili stage through to that of the Aumakua. A little farther along we find a line which seems to fit the three self or three stage growth of Huna after a fashion. We read: “And the time of the creation was as a time, and a time, and a time, and without measure …… (Ch. X. 4. “Three in one, O Zarathustra: Father, Mother and Son; Ormazd, the ghost of things; Mi, the seen and unseen, and Vivanho, the expression of things. And (he created them) in the likeness of Himself, with three entities, embraced in one; which are, first the ghost, the soul, which is incomprehensible; second, the beast, the figure, the person, which is called the individual; and, third, the expression, to receive and to impart.”


I think we have a few HRAs who are Huna Faithists, and I would welcome any information from them concerning a possible belief in what we have found in Huna concerning the “graduation” into the Aumakua level which is accompanied by the reuniting of the Adam and Eve parts of the man. In the index of Oahspe I do not find the word “Union”, and have failed in a hurried search to turn up anything which points even vaguely toward the Huna belief in Union as uncovered by the use of the Code in understanding the inner teachings of the Four Gospels, Perhaps the communicating spirits did not put the secret knowledge in Oahspe (supposing they knew it). On page 469, lower, (7) one reads: And in time to come I (Jehovih?) will provide teachers, and the Faithists shall have the right to obtain knowledge. (The secret knowledge, one may suppose.)


Incidentally, my P.A. reading for Dr. Newbrough fits him well as a man of good intentions and falling in terms of degree in the “mediumistic level”. I get the will pattern at 1:30 o’clock, the circle clockwise and slightly flattened with axis at 11 o’clock. The degree is 347. For the book itself I seem to read the spirit communicators, getting a V will pattern, and a counterclockwise circle, with the degree only 301.


P.A. READINGS for STEINMETZ AND EINSTEIN were made at the request of one of the HRAs, who sent an excellent picture of them standing together, reproduced in a magazine. As many others will be interested, I give the readings as I got them.

Steinmetz, the cripple who, in 30 years, patented over 200 inventions made for General Electric. He had a n

ormal, clockwise and constructive will and Aunihipili personality pattern. 385 degrees. Aumakua 524 degrees.


Albert Einstein, famous for his discoveries in the field of Physics, had a similar constructive pattern but a little lower degree, this standing at 384. His Aumakua was also a degree lower, standing at 523.


Some future day when the P.A. method has been well developed and put to general use, boys and girls with such readings will be given special opportunities for developing their natural talents and putting them to use for the benefit of the world at large – for the addition of new knowledge to the world store.


ONE OF THE GREATEST MYSTERIES is called to my attention by one of the HRAs who has been in the work for years. He writes that he is willing to concede that our ideas about the nature and origin of the Jesus concept may be wrong and that Massey might be right. However, he says, “What puzzles me is how the Christian religion got its start, if there was not some unusual man or circumstance behind it. Could it have grown by leaps and bounds just because of Paul and a few other writers of that time? What inspired them to preach in the face of persecution? It is more logical to believe that there was a great person behind it all. Perhaps Nature produces a perfect being every so often. Perhaps Jesus was such a one and did wonderful things, maybe even overcoming death … I think we should hesitate before casting out Jesus althogether (as an historical entity?). Are you not being a little inconsistent? In some of your writings you picture Jesus as a great kahuna, in others you say that the whole thing is a fake, that he never existed.”


MY REPLY is that I did not start out with the Huna information all complete. Research has turned up ever new angles. What I inclined to think a few years ago may be quite different from what I now have been forced by accumulated information to believe. As to the necessity for having a great man to establish a great religion, I would say that it is not the man but the STORY of such a man which is needed as the starting point of a great religion. The Great Mystery to me is how and why men suddenly freeze up mentally when they accept a certain story or set of beliefs. We have today the same fanaticism and the same resistance to any idea contrary to what has in some way been accepted as “word of God” or utter and final Truth. In the same way that I answered HRA Dr. Westlake’s objection to my latest conclusions (made at the end of research into Huna and the things uncovered by the CODE), I say again, be patient with me and give me time to get my book into your hands so that you can see the basis upon which I built my present tentative conclusions concerning the historicity of Jesus. After that we can argue with all materials open before us for comparison and all ideas open to examination in the light of our findings instead of in the light of personal opinions.


THE ABERREE magazine, which has so often been happily mentioned in the Huna Vistas in the past, ran into trouble a few months ago. It was put out by Alphia and Alice Hart with many contributing to the articles, and covered a general field of occultism, religion, psychology and debunking of aspects in “Scientology”, as started by L. Ron Hubbard and run into the ground in the opinion of all too many of us. THE ABERREE has been a delightful little magazine, printed expertly by offset, and with the subscription only a token of $2 a year.


The trouble came when Alphia was laid low with a stroke and Alice could not carry on alone. He was for some time in a very serious condition in the hospital, and I did not report it in the H.V. as I did not know just what his condition was or what might be done. Now, I am pleased to be able to report that Alphia is slowly responding to therapy in a Veterans Hospital, and can walk as much as 20 steps, although his left arm is still of little use. Alice closed down the main office of their letter and mimeograph business and moved the machines to her home to carry on the business end as well as she can alone. Meantime, Tom ONeil, editor and publisher of THE PSYCHIC OBSERVER (Drawer 90, Southern Pines, No. Car., Subscription $3. 50 a year) came to the rescue and helped avoid the thing that haunts the men of small bulletin and other types of publication – the danger of suddenly being unable to keep the Journal going and fill out subscriptions which have been paid in advance. The ABEREE WAS PUBLISHED IN FULL AND IN THE VERY SAME FORMAT IN THE PSYCHIC OBSERVER, and may continue to be. Blessings be!




The Subject of the Unexpected & Faith

August-September, 1965



MANY THANKS for sending in your zip code number (and if you didn’t, Cigbo, says, “Terrible BIG scolds to you!”) The day of refusing bulletin mail by the post office unless the zip is in the address has been postponed, fortunately, until the end of the coming December, so there is still time. (But Cigbo wishes to remind you that, “Even if that earth cake did forget to come to shake California into the ocean as pedicted, that is no esquse for slopokers to forget to send in zips!”)


AGAIN MY TAROT CARD PREDICTIONS WERE VINDICATED. I ran the cards to check on the widely heralded disaster and at no time drew a disaster card. The readings were always “Business as usual”, as I like to put it. And while we are at the disgraceful business of telling fortunes with the cards, let me add that the cards still keep to their early answer that the war in Viet Nam will not grow to major proportions and result in a world war of atom bombs. The Five of Swords keeps coming up, this showing one man triumphantly gathering up discarded swords on a beach while his sad opponents walk disconsolately away. The standard reading for this card is that, “The enemy, by trickery, robs us of our weapons so that we cannot fight.” However, aside from these matters, the cards DO show something of major importance coming up. In an atmosphere marked by prosperity and justice, speaking in terms of the Tarot, I repeatedly draw the “Strength” card, No. VIII of the majors, and “Temperance”, which is numbered XIV in the pack we use, but whose number should be XII, (and has been changed to this in my pack). Strength shows a female figure, over whom is an inverted 8, the sign of evolution and progression, forcing closed the jaws of a lion. The reading is “A great effort, successfully made”. Temperance shows a figure dressed in a white robe and appearing to be male-female, and so an Aumakua, pouring water (mana) from one golden cup to another. This figure has wings and stands with one foot in water and the other on the land. Behind it we see the “path” leading back to the twin mountain peaks behind which the symbol sun of the Aumakua state rises. The figure has a golden triangle set on a white square on its breast, indicating the three selves, three aka bodies and three manas of the triune man, and the square of the physical background of living. Without going into detail about the things I read into the symbols in the card illustrations, my reading, predictively speaking, is that we are coming into a cycle when the things revealed by the Huna Code will be understood by the top level of people, as measured by their P.A. standing in terms of degree. I see the “12” element of this card indicating the top twelfth of those now in incarnation, and these making the great effort to “graduate” at the end of the present life. Let me mention some of the thoughts that are passing through my mind in this connection these days. (Remember that I am not asking you to agree with me at all.)


THE NUMBER 12 AS REPRESENTED by the Twelve Disciples in the Gospels may well indicate the fact that 12 incarnations are necessary – give and take a few – in order to pass through the three grades of the School of Life: 12 for the Aunihipili as a first grader, 12 for the Auhane as a second grader, and 12 for the Aumakua stage to lead to the “Akua Aumakua” level which is one step higher. From “life readings” which are made psychically these days to examine the past lives of individuals, it would seem that each incarnation has about a hundred years between it and the next. If we count the average span of life as 50 years, this would demand about 150 years to the incarnation, and twelve of these for one when starting out as an Aunihipili, would come to 1800 years. Follow that by a similar 12 spaced lives in which one is an Auhane, and we go back to about 1300 B.C. As na Auhane, starting at about 200 A.D., we could say that many of us passed through the cycle when Christianity burst upon the world.


OR, LOOK AT IT ANOTHER WAY, and speculate that some great renovation of mind and spirit is at last due, as before the “Flood” of legendary history, and that the Powers That Be have seen fit to cause the majority of people who have lived in the past to reincarnate in this cycle in the good conditions which have made the “Population Explosion” possible. I am wondering whether or not we are all “resurrected” in terms of the Code meaning, and are about to undergo a winnowing process before a new shuffle is made and a fresh start is dictated – a fresh start in which man, who has made such a startlingly swift and sudden advance in Science, will be helped to make a similar advance in perfecting the mechanics of his social structure. In the past we have seen strange religious drives animate masses of people. Look at the Crusades as one example, and recall the extent of that mass movement and religious fervor. Remember the great Buddhist “awakening” some centuries earlier, and the way the people of all castes gave up all possessions, took up the beggar’s bowl, and began to bend every effort to reach something which we know only as “Nirvana” – but which the Code explains as a heavenly state more fabulous than fabulous. Coming up to our own times, remember the strange upsurge of the Spiritualist Movement a century ago. In this the spirits of the departed seem mainly to have been involved. They began to come into manifestation through more and more naturally mediumistic people. They performed amazingly and magnificently, convincing  ever so many that Science was wrong and that “SURVIVAL” was a fact. Societies for Psychical Research grew up over night, and a wonderful amount of information was gained concerning spirits and what they could do. The reactionaries of the Scientific World could not disprove the findings. They took refuge in blanket denial, and the marching spirits of the Cycle triumphantly walked on their necks in passing. But, pass they did. Before the century was out, they had ceased to manifest as they had been doing on such an incredible scale. As long as two decades ago it became all but impossible to find spirits working through mediums sufficiently well to allow careful investigation. The Societies for Psychical Research fell apart for lack of research material.


Overlapping the sudden appearance of spirit manifestation, came the sudden arrival of the Scientific Outburst. The spirits had hardly finished giving Nicola Tesla direction for making his great electrical inventions before the world of thought in Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and elsewhere exploded into the beginning of another New Cycle. As I write, there has been a new detonation which is shaking the world of Science. It has been found that everything – in terms of composing electronic pieces – has a negative particle to match those we know which are positive in terms of the new negatives. The implications are Fourth  dimensional, to say the least. In this new negative world that duplicates the one we know, it is said that time must necessarily run backward.


PSYCHOLOGY, as a semi-science, has lagged far behind. We know little more about the composition of the human mind than we did in the days of William James, who worked mightily before the turn of the century and left his imprint on Psychology and Psychical Research and related subjects. True , we have had the greatly perfected Huna system of Psychology in our hands for the past dozen years, but its Cycle of Explosion has yet to come. RELIGION has been static for many years. The new religions which have been invented in the present century have not had world wide impact and have not caused an Explosive Cycle in terms of mass change and revision. The old standard religions plod along at the same slow pace as they did when Protestantism had finished a borning, but on all sides pressures build up demanding change. Science has almost entirely escaped from the restrictive bonds of Religion, as has Spiritism, Psychology and Geology. One may safely say that the earth was NOT created some 5,800 years ago and affirm that the bones of the human family show conclusively that man has been on earth for the past 40,000 years, while the world has been in existence for perhaps a billion years or even more. The restrictive hold of Religion was long made stronger by an unholy alliance with the element of Dictatorship in Sociology. The Church supported the Divine Right of Kings theory and in turn, the frequently evil rulers supported the position and special privileges of the Church, not only in Christian circles, but in ancient Egypt and around the world. Only at this late date have men been throwing off the restraints laid on them by the religionists, both priests and preachers.


Religion, like war, are seen to be too expensive in their present forms. We all know that the billions spent in the Western World on wars, war bonds which draw interest, and on war preparations, would be sufficient to build endless schools and hospitals as well as to rebuild roads and slums. Not too long ago a good beginning was made in certain parts of the world to ease the financial burden imposed by the various religious organizations. In South America and Mexico, the holdings of the Catholic Church had become so great that in their untaxed state they made life a burden for those outside the charmed circle. Revolts came and the Jesuit Fathers who had engineered the grabs were kicked out and the Church properties confiscated. In Communist countries this has been going on with all churches under attack. In Cuba, only a decade ago, the same thing happened.


A PAUSE FOR A BOOK REVIEW comes  in well at this point: CHURCH WEALTH AND BUSINESS INCOME, by our Dr. Martin A. Larson (who gave us the invaluable Religion of the Occident and its data), has been published this summer by the Philosophical Library, New York, at $3.95 (your book dealer will be able to supply you with a copy). In his expert way, Dr. Larson has gone into this absurd situation and brought all the hush hush abuses out into the light, laying them before the public where all can see just what has been happening and how the churches have joined hands (not with the kings as of old) but with the powerful top dogs in the business world,   with the result that under the present laws they can come under the tax exempt shelter of some religious organization, share a small part of their gains with it, and avoid paying the heavy taxes that are collected from their competitors. In this way they can undercut prices when they bid on jobs, and even make use frequently of non-union labor. One of our own HRAs was caught in a squeeze between the unions which demanded ever increasing wages, and an Adventist School where the students were “taught” book binding and where bids were made for such book binding business as was to be had locally. He was forced to turn over his business to a son and to make it a family project to get out from under the unions, then cut personal wages to the bone to compete with the school.


IN THE MATTER OF PROPERTY held by the Churches and by the crafty business men who work under religious protection, the tax burdens increase steadily as the tax exempt church properties, real and pretended, increase. Of late, a charming practice has been coming into greater and greater use. It is to avoid buying an annuity from an insurance company which has to pay taxes, and to get a much better deal by turning over money or business or property to some church, which in turn will agree to pay back certain amounts from its coffers – all with the Government not being able to collect the usual types of taxes. Any heathen can take advantage of this arrangement, or, if one likes, one can pretend to belong to the selected religious organization. Up in the Monument Valley region, the Navaho Indians, whose property as wards of the Government is tax exempt, have been doing a good job of investing their oil and uranium gains. They have built some very fine and modern motels, manned them with Indians who are beyond the reach of the unions, and furnished keen competition for nearby motel owners who do business just on the edge of the reservations with their motels – paying taxes and hiring union help. One such motel owner solved his problem by turning over his plant to a tax exempt organization which will pay him roundly out of the profits while he lives, and keep the property when he is gone. Everyone is happy except the Internal Revenue Department and the many tax payers who have found no such “out”.


SAUCEROLOGY, to get back to our list of explosions, has done much to break the bonds of materialism in past years. People who, normally, would obediently obey the injunction of Mother Grundy and refuse steadfastly to believe in ghosts or human survival, or telepathy even, were shaken out of the nest by the blast of publicity caused by the advent of UFOs. Officially, there “ain’t no sech animules”, but for the man in the street, “seeing is still believing”, and too many have seen saucers and fire balls and have reported what they have seen. From the “saucers” to the rest of the Fortean materials is but a short step, and by then one is right into the phenomena of Spiritism. One man out of two will admit that there “must be something behind it all, even if we still do not know what.” For my money, this can also be called an “explosion” of sorts, and a rather important one because it has softened up the hard shell of automatic rejection of the NEW and made the public rather ready to accept anything that crops up suddenly and which sounds like an answer to the various mysterious problems. (The increased openness to anything which even smells like a correct answer may carry its own dangers as well. It is to be hoped that someone does not go off half cocked and cause a stampede with an announcement based on nothing at all but a too vivid imagination. We all remember how the radio broadcast of a certain play made people think the men f om Mars had actually landed. And that was in the days when Saucerology was not yet with us.) It has been said that the Communists have one plan worked out in which radio stations would be seized at some time of major quake activity when the people were off their guard, and false broadcasts of invasion or internal threats used to stampede the city dwellers and cause them to try to get out into the open country, thus giving a small but well organized Red minority group the opportunity to get control and keep it. Having seized armories and weapon supplies and having blown up similar things in army posts, a small number of Reds could control a large number of civilians. Such dangers as this have been the motivation of the “Minute Men”and other “extremist groups” who fear the Government is not well enough aware of what may happen. Aside from this group which is arming and holding drills, there are many who fear that some disaster may disrupt the regular flow of supplies and services, and cause roving bands to move from the cities taking food wherever it might be found, and killing all unarmed people who might stand in their way. The trade in arms and amunition is brisk. It is not beyond possibilty by any means, that something should unexpectedly occur which would jar at least a part of humanity out of its normal way of life and thought, allowing an opening for a sudden religious explosion to take place.


THE SUBJECT OF THE UNEXPECTED makes for fascinating speculation, and Science Fiction literature is filled with it. More orthodox speculation is also to be found burgeoning. The new discovery of “negative matter” has already been fallen upon with delighted shrieks. One writer points out that we have for some time been seeing scenes appear vividly from the past so that they may be seen by a number of people at once, such as the reactment of the Battle of Hastings in England on the old battle field. Here time seems to be running backward, quite as expected, and still, despite the increasing difference between the event in the first place, and reinactment of it in modern times, the two time units coincide in the reappearance.


Vincent Gaddis, in his new book, INVISIBLE HORIZONS (Chilton Books, $4.25 from your book dealer) gives instance after instance of verified “seeings” of the kind under discussion. One of the most famous of these is mentioned by Mr. Gaddis on page 94. I quote: “If you have time and money, and patience, you should be able to see a spectral ship sail to her fiery doom. The place to go is Merigomish, a small fishing community in Nova Scotia. It is situated on the north shore, south of Prince Edward Island where the eastern end of Northumberland Strait joins the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Each year, if the weather permits, either before or directly after the autumnal equinox, the weird vessel appears. Its coming is a big event in the quiet lives of the costal residents. After the harvest the folks living nearest the water maintain a nightly vigil at dusk. As the vessel is sighted, they phone their inland friends and the news quickly spreads, ‘Here she comes! Hurry!’


“By horse and auto, carrying blankets, lanterns and telescopes, the Nova Scotians rush to the shore. They crowd the higher observation points along the bank to watch the re-enactment of an ancient tragedy. It is like seeing once again an old motion picture of that recorded event of long ago.


“The ship now in view is sailing northeast at about twenty knots, a full rigged three master of around a hundred tons. If there is moonlight, the spectators can see the shining copper on her keel. If there is a slight fog over the waters, she is outlined in phosphorescence. Eerie lights blink along her decks and in the rigging.


“Now, quite suddenly, the vessel lurches, as if striking treacherous shoals. A moment later flames appear and dim figures can be seen jumping overboard. The fire explosively bursts from bow to stern as great red tongues leap skyward from the sails. Rigging – then the masts – collapse, and, finally, a blackened hulk, the specter plunges beneath the waves. For three generations the mystery vessel has appeared and died.”


This instance takes some doing to make it fit the negative matter theory and the possibility that time runs backward on the opposite side of our material level.


If we look for the material from which these materializing and dematerializing pictures-in-motion-and-color are made, we have only the aka substance of Huna or the aka-shic of ancient Indian beliefs. For the producers of the pictures we have only the ghosts of people long dead to suspect, and for the energy used in the mat and demat phases, we have no source even slightly suspected. Like Fire-walking, we have before us the material for fresh investigation under the classification of “still unsolved mysteries”. By the way, HRA Max North, of Durban, South Africa, recently sent clippings and pictures of a local fire-walking ceremony done by Hindu worshipers of Draupadi, Goddess of Fire, who appears very similar in many respects to the Goddess Pele of the Hawaiians, who presides over the volcanoes.


IN THEIR BOOK, THE DAWN OF MAGIC, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, a French writing team, have done a delightful job of rounding up the latest in the field which we have been discussing. They introduce all the modern material and speculate in terms of the latest theories concerning the many unsolved mysteries. I had hoped that with their fine fund of the very latest occult and scientific information they might produce a new theory to give a pointer to a probable solution, but all they have succeeded in doing is to outline in a very general way the possible course humanity may be taking to produce “muntant” humans   most of whom would be monsters, but a few of whom might be “supermen” and might lead the course of evolutionary progress and civilization to a sudden high plateau of mental excellence. They tell of the strange men of genius who have lived in the past and decide that there must be some dormant part of the brain which can awaken to give the amazingly superior mathematical and other abilities. The increase in radiation since the atom has been smashed will produce mutations, unquestionably, and there could be a sudden leap brought about by a mutant acting as a world leader. (My copy of this excellent book is a paperback of the “Panther” imprint published in England at 5 shillings. A hardcover edition, which is much easier on tired eyes, has been published in U.S.A. and your book dealer should be able to get you one if he does not have it in stock.) Let me take the reviewer’s privilege to quote what the thoughtful authors say on page 236 about the failure of the semi-science of Psychology to keep up with Physics in the swift advance of the past few years.


“The only progress in psychology has been the attempt to explore the deep-lying zones of the subconscious. We believe there are also summits to be explored, a super conscious zone. Or, rather, our researches and investigations incline us to admit as a hypothesis the existence of a superior equipment in the brain that has scarcely as yet been investigated. In the ordinary waking state of consciousness, only a tenth of the brain is actively functioning. Psychology, like any other science, had to break away from theology; all we are saying is that the breakaway is not yet complete, and that it can be liberated from above, by the methodical study of phenomena that are above consciousness, and of an intelligence vibrating at a higher rate of frequency.” (Unfortunately, these writers had not come to know of our work in the field of the ancient Huna System.)


ALSO, IN PASSING, can any of you supply information about a book whose probable title is, THE LOST VALLEY AND ITS PEOPLE, LONG, LONG FORGOTTEN. Author’s name not known. If you know of it, please write to me and I will pass on the information to HRA George Stone, of Wales, who has helped our long research effort forward by the gift of many rare and valuable books which deal with the “occult” and its related fields.


IT IS JUST A MONTH NOW, as I write this, since the new book was released and sent to many of you. At the risk of being less than clear to those who do not yet have a copy, (but who have heard most of the things expanded in it mentioned in the Huna Vistas) may I offer a few explanations of things which have been questioned. Let me quote part of a letter which has come in from one of our most experienced “Old China hands” in the field of “the occult”.


Dear Max:

The two books came, and I have devoured the copy that I’ve opened.


There’s a minor item of arithmetic, stubborn stuff that it is, which bothers me. One Aumakua to each person, yes. Two Auhanes that have graduated making up a new Aumakua? There’s a serious discrepancy there even without the present population explosion. On that score I feel that it is a question of reserving acquiescence to the theory of reincarnations followed by graduation …….. S.K.


To understand the matter of the union of two na Auhane to become a new Aumakua at the end of a dozen or so incarnations, we have to go back to the Huna belief which was placed expertly in the Bible story of the Creation by the use of symbols which are a part of the Huna language code. Adam was created, and was a complete man, then he was made into two by having a very part of him taken away and used to create Eve. As Adam, in the Hawaiian version of the story, was made of red and white clay, and so of an Aunihipili and Auhane, we see that the Aunihipili was also subject to the symbolic division into two parts, one male, the other female. This is a great simplification of the story of the process, and we do not know whether a similar division into sexes starts early in the evolutionary process with the mullygrubs. But it is sufficient for our need of understanding of Huna to be informed that a single human is composed of a male and female part, and is presided over by a single god, or creative Aumakua, NOT by TWO different Na Aumakua.


Once we get this well in mind, we can picture Adam and Eve as a pair of na Aunihipili, each with a body and each with an Auhane, and over all, ONE Aumakua. Incarnations pass and the Aunihipili Adam and Eve graduate to become na Auhane, living in their turns with na Aunihipili who provide a physical body for mutual use. ONE Aumakua – in this case perhaps the old Auhane pair united and graduated to the level just above, watches over the man and woman – these incarnating and learning the lessons of life far apart, or perhaps as husband and wife in some incarnations. Together they have a fine store of learning in the end. They have learned in many places and times and the man from the male angle while the woman has learned from the angle of the female. In the end they are “perfected” through the “grace” of the Aumakua and brought together after the end of the final incarnation. Union follows as the “graduation” to the Aumakua level is made.


Dear Max: (Writes another HRA) My understanding has been that we incarnate sometimes in a male and sometimes in a female body, and I think you once wrote in a bulletin that you thought it quite possible that we might at times live with a male Aunihipili and a female Auhane, or in the reverse. I have read several accounts of past incarnations made for people by psychics, and in these the sex is very often the opposite of what the person now is tabbed with. You seem to have changed your mind recently on these ideas and have decided that we keep to one sex from the start of our upward growth to the graduation point. How about it? D.H.J.


Dear D (I replied.) Yes, I have changed my mind. It seems now to me that the things which make a person either male or female are so much an indelible part of the “self” that there could be no switching back and forth from one sex to another, from one incarnation to another.


I agree that the psychics and the people who read under hypnosis, or the subject himself when hypnotized and caused to go back to a former incarnation, often report a life as one of the opposite sex, but I have come to suspect that the readings are the product of imagination or suggestion instead of reality. The three most publicized books dealing with past incarnations, ending with that by Bridey Murphy, show in each case the sex remaining the same. (I have wondered why we have not had males coming back or remembering, so that they would give us books of a similar nature, but that is beside the point.)


I am not forgetting the unfortunate people who are born in the wrongly sexed bodies, and suffer because they are female at heart while having to live in a male body. I am also willing to agree that a male Aunihipili might accidentally have to pass an incarnation with a strange female Auhane on board. And, I am not overlooking the unhappy situation of a person who has fallen into the hypnotic grip of an “eating companion” spirit of the opposite sex, with the result that it forces upon the victim things quite contrary to the natural sex traits and leanings. There can be, and apparently is, a painful shuffling of selves, bodies and sexes when the normal conditions are disturbed. On the other hand, I can well imagine what a strange lot of experience and information might be picked up in a single incarnation by one thrown into these mixed and obsessed conditions. As all learning is carried on in essence from life to life and shows in natural talents, leanings and cautions, I would judge that at graduation, even the painful lessons of such tangled incarnations might be of value.


In my correspondence I have yet to hear from either a man or a woman who would tolerate the thought of changing over to be of the opposite sex. True, some would like to enjoy the advantages preempted by the opposite sex, but without having to change their sex in the process.


If I have understood the final revelations of Huna correctly, Adam never ceases to be Adam, and Eve remains always the “Eternal Eve”. This could not well be otherwise unless the na kahuna were quite wrong – which seems improbable when we see how far advanced they were in psychological knowledge all down the line. At the risk of having someone slap me down, I say “PHOOEY” to those who believe that we alternate sexes in incarnating, and also to those who for some reason or other insist that the Aunihipili is always of the opposite sex from that of the resident Auhane. I have pontificated. (Signed) Max.


Dear Max: (Writes W.H.B., who knows his way around in our labyrinthine occult field better than most.) Thanks for the March H.V. It amazes me to see how closely your understanding of Huna and the Egyptian Coptic fit together: The Aumakua half male and half female,  the Union, etc. etc. You are a ‘very’ profound man”, and God bless you. It was a splendid issue – and amazing. W.H.B.


Dear Max: (Writes an HRA who has a background of A.M.O.R.C. and long personal experience in psychic matters, to say nothing of being very widely read.) I have read your latest book, agreeing with most of your findings, but would never have had the patience to work them out. I don’t like riddles.


There are a few things I would like to have you consider. I have been taught that the stepping up of the more advanced of the animal kingdom to the human family has been a part of evolution in the past, but that one of the characteristics of the New Aquarian Age – that started approximately a hundred years ago – is the closing of the gates from the animal to the human kingdom for the present life wave of our solar system – not abruptly with no exceptions, but at the present time substantially so for the mass. This would mean that from now on, since there are no new ones entering the kindergarten of humanity, future ages should see an improvement in the ethics and spirituality of the human race, as all will eventually be in college and show the development of the super senses. Your Bible Code was, therefore, correct, but the future will be different. Please do some investigating on this.


I have mentioned Spencer Lewis and his “Mystical Christ” – his access to old Rosecrusion records and the concensus of opinion in Oriental monasteries showing that Jesus did not die on the cross, but was revived by Nicodemus and other disciples, and that he taught them in seclusion for an indefinite time. He makes out quite a convincing case. What do you think?


I have also been taught that there is a distinction between Jesus and Christ. The high Christ spirit came to him at the time of the baptism by John the Baptist who had been Elijah and used him until his departure at the time when, on the cross, he said, “Why hast thou forsaken me?”


Your Code findings that his crucifixion was due to failure in the supreme humility tests or to obsession by evil spirits is new to me. He may have graduated to a higher, Christ level in his last incarnation – but he is now a master of masters and working for the redemption of humanity on the lower planes, and a few in mortal bodies have been able to see him. I have been especially privileged, and whoever painted the Sallman “Head of Christ” has also seen him.


I hope you will mention the Patman Bill in the H.V. and urge members to write their congressmen to vote for the bill which would reform the Federal Reserve money system. This is most important. (Signed) W.O.E.


MY REPLY: While I like very much the hope that there is such a thing as an Aquarian Age, and that it is arriving, this is not Huna and so is outside my tight little research corner. It could be that periodically the course of evolution is stopped by the Powers That Be and humanity given a chance to come to scratch or, as we see in many religions, be judged and the good sent on to a heaven of sorts while the useless are popped into some kind of hell, there to be kept forever out of the way while the orderly evolutionary process is resumed. Unfortunately, I have no “teaching” on this point via the na kahuna and the Code. All I can say is that so long as the many “teachings” (whether from men who appoint themselves to teach, or spirits who do the same) do not agree on what is taught, I am forced to weigh possibilities rather than to accept any one dictum. This applies to all “traditions” and personal guesses and conclusions – samples of which I supply from my own cogitations all the time to bore my HRA friends. 


Rudolph Steiner, the famous Theosophist who broke away from the original society and created his own dogmas, was very sure that Jesus and the Christ were two different beings, and in Coded Huna we have the Jesus of the great initiatory drama of the Gospels switching back and forth from one point or level of being to the other: speaking as the Aumakua, and then as an Auhane. In any case, the growing opinion has been that Jesus was not just a one soul man who was, at the same time, a god. Looking back from the vantage point of our present knowledge of Jesus, as gained through the Code, it is easy to see how the rumors of the Drama story became changed and garbled as they passed from hand to hand. The surprising part is that in modern times we came so close to reconstructing the original story through our speculations and  guesses – which circulate as “teachings” even today.


IN THE MATTER OF “MASTERS”, Huna has nothing to say. But in the Theosophical journal so ably edited by T.H. Redfern, “EIRENICON”, (which has just now been cut free of the “Peace Lodge”, whose voice it has been for so long) I read: “In our last issue we opened the (question) of the validity of Mme. Blavatsky’s teachings. Central to this is her claim to be amanuensis for some highly evolved men, freed by their knowledge from compulsory reincarnation, who have made an endeavor to carry the enlightenment of mankind a little further. She claimed she was their main agent for transmitting their thought impact to the late nineteenth century for its influence on the twentieth.”


As the Theosophists are largely responsible for promulgating the”Maister” belief which was one of the mainstay points in her claim to authority as presented by Mme. Blavatsky, I feel justified in my own questioning of the reality of these great and silent members of the mythical White Brotherhood. My suspicions were aroused when, as a young man first plunging happily into Theosophy, I became disillusioned because the vaunted Masters proved themselves to be badly lacking in superior insight. The bad advice they gave the poor Madam seemed to me evidence that either there were no masters, or that, if spirits were pretending to be so advanced, they were not able to live up to their reputation for superior wisdom and power. And now, in the troubled year of 1965, 1 still can see not a single sign that Masters are at work behind the scenes guiding Theosophists or HRAs or even the Democrats. I WILL, however, agree to believing that there are good spirits of very high learning who at times work through men like Nicola Tesla to give the world new and valuable information. I will also go for na Aumakua and for the “Great Company of Na Aumakua, as a possible source of help and guidance for individuals as well as groups or nations. Sad to say, the n Aumakua and the “Po`e Aumakua” do not always see fit to give those in power the right hunches, prods or commands to cause them to do the things which I see are so very proper and necessary. Sometimes I wonder whether or not they may think that I am not as smart as I – but we won’t go into that just now.


THE NEWS OF ALPHIA HART, who with wife, Alice, published the brilliant little journal, THE ABERREE, is that he is slowly becoming able to walk, but that his damaged arm is still not good enough to allow him to write with it. After his stroke and suspension of the publication of “Aberree”, his good friend, Tom O’Neil, who publishes PSYCHIC OBSERVER, offered to include the “Aberree” in his journal, and printed one complete issue. But now comes the news that Mr. O’Neil has developed a heart condition that has forced him to suspend publication under doctor’s orders and take it easy for a time, perhaps for four to six months. It is recalled that the former owner and Publisher-Editor of the “Psychic Observer”, Ralph Pressing, was stopped by a stroke. These sixteen  hour-a-day jobs of getting out small magazines are killers. Our sympathy and TMHG prayers go out for both these staunch and generous friends.


IN THE MATTER OF THE HISTORICAL JESUS, letters have been coming in expressing all shades of opinion. The ones who are convinced that they have seen Jesus and none other, are in the minority, while a number of HRAs feel that there probably has always been a “Christ Consciousness”, being in its nature a god-like conscious being overlooking the world and standing ready to help all who look to it for Help. In the Huna lore, the seeing of a white light, cold and very intense, has been common, and the symbol for the Aumakua has long been “LIGHT”. United into a “Great Company of Na Aumakua”, these higher entities fit rather well into the idea of “Universal Consciousness” and the like.


IN THE MATTER OF POSSIBLE “GRADUATION” as given us in the Gospels via the Huna Code (and as explained at some length in my new book, The Huna Code in Religious , I have taken the old, old step which so many have taken before me and which so many will, undoubtedly, take long after I am gone. I have moved from conclusion to faith. In doing this I have been forced to give up my position as a research amateur and to accept the classification of religionist.


FAITH seems to be an Aunihipili activity for the most part. But here we see that the Aunihipili (aside from a tendency to accept illogical ideas under pressure and make them into fixations) needs first to be convinced by the Auhane that a given conclusion is correct. In my case, I have been weighing all the evidence that the na kahuna, who seem to have been so right in their knowledge cf psychology, are right in the matter of evolution and its passage through the “graduation” stage. I have myself been convinced as an Auhane, and now I find that my Aunihipili has accepted the same set of conclusions as facts, and that I have become “A True Believer” made firm by that evasive thing we call “FAITH”.


In taking this position I know that I am laying myself open to question and that there will always remain many open points which must be argued. There is always the chance that the na kahuna who put the Code into the Gospel passages to tell us of “graduation” were mistaken and that there is no such thing. It is difficult to decide which side is weighted the heavier, that side for the correctness of the new belief which they have preserved for us, or the side against its verity. If we can arrive at no decision and can make no judgment, we get no place. We may lose nothing, but we give up all chance of gaining a blessedness greater than any other which man has yet envisioned – the “union” and perfect love which leads to the great multiplication of all the powers belonging to Auhane consciouness – the final wonders of insight and understanding coming with the change into an Aumakua.


To me the gamble has become one entirely worth taking. Time alone will tell whether I have or have not made a mistake. I am staking my standing as a judge who must always remain unconvinced or open of mind on every subject. What I may win, on the other hand, surpasses anything or any state which seems to me at this time to be even faintly possible – any state worth striving to attain.


If I lose in the gamble, it seems to me that the loss cannot be very great and that I simply would have wasted a little time and energy   a waste that would not put me back much, if any, in a following incarnation. But if, by any long chance I WIN, ah then!


One can imagine what fears of having to continue painful reincarnations must have moved the masses to whom Gautama, the “Buddha” preached his outer doctrine. Their fear must have been as great or even greater than the fear of hell fire held by the masses to whom Jesus preached the outer doctrine in the Mystery Drama. But those of the inner circles, who came to know the marvelous REWARD to be enjoyed in “the kingdom of Heaven”, which was also “Nirvana”, what a difference it must have made in their fervor. In the Christian story we have little given up by the followers of Jesus, but in Buddhism we have men and women giving up everything to take the beggar’s robe and bowl and set out for the shining goal. The key word here is “SELFLESSNESS”. The Auhane must reach it, not the Aunihipili.



Huna in The Kabala & Tarot Cards

October-November, 1965



DOORS ARE OPENING FAST IN HUNA these days. First came the surprising rush of new insight into the history and hidden meaning of Huna which furnished research material and then information to justify doing our new book, THE HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS. Now, on the heels of that cycle of revelations, come exciting new intimations pointing to the probability that Huna was the secret lore behind the Kabala and the Tarot Cards.


Not long ago I gave it as my opinion that the Kabala was only distantly related to Huna. I based my conclusion on the fact that I could find no use of the Code in it. The Gospels are filled with the word and symbol code of Huna, but not a word was found in a close inspection of the famous “Tree of Life” of the Kabala.


On June 26th, 1965, a rather new HRA, H.L. Han, of The Netherlands, wrote:


Dear Kahuna Max:

In relation to the Huna theories, I have some interesting information to add: You will find corroboration of the 10 elements of Huna in the 10 Sephiroth or “emanations” of the Kabala!!!


How could MFL be so blind as to state in H.V. 39, Pg. 9: “This (the Kabala) is but distantly related to Huna”, when he mentions in a preceding sentence “the three levels of ‘self’ – the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual”? Are these levels of ‘self’ not the same as the Aunihipili, Auhane and Aumakua respectively? Does MFL know that two Sephiroth of the Spiritual levels are given the names of the Father and the Mother, thus corresponding to the Aumakua parental pair?


In Huna, the term ‘Self’ is used as the equivalent of consciousness. I prefer to use ‘Self’ to denote the trinity: consciousness – vital force  – shadowy body, as this will disclose the identity between the Kabala and Huna. (Charts of the Kabalistic “Tree”, indicating the correspondences mentioned follow, but we are not ready for them on this page. mfl) The signature is that of HRA Han.


AS THE KABALA WILL BE NEW GROUND FOR MANY OF US, it will be well to start by making a little survey of the material. While this is being done, please bear in mind that this is now research material and that we will, in all probability, not be able to assemble the whole picture and accompanying information for some time, especially as the Tarot Cards are also to be considered in the light of the Huna-Kabala.


FROM WHERE I NOW STAND, at the beginning of a survey of this unfamiliar part of the field, it appears that na kahuna were in possession of the Huna System and were living in Egypt as early as the First Dynasty between the years 3,500 and 3,000 BC. The picture writing that had developed gives evidence of Huna beliefs, and as the Book of the Dead began to evolve, the 10 elements of Huna were named in the Egyptian tongue. During this early period, the kahuna initiates seem to have visited India and to have shared their Secret with the learned men of that land – perhaps also with priests in Persia, and Babylonia.


In the period around 1,200 BC, Moses comes into the picture and adopts the Kenite “Jahweh” of the Egyptians as the God of Israel while he formulates the Ten Commandments. The Bible begins to take form, and in it we see the fine hand of the na kahuna of the day at work placing coded Huna passages in places where they could be preserved as part of writings which would become Holy Writ.


There is a time lapse of about five centuries, and then the heavily coded writings of Isaiah appear. After another lapse, this time of about 700 years, we come to the writing of the Gospels, and find in them the Code in full flower. Once more the na kahuna vanish behind the veil, some going to Polynesia, but some remaining in the person of a Jewish initiate here and there. We may guess that these Jewish initiates kept handing down the Secret lore century after century, but not until the passage of about 800 more years did they attempt to put Huna into written form. The result was Kabala or mystical literature, with the Sefir Yesira ahead and the Zohar commenting in the rear. (A New Zealand HRA writes that she believes the Kabala, at least as a secret system, dates back to Ezra and then was continued by Solomon, with some of it entering the Masonic Ritual beliefs. I am too new at the study to have an opinion on this, but the idea would be right in line in looking at the Huna system as something that was handed down century after century.)


A.E. Waite, in his The Holy Kabbalah, (recently reprinted by University Books) speaks of the strong impression made on the learned Jews by the absorption of Arabian thought and culture, especially in the matter of mathematics. He states that while Christianity was entering the Dark Age about then, and the Koran had been written about 650 AD, the Jews in Spain were making great intellectual strides in mathematics and in the mystical or theosophical side of their heavily ritualized religion. The date of around 1,000 AD seems to be generally accepted as the one in which the system of Kabalism came to be put into veiled writing. I cannot find out whether there was a book called the Kabala, or whether it was a subject spread through several books of the time as speculations, comments and what have you. Waite says “. . . . the Zohar … is pre-eminently the chief text of Kabbalism. Dion Fortune in her book, The Mystical Qabalah, (Williams & Norgate, Ltd, publishers) [says] that one should see “The Sepher Yetzirah”, translated by Westcott, for information concerning the “Unwritten Qaballah”.


There are several charts used to illustrate the Fortune book and show the “Tree of Life”, which seems to be a way of symbolizing the whole of the Kabalistic system, but, oddly enough, Waite, in his much longer book, gives no chart at all to illustrate the “Tree”, although he discusses at great length the TEN “SEPHIROTH”, or centers of the tree. The ten centers are usually shown by circles rising in three columns or “Pillars”, and between the ten circles connecting lines are drawn and spoken of as “paths”. The circles are also given individual names and are made to correspond with letters from the Hebrew alphabet, with planets and items from Astrology, with numbers, and with the cards of the Tarot pack. The Tarot was much longer [in] appearing openly on the stage, but may have been developing slowly for some years before taking final form. In making the items in the Tree fit those of the Major Trumps of the Tarot, Fortune suggests that where there is a discrepancy, it may be “a blind” used for the purpose of further veiling the secret lore from the eyes of the outsiders. Or, it is said, the present form of the Tarot may not be the correct one in which the Kabalist worked originally.


ASSORTED PASSAGES FROM WAITE’S BOOK may be well here to give the flavor of the popular thought concerning the Kabala in these late days when we, as amateurs, and like Paul, dabbling blindly with the misunderstood dramas of Christianity, undertake to break the code of the initiates into the Huna of the Kabala.


In telling of the appearance of Kabalistic recognition in Europe, Preface XXIX, he writes: “the work began to be known in Europe, and there passed something like a century before William Postel translated the Sepher Yetzirah – or Book of Formations – for the first time into Latin, and thus introduced to the curious and learned of Europe the root of all Kabbalism concerning the doctrine of the Sephiroth, the powers and virtues of the twenty-two Hebrew letters and the mystery which resides in numbers. The Book of the Formations is like that legendary grain of mustard seed which grows into a vast tree, because the Zohar is in no sense its development, except in so far as letters and numerations are concerned.


(Page 5:) “The Kabbalah, in any case, claims to be the light of a Secret Traditional Knowledge preserved among the ‘chosen people’, and the subjects with which it is concerned, as might be expected, are Sacred and Divine Subjects: they include the most profound Mysteries of God and the Emanations of Deity, the celestial economy, the process of creation, the scheme of Providence in regard to man, the communications of God in revelation and to the just in his Church, the offices and ministries of good and evil angels, the nature and preexistence of the soul, its union with matter and its metempsychosis, the mystery of sin and its penalties, the Messiah, His kingdom and His glory to be revealed, the state of the soul after death and the resurrection of the dead, with the occasional, too rare but pregnant intimations of the union of the soul with God. Hereof is the aspect and this the part which was conceived and unfolded sub specie aeternitatis. Here also, if anywhere, is the abiding part, rooted in everlasting values, and the one voice among many voices of the old tradition ‘which bears a message from the past to the modern world.’


(Page 19:) “It was on account of this (the mystery of sex and of circumcision) that Rabbi Simeon consecrated to the study of the Secret Doctrine the entire night in which the Heavenly Bride is united to her heavenly Spouse, being the night of that day when the Law was revealed to the Israelites and the Covenant contracted between God and His people. The reason was that the Mystic Knowledge constitutes the jewels of the Heavenly Bride. We can understand this only on the hypothesis that the science in question is concerned at some stage or under some aspect with a most holy Mystery of Sex, as if some unknown path of splendor and path to the height can and may open therefrom. It is said that ‘the King’s Daughter is all glorious within,’ and the Zohar explains that there is glory and glory, a glory of the male and a glory of the female principle,” It is said that if in connection with the pursuit of this path, that whosoever follows in the train of the Heavenly Bride on the night of union shall be preserved from all evil forever, in heaven and on earth as if death and the second death had no power. He will enjoy celestial peace to the end of time…”


LET US PAUSE HERE TO NOTE that in the above passage we cannot escape making the observation that the writer felt that he was touching on something of prime importance in the Kabala, but could not see just where the significance lay. To those of us who have so recently traced the many revelations of the Huna Code through the Gospels, the lines which are quoted seem a repetition, after a thousand years, of the glorious secret of “Graduation” that rising from the level of the Auhane consciousness into that of the Aumakua, and the wonderful union of the male and female mates to make the new Self, which is the Father-Mother, a unity in duality. The promise mentioned in the passage rings true if we say that the Huna belief was that, after “graduation”, the new Aumakua escaped the reincarnations and recurring deaths which occur on the levels of the Aunihipili and Auhane. But, the idea that this “celestial peace” lasts until the end of time, does not fit perfectly when we recall that eventually the Aumakua graduates to become an Akua Aumakua, or God Aumakua on a next higher level. In a system built on the idea of an upward evolution, there is no stopping place at which one may rest static for all the rest of time.


In the books on the Kabala we find many such intriguing parts although it does not seem that the initiated into Huna retained the knowledge of the Code language during the lapse of a thousand years. This same loss of the sacred and secret language (which was preserved only in Polynesia) seems to have taken place in India not long after Yoga took form and started on its long descent into a state of contamination through guessing – guessing at what inner secret might once have been contained. Here is another significant passage from Waite: (Page 559, in a discussion of The Kabbalah and Mysticism)


“The end of Mysticism is the recovery or attainment of consciousness in God, and there are two exotic Kabbalistic doctrines which not only connect therewith but belong thereto. The first is found but once only in the Zohar: it is the doctrine of Tsure of the supernal part of the soul, which does not leave the Supernals, but from the beginning without beginning to endless end is rooted in God forever. The second is in later Kabbalism and is expressed tersely by Rosenroth in one pregnant Latin sentence: Linea autem media ascendit usque ad Ayin Soph. The ascent of the soul to God is by the Middle Path of the Tree of Life, and the soul is led thereby not only to the World of the Supernals but to the deep beyond the deep and the height beyond the height, which is the abyss and height of Deity. So does the Holy Kabbalah join hands with the Mysticism of all the ages, and so is part of our inheritance. It should be added that Tsure – which signifies Prototype and corresponds to Atziluth (the Aumakua of Huna, probably) is said to be connected with Neshamah by ‘an invisible thread,’ constituting a bond of union (our aka cord) which is also a path of ecstasy. Neshamah ascends thereby and attains therein – namely, union with the supernal part.” (Neshamah seems to be the name applied to the Auhane because it is able to reason – “a reasoning self”.)


The above may well be considered in the light of a possible hidden presentation of the part played by the aka cord of Huna, it connecting the Aunihipili with the Aumakua, and making it possible for the Auhane to enjoy the same contact indirectly. The “Tsure” would be the Aumakua which has its contact with the very high levels of consciousness, but would still be part of the three soul man. The symbol of the PATH appears to have remained in use even after the language of the Code was lost.


THE EMANATIONS discussed by the writers at great length suggest that, in the Kabala, there was the idea of the Creative or God force starting at the highest level and the original unit emanating one lower level or entity after another. This is the old theory with which all occultists are familiar, and is the REVERSE OF THE EVOLUTIONARY theory in which we accept Creation as already in full swing (not pausing to try to find a finite beginning for it, or to predict a dead stop end) and see the lower forms of life bunching together to make larger and more compact and complicated units until evolved to man – and from the Aunihipili evolving to the Auhane, then the Aumakua, and then on step by step to a postulated Highest which is beyond the ability of the mind to grasp.


THE UP AND DOWN MOVEMENT OF THE MANA ALONG THE AKA CORD from the Aunihipili to the Auhane or to the Aumakua, may have been the basic thing that caused the belief in the downward “emanation”, NOT just of the mana life force, but of the soul elements – the soul being mistaken for a single self and through this mistake the secret meanings garbled and re-garbled.


AN APPROACH TO THE PUZZLE OF THE KABALA that has suggested itself to me is a BACKWARD one. I am reminded of the story of the lost cow for whom the villagers had hunted long in the brush and meadow patches where the local cows pastured. No one could find the missing beast. Finally someone asked the village half wit if he had any idea where to find the cow. Silently he departed, and in a short time came back driving her cowish majesty before him. “Where did you find her? And how did you know she was there?” they asked. “Easy,” he replied. “I thought where would I go if I was a cow, and I went there, and there she was.”


By the same token, if you will bear with another whose wits may not be too keen, let me ask, “If we were to try to draw a symbolic Tree of Life and make it stand for all the elements in Huna which are connected with man as a three self being, HOW would YOU go about it?” (Keeping in mind that what little you could use of the Huna Code must be confined to such things as the path, for the aka cord or thread, and the Light as the symbol of the Aumakua.) Yeah Brethern and Sistern, and HOW might you go about the design of a set of TAROT CARDS to assist in the work of preserving the ancient Huna lore and passing it on to those whom you might wish to try to initiate?


The first part of the problem is simple. All we have to do is to remember that in Huna, man is composed of nine elements – and during physical life, of a 10th, the physical body. Our Tree would have to have three selves represented by marks of some kind, be they circles or “pillars” as in the Kabalistic Tree, then three aka or shadowy bodies, and three grades of mana. If we make a set of three pillars in our chart to begin with, we can then make three circles on the three pillars, adding a circle for the body at the base of the middle pillar, making it at the root of the Tree. The SECOND PART is less simple, for, using the same chart which we have constructed, we must find a way to show that the mana is sent to the Aumakua from the Aunihipili (at the command of the Auhane), AND, how the same mana is changed and returned to the Aunihipili along the same path of the aka cord to help the lesser man. We might try a zigzag line running upward from the body to the nine circles which represent the nine elements. When the line reaches the top it must zigzag down again – a rather complicated representation. Lightening has been the Huna symbol of this mana travel, and so we may be on the right track. It may be easier to make such a drawing if we stagger the nine circles so that they form triangles and better adapt themselves to the zigzags.


For the third step and complication, we will need to symbolize the fact that the selves are tied together by their aka bodies and mental controls and mental sharings, such as the command of the Auhane over the Aunihipili, and the sharing of its memories and emotions by the Aunihipili –  to say nothing of the giving of Help and of Guidance by the Aumakua after the offering of mana has been accepted. This is very complicated, and we may have to add names to the ten circle elements, also letters with given values and secret meaning, even Astrological signs. (This seems to be what was done in making the currently favored charts of the Tree.)


The fourth necessity, and perhaps the most complicated step will be that of setting forth in symbols on our Tree the fact that in time we “graduate” and two na Auhane become one Aumakua. It would seem easier to use two Trees, one for each of the mates, but if we did that, we would have too much clutter below the point of “graduation” and the place of the final “UNION”. Perhaps this would be best charted by assigning hidden meanings to the upper circles and working out a veiled set of relations in which one circle “emanates” something or otherwise causes changes in some of the others. Before the Tarot Cards were at hand, the kahuna Kabala initiates would have had a big job when explaining all these items in terms of even a most complete Tree. Dion Fortune gives one chart of the Tree in which the ten circles are connected at every possible point with the other circles, the connecting lines, when all in place as “paths”, counting up to 21, and so being short one in the count to be made to match the 22 Major Trump cards of the Tarot. D.F. suggested that as the Zero Trump of the FOOL was not a real number, it may have been placed in the pack as a blind, and that it might safely be let out of the consideration or made to fit something such as the level of the God Na Aumakua, if we may use our familiar Huna terms for the Kabalistic Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur. If we take the Tarot Card Majors as they now stand, named, numbered and assigned often to Hebrew letters and Astrological signs and elements, the task of making a combination set of symbols or a “Tree of Cards” to use in explaining Huna Kabala beliefs will be greatly simplified, even if still a puzzle which the uninitiated could hardly work out.


The ground will have to be cleared of modern misconceptions before we can begin our own constructions, and the question immediately arises as to what is to go and what is to be saved as having something which we may need later. Our main text for Kabalistic meanings assigned to the Tarot Cards will probably be Paul Foster Case’s book, The TAROT – A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, published by Macoy Publishing Co. at $3.50 and used as a text by the late Mr. Case’s school in which one is instructed in all these mysteries. I believe Miss Ann Davies is at this time head of the organization and represents the “Builders of the Adytum” which we see steadily advertised in FATE magazine.


To set up a “Tree” of sorts with the Major Trumps of the Tarot may be done in not too bad a fashion. In our first issues of the HUNA VISTAS I showed the way to lay out the Majors to fit the added or contrasted secret number values of the cards and we found that in the central square we had three rows of three cards each, this making a total of NINE, which matches the TEN elements of Huna if we add the FOOL which is a Zero and can represent the physical body. That leaves 12 trump cards,. and we found that the adding sidewise of the Roman numbers changed to Arabic, gave us six pairs of cards in which one showed the good and the other the bad side of the things for which the pair might stand. This square of 9 (or call it 10) cards, together with the 12 of the six contrasting pairs, total 22 cards and by taking away one, we equal the “paths” in the Fortune type of chart – a form which seems often used by those who study and write in this field of Kabalism.


To return to the backward approach and the charts we could construct from that angle, the standard chart gives us the top three circles of the Tree with the outside ones labeled Father and Mother. I would suggest that the center circle be made a dual or doubled one and the combined Father-Mother label given to it as a SELF. That would leave the outside circles to represent mana and the aka or shadowy body of the Aumakua. At this stage in my brash approach to the relationship of the Tarot Card symbology to the Tree, I must confess that I can find nothing in the nine card set to give us the Father-Mother for the top of the Tree without stretching several points to the breaking verge. But no difference, there may be a different deal to be discovered eventually. (In my zeal to debunk the vast amount of foolishness – that is foolishness to my jaundiced eyes – I wrote in H.V. 1 or soon thereafter, that I saw no proof that the claims that “this meant that” was anything but supposition or the quoting of someone who had made an earlier guess and so had become an authority. An accumulation of unproven guesses became a “tradition”, and in this form, a sacred cow not to be questioned when it ate the stock of the green grocer or was butchered and its steaks sold by the “course” by those who prey on the too trusting. I may, belatedly, have to eat a few words if actual proofs begin to be uncovered.)


One of the California HRAs recently made the surprising discovery that by accepting the unproven and traditional meanings of the Tarot Cards, and the assignment of Hebrew letters and Astrological symbols here and there, the meanings given to each card could be made to fit neatly into the meaning of the corresponding letters in English when, for instance, the word Aumakua is delightfully described by the combined meanings given in the modern meanings which have been piled on the several Hebrew letters and their circles, cards or Sephiroths (22 in number on the Tree). Later, when I have a bit more information on this angle, I will try to present it in an issue of the Huna Vistas. This might be the key, for all I know, even if it does seem a far cry from Polynesian word sounds reduced to English, on to the Kabala and the things added to the elements set on the Tree.


Let me now try my hand at drawing as outlined some forms of the Tree. I will not try to be neat and to make a fine Tree. The thumbnail sketches which I can give you will perhaps do well enough for you to go over with a red pencil to try your own hand at putting in experimental items. (If you are a member of BSRA, as many of you are, you may find in one of the recent issues of the BSRA journal a beautifully drawn Tree produced by Riley Crabb to illustrate an article by Mrs. Crabb, who is making a deep study of the Kabala, and who favors the Fortune books as a text. I believe there has been more than one article, although at the moment I cannot seem to lay hands on my files to make sure. Riley is also deep in this study, and together they have come to the point at which they try to use the invocational and other work to get helpful results.)


THE DION FORTUNE book, already mentioned, gives as one of its three charts one in which lines or “paths” have been drawn to connect all the circles, top, bottom and edgewise, the total of them coming to 32, whereas I had been under the impression that she had made them 22. One could make the Major Tarots fit the 22 with ease, but I am now distressed because stretching them to make 32 is very difficult. In any event, there are only three manas, and they are interchanged between the body and three selves, up and back, giving a single path or aka cord, so the Code idea of the “path” and that of Fortune and/or contained in the Tarots, may point to something else. Here is what I read pages 94-95.


“In the following pages I have done my best to elucidate the principles governing the use of magical symbolism. In order to use the magical symbols effectively one has to make the contact of each individual symbol. (By meditating on them and coming to have a form of realization concerning the hidden or inner meanings. mfl) ….. we must know how to construct and contact the magical images before we can work with them. (She considers the Kabala a workable system of putting magic to use, evidently. Mfl)


“The sets of symbols associated with each of the Thirty-two Paths are used by the initiate to build up the magical images. One set of symbols is assigned to the Ten Holy Sephiroth themselves, (circles on the Tree chart) and another set to the Twenty-two Paths that connect them. Some of the symbols, however, occur in both sets, and all of them interconnect through their astrological and numerical correlations. This sounds most perplexingly complex, but in actual practice it is far simpler than it sounds, because the work is not done with the conscious mind, but with the subconscious mind, and it matters very little in what manner the symbols are pitchforked into it, a coherent pattern reappears in consciousness …. yielding its significance after the same manner as a dream.”


My natural impulse is to assign the Major Tarot cards to the ten elements as we lay them out on the tree, but D.F. assigns the cards of the lesser pack to the several units, for example, giving Kether, the First Sephirah, the Aces of the four suits. At the bottom of the Tree she ends up with the expenditure of the last cards in the lesser pack, giving MaIkuth the four TENS – those of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. On page 305, she closes her book with these observations:


“The Twenty-two Paths form a system of mystical psychology, being concerned with the relationship between the soul of man and the universe. As the Ten Sephiroth, being concerned with the Macrocosm, are the key to illumination, so are the Twenty-two Paths, being concerned with the relationship between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, the key to divination, and divination, taken in its true sense, is spiritual diagnosis, a very different matter to fortune telling.”


SO MUCH FOR THE APPROACH TO THE KABALA this issue. I have no idea how many of you are students of the materials of this part of the field, or whether or not general interest in it will be kindled. I may get letters which set me right and give me the correct insight into the Huna in the Kabala, or I may find everyone bored. Let me know if you feel it is worthwhile expressing an opinion. We just might be able to run down through our study a workable method of producing instant healing, or getting more direct Help, who knows. In any event, it is always good to expand one’s intellectual grasp and take in new subjects or angles of the old ones. If some of you seasoned students of the Kabala know where I can get an English Sepher Yetzirah, do let me know.


TIME CHANGES AGAIN FOR THE TMHG SITTINGS on October 31st when we in California go off daylight savings time. Reports continue to come in of Help and Guidance given so that the work remains well worthwhile. 3 and 7 P.M. and the telepathic picture sent on the hour may be the Kingsley Tarpey painting of the sunset through the pines, or of a quiet cove of the sea or of the trunks of a clump of old eucalyptus trees.


HUNA WORKS WELL FOR SOME OF US. An Indiana HRA wrote last week. “I hope you will forgive my not reporting sooner about my wife, Patricia, whom I requested prayer for, but I have been terribly busy in the last two years and time for long letters has never presented itself, nor will this short one do justice either – but suffice it to say my wife was born with cerebral palsy, and this is what we asked help for. The palsy is gone. I followed all the SSBM and SSAW instructions, plus using your book on Huna Self Suggestion for my cigarette smoking and a facial tic that Pat had. The work was marvelous. Last year I used to get the distinct impression of a sunset sea and pine trees. I was not aware at the time that you were using such pictures for the meditation periods.


A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU well ahead of the time because this issue of the H.V. will be the last to reach you before the festive season – the next issue to be for December-January, to be mailed after Christmas. Please do not bother to send me a Christmas card. I will know that you all are wishing me well, and you can put the cost of the sending to some good use.


MY PERSONAL NEWS revolves around a quiet and extremely busy life here at Vista.


I will enclose the October “tinned letter”, even if some of you have already had it, because it gives a little more intimate picture of my “spot in the sun”. The new book has been selling steadily and well, but it has reached so many who were new to our Huna work that I have been snowed under with letters and questions and have many letters stacked up against time to fully read and slightly answer them may never catch up. As I cut this stencil, it is my birthday, and I have been giving thanks that I was Helped [to] reach the happy point of my 75th year. I received five birthday cards and a telegram of greeting from Canada. I now will glow all the warmer as I can count off one more year of progress toward my possible “Graduation”. I could only wish that all of you might share my delighted and excited anticipation of that greatly desired event – an event for which I ask daily the Help through Grace from the Na Aumakua with the aim of being “perfected” in the best secret way and meaning. For those of us who can accept Huna as we have now restored it (and there are more of us of the HRA doing this than you might suspect), the way ahead is along a path brilliantly lighted by the ancient knowledge which tells, above all else, of the verity of the Na Aumakua and their endless love and wonderful wisdom and understanding. It is such a comfort to know that we do not have to perfect ourselves sufficiently to make the grade. I once thought one must lift oneself by the bootstraps as described in Yoga and the Bhagavad Gita. NOW I know the secret of the SALVATION offered to the inner circle of the elect in the splendid drama of initiation in which the Gospel Jesus and his Disciples once moved across the ancient stages, speaking their veiled truths, and marking the trail for the ones of us who followed and who might inherit the key to the Secret. I give thanks so many times each day, and even when my load is heaviest, my heart sings. How I wish I could share my certainty with each and every one of you. My aloha. M.F.L.


“CHIMES” magazine will send a gift copy to all in U.S.A. soon. Cheers!


Dear HRA and Friend:

Your appreciated communication is here, and I thank you very much for sending the envelope made ready to carry this tinned letter and my note of reply in the margin. (If, happily, you did send one.)


These are busy days for me here at Vista, and my news revolves around filling orders for the new book, which is moving out nicely, although not at a rate to set the world on fire. We bought a full page of advertising for the book in FATE magazine and CHIMES Magazine, which sells books and has a fine list of books in its 150 catalog, gave our books the entire back page in the last issue, and in addition, did us the great favor of sending a copy of the magazine to all HRAs on the U.S.A. mailing list. (I supplied the address stickers, which you may have recognized as familiar.) It is an excellent magazine and the editorial policy is one of running the best and most advanced articles to be had on such subjects as we of the HRA investigate. Such an editorial policy is something much needed and will undoubtedly invite articles by the most advanced workers in this tangled field of the “Metaphysical”.


This summer, just past, I have been using high school boys to help in the grove with the pipes and irrigation, also with the rather neglected garden plots. Some of these modern teenagers get panned all the time in the papers, but those I meet are fine, serious and ambitious youngsters. Now that school has started, I have a college freshman named Rod, who helped off and on in the summer, and who now knows where all the tools live and how to handle the three mowers and one digger (which also hooks up to saw wood from the dead trees which are taken out in the grove). The wood pile for the winter use in the stove out in the screened porch where we dine, grows apace and will be a comfort when the nights begin to be cold again.


This summer the roses have been the most beautiful ever. The dahlias no good. The glads fine. The tomato crop from volunteer plants sufficient for our table use and to feed the big green worms with their useless horn on the wrong end. The iris beds, which have been all too badly neglected, have come to be overgrown with devil grass, and we will try to take up the plants for the winter and use the power digger to fight with the grass. Figs were poor this year and the avocado crop will be very light again this year, but not so very poor as last year, barring a killing frost, which is always a danger here.


For the few spare moments which can be found, I have a fascinating new research project. It is to go exhaustively into the Kabala to see where, if at any point, it made contact with Huna. One of the HRAs in Holland is sure that Huna was very prominent in the original writings, penned about the year 1,000 AD, and a San Diego student of much insight into the puzzles of this corner of the field has made some startlingly provocative discoveries when comparing the terms, Aumakua, Auhane and Aunihipili to the similar sounds and letters of the Hebrew as represented in the Kabala and Tarot card “occult” meanings. She is acting as my guide and mentor in my belated approach to the subject.



More Huna in The Kabala

December-January, 1965-66


PLEASE NOTE!!!! A number of you have not sent in your Zip Code (USA ONLY for this) yet, and if it has not been used in addressing the envelope of this copy of the Huna Vistas, you should send it to me at once. The post office may let us go a little longer without the Zip Code number in the address on 3rd class mail, but threaten not to. If the Zip ax falls, all the address stencils which lack the Z.C. No. will be unceremoniously tossed by Cigbo into the “once was” box, and thereafter no bulletin will arrive. My estimate is that about a quarter of you have this warning to consider. I realize that many never read their H.V. when it arrives, and so miss all the appeals., but I hope that by putting this wail of anguish (Cigbo’s because he wails better than I) here at the top of the first page it just MIGHT be noticed. Now on a happier note …….


THERE HAS BEEN A DELIGHTED RESPONSE to the proposed investigation of the “Holy Kabala”, and I am pleased to discover that many of the HRAs have taken courses or read books which have given them a good insight into the little that is known and the MUCH which is suspected concerning the hidden teachings.


ALREADY WE HAVE STRUCK “PAY DIRT” in a fine large way. I am greatly pleased to be able to report this even while we are just in the beginning of the investigation. While nothing entirely new has been found and verified as yet, there has been a grand CONFIRMATION of the correctness of our conclusions – the conclusions concerning the CODED secrets of Huna which were hidden in symbols and word roots.


Taking into consideration the fact that in the Coded Gospels there were so few words and symbols to reveal the Huna belief in the “graduation” of the na Auhane to the Aumakua level, I marvel that we did not overlook that invaluable angle in its entirety. But, once having worked it out, I am now finding it openly laid bare, or hinted at or mentioned repeatedly in one way or another in Kabalistic literature. There is no question that there was such a belief in ancient Huna and in various secret orders which preserved the lore and passed it along. (While we cannot say that this is proof of the verity of the belief, it confirms the information in hand, and I am now happily willing to accept the belief at its face value if all I have to go on is FAITH and the inner certitude which seems to create faith in the individual.)


THE PROS AND CONS are coming in letters regarding my stand that I have now accepted on faith the beliefs of Huna and the matter of “graduation” in particular. Some HRAs object that we must have material proof of verity before acceptance. I point to my belief that in matters of psychology and religion it is impossible to obtain material evidence. Some object to what they feel is the dropping of our work as pure research, demanding that we continue to investigate, but that we refrain from taking a positive stand of acceptance on any point.


These objections are, of course, well within keeping of the nature of the work and cannot be brushed aside except as I do, to the extent that I say that this is my personal reaction and attitude at this point in the research progress. I repeat that I am not urging my acceptance upon anyone, but that I feel it only honest to come clean on my personal conclusions.


On the other hand, a few of the HRAs have written to say they are much pleased to have me take a stand and announce it. Some, like myself, have been convinced that the ancient Huna system is very close to the truth and that we have learned enough about it to begin to claim it as our own, at least in general outline. We can leave openings for the admission of all new findings or through which to remove any findings or conclusions which later appear to be wrong. One HRA writes, “I am so happy to say that I join you in accepting Huna, with the Graduation and all. It is everlastingly satisfactory to me to have something at last to tie to and depend upon. Count me in. I’m looking forward to Graduating at the proper time, and will do all I can to make myself ready and worthy to be helped by Grace into the final state of Perfection that is necessary for the giant step upward.


CORRECTIONS PLEASE. One of the learned HRAs has kindly called my attention to a glaring mistake on page 218 of HUNA CODE IN RELIGION where I suggest that Paul was the author of “Hebrews” in the New Testament, and that he may have had an inkling that Jesus had suffered because of his sins. The quote was, “Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear a second time without sin unto salvation.” I am told that this King James translation is now considered wrong and that this part of the line should read, “… not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him”.


Another point was made that in the next paragraph I suggested that perhaps Paul (or shall I now say, the person unknown who authored Hebrews) had seen a copy of the Gospels and so had a slight idea of the secrets they contained. My point was badly made when I say later on that the Gospels are supposed to have been written long after Paul’s time. What I had in mind was that written versions of the Life of Jesus, as an Initiatory Drama, may have been circulating in certain circles well before the supposed time of the birth of Jesus.


In correcting me, it was pointed out that errors of this kind show any well educated man of the cloth how very poor my scholarship is, and that it will take only one or two such breaks to cause the whole of the material in the book to be condemned. It seems that the book I have used covering the later “criticism” of the Bible was out of date many years ago. While there will be many other mistakes of this kind of which I am not aware, I will try to have this page set over if and when there is a second printing of HCIR. The kind HRA in question went on candidly in his letter to say…


“To me it seems best to be very humble in all of these speculations, and to put the emphasis upon the spiritual implications which grow out of them. The one thing of which I am sure is the spiritual nature of the universe. I continue to speculate on the details and to relate the various theories as parts of a greater whole. Huna is a part of this and I will always owe you a debt of gratitude for introducing it to me. As to the Huna Code in the New Testament, I have been very skeptical, but will more carefully examine the evidence as presented in your new book.”


My hope is that, when we have had time to line up the many things from the Kabala which repeat the beliefs revealed by the Code in the Gospels, the evidence will be more acceptable. Fortunately, the structure of Huna as we have assembled it again from the ruins, does not rest on the validity of the Code as a system in which the language used in the Gospels – or any other language into which they have been translated – must be changed back into a Polynesian dialect to get at the hidden meanings.


HRA Han, Who called my attention to my mistake in thinking the Kabala contained no Huna Code, did us a greater service than I at first realized. The reason why I saw no Code in the Kabala, was that in the few books I had in hand to consult, not one gave translations of the original writings. Instead, all of the books were filled with discussions of the possible origin of the Kabala writings and with the description of the “Tree” and the number letter puzzles, of the “paths”, and endless other items upon which speculative material has accumulated for centuries. It was only when HRA Bess Neeper (whose surprising discoveries in the Tarot Trumps field will be taken up in due time in later bulletins) sent meThe Kabbalah Unveiled, by S.L. MacGregor Mathers (published in England by Routledge & Kegan Paul, at 32 shillings) did I have before me the few important little sections of the Zohar in direct translation – the small sections which contain the writings of utmost importance, these being like the Gospels in direct translation rather than from lengthy discussions of their significance.


The Sepher Yezirah (which I asked about in the last H.V., and copies of which HRAs at once sent to me) is not included in Mather’s selection, but he gives in full, with some comment and a few footnotes, the following: THE BOOK OF CONCEALED MYSTERY, THE GREATER HOLY ASSEMBLY, and THE LESSER HOLY ASSEMBLY.


The four little books above mentioned (including the less helpful Sepher Yezirah) resemble, in a way, the efforts of unknown writers to write down the mystery teachings of Huna in Code in the Four Gospels. Here we see the same material handled in four different presentations, items not always agreeing, but the general scheme being the same. And, in the direct translation, some of the familiar and most useful Code words are found. In fact, one new and most significant word “brook” was used, and it describes the upward flow of accumulated mana to the Aumakua in a most telling way. The Code words, “Light”, “mana” “Grace”, “perfect” and “tower” are all there in the correct places. The aka substance appears openly as the “ether” and the aka threads appear as “hairs” from the head and beard of the Aumakua as “The Ancient of Days”, connecting the lesser man with the higher. The male/female nature and composition of the Aumakua in UNION is very clearly set forth, and many direct references are made to passages in the Old Testament in the process of making the presentations. Isaiah is a favorite, and the Code word “tower” is very neatly called to the reader’s attention in one passage which is quoted. (This words means “to graft” one thing onto another, and deals with the union of the mates when a new Aumakua is being created by joining a male and a female Auhane.)


In the Lesser Holy Assembly the leading character in the drama is a certain Rabbi Schimeon ben Yochai, whose words are being taken down as he divulges the mystery material to six other Rabbi initiates. At the end of his disclosures he is “transfigured” as was Moses and as was Jesus, but in this case he dies and is surrounded by fire for a day, and with a light so strong that the scribe could not look at it. It is a drama which ends with the words: (Page 341.) “786. How many highest treasures are reserved for him!” In the Code the word “treasure” is wai wai, or water-water, the symbol of the High Mana which it is the privilege of the na Aumakua to use to make changes in physical matter and in events still to come. There is no mistaking the implication that the Rabbi initiator had “graduated”.


I have sketched these main points rapidly and briefly so that you can begin to get the general picture of what is developing in the study of the Kabala. Later on we can go back to take up the various items in proper context. What has become apparent in this short time is that in the Kabala writings – the originals – we have a fine straight line of Huna. We see that a few Code words were still known and used by the initiates who did the writing, and we see in addition that the lack of the ability to remember and use the Code as was done in the Gospels (or still earlier in Isaiah), forced some things out into the open where they were not hidden with either the use of the Code or of symbols. The TREE and the ten things suspended upon it give us the ten elements of Huna, and the comments of the centuries give us a fine tangle of veiling and misunderstanding. Into this tangle the Tarot Cards were thrust with what seems all too little ceremony, and the inner significance of the Trumps Major in design and numbering caused an even greater muddle and veiling in so far as the layman was concerned. There must have been initiates responsible for this latest addition to the confusion of materials and ideas, but, as they seem not to have left us anything recognizable in writing, we are forced to take Huna as the Guide and begin to sort out the mixed parts for ourselves.


THE SEARCH FOR THE SECRET OF INSTANT HEALING, is never forgotten for a moment in making this study of the Kabala. In but one place did I find healing mentioned, and there it was said simply and openly that all healing comes from the Aumakua. This is a confirmation of what we have deduced from our long investigational findings, but we have hoped against hope for the finding of a better set of instructions to tell us just HOW to get the na Aumakua to provide such healing. Perhaps we will find what we need if we keep digging into dark places and keep open to even the most veiled hints or leads.


Aside from the central lines of belief which I have mentioned above, there are endless side units to look into. There are spirits galore, and demons, so that all the healing of Spiritualism can be counted in if we stretch a few points. Numbers and magic and words of power, charms and Astrology – nothing is missing in essence.



The Incredible I CHING, (by Louis T. Culling, Helios Book Service, Publishers, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, England. Price $1.75. Cloth. 46 pages), is a delightful little book for he who must run as he reads – and as he tries to learn to use the I CHING philosophy and methods of uncovering the future. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the author covered a lengthy subject and got the heart out of it to lay before the reader. Some fine day we may find – upon close inspection – some Coded Huna in this material. Meantime, the I CHING is second only to the Tarot Cards when it comes to trying to see what lies in store for one.


UNITROL, by Alfred J. Cantor, (Parker Publishing Co., West Nyack, N.Y., 192 pages. price probably under $5), is a book on self-suggestion. Its stress is on selecting a command word – in this case “Unitrol” – to be taught to the Aunihipili to be used after relaxing, making up the suggestion to be used at the moment, and then to be passed to the Aunihipili. Here is an old idea given new stress. Good book to help one review the system of self-suggestion and to use it again, if laid aside. If a tiny fraction of the benefits of the method can be realized, the effort will be worthwhile. The claims for the benefits are slightly more than inclusively assembled in my opinion.


H.R.A. George E. Bjorlanan will have a new book in print soon. It is being printed by the CSA Publishers, Lakemont, Ga., (which is also the address through which the author may be reached). HRA Bjorlanan has been interested for years in using the pendulum as a means of diagnosis of bodily conditions. In this his work follows closely on the heels of the great Bovis, who invented the Biometric system and who improvised charts over which pendulum measurements could be made to tell in terms of percentage the health condition of anything from the blood to the liver or eyes. George has invented some new and handsome chart gadgets which he uses to guide him in the use of his pendulum. He proposes to open a place at Lakemont where people can come to live for a month, total cost about $450, to be tested, then taught how to overcome their health or mind or spirit defects – or, I gather, the usual combination of such x qualities which cause illness or threaten illness still to come. George, who is a hair dresser by trade, will not claim any medical knowledge, and gives nothing in his diagnosis of a medical nature. He will test in terms of colors and auras and such, and his cures will be after the fashion of spiritual coaching and perhaps instructions to avoid animal foods, and abjure sex as one would the Devil. He left a little book with me on SEX, for Health and Rejuvenation, which keynotes his teachings in that direction. His system will depend on how good the pendulum diagnosis is in the first place, and how good the curative methods are in the second. Perhaps HRA Bjorlanan has improved his pendology in the months that have passed since he tested me and found me 25% on the nicotine scale of his chart – which is a long time for that much to remain in my body after swearing off when cigarettes were rationed at the time of the war with Japan. (The Lakemont center run by Maida Love is in the tall hills and is open only in summer months.)


ORION MAGAZINE, for Nov-Dec. ’65. Good general psycho-religious articles. Article by Max Freedom Long, “How to Develop Your Psychic Ability”, with pendulum and P.A. readings the goal. Lakemont, Ga. $3 for 6 issues a year. 64 pgs.


CONSUMERS’ RESEARCH, INC., ANNUAL BULLETIN, news stands $2.50. Best retort of preyed upon public to lying advertisers. Yep, Ronson Electric shaver was best!



Alphia Hart, of the Aberree Magazine (temporarily discontinued) , who was laid low by a stroke last summer, and who came home from the hospital and had a fall and setback in September, is progressing slowly. Work for him twice daily in the TMHG continues steadily. Sit in at 3 and 7 California time and send mana if you can. Results come so much faster when the power is strong enough to tingle me here at the center of the activity.


HRA Rev. Franklin Loehr, who was ordered by his doctor to take a complete rest after becoming exhausted from too much work, is doing well and expects to be back at his desk in short order.


Riley and Judy Crabb, head of the BSRA and editors of its journal, have been making a study of the Kabala for some time. Recently classes in the subject were started in Escondido, California, near Vista, with 22 attending. Riley and Judy are well versed in the matter of the “Tree” and the “paths,” also well practiced in the meditation method of coming into touch with the various units of the tree. Later on, they will probably have a mimeoed course ready on the subject. By then they may have enough of the new findings of Huna in Kabala to include in the course. These findings should have a full book (I am beginning to see that already) but I doubt that I am good for another book, so will be grateful to anyone who will help pass around what we are finding and will continue to dig out as we continue the investigation.


Former HRA, Verne Cameron, famous water dowser and inventor of the “Aurameter”, has, after seventeen years of trying to get the city dads of Elsinore, California, to listen to him and drill a well at the end of their famished Lake Elsinore, finally saw his claims more than vindicated. He had dowsed a very big well into a fault, and predicted much water that would be fresh (other wells had produced a little hot sulfur water near at hand). The new well produces 4400 gallons of fine, pure water at 90 degrees temperature each minute, and the output is almost enough to revive the lake and keep it full. It was sunk into a fault and tapped “virgin water” made of condensing steam from far down in the earth. Now they can have their hot mineral water baths and still plenty of the best fresh water for other purposes. Hats off to Verne! (He resigned from the HRA some time ago because of my open statement that I did not believe in the historicity of Jesus. Other HRAs disagreed with me also, but did not feel that by remaining in the HRA they were giving their consent to my personal conclusions. To Verne, Jesus is a living presence, and so firm are his convictions that he cannot go along with any group which tolerates doubt in the account of the Life as given in the Four Gospels. That is quite all right with me, and has nothing to do with my love and admiration which centers on that very great pioneer – a pioneer who will probably have to wait another century for full recognition of his work and working theories.)


A tragic thing happened to the Navaho Indians a few years ago when Verne went to their reservation and dowsed successfully many fine virgin water deposits and deposits of oil. He offered the tribal council his services free if they would accept him into the tribe and allow him to supervise the drilling and development so that water could be well placed for the arid lands, and the oil brought in to the best advantage. But the Indians, listening to their Government Geologists who scorn all dowsers with bitter scorn, prevailed upon the Head Men to refuse the generously offered free assistance which could have made over the life of the whole tribe. Some oil is already developed, and here and there a little water, but both are there in abundance if they would listen and drill in the dowsed positions.


The Pope, recently, most generously absolved the Jews for the ancient crime of murdering Jesus. This generous act on the part of Holy Church is not without its ludicrous aspect. The Jews, more power to them, did not take advantage of the situation. They could have pointed out the fact that so far as their records show, there had never been an historic Jesus, and so could never have been the crucifixion over which Christians in the Church have moaned and groaned, blindly, for centuries of Masses. How slowly the minds of men mature where fixations of belief are formed early in life to prevent any possible growth of outlook.


CORRECTION PLEASE. One of the able HRA students of the Kabala writes from his home in Australia to call my attention to a mistake made in giving the “Tree” chart on page 8 of H.V. #68. On the lower half of the page at the left, under the heading of “KABALA”, the unit on the top left of the Tree, “Binah” is given as “Father”, while opposite it, “Hochma” is labeled “Mother”. Please switch the father and mother so that Binah becomes the Mother, and Hochma (should be Cholana) is Father.


THE FATHER/MOTHER ANGLE in the Kabala has a strange light shed upon it by A.E. Waite in his 636 page book, The Holy Kabbalah, which was recently reprinted by University Books. Early in the book it was noted that the word “Elohim” was originally feminine, while Jehovah was masculine. On page 130 it is said that the two join, making a “perfect UNION”. While Waite did not know of the Aumakua and its male/female nature, he inadvertently brings Jehovah down from the position of Ultimate God to the place of the Aumakua. I quote, “…. we shall learn also that there is a supernal part of our nature which does not come down to earth, but abides in heaven. Later he intimates that the “Son” of the Trinity of Father, Mother and Son, is actually the product of the union of a father and mother. This, while he knows nothing of Huna, may point to the original belief that the male and female na Auhane unite in “graduation” to produce the “Son” as a new Aumakua in which they blend and take on renewed life. (This seems to answer a question which has been less than satisfactorily answered so far in our studies.) On the same page, (if you have a copy of this important book and are checking the quotation) is a very interesting note pointing to the Kabalistic knowledge of the High Mana as the one and only “food” (“sacrifice”) which is acceptable to the Father/Mother. Again, I quote, “We know that the Israelites in the desert were fed by manna which God sent down from heaven; but the time came when the stiff necked generation loathed the light food and cried for the material fleshpots. The opportunity offered to parable is not lost on the Zohar in its consideration of Exodus; but it is in the present place that we hear more especially of a super substantial bread which, on a day to come, shall feed the elect and fill them.” Waite goes on to speak of the Tree of Life, which is fed on mana, and the Tree of Death, which represents the mortal – the physical man of Huna and his two lesser selves who die and reincarnate until they join the “elect” and the Auhane graduates into an Aumakua (with the mate), where mana is the only food, but where life is comparatively “eternal” in terms of the shortened lives lived on the way up.


On page 131 we again find, “In the fragments of Deuteronomy we hear more of the Heavenly Bread, which is the Fruit of the Tree of Life, and learn that it is not alone eaten by those in the Heavenly School but by those of the School on earth, meaning that Summa Scientia is not beyond attainment here and now.” This would be true for those who are sufficiently advanced in the School of Life to be ready to “Graduate” with the help of “Grace” and via the perfected state. Going back a few paragraphs, we find a passage which bears on the voluntary effort made by the “elect” and the sacrifice of the old earthly life in order to “graduate”. I quote, “We hear more than once in the Zohar that the Archangel Michael sacrifices the souls of the just on the Supernal Altar of Burnt Offerings (burning makes fire or LIGHT); but only once in the text – and it happens to be in this Commentary. Is it said that some souls go up, as of their free will and by their own high intent, to make a holocaust of themselves, amidst rejoicing in the Supreme Light which shines forth from the Holy King. For us, at least, it reads like a parable of the union in its last and highest mode, when God becomes All in all for the individual soul.” To us, knowing the Huna lore as we now do, the veil parts and we see clearly that the final “graduation” is indicated – the union of the Auhane mates, NOT of God with the individual soul, this being a preposterous idea and a complete misconception held here and in the muddled Yoga of India.


Max Muller (page 132 of the same book) is quoted as saying that there must have been in ancient times a “religion behind religion”. This fits exactly with Huna as the original basic religion first revealed or worked out in full detail. Waite speaks of the many claims made by writers on the Kabala – claims that it is the end part of a most ancient “tradition”. Mr. Waite doubted this very much, and argued that the Kabala as a system of beliefs cannot be older than a thousand years at most, and probably was originated in the 13th century in Spain. Had he known Huna, he would have seen that the origin of Kabalism could be traced back as far as early Egypt and Vedic India. He further argues that the veiling and play of number puzzles based on the values of letters in the Hebrew alphabet, as well as the endless references to the number puzzle material in the early books of the Old Testament – all this a 13th century effort to provide seeming age and verity for the writings of the Zohar. When, where and how the number letter system, called “Gematria”, was invented, no one seems to have the slightest idea. That it started in a small way and was expanded and made more and more inclusive and complicated, seems certain. Even today, so I recently read in a news dispatch, a Rabbi in Israel has used the system to help him make a full set of world predictions for the new year ahead. The predictions are rather wild, in my opinion.


THE MIXTURE which I have just been serving up in elegantly scrambled and unorganized form, reflects well the present state of our investigation of the Kabala. The original and vital materials, included in four short pieces of writing, are, in themselves, more or less simple, once we see the pure Huna in them and separate it from the veiling. But the later writings and endless speculative comment which fills first the Zohar, and then modern books, give the investigator a mass of information and misinformation which is almost impossible to digest. So far as I can see, the only order which can be brought about in the material must be derived from a merciless discarding of all except the four little documents upon which all the rest centers. Eventually we will grow out of the Prime Muddle stage in our investigation and begin to simplify and organize. Meanwhile, there are so many near hit guesses in the commentaries that one is constantly startled to see how close to the Huna truth writer after writer came.


AS TO THE TAROT CARDS GETTING ADDED TO THE MIXTURE AS AN AFTERTHOUGHT, I can only say at this time that it seems to me quite possible that some initiates continued the same TRADITIONAL line as that of the Kabala and tried their hands at a version in drawings rather than in writing a version of the same general presentation of Huna. One of the reference books now on my shelf to be used when I get around to the Tarot Cards, is The Sacred Tarot by Zain, sold by its publisher, the Brotherhood of Light, (Officially “The Church of Light”) Box 1525, Los Angeles 90053, Calif., price $6.00. Cloth covers. 416 pages. This book has a most interesting preface outlining the material and history of the Kabala as a stepping stone to the subject of the Tarot Cards. On page 30, item 3, we find a most significant comment on the general teaching of the Kabala. I quote:


“3. Great importance is attached to sex, it being taught that man can reach the feminine principle above, only through union. The Shekinah is perfect union; and it is taught that mankind approaches God only through Shekinah. Those of impure mind and gross passions can not partake of Shekinah, for Shekinah is the Tree of Life, partaking of the fruits of which mankind is brought face to face with Adonai, entering thus into Divine Consciousness.


“4. Souls are differentiated in pairs, have an existence before material birth, are separated before incarnation, and it is this separation which constitutes the original transgression. But through living a pure and spiritual life on earth they ultimately are attracted to each other and may even meet on earth. This meeting is the Shekinah, and, in time, permanently reunites them in heaven.


The learned author (really Alfred Benjamine, now deceased), gives us in the above passages the finest possible example of what I mean when I say that I have been startled to see how close they (the several writers whose books I have beside me) have come to the Huna truth   but how far they have missed the correct meaning. It will be noted that all writers in modern times have been blinded by the idea borrowed from India that man must eventually become “one with God”. One can come to know, intimately, the Aumakua, as the highest one can reach. One can make working contact, but one never becomes another. “Selves” are individual units. They were made that way. BUT, and this is the crux of the matter, a “self” can be divided into its two polar halves, male and female, and the halves kept apart for a very long time. UNION is possible only between two such halves, NOT between two complete selves, especially if they are at a different level of evolutionary progress. It follows, as an interesting side consideration, that everything in manifestation has polarization, from low to high, and the UNION of male and female na Auhane does not do away with the polarity – the Father/Mother elements retaining their inner nature even in the great mystery of a Union that is complete except for that one difference.


Zain, in saying that passions must be overcome before the higher progress is possible for the divided “soul”, does not, of course, think in terms of the Aunihipili as the savage younger brother who is given to such emotions. It is the Auhane, not the Aunihipili, who is to “graduate”, and the love that is above and beyond the physical is the necessary ingredient for the drawing together in a love made “perfect”.


IN THE KABBALAH UNVEILED, by S. L. MacGregor Mathers (publisher and price given in H.V. #68) which is our study text for the four basic booklets on the Kabalistic writings, we find on page 260, of The Lesser Holy Assembly, the following: “16. Rabbi Schimeon spake and said: ‘Surely now is the time ofbenevolence, and I desire to enter without confusion into the world to come.”‘ (And going on to page 263,) “41. ‘And He separateth Himself ever more and more; He is separated from all things, neither yet doth He altogether separate Himself, seeing that unto Himself all things adhere, and that He Himself adhereth unto all; HVA, Hoa, He Himself is all; He is the Most Holy Ancient of all Ancients, the Concealed with all Concealments.”‘ (I have underscored words which are pure Code and which I wish to discuss.) Like the Gospel Drama, the drama form is used in the Kabala. A central figure gathers his “elect” companions around him and in veiled sentences passes on the Huna or Secret knowledge. The speaker is about to “graduate”, as was Jesus at the end of the Gospel drama. Also, like Jesus at the time of his transfiguration, he was surrounded with the white LIGHT which indicates the presence of an Aumakua, and in a like manner, long dead leaders of Israel appeared, not Moses this time, but an earlier great Huna teacher called “Rav Hamenuna the elder”. While Jesus was surrounded by 12 disciples, Rabbi Schimeon has but seven companions, the number matching the seven days of the week and symbolizing (we see from the text) the possible number of incarnations needed by an Auhane to become ready to “graduate”.


The booklet title of The Lesser Holy Assembly contains in the word, “Assembly” the code word aha, which means also, “a braided cord”, this symbolizing the aka cords in union in common worship where contact with the Great Company of Na Aumakua is made. The whole treatise may be said to hinge on the secret knowledge that the Aumakua is there and that contact with it is possible through the aka cord.


“The time of benevolence (grace)” is understood when we see that the Code word is the same as used in the Gospels, loko maikai, meaning to make the inner (self – here the Auhane) right or to perfect it to make it ready for “graduation”. The Rabbi wished to avoid “confusion”, and here the code word hui kauis found with the secondary meaning of “to be united to something which is hung on one, as a sword'; and which with a variety of additional meanings tells us that the confusion would result were not the Aunihipili to be separated from the Auhane as part of the preparation for “graduation”. In Passage 41, note that this separation is stressed, first as the condition of the Aumakua, spoken of as “He” who is not tied to the na Aunihipili. The code word “adhere” is used, and it is part of the name for the Aunihipili,unihi pili , in which the pili root means “to adhere or stick to another”, in this case, the Aunihipili sticking fast to the Auhane until the separation is made as a part of the work of grace and of perfecting which leads up to the union of the male and female halves of the candidate for graduating into the level of the Aumakua.


The bringing in of the Hebrew letter word HVA and giving it as Hoa is Code in that hoa means “companion”. The implication here is that the three selves are companions with the Aumakua, most important of the three, for it, as the text shows, is the “Ancient of all Ancients”, the oldest of the three selves, also the very embodiment of the “Concealed”, for which word we have Huna and therefore all that it entails of knowledge. To sort out the coded meaning, the Rabbi would have had to explain all the hidden meanings, much as I have, but, we may suppose, the listeners were already partly initiated into the lore and could understand each point as a code word was dragged in by the ears to play a part in the making of the veiled statement. Little wonder that our modern commentators have gone so far astray in trying to make sense of things which can only be understood correctly when there is first an understanding of the Code and of Huna itself. It is well to recall at this point that Isaiah, centuries earlier, coded what he had to say about the Aumakua as the “Ancient of Days” or “Time  Father”. What was remembered of the Code seems not to have changed greatly with the passage of the years and the movement into far places.


On page 253, in The Greater Assembly, were have, “1143. ‘Blessed is their portion, for assuredly they have been taken away in perfection; and such were not those who were before them.'” In this code use of “perfection” we see that “graduation” has been the reason of some being “taken away”, and we also see an oblique reference to the several incarnations before the upward step could be taken “such were not (perfected) who were before them.”


MY TAROT CARD PREDICTIONS have been running true so far in the matter of the undeclared war in Viet Nam. I ran the cards December 28th to see if there were any signs of a change. The cards told the same old story, only more definitely this time. We will give up the effort because of a multitude of small things which make success impossible. Inability, even with the escalated war and bombing, to force the victory, seems to bring a political opposition in our own country that will force an end to the effort.

The magnetic belt around the earth, predicts one reputed scientist, will cause a great wind that will blow the ocean far over the Pacific Coast (so I have recently read). The cards say NOT SO and add that, with the ending of the Viet Nam (or other) war activities, new business projects will be found and things will move ahead well for the coast. I take it that orders for war materials or planes will be replaced by order for other things. Not a disaster card in three runs.


Now let’s take a peek at how the civil rights efforts will progress in 1966. Hold up a moment. The cards show many small demonstrations and much sympathetic work being done to adjust the inequalities of opportunity, but last year was a large success compared to the small gains promised this coming year. No more Watts sized outbreaks are indicated.


If I owned a share of stock or had more than one shirt, I might influence the cut to see how world finances are about to go for 1966. (1 run) The early part of the year shows many fine melons being cut and stocks advancing, business making new plans for more expansion and all well. But something happens and up comes the DEATH card and then the one of delay, with the Page fasting and praying while awaiting his step into knighthood. If I had stock, I would protect myself against the sudden end of the Viet Nam war or the death of someone high enough in world power to touch off a tailspin in the market. The cards advise against sticking financial necks out too far. Cards show L.B.J. safe, but seem to point to some dangerous happening in Red Russia which may cause the present shaky money and power structure to wiggle badly.


A great natural disaster turns up for South America. Rhodesia is in for much trouble. England is troubled with much small bickering on the labor and political front. U.S.A. hits a high point in some business matters and a very low point in political and international relations. Castro faces change of some kind, and may go abroad suddenly. France will do fairly well and be happily quiet for the most part. Israel will be badly in need of money aid but will get much less than asked this year. Other nations will also be hard up. Egypt will begin to prosper, but will go back to some old plans which were not forgotten but allowed to stand still. Red China will remain very poor but will spend its resources on foolish projects. Japan prospers, has a religious revival and begins again to dream of the Glory of Empire. India does a little better and may drop some plans which were too hard to realize. Australia meets some problems which are impossible to solve, but on the whole things go well. Canada’s main interest will be in business rather than politics this year. The plan to land on the moon does not move so well either here or in Russia. May be held up for some time through lack of funds.


Despite grave obstacles, our HRA work cuts the SUN card. Our work will begin to come into its own. Perhaps a small start this year, but certainly some start toward recognition.


Happy New Year to you all!  MFL


Max Bares His Heart

February-March, 1966


ANOTHER DOOR HAS OPENED for us in our long effort to get at the basic truths which were discovered by the ancient sages and preserved for us through the use of the Huna Code and the several writings in which the Code was used. What I have to share with you this time is precious and intimate to me – and perhaps the most difficult thing I will ever try to get across to you in feeble words on dull paper. I have hesitated to make the attempt and have twice decided that there were good reasons for not making it. But here, at the end of my long weighing, I have come to the conclusion that I would be less than faithful to your trust in me if I held back. I am painfully aware that only a few of you are ready for what I am going to try to pass across to you, but if only a very few can catch the spark which has been kindled in me, that will justify the dismal failure to reach the others.


I must remind you that we HRAs are a unique lot. We have, on the whole, come up through layers and layers of “teachings”, and have learned to be skeptical in the extreme. We no longer are willing to take the word of any “self appointed” teacher. We have long since learned to distrust the sacred writings of Religion, and for the “revelations” of the lying spirits who write through mediums and claim to be the end of all truth and wisdom, we have nothing but disdain. In other words, we take the word of no one for anything.


For example, in recent months there have been repeated reports from people who have gone to Manila and have watched the Spiritists there do their “spirit healing” with amazing feats of surgery. Some of us have seen the unbelievable color pictures taken by Dr. Nelson Decker of a series of such operations, and still have refused to believe that they were valid photographs and not in some mysterious way faked. Seeing is not believing for us these days when in TV and Motion Pictures we see photography faked endlessly. Nor will we take the word of an observer for fear he may be mistaken in his observations, or a crook trying to fool us for some reason or other. I suppose the crux of the “spirit surgery” matter is that those who doubt longest and loudest do not really care two hoots whether the phenomena are genuine or not. I said to one new HRA recently, when he voiced his suspicions, “Then why don’t you fly down to Manila and see Tony operate for yourself?” He was frank in his reply, “Why should I? What difference does it make to me, after all?” I replied, “Truth for truth’s sake?” He shook his head. “Unless I can do it myself and not have to depend on some medium, it’s only a half truth and impractical.”


This reply is at one end of the HRA spectrum of attitudes. At the other end are the sensitive and inquiring minds who are representative of all that is impractical, and who want the Truth at all costs, no matter from what source, be it God or Devil, so long as it is truth. Use it? They do not aspire to that “practical” level. They are the students who burn the midnight oil silently, night by night, year after year, just to find for the sake of their immortal souls the scant grains of truth which are buried in the literary and verbal kitchen midens of forgotten civilizations. And, inevitably, there come times when they lift their eyes from the ancient earth and the gods ray down upon them a tiny, priceless beam of Truth that carries its own proof of validity. They become momentarily poets, and cry out in deathless verse the intimation of what they have been given to sense and what they die to be able to share with a world too hard and toughly resistant to feel anything gentler than a savage blow.


I am thinking of our own gentle sage, Helen Molyneaux. Salisbury, long an HRA and not too long departed. She would know what I am trying in a stumbling way to say that some things can only be well said in rhyme and verse. Let me give you two examples of how she managed to get across subtle sensings. (From her book, To Touch Infinity.)




There is a luster in the gallant thought

That our shed bodies may give sheen to grass,

That cells now warm in flesh may be new wrought

In tangled stems where ferns or poppies mass.

There would be beauty in such partnership

To mingle in fresh patterns with old leaves

Or, blended with long buried roots, to slip

As curled young tendrils over weathered eaves.

But you, Beloved? And your dawn swept mind

Your voice, your hair? I want no meadow rue,

No cool green fronds, no atoms re-combined.

I want no altered patterning of you!

Unless – unless our merging cells could be

One petaled bough or one storm wrestling tree!


Beloved, it is true – your very fingers

Were shaped to fit the curves within my own.

But you and I have found what long outlingers

The grace of sinew or the strength of bone:

A brighter stuff than flesh whose atoms spin

In tune with other atoms, cadenced timed.

It is your Self that is my spirit kin,

Your metered thought with which my breath is rhymed.

This would be true were oceans massed between,

Mighty with storm. Today where long kelp flows

I found a salty oak leaf, almost green,

A hundred miles from where an oak tree grows.

Though you were farther than the nebulae,

Your thought would come floating back to me.

Four more lines from the end of her, “He Has Not Lived”

He is poor indeed who never knows

Not with the mind’s knowing

But with the knowing of the heart

That he is one with all these, and with their Source.

WHAT I AM LABORING SO TO TRY TO RELATE is a matter of heart and of the sensing of something – a sensing that certainly involves the Aunihipili and its heritage of our emotions. According to the Huna theory, as we have worked it out from the wisps of intimation and information so reluctantly handed down to us through code and half exposed symbols, the meeting of the na Auhane to form the graduation UNION, is a mind level thing. But what I have experienced certainly involves the Aunihipili as well. It makes me begin to wonder whether the Aumakua gave me a glimpse of Union with the help of the Aunihipili, (who would be left behind later as a graduated Auhane), or whether the beloved little brother also comes along and does its amazing part with its ability to feel the emotion of love. Or is love emotion? Can the Auhane love on its own?


This question demands that we throw wide open again the matter of just what it is that happens when we experience the three (at least three, but there may be more of which we are  not yet aware in our studies) combined seeings and feelings which have been common to sages down the many centuries, and which are the only valid things upon which a true edifice of religion has been constructed.


The seeing feeling of the LIGHT of the Aumakua is so common and universal that Huna begins and ends on the fact that so many have seen the LIGHT in a very similar way and have recognized it as being an evidence of the Aumakua – or of a Higher Being often with different names in different systems of religion. It is the prime symbol of the Aumakua in Huna and as coded in the Four Gospels. Thinking back to my own early experience in the middle of a black night in Hawaii, I recall that there was little thinking involved. I was awakened to find the room filled with the wonderful whiteness of the heatless light. There was no sound – nothing to sense but the “seeing”, but my Auhane mind raced with questions and wonderings. Then the light dimmed and was gone. In a later contact, I was asleep, and I found myself floating without body in a sea of slightly amber light – a vast and all covering LIGHT. This time I sensed great peace and contentment, wanting never to change. But soon I realized that I had forgotten something very important, and when I made the great mental effort of recall, I slowly remembered that I was a man and that my name was Max Long – upon which I awakened and found myself back in the body. Twice I have made the contact with hardly a shade of light, but have known in some way that I was in touch with it and with my Father-Mother Aumakua, and each time there came a flood of joy – a moment or two of an ecstasy of loving and being loved by the endlessly dear Parental Spirit. Always it is the same – basically emotion, and if we have worked out Huna correctly, we have been helped to these contacts through the Aunihipili and its power to use the senses and respond to stimulation with different degrees of emotion, the important one here being that of love. “The JOY of the Lord” some ancient sages have called it. (And some speak of the “Joy” as roused by hearing “the music of the spheres”, although I have never heard it. And the Sufi mystics of Islam have put on record a form of ecstasy to match each of the five senses promising, in vague terms, the enjoyment of such a five-fold state in their version of “heaven”.


In all the great religions of the past we have had, as a Secret of Secrets, and Reward of Rewards, the UNION of the Adam and Eve parts of the man. It is the basic thing that stands close beside the fact of the Light as the Aumakua. In India and modern Hindu derived religious speculations, the UNION has been lost in the confusion of guesses which have been made to win back the lost SECRET. The idea of union with the Aumakua has mistakenly replaced that of the mated male and female parts of each Auhane. The climax of the Gospel Drama is this UNION via the perfecting brought about through Grace used by the na Aumakua. And, now that we are into the Kabala, it begins with the Light, and tells us that it is male-female, and that Jehovah is male and Elohim is female, and that together they are the ONE “Creator”. The story of the creation is almost rushed in its telling in Genesis. And, starting with the elaborate story of Adam and Eve, the continuing account carries forward the coded mystery of the final UNION of the mated na Auhane, even as the Aumakua has already been blessed by a similar UNION.


One alternative may help us keep to the Huna theory as we have worked it out. Can we simply say that LOVE is a thing beyond and apart from the emotions which have been assigned to the keeping of the Aunihipili? We argue that certainly the Aumakua Mother-Father can express love, for we feel it poured out upon us in the rare moments of communion. We may also argue that, as the Auhane has once been an Aunihipili, it certainly should have learned to love and perhaps has never lost that priceless ability. I prefer to believe that someplace in this mixture lies the truth, and that as na Auhane we can be independent. We may even be able to remember for ourselves where love is concerned, and thus have the sure memory to recognize the beloved when met, and of knowing her as the dear comrade of the past incarnations. She may have been wife, or sister or mother or close as a friend while the rough edges were worn smooth by the various experiences of the lives. The two halves that eventually will fit together perfectly to make one piece, have needed the burred projections worn off by lives lived with those not the real mate – by the “war between the sexes” in which each of the marriage partners flaying the other daily, strives blindly to whittle the other down to fit into the mold that was never intended for it. I have from my recent experience no reason to feel that we, as na Auhane, can remember the whittling process and pain and wars of the learning years, but I am certain that enough memory goes with the remembered love to allow all the times of love and association to be recalled and made into one shining RECOGNITION and realization. A new and shining meaning is given to the long familiar words, “I was never so glad to see anyone in my whole life!”


THIS IS MY STORY. I had been thinking about UNION and the mate and about the graduation time to which I look forward so hopefully, and it occurred to me that I might get more information from my Aumakua via the Aunihipili and the pendulum contact method which I have learned to use.


I quieted down, accumulated mana with a series of four breaths and soon the pendulum began to swing. I sent the mana and my love to the Aumakua and the familiar pattern of the plus sign inside the large circle was slowly traced out in the air above the palm of my left hand by the pendulum. When the mana had been offered and the return flow felt, the pendulum stopped swinging and I asked permission to ask questions, getting an answering “yes” through the pendulum. After a few questions and a “yes” to assure me that the theory of “Union” was correct and that I might be helped to such union in no long time, I asked whether or not my mate was ready and whether she might be aware of the coming change and also waiting for it. The pendulum did not move, but as I watched it intently, there came an inner seeing. I stood looking as across a misty stage which was empty. I was lonely …. then across the stage toward me She came. She came lightly, not hurrying greatly, and her shining love leaped ahead of her to meet mine.


This is the place for poetry and all the magically rhymed adjectives, but nothing is enough. All I can say is that “I was never so glad to see anyone in my life!” And, “That I loved Her better than anything else in the world.” I have never before felt such joy in a reunion or such love for the one with whom I was reunited after a long separation.


Little use to try to describe what I felt and how full my heart was in that short moment while she came toward me with such stars in her eyes that I cannot now say what color they were. She was by no means a large woman, and (this is an element which I blame on the Aunihipili and its strange tendency to change things which it has been given to deliver in dreams) she was dressed for all the world like the actresses who play the part of the English flower girl in “Pygmalian”, even to the battered little sailor hat with its bent-stemmed droop of a flower. But I had hardly time enough to see her before – almost ten feet before our hands could touch, she faded out, the stage with her, and I was looking again at my unmoving pendulum. What can I say about the experience and how it left me? Lofty verse? No, I stand tongue tied like a lad before his first love. All I can find to whisper is another line winnowed from the utterings of a million lovers, “I’ll never be the same again.”


No memories were aroused of other lives or other times of association, but my imagination was so quickened that I could see her in my mind’s eye in a hundred quick changes of guise – but always with a face I knew endlessly well, and ever loved. She was not my loved wife of the present incarnation, but seemed to contain this love and all the other loves distilled from the long and broken line of joyous years. In her was and is every woman I have ever loved. She is the little girl with whom I played at seven and who was mysteriously aloof and strange and very dear. She was the Grandmother so loved in my little days, and my own lovely mother. She was the first and middle and last love, all in one. And she is either there, or will be when the graduation day arrives. My Father-Mother have seen fit to give me this conviction.


Thinking of you who will read these lines, I feel abashed. I have bared my heart despite many misgivings, and I am well aware that many of you will sniff or snort or scorn. I am painfully aware of the several letters received in the past, mostly from HRAs who had been deeply hurt, and who shuddered away from the very thought of ever having to meet in union with one of the opposite sex and be blended with that one into a single bi-polar Self. But a few of you stand very close to me, and in you I am confident of the response – for you have loved and have been loved. You speak my halting language at these strange levels where love can be rape, or can be all and everything. To the latter, I have dared to look for understanding.


LET ME REPEAT my statement that all we have to go on as a logical basis for a religion is the strange “seeing” and “sensing” of (1) the Light, (2) the ecstasy of love that comes with contact with the Higher Something, and (3) the experiencing of the LOVE of the one true mate. (I am not listing the Sufi teaching that we may touch the next higher level in terms of all five senses, because that is outside my personal ken so far.)


All other things upon which religions have been based (and there are many new religions and cult systems) fall into the categories of (1) history, (2) false history which has been accepted on the basis of faith, and (3) revelations from one source or another, be it the vision of one person or the dictum of spirits. Add to these sources the ingredients of Psychology, Psychic Science, Mysticism and assorted theories, to say nothing of the disclaiming of all physical things as “unreal”, and you have the many false religions which hold no water, but which can be clung to with all the stubborn and blind fury of bigotry. To my way of thinking, Huna has the best of theories and covers more fully the field of Psychology when it deals with man either alive or dead. But when someone demands actual proof which he can experience for himself, there is, in actuality, nothing that can be said other than that there are the three seeing sensing proofs, and that these he will have to try to experience for himself.


PROOF OF SURVIVAL AFTER DEATH belongs to the field of Abnormal Psychology in the above type of classification, but in the years since the Fox Sisters of 1840, the religion of “Spiritualism” has developed. It has added, of course, to the proof of survival furnished by spirit phenomena, the things which the spirits have said through mediums, the mechanism of automatic writing and so forth. Contradictory teachings thus received cause all spirits to be suspected of lying for one reason or another. Into this pot has been poured the ingredients of older religions, especially Protestant Christianity, the resulting stew making a strange mess that is repulsive to the more circumspect students, and entirely unacceptable to the materialists of the popular press and text book. All that can be said here is that the proof of survival is certainly not enough to use as a basis when constructing a religion, for religion is a “tying back” to a god or God, and without a similar proof of the verity of a Higher Intelligence, the structure falls flat.


BUT THERE IS ONE MORE ANGLE to be considered when we pause to consider spirits and proofs to be had through them of human survival. This comes when certain spirits amaze all the Doubting Thomas boys by working through a living medium to perform “spirit surgery”. It is very apparent that the spirits, or whatever it is that works through the medium, is using powers and intelligence of a kind not common to the living – not even to the best natural healer. The power is used to open the body of the person to be operated upon, then to make changes in the body interior, with or without the use of hands, knives or shears. In some cases no incision is made, as in taking cataracts from eyes (where the eyes are rubbed and the clouded lenses are apparently brought out as flesh through flesh). Bleeding is stopped, and instant healing of a high order is used in a variety of ways, the most spectacular being the closing and healing of the openings, leaving not a trace or scar in most instances. (Fifteen charges were brought against the medium, Terte, in Manila, but were always dropped when no scar could be found to prove that surgery had been performed, by spirit aid or otherwise.)


THE LATEST NEWS ON MANILA HEALERS is most exciting. Dr. Nelson Decker, D.C., succeeded in enlisting the help of a medical doctor who is associated with one of the big California research outfits, and together they flew down to watch Tony work and to take motion pictures in color, and with sound, of a series of his operations. Dr. Decker says that these almost duplicated the operations which he photographed in still color last year, and plans are under way to begin fanning the fires of public and medical interest with showings in no long time. Plans are also under way to bring over a healer and a group of those who take part in the religious type services before the mediums go into trance and begin their work. Opposition to issuing visitors’ passports has now been withdrawn, and we may soon see spirit surgery being demonstrated here in California.

While interest in spirits and religion or in “Spiritualism” as it stands today in the world, is so slight that one can discount it almost completely, the INTEREST in getting one’s Charley Horses fixed up is higher than ever before in world history. If I may make a prediction, let me say that in this situation there are possibilities of a flash of interest, atomic in character. No telling what may come of the matter when and if the films begin to be shown, money raised, people healed by psychic surgery in a matter of painless minutes, and … well, you describe it. The accompanying howl of rage from the materialist medical fraternity should be something to raise several Capitol and Supreme Court roofs.


One of the points in the battle which I see forthcoming, is that of the removal of “the stone” from the patient. This takes us back to the very oath all MDs take so happily when they graduate. They promise never to “operate for the stone”, whatever that meant originally or may now mean. And I predict that they will do battle against the spirit surgeons who make a common practice of removing a stone or something that looks like one but certainly does not act like one.


A few issues back (of the Huna Vistas), I reported that HRA Victor F. of Australia had visited Terte in Manila and asked to be healed of gout. Terte and his better educated friend could not find “gout” in their dictionary, and so decided to operate on general principles. They did, and they removed a “stone” and gave it to the patient. He took it in a bottle of alcohol to his hotel and later it vanished slowly. He was healed for the time being, but relapsed after his return home. Now this “stone” business is strange. In Fate Magazine a woman recently told how she took her small daughter to such a spirit surgeon to have her eyes worked on, and how the medium, in trance, rubbed a small “stone” out of each eye, accomplishing a complete and lasting cure for something or other that had evaded the MDs. But the “stones” could not be studied as they dissolved in their bottle and left only a slight bit of residue which could not be analyzed.


The witch doctors in Africa have been famous for producing a small stone in their healing practice, and saying it was taken from the body or head of the patient. Sleight of hand, we have all agreed, but perhaps we are wrong. Could the elements causing the illness be in some mysterious way collected and placed in the substance of an ectoplasmic “stone”, and in this way removed from the patient? There must be some reason for the creation of a stone of this sort other than just to impress the one who is treated, although the latter purpose is not to be set aside. The use of a physical stimulus is as old and as valuable as the bread pill of the Mds.


ONE OF OUR OWN HRAs, working with the writer of one of the FATE magazine articles of last year, reporting the spirit surgery of Terte, has managed to interest the gentlemen at the University of Virginia medical school in so far that they have agreed to look into the matter. She also has managed to get one of the Foundations to agree to have a look. What will come of the various efforts cannot be foreseen, but the pot is on the way to a boil. If history repeats itself, we may do as was done in Brazil. Similar spirit surgery was so successful there that the Spiritualists collected money and built a good hospital to house the work – only to have the doctors jail all the mediums to prevent the work from continuing. One healer, so I have read, manages at times to heal people even while in prison.


RILEY CRABB, of the B.S.R.A. journal, is my source of information on the activities of Dr. Decker and his friends, and he tells me that the doctor, who was seeing Tony work for the first time, was amazed and greatly intrigued. He went so far as to ask whether he might be able to learn to perform that kind of surgery, and was told that he could. As a proof of the statement, Tony took one of his hands in his own and used it in an operation. The fingers of the hand were moved swiftly across a patient’s abdomen, several inches from the skin, and instantly it was opened with the proper incision. Tony, went so far as to say he could teach anyone to do such surgery, and … well, if this should be possible, and Tony comes over to California and teaches some doctors, mediums, Reverends and so on to work with the surgeons, the lid will certainly blow off. AND, we might even find in the superior intelligence and knowledge resident in the spirit surgeons the elements needed to give us a protective covering of RELIGION such as is enjoyed by the Science of Church healers. Needless to say, there is grave doubt that Tony can teach anyone or even find others of mediumistic, qualities or spirit doctors who will stay with them and perform the operations. If the medical men realize in time how few such operators there may be, they could be spared the bother of fighting the practice and jailing the mediums. Also, they might assist in the important work of Psychical Research which might turn up more information on how such healing miracles are made possible. Incidentally, the Manila healers make no charge for their services, feeling that what they offer is God’s gift and of deep religious significance. However, patients leave little gifts. (To be kept informed on what goes on in this line, the B.S.R.A. journal at $5 the year is the best bet. It will tell the story thus far in greater detail in an issue which should be out around April 1st. Address: Riley Crabb, P.O. Box 548, Vista, Calif., 92083. The journal will keep you up to the minute on all “farthest out” matters.)


DR. DECKER’S ORIGINAL COLOR PICTURES, which I understand are nearly duplicated by the color sound film pictures, were fascinating to me as some of them give evidence of a partial dematerialization of a face and showed the sinus structures beyond the face itself. This “mat and de-mat” method is the same one used in bringing and removing “apports” in the seance rooms. Often the aka or shadowy body outline of the object to be apported is seen hanging in the air before it is filled with substance and drops to the table before the sitters. The whole body of a person has often been treated as an apport and moved from one place to another – this being called “transportation”. We do not know exactly where the spirits get the mana used for these feats but suspect that it comes from the medium and sitters. Cases have been recorded in which the substance used for temporary materialization has been taken from the body of the medium. One famous case was reported in which the woman medium was shut in a cabinet with threads passed through the ring holes in her ears and sealed to her chair to prevent her from moving. She was weighed at the times when spirits were materialized, and the spirits –  two of them  – were also weighed. The weight of each spirit was found to be subtracted from the weight of the medium at that time. In another case a doctor sitting beside the medium at a table was keeping track of her possible movements by placing a foot lightly on top of one of hers. A figure materialized in the room, and at the same time the foot of the medium was found to be missing. The doctor investigated and found that the medium was gone up to the waist, her dress empty and the upper part of her body apparently floating in air as she remained in her place in her chair. The ability of spirits to turn flesh and bone into ectoplasmic nothingness is matched by the ease with which they can make similar use of parts of garments to clothe a materialized person. (See Fodor’s Encyclopedia of Psychic Science for much interesting information along these lines.)


A NEW BOOK OF IMPORTANCE, by our own HRA Regnier Winsel, is titled, The Anatomy of Voice, (96 pages, $4.00, The Exposition Press, Inc., 386 Park Ave. South, New York, N.Y., 10016). In his book he describes new theories and new approaches to the work of bringing out the best in voices. As a voice teacher and coach of much experience he has worked out many new angles and done much to correct old methods and make training simple and directly effective. The book is illustrated with drawings and aimed at use by anyone taking vocal lessons or wanting to improve his or her voice at home. For teachers of voice he offers invaluable information. Dr. Benjamin Ross, of New York, says, “Mr. Winsel’s great contribution to voice development both physiologically and psychologically is well borne out by the ‘before’ and ‘after’ recordings of his pupils’ singing. The results are truly remarkable, and his methods deserve widespread recognition. I am going to study my gift copy and practice some of the simple exercises to see if I can improve my speaking voice – now that, by reading into the clear explanations, I begin to see what I have been doing wrongly all my life. Looking back to a time when I attended a class to try to improve my speaking voice, I can now see that what we did then was place the cart before the horse with all too much fuss and feathers. Congratulations Regnier, on a grand and helpful job!


“THE CHURCH OF BASIC TRUTH” is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and recently I was visited by a newly ordained minister of the church who told me that it teaches HUNA as the “basic truth” which is most pleasant news. He also presented me with a certificate of Honorary membership in the church, and gave me greetings. I am sorry to say that I know very little of this group except that HRA Hepner is connected with it and Mrs. Butler (I should have said Rev. Butler) is to the fore in the organization. I take it that if you wish to be ordained for the ministry for some reason or other, you can study Huna with the leaders of this church, and when well grounded in the Basic Truths of Huna, be ordained. I suppose that thereafter one goes forth and establishes a branch of the Basic Truth Church. I am not too clear on what is entailed, but at least can send my greetings and best wishes. Perhaps we have here the start of the “groups” which so far have failed dismally to get going and then to survive. If this new church group slaps down the various ones who rise up to preach their own pet beliefs in opposition to Huna (as in former groups) and holds the attention on Huna as we now know it, then success may be in sight – at long last.


MY NEW BOOK has reached a number of people formerly unfamiliar with Huna, thanks to publicity in CHIMES, FATE and Orion, with a special help from the B.S.R.A. journal. One new HRA came to us in this way and asks that I speak of his “Bonita Springs Shangri la” vegetarian resort, where HRAs will be made most welcome. This is a health center as well as a place to rest and play. A very special treatment via fasting is available. Rates are modest and a few can pay part of their expenses by working on the grounds or in the general plant. The top man is HRA R.J. Cheatham. The address is Bonita Springs, Fla. 33923. If you are down that way, look in, say you are an HRA, and get acquainted.


ANOTHER NEW HRA WRITES, “I have been using the ‘Hudson Method’ on my husband’s snoring for years – although I didn’t know that was what it was. I had tried all the  other wifely tricks – you know, kicking, nudging and nagging to no avail, and then the ‘wee small voice’ suggested this approach and it has always worked, unless I became too irritated before using the system.


A NEW FRIEND MADE THROUGH THE NEW BOOK, Miss Mariechen Al Au, of Evansville, Ind., writes, “Thanks for the Tarot Card predictions, particularly as they pertain to the war picture. I sent my own prophesy about the war to Mary Fuller, of FATE, for her files as at that time I had not heard anyone speak of the strong vibration of PEACE that was moving into our atmosphere. I wanted the material on record, predicting that the U.S.A. will not be the winner. Also, in a seance at Chesterfield, Ind, January 16, 1966, I asked about the war in an open session, and was told by the guiding force that there would be a resumption of bombing and much blood shed, but that the war would terminate in 1966 – with the U.S.A. on the short end of the stick. I keep ‘feeling’ April as the time …. and NO world war, even as you predict and as the guide said in the seance. Clifford Bias was the medium.


NEWS OF “DADDY BRAY”, self styled “last of the na kahuna”, was sent in by HRA M.S. who lives nearby in Kona, Hawaii. An article in the local paper tells of the recent opening of David Bray’s new home, which he calls OLA HONUA (Life New – we translate it “A fresh reincarnation”). It seems that a Foundation has been set up to support Mr. Bray’s activities, and that instead of making the new center up in the fern forest near the volcano, it has been established in a much better place and right on the main line of tourist travel. He has filled the house with Chinese furniture and many things typical of old Hawaii. In the grounds he has constructed a representation of an old temple, and on an altar there he will make sacrifices to the old gods and observe special rituals. Undoubtedly he will put on a good show but not with the kind of Huna we know. He will have none of the three selves and the aka bodies. As to the Code, it is to be supposed that he will be most impatient of it, if he ever hears that such a thing has been found. If you go to Hawaii and make the trip around the “Big Island”, look in on him. He is not our kind of kahuna, but is a delightful gentleman, and he chants beautifully.


HRA George Smith, of California, writes “The IMPORTANT part of prayer is emotion.” (I have been saying that the Aunihipili must take its part and want badly the thing we na Auhane desire. Emotion is a Aunihipili indicator. … HRA H.H.C. of California, writes: “I remember once praying very earnestly, when suddenly, whereas I was ill, I found myself suddenly well ….” This is not uncommon. Someday we will learn how to get Help each time instead of at long intervals.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, the Kabala has a core of pure Huna, even if this is surrounded by dogmatic and speculative comment. (As I have said in a recent “tinned letter”). In section 6 of theSEPHER YEZIRAH we can read basic truths very thinly veiled. I quote:


“There are three (selves) of which every one stands by itself (in other words, three separate selves combined to make the man) one is in the affirmative, the other in the negative, and one equalizes them. (The Aumakua is the “affirmative”, always right, good and progressive. The Aunihipili is negative in that it is growing out of the animal self level and continues to be hurtful at times. The Auhane stands between the other two, literally, and acts as the equalizer to bring the Aunihipili to contact the Aumakua. The Auhane is the ‘brother’s keeper’ and has to learn through several incarnations to hold its own against the natural evil of the Aunihipili in order to avoid being dragged down by it before being able to lift it up.)


Section 8 “….. and God, faithful King, rules over all from his Holy Habitation to all eternity. He is one above three, three above seven, seven are above twelve, and all are linked together.” Here we see that above the Aumakua all higher Beings were known under the name of “God”, showing that, like the na kahuna of Hawaii, the Kabalistic “Sons of the Doctrine” knew that the human mind cannot penetrate the levels above the Aumakua..


The three selves are said to be “above the seven”, and we have the three manas and three aka bodies counting as six, while the physical body counts as the seventh. The organs of the body and the senses are so listed as to form twelve units, and these are used and ruled over, of course, by the selves, in making use of the physical vehicle or its counterparts in the aka body of the Aunihipili,   this surviving after death and coming into use in the between lives level. Wish to try your hand at making a cryptic and coded statement to reveal and still conceal this basic belief of Huna? Hard job. Try it and see. The old boys did rather well.


THE KABALA BECAME A BASIS FOR MAGICAL PRACTICES eventually, and one interesting touch comes in the instructions in the Zohar commentary concerning the use of sexual intercourse as a method of causing the male and female halves of the Aumakua to unite in a similar creative act and create the thing or condition for which the man of the na Aunihipili (also male and female) prayed at the time of such intercourse. The prayer was at its best when it asked that a very advanced soul would be given, should a child be conceived, or that a very special blessing of enlightenment be given. The tradition has crept out of Kabalaism, into secular fields,  and I have run into this belief in several “teachings”. I once met a man of wealth who claimed to have been guided and helped to his money and position in life through the use of this rite of magic. His wife had died, and he had found no other woman suited to join him in continuing thus to set Magic into operation.

In the Zohar there is much, so we are told by A.E. Waite in his The Holy Kabbalah, to be read about the Mystery of Sex. He discusses for many pages the things said and things intimated, acknowledging that he is baffled in many ways by hidden meanings and apparent contradictions. One thing was very clear. It was believed that a man was only half a man without a wife, and it was said mysteriously that a man without a wife had little chance  of doing what we would call “graduate”. This makes sense in a large way, for the significance of this final upward step from the Auhane level to that of the Aumakua lies in the fact that a male and female are joined in UNION to MAKE ONE.


ACCUMULATING AND SENDING MANA to the Aumakua is to be recognized in a rite performed in parts of Africa, writes HRA M.W. from Arizona. She calls attention to Dr. Carl Jung’s book, Memories, Dreams and Reflections, in which he tells of visiting a tribe of natives who had the belief that the sun was God. Every morning they rose and waited for the sun to come up. As it rose they either spit into their palms or breathed upon them, then held their palms up facing the sun. This, they explained was just something they had always done. They knew nothing of the origin of the custom. But here we see the offering of spittle as “water”, the symbol of mana, and of breath as the very life force itself. Customs are preserved long after reasons for them have been forgotten, and often the offering or sacrifice of mana as one’s life force has been replaced by the act of presenting an offering to a god on an altar, or by pouring a libation from the cup before drinking. Grace being said before meals is the idea watered down to words.


BAPTISM AS A RELIGIOUS RITE takes many forms. In Christianity water is used, but its original significance as the symbol of mana has long been lost. If Christianity is restored to original beliefs and rites some day in the future, it will be taught that cleansing of sins and healing are done by the na Aumakua with the use of high mana. The na kahuna sprinkled patients with water as a symbol of cleansing, but only after amends had been made for the sins done to others. The Roman Catholics have the Confession and Penance before Absolution and in the latter, the sprinkling with holy water is a left-over from the ancient Huna original. In India the immersion of the pilgrim in the Holy Ganges frees him of his sins.


In the Gospels, John the Baptist was the symbol of all the priests of earth. He baptized only with water, but he said that one would come who would baptize with water and fire. “Fire” makes light and so we have the coded implication that the Aumakua, as the “Light”, uses the mana sent by the Aunihipili to make the high mana which can make instant changes in material things, in circumstances and in what in India is called “karma”. Conditions, and even one’s future, may also be changed. Through this wonderful mechanism of “Grace” one can be “made perfect” and when “graduated” becomes “perfect even as the Father in Heaven is perfect.”


I often ask by letter whether or not the person asking that a certain thing be requested for them or a loved one in our THMG session has been praying in the Huna way themselves. Few reply that they have, or the question is asked as to just how a Huna prayer is made. I get the impression that those who know how to make the Huna prayer and send the mana to the na Aumakua (as described many times in my books) do not need to ask for TMHG help because they can get it for themselves. A few who write asking for help seem never to have heard of Huna, but, having in some way heard that there was a free healing and prayer help service being offered, gamble a stamp on the long chance that Help might be had. Hardly ever does a writer promise to do anything for the Higher Beings in return for Help. In the old days they at least pledged themselves to eat two fish on Friday instead of just one, or to burn two candles before the shrine. Some set a date for an answer, and I have been scolded because a request for “the rent money by the 17th” had not appeared. “Many are called, and few are chosen”. “The poor ye have always with you.” The “elect” and “chosen” are those who have lived through a number of incarnations and have learned to be hurtless and kind. MFL




Our Goal is UNION

April-May, 1966

I BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE PASSED A MILESTONE of inestimable importance and are now in a position to lay before the world as an exoteric FACT, what has for endless centuries been known in inner circles as a secret so sacred and wonderful that only the picked members of the esoteric orders were allowed to glimpse it, and still our shining “FACT” is only half baked into final form. Like the “Proof of the pudding”, which is “in the eating”, our “FACT” – while not being something one may eat – is CERTAINLY something that must be EXPERIENCED before it becomes one’s very own to live and even die for and by. Our “FACT” can now be given thus:

Our goal is UNION.

The FIRST UNION is between the lower selves and the HIGH. It is NOT a blending or permanent adding of the selves together to make ONE new Self. That is the old mistake. It is the recognition of the Aumakua and its part in the three self man. It is making contact with it, and inviting it to take its proper part in our lives. That is the only possible UNION on this level of living, being and doing.

The SECOND UNION is the final reunion and reuniting of the MATES, male and female, as they graduate into the Aumakua state and in Union become a NEW AUMAKUA Father-Mother.

The proofs are THREE:

In trying for union or CONTACT with the Aumakua, we first hear that there is an Aumakua, then we think of it and try to make the contact. Eventually contact is made and we have the physical sensation of seeing THE LIGHT which is symbolic of the Aumakua.

In learning the fact that we have a MATE, we hear that there IS one. We think about it and begin to believe. We are given a dream, vision or “seeing” in which we meet the mate. We feel as a physical sensation the greatest love we have ever experienced. We may be amazed that we are capable of so much love. Belief becomes CONVICTION.

The third proof is the feeling of ecstatic love and joy that, at times, comes when a contact with the Aumakua is made but when no LIGHT is seen. This may be called “The joy of the Lord”, and is something not uncommon in human experience. (About all of these sensations of “seeing”, feeling or of visual perception in a physical sense, there is something that marks each as much truer, clearer and weighted with verity. Other lesser experiences are often forgotten, but not these. The memory of each is retained as if burned in by the fire of Truth Itself. Each carries with it all the PROOF that is possible to us on the physical level, and we do well to remember that the conclusions we reach by the processes of “reasoning” will seldom remain fixed and able to bear weight if leaned upon too heavily. They are reeds which bend in the winds of contrary arguments, while the things of the “seeing” and “feeling” remain the rocks upon which we can build.)

LOVE IS THE LAW. In the lower forms of life the growth is toward individuality and separateness. One individual, so very often, eats the next. But always there is a uniting process and colonies of cells increase in size at each evolutionary step. At last, at the upper heights, individuals begin voluntarily to cooperate and to cease to prey on others of their kind. Love begins to dawn. And under the Law of Love the final step of “graduation” takes place and the mates unite.

THE AUNIHIPILI STILL BELONGS TO THE ANIMAL LEVEL and, while it responds like an animal and loves a mate in the lesser way, it is learning to think and react like an Auhane. Mixing reason and love with animal selfishness, jealousy and anger is the Aunihipili way, and our task, as I now see it, is to do our best to take the Aunihipili in hand and cultivate its good side – the side that gives love and makes it worthy of love.

THE AUHANE LOVE appears to me NOW to be made possible because the ability to love is not like the other emotions – things stemming from the Aunihipili. It may be the one and only emotion that the Auhane can carry along with it when it graduates from the Aunihipili to the Auhane state. That the Aumakua has the ability to love is a foregone conclusion. It is something we can feel and to which we can respond in kind. Literature, be it sacred or secular, stresses the higher octaves of love. Moses gives as the very first commandment, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy might”. Jesus adds, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” The na kahuna speak through the Code from the dim past and say to the “elect”, “Only by learning to love and to make yourself worthy of love can you become ready to enjoy the Marriage made in Heaven – the union with the mate.”

A FINE EXAMPLE OF THE SECULAR APPROACH is to be found in the letters of Will Levington Comfort. (I quote from page 30 of the little booklet I made and sent to some of you long ago.)

“Sensuous love is a developer of the psychic nature, through which at last we grope up to the spiritual. No force can arouse a certain type of human being to great endeavor, helping him to overcome inertia and cross all the mountains and rivers, like the attraction of a possible mate. He feels keenly the division in his own being. He agonizes to merge with one who doubles him. Sensuous love becomes a psychic disease, as the new quest calls. One finds after all his rushing to and from after earth love, that only within is the compelling power which overcomes separation and casts out fear; he finds he must bring a new, fearless, invincibly faithful love to the one who now attracts, a love risen above the painful barriers of birth and death, a love that amounts to the accomplishment of his own Enlightenment, by which he perceives that all his former rushing to and fro in earth love was but to devour the darling  of the gods who called. But one cannot preach the inevitable failure of sensuous love to the world today that has not learned to dress and cleanse and die for a meeting with an earth mate, any more than one can tell the mass of school children in lock step for competitive struggle to kill out ambition. (And on page 24:) “The Soul is a composite containing many elements; Spirit is one of them. The nature of Spirit is loveliness; its supreme function is loving; it is the Lover.” (From

Comfort’s Reconstruction Letters.)

Phylos (Hilliard), in A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS, had his hero eventually united with his soul mate at the end of the book. Earlier, they had met and loved and parted in other incarnations. Mark Twain, in hisMYSTERIOUS STRANGER told the story of the Mate (so one of the HRAs has informed me, but to date I have not been successful in my library  searching for a copy of the book).

I was deeply touched, and not a little relieved, to have many understanding and warmly sympathetic letters come from HRA friends after I had ventured uncertainly to tell of my “seeing” of my mate in Huna Vistas #71. The nakedness I had felt was covered by one letter after another, and slowly I became delightedly aware that I had been speaking of a secret thing which many others have experienced and of which they had not dared to speak. I am impressed that the far sensing of the mate is a blessed thing given to a considerable number of advanced souls for some unknown reason, but perhaps as a gift of love from the na Aumakua to encourage and to make rough paths feel less rough and long journeys less endless.

An odd thing happened to me when I read some of the letters. As if a similar note had been sounded and the identical string plucked, I fell into a strange state of resonance and felt again just the beginning edge of the great welling up of love which was aroused in my seeing as the woman with the droop stemmed flower and silly little hat came toward me. I told myself, after three such “risings”, that I had not been alone at all. Dear friends all around me had sensed the same lovely truth and had also clutched it close while not daring to speak of it to others.

LET ME SHARE WITH YOU some of the priceless letters of which I speak, starting with an imaginary one which I fully expected, but which I am happy to say did not arrive.

Dear Max: “I think your “seeing” was a phony and if there was anything at all to it, it was the echo of your Aunihipili’s former gonadal ambitions. I think you are off on the wrong path and doubt that any woman was ever worth that much fuss and feathers. But go to it, and be a silly old goat if you must. I will try to put up with you, but please try to keep your mind on the research into the Kabala. (Imagined signature: About half of the HRA.)

Almost the first letter said: “I have read with joy and interest your bulletin. Especially the part wherein you share your experience of glimpsing your ‘true love.’ Our first and only Love is Truth. She comes in the form we feel we can recognize her. When we recognize this ‘Glorious One’, we are, as you say, ‘never so glad to see anyone in my whole life.’ It is the whole of Life, and brings complete satisfaction, joy and happiness, beyond the ken of human plans and hopes. At first it is a fleeting experience but as we accept Her she sojourns with us.  However, we do not have to die into that…. we live into it! When we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, these things are added unto us. We become acquainted with Him/Her and find Peace! It is the Bride for the Bridegroom. This unfolding is Love and ALL that any of us ever desire. The human experience is a stage upon which many fading experiences dance, but the Stage of Life, Truth and Love is Reality. And when we perceive this Stage we are made ready for Progress and Service in His Vineyard!”

This beautiful letter was from a most advanced student of many initiations and herself a writer of books about Truth. Her beautiful lines about my “seeing” and Truth and Love are inspiring, but I had to object. What I saw wasn’t anything so wonderful and abstract as TRUTH. It was just my very own little Funny Hat – just being her own very dear self. I know that gal like the back of my hand and am sure I could tell her from even the dearest Abstraction. I could even make a very good guess at just what she would do under almost any given set of circumstances. You see, I seem to have known her for a very long time. For instance, if someone gave her the marvelous gift of TRUTH on a golden platter, I know just what she would do. She would tear for home to find me and divide with me. And, if she saw that I liked it exceptionally well, she would push her half across to me also, not saving even a taste for herself. Yes, I know that gal. She’s like that. And I strongly suspect that the reason she has such a battered little old hat is that every time she starts out with the price of a new hat saved up, she sees something she thinks I need or would like, and away goes her hat money again. Where I am concerned, she doesn’t use her head. She inevitably uses her heart. And when it comes to such Truth as we have known between us, my judgment may often be a little more reasonable, but she more than matches it with her intuitive recognition of what is NOT Truth … and where I may get fooled, she hardly ever fails to see in time to sidestep and whisper a swift warning. She has another characteristic. When she sees that I want something badly, even if she feels that it is not needed or very good for me, she will go all out to help me get it. As for herself, any smallest thing I do for her or find to give her, is accepted delightedly.

“Dear Cigbo: A little gift for you. And aren’t you proud of ‘Boss’ for having the courage to relate his lovely vision. This HRA thanks him for it. Whether this vision is a prevision of a uniting of na Aumakua as Huna teaches, or a symbolic vision of the more abstract union with the Eternal, as some religions teach, it is a lovely and significant vision, and we thank ‘Boss’ for sharing it with us. This HRA sends him her blessing and hopes with all her heart that he makes it this round into or onto the higher level for which he so yearns. She thanks him too for his courageous search and his humorous and honest willingness to stand up and be counted for what he believes. M.S.W.

(Cigbo takes a bow and says, “Terrible nice now and then to have someone give ME credik for the pretty good job I manage to get donevon boss here and there and now and again. I work hard on him, lick him when he needs it, and encourage him when his meow is kina week or out of tune. Considering what I have to work with well, I do pretty well.”)

An HRA upon whom I relied from the first for understanding, wrote: “I devoured the #70 H.V. Bless your heart. I deeply appreciate your baring your heart as you did. I fully agree with your conclusions. And YES! Most emphatically YES to your conclusions …. that the Auhane has an emotional capacity. I assume that it carries it over from its lives as an Aunihipili. This makes sense. It’s the good emotions of love, of compassion, of adoration, aspiration and such feelings that are of the right sort. You mention ‘she’s all the women I’ve ever loved’ and this leads me to say move all in turn as surrogates for your eternal mate. I am glad you told it all. I only hope some deluded female doesn’t come trapsing in with a flower stem up on her dizzy head perched like that of the little English Flower Girl and rush to say she is your mate! If that should happen, do tell me, in strictest confidence, of course. I will laugh with you. A.C.”

One of the newer HRAs has been catching up fast with the work. She wrote: “I was touched with a deep sense of joy by your wonderful expression in the last Huna Vistas. To know that there are others who have shared this intuitional knowing of the joy of a future union with the beloved! Those who truly understand the meaning of ‘Soul Mate’ have understood it to be this, not some sentimental bosh of two entities walking around in some constant joy of a fictitious heaven. But rather two na Auhane ready to join in a united effort for the betterment of their man. What matter if she waits for you or you must wait for her? Let us rejoice that the time of union cometh! Those who have met in their travels thru this incarnation that special someone who, ‘I was never so glad to see anyone in my whole life’, have always willingly returned to the duties of this incarnation, fulfilling them better because of the joy of this contact with the love that encompasses all love. Have no fear for those who shudder away from this knowledge. They too are growing into Light and will one day remember what you have so beautifully expressed in your poetic prose and feel reassured because someone else knows it too. J.M.

A seasoned HRA wrote, “Max. you have given me new courage and hope in your sharing with us the mystical experience or preview of Union with the Beloved! And speaking of seeing the Light: I had that experience a few weeks before the birth of my first daughter. The room was so bright that it awakened me from a sound sleep. I remember thinking it must be some sort of ‘signal’ about my baby. While it was still brilliant – perhaps after three minutes – my very practical husband awoke suddenly and said, ‘What is going on here?’ The light vanished, but I have seen it all my life in my memory. Years can be very long and lonely, but now, with joy and anticipation I shall press on, and with revived courage. B.B.”

An Australian HRA wrote: “Thank you and bless you for telling us of your vision. I can’t find the words to describe my feelings on reading it but I am deeply grateful. I have still to get my thought on this sifted and looked at but they often run on lines of the Aunihipili being an enduring self throughout all the incarnations, holding the memories. How then, can he go out of or on to another existence, still carrying the accumulated memories and for which he would have no real use and, as an Auhane, no way of using? Wouldn’t the Aunihipili feel so bereft and motherless if we just got ‘promoted’ and left him behind to get on the best way he could without us? Don’t forget, we get promoted mainly because he has been so good and helpful to us. It will take me months to get this sorted out to my satisfaction, but in the meantime, I feel I have to reassure my own dear little Aunihipili that there is nothing to worry about; it will all be arranged suitably and happily. L.J.”

(I comment: Yes, I am sure that the na Aumakua will take care of all such problems, even if we do not understand them fully.)

“Dear Max: Your vision of the little gal tripping lightly you-wards was so good, but the little droopy flower on the battered hat would seem to indicate she’d also had a few rugged incarnations … in Thought, i.e. consciousness, maybe! So, in due time, your strength would fill the bill for her I’d feel. I always thank heaven when someone cares. You are so lucky to be given the vision.  N. B.

“Dear Max: H.V. 70 is extra special. I am thankful that you felt you could share these precious things with us – I just ‘gotta’ have a copy of Helen Molyneaux Salisbury’s book, To Touch Infinity. Could you tell me where I can get a copy? … I’ve had some wonderful experiences myself. Thank you Max for sharing this with us. L.M. ”

(Unfortunately the little book was privately printed and given to close friends. It was never placed on the open market and so far as I know, is not to be had – which is a pity. mfl.)

HRA M.W. sent in the following verse at Easter:


Love hath risen from the tomb

Which was my heart. It had no room

To hide its bright effulgence here.

It but stepped forth, as you, my dear,

Stepped forth to meet it, on the way.

So doth my heart keep Easter Day.

“Dear Max: I understand what you are trying to tell us about your experience. I have had two or three ‘out  of  this  world’ experiences when someone very dear to me passed on, and these experiences are still very vivid in my memory. I loved your description of Higher Activities right in the midst of our everyday lives. I believe with all my heart that wonders exist for us when we are ready for the experience. E.V.

“Dear Max: What you have written in H.V. 70, starting on page 4, certainly must have taken some courage to put on paper but, Max, it’s wonderful, no other words can describe it. I really am most grateful to you and am absolutely certain that you are right. (He goes on to describe some of his experiences which make him so certain that mine were real and true.) E.B.”

“Dear Max: Over a year ago I had a dream almost exactly as you described your experience, and it affected me the same way – so wonderful … I never told anyone about it – how could I? But you have almost duplicated my experience. L.B. ”

Several more treasured letters, but space runs out. Let me pass on to you again Thornton Wilders’ final lines in his Bridge of San Luis Rey, where the old Mother Superior thinks of the loves of the five who fell with the Bridge, and says: “But love will have been enough; all those impulses of love return to the love that made them. Even memory is not necessary for Love. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.”


THE LATEST NEWS ON THE FILIPINO SPIRIT HEALERS is not too clear. The writer, Harold Sherman, well known for his successful telepathic experiments and books on the materials of this and related fields, went recently to visit Tony and make colored motion picture films of his amazing operations. The report is that he is now showing the pictures and lecturing, even appearing with the pictures on television. He is said to be writing a book on the healers. Earlier reports were that he was to bring back either Tony or Terte to have demonstrations here in the States.

The competition to get hold of the healers and bring them over to demonstrate their powers has been great. Dr. Decker, (D.C.), a retired manufacturer in Florida, and Mr. Sherman seem to have gotten things into a muddled condition so that the healers refuse to come. HRA Dolly Ward, on the other hand, writes that she and her friends are trying to get one of them over to demonstrate in a large university hospital in the south under the auspices of medical doctors – which seems by far the soundest approach.

Tony is said to believe that the patients are benefited by seeing real blood, and are properly convinced that the operation has been done. He opens up his patients, takes out a part, miraculously connects pieces and then closes the opening. Terte, on the other hand, gets out parts by something akin to the method of “apporting” solid objects through other solid substances. The offending appendix suddenly materializes in his hands and is dropped into the waiting bottle.

The gentleman who accompanied Dr. Decker on his last visit to see Tony, and who took colored films of the operations seems to have backed out on helping to present the wonders to the public. He appears to be sitting on his films, much to the distress of Dr. Decker, who wants to show them around as part of his campaign to get a healer over. Meantime, Decker, who was instructed by the healers in their methods, is doing his best to develop what powers are necessary so that he can duplicate such healing. He is also busy holding classes, and, I am happy to say, is teaching Huna as nearly as he can understand and present it. The Huna theories, of course, are the only ones inclusive enough to explain how spirits can “mat” and “dematerialize” and apport “stones” and things from the insides of the patients, or how instant healing can be accomplished by dematerializing defective body tissues and rematerializing them good as new in the uninjured aka body which contains the tissue complex, be it a hand, a tumor, or an organ – even the blood.

SPEAKING RECENTLY OF GETTING ANSWERS TO PRAYERS, one of the HRAs stressed the fact that if we feel nothing when we ask the na Aumakua to help and heal us, the prayer is sure to lack the element contributed by the Aunihipili and the results are likely to be lacking. HRA L.W., upon reading the comment, sent me what Harold Sherman had written to her, touching on feeling in “mental communication” I quote:

” … I stress the necessity of mental and emotional control, but feeling is apparently the universal language and I do not know of any mental communication that has occurred without feelings having played a part. Silence is fine and shutting out the external world is necessary, but there is no substitute for FEELING. Feeling is actual awareness, as you know. In other words, thought itself is feeling. You cannot abstract it beyond feeling and remain conscious.” (I would say that in terms of Huna theories, the Aunihipili, who normally seems to create our emotions, must be on hand to supply all memories when we THINK. It creates the background also by giving us awareness of the momentary surroundings and conditions as it senses them. Against this background and carrier wave of awareness, the thinking then goes on as a dual occupation in which the Aunihipili does most of the work, but the Auhane applies direction and measuring and weighing ‘reason’. The memory will tell us that a telepathic exchange has been planned for a certain hour and that the partner in the work will be ready. The “awareness” which the Aunihipili may have that the partner is on the job, however, is a very tenuous one. There seem to be several kinds of awareness – perhaps intensities or “levels”. Mr. Sherman found in his telepathic tests with his partner in the Far North that at times the awareness that gave him the telepathic impression had stepped over the usual time barrier and had given him a mental message or impression of things which were not to take place until later. We still need Huna to explain such things, and the supposition that the Aumakua has looked ahead and then told the Aunihipili what was coming, is as good an explanation as any – perhaps the very best.)

HRA H.C. recently looked into the HEALING work of Evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman at my request and reported her findings, also sending a picture of the rather famous healer. “With a friend, I attended all but one of her meetings that were held in Los Angeles. She has been coming monthly, since last Fall or late summer I believe. (Also has a list of her many radio broadcasts printed on the back of her picture.) She is located permanently in Pittsburgh, Penna. Has the Carnegie Hall there. She was ordained a Baptist minister and from time to time people would tell her of healings they would get while attending her services. So, as a man who sat next to me at a meeting told me, she fasted for weeks and would not give up until, as she said, God would speak to her. It seems the power or gift of healing was given her and she has given her life to healing since then. She is remarkable and, as you guessed, intensely mediumistic. She will cry out while healing someone on the stage that someone in a certain section of the auditorium has been healed, and of what illness. She seems to KNOW. She is a live wire. Seems to vibrate, especially the forefinger of her right hand. At the touch of that vibrant finger some place near the temple of folks who go up for healing, some fall, even big, strong men. They begin to sway and fall backward to the floor. She has men helpers to pick them up. I feel that there is some power transmitted to them that causes them to fall. In a way she is an enigma, sometimes flippant in manner, a regular show woman – then again when she speaks of healing she says this is the work of God the Holy Spirit, and she says, ‘I beg you to take your eyes off Kathryn Kuhlman. It is nothing that I do. Beloved, I do not know how it is done. I have nothing to do with it.’

And it is then that she is filled with awe and reverence. She says, ‘I wouldn’t dare use that Spirit. I just wouldn’t dare. With her it seems to be a wholehearted surrender and a wide open consecration.” (The letter continues, saying many are healed, many not. Some permanently, others not. I was pleased to have the picture so that I could run a Psychometric Analysis test of the healer, and got a normal clockwise and constructive reading with the circle larger than usual and the degree 347, in the “mediumistic level”. I ran for any spirit who might be working through her as a medium, and a good spirit showed in the special run to find it, the reading being also clockwise and constructive, with a normal Aunihipili circle, but a much higher degree at 377. I ran for the Aumakua of the healer and got it at an even 500 degrees standing. None of these degree standings are exceptionally high, so I would say that high degrees are not the thing required for healing. The falling of strong men to the floor at the touch of the medium is pure projection of mesmeric power in Huna terms. Others have done this who were not healers. The medium either has a fine ability to accumulate mana and use it in the mesmeric form under the direction of her Aunihipili – or of the spirit helper – or else the audience is a source of mana and is drawn upon much as the “circle” sitters are tapped at some materialization seances. The instant healing done by the na kahuna seems to have been of at least two kinds ‘. In one, the na Aumakua did the healing through the kahuna, who may not have had mediumistic qualities. In the other, the kahuna was either a medium or was a medium in the service of a more learned kahuna. The code for a “spirit” was bird. The medium was, quite naturally called “a bird roost”, also sometimes “the bones”. That some good spirits have been able to enlist the help of the na Aumakua in doing their instant healing, seems most probable. Some day we must find out what the spirits know and learn as living people to duplicate their work, regardless of a medium.)


BOOKS HAVE ARRIVED TO BE REVIEWED, and I have also purchased a five volume set of the ZOHAR so that I could have the original writings before me instead of the writings and quotations of the modern commentators.

PENDOLOGY, by HRA George E. Bjorlanan, who was mentioned in earlier issues of the H.V.  – 34-page softcover book on art paper, the pages being printed on one side only. There are some black and white illustrations, then five in full color, the printing being most admirable, especially of one circular chart where the color segments range by easy steps through the whole spectrum of color. This is called “The No. 4 Dector” and is described as “A Twelve Senses Indicator.” The book is written to describe a new system of using a pendulum to determine one’s state of health, the readings being set down in terms of “degrees” and colors. Lectures are dropped in on proper food, sex, thinking –   even two kinds of sin being specified. The author is now at P.O. Box 437, Lakemont, Ga., U.S.A. He will sell you the book for $5, a “personalized” pendulum for $25, and supply other books and services as well as give personal instruction in the use of the pendulum and his charts at the rate of $10 for a 30-minute session. You can have your reading done for $25, and for from $400 to $500 you can go to stay for a time at Lakemont and be given personal instruction in the matter of proper ways to live and think to become 100% chart-well. An idea of how Mr. Bjorlanan will go about restoring you to health may be gained from his account of his own experience in searching for health. On page 14, after a short introduction, he says:

“I was once the victim of headaches, arthritis, neuritis, backaches, lumbago and many other aches and pains. My legs were so heavy in the mornings I could hardly lift them upon arising for a few minutes after the circulation became normal. The conditions lasted for many years before I decided to seek help through fasting. I practiced short fasts for several years before I considered myself ready to take a thirty days and nights fast on nothing but a small cup of Alfalfa tea with a small teaspoon of honey each morning,” etc., etc. He lost all desire for animal foodg, milk, eggs etc., and became completely rejuvenated.

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO QABALISTIC SYMBOLISM by Gareth Knight, comes in two volumes, the first dealing with the Kabala (to use the spelling I have chosen for use in the H.V.), and the second dealing with the 22 Paths of the Tree of Life as traced between the circles representing the ten elements of man – the Sephiroth units. These 22 paths are taken up in their possible relation to the Tarot Cards, the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, astrological parts and pieces, and to assorted and accumulated beliefs and traditions. Yes, also to colors. Publisher: Helios for direct orders, Helios Book Service, Ltd. 8, the Square, Toddingtou, Nr. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. $7. 00 for Vol I and $8. 00 for Vol II. 249 and 292 pages respectively. Still without good index sections in the rear.

Author Knight has taken advantage of the opportunity to see what a host of earlier writers have had to offer of information, misinformation, guesses and outright efforts to pull the wool over the eyes of prospective readers. He marshals the sorted parts of the conglomeration, tries to give the sources of guesses and inventions, and to evaluate the possible values – values which often fall rather flat when he begins comparing the statements of one authority with those of others.

Mr. Knight is delightfully frank in explaining that over the very thin layer of possibly original material in the Kabala and Tarot Cards, there has come to be layer after layer of comment and speculation. When some self-appointed authority has sounded off with brash statements to be accepted on his authority and little else, the following pack has taken up the cry and the statements have been reproduced as proven facts. As an example, he tells of the lady who used the pen name of Dion Fortune and carved for herself a fat place in the Kabala and Tarot circles with most of her “truths” obtained through her psychic powers – raked right in from the Blue and handed on as straight “from the horse’s mouth.” Mr. Knight gives the story of the founding of the Order of the Golden Dawn. He tells of the early orders in France and especially in England where men like Mathers and his fellow leaders fell to quarreling over authority and almost wrecked their order. It is all most entertaining to a person, like myself, who has been plodding through the books written by these Giants of the Kabala-Tarot, and wondering where they got their misinformation and why they did not agree more closely with their contemporary delvers in the inviting field.

After sorting, comparing and trying to order the muddle of ideas and beliefs, Mr. Knight has done a masterly job of placing a large helping of “stuff” in proper (approximately proper sometimes, as he admits) positions beside the units and paths of the Kabalistic “Tree” and the individual Tarot Cards. If his years of very careful collecting and sorting make the student gasp for breath, at least he has been providing holes in the covering layer of frozen “traditions” to allow one to surface frequently for a breath of air.

Not being able to offer anything better than the traditional method of meditating on the 22 paths of the Tree to get at their meaning, Mr. Knight suggests that as good a method as any, but warns that no two students may get the same results of their meditation and psychic reaching for the hidden inner meanings. On the other hand, the reader is often willing to allow the author to tar himself with the customary stick and rise up to pontificate. In his paragraph numbered 35, of page 47, Volume I, we have a pontification (with my penciled marginal question of “On what authority?”) I quote:

“An Angel is a perfect entity, it does not evolve. In a lesser way, the lesser Angels are divine automata. In this they are superior to man but they do not have man’s potentialities. Man has plucked the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which makes him potentially a God, though only after a long period of travail being strung halfway between the condition of the Angels and the beasts. Man’s Path is one of the equilibrium between the opposites, forging the pattern of his humanity. The bestial type of person is really no worse than the one who deviates to the side of the Angels and is ‘too good to be true’ – in fact the latter can be even more, and literally, inhuman. The glyph of the Pillars is very much of personal as well as Universal application.

Author Knight seems to have inherited a rather uncritical belief in such “Masters” as were current in the Blavatsky generation. On page 217 of Vol. II, paragraph 32, we read his comment on Aleister Crowley and his work on the Tarot symbolism. I quote:

“Crowley maintained that it was a contact with the Masters of Wisdom and that every word in it (The Equinox) was of profound truth. There may well be something in this but the communication does not seem to be that of a Master because of its high handed tone. However this does not discount the possibility that a Master was responsible for its transmission. The Master Morya and the Master Koot Hoomi were definitely in contact with H.P. Blavatsky but her communications were frequently distorted by her mediumship, consciously or unconsciously. Much of the renowned Mahatma letters are filled with evidence of petty spite and a preoccupation with personalities that is completely uncharacteristic of the Masters of Wisdom.” (More interesting comment on Crowley’s master given material is to be found on page 219, paragraph 38. Again I quote:

“He (Crowley) accepted the whole thing literally – including heady references to himself as the prophet for the New Age references of a type which any medium of even the slightest experience would suspect as being interpolation of the subconscious mind. To put the matter occultly, Crowley could not handle the force that was directed onto him by such a contact and consequently lost his magical equilibrium   with the usual result of a gross inflation of the Personality’s ideas of its own importance. From accounts of MacGregor Mather’s behavior in the Order of the Golden Dawn it would seem that he too may have experienced this trouble. It is one of the occupational hazards of occultism and serves to give the subject a bad name with uncommitted observers who naturally have little patience with the disproportionate crowing of occult cocks on their own esoteric dunghills.”

“PATH  WORKING” is a term used by Mr. Knight for the meditative processes used to get at the supposed inner meanings and attribtions belonging to, not 22, but 28 “paths” or connecting lines between parts of the Tree. On page 276 of Vol. II he gives his opinion of the several meditative and ritualistic  magical approaches.

“The Golden Dawn methods of Path working tend to over emphasise the glamour aspect, whether used in Qabalistic Path working or investigation of the Tattva symbols and so on. It was their practice, for example, to visualize themselves in full ceremonial robes and accouterments and to have a complex system of checking whether a symbol or scene arising in consciousness was genuine or not by projecting upon it an appropriate Hebrew letter of a planetary sign to see if it dissolved the picture ……. Such techniques can be useful but are really unnecessary given faith and pure intention. They tend to make matters overcomplicated and spiritual truth is usually found in simplicity.

“Similar factors hold sway with the use of physical regalia and private temples, shrine cupboards and so on. These things have their uses in group working but for individual investigation they can well be so much impedimenta. To one of little experience, the physical accouterments will often serve as distractions and to one who has experience, except for specialized advanced work, they are really unnecessary.

(Skipping on to page277:) “It is well, then, not to become too involved in the form side of occultism, a side which has been over emphasized in the past, and which, together with the mystery and superstition also currently prevalent, it is hoped – and intended – will disappear in the future. Modern esotericism is for sane, healthy, balanced men and women and is a process which should make them saner, healthier and better balanced. Its function should be to teach spirits how to live harmoniously in Earth by intelligent application of higher and lower forces. It is a grave matter that, owing to mistakes in the past, it should have become the happy hunting ground of the crank and faddist and those who are primarily concerned with trying to escape from Earth conditions.

“We have said that astral working of the paths should lead on to meditative work. It is quite possible, however, to rely entirely on meditation and to ignore the astral side of things, for whatever results one gets astrally in the form of pictures and symbols to be interpreted, one can get in meditation in the form of direct realizations. Meditation is thus a more efficient, if less spectacular, process. The pictures of the astral are but representations at their own level of higher forces if possible than at second hand. There is, for example, the old technique of  ‘rising on the planes’ mentioned quite frequently by Dion Fortune, which, in astral terms, is a Path working up through the central Sephiroth of the Tree, designed to raise consciousness to a higher level. However, if one sticks to astral imagery, one is still on the astral plane, even if one seems to be floating in a brilliant blaze of glory in Kether, with the Kerubim circling all around. Thus any real direct experience of this supremely high spiritual awareness we are unlikely to achieve with our brain limited physical consciousness. We are at liberty though to strive for direct awareness on the level which is within our grasp.”

I COMMENT. The above exerpts from Mr. Knight’s two volumes will show how he has combed the available literature, tried to put it order, and has done his best to give guidance from his own experience in this cluttered field. While he has never heard of Huna, or, if so, has found no place to fit it in with his conclusions, he has done a masterly job of getting together in his two volumes practically all that has been known, guessed at, lied about, and invented out of psychic whole cloth. I can put aside the books purchased earlier as source material, and rely rather comfortably on Mr. Knights presentation. As I see it now, my problem is to clear the deck of the surprising collection of ideas and beliefs overlaid across the wide subject of the Kabala, the Tree and the Tarot Cards. Anyone who sees the Huna in these things will realize at once that simplification is the first step, and this first step cannot be taken until we put aside the many things which do not apply. With the deck clear we will have to start from the original writings of the Kabala as nearly as we can get at them, and then feel our way forward   without benefit of the Masters, astral planes, Tattvas and all those things which have been so dear to the hearts of many students – and, I would guess, so misleading. Mr. Knight offers us one priceless service in his books: he places before us the whole of the tangled materials so we can decide quickly what we can do without. MFL


Huna Research

June-July, 1966

A NEW HRA MAY HAVE MADE A GREAT DISCOVERY. Dr. Bild, HRA, who lives in Austria, ran into Huna recently through the published German translation of my first book, SSBM. He got in touch with me and soon had the new book, THE HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS, and from it the detailed instructions covering the making of a Huna type prayer action after the Ha Rite prayer method discovered coded in the New Testament. He set about making use of the method by which mana is accumulated at the pace of taking four long, deep breaths in series, then repeating. I do not have his permission to pass on his letter to you, but am taking the chance that he will not object. I am sure that he also realizes the great importance of what he has run into.

Dear Mr. Long:

Thank you for your letter, which was as gospel to me. I owe you any amount of gratitude.

I am something like an expert in using the pendulum, so had no difficulty in testing my normal amount of mana, which was a circle about as large as a thumb nail. (Note that this was rather small by our standards, but as he did not have our illustrations of the Huna Vistas to go by, his Aunihipili may have used the smaller circle as normal, then built up in size from that. mfl) After breathing in the Four rhythm way for one hour, I had accumulated so much mana that the pendulum was swinging over almost the whole area of my palm. I stopped then, and transmitted the accumulated power by meditation to my Aunihipili and on to my Aumakua with the prayer to restore the health and strength of my mother who suffered awfully as the consequences of a terrible shock caused by a motor car accident. After about five interventions by me her state is nearly normalized. So I DO owe you my debt of gratitude. Aftei some accumulation I did not need any more so much time as a whole hour, but about three quarters of an hour were sufficient for about the same amount of mana, for the accumulation of which I needed one hour in the beginning.

I regret that I am not yet able to accumulate mana in a short time and that I do not know how to do it. Please give me the necessary instructions on how to do it. In time I shall gather quite a lot of experience and I shall let you know about it all. Please do help me now as well as in the future. When I am sure that I have reached a certain high standard in Huna, I shall act in public and do my best to help mankind where help seems needed more than ever before.

When breathing for accumulation of mana, I am concentrating naturally strongly as well as I am able to. I suppose a still stronger way of concentration should enable me to gather mana in a shorter time … (Signed) H.W. Bild

MY COMMENT: In replying to Dr. Bild I told him that this was the first time such a length of time had been used in accumulating mana, so far as I can recall. In my own work, the accumulation, as indicated by the growth of the pendulum circle over my palm, is something that takes about four minutes. Once the circle stops growing in size, I begin sending the mana to the Aumakua, and the circle slowly becomes smaller until, in a matter of perhaps four more minutes the pendulum stops moving and I take it for granted that the mana charge has been completely delivered and accepted. It is then that I make my request for whatever it is that is needed at the time. If I desire evidence that the Aumakua has been touched and has responded, I hold that in mind as I finish the accumulation, and the pendulum then changes twice to mark out a plus sign over the large circle which has been traced. Again the swinging stops as of its own accord. I may then ask permission to ask questions to gain Guidance, and the usual yes-no-doubtful swings of the pendulum give the answer. I have never been denied the privilege of asking questions, but must admit that from time to time the answers which seemed to come from the Aumakua were (as it later turned out) evidently colored if not all dictated by my Aunihipili in passing on the answers.

We have always supposed that more mana was needed by the na Aumakua to make great changes in our bodies or circumstances than small ones, but perhaps have never been sufficiently aware of the need for long continuing sessions in which mana has been accumulated and sent minute after long minute. Dr. Bild may well have been sending the mana all the time as he had definitely in his mind the purpose of supplying it to gain healing for his mother. If this was the case, the steady use of the mana by his Aumakua may have kept the charge from showing in a large circle until the healing of the sitting was sufficiently progressed.

The prayer which is continued for a long time is not new to us. The Catholics may be sending mana charge after charge unwittingly when performing a “Novena” in which the prayer is repeated at short intervals for a considerable period of time. We know that at least one mesmerist took up to fifteen minutes of concentration and work to accumulate a mesmeric or low mana charge large enough to use when he walked into a room where subjects sat waiting and knocked one or more of them out by a sudden and silent projection of the force. We have rather definite information that the na kahuna of old used to charge throwing sticks with mana so that they held it and when the sticks were thrown at enemy warriors, their touch was enough to cause temporary unconsciousness. It may have taken some time to accumulate the necessary amount of mana  to charge the throwing sticks.

In the middle years of Christianity there seems to have been remembered a need on the part of the na Aumakua for mana to use, and there were established religious centers where monks or nuns prayed night and day in relays. If I remember rightly, this practice is still being carried on.

A Huna code word which I have just unearthed throws a strong light on the “Ha Rite” in which the accumulation of mana for the prayer use is carried out in the four breathing steps, then repeated. Ha is “four”, also to breathe strongly. But in looking for evidence of a lengthy repetition of the use of the rite, I have found ka na, meaning, “to see; to appear; to get a sight of; to obtain what one wished“, the underscored part of the definition giving us just what we want in connection with the idea of repeating the Ha Rite when the root ha is added, as in kana ha, meaning forty in number; used for counting ropes, cords etc. In the Hawaiian of the Code the number forty is use to mean any still larger number. So there we have the idea coded for us: the idea that we can repeat the HA or breathing (rite) forty or any number of times in order to get what is desired. The word kana also has the meaning of “possession” as in a possessive pronoun, so all meanings join to complete the general one. (Kana lua means the number twenty, also “to be in doubt”, from which we may guess that the lesser number of repetitions of the Ha Rite may not be enough to get positive results.) The counting of ropes or cords in the first given definition points strongly to the aka cord along which the mana is sent to the Aumakua to be used by it to materialize the answer to the prayer.

The root word, kana, is most significant when added to the word wai for “water”, as water is the symbol of mana. We can translate kana wai “to obtain desired water”, but the general usage is “that which belongs to water”, in which case the possessive pronoun comes into play. The “possession” works both ways, if we accept the hidden or coded meaning. The lesser man accumulates or possesses the mana at the beginning, then gives it to the Aumakua. It is used to create the conditions desired and pictured in the prayer, or is changed in some way and a part of it returned to the lesser man as “the rain of blessings” – a flow which often feels as if fine rain were falling on one.

A very significant common meaning of kana wai is “to put under law”, and here we meet the idea of “the Law of God”, and of a vague general concept of “Law” as a force which guides and controls our lives and destiny. Because of the “water” part of the word, the maker of the old dictionary which we use remarked, “The ancient system of regulations for water courses contained almost everything the ancient Hawaiians formerly had in common in the form of laws.” It was supposed that the Polynesians must have come from a land where irrigation was practiced and laws were made and observed covering water rights and uses. From the Code point of view, a “water course” immediately brings to mind the aka cord along which the mana is made to flow to the Aumakua –  and this, indeed (as we begin to see), is covered strictly by the thing we might call “The law of the correct use of the Ha Rite. ”

The word for “miracle” in the language of the Code is hana mana, literally, “to make or create mana”. Another word used is kupaianaha, with a secondary meaning of “sending something away by water” – in other words, “sending the prayer along the aka cord on the water or mana flow to the Aumakua.” The root ha, at the end of the word is our root from the Ha Rite.

So, now that we have worked out the formula for the bringing about of a miraculous answer to prayer, I suggest that as an HRA research assignment we try the prolonged sending of mana, with the breath drawn in slowly and fairly deeply to the count of four, held a bit, and then released on the four count. A pause of perhaps four counts should follow, and then the breathing cycle repeated, always with the command held over the Aunihipili to accumulate mana for the purpose of sending to the Aumakua. We might test making several prayer actions with a space of time in between, say from a few minutes to an hour. This would be the “Novena” way.

I am trying against great odds to get time to run a test myself on a case which will call for a real miracle to heal. After the first few short tries I think I have seen a very slight increase of strength on the part of my patient.

A note of warning may be in order here. If one trying to generate and send mana to provide enough for the working of a miracle is not in fair health, the effort might prove to be too much of a drain. Where there is mana being generated there is always the danger that some evil spirit may take the mana without permission. Ask for Protection and also that if too much mana is used, some be returned to keep you going. In seance circles the mediums usually ask to have mana returned to the circle at the end of a sitting.

A significant report on spirit healing through a circle and medium was given by Rev. Marion Owens, in the New Cosmic Star magazine for June. I quote a little of the report which bears on our discussion. “The healer, on the other hand, reaches out from within, developing a channel through which the inflow of healing may issue from a perfected instrument. At all healing services the congregations were to a high degree contributing factors in that they united and responded in meditation, prayer and thought. The healing results were phenomenal and each successive meeting brought additional numbers to the group. In some instances, the individual healing lasted as long as four hours or more, and if fatigue ensued for the instrument it was evident from the attunement that all recipients and contributors were in harmony and thankful that such healing is made available and that an instrument so gifted is willing to submit himself to this mission.” The writer says that white ectoplasm is drawn from flowers or plants to be used in the healing, and there is a photograph of a white cloud rising from flowers used at a seance, with seance members to be seen standing beyond. This group seems to be based in Puerto Rico but to be affiliated with the Temple of Light in New York. I have no address for use in reaching them. (New Cosmic Star, Lawndale, Calif. $3 a year. It seems to be a take over of the old Cosmic Star, but with a new outfit in charge.

PO Box 729 … In the same issue, Vol. 1, No. 1, there is an illustrated article telling of the work of Terte, the Filipino healer. (No success as yet reported in the efforts to get one of the Filipino healers over to U.S.A. to demonstrate.)

IT IS HARD TO REFUSE HRAs who ask that an ad or notice of their businesses be inserted in the H.V. Fairly new HRA, George H. Hepker, D.D., asks that it be stated that any HRA who hankers to be ordained as a minister of THE CHURCH OF BASIC TRUTH, in which Huna is the basic thing taught, may enroll for study leading to ordination. The address is P.O. Box 6084, Phoenix 5, Arizona, U.S.A., and Rev. Hepker will answer inquiries. I have only a very vague idea of what one may run into here, so make no recommendations.

A RESIGNATION WAS TURNED IN BY AN HRA, showing why some people join in the first place. I quote from the last letter: “Since last I wrote I have been caught up in various things along Buddhist lines. I am trying to build up a correspondence course. I have decided that I’ll have to drop Huna for a time as I can’t embrace everything with limited available time. To be honest, I am a little disappointed that the Huna Vistas have a great deal more to say on the origins of various lines of thought in Huna than on techniques and practical matters. In other words, Huna seems to be a little too naive in comparison with Buddhism, Thesophy and Quabalistic philosophy, and while it makes a good starting point, it does not seem to arrive at a good finishing point. If you ever veer around again to the practical angle of it I’d like to take them up again.” The writer is a resident of Australia, and in due time I expect to see his “course” offered for sale, with “techniques” drawn from everything BUT Huna for use in outdoing even the Scientologists with their ever new offerings of brand new “techniques”, usually at about $500 per Tecq. I fear that in this resigning HRA we have lost what may have been the original “Horse’s Mouth” – from which is supposed to flow the sum total of wisdom backed by the magnificent authority of  “it is so because I say it is so!” Few people have the patience to do the work of research. All too many want everything already cooked and served – served so that they can offer it under a fresh name to suckers for a price. (Forgive me if I am a bit sour on the self-appointed would be “teachers”.)

RESEARCH WORK OF A SURPRISING CHARACTER was reported to me in a letter of April 1, by HRA Marian E. Jager, of Michigan. Her findings are so much over my humble head that I can hardly venture an evaluation of either her method or her results. If I get it right, the yes-no-doubtful method of pendulum conversation was the beginning of a psychic effort to recover the original alphabet of the supposedly lost continent of Moo in the Pacific. Once the alphabet was worked out, its individual letters were found to have many meanings, while by redoubling one or two or three letter roots, a much more complete set of meanings can be made to appear. M.J. explains: “MU was really MOO before the corruption changed it to MU or consciousness of separation MUO instead of MOU, consciousness of OU, the Light. I am sending my precious copy of your book (Huna Code In Religions) back to you (with hundreds of marginal notes to show how the Moo alphabet and language she has worked out confirm or change or add to the coded meaning drawn from the Four Gospels, for I could never write out all the places of verification and differences. Please look it over and send it back. It has hours and hours of pendulum work noted in it.

“As I went through your book and came to any statement, I used the bob before I went on to see if old Moo and Hawaiian agreed, and astonishingly many times they did. …. As nearly as I can figure it out, we are OHOHOH or Holy Spirits. 0: God in H: mind expression  human mind that is. 0 is God, so called, The All, All there is OM.

“U is energy coming from and returning to 0. OU is Light, Christ, energy, power – in all things – atomic, manifesting is POU, earth power. KOU, cosmic power. LOU is love. MOU is consciousness. TOU is truth. GOU is choice or will. HOU is mind. JOU is joy. NOU is emotion or health. ROU … ? SOU is sound. VOU is speaking the word or divine imagination.

“The creations we made by putting self and separation first, reversed the polarity thus changing OU to UO and in its use the POU of earth became PUO and KOU power became KUO or lust for power. LOU or love became LUO or lust of flesh. MOU or consciousness of oneness, became MUO or separation. HOU, mind of God, became HUO, or human tiger man. PUO eventually created a stinking PU or clay body of flesh. And apparently all because of experimenting in using POU, creative sex power in adulteration or adultery. The many readings of Edgar Cayce, the pictures he took of men who had invisible tails – invisible to the eye but not to the camera. I took pictures of my roses that have two spirits plainly visible, not tails, of course, but I can believe Cayce. Talking dolphins, suckling whales, dog faced boys. flippered babies all tell something of man’s errant experimenting along with the Temples of Light where the ancients went to be treated for the removal of their tails, feathers, appendages, etc. Maybe these were curses or maybe of their own creation – but all are facts. They were there.

“Now, when we as OHOHOH Holy Spirits lopped off more and more of our Sons of God power, we created bodies to manifest what we ARE   OHOHO, pride, i.e. a dominating patriarch with power of life and death ‘Off with his head!’ attitudes. And the other side of the picture OHO, ‘fear for my head’ and life. These are the three parts of man today. Overly positive, overly negative, needing balance. His Aunihipili, OHO; Auhane, OHOHO, and Aumakua, OHOHOH, pushed out of the driver’s seat.

“When he has recovered the misspent energy in OHO fear he can operate from his OHOHOH self – Jesus’ birth song of the angels was Fear not. Then as he relinquished his competitive, domineering, prideful wish to make others over – moving in force, not in love – he becomes all his OHOHOH holy spirit filled self and is ready to unite with OU, the Light, the Christ self and the other half of his own self. For OU is both positive and negative, undifferentiated, and since two started out as one before separating to experiment in creativity, the OU part is one’s own dear other self.

“Higher than that would be final union with 0 or the All. All consciousness regained. So in both ways, Huna and Moo come to a reuniting of OHOHOH, you, and OU, the beloved parental pair of polarities, both positive and negative in one and able to answer a call for construction of good or destruction of evil.

“I have a card file of a couple of thousand words of the Bible that all have the MOO meaning. Actually I believe they are the cipher used in ALL the Mystery Schools since MOO, and the commonest of common words had the inner and outer meaning. For instance: Son, nation, hand, foot, city, country, etc. I am sure we are to be reunited (the mates), but from a different premise than na Auhane graduation – more like Sleeping Beauty – release from self-created Fears and Prides. Many different grades: Pippi, ippi, illi, pilli, but Ogoi (?) is good enough for beginners. Illi are germs of illness. Where did words come from anyway if not divinely inspired by vibratory movement? … and …”

FROM THE MANY NOTES IN THE BOOK (Huna Code In Religion), which she sent for me to study, I will try to give a sampling of how the Moo (or MU) code words give changed or added or contradicting meanings to passages I have presented with the Huna code meanings. In the last part of her letter, which I did not quote, M.J. stated the fact that her code from Moo insists that redemption of the religious kind is to be gained through a system similar to that taught in later Yoga – the idea being that to retain the male semen and convert it into a form of energy to be lifted to the higher self via the kundalini and running as a channel (the idea of mana running upward along the channel of the aka cord to the Aumakua was the original idea) upward along the back bone and through chakra centers – all this to be done ritualistically – being the secret of redemption. She feels that women, by refraining from sex orgasms can gain the same ends. This is NOT Huna, as a study of the Code in relation to the custom of circumcision shows. With this point held in mind, we can inspect some of the Moo cipher meanings offered.

“Worship”, as in the middle paragraph on page 97 of HCIR, which reads: “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.” The Huna code for “worship” is hoo mana, “to make mana”, and has nothing pointing to semen or sex whatever. M.J. has a marginal note on the paragraph reading, “OHOHOH phort (?) (perhaps meant for “part”) fed through continence.” In the next paragraph on the same page we have “true worshiper” given by the Huna Code as one who knows the Ha Rite of prayer. Her marginal note reads here: “One who has pinned OHOHOH and redeemed the waste semen through continence.” The word TRUTH from the phrase, “worship in truth”, gets this note: “OU: I Am, Christ, Light, Way, Truth, Bread, water. ” This does not match the meaning given by the Huna Code except in a very distant way. If you are interested in the meanings in my book, read the next page, No. 98. On page 125, at the bottom, we havehelu, the Hawaiian for “to count, explain or relate. ” Her note on the word is: “HUILU. LU to lust to HUI how many.” (The last two words seem to refer to the book phrase there of, “the hidden truths of Huna”.)

On page 127 below center, we read of the “enslaved” who were to be made free, and see the Hawaiian word pio used, with the coded meaning of “those who are held captive or obsessed by evil spirits”. Her note reads: “PIO, same word. Sex stimulated practices”. In the same paragraph we read that the blind were to be made to see. The marginal notes here give: “POU totally robbed by ever present MO consciousness of KO copulation. The next step on the pyramid is to bring it under mind HOU even as female-male resentments HIO, and KIO but less animal.”

The extracts given above will serve to show the methodology and the trend of conclusions as offered by HRA M.J. in her surprisingly protracted research efforts. Perhaps she can some day put it all into proper form in a book which will give a clearer and. more comprehensive picture of the material.


Since I’ve learned that you are near, my dear,

I keep glimpsing you as from the corner of an eye,

Twinkling at me in mirth.

Tell me, have you a secret you can’t share?

And, just now standing close behind my chair,

reading the profoundly wise words I wrote down,

Why were you so moved by silent laughter?

Perhaps that answer I can guess,

But why, oh why, still standing there,

did you twist a baby curl into my gray hair?

Are you remembering something I’ve forgotten?

Something that we did together lives ago?

Dear Max:

I am still reading with pleasure and profit HV #70. I shall never cease to be grateful to you for the encouragement given. Page 4. This is MY story. The loneliness is now being replaced by hope. I have seen the Light in the middle of a black and zero night in Northern Illinois. I awakened to find the room filled with the wonderful whiteness of heatless light. (At a later time) I saw it again, this time with a blueishness, impossible to describe … ecstatic ……… ” B.B.

WHILE REVERTING TO “MATES” AND “GRADUATION”, here is a poem sent in by Mary M. The original is by Christian Morgenstern, the translation by Mabel Cotterell.


Aloft among the mountains I had striven,

The rocky world around a magic sight,

Yet not a glimpse of outlet was I given,

Nor any way to reach the sunlit height.

Then I met thee, in utmost need, the Other.

Now linked with thee new courage I could find:

I raised myself with thee to wander further

And lo! our destiny proved good and kind.

We found a path all clear, there was no other,

And mounting up, we saw a Temple stand;

The climb was steep, we ventured it together,

And still today find courage hand in hand.

It may be that we stand where life is ending,

The goal unreached – enough – the way is clear.

We met each other, that was the great turning,

From two confused ones grew a light filled pair.

HRA Mary M, in sending the poem, writes, “Thanks for sharing your very wonderful experience with us. I will never forget it. It is very beautiful and very wonderful.


Dear Max:

I just finished Dr. Larson’s book, Religion of the Occident. It was like an atomic bomb! Religion is dead. Where is God? Where is love? Why did God create sex if it was so sinful – as Jesus and others preached. Religion seems a farce. Do we make up the idea of reincarnation as a solace for suffering? There’s a missing link to everything. We must find the secret to healing, love and wisdom. I don’t seem to be able to feel the Aumakua. Dr. Larson puts up a good case for Jesus as a man. You put up a good case for Jesus as a myth. I was shocked after reading in Larson that we must give up family etc. – become beggars – to follow Jesus. I just can’t believe it!!! God did not create us to begl How sick the world religions have been – or am I the one?” (Signed HRA Beth)

I COMMENT that the reaction of this new HRA in the East is painful to her because she has come to the new information very suddenly and has not yet had time to adjust her former beliefs. We of the HRA who have come gradually to see the new angles she mentions have had full time for adjusting to each new bit of information and it has been much easier for us. Fortunately for us all, Huna gives us what we need to replace older faiths when they are swept away from us by the new information. Dr. Larson’s source book on Christianity remains priceless. When one has been through it and has seen Jesus as a man, not a divinity, one is ready for the approach to the Huna angle of Jesus as a mythical character in the mystery plays.

Dear Max:

We have been so busy catching up (via a set of the back issues of the H.V.) on the remarkable work you and the HRAs have done over the many years and have been so happy to find ourselves a part of something we feel to be worthwhile and important that we have given little time or thought to your letter.

Perhaps A. and I – and other newcomers – who are not complicated by our own efforts to find the truth in Huna, have feelings which will have some worth and special validity. Perhaps we can apply Huna with its great fund of knowledge in a way, to our own lives, just because we didn’t do the work of digging it out. Perhaps we can apply it more objectively to our own lives just because we were not involved in the search.

I think it is only fair to give you a rundown on the last six and a half years of my life – only that you may understand why I feel as I do. Six and a half years ago I was able, through ‘The Grace of God’, to arrest the disease known as alcoholism. If you know little or nothing about this illness take the first convenient opportunity to learn more about it. No one knows better than the alcoholic about demons and evil spirits. These last six years have been a search for an understanding of the spiritual side of my own nature. At the time of arresting my illness, I turned my ‘life and will over to the care of God as I understood him’, only to realize that I didn’t understand Him at all – hence the search. Because I realized that my getting sober was a ‘gift of Grace’ and having received this gift, I came to know that I had a responsibility to maintain my sobriety. It didn’t take me too long to realize that I had to grow and learn, to love and share what I had learned or I wouldn’t stay sober. So I began a long seeking out.

In the Huna Vistas you mention Spiritualist HRAs, Subud HRAs, Science of…. HRAs, etc. I’ve been through them all before I became an HRA. Without any intent to criticize, I say that I think they have the ‘cart before the horse.’ In H.V. 70 you say the HRAs are a unique lot, coming up through layers on layers of teaching and indeed you are right. Have they not also come up through layers of living? Can they not look back on their own lives and see where their own beloved na Aumakua have always brought them back to the secret knowledge – always with more advanced understanding – without depriving them of their free will: no matter how far afield they have gone, but that it takes an act of self will, or surrender of the will of the Auhane to make a living arrangement in which the three selves are united and work together under the guidance of the Aumakua – the Aumakua knowing what is right for one – sending into one’s life those things that are necessary for growth and sending this information thru the loved younger brother or sister, to the Auhane who will use its good and constructive will to carry out the orders of the Commander  in Chief?

This is not an easy state of mind to reach. It is not an easy way to live since it requires a daily surrender of the will of the Auhane. I have been struggling to do this without knowing what I was doing until I found your books and the wonderful Huna Vistas full of the work of so many fine people. Perhaps my understanding of Huna is fairly complete because my struggle was one of living – not of research. Each step being taken thru and by an act of faith out of desperate necessity rather than thru intellect and knowledge. But how wonderful to find that there are those of you who are searchers thru the kitchen midens of history finding and putting into words, for the likes of me, the great truths of all times. My debt of love and gratitude is great. (Signed) HRA J.S.

The “Grace of God” or the Aumakua is never more certainly seen at work than in cases where such help as is described above is given.

I AM REMINDED by HRA Donna Rogers, that Huna is being preached and taught in the Church of St. Michael, 11070 Oak St., El Monte, Calif. HRA Rev. Wm. King is the pastor. There is also a strong Spiritualistic element there, and messages are given.

THE BOOK REVIEW IN H.V. #71 of the two volumes of work on The Tarot and The Kabala (A Practical Guide to Quabalistic Symbolism by Gareth Knight. Helios Book Service Ltd., 8 the Square, Toddington, Nr. Cheltenham, Glouchestershire, England, Price Vol. 1 $7, and Vol 2, $8.) brought a most interesting letter from the author. I will pass it on to you here.

Dear Mr. Long:

I write to thank you for your comprehensive review of my book in No. 71 of the Huna Vistas which has been passed on to me by Helios Book Service.

Your point about pontification is well taken and were I in the position of writing the book today much of this would come out – the original manuscript was written about five years ago when I accepted on faith a number of things which I would now question more closely. Mind you, faith in certain unproved and unprovable hypotheses is at times necessary in esoteric work, as long as one is capable of a cool clearheaded re-assessment of them from time to time. However, I think I have stressed sufficiently in the foreword and elsewhere in the book that no statement should be treated as authoritative so any who take my own particular working hypotheses as incontrovertible fact will have only themselves to blame – I hope.

I am glad that you have siezed on the fact that very little of the Quabalah, as we know it today, is original material. The primary source books are the SEPHER YETZIRAH and the ZOHAR, neither of which are particularly easy to cope with. From my reading of Professor Scholem’s Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism it would appear that present day Quabalistic philosophy as filtered via the Golden Dawn and early Christian translators of the Zohar such as Ficus Mirandola, Knorr von Rosenrath etc., stems primarily from the interpretation of the early texts associated with the school of Isac Luria, which were committed to writing by Luria’s pupil, Chaim Vital, 1543-1620.

To sort the wheat from the chaff in all the early stuff is virtually impossible without a scholar’s grasp of Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin – to say nothing of a high degree of mystical perception. Thus the only practical thing to do is to go back to first principles, which is the diagram of the Tree of Life and the principal Hebrew Names. All else is speculative commentary and should be treated as such. It may be useful and it may not. In my book I have tried to provide a guide line through these latter day speculations and commentaries.

In such an approach a great deal of contradiction comes to light of course, which can be upsetting or off putting to many people. However, my view is that virtually any symbol system is valid if one believes in it. It is a useful crutch which is later discarded when direct perception of subtler reality is achieved. The two things which must be avoided at all costs are (a) the elevation of the inventor of a particular symbol system into an authority, and its converse, (b) the denigration of the inventor and/or his system because it does not fit in with one’s own ideas. Both attitudes are  widespread of course, but the only thing one can do is to try to avoid falling into them oneself, for in the last analysis, they are simply irrelevancies to the work in hand.

With regard to Huna and the Qabalah, I am with you all the way in your view that the first essential is simplification. The Tree of Life, used as a yard stick, can be applied in many ways of course, but as a tentative beginning I would try regarding the seat of the Aumakua consciousness at Tiphareth, the seat of the Aunihipili consciousness at Yesod, and that of the Auhane in Malkuth, the physical world. The side Sephiroth, Hod and Natzach, would represent the positive and negative functional possibilities of each self, and the Sephiroth above Tiphareth as latent powers of the Aumakua.

I have followed your work as described in your books with interest. I cannot go all the way with you on a number of points but it is heartening to see someone trying to make a systematic experimental path that verges neither into esoteric or materialistic dogmas and preconceptions. At present I am experimenting myself with a small group on methods of utflizing the Qabalistic system as a means of contacting inner worlds – of Aumakua or Aunihipili. I hope it will provide the basis for another reasonably useful book one day.

If I may finish on a digression, raised by your very interesting opening to Huna Vistas No. 71. You may find it interesting to refer to Vol. 2 of my book, principally page 41, paras 7 & 8   for “Individuality” substitute “Aumakua” – and the whole section on the 28th Path generally. The point is referred to in various other parts of the book – where, I cannot exactly say, you are quite right in saying it badly needs an index, but probably in relation to chapters relating to Netzach, Tiphareth and Yesod.

You are at liberty to quote any or all of this letter in the HUNA VISTAS if you think any would be interested in it. Any help I can give at any time, please let me know. Yours sincerely, Basil Wilby (Gareth Knight).

IT WAS A PLEASURE to have the above letter. I cannot see how his placement of the three selves as he has suggested would fit the ten unit tree which I suggested a time ago, especially as Huna knows three aka bodies and three manas, but not the positive and negative suggested to cover Hod and Natzach, however, any suggestion made by so sound a student of the Kabala must be taken and examined most carefully. The passages mentioned as paragraphs 7 and 8 of Volume 2 of the book under discussion need to be quoted so that those of you who do not already have the volumes in hand may see the meaning. I will insert the Aumakua at the points suggested.

“7. Whether Jung realized it or not, and it is possible he suspected more than he cared to admit, the archetypes of the unconscious, particularly the contra sexual image, are images of the Individuality (Aumakua) of man. The tremendous power of the anima image over man is a frequent motif in literature, perhaps as well as anywhere in Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus:

“‘Was this the face that launched a thousand ships

And burnt the topless towers of Illium?

Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.

Her lips suck forth my soul; see where it flies!

Come Helen, come give me my soul again.

Here will I dwell, for Heaven is in these lips,

And all is dross that is not Helena.”‘

“8. In this passage, Marlowe, with great poetic insight – and artistic inspiration is also a factor on this Path – shows the ease of confusion between the image of the Individuality (Aumakua), which is subjective, and the objective projection of that image upon another person of the opposite sex.”


Future Predictions & Letters: Huna Works!

August-September, 1966

REMEMBERING: Louise, loved and greatly missed wife of Max Freedom Long. October 15, 1886 – July 14th, 1966. After an illness of several months: anemia and cancer of the lungs. Added to the burden was partial blindness from cataracts, all sight being lost near the end. The escape was most welcome when it came, and the step into a fresh and perfect spirit body a joyous one. Louise always led the way, planning the vacations and little trips in between whenever we could get away from the demands of business. It is quite in keeping that she has gone ahead to explore the new lands and beauties of the “other side”, and, undoubtedly, to plan for our trips across when our times come. With our partner of the years, Miss Ethel Doherty, I will continue the book business, at least for a time. Later we may decide to retire – also to finish the work with the HRA.

REPORTS ON THE HA RITE repeated to the length of up to forty times, have been slow to come in. My own tests were made under conditions of great stress and resulted in apparent brief stimulation of the one treated, but I was forced to conclude that I had not yet come to know how to call down such a miracle of healing as would bring about massive changes in abnormal tissues and overcome the the ravages of the years. Testing and experimenting must continue, but it is a most hopeful lead and is directly in line with the basics of Huna that we have already uncovered. The famous kahuna, Hewahewa, was unable to save King Kamehameha the Great when he became ill at an advanced age, although he had pulled him through a number of tight spots and attacks of the strange and new white man’s diseases up to then. When I am rested and can get up more steam, I will give the new method a better try. Meantime, see what you can do?

VIETNAM WAR’S END was predicted on May 7th to be about 90 days off by the famous psychic, Jean Dixon, according to V. Barton, writing in the June/July issue of the Cosmic Star (about which journal more in a moment). I write these lines on August 5th, so we have two more days to go to reach the date of August 7th, which would make 90 days. Mrs. Dixon was speaking before an audience at the University of Southern California when questioned, and she said that the United States would make the peace “but not on our terms”. As you may recall, the Tarot Cards in my hands have long indicated that we would come out of the little end of the horn in this adventure. I have just cut the cards and the forced end of hostilities is indicated as of the very near future, with the three of hearts showing minor sadness at our having to give in. With the peace we seem to assume a heavy financial load.

Unfortunately, the cards do not give definite information to show what forces us to accept the peace “not on our terms”. The major trumps, “Justice” and “The Devil” come up in the draws, the first suggesting that the World Court or the United Nations may be instrumental in bringing about a truce, while the “Devil” would indicate some very unsavory influences at work behind the scenes. The “Devil” also seems to be an indicator of revolt and rebellion as well as of the double cross. Revolt in South Vietnam could come as part of the action in making ready for the promised vote to see what government the people prefer. The clash between the Buddhists and the native Catholics could cause much trouble, and the governments we have tried to uphold have been of the poorest sort. We might also have riots and revolts here in USA which could force our easing up in Vietnam. In political circles there is much dissatisfaction with the war, and a political revolt of sorts could play a part. The blind hatred that moves the rioters is reflected by the blind greed of unions and the great corporations who stand willing to discommode the entire country and add fuel to inflation just as long as they can have another pound of flesh. As I write, England has had to call a halt to price and wage rises. The problem is world wide, not just one for the West.

Some years ago Herbert Hoover, writing for the Saturday  Review, spoke of the “Ideological revolution” which had become the terrible scourge  of our  times.  He had in mind the rise of the Reds and the fact that men accept ideas and hold them almost as fixations, being willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces. The old saying that “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”, fits the unreasoning drive to get what is wanted without the slightest concern about the other people who may be hurt in the drive. The movement for “Black Power” is right in line with this insanity. Hoover wondered in his article whether or not the prophetic vision in the Book of Revelations might not be coming true, and concluded that the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse was not Pestilence (as we have now conquered the plagues), but Revolution. Here is St. John the Divine’s description of that terrible horseman:

“And there went out another horse that was red; and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.”

As I write, I am suddenly recalling the dread August dates when harvests were in and many great wars began, particularly World War I. Someone was assassinated, and it acted like a match tossed into a powder keg. We are having matches tossed in all directions, and the lesser revolters are heard to cry, “Burn, baby, burn!”. Hunger and rage walk side by side in much of East while greed and rage pair up in the West. At the very worst, one can imagine a man or group so filled with rage that they would blast the earth out of existence just to get even with those who stand in the way of getting what they demand. History shows how men have slowly tried to work from savagery into rule by justice and law, but progress is stopped and the clock turned back periodically by the outbursts of the savage, greedy and impatient “angry men” who blindly kick over the apple cart. One wonders whether, at this point in history, men are going to listen to reason in the Vietnam situation, or chance the wrecking of civilization (fragile as it is) to gain some ideological advantage. The dangerous madness of the moment seems well illustrated by the Viet Cong who undergo such hardships and fight against such superior arms in their mad struggle to take over all of Vietnam. The Buddhists in South Vietnam have been mad enough to burn themselves to express their objection to things they fixedly dislike or hate or fear. China has just had to purge official and military circles to clear out determined men who did not like the way the Reds were running the land. Every week we read of some revolt or other in which a government changes hands. Anything could happen …. fast.

SPEAKING OF “THE COSMIC STAR”, the strangest thing seems to have happened. In the last issue of the H.V. I spoke of the surprise I had in receiving what I took to be the familiar “Cosmic Star” journal, but with the word “NEW” added. My guess was that a reorganization of some kind had taken place. A little later came the news that a group of people had undertaken to muscle in on the familiar paper – running offset copies of their format, advertising and such, and sending to those on the regular mailing list a list evidently taken from the original “Cosmic Star” office. Merle and Goldie Gould, top people of the original magazine, published an open letter trying to explain that “Brand X” STAR was not the genuine one which readers had expected, and which would continue to be published and mailed in the usual way. The letter says, in part:

“We were first somewhat taken back by this impersonation, but we soon, recovered after lengthy talks with legal counsel. Also we were comforted by the years we have had studying the New Age Philosophies which have taught tolerance, patience and understanding.

(CIGBO, at this point looks dreamily out of the open window. He has been watching a large yellow cat camped on a gopher hole in the back garden. Now he remarks, “Wouldn’t it be nice of someone grabbed the Huna Vistas and took over the cigar box and began to get splinters in HIS/HER feet!”) By the way, the HRA list is again filled with deadwood – members who have not been heard from for too long a time and who have forgotten that paper and stamps cost money. Cigbo and I will reluctantly have to go through the list and clean out dead wood names again.

THE LATEST NEWS ON THE FILIPINO SPIRIT HEALERS came to me recently via a letter which had been sent to one of the HRAs who planned to fly down from San Francisco and visit one or both of the famous healers. He inquired by letter before making his start, and had a typed reply of what seems to be a form letter in use by a Spiritual Fellowship or Foundation type of organization. It said that by the time the letter was received, it was probable that one of the healers would already be in California. It then went on to ask whether or not the HRA could and would please finance the trip over for the healer. Later, I heard from another friend that this request seemed to be included in all letters sent out to people who wished to come down to get healed or just to investigate. Over a month has passed since the possible date of arrival, and still there seems to be nothing happening. I understand that some time ago $2,000 was collected and sent to Terte to bring him over to demonstrate under the auspices of Dr. Decker, but that the money seems to have gone the way of all flesh. Also, it is reported that at least four other individuals or groups have been trying to get one of the healers over, but (at this writing, and so far as I know) without success. I hear that Harold Sherman is putting out a book, including pictures which he made of some of the spirit surgery. If the pot keeps boiling with the present interest, something is bound to happen eventually. Perhaps the lid will just blow off down in Manila at a safe distance. Meantime, in the COSMIC STAR issue from which I have quoted, I see two articles telling of spirit healers having much success with mediums in our own western lands, and the Harry Edwards group seems still to be doing excellent work in a hit and miss fashion. The na kahuna would say that where a person was open to healing ministrations, he could be healed, but not if he happened to have guilt complexes, fixations of various kinds, or was obsessed. The na kahuna of old were at great pains to kala, or cleanse the patient so that the “path” to the Aumakua would be open and he would be ready for healing ministrations. So far as I know, no such cleansing preparations are made by Spiritualistic Healers such as we know.

HUNA HELPS AND HEALS SO MANY that seldom does a week go by in which I do not have an enthusiastic letter or two telling of Help received by an individual through the use of Huna methods, or of Help received after joining the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group and using its regular method of making a “prayer action” (as described in detail in my book, Secret Science At Work). On the other hand, out of the number who hear of the TMHG and write to ask that their needs be worked upon, there are a few who report unhappily that they have had no results. There are also letters saying that the writers are sure that their paths are blocked and that their prayers are not getting through to their na Aumakua. They almost always want to know just what to do to open the path.

THE PENDULUM TEST is the best thing I know to tell one whether or not one is in contact with the Aumakua. If one can use a pendulum, one holds it over the palm of the free hand while performing the Ha Rite to accumulate a surplus charge of mana. The pendulum will swing in an ever larger circle as the charge builds. When the circle is at its largest, the Aunihipili is told to contact the Aumakua and offer the charge with love and veneration. If the Aunihipili makes the contact successfully and the Aumakua accepts the gift, the circle will be replaced by a pendulum swing first in a vertical line across the palm, then a line in the horizontal direction, the two marking out a plus sign or cross. Next, the pendulum will mark a large circle around the place marked by the cross. This circle may be either clockwise or counterclockwise. I get both, but it seems not to make a difference. The circle will gradually become smaller, or the pendulum [will] simply stop its motion. At this time one may send more mana and mentally recall the picture of the desired condition as if it had already been materialized. The pendulum will begin moving again in a vertical or “yes” line of swing over the palm, and may once more mark out the circle-cross sign of the Aumakua contact. There is no definite rule about the reaction, but when one feels the prayer sent with the mana has been accepted and the action is finished in proper form it is well to end the sitting by stating, as did the na kahuna, “My prayer is finished. It flies to the Aumakua. Let the rain of blessing fall.” This “rain” is the symbol for the return of some of the mana after it has been changed to the higher form used by the na Aumakua, and often it may feel like a fine rain falling on one.

FOR THE BEGINNER WITH THE PENDULUM the first step is to find something to to use for a pendulum. A lead fishing line sinker weighing about as much as a half dollar (U.S.A. or 1/2 ounce) is excellent and needs but to have a stout thread tied to the larger end of it. Measure from the lower or smaller end of the pendulum to a place about 3-3/4 to 4 inches away on the thread, and tie a knot at that point. When holding the pendulum for use, hold it at the knot and it will swing at about the right speed. Too short a thread makes for too fast action, and too long a thread for too slow. (I have described this training and preparation in my book, Psychometric Analysis.) One next draws circles and ovals and straight lines of various sizes on a sheet of white paper, using ink by preference, then holds the pendulum over the things drawn and ask the Aunihipili to make the pendulum swing and trace the lines or circles or ovals. If, with a little practice, the Aunihipili responds readily, it is safe to decide that one can use the pendulum successfully. If there is no response or just random and meaningless swinging, or if the pendulum swings like a child was playing with it and refuses to stop or to take orders, one may have a Aunihipili which is not well qualified to learn the art of conversing by means of the pendulum movement code with the Auhane. Sometimes a change of objects used to make a pendulum will help. The expensive “store-bought” pendulums are little better for our purposes.

IF THE TESTS SHOW THAT NO CONTACT is being made with the Aumakua, steps must be taken to open the contact or “path”. I have described in my writings the various things thought by the na kahuna to “block the path” to the Aumakua. I have also given all the advice possible as to the ways and means of opening the path, and in my book, Self Suggestion, I have given the method of learning to use self suggestion to the end that it can be put to work to cause the Aunihipili to play its needed part in making the contact or opening the “path”. Most people, I have found, are unwilling to work to get their path opened. They make a feeble try, then yell for help. But now and then some stout fellow works out his salvation successfully. It may take sacrifice and hard work to convince the Aunihipili that its man is worthy of Aumakua contact and Help. In cases where there is partial spirit obsession (as can be ascertained by the use of the pendulum in making a Psychometric Analysis or reading) the path may be blocked by the obsessing spirit. This is the most difficult of all blocks to get removed, as the spirit influences the Aunihipili of the victim to the extent that he cannot bring himself to do anything that might get rid of the evil influence. In the Drama of Jesus, he removed such spirits by “casting them out”, and this must be possible, but we have yet to develop workers who can accomplish the desired results. On the other hand, I know of none of us, including myself, who have taken time to practice steadily at accumulating and using the simple low mana as a mesmeric shock force – this seeming to be the force needed to dislodge the obsessing spirit and force it to let go its hold.

“SALVATION” has at least two meanings to begin with when one accepts Huna as a working method and begins to try to put it to use. The first step is well put in the Gospel injunction of Jesus, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven…” One here sets out to get contact with one’s Aumakua and learn to work in harmony with it so that “all these things may be added unto you.” (Which we may consider the second step and the consummation of the lesser “salvation”. The Greater and final “Salvation” comes at the end of the necessary number of incarnations when we have learned our lessons and are helped through “Grace” to “graduate” and become a new Aumakua.) All too many of those who complain in their letters that they cannot contact their Aumakua and get their prayers answered, are seeking first the answer to the prgyer instead of beginning by seeking the “Kingdom” or Aumakua. I am always saddened by letters telling me that prayers to force someone to give something to the writer have not been answered. Over and over I have written letters restating the Huna belief that we cannot force others to obey our will, even if in the form of prayer. The freedom of “will” cannot be overwhelmed by the voice of prayer, and certainly the Aumakua will not hear the voice that demands that “Peter be robbed to pay Paul”. It is quite legitimate to ask for a gift of something, and often the one who alone is able to make the gift may be coaxed by the na Aumakua to oblige, but to take something away from one by force is NOT the Aumakua way of doing things. We do well to make our needs known to our Aumakua and then let it figure out a way to fill them. And do not forget that if you feel inside you that you have not earned a boon or that you do not deserve to get it, you probably will NOT.

THE GIVING ATTITUDE OF MIND must replace any grabbing attitude. If we let the Aunihipili put greed into its picture when we pray, that someone help us by a gift, the picture tends to tighten the purse strings of the affluent one, while the attitude we cultivate of giving and basic “sacrifice” makes for the GIVING influence all around. We do well to do our Boy Scout good deed to make ourselves ready to have good deeds done to us. The great gift, of course, is mana to the Aumakua.

I HAVE SAID THAT MANY REPORT THAT HUNA WORKS. In the mail today (as I write) two letters came in which the successful use of Huna has been mentioned. Let me quote from them. (It is always encouraging to the beginners to hear of the success of the more advanced students of Huna.)

“But most of that (her  success) came from you and my long years of study and profit in Huna which make me KNOW Tony’s gift is no miracle.” This letter tells of the success in getting Dr. Jan Stevenson, of the University of Virginia Medical School, to go to Manila to look up the Filipino healers and try to get Tony to come back with him to demonstrate psychic surgery before a qualified group of doctors. The date of Dr. Stevenson’s arrival in Manila was to be August 10th.

HRA G.J. of Arkansas writes, after telling me of his early religious training and his desertion of it to search for something better – the search ending in the finding of Huna, “So, you can see that Huna easily became my religion. One reason is that I don’t have to go about accepting as fact the many beliefs that the Church teaches as fact. And, above all, Huna is workable when we actually apply it – not just talk about it. Never-the-less, it seems to me that those who are trying to put it into the form of an organized church will defeat the true Huna religion, for it is a personal & powerful force, and it seems to me this can only be lost in the organizational structure of a church.” (He had been speaking of a letter he had from the HRA in Phoenix, Arizona, who sells a course of lessons and with them an ordination as minister of his church.)

HRA T.M. of San Francisco writes, “You will also be pleased to know that my sister has had a complete change, all her problems have straightened out. Her husband is in the hospital getting the care he really needs and her health is greatly improved. All this is due to the prayers given in her behalf.”

About a week ago I was made very happy by a passage in a letter from a new HRA, who wrote, “I want you to be aware of my profound gratitude to you for the work you have done. As a longtime student of things spiritual, mostly by the Unity method, I was well prepared and waiting for Huna. As a member of A.A., I had a rather urgent need for a workable approach to the Higher Power. That need has been met – for the first time. That, Mr. Long, is reason enough for gratitude.” (At times I may get a little discouraged when the Huna investigation does not go faster and give us instant healing, but so many letters of appreciation come to me that I am constantly bucked up and encouraged to carry on as best I may.)

Another letter giving me appreciation for my efforts came today. It reads in part, “I have more time now for study of Huna. Do you have the second set of Huna Vistas yet? If so, please advise. The first set has given me many hours of enjoyment, especially when I was ill. Also the current HVs have been such treasures to read and reread. And will you send me a book list? I have loaned your books from time to time and a couple of them have not been returned. I miss them as old friends …….

HRA R.C.W. of Portland, Oregon, says in a letter received today, “I read an article in the R.D. beginning, ‘Is God Dead?’. I didn’t like it. Huna is MY religion now.”

HAVE A CARE if you are tempted to fall for the instructions given in some YOGA courses. As I was finish[ing] the end of the page ahead just now, the phone rang and a stranger introduced himself as speaking from Clarksville, Arkansas, and asked if I would please talk to his brother about his troubles. The brother then took the phone and told me a rather frightening story. About three weeks ago he was happily doing deep breathing exercises, sitting in a special posture, and willing the rise of the Kundalini or “Serpent Force” from his sacral plexus up to the top of his head. Suddenly something began to happen. A force like a strong shock of electricity jolted him and the force ran like fire up his spine, but turned off short of his head and ran out through his left shoulder. Since then he can’t get back to normal. The force jolts him unexpectedly and his shoulder is bad. His nights are filled with bad dreams, and some of his symptoms have all the earmarks of spirit obsession. Did I know about such things, and could I suggest anything to help him? I had to confess that I had never run into anything quite like his case before, and that his condition was not one familiar to Huna. (He had been told about one of my books and may have read a chapter or two.) All I could advise was to stop experimenting, pray hard for Help, and give himself time to recover his normal condition.

It struck me that a word of warning might not be out of place in the H.V. In the days of Theosophy I always read the warning that no one should try to rouse the  Serpent Fires without working long and carefully with a fully qualified teacher. It would seem that the warning was a good one. About five years ago I had a letter from a couple in Australia who had been experimenting in something of the same manner and had become vulnerable to sudden obsession by spirits. They prayed themselves clear in a few months, but had learned a hard lesson. Never accumulate mana without doing something with it. Send it to the Aumakua, pour it through your hands into an ailing friend, or direct it to go into a part of your body which needs healing and work there as ordered. A large surcharge just left hanging around is a great temptation to any evil spirit who may happen to notice it and make a move to take it …. and perhaps YOU. A good rule is to make immediate contact with the Aumakua and ask for Help and Protection the instant anything suspicious seems to be happening to you or about you. If uncertain, pray first for Guidance and Protection before you set to work in any manner which might be even slightly dangerous.

MORE NEWS OF THE HEALERS STORY has come in (as I continue to write these pages the next day). Riley Crabb, of the BSRA journal, tells me he has had word indirectly that Dr. Decker has taken a conducted party of about 30 people on a flying trip to see Tony or Terte, and, one may suppose, either try for a personal healing, or just have the exciting pleasure of seeing psychic surgery performed. They were due to reach Manila at about the time of this writing, August 11th, or even earlier. (I have just had a brilliant idea! Why not round up all the medicos who need healing and can’t get it, and have a conducted tour to visit the healers and get their several Charley Horses fixed up? Unfortunately, the outcome probably would be that they would find ways and means of forcing the healers to join the A.M.A. and find their practice taboo under the present rules.)

WHEN I AM KING (which may not be soon), I shall promote two things. First, a UNION of all non-union and non-A.M.A and all non such inside track boys. Then, when any of the inside track outfits acted against the general good, MY union of ununion and unorganization people would boycott the offenders to run them back into line. The big corporation profits would also be forced into line. For the second item, I would see that any person be allowed to decide when he wanted to die and be helped to do so in the easiest possible way and with no stigma of disgrace. This is not my original idea. Kind men have worked for years to give the blessing of what has been named “Euthanasia” to those who now are forced to suffer endlessly until set free by death. (I sometimes wonder why the mass inertia of the world holds back so long the good and necessary things that have so long been recognized by the more daring and advanced minds. In another hundred years we may begin to catch up with those advanced ideas – that is, if we are here as a civilization still. Riley Crabb has a very dim view of the possibilities. He reminded me today of the prophecy in the last chapter of the book, Dweller On Two Planets, dictated by the spirit, Phylos, to the medium, Oliver Someone. ((My copy of the book is for the moment lost in the piles and shelves.)) The prophesy was that revolution and the war between races would cause “brother to fight brother” and that in the end all civilization would break down and those people who survived would run in wild gangs, supporting themselves in any way that was still possible. Phylos said that the only way that this end could be avoided would be for men to turn to God and brotherly love, insuring justice for all. Riley shook his head and reminded me of the present riots which are increasing daily in the U.S.A. and with them hatred and fear. Given enough of each, the lid is bound to blow off and mutual murder become the order of the day. I am reminded of the old adage, “Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” When men cease to use reason and take to force, they are met with force in due time unless, of course, a sufficient number can group together and conquer all opposition.) (Was Oliver’s name Hilliard? Or was that his last name? No great difference.)

THE “KUNDALINI SHAKTI” or “coiled up serpent” power may or may not be MANA as recognized in Huna. If it is not, then we have open to us a most interesting and important field for research and speculation. In The Secret Doctrine, 1. 312, Blavatsky describes the force as, “It is the universal life principle which everywhere manifests in Nature. This force includes the two great forces of attraction and repulsion; electricity and magnetism are but manifestations of it.” (Ibis does not sound like mana, for mana obeys the mental command and will attract or repel or remain neutral and in stationary storage in the aka body or in some substances. However, it was thought by the na kahuna to be the life force in all living things.)

Hoult, in his Dictionary of Theosophical Terms gives: “Kundalini: the coiled up ‘serpent’ – the latent divine power in man.” (Only the high mana is a bit divine in Huna.) “The third stage of development is the awakening of the fiery Serpent – Kundalini – which is the Life that runs through the centers of the lotuses and unifies them, coordinating them into one harmonious whole. When this is done, the astral man is free (from) ‘The Dreamer’.” (Huna recognizes no “lotuses” or “Chakra” centers, and also divides the force into three kinds: low, middle and High, according to which one of the selves is using it.)

The exact nature of the Life Force or of its appearance as the “serpent force”, is being discussed at the moment by at least two writers. In SEARCH magazine for September, the editor, Ray Palmer, touches on the problem in discussing the fact that flying saucers are often seen in a straight line across the country, often following some high voltage power line as it cuts straight across the land. He advances the old theory once more, saying that the saucers or the beings inside them seem to draw electricity from the power lines. He thinks perhaps the sudden surge of power as they take or release it is what has several times burned out relays in sectional grids and blacked out large portions of the country, as in New York and Texas. He continues to speculate, offering the idea that the saucer people or those away from the saucers who may be directing them from a distance, “eat electricity”.

THE SECOND WRITER ON MANA is Theodore Faithful, well known for his articles and books in England, his field being mainly that of dowsing. For years I have admired his work from a distance and wished that he might some day turn his keen mind in the direction of the things that Huna has to offer as explanations of the mechanisms of dowsing and related arts.

In Edgarton Sykes’ latest issue of PENDULUM, Mr. Faithful has an article, the title of which is “The Three Souls of Man”. (PENDULUM, Markham House Press, Ltd., 31 King’s Road, London, S.W. 3, England. Bimonthly, subscription $5 a year for U.S.A, Mimeographed journal noteworthy for articles covering items related to the fields in which we of the HRA labor.)

Mr. Faithful rounds up the sources of the idea of the THREE SOULS of man, starting with Plotinus, last of the great Greek philosophers, (A.D. 205-270) who had written, “But the matter There is something real for that which is before it is beyond being.” (This would be the Akua Aumakua realm, one step higher than the Aumakua.) “Here however that which is before matter is real so matter itself is not real, it is something else over against the excellence of real being.” Mr. Faithful comments, “What is this but Sir James Jean’s ‘non-mechanical reality’, and Sir Arthur E. Eddington’s ‘mind stuff’, as the fore-runner of what we call physical. Plotinus saw soul as having three parts, one giving us physical existence carrying the instincts, the memories which enable us to build ourselves from the date of conception. This he calls the animal in us. Another part directed to Nous and The One – the Fontal Power, God, Allah. The third intermediate sometimes concerned with the body and the act of living and reasoning and sometimes directed toward the higher soul. Who are we he asked, ‘Are we that higher self or that which drew near to it and came to be in Time? Before this birth came to be we existed.’ He considered the idea that the bodyh as a life principal of its own when it lives by the presence of the soul. ‘If it has soul and nature in it, it cannot be the same kind as a lifeless thing. We, the higher soul, are concerned with its pains and pleasures, because it belongs to us. Sometimes the whole of soul is in harmony with the best part of itself (which is a part of real being, T.F. explains) but sometimes the worst part of it is drawn down and draws the middle part with it. When it is (soul) without body it is in fullest control of itself and free and outside the universal chain of causation, but when it is brought into a body it is no longer altogether in control, as it forms part of an order with other members”‘

The article then continues with, “The middle soul is the objective self concerned with actuality. According to Plotinus the soul comes into occupation of the body to get the opportunity of objective living and manifesting its power which would have remained quiescent in the spiritual world.” (Huna has no stated reason for our coming into physical life.)

Mr. Faithful then presents Huna as another system in which three souls are recognized, and gives a very able presentation of our present conclusions concerning the nature of the beliefs of the na kahuna. He quotes at length from my books, kindly giving me credit, and eventually arrives at the part concerning MANA or LIFE FORCE.

After saying that the na kahuna believed that mana was the life or vital force, and that it was created from the food we use, he says, “Recent research into radiation suggests that the low self DOES NOT manufacture the vital force, the odic force, Venergie humaine, (these being) cosmic energy which the low self controls in its entry into the body. It is the middle self which can direct the distribution of this vital force for use by the lower self or to energize the higher self.”

UNFORTUNATELY, Mr. Faithful does not pause to explain what modern research has contradicted the belief of the na kahuna that mana  was made from food. How it is absorbed from outside as “cosmic energy” is not even explained in terms of the Yoga or Theosophical theory that it is “prana” and is absorbed from the air which we breathe. In any event, the question concerning the nature of VITAL FORCE is seen to be part of Mr. Faithful’s speculations, and all roads begin to lead to the Rome of JUST WHAT LIFE FORCE MAY BE. For my part, Huna has by far the best theory to cover the matter – in fact about the only theory that has been worked out in some detail and made to fit the problems which, in their turns, the aka body and aka cords or threads answer. The “radiation” which Mr. Faithful mentions as having to do with the disproof of the mana from food theory, is familiar as a mechanism supposed to explain map dowsing – the radiation from the land represented by the map being sensed and worked with by the dowser. Radiation of this amazing kind and power is quite contrary to all the recognized laws of weakening with distance, and the Aumakua or a Superior Spirit must be called in to bring the radiation unless the aka thread is recognized as a vehicle of contact with distant places – a vehicle along which both intelligence and mana can travel without weakening because of distance.


ANALYSIS readings, if you are one of the many HRAs who are working with this method, I will give my readings on the young man who went up to the tower of the main building of the University of Texas and began shooting at everyone below. He had already killed his wife and mother, and before himself being killed, he had killed 12 more and wounded 31. I have made my readings from the August 12th issue of LIFE magazine. On page 28D is a picture of the man, Charles Whiteman, at the age of 13, by then an Eagle Scout, always a “good boy” who had served as altar boy and seemed to be normal except for a strong hatred of his father. The reading from this picture, made while asking for the reading as of that age, was    and 302 degrees. The trident will pattern is typical of spirit influence, and the line at 2 o’clock was then stronger, but I got no personality circle until I asked for the reading of the main eating companion spirit, whereupon I got the vertical will swing typical of the hypnotic evil spirit, and a very small counterclockwise circle, suggesting that his Aunihipili was dominated by the spirit, but that he was, at that time inclined to be a good and constructive lad if let alone by the spirit. On page 29 a reading was made of Charlie from his latest picture, and one from a picture of his father which appears on the page. The reading for Charlie had changed only in that the degree was up to 307 and so had advanced closer to the reading of the evil spirit, whose degree reading was asked for separately and proved to be much higher, at 327. From this one may guess that the smarter spirit, having almost full control of the Aunihipili of the victim, had helped him in his studies and in making the later plans. The lad, at 302, fell into the dangerous level that stands from 300 to 310 degrees where we find so many obsessed and bedeviled people. The child of a person who is the victim of eating companion spirits, often seems to have the same trouble, and the reading for the father showed that he was similarly obsessed and with a counterclockwise circle (even with the axis in the constructive or good direction). Here is the reading for the father, note that it has a variation in the circle, indicating that he changed in his attitude toward his son from time to time and probably made himself much disliked in doing so.    301 degrees

If the psychiatrist who treated Charlie had been able to make P.A. readings, as we are doing, he would have seen at once that he was dealing with an obsessed man who could be very dangerous because he was in almost full control of an evil spirit. The hatred of his father was evidently shared by the spirit, if not originated by it, and with frustration enough, eventually resulted in the wild murder spree. One fine day we will have the P.A. readings used in psychiatric practice as a valuable tool.

MORE CHECKING may be done, using the pictures of two English people together involved in the murder of one adult and two children, and the burial of their bodies on the moors. The man of the team was Ian Brady, age 28. The girl, 23 year old Myra Hindley. He has a reading of   306 degrees. Note the very weak will pattern which slants far too low and makes him easily led, especially, easily led into crime, for his Aunihipili personality circle is counterclockwise. Here, again, we find the degree in the unfortunate level of 300 to 310. The girl’s reading shows that she was the one who pushed the man into his active participation, for she is very similar in her reading, but has the trident of the evil eating companion influence. She is in the same unfortunate degree level at 304. Her reading is    304 degrees. The prisons are filled with weak willed and counterclockwise people who were led into a life of crime by some more willful criminal, often one obsessed in an undetected way. When “civilization” catches up with Huna and the P.A. reading methods, the understanding of prisoners and criminals in general will be much better, and the work of the parole boards improved so that the natural criminals and murderers will be kept where they cannot prey on the public. A humane method of detention will be worked out so that the victims of such afflictions can lead a fairly normal and happy life, but, certainly, not be allowed to breed and produce similar criminals.


A typed copy of a strange book was sent to me for inspection by one of the newer HRAs because it seemed to throw new light on the ACTS which follow the Four Gospels in the New Testament. The title is “ACTS II”.

The typed copy runs 32 pages, and at the end one reads: “Discovered and translated by Kenneth Gunthrie, M.A., PhD., M.D. Was rector for many years of All Saints Church , a parish now St. Augustine’s Chapel and is dependent on Trinity Church. Appeared in ‘Who Was Who In America!’ 1942. Obituary notice April 10, 1940 in ‘The Living Church’. Date of death March 17, 1940 He was a priest of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

This is all very well, but one immediately wonders where this gentleman found such a script to translate, also where his parish and church might have been. The lack in this matter throws the validity of the material back on its face value, and there is little to judge it by except that it seems to be the work of a scholar who used endless unfamiliar names of disciples and associates of their period in telling a strange story of the experience of Paul, and the teaching of the Mother of Jesus, Mary, on her deathbed. The work is much like the Gnostic writings in which Mary is supposed to have had secret teachings handed on to her by Jesus, and to have divulged them eventually. In some of the Gnosis thus exposed, we have the teaching of the “graduation” and ultimate Union of the mates to form a new Aumakua. This is the most significant and valuable material in the Gnostic and extra canonical writing, but in the “ACTS II” there is nothing of these hidden and most valuable matters. Instead, we are confronted by what seems on the surface of it to be an invention of the learned author. I would guess that he had absorbed Theosophy and similar teachings and had decided to concoct a spurious ACTS to make Jesus the hero of many lives and of many incarnations. I feel that I am justified in this assumption by his omission of any data on what and where the originals were or came from that he supposedly translated. The standard Gnostic and Coptic material is always carefully dated and placed, as are the Dead Sea Scrolls. Of one thing, we can be very sure, and this is that the Church did not recognize the validity of his find or take steps to add “ACTS II” to the presently accepted New Testament. The reincarnations of Jesus were given as Abel, Noah, Khufu, Melchizedek, Abraham, Zarathrustra, Gautama Sidartha, Socrates., and finally Jesus. Mother Mary may have been out of her head.

GOING BACK TO RAY PALMER for a moment, I wish to pass along comments he made about the idea of the saucer people “eating electricity”. (These lines were left out accidentally when copying from original draft to stencil – shame on you, Cigbo!!)

“…. eat electricity, that is feed upon it to keep them alive, just as we need food, air and water.” Editor Palmer remarks, “If the creatures inside them (the saucers) are eating electricity, what kind of creatures can they be? A creature with intelligence, because it can build and fly and guide a machine. A creature which does not seem to be of flesh and blood, like we are, because it can do things that defy gravity, inertia and mass. Like the electricity it ‘eats’, it can travel very fast, glow, flash, disappear, shock, burn, tingle.” The article goes on to tell of a case in which two people were taken by saucer people, hypnotized, questioned at great length, taken for a saucer ride and told much of its workings, then given the suggestion that they would not remember what had happened. Later, a hypnotist countered the suggestion and the couple recalled and related the amazing story of their experiences. The use of hypnotic suggestion was pointed out as an evidence of the rather human ability of the saucer people, and we might add that, in Huna, hypnotic suggestion is thought to rest on the ability to use mana (not ordinary electricity) to implant strong thought-forms into the aka body of the subject’s Aunihipili. (SEARCH magazine. $2 per year for six issues. Box AD, Amherst, Wis. 54406. Always articles of interest, even if often of the “far out” kind.)

MATHESIS, The Mathematical Analysis of Qualities, by J.N. Churchyard, was sent in by the author for review. It is a nicely done mimeo book of 71 pages in soft covers. Price $3 from The Via Press, 907 Peach Circle, Tularosa, New Mexico 88352. If you like numbers and their more occult meaning and relationships, their history and general significance in Numerology, Mathematics, Linguistics, Philology, Nuclear Physics, Psychology and Psychoanalysis you will find this book most interesting. I have not had the time to do it justice, nor have I the proper grounding in Mathematics to follow the author’s work in some parts of his discussion. For instance, I am vague as to the exact information being given in the following passage on page 1.

“Nuclear Physics. This mathematics is available to aid in classifying the subatomic particles. The principles of mathesis have been applied successfully to analyze the atomic periodic table as an interlocking system of three basic frequencies.”

I do better with: “Psychology and Psychoanalysis. The qualitative, symbolical meanings of numbers and letters are a most important aspect of the mental world. The many correlations among numbers, sounds, colors, shapes, and myths will provide the psychologist and the psychoanalyst with a more profound insight into the world of thoughts.” Or with this: “Mathesis is a new method of analysis. It deals with the qualitative uses of number. Qualitative questions are the ‘What kind of’ question. The answers to such questions involve the detailed analysis of classifications. One such problem that might be solved by mathematical, qualitative analysis is the problem of information retrieval.” (I am a bear when it comes to recovering lost information, and I have made wonderful use of my vast knowledge of Math by finding THREE whole Selves hidden in Huna.)

All joking aside   and with apologies for my lack of backgrounding in this field – I believe the author, James Nohl Churchyard, has given us a very valuable little book, if only we are able to follow from his simpler history of Numerology as a form of character analysis, on through his delightful, but to me often mystifying, explanations of numerical relationships, chord structures etc. MFL


The Ha Rite, Tarot, Psychic Healing & Seances

October-November, 1966

IMPORTANT WORK WITH THE HA RITE is being done by various HRAs and the reports are such that I urge all of you who can to run some tests. You will recall that the HA Rite is one upon which much stress is laid by the secret teaching in the Four Gospels – these teachings being uncovered by decoding the outer version of the supposedly historic life and work of the God-man, Jesus. The code word, HA, means four or forty or any larger number, even four hundred. It also means “to breath with force”, and so we see that heavier breathing to accumulate mana is the basis of this Prayer Rite, and that the breathing may be done in a matter of four complete breaths, then a momentary pause, and then a repetition. The repetition may be carried on and on, the belief being that if the Aumakua is given enough mana to work with, it can swiftly bring about or materialize the answer to the prayer, the latter being a steadily held mental picture of the desired condition. (Excluding with great care from the picture the present condition which is NOT wanted.) The mental picture is called the “seed” in the CODE, and even if it be as small as a mustard seed, it can be “watered” by the steady sending of mana in the HA Rite and so made to “grow” into something much desired. If there is such a thing as the “Prayer of Miracles”, the Ha Rite prayer is the best candidate for the honor.

HRA DELARUE, who lives in France, and who has been very much engaged in testing Huna prayer methods, had difficulty at first in making contact with the Aumakua, but through the use of the HA Rite method, contact has been made with ease. (A short time ago he has written saying he could not make the contact and get his prayers through. At that time, as he had been reared a Catholic, I suggested that he try a “Novena” series of prayers to see if his Aunihipili might respond better in doing its part. He used his pendulum as a means of communication with his Aunihipili, and in a letter just in, reports “I asked my George if he would like to make a novena, but although I was a Catholic when young, he would not. So I went on praying and accumulating and sending mana.” It worked well in time, and he continues, “I do this longer and longer and feel in contact. Now I am sure I shall succeed in my big demonstration of the truth. I tried making long accumulating drills, and as I practiced using the pendulum before reading your books, and as my wife is a dowser, I drew a sector or half circle, marking it off into units of degrees to make 100. I measured the mana charges with the pendulum on the sector, finding that I am regularly at 32 degrees. When I accumulated mana for 2 or 3 minutes I reached 50 or 60. My mental convention was that 100 degrees would be the maximum of force one can reach. But when I reached 20 minutes of accumulating, I reached 100. My pendulum said to me I had to stop and begin sending the mana then to my High Self. Two or three days later, it said to me I could go on accumulating mana. And then, more rapidly every day, the pendulum reached a point largely beyond 100 (going around the sector and making a full circle of it in effect, pointing to a place opposite the 30 or 40 degree mark. He still made the contact at the higher charge of mana and sent the force as before). I now make four remarks:

“I often remain at 80 degrees charge, even after sending mana. (It would appear that the return flow often sent by the High Selves remained active in him.)

“When I am at 32 degrees (his normal), I reach a high degree much more rapidly.

“I feel enthusiastic and in good form, and everything is better and better in my life.

“Perhaps this very large surcharge of mana was able to unblock my path?” (I would guess that it had much to do with it, but that the cooperation of the Aunihipili was of equal importance in getting the mana sent along the aka cord to the Aumakua. Mfl)

The method used in accumulating the mana surcharge was described in the letter as one in which the arms are slowly raised to a position in which they are fully extended upward while drawing in the breath. The breath is then released while the arms are being lowered and the body bent forward with the head below the belt level. (He asked whether he should bend his knees in lowering the head. There is no set rule or method covering this. The physical movements are mainly useful as a fine physical stimulus to convince the Aunihipili that something definite is being done and to get it to cooperate. I once used the method advocated by Baron Ferson, that of spreading the arms wide at the sides and parting the legs as much as conveniently possible while making the mental effort to collect “magnetism”… At present I do not use motions or postures – just sit quietly in my chair  and take the deeper breaths in series of four while commanding the Aunihipili to accumulate the surcharge. If I wish to check on the size of the surcharge, I take up my pendulum and the Aunihipili causes it to swing to fit the size of the charge. The swing is a circle and if it is a very large and strong one, that is my convention for a full charge. By checking in advance with the pendulum to learn the size and strength of the circle which the Aunihipili gives to indicate one’s normal charge, one can, by comparison, decide when the circle swings indicate a large or larger or largest charge.

HUNA AT WORK is reported in a letter just arrived from HRA M.S. of Washington state. I quote a part. “I owe you much for the miracle working of Huna. A few months ago I used it to reduce a strangulated hernia for my husband. Huna came to the rescue when all physical efforts – manipulation and warmth – failed and emergency surgery was ordered. Instead of occupying a hospital bed the next morning, my husband was out hoeing his garden with not even tenderness at the site of the torn belly muscles. I did not fare so well. Under the stress of the situation I forgot to ask for a return of mana and was nearly three weeks recovering my spent strength. Even so, the cost to me was as nothing compared to the good achieved for J. At his age – 77 – surgery would have handicapped him for weeks or months, put a mortgage on our home and generally created problems. It happened before Medicare went into effect.” I comment that with so many reports from HRAs coming in to tell of similar Help and Guidance, I fear we are of “too little faith”.


“Dear Mr. Long:

“Ever since I got your beautiful reply to my request for prayers for my friend R.B., I have wanted to express my deepest gratitude. I have been working (with the TMHG) at the appointed hours. Many times my feeling of contact with the Force of Love was unbelievable. I have had no outer contact with the person for whom we are praying and his problems, therefore cannot tell as to what effect our efforts are manifesting, but my whole inner feeling has changed and it is wonderful. I am eternally grateful to you.” (Signed H.L.)

I comment, that here we have an excellent example of the many benefits that may come when we begin making regular contacts with the Aumakua and the Great Company of na Aumakua who are attracted to our group by the TMHG activities and the sending of mana to be used for general good. I have long since found that by keeping a daily contact with my Aumakua, I get frequent Help and Guidance in daily living,  often having Protection or the lessening of a blow that might otherwise have been very bad indeed. I have learned to listen to “hunches” when they come. Only last week I felt the sudden urge to make a date with my dentist and the following night my closest friend developed a wisdom tooth difficulty of the first order …. so, I was able to give the date to my friend for an extraction. The interesting thing here was that the dentist we both use was just on the verge of leaving for a vacation of three weeks and had I not had the appointment to relinquish, my friend would have had to try to find a strange dentist and get help …. which might have been very painfully delayed. For my dental need, a moment in the chair to grind a sharp edge from a chipped tooth was sufficient and was handled between times. The na Aumakua are endlessly wise and kind and helpful if we will only let them take their proper parts in living our lives.

A “Famous Quote”  was sent to me in a clipping by an HRA last week. It fits the situation with Huna so neatly that I must pass it on. Here it is: “There are two ways of being fooled. One is to believe something that isn’t so. The other is to refuse to believe something that IS so.” No comment needed. But the other day one of the HRAs who had been hoarding her Huna Vistas against a rainy day, ran into such a day and started to read them. She didn’t read far when she threw them in the stove and sat down to write me a letter. In it she said that she had not read my new book but had discovered from the bulletins that I had denied the fact that Jesus had died to save the world and had said that salvation through Him was not true and necessary. Would I please cancel her membership at once. I sadly took her name from the list. In the HRA our rule is to leave all questions and decisions open at both ends. We permit – aye, insist – that each of us shall be allowed to believe or disbelieve as it pleases her or him, AND tolerantly allow the other fellow the same privilege. The HRA is no place for those who have closed their minds and thrown the key away so that there is no chance of an unlocking  in this incarnation. When we cease to be ready to examine new material and evidence, we belong in some church.

THE BATTLE TO PREVENT CHANGES OF BELIEF wages with full fury, of course, outside the snug walls of the HRA. The gentlemen who have managed to get possession of the original and still later “Dead Sea Scrolls” belong as a majority to the Church of Rome, and every effort is being made to prevent outsiders from getting copies of the material to translate. There is a growing uproar over this entirely unwarranted attitude, and the suspicion grows that the reason for playing dogs in the manger is that evidence has been found that would strongly tend to discredit the historicity of the New Testament.

The usual practice when such material is found is to have it photographed and to allow qualified or even disinterested parties to buy sets of the photographs to inspect or to use in making their own translations. The suspicions have been fanned strongly by a lecturer at Manchester University in England, John Marco Allegro, who wrote an article printed in August Harper’s Magazine in which he gives it as his opinion that the reason for sitting on the Scrolls material is, at least in part, the fear that if others were allowed to translate the Hebraic and Aramaic documents they might find something contrary to accepted Christian beliefs. He accuses the men of ignorance and inability to make proper translations because of their refusal to admit anything contrary to their pre-set ideas of what the Scrolls relate. He goes on to point out the fact that there is growing evidence that Christianity had its roots in the Essenes and was not unique at all. He finds that many words and terms, as well as titles known and used by the Essenes, have been paraphrased or wrongly translated in the Four Gospels. For example, “Cephas” the nickname given to Pet is a word used by the Essenes to describe a man with ability to look into men’s faces and read their minds. Through this ability he was able to recognize Jesus as the the expected Messiah. Peter is also designated as the “Inspector, overseer”, and one functioning as a person in similar office did among the Essenes. In the Gospels he was the administrator and it was he who handled the community money and generally managed affairs. (An excellent comment on these things may be found in Fate Magazine for November in Curtis Fuller’s “I See by the Papers” department.)

As might be expected, the accusations have brought excited and angry articles crying “T’ain’t So!” and defending the gentlemen who occupy the manger by saying that they are simply taking proper care that unqualified gentlemen do not get at the material and make improper translations. Last week I came across a three column article by a professor in one of our Christian colleges here in California, in which an elaborate defense was attempted without giving much of an idea what the accusations were or why a defense was so necessary.

MY GUESS, for what it might be worth, is that in the unpublished Scrolls there have been found versions of the Christian Initiatory Drama antedating the supposed year of birth assigned to Jesus. It could even be that the material was written in the Huna Code even more openly and perhaps with comments by the writers to say that could the story be decoded, it would reveal the hidden teachings of the characters taking part in the drama. I smile at the thought that efforts to decode such writings may have thrown the keepers of the ancient writings into no end of a tizzy. Perhaps we had better keep our “laughing rooms” swept out against the day when some such situation comes to light. Meantime, with more and more students raising their voices in protest of the witholding of the priceless material, the manger may become a most uncomfortable place for the present keepers. It is a sad day when a great religion believed in by men and women of many lands dare not be allowed to face openly the threat of additions or changes in the supposed “facts” upon which it is based. None so blind as those who refuse to see, and none so crafty as the old priests whose position, authority and even livelihood depend on preventing any and all changes in dogmas or basic beliefs which acted as foundation stones. Our Dr. Martin Larson, whose book, RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT, has given us such invaluable insight into the materials of Christianity, is doing his best to get at the refused material. If they know who he is, how they must fear his ability and candor!

BACK TO THE TAROT AND THE KABALA we go after getting sidetracked by a number of things. When my book, The Huna Code in Religion, was written, I said in it that I found no code in the Kabala. This brought a prompt objection from two HRAs who knew both Kabala and Tarot far better than I did at the time. I at once reported the mistake in the H.V., explaining that the writers of the Kabala, apparently, had lost the knowledge of the Huna Code and of the language which is needed to understand it. However, when I had my attention called to the right parts of the Kabala, I was able to see at once that they had done their best to make a new code and to embody it in the “Tree” so that the same 10 elements of the man were described. (Three selves, three shadowy bodies, three mana grades, plus the physical body.)

“GEMATRIA”, or a new code made by giving Hebrew letters (in the alphabet) numerical values,  and then giving the numbers special meanings, also perhaps putting these numbers and Hebrew letters on the Tarot Cards, makes it now possible that the knowledge of the Huna Code language had not been lost to some of the later initiates. (We do not know just how or when the numbers and letters came to be placed on the Tarot Cards, but in many of the sets now current, both appear, and in some of the texts there are special meanings given.)

HRA BESS NEEPER, of California, who has seen at once that the Code knowledge was hidden carefully in the Kabala and the Tarot Cards, is my mentor in this part of the field. Some months ago she sent me a preliminary study of what she had found, but at the time I was too much engaged to get more than a glance, at it. Now, however, I have had time for a good look, and am amazed at the implications brought forth by her charts and explanation. She wrote at the time, “This is what I see of the Kahunas’ three selves spelled out in the symbolism of the Tarot and in parts of the Qabalah. Now do you want to write another book?”

FOR LETTERS, NUMBERS AND CARD SIGNIFICANCES, Bess has used the book by Paul Foster Case,The Tarot, which is excellent for this purpose as he had assembled in it everything anyone had ever suggested as belonging to the various cards. In this study only the Major Tarot is used, and these may be laid out for inspection as the charts are considered. They are (the ones used), Nos. 0, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 16. The three selves are taken up in turn, using their names in the Code language (Hawaiian) Aumakua; for the Aumakua or Holy Parental Dual Spirit, the (a)uhan of Auhane, the “conscious mind” self; and (a)unihipili for the Aunihipili or “subconscious mind” self. As in the selecting of appropriate meanings from the several given in the dictionary for each word, the several meanings given for each card which corresponds with one of the letters may be selected as best. The letters of the names are to be read down on the chart to spell the name. First comes the letter in the English form, then the Hebrew counterpart, then the Card with its meanings following at the right. The name of each self has been placed at the top as divided into root parts which are used to get at the whole or general meaning by adding the meanings of each part, just as will be done in adding the meanings of the cards and applying them to the concept of that particular “self”.


The Tarot pack in use by Bess was that of Paul Case, but the Pamela Smith Waite pack may also be used although the letters and signs differ from those of the other pack when not left out entirely. The Paul Case attribution of meanings includes several ideas borrowed from Theosophy which may not fit too well.



Letter number and card

Tarot Card Meanings


A Aleph

0 FOOL. Ox. No-thing.

Source of Life; breath-mana-Light. (Waite gives the meaning, “State of first emanation”. mfl).

U (V) Vau


Akasha, played on by Sound and Vibration. Conjunction “and”. (Perhaps the aka substance as a whole, conducting mana and housing units of consciousness as “selves”, but particularly the aka of the Aumakua. m)

M Mem

12 HANGED MAN. Water.

A “Mother” letter … cosmic self-surrender, change of vibratory direction.

A Aleph

0 FOOL. Ox. No-thing.

The rootless root of manifestation.

K Kaph

10 WHEEL. Closed hand.

Embodiment. The Wheel of Manifestation. Kingdom of Law in action.

U Vau


“And”: coordination; Akasha; Intuition.

A Aleph

0 FOOL. No-thing.

Life-Breath; the Bridge, Fool, the created. Manifestation.


Bess comments on the above: “Here you have the story of Creation. AU, the unknown, immeasurable, unfathomable, infinite, eternal Source which decides to play a game. He issues forth a sound, a vibration, which spreads and grows, filling and vitalizing a portion of Cosmos with Force, breath, Light, Sound, Color, and so on. MA, the mother part of the Great Parent molds into form the Creative Idea, and we are off to a start. A, Aleph, sets the pattern, forms the Cosmic Egg, and Creation is begun. K, the creative hand holds and molds that portion of the Akasha to be used, forms and shapes it, and the Wheel of a New Manifestation is begun. U (V) coordinates, and by sound and vibration mediates the Plan, sets it on earth in its intuitive capacities, and with the final…  A, the Superconscious Fool is completed and set on earth to work his way out and up. Mana, the Breath of Life, is the Bridge and manifested earth is his playground. He and Earth are the “Created”.


“If you read these letters in reverse, you get the individual “Path of Redemption”, and the joining with the “opposite” could well take place on the Middle A, the Middle or Mind-Love Self. ”



Middle Self, the “conscious mind” self. (‘Uhane)


Letter number and card

Tarot Card Meanings

A Aleph

0 FOOL. No-thing.

The superconscious Life Breath is the foundation of Self-consciousness. Here you have the answer to why the “A” was dropped from ‘Uhane; the human mind does not want to acknowledge its spiritual base.

U Vau


Akasha, played on by Sound and Vibration, resulting in intuitive prodding of the humanmind.

H Heh

4 EMPEROR. Window.

Reason, vision, sight, order, the ability and need to organize thought into workable form. (Maybe he is helping me now to make me (Bess) understand his name of ‘Uhane.)

A Aleph

0 FOOL. No nothing.

Life-Breath in its form of Prana-Mana, and its “in touch” through meditation and cognition which gives the power and skill to use the mental activities and influences of …

N Nun

13 DEATH. Fish.

… the fish to transform, catch and change the Imaginative Intelligence into productive channels. Did you ever try to catch a fish? Bait, quiet, and perseverance. “I die daily” from the radical to the universal, and the Fish = swims in Cosmic Water.

E Yod

9 HERMIT. Touch.

The result is the union of separate elements within the self-consciousness, and the conclusions of the Hermetic Operation. Thought is born, the images in the unconscious are given form and expression, and now the human can go back and pick up the Aleph which he dropped in his pride and self conceit.

UNI HI PI LIThe subconscious, or Natural Human Self.

Letter number and card

Tarot Card Meanings

U Vau


Hearing, intuition, played on by the forces super and self consciousness, and the desires of humanity wakes a sub intelligence which opens up to the influence of growth and Akasha.

N Nun

13 DEATH. Fish.

With the drive of Akasha in the earth plane comes motion, change, transformation, and constant touch with influences of the kingdoms of earth.

I Yod


Open hand.

The “open hand” grasps and clings to nature’s influences, produces touch and coition, and the formation of subconsciousness on earth.

H Heh

4 EMPEROR. Window.

A window is opened in the subconsciousness, Light penetrates, and reason,vision, sight, the Cosmic Order is available on request.

I Yod


Open hand.

Still not satisfied, the subconscious drives on, completion being its aim.

P Peh

16 MOUTH. Tower.

False knowledge is destroyed by the lightning flash on Babel, confusing the speech and replacing it with inspiration and perception.

I Yod


Open hand.

Yod still begs for more of the Intelligence of the Will, prudence, wisdom, and the end is in sight.

L Lamed

11 JUSTICE. Oxhead.

Equilibration, Karma, knowing by doing, faithful, constant, confident Subconsciousness, the third partner of a human Self, brings a balanced personality, only waiting for …

I Yod


Open hand.

Yod’s approval and constant reach to bring about the attainment of all three selves into a complete and perfect Self.

BESS MAKES NO ADDITIONAL COMMENT, but with the alphabet partly given and the varied meanings attached to each letter, number and card, we can easily see the method used to select the right ideas to fit at each step as the material is used to describe the characteristics of each of the three selves.

There are enough letters and cards given to allow us to examine for ourselves other words as used by the na kahuna. For instance, we have H U N A as one of the prime words, and for a simple application of the keys we might say that we start with the Emperor, and “window”, the great ruler opening the window of insight, then comes Hierophant to expound and initiate from the occult side instead of the material. Death, promptly gives us reincarnation and the movement, from lower or fish levels upward from the animal or Aunihipili level to the mental or Auhane and on to the Spiritual level of the Aumakua. The “fish” is the symbol of water and so of the manas involved. Aleph, the card of the Fool and the watchful Aumakua, may be considered the start of the unit of evolution or the repetition of reincarnations in which the Aumakua is dragged into material life by the necessity of getting growth experience for the pair of na Aunihipili. If we take the word, KA Huna, we repeat in the K for the WHEEL card the symbol of reincarnations. With a little of the fine intuition used by Bess Neeper, the additional meanings to be brought out of the Huna vocabulary offers great possibilities. Try your hand at mana and aka? “M” for “water” is perfect to start one off on mana and the “A” starting aka and giving us the FOOL and no-thing, can represent the seeming nothingness of the aka substance perfectly. LA for “light” or the Aumakua seems most significant when we begin to search for Aumakua characteristics in the card meanings. Remember that the Huna language has only the vowels native to it and that the consonants may need substitutions as in the case of “U” for Vau. More study is indicated to get all the meat from this nut which HRA Bess has cracked so delightfully for us.

NO NEW NEWS ON TONY, the Filipino psychic healer and surgeon, has come in at the time I write this. I saw a copy of a letter he had written in which he said that his visit to California had been cut short by “certain difficulties” which had arisen. He also said that most of his time had been spent visiting friends and relatives here. Since the visit, much publicity has been given to the work in books and lectures, with colored still and motion pictures showing just what was done.

The sudden burst of excitement caused by the healing activities of Tony, Terte and their fellows reminds me of the way interest in Spiritism grew with a great rush in America a little over a hundred years ago. Some have ventured the opinion that the first outburst of interest should have ended by a world conviction of the truth of “Survival”, but the men of “Science” refused to go along. Now we may have been treated to another fine and spectacular show to give backward Materialists a fresh opportunity to come into the fold of Believers. Unfortunately, Tony seems to have no desire to convince doubters. He refused to see the representative of a great Eastern medical school who had gone to Manila to offer Tony the chance to come over and work under test conditions. After the way these healers have been chased from pillar to post by the medical doctors in Manila, it may well be that there will never come a time when a proper investigational body will get to work. Of course, we may at any time see other mediums come along with similar powers and abilities who will be willing to undergo investigation under strict test conditions.

“HOW DO THE HEALERS PERFORM THEIR PSYCHIC SURGERY?” This question has been asked by several HRAs recently, and all seem to agree that “mat and demat” must be the basis of the work. One Associate feels that perhaps the Aunihipili has learned the art and that spirits are not involved. I would say that in my opinion the Aunihipili is hardly advanced enough to know surgery. It might respond to suggestion and heal some of its own bodily ills, but to know that the body was to be opened, and to do what is needed to have the medium help and then actually cut out a piece and close the opening, well, that would be asking for a fine reasoning ability which we assign to the Auhane.

As Tony, Terte and our American and English healers who work on the same lines are not trained surgeons to begin with, one looks for a spirit to work through them as mediums – a spirit or group of spirits with the proper knowledge and skill. In addition to being able to diagnose the cause of trouble and to operate to correct it, the greater knowledge would have to be had, that of the dematerializing of a certain portion of the body and its rematerialization with the cuts healed instantly – healed without stitches, if you please.

It has been objected that really great healers who might be calling on the na Aumakua for help should not need to resort to surgery and that without an incision or removal of an ailing part, the thing causing the trouble could be changed inside the body from a bad state to a normal or good one, or a stone or growth simply dematerialized. The same thing may be said about the spirit surgeon who uses a living Tony as a medium in his operations. If the surgeon can mat and demat as he seems certainly to be able to do, why bother to cut out a piece or remove a stone or repair a rupture? Why not just cause it to be fixed inside the body without fuss or feathers? A healer from Atlanta named Brown seems to have his spirits working in this way through him, but then one wonders at the report that he goes through the motions of a living surgeon in the air above the body, his hands seemingly working on some part of the body lifted up to them. He appears to believe that he has a group of specialists working through him and that a diagnosis must be made ahead of time as in live medical practice. He asks his patients to come to him without breakfast for such an examination – which seems to call for the question of where the spirits lack in ability compared to the spirit doctor of Tony, who seems to hear what is said of the complaint, then go right to work to take care of it.

THE LOGICAL SOURCE OF INFORMATION in this mystery would seem to be the spirit doctors themselves, but so far as I know, none of those at work in these days of miraculous surgery seem to have explained a tiny bit of what or how or why they do this, and do that – or why they bother at all to do what they do. Tony has repeatedly offered to show one or another of his visitors how to do what he does, and Dr. Decker says that when Tony held his off hand, he could also make an incision with nothing more than a sweep of a finger above the selected spot. But if not touched by the medium, nothing happens. I would say that he is not a good enough medium to work alone or that he might lack a spirit friend willing to work through him. Thinking back to the instant healing done by the na kahuna, we can be very sure that they had no spirit surgeons working through them in that early day. However, we do not know just what they did except that in healing broken bones instantly, they held the broken parts together with their hands as a rule, although the recent reports of the healing of a broken bone for a nurse in a hospital in the South Seas does not include setting her broken collar bone, and before her the native with his broken leg that was healed furnishes us only information that he was healed.

HARRY EDWARD’S BOOK, The Mediumship of Arnold Clare, published about 1942, by Rider, in England, is still the only book which I have found in which the spirit speaking through a medium has tried to give a really detailed account of how the spirits work through a medium to produce the “mat and demat” type of psychic phenomena which we suppose to be involved in the production of ectoplasm, apports and the like. In what is called “transportation”, the whole body of a person is taken from one place to another, and it is thought that this is made possible, as in apporting a fish or flower or stone, by dematerializing the body, moving it to the desired place, then materializing it.

In this book, nothing like the Tony or Terte or Brown surgery is discussed, but there is a similarity in that spirit “guides” are considered necessary for the production of such things as have been mentioned. This starts, of course, by demanding a belief in “Survival”. In the book telling of the seances, the spirits, of several “guides” are seen and frequently “Brother Paul” and “Peter” speak through the entranced medium. Materialized spirits of dead friends of the sitters at the seances frequently appeared, or spoke through the medium or were described by a guide. Often the guides spoke through a trumpet which was being levitated and carried here or there without visible support. Various objects were carried without hands about the room, in one seance a carnation being taken floating across the room, and when the lights were turned up, it was found that a heavy firescreen had also been moved and the carnation placed on one side of it while a vase with flowers from a table was neatly placed on the opposite side. Most of the materialized spirits were only visible in part, as a face or part of a profile or torso.

In addition to the two guides, Brother Paul and Peter, there were several spirits of various degrees of evolution who acted as helpers. One “control” or helper, was known as “Little Peter”. He was a small boy, standing only three feet tall when materialized enough to be seen. At the opening of the seance, after an invocation and some gramophone music, he spoke through one of the trumpets and moved it with great speed here and there over the heads of the sitters and medium. It was a “dark seance” with the trumpets covered with luminous paint and square boards had also been painted with the same material and placed here and there so that a partly materialized spirit could show its face by standing close. The trumpet flashed and spun, (one or even three in a row,) but never struck a sitter in the 45 minutes during which they were in action. Little Peter, at the end of the trumpet performance and while talking to the sitters through one of the trumpets, produced as apports several coins, six made of copper and weighing nearly an ounce each. All of the coins were different, and were over a century old. Another control who often assisted with apporting and other work, was known as “Simba” . He apported a solid metal idol weighing about a quarter of a pound, also four claws from the paw of a lion, undressed and with some skin and fur still attached to them. Ectoplasm was produced or made to exude from the mouth, nose and ears of the entranced medium, Arnold Clare. This ectoplasm formed webs, cloths and long snake like forms which had changing ends making claws or fingers etc. In the ectoplasm, faces and forms often took shape and were viewed by the light of the plaques. Tubes of ectoplasm were seen to act as levers, the elbow being placed on something solid and the free end used to lift trumpets and other objects. As the seance neared its end, the gramophone was lifted and wound, a record placed on it, and it was levitated, along with its table, around the circle, touching lightly each member in turn. It was raised high or carried low, and not once did the needle slip on the record. When the record was finished, the machine was placed on its table in the center of the circle and the needle and its sound chamber properly laid back while the motor was shut off.

It is interesting to note that the seances were held under well organized control by experienced members of the Balham Psychical Research Society of London, and that all conversations were recorded while the pictures were expertly taken of many ectoplasmic extrusions. In the book are included some writing, drawing and sketches made by the spirits directly – not using the hand of a medium. Infrared photos were made as white light is not needed for these, and in most seances white light prevents materialization and the like. (We must keep in mind, however, that the psychic surgery done through Tony and Terte requires no darkened seance room and the light has been sufficient to make the ordinary color pictures, both still and with motion picture cameras.)

Peter was the spirit “guide” who answered the questions concerning the way in which psychic phenomena were produced. As we have seen, “Survival” had to be accepted as a beginning, and the point was made that all of the spirits who took part in the seance work were not of the human level. First there were the Guides, who are human and advanced in learning and reliability. They boss the show. Under them come the “Controls”, also human spirits, but less advanced. (I quote:) “Controls do not qualify for the standard of Guides and their work is completely different. Their method of control is to enter into complete possession of the physical organism of the medium, i.e. they impart directly through that organism their entire personality. The controls themselves are quite good but they are a little removed from the limits imposed upon man in the flesh. Their range of vision is very restricted, and can act only within the realms adjacent to earth.” (They are said to be less “spiritually developed” than the Guides.)

Under the Controls come the “little people” or nature spirits – “elementals”. In some respects they are like humans and they have the ability to manipulate “the natural ethers”, of which two kinds are spoken, a dense and less dense kind, but there may be several other grades of the “ethers”. (I speculate that here [we] have the aka substance as associated with spirits, with dense and fluid materials, bodies, flowers, stones, gas, air and so on. mfl.) Peter: “The same ‘little people’ can be pressed into service even for certain types of healing, but their services are not often used – only for psychic healing, and then for the ailments affecting chiefly the bony structure and deformities. You might say they are the soul of nature. A man has many complex parts, so has the soul of nature many parts working together to accomplish something far too immense for the ordinary mind to grasp. They are not left to wander aimlessly in space but are directed by superior Intelligences who press them into service according to their capabilities, with only one purpose in view, development and progress along the road of the whole realm of nature, to keep it in step and in tune with the whole life scheme of creation whilst working ever towards the perfect plan ordained by God.”

The human “aura” and its “auric field” were said to be necessary for the production of apports and psychic phenomena in general. The description given of these auric items fits the aka body of the Aunihipili, with perhaps part of that of the Auhane. Peter said: “Around the normal healthy human being there is an extension….. This etheric extension is the reservoir of physical (mana?) strength. It has no character of its own but is simply a storehouse of etheric energy used for the complete and successful working of the physical body. The nearest to this stored force that we know comparable to that used in producing action is magnetic force, but this force is of a different and stronger character.”