Max F. Long, Vol 15 (1967-68), English HUNA VISTAS Bulletins 75-86


Psychic Healing ~ Working With the TMHG

December-January, 1966-67



THE WAR ON THE PSYCHIC SURGEONS was officially opened with all guns blazing in November. Joe Pyne, a television interview man, put on the big “TAIN”T SO!!” show. He told how he had recruited an Australian medical doctor and surgeon to assist him in debunking the Filipino psychic surgery of Tony. Together they went to Manila, found Tony, and pretended that the doctor was a reporter. Tony must have been suspicious, for he refused to let them make motion pictures of the operations, allowing only stills – and in the TV show there were only one or two of the still pictures shown. This was of an operation on the tummy of a plump lady, and the picture shows both of Tony’s hands working close to the edge of the towel which covered the lady below the point of the supposed incision. The doctor claims to have stood beside Tony and to have been invited to feel inside the opening in the said tummy. He claims that he did so and that Tony had only produced a temporary deep wrinkle instead of making an incision. In the wrinkle was found and brought forth what was described as possibly a piece of sea shell – not a “stone” – from the insides of the lady.


Yes, there was blood, as usual, plenty of it, and fresh blood which soon began to clot in the usual manner, but which was sponged off as the operation finished and the incision was shown to be closed. The doctor explained the damning fact of the wrinkle, and went on to say the Tony had “palmed” the blood, possibly fresh and in a sponge so that he could squeeze it and spread the blood. He also had palmed the “stone” and placed it where the doctor found it. Mr. Pyne, who had stood opposite the doctor and watched, vouched for everything. The lady was not consulted as to how she felt during the operation or, later, whether her trouble had been helped.


One lady patient, however, appeared on the program. She testified that she had been operated upon, but admitted that she did not know with what success. She went on to say that, in any event, she was about to return to Tony for a second operation, so one could only decide that she was convinced that she had found help …. or, as Pyne seemed to expect the audience to decide, that she was completely fooled. Most of the time on the program was given to an effort to prove that Tony was guilty of fraud, was a gambler (which it seems no healer has a right to be) and that he was no real good because he brought his own son once for treatment at a hospital. Two gentlemen were produced who claimed that they had tested what were supposed to be parts removed from patients, and found one probably a chicken neck with the other seemingly part of an organ from a pig. A third exhibit seemed to be chicken entrail. One was left to wonder whether these gentlemen were connected with the several attempts of the local medical fraternity to bring Terte to trial for his psychic activities and in which trials no patient was presented who could show a scar after the operation, the result being that Terte has always been let go free.


On the program Dr. Jensen (D.C.) who has been escorting groups to Manila to be operated on by Tony, was held up to scorn for charging a fee of $150 per head to let people join his party. It is to be supposed that Mr. Pyne expected Dr. Jensen’s services to be given free for some reason or other. Slurs were tossed at Tony for having come into the reception room with a Bible in his hands “As if someone had put it there into his hands just before he came in.” Dr. Jensen was dared to sue Pyne and the dare was made a dramatic part of the debunking. However, Tony was not accused of murder, rape or mayhem in the program, I am happy to say. (Or if he was, it came about after I got disgusted before the end and went off to bed.)


Terte was not mentioned, nor were the careful observations with colored pictures made by Dr. Decker or Harold Sherman, the latter having written a book and having lectured widely on what he saw. Had the Pyne report been what one might have hoped for, arrangements would have been made with these investigators, and their many fine pictures thrown on the screen and an effort made to explain them away as frauds. Also, there could have been a convincing follow up of the many patients who had been treated and who could have averaged a good “yes” or “no” report on whether or not they had been helped. There may be some fraud, as so often happens when psychic work is done and phenomena must be produced on order.


Former HRA Irene Hervey, of England, told me of a typical case of this kind. A frail, underfed and ill girl of fine mediumistic ability became known for her ability to produce apports of sorts. A group of investigators undertook to decide whether or not she was a fraud, and when she entered the room where she was to perform before them, she was searched and a flower and a nut or small apple (I forget which) was found in the pocket of her topcoat. On the suspicion that she was trying to smuggle the objects in to pass them off as apports, she was condemned instantly as a fraud and the investigation triumphantly ended. Mrs. Hervey, not at all satisfied, took the girl home with her, fed and housed her until she was less ill, than stripped her, put her into a gown and took her into a bedroom which had remained locked for tests to come. Bedded down there, the girl went into a trance and produced several fine apports, among them a fine large orange. Mrs. Hervey reported on her experiment and concluded that while mediums, under the direction, perhaps, of the spirit guides, may be involved in efforts to fool their viewers, many who had been condemned without a proper chance to show what they could do, were genuinely gifted and able under the right conditions to produce phenomena of the first water.


At this time, early in December, no voice has been raised in rebuttal of the Pyne accusations, at least so far as I have heard. Should more on the subject come up before I finish the last page of this bulletin, I will add a line or so to pass on such information as may then be available.


ONE OF THE BEST STUDIED CASES OF PSYCHIC SURGERY to be reported recently, was called to my attention by Riley Crabb, editor of the BSRA journal, who was kind enough to lend me a book describing the case. The book was HEALING HANDS, by J. Bernard Hutton, the publisher, W.H. Allen, London, 30 shillings. In this book, author Hutton tells of the nearly miraculous restoration of his own sight at the hands of an English medium by the name of George Chapman. The spirit of a surgeon, Dr. Lang, purportedly did the operating through the use of the body of the medium.


The spirit, Dr. Lang, or Mr. Lang in England where a specialist is no longer called “doctor”, had given an excellent account of his life and work while living, and the facts were confirmed so well that there could no longer be doubt of the identity of the doctor. With the medium in trance, Mr. Lang often talked to the author and told him how he worked and of cases of special interest.


From the Huna point of view, the explanations given by Mr. Lang are right in line with what the na kahuna believed concerning the shadowy or aka body. The spirit doctor did not touch the body of his patients, but went through the motions of operating on them in the air, above the afflicted part. He said that he was able to draw the “spirit” body out of the physical and operate to correct the trouble, and that after the operation, the spirit (aka) body went back into the physical, and caused the changes to be made in the physical in its turn.


In my long study of Huna, largely because pain is felt in amputated toes after the whole leg has been lost, I have believed that while the shadowy body could not be changed or injured, the physical counterpart could. Now, faced with the testimony of Mr. Lang, it would seem that both the physical and the shadowy body are subject to injury and change – one suffering the same injury as the other. This is a fine point, and will bear much more study, but, as a matter of fact, it is not of great practical importance when it comes to healing. Undoubtedly Mr. Lang simplified his explanation greatly, and the shadowy body of the Auhane may also be involved.


The author, a newspaper man, went to great trouble over a considerable period of time to get the history of the development of the medium, the coming of the spirit, and the gradual growth of the healing practice. Some cases took many operations, and I gather from the account that the same operation might have to be repeated or done over several times to get the final results which were desired. Treatments are often extended over a period of weeks or months, and between the times when the medium called on the patient or the patient came to him, the treatment was carried on by “absent treatment”, the doctor going mostly at night to continue his work. In some cases the spirit doctor had been able to work with a living physician and help with advice and surgical directions – the spirit’s diagnostic ability being aided by his psychic power on the “other side”.


There were some failures, not all of which could be understood, but the list of successful healings was most imposing. In the book, the present address of Mr. Chapman is not given, but he seems well known in England in psychic circles and his work is sometimes reported in psychic magazines.


One of my friends, who had his right leg shattered above the knee, and who has had treatment from many healers without avail, told me that he had looked up Mr. Chapman, made a date, and gone in for one treatment in which surgery was done in the air above the place of the break. However, no change was observed after the treatment, and no arrangement was made to continue on. I suppose it will never be known whether a series of treatments might have produced the desired results or not. I take it that there was little or no faith in the treatment at the time.

Going back for a moment to the matter of operating on the “spirit body”, the problem of the vulnerability of the aka or shadowy body of the na kahuna is made even more difficult to solve by the statement of Mr. Lang that on the other side there are many wonderful hospitals with all the equipment needed – made of “spirit body” stuff, it is to be supposed – and that everyone who dies and comes over with a “Spirit body” injury (as all must to have died from something), is placed in a hospital and operated on to fix them up good as new.


In trying to get information from the spirits of those who have gone across before us, we are faced with the incontrovertible fact that spirit informers endlessly contradict each other. Up to this time everything I have read has given the impression that upon going across, one leaves all the ills of the body behind and emerges with the full number of teeth, bald spots well covered and the good old glasses and hearing aids no longer needed. Even the man who was blown to fragments in an explosion could come up again in one piece.


Of books telling what is to be found on the other side, there are many, and interlaced with endless accounts given through mediums of top side experiences, are descriptions of the heavenly conditions. Some years ago I visited with one of Mark Probert’s communicating spirits and inquired about what he had observed and asked why so many different accounts were given of, supposedly, the same place or state. The communicator, a Mr. Langford, if my memory serves me rightly, explained that heaven was largely patterned after one’s thoughts, desires and EXPECTATIONS. If one expected gold streets and Gabriel standing by to blow his trumpet, one finds all expectations fulfilled and the reality of same as perfect as we on earth find things in our finest dreams. He also said that one could think a desired situation and it would appear, just as if one might command a special dream. He promised that if I came over and wanted a summer cottage on Cook’s Bay on the Island of Morea, I could picture it and it would be there so real and complete that I could settle down to live as long as one liked in the place. One could call to friends and have them come and share the place. It sounded to me at the time like a rather good explanation, and I am now wondering whether the spirit healer, Mr. Lang, being in life so accustomed to operate to fix anything and everything, may not have built a billion dollars worth of the finest hospitals he could imagine. Many people expect to go to school on the other side and to continue learning life’s mysteries. Mr. Langford was of the opinion that we imagined our classes and teachers, and that we never were able to learn anything to add to what we had brought across in our memories. In this way he explained why people who had lived in heaven for thousands of years said such puerile things when back to speak through mediums.


One thing seems to stand out now in the tangle of explanations, and that is that if Mr. Lang, as a spirit, can get results by operating on the aka body of the living, imagination or no, thought-forms must be good tools. In operating, his hands move just as would a skilled surgeon’s. He asks nurses and assistants for instruments, gives curt orders, and sews up the incision with a perfect stitch. Visualization, and the creating of a proper thought-form of the desired or healed (or other) condition, may be something we still have to learn to put to full use. The na kahuna appear to have it all worked out and believed that if we pictured the desired condition and did not keep changing the picture, we could send mana frequently to the na Aumakua and they would clear the foundations or old structural conditions, then build anew, using the the new thought-form picture. Sending mana was all important.


MORE ABOUT THE HA RITE came to light recently when we realized that ha not only was to “breath heavily” but also meant “forty”, pointing to a series of deep breaths. As no possible reason can be assigned to this use of the breath in the usual living process aside from heavy labor to accomplish something, we may be safe to believe, in this uncertain field, that the breathing was done for a very special nonphysical purpose.


All through the religion of the Jews (and probably with the Egyptians and Chaldeans before them), as well as in the later Gospels, upon which Christianity became falsely based – to say nothing of all through Yoga from its first to latest writings, we find evidence of the leaking out in tiny bits of the original and basic ideas of Huna with its three selves, three manas, three shadowy bodies, and the gross physical vehicle. The idea of the energy or actual force which makes men alive, the “life force” leaked out mixed with the idea of the selves in a strange way.


For instance, the Aumakua and its High Mana blended to give us the “Holy Spirit” of Christianity and the “Self” of Yoga. At the time of the Pentecost there was a great outpouring of mana power which was like fire in that it gave “light”,  the symbol of the Aumakua. But it was not only the outpouring of a holy force (High Mana), it was the visiting of the Aumakua as the Holy Spirit – the Comforter and a definite Self according to the belief that developed from the story. The phrase, “Cleansed by the Spirit” can be traced back to the ka la (“give back the Light”) of the na kahuna in which a washing with water symbolized cleansing on the level of each of the three selves of the individual. The cleansing with High Mana could only be done by the Aumakua and through the use of its grade of the Life Force. It is most interesting to see how this garbled and leaked concept survived in the Christian rites. In the Church of Rome we have “Holy Water” used for absolution. But so complete has been the loss of the original secret that this “High Mana” has become only a vague symbol. True, water stands for mana, and if it is “holy”, it must be the High Mana, but how is it procured for use? Is the HA Rite used? No. The priest blesses the water, using the authority he has thought to have had handed down to him from Peter (the “Rock”) to perform the miracle of changing lowly water to something having amazing and mystical qualities and potencies.


When the na kahuna of old told the story of Creation, they had two gods make an image of man with red and white clay, then each god breathed into the clay image the breath of life and it became the two-self Adam. The Hebrew version in Genesis tells of only one god and one color of clay, things having a way, as they do, of getting lost in many tellings. However, the early Jews retained an outer meaning of the two selves – breaths – manas, putting the two lower selves breath manas together and using for them the name of nephesh, which not only denotes the “embodied breather”, but symbolizes the Aunihipili by the meaning of “to desire”. The desire also pointed to prayer for a desired thing, and to aid in getting the prayer answered, man was given a second “breath”, ruwach, which means “divine breath” and points to the Aumakua. The word also has the meanings of (1) violent exhalation, and (2) ” to enjoy”, (as one would after a desire was fulfilled). The word also is used for “Mind” and for “a region in the sky”, the latter again pointing to the Aumakua.


The original Huna meanings were even more lost as the word for “self” was lost in the words for “breath”, the Greek using pneuma and so having only the breath, minus the mana power or the idea of three selves, a living something was indicated. The Latin as used by the Romans used spiritus which was “breath” but which gradually came to be used for the “self” of anything. English, starting out with a very poor vocabulary, borrowed “spirit” and then, from the Germanic, “soul”, and these were passed back to be used in translating the Hebrew words, nephesh and ruwach, causing a further loss of the idea of the “Breath of Life” or mana as connected with a self.


JOHN ALLEGRO, wrote an article for the November 13th, 1966 issue of the OBSERVER titled CRACKING THE SECRET CODE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. In it he explains that the Jews were fond of plays on words and used them to conceal in their various writings the ideas known only to secret orders. (Mr. Allegro seems not to have run into Huna as yet.) ‘The Essenes,” he writes, “as represented by the Dead Sea Scrolls and as described by ancient historians, offer us, I believe, the long sought clue to an understanding of the secret New Testament.”


After some paragraphs of explanations and introduction, he takes up, as an example of the code method, the name of Peter in the Gospels and the significance of the fact that he was call “the rock”, (upon which Jesus, in the great drama, said that he would build his church, not letting out the fact that the “church” of initiates into Huna had been built centuries earlier on “rock” without Peter). “‘Cephas’, the title accorded to Peter,” writes Mr. Allegro, “(means) doyen (overseer) of the Aposdes, Matthew 16. The name is supposed to be primarily a pun on the Aramaic word kepha, meaning ‘rock,’ or better, ‘stone’, and is usually connected with the story in Matthew 16, where, following Simon’s recognition of Jesus as the Christ, he calls him Peter. But the word play is with the Greek word petra ‘rock’, and would have made little sense in the supposed Aramaic original. In any case, the idea that a nickname ‘Rock’ should form the basis of an important title in the newly formed organization is rather extraordinary.”


How right Mr. Allegro is at this point. But he was unable, without the Huna Code to see that there was anything more behind the “Rock”. In the code used by the na kahuna who took such a large part in producing the coded Gospels, the word is po ha ku, in which the root po is an intensive, and as ha, is our hard “breathing” to accumulate mana, the “intensive points to something akin to the “forty” times for repetition of the accumulation cycle of four breaths. The root ku has a peculiar double-action meaning: to rise from a sitting position, then to stand up erect. In the accumulation of mana we have the first action one of a partial “rising” in which the mana is accumulated in the body. Then comes the second part in which the mana is made to “rise” to the Aumakua. The combined roots making po ha give several related meanings, mainly of something accumulating and the suddenly rising upward, as light bursting forth from darkness, or tears suddenly bursting forth (water as mana there also). Taking the last root with the central one, we have ha ku, meaning the lord and master, which leaves no doubt that the Aumakua, as the “lord and master” of the man, was the one to whom the accumulated and “rising” mana was to be sent. (I must send this issue of the Huna Vistas to a new friend, Mr. Powell, who sent me a copy of the article by Mr. Allegro, and who has offered to try to get in touch with him should I so desire. I admire Mr. Alegro’s efforts very much, and would be only to happy to share with him the findings that we have accumulated in our several years of HRA research. And, by the way, Mr. Alegro is right in the middle of the effort to get at the old Scroll material which the savants are sitting on like old hens and refusing to release, perhaps for fear of what they may hatch into.


Looking in the article for indications of the nature of the “Secret Teachings” which have been found, about the only direct information from a given example is to be seen in the following paragraph:


“The title of the unhappy Judas, ‘he who betrayed him’, is really a pun on a very common Semitic root, which can also mean the spiritual submission or self-surrender. The  whole rather pointless incident of Judas’s betrayal of Jesus then probably conceals in story form some crucial phase in necromantic ritual.”


The Huna code gives us little or nothing of inner meanings behind this story. It deals with the teachings in a more direct way, and gives us nothing on the names of the characters playing their parts in the great drama.


SETS OF THE OLD BULLETINS as well as of the Huna Vistas, are offered at times by various HRAs. A file described as 99% complete was offered by Edw. S. Schultz, 450 Colvin Ave., Buffalo New York, 14216. He has been an HRA from the very first, has carefully saved the bulletins and has some of them in bound form. He offers the file to the highest bidder. The earlier HRA Bulletin has been out of print for some time, so this is a good chance to get them. HRA Schultz is planning to move, and is faced with the problem of disposing of many books as well. (Other sets are offered me from time to time, so, if you miss this one, get in touch with me. mfl.)




A QUESTION OF GENERAL INTEREST was put to me by newer HRA, G.O.H. of Vermont, who wrote: “I feel I could probably use some instructions concerning exactly how I should participate in the rites of the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group. You ‘sit’ at 3 P. M. and 7 P.M. your time, which is 6 and 10 my time, I believe. I have been observing these periods by using them to send mana to my Aumakua with the request that it be used by my Aumakua in cooperation with the na Aumakua of other members of the TMHG to fill the thought-forms of perfect health which you form on behalf of and for the benefit of the members of the TMHG etc. etc. to the end that this health be fulfilled in and through all the members of the TMHG including me. Is this, in brief and in general, the proper procedure for me to follow? During these TMHG prayer periods should you be the only one who is actually fashioning thought-forms for the benefit of the group members, or should each one of the members also engage in the thought-form production on his own behalf, that is, could this latter be done during the TMHG periods without causing a lot of confusion in the thoughts sent to the na Aumakua, etc??? Please advise me in this regard because I want to do my share as a TMHG member and participate effectively, to the best of my quite limited abilities, for the good of all concerned as well as for my own good.”


IN ANSWER I would say, briefly, that the main idea behind the work is to pool our mana in order to strengthen the Po`e Aumakua, or Great Company of na Aumakua, of which our own are undoubtedly members. Huna is unlike any other religion in that it teaches that the Higher Beings are not omnipotent in their own right – that they need a good supply of earthy mana to use to help the lower selves which they preside over as individuals and collectively as a group – like our TMHG members. Before the hour strikes for the sitting, we accumulate mana in our own way and send it with our thought-form picture of the desired condition to the individual Aumakua, then as the hour strikes, watch to see if a telepathic contact with me at the center can be sensed.


I sit with the box of letters carrying signatures exposed at the top, or pictures, and look steadily for a few seconds at each of three paintings which hang on my study walls. (The Kingsley Tarpey picture of a yellow sunset through pines. A little ocean cove with water, sand and rocks, and a cluster of big tree trunks in the edge of a grove.) By a minute after the hour I turn my thoughts to the na Aumakua, reaching out to make the full contact and send mana again for a few seconds. By about two minutes after the even hour, I begin taking up the signatures one after the other to “hold them to the Light” as I recall the mental thought-form pictures made carefully in advance, of the person in the desired condition, be it health, finances, social situation or even a combination of several items. This is a telepathic focusing of the full power from the Great Company on the individual and his or her needs, and lasts for about fifteen seconds on the average. My job is to open myself as a channel for the return flow of the High mana which we have made possible by our earlier sending up of the low mana to the na Aumakua.


The sitting takes an average of 20 minutes for me to cover all the signatures. During that time the individual who is sitting in should dwell on the process in work, and picture the High Mana as being focused here and there, perhaps finding it on himself suddenly with strength enough to cause a tingling or the feeling of a cobweb brushing across the cheek or there may come a sudden welling up of strong emotion, as of love and worship and gratitude as the contact is made with the beamed Light, or one may feel nothing. The time can be well spent now and then sending up more of the mana already accumulated. (Not taking strenuous or quiet physical and breathing action to accumulate more. There is usually plenty for this lesser and intermittent sending.) Also, one will do well to recall the picture of the thing desired and to picture the condition as come true; picture it as real and live in that condition with joy and thankfulness. This strengthens the thought-form of the prayer picture and keeps it handy for the na Aumakua to touch in their work of making the picture come true. Avoid thinking of the contrary or unwanted condition as much as is humanly possible during this sitting period, and when you begin to have the feeling that the sitting is finished or that you have quite finished with your part in it, give thanks gladly that the prayer picture has been accepted and that the desired condition is on the way to full materialization. For your “Amen”, use the phrase, “The prayer has taken its flight, let the rain of blessings fall.” Wait worshipfully and gratefully for a moment to let the return flow of mana recharge and bless you and to see if you might feel the tingling of the returning mana like the fall of fine rain on you. Then count the sitting properly finished and go on with other activities. If you feel very sleepy at the end of the sitting, relax a moment with closed eyes, or even take a bit of a nap. My experience has been that often when the needs of the Group are many and some urgent, I end the sitting suddenly hardly able to keep awake. But a few minutes sees me recharged and going strong again. (The names are taken up “front to back” at 3 and back to front” of the collection at 7, with the several from my urgent “special” list taken from my table and added to the list always at the start. Your name may be taken up early or late in the period or come more in the middle. There is no set time or order in this.)


For those unable to match my California time, they can activate the aka cord to our Great Company simply by thinking of the TMHG and me and asking that contact be made. The Aunihipili will know what to do. Accumulate and send mana in the usual way as if the regular sitting was going on. If you start on the even hour you may be joined by several others starting work at the same time. I work often on the even hour for a few minutes on my “special” list even in the night without the list.


In working to help others, I recommend the Hudson method of impressing on one’s Aunihipili the command to go, when you are soundly asleep, to the persons you wish to help and administer “suggestion” to them of health or of corrected conditions. It seems best to take up but one person each time, but if you awaken in the night, you may take on another person, as I frequently do. Don’t try to get suggestions over like this to people you are not trying to help, for instance, don’t try to force John to help Mary. Suggest instead to Mary that she has been Helped, and do not specify by whom or by what. Everyone must be allowed to use his free will. To try to force action is to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, and that is black magic. Let the na Aumakua find the source of help. They make no mistakes. Tell your Aunihipili to carry and give the suggestion you then make and speak or think to it, and be sure to be positive. Do not suggest, “Your eyes are healed”. That contains the picture of sick eyes. Say, “Your eyes are healthy and normal and you are seeing perfectly.” (If you learn to watch your dreams, you may find your Aunihipili reporting back what it has accomplished. It may need to have you set up a code for its use such as a dream of music for success, the finer the music, the better the success in the action. Symbols and such may often be used. The Aunihipili is a very clever fellow, you will find.)




My face is red because of the way I missed on the war in Vietnam last Fall. The cards indicated a forced ending to the war, and I took it that this was not far off. But the war continues and grows in size. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part made the cards show a fairly quick ending, but here we are with no end in sight just before the short Christmas truce begins (at this writing). I ran the cards to get a final word or a correction, and the only major difference in the run was that it started with the FALLING TOWER. If there is to be something at home which will force us to give up the war, or, on the other hand, something done by other nations to force our hand, the cards sayeth not, but I don’t like the situation.


……… MONEY seems to remain tight and may get tighter. Some hint of a major upset in the cards, but “business as usual” continues despite a few uneasy cards that crop up in the runs. The nation and the world seem to be increasingly uneasy, and the card of small wars continues to bob up. China and India cut for trouble and this may come in the summer from crops failing to be sufficient. England cuts confusion and South Africa great unrest with the STAR showing much waste motion and a very probable retreat from adamant positions in the effort to keep the Native Africans in subjection. No major quakes and “end of the world” disasters seem to threaten for the year ahead, but politics and finances, labor troubles and inflation will boil over around the English speaking part of the world. Strange cards cut for Russia, and I am made to wonder whether or not something may happen to the non-Communist part of the world which will allow Russia to sit on the top of the heap financially. I can only imagine this situation, judging from the cards, if our National Debt should get too top heavy and fall in on us so that we did a money tailspin of amazing proportions.


……… RELIGION AND EDUCATION cut poor cards for much unusual growth. We may stop spending to get to the moon and Mars this year. PRESIDENT JOHNSON gives a reading of preponderantly sword cards, and seems to be mainly involved in the year ahead in the Vietnam war problems. His reading ended with the Two of Swords – the one of the woman, fully armed as she has a sword in each hand, but she is blindfolded and sits helplessly by the sea unable to do anything. There is a new moon in the sky, indicating that when it becomes full, there will be a high tide to carry the helpless woman away. The Ten of Swords also came up, repeating the often predicted ending of the conflict with the enemy successful. Take this for what it might be worth.




Modern psychological thought has almost caught up with that of the Huna of many centuries earlier. One of the best examples of what modern thought has accomplished by way of constructing a system similar to that of Huna, is to be found in CONCEPT THERAPY, as the system developed by Thurman Fleet, D.C., of Texas.


Fleet’s story is well outlined in a new paperback book by William Wolff, titled PSYCHIC SELF  IMPROVEMENT FOR THE MILLIONS. (Price $1.95. order through your dealer.) One of the HRAs recently sent me this book, suggesting that I review it, and at about that time another HRA wrote to ask what I thought of “Concept Therapy”. I can recommend the book as giving a good working outline of the system. Now to compare it step-by-step with what the na kahuna discovered, and show what the modern findings lack to catch up with the very old ones which date back at least to Egypt, and perhaps to Sumaria in the Tigris Delta.


Dr. Fleet was injured in World War 1, and later helped to recovery by Chiropractic adjustment of his neck. He was so impressed that he took up the study of that healing art and soon set himself up in business in Texas. But adjusting the joints was not enough for his inquisitive mind. He first wanted to add to the physical work the adjustment of the mind, [and] eventually, of some part of the man corresponding to his Spirit. He bought and read endless books, pausing long over the lore of India and accounts of modern attempts to learn how to adjust the Mind. He accepted the idea of the subconscious and conscious parts of MIND, and later almost matched Huna with his idea of a UNIVERSAL MIND or higher part of the man. In his avid search he made an excellent and prolonged contact with the strange WHITE LIGHT so well known to the na kahuna as the mark of the presence of the Aumakua, or dual sexed Aumakua. The idea of MANA did not entirely escape him, but he did not divide it into three kinds. He recognized, first, a Higher “Conscious Power”, and then decided that this pervaded the man and his body – being always present to heal if conditions were made right to let it go to work. The main obstacle to setting conditions right was thought to be the MIND. Following Freud, Dr. Fleet postulated complexes and accepted the belief that the subconscious must be made to give up its fixed ideas in order to allow beneficial ideas or “concepts” to be found and their therapeutic action to follow. This matches Huna and its belief that the Aunihipili can do much damage by holding fixedly to the wrong ideas and to damaging and often hidden guilt feelings.


The aka or shadowy body of the man was left out of Dr. Fleet’s system, and he seems to have included little or nothing of the Huna beliefs in man as a spirit, or in spirits as “eating companions” who obsess the living to a greater or lesser extent.


Dr. Fleet began to add the adjustment of the Mind to his practice of adjusting the joints. His “Mind” included the subconscious as well as the conscious, and he was able to feel his way rapidly forward into a method that worked very well. He eased his patients into the task of examining themselves and finding out what wrong “concepts” they held of themselves   thus leading them to begin to correct the old concepts, get rid of fears and fixations, and begin to let the innate healing Power go to work on them. He established a ranch center for treatment and for use in teaching others, especially Chiropractors, how to use his methods. (The ranch is still the center, and one may write for descriptive literature to “Concept Therapy Institute”, Rt. 8, Box 250, San Antonio, Texas. 78228.)


Many people, hearing of the successful healing methods being used, came to the ranch center and were lectured to and taught, with various ones helping Dr. Fleet to get his ideas across. But all too often, the listeners did not take the gift of information seriously enough to do anything about it. Dr. Fleet decided that what people get for nothing does not impress them, so he started to give fixed courses of lectures and charged $175 for the course. This made all the difference. People who had paid that much were determined to get the worth of their money. They paid attention and attended the lectures faithfully, trying all the time to follow instructions and adjust their minds, thoughts and concepts as instructed. Healing scores improved, and there was money to hire teachers and people to travel, advertise and sell the course in a large way. Huna agrees with this matter of making a good charge for services offered. The na kahuna of old charged fees for their help, fitting the size of the fee to the ability of the patient to pay.


All went well – but not well enough or fast enough to suit the perfectionist in Dr. Fleet. He saw that self-suggestion was difficult for many patients, and in his search for a way to help them clean up the subconscious to make way for the new “concepts”, he found hypnosis – and soon was expertly putting it into practice with good results. In this he ran parallel with the na kahuna of yesterday who used both mesmerism with the shock charges of low mana, and the hypno-suggestive action of the Auhane – or both in combination – to clear and cleanse the Aunihipili of its fixations, false ideas and, especially, its guilts. They taught emphatically the doctrine of “No sin: NO HURT and NO hurt: NO SIN”.


It was at this point that the intrepid Dr. Fleet hit a snag. He had formed a fine selling and teaching organization and the ranch was enlarging and staff expanding, BUT, in his organization there remained a hard core of members who had been convinced long since that hypnotism was dangerous and bad. Most of those who took the lectures of the course were conditioned by “Science” and “Church” to believe the same thing, and all and sundry, when told that Dr. Fleet planned to use hypnosis on them, blew their tops. The result was that the organization split right down the middle and half the members pulled away and kept on with their teaching (and collecting of fees) without the inclusion of the hypno-suggestive parts. Just where this has left the work, Mr. Wolff, in his small book, does not explain, but it is my guess that we have both schools of “Concept Therapy” carrying on in opposition to some extent. So far as I can gather, Dr. Fleet controls the ranch center and his kind of therapy is used whenever possible. I may be wrong here, but judging from the new book by Mr. Wolff, the healing by both sides of the organization is excellent. (About half of his 124-page book is given over to stories of the many and wonderful healings accomplished in the past and, presumably, right up to the present.) (It is also evident, judging from Mr. Wolff’s book and its title, that he expects “millions” to read his book, put the therapy as he explains it to use, and heal themselves – keeping their $175 for spending money.)


In the “Concept Therapy” method, leaving out the benefits to be gained by using hypnosis to teach the patient with speed to use self¬suggestion, the healing process is started just as the na kahuna of old would have done. The na kahuna began with the Kala or Cleansing Rite. This was aimed at cleaning up the wrong beliefs held by both the Aunihipili and Auhane. If the patient had hurt others, he was made to make amends. (A most valuable beginning which Dr. Fleet seems to have failed to develop in his system.) When amends had been made directly or good deeds were done to even the score when amends could no longer be made, the patient was ceremonially baptized or washed to cleanse and forgive him of all past misdeeds – words carrying suggestion of cleansing and forgiveness being spoken by the kahuna while using the powerful physical stimulus of the washing. To the na kahuna, this opened the “path” to put the patient back into proper touch with his Aumakua and to deserve its healing ministrations and get them. Dr. Fleet worked in a slightly similar way to clean up the two minds of his patients and then helped them to get the right “concepts” or attitudes of mind and expectation – after which the Universal Power worked automatically to bring about the healing, working through every cell, up and down. There can be little doubt that Dr. Fleet’s methods helped contact the Aumakua and bring into use the proper manas for healing. All prayers go to the Aumakua, according to Hun`a, because there is no place else for them to go, and all healing power is some form of mana, because there is no other healing power that affects body or mind.


The Fleet “concept” was well constructed and matches well the thought-form mental picture carefully evolved and tested before being sent with mana along the aka cord to the Aumakua where it is made to change or materialize from a thought-form to a reality. Dr. Fleet’s Universal Power is just THERE. In Huna the power is not there in sufficient quantities unless we put it there by the use of the Ha Rite method.


An HRA wrote to ask me what I thought of the new teaching about “Reality”. I am not sure which school of thought she had in mind. “Scientology” uses the term to cover a large section of its system, but “Concept Therapy” may also have this word as a heading for the process of cleaning out the foolish beliefs so prevalent in circles where the teachings of “Positive Thinking” rate high. All about us we see people who are sold on the slogan, “Think right and all will BE right”. They create an imaginary world such as they desire and use it to hide in while avoiding the necessity of meeting their world head on. Dr. Fleet demanded a mental inventory of his patients, and it had to be complete and put to use to give a true picture of the REALITY of the surroundings and conditions which the patient had to contend with. He demanded that they stop fooling themselves and adapt themselves as best they could to present conditions before beginning to expect health and outer conditions to improve. It was not too well stressed that the Universal Power would help conditions, but one was taught to act and FEEL as if health had come and conditions had begun to improve greatly. This involved some self-suggestion to make the subconscious believe that things were already better, and perhaps this need was met in part by hypnotic help. In any case, the reality of the thought-form picture sent to the Aumakua in the Huna method is no end better. It is easily understood and does not insult the reason of the Auhane.


A point of great value in “Concept Therapy” as well as in Huna is all too often overlooked as we set about using these or similar methods to help ourselves. This is the simple fact that we all tend to worry ourselves into the grave. The Aunihipili is a great hand to “fear the worst”. It gets the idea of what might happen, and it imagines it happening. It passes the undertone of fret and fear up to the Auhane, and together they remain in a perpetual tizzy that is very bad for peace of mind and health. Everyone should take a close look daily at this point and if frets and fears are found, begin to “count the many blessings” and reassure the Aunihipili that all is well and that it should relax, be happy, trust the care of the Aumakua, and stand firmly in the LIGHT. This cleansing and return to Reality, done daily, prevents the wrong mental pictures from being sent automatically to the Aumakua and getting included in the picture of our lives which daily materializes.



Teaching Huna to the Children

February-March, 1967





The proposed study project aimed at uncovering the Huna elements hidden in the Kaballa, and perhaps the Tarot Cards as from a similar source, has proven less than a paying deal. The literature of the Kaballa is so great and the speculations so endless – and often pointless, from the Huna standpoint – that I have become lost in stacks of unorganized notes while only making a beginning. Besides, we have got the kernel out of the nut, and the shells are not very interesting or greatly important. For the time being, at least, shall we content ourselves by saying that Huna was the thing the compilers of the Kaballa were trying to hide and still preserve – and that they did a very poor job of it compared with the making of the great Drama of the Light which we know as the New Testament. As to the Tarot cards, back in the first eleven issues of the Huna Vistas we uncovered the secret number system used to hide the Huna content and still make one partly initiated able to rearrange the cards and get back the Huna basics. One more point that needs to be mentioned, the majority of the HRAs were not too interested in the Kaballa study except to make sure that the ancient Huna system was the point of focus in the tangle of commentary that followed a few short pages carrying the basic Huna hidden in the beginning writing.




I must be frank and say that this new project which I am proposing may bore some of the HRAs even more than the one just laid on the shelf to ripen and gather a little more dust. The new idea is one first proposed some years ago, but about which nothing was done at the time. It was to find a way to teach children Huna and bring them up in the faith so that we might prevent the Ancient Lore which we have so painfully unearthed, from being lost again, perhaps for all time.


The idea was recently brought up by a new HRA who wrote to say that she had been trying to teach her daughter, turned four, the basics of Huna. The question was asked whether we had stories or lessons or some way worked out that might be put to use. This rang a bell in me, and I was impressed that it was high time we rolled up our sleeves and got into the work of blocking out a teaching system for Huna and the children. I wrote back asking that I might have a picture or thumb prints of the little girl and of her father (really, his signature), so that I could make a reading of the child and both parents to see what kind of material stood ready there to test what might be put together tentatively. The child’s picture was snapped and her thumb prints taken, and the father’s signature sent. I had the mother’s on her letter.


To my surprise and delight, I found that little Shura and her parents were ideal for our test purposes. The were all normal and constructive in will and personality patterns and ran from Shura at 378 degrees, to her mother at 380 and her father at 381. An exceptionally high family group, and on the level at which abstractions in Huna should cause no trouble at all. If there is any danger, it will be that Shura will grasp everything with such ease that we may tend to make the story lessons too difficult for children of such lower levels as 330 to 340 degrees. (Below this level it will be a waste of time to try to teach the abstractions of Huna, and more material concepts will have to be used. For instance, a God who is invisible and intangible will have to materialize and grow a long white beard for those of the lower levels, just as was done with the Jehovah of the Old Testament.)


What I propose is that I break out the first draft of the story lessons and that those of you who are interested will act as editors and test the units on such children as may be available. If you find an available child or two around the ages of four to eight, and can arrange with parents (if they are borrowed children) to allow them to be taught an unorthodox version of religion, you will get recent snapshots of them and use a stamp pad to get their thumb prints. These will be sent to me with a little information as to the children and the assurance that the parents have given their consent for the tests and teaching material use. I will run P.A. readings and enroll the child or children in our school, so to speak.


I will try to get the first draft lessons mimeographed to send out as fast as possible, and we can make a start. You may all act as editors or rewrite the material to suit your children’s need. More simplification and repetition if they are slow to grasp the ideas of Huna which you will recognize as you go along. Changes or additions or deletions will be in order as well. Bit by bit we should learn what is needed and how fast to go, what changes to make etc. If you can write a better story than I can, I shall be delighted, but give warning that if you better me too much, you may have to write the whole series of lessons for us.


I visualize a book, eventually, perhaps with illustrations of a simple nature – and this will call for someone to illustrate for us. It is possible that we will have to have more than one book, each fitted to a different age group, but for the beginning we will try to stay with the younger children. However, if the older ones happen to take to the stories, so much the better, at least for the start.


In order to make the stories more bearable for the elders who must read or tell them, I will take a leaf from Alice In Wonderland, and try to put in little quips which may go over the heads of the children. (These quips may be too flat and have to be taken out, or too silly. You will be the judges. They may have to be put in footnotes – or whatever.) For the children, we will need adventure and suspense and the lure of the odd and new. We will try to put new telling into bits of old stories, and build very slowly to the full picture of the Huna way of looking at the world and ourselves as part of it. For our purposes I have selected, as did the writers of Genesis, the story of the Creation. It has practically everything we may need. I will work in evolution and after a time reincarnation. We will work up carefully through several stories to the creation of Adam and Eve, and, with the help of several creature characters from the stories, finally make the first man. You will see the approach in the opening stories, and so I will give only a simple outline of the material just to show the tentative trend.




Dear H.R.A. and Friends,


Here is the second part of the first draft of the story line to be used to teach children the basics of Huna. It goes on in numbering where the last installment left off, as you will see, and it ends rather abruptly with the paragraph telling of the giving of an Aumakua to each of the little Adams and Eves. To be of best service, the series should continue, with reviews inserted to call attention repeatedly to the three selves and the fact that the Auhane has an ape man or animal Aunihipili which may, or may not be a baddie. If it is bad, the one supervising the giving of the stories to the children would need to drum in the lesson that the bad impulses come from the Aunihipili and must be put down by the Auhane.


After the earlier installment went out (with the announcement of the new project) a number of letters came in praising the project and the story so far. Not  many of the HRA have children available on whom to test the story and its method, but a few will make a try. A letter from the mother of our four year old Shura reports that she has been telling the stories of the first installment to the little girl piece by piece and that Shura gets her paper and crayons ready to draw pictures to illustrate the piece of story for herself, and says, “Read me one of Uncle Long’s stories”. So far the interest has held up, and with the second installment in hand, there will be new material to keep things rolling.


The idea of the telepathic conversation in the stories between Mother and Father and the creatures has been made into a game with cards numbered from 1 to 110 and Shura and her mother take turns sending and receiving telepathic impressions back and forth. The score made is nothing spectacular. Shura calls this telepathy “head talk”, which I feel is an excellent name for it. No particular difficulty has been encountered so far in simplifying the stories and getting across the general ideas, but as yet no effort has been made to touch upon the idea of reincarnation. I would say that for such brief stories and meager presentation of basic Huna elements, this is an excellent showing. It is beyond my expectation, even with a child of the very high degree standing of Shura.


Help in editing has been sent to me, mainly in the matter of the approach at various places in the story, and in correcting some blatant contradictions of the ideas presently held about evolution. A letter tells me it is now believed that the whale was a land animal which went back to the sea. In another letter I was corrected on the use of the trunk for the little elephant to get his lunch. Baby elephants suck not with the end of the trunk except to suck in a trunk fun of water and then blow it into the mouth or spray it over something. The mouth is used for sucking and getting milk from the mother. Of course, the stories are “pretend” in large part, and the things that I have happen are mostly contrary to modern theories of evolution, but for some things I try to keep up with the times. In making the story of the ape men in this installment I have been guided by the recent findings which seem to prove that man, in his evolutionary progress was, for a long time, a pretty savage predator given to eating meat and making war instead of being a peaceful vegetarian like most apes. Dr. Leakey, who has found fossil bones of the man ape such as I describe, is my main authority. He ventures the idea also that man, like the shrew, had a bad smell and a worse taste, so that he escaped being eaten by lions and similar large animals a million or so years ago when evolving in tropical Africa. This may or may not end the story series. Still too early to know. MFL




God as invisible and intangible but in an aka body and having mana. He is made easier to imagine as the “Father”. Introducing the “Mother”. Together they decide to create the Universe, world and man – us.


Creation begins (see first installment.) After the sea creatures are well along, they are commanded to try to come out to be land creatures, and we follow their adventures. For the story ease, we depart from true evolution and the catfish becomes the land cats. The whale becomes the elephant, and the dogfish the dogs. The air is filled with smoke and has to be washed. Etc., etc.


Mother and Father foresee the need for diapers and milk for Adam and Eve when they are created, and a search runs through the stories to find these items or the makings. All the creatures and things are given rewards for their efforts, and in this we learn such things as how birds got their songs and colors.


The mermaid comes ashore to become the first milkmaid. The man-a-tee comes ashore and tries to produce men, but the best she can accomplish are the monkey tribes. They aren’t good enough to be used as men, and eventually Adam and Eve are created by being hatched out of specially prepared eggs. They hatch as twins, one of several pairs black, the rest shades of brown and red and yellow for the several races.


The chimps have been pressed into service as nursemaids and inadvertently one sees bleach being poured into the laundry water and so pours some into the bath for its pair of twins. The result, brown twins are bleached to white. The pairs grow and are only animals, but are human to a degree. They are placed here and there around the world to fit the different races.


With each life that is lived, the “self stuff” in each creature becomes smarter. Eventually some of the self stuff of men who have died is gathered and put into the animal men as na Auhane. In time, the processed self stuff is good enough to serve as na Aumakua. The stories end here as a series, or they may continue as stories of the adventures of the several Adam and Eve pairs and their families. The basic ideas of Huna can be brought up and reviewed from time to time until the lessons are learned. Telepathy is introduced in the first story. Man is given the ability to speak only when the second self is inserted to live with the animal selves. The shadow bodies and mana life force become familiar parts of life and living by degrees. A wise old man is quoted and some of the secrets he shares belong to Huna. If the yarns are good enough, they should furnish a text of sorts even for an adult.


With the progress of the experiment we may find a good reader to tell the stories for us in tape form so that they may be played on recording machines. We will work out all the necessary details if we get going properly and find that we can reach the children in this way.


In San Diego I hear that there is a company now making books which include a recording to play along with the effort of the child to read the accompanying text. I’ll try to learn more of this promising invention. We might be able to use it in our work eventually. We might also find that our text could be accompanied by outline pictures which the children could color. Any suggestions?




Dear Aunties and Uncles (and Adams and Eves, if and when we ever get some):


Tellifatic Greekings to you all! And as boss didn’t  have page enough left to write “this corn is to be tinued, ” I write it every bit as good right here. AND, if you like to corn feed your children or the kids of someone you don’t like, and want the next instrawlment when/if it come out, you drop me a line and I’ll see that you get it. Of course, if lots of HRAs can take it, we’ll make it into bullingtons instead of the usual sense. I asked boss to let me in on what Father was thinkig that mebby Mother was thinking, and he warned me that curiosity had killed a kat, so I went back to my box and smouldered, and I don’t have any better idea of what happened next than you do. But I think that as we have suffered this much, we have three guesses coming, and one of mine is that they cut Little Mermaid in two and made Eve out of the top half and Adam out of the fish tail part. I have heard people call some men “poor fish”. But even that might not do away with the need to get the cotton wove into drippers, if the fishy little Adam and Eve had to go back to the baby class and start out very little, “akordian to plan”, as Father says.


All fooling aside, I now got to report serious business. You remember last time I wrote to you I snuggested that instead of Shistmust cards, you send me some nice H&S Green Stamps? Well, some of you did one thing and some did both. The result was that I got stamps for both of those slippers for boss. And then I had lots more left, so I started swapping them with boss for more payjamas, kat size .04 , (in case you might want to make me a presink of a pair some time), and more fur lined bath tabs. (P.S. I also like Blue Chip and Orange stamps, just in case.)


I kina thought it would be nice to have a different color payjamas and a different tub for each night of the week. Boss was no end willing to oblige, and he made the phone calls and such, and soon came bringing me a change of payjamas and tub even day. And AM I elegant! We ran out of fur for Sattady and Sunday but I listened to what they said at the fur store and heard of two estra spessul and espensive and rare kinds of fur   and told boss to see what he could do. He tried, and pretty soon came up with a elegunt tub lined with frog hair. And from the scraps they trimmed the collar and cuffs of my matchink payjamas. Then, for Sunday, boss also out did himself. He wangled the rarest of all: I tub lined with gennuine horse feathers. And a feather stuffed pillow to use when I tubbed. Only trouble is that when I stay too long in that tub on Sunday nights, I get to itchink. Horses eat oats, and the oats kina stay in the horse feathers like burs in tweed cloth such as boss has in a suit   and one can’t always keep scratching or looking for what is picking them.


I still had some stamps left, and as boss only has got two feet and didn’t need a change of slippers for every morning in the week, we had to start worrying a little. But it didn’t last long. I soon began to notice my stamp books was sorta squeezing down and at the same time making the pile more little. I also began to notice in the kitchen where boss cooks dinner and such, some very new and swank skilliks and things. I sorta kasually inquired where they came from, and boss showed them to me one at a time and told how someone had invented a telephone lining to put in cooking You tensils so you never burn   or something like that. He never did get around to confess where he got them, for he always had to stop to polish copper bottoms. But I pulled a DEAL! My Uncle John R. came to see me and. saw my stamps and we got to dickering because his girl wanted to get a color TV and was short 7 books so he swapped me $30 worth of bullington stamps for 7, and there you are!


Love from CIGBO (and boss)




From Huna Vistas Bulletin 76




The best stories of all are those which tell all about how WE were made, and also the animals, birds, insects and even flowers. It is also fun to hear how such things as clouds and rainbows came to be.


In the Beginning, ever so many years ago, there was no world. There were no animals or people, not even stars in the sky. But all through the places where the stars and world and sun and moon were to be put, there was God.


Now God is so large that no one can imagine anyone or anything that big, and so, in telling the story of CREATION (which is how things were made), the men of old had to think of God as a very wise and strong MAN, and they called Him, “The Father”, and said that he lived in the heavens.


The odd thing about God is that he is invisible. That means that no one can see Him. He has no body like ours, but is made of the STUFF that is used to make THOUGHTS. We can call it “thought stuff” or “self stuff” because even people know that they are themSELVES, without having to stop to think that they have bodies. (You and I and all the creatures were given a bit of think stuff so we can know that we are alive and are God’s Children.)


If you have trouble thinking of things which can’t be seen, you might like to play a little game like Jack and Jill did long ago. (You may know their story, but there was a part of it that was secret and did not get into the books. Now you can know the secret part.)


Jack and Jill were playing and Jill had her crayons and a sheet of paper on a board so she could draw pictures. Jack was trying to tell her the Secret. He used the thought stuff in his head to make a fine big thought, than said to Jill, “I’ve made a thought. See if you can see or feel or hear or taste what it is.”


“There isn’t anything that I can see,” said Jill after a minute of trying. She felt in the air around Jack’s head and listened and smelled. But, of course, she could sense nothing. Jack’s thought – just like God and His thoughts – was as if nothing had been made. But something very real had been made. Thoughts are very real. Jill said, “I’ll give up. I think this is all pretend.”


“No it isn’t,” said Jack. “A nice lady at the library told how to understand such things as God and THOUGHTS. It’s easy, and I will show you. First you have to make a thought, just like I did, and then you have to find a word to match it. That is how everything was made to start with. The lady told us that in a very old book some wise man had written, ‘In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ I don’t think God was really the Word. He just must have thought a thought and then found the right word to match it before He spoke the Word. Anyway, we all can think a thought and find a word for it. The word that will make you able to hear my thought is BLUE. I made a thought of blue. Take your crayons and mark a blue patch on you paper, then you can also see my thought. But the blue spot will be harder to feel, and can hardly be smelled or tasted at all.”


Jill made a blue spot with her crayons. She studied it and then asked, “If you think of God and say the word ‘God’ for Him, can I draw Him in a picture?”


“I asked the story lady that same thing,” said Jack. “She said that ever so long ago the Egyptians who built the pyramids we see in our geography books had tried to make a picture of God so they could put it into their tombs. But finally they had to pretend. They said that a shadow was the nearest thing they could think of that was like God. And because the sun made a shadow with its light, they said that the SUN should stand for God in all their pictures, and that for God’s invisible body they would picture a shadow. They said that God had given men shadow bodies just like his, and the shadows of Kings were so royal that there was always a servant standing around just to see that no one ever stepped on the king’s shadow and he tried not to step on it himself, so when he walked in the sunshine, another servant carried an umbrella to cover him so he would not make a shadow to get stepped on.”


“Does it hurt one’s shadow to get stepped on?” asked Jill.


“I don’t know,” said Jack thoughtfully. “It just might. But more sacred even than the king’s shadow was the sun itself. They believed that it stood as the real Thought and Word of God – even that it WAS God – which the story lady said was a mistake. But, mistake or not, they used to think of God and then say the word, SUN or the word LIGHT, and that was how He got that name. And they called God’s great power SUNLIGHT.”


Jill picked up her scissors and her paper. “If thoughts are real, I am going to make us into a king and a queen.” She snipped out two crowns from her paper and put one on her own head and the other on Jack’s. “There you are, Mr. King” she laughed. “See to it that you don’t step on your royal shadow and spoil it. But come, we’d better go up the hill to the spring and get Mother that pail of water.”


They took their pail and climbed the hill. As the sun was in front of them and threw their shadows behind as the went, they had no trouble in not stepping on them. But when they had filled their pail and started down the hill with their shadows in front of them, they tripped in trying not to step on them, and Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill, who had also tripped, came tumbling after.


Jack shivered as he picked up Jill. Spring water is very cold. “I don’t know,” said Jack, “whether my shadow body – my real one, not just my shadow – can get wet, but my regular body sure can. We’d better get another pail of water and hurry home and get into dry clothing.”


So, now that you know what really happened that time to Jack and Jill, let’s go back to the story of how everything was MADE. But first it must be explained that because God and His shadow body and Sunlight Power are hard to imagine without the shadows or the sun, we will do like an ancient neighbor people of the Egyptians did. They made everything simple and called God THE FATHER. And, (here is a very special secret for you) because even God cannot be a father without there being a mother, we will call her, in our stories, THE MOTHER. She is also too large to imagine and has a shadowy body one can’t see, and is very powerful. She is very beautiful and very kind and she loves everything, especially baby creatures. Try to remember that our story is not all true. Most stories are part PRETEND, and so ours will have to be.


Well, once upon a time the wise Father and lovely Mother decided that they would do a little creating. But before they could make animals and birds and men, there had to be a place to put them. And so, while they were at it, they made all the space that could ever be needed. It reached as far as one can reach with a thought, and that is very far, indeed. Into this vast space they placed the stars as they made them, and our sun and moon and world. Our world was an extra fine one and was made with greatest care, for on it would be place men and women after it had cooled off and everything was ready. The world was made round like a ball, as almost everything is to start with. It spun like a top and circled rather slowly around the sun in a circle so big that it took a year just to go around it. With the earth for company had been created several other worlds or planets, some farther away from the sun and some closer, some larger than the earth and some smaller. They all had one moon, like we have, or three or four. Some of the planets were too close to the sun, however, and got too hot. Others were too far away and were too cold. Only our earth was just right.


As soon as the earth had cooled off, The Father and The Mother came to look it over and decide what to do next. It was too dry for plants, so they made RAIN out of little round drops of water, and the rain fell and fell and fell. There is something odd about rain drops. They are round, like most good things when they are created, but they mix together and make water. And in water we cannot see where one rain drop ends and the next begins. They all get pressed down flat on the sides so they fit together to make water and the seams can not be seen even with a magnifying glass. But, if the air is cold when the rain drops fall, they freeze, and then we can see them as hail, and notice how they stay round until they get warm and turn to water.


Pretty soon there was enough water, but it covered all the world and did not leave dry land. To fix this trouble, parts of the earth were pushed up into mountains and plains, and all the water ran into the low places to make lakes and oceans. As the water made little streams in the hills and started to run downward toward the low places, the streams were very happy – and still are to this day. They sang melodious little songs as they splashed over stones or made little waterfalls. And the rain drops like doing this so much that when they are in the ocean, they climb up the ladders made by the rays of the warm sun, and make clouds in which they sail back, pushed by the wind, to high spots over the land where they can fall once more and join to make brooks and sing their way to the sea.


Father said to Mother, “I’ve finished drawing plans for most of creation. We’ll have to start with the very little things and grow them in the warm water of the ocean near the shore.”


“I’ll be ready to help you any time,” replied Mother. “Have you decided what to use to make the creatures out of when we begin?”


“I’ve planned about a hundred different kinds of earth stuff to use,” explained Father. “And most of the things can be mixed together to make still more kinds of matter. We’ll have some which are gasses, some fluids like water, and many which are soft or hard or in between.” He held out his hand and showed several kinds of stuff called ‘elements’. “Want to help me make shadowy bodies for a few little creatures? We can then fill them with matter and put a little of our think stuff and self stuff into them as well as some life force, and that ought to get things started.”


Mother reached out a lovely hand and took Father’s big kind hand. They joined to make the needed thought pictures of the little creatures. That done, they made shadowy bodies to dress up the picture bodies, and folded in the bits of their own self  stuff so the creatures would have first grade intelligence and know they were themselves. To each the Mother fastened an invisible little shadowy thread which she fastened to her apron strings so she could keep track of all and help them to know just how to live. (It is called ‘Instinct’ when the Mother tells creatures how to do things, such as how to eat and grow. She tells them through the tiny shadowy threads.)


When Father’s hand got too full, the Mother said, “Let’s go into the house and I’ll find a bowl of the right size to use.” So they went into their house and put the little things they were creating into a bowl. But they were too dry, and when stirred, did not mix well.


“We need some nice pure water,” said Father. They went outside and looked up into the sky. A small cloud was floating there and Father called, “Little Cloud! We need you. Come over here and see if you can rain a little in this bowl.”


The Little Cloud was so proud and excited to be asked to help that it almost burst itself hurrying to rain. It is very hard for clouds to rain until things are just right. But it squeezed and squirmed and tried until it began to turn black in the face. “Easy,” cautioned Mother, and it tried one more time, its very hardest, to squeeze out some rain drops, but accidentally let go a fork of lightning and a clap of thunder. “Careful!” warned Mother. “You almost burned the mixture.” The little cloud burst into tears, and as it was crying rain drops, and the bowl was soon half filled, and all was well.


Father watched while Mother stirred gently. Soon he said, “I think that is about enough, and that little touch of lightning may be just the thing needed to get the life force working.”


“You’re right!” exclaimed Mother. “See! Little balls are forming and growing skins around themselves. Balls are always a good sign.” They watched and Mother stirred ever so gently.


Soon the little balls, which looked like jelly, began to wiggle and squirm with life. “Listen,” commanded Father, “you little fellows grow as fast as you can and multiply so that we can have plenty of one celled creatures.”


Mother wiped her hands and hung up her apron of stars. “What do you plan to do with them when there are enough?”


“Oh,” answered Father, “have them join to make larger creatures with many cells. l bet some cells will take over the work of being eyes for the creature, and some of being the stomach, and some mouths. You will have to instruct them through the shadowy stuff threads fastened from them to your apron strings.”


“I’ll be glad to instruct them,” said Mother. “I’ve wanted a family for some time, and these will be cunning children. When the time comes I will see that their instinct teaches them how to grow teeth and ears and hair. Then later, I will see that they learn things like building nests. It will be most entertaining.”


As they took the bowl to go to pour the mixture into the warm ocean, they were surprised to find a whole group of clouds gathered above their house. They had heard of the wonderful honor bestowed on Little Cloud by being allowed to help with creating things. They all were just waiting and almost bursting themselves to be ready to rain at a moment’s notice. The air filled with flashes of lightning and loud rolls of thunder. But Father and Mother did not mind. They only smiled and covered the bowl to show that they had enough rain in it already. They walked across the beach and emptied the bowl here and there among the rocks on the shore. Once in the water the little creatures lost no time getting to work. Some became plants and some creatures. All they needed was time to show what they could do.





The next day was a very long time coming, at least as we think of time, for the days of the Father and Mother are ever so much longer than ours. But the next long day of their time came at last, and all the little new one-celled creatures came to the top of the water to show themselves proudly.


Some had learned to make little hands of parts of their bodies to grasp food. But, having no mouths, they just wrapped their bodies around the bit of food and digested it. Others had been busy learning to be plants, and most of them had learned how to use sunshine and smoke from the air to make green stuff so anyone would know they were plants. The smoke was in the air and got mixed into the water, so making this green “chlorophyll” was really quite easy.


Father saw that there were too many plant cells and not enough animal ones. He looked up at the smoke in the air which had come from volcanoes before the earth had cooled, and said, “Mother, unless we can clear up the air and get rid of the smog and smoke, we’ll have the ocean filled with plant cells and there will hardly be room left for the little animals.”


Mothers said, “Couldn’t we put the air through my washing machine and wash it? Let’s go home and try.” So they went home and to the laundry room. Mother poured soap and bleach into her big machine and said to Father, “You pull in the air and stuff it into the machine. I’ll stand over here and try to keep it from tangling as it comes out of the wringer.”


Father went outside and told the clouds to go lie on the ground for a little while, then began pulling in the air. Before long he had it blowing in all by itself and making a fine wind. The wind liked the game and whistled at the top of its voice. Mother had heard another noise and had gone to look out of the window at the clean air which was shooting out of the whirling wringer.


“Come and look,” she said. “I’m afraid we’ve done something to the air.” She pointed to little whirlwinds which raced along the beach and picked up sand, and out over the ocean there were three big whirlwinds making tall spouts and sucking up the ocean water to make “water spouts.” “I think we could have done very well without those,” she said anxiously. “I’ll slow down the washer and we’ll take more time putting the air through.”


When all the washing was done, Mother sighed. “In spite of everything, we made several tornadoes and one cyclone. Now we will have to teach Adam and Eve, when we get them created, to get into caves when they see a tornado coming. ”


Going back again to the sea, they watched the little animals pull in their belts so tightly on their middles that they cut themselves in two. They were doing this to obey the command to grow and multiply. And to grow they gobbled up the little plant cells for food.


“Is that to be allowed?” asked Mother. “It doesn’t look very kind.”


“I did my level best,” said Father, “but it was the only way there was. So its a ‘Law’ and I’m afraid all animal life will be marked by some cruelty – even the lives of Adam and Eve and their children. They will have to live in animal bodies you know, and so be subject to the rules that have to be made for all animals, large and small. Everything will eat some living thing, be it plant or smaller creature, but at the first bite the self stuff in the one being eaten will leave and come back to be saved to enter new plants or creatures later on. And – this is very important – each time the self stuff goes through a life, it will pick up experience and be smarter. When we make Adam and Eve, the self stuff we will have to put into them will be so experienced that it will make them the most intelligent of all the animals.”


“I hope your plans do not call for men to be too cruel and savage,” said Mother hopefully.


“No, said Father. I have man planned to be as kind as I dare. But he will have to keep other animals from eating him, and have to do his share of cruel acts.” He reached down and stirred the sea water with his hand. “All that will come a bit later. Just now we must give the command to these little fellows to join up and form larger and larger plants and creatures – many different kinds.” So he spoke in a low voice and gave the commands and everything in the sea began following the plans and joining up to do as they were told.

With Father and Mother right there to supervise (which is to boss the job), and with Mother to hold the ends of the invisible shadowy threads running to each plant and creature so that she could supply enough direction through “instinct”, the sea soon became filled with worms and snails and little fish and eels, also little crabs and oysters and no end of interesting creatures. The plants had likewise grown, and one had made kelp, with little green bags filled with air to keep the tops of the plants floating on the top of the water.


They started back to their house, taking the path that came in from the back, and came upon a small lake of black water. “Did all that come from the washing of the air?” asked Mother.


“Must have,” answered Father. “The air was certainly dirty.” He looked up and sniffed. “Still has too much smoke in it. But pretty soon the plants will move from the sea to the land and begin to grow. They’ll take the carbon from the air and then the dead layers of plants will make oil so that Adam’s children can have gasoline for their automobiles and dirty up the air again by burning it. There will also be coal to burn and make smoke. I must find time to draw plans for some kind of smog control. The other day when I was checking my plans by looking far ahead through our time telescope, I focused on one century where the smog was so bad over the cities that it was making all of Adam’s children weep and wipe their eyes.”


At their house Mother set about getting lunch while Father got out his drawing board and tried to invent a way to prevent Smog. He covered many sheets of paper with drawings and wrote endless notes until his fountain pen ran dry. But by then it was time for lunch and after that to set the universe a good example by taking a little nap. When they woke up after exactly half an hour, Father laughed and said, “I had a funny dream. In it I saw our lake of black wash water from the clouds. It had been covered by ages of dust and had dried down to a bed of tar. There was a sign saying, ‘La Brea Tar Pits’ and a museum holding the bones of poor animals of the past who had gotten caught in the tar ages before.” 


Mother said, “Let’s go back to the beach and see what the plants and creatures are doing by this time. So they went. And when they got there they found everything on a larger scale. The fish were much larger and there was a lobster with claws large enough to pinch almost anything. Mother let it pinch her finger (for nothing can hurt her or Father), and she said, “Aren’t they all cunning! But didn’t you plan any of them square or with flat sides? All these seem to be round like balls or round and a little flat. And all their legs are round, but pulled out to make little jointed pipes.”


“Round is the best way,” explained the Father. Only the worst builders make things square or with flat lines. Through the time telescope I looked on ahead a few ages to see how Adam’s children would do with their buildings, and I am sorry to say that from the pyramids of Egypt down to the skyscrapers of New York, the flat sides and squares and triangles were used. However, I did notice a few lovely round domes, mostly on temples. The most beautiful round homes that I saw were in the cold North. The Eskimos had no trees to cut down to use to hold up the roofs of their snow houses, so they learned to build them round and that is the strongest as well as the most beautiful way. You’ll love the Eskimos when we get them made. Their babies, when dressed in furs to play outside in cold weather are almost as round as their houses.”

Mother pointed to a small squid which had a round head and body all in one, and eight legs, none of them longer than the length of a hand. “Isn’t this a cunning one? And it certainly has stayed with round ways of building. It must be rather intelligent, too. Do you suppose it is going to be good for anything?”


Father leaned down and tickled the squid with a finger. “I remember the plan I drew for this one. And, as I recall, it had some special gift. Perhaps it will perform for us.” He tickled the little squid again, then waited.


Little Squid knew that something was expected of it, but couldn’t imagine what. It waved its legs and wiggled its mouth and eyes, but that did not seem enough. Then becoming much ashamed, it decided to hide, and squeezed in its sides and shot out a big spurt of black that made ink of the water all around it and hid it entirely.


“That was it,” laughed the Father. “He can make ink!” He reached down and found Little Squid and placed him over in clear water, after which he took his big fountain pen from his vest pocket and filled it with the fine black ink. “Well done, my boy,” he said, patting Little Squid who was so delighted at having been able to furnish ink for the Father that he could hardly keep from trying to color the whole ocean black. And so, to this day, the squids keep on showing us how to make ink. They keep Father’s fountain pen filled, and it is just possible that they furnish all the ink for our ball point pens.






The next long day had to be spent by the Father and the Mother finishing a new galaxy out in the suburbs of the Universe. The big centers had become very much crowded, and more and more people were wanting to commute back and forth in their flying saucers to the suburbs. When suns and planets of the new galaxy had all been placed and given their regular spins and circling orbits, the pieces were picked up and put in the trash bin, but when Mother had carefully brushed up the leftover star dust, she put it in an envelope and placed it in her handbag. “It might come in handy,” she said. “But now let’s go see how Earth is doing.”


When they arrived, Mother went to open their house and air it, while Father crossed the beach to the sea and looked into the warm waters. Everything had done well and many creatures had become quite large. One fish had done especially well and was the biggest in a splashing school. Father called, “Come here, Whale!” and it came as fast as it could, swimming for a while under water, then rising to the surface to blow water out of the nose hole in the top of its head. Once it had gotten rid of the water, it sucked in a large supply of air and dived for another swim.


Father was much interested, and as Mother came up just then, he said, “These fish have done extra well. I see that, according to plan number Steen-point-seven, they have managed to learn to bring forth their young alive instead out of eggs. They have also grown teats with milk to feed the little whales.” He turned the big whale on it’s side in the water so they could see the little calf whale having its lunch.


“Very nicely, done,” said Mother. “Do you think you can bring them along farther enough so your Adam could be a fish and live in water?”


“No,” said the Father with a shake of his head. “I did draw up early plans and write a few notes for a mermaid, but she seemed rather impractical. I think we will have to get some of the fish out on land and work with them.”


The school of whales made a great splashing and spouting. Mother was amused by their play. “They have holes in their heads”, she pointed out. “I hope when your men are made, they won’t have.”

Father chuckled. “I looked at men when I was examining future buildings, and noticed that quite a few had holes in their heads – or so I judged from the strange things they were doing. They had made atom bombs, and half the men wanted to blow up the other half because they disagreed on what seemed to be the need to be Red or White. But they were afraid to use their bombs for fear they would, at the same time, blow themselves up. I was almost ashamed that we ever made them.”


“But until and unless they do blow each other up,” said Mother, “the whale’s idea of making milk for babies seems very good. Little Adam and Eve will have no mother, so they will certainly have to have milk from whales or some other animals. Have you planned for milk, or should I worry about it?”


“Don’t worry,” said Father. “I’ve drawn plans for hundreds of animals which will give milk. There will be horses and cows, but one of the most promising is the goat. When the time comes I am sure there will be no trouble. Besides, I have planned on some plants which may help. There was the milkweed plan, but the milk could not be made without being bitter. The poppy plant milk was no good for babies, although it turned out to be just right for the making of opium. The coconut palm was the best of the lot, but the milk in the big nuts always remained watery no matter how I worked over my plans.”


“When shall we try to coax the plants and other things out of the water to live on land?” asked Mother.


“Any time, now,” answered Father. “The plans are all made for grass and trees and land and swamp plants. As soon as we get them started, the creatures which can eat them as food can come ashore, and when they have come, the others who have to eat animals to live can come. The place will look beautiful when we get plants and things growing. Even weeds. I couldn’t help including a few weeds to even out some plant families, but even these will often be useful.”


“I’ll help you get some of the plants to come out of the sea to the land,” said Mother. And they began selecting the ones which seemed best for different places.


It must be explained that Father and Mother could talk to all the plants and creatures, not in words and in English (for that had not yet been invented), but by sending talk pictures along the little threads which came from every plant and creature to be part of the bundle of invisible threads tied to Mother’s apron strings.


Sending thoughts for talk back and forth on the little threads is very much like talking words back and forth over telephone wires, but is called TELEPATHY. Try to remember this fine word, for it is very important. Telepathy is used by all of the animals because it is hard for them to make sounds to tell other animals just what is to be known. AND, telepathy was very important to Adam and Eve because for a long time they were just animals in a human animal body and were unable to talk.


Father and Mother told all the little plants and creatures by the use of telepathy that they were to do their best to try to come out to live on land, and while they were doing their parts, there was work to be done to make things ready for them out on the land. A place was made on the sandy beach for a few, but back beyond the beach the soil was better, so Father quickly spaded up a fine large garden plot. While he was doing this, Mother found a brook that ran right into the ocean and which would be easy for the plants and animals to follow to a nice swamp that was watered with salt water when the tide came in. Above the tide line, the water in the swamp was fresh, so the place seemed ideal for some kinds of plants and creatures.


By afternoon of the long day, the plants were ready to come out to the garden spot, and Father and Mother carried them there and set them out in neat rows.


“Without water they will wilt,” said Mother, and she telepathed a call, “Little Cloud! Where are you? We need your help again.” Little Cloud had been hanging around not far away, hoping it would be needed. Now it called to its friend, the Wind, and it pushed and pulled, and in almost no time at all, Little Cloud was there.


“Good,” said Mother, giving Little Cloud a pat and nodding her thanks to the Wind. “I need your help, Cloudlet. Do you think I can trust you to come several times a day and rain gently on the new garden to keep the plants from wilting?”


Little Cloud telepathed a breathless, “Yes”, and, almost bursting with pride at being called upon for such an important job, began at once to puff itself and get slightly black in the face.


“No! No!” warned Mother. “No lightning and thunder, and just the smallest and gentlest rain on the little plants.” She turned to the Wind and said, “You go and play making white caps on the waves over on the ocean. If you keep racing around here you’ll dry out the garden faster than Little Cloud can water it.”


The Father had gone to the beach to bring some plants for the swamp, but he had hardly touched the water when Little Squid came flop flop swimming as fast as he could and got ready to make ink. Father’s fountain pen was not even partly dry, but just because it gave Little Squid so much pleasure to be allowed to help he said, “Splendid idea,” and when a fine pool of ink was ready, fill his pen to overflowing. He then took the proper plants to the swamp and planted them. Going to the house to find Mother, he said, “I want to get out my Adam and Eve plans and check them. I’ve run into a problem. It’s the matter of how to keep the children clean after we create them. They will be very tiny at first and quite helpless, and as they will not live like fish and be washed all the time by water, they will need help.”


Mother came and they looked over the plans carefully. Soon she said, “There must be a solution. Suppose I run out and look through the Time telescope and see what they will have done about babies by the 19th Century.” She left Father to go out on the veranda. There she sat down and looked through the telescope, focusing it carefully until suddenly she saw what she wanted. It was a human mother with two small children clinging to her skirts, and a baby in a little cart. She had been doing her laundry, and was hanging diapers on the line. The baby was wearing a diaper also. Mother hurried back into the house.


“I found what we need. We must find a way to make large squares of thick cloth to act as diapers for Adam and Eve. It must be soft and nice for them, as they will be very tender and very tiny. It’s a good thing I have a proper washing machine.”

Father scratched his chin thoughtfully. “Weaving cloth is quite an undertaking for our earth children – at least it will be just now when we need diapers. …. Now if Adam and Eve were half fish and could live in the sea. . . . ”


“You gave up that idea,” said Mother, “Our men and women can’t sit around all the time half in the water and half out. But don’t fret. This is woman’s work and I’ll find a way. If worst comes to worst, we might sew together rabbit skins…. only I am afraid they might not wash well.”


Father selected a plan from his files and held it up. “I have made drawings of a plant which might give us soft fur to weave. I called it ‘cotton’ – see, long white fibers in its seed pods. Take out the seeds and you have the cotton to weave into diapers.”


“We’ll also need safety pins and needles and thread and buttons,” said Mother. “And toys for the children.”


Father made some notes. “Yes, toys, but they can wait. I am sure little animals will make good things to play with. About needles, I have already planned pine needles, but they would hardly be stiff enough for sewing. Perhaps when that little sea creature you called ‘a pincushion’ comes out on land it might be of use. We will have plenty of time to work things out, but it’s time we got back to that new nebula we started. By now it may be spreading itself so thin that it will be all over the place. And let’s go by the Milky Way. We might get an idea there to help with the problem of milk for the children.”


Mother laughed as she put on her traveling cloak. “I hope you are not planning some big jokes on poor little Adam. Think of stuffing a million stars into his bottle for a meal.”


“What do you mean by ‘bottle’?” asked Father as they set off at a thousand times the speed of light.”


“Bottles are going to be my invention,” said Mother, “Very important for babies. You just wait and see.”


They laughed together and drew up on the farther side of the Universe, for they were made of thought stuff, and thoughts travel the fastest of anything. Just think you are there, and in just moments, well, THERE YOU ARE!


“Now look at that nebula,” said Mother. “We might have known. All over space! While you get some comet tails and twist them into brooms, I’ll put away our cloaks. I’ll help you sweep the nebula back where we want it.”


Father made the brooms out of comet tails and they started sweeping, but their thoughts were back on Earth. “I must plan a broom plant for Eve,” Father said.


“Are you planning to make Eve do all the sweeping?” asked Mother anxiously.


“Just around the house and yard,” said Father. “When Adam is asked to help I foresee that he will wiggle out of the job by inventing a sweeping machine and showing poor Eve how to use it.”






AFTER A LONG NIGHT, Father and Mother arrived early and were delighted to find how everything had grown and spread out. There was grass on all the hills, and trees covered the places where they were most needed. The swamps were so thick with growing things that the water was almost covered in spots.


Little Cloud had hurried up. Now she showered a few big drops to call attention to herself. So Mother telepathed, “Why, Little Cloud! You did marvelously well! Not a single plant could have wilted. The garden is perfect, and you are perhaps the smartest and most reliable cloud in the sky.” She turned to Father. “What can we do to reward Little Cloud?”


Father thought for a moment. “I have drawings for a thing called ‘a rainbow’,” he said. “It will be some time before the fine, large ones that stretch all across the land will be ready, but I might make a small, individual one for her.”


“Oh, do!” urged Mother. “It will make her the most beautiful little cloud ever.”


So father made the right thought picture. Then he turned to Little Cloud and said, “Turn around so the sun will shine right under you. That’s right. Now rain a little.” Little Cloud did just as she was told, and soon there hung below her in a small arch a most beautiful little rainbow.


“Lovely!” exclaimed Mother. “But if we turned the rainbow over, it would make a nice necklace – the first one in the world – for Little Cloud.”


“I’m afraid of that,” said Father. “Rainbows are rather fragile.”


“Aren’t all beautiful things fragile?” asked Mother.


“All except you,” replied Father gallantly. “The trouble with rainbows is that they make bowls when you turn them over, and they will fill with rain. If they get too full, their bottoms rip out and make cloudbursts so that roads and bridges, get washed out and there is no end of trouble.”


“Oh, let her have it for a necklace” coaxed Mother. “It will be a long time before Adam will be building roads and bridges, and, besides, Little Cloud will be very careful, I’m sure.” Little Cloud nodded and bobbed up and down excitedly, so Father kindly allowed her to turn her little rainbow over and wear it as a necklace.


But changing things after they have been carefully planned is always dangerous. In later years other clouds also wanted necklaces, and when they were out over desert places, where no one would notice, they often turned their rainbows up side down to make necklaces …. and, as you may know, even today, the bottoms rip out and the rain falls in one great splash, washing out everything that stands in the way. However, cloudbursts are not always caused, and never by Little Cloud. If you see a small cloud with its rainbow turned over under it, but not making a cloudburst, you can be quite sure that it is Little Cloud. She sometimes doubles her rainbow to make it stronger so the bottom will not tear. She is always VERY careful.


Father stooped and brought up some water in the cup of his hand. “See these odd little fellows?” he asked. “They are diatoms, and in each is a tiny drop of oil. In time to come they will have died in countless numbers, but their oil will have gone into the ground. Yes, Adam will have oil for his automobiles …. and smog. This lush plant growth which is taking the smoke from the air will get covered with earth, and one day will give Adam his coal.


Mother had found a polliwog, and she called Father’s attention to it. He had found a fine cattail, but turned to see what Mother had discovered. She said excitedly, “The little fish creatures have come to land as well as the plants. This little round one has already grown a mouth and tail, and I do believe that it is starting to grow front and back legs!”


Father studied the little creature and found the plan to match it. “A polliwog,” he announced. “But this is a baby frog. In time its legs will grow large and its tail drop off, and it will be a small frog. Let’s find its parents. They must be around close.”


Mother touched the invisible threads which ran from her apron strings to all the creatures, and found the right one. Through it she telepathed a “Come hither”, call and soon a fine big frog who was hiding under a lily pad mounted the pad and stood ready to pay attention.


“You have done well,” said Father. “You are one of the first fish to come out on land for us, and now we have a creature who can live either in water or on land. We are very proud of you. You shall have a reward. Call your wife.”


The frog dived into the water and came back quickly with his wife. Father had been looking through his notes.


“You are Bull Frogs,” said Father. (He turned to Mother and said in a whisper, “I was thinking of milk when I drew up the plan for these.”) To the frogs he said, “For your reward I am going to give you voices and a fine song – one all of your own   for you and your children to have and sing all down the centuries. Now draw in a big breath. Now tighten your throats. Now breathe out very slowly and try to sing.” He motioned to Mother, and they made a few magic passes in the air over the frogs. Suddenly it happened! From both of the frogs came big booming voices and they began to sing their very own song. It was, “First out! First out! First out!” and they were endlessly proud of being the first to come out on land.


And to this day you can hear the bull frogs in the swamp bragging all night long. (The baby bull frogs do not have fine big voices, so they croak “Am, Am, Am”, which is short for “Amphibian”, which means a creature which can live either in or out of the water.)


Leaving the swamp, Father and Mother came upon two cousins of the Bull Frogs. They were Mr. and Mrs. Toad, and they were living out on the dry land, even if they did have to start as tadpoles in a pond, just like the polliwogs.


Mother telepathed to them a question, “How do you come to be living out here so far from the swamp?”


Mr. Toad blinked his big eyes and replied sadly, “It was my fault. I get lost. I can’t keep from getting turned around and taking the wrong path, so we gave up trying to find our way back to the swamp every day, and just live out here. But it’s not bad. We can catch lots of flies and bugs. We manage.” He looked at Mrs. Toad, who nodded, and then said, “Please could we have a reward? We got even farther away from the sea than the frogs.”


“Of course,” said Mother. “Do you also want a song?”


“Please,” said Mr. Toad.


Father instructed them to breathe in deeply and tighten their throats, then made the proper passes over them with Mother’s help. But neither Toad could utter a sound.


Father said, “Their throats get so dry out here away from water. Suppose we try something else.” He looked around and on the damp side of a log made a pass. Mother also made a pass, and out of the ground grew with surprising speed the finest toadstool one could imagine. The toads were delighted.


“All our very own?” asked Mr. Toad.


“All your very own,” promised Father. “You can sit under one all day long and IT will keep you from having a shadow Then no one can STEP on your shadow, and you will be as splendid as any King Toad in Egypt, that is, when there is an Egypt of course.” So now, almost no one was ever known to step on a toad’s shadow from that day to this.


As they walked on along the path toward the ocean, Mother said. “I can’t help trying to remember what ones of Adam’s children I saw through the Time telescope ones who looked just like Mr. Toad.”


Father laughed. “I haven’t forgotten. In time to come one will always be able to see elderly Adams and their plump wives sitting in the shade of big umbrellas at Miami Beach, trying not to cast shadows lest they get sunburned, and both looking just like big toads. Not,” he hastened to add, “that I have anything against toads ”


When they came to the ocean, Old Mama Whale caught sight of them and came spouting and splashing up to the beach. After they had exchanged polite greetings, Niarna Whale telepathed,


“Many of the fish have gone out to live on land as animals. I can show you the way each kind went and what path to take to find them. But I didn’t try to come out. I felt that I needed some help.” She added hurriedly, “Not that the whale family has failed entirely! A few smaller members of our family made it …… but I …….” She saw a big wave coming and cried a little wildly, “Now I’ll try!” And try she did, only managing to get herself washed up on the beach where she could get neither out on land or back into the water. “O dear, O dear”, she sputtered, “and already I am getting short of breath.”


Mother smiled and raised her hands high to call for a very large wave, and out rolled a very fine BIG wave that was all green inside. It picked up Mama Whale with ease and carried her back into deep water.



“Do you suppose elephant milk would do for babies?” asked Mother, for she kept thinking of Adam and Eve.


“Too fattening, I’m afraid,” said Father. “Just look how rollypolly Little Jumbo has become, to say nothing of his mother.”


Mrs. Jumbo had overheard. “It’s a gland that makes me overweight. It’s called a stomach, and everything I put into it turns to food. But,” she sighed loudly, “I am going to begin to reduce right away.”


When she had caught her breath, she panted, “My! My! I never dreamed I would be that much heavier out of water than in it. This time, honest, I AM GOING TO REDUCE.”


“That’s a whale of an idea,” said Father. “And as a reward for your effort, I promise you that for centuries to come, half of Adam’s children will repeat your promise, word for word.” (And that is why, even today, when anyone says, “I am going to reduce,” we must all clap our hands and cheer them on and shout, “That’s a WHALE OF AN IDEA.”)


A big sucker fish had been watching with a big grin. Father telepathed to him, “Did you try to come out on land?”


“Not I,” answered the sucker with a smirk. “Everyone says I’m a sucker, but at least I’m smart enough to stay as I am. Only a real sucker would ever want to be an animal, go to live on land, and take the terrible chance of being made into a man.”


“You may be smart at that,” said Father, then he said to Mama Whale, “Did you say you could point out the path that would take us to where the successful member of the whale family lives? The one which came out to live on land?”


Mama Whale tipped a little so she could point with a spout of water. “That second path to the left by that large tree. And say that Granny sent you.”


They crossed the beach and took the trail by the big tree. It led back inland, and on to a big gray animal standing by a pool and drinking water through a long pipe that seemed to hang down from its head. “What an odd creature,” said Mother. And as she spoke, the tube lifted and spouted water all over the creature’s back. “A whale! I do believe it is what we came to find! Did you see it spout?”


Father had been consulting his bundle of plans. He put them back into his large pocket with a chuckle. “That is my ELEPHANT. Right according to my plans. She is a true daughter of Old Mama Whale, only with legs, and come out on land.”


“But she spouted, just like a whale, although the water came from that pipe and not from a hole in her  head, ” said Mother.


“I planned the hole in the end of a trunk,” explained Father. “And the trunk is a very useful invention. See the baby elephant there! It is using its trunk to get its dinner. The elephants also give milk.”


Mother had found the right threads, and they telepathed their greetings while Mrs. Jumbo browsed lazily on bamboo shoots and Little Jumbo finished his meal.


 “Do you suppose elephant milk would do for babies?” asked Mother, for she kept thinking of Adam and Eve.

“Too fattening, I’m afraid,” said Father. “Just look how rollypolly Little Jumbo has become, to say nothing of his mother.”

Mrs. Jumbo had overheard. “It’s a gland that makes me overweight. It’s called a stomach, and everything I put into it turns to food. But,” she sighed loudly, “I am going to begin to reduce right away.”


“A whale of an idea!” cried Father, and he and Mother both clapped and cheered.


Mother said, “Did you just have to say that?”


“A promise is a promise,” said Father, “and you know what I promised Mama Whale.” He turned to Mrs. Jumbo, who had stopped chewing and looked about to begin to cry. “Don’t you worry. We like our elephants nice and round and plump. Go right on as you are. In time to come you will be the favorite animal in every circus, and children will love you more than any of the other animals and will feed you peanuts and popcorn. You can take them for rides on your back.”


They took leave of the elephants and set off across lots to find the next path that led up from the beach so that they could see what animals had made it.





Father and Mother came to a desolate valley beside a swamp. On the ground they saw the bones of great creatures. Father said, “Just a moment, Dear,” and paused to consult his bundle of plans.


“Yes, here they are,” he said. “Those are the bones of several members of the Dinosaur family. They must have come out on land quite early. We are a bit late to see them alive. The first ones ate tree ferns, then some learned to eat others and developed big teeth and great appetites. Soon these ate up all the gentle tree eating dinosaurs …. and when they were all gone, starved to death. But I’m glad they are gone. Adam will not have to run from them, and that will be a help.”


They passed several lizards, and a few snakes who had managed to come out on land without developing legs and were managing fairly well. One snake sat up and rattled his tail rattles for them.


“The first member of percussion bands which are to come,” explained Father. “He is poisonous and dangerous, but will teach Adam to mind his step.” The Father pointed to the edge of the swamp where a big alligator was basking in the sun, his tail in the water. “That is another creature who will teach Adam to be careful and alert.” Mother said, “For my part, I could do without these ugly beasts. Let’s hurry on.”


So they hurried on along the crosscut path and soon came to another large valley with grass and trees and vines and bushes.


“This may be where the catfish or dogfish came out on land to live,” said Father. “Or the parrot fish, or pork fish or the sea horse.” He chuckled, and added, “Just think how future biologists will turn over in their graves when they learn that cats came from catfish – just to mention one kind of scientist who will hear how the earth was really created and that the true story is being told to all the little Adams and Eves. But all joking aside, fun is a very important thing and I have taken great care in planning Adam to see to it that he will have a sense of humor. I have planned to give him a funny bone, and to be extra certain that it will work, I will see that it is placed on the end of an arm bone called the humerus.”

“You and your puns and old jokes!” Mother pretended to scold. “You’ll have poor Eve spending half her time trying to keep Adam from being either silly or ridiculous.”


Father became very serious. “What I am really trying to do is to fix it so Adam will be able to laugh at himself. If he can do that, it will save the day for him in a thousand tight places.”


There was a rustling of leaves as they passed a small grove of aspen trees, and Mother pointed, crying delightedly, “Look! It’s my sea pincushion come out on land!”


“So it is,” agreed Father. “The sea urchin, and now it has become a porcupine with quills to make all kinds and sizes of pins and needles for you.”


Mother was already telepathing to Porcy, and he came happily to her and dropped a good dozen quills at her feet so she could take her pick. That done, he sat up and looked expectant.


“Is there any particular reward that you wish?” asked Mother. “A song, perhaps? Or a loud voice?”

Porch rattled his quills hopefully and telepathed, “Can you fix it so I won’t have to be afraid of getting eaten? There are some very fierce animals around here.”


Mother turned to Father, “Can you help?”


Father nodded and said to Porcy, “What you need is courage. You haven’t been eaten yet, have you?”


“Not quite,” admitted Porcy, “but almost, a lot of times.”


“Nothing will bite you,” said Father. “They see that they would get their mouths all filled with needles. So, take this gift of courage that I will give you, and when any animal bothers you, just lift your quills and stand still. You will be safe and after awhile the animal will go away.” He waved his hand; Mother waved hers, and suddenly Porcy had courage and always has from that day to this.


“I’ll be back when I need more needles or pins,” promised Mother and they went on along the path.


Father said, “I hope Adam and Eve can learn that most of the things of which they will be afraid cannot hurt them, and that most of the bad things they fear will happen never do.”


They walked on and came to a meadow. Mother stopped and studied the lush green grass. “Shouldn’t there be flowers to brighten it up?” she asked. “Adam’s son will be sure to need flowers to take to the beloved when courting, and to give to tired wives between times to make their lives a little easier. Flowers mean love, you know.”


The Father smiled tenderly at her. “I could do with a bouquet myself to present to you right now, my dear. We must give orders to the sea plants to come to the land and make plants which will flower. I am sure the sea anemone would be able to come out quickly.”


Mother opened her handbag and took out a little package of star dust. “This is a trick I learned from the Irish when looking through the Time telescope. Watch me:” She shook the vial and the breeze scattered the star dust over the meadow. “The Irish were singing a song about how star dust was sprinkled there to make the shamrocks grow,” she explained.


“And I’m sure it will make all the other loved things grow equally well. But it is growing late. Shall we go back across the Universe and finish some chores while we give time for the plants to come out of the sea and make flowers?”, Father answered.


“Remind me to fill my vial with star dust,” said Mother, and they spoke the magic words together and were off.





After another heavenly day and night, Father and Mother arrived back at the meadow, and to their delight, flowers of all sorts and sizes bloomed in the grass and on bushes and trees.


“They are beautiful,” said Mother. “But I didn’t expect them all to be white.” She leaned over to smell of some fine flowers on a low bush. “And weren’t they to have perfume?”


Father looked over his plans. “Yes, they are to be in colors and to have many different kinds of perfume. But,” he bowed to Mother, “YOU are the keeper of all that is beautiful and fragrant. They had to await your touch. Will you see what you can do?”


Mother quickly found the right threads and began to telepath to the plants and flowers. “Now children, listen carefully. You have done a splendid job coming up from the sea and making flowers for the world. Would you like a reward?”


The flowers and plants beneath them danced excitedly although there was very little breeze. They all nodded together and the sensitive plant opened and closed its leaf clusters a dozen times although its flowers were not much to boast about.


Mother took from her bag her compact, and called to the Wind, saying, “When I open my compact, you blow the fragrance from it all over the meadow so that the flowers can pick a fragrance that suits them… there are hundreds to choose from.” She opened her compact and instantly the most heavenly fragrances drifted out. The flowers were enchanted as they selected the fragrance they liked best. Some took powerful perfumes, some liked best the delicate ones better suited to them as violets or roses. A few, out where the wind hardly reached, ended with almost no perfume at all.


Next, Mother looked about to find Little Cloud and called to her. “I need you again, Cloudlet,” she said, and Little Cloud was fit to burst with pride at being called upon again to help. “Float over at the end of the meadow,” instructed Mother. “Make a gentle rain and a fine brilliant rainbow.” She turned to the flowers, “Watch carefully, and soon you will see all the colors there are or ever will be. As the second part of your reward, you may select as many colors as you want for your flowers, or mix the colors. Now see what you can do.”


Little Cloud rained gently. The sun struck the rain drops, and a marvelous rainbow arched all across the meadow. The flowers made grabs, and in a moment the meadow and the bushes and the trees burst into color. Every color in the rainbow had been used …. and every kind of flower had its color and its perfume except for a few who had not paid attention and so didn’t get around to acting until all the color was gone and not a sniff of heavenly perfume was left. To this day they have to remain white, and some have just no scent at all. The moral is that, “When Mother speaks, one will do well to pay strict attention and to do as one is told just as fast as possible.”


Father picked a red hibiscus for Mother, and she wore it in her hair at one side, just below her crown of stars. Mother then found a shamrock with four leaves and put it into Father’s buttonhole. “To give you the Luck of the Irish in making little Adam and little Eve,” she said. “Now what did you say about plants to make white fiber from which to make diapers?”

“Let’s look around,” said Father, and they left the meadow and came upon various plants, one of which had large round bolls on it. Father picked one and opened it. Packed tightly inside with several seeds was cotton. “All according to plan,” said Father with satisfaction. “This is much better than the cotton from the cottonwood tree. Now if we can find creatures who can be pressed into service to spin, and weave the cotton, we will be almost ready for Adam and Eve.”


“While I think of it,” said Mother, “how will I get eyes in my quill needles for the thread when I get thread?”


“Borers,” said Father. “I have planned for several types. I’ll keep an eye out for a good one with a hard bill who can drill the eyes just right.”


Father pointed at some buttercups and cowslips growing in the grass. “Both are the right color – bright yellow,” he said. “Very clever to pick the right color to match their names. And, with them here, we must be getting close to where the cows have come out of the sea.”


They went on and found a path running beside a fine stream that flowed toward the ocean, and soon they began to see goats and sheep and cows and bulls and buffaloes. The buffalo bull came, making a great show of starting to hook them, but Mother telepathed to him and said, “Behave yourself. You can’t buffalo us. Besides, we are your friends.” The buffalo was ever so much ashamed. He turned red in the face, and even today his mane is rather red. Next, a bull with long, sharp horns came charging at them. Father stepped toward it, saying, “Hold up, son. This isn’t a bull fight. You can save that for the times when Adam will play with you and show you what becomes of bulls who have bad manners.”


Mother pointed, “Why there is that Little Mermaid I saw down by the sea. The one you partly planned and then decided could not be human and still live half in the water and half out.” She felt for the proper thread, and telepathed a friendly greeting to Little Mermaid, who sat on the bank of the stream splashing the water nervously with her tail. She had a pretty sea shell in one hand and had been drinking milk from it. In the other hand she had the muzzle of a baby goat which had been sharing her breakfast.

“I’m very well, thank you ” she telepathed in answer to Mother’s greeting, for, as we all know, only humans can talk with language, and when Adam and Eve were made, they couldn’t talk until they were given a bit of SECOND GRADE self stuff to go with the bit of FIRST GRADE self stuff that all living creatures start out with.


Father said, “I think this mermaid is an answer to prayer.”


“Prayer to whom?” asked Mother. “Doesn’t all prayer have to come to us? Is there anyone else to whom it could go?”


“I was just borrowing a line that I heard Adam speak when looking through the Time telescope,” said Father. “What I mean is that Little Mermaid seems to be just what we have needed.” He turned to her and said in a very fatherly telepathic way, “Where did you get your milk, Little Mermaid?”


“From the kind goats who are grazing over behind those bushes,” answered Little Mermaid. “They are very tame and very kind. And I bring them salt water every day from the ocean in my shell, you know. They LOVE salt.”


Father turned to Mother and said, “Are you thinking what I am thinking?”


“Yes, I think I may be,” said Mother. “But wouldn’t it be against one of your Laws to make a Milk Maid out of a Mermaid just to get help in milking goats to get milk for baby Adam and Eve?”


“Not exactly against Natural Law,” explained Father. “You see, Mermaids are only half real. The other half of them is story. If there was trouble later on, we could do something about it.”


He turned to Little Mermaid and telepathed, “How would you like to be a land creature and come out all the way to live on land?”


“It might be nice,” she said hopefully. “If I could just trade my tail for legs and feet so I could walk.” She splashed in the water and said, “Did you ever try walking on a fish’s tail like mine? I don’t think it can be done.”


Mother exchanged glances with Father, then said to Little Mermaid, “My dear, if you will do us a great favor, we will give you a fine pair of legs and feet.”

“I’ll be glad to try to help. What do you want me to do?”


Father said, “Sit very still and breathe in four deep, slow breaths, then four more, and then four more. Yes, just like that. A few more times while Mother and I say some magic words.” (The words were whispered and a thought-picture made of legs and feet.) Suddenly the tail was gone and Little Mermaid stood up and began dancing around. She was delighted.


Mother said, “Wait a moment child. You are almost like a human girl, and so will need to be made pretty with some clothing.” She pulled some soft grass from the bank of the stream and made her a fine grass skirt. Then she picked flowers and made her a lei of them to wear around her neck. “There,” she said when she had finished. “Your title now shall be ‘The World’s first Milkmaid.’ And the favor we ask of you is that you tend the goats and milk nice milk in your sea shell for some babies. We are soon going to create some little human babies who will be very tiny and helpless and who will have no mothers to care for and feed them.”


“I’ll love helping to take care of the babies,” said Little Milkmaid. “I’ll even borrow kids for them to play with. Kids make wonderful playfellows.”


“Then it is all settled, at least for now,” said Father. He pointed, saying “See that hill over there? Our house is right behind it with a nice meadow. Drive your herd of goats over there and practice your milking. It will not be too long before we need you.”


“I’ll go to the sea every day to get salt water for the goats,” said Little Milkmaid, “and I’ll bring plenty of shells for the milk.” With that she called to the goats and set off with them to find the house and meadow.


Father and Mother cut across to the next valley, and on the way came upon a number of plants which were climbing over rocks and even into trees. Mother stopped to examine them, and said happily, “Here is my invention, bottles growing on vines!”


Father looked at what she had picked. “A gourd! One of my gourds!” he said. “Why, of course! Cut a hole in the bottom end and shake out the seeds. I think I see a cork tree over there, and with corks, all you will need is a hole in the little end from which the milk can come out for the babies.”


“I’ve already figured out how to make a nipple to go over the small end of the gourd bottle,” said Mother. “In the sea the kelp plants make little rubbery green balls and fill them with air to keep the plants afloat. Cut in two, they will make fine nipples for the bottles. Now if we could find a way to get the cotton woven into diapers, we would be nearly ready to create the babies.”


They went on, and when they came into the next valley, they saw that it was the one in which the birds lived. Father took out his bundle of plans and ran through them. “Here it is,” he said, selecting a plan. “With luck we should be able to find some weaver birds here. Will you send out a call?”


Mother sorted the shadowy threads at her apron strings and found the right ones. “Come hither, all Weaver Birds!” she telepathed.

They had almost no time at all to wait, for from right above their heads, in the lower limbs of a tree, came a chorus of answering chirps. Down fluttered a dozen fine weaver birds. Looking upward, Father found their big nest. It was woven carefully out of grass, and had room inside for several nests. The door opening was at the bottom. He pointed it out to Mother.


“Wonderful!” she cried. “Beautifully woven! If they can use cotton and weave it like that, we can have diapers.” She gathered the weaver birds around them and hurried to explain the problem of the diapers, and what was wanted. The birds were very proud to be called upon to help and with some woodpeckers invited to come along to peck open the cotton bolls, they set off to find cotton to pick so that the weaving could begin.


A big gray spider had been watching from where she sat in the middle of a fine web which was woven between three small limbs. She jumped up and down and shook the web excitedly to attract Mother’s attention, and when she noticed her, telepathed, “Please! Mayn’t WE help’! Look at the beautiful web I have woven, and all my friends are just as good at spinning and weaving!”


“Why, of course!” said Mother. “And I see that you spin lovely smooth thread that is very strong. Will it stand washing in water?”


“It gets rained on and doesn’t shrink a bit,” said Mrs. Spider proudly. If you tell us what strength of thread you want, we will twist light threads together and make you whatever you need. Look!” She dropped from her web and spun out a thread so fine that it could hardly be seen, but which was ever so strong. It came out of her mouth and as she spun it out she went right down to the ground. There she stopped a moment, then climbed up the thread to her web to show how strong even the thinnest spider web thread was made. Mother and Father clapped their hands and said, “Bravo!”


Mr. Spider, who was much smaller, but very dignified, telepathed from the edge of his wife’s fine web. “I am also a great spinner,” he said boastfully.


“Oh, hush up!” scolded Mrs Spider. “All you can spin are big yarns – and not one of them has ever washed without falling apart in a mess of lies.”


Mr. Spider sighed telepathically and said, “Well, if you ever need someone to entertain you and spin you some tall tales, just let me know.”


“Your trouble,” said Father, “is that you forget to start your stories by saying, ‘I will now spin you a tale’, or by saying, ‘Once upon a time.” (And Mr. Spider never forgot after that, nor should humans – otherwise we soon are called ‘liars’ by our enemies, and will have almost NO friends.)


Very soon the weaver birds began to arrive with bills so full of cotton that they could hardly sing a note of their weaver’s song. Old Grandma Weaver Bird had taken charge and had called in all the weaver birds from the whole valley – and there were quite a number of them. They selected trees with straight branches and while some brought cotton, the others began to weave it. At first they did not know just what to weave, but Mother stood by and instructed. Starting, they made thin cheese cloth, but as there was no cheese, they were told to make it much thicker. The next time they tried, they made a Turkish towel, but as there were no Turks yet, they were set right on that mistake. Soon Grandma Weaver Bird got the hang of it and produced a diaper which was thick and fluffy and just right. “Warp your woof and then woof the warp over and back,” she ordered, and soon all was well. Like magic the diapers began to take form.


“How many shall we make?” asked Grandma Weaver Bird, her mouth so fun of cotton she could hardly telepath her question.


Mother thought about it. As birds cannot count very well, she had to find another way. “Make a pile this high,” she said, holding her beautiful hand high in the air. “That will do for the beginning and later we can make more if needed. And, I suggest that when you have them woven, you spread them over bushes in the sun for a day to let them get bleached. If they get rained on, spread them out carefully to dry, and when all is ready, fly with them over that hill you see in the distance. There you will find a house with a window open in the laundry room. Put the diapers in there on the floor in a neat pile and thanks ever so much to all of you. As your reward, you will all be given season tickets to come and perch in trees near the house and watch the show when we create little Adam and little Eve. You can also see how diapers are put on …. and how useful they are. (And that is how some birds got season tickets, and why, when humans are doing things, they are allowed to perch all around and see what is going on. When you see a bird with cotton in its mouth flying around near your house, you can be sure that it is one hoping to be called upon to do some weaving.)


“Let’s follow that path up the valley and see what is there,” suggested Father. As they went along, he said anxiously, “I have been wondering whether or not it is a good thing to pass out rewards to the creatures each time they do a job of work properly.”


Mother considered the matter and brought to bear her great wisdom. “I’m not at all a 20th century Communist,” she said, “nor should you be. It’s all very well to say, ‘Work for work’s sake’, but from what I have seen when looking ahead in time, a little reward is a great help, be it given man or bird.”


“Perhaps I’ve been wrong,” admitted Father. “I’ve been trying to fix things so that the work itself would be a sufficient reward. But Eve is a problem. At the very best I can’t seem to find a way to make her jump with joy at the sight of a sink full of dirty dishes three times a day.”


“Can’t you make Adam with a built in desire to help with the dishes?” asked Mother.


“No, not yet. Each time I try it turns out in my plans that after dinner he manages to land in his easy chair with the evening paper. But I have not given up. Perhaps I can follow your system and find some reward to offer him for drying the dishes for Eve, if nothing more.”


“Try filling him with love and understanding and sympathy,” said Mother. “That would cover no end of other lacks in his nature. For my part in creating him, I plan to try to build in a good little bundle of gentleness and compassion, not as much as will go into Eve, but at least a little.”





Coming farther up the long valley, they came to a place where it widened out, and saw the dogwood trees in full bloom while on the ground the catnip grew thick.


“There must be dogs and cats, or members of their families around here,” said Father. “I’ll see if I can call in some dogs.” He gave several loud whistles, and they waited. Soon there was a great scurrying in the bushes, and dogs of all sorts came tearing. There were big dogs and little, and of all colors, but every one of them was filled with delight and excitement. “They must think we are Adam and Eve,” said Father. He patted heads and scratched behind ears. Mother picked up a fat brown puppy and carefully removed a bur from the long hair on its ear. The dogs made little whimpering noises of joy and showed that they were all ready to follow right along.


“Not yet,” Mother telepathed. “We are not Adam or Eve, but they will be along soon, and then we will send for you. You will find that they are the dog’s best friend.”

“You have done very well,” praised Father, “and for a reward we will give you a fine bark which will be all your own. Now draw in a deep breath, and get ready. I will give the signal, then try to bark.” He nodded at Mother, and they joined in the work, saying a magic word that sounded like, “Woof woof”, and when Father lifted his hand, they all tried and out came the most surprising assortment of barks. There were big deep barks, and medium barks and little thin, sharp barks. But every bark was unmistakably that of a dog.


Father laughed and lifted his hands to hush them as he telepathed, “Good! That is fine. Now go back to your hunting and we will send for you soon.”


The dogs went obediently, and soon their barking could be heard all around. Mother said curiously, “Did I get that line about man going to be the dog’s best friend right? It seems to me that there was something wrong with it.”


“You got it slightly turned around,” said Father. “It should be, ‘The dog is man’s best friend.’ But it works both ways, so no harm has been done.”


Going on up the valley, they came to a place where some large animal had been rolling in a catnip bed.


“Shall I try to make a call?” asked Mother. Father smilingly agreed that she should, so she hunted for the right shadowy threads at her apron strings and telepathed, “Kitty, kitty, kitty!”


There was a stir under a tree near by, and a fine large lion rose and came lazily toward them. Father glanced at his sheaf of plans and said, “Yes, a lion.” He telepathed, “Good morning, Mr. Lion. I hope you and your wife and family are all doing well?”


“Well. enough,” replied Mr. Lion, “unless you want to say that my wife does not understand me very well. However, I make out.” He came close and purred a little while Mother scratched his ears.


Father said, “Are there other cats around here? Other kinds? Big ones and little ones?”


“Sure,” said Mr. Lion. “The valley is full of them . But they know better than to crowd me. I’m boss around here.”


“Could you get some of the others to come to us so we could see them?” asked Father.


“Well, since you ask, I suppose I could,” said Mr. Lion. “I’ve done a good job chasing them out of this piece of ground, so I should be able to chase them into it. Suppose you stand here and make catcalls good and loud while I round some of them up. I don’t know whether I can get Old Sabertooth in, but if I can find  him, I’ll bring all of him in or a piece of his hide. He hates to have me boss him, and he’s a pretty good cat for his size.” With that Mr. Lion galloped off through the trees, and soon, while Mother continued to call, “Kitty, kitty, kitty!” cats of all kinds began to come. There were house cats of all colors from yellow to black and gray and spotted. There were wildcats and leopards and civet cats who smelled very civet indeed.


Not far away there arose the sounds of battle, with roars and screams. A cloud of dust arose, then suddenly there was silence. Soon Mr. Lion came back, limping slightly and covered with dust and bits of grass.


He shook himself and sat down to rest. “That tiger, Old Sabertooth will be along soon,” he said. “At first he refused to come, but it didn’t do him any good. In a fight he always leads with his left and leaves his glass jaw wide open. You knew he had an unhinged glass jaw, didn’t you? So he can open his mouth wider and use his long teeth. He got one nip at my left hind paw, but I landed a haymaker of a right cross on his jaw and he cracked like a whip. It even threw his tail out of joint in three places. He’ll come along as soon as he gets his jaw out of the back of his neck. Yes, there he comes now.”


Mrs. Lion was listening. She said. “Always bragging! And look at you! All dusty and dirty just when we had company.”


“See what I mean?” said Mr. Lion to Father. “She just never understands me or what has to be done to keep order in the valley. I hope you understand.”


“We certainly do!” said Father enthusiastically. “And just to show it, we will reward you with a title which you and your sons can carry down the years.




Mr. Lion gave his wife a triumphant look, but she only sniffed and turned to slap the face of a big black panther who was getting out of line and acting as though he might be planning to make a meal of Mother.


“Then all is settled,” said Mother, nodding her thanks to Mrs. Lion. But just then they were interrupted by the arrival of Old Sabertooth. He was barely able to walk, and his tail made a zig-zag, what with three joints of it being out. The black panther moved over to make a place for him, and he sank dejectedly down on the ground, working his jaw from side to side to try to get his long front teeth to match again. He said nothing, and Father did not try to engage him in conversation, for he realized that when one’s tail is out of joint in three places there is very little left to say.


Mother said, “In a few days we’ll send over to you for a house cat or two, if you can spare them. Our house is over behind a hill back there, and we mustn’t be overrun with mice.”


“Just any time,” said Mrs. Lion, “Say the word and I’ll find you a good mouser.”

After thanking the cats for coming to see them, Father and Mother took their leave and went back down the valley and to their house.






That afternoon, after their lunch and nap, Father suggested that they go to the beach and see if Old Mom Whale knew where the MAN-a-tee had gone when leaving the water.


They went, and sure enough, Old Mom knew. She spouted a fine stream of water at a slant off to the left and telepathed, “The Man-a-tees all went over that way to the left of your hill and house. Just follow that trail and the nut shells and trash and you will be sure to find some. They always throw trash around no matter where they go.”


“I thank you kindly, ” said Father. “Did you reduce any yet?”


Old Mom sighed and spouted water uncertainly. “Well, I can’t exactly say that I have. For a while I gave up cuttlefish and even some other fattening kinds, but you know how it is when one has to work so hard….”


“Of course.” said Father comfortingly. “Don’t you worry. We like our whales plump. Please give our love to your calves.”


The path led through a large grove of palm trees and the ground was found to be littered with husks. Father looked at his plans and said, “Coconuts. The Man-a-tee’s children must come down here often to get them.” He pointed as they set off along the path, and remarked, “They certainly do throw trash around. Not tidy and nice like the other animals we have been visiting.”


The sun was shining down very hot, and Mother stopped to look up into the sky. Just as she had hoped, there was Little Cloud tagging along – just in case. But it was easy to see that she had not expected them to go for a walk. She had turned her rainbow up side down and it was half full of rain water. She didn’t quite know what to do with it, so she had just come along as she was.


“Oh, there you are, Little Cloud!” telepathed Mother. “Will you please float on above us and make a little shade? It is very hot today.”


“Cloudburst weather,” added Father. And Little Cloud shivered and held onto her rainbow basin of water with all her might as she moved up to make shade.


Soon they came to a lake, and along the shores were just what Father had been watching for the MEN children of the Man-a-tee. They were all over the place. In trees and coming from caves in the cliffs above the lake. They were of several colors, from black to gray, and they were without hair except on their heads. They smelled to high heaven, and almost all of them carried big clubs and had belts of skin around their waists to hold big bone daggers they seemed to have made from the top leg bones of antelopes with the ends sharpened on rocks with grinding so they could be used as daggers. Father shook his head in doubt. They were not very promising. Even as they came closer, they saw a ring had been made and two big black males were having a prize fight. The ones running the show had charged a coconut each for admission to the ring, and were whacking all those who brought no admission tickets to drive them away.


“Was that part of your plan?” asked Mother as she saw one black man ape hit the other with his big club, and listened while all those in the audience, especially the females, screamed and cheered and clapped.


“I suppose it must be,” admitted Father. “I did not draw the rules too closely for their change from Man-a-tee to man.” He listened as all those around the ring telepathed, “Kill him! Kill him!” and watched while one of the black men brought his club down on the head of the other and knocked him galley west ….. “Madison Square Gardens, and Ali Muhammad vs What’s His Name,” said Father thoughtfully.


“Just as I saw it through the Time Telescope. I am afraid that I left my plans open too wide. These foul smelling and almost naked creatures are not at all what I had in mind. I will wager that they are crooks, liars and thieves. Some of those around the ring collecting coconuts look like members of the Black Hand, and several may well be the ancestors of crooked politicians.” Father reached into his big pocket and brought out his vaccination kit and small bottles so he could begin giving the ape men shots. He explained to Mother, “I doubt if it will work, but we will soon see.”


“What do you intend to do?” asked Mother as she watched him fill his syringe and squeeze the air out of the end of the needle.


“I’m going to give them shots,” he said. “The shots are of Second Grade Self stuff. I have gathered it after it went through a dozen lives on the animal level as First Grade Self Stuff. If I can add it to these animal men to give them a second SELF or soul or spirit – one that can think better and reason – I may save several million years time in changing them from fish to real men.” He telepathed to the noisy crowd around the big prize fighter and said, “All of you come and stand in a line to get your shots. It will be only a little prick, and you are all tough fellows. Come on prize fighter, you are first.”


“Me?” telepathed the big black ape man, beginning to shake with fright. “Not ME! You can’t draft Me! I’m the greatest! And I’m a preacher and man of peace! A SHOT might kill me. Give it to one of those little white apes. They aren’t any loss even if you kill the lot of them.”

“This is something all good Mohammedans have to have done to them, and it does not hurt,” said Father. “Show what a really tough guy you are and come and get your shot.”


The big ape came, still frightened half out of his wits, and Father tossed the needle into his behind quickly and squeezed. The ape man rose into the air with a wild whoop and took off for the nearest clump of trees, bawling with terror.


“What a champion!” laughed Father. He took a small ape by the scruff of his dirty neck and in a moment he also rose yelling into the air and landed running. So it was with the whole line, but after the last one was finished, one old fellow with a long white beard refused to come. He stood on a raft of big logs in the lake and kept telepathing, “No..ah! NO…ah! No..ah!” So Father let him go and put away his syringe.


“Do you hear anything from the woods that sounds like a word?” asked Father of Mother as he leaned forward, hand cupped to ear to listen.


“Not a single word,” said Mother. “But why do you ask? Did you expect them to begin to talk with words after having their shots?”


“No, I really did not expect it. But I just hoped that the shot might take with one or two of them. You know that only men who have a good working bit of Second Grade Self Stuff can talk with words, of course.”


“I had almost forgotten,” said Mother. They listened a little longer, then were about to give up, when out of the woods came a regular army. All the ape men had armed themselves with their clubs and daggers and, led by an old gray ape man, were running to attack Father and Mother.


“Oh, bother,” said Father with annoyance. He lifted a divine finger to give them a taste of Divine Wrath, but Mother pushed down his hand and said, “Let me handle it my way.” She looked up at Little Cloud and telepathed, “Empty your bowl of water on them, my dear. And touch them up with a little bit of lightning. Not too hot!”


Little Cloud was right over the advancing ape men. She flipped over her rainbow and made a little cloudburst that was really something to see. It picked up every last one of the culprits and washed the whole kit and boodle of them right down into the lake. Right on their heels Little Cloud sprayed forks of lightning, and meanwhile she thundered so loudly that it made the hills shake.


In the lake old No … ah! helped them out of the water onto his log raft one by one. Overhead, Little Cloud shook herself and took up her position to make shade. She was so proud she could hardly contain herself.


“That,” said Father, pointing to the now very meek ape men on the log raft, “is what we will hear about centuries from now when men write the story of Noah and his Ark. …. But let’s go on up the valley and see what other animals we can find. The bone headed and stubborn, lowbrows will be of little use to us. We will have to start from the beginning and make little Adam and little Eve from scratch.”


Mother had been telepathing her praise to Little Cloud, and now they went on together along the path. It led around the lake and took them into another part of the big valley. There Father stopped to examine a fine tree. “It’s a monkey pod”, he said. “We must be in monkey territory now, or we will soon be.”


As they went along farther, Little Cloud very importantly turned her rainbow over and carefully fill it with rain water so that she would be ready in case she was again called upon to help. Some of the larger clouds had been floating along at a distance to watch, and half of them were green with envy – which is a very poor color to be if there are rainbows to be made and the colors are not to be all mixed with green and turned to brown or gray.


There was a sudden commotion in the branches of the trees and Father said, “Look! My Chimpanzees! Right according to plan!”


Mother had filled her apron pocket with peanuts before leaving the house, and now she was ready to be the hostess at a real reception party – a really and truly Social Event, for Chimps are very correct and social animals. They were received with loud chatters of delight, and the Old Maw Chimp of the group came loaded down with politeness and wild plums.


Mother and Father telepathed their greetings and thanked Old Maw for her gift, then gave each of the several chimps a peanut. Old Maw caught a small grandson and give it to Mother to hold. She then took Father’s hand and, while chattering the very finest small talk, led him on down the path to Chimpville. There they found no end of Chimps, and the reception became a social event which would have made the first page of the Society News in all the local papers – if there had been any papers … which, of course, was not yet.


Old Maw introduced everyone, and then telepathed, politely, “Are you just going through, or did you come especially to visit us?”


Mother explained why they had come, but said, of course, that their visit was especially to see the Chimp People. Then she explained that they would soon be creating some babies, and as they would have no mothers, they would badly need help to nurse and raise them. “You could do us a great favor, if you could help,” said Mother.

Old Maw was delighted. “If you have peanuts at your house, I can get you all the help you can possibly use,” she telepathed.


“A big garden filled with peanuts,” said Father. “And a whole plantation of fine banana trees just beyond. On the beach you can pick coconuts, and I am sure you will love the work and the babies and everything.”


Mother said, practically, “Pick us out about a dozen older female chimps – ones who have raised their families and who are very knowing about little ones. And have them bring their husbands. We will need quite a crew.”


So it was quickly arranged and the time was set as 'Day after tomorrow.'


Old Maw went with them to call on other monkey and ape people in the valley and they had as social an afternoon as if they had drunk a barrel of tea and eaten ten jars of cookies.


Everyone was very friendly and it was a good thing that Mother’s apron pocket was of the magic self-filling kind, otherwise the peanuts would not have lasted ten minutes. The gorilla people were especially friendly and wanted to come along with the chimps to nurse the promised new babies, but since they were so very large and did not know their strength, their offer had to be turned down. The monkey people, large and small, entertained by doing monkey shines and showing how they did monkey business chasing each other through the tops of trees and making swings out of strong vines. By the time the afternoon was over, everyone voted that they had never had such a good time or tasted such good refreshments.


Starting for home, Mother called to Little Cloud and telepathed, “My dear, will you float along ahead to see if it is safe for us to go through the place where those horrid ape men live?”


Little cloud was all set and ready. She called to Mr. Wind to blow gently in the other direction, and went on ahead, all dark and grim above her full rainbow. They came to the place where the attack had been made on them in the morning, and stopped to see what was going on.


Old NO … ah was still out on his raft in the lake, but the rest of the ape men had come ashore and were lined up before their caves. They were armed with piles of stones to throw, and ready to run into their caves if threatened by another cloudburst.


Little Cloud first emptied the water from her rainbow bowl into the lake, dowsing Old NO..ah good, then gave a small rumble of thunder and started darting forks of lightning at the ape men. That was all that was needed. With howls of dismay, and clutching their scorched bottoms, they dived into their caves. Little Cloud stood by and shot an occasional fork here and there just to remind them, and Father and Mother walked on undisturbed and slightly amused. Mother was holding her hanky over her nose. She said, “Those ape men smelled bad enough when they were wet, but now that they are singed, the smell is twice as bad.” However, they were soon past the smell, and all was well. Little Cloud sailed, all puffed up with pride, just over their heads to make shade, and even smirked a little at the other clouds who had been watching and who were now even greener than ever with envy.


As they went along, Father stopped here and there to look at beds of clay and tomake balls of it to carry home. There was white clay, red, brown, gray, and even black. Father said, “We’ll make several clay images of the babies and see which kind works out best. If we didn’t use clay, the stories which the Hebrews and Polynesians will tell later about the creation of Adam and Eve will not match. And, as you know, my dear, it really makes little difference what we use so long as it  works.”




Early the next morning, Father and Mother enjoyed a good breakfast of cereal and goat’s milk which Little Mermaid had made ready. After breakfast Father laid out his plans on his big workbench and began to get ready to start making the small wooden molds to be used to mold the babies in clay. He called in a swarm of carpenter bees and put them to work cutting out the wood of the molds with great care, always following the lines Father marked on the wood just exactly.


Meantime, Mother and Little Mermaid finished the dishes and set the house in order. That done, they set off together for the sea shore. Old Mom Whale saw them the minute they arrived, and came puffing and spouting to say her telepathic, “Good morning.”


Mother telepathed to her, “Isn’t it a lovely morning! And Little Mermaid and I think you might be able to help us. Can you think of anything we could use for the small tubs in which to bathe the babies we are about to create? Big clam shells or turtle shells which the clams or turtles have stopped using?”


“That’s easy,” replied Old Mom. I know where there is a whole pile of shells left from giant clams. Just wait here and I’ll bring you some. Will you need a very tall pile of them?”


“About as tall a pile as I am,” said Mother, “Perhaps a few extra just in case.”


Mom Whale swam off, and in less time than you could say, “Fisherman”, was back, her great mouth filled with fine clam shells. She brought them to a place where the water was deep beside a rock, and neatly set the shells on the rock above the tide. They made too big a load for Mother and Little Mermaid to carry, so Old Mom Whale telepathed ashore to her relative, Mrs. Elephant, telling her the problem. Then before you could say. “Fisherman” backwards, three elephants came hurrying out of the woods and across the beach. One was Mrs. Elephant, one was her husband, and the third was their baby, now grown to quite a size.


When greetings were over, Mr. Elephant pushed his big tusks under the tall pile of clam shells, balanced the pile at the top with his strong trunk, and lifted all with the greatest of ease. With Little Mermaid and Mother leading they way, they set off happily along the path. Soon they came to the house and the Elephants were thanked, given each a bag of peanuts, and invited to come to visit again, just any day which isn’t ever quite as good as saying, “Come for tea on Monday.” Little Mermaid set to work to scour out the clam shells with sand so they would be all ready when needed, and Mother went to see if she could be of help to Father.


“Yes,” he said, wiping his noble brow. “you can be a great help. I find that I used up all my stock of Second Grade Self Stuff trying to make men of those ape men dropouts yesterday. Will you see if you can send out telepathic calls and bring in six male and six female SELVES who have lived several lives each in some smart animal, and who can now be touched by Divine Grace and made ready to be added to the little animal Adams and Eves so they can reason and TALK words. That is the test. If we can get them well enough created and an animal and human self made to stay together and work together in a body, all will be well.”


“Do you expect them to be able to talk right away?” asked Mother.

“I don’t know. In a new experiment like this one can never be sure. But at least they should be able to say a word or two by the time they are two or three. And at the end of that time, if they can’t, we’ll know we have failed and will have to wait a few million years for the ape men to catch up.”


“What language will the babies be supposed to use when they start to talk, if they ever do start?” asked Mother curiously.


“I’ve invented a few words that will be about the same in any language,” replied Father as he measured the depth of one of the molds and made a fresh mark for the carpenter bees to use. “‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ and things like that. By the way, have you figured out a way to make safety pins yet to fasten the diapers?”


“Yes,” said Mother. “Last night I put some of the porcupine quills to soak in vinegar, and they softened up so I can bend them into a circle and stick the sharp points into the hollow ends. It worked well. I also telepathed a call to Porcy to come over and live in the grove so we would be sure to have plenty of pins and needles. In the matter of the needles, I wonder if one of your busy carpenter bees could spare time to cut a few eyes for thread in the quills I have chosen for needles.”


Father telepathed an order and the boss bee sent a small worker who had a very sharp chisel to cut the eyes. The work was new to her, but she did a very good job of it in short order.


Mother was delighted. She thanked the bee and brought out her thread which the spiders had made. Threading her needle, she set to work on some left over bits of cloth to make bibs. “We’ll need quite a number of bibs,” she explained to Little Mermaid, who had finished polishing up the clam shells and had come in to look over Mother’s shoulder. Father glanced around to see how the bibs were going, and pointed with surprise at a basket of very busy worms.


“What are THEY doing?” he asked. “Cut worms,” laughed Mother, “they are cutting out the cloth for me to make the bibs. You haven’t invented scissors yet, or have you forgotten?”


“How right you are,” chuckled Father. “Leave it to the women every time!” He pointed to a large tray of sprouting corn seeds and asked, “Is that part of your project?”


“That,” said Mother gently, “is the reward for my cutworms. When they have cut out the bibs, they will be very hungry, and I will put them on the tray so they can cut off the roots of the little corn plants and eat them. It’s hard on the corn plants, but as you say, it is the Law that everything has to eat something else to grow upward through the evolutionary scale of life so that the human level can at last be reached.”


Father nodded his approval. “Yes, that is the Law, ” he agreed. “But have you telepathed a call for the Talking spirits to be placed in our Adams and Eves?”


“The call has gone out,” said Mother. “I am quite sure we will have a dozen of the finest and most experienced little Selves ever assembled.”


Father went back to his bench and checked the molds for Adam and Eve. They seemed perfect. So he rewarded the carpenter bees with tiny grindstones on which to sharpen their chisels, and called to Mother, “I’ll be back soon. I am taking my molds down to the beach to have the sandpipers use their pipes to sand up the insides of my molds. And when that is done, I will go past the bee tree and ask the honey bees to wax my molds for me so the babies will come out perfectly smooth and lovely.” With that he picked up the molds and started for the beach.


Mother smiled and began feeling at her apron strings for the right shadowy threads to find the Sandpipers. She made a call, and soon was able to tell them to go to the beach and watch for Father and help him. Turning to Little Mermaid, she said, “Father might have wasted half the day hunting sandpipers without first making a call for them. And now I had better find the right threads and call that queen bee in the old tree with her helpers and tell them to get the wax ready. Men just expect everything from meals up and down to be ready whenever they happen to want them, bless their thoughtless hearts.”


Within the hour Father was back, his molds all sanded and waxed and beautifully ready to have the clay pressed into them in the morning to start the work on the babies. Lunch and naps over, it was time for the chimps to arrive and be taught what they would have to do.


“The house seems very hot,” said Father. “I wonder where Little Cloud is? She certainly is not making much shade for us.”


“I sent her to protect the chimps when they came past the ape men,” said Mother. They should be here almost any time now.” And even as she spoke, a cool shadow fell over the house and garden and from outside there came a gay chatter of arriving chimps. They went to meet and greet them, and there were fresh introductions all around. They all shook hands very gravely with Little Mermaid, and were told that she was also the official Milkmaid whenever she was caring for the goats.


“Before we do anything else,” said Mother, “Let us have our tea. Gather here on the veranda and make a nice circle. I will serve.” And serve she did: peanuts and a banana for each chimp. Old Maw Chimp sat at the head of the circle, as was her right as head of the group. Beside her sat her husband, Old Paw Chimp, very grave and wise and feeling himself of the greatest importance. When tea was over and the banana peels carefully put into the garbage pail, the work of instruction began. They were taught to get the gourd milk bottles, of which Mother had plenty on the shelves waiting. Little Mermaid had brought the floats from the strands of kelp beds in the sea, and these were cut in half and holes made in one end to act as nipples on the gourd bottles whose thin necks had been carefully cut off. While the ladies of the chimps went into those things, Father taught the gentlemen how to use the big washing machine and they practiced on some of the many diapers which were piled high and waiting. The problem of clotheslines was easily solved by Old Paw Chimp. He sent his crew into the woods to bring long trailers of strong, green vines. They stripped off the leaves and twisted two vines together. Stringing these between trees, the diapers could be hung up to dry without clothespins. The line was untwisted a bit and the corner of a diaper tucked in. That held very nicely. Father was very careful not to give the least hint that washing was woman’s work, and the chimps were soon certain that only a lordly male would be able to do the washing.


A slight difficulty arose late in the day. Little Mermaid had been wearing her grass skirt and flower lei, and the lady chimps could not bear it not to have similar garments with which to decorate themselves. In the end, Little Mermaid had taught them to braid grass skirts, but making flower leis was too much for even Old Maw to understand. So it ended up with all the lady chimps wearing their new grass skirts around their necks, and, as the only grass to be found near the house was not over a few inches long, the little skirts were hardly a ruffle. But that was very satisfactory, and when dinner was over, they each took off their adornment and hung it with great care close at hand while they went to bed in the branches of a tree. For them it had been a most wonderful day.


In the morning, an early breakfast out of the way, the serious work of creation got going. From far and wide the birds who had season tickets came to perch in the trees around the house to watch the show. Little Cloud took up her position to make shade or rain or lightning, as might be needed. The chimps lined up in the proper social order on the veranda railing, and Father brought out his smaller bench so that everyone might see what went on.

Mother had welcomed the little Talking Spirit Selves as they arrived soon after dawn, and had given them each a little pair of angel wings to use just for the time being so that they could be seen and could come to the right place when wanted. Of course, as Self Stuff cannot be seen, they looked a little odd – just two tiny white wings fluttering around with nothing to be seen between them. The chimps rubbed their eyes in amazement. They had never seen butterflies or moths with just wings and no body, but they were too polite to say anything.


When all was ready, Father took the balls of clay and pressed them into the wooden molds. The two halves of the molds were pressed together and the extra clay trimmed off. When the molds were opened, out came, each and every time, a perfect little pair of clay Adams and Eves.


As they worked, Mother said, “Didn’t you make the heads too large at the top?”


“No,” said Father. “The animal Self uses all the lower part of the head, and so I have had to add on a second story, so to speak, for the Talking self to use. They look odd to us after seeing small skulls, but the larger ones will in time be considered much more beautiful. In fact, looking through the Time Telescope the other day, I saw that the women of the 20th Century were building up their hair around wire forms to make it look as if they had skulls almost as long as their bodies.”


When the six pairs of clay babies were ready, the little Talking Selves were called and the males separated from the females, care being taken to have the right ones on the babies to match whether they were boy or girl. “It wouldn’t do,” said Father. “To get a boy Talking spirit in a girl’s body just wouldn’t do at all.”


Mother said, “Shall I call twelve experienced animal spirits to take over and care for the body? And what kind should they be?”


“I am almost sorry to have to say,” replied Father, “that in this case we can’t do anything else but use spirit selves from those man apes we came so to dislike. They are the nearest to the human shape we are molding, and besides, if we used dog or cat animal selves, they might go back from human to dog or cat just enough to ruin the experiment.”

“I suppose the Talking spirits will make the new ones be more like humans,” said Mother. She began sorting threads at her apron strings and soon shuddered slightly. “I’ve got them,” she said. “I’ll call for a lot of them and we can sort out the ones who have lived in the ape bodies the most times and so will be the smartest, even if they have also to be the meanest.” She sent the call, and Father picked up a big tray and said a few magic words over it.


They had only a few minutes to wait. Father examined the tray from time to time and when enough ape man Selves had landed on it to cover it nicely, he took his magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers and began picking out the oldest Selves, taking care to pick up a girl Self and tuck it into the soft clay of a little Eve doing the same with each of the baby Adams. That done, and the remaining selves sent back to live with the ape man people, Father nodded to Mother and they took their places in front of the table and the row of clay babies. They first clasped hands, and then took deep breaths, four at a time, to gather in a large amount of life force or mana.


From the audience came not a chirp or even an echo of chatter. It was so quiet that one could have heard a pin drop, had there been pins. Little Cloud, who was able to look down and see everything, telepathed a running account of everything to the other clouds. Old Mom Whale was listening, and passed on the news to the other ocean creatures. None of the creatures knew just what was happening, but they sensed that it was an event of vast importance. Perhaps “The End of the World”.


Father and Mother paused and said to the little Selves who had come first, “Now listen, we declare you TALKING SELVES through our Divine Grace. Now drop your wings and the moment you see your baby begin to wiggle, dive in through one of its ears and take your place in the second story of its head.” The little angel wings all fluttered to the floor, and everything was ready.


Father and Mother took turns going up and down the row of clay babies and breathing the LIFE FORCE into them,. At the same time they thought pictures in their minds of living babies, all alive and squirming and suddenly it happened! The clay babies came to life and one after another began to cry as they took their first breaths. One did not cry, so Father picked it up by the legs and gave it a smart spat on the bottom… That did it and it began to howl lustily.


The audience went wild with delight. Everything able to make a noise made its kind of noise at the top of its voice. Little Cloud got so excited she let out a rip of thunder that shook the whole house. In the ocean the whales all spouted like mad. The chimps, who had behaved very well indeed, could stand it no longer, they jump from the veranda railing and would have grabbed wildly for each a baby had Mother not stopped them.


“Wait,” she telepathed firmly. “You’ll each get your baby, I promise you. But first get out your clam shells and help me give them a bath. Most of them have clay on their feet still. But before that, throw away those silly little grass miniskirts you have around your necks. They are out of style, and aprons are in – see my apron? Look, I have made each of you ladies an apron. Come and get them and see that you tie them around your waists instead of your necks. Mini-aprons would be more out of style than the skirts. Let Little Milkmaid help you tie them, and then get warm water in your basins and we’ll get to work.”

So….that was the way it all happened. The six pairs of babies were adorable. One fine pair was black, and Father was very proud of them. “These will be able to stand the sun without being sunburned and can live even in the middle of Africa,” he said. The other babies were various shades of brown, and one pair rather red. “These,” Father said “would probably become the ‘Noble Red Man’ of North America.”


Thanks to the help of the beavers, woodpeckers and carpenter bees, Father had in storage little rocking chairs and nice wide cradles. He gave each of the twelve Chimp foster mothers a chair, and placed a cradle for each pair of babies.


“The Chimp ladies already know their individual babies,” said Mother, looking up from her work of showing how diapers were to be put on. “And it’s a good thing they do, for except for the black and red pair, I can hardly tell them apart. But I’ve got them numbered now, starting in the social order of the Chimps, with the Black pair as Adam One and Eve One. Next come the brown pair as Adam Two and Eve Two. I think this will work out well enough.


When the time came for the first meal, Little Milkmaid was right on the job. She milked the goats, filled the gourd bottles, showed the Chimp nurses again how to put on the nipples of kelp floats, and helped Mother instruct the Chimps in the art of bottle feeding and burping. The bibs came in very handy. Things went off just as planned.


After dinner and when it came to be time for bed, the Chimp nurses bedded down, two together, at the foot of the large cradles, and took turns rocking the babies to sleep.


Mother put on a fresh apron, and she and Father went to sit awhile on the veranda. It was a lovely soft night, and at that time of the earth the poles had not yet been knocked off to one side by a meteor, so the summers and winters were all just the same, and the climate was as wonderful as the Los Angels Chamber of Commerce later claimed it to be.


“An amusing thing happened this afternoon,” said Mother. “Old Maw Chimp said to her husband that little black Adam One looked just like herself. Paw objected, saying that if he were to judge, he would say that Adam One was the spitting image of himself. Old Maw put the matter up to me to decide, and I got them to compromise by agreeing that he had her eyes, and his nose. It was really very funny, for Adam One, like all the others, does look amazingly like Chimp babies.”


“They’ll outgrow it soon,” said Father, “and then all the Adams may come to look a little like me. And, I do hope that all the little Eves can be blessed by looking at least a little bit like you, my dear.”


“You are always flattering me,” smiled Mother. “I’ll be satisfied if they look like your plan drawings – like fairly respectable human beings.”


Father stifled a yawn, for it had been a hard day. “Shall we go inside and try our beds?” he asked. “We haven’t slept in beds as long as I can remember, but now that we will have to observe earth time and stay here for some years to rear the children, I suppose that we had better start getting used to regular hours and beds.”


And so it came about that everything settled down peacefully. And it was the end of the First Day.


Nothing of importance happened until five days later. It was on a Saturday, and Chimp Nurse #6 happened by accident to see Mother pour some bleach from a jug into the washing machine where some rather dingy diapers were to be washed. That gave Nurse #6 an idea, and when the time came to bathe the babies, she slipped into the laundry room and got the jug. From it she poured a whole cup of bleach into her clam shell tub. Her fellow nurse next door added a generous batch of bleach to her bath water, and then the jug went from hand to hand right down the line, each Chimp snatching it from the next until, at the last, there was not a drop left for the water of Adams One and Two or Eves One and Two.


Little Milkmaid came in a few minutes later, and and found the Chimps frantically rinsing off the babies who had gone into the water into which the bleach had been poured. One pair had been bleached out white with hair the color of straw, and eyes blue. The next pair had been bleached to a light yellow tan and the next to a very light brown. Father and Mother came running, and soon the veranda was flooded with rinse water, but other than that, no damage seemed to have been done. The bleached babies did not seem to be hurt at all. Father studied the matter for some time, then got out his plans and made a few changes.


“It will be all right,” he told Mother. “We can use them to start the various races. The white ones can live in the colder climates where they will not get so badly sunburned in summer, and the yellowish ones will be just right to people China when the time comes. The tan ones will do for the Mediterranean Peoples.”


And so, that is how there came to be several colors of people and several races.


Of course, and as might have been expected, little Adam 6 and Eve 6 had to be kept out of the sun and given time to get a coat of tan. As it was, they both grew some freckles and had to have their small noses greased to keep them from peeling. Old Nurses 6 and 6 1/2 were not at all sure that their white babies were as good as the black or red or brown, or even the yellow ones. Father found them trying to trade them off and had to correct matter by whispering telepathically to them that the white babies might even be a tiny bit better than the ones with more color. It satisfied the Nurses at that time, but centuries later the white Adams and Eves came to believe what the Father had hinted, and took to bragging that they were better than any of the other people.





As the second birthday of the babies drew near, both Father and Mother began to work more seriously with the twelve little fellows who were swarming all over the place, getting into everything, and learning rapidly to feed themselves with bananas and even cereal and goat’s milk. They looked no end cute in their little training pants, and Adam and Eve 6 were tanned so brown that one could hardly tell them from the also tanned yellow babies who were Adam and Eve 5.


Father had sent out a call, with Mother’s help, of course, for six parrots, and had selected the oldest and wisest and most beautiful they could find. These they had taught to talk in several languages and had placed in and around the play pens of the children to try to teach them to talk.


Parrots, you know, although not human, are very close to it, considering the trouble birds have in lacking hands. In spite of the fact that they are never quite sure what they are saying, they usually repeat whatever is taught to them.


The Parrots had been able to hold the attention of the children because of their brilliant colors, and had faithfully spoken the proper words for the children to hear. There was only a little screeching, as Father had ordered that it be kept low. All the parrots taught ‘Mama and Papa’, as those words went in any language. They also taught exercise words to train young tongues and voices, like ‘Goo, gilly, gigglie and coo.’ It was the first school in the world, and the parrots were the first teachers.


By the time the second birthday of the children was almost there, all of them had learned ‘Goo’ very nicely, and some ‘Giggley coo’ as well. All could screech to high heaven, just like parrots and a few were beginning to chatter a little bit, like their nurses.


Father said, “We will hold the birthday party and put the children to the test. We will make them say a real word or not give them a piece of their birthday cake. And for those who say a word or two for us, we will have a special reward of a kitten for the girls and a puppy for the boys. The cat and dog relatives have been invited to the party, and it should be ve

ry exiting, especially as all the chimps will be here and all the birds with their season tickets for the best seats in the trees. Little Cloud will go to help the chimps to get here safely.”


Mother said, “With that many coming, I’d better get Old Paw and his boys back into the kitchen to add a few dozen more layers to the birthday cake.” She telepathed while putting on her kitchen apron, and Old Paw and his crew came as if going to a fire. They grabbed their small aprons and climbed their stools beside the work table, each ready to do his part in making the cake. Mother said, “Yes, as before, you shall all have rewards by being allowed to lick the spoons and bowls when we get the cakes into the oven.” Over her shoulder she said to Father, “It may not be very sanitary, but the way we wash our dishes in this kitchen would discourage the bravest germ you ever created.” She added, “Of course, I had to help create them, but I shuddered all the time. Too bad they had to be made so that there would not be a gap in your life circle.”


Father said, “It takes a great number of life forms to let the evolutionary cycle go ahead, and germs are very important in hundreds of ways. But tell me, did you put a ring in a part of your cake where you could find it as the very extra special reward for the baby who said the first real word?”


“I have a confession to make,” replied Mother. “I didn’t put a single ring in the cake. But I have a dozen in my apron pocket and will slip them into the proper pieces, if and when they are deserved.”


“You are simply wonderful,” said Father. “You always know how to do everything exactly right. And your cakes smell so nice it almost makes my mouth water.”


The next day, after breakfast was over and everyone was slicked up and made ready, the celebration was begun. The chimps from Chimpville, under the care of Little Cloud, arrived in proper order and took up their places in the trees, keeping watch that they did not sit in the seats reserved in the front rows of branches for the birds.


Little Cloud had hardly taken her place over the house to shade it from the sun, when the cat delegation arrived in style, one might say – with Mr. Lion leading the way and Old Sabertooth meekly coming along in second place. Father showed them their places to sit, and Little Milkmaid served goat’s milk in clam shells for them all, as they were too hungry, after their journey, to be trusted too far with the other guests. The house cats, swelling with pride, sat in the front row, holding the six fine kittens which would be gifts for the Eves who said words.


There was a great barking in the distance, and soon the dog delegation arrived. The big dogs were each given a place and then the little dogs seated in front of them. They were also hungry, and to keep them minding their manners in the direction of the cats, each was given all the dog biscuits he or she could hold. The six puppies were placed by Father in a basket and given milk.


The birds arrived in a flock, paying their respects with a jumble of fine chirps and songs. They were so full of worms and things that they hardly tasted the bird seeds when Little Milkmaid passed them around.


There were no delegates from the ocean, naturally, but Little Cloud took up her position and began telepathing broadcasting to them everything just as it happened. Mom Whale sent greetings for Happy Birthday to all twelve of the babies and Little Cloud passed on the greetings with a tiny peal of thunder just for good measure and because she was so excited she could hardly contain herself anyway. It was the very first birthday party anyone could remember. At a proper distance all the big clouds watched, and far away the frogs could be heard booming, “First out! First out!”


The birthday cake had so many layers that it made a tower, and Father had to walk beside it and steady it from the top when Old Paw and his crew carried it in on the stool on which it stood. With the cake balanced in the right place in the veranda, it was time for the nurses to bring out the babies. Mother gave the signal and out they came, every last one able to walk and holding the hand of a nurse.


At the sight of them, the black panther, who had been placed beside Mrs. Lion, lashed his tail and crouched down to make a leap and get a tender meal. But Mrs. Lion had been watching, and at the first twitch of his long tail, she reached over and slapped his face until his teeth chattered and his tail curled up into a hard knot. He instantly forgot his stomach. But the commotion had frightened the children. They had never seen so many strange animals, and as with one voice they screamed, “Mama! Mama!” and clutched at their nurses. Father stepped forward to show that there was nothing to fear, and they all cried out, “Papa! Papa!” and then quieted down.


Father and Mother beamed at each other. The first words had actually been spoken, and now they knew that the experiment was a success and that in each little head a Talking Self was at home and doing what it should to make all the difference between an animal and a human being.


A large clam shell filled with whipped cream frosting was set out for the cats, as they were not very fond of cake, but all the other animals had cake with frosting begin to come their way. Mother held the dishes while Father carved from the top, and all went well until the children, who had been holding out their hands and making Chimp noises, began to howl because their guests were being served first. It was most disgraceful of them, but they were very spoiled and still very small, so no one blamed them.

One of the parrots screeched so loud that he could be heard over the howling, and shouted, “Polly wants a cracker!” Father tossed him a bit of cake and, would you believe it, the children saw what had taken place and again with one voice cried, “Polly wants a cracker!”


“How fast they learn,” said Father happily, and just as he spoke, and while the children were repeating, even louder, “Polly wants a cracker,” the CAKE TOWER fell over!


Mother said, “I had half expected, that, so I had a cloth placed on the floor. We can still serve the cake.” She looked at Father and, said, “I suppose that when the story of what has happened to the cake is written by some son of an Adam, it will be all about the Fall of the Tower of Babble. At least the children are babbling now beautifully, and in several tongues. One is saying, ‘Chiggey Chock’ all the time. Do you think that might be Sanskrit?”


“No,” said Father with a learned smile. It is Chimp. I haven’t invented the Sanskrit language yet.”


The next thing on the program was the passing out of the little rings to the little fellows and, as all of them had talked words, each got a ring. More and more cake was passed around, and when the last lick of frosting was gone from the cloth under the stool, it was time to go home. They all sang “Happy Birthday to You” with barks and meows and screeches and chirps. Little Cloud dared thunder just a note or two, and as the guests left for home, they paid their respects to Father, Mother and Little Milkmaid, during which time they said, each in his own telepathic language, that never had there been such a wonderful birthday party.


Little Cloud was so busy broadcasting the last details that she almost forgot, but Mother reminded her, and she set out obediently with the Chimps to see them safely through the dangerous part of the valley where the ape men lived. And it is good to be able to say, the ape men had learned their lesson and behaved themselves.


When the last guest was gone, Father remembered that the kittens and puppies had not been given to the children and were left behind to be taken care of. Father said, “I can imagine kittens being left on the doorstep, but NOT puppies. Anyway, it is our fault, and even at that we are not much to blame, considering the great excitement of hearing the very first words ever spoken by human beings.”


Mother said, “Let’s all take our naps, and after that we can decide what to do.” But as they went back to the veranda to say it was nap time, what should they see but every last child with either a kitten or a puppy clasped in its little arms, and all, including the exhausted chimp nurses, fast asleep.


“Isn’t it sweet,” said Mother gently as she pulled a bit of cover up around one of the pairs of children and smiled at Father. “I wanted a family, as you know, but I had not expected it to include kittens, puppies and even chimps but they are all just too darling and appealing.”


They settled down on their lounge chairs where they could keep an eye on the children lest a puppy get hugged too tightly or a kitten scratch someone who was too loving. Little Cloud hovered overhead, taking her nap, and for a time everything was quiet and peaceful.


Then the earth began to shake slightly, and, looking up, they saw the Elephant Family arriving. Mrs. Elephant said, “I hope we are not disturbing your nap, but we came to apologize for forgetting which day it was that the birthday party came on.”


“Now, now,” said Father smilingly. “Elephants never forget. What was the real reason you did not come?”


Mrs. Elephant hung her head as far as her very short neck would allow and confessed, “It was because we learned that the animals were supposed to give some of their little ones to the children as birthday gifts, and as Father and I have only our one little one, we just couldn’t bear the idea of giving him up.” She looked appealing at Mother and was comforted, when Mother said, “Don’t worry. Only house cats and dogs were wanted. Your baby is very lovely, but entirely too large to make a pet for a human baby. I’m sorry we haven’t any more birthday cake left. Could you eat a few peanuts?”


“I really shouldn’t,” said Mrs. Elephant. “I planned to start dieting today.”


Father said under his breath, “A whale of an idea.”


Mother said, “Tomorrow will time enough to begin to reduce.” She went to the kitchen and filled her self-filling apron pocket with peanuts, then came back and invited the elephants to help themselves. This they did, most happily, and after eating about a bushel each, they wished the children a Happy Birthday, paid their respects to Father and Mother, and went contentedly home.


Father said, “If you will give me a hand, before the children wake up, we can give each of them a THIRD SELF. I have made one for each out of Third Grade Self Stuff, and we will fasten each self – each living in its shadow body, of course – to its child with a strong thread. Then it can take your place, at least in part, and the children can gradually be cut loose from your apron strings.”


Mother helped, and in a few moments there was a little round ball of light floating above each child. This was the most wonderful thing to see, but only Father and Mother can see Self Stuff or spirits, which is too bad, but can’t be helped. And even today, every child is given a fine Self of THIRD GRADE Spirit Stuff that is ever so wise and kind and which will come whenever called to help and comfort. In fact, it is often called “The Comforter”. And so MAN was made up with three Selves or spirits, one an animal self, one a Talking Self, and one the Comforter Self. All three selves have a shadowy body to live in, as well as the animal body for the First and Second Grade Selves. It is a very wonderful way to be made.

Available as printed book 'Teaching Huna to the Children'


Man: Prehistoric and Current

May-June, 1967



ONE OF THE MOST FASCINATING THINGS in our research work with Huna has been the discovery of the ancient lore of the union of the male and female na Auhane to “graduate” and join to become a new Aumakua. You will recall, if you have followed the course of the bulletins or have read my book, The Huna Code in Religions, that this has been the great goal laid out as the reward for living in the Four Gospels as well as in Buddhism. It is the next logical step in the life and reincarnation cycle for the advanced student. I stated some time ago that, for me, here was a belief which I had accepted with joy and with the  cessation of questioning, and a number of you have happily joined with me in setting this down as one of the firm foundation blocks of the Huna which we have worked so hard to recover.


Like the seeing of the “light” in certain stages of development, we have, from time to time, the added confirmation given by others who have had the mystical experience of “seeing the Light” in one form or other.


Added weight is given to confirmation when it comes from someone who, it may safely be said, had written of his experiences without first having heard of our experiences, especially as I related my own in my first book , Secret Science Behind Miracles. That being the case, it is with especial significance to us that we read of the experience of Howell S. Vincent in his book, LIGHTED PASSAGE, which was published some years ago.


One of the good HRAs who had just recently come across this book, copied out passages and sent them to me in case I had not seen them – and I had not, although I had other books by the same author collecting dust on my shelves. I take the reviewer’s liberty of quoting:


“I was very much awake but completely relaxed. Like a stroke of lightning the vision came, unexpectedly and unheralded. As a vision it endured for only a fraction of a second but its effect abides with me even in writing out this testimony. The intensity of the physical light accompanying this spiritual vision was tempered to the full capacity of my physical eyes, for they could just endure the brilliant flash without pain or blur or blinding.

“Beyond this physical seeing, and even more real than it, I experienced a spiritual sense of awareness that was similar to sight. I sensed a dazzling white light that enveloped my whole being and permeated every cell of my body. It was warm and gracious and filled me with indescribable peace, calm and satisfaction.


“I could discern no form with my eyes, but my spirit knew that the spiritual light had a form that merged with my physical body, a perfect complement interpenetrating each limb and organ and cell. This light form did not give me a sense of a quality of otherness; it was not something or somebody apart from me. The experience of inter-penetrating contact was not strange or startling to me. The form was not foreign to my being; it was rather a familiar, well remembered self, that I had lost for ages, and now having contacted, I recognized her to be my soul.


“This is not fiction and above all it is not a love story; it is far more intimate than that and it is universal in its application and interest, so that every love story, every love experience in the world between any two people is only an outward shadow of the integration of the soul and the spirit of any human being within that being’s unapproachable sanctuary where no other being can enter.


“This is the experience of an individual all alone, within his innermost self, with no second party present or interested. It is a man’s soul in him integrating with his spirit within him. The fact that this man’s soul is feminine and his spirit masculine and that they are integrating and will finally fuse into soul-spirit unity within his being, is of vital importance to you, for it is a statement of your own case. Your soul and your spirit are of opposite genders and your one problem in this life is to set your own house in order by integrating soul and spirit. as one individual you.


“I had no doubt: I knew with my inner consciousness that this was my soul and that my soul is feminine, more superbly feminine in every quality than anyone I have known. In my spirit I recognized this feminine divinity to be my own celestial counterpart self. Permeated with her presence, I knew that she, my soul, and the ‘I AM’ of me are one and the same ‘I AM’. My spirit rested in the joy of fulfillment. Months later this experience was verified in verbal form when poetry welled up from some source within my innermost being.


She came to me, my Soul resplendent,

Her glory all around flowed over and beneath me,

Pierced me through, and through and through.

She spoke to me as we had spoken

Within ourself before the birth of time.

She spoke without words, arrived without motion.

Trembling with joy I recognized and understood;

For she and her words are one with me, eternally.

A moment thus, then she was gone.


“No soul incarnates, but he or she, as the case may be, watches over his or her counterpart spirit during its incarnation and draws it back from its pilgrimage into reintegrated divine life, enriched with the carnate consciousness created on its journey through experience.


“At the first my mind was startled to learn that my soul was feminine. To my mind’s inquiry there welled up, into its outer consciousness, full assurance from my spirit and soul deep within my inner consciousness. This assurance took immediate word form briefly, as follows:


“Two complements, merging, form a whole. Two identicals, because they have the same form, cannot merge. Since they cannot occupy the same space together as two complements do, they remain as two.


“Further, the complete integration of the mind depends upon the merging of the soul and spirit. These are the two complements from which the mind emerges. The harmony produced by blending the difference between the soul and its fully complementary spirit is the music which men call mind.


“This my mind accepted, and from that hour my mind has rejoiced in the femininity of my soul, its mother, as much as in the masculinity of my spirit, its father.


MY COMMENT. We have no difficulty recognizing in Author Howell Vincent’s glowing account of his split second vision, the two things that the na kahuna of old were at great pains to preserve for us in code in the Four Gospels which were four versions of their great initiatory Mystery Play.

Also, those of us who have been through Theosophy and the standard beliefs of India, will have no difficulty in seeing the presence of the great misconception which grew up in Indian lore after the Huna secrets of the meaning of the “LIGHT” and of the “GRADUATION” of two na Auhane into one Aumakua was lost. The misconception failed to travel from India to mix with Hebrew ideas or with the sadly distorted outer version of the Christian Mystery Plays.


In India the great preachment gradually became that there were TWO selves and only two. These were the one ordinarily living in the man, and the Aumakua living above him in some mystic way as an “overself”. One was told that the one and only thing worth striving for was the INTEGRATION of these TWO selves to cause them to blend and become CNE. “Oneness” became the slogan and fetish. As the lower self was thought to be impure, especially in its love for a mate, then it was trumpeted from the pages of Holy Books that one must “kill out desire” and finally become pure enough to join, as a lower self, with the Higher Self. It followed that, as the Higher Self was part and parcel of the Universal Self or God Concept, the union of the low and High ended with the “dewdrop slipping into the shining sea.” In other words, the united pair of selves joined the ocean of Divine Self and lost its individuality with vast and unending joy. It was a rather strange reward for the accomplishment of the”selflessness” of Yoga and the purity of all Hinduism – to say nothing of the same idea of “purity” which did travel to the Near East and enter as a freely accepted contamination of what had before that not been quite so bad. The curse was placed on human love and sex relations and the poor long suffering women were branded EVIL – a necessary evil for as long as it took to rear a family and keep the world turning, but aside from that, just evil in its worst form – “evil in skirts”.


From the original Huna teachings which had filtered into Greece and India at a very early date, the idea of the three selves of man was clear enough. The Greeks spoke of the animal self in addition to the mind self. In Yoga, in its early day when it contained hardly anything but coded Huna, the traces of the belief in three selves were enduring. But with the gradual failure of the Huna system of passing on the secret by way of initiation or teacher-to-pupil transmission by word of mouth, the masses, with their uninformed priests, gradually came to have only the two self idea, and to concoct the fiction of the UNION of the low and the High. Into the pottage of misinformation was poured exaggerated ideas of endless reincarnations and of Karma which was all but impossible to live down, for even to desire to be free of Karma and to attain UNION with one’s Aumakua was desire, the very essence of the evil art of trying to lift oneself by one’s bootstraps from one level to the next. The human animal man is prone to invent himself more foolish obstacles while hatching religious philosophies than one could shake a stick at in a long time.


The “misconceptions” borrowed from India and the anti-sex element in early and late sects of Christianity, have even invaded the weak, bigoted and smelly temple of modern Psychology. The neo-psychologists also carry the smell, and for $25, paid in advance, you can attend “classes” all over the land and be taught “INTEGRATION”


If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a really bad case of obsession and land in the psycho ward of a mental hospital, the “split personalities” composing your mental quota may be treated to “shock” to try to weld or integrate them. In the old days they administered “shock” treatment by stoning the obsessed – and with about as good end results.


Author Vincent apparently knew nothing of Huna, but he had a wonderful experience, saw the “Light” and in addition, seems to have had a preview type of experience in which he entered the state of “graduation” or union with the true Auhane mate for an instant – an instant of sensing that loomed as a lifetime in his memory. It was inevitable that he thought what he had touched and blended with was a female part of himself, for it could have been nothing else if the contact is what it appears to have been.


Of course, having been grounded in the misconceptions of later India, it was inevitable that he come to believe that he, as the lower soul self, had met with and blended with the higher “spirit” self of his own unit. To his enduring credit it must be said that he did not let the dogma of “woman as the sinful temptress” throw him, and was able to keep turning over and over in his mind all the angles of his great experience, finally finding a way of sorts to keep the Aumakua idea but get in the idea of femininity and the intended mate – even if only a precious soul spirit bit was to be salvaged. One has to smile at his eagerness to remove his experience from the level of ordinary love between man and woman. He may well have known such a love and felt the woes that beset the lovers because of their na Aunihipili and their animal approach to “love”. The love of the Auhane is a fragile thing. at its best, and when blasted by the explosive Aunihipili and its dynamite of emotions, it often vanishes into thin air. But the dream of the true mate seems to have followed every child of Adam into the first incarnation, and battered and bruised as we may be in the battles for the love of the dream, the dream itself endures and endures.


I, for one, live by, with, and for the hope of that “Graduation” and “Union”. I am most grateful to Mr. Vincent for sharing with us his vision as a confirmation of the visions of so many of the rest of us.


ON THE LONG WAY UP, and as a preliminary to the final great day of our Graduation, we need very much to get help to enable us to (1) know that there is an Aumakua, and (2) how to keep the thoughts turning on its verity until we make the needed open contact and are rewarded by that final personal proof of verity – by being allowed to see the LIGHT of the Aumakua.


There are a number of excellent books to be had at present, all helpful, even if the Aumakua is called by a confusing number of names. It starts out as “God” and “Universal Mind”, but gradually comes closer and becomes individualized so that, in the end, the seeker finds the LIGHT a very near, dear and personal god.


A new book by one of the Huna Research Associates, who has lectured and taught in this part of the field for some years, has just been published. It is titled, THERE IS A TIDE. 83 pages, hard cover, for $2.50 (add 15 cents postage) from Vantage Press, 120 W. 31st St., New York, N. Y., 10001. The writer is HRA Renee Iaaus of California. The book was written before she had found Huna, but is filled with little stories of the way the Aumakua (call it what you will) has responded to calls of all kinds for Help in her own life and in the lives of the many whom she has taught and helped to realize that there was such a source of Help and how to get into touch with it on a working basis. It Is an inspiring and inspired book dealing with, “The One Presence, All Power, All Intelligence … Universal Intelligence”, etc. Read from this book daily and continue to “Grow Into Light”.


BEHOLD I LIVE is the title of a book by a newer HRA, Lucy Chauncy Bridges. 186 pages, $4.75. Regency Press, Ltd., 43 New Oxford Street, London, W.C.1. This is a charming account of the life of the author as a girl on a sugar plantation in Demerara, British Guiana. She was sent to England to school, and eventually married and lived in England. At about the time of the death of her husband (to a lesser extent before that time) she had become interested in Spiritualism and from messages received through a medium, was convinced that her mother had survived and was a living spirit on “the other side”. The bulk of the book deals with the many seances of various kinds which she attended down the years, with pages of messages from spirits, these ranging from simple matters to interesting discussions of life as a spirit, of reincarnation and of religion and science. The assembled messages make up an excellent cross section of the things said during the present half of the century by the discarnate, high and low. Spirit and New Thought types of healing are discussed, and Karma is not missed by the communicators in their statements and speculations. If you have not had the opportunity to sit in on a series of the best seances, here is a fine collection of them in printed form ready for your consideration. Here is also a vivid picture of the life of the writer and her England and friends … friends on both sides of the veil.


CONFESSIONS OF A SENSITIVE by J. Cecil Maby, Brooke House, Frocester, Stonehouse, Glos. England, has been published by the author in a limited edition. The page size is larger than the usual 5×8, and the printing has been done by offset, reproducing typed pages made ready by the writer. No price is set on the volume, but $6. 50 might about cover it. Mr. Maby has been the author of many articles and several books. His work is familiar to dowsers the world over through his articles on dowsing in the journal of the British Society of Dowsers. I have long admired his learning and his efforts to find an answer in the known field of physics for the phenomena surrounding dowsing. Himself an expert dowser, he has covered the field with the greatest care and has not hesitated to look into ESP and the full range of spirit manifestations. Everything has been grist to his mill, and in his book he tells of his life and search for answers, not overlooking the possibilities in Astrology and Fortune Telling. In presenting case after case as he investigated the mixed field and experimentd or observed, he gives his reader a splendid general view of what is to be found and what has been done by way of getting explanations for what so often seems beyond explanation.. Walking through this book in the footsteps of this learned and talented man will give the less informed a fine education not to be had at a University. (So far as I can see, he has not given his attention to the Huna theory of the aka thread and the mechanisms of mana and of the actions of the three selves in dowsing from maps. But for this angle, you always have several articles on the Huna theory which have appeared from time to time in the journal of the B.S.of Dowsers.)


AFRICAN GENESIS by Robert Ardrey has been in my hands on loan for some time and has delighted me from cover to cover. (Paperback of the better sort, $1.95. Dell.) Ardrey is a playwright with some successful plays to prove it, but he became entangled in a study of the latest developments in the findings of Naturalists and Anthropologists, especially the latter. In recent years the fossil hunters, especially in South Africa have been breathing down the neck of First Man, and their breaths have become hotter and hotter.


Author Robert Ardrey, who had majored in natural sciences at the University of Chicago, was  literally dragged by his curiosity from the stage into the “diggings.”


He writes like one bent on doing a murder mystery, presenting true and false clues, dragging red herrings across the trail to barnfoozil the reader, and then coming up with a fresh corpse – figuratively one of some reactionary Anthropologist, Psychologist or other member of the reluctant clan of the “arrived” learned who have been able to appoint themselves “authorities”. He is very gentle, but has less than no mercy in jerking open the closet door and letting the skeleton fall out – the skeleton of a fine theory which had been “The Final Word” only yesterday, but which now is seen to have a lower jaw that fails to match the skull.


THE STORY BEGINS with two outsiders who weren’t even members of the Club of accepted Anthropological Poobahs. A Dr. Raymond A. Dart, who, up to his retirement in 1958 as head of the anatomy department of the University of the’Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, had sinned against all the Sacred Cows of Holy Anthropology by discovering something that simply could NOT BE. It could not be because some member of the Club in good standing as an authority had not made the discovery. More than that, the fossil he had found did not agree with the current beliefs as expressed in the official text books.


Dr. Darts sin was that he had discovered the skull of a man-ape dating back only about three quarters of a million years, but which showed every evidence of belonging to the first man, AND, that he had NOT been a docile vegetarian like he was supposed to be: he was a nasty little predator who had learned to live on red meat and who made his kill with a club – a club that was none less than the leg bone of an antelope of fair size. He had killed the docile type of ape with a whack on the head and eaten him. In a cave not far from Johannesburg, the fossil remains of this carnivorous ape man had been found, and with it a number of fossil ape skulls, all of which had been broken by blows of the leg bone – this bone leaving from the knuckle on its heavy end two dents side by side and about an inch apart. This ape had a larger brain capacity and also had changed its root chewing type of teeth for the kind better adapted to eating meat.


Dr. Dart described his find in the manner accepted by Anthropologists, in “papers”. When he was not loftily ignored, he was sneered at by Anthropological Royalty. What he claimed to have found was impossible. The text books said so. Therefore, he could have found nothing of the sort. Up near Lake Victoria, where diggings has turned up the Proconsul ape who had lived 20 million years earlier and who had seemed to be in line to father First Man, the Anthropologists held a fine meeting. Everyone who belonged to the Club the world over attended. Dart managed to get on the program for a 45 minute presentation of his fossils and to give the proofs of his deductions. The official Members ran over their time and left Dr. Dart but 15 minutes to speak. Most of the members did not listen and almost all of them refused to look at his fossils, especially at the surprising number of bone clubs and the skulls of docile apes cracked with them. One Poobah took a look and pontificated that the Dart ape had never carried all those bones into the big cave as weapons or as apart of a meal: the bones had been carried in by hyenas. Everyone was delighted to have the intruder slapped down so nicely, and everyone cheered the hyena- one fossil head and neck of which had been shown by Dart to have been killed by having a bone club so forcefully rammed down his throat that it had fractured the bones back of his throat. (A part of the exhibit promptly discounted 100%.)


But Dr. Dart and his students, who had cleaned and classified a surprising number of fossil bones of the ape man and his victims, were not so easily silenced. The name “Australopithecus”, for “Southern Ape” gradually began to become known by other outsiders. (“Australopithecus africanus” was the full title of this mortal sin.)


The second of the two men with whom the story opens, was also a rank outside nothing more important than a zoologist. His name was Robert Broom, and in a cave at Makapan, some distance north of Darts “digs”, he had made the grave mistake of finding a number of the same “impossibles” as those of Dart. He had given his ape man a different name, and was treated to the same lofty scorn as Dr. Dart. However, he made less of an outcry than Dart and continued in his white shirt and stiff collar to go fossil hunting whenever he pleased.


Into this confused picture steps Dr. L.S.B. Leakey, who is described as “another of the three wild men”, but who was a member of the Club in good standing. He and his wife, Mary, had their diggings up near Lake Victoria in Olduvai Gorge where the birthdays of the world may be seen recorded in the walls of the gorge, and where at one level the ape man fossils had been discovered. (In a recent issue of the National Geographic Magazine the findings of Dr. Leakey have been reported.)


Our author  detective, egged on by some naturalist friends in U.S.A. and in England, visited the three “wild men” and decided that all of them had the same ape man fossil bones, even if each had given his ape man a different name. But the digs of Dr. Dart were the most fabulous because of the finding of the bones used as clubs and the evidence that Ape Can’t Be Africanus was carnivorous and a hunter.


The detective was next confronted by the question of what instincts Mr. Africanus might have that we later Smart Monkeys of the 20th Century might have inherited from him.


The trails and clues led to the inspection of the very latest studies of apes and monkeys. Also birds and beasts in their native habitat instead of in some zoo where artificial conditions of life had given the naturalists very imperfect idea s of creature behavior.


The stories of the lives, loves and natures of birds and beasts make for the most delightful reading. They are also most informative. One reads of the fact that many bird flocks have a boss bird who takes a mate and together they stand at the head of “the pecking line”. They peck the next below them in standing, and in turn. They peck the next below them, until, at the end of the line are the last pecked who have no other bird to peck, so just must accept their bottom position in the social scale. The author pauses dramatically at this point to suggest that we have inherited the feeling for social standing from the lower creatures. Howler monkeys and some apes also have a form of pecking line, and despite the inroads of modern Communists, we still have a scale of social values, at least outside of Red territory, which gives full sanction to kings and beggars, the 400, and those of us who live on the wrong side of the tracks. We also have the social scale based on education, with the genuine Ph.D. Poobahs sitting farthest beyond the salt, and those who have purchased their Ph.D. for $50 from a “course” outfit sitting so far below the salt that they live under the table. The most difficult social scale to break into is the one based on wealth. This is the most democratic of all social units, however, and even without having an ancestor who hit America on the Mayflower, if you have been able to grab a lion’s share of Moolah, you are “in”.


Another trait found in creatures is that of taking possession of “territory”, and, once in possession, defending it to the last ditch. Single birds may hold a single tree against. all who come. Birds and beasts in flocks, troops, herds, colonies, or what have you, join to hold certain parcels of territory. Even some fish have this trait. It follows that man comes most naturally by his nationalism or by considering “his home his castle.” Once one has territory, he gets a mate to match in most creature bits of society. If you are a Greater Tit in England and can’t hold a tree, you get no mate. If a man, similarly unfortunate, you end in Skid Row, friendless.


A point not made very clear, if touched upon, by Mr. Ardrey, is that man is burdened by a few dangerous instincts not entirely inherited from the ape man as the prime ancestor. In addition to his piece of space, tree, forest or desert piece of possession, MAN, individually and as a clan or nation or even a race, has made possession out of ideas. And here is an odd thing: If the idea is a RELIGION or POLITICAL WAY OF LIFE, it is not only a territory to be defended by the individual or the race, but it is part and parcel of one’s social standing. If you allow him to do so, Man will try to force all other men to accept his religious beliefs and his politics. And, anyone not of the same beliefs on both scores is, to him, not even worthy to stand at the very end of the social pecking line.


If we class set religious and political beliefs as something added to the basic instincts, we have a better understanding of the puzzling behavior of people,who seem in other ways to have learned to use the Auhane power to reason, but are so welded to religious and political beliefs that reason is tossed out of the window when such things are at stake. The Christian looks down on all followers of other beliefs as “heathens”, and we spend millions sending missionaries to use all possible means short of war to convert the heathens. (Not too long ago, war was also proper to use.) The efforts of Republicans to convert Democrats, and reverse, is the complexed instinct unit at work in the Aunihipili of one man, or the na Aunihipili of half the U.S.A. The effort to convert or force in the political field has today reached the stage of a vast Holy War in which the Reds of half the earth are dead set on making Reds out of the rest of the world. With both sides universally frozen into one fixation or the other of instinct plus, we have a situation fraught with the most explosive danger.


Author Ardrey discusses this situation at length in his book. Looking at man as he appears to be – a creature whose whole history has to be written in terms of man as a weapon maker – we see ourselves now at the high point of weapon progress. Up to now we could wage ever larger wars and still leave enough people on enough land to keep the world going. But NOW, we have made the bombs which threaten to ruin the world while promising no victory to either side of the idea territory war of the present. History says that instincts will prevail and that we will blindly go on to the inevitable end of doing away with mankind and his livable planet.


Mr. Ardrey speculates on the problem, and hopes that even with the final Big Boom all the earth and air and water will not be so contaminated that a few can survive. He sees the danger of the mutations of the human and creature genes and the possibility that this will ruin all life or, by some happy chance, produce a superior race of men. His farthest and faintest hope is that by some miracle the contending instinctual ideologies of the present can be brought to “live and let live”. His “educated” guesses make for fascinating reading, and he tries not to be as pessimistic as the nearly hopeless situation demands. Let me quote from page 321:


“And were I to find myself among the twenty per cent of human beings to survive a contest of radiant weapons, I should much prefer to have been numbered among the victims.


“The starkest horror of the three probabilities is the partial catastrophe. The survivor will face plague unrivaled in the middle ages, and famine unknown in China’s worst seasons. Social anarchy will grip him. The peasant will be murdered by marauding bands, the city man withered by his dependance on society. Disease, hunger, predation, and suicide will decimate the five hundred million, and mutation will alter the remainder’s descendants.


“Yet a certain strange hope exists. We need not quarrel over the actuarial rates of post apocalypse insurance companies. Premiums will be high. But there is something we know of a more exact order and of far greater evolutionary significance. Any radiant catastrophe killing a presumed four fifths of the human population will induce mutations in the majority of survivors. Ninety-nine out of every one hundred mutations will be unfavorable. One will be benevolent. And here, should the second outcome provide mankind with its fate, lies evolution’s hope.


“It is the paradox of the contemporary predicament that the force we have fashioned and that can destroy our species is the same force that can produce another.


“What happens to the rest of us, the unmutated, is of small concern. Rats may eat us, or our fellow men. Mutant germs for which we have no resistance may sweep us away with diseases for which we have no names. Famine may waste us. Our predatory instinct, for which our intelligence was never a match, may now, unchecked by social patterns, drive us into ceaseless conflict until Homo sapiens becomes extinct. ………………. Man is NOT unique, and his soul represents the product of hundreds of millions of patient years of animal evolution, and he approaches his crisis not as a lost, lonely self deluded being but as a proud creature bearing in his veins the tide of all life and in his genes the scars of the ages, then sentient man, sapient at last, has a future beyond the stormiest contradictions.”


MY TRUSTY TAROT CARDS came out at this point to stop the need for guessing and to tell us what to expect. The King of Swords turns up in each of three runs, and I take it that we will have a dominant male in the shape of a military man begin to head the “pecking line” and decide for us what we are to do and not do. The 10 of Swords comes up as usual as I think of the present war, and this is the card of stalemate. Business and generally progressive cards enter the runs then, and in all three runs, not a single Major Tarot turns up. Of particular interest is the fact that not a single card of disaster showed. My reading is that while the war in Vietnam will continue for an indefinite time, it will become a holding operation and come to no very definite end. Meantime, in the rest of the world life and business will go on about as usual, and the danger of a Big Boom war will fade as here and there the old ape man predatoriness finds outlet in small clashes. Cuts for world politics indicate a turning back from the extremes of Communism and on the other side of the picture, a steady growth in the efforts to improve Capitalistic ways with social reform. The cards show religion continuing to give ground before the ideas of men who think in terms of modern science. Cuts for China indicate a blow up of a large sort, followed by a system in which the old ways will be revived to some extent. Things will be bad for China, but the new cycle will bring something better than present ways. (Plans to put men on the moon appear to bog down and be put off so that more pressing needs for the money can be filled here and in Russia.) World money matters show trouble, but not bad enough trouble to look like going off the gold standard or having a first class inflation followed by a big bust. Huna will continue to make slow progress but give many of us great comfort and satisfaction. The effort to reach the children through the Huna in stories will make a small and slow start, but in time will be gaining in importance.


SPEAKING OF THE HUNA STORIES FOR CHILDREN, the tests so far reported on children of various ages are not too informative or conclusive. Most of the reports say that the children like the stories, but that the parents can’t tell whether or not they have absorbed any Huna from them. That is about as it should be. If we can get the children to listen to the yarns or read them, they will gradually come to understand the nature of the three selves and to realize that the ape man spirit in each of the characters caused the “talking self” to do things that were not proper. It is but a step from applying the idea to the story children to applying it to the listener or reader, especially if an older person is at hand to press the point.


IN ORDER NOT TO BORE the majority of the HRAs, I have decided not to send out any more of the mimeographed stories in place of the regular Huna Vistas. Most of you have been very patient, even if the stories did not interest you or you had no children available upon whom to test them. My warm thanks for your forbearance. On the other hand, those who may be interested or who may be testing the stories, and who wish copies of the mimeographed first draft as I get the project pushed ahead a bit at a time, have BUT TO REQUEST THE MATERIAL, and I will send it when it is readied. I plan either to cut address stencils for those who request the material, or mark existing stencils with a red spot. We shall see how many write to ask to be put on the Story List. So far the matter of illustrations is only in the discussion stage. At this writing the stories pick up with the children five years old and beginning to live their lives as might be expected. They use telepathy to talk with animals but English to talk with each other and with Father and Mother. I have decided to play the stories as nearly in keeping with what life would be for such children if, in actual life, they were being made ready to live in the wilds. They will have to be hunters but with a little planting as well. The yarns will not follow the Bible story of Adam and Eve to a greater extent than can be avoided. The old idea that the perfected spirit came down from heaven or Venus to inhabit the animal man is OUT. For our purposes, the three selves came up through the evolutionary ranks, although the first batch of na Auhane and na Aumakua, for story purposes, had to be made by divine magic as needed and added to the babies whomped up out of the clay. Nor will the Garden of Eden be a place where the brats will be perfect little ladies and gents. Nor will they get tossed out of the Garden for the sin which is never described in the Bible except in terms of a foolish discovery of nakedness. We will fix anything we wish to match our story needs – and the need to stay as close as possible to what seem to have been the conditions of primitive human life.


A MOST ENCOURAGING REPORT on the TMHG results arrived recently. The young married daughter of one of the HRA couples had been a problem child from early years, showing three “personalities” with three different levels of intelligence. Each “personality” showed a different P.A. degree level and readings matched past performances amazingly well. Work for her was begun in the TMHG and her father undertook to explain to her to some extent the nature of her sudden changes and personality difficulties. Her mother writes:


“Helen is so well that it is almost unbelievable. She has been the Helen self every day since I last wrote (about three months earlier) and is making fine progress. She has been a compulsive eater of sweets since she was 11 and has ruined her health, teeth and complexion because of the habit. Suddenly she told me that she was determined to break the habit. She said she was like an alcoholic and had to give up candy for the rest of her life. If she eats one candy bar, she can’t stop. It’s just one sweet after another. She said, ‘Something came over me. I see everything differently now!’ And it is so true. Her attitude is so different about the children too. We have not told her about the multiple personalities because it seems to be good for her morale to think she’s doing it alone. Her feelings of guilt apparently are disappearing, so that now she feels that she deserves to be healthy and happy.


“She is now reading Overstreet’s book, The Mind Alive, and it makes sense to her.


“Thanks again for everything. Maybe it would be a good idea if you told the HRA members about this case in the H.V. This is the sort of thing you read about but don’t think could ever happen to anyone in your family. Aloha, W. ”


THERE ARE THREE MORE BOOKS which I would like to recommend, while on the subject of what we should have as the material in the children’s stories. Natural Sciences have been progressing so rapidly of late years that yesterday’s texts are badly out of date. Modern writers in this field have been giving us readable and very entertaining paperback texts to help us get updated. One such book which I have enjoyed greatly is The Nature of Living Things by C. Brooke Worth and Robert K. Enders. Signet release No. P 2420. 200 pages with some drawings. $.65 on the newstands. The World of Ancient Man by I.W. Cornwall, 254 pages, nicely illustrated. Mentor. MT 668. Price $.75 ………… Frontiers of Astronomy by Fred Hoyle. 318 pages and 32 pages of good pictures. Signet. #T2309. $.75. My newstand ran out of these after the first day and has not replaced them, so you may have to ask a paperback book store to order them.


Let me give you the Naturalist’s point of view as he faces human progress. Pages 168-9 of The Nature of Living Things:


“But we have not yet tackled the big problem ourselves. How many people will the world support? We abhor wars, we fear disease, and everything possible is being done to avert conflict, preserve health. Therefore there are more of us to support from the available land above sea level. Suppose that we really ended this killing on the battlefields and that medical science discovered a cure for all ills except old age. Then we would spread and spread until the last arable acre of land had been sown with food plants. This is of course supposing also that much of the land will have been washed down to bedrock, so the hypothetical day we are mentioning may not be far away, in some respects at least ………


“Evolution will now proceed as it always has, but with man at the helm for a time. How long man chooses to be the guide is in some measure up to him, for he is privileged to use his knowledge of biology, medicine, agriculture, and engineering in a constructive way if he so decides. If man ultimately disappears, the world will be a new place. The world is always a new place. But above all, let it be remembered that what man is doing is a continued expression of evolution. His protoplasm appears to have an enhanced restlessness and vigor. Overnight he has conquered the world, and stands today in greater command than ever the most powerful reptile did. The evolution of a master species must always lead to the subjugation of the organisms against which it turns ………”


THE TMHG TIME was moved up to come an hour earlier on April 30th and to stay that way for the six months of summer or daylight saving time.


CIGBO WRITES: Dear Aunties and Uncles:

I think I got flimh  flambed by boss to the estent of two telephone lined skilliks on the green and blue and orange stamp deal, as my fur lined bathtubs are starting to shed with the warm weather. Anyway I got something, I betcha. Now I demmand cash and use it to buy stamps and stuff for bullingtons. The windfall has about stopped blowing, but terrible BIG thanks. It was nice while it lasted. Anyway, boss LOVES his skilliks and once cooked ME a fine frizzen piece of hadduck (without the quack.) Love from your very own CIGBO.



Is Science Catching Up With Huna?

July-August, 1967



IT IS WITH GREAT PLEASURE that I am able to announce that at very long suffering last, the HRAs are to have a proper heading for their bulletin! Thanks to the great kindness of the artist husband of new HRA N. McG. of Canada, we have a proper and delightful “mast head”, first made into a “cut” from the original drawing, then copied electronically onto a film stencil which will run on the faithful HRA mimeograph. From here on each and every one of us fly first class, red carpet, with style …. instead of having to put up with the often criticized doodle art of MFL. One other artist HRA sent in a drawing a few years ago for a top piece, but it was too elaborate for our stencil use. (He will be much pleased to see what has been accomplished, and his teeth will not have to turn each time he opens an envelope containing an H.V.) Cheers for our side! CHEERS!

THE FILIPINO HEALERS HAVE NOT VANISHED as they were supposed to do after the great television expose few months ago in which it was proven forever and a day that their healing work was all fraud, sleight of hand and trickery.


One of our questioning HRAs suspected that the medical doctors were either willfully or accidentally wrong in their conclusions. Moreover, he was in dire need of some first class spirit healing himself. Leaving his home in Mexico, he flew down to investigate, and found that Tony had completed the building of a clinic and that there were eight Filipino healers on call to minister to rich and poor.


He took a treatment from each of the eight, watching with greatest care to see that there was no trickery. Knowing his Huna as he does, he was ready to accept the use of “mat and demat” spirit methods of performing operations. Tony was the first to operate, and he undertook to correct the most pressing trouble – a growth in the bladder which the American doctors had wished to cut out, but who admitted that such an operation is very dangerous. (The HRA tried all the known cancer cures, including the grape fasts. I did my best in the TMHG to call down healing for him, but the growth became larger and larger.)


Fully awake and with head raised to enable him to keep careful watch he observed while Tony opened him up with a sweep of his hand. He was invited to feel with his fingers, and found the opening right into the bladder, where he could feel the growth. Tony then took hold of the tumor and pulled so that, as he explained, he could draw out the roots. A strong pulling sensation resulted. Then out came the growth, with roots eight or nine inches long, looking like strings made of the white of egg – several roots. The growth was irregular in shape and as large as a duck egg. It was covered by a strong membrane, dark red in color. The incision was at once completely closed, leaving no scar. Very little blood was seen. He had ten operations in all, performed by the various healers, including Blanchi, Terte and Gonzales. A kidney stone and a stomach ulcer were removed, blood thinned out, heavy mucus removed from the lungs, and his entire physical condition checked and put in good shape. He will return later to take his wife down for cataracts to be removed.


He found that most of the healers spoke English, and so told them about Huna and how it explained best of all the way spirits worked to heal through living mediums. They showed interest, and he is sending down sets of my books to  them. Good missionary work!


FATE MAGAZINE, in the current issue (August, 1967), has an excellent article on the way Joe Pyne handled his expose (of the Filipino healers in a now famous TV interview). The article is by Harold Sherman, who investigated the work of the healers and wrote an excellent book about them. He tells how Pyne works to discredit those he interviews, amusing his audience by making those he interviews look to be cranks or fools in many cases. In Mr. Sherman’s article he quotes at length from a booklet written by the woman interviewed on the show. She told a very evidential story of a most amazing healing, but her facts were questioned and the actual healing almost brushed aside.


The reaction has set in strongly, and I think we will hear more and more of these spiritualistic healers and their work. Sherman says that a little trickery may be used, but that there can be no question that many miraculous cures have been brought about by the various healers. There are now eight of them at work, and Tony has finished building a good clinic in which they can treat patients who flock to them more and more. (At this writing, Tony is here in U.S.A. traveling about and visiting friends, but not demonstrating his healing skill.) (Rumor is that he was informed by the Consul for the Philippines here in the States that he had been ordered to leave the country in 24 hours, but that he had elected to stay and see what would happen. This has the makings of a story, and if I hear more about it before I finish cutting the stencils for this H.V., I will report.)


SPEAKING OF ADS IN FATE, many of the HRAs see FATE and I keep getting letters asking me about ads in magazine offering books or information on HUNA. Clark Wilkerson, (whose usual ad does not appear in the current issue), advertises himself as a kahuna. and offers a series of books giving information on Huna. He repeats what I have offered in my books, but adds his own ideas and some rather surprising information said to have been given by spirits from Venus. Anyone can claim to be a kahuna, as the title is applicable to anyone skilled in any trade or art. Whether he offers healing in any way, I do not know.


The Church of St. Michael runs an ad on page 118 of the current FATE in which is offered a book titled “HUNA”, priced at $3.75 and billed as “A new book on teachings of the the kahunas.”  The people of this organization have two HRAs in the group and accept Huna as their basic psycho-religious belief. To the things I set forth in my books, they add information received from their spirit communicators. I have seen only a small section of the book as it was in the making, and no review copy was sent for the H. V. I can only say that spirits never agree on what they teach, so one must take their teachings with due allowance for the source. Should you wish to purchase a copy of this book, the address is P.O. Box 495, West Covina, Calif. 91790. Rev. William King is pastor.


IT IS INEVITABLE that Huna will eventually become “church”. It is too good and too complete a system to go unnoticed by those who wish to organize a church and have something to teach and preach aside from the fare that is offered in the big church organizations.


The other day I received the tape recording of a strange and rather impressive ordination ceremony which took place in the Church of Basic Truth in Phoenix, Arizona. The Founder and pastor is Rev. George Hepker, (HRA), whom I have done my best to discourage in his effort to make a Huna church. I contend that until we can do healing of a swift and high order, we are not ready to have churches – if then. Rev. Hepker was of the opinion that the healing they do via spiritualism, prayer and perhaps with a bit of suggestion thrown in, is already plenty good enough. He has repeatedly reported good healing through his circle, and may have something better than I am inclined to think.


The ordination was done with a member of the Phoenix church standing in as proxy for a gentleman in Florida (who just last month joined the HRA), and who had been taught through a surprisingly good course of lessons the basics of Huna as I have rounded them up in my books – my books being pointed to as the standard texts and source of Huna information. A really searching examination is given each of the students who take the course and apply for ordination in the Church of Basic Truth. In the taped ceremony, there were two excellent speakers who laid down the basic beliefs of Huna very neatly, and then read the famous passages in the Gospel of Mark which has been used in churches for almost two thousand years in sending out missionaries into the field to convert the heathen. The passages were beautifully read (or recited from memory) and very impressive, although nothing was said of the fact that the words were those of a leading character in a great Mystery Drama of initiation instead of the words of a living and historic Jesus.


I sent the tape on to the new minister, almost reluctantly, wondering whether or not from the present small beginnings, there might rise a “church” structure of beauty and healing value eventually


HRA Hepker wrote that the venture was financially a failure so far, that they had lost their place of meeting and had gone on vacation for the summer. To make things worse, robbers had broken in and stolen his tape recorder.


It is interesting to note that in the Mark and Luke versions of the Great Mystery Drama, there is no code used when the eleven. disciples who remained after the resurrection (Luke 9:2 before the Crucifixion) were sent without purse or script to preach the Gospel. However, no matter how out of place or how written in spuriously by those who copied the Drama scripts, the fact remains that devout Christians down the centuries have responded to the call. Hardly a week passes but that I am visited by Mormon missionaries bent on following the orders of so long ago in order that they may win for themselves a place in heaven …. or Jehovah’s Witnesses arrive trained and armed to argue any question of religion and to prove that Genesis is the actual Word of God which disproves all modern theories of evolution and geology. One of the good HRAs sent me their booklet the other day to show what a good job they had done to disprove the theory of evolution – and I must say that the arguments for the direct creation of man are very convincing as well as are the arguments tending to show that the creation of the world could not have come more than 6,000 years ago, all just as laid down in the Bible. To me the tragedy is that so much honest and sincere (even if misguided) effort is wasted. For what earthly difference does it make to one’s inner growth, manners or morals, whether Evolution is a fact or not or whether the earth was created so short a time ago? The “salvation” that is preached is something so selfish that it is shocking when closely examined. Taken literally, and from the external and wrong teachings of the Gospels, cum Paul, we have the  few struggling to save themselves in the first place, and the converts in the second – while, together, they consign all the outsiders to a most unkind fate of complete, endless and utter damnation. (Mark 16:16 .”…… but he that believeth not shall be damned.”)


The outer shell of the hidden wisdom which we know as Christianity, still thrives on blind belief and the promise of salvation balanced by the threat of hell. To say to a fever eyed gentleman who has knocked on one’s door, “You may urge me to live the kindly life of non-hurt, and this admonition may benefit us both because it makes for a better society in which we both can live, but it will win you not one shred of ‘Salvation’.”  To say this, would mean nothing to him. On the other hand, it is a certainty that he would not be knocking at the door were he not firmly convinced that he could win Salvation and at the same time avoid going to hell. But try this approach on any one of these eager gentlemen and see how far you get. They are deaf – completely deaf – to any single word that conflicts with their set beliefs. At bottom they care but little whether or not you are saved or go to perdition. It is to win their own “reward” that matters – that and to keep from the burning. To be good just for Good’s sake is an ideal still, unfortunately, miles beyond the mental reach of those who “have heard and answered the call”. In passing it may be well to rejoice at the progress the world has made in the past several centuries. Back in the days of the Inquisition, the refusal to be converted by anyone with missionary zeal would not have ended, as today, by a rueful departure and a breathed, “Then have it your way and go to hell.” It would have ended abruptly in  the Inquisition chambers with hell and the burning administered via a branding iron – and with no further delay!


Dear Max:

What do the cards and the Pychometric Analysis readings of Arab and Israelite leaders tell you of the possibilities of peace or war in the Middle East? Do you think the Battle of Armageddon is about due?


Regards, M.G.D.


FIRST, LET US GET RID OF ARMAGEDDON. Little or nothing has ever been found in history to fit the prophesies as given in Revelations, and Armageddon, mentioned in 16:16 is where the “seventh angel” poured out his vial of God’s wrath on the earth. If we could point with even the least hope of certainty to facts to fit the six vials previously poured out, we might sit up and take anxious notice of the possibility of the seventh vial about to be poured with a great earthquake such as was never since men were upon earth. I seem to recall some prophesy in this connection which was to the effect that the armies of the north and south were to clash by some river, and a God and his minions in conflict with the Children of Israel. Yes, here it is in Chapter 39 of Ezekiel. but it seems to have nothing to do with the vision reported in Revelations. I think that, outside the most backward Christian circles, it is now generally agreed that the prophets of the Bible were not at all interested in what would happen two or three thousand years later. Most of them already had spotted a world ending disaster which was right at hand, and would befall if the listeners did not at once take heed and do as the prophet demanded.


THE TAROT CARD RUNS for the hostilities as of June 10th, turned up the Falling Tower for the Israelis on the first run, and I at once concluded that the Arab nations would win the victory. But on making the run for the Arabs, I cut the Falling Tower for them also, so was forced to conclude that whatever the outcome, it would be almost equally disastrous all around. Poverty cards pointed to the losses in men, money and goods which the war would bring.


Then the little war stopped almost before it had begun. Israel appeared to have won a resounding victory, and from the military point of view, she had. But the territory gained was of very little value, and already cries were raised to demand that all be given back. The tourist trade which had been important to the economy of both countries had stopped abruptly and showed little signs of starting up again soon. Egypt was temporarily without the revenue from the use of the canal, and business and agriculture had suffered badly. Israel had been spending a third of her income on war preparations and would now need a large sum to replace what arms and ammunition had been used up. Egypt was still in a worse condition with all her air force put out of action, and the smaller Arab nations had lost all and gained nothing. Jordan had suddenly been saddled with the refugee burden so long carried on its territory by Israel with the help of donations from larger nations.


The cards now show little but poverty and endless squabbling and stalemate in negotiations. Egypt was already in such deep financial and population explosion difficulties that they could hardly be worse. Israel had been getting about 1-1/3 billion dollars reparation payment from Germany, but that had ceased. Business was bad, inflation was increasing, and in a year over 11,000 of its best educated and most able younger men had left for U. S. A. and Canada. A pause as I write and a cut of the cards gave the Death card for Egypt, which I read will see some basic changes being made there. And for Israel comes the VIII of Swords which is the woman, bound hand and foot and left surrounded by swords, even blindfolded, to await the coming in of the tide. It is not a pretty Tarot picture for either the Arabs or the Israelites.


HOW AND WHY DID IT HAPPEN AS IT DID? A Psychometric Analysis reading of the leaders, especially the generals, tells this story, as it did the final outcome of World War II, but with ever so much more emphasis on the higher intelligence indicated by higher degrees. All men who were tested had clockwise and constructive patterns, showing that they all were well convinced that their cause was right. For this reason I will not bother to set down the P.A. code marks for the Auhane and Aunihipili of those mentioned, but will give the degree standing. Please remember that this has been a hasty reading, often made from none too good pictures. I would much appreciate it if some of you will make your readings, and if they vary greatly from mine, let me have them so we can strike an average.


So far as I can learn, Gamal Abdel Nasser, as head of the Egyptians, and, I suppose, having the final say in the matter of actions taken in the war by other Arab countries in the alliance, was responsible for war plans and actions. His 339 degree reading is almost the lowest in the lot, only slightly above that of U Thant at 334, whom he was able to make order out and away the Peace Keeping Force. Nasser is in the level where we find many loud talking politicians here in this country as well as around the world. It is probable that the Russians gave him advice which he was not up to carrying through. Also, King Hussein of Jordan was of little help, his degree reading being 335. The average Egyptian and Arab soldier stood far lower than the average soldier on the opposing side, reading from pictures of each.


With Nasser having the last word, presumably, on planning the war which he constantly threatened, and standing to give the final orders to his chiefs of staff as well as decide on general policy, the Arabs had about a 339 degree start. On the other hand, Israel had a much better man as head of policy making: Premier Levi Eshkol of 366 degrees. He might have been the weak link, but he took the advice of his chief of staff, Maj. General Itzak Rabin who reads at 385, and they appointed to lead the attacks the seasoned Moshe Dayan who is still smarter, at 388. Little wonder the strategy was brilliant and the execution perfect. Under their poor leadership, the Arab side didn’t have a chance. (Syria’s Pres. Attassi reads 342 degrees.)


WHO WILL WIN THE PEACE? Looking at the readings of the men who will have a say in answering this question, we find a wide range of P.A. degree standings. In the United Nations, Kosygan at 358 faced Israel’s Abba Eban at 373. At home, Russia’s Pres. Podgorny at 355 faced Israel’s Premier Levi Eshkol at 366.


Standing on the side lines are the leading men of the larger nations, all of whom have a stake in the peace that may or may not be made. On the Russian side the best man they have in terms of degrees is their Ambassador to the U.S., Anatoly Dobrynin at 377, if he can get into the act. It is to be expected that if Nazzer appoints a man to represent Egypt and the Arab nations, he will select someone of his own degree standing, or even lower. We have President Johnson at 373 urging sanity and a just peace already. De Gaulle, of France at 372 will probably be of a similar opinion. Our Secretary of State, who will have to carry the main burden of our part in the task is Dean Rusk, an able man at 374. If he asks the opinion on the military situation in the Middle East of Secretary of War McNamara, he will have the advice of a 377 degree man. Another able man who may make himself heard is the new president of India, Zakir Husain at 373, a Muslim, but noted for his fair judgments and good intentions. Of one thing we can be more than certain, and this is that the Arab side will continue to play the mule to the bitter end, and perhaps be appeased only slightly if allowed into the oat bin. Having had to deal with this Arab characteristic for so long, it is possible that Israel will take the line of “havers keepers”, and refuse this time to obey U.N. orders and pull back its advanced lines.


Meantime, with the world financial situation none too good, the plight of the embattled smaller nations might have a very bad effect on world economy. At the worst we could see the big nations taking sides bitterly, and everyone going more or less broke while the “teeming millions” who could have lived fatly on what the little war cost, going hungry. One is made to wonder how long the animal in man will prevail and make for war to gain territory instead of joining forces to make the most of the limited territory now available for cultivation. If the very worst overtakes Uncle Samuel, he just might have to stop spending billions trying to set a pair of men on the moon and get back at least their bones.


IF YOU ARE WITHIN RADIO LISTENING DISTANCE OF SAN FRANCISCO, this will interest you. HRA Robert McLellan writes: “I am now director of the California Society for Psychical Study, Inc., and recent developments in the field have been most interesting. I have taken part in some radio broadcasts, panel discussion groups etc., and events have led to my being given a program on radio KCBS of my own. It will last from 7:30 P.M. to 11 P.M. every Saturday night. The main interest will be in the experiments in psychometry. The radio audience will participate, of course, by phoning in questions. Experiments will be made between a psychometrist at the studio and listeners at a distance. I would like to quote liberally from your books and refer to your first two books particularly. I will state that no one should consider himself a student in the field of psychical science until he has fully understood the beautiful concept that you have so diligently analyzed in your study of the kahunas of Hawaii. The reason I have been so deeply interested by Huna is that, of all the stated philosophies and religions, Huna seems closest to my own fundamental beliefs as determined by my own research, mostly in hypnotism.” (I must try to see if my radio will bring in the San Francisco program, for it sounds like a very interesting project. Mfl.)


THE CHILDREN WORKED SOME MIRACLES THRU PRAYER, reports HRA G.R.H. of Texas. In a letter she writes, “For what it is worth you might find this interesting: Some 21 years ago I had charge of a group of children from 2 years to 12 years, boys and girls. It was ‘The Children’s Church of a very small Assembly of God Church, and we met for 45 minutes every Sunday evening while the adults had their pre-service meetings. I was supposed to teach the children how to pray. The difficulty was met this way: I told them to pray for something they could put into one word, then cup their hands as if they were holding it; when all had named their desire, I named the Name of Jesus over the cupped hands until I felt my own hands lifted as if a weight were removed. The children had to pray for the same thing until they received it, they could not change back and forth, and miracles took place – a pony, music lessons, a wrist watch, an accordion! Soon they were praying for the healing of other church members. You see, the Name of Jesus was the one consciousness we had in common, the children and me. Huna has explained to me what happened!” (I comment: The name of Jesus is the call to a higher consciousness, and as there is no other place for prayer, mana and thought pictures to go, all must go to the Aumakua. The “Name of Jesus” has put people into touch with their own na Aumakua century after century and prayers have been answered times without number. Mfl)


ENLIGHTENMENT AND CONVICTION CAN COME WITH DREAMS. HRA K.P.L. of Ohio tells me in a letter that she has for some years recorded dreams which to her seemed significant. She describes this one as follows:


“Shortly after retiring and just between wakefulness and slumber, in spite of the fact that the room was in total darkness, I saw a figure standing at the foot of my bed. It was a very tall figure, attired in a beautiful long velvet robe of a rich indigo shade, with a beautiful gold cord about the waist.


“As I looked into the figure’s face, I saw that the hair was pure white and very thick. The figure and visage gave no indication of age, but rather had the appearance of being strong, virile and ageless. The eyes seemed to fairly blaze as they returned my gaze. I was awe stricken but not frightened. I felt as if my very soul was exposed to the eyes as they gazed into mine. No thought of mine could be concealed from those probing eyes. I also was aware that words were unnecessary between us, as we seemed to communicate by thought. I had a feeling of confidence and trust; a feeling that all was well, an expectant feeling of impending good coming to me, as if I were to receive the gratification of a long yearned for desire.


“A wonderful vibrant feeling of strength seemed to come to me from this figure and I had the feeling that a terrific magnetism from it was slowly and irrevocably drawing us together. I felt that we would merge together and be one. As we drew closer and closer together, the thought occurred to me that I was face to face with my ‘other self’. I felt that I had at last met a beloved, someone from whom I had long been parted.


“At last I fell asleep with a marvelous feeling of harmony within me. I felt protected, confident, and ‘knew’ that nothing in the outer world could ever destroy me, a feeling that the soul was deathless. The details of this vision remain as vivid today as they were that night. Ever since, I have felt this ‘self’ to be so close as to be part of me and that it looks upon me with great love and understanding, and I am conscious of a great love in response to it. Many times I have drawn upon the consciousness of this ‘other self’ for protection, comfort and consolation. Of course, I know that no one can interpret such an experience for another and it is impossible to find words to really convey one’s thoughts, feeling and emotions when relating such experiences.”


I COMMENT: This dream has elements of both the seeing of the Aumakua as a part of one’s own self, and of the seeing of the Beloved. Because I have ventured to tell of my vision of the wonderful brown man in my earliest book, and how he accepted me to his heart with a long look, and of seeing the Beloved coming toward me, I have now and then a letter from an HRA or even a stranger, sharing the similar visions which have come to the writers. On the other hand, I have letters from those who have read of these “seeings” and who long to experience visions of their own to tell them without slightest doubt that these two entities are for each of us. We do not know just how to begin courting these visions which bring such a sense of love and joy and verity. They seem to come as by themselves and at a time which is unpredictable. But that men and women have had such visions is undeniable, and not only in our times, but in times long past. We do not know how long ago the phrase, “Search for the Beloved” was coined with the special meaning of the search for the one and only mate intended from the beginning. The search for the Master, as the Aumakua, has been symbolized for a long time in India where the physical Master is sought, but where the Master in Spirit is not forgotten. We read, “When the pupil is ready, the Master APPEARS.” We might change or add to that dictum the similar fact that, “When the lover is ready, the Beloved appears.” Exercises aimed at making one ready for both experiences have been worked out, and we have Meditation, Contemplation and Concentration as well as the use of Affirmations. We have the sterner discipline of denials, fasting and selfless service. The Mystics, on the other hand, teach that such visions come not from anything we do or fail to do, but because of the boundless GRACE or kindness of the Divine Self in deigning to bless the individual with the visions. One who has been the recipient of such Grace is left with a conviction that never weakens – the conviction that some time, some place, a full and lasting contact will be made with the Aumakua and that the Beloved will be found. For me there is one further step – after finding the Beloved, comes UNION, and then the actual becoming a new Aumakua. Once having seen this prospect clearly outlined in the ancient and very secret lore of Huna, I remain in a state of endless expectation. In this is the real meaning of the outer promise of “Heaven”. In the delay or loss of the opportunity lies all the “hell” that could ever await the laggard. My task is to learn to love perfectly and enough. It is to learn to be “utterly trustworthy” – this being the mark of the Aumakua under any and all conditions. Some see the Aumakua, as I once did, just as a white light that is all pervading and heatless – without source or expressed meaning or purpose. Some see the Beloved in strange guise, but there is never a mistake in the identity. The Aunihipili, who paves the way for all such Majesty and Beauty to come, seems often to add its dream touch, and the Aumakua may appear robed and in the flesh. Or the Beloved may appear with a funny little hat with a bent feather,  but endlessly dear.


TONY NEWS has come in again and I hear that he decided’ to take the easy way out and leave at once for his home in the Philippines. I am left wondering just why he was ordered home and by whom – aside from the Consul. Might be that they had been watching and found that he had slipped in a healing for someone who could not go to visit his clinic. I have just had a letter from one of the Arizona HRAs in which I am told of the case of an Arizona man of eighty who spent $1,000 going to Tony to get treatment for hernia and eyes. Tony is said to have told him, after the treatment, that he was cured, but to have advised him to continue to wear his hernia truss. The eyes were no better, and apparently the healing didn’t “take” in either point of need. One that old may be hard to heal, as the na kahuna found in their healing practice when King Kamehameha grew very old and ill. One might also ask whether or not the spirit doctors who cut things out so neatly, might have lacked training in “graft” operations for hernia, or for restoring sight when no cataracts were at fault. To restore failing sight caused by nerve trouble may be too difficult even for these spirits. Too bad it is so far to go to get the uncertain treatments. One would not feel so done in if treatment was close at hand and the donation was not large. If we had a little sanity in our governing bodies and tolerance on the part of the doctors, we might be able to look into spirit healing in a proper way and make the most of it, while avoiding it where it is lacking.


THE JAMES KIDD trial is going on slowly in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A., to see if anyone can fulfill the ponderous requirements of the law, and prove to its satisfaction that man has a “soul” that survives at death. Kidd left some $250,000 to be given anyone who could offer acceptable “scientific” proof in a court of law that there was such a “soul”.


Several individuals and organizations have already presented their proofs of the verity of the soul, but many more remain to be heard, and the trial promises to drag out well into the Fall. Psychical Research angles are being used by most of the hopefuls who have hired legal assistance and are presenting their cases. The proofs of spirit return and of  the verity of reincarnation are well presented. The proof of reincarnation through “Life Readings”, given by psychics with or without the aid of hypnosis, are being offered by some.


One rather amusing difficulty is to find in the “law” a proper definition of “soul”, and various ones of the contestants have included in their pleas their own definitions, making them as nearly “scientific” as they can in the face of the fact that, from its very nature, “science” denies the verity of anything that cannot be got into the lab and tested and retested endlessly in material terms. On the other hand, science will not accept even “life” as a fact if it has to admit that units of living organisms have self consciousness. When this cathop came up, some HRAs urged me to have a try at giving proof of the soul via Huna beliefs, but I had to bow out. I could tell all sorts of stories to try to prove that men have a surviving part, but in legal terms I couldn’t prove that I was not the world’s prize liar. I leave our case to the jury, which is YOU. And, if the jury could find time to go down and watch the Filipino healers at work, we might ask Tony just WHAT it is that helps him cut out gizzards so neatly. I fear that Mr. Kidd was kidding someone when he made his will and baited it with his worldly goods as he did.


Another aspect of this absurd “trial” which appeals to me when I go into my laughing room daily, is the fact that in courts we have to swear by God and the Bible, and that the existence of the first and the verity of the second has never been proven in any court of law – or recognized as even a possibility in the Sacred Cow circles of science. How silly can we get …. and remain?


THE STORIES FOR CHILDREN (with the basics of Huna and Huna lessons added), have been progressing as time allowed. Several of the HRAs wrote in to ask to be placed on the “Story List” so that they would be sent each installment as it was made ready, and now fifteen, are on the list, some with children upon whom to test the stories, some just because they are interested for one reason or another. The MSS now has in it 72 sheets. The yarns recently gave my own special system of teaching beginners to swim, the lessons being held in a large beaver pond in the garden, and by Mr. Beaver, assisted by Father and Mother.


In an earlier sequence the question arose as to whether Father and Mother were black, brown, red, yellow or white. Mr. Owl, being very wise, finally found the happy answer. The children, at the age of five, are already familiar with stars and the speed of light when they are visited by a space ship and from it a flying saucer lands. They all have a very fine time and the children visit the space ship, have various adventures, and a taste of ice cream. The space ship had been sampling the various kinds of soil the world around, and in Ireland there had been stowaways, in the form of a small colony of fairies and a naughty little gremlin. They cause excitement and the gremlin, much trouble. A group of “little people” – the Menehunes – were sent for and they helped police up on the gremlin (who could not be caught because  he could dematerialize at  will). In the next installment, Mother will teach the children the art of quieting down inside and out in order to attract the fairies and to get them to show themselves, [and to] even have the little Fairy Queen touch them with her magic wand as a wonderful and lasting experience. (I am practicing a few minutes each day at the quieting art in my lower garden to try to learn just how best to attract fairies and get them to talk to me. So far, no results, and I begin to fear that one needs to be very young to learn the exact art in its fullness.) The nine year old daughter of the man who brings us our bottled water has at last ventured a comment on the stories. She sent word to me that she liked most of the things in the stories, but thought it might have been better to have Mother give birth to the six pairs of Adams and Eves in the usual manner rather than having them molded out of clay for the start. Children are sophisticated these modern days. One adult, who is the husband of the checker best known to me at our local market, sent his word of comment. He liked the earlier stories better and felt the later ones went too much to the “lessons”. My friend, the postal clerk at the post office, can give me no report on how his boy and girl like the stories, but he, himself, happily reads them by bits while having his lunch, and is always pleased to have a new installment handed to him. I feel hopeful that through the yarns I may be teaching HIM some of the good things of Huna. (That’s the old Missionary Spirit speaking.) (No progress so far in the matter of illustrations, but it is still early for that.)


THE ESSENE HERITAGE is the title of a fabulous new book by our Dr. Martin A. Larson, who did such a magnificent job of giving us the complete story of the New Testament and other religious writings in his book, THE RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT. (If you do not have a copy of it, ask me for information, but don’t miss it.) For the many of you who have come to know of the background and history of the Gospel writings through Dr. Larson’s splendid writings, the new book, which is to be ready in the Fall (and the price of which I will be announcing in the next H.V., along with instructions for purchase) is just what was needed to complete the picture and give at last the source of the Christian beliefs, the source which he is able to present with great skill by his deep study of all that we know of the writings and history of the Essenes and of the material in the Dead Sea Scrolls. (Enough of which have been released to give needed information.)


I had read several books on the Dead Sea Scrolls, but what I wanted to know about the history of the Essenes and what they came to believe evaded me. Nor did the reports on the contents of the Scrolls prove very enlightening. The result of my approach was unsatisfied confusion. I felt that there must be something very important there, but that no one had been sure what it was.


Dr. Larson, who has an amazing ability to digest encyclopedias full of data and handle it as one might with a computer which could REASON, has sorted out the old and new material and brought through a clear picture of the Essenes as they were at the several very different stages in their growth – growth that extended over a period of two hundred years or more and antedated Christianity – which Dr. Larson skillfully shows to have been given birth by the Essenes and to have been, by slow steps, brought to maturity. The period covered was one of great internal movement in that part of the world in terms of shared religious concepts.


The greatly important question of whether Jesus actually lived is given most satisfactory treatment. Dr. Larson finds it best to look upon him as a real man, even if he did make some amazing mistakes when leaving the Essene colony and going out as the “Messiah” to teach the less secret part of the beliefs. That there was a very secret part of the beliefs can no longer be doubted, and it was known that to write about i,t a secret code and cypher was used, although no samples of such writings appear to have yet divulged the inner secrets of the Order.


If Dr. Larson is correct, as I feel that he certainly is, about the beliefs and teachings of Jesus having originated in the hands of the Essenes, it seems to me that we may eventually find evidence through the coded writings that they knew and taught Huna and that the Four Gospels were four versions of the story of the initiation of Jesus. Naturally, I view the material now laid before us in such fine order with a greatly prejudiced eye. I become more and more certain that when the Essenes of the latter period were in contact with the several beliefs of that general region, they must also have been in touch with someone who taught them Huna and a dialect of what was later to be known as the language of Polynesia. Dr. Larson has pointed out the ideas borrowed from the teachings of Zoroaster, Egypt, earlier Jewish scriptures, and especially from Greece and the teachings and practices of Pythagoras, whose ideas were embodied in the communistic way of life so dear to the Essenes of the final period – the period when the Scrolls were being made up and finally hidden before the Roman drive that wiped out the center completely.


As the language of Huna had, we suppose, not been reduced to a written form at that time, it would be necessary to translate what was to be set down into the language used by the Essenes, probably the Aramaic or Hebrew, and possibly Greek in some cases. So, the gentlemen now sitting on the Dead Sea Scrolls and not allowing anyone a look, may have run into Hawaiian written in Hebrew characters, and be unable to understand the material. Or, perhaps they have come across the key to the code and have been confronted by Christian beliefs as Initiatory Drama, Drama such as I have outlined in my book THE HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS.


One other possibility remains. If the “long ears” tribe of supposed Polynesians who came to Easter Island and mingled with the true Polynesians who also lived there, were not, as some think, a tribe from South America, their “Paddle Board” script and writing (which we have not yet been able to translate, but which strongly resembles the glyph writing of early Egypt) might have once been used to give the written form to a Polynesian dialect. If some of this turned up in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the custodians would be more puzzled than ever. (So far as I can learn, the “long ears” used the same language as the resident Polynesians. Otherwise, the language of the mingled tribes would later have contained foreign words galore.)


You may be wondering how, since the new book is not yet out, I have come to know what is in it. Dr. and Mrs. Larson visited me and when they saw how anxious I was to get at the material, they generously gave me a carbon copy of the MSS as made up for the printer. Very naturally, I began at once burning midnight oil in pouring over the pages. I believe the book will come out, as did THE RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT, in a well printed soft cover form. I’ll let you know.


THEY CAN DO IT, BUT CAN THEY EXPLAIN IT? A friend sent in some quotations recently from Volume 11 of a book by Hazrat Inayat Kan, titled The Sufi Message: The Mysticism of Sound; Music; the Power of the Word; Cosmic Language. I quote:


“In ancient times healers of the East, and especially those in India, when healing a patient of any complaint of a psychological character, known either as an obsession or an effect of magic, excited the emotional nature of the patient by the emphatic rhythm of their drum and song, at the same time making the patient swing his head up and down in time with the music. This aroused his emotions and prompted him to tell the secret of his complaint which had hitherto been hidden under the cover of fear, convention, and the forms of society. The patient confessed everything to the healer under the spell produced by the rhythm, and the healer was able to discover the source of the malady.” (Page 47, at bottom.)


“There are healers there who have a particular instrument of healing on which they play, and the people go to them for healing. And by playing that instrument they arouse some special feeling which had become cold, and that deep feeling that had been buried begins to come out. It is really the old way of psychoanalysis.” (Page 144, last paragraph)


“There is a school of Sufis in the East which is called the Rafai School. Their main object is to increase the power of spirit over matter. Experiments such as eating fire or jumping into the fire or cutting the body are made in order to get power and control over matter. The secret of the whole phenomenon is that by the power of words they try to tune their body to that pitch of vibration where no fire, no cut, nothing, can touch it. Because the vibrations of their body are equal to fire, therefore the fire has no effect.” (Page 108, paragraph 3.)


IS SCIENCE CATCHING UP WITH HUNA? HRA T. C. writes, “You may be well informed on the following, however the information was of extreme interest and delight to me. My biology professor is an excellent teacher and although it is not yet in the texts, he, for the first time, this year, taught the Operon Theory developed by Messrs. Jacob and Monod, who received the Nobel Prize in 1965 for this work. Their premise was to explain how environmental changes can affect cell metabolism. Metabolism without oxygen will produce two units of energy, however in the presence of oxygen there are 38 units produced. The actual steps and chemical reactions have been put forth by these men. When this knowledge is applied to the ‘Ha Rite’ and deep breathing, it explains how the mana is made and the importance of deep breathing to insure a maximum supply of oxygen to produce a maximum amount of energy or mana.”


I COMMENT that we have discovered something of what vital force may be, but when we turn the physics over to psychology, not so much is understood. For instance, we have still to turn to the na kahuna to ask what the Aunihipili, Auhane, and Aumakua, as levels or units of consciousness, do to change the vital energy before using it as mesmeric or hypnotic force, or to change physical conditions or even substances. Mana, aka, consciousness: all must be considered.


With Huna?


The Essene Heritage and Na Kahuna of Today

September-October, 1967



GOOD NEWS has come from Dr. Martin A. Larson, HRA, whose new book, THE ESSENE HERITAGE, was announced in brief in the last issue of the H.V. He writes “Thank you for the fine write up which you gave the book in the last HUNA VISTAS. Since I will shortly have a good supply of copies on hand, you may, if you wish, tell your people that they may order them directly from me, postpaid, at $3.00 for one copy; or that I will send two copies for $5.00. They cost me $3.00 – the wholesale price, and at the price I offer, I will be losing a bit, but that is OK, for I can deduct it from my taxable income. I want to get the book known.” (With his generosity he may not have much left on which to pay the income tax.) The regular price of the book from dealers is $4.95 and more than worth it. Dr. Larson’s address is 4108 East Stanford Dr., Phoenix, Ariz. 85018.


THE ESSENE HERITAGE is a “must” book for anyone who makes any pretense of being an “occultist” or a fair student in the metaphysical or psycho-religious field. Like Dr. Larson’s RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT, this new book is making available the information one must have to be able to form an opinion as to the nature of Christianity, its source, and, especially, its significance.


The SIGNIFICANCE, in terms of our HRA approach and needs, centers to a large extent on the questions of WHERE and HOW the beliefs of Christianity evolved, and WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE VALID. The truth of the teachings of the Four Gospels is something we must keep carefully apart from the DOGMAS that have for centuries been invented and laid over the original Gospels – one might say, laid over and hammered down with blood and fire to try to make them hold.


In his RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT, Dr. Larson did a magnificent job of chopping down through the middle of a great religious MESS and separating the bits of the original Gospel teachings from the amazing accumulation of quite foreign beliefs and dogmas which had been added. He showed how this or that or the other thing had been dragged in by the ears because it would bring with it its own followers and make the developing Christian doctrines more to their liking. Having chopped down the center, he took up the branches in order, showing how this dogma grew, and how the next was borrowed as century followed century. In studying his wood pile, one sees very soon that no study of the Bible or the field of Christianity can be based on the Old or New Testament alone. The roots came from as deep as ancient Egypt and India. Modern Christianity is only a dying branch at the top of the tree. The tree of Christianity may be likened to a sapling on which grafts from other trees were spliced in as fast as the little tree grew and a place could be found for the splicing of a fresh twig.


There is no question but that Christianity, as known at the turn of the last century, is dying and is doomed. The Scientific Age has crashed down upon our heads and survival is becoming a matter of knowing what is based on fairly well established truth, and what is based on untrue history, false dogmas and particularly IMPRACTICAL teachings.


In THE ESSENE HERITAGE, Dr. Larson traces from the several sources of information concerning the beginnings of the Essenes [and] the growth of their communal life. They held all things in common and imitated as closely as possible the old family life that went before the gathering of families into tribes and nations. In the FAMILY, the communal life was a necessity. It provided care for the child, then for the adult and finally, the aged. The defective members of the family were cared for and also those injured in the hunting of wild beasts. The family offered security in exchange for individual accumulation of property. In the Essenes the life was artificial and impractical. However, by insisting that all who entered the Essene community first donate all their possessions, and later, if they worked outside and came at evening the the center, they bring in all their earnings. To make the security of the group more attractive, it was given religious sanction and members were promised (with promises thinly based on Bible writings and especially the words of the prophets) a special “salvation” which was not to be enjoyed by the wicked on the outside.


It is most interesting to see how the communal and religious elements mingled, one supporting another, until a fanaticism developed on the part of each member – a fanaticism which included blind belief and willing obedience. In the search for things to be given up in order to cleanse the soul and make it worthy of the salvation reserved for the faithful, it was inevitable that sex should be condemned as a prize wickedness. Contrary to the fact that the commune had been patterned after the family, this fanatical system turned on the family and the sex life of men and women which made the family practical and possible. If allowed to grow and include the community at large, the Essene system would have ended in disaster, with no children to carry on the race. The crazed ideas became more and more impractical as the cult survived a series of attacks which drove it into the desert regions. Naturally, they needed a man to stand as a divine image before the members, and in one of their own early leaders they found one, the “Teacher of Righteousness”, and divinity was gradually added. The salvation which was reserved for the members of the cult became more and more valuable and exclusive, so that more outsiders had a great desire to get admission to the fold.


When they asked what they had to do to be allowed to partake of the great new salvation, they were told, “Sell all, and give to the poor.” This is a very familiar phrase which we remember from the Gospels, but what we do not know is that the Essenes called themselves “The Poor” and it was to the order that all was to be given. Items like this are given us one after the other by Dr. Larson, and we come to see very soon that from the Essenes came the dogmas of the Gospels.


In long charts of comparison Dr. Larson lays before us the Essene originals and the secondary appearance of similar or identical items in the Gospels. All of this adds up to overwhelming evidence that the teachings of the Gospels came directly from those of the Essenes. It is such evidence as will convince anyone of open mind, but, of course, the blind leaders of the blind, and the blind, will refuse with fanatical stubbornness to look or listen.


AS TO THE REALITY OF JESUS as a man, Dr. Larson takes the position that, if he were an historical figure, he would, necessarily, have had to be one of the Essenes, and human. If the story of Jesus as we have it in the Gospels is NOT pure initiatory drama, and IF it has a sufficient amount of truth in it to justify the belief that Jesus actually lived as a man in the flesh, some very interesting conclusions are forced upon the student by the assembled and very telling facts which are presented in the Essene literature and beliefs there came to be warped bits of older prophesies or bits made from whole cloth. Foremost in this strange collection were the prophesies concerning the end of the world and the advent of the divine Teacher who would rule the earth and sort out the good Essenes (who had been chosen before the creation) and the bad outsiders who had been pre-ordained to be lost for an equally long time. As Jesus, at least in the single source of this supposed bit of history, the Four Gospels, set out to act the part described in the Essene prophesies, one may come to either of two conclusions.


First, if Jesus was a real man, he set out deliberately to make himself fit the prophesies and play the part as prescribed in them. He must also have had the crazed belief that he was divine and that he actually would sit on the right hand of God after the arrival of the “Great Day” and administer justice according to Essene standards – a justice that would go very hard on the wicked Jews who had made so much trouble for the cult and its members.


The second conclusion can only be that the Gospels were written as versions of a mystery play to be used to instruct candidates in the mysteries, AND that Jesus was only a fictional character in the play. (This is the conclusion that was reached by mfl in THE HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS, and it is made even more unavoidable by the work of Dr. Larson in his new book.)


Living as we do in a time when great changes are tumbling over themselves in the speed with which each comes, we have a certain individual obligation which cannot be escaped. We still line up as a “Christian nation” and as citizens, we need to be aware of the possible results of the falling apart of dogmatic Christianity. The impact is being felt suddenly where the fear of Hell has suddenly been taken away from the masses. A hundred years ago the religion of the masses would have done much in tempering the present outbreaks of rioting, looting and attempting to kill for reasons of HATE. The impractical idea that a nation can revert to the way of life of the FAMILY has left a gap that religion tried to fill for centuries but never could. While we are watching the police power of religion vanish as of over night, we can look behind us and see political and social change being suddenly forced on the Free World by the simple fact of the population explosion. No longer are there enough places at the table for the children. We see the elders holding to their places and privileges and possessions like grim death and at the same time hoping that the old way of having police protection for properties and the privileges of property and political standing will continue. But the children can no longer be made to go hungry through threats of hell or fear of the police. They have become so angry that they are willing to burn their own homes in order to burn with them the homes and possessions of the entrenched elders.


It is high time that we study the information now before us and see HOW the impractical dogmas arose. When we see this clearly, we will be able to cut free from the commonly held and equally impractical IDEALS which have so long ruled us as members of a “Christian Nation.” If we can  come to see things as they really are, we may be able to begin to do something about guiding the CHANGES which are upon us – like them or not.

In other words, the few of us who have open minds and are able to do so, must try to act as the leaven that leavens the lump. Our task is to make ourselves informed so that we can see behind the ancient lies of religion and the not so ancient “ideals” of society and politics. We must get a clear and straight look at WHAT LIES BEHIND THE PRESENT SITUATION in the world. We must share our rational point of view with as many others as possible.


As I see it, we are still trying to hold fast to a way of life that fitted after a fashion in the last century, but which no longer does. The old religions are built on false beliefs for the most part, and where the beliefs have been false, everything that they supported YESTERDAY of morality falls apart TODAY. Scientific progress has brought changes and forced them upon the world which, clinging to the old, has not taken more than a single step to meet the changes.


We can no longer let “Nature take its course” as in the past. We have upset Mother Nature in her use of plague and famine to keep the population in bounds. We have let our commercial system of “the devil take the hindmost” keep functioning without seeing (or caring) that those which the devil has overtaken and who are not able to get jobs or find ways of earning a living have risen to such numbers that their cumulative wrath – plus the scientific gift of gasoline and bottles and guns – now threatens black revolution. We have already seen Nature adjusting herself to the new situation, and when she steps in to clean up a part of a situation, the results are disaster.


Once in the bulletins I said that what we had to do is to see things as they have become, then to use our heads and PLAN a corrected social structure. Several of the HRAs who thought I was advocating Communism, blew their tops and gave me both barrels. From what they said, they wanted to turn back the clock and refuse to admit that times and population pressures had changed. I have a few good friends (not in the HRA) who grow red with rage at the mention of the people supported on “welfare” and “at OUR expense”. They seem to want to exterminate the swelling under level of the “unpossessed”. These are not the “dispossessed”, for they never have had anything from the beginning. Our present hit and miss methods of trying to deal with this very dangerous situation is a step in the right direction, but all of us who see clearly must do what we can to aid progress in every direction. The clock CANNOT be turned back. Our police and the National Guard failed to hold the few angry men in Detroit who raced with fire and guns through so much of the city and destroyed it. The army had to be called out as well. The old methods do not suffice. With modern weapons and deadly hate, the unpossessed bent on plain revenge can burn all the cities in the land. We haven’t enough soldiers to stop them. One of the HRAs who was in Detroit when the rioting was going on, has written me of her experience and observations. Nature is taking her course, and “those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad (angry to madness)” is a saying worth consideration. At the rate things are going, it will be only a matter of days until the orders are “Shoot to kill rioters and arsonists.” Opposing that will be the whispered word, “Set fires by night.” The cost of policing will mount so rapidly that it will soon be much greater than the cost of providing the additional places for the children at the table. The unpossessed have discarded religion as we advocate it and have made a religion of their own – one more fanatical and dangerous and contra love than Christianity in the days of the Inquisition. It is the religion of Revolt and Revenge. In Vietnam the Cong have a similar religion, and we see how fanatical and willing to die for it they are. (Meantime, we fight to protect the old way of the landlords, the Catholics and the Buddhists in their monasteries telling their beads between excursions with the begging bowl outside.)


ON THE OTHER HAND we must school ourselves NOT to become fearful or filled with negative and pessimistic thoughts when we turn to face up to the realities of the present situation. We must hold the attitude of mind which welcomes with courage the signs of changes for the better, and we must by all means prevent the Aunihipili from getting fearful.


A daily inspection of the Aunihipili is an excellent thing to do. Quiet down and see what comes up from the lower part of you. Consider the emotions and frets and fears that will be laid bare, and for the benefit of both the selves, begin to “count your many blessings”. Remember that things about which you can do nothing for the time being are to be put aside and, especially, not to be taken to bed to be worried about. This is “Concept Therapy” in its simplest and best form – it is talking to the Aunihipili and cleansing it of the fears it may have, groundless fears of something that may never happen. Keep the hopeful things to the fore, and while doing what can be done to avoid the bad that might come, put that aside and concentrate on the GOOD. The Aumakua builds the future for us, and should find in our night minds when it visits, all the hopeful and constructive thoughts, not the fears. The Aunihipili also reacts to what is impressed on it. If we give it fears and angers, it will fret inwardly and give us an ailment in the hope that in this way it can get some form of parental aid such as it remembers from childhood.


Everything except the accidents common to the nature of the physical level, starts out as a thought or idea, be it a new pair of shoes or quitting the job. An Aunihipili filled with negative thoughts will prompt us to negative ideas or anticipations instead of positive and good ones. We all need to watch ourselves, particularly these days when change is in the air and uncertainty tends to undermine courage and confidence.


The Stories For Children


In the latest installment of the Stories for Children which I am writing as time allows, I have just stressed the clearing of the Aunihipili of fears and negative emotions in a Huna lesson aimed at the children. The Fairies had become dwellers in the Garden, and the children wished very much to be able to see them. Mother explained that only when one became entirely quiet inside could one see the Fairies and receive the magic kiss and touch of the little Fairy Queen. In the story, the children dredge up their little frets and fears and jealousies, talk them out, and get rid of them. One by one they succeed and come to be able to see the Fairies. If the children who read the stories can absorb this lesson, it will stand them in good stead all their lives. Let me quote a bit from the yarn to give you who do not see the series, the flavor. The six pairs of six shades of color are now seven and all are seated with Mother around the empty Fairy ring where they hope to see the Fairies appear. Mother had encouraged the children to tell of anything that bothered them so that they could not become peaceful and calm and quiet inside.


Eve White asked, “Can I tell about something that worries me? I am ashamed to tell it, but it does.”


“Of course,” replied Mother. “We are all your friends, and perhaps we can help you if we only listen to what you have to say. Go ahead.”


Eve hung her head miserably. “I am jealous of Eve Black. She is so perfectly black and beautiful. She didn’t get bleached like I did, not a tiny bit. I am jealous of her and ashamed of my white color. I’m the worst bleached of all. I have to watch that I don’t get burned by the sun …. and my hair is yellow and I have freckles on my nose….”


Eve Black jumped up and ran to kneel beside her and to take her into her arms. “Now, Honey, don’t you ever say such a thing again!” she said softly. “I was never going to tell a single soul, but I’ve been jealous of you, and that is because I think you are just the most beautiful girl ever! Even your freckles are cute, and your blue eyes are just like flowers!”


Eve White put her hands over her face. “I’m afraid I’m going to cry,” she whispered …………


Mother smiled at her gently, then turned to look into the Fairy ring. “The Fairy Queen has come,” she said under her breath, and all the children tried their best to see the little Queen, but not one of them could. “It was love and gentleness that made her come,” said Mother. “Love makes her come best of all. But now she has gone again ………..”


ON SECOND THOUGHT, I believe I will give you the affirmation which Mother gave the children in the story to use. You might find it useful or might be able to pass it  on.


Mother said, “Say this firmly, so that your animal self will believe you and will remember what you say, ‘I AM FREE FROM ANY FEAR OR DREAD. I am safe and happy and at peace with my friends and WITHIN MYSELF. My very own Aumakua will come to help me at any time if I need it and call. ALL IS WELL. ALL IS BEAUTY.  ALL IS PEACE.'”




“SUBUD” bobs up again. I had almost forgotten the stir caused a time ago by the Subud teaching of Pak Subud from Java, but in my mail today (as I work on this issue of the H.V.) there came a letter which I will quote in part. (The underlines will be mine.)


I have an entity which speaks to me intuitively, writes to me with my hand, can form words in my visionary eye or consciousness and I can read her when she writes to me. Claims she is female and is my guide and can relate scenes, incidents, can throw scenes of former happenings in my life from childhood on to the present. days, knows and relates to me my dreams, what I think about and answers me before I can formulate my question to her. She plays many tricks on me and tells me I need these lessons as I am too gullible.


“I have been opened to this entity while being in the ‘SUBUD’ organization in Detroit. In our Latihan meetings almost every member had contacts with such entities. Would you please inform me on this matter from your experiences.” (It is evident from the rest of the letter that this gentleman is worried and wants help help that I only wish I knew how to give. At best, all I can advise is to fight off the “voice” at any cost and refuse to listen to it in the  hope that it will go away.)


The point in passing on this letter is to remind anyone who may be invited to try Subud and the Latihans to stay away from it. In the “Latihans” students are told to blank their minds and do or say whatever may come to them. It is a fine formula for providing a “house all swept and garnished” for any evil entity to enter and take over. The teachings of Subud are harmless enough in themselves, but this practice is dangerous. Several times I have heard of people picking up evil spirits in this way. There is free mana in Latihan groups and the spirits take over and cause the victims to do and say things they would not under normal circumstances. Any abnormal practice, physical or mental, is “out” in so far as Huna is concerned This goes for taking drugs and running the risks of being damaged as a result. True, many try drugs and seem not to be the worse for it later, but there are many who are on the bare edge of mental normality, and these need only a slight push to send them over the brink. Normal and natural ways are safest and best for us all.


HUNA GETS RESULTS, reports HRA Mrs. E.N. of California in a recent letter. I quote in part:


“Your books are of inestimable value to anyone with an open, searching mind to use with their own church. I have loaned my copies to a very devout Catholic and she desperately wants copies of the books in paperbacks (sadly, there are none in this form owing to the small demand. mfl) to send to her husband who is overseas in the armed forces …….


“I had a big breakthrough and got my Aunihipili to confess it’s worries and thus got rid of a very nervous condition that was frustrating. I had a prophetic dream of death and had subconsciously become afraid of an accident. My Aunihipili brought to my mind every accident or near accident that had ever happened to me. It seems that once you know the source of something like this it no longer bothers you. At any rate, I am no longer ‘a bundle of nerves.’


“I was doing Astrology charts on the San Andreas Fault (running up and down California north to south) to see if I could detect an astrological pattern for earth quakes. I sent the copy of my chart done for April 18, 1906 (the great quake that caused the San Francisco fire and quake disaster) to a friend. She sent it back and said it was all wrong. It was. The chart did fit Sept. 18, 1967, however. I am now wondering whether your run on the Tarot cards might show a quake coming around September 17th or 18th, 1967?”


MY COMMENT included (in my letter to her) the result of a run of the Tarot Cards as requested. You all may be interested in the card which, at least for me, has been selected as one best suited to stand for an earthquake. “JUDGMENT”, No. XX is for the less destructive quakes. It shows the “last judgment” with Gabriel blowing his horn and the graves opening so that the long dead arise. I suppose the opening of the graves has something to do with the quake significance. Then, for the really big quakes the “TOWER” No. XVI is used. It shows a tall tower struck by lightning and two figures falling from the tower. This card is the one of disaster in any connection, of course. As to my run in this case, four cards came ahead of the Judgment card, their reading being “business as usual” in my code of meanings. My conclusion is that there may be a hard shake later on, but not just yet, and that, when it comes, it will not be one of the bad ones. If I remember correctly, there is not too great an agreement in Astrological circles about which aspects indicate quakes. With my system of running the Tarot Cards, unfortunately, I have not yet worked out a reliable method for deciding at what future time a predicted condition or event may come. I once thought I had it licked, but in almost the first test, I saw that a predicted event in my own life would not happen until I reached the ripe old age of 412 years – and that was too long to wait, so I discarded the system, but still have not found a better one.


HRA F.J., of South Africa, writes in a recent letter: “One sometimes wonders, regarding health, whether Karmic conditions can be alleviated – if they are all one’s own doing. I am sure that somewhere down the line the Aumakua stands with loving understanding and must help one.”


I COMMENT: Many HRAs, like myself, have come up through the various levels of religion, including Theosophy, on the way to Huna, and some of the old beliefs accepted from Theosophy still need to be given a reconsideration in the light of Huna about once a year. The belief in Karmic Laws of Cause and Effect, when modified from the older Indian concepts by Theosophy, is all to reasonable. To add to this rational sense is the same thing appearing in the Gospels – “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This is a little different, but is rather firmly set.


When Huna was lost in ancient India, there was lost with it the knowledge of the three selves and their three manas, aka bodies, etc. Because of this loss, a SINGLE KARMA was assigned to man as a SINGLE soul unit, and even if the single soul unit or concept did retain in Yoga and the Gita a vague Aunihipili, this did not cause Karma to be divided to give a special kind to each self, which would have been logical.


In Huna we have man as a triune being made up of three spirits or selves, each of which has lived a different length of time, and each of which is at a different stage of evolution. Each of the three selves, because of its individual experience, has made its own Karma, so to speak. Each has set in motion actions which will, in the normal course of things, bring matching reactions.


The Karma of the Aunihipili is confused in Theosophy for that of the whole man, or the three self man. It is a physical Karma for the most part rather than a mental or Aumakua “spiritual” cause  and effect. The Gospel line quoted just ahead, shows that the Huna concept was there stressed of the Auhane and Aunihipili working as a team. The “heart” is the Aunihipili in Huna, and its fixations, fears or faiths cause definite results, good or bad, in the life of the man. The Auhane is the “thinker” in this statement, the “man” who “thinketh”, but the Aunihipili is the “heart” where the thoughts are remembered and bring about reactions on the physical level. On this same level we all share the danger of “accidents” which is part of animal life. (We live in an animal body, like it or not.) The so called “Law of Karma” of which we hear so much in Theosophy, fails to take the accidental world into consideration in a definite way. It is not possible to force the usual idea of Karma to fit the many physical accidents. Take the disaster of the Titanic. It ran into an iceberg by chance and most of those aboard the great ship perished. By no possible stretch of imagination can we figure that everyone so lost had identical Karma.


The idea that Karma is almost impossible to balance is likewise poor thinking. We can’t balance the chance of an accident on the physical level, and on the level of the thinking parts of the man he begins to change results just as soon as he starts changing his thinking and action. The “frozen” nature of Karma is a great mistake and was, along with the belief in an endless number of reincarnations, the curse of India.


There may be some hidden memories carried over between incarnations by the Aunihipili. Geraldine Cummins, famous English medium, has reported investigating past lives of clients and finding in the past things carried over and secretly held as “fixations” by the present Aunihipili. For instance, a man developed a fear of signing papers and could not force himself to sign papers needed in his business. The probe of his past incarnation showed the medium that he had been ordered to sign away his property, and that when he had refused, had been punished by having his hand cut off. It is to be supposed that such carryovers of hidden memories are few and far between. Or, if they occur, seldom involve anything so drastic and compelling.


What, then, shall we say about the part Karma may be causing in our lives if we come upon ill health or “bad luck”, accidents …. or periods of mental stagnation?


First of all Huna frees us from the damning idea that we are having to pay for some sin of another life and that nothing can be done but suffer it out. That out of the way, we can settle down to the job of thinking over our actions and the conditions which surround us. We can decide on what actions we may take to better matters, or we can quiet down and let the Aunihipili pop into our thoughts its dreads and fears and great desires – any of which may have become irrational and be causing irrational acts which bring bad results. We CAN do something about “Karma” on the upper levels. And on the lowest level we can try our best to eat right and avoid accidents.


The na kahuna seem to have found in their clients a major source of illness in guilt knowledge rather than guilt fixations. Before they undertook to heal a person they asked whether he had hurt someone who did not deserve being hurt. They knew that a sense of guilt could cause an Aunihipili to punish its man with illness or even cause him to have such accidents as might pay him back for the hurt done the other person. Some people, it was recognized, had little sense of right or justice, and so might not get a feeling of guilt as would a normal, kindly individual. But, in a land and time when the great command was NOT to hurt others, the sense of guilt was not to be  overlooked as a source of illness – nor is it today, unless one is an outlaw with no sense of right and wrong. The na kahuna demanded that their clients make amends for hurts done others. They asked that good deeds be done to cause the Aunihipili to feel that it deserved healing, after which the cleansing rite was used and the healing came about naturally or with some assistance from the healer or the na Aumakua. (Or even from some spirit healer, so far as we know.)


Don’t sell CONSCIENCE short. The keener one’s sense of right and wrong, the more apt one is to have the Aunihipili punish for an offense of hurting another or, in the reverse, for having failed to help. (I do not know about national or race or even World Karma. There may be such a thing, but it looks to me as though the “cause and effect” matter was largely one for the individual or, at most, a small group in which the individual had responsibilities.)


Lastly, HATE must not be overlooked in the search for healing. Gautama said, “There is no pain like hate.” A modern psychologist will tell you that hate overstimulates some of the endocrine glands and keeps the hater in a state of being well poisoned. The poison may cause physical reactions or mental. Hate that gets stuck deeply in the Aunihipili is the most dangerous and needs most to be “talked away”. “Getting things off the chest” might be changed to “Getting things out of the Aunihipili.”


A NEW BOOK TITLED “HUNA”, by Elizabeth Straith Miller, was mentioned in the last issue of the Huna Vistas, and since then a review copy was sent in so that I can give more information. The price given was $3.75 and the address, Church of St. Michael, P.O. Box 495, West Covena, Calif. 91790, is correct. Very nicely printed with gold stamping on a green cloth cover, 48 pages, larger than the usual book size. In my mention of the work I said that I expected to find in it Huna mixed with the teachings of spirits. A letter from Mr. Verne A. Rodgers, of the church, writes to correct me, saying, “We agree with your statement ‘that spirits never agree on what they teach’ and regret that you have gained the impression that we are a spiritualistic type church.” I am happy to be corrected and to say that the new book makes this statement on page 46:


“There are many paths – some more rugged than others –  but the goal is the same and it is up to the individual to make his choice. The sequel to this introduction might very well be entitled Huna as an Art and as a Science. If it is ever written it will be only for those who have taken the first steps. One does not go into higher mathematics until he has mastered its fundamentals. To quote The Light of Michael, ‘While employing the concepts of the science of Mind, these teachings open the door to the “Science of the Soul.”‘”


“And who is Michael? The mechanistic world today has deluded itself into a belief that the age of prophecy and spiritual revelation is a thing of the past. It has lost its contact with the subtle realities of a meaningful life. Yet, scattered over the globe are groups of people who are receiving ancient teaching of Huna from a Spiritual Being whom they know as St. Michael.


“These groups are unknown to one another, but in each one is an individual chosen by Michael to be a channel for his revelations. This individual is not a medium, but is highly gifted in psychic and spiritual powers. Furthermore, he is dedicated to the service of mankind.


“The Christed Michael is referred to in the Bible as one who fought against the forces of evil, symbolized in Revelations as a dragon. But what is more important to us in this day and age is the uncovering of a teaching that Michael describes as one of the paths leading to Ultimate God and making it applicable to those who are ready to receive it.”


In the book the first 23 pages are given over to a general outline of Huna, and a certain Max Freedom Long is graciously mentioned with his first book as the source of the information given. But beginning on page 24 we come into St. Michael’s apparent additions, which include the Theosophical “Akashic Records”, and. the “aura”, which is described as “a force field of vital energy that surrounds and encases the physical body.” (This hardly fits the idea that man has three shadowy bodies and that the mana may or may not be active in each – hardly a general “force field”.) St. Michael has coined a pair of new words which no kahuna would be able to translate very exactly. These are “Cination.” (‘The creation of an archetypal pattern into which the universal substance takes it form and manifests in the exact likeness of the thing Cinated”.) Also the word, “Dekana”. We would say the mana generated by a group of people, as in olden times people joined in offering mana to the gods. St. M. says the mana power is increased ten times by the individuals added as the group is enlarged. “Three people would generate one hundred times the power of a single individual”. (That is not quite like the Huna idea in which the mana is taken by the Aumakua and changed to a higher form so that it has power to make changes in circumstances or even substances.) St. M. also verifies Col. Churchward’s idea of “Mu” and the “Naacals”, (which might greatly surprise a kahuna, if one were alive today).


On page 41 we read a statement that would also surprise a real kahuna of the old days. I quote, “The kahunas used color in their treatment of disease and mental malfunctioning. They would actually open within themselves that center corresponding to the color which was lacking in the affected area, and flood it with the necessary healing qualities.”


“Today’s students of Huna are taught how to use the old kahuna’s method of healing insofar as color and tone are concerned. The deeper science is reserved as a sacred trust for those most qualified and best informed of its use. It has always been taught by word of mouth and is not for sale at any price. The reason for this is obvious.” (So far as I know, the na kahuna had a very poor vocabulary to use when trying to describe color. Anything “dark” was “blue, for example. In the matter of tone, there is no  word in their vocabulary to indicate that sound was used in healing – or that the tone of a prayer or chant had anything to do with its effectiveness. The mana and the thought-form picture embodied in the words of the prayer were the things which the Aumakua could use in the healing process. On page 40, however, we read, “The kahunas could see sound and hear color  – the blending of the seven basic forces within the individual makes a natural alchemist of him.” (In Huna, as I know it, there are three manas, not seven, and they and they alone are the “basic forces” of the man.)


From the additions offered by the Christed St. Michael, one cannot help wondering if this exalted teacher is one of Blavatsky’s “Masters”, that is, one still fond of Theosophy, but more up- to-date, accepting with equal pleasure the ideas of Churchward and perhaps some of the entirely mundane metaphysical teachers who have evolved a system of color and tone healing along with modifications in ideas of “auras”, “rays” and other things missed by the out-of-date na kahuna.


“DADDY” DAVID BRAY, who claims to be the last of the real na kahuna, and who has often lectured in the U.S.A. in the past fifteen years (since my books came out and the public gradually became aware of the meaning of the word “kahuna” I was interviewed some months ago by Riley Crabb, of the B.S.R.A. journal. Recently I had the loan of the interview tape and the privilege of hearing what Mr. Bray had to say about his brand of Huna and of mine. I have often been asked by HRAs about his teachings, but have never attended his lectures or classes, and could only say that we differ widely on what the na kahuna believed and did.


Mr. Bray once visited me, and I tried to compare notes with him on our two versions of Huna, but we soon gave up the discussion because the versions were too far apart to be brought within speaking distance. Mr. Bray would have none of the three selves or three manas or three shadowy bodies. To him the na kahuna believed in a single soul, a single mana and in an ancestral spirit or Aumakua which was NOT part of the triune man but simply the deified soul of an ancestor. He would have none of my method of taking the meanings of Hawaiian words from the several meanings of the roots (nor would my friends Charles Kenn or Theodore Kelsey – both by way of being authorities on the language.)


In the tape interview Mr. Bray was asked about my version of “Huna” (a word he refuses to use). He answered by saying that one thing he gave me credit for was making the na kahuna known to the public so that he could lecture on the subject and get proper audiences. But, he added, he did not at all agree with what I have said about the beliefs and practices of the na kahuna. He said that my teachers had not known anything about the na kahuna, and so could not have given me proper information. He mentioned Charlie Kenn, also Theo. Kelsey, and threw in for good measure a man by the name of Becker whom I have never had the pleasure of knowing even by letter. He told Riley that he knew the parents of my teachers and also their grandparents, and that none of them knew anything about the na kahuna. It stood to reason, he argued, that what they taught me could not have been right. This is most amusing. The gentlemen named taught me nothing of Huna. To the contrary, they objected strenuously to having me use the method advocated by the maker of the oldest Hawaiian dictionary, and trying to get at the original and literal meaning of words by considering the meanings of the several root words from which the questioned word was composed. Mr. Kenn is probably the best informed man alive on Polynesian customs and history – a living encyclopedia. Why Mr. Kelsey, who has no Hawaiian blood, happened to decide to become an expert in Hawaiian language, I never learned. He was less than interested in the na kahuna.


Mr. Bray had an uncle or Great Uncle, who was by way of being a kahuna. His family came from a long line of na kahuna, and David learned much of the old lore as it is known (not much left when I started my investigation) and also learned some of the healing and other chants   which he can intone beautifully. From what I can learn, Mr. Bray, at his new home on the Kona Coast of Hawaii, has classes, mainly attended by white people, and teaches them a form of what I would call “Concept Therapy”. The class sits for half an hour with Mr. Bray, a lighted candle in the center of the circle made by the group, and the individuals are encouraged to watch what comes into their minds as they “meditate”, and to describe it so that Mr. Bray can interpret the meaning or at least comment on the possible significance. Much is claimed for this method as used by Mr. Bray. From the interview, I was unable to decide whether or not healing was to be expected through the group sittings, or was worked for in another manner. However, Mr. Bray speaks frequently of the fine results he has had in his healing work in which he uses the methods of the na kahuna. Even a case of marked insanity was said to have been cured. Also other incurable conditions which doctors had been unable to help were described as responding at once to treatment. However, I gathered from the interview that teaching is the main activity, not healing.


MORE INFORMATION was sent in recently on the activities of “Kahuna” Clark Wilkerson (mentioned as advertising his work and books in Fate magazine, in the last issue of H.V.) His wife had an article about him and his work published in “The Southern California CLERGYMAN” and, in the article, she reported amazing success in teaching and healing, even reporting that graduates of the “Mystery” classes often turned out to be excellent healers. The methods used were described as those set forth in the Huna I write about, but with much more added (most of which a kahuna of old would wonder about). There are (I quote), “Astral travel, soul travel, healing, talking with animal and plant life, communication with the Venusians and other Space Beings, rituals, the making of talismans, etc., mind expansion invocation and the most wonderful of all – turning within and bringing up to the surface the FULL POWER OF GOD or anything and everything in existence to express itself, for we are all and all is within us. Also, in the Mystery classes we learn Assumption and then Oneness.    “No house is too haunted for my husband to dehaunt or any person too possessed to be helped. Several weeks ago, he removed one demon, three possessions, one black panther, three black cats, three snakes, and two owls from a woman who had been the victim of a Black Magician. And then there are curses. No kahuna is a Kahuna if he cannot remove curses. It is amazing  what a curse can do to a person. I did not think such things could happen, but I now know it is possible and happens to many people everywhere, every day. Did you know that most curses are from the individual himself? People unknowingly curse themselves and even their loved ones. Other curses are very deliberate and powerful and are done by a ‘professional’ for a ‘price’.


“Another interesting aspect of life with Clark, is our conversations with Space Beings. It’s always nice to know what is going on in other parts of the Universe. He also teaches the Mystery students how to contact and converse with the Lord Thinkers from the planet Venus. This can be done in several ways.” Etc., etc., etc.


Quite naturally, we expect a wife to be inclined to avoid mention of any failure to heal or cast out devils, but making proper allowance, the accomplishments of “Kahuna” Wilkerson are such as to put the na kahuna of yesterday to shame. I fear that not a single one of them ever became able to converse with the Space People. I am everlastingly of the opinion that those who are now building on additions to the simple Huna which I have described, should qualify their titles and call their books, HUNA Plus Whatsit,and their teachings, “Huna Plus  Everything You Ever Heard of, and a Lot More, you will Hear of only in Our Classes.” Or, why not leave of the word “Huna” and start from scratch? I only hope David Bray and Clark Wilkerson are both doing all and more than is claimed along healing lines. (By the way, they are very bad friends.)


THE TMHG TIME WILL CHANGE from daylight saving back to normal in the middle of October. Watch for it and turn your clocks back an hour to match. Our healing work is of sufficient value to justify keeping it on year after year, even if our failures are as noteworthy as our successes. Perhaps we could do better if a healer at the center made personal contact with each person in need. But so far we have not managed to get past the telepathic contact stage. Perhaps we should encourage the followers of St. Michael or Daddy Bray and Clark Wilkerson. At least they are working with personal contacts.



The Source of Christian Beliefs

November-December, 1967



AS THE NEXT HUNA VISTAS will not be sent until well after the holidays, may I take this opportunity toWISH YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. We will be celebrating the birthday of the leading player in what is, undoubtedly, the most famous and important DRAMA the world has ever known. Whoever played the character of JESUS in the great initiatory drama, saved for us and coded with hidden meaning in the Four Gospels – whoever played that stellar part had the Star of Bethlehem to mark his dressing room door for all the ages.


With what love and what a glow of deep understanding must ancient players have approached their parts in making ready to present the great drama before their little audiences of candidates standing for initiation into the fun lore of the Huna “SECRET”. With what care they must have gone through the intricate performance so that all the coded Huna might appear between and in the lines as the candidates watched. What a labor of love the players must have performed in their effort to share the wonderful secret wisdom with the chosen ones who would carry on after them …. when the curtain was rung down.


You and I sit before the curtain that was lowered, and  for some reason or other which we cannot fathom, never raised again. Yes, it was raised in its small way in modern times and the outer husks of the drama brought to a semblance of life in plays based on the Gospel story, and the motion pictures came to give the story fine life on the screen, but the heart was gone and the dramas were played on what, to the student of the Coded Huna, was and is a dark stage. But for us, Huna floods all stages with the brilliant LIGHT, and we rest content. We come happily to Christmas, and become ourselves minor players as we light our candles and remember the hidden lesson behind the Crucifixion and the Transfiguration that led to the wonders of Graduation into the realms of the na Aumakua.


May you enjoy the celebration of Christmas all the more, knowing as you now do, the great truths that lie hidden behind the Drama of which the Birth of Jesus is a part. And may the New Year be marked by the coming of the Magi –  the Magic of Huna – to bring you gifts of the incense of humility and wisdom, and the gold of your reward for labor and loving service. May you receive the bright jewels that will decorate you for all the good you have done and have attempted to do.


Look to the heavens for the Star of LIGHT that will guide and show the way ahead into the safe world where the great command is NOT TO HURT OTHERS.


SPEAKING OF THE “DARK STAGE” and of the light thrown by Huna on it, we must not forget for a moment the brilliant and illuminating work just done by Dr. Martin Larson in his book, THE ESSENE HERITAGE. (Offered still at below cost to HRAs for $3 post free by Dr. Larson. If you have not yet sent for your copy, his address is 4108 East Stanford Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85018.) In this book we have the curtain raised and the lights turned on, NOT with the drama beginning with the Christ child born in a manger, BUT with the beliefs and teaching of Jesus being formulated step by step long before the play starts. Christianity has, down the centuries, been based upon the belief that Jesus originated the doctrines which he taught. Dr. Larson shows that he did not. He shows that the beliefs were borrowed or made from whole cloth by the Essenes. The impact of this evidence on the tottering Christianity of modern days may not be felt for a little while, but eventually it will force a revolution of thought which will make it of little importance whether the Church of Rome comes to terms with the Greek Church or not.


In his book, after careful assembling of the material, Dr. Larson lists 25 points at which one can see the Essene origins of the doctrines set forth in the Four Gospels. For fear some of you may have missed this history making presentation, I take the reviewer’s liberty and quote rather more than custom allows.




Among the more important and obvious similarities which bind the Synoptics to Essenism, especially since these are to be found nowhere else in Judaic life, we list the following:

The concept of the Son of Man, an agency separate from the Supreme God, who would appear as the all powerful eschatological judge and establish the Kingdom of God or Righteousness on earth.

The doctrine of two divine manifestations, i.e., the Parousia.

The persuasion that the apocalyptic catastrophe was imminent, and that the subsequent kingdom would supervene during the then existing generation.

The belief that personal ownership of property is inseparable from social injustice.

The conviction that property owned individually constitutes moral contamination but that, when possessed collectively, it does not.

The demand that, as a prerequisite for membership, all applicants divest themselves of all private property and give the proceeds to the communion.

The doctrine that married life or sex activity of any kind is incompatible with sainthood, and that chastity and celibacy are prerequisites for redemption.

The injunction that family and relatives must not only be abandoned but that, so long as they remain unconverted, they must be regarded with repugnance and hatred.

The belief that charity should be given to strangers in dire need, and to them only.

The conviction that every soul has a single eternal life and destiny, for which the present is a preparation and a prelude.

The doctrines of predestination, election, and reprobation; the belief that sinners are tempted and led into destruction by divine plan and decree.

The dogma of the two great spirits and the consequent metaphysical and spiritual dualism.

The ritual of sacramental baptism.

The repudiation of all animal sacrifice in favor of a symbolic divine drink and food – the wine and bread of the eucharist.

The belief in everlasting torture in Hell or eternal bliss in “Paradise” consequent upon the acceptance or rejection of the doctrines of the communion and membership in it – in short, the dogma of the exclusive salvation.

The proclamation of complete pacifism.

Love for brethren, but rejection for outsiders and extreme hatred for unbelievers.

The condemnation of all persons who practice thrift or accumulate wealth, and toleration and forgiveness for those whom society conventionally considers to be criminals.

Technical civil obedience coupled with the practical avoidance of all normal social burdens or responsibilities.

A refusal to take civil oaths.

The practice of healing by exorcising evil spirits, which are believed to be the cause of all mental and physical diseases or afflictions.

The use of parables to conceal esoteric meanings.

The Jews to be punished for persecution of prophets and saints.

The production of a new corpus of sacred literature, which supplements or replaces the existing canon.

The acceptance, but complete re-interpretation, of the old and established Scriptures.

In addition to these exclusive and obvious parallels, we believe that we have also established, or at least produced strong presumptive evidence to support our theses that the Synoptics and certain Essene documents:

say substantially the same things concerning Jesus and the Teacher of Righteousness in regard to their suffering, place of execution, cause and purpose of death, and miraculous resurrection,

contain the same theories and doctrines concerning the dual Messianic manifestations,

state that the Teacher and Jesus were both divine personages, whose passion and sacrifice constituted an atonement for the elect of all nations,

declare that the Jewish authorities, wholly unaware of the enormity of their respective deeds, rushed upon those divine personages to do them violence and,

emphasize that the temple was desolated, the holy city laid waste, and the people scattered among the Gentiles as a punishment for this atrocity.

Finally, we have shown that in the Interpolations written into The Testaments after the fall of Jerusalem to Pompey, Jesus may well have found the model for the later portion of his career and that, when he embarked upon his drastically altered destiny, he found the concept of himself as the Son of Man explicitly described in Enoch FIVE.




That the Essene cult had fully developed most of the doctrines found in the Synoptics cannot reasonably be denied, nor can it be maintained that anything remotely similar existed elsewhere in Judaic culture. Furthermore, the esoteric teachings of the Essenes were so well concealed that no one could learn them except through full membership, attained only after a long period of examination and probation. How then can we doubt that Jesus had been an Essene? Or are we to assume that he developed an almost identical system by pure coincidence or that there was a previous and identical divine revelation?” ………….  (End of quotation mfl.)


THE SOURCE OF THE CHRISTIAN BELIEFS has been identified by Dr. Larson to the full satisfaction of the students who have open minds. These beliefs were the outer ones. Thanks to Huna and the Code used in the writing of the Four Gospels, we have the inner beliefs as well, even if we cannot say that because the outer beliefs certainly came from the Essenes, the inner beliefs were derived from the same source. As we can trace Huna back to a far earlier period in Egypt and India, it is a foregone conclusion that Huna was a borrowed or inherited system of secret beliefs held sacred by the Essenes and preserved at great cost of labor in the writing of the Gospels.


The secrecy surrounding the outer beliefs of the Essenes, all considered, must have been practiced with equal fervor in keeping “THE SECRET” hidden. It would appear that the Gospel Drama may have been constructed and coded with the purpose of making doubly sure the Huna beliefs would not leak out, even if the outer beliefs of the order were to become known to the public.


When one examines the 25 parallels or points of belief and practice which we have just had from Dr. Larson, one can hardly fail to be impressed by the absurdity and anti-social nature of many of the doctrines. The picture which is presented by this hammering evidence is one of an order of most impractical and deluded bigots. One is tempted to say that they must have been fools. But, on the other hand, we are confronted by the fact that as writers and users of the initiatory Gospel Drama, they believed in and must have greatly valued the Huna lore. It is difficult to understand how men who were fully familiar with Huna could ever, at the same time, have accepted the divinity of the leading character in the Drama, for they knew that Jesus was simply a fictional character. In trying to see in Jesus a living man who acted out the Drama in detail in his life, the time lapse is such that we cannot say that the Essenes lost the knowledge of the Drama suddenly and accepted one of their own members as the character come to life.


Dr. Larson hesitates, for some reason or other, to come out openly and say that Jesus was only the leading character in a Mystery Play. Perhaps it is because he hesitates to hurt the many who would be hurt if their cherished belief in an actual Jesus were taken harshly from them. (I had the same period of hesitation when I was forced by the finding of the Code to give up all slightest belief that Jesus had once been a living person, even if not divine.) However, the evidence now in hand against a historical Jesus is so strong that Dr. Larson states in simple terms the beliefs to be met in accepting the historicity. As this is of great importance at this point, let me quote again, picking up where the last quote left off in the summing up.


“…….. We believe, then, that Jesus had been a member of the Essene Order; that, frustrated, he left it and preached its basic principles in the byways and the villages; that he drew his inspiration and his ideology primarily from this source; that he consciously modeled his own career on that of the martyred Teacher of Righteousness and upon passages to be found in The Testaments and in Enoch; that he forced his enemies to execute him by making statements contrary to those he made to his own disciples and which, when thrown into the teeth of the authorities, constituted accusations or confessions calling for capital punishment; that he made the most careful preparations to accomplish his own execution in a climactic and spectacular drama; and that he understood clearly that only by this means could he accomplish his world encompassing objectives. Because of all this and because he brought about his self-immolation after a brief ministry and at the peak of early manhood, he stands solitary and unique among the founders of religious movements; and he is, therefore, without rival in purposeful intensity, personal conviction, and individual grandeur.”


ONE OF THE MAJOR DIFFICULTIES with the grandeur of Jesus as a real man is that while he preached the secret beliefs and taught the Order’s way of life, he was insane. There is no other way to explain why he believed that he was divine the Son of God, and that he would rise even from the dead and sit on the right hand of God to judge the wicked Jews. If we are to credit the belief in the divinity of Jesus, we have then to give a reason to explain WHY the expected “Last Day” did not come on schedule after the Crucifixion.


These difficulties are only those encountered with reference to the outer teachings of the Gospel Drama. When we come to examine the story in the light of the Huna Code, the difficulties multiply so greatly that the last semblance of a possible historicity must be given up. Just the fact that the Code shows that the crucifixion was a failure to meet the most simple test of humility throws the whole of the churchly train of dogmas out of line. The event which the Church accepts as providing the sacrificial act that “saved the world” becomes only a lesson in the dangers of self-aggrandizement. The climax is hidden in the Transformation of Jesus on the mountain top of progress. And, what could we possibly do with the outer doctrine of the Drama in which men and women are separated? How can we explain away the “Graduation”, so beautifully and constantly presented in the Code of the Drama as the ULTIMATE GOAL – as the graduation of the male and female mates into the stage where they are no longer held apart, but are united to become one – one Aumakua.


Gradually we arrive at a clearer understanding of what must have happened at the time of the birth of Christianity. Dr. Larson’s monumental work in his books (The Religion of the Occident and The Essene Heritage) has made possible the new understanding of the outer sources of Christianity while our rediscovery of the Huna Code in the Gospels has laid bare major parts of the inner teachings. There may be fresh discoveries in the way of Scrolls, and I would not be surprised at any time to hear that one had turned up giving us the Drama AS drama instead of as the history of a crazed member of the Essene order who was in some odd way allowed to run free and give all the secret teachings to the world. The Drama may, of course, be even now in the hands of the gentlemen who hover the collection and refuse to allow outsider savants [to] see even copies of them.


The dates given to the supposed writing of the Gospels varies. Some say it was a century after the death of Jesus before the accounts were written. However, we may find that in the years following the supposed death of Jesus, the Roman attacks on the Jews ended by the breaking up of the Essene centers and that in the hurry to hide the Scrolls, the ones containing the DRAMA fell into the wrong hands and were soon mistaken for historic accounts of something which had really happened. By the year 70, counting from the supposed birth of Jesus, Pompey had raised Jerusalem and the Jews were scattered far and wide in the Diaspora. With them, it is to be seen, went the Drama as historical fact, and Christianity was born. It was shared by the Gentiles, who added bits of their religious beliefs to the ones embodied in the Drama, and in due time the CROSS – the gruesome symbol of the dramatic failure of Jesus to pass his first great test, became, not the symbol of dismal failure which it portended, but the symbol of man’s only possible chance to escape the fires of Hell and win through to Salvation. How much better would an emblem of the SUN [have] been to replace the cross and stand for the LIGHT.




The James Kidd estate, valued at around the tidy sum of $50,000, was left in Kidd’s will to anyone who could give scientific proof that there was a soul and that it survived death. Many individuals and organizations hired lawyers and brought such evidence as they could muster to lay before the learned judge and make claim to the money. All this has been happening in Phoenix, Arizona during the past year. Oddly enough, not a single church organization of Christian holdings bothered to try to prove that the soul exists. None of the contestants could offer anything better than the good evidence common to the field of Psychical Research, and none could come into court with a soul safely sealed in a test tube and demonstrate its death and return to some form of different life. Amusingly enough, the one outfit which based its claim on the fact that its researchers did not believe that there is a soul, won the estate. This fortunate outfit is called the Barrows Neurological Institute, and it is located in Phoenix and partly supported by the donations of Phoenix citizens. And so, the learned judge decided that as no contestant could offer the needed material proofs, he might as well give the money to the home boys and keep it at home. It leaves one wondering whom James Kidd was kidding, and why. Certainly he must have known that no court of law where oaths are taken on the Bible, would tolerate the idea of there being such a thing as scientific proof of the soul




One of our British HRAs writes that a medium who has had all of her (or his) predictions come true to the last detail for a period of over six years, has now announced that a very powerful and effective extra terrestrial intervention is to be expected immediately before Christmas, 1967, to avert nuclear catastrophe. (I am quoting from the letter.) It will be visibly demonstrated throughout the world.


I gather that this prediction came as part of the service offered by, “Universal Link” of 1 St. George’s Square, St. Annes on Sea, Lancashire, England.


What I am anxious to know is how the threat of nuclear war is going to be stopped. There is also the question of whether the ones who do the stopping will be friendly to earthlings or bent on teaching us a lesson. I can think of a lot of most unpleasant things a “Power” of this supposed kind might decide to do. It might touch off all the bombs we and the Russians have made ready to use reciprocally. Or it might send in a few million saucers and police with death ray guns to jail the lot of our world leaders and put a ring in the nose of each of those of us who are allowed to remain out of the jails.


The nostalgic hope of the world has always been that the Great and Good and Supremely Wise KING would appear out of the clouds and set up the ideal kingdom, with all our man made problems solved with a wave of the septet, and all God’s chilluns provided with shoes, a hamburger and a bottle of pink fizzy water.


Well, let’s hope for the best and get the most we can of happy expectation until Christmas is come and gone – after which, if nothing has happened to help us solve our many problems, we can begin watching for the next hopeful prediction. Incidentally, power and know-how do not automatically go with kindness, as we see in the case of our world scientists who go happily about making more and better bombs, not giving a whit who they may blow up. They are so bent on their tasks that they even ignore the fact that if they manage to arm the men who can press the buttons, they, themselves, will also suffer. Sometimes it seems to me that we have all gone mad and are inviting outside intervention, even if we do not know just how such intervention might end. It could end, one may suppose, by having the outsiders take over and do away with us willy nilly to clear the ground.


OUR PROJECT OF A PLAN FOR A BRAVE NEW WORLD might be taken from our uncertain hands should the Saucer People or others descend on the world and begin to put their plan into action. In my correspondence with various HRAs who have had ideas on how to plan to better the conditions that confront us today, there has been little agreement. The ideas for correcting the troubles in our own riot torn land range from stopping all efforts to help the never possessed and letting them starve if they can’t find jobs to setting up a complete socialistic state with everyone cared for and something after the Communist pattern followed. The Gentlemen in Washington who have been greatly agitated by the problem of WHAT to do have been stopped almost in their tracks by the inability to find the funds to [do] anything at all without taxing those who have something to tax to help those who have nothing. None of them, not even the President, has seen fit to inquire of me what plan we of the HRA have worked out, and it is just as well that they have not, for every plan that has been proposed has the basic objection that it would take away individual freedom and establish a form of government in which all are forced to conform to a general plan. Moreover the running of things would, inevitably, fall into the hands of the small officials who would play favorites, if nothing worse, and cause constant resentment. Men can, however, be forced to accept a way of life, even if they cannot be made to like it. Old Mother Nature has been expert since the beginning of time in acting the Great Dictator and exerting force. The little human Dictators are able betimes to get seated solidly in the saddle with a few henchmen, and apply force to gain their ends. The way things are going now in the U.S.A., writes one HRA, promises to bring us a military dictatorship in which the Minute Men and the Birchites will happily join hands to run things – decidedly for the haves, not for the benefit of the have nots. All who have written agree that we are skating on very thin ice and that SOMETHING needs to be done if we could just decide WHAT, and find money to use without taking it away from those who have it to use for the questionable or temporary benefit of those have not. (If the head of the Saucer People should drop in and divulge his plans for straightening us out before Christmas, I will hasten to get out a bulletin to warn you all what not to do, and to suggest anything I can to help you get on the inside track of the new shuffle – granted, of course, that the Saucer Boss does not confiscate my bulletin making equipment and stamps as a precautionary measure.)


MY FAITHFUL TAROT CARDS, when consulted just now, either believe in the predicted take over of the outside power or else see some other great change in the offing. (They may also – and this is very likely – be reflecting my frame of mind brought about by writing about the possibilities of such a change.) My cut revolves around the Magician or No.I card of the major Trumps, this card predicting a new beginning, and the King of Swords, predicting the use of military force and the possibility of war. The Magician is not unfriendly, but the King of Swords is lacking in any gentleness or compassion. His is the materialistic power and he uses it ruthlessly to gain his ends. Whatever these cards are trying to tell us, there is one thing that stands out unmistakably clear. This is that we are NOT going to be able to keep on just as we are indefinitely. Change is in the air, and we can only hope that it will be for the best instead of the worst.


The Five of Cups opposed by the Page of Pentacles turns up to help explain the other cut, and here we have the man dressed for travel kicking over the cups of earlier hopes and making ready to leave. The Page of Pentacles brings in a new set of money practices for the new beginnings of the Magician. (Or you read them.)


THE STORIES FOR CHILDREN have had no new installment added to them of late owing to time taken out to rerun Huna Vistas No. 1 through No. 25, these being kept in stock for newly arrived HRAs who wish the back issues so that they may retrace our steps and see what may have been missed in writing the last book, Huna Code In Religions. All the Huna Vistas are to be had in bound books, these each containing 25 issues. There are now three full books and Book Four is gradually growing.


Another reason for the delay in story installments is that Uncle Max has found himself facing a dilemma. He doesn’t quite know how to wind up the series of yarns. The little Adams and Eves have been reared in a nice home with running water and electricity – probably T.V. dinners frozen and waiting to go into the oven. How can the children, when matured a bit, be turned loose to begin life with only the things the original Adam and Eve had in Eden? One way out would be to teach them all about camping, but even then the stories would have to jump the gun and allow fire and weapons and tools to be already at hand. Of course, children will be very lenient with the story teller and allow some absurdities, but even at that there are grave problems. Would one of you HRAs, perhaps, care to have the pleasure of finishing the stories? Or perhaps suggest a good way out? Tell the children (if you have some following the yarns) to be patient and Uncle Max will get going again, one way or another. Perhaps Santa will bring him an idea for his stocking.


IN MANY OF THE LETTERS WHICH ARRIVE in my mail, HRAs speak of “the Christ Spirit” and appear to accept the verity of such a Being without question. I have noted, over the years, that as the belief in a man god in the form of Jesus begins to weaken under the impact of modern thought, the character of Jesus fades in importance and the god becomes a man. But at the same time the idea of the Christ Spirit has gradually grown. It is used almost exclusively in the Religious Science group of churches, and in what is roughly classed as the “Metaphysical Circle”, the Gospels appear less and less while the Christ Spirit expands to fill the need for a Power superior to man.


In Huna we have this need filled by the Aumakua. It is the “anointed” or “graduated” Self, and it is divine in comparison to the lower pair of selves which belong to the triplicity. It is a very close and loving and parental self, and it has superior wisdom to guide us and superior power to cause events to take shape to match our Huna type prayers. It is connected to us through the “silver cord” of the Old Testament and the Aka cord of the na kahuna. It takes little strain on the imagination to understand the concept. It is the least abstract and “afar yonder” of all the proposed concepts of a divinity. God, as we must now think of such a Being, is go great and so vast to fill the Universe, that the mind shrinks from the effort to make of this concept a near and dear and personal god.


For those who find God too vast to work with religiously, and who find the Aumakua too small for their expansive needs, the Christ Spirit has come to fill a useful purpose. It is brother to Universal Mind, which has so long been the best bet in some Metaphysical or psychological circles. It has the advantage of vagueness and can be thought of as saturating everything and everyone, thus being on call at all times. It is unlike the Aumakua in that it demands nothing. A prayer to it can be said or thought without preparation and without following a ritual. It can reflect back on one as much worshipful adoration as may be. It can be all things to all types of religionists. It is a God which man can easily make in his own image, whatever that particular image may be.


For those who accept Huna reluctantly, however, The Po`e Aumakua, or Great Company of High Selves, may come closer to the idea of the Christ Spirit or Christ Consciousness. The difference here is that while the Great Company covers much wider ground and ministers to its own larger groups, the individual is always served through his own Aumakua. Contact is not directly made, the Aumakua being the inter-mediator (which the Coded information in the Gospels affirms in the instructions of Jesus acting at the moment the part of the Aumakua. “Pray in my name”.) One contacts the Aumakua, makes his prayer, and if the Parental Spirit deems it to be necessary, the prayer is laid by IT before the Great Company. And, if a still higher Tribunal is needed, the Akua Aumakua or God High Self level and Beings are, in turn, presented with the prayer. Such a prayer would be one for world benefits rather than for help for the individual whom the Aumakua can help if he is open to such assistance (which many are not). In Huna the higher levels of Beings are taken on faith, for the human mind is incapable of understanding things relating to such far up levels of evolutionary progress. The na kahuna had a modesty seldom exhibited by founders of other religions. They admitted that they could not grasp the fact of an Ultimate God at the top of the ladder, and so remained content to work with the level just above them – that of the Aumakua.


All this leads up to a letter recently, received from a good HRA in England who writes:


“It is extremely difficult for most people to distinguish between Jesus and the Christ Spirit, so any criticism of the former will be very likely to be transferred by the Aunihipili to the latter, with damaging results. Even with the advanced students, the idea of the Christ Spirit might be subconsciously tainted and so the power of the Spirit to work through that student be impaired. Criticism makes love more difficult.


“The Eastern and Western traditions of occultism do not mix. A famous and fairly recent Hindu mystic had both the time and the extraordinary ability to work both and found that both gave the same results in the end, but the processes had to be kept separate. (I have forgotten his name).


“Now it seems to me that in adopting Huna we are willy nilly grafting it onto our Christianity or Christian roots because we have found Christianity so ineffective compared with what it ought to be. Huna has filled many gaps in Jesus’ teaching so neatly that the fillings cannot be regarded as alien material. But Huna has one limitation which is not acceptable, at any rate to me, and this is that we can have no direct access to any spirit higher than our own High Selves. True, it teaches that our High Selves can enlist the aid of the other High Selves and perhaps still Higher Ones, but this is not the same thing. It does not teach that one can, when necessary, act in the name of, and with the authority of, far higher Beings. Some evil spirits may yield to the superior power of our own High Selves, but others only to higher power and authority of still higher entities such as, say, the Christ Spirit, Holy Spirit, or whatever you are accustomed to call It. Hence Jesus’ explanation to his disciples after their failure, ‘This sort cometh not out only for prayer …..’


“Mystics who have experienced God consciousness do not relate these experiences to their own souls or High Selves, but to some unimaginably higher Power they call God, Christ or Holy Spirit. I think that it is the absence of this direct appeal to the Christ Spirit, coupled with absolute confidence in His Presence, which results in failure.


“I come now to the practical part and a formula or simple rite which has been found to be effective. About two years ago I was introduced to a Ceylonese gentleman and his wife who came here some five years ago to live. They belonged to a serious spiritualistic circle in Ceylon and found the spiritualist church here hopelessly superficial. They are interested chiefly in healing and found your books, which I lent them, very helpful indeed. We became close friends. Their experience in Ceylon, and to a lesser degree in England, included the expulsion of evil entities.


“About a month ago I took part, in fact, a leading part, in one of these rites. Leading because I knew the victim and the house – which was miles away – and the victim was too ill to travel. ‘No matter,’ said my friends. ‘You picture yourself as vividly as you can, entering the house, then the sick room and standing beside the victim. Then repeat the words aloud and vigorously here and now and go through the motions exactly as if you were with the victim. It will work.’


“I am not at liberty to give details, but it is a fact that since then. all attacks by the entity have ceased, although previously they occurred at intervals of a few days to a few weeks for several years. The victim, though physically crippled, is far more cheerful.”


(I am not quite sure whether HRA D.R. intended me to share with the other HRAs the details of the exorcism ritual or not, but as he did not expressly forbid it, and as it is a ritual covering many points of value, I take the liberty of giving it as he describes it in his letter. Mfl.)




“Apparatus: One candle or lamp burning vegetable oil is placed unlit on a stand or table in the middle of the room so as to shine all around when lit.


“Procedure: When all are assembled, the leader says in a confident and commanding voice – and he must feel it to be true, ‘In the name of the Eternal Spirit and in the name of God, I light this lamp (or candle).’ He does so and then says, ‘Let no evil or evil influence cross the rays of light.’ The leader places his hands on the patient’s head. (This is to protect the patient from possible violent reaction.) He prays aloud for God’s help to release the patient and then, knowing he has now full authority and power, he says, ‘In the name of the Eternal Spirit and of God, I command you to depart in peace and never more come nigh this person.’ The command is made three times with all the forcefulness and authority and confidence which the leader can now rightly assume. Finish with a prayer for the protection of the patient henceforth. The ceremony should be explained to the others present (but not the patient) beforehand, and they should be asked to support the leader by mental prayer so that the maximum spiritual power is available. There should be no idle spectators. It is of course obvious that the leader must have no blockages between his low and High Selves.”


The writer has also told me that he has observed some very fine healing and exorcism done by ministers of the Pentecostal Church. Their methods vary, but the central point in all healing efforts is the prayer to a Higher Power. In Huna it is agreed that all prayer goes to the Aumakua of the one who makes or takes part in a prayer – there being no other  place for it to go. If the prayer is passed on to the next higher level, that is also well. The na kahuna advocated the thrice repeated prayer. The use of a physical stimulus such as washing with water as a symbol of cleansing, or the lighting of a flame. as the symbol of “Light” all are good Huna. The na kahuna also “spoke for the god,” or Aumakua, in commanding spirits to leave or patients to be healed. That has a powerful hypnotic charge of mana and with the circle augmenting the mana of the leader, the method is good. The laying of the hands on the patient by the leader or by all of the circle together makes for a good physical stimulus to impress the Aunihipili of the patient and feed it mana. (Our thanks go to you, HRA D.R. for the good research effort.)




Almost every day I have the painful task of explaining to one or another of my greatly valued HRA friends WHY I am asking one and all NOT TO CALL ON ME. This is very difficult for me and embarrassing for us both. I love seeing my friends or even strangers and visiting with them, but it has now come to the place in my life that things have piled up on me, and there is never more than a minute of free time. Since my wife passed on I have taken over her part of the work of running the book business, also the housework and marketing. Our partner, Miss Doherty, now walks with difficulty so I have taken over from her the cooking. What with chores and so many letters to read and answer daily – to say nothing of the book business, packing, billing etc. – the time for visiting has gone out of the window. I have, as you all know, had to cut down on the Huna Vistas and get them out only every other month. Now that you all know my difficulty, I am sure you will help me by not asking to call. Some day I hope to retire, and then, perhaps, I will have time to visit to my hearts content.




J. Cecil Maby has sent his latest hand made book for review. Like his earlier book, reviewed in the last H.V., this one is a fine example of what can be done with typewritten copy and Xerox reproduction, with the cloth binding and stamping done by a professional binder. This one is titled A Naturalist At Largeand runs 213 pages. Mr. Maby, best known to me for his fine books on dowsing and his efforts to identify the forces measured in that art, is a scientist in his own right and his interests are many and varied. In a series of slightly connected essays, he comments on life around and about him in today’s England, and in this way gives the reader a most delightful look at what has been going on in the British Isles in the past few decades. He describes the social and economic changes with an impartial eye, and considers the many problems as a naturalist, making little studies of the people around him who form a cross section of English society. His book is noteworthy for his detailed and careful study of the nature of women and their part being played as the old ways pass and change hangs heavy in the air. Order direct from the author at Brooke House, Frocester, Stonehouse, Glos., England. The price of this book, like his last, is 36 shillings post free. Buy an International Postal Money Order or a bank draft to send along. Most instructive and entertaining reading. No married man should miss it. (But keep it away from your wife if you wish to keep peace in the family.)


HRA M.W. writes from Maui, Hawaii:


“You seem to be really IN these days Max.


The hippies in Hawaii are really digging Huna. It is very interesting. One over from Captain Cook on the Big Island says Daddy Bray apparently has every Huna Vista you ever published, and the young people are really eating it up. We aren’t hippies, even middle aged ones, but my husband meets many of them here in Lahaina. The young people certainly have many refreshing ideas, I don’t really go for the whole philosophy, but at least they are seeking. And I must say that I feel they are much brighter at say 20, than I was at 20, brighter and much more aware of truth.


HRA J.P. also writes from Hawaii: “I have talked with a number of old time Hawaiians who have told me of the use of color in healing and that is the first place I heard of its use. They meditate, then concentrate on the color to be used for the particular healing process and then transpose it to the person to be healed.” (I comment that this is the first time I have ever heard of the old Hawaiians using color in healing. The language has a very poor vocabulary to list colors or shades of them. However, enough colors are to be found named to allow the na kahuna to work with the primaries and light or dark shades of each, also brown and black. I trust we can eventually get more information on the subject. Visualized colors would certainly act as a physical stimulus to help direct the Aunihipili in the healing efforts – efforts made at the command of the healer. It is interesting to learn that the actual colors were not used – simply the mental picture of one or another. Perhaps the visualization of white light, as the symbol of the Aumakua, may have been used.)


STRANGERS OFTEN WRITE TO ME OR SEND BOOKS which they think will help me to make progress in the work of Huna research. (All too often I already have the books or have read them, and so wish that the generous strangers had written first to ask whether or not to send one or more books.)


A few days ago, as I write, a stranger, who appears to be very well educated and able, wrote to ask whether or not I had investigated a CODE used by Avalon in his translations of Yoga originals which deal with the serpent fires. He told me that a modern writer on occultism, named Bromage, in his book titled,Tibetan Yoga, has commented (on pages 214 thru 218) on Avalon’s (Woodruff’s) book, Serpent Power. It would seem that a code had been identified – a simple one made by taking only every other word into consideration when reading the material.


As I have not seen the Bromage book, but have the big one by Avalon, I at once wrote back to ask the loan of the former for a few days so I could form an opinion on the possibilities. I also have some of the earliest Yoga writings in the original Sanskrit, and a good modern Sanskrit dictionary. Let me quote from the letter:


“As you will read – Bromage, on first reading Serpent Power, sensed ‘real’ information thru the intentional double-talk and difficult style, and as he suspected, discovered a consistent code of alternating meanings of the Sanskrit words in the English translation.”


As a form of code, such a practice would seem, on the face of it, to [be] useless, but I will certainly reserve judgment until I have gone into the matter and have a chance to be sure. I’ll report in the next H.V. if we strike pay dirt. Meantime, the prospect of finding coded material in translations of Yoga literature is most exciting. Let me give you a line or two from the Avalon book so you can see for yourself what might be possible with such a code.


Page 275. “The Tantrik seeks to remain in the body, and thus to obtain liberation cheaply, just as the Brahmos and Members of the Arya Samaja have become Brahmajnis at a cheap price.” And beginning on page 493. “I adore the abode of Shakti in the place where the two pericarps come together. It is formed by the lines A, Ka and Tha, and the letters Ha, La, and Ksha, which are visible in each of its corners, give it the character of a Mandala.”


(I comment: This passage contains the word Ha which matches the “Forty Breaths” of the kahuna Ha Rite as revealed by the code of Huna in the Gospels. The word La is “light” in the Hawaiian and has the code meaning of the Aumakua. A is “fire, and Ka, in the Hawaiian, has a long list of meanings and could be short in this case for “aka” or the “Ka” meaning as in the Egyptian. The “Tha” may be a variation of the “Ha” unit. I also suspected a hidden meaning, but did not suppose it was covered by a code, but rather by the early use of the same words and basic symbol-meaning as the original Huna. Any of you know how to locate words written in Sanskrit in the Sanskrit Dictionary?)


Well, have a Good Christmas!



Psychic Healing & Kathryn Kuhlman

January-February, 1968



THE ANNUAL TAROT CARD PREDICTIONS are in order, now that we begin a new year. For some time the cards have (as I have reported, often to the annoyance of some who dislike the cards and the use of them in this manner) predicted for me that we would not win the war in Vietnam and that the end was not yet in sight. This ran contrary to the Dixon prediction of an early end and was a prediction NOT welcomed. But the cards were right and remain so up to the moment of this writing (Jan. 12, ’68).


THIS TIME, the cards make a radical change in the way they run for the question of “Will the war soon end?” I will not set down the cards whose meanings I read, but simply say that it would appear that, at the request of a religious leader, possibly the Pope at Rome, the bombing of North Vietnam will be stopped and an offer made for a peaceful settlement. I am surprised to see that the cards fall in a way to show that everything suddenly becomes friendly. Concessions are made on both sides and all is “brought under the law” again. Oddly enough, the South Vietnam governmental heads seem to hold their power or even increase it under the new agreements. Uncle Sam will be most generous in funds to rebuild the North. There may be some friendly offices involving Russia or Red China. The picture of the strange and mixed conditions is not yet very clear, but I am making the guess that by the end of the summer things will be well on the way to an end. March should see a definite start in the efforts to begin negotiating. With so many Cup cards turning up in this “run”, it would appear that a surprisingly friendly atmosphere will prevail, hard as that is to believe at the moment. The money angle in the “run” makes it look as if we are about to try again to buy over Reds with cash.


OUR MONEY FUTURE IN U.S.A. seems a little brighter as the cards fall for the year ahead. Not long ago I found and reported to you a strange thing in the cards. It appeared that something would go badly wrong with us financially and that Russia would in some way help us out. In the present card indications, I believe that the aid to be given by Russia is not in terms of money but of example. Russia long ago went off the GOLD STANDARD, and set an arbitrary value for its currency. If one wanted to trade with Russia, one accepted that currency at the artificial value or there was no deal. So far the Russian money has kept a very level value in world markets. On the other hand, the Gold Standard nations have had ups and downs and gold manipulation as well as inflation.


THE COLORED REVOLT against unfair conditions in U.S.A. provides a significant “run”. The revolt is clearly indicated, then a period of delay in setting about improving bad conditions. Much money is spent and the efforts made are made in good faith, a small start being made in the right direction. But the cards show the efforts too little and the direction poor. The year ends sadly with the Five of Pentacles. turning up. This card shows the crippled child and his ragged mother passing in the cold and snow outside a church whose lighted window hides the ease and wealth of the congregation inside. It is to be hoped that with the Vietnam war ended, we can do far more to better conditions for the never  privileged. One can only pray that wise guidance will prevent such new outbursts of rebellion that the white majority will rise up to strike back.


CANADA, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND, all have rather good cards for the year, with new industries developing in the first two, and a period of progress and general prosperity arriving in the latter. SOUTH AFRICA begins to do better as the white and colored citizens become more tolerant and try harder to cooperate in the various new governmental and farming activities. Still far to go, and education is the great need in rural parts. SOUTH AMERICA has ups and down, some sudden changes, mostly waste motion and marking time.


THE WORLD POPULATION EXPLOSION was simply cut for, and the Falling Tower came up. That is not very encouraging.


THE HUNA RESEARCH ASSOCIATES cut brings up the Nine of Cups, “the “Teacher”, and from this I take it that our work must include teaching others a little of the basics of the ancient Huna system as we have come to know it.




It is that his generous offer stands to allow us to purchase his new book, ESSENE HERITAGE, FROM HIM FOR AN EXTENDED TIME AT THE SPECIAL BELOW COST RATE. $3.00 for one copy, or two copies for $5.00, postpaid. (Dealer price is $4.95.) Send your order directly to Dr. Larson at 4108 East Stanford Dr., Phoenix, Arizona 85018. He may also have copies of his earlier and equally wonderful book, Religion of the Occident for you. Inquire.


I find in the ESSENE HERITAGE a wealth of new and delightful information. The footnotes are a rich mine in themselves. For instance, on pages 110-112, there is a footnote covering most of two pages; it deals with a Scroll found in Cave 4 of the Essene writings and bears the title of” Levi”. This was a Copper Scroll and one of the number upon which the committee is sitting to prevent, apparently, its context from leaking out. It may contain something too “radical” in terms of Orthodoxy.


Of this Scroll Dr. Larson writes, “All attempts by the present writer to learn the contents of the various ‘Levi’ fragments or to obtain a photograph of ‘Levi’ 14 have been fruitless. Even Professor John M. Allegro of Manchester University, England, who unrolled, deciphered and published the Copper Scroll and who was a member of an international team of scholars given the task of piecing together, editing, and publishing other Essene documents, is now not even permitted to inspect the ‘Levi’ fragments or other scriptures from the Caves. Only one small fragment of ‘Levi’ has been released; this was published by J.T. Milik in the Review Biblique, LXII (1955) p. 398. Enough material to fill two large volumes was found in Cave 4 alone in 1952. Why is no one permitted even so much as to inspect all this material? Would it establish once and for all that the ‘Testament’ interpolations are Essene additions and that the career of Jesus was substantially parallel to that of his Essene predecessor?


“Even though the fragment published by Milik belongs to the base portion of ‘The Testaments’ and is extremely short, it is, nevertheless of decisive importance. In 1908, R.H. Charles published the ‘Greek Versions of the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs’, including about a dozen MSS., all in Greek, of which some are only short fragments. Among the texts published by Charles in 1908, there is a fragment from ‘Levi’ known as the Athos MS. It was translated into English by M. R. James and is published in theLost Apocryphia of the Old Testament, 1920, pp. 19-20.


“The fragment from ‘Levi’ 2, published by Milik is in the original Aramaic of which the Athos MS. is a Greek translation.” (After giving more information concerning the fragment, Dr. Larson presents, in three parallel columns, three different translations to show the variations. The center column on page 111 is what fascinates me with its possible inclusion of a bit of the coded Huna. I will quote the first part and comment on words which suggest the use of the code. Mfl.)


“Then did I wash my garments and cleanse them in pure water, and I washed myself wholly in living water. And I made all my ways straight. Then lifted I up mine eyes and my face to heaven and opened my mouth and spake, and spread out the fingers of my hands unto the truth before the holy (plural). And I prayed …… (The prayer that follows is the ordinary one such as is met in Jewish scriptures.)


Comment: If we translate the passage into Hawaiian in order to get the words of the Code which have the multiple meanings and were used in coding Huna into the Four Gospels, we have before us a very neat and complete description of the way to get ready and to deliver a Huna type prayer. First comes the open or general idea of cleansing oneself before making a prayer. But in the word kala, for “cleanse” (using the Hawaiian) we have the meaning of “restore the Light” or cleanse the Aunihipili of its guilt sense so that it will not hesitate to make contact on order with the Aumakua.


“Wash”, as used in the opening of the passage, is holoi which means to make an artificial pond such as might be done in order to plant taro. Ibis is the “washing” that enters into the baptismal practices of the na kahuna, and which survives in Christianity as a baptism ceremony. It is also found in the use of “holy water” and the sprinkling of such blessed water over the congregation or anything to be cleansed or sanctified. “Wash” is used in the code very often instead of ha, which stands in word combinations for the HA Rite of the of heavier breathing – four to forty deeper breaths. Both words are used in the code to indicate the accumulation of mana in preparation for the act of making the aka cord contact with the Aumakua and sending the thought-forms of the prayer.


“Garments”, which are said to be washed, give us the code words lole komo, the first of which not only means. a garment, but “to alter or change one thing into another.” The Garments can be looked upon as the situation surrounding the one who is making the prayer. He prays to work with his Aumakua to “alter or change” that situation. The second word, komo, means “to enter into”, as a finger entering a ring, or a person entering into a garment  – or, in the code sense, the making of the contact with the Aumakua and causing the mana and the thought-forms of the prayer to “enter into” the shadowy body of the Parental Spirit pair.


“Pure” as in the “pure water” to be used for the cleansing,


is maemae. This word also means “to wither, to dry out”. The water that dries out of a plant is the code symbol of mana. Evidently the users of the code in this passage were very anxious to get the mana meaning across to the initiate reader, for the word for it garment – lole – also has the secondary meaning of “to be weary” or to be tired, symbolized in other associated root words as “withered”. This is a rather important point to be considered. The draining of a large charge of mana from a person may leave him “withered”, or “weak” or “tired”. (In my own experience, sitting as I do in the TMHG in which a series of prayers are made for different HRAs, I often am so depleted of mana that I can hardly stay awake. It is probable that the mediums in their seances often have their mana supply so lowered by visiting spirits that they fall into a trance deeper than sleep.) It is interesting to consider the code word for “shame” (such as is caused by a sense of guilt). This is hila hila, and in it the root word hi means “to drain away as water”, and indicates the lack of mana to send to the la root in the word, or “Light”, standing for the Aumakua. A code word for “sin” or “guilt” is he wa, which has the code meaning of “to miss the way or mark,” and indicates the fact that the mana was missent when an attempt was made to send it to the Aumakua. It might have been stolen by evil spirits, or the Aunihipili, because of its “shame”, may refuse to reach out to contact the Aumakua. The root wa in hewa, means also “a space between two things” and this “space” is that between the Aunihipili in the body and the Aumakua at the far end of the connecting aka cord. The “water” becomes “pure” only when it is mana sent to and accepted by the Aumakua. As high mana it can then be used by the Aumakua to make what may be thought of as a spiritual cleansing of the man. In our passage we have, “I washed myself wholly in living water. “Wholly” is loa, which also means “to extend or make indefinitely long”, giving us the ideal code word to stand for the act of using the aka cord to serve as a means of contacting the Aumakua. “Living” water is the Aumakua grade of the mana. The root here is found in o la, “life or “to live”, la always pointing to the Aumakua. The root o in the full word means, “to call for a thing desired, as in prayer”, so the inner meanings of “water of life” are rich in terms of Huna and the code.


“I made all my ways straight,” codes the opening of the aka cord to the Aumakua, and this points indirectly to the cleansing processes. In Huna, a “crooked” way or path indicates an aka cord which cannot be used for the Aumakua contact. It must be made straight. We find the same phrases used in Isaiah, who gives every evidence of having been a kahuna and one engaged in coding what he had to say.


The “fingers” which were “spread” with the hands unto the “truth”, are also code, for fingers are mana mana, and when the fingers. are spread or divided, the mana is divided with the Aumakua. The “truth” isoiaio, having the peculiar stressing of the fact that this is the “real” truth, and hinting that there are two kinds, one more “real” than the other. The na kahuna seemed to consider the “truth” as it is decided upon by the Auhane, subject to human errors in judgment and observation, while the “Truth” of the Aumakua is a “direct knowing” and so is perfect – the more real or real real truth.


“…before the holy (plural)” reads the fragment, and this is very evidential. The Jews prayed largely to Jehovah, the one  unit male God, but in the inner teachings there seems little doubt that the dual nature of the Aumakua was recognized as Male/Female, and so the plural form of the word for “holy” was used. This codes the fact that the Aumakua was the one to be addressed in making the prayer after the secret or Huna manner.


Read for yourself these footnotes and others. Read and watch for treasures.


While looking for treasures, go back with me for a moment to a point which was made by Dr. Larson on page 169, item 21 of the list of beliefs similar in the teachings of the Essenes and later Christians. This item reads: “The practice of healing by exorcising evil spirits, which are believed to be the cause of all mental and physical diseases or afflictions.”


While the belief in obsession was prominent, the Gospels also contain stories which tell of healing in words of the Code. “Thy sins be forgiven you,” says Jesus, “Go and sin no more.” This tells us, if we consider the various code words in the several accounts of this lesser type of healing, that the sins or guilts lodged in the Aunihipili, or the shame caused by the memory of evil deeds prevented the sick person from making his own free contact with his Aumakua, the result being that, if prayers were said, they did not reach the Aumakua. The Aunihipili needed to be cleansed of the guilt feelings, and when this was done, normal contact with the Aumakua was restored and healing resulted. This angle was certainly coded into the Gospels, and I should imagine was fully known to the initiates of the Essenes.


The na kahuna of Hawaii did not perform the rite of the external washing, as final evidence that sin had been forgiven, until fully convinced that the patient had made amends for hurts done others and had in this way, himself, gotten rid of his knowledge of guilt and the shame of the misdeeds. I have gone into this matter at length in my book, Secret Science Behind Miracles. While the Gospel accounts of the act of forgiving the sins of the ill are seldom made to include any act on the part of the patient, there is some evidence that the kahuna rite was known and used. Jesus sent one man to bathe in the pool of Siloam when the spirit “troubled the waters”. In this account, if we had the right words in the original to inspect, we might find a coded indication of the kala or cleansing process of the na kahuna.


PROGRESS REPORT: The slow work of investigating to see if there is a code used in the writings of the learned author of THE SERPENT POWER, Judge Woodruffe (as mentioned in H.V. 80), goes on. With the advice of one HRA and the financial help of another, I have procured a primer and a grammar of Sanskrit. A friend in Hawaii mentioned the name of a professor in the University there who might help me, and in answer to my letter, he gave excellent advice and told me of a different Sanskrit/English dictionary – one in which it is not so VERY difficult to find the words one wishes to test for multiple or code meanings. I have sent to my “book pro” to see if he can locate a new or used copy for me. So far, I have found no speck of evidence to support the statement of Bromley that such a code was used, but I could still be wrong. He gave no hint as to the nature of the code, and I may well be barking up the wrong tree. If/when I find anything, I’ll let you know. Meantime you can boast, if you wish, that we of the HRA have in our midst a Sanskrit scholar – at least one who has so far managed to memorize almost half the Sanskrit alphabet. The old timers did a fine job of messing up their script and writing to keep upstarts like myself from running off with secrets.


SHORT BOOK REVIEW. An Outline of the Principles and Concepts of the New Metaphysics, by J.J. Williams was sent in for review. It is the first of a series of pamphlet size mimeo books and starts, I take it, a “course” which is to be offered by The Society of Metaphysicians, Ltd., Archers’ Court, Hastings, Sussex, England. The approach is a refreshing one in which the “beyond physics” and the “Physical physicas” which can be seen and tested, are made to stand as a single unit. Efforts are made to classify such knowledge as we have in this field and to find governing laws. If interested, inquire.


PSYCHIC TOOTH EXTRACTION too is reported in the Philippines. A clipping sent from an American paper quotes the manager of the branch of a great U.S.A. drug firm’s Island activities, Dr. P. L. Katibak, 56 (M.D.) as saying that he had taken a chance on a Filipino faith healer who does bare handed dentistry. He had a bad tooth that had to come out, and the healer reached into his mouth with bare fingers, and causing no pain at all, pulled out the tooth.


THE PSYCHIC SURGERY still goes on, but under increasing difficulties. Not long ago a Detroit steel worker who had been healed, brought down 116 others who sought similar healing. Tony and his friends met them when the plane landed and told them that the authorities were planning arrests at his home base, so, loading the patients into some 20 waiting cars, he had them driven through the night to a small beach town. There, through the night, always watching for the agents bent on making arrests, such psychic surgery and healing as was possible under the circumstances was performed. Harold Sherman was awaiting the arrival of the plane with a few of his friends, and had planned to make elaborate colored motion pictures of the operations, but could get nothing. However, someone got a few still pictures of three of the ones who were healed of “incurable” conditions. The agent who was acting for the local medical and federal authorities stated openly that it made no difference at all whether the healings were genuine or not, and that all healers who were caught treating patients would be jailed for practicing medicine without a license. No one was caught that night, but the healers appear now to be reduced to a state in which they have to work, if they can, under most trying conditions. Too bad they can’t all move over to Mexico to practice. Below the border from San Diego, the Mexican doctors, mostly M.D.s, give all the unorthodox cancer treatments, and practice medicine and surgery in a manner that makes the U.S.A. Medical Association see red. I take it that psychic surgery would be allowed, but I may be wrong on that point. Meantime, should you plan on flying down to see Tony and his fellow healers in the Philippines, better find out in advance what conditions must be met and how to meet them. The ones desiring healing are not jailed, I understand, but the healers who bootleg a few miracles do so under a constant threat of arrest.


On the other hand, we must not forget that the healers often claim cures, and accept donations in payment, when no healing has taken place. Or, the healing may appear complete for a day or two, then vanish while all the former symptoms reappear. A scheme was suggested in fun for the Filipino healers. It was to get the Tourist Bureau over there to hush up the medicos, then throw them a sop by making a rule that all outsiders who come down as tourists to be healed, must first have a complete check by a licensed M.D. before going on to the psychic healers. Also, the psychic healers would be regulated so that their claims were reduced to fit the facts, and their fees put on a regular scale, as 10 pesos to remove not over an ounce of kidney stones or a tumor weighing no more than five pounds. But we should not jest. The world is filled with suffering people for whom the doctors can do nothing, and their needs and hopes are nothing less than tragic. In the name of Mercy, they should be allowed to get the help of the psychic healers if they can. (In fairness to the English medicos, it must be said that they have not used their B.M.A. or the laws to stop the psychic healers in their country. Of course, the healing has not been too extensive and spectacular. Planes loaded with Americans are not arriving as in the Philippines. Could it be that the British men of medicine are a little more civilized and merciful that elsewhere? When Tony was here in California, he was warned to get out at once, or be given the full treatment reserved for the unlicensed. He lingered not upon his leave taking, I am told.)




PERHAPS THE ANSWER TO INSTANT HEALING lies in some way in our better use of the manas. HRA V.J.M. in Canada often sends me books as gifts or on loan, and one on loan this week is The Unexplained, by Allen Spraggett, former minister and for some time the writer of a column which often has gotten syndication in the papers here and there. Like Ruth Montgomery (who recently reported the instant healing of broken bones by a kahuna in Tahiti and who wrote a best seller book about Mrs. Dixon and her prophesies), he has written a book covering many unexplained psychic matters. In one chapter he tells in some detail of the healing work done by Kathryn Kuhlman of Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A.


Some of the HRAs have attended healing services and have watched this gifted Christian minister perform her miracles of healing. They have reported to me from time to time, but one important point was left out or else I overlooked it – a point that seems to me very important to us in our long study of instant healing and our search for the understanding of the methods used by the na kahuna of yesterday.


Let me quote bits from the book, starting with page 171. (At the meetings), “The sick are very much in evidence. They come on crutches, in wheelchairs, wearing braces, leaning on canes, in stretchers. The blind, the deaf, the arthritic, the cancer victims, the congenitally deformed – they are all here seeking their miracle.


“At precisely 11:30 Kathryn Kuhlman appears on the platform, a slim figure in a white wool suit, moving briskly to the microphone.” (He says later that she “says she is 84″). “Her smile is vivacious. She waves to the huge congregation. Electricity seems to crackle from her.


“Instantly the congregation is on its feet, bursting into spontaneous applause that swells to a tumult. This is a demonstration of their love for the evangelist. The ovation ceases abruptly as Miss Kuhlman plunges into a fervid prayer: ‘We promise, Father, to give you all the praise, all the glory for what is about to happen in this place. Pour out your power on us. For Jesus’ sake ……..


“Then she swings into a lively hymn – ‘Oh, how I love Jesus’ – and the congregation joins in. The singing is spirited, emotional. Already a powerful groundswell of feeling is rising. Some of the congregation are quietly weeping. But there is no hysteria.


“Suddenly the Power falls. I saw Miss Kuhlman flash a finger at a woman in a striped dress sitting in the front row. (The woman is healed of arthritis.) …….. Suddenly, in the service, a man’s body began to vibrate as if he had touched a live wire. In a matter of moments he was standing unsupported. Incredibly, in those moments his face appeared to have gained flesh that filled out the hollow cheeks.


“The sequel: I saw this man in the next miracle service, one week later. He obviously had gained a lot of weight -he said twenty five pounds –  looked well, and demonstrated his fitness by doing vigorous push ups in the aisle. He said that since his healing he had eaten ravenously and had the digestion of a sword swallower …….


“But what of the large majority who are not healed? ‘This is a mystery,’ said Miss Kuhlman gravely, (during later interview) when I put the question to  her. ‘Why do some people get converted in an evangelistic service while others don’t? There are some questions only God can answer ………”


(Page 175.) “In the Kuhlman services, a Power seems to charge the atmosphere. It appears that those who are susceptible to the Power,  perhaps on the unconscious level, if not consciously, are healed. Like the wind, which blows where it will, the Power falls where it will. Sometimes it strikes a particular section of the auditorium and a number of persons in one row, say, are healed simultaneously.


“A dramatic manifestation of this Power is the way individuals are prostrated when the evangelist lays hands on them. Or is that merely suggestion? At any rate, sometimes Miss Kuhlman calls individuals to the platform and prays for them, laying hands on them at the same time. As she touches them, down they go. So common is this occurrence that one man is designated to catch these people as they fall. Those who have had this experience describe it variously. ‘It’s like a thousand needles going through you all at once,’ said one man. Others speak of it as ‘being struck by a bolt of lightening, as if all the strength has drained out of you and you can’t stand up, a rush of cool air blows over you and the next thing you know, you’re coming to on the floor.’


“It is easy, of course, to attribute this odd phenomenon to suggestion. No doubt in some cases this is the cause. However, an acquaintance of mine who experienced the sensation – ‘It was immensely peaceful’ – is a minister with a good background in psychology. He uses hypnosis in his pastoral counseling and hence is very conscious of the power of suggestion. This fairly sophisticated witness said that what he felt when Kathryn Kuhlman laid hands on him was not purely subjective. His wife, who had had the same experience, agreed.


“Kathryn Kuhlman laughs about the phenomenon, which has been a feature of the miracle service from the beginning. ‘That’s the Power of God people feel,’ she says, ‘and when I lay hands on them, brother, they feel it!’


“The Kuhlman healings differ from hysterical remissions in one important respect: They last.


“In May 1949, Mrs. Mary Schmidt received instant healing of a massive goiter. While the congregation watched, the lump on her neck melted away. Today you can see Mrs. Schmidt at any miracle service – still minus the goiter ……….”


(The book by Allen Spraggett is published at $4.95 by The New American Library, 1301 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10019, or may be found in your local book shops. 229 pages of most interesting reading and exceptionally balanced discussion of possible explanations of the “Unexplained”.)


MY COMMENT, and the very important point to which this account leads from the Huna angle, is that there is, very evidently, much mana generated by the large audience in its almost emotional state, for where there is strong emotion, the Aunihipili is heavily involved, as is the low mana which is put to use in mesmeric shock. Kathryn Kuhlman, I gather, has been a person gifted from early years with the mesmeric ability to accumulate and use the low mana… Some years ago I told in an issue of the HRA Bulletin of a man who visited Hollywood and went to some trouble to convince the local hypnotists, both amateur and professional, that there was no such thing as hypnosis – only mesmerism. He had discovered in himself at an early age the mesmeric power to put others to sleep, not by suggestion, but by mesmeric shock which knocked them unconscious when he touched them or at close range pointed or even looked at them. He demonstrated his powers several times to groups of hypnotists (who are, as a rule, almost immune to suggestion). His method was one of first accumulating a large charge of mesmeric power. This took only a few minutes of concentration. He then approached the row of seated volunteer subjects, and at a touch, a pointing or even a stare, they fell unconscious from their chairs to the floor. They recovered in a few minutes, apparently none the worse for their experience. This man did not heal, offer suggestion or do anything else of note other than prove that “sleep” could be produced by mesmerism.


So far as I have been able to learn, some na kahuna used mesmeric shock to break up fixations in their patients, but about this we know very little. What we do know, however, from the old accounts, is that in battle certain na kahuna stood behind the battle lines and charged throwing sticks with mana. The charge held by the sticks seemed to obey orders, for when a stick was thrown so that it struck an enemy warrior, even if lightly, he was temporarily rendered unconscious. In our own experiments we have seen that mana can be stored in wood and other substances like water, and can, from the storage points, be transferred to people or even other objects of a similar nature. The pendulum is an excellent tool with which to test the size of a charge of low mana and to show where it may have moved at a command of the will (Auhane) of the experimenter. In the Kuhlman services it is to be remembered that whole rows of people seem to have been singled out and healed. Perhaps there was a high concentration of mana in that row. “Baron” Eugene Ferson used, at his course lectures, to demonstrate the characteristics of the “magnetic force” by charging himself first, then placing his hands on one chair out of a row of a dozen, charging it highly. This done, someone already known to be a good subject, was called into the room and told to walk down the row of chairs to see if one pulled her, and if it did, to sit down on it. In the demonstration which I saw, a young lady was almost violently jerked down on the magnetized chair as she walked past it. At command, the low mana charges seem to react as if alive and suggestible. They can draw or repel, as can a charge of mana in the hands of a good operator. Unconsciousness comes only when there is a very large charge let go at the subject suddenly, but we do not know to what extent the mana charge that strikes can be made to carry with it suggestion of sleep or healing or freedom from fixations or obsessional influences. My guess is that a combination of low and middle mana might be used, the one to carry the suggestion to the subject and enforce by use of the low mana the acceptance. The low mana, connected by an aka cord to the operator, would seem not to be suggestible, but to be able to take direction, possibly at the hands of the operator’s Aunihipili. The low mana may be said to be the raw force which pulls or pushes or moves objects as “PK” in action, while the middle mana is the hypnotic force directing so that the action is as desired by the operator. Ferson claimed that the magnetism which he accumulated and used could be made to make radical changes in tissues so that healing took place. This may also be the explanation of how bones, when broken, can be made to knit instantly. If this is true, the degree of healing may be thought of as increasing so that several associated tissues will respond and a whole goiter, for example, be made to go.


If there is sufficient mana available and free in the air, so to speak, or hanging ready to be taken and used in the touching aka bodies of members of a congregation, we have what amounts to a large seance circle, from which we know mana is drawn by the medium and/or spirit communicators for use, sometimes to produce healing, or to make cool breezes blow, as one person felt them blow before being put down by the Kuhlman touch. Or heat and cold may be manipulated.


In another part of his discussion of Miss Kuhlman’s work, Allen Spraggett says that she reports often “when in the spirit” or when feeling some outside influence – be it God or that of good healing spirit friends – she can hardly keep awake. This seems to be usual with the one working to heal either by contact or across an auditorium – or in the TMHG sittings reaching for contact with one half way around the world – and here we suppose there has been much mana drawn from the operator and put to use. (In my sittings I may be fighting to keep awake, when in comes a fine charge of mana from someone taking part, and I at once revive.)


According to the Huna theory, the Aumakua is the only one able to take the lower manas and use them as its high mana to bring about changes in tissues so that healing results. This theory gives the only available answer to the question of how healings are done by evangelists or the Filipino healers who do “psychic surgery”. It is apparent in the Kuhlman services that there is generated much low mana which is available for the na Aumakua or the spirit healers who may have been attracted to work at such services. These, in turn, must be in touch with their own na Aumakua and be able to get their help in the instant healing or surgery. Miss Kuhlman seems to have a fine working contact with her own Aumakua as well as with a high level of spirits, and to be a natural mesmerist and extraordinary accumulator and user of low mana. That she draws on the audience for mana, is to be supposed.


This is important to us as it helps give a clearer picture of what is needed if we are to win back to the ability to perform instant healing as did the na kahuna. (This has been our goal for all the searching years.)


I tend now to conclude that the na kahuna who could heal instantly were of a long line of inbred individuals, naturally psychic and naturally able, in many cases, to accumulate and use large charges of mana. That they had undergone long training goes without saying. It is known that only a few were able to attain the top rank and work without spirit help, but with the na Aumakua. Lower in rank were the na kahuna who worked with the aid of spirits, and often these worked together as a team.


So, how must we work to try to duplicate the healing of the na kahuna? First off, we can put to use, as we now do, the methods of slow healing, making our Huna type prayers, sending mana to the Aumakua, and presenting the thought-form pictures of the desired conditions. We know from experience that this works when conditions are right and when we do not try to violate the free will of some other person who might help if forced to do so. Secondly, we can experiment with the use of mana in accumulating the low mana in our hands and sending it into parts to be healed, asking the na Aumakua or good spirits to make healing use of the force. If we have good mesmeric ability and can evade legal tangles, we may experiment with the shock method of removing obsessional entities or fixations. Also, suggestion might be used, and for oneself, self-suggestion. The preliminary kala or cleansing before calling for healing has been neglected in our work for obvious reasons, but some day will be found very effective in opening the one to be healed to Help. For the mediumistic, the way of healing with the aid of good spirits is wide open, up to a point. This “point” is found when one, like the Filipino healers, becomes too proficient. In between is considerable room for testing and work.


Where the desire of the HRA is not particularly centered on healing or on bettering the individual conditions and circumstances, Huna comes into its own in a glorious way. One quietly enters into the flow of life, understanding the three selves and manas, also the fact of evolution of the selves, and THE GOAL OF FINAL GRADUATION – a shining goal worth all efforts to reach, either in the next step or after a few more incarnations. One becomes more hurtless. One becomes more willing to be helpful. One learns to LOVE selflessly so that UNION will be possible.


Perhaps we are arriving at the stage at which our knowledge of Huna is far enough advanced that it can begin to crystallize more or less. Perhaps we can now feel a little more justified in saying that we have completed the search for answers, even if the experimental work is not even well started and organization and healing remains to be realized at some future time.


REINCARNATION OF KING DAVID OR SPIRIT RETURN? In the January, 1968 issue of FATE magazine, there is an account of a boy of six in Israel who goes into trances and appears then to be under the control of the spirit of King David, who lived some 30 centuries ago, and who is believed by the Jews to be the Messiah, upon whose return, the “last days” will arrive. The parents of the boy are reported to believe that he is King David reincarnated. However, as the child goes into a trance to take on the old memories and the personality of the long dead King David, it looks more like a simple case of temporary control by the spirit.


While under this control, the boy was able to point out an unknown secret passage which had been used by King David to get into an enemy fortress and take it in the middle of the night. The fact that this passage was made known gives fine evidence of the genuineness of the information carried by the spirit, even if not complete identification as King.


The spirit seems not to realize that 3,000 years have passed and that all has changed. Speaking through the boy he urges everyone to do battle in the way he must have urged his people in ancient times. He predicts fresh war with the now enemy, apparently, without knowing that “now” is so much later. He also predicts victory, just as he did just before the recent clash with the Egyptians and Arabs. No gentle soul, the spirit wants all the enemies to be wiped out completely.


Our question is HOW, if this is actually the returned spirit of King David, he can be so unaware of the passage of such a long interval of time. Is he only an Aunihipili spirit carrying memories but lacking reason? It would seem so.


JESUS AS A THOUGHT-FORM creation and reality is suggested by HRA F.K. of Chicago. He writes: “Even if there is no evidence to support the historicity of the Master, one must remember that for many hundreds of years millions of minds have made it a practice to concentrate on the mental picture and the idea of such a person. If no such physical embodiment can be found, don’t you feel it could be surely found in the ‘Higher Dimensions’? For are we not creators in our own objective way? Do we not construct and destroy? What the millions of minds have for centuries occupied themselves with, such as the birth and death and ascension of such a Being, this cannot be entirely dismissed solely on the basis of physical evidence ………..


This brings up an interesting question. If thought-forms or mental pictures have been combined on the plane of the invisible to create a lasting entity, what would the Huna theory have to offer by way of an explanation? I am sad to say that it has little or nothing. Thought-forms, according to presently held Huna reconstructions, are creations which live only in the memories after once being formed. We can picture Jesus or the Theosophical Masters, and then recall the picture as we remember what we had formerly made, but the picture itself has no life and is no more than a tiny structure molded in the shadowy body material by the Aunihipili, and perhaps sent to be kept and remembered as a prayer picture by the Aumakua.


The same may be said of “Universal Mind” and of the popular concept of God when “made in man’s image” as He is with the less intelligent. We all love something concrete and physically real, and if given a Jesus who lives on and is with us intimately when we are children, we tend to suffer pangs when the reality is questioned. To deny that reality is always something we hesitate to do, knowing that it will cause suffering. We are breaking the loved doll or the treasured toy of a little boy. But what can we do? Certainly we cannot hide what little Light we get by the hardest “under a bushel.” How hard to break toys!



Some New Books

March-April, 1968





Argos Magazine for February, 1968, came out with a fine set of enlarged color pictures of “Bigfoot” or the legendary “Abominable Snowman” Northern California style. The “Sasquatch”, as the Indians of the region have called this creature for over a hundred years, has often been seen and reported, but two young men, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, were the first to make a serious hunt with readied camera and rifle for the Bigfoot in the region where it had been recently reported.


Packing into the wilderness area well away from civilization, they had the good fortune to come upon Mrs. Bigfoot and to get twenty feet of color film of her as she made for the forest and took cover. She looked like a giant human being covered with black fur, but with nose and cheeks and mouth bare. She had breasts and buttocks – human attributes, not ape. She stood upright and as she hurried for cover, left prints of her feet in the soft soil – prints that were filled with plaster by the young men and as illustrated in the magazine, proved to be twice as long and wide as the foot of Roger Patterson.


In the strip of pictures this creature, fondly named “Adorable Woodswoman” to replace “Abominable Snowman”, was not running. She walked rapidly but took time to look around to see who the strangers might be and what they were doing. She made no outcry and seemed not too alarmed.


The first part of the ARGOSY article deals with the young men and the finding and filming of the creature. The second part is made up of reports on what men of scientific standing had to say about the successful filming of a creature which most men of science had declared could not exist because there just couldn’t be such a creature – a hominid, especially in North America where there were no apes or even monkey-like creatures. The main reason for not accepting the evidence of the film and of the verbal report of the young men was that “there just ain’t no such animal” – so they couldn’t have photographed or seen one.


This is where Huna and the PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS READINGS COME IN. The pictures were good enough to allow a reading, and I got:  213 degrees. This is pendulum-low-self code for a creature with both an Auhane and an Aunihipili and an intelligence level just below the human, which we read down to 218 degrees for those who are not quite complete idiots. (A human with a reading of only 213 degrees would be quite unable to live off the country and care for himself as do the Bigfoot creatures.) Animals whom I have read usually give a small counterclockwise Aunihipili circle, but no “will” swing to indicate that there was an Auhane.


One of the HRAs who has had long practice making readings of creatures below the human level (HRA W.D. of California), was kind enough to run a check for my reading of Mrs. Bigfoot. He got the same P.A. for her but one degree higher, 214. In reporting his findings he suggested that if this hominid was not actually the long sought “missing link”, it might be an example of human beings regressed to near the animal level. If this were right, the presence of the Auhane would be easier to explain, but I favor the other guess and vote for upward evolutionary progress. If any of you who read can make a P.A. of the creature pictured on the magazine cover, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.


ANOTHER CASE in which the only answer so far is the one given by the P.A. readings, is that of two young women in California who, in the past few years, have suddenly screamed and dropped dead. Both had been in good health so far as was known, both were normal, intelligent and good. The first of the sisters to die was happily married. She died mysteriously in 1963 and no reason for her death could be found. Her P.A. reading, taken from a picture in the Los Angeles Times of February 6, 1968, was  371 degrees. Her sister died in the same way at the age of seventeen, on January 17th of this year. Her P.A. was  369 degrees.


In looking for something out of the ordinary in the readings, we have but one thing common to both, and this is the horizontal swing in reading for the Aunihipili (where normally we get only a circle). In the case of the older girl the  “Will” pattern swing for the Auhane hints at possible spirit influence, but the reading for the younger sister gave a normal Aunihipili circle, clockwise, and THEN to a  or horizontal pendulum swing. As this horizontal type of swing has, at times, been seen in the living (and is found for a still younger sister who is still very much alive in making her reading), one can only wonder just what the Aunihipili of the reader is trying to communicate. Undoubtedly it has something to do with one of two things. First, it may indicate an Aunihipili obsessed by spirits while the Auhane stands free. Or, secondly, it might simply indicate that something is very much out of the normal in the condition of the Aunihipili.


For some time I have been making readings when opportunity offered of such Scientologists as I have been able to contact through photos or signatures. (One of the HRAs first called my attention to this peculiarity several years ago and asked me to check with her on her strange readings.) All people who have been put through the Scientology “running” to a  considerable extent, and all the “clears”, show the complete lack of an Aunihipili circle and the possession of the now familiar and puzzling horizontal swing. The head of the Scientology movement, L. Ron Hubbard, gives a typical reading. It is  372 degrees. His “will” or Auhane pattern makes a leaning V, and the vertical swing suggests strong spirit influence in his life. BUT, what the horizontal swing may indicate, remains to be ascertained. One wonders whether the “running” to empty from the Aunihipili its hidden memories, may not have, at the same time, caused some unusual change in it. In any event, I personally will rest content with the one and only session of “running” I had years ago when the system was called Dyanetics and was spoken of as the “poor man’s psychiatry”. (I am not forgetting the still mysterious “nightmare deaths” of young Filipino males both in their home islands and in Hawaii. In recent years no new deaths of this kind have been reported, and I have no reading on any of the victims, all reportedly in fine health, and all awakening from a nightmare, screaming and dying. In the case of the girls mentioned above, both were wide awake in the daytime, so being “frightened to death” by a nightmare dream is out of the question unless it might have been subconscious.)


ALMOST A HUNA STAMPEDE was caused by the great kindness of Dr. and Mrs. Larson (known to us all through his books which we so greatly value, THE RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT and recent ESSENE HERITAGE), when they acted on Mrs. Larson’s impulse and sent letters to many of the HRAs proposing that they help make up a fund to give me a vacation trip to Hawaii and also to allow me to make a fresh combing of the Islands to try to turn up a good kahuna. Some of the letters had gone out before I was told of the exciting and delightful project – and then, I had to throw a wet blanket on the whole thing by not possibly being able to go.


I am tied here tighter than the cinch on old Buckskin used to be when I first saddled him and he had taken the precaution of performing the HA Rite – or at least take four deep breaths and holding them. (The result being that after the ride got started, one could almost stick a foot under the cinch, but not quite. I am thinking back to my boyhood in Wyoming.) Anyway, it was a glorious idea, and I could have gone, too. Money came pouring in to be returned with deep, regrets and warm thanks. An amusing thing happened while the flow of gold was piling slowly up to at least a one way ticket. One of the donating HRAs wanted to go along. She had mentioned the project to other HRAs of her acquaintance and they leaped delightedly at the bandwagon to start the stampede. Brakes had to be set, of course, but what fun it might have been!!! And wouldn’t Hawaii have been mystified to have a wagon load of wide eyed kahuna hunters drive up and stop before the Bishop Museum and begin asking questions. Nice to dream of, at any rate. Thanks so much, Emma and Martin Larson, and all you lovely friends who wanted to help, and possibly go along. (I have a letter in the mail as I write, saying that the writer had gone to Hawaii in 1960 and spent six months hunting na kahuna before deciding I was right and that there were no more of the fully trained old time na kahuna alive.)


YOUR SANSKRIT SCHOLAR wishes to report that still not a trace of a set of coded meanings has been found in the Arthur Avalon books on Tantric Yoga. However, in the investigation, and with the halting use of the Sanskrit, I have run down what seems to be evidence that Huna had been at least partly known to the writers of some of the Vedic literature. I could bore you properly with several pages of notes to show that there is good evidence of this very early absorption of foreign – Huna – ideas. While this knowledge is of some value to the deeply involved hobby student of Huna, ORIGINS, little is to be found of practical value in healing work except the teaching that mana was food and that this food should be presented to the gods – the latter translating easily into the Huna concept of the Aumakua Father/Mother.


THE STORIES FOR CHILDREN (told by mfl to give the Huna version of the Old Testament story of Creation, which included the Huna original and the Babylonian version borrowed by the Jews while in captivity) have grown slightly since last mentioned. The Fairy Queen gave all six pairs of Adam and Eve twins three wishes to be used at the discretion of Old Father Time and his time machine. Four pairs have, so far, elected to travel ahead in time to see how the world would be developing. All, sooner or later, got into trouble and had to use the last wish to return home to the Garden. Two pairs are still to be given their chance to explore the future. I have been playing timidly with the idea of having the last pair make an excursion into the future far beyond 1968, and see what perfections had been worked out in economics and society. I have no hesitation in plans to describe the Brave New World as blessed with the combined religion and psychology of Huna. The religious part would be divided into a materialistic beginning section, with the Higher Beings pictured in some way so that they could be grasped as can images in churches, or idols, symbols, etc. For the citizens whose P.A. degree readings are over 335 degrees, Huna as we favored ones know it, could be presented, abstractions and all. The doctrine of “No hurt – no sin”, would do very nicely.


As to the perfected economy, I cannot think of any solution which would not bring down the wrath of part of the HRAs on my head. The same holds more or less in the matter of adjusting social conditions so that all men of all races can have an equal amount of kudos and recognition. The human creature seems to need, almost above all else, socially speaking, an equal footing and to have others like and praise him. If this is denied, the ego sours and often turns inward on itself. Perhaps I shall let the children who go to the end of time TASTE the perfections in everything, AND like it so well they never use their third wish to get them back to their own time and the safety of the Garden. (One of the thoughtful HRAs discussed future possibilities in a long letter to me. He felt that with machine production methods we can produce only enough surplus to meet the demands of the interest on our National Debt and the State borrowings – those two items – and to meet the rising cost of government and wars to try to stop the spread of Communism. The money that might otherwise go into such plans as “The Great Society” visualized by President Johnson simply is not there, and our borrowing credit is getting strained to a danger point. In other words, if we haven’t got it and can’t borrow it, we can’t spend it.) As to Communism and Socialism, my correspondent noted that while the rich and powerful and comfortable segment of our population can see nothing but complete and total evil in any governmental system other than our own, the poor, jobless and socially outcast are coming to have dangerously different ideas. Looking to past history for examples of similar situations and observing what came of them, we see revolution led by a small but able group – this group finding itself in power after the revolt has won and the people of means have been stripped of their possessions. Using this power, the new rulers are able to force one and all to take orders, like it or not. Usually, the rigidity of the despotism gradually slackens and the old law of “supply and demand” again asserts itself. A new privileged class develops and the law of “survival of the fittest” returns and the foot on the neck  system of individual progress comes back into its own. Speaking in terms of the history which repeats itself, we have something rather new to consider when judging present conditions in U.S.A. Red money and training must be added to the picture. Poor men who could not finance constant work to stir up revolt are well supported from the outside. Under Red guidance they have already set up the needed organizational outlines and have drawn up plans. Nor is the U.S.A. the only country where the sparks of unrest are steadily fanned in this way in the hope of creating a Red takeover. The chance for compromise is almost nil. Men and women on both sides show no inclination to give an inch ………


A NEW BOOK was sent to me from England to be reviewed, and it falls within the charmed circle of our HRA interest because it gives space for a critical consideration of Huna and the three selves in contrast to the Greek idea of four elements in the constitution of man. The author is Theodore Faithfull, and his book is titled, The Futured of Women & Other Essays, The New Age Publishers, Ltd., 43, New Oxford St., London, W.C. 1, England. Paperback $3, and the cloth cover at $5, post paid. 183 pages with several reproductions of paintings by the mystic and poet, William Blake. Mr. Faithfull, who is now 82, is a man of much experience and schooling. Years of work using psychology and Psycho-Analysis has given him a rare insight into the problems of daily living, and especially those of married life. His survey of what is happening in the world of women is understanding and illuminating. It is apparent that in the field of psychology, his first love and perhaps his last, is the Greek theory later accepted and expanded by William Blake, who also renamed the four parts of man and his several qualities. I have known of Blake as a mystic for some years, but had never really known what he had believed or preached, so the earlier chapters in the the book were a delightful source of information. The system was presented in a simple and charming way, and the pictures of Blake were discussed and points in them noted symbology and mystical symbolism.


Apparently, Mr. Faithfull had lived happily with the four part idea of man for some time before he came upon Huna and its arguments for the three-self man. In any event, in speaking of the Huna concepts he is frank in saying that he prefers the Blake system which divides the man into, (1) physical, (2) emotional, (3) intellectual and (4) intuition or imagination. (To this he adds the idea of Blake that the male is subjectively female, and the female subjectively male.)


What the author seems to have overlooked is the fact that in Huna the physical body is not considered a “self”‘. It is a body used to some extent by all three of the spirits or selves who make up the man. Removing the “physical” from the Blake list of parts, we then have the Aunihipili of Huna matching the “emotional”, the Auhane matching the “intellectual”, and the Aumakua fitting as the source of all “intuition” (or call it imagination, if you wish).


Finding the mention of Huna in the essays, I expected similar mention and comparisons to include the three manas and three shadowy bodies of the na kahuna, but for some reason these were not considered. Perhaps this may be explained by the lack of a clear set of equal items in the Blake system.


From his long and rich experience in helping men, women and children on the mental and emotional levels, Mr. Faithful draws case after case to illustrate the need for love and understanding and corrective steps to make situations better fit the individual. A very well written and informative book which is well worth careful reading. It is an education on William Blake which is hard to find elsewhere, so far as I know. (De Vorss & Co., 4900 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90041, are agents for the book in U.S.A. The imported price might be a little higher, but much time in transit would be saved by ordering here if you live in this part of the world.)


STILL ANOTHER NEW BOOK came in from HRA Aubrey Westlake, whose book, Patterns of Health, was happily reviewed some time ago. This new book is tided LIFE THREATENED, with the subtitle of menace and way out. 180 pages of larger and easier to read print may be ordered from the publishers, Vincent Stuart & John M. Watkins, Ltd., 45 Lower Belgrave St., London, S.W. 1, England. Price 32 s. 6d. Best to add postage. (An International Postal Money Order can be purchased in U.S.A. to send.)


Dr. Westlake uses the first part of his book to name the various things which threaten health in these days of advanced chemistry, when most of our foods are slightly dosed with preservatives or other poisons – none to the killing point, but when taken together and for a period of time, cumulative in their bad effects on health. Radiations, poisons used in food production, dangerous drugs, air and water pollution, even noise, come in for careful and documented identification. Let me quote from page 23:


“But (food) dyes are only the beginning of the story, as hundreds of other chemicals are now deliberately added to our foods in various forms: for example preservatives which destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria or moulds; antioxidants to prevent fats becoming rancid; emulsifiers which break up fats; stabilizers which prevent creams from reverting to fats or oils, as in mayonnaise. All these alter absorption from the bowel, permitting, among other things, cancer causing substances not normally absorbed, to be absorbed. To these must be added the regulators – acidifiers, bases and buffers which keep the pH of foods reasonably constant and of which there are 53; the Sequestants, substances which effectively destroy any deleterious activity which a metal in its ionized form might exert on the food – 21 of these; Humectants, substances which affect changes of temperature – 4 of these; Propellants, inert gasses of low boiling point liquids used to expel food through orifices – 3 of these; Glazes, substances which form a film on food to impart a shiny appearance – 7 of these; Anti-foaming agents preventing or destroying gas/liquid colloidal dispersion – 4 of these; Anti-caking agents which reduce tendency of individual particles to adhere – 8 of these; Release agents which facilitate separation of foods from surfaces, e.g. belts, steps, trays, utensils – 10 of these; Firming or crisping agents which prevent onset of flaccidity in vegetable tissue – 7 of these; as well as Sweeteners, Flavourers, Tenderizers, etc., about which little is known, but some are definitely disease producing; and so one might go on.”


In addition to the cumulative effects of taking in tiny doses of poisons in our food and drink, some of these chemicals react with others which are not supposed to be there, inviting danger. The result is a greater variety of accumulating toxins, and an eventual failure of some of the normal bodily functions. Cancer in its many forms is one of the end products.


The remedy? Going back to natural foods in so far as possible as the first step, and working hard as the second step to get community and national action to stop the poisoning of our foods by processors and farmers, also to work on a world scale to stop the setting off of atomic explosions which throw off metallic dusts which are very dangerous because of their radiation. For the third step, a moral awakening is strongly urged – one which will make those who poison the public for private gain stop doing so.


In the second half of the book Dr. Westlake leaves the “Threats” and goes on into a series of discussions of the several theories of disease, its causes and the possible ways of obtaining cures. He includes all theories in his own practice and tries to take the best from each, especially when it comes to the field of Radionics in which the pendulum or special instruments are used in diagnosis and treatment. In his effort to explain how and why Radionic testing is possible, he reports on the work of modern investigators and on page 142 gives a full comparison between the Aunihipili of Huna and the “Proprioceptive System” as offered by Doctors Coghill and Ruth Borchard, showing how closely everything matches. While the Aunihipili of the na kahuna is accepted by Dr. Westlake almost as I have viewed it in my studies, he, like Mr. Maby and other English writers in this field, tend to shy away from the aka thread as the means of connecting a signature or blood spot with its owner when radionic readings are to be taken or radiations sent out as treatment. I must admit that the connection by means of the shadowy threads is hard to swallow, but even harder is the idea that a blood spot lying on a table miles from the patient. attracts in some way the radiations from the patient so that he and his organs, poisons and illnesses may be diagnosed with pendulum or coiled wire and rubbing block. The general idea is that the blood spot, photograph or signature can, in itself, reproduce every radiation needed in the measuring. In treating, the “sample” must be stimulated in some way to throw out a radiation of changed character – this radiation having to reach the patient and the patient alone, at a considerable distance. This broadcast system is the “camel” which I cannot swallow, while to me the aka thread is the gnat which my friends gag over. The three shadowy bodes of Huna as well as the three grades of mana are usually considered carefully but discarded in favor of etheric bodies of assorted kinds and a vague form of “life force” which may or may not begin to account for the things covered by the mana of the na kahuna. However, the Huna system does get more and more mention, even if not full acceptance. In the effort to find something more reasonable than the threads and manas, the slow circling around Robin Hood’s barn seems to become habitual. My objections aside, the book is fascinating reading on the whole and very well worthwhile. In the same way that Dr. Westlake disregards or pushes aside as not to his liking, many of the conclusions of Huna, we can take from his findings and opinions what we like and avoid the rest. If you are a Huna-Steiner hyphenate, you will love his belief that Steiner was almost the last word in wisdom and that Jesus was “The Way Out,” (as quoted on page 95 from Shepard’s A Scientist of the Invisible).


“Two thousand years ago, Christ initiated human feeling and devotion into faith in the spirit world and in the reality of man’s spirit destiny, and so made possible the evolution of his ego consciousness and the development of his powers of thought. Today He would make possible for him the recovery in clear knowledge and understanding of his true spirit heritage, by initiating his thinking into direct spirit experience. The redemption of human thinking is the completion of the spirit  initiation of mankind by Christ.” And on page 100 Dr. Westlake writes, “Such was the state of the Roman world at the close of the first century B.C. Then occurred that stupendous and awesome cosmic event – the descent of a divine being into matter; in Canon Shepherd’s words, ‘In Jesus of Nazareth the cosmic Christ descended into the physical life of humanity, on the very threshold of its deepest penetration into matter, when already its spirit consciousness had almost died away, in order to provide it with the spiritual forces to carry it safely through that stage, and to lift it upwards again to its true spirit  goal…”‘ (Not a word about our findings and the fact that some Huna  initiates were, at about that time, writing the Initiatory Drama which contained the coded Huna lore and which came down to us as the historicized Four Gospels.) (In passing, may I say that because no two sets of teachings which were obtained through mediumship and spirits, or through direct use of psychic faculties, as claimed by Rudolph Steiner, EVER HAVE AGREED. This leaves us to accept one set of teaching if we will, but forces us to brand all others as incorrect. I accept no such teaching, no matter how reasonable or interesting, at its face value. And here we must be sure that we see the difference between teachings and the Huna systems, the latter being a system in which there seems to have been such general agreement on the part of the initiate na kahuna that the body of beliefs was never varied or the coded symbols multiplied with different basic meanings. The code is there, firmly based on a dialect of the now Polynesian tongue for all to see and test, prove or try to disprove. The system, as uncovered by the breaking of the code, stands firmly on words from the dictionary of the language. The source is  not one in which there is psychism involved in the recovery. The rejection of the Huna system is permissible, but NOT by countering it with psychic findings.)


Upon reading over the last page, I am a little saddened. Rather than speaking of points on which we disagree, I only wish that I could have said “Amen!” to every point, for I bear a great affection for Dr. Westlake and admire him as one of the foremost investigators in the radionics field. Moreover, I am much indebted to him for his excellent work in laying before the British Society of Dowsers very full outlines and explanations of Huna as I have assembled it from remaining sources.


TO GO BACK FOR A MOMENT to the P.A. readings of Scientology “clears”, let me say that in two ad pieces put out by the organization, I have found pictures of more clears and have additional readings to share with you for what they may be worth in significance.


I worked over the first Scientology “clear”, John McMasters, from two different pictures and also asked questions of my Aunihipili in the hope of finding out what had happened to the Aunihipili in the reading. But the “pendulum talk” failed to enlighten me. In a special edition of the AUDITOR, The Journal of Scientology (published at East Grinstead, Sussex, England), I found one picture of Mr. McMasters, and in an announcement of his lectures in California, another. In the announcement he is described thus: “John has achieved one of the highest States of Existence yet attained in this Universe. He is an operating Thetan, IV (with) the ability to be at cause knowingly and at will over Matter, Space, Time, Life and Thought.” (Add “energy” to this list. I overlooked it. MFL) “He has been in the spearhead of the Great Research into the freeing of the spirit which has now been totally accomplished. He has trod the bridge that has never been walked by man – the road from chaos to total freedom. He has the total truth of Scientology.” In the journal I read that, “After John ‘broke the ice’ (in 1966) more and more clears checked out and now nearly 1,000 Scientologists have reached the previously unattainable state of Clear.” I also read that he has made Class VII, given as “Honours”. His P.A., as I make it, is  354. I also found pictures of three other “Clears” in the journal. All have the same  pattern in their reading, and their degrees run from 353 to 355, which in itself is odd, and which makes me wonder whether it takes a person of this degree type to go in for clearing, or whether the actual work brings them up or down to stand in this degree level.


ONE OF THE STRANGEST THINGS in these readings is that I have not been able to get an Aumakua reading on a single one of them. This is especially odd to me in the face of the fact that the “Thetan” seems to be touched, and this is slightly like our Aumakua, a kind of super man soul or entity, which, if I remember correctly, was said by the founder of Scientology to be some six billion years old. The vertical “will” pattern, I can understand. It comes up for any trained hypnotist and indicates fine suggestive ability, as any “auditor” seems to have. I can only guess at what has happened to the na Aunihipili. They must still be in the body running the digestion etc., but are they so beaten down by the Auhane that they have lost their birthright? Or have they been cleared of all mistaken ideas and perfected in some way? If you know a clear intimately, do let me know in what ways you have found them changed from the earlier condition. (I note in the journal that one may go to Saint Hill and get two 25-hour auditing sessions at $500 each to help along the way to being cleared. The newest method is called “Power Processing” and is advertised as still. another, better and shorter method. The “Power Plus” auditing of 5 hours seems to be something to take after the $1,000 course. It comes at $200. May be only for advanced students.)


A FINE PIECE OF RESEARCH work in Huna has been performed by HRA N.W.A. of New Zealand. He is by way of being very close to an “authority” on the Maori dialect of the general Polynesian tongue. In my search for the word for the Aunihipili in Maori I could find nothing to match the Hawaiian Aunihipili with its several combined root words describing so well the characteristics of the Aunihipili. I saw very early in my investigation that the words for a self which began with a u had originally been au…. because in Hawaiian au is “self”. The word for the Aumakua had retained the initial u, but not so Auhane or Aunihipili.


Our New Zealand HRA writes, “For some time I could not tie in with the unihipili, but now see that in Maori it is Au for “my”, noho for “remaining”, and piri for “attachment”,” (Note: the Hawaiian I becomes rin Maori, and the k usually t. mfl.) (Note here that nihi, in unihipili has once been noho, which is in Hawaiian, “to dwell with one”, or Maori “remaining with one”, which exactly fits what the Aunihipili does in relation to the Auhane. “Attachment” is “to adhere or stick to something else” in the Hawaiian, so we have matching basic meanings.) The letter continues: “(Speaking of the meaning of Auhane or middle self) Au, for my ha for “breath”, ne for “of course”. Or, literally, “my Auhane – conscious breathing – assertion.” (This root meaning has evaded me all these years, but now that we know the importance of the “Ha Rite”, we can see that we have here its function well described in the Code. It is the one who initiates the breathing and accumulation of mana, “of course!” Or, with the “assertion” meaning, we have a direct pointer to the formulating of the prayer which is to be sent to the Aumakua: in Maori Au matua or “My fully grown parent. “)


This HRA also says in his letter that he has not overlooked my anxiety in the bulletins to see some “planning” done to correct governmental conditions here and the world around to lessen the danger of an explosion of the “never possessed” and their fellow haters – an explosion leading to violence and destruction but getting only such reform as comes from the hands of the opportunists who are able, in times of disruption, to grab and hold power by Police State methods. He tells me that in New Zealand much thought is being given to the necessity of reform in the way money is created and set circulating. Credit reform follows as a matter of course. (Socialism and Communism, according to my dictionary, are about the same. Both advocate government ownership and parceling out of jobs, then supervision of distribution of products so that all have an equal chance at making a living. It sounds simple enough, but so complicated are the steps involved, and so massed on opposite sides the “interests” and hates that I only stand in awe and wonder what will happen when the top heavy present structure begins to give way and “Nature takes its course”. I greatly distrust Old Mother Nature. She seems to know but one “law” and that is “Survival of the fittest.” I’m all for trying to plan ahead a little to try to meet the threats which can now be seen. True, we are making some progress, but things seem to get planned and DONE with alarming slowness. The candle of War burns at both ends; the Second Coming, which some hope for to solve the difficulty, is too long delayed, and always there is the danger of the atom bomb war getting started by accident or as the result of some fanatic becoming so mad that he is willing to cut off his own nose to spite the face of the other fellow.)


HEART TRANSPLANTS have attracted much attention on the part of some of the HRAs, and I have been asked for my opinion as to the matter. Some feel that the grafted organ may bring with it a section of the aka body or some rate of radiation which cannot match the rate natural to the one who receives the transplant. “Rejection” may be caused in part by the lack of matching of the aka or “etheric”, etc. The same question was raised some time ago in the matter of blood transfusions. At that time I asked I HRAs who had undergone such transfusions to let me run a P.A. on them to see whether their patterns and degree standing varied in “before and after” tests. Several sets of photos and/or signatures were sent in and carefully tested, but not one showed a change that could be attributed to having the blood of others injected into their veins. This blood, whole or as blood plasma, is not rejected if it is of the same type as that of the patient. Skin grafts may not make the danger of the wrong blood type real, and in organ transplants care is taken to see that donor and recipient have the same blood type. It will be interesting to watch what happens as more organ transplants are performed. Perhaps the aka body of the patient can accommodate and accept the portion of aka coming with a live organ – if any stays with the body at death – which I am inclined to doubt. It might be that the aka body of the patient, given a new organ so soon, will enter and accommodate to it if the blood type and other physical factors are matched correctly. (As I see it, the theory of the shadowy body as Huna gives it to us, is that it, the aka, cannot be injured or amputated. The man who has lost a heart or a leg while on this side, will arrive on the other side with everything intact.)


WHAT SHOULD YOU DO to get on best after the moment of death? HRA W.D. of California has been making some psychic investigations and has offered the following suggestions


Decide before you pass over where you want to go.

After you leave your physical body, do not eat or drink anything.

Do not let anyone put you to sleep.

Better refuse to talk to any Beings you become aware of.

Fasten your mind on where you want to go and will yourself there – and you will be there.


Note: You. have 72 hours after you die when your shadowy body will be full of vital force. This makes you far stronger than any evil spirit who may approach and pretend to be a friend or dear one in order to steal this force and leave you stranded. They will cause all kinds of illusions. Fight them off with your hypnotic mana power of command. You can do it because you have more mana. Keep on going until you get to the level desired.  Genuine loved ones will not try to detain you for a moment but will go along.


(Might be a good idea to keep those things in mind against the time when you feel yourself slipping. Mfl. )


INTERESTING PENDULUM WORK is reported by HRA S.I.L. of California. He says in part: “I have been using the pendulum for about the last year. I have made countless readings on myself, friends, and famous people. I caught on to the use of the pendulum almost instantly. All I needed was a clear understanding of the instructions. (He had read my book on P.A. reading. mfl.) I could take the readings easily. I might add that I never could do the box experiment, so I stopped trying.


“In your book you said that the Aunihipili is capable of measuring almost anything. Well, I have been working with this idea. I set up different categories to rate people by and tested them for physical fitness, emotional maturity, work, self change and strong emotional biases. I set a range from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the better the rating.


“All I do is get the person’s signature or picture, and tell my Aunihipili which reading I want, and then start calling off the numbers. (I suppose the pendulum stops swinging when the right number is called. mfl) I have gotten very good results.


“The most interesting development, however, is that I am learning not to use the picture or signature to get the reading. All I need is the first and last name of the person. Or some way of singling him out. I think of the Aumakua and look at the name. I get a sense of contact. And I take the reading. Then I compare that reading with one made from a picture. They usually match.


“Another important development is using the pendulum to get information about another person. You know how you ask your own Aunihipili questions and it replies through the pendulum. Why not use the same technique on the Aunihipili of someone else? I have found that this works. But you must have some feeling for what you are doing. And the area must be one of importance to the other fellow also.” (This is a new idea to me, that of asking in this way such questions as could be answered by the Aunihipili – at a distance – of another person. MFL)


I comment: This might be called permissive spying, or given some other name to indicate that one helps another by visiting directly with that one’s Aunihipili. Kimball seems to visit with the na Aunihipili of people in a room and learn things from them that the person’s Auhane may not know. He makes a fine show of conversing subconsciously with pets and getting their opinions of their masters, lives, surroundings and friends. No telling how far this approach can take us. In my personal work with the pendulum I have sometimes asked the age and sex of a person being read, but never have tried to direct questions to the Aunihipili of the reader. I must try it out and see if I can learn the art.


A SUGGESTION was offered recently by HRA B.E. of California, who wrote:


“Last night several members of my family sat around the table and discussed P.A. readings, our own P.A. readings, and especially the long letter by you about the R-M reading by you of five or six years ago. It has only gained in interest over the years. While hashing over the readings of prominent people given in your book, Psychometric Analysis, I was reminded that I have been going to suggest that in each issue of the Huna Vistas you include 4 or 5 readings on currently newsworthy personalities, whether they be statesman or screwball, saint or sinner. I know I would be fascinated by such readings, and I feel the majority of HRAs would be too.” (Yes, can do. Mfl.)


THE TAROT CARDS INDICATED, on being run February 1st, that the Pueblo incident would NOT cause a new war with North Korea. At the moment it looked as though a major attack might be made by U.S.A. to get back the little spy boat and its crew. One Congressman said that we should demand immediate release under penalty of having a bomb dropped. The cards turned up no Major Trumps except the Death card, and this was NOT accompanied by cards showing many deaths. I reported the prediction in the “tinned” letter made up for February, so many of you may have knowledge of it. As I cut this stencil, the cards are still right. Negotiations, delays, and no easy progress. We look to have to meet additional and high expense because of the trouble. Might have to buy back the ship and men with some form of reparation money. The cards still predict a start toward peace in Vietnam.


Foretelling the Future

May-June, 1968



YOUR. P.A. READING FOR THE DAY, and for your check and practice, is the one I have made from pictures in “Time Magazine” for April 26th of Eric Starvo Galt, also known earlier as James Earl Ray. He is thought by the F.B.I. to be the murderer of the negro leader, Martin Luther King. The reading I got was identical for all three pictures, each taken at a different date starting with the prison picture of 1952 and ending with the one of 1968. I read:  with 262 degrees. If this is the actual killer, his reading shows that he is obsessed and is naturally destructive in Will at 11 o’clock and in personality circle, as indicated by his counterclockwise circle. The obsession is indicated in the “trident” Will pattern of swings. His degree and that of the evil spirit read with him, is almost the same, the spirit being 261 and also lying in the level of low intelligence and of craftiness. He was described by a prison warden as, “extremely dangerous, coldblooded and ruthless.” This description fits the reading well.


Trying a little map dowsing to see if I could get an intimation as to where this subject is hiding out, I centered on the region around Chicago although his presence had just then been reported in Mexico (and since that denied).


SPEAKING OF A MAP DOWSING: A stranger called recently, saying he had heard that I was good with a pendulum, and asked me if I could try to locate a girl of 14 who had vanished from her Riverside, Calif. home six weeks earlier and of whom no trace had been found. He had with him a photo of her and a lock of her hair to use in any dowsing effort.


I explained that I was a P.A. dowser and little more, but allowed myself to be persuaded to see what I could do. First I read the girl’s P.A., finding that while she was normal and constructive as to her Auhane, her Aunihipili was destructive, the personality circle being counterclockwise. Her degree level was not high at 268. ( 268 degrees.) I tested next to see whether she were dead or alive, and got a strong clockwise circle, showing that she was alive and well. From the fact that her Aunihipili was counter clockwise, I gave it as my opinion that she might have run away from home or left of her own accord, although there was no record of trouble at home or school, and although she had no lover or known friend to accompany. The caller said that a woman psychic had said she was still in the vicinity of her home, so I took a map and dowsed that region. The results were negative. I ranged over the the whole of the North American continent, but finally got my best indication (a weak vertical swing) well north of Los Angeles in the country back of Santa Barbara. The caller promised to let me know when the girl was found just where she had been and so help me check my budding map dowsing ambitions.




THE NEW HRAs who find us and join up from time to time are often much puzzled by what they read in their first copies of the Huna Vistas. One new member wrote: “I have never thought that cards, Tarot or other, could work. This, especially, since the High Selves do not seem to know the entire run of the future. Am I wrong? Do you have any ideas as to the process by which they work? You do seem to give them credit for validity. ”


I was shocked into the realization that anyone who had not been with us for some time, and who had not seen the Tarot readings coming along in the bulletins, must, at least at first glance, feel that Huna research in our hands had turned to fortune telling and smelled slightly of raw superstition.

I am unable to recall the places in my books or the bulletins in which this subject has been discussed in all its aspects, so (as promised to the new member of our august research body) I will try to pontificate.


First off, let me say that there are many instances well enough known to let us say that the future can, at times, be seen very clearly. If this is possible, as it certainly seems to be, the next question is, what part of the man senses the future state?


In my earlier writings I have reported my conclusions after delving into the subject. I cannot recall saying that the Aumakua cannot see into the future except to a limited degree, although I may have so stated. The Huna theory seems to be that the future is plotted very roughly, with only the major events placed – and with all the space in time in between left to be filled in by the turn of events and the hit and miss changes made by men and elements. One has to believe that some major events are planned and “set” well in advance, otherwise we are all at loss to explain how certain psychics have been able to foresee in detail certain happenings.


Having arrived at this conclusion, the na kahuna and other wise students of the world of mind and of Super Mind were confronted by the fact that if they agreed that every event had been “set” in the endless future (there to await our visions or to await the progress of time in catching up), we would take away from men all semblance of free will and make him a helpless pawn in a game being played by the Ultimate God. This would run counter to the simple fact that we seem to observe daily: the fact that man is allowed to decide on what he will do next and how he will do it. The argument has been rejected, the argument that in the “mind of God” all things must be known, therefore a man cannot decide –  no matter how hard he may try –  to make a decision which would not have been known ahead of time.


Predestination has been argued about endlessly, and the middle road seems to be the most reasonable – the belief that man has free will to act and can make his own decisions, BUT that some Entity with a far superior kind of thinking or sensing ability has the power to look ahead and know what the decisions will be – at least the major ones. Looking for such an Entity, we are forced to guess that the Aumakua has powers superior to those of the Auhane or Aunihipili, or, if that is not high enough, we can specify a range of god-like Entities, always going higher and always with improving powers to behold the future.


In my book, SSBM I have belabored this question and the possibility that time is not the steady flow that it seems to be, but may be here in its completeness at any moment  and subject to our psychic investigation when it holds a record of future events. I believe I have said that the Aumakua is probably our best bet when it comes to a search for an accessible higher Entity from whom we may get, at times, glimpses of the future which it can see. The time juggling offers little to help us, especially as we would have to mix in with time something like the akasha of Theosophy – our aka substance – on which events would in some way make a lasting impression which could later be sensed by a psychic. The making of such a recording demands some form of consciousness to direct, and some form of energy or mana to implement the action, and the assignment of the future seeing to the Aumakua obviates these difficulties because it already has the three necessary ingredients at hand.


If we accept the idea that the future can be seen to a limited degree far ahead and to a greater extent for the nearer events, and that we get our psychic impressions from the Aumakua, then we need to know the mechanism of the transfer. Only Huna offers a mechanical explanation – that of getting the visual impression of  the future events through the mediation of the Aunihipili and its contact with the Aumakua via the aka cord of connection. The explanation is rather simple, but putting the method to work is complicated and difficult. First the Aunihipili must act on  its own to get and give us visions of the future from its Aumakua (or other source?). The “getting” remains the heart of the mystery, but the receiving may come in a dream of sorts.


Then there is the method so dear to my heart, that of using a “crutch” to help the Aunihipili to get across information indirectly. If I could use a crystal ball I might get the impression visually, but otherwise I must rely on the pendulum or on the Tarot Cards and the fact that with the latter the Aunihipili seems to have done a fair job of learning to get the needed information, then in some way influencing the cuts and spreads and breaks of the cards so that cards with proper meanings will turn up for me, the conscious mind or Auhane, to read and interpret. In this process there may well be a certain amount of intuition used to give the correct reading –  intuition again given through the Aunihipili, or provided directly by it. This “hunch” ingredient in “running the cards” has always been of value to me, but there is always the danger that one’s imagination may be at work and that what seems to have been a heaven sent interpretation is nothing of the kind.

A woman in San Diego has recently come out with a book in which she makes the claim that her Tarot predictions are scientific in basis and satisfactory in results. In her book she advises working the Tarots over to give the individual majors and minors special and exact meanings. These can make up a very long list and, I believe, she also considers the prophetic meanings of two or more cards falling in a given order. (One of the experienced HRAs is testing out this system at length, and at a considerable expenditure of time and effort. He may have a report for us one fine day. )


That I have given the impression in the bulletins that I “do seem to give them validity”, I would not deny. But perhaps I should invent a stock phrase to put before every reading I report for the amusement or edification of the HRAs. I might say “Believe this at your peril. It is of the stuff of psychism and therefore may or may not be valid to any degree. Take with as many grains of salt as the prediction may seem to demand.” I have “run the Tarots” for years, developing my own system and meanings gradually, and polishing hard all the time on the “hunch” part of the operation. The reason I tend to have at least a partial belief in the accuracy of the predictions  – as I make them –  is that in the past years they have so often come out startlingly true. The main trouble is that I can never be sure what is true and what is not. If this difficulty could be overcome, I would “have it made”.


Of course, the hunching business is wide open to any of you who read my hopefully presented readings. I may report something that you interpret by hunch or otherwise to give quite a different prediction. For instance, I have been coaxing my Aunihipili to find out and tell me via the cards just what is coming up for us in the matter of U.S.A. money and our financial conditions. In my predictions for the present year I said, “It appeared (from the cards) that something would go badly wrong with us financially and that Russia would in some way help us out. In the present indications, I believe that the aid to be given us by Russia is not in terms of money, but of example (setting an arbitrary value for its currency.)”


Here, as I write at the beginning of May, it begins to look from the trend of the news, that Russia is encouraging North Vietnam to talk peace. This would be the greatest thing that could be done to aid U.S.A. finances, as the war is bleeding us dry at a time when the never possessed of the land are demanding that billions be spent on them. The National Debt has been enlarged to the danger point by our many borrowings, and gold standard men in high places are threatening a collapse even greater than that which started the Depression. One of the HRAs wrote that he had attended a long day’s session in which money men and bankers (anyone who had $30 as admission fee) were told that the bottom was to fall out before the end of the year, the currency would be devalued, and that Government Bonds could then be purchased at half price. It was a most alarming prediction, and so I ran the Tarots to find out what they had to offer. They saw no such disaster, but repeated the cut for “change”, and fast change when it comes. The period appeared not too dangerous, but with the mysterious and unexpected still to come. As I write I hear on the news broadcast that President Johnson is proposing to Congress a further retreat from the gold standard and the use of a “paper standard” to create new money for use in meeting international obligations.


In running the Tarots for some of my friends down the years, I have noted something which should not go unmentioned. It is that a straight prediction is made through the cards and seems certainly all set to come true, but that before it can, an unexpected event  – such as unexpected illness –  comes and the whole picture is made to change. I think of this as an “accident” (to which the physical world is vulnerable) happening to throw off the prediction and cause a radical change in what would have normally taken place  – and which was seen as actually coming to pass.


The P.A. reading, on the other hand, while falling into the field of psychic activities, is really very different. Nothing about the future is involved in a reading unless we may say that when we read a normal and constructive man with a high degree standing, we naturally come to expect more and better things from him. This is interesting in the face of the changes being made in the personnel of the present U.S.A. presidential race. With President Johnson bowing out of the race, we now have Governor Rockefeller with his 377 degree standing the most likely candidate from the point of view of the Biometer. (I paused here in my paragraph to make a quick run for the various present candidates, and get only the impression that nothing is settled as yet, that almost anything can happen, and probably will, before the day when the votes are counted.)


Some time ago I reported my own efforts to work with the pendulum through my Aunihipili to get Guidance from my own Aumakua, as you more seasoned HRAs may recall. I seemed at the time to be instructed to try to organize us and our work so that we could have groups and find ways to enlarge and perpetuate the Huna research work, also to write another book. I tried to obey instructions on both of the counts. The organization effort fizzled and I decided that my Aunihipili had dug up the old hopes of 1948 and handed them to me warmed over. The little start on the book worked into more and more material and resulted in my writing Huna Code in Religions. Since then I have not been able to get what seemed to be dependable Guidance. I may have a submerged fear of the future blocking my efforts.


And, NOT TO FORGET SPIRITS, when speaking of predictions, we suspect them of influencing the pendulum betimes, especially if we are asking the Aunihipili to answer questions about the future. Whether the spirits can and will influence the way the cards fall, is a moot question, but I would not put it past some of them. In the use of the Ouija board and in automatic writing it is agreed that the spirits take over, (although some hold that the Aunihipili does it all). At very long intervals, through such means, and by voice in the case of the entranced medium, correct or nearly correct predictions have long been made. The time of an event is often given to the day, but this often is at fault although the main event predicted may be right. By the way, the Spiritualists are celebrating the 120th anniversary of the beginning of modern Spiritism, which began well after the witch burnings had ceased, in a town in New York State called Hydesville. The Fox sisters began it all, and since then the communication between the living and dead has become a recognized fact by the majority of people who have looked carefully into the matter. “Science”, of course, is still officially against psychic manifestations of any and all sorts, and even the amazing healing work presently being done in the Philippines (unless entirely stopped at this time by the authorities) leaves the Poobahs unmoved – except to possible anger.




FOR YOUR P.A. PLAY of this issue let us have a look at what Psychometric Analysis will tell us of what it takes to make a writer of note. I have been watching all month for pictures of writers to be used for our readings. And, as they must be from a source which is available to the most of you, I have tried to stay with current journals which might be found in a good library should you take your favorite pendulum and betake yourself to one near you.


In “Westways”, published by the Auto Club of Southern California, issue of April, 1968, I came across a priceless article by Lawrence Clark Powell titled, “CALIFORNIA CLASSICS REREAD”. It had to do with famous western writers who became fairly well known, and two of whom I idolized as writers in my earlier days, placing them in my esteem beside Will Levington Comfort. The article is about Mary Austin, but in giving us two photos of her, one included Jack London, so I was able to read them both. Neither writer has yet joined the immortals, or are likely to do so. Their books are now long out of print and they are largely forgotten by the generations shaped so painfully by two World Wars. I am frankly plebeian in my literary tastes. I love finding words placed together in certain pleasant ways to express a thought which is pleasing to me or to describe something which I like to picture in my mind.


Mary Austin went Ace High on my list when I discovered that as a child she had discovered her Aumakua and came to know it and call upon it for help as “I Mary”, in contrast with her lesser self who was just “Mary”. Later in life she recognized this same Aumakua in the Paiute Indians’ “Friend of the Soul of Man”.


Let me quote a little from her Land of Journey’s Ending. She is describing an Indian ruin in a cave set high on a cliff before her. “Eagles mewing about the perilous footholds, great trees rooting where once slender ladders clung! … suddenly, high and inaccessible in the canyon wall, the sun picks out the little windows in the walls amid the smoke blue shadows, and you brush your eyes once or twice to make sure you do not see half naked men, deer and antelope laden, climbing up the banded cliff. ” Her Will pattern reads at 1 o’clock, constructive and normal and strong. Her Aunihipili circle is normal and clockwise and constructive. Her degree is 382. (She compares well with Willa Cather in reading.) She made few friends, but found something of interest in everyone she met. Everything, in fact, interested her because she was capable of a fine understanding of it, people or desert alike.


TO MY SURPRISE AND DELIGHT, I found that in reading from both of the pictures of Mary Austin, I got both the “Scientologist horizontal” swing for her Aunihipili and (following it) a good clockwise circle, 382. I take it that my Aunihipili has invented a way of telling me something new and different about people who have had some experience such as registers with the “clears”. Some change in them seems to be noted and passed on to me via the “crutch” of the pendulum.


In the case of Mary Austin we can be sure that she had no “running” such as is given in these later times to produce a “clear”. And, as we have from her own accounts of her life and the reports of others a rather complete account of what went to shape her, we can study her for intimations of the meaning of the horizontal swing.


Our “clears” so far, have not had a clockwise and normal circle following the horizontal swing in their readings. I am inclined at this point in the investigation to think that they have dragged from their na Aunihipili the hidden fixations and have faced them time after time until they were drained off or made powerless to force their typical reactions on the individual. In Scientology this is spoken of as clearing out the engram bank, and this task is the central point around which L. Ron Hubbard built his system, first as Dianetics, then as Scientology.


Reports have come in since requested in the last H.V., telling me of the way being a “clear” has seemed to affect known friends or acquaintances. The impression I get from these reports is that the typical “clear” has overcome his fixations and gained a rather stern control of his Aunihipili, but in the process has lost his kindliness, become a little ruthless, and has also lost his imagination –  imagination which makes for great painting and music instead of the precise and lifeless and mechanical.


If we study the life of Mary Austin we find that she had a desperate struggle to get along in her early life. In “Arizona Highways”, issue of April, 1968, another journalist, Nancy Newhall, has an article on Mary Austin, her life and her work. She tells us that Mary was “a lonely child, unwanted, who felt her mother turn away from her.” This formed a “rejection complex” which she seems to have overcome by self analysis, as she did other complexes later in life. She fought ill health and poverty and being left to make a living for herself and an idiot small daughter, she taught school in a small town and used all possible extra time to teach herself to write well enough to sell. The development of self control and the ability to concentrate her thoughts is well illustrated in the article when we are told that with the defective little daughter strapped into her chair, and keeping up a continual howling, Mary was able to pace the floor searching for just the right words to use in coining a phrase or giving the exact touch to a bit of description. Later, in meeting many serious challenges, she developed her self control. And, as she began to make a success of her writing, she began to show another characteristic observed very often in the “Clears”. She became dominating, impatient and stern. She criticized the writing of other authors and often got herself much disliked. Her friends, because of this driving trait, remained very few, even up to the end of her life, although she had a large number of acquaintances. And, she drove through by the hardest work to success. She was harder on herself than on others, and was always trying to use a new and different form or improve on what she had learned to use in her writing.


Dr. Brunler, to whom we are indebted for most of the P.A. system, once tried to find and test the signatures of well known people to see if they had grown in degree stature with the passing of years. For this he tested signatures written early and late in life. He found very few who had grown a little, the greatest growth recorded being for people who had suffered greatly in some way for years, with six degrees the greatest growth. If suffering itself caused growth, he could have found many whose degree had risen. But there seemed to be the necessity of a deep or inner growth which suffering had brought about. (Dr. Brunler did not speak or write about finding the other parts of a P.A. reading changed by the suffering or the jump in degree.)


In reading of the stormy progress through life of Mary Austin, we find the contact with the Aumakua made when as a child “she discovered God under a walnut tree”, and also the “I Mary” who would come when called and even help her cross the creek on a log which crossing always frightened her. This contact was of less help in later years, and she was forced to fight her own battles –  and did, successfully, but by the hardest struggles. That she was aware of her Aunihipili and watching it and dragging from it its hidden fixations, we can only guess. But we know that she owned a rosary and used it –  instead of telling the beads in the usual way,  to impress on her Aunihipili the steps she wanted to take in writing a certain part of a book or story. She said in later years that she had impressed on her subconscious in this way the exact thing she wanted, and that when the date she had set came, she sat down to write and the story “wrote itself”


Cancer of the breast caught her in the midst of growing success, and, it is to be supposed, surgery was not advised at that early time. She was told that she had only a short time to live before the cancer would take her, and so, facing death, she decided that her long neglected interest in her own peculiar form of religion could be revived and made to give her some satisfaction. She had long suspected that there was more to the origin of Christianity than had been put into books, and went to Rome to gain entrance to the Vatican library and study the many old manuscripts housed there. She associated with nuns, and one of these taught her to pray her way through pain. She had “retreats” with nuns, and peered into her own depths with as much energy as she had been expending on her writing ….. finding one day, to her happy surprise, that the cancer had vanished. She went home and began to write again, but now included more and more of her religious experience in her work. (“Christ in Italy” and “Can Prayer Be Answered” are examples.)


Looking behind the scenes, Nancy Newhall, in her beautifully written and understanding article, gives us items which are most significant in our study of the circle that followed the horizontal swing in the P.A. I take the liberty of quoting:


Now, (as she grew old and increasingly ill) she found herself face to face with the ultimate problems of human existence: What is death? And what is the meaning of life? “The last thing I expected of death,” she wrote, “was to be afraid of it.”


Examining her fear, she found it to be a dread of being senseless – blind, deaf, dumb. “The thought that I should never again see the plumb blossoms storm the flanks of Pena Blanca, never again hear the drums of the Keres calling up the He-rain with its winghollows filled with evening blueness, smote me with an insupportable pang. I should like a little space to love the world before I leave it.” For Mary, no supernatural heaven or hell existed. More and more she had become a mystic, exploring religions, connecting them with myths or folklore, but never adopting any formal creed for herself. She made retreats among Catholic nuns, to restore her soul; she owned a rosary, but used it to tell her subconscious what she wanted to write, and how and when, so that at the allotted time, she said, “the stories wrote themselves. Now, in the light of all she had read, heard, and known along the rims of consciousness, she wrote Experiences Facing Death. And emerged with faith triumphant. “I have experienced the Presence of God but nowhere have I found or felt the dark.”


In the same spirit, she examined her own life, seeing, through the character of Mary Hunter Austin, vast panoramas in time and place, seeing the roots of her loneliness with compassion. She could write, “I have been true to the pattern and it has been true to me.” And called her autobiography Earth Horizon.


Feverish, dying, propped up in bed, often with a drain still in the wound of an operation, Mary was still writing, still valiant, still pouring forth her force. In the autumn of 1934, she appeared at a celebration called a Poets’ Roundup, and read before a crowd, suddenly hushed and awed, a few of the poems later published in When I Am Dead. In those last moments in the sun, Mary Austin reached a terrifying majesty.


Five days later she was dead. A friend on horseback scattered her ashes in the hills.


This year, 1968, marks the 100th anniversary of her birth. And, at this late date, thanks to the new findings via the P.A. readings, we may have come to a better understanding of her, and also of the strange readings of the “clears”. It appears that in the processing of a “clear” the little fixed reactions making for love and kindness get brought also to light and are subject to being drained off. The Aunihipili eventually stands stripped of its little humanizing elements so that the clear may be thought of as having lost his soul. Mary Austin must have realized this loss in her later years and gone in search of her soul –  finding it in tempering her ways and again coming to love and friendliness. Perhaps that is what lies ahead for the clears if and when they come to realize that in becoming cold, they are missing all the former warmth that made friends for them. I shall now begin to watch for a budding circle to follow the horizontal swing in reading clears, especially the older ones, (One more thing before we go on to other subjects. The reading for the Aumakua of Mary Austin was disappointingly low for one so far along in so many ways. It is only 539 degrees. She will, if we have this angle worked out correctly, have to reincarnate once or twice more to finish learning her lessons or evolutionary growth. But in her case, loving nature as she did, she would be only too pleased at the prospect of seeing again with bodily eyes her beloved deserts and mountains.)


Jack London, read from the same set of pictures, gave me the strong, constructive Will pattern and a good clockwise circle, but no horizontal swing. His Aumakua read only 530 degrees. He did not measure up to Mary’s standard, although he wrote well and had his high moments when toying with philosophy and playing with words. I have always loved his, “Never, so long as time shall last, will they (women) lay by the weaving of slow steps around the hearts of men.”


Will, and Ariel Durant, the writing team, have finished the 10th volume of their The Story of Civilization. He seems to have done most of the writing, while she had done research and got the material laid out in proper order. Pictures of them were found in “Modern Maturity”, issue of April May, 1968. Both read clockwise and constructive, but he at 363 degrees and she at 380. In this we see the easy writer and fine reporter backed by a helper who had the better vision and more balanced judgment. Their readings have not changed from early pictures to those taken very recently. Little wonder that, as a team, they turned out so many brilliant studies of historic settings and happenings.


Tellhard de Chardin, scientist of the Jesuit Order, is pictured in the April 20th issue of the “Saturday Review of Literature”. He has a constructive and normal reading of 367 degrees – the highest I have ever found for a man of the cloth. Little wonder the Church refuses to sanction his scientific views and theories. Too advanced.


Two Years Before the Mast, was very well and simply written in 1840 by Richard Henry Dana, Jr., and also became a classic of literature dealing [with] the American West. His photo appears with an article, also by Mr. Powell, in “Westways” for May, 1968. If Mary Austin revealed the valleys and hills, it was Richard Henry Dana, Jr, who gave me the seacoast, the western wall of America; mine as newly seen from offshore, looking landward”, writes Mr. Powell. The P.A. reading here is another example of the ability which seems to lie in the degree level between 377 and 383. I get 378 degrees.


Who will win the Peace in the Paris talks? We ask of the P.A. readings as the effort to settle the Vietnam war begins. I found pictures of the three proposed negotiators in the Los Angeles Times issue of May 4, 1968. Similar pictures should be printed in many journals as the talks get started, so these three gentlemen make a good testing ground for us and our pendulums. On our side we have W. Averell Harriman, old hand at such matters and who reads 379. Also Cyrus R. Vance, who has proven himself a very able man, and who reads  377 degrees. On the side of North Vietnam we have Xuan Thuy, a dedicated Communist and foreign minister of his country. He is well above average for men of his country, but will be at a disadvantage if we are to judge from his degree. If degree standings are considered, our U.S.A. side will have a great advantage. Xuan Thuy reads,  360. The paper says pronounce his name Foon Twee.


Dear Max:

……………    It seems amazing that no Clear – clearing supposedly increases the intelligence – has more than a 354 degree reading, which is not too high a reading for such. Can’t we get some signatures of clears before and after and read them? Could clearing beat down to that degree if one were in a higher level to start with? I am puzzled. Is clearing good for all?

(Signed) M.H.


In reply: That is an excellent response and help in the research. Now who can supply us with the before and after signatures to test? It would be most helpful to know whether the degree is raised or lowered, or whether 354 is the norm for all who are taken with the idea of getting to be clear or whether my readings have become stuck in a rut and my Aunihipili is giving me what it has come to think is the right degree for any and all clears.


The subject of blood transfusions came up recently in my correspondence with one of the HRAs in San Francisco who has had transfusions. I ran his signature and got the usual  378 for him, then asked my Aunihipili if it could trace through him donors of the blood used in the transfusions. After a little delay I got two different readings, both lower in degree by far, and one with a counter clockwise Aunihipili circle. ( 363 and  351). It is most satisfactory to learn through this experiment that our own selves are not affected by the transfusions and that we can absorb and use the whole blood without harmful results in terms of our own readings. The selves, I would say, are spirits, and are not part of the physical vehicle or subject to change when it changes. True, some poisons in the system seem to cause mental difficulties, as in the case of sane patients being injected with plasma from those with “split personalities” or obsession – cases in which temporary production of similar symptoms are noted. However, even if a person has a bad tooth and becomes temporarily insane from the absorbed poisons, the recovery finds the same old selves once more functioning normally. Hearts and things also seem absorbed.


IS THE HEALING POWER MANA? HRA S.L., writes from Australia about a man who made an interesting series of experiments. Let me quote part of the letter.


“The Rev. P. Youlden-Johnsonin in his book, Healing Fingers, states that he has healed people 150 miles away. On page 108 he tells how he wrestled with the problem of proving that the healing power was a real force – a proof which would confound the skeptics. He picked upon a thermometer: Holding his fingers 3 inches from the bulb he directed the ‘Pranic current’ towards the bulb filled with a red fluid. For a time nothing happened, then suddenly the temperature began to rise. In all it rose 11 1/2 degrees. He repeated the experiment before seven witnesses who said they were satisfied when the thermometer rose 5 degrees and was still rising. I wonder if our fellow Huna researchers could experiment and see the results, they achieve?”


Mana, or the Theosophical “Prana”, appears to be able to control heat and cold in fire-walking and seance room hot/cold phenomena. Mme. David-Neil, in her books tells of seeing men in Tibet taking their test for a high standing in certain orders by sitting beside a frozen lake in the dead of winter, wrapped in a sheet wet with ice water. They had to control their pranic forces to create bodily heat enough to keep them warm and at the same time dry out the sheet. If they did this successfully, they had passed that initiation. In India certain cults use fire-walking as a test of purity and inner growth. Successful walks on hot coals prove one advanced to a certain stage, usually allowing him to become a priest of the Agni order. Once they become priests, they may try to use fire and fire-walking ceremonies in the healing of the needy and suffering. Hindus in Fiji were observed carefully by former HRA George Sandwith some years ago. He was not greatly impressed with the the results, but was with the fire-walking and fire-handling. This cult worshiped the Goddess Mariana. (George went Subud and we lost him.) (By the way, has anyone heard of Subud and the groups doing “latihans”, lately?)


HRA, “Ikey” Stone, of California, is a Huna-Dianetics-Scientologist hyphenate who has had much “running” and whose P.A. reading shows both the clockwise circle and the Scientology horizontal swing at 369 degrees (interestingly well above the 354 degree for clears which I have been getting.) She wrote:


“As one who IS one, I decided that I’d better make some comments about your readings of dianeticists and scientologists. I’ve had a great deal of processing in both modes, and I think I can help a little to clarify what puzzles you. But even before that, I must express a regret that I never had a chance to process you. Your one and only session must have been with a very poor auditor! (He was at work very early in the development of Dianetics, and was then considered one of the best. mfl) Good auditors always make you so happy with the results that you want more of the same.

“According to Hubbard, the founder of both, we are a reactive mind, a computer machine, and a Thetan. The reactive mind always thinks in similarities, an A-A-A=A type of thought, wherein if during an operation for removal of tonsils one’s doctor was red headed, and if one later, in hopes of physical improvement, takes a course in scientology and is processed in group  processing for hours daily by a redheaded man (who is going to make you well mentally and spiritually, so is the ‘doctor’) the reactive mind ‘drags up’ the first situation, making one’s throat so irritated that he coughs – coughs – coughs to the extreme annoyance of everyone around!!! The reactive mind therefore, according to L. Ron Hubbard, is the villain that makes us aberrated, by confusing our times for us. The example I give is from my own experience, and when, with no processing but simply by using my computer (my conscious awareness and intelligence), I stopped annoying everyone because I didn’t have to cough any more! Okay, so according to Ikey Stone, the reactive mind is equivalent to the Aunihipili; the Thetan is the Aumakua, which is also our own supremely high beingness, from which most of us are so cut off that it is like another and separate personality, with which most of us are seldom in communication – if ever. Or, shall we say: the Emoter and Doer, the body and intelligence that runs it; the Thinker; and the Knower. I have never agreed with LRH that the reactive mind is all bad, for if it is the sub- or un-consciousness, it is also very smart and keeps us in good repair if we work along with it, and [it] knows how to heal wounds, etc.


“If I haven’t lost you, then we go on to this: processing by dianetics and scientology methods helps eliminate all the blocks to our own communication with our (spirit obsession not yet. mfl) own past experiences, which are then deconditioned by repetitive re-experiencing. Thus one produces a ‘clear’. I have seen but one of the new crop of clears, and I did not consider him to be one I would call clear, in fact, I have seen many people who become clearer and clearer, but have yet to see one single person I could wholeheartedly consider a real clear. However, the definitions of clear change from time to time. I have had little contact with ‘the field’ the last decade, as I am semi-retired, as of 1954, and did so completely about 1964. A clear is one who no longer has aberrative material in his reactive mind to push him around – as Hubbard says – so he has no reactive mind. Perhaps when the compulsive materials are gone, and so the A-A=A effect is greatly diminished, the animal aspects of the person’s nature also tend to remove themselves, thus apparently leaving him without an Aunihipili! Although, as you say, something is still running the millions of intricate bits of machinery in the body. And perhaps when one comes to a clear realization that he IS a Thetan, and grows more and more conscious of his own spiritual attributes and possibilities, he no longer seems to have an Aumakua.


“About the degree level: long ago I decided I would not work with any really stupid people if I could possibly avoid it; it is so frustrating to expose to view the aberrations that are costing him or her tranquility, etc., and then find them unable to recognize it even when it is plain before them – of course when repetitively deconditioned it does improve the I.Q., but a person too stupid to see that such and such an incident is what may be impeding him is also going to be extremely uncooperative about going through it again and again. So it takes much hard slogging and results are poor. Whereas the person with intelligence is rewarded with great gains …. and his auditor with a great and wonderful glow of accomplishment. Auditors are absolutely forbidden to evaluate for their pre-clears, so for the stupid ones, alas, you can’t say, ‘Look, can’t you see it’s so and so that’s done so and so to you?’ No – the very dull and stupid should just go to a good counselor, who can tell them what to do and then hope they’ll have brains enough or will enough to be able to do it. As you simply cannot make gains and progress without some I.Q. to begin with, and as this I.Q. grows and grows and grows as you detach your ‘attention units’ from the old and hidden incidents you have been clinging to, naturally most people who have had had a fair amount of processing have high I.Q.’s.” (Thanks Ikey, MFL)


Now, what we need is a set of signatures written before, during and after the course of processing, so that we can make P. A. readings to see if the rise in the I.Q. is registered as a rise in degrees biometric. Anyone able to supply such a set of signatures from someone not yet a clear? Photos taken at similar intervals should also do if one tells one’s Aunihipili to read the person for the time of the writing of the signatures or taking of the pictures, NOT for the present standing.


The Adorable Woodswoman, or “Sasquatch” or “Bigfoot”, whose P.A. was given as 213 degrees in H.V. 82, has attracted much attention, but no further sightings have been reported. Australian HRA, L.J., writes, “I have often wondered how far up the human scale our Aborigines are. They are very childlike and timid and primitive. They are very ‘weak’ in our way of life but have been able to survive in a harsh country for, some say, 25,000 years.”


I hunted up the book, Living Magic, by Ronald Rose and checked the P.A. readings I had made of several Abo men pictured in it. Two were “clever men” or what would pass for na kahuna with the Hawaiians. Both men showed the swing to 12 0’clock on the chart face, then at 1:30. Both were clockwise in circle and so were constructive. One stood at 257 degrees, the other at 267. Two lay members of two tribes gave constructive and non-hypnotist readings, their degrees being 254 in one case and 253 in the other. I would judge that they are not far advanced, but in hypnotism and psychic powers they do very well. Rose says their healing magic is very effective – also their killing magic when they “point the bone” at a victim.


The artist, Miss Kristin Zambucka, of New Zealand, wrote last year that she had been into the interior sketching Abos and studying them. Knowing Huna from my writings, she was able to make a comparison. Let me quote from her letter.


“While talking to Aboriginal Elders near Alice Springs, I discovered that they believe ‘that each fella habin three spirits …. and some habbin four.’ (If one is partly obsessed he could be said to have four. mfl.) ‘His yowee, equivalent to our soul, nebber leavin his body when he bin alive.’ (This would have to be the Aunihipili. mfl). ‘His Doowee is apparently a dream spirit. His Nlullowil, a shadowy spirit. His Yunbeai is an animal spirit. ‘Doowee bin leabin dat fella’s body while he sleepin. More better he sleep wid his mouth shut.’


“Only the dream spirits of the tribal witch doctor or Wireenun, will do as they are ordered. (Astral travel? mfl.) He controls his Dream Spirit and sends it where he pleases, to do as it is ordered. (This spirit is sent to find out things at times with the aid of a trance  like condition in which the clever man looks into a piece of rock crystal – his ‘crystal ball’. Mfl)


“No one can live without his Mullowil or Shadow. (Our aka body. Egyptians had a similar belief.mfl.) Everyone’s shadow must be guarded from one’s enemies, as injury to one’s shadow affects himself. The shadow of the Wireenum – doctor – is always taboo. So is his head. Anyone who dares touch either is severely punished.”


Rose, on page 168 of his book, discusses the use of hypnosis by the clever men. I quote: “But hypnotism is capable of producing some extraordinary effects, and any difference between the hypnotism we know and the hypnotism that may be practiced by aborigines may not be in kind but merely in degree. One of the aspects we had constantly to bear in mind was that if hypnotism were to be invoked to explain such phenomena as the magic cord and other aspects of the displays that clever men give at initiation time, then mass hypnotism would probably be involved. (To make the people of the audience believe that they saw things they did not. mfl.) Mass hypnotism is a term much abused – for an art little understood. If an operator takes a large group of subjects …. roughly only a fifth will fall readily into a deep trance state. (Rose goes on to say that the Aboriginals are far more suggestible than we are, but his examples of some of the things done by the native doctors cannot so easily be explained away. Mfl.)


THE hours for the sittings of our Telepathic Mutual Healing Group, at 3 and 7 PM, California time, have changed with the coming in late April of daylight savings time. I set my clocks forward an hour. If you are tuning in, and I hope you can, adjust your time accordingly. 



No Hurt : No Sin

Max Will Be Coming Back

July-August, 1968



P.A. READINGS SHOULD BE USED in courts to help decide the nature of the one being tried for crime. The obsessed could be seen to be such. The naturally bad and destructive could be identified. And, later, the paroling boards could be guided in releasing prisoners. The bad and dangerous could then be kept apart and prevented from preying on the public.


Sirhan Sirhan, who will be tried for the killing of Senator Robert Kennedy in the U.S.A. recently, is said by the papers to be planning a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. The P.A. reading for him shows that he is not insane or obsessed – just a very bad person of low mentality. My reading is   262 degrees. The middle self “will” pattern is at 2:15 o’clock on the chart, indicating the fact that he thought he was doing a patriotic thing in killing one who advocated helping the Israelites against the Arabs. Sirhan Sirhan is a Jordanian Arab, and not of sufficient intelligence (262 degrees is very low) to think things out clearly. His large counterclockwise “personality” circle shows that he is ruled by the Aunihipili and his hates and emotions. He failed to think out a means of escape, which a more intelligent criminal would have tried to do – perhaps shoot with a rifle from a distance in order to have a chance to escape safely, as in the case of the slayer of Dr. King.


RAY, from a proper picture in LIFE magazine of June 21, 1968, reads  and 267. He shows the strong influence of spirits to the point of obsession, and his low self circle is counterclockwise. He is intelligent enough to plan a murder and an escape, and is a more dangerous man than Sirhan. There is nothing in his P.A. reading to suggest that he thought he was doing any “cause” good. My guess is that if Ray is the man who killed Dr. King, he did it for pay, caring little about the reason.


For your practice at reading and your interest in the caliber of the two new men appointed by President Johnson to the Supreme Court positions in which they will serve, consider justice Abe Fortas, who will replace Warren. I get     371 for him. Constructive and good all around, and of exceptionally high degree. Should be outstanding, honest and liberal. Justice Homer Thornberry I read as   361, also good and constructive and able, but not as brilliant as Fortas.


Helen Hunt Jackson, writer of the book, Ramona, which has gone through 300 printings, furnishes another reading to help us see what makes the writer. Her picture is in WESTWAYS magazine for July, 1968. She wrote many articles and some books, only the one book’s fame lasting. I get for her    361 degrees. All good and constructive, but much lower than more able Mary Austin. Excellent reporter.


Before leaving Sirhan Sirhan, I wish to note a strange thing which does not fit too well with the degree I read for him. An article in LIFE with several pictures of Sirhan, his family and acquaintances, says that he graduated from high school and finished two years at Pasadena (Calif.) City College. This seems to demand a higher degree of intelligence, but if one has an excellent memory, and if one memorizes enough, the lack of better logic may be overcome. Dr. Brunler, who gave us the system of Biometric reading, found that people of lower degrees could take a college education, but that only if they were over 330 degrees were they able to use the education, once graduated.   I have observed that children have degrees falling closely between those of the father and mother. Running tests on Sirhan’s parents, I find that they were both around 263 degrees, so the seemingly too low degree for his school accomplishments seems correct. I would appreciate the readings any of you HRAs may make for comparison sake. The degree is the hardest and most uncertain part of the readings and would be more safely run if three readers agreed closely on the degree. (I noted that Sirhan’s parents were both clockwise for both Auhane and Aunihipili, but that Sirhan, as a small boy in the family picture, had the same counterclockwise Aunihipili circle that was registered much later.)


WITH NO LITTLE RELUCTANCE I gave up my brightest dream a few days ago. I speak of this with some hesitation, but I have shared my psychic and speculative impressions with you in the past, and have always found sympathetic understanding. My hesitancy comes through the fact that I have received messages, which seem to me to be valid and to have stood such tests as I could make of them – psychic messages from the spirit side of life. We all know the danger of accepting such messages in matters of importance, for often they have proven invalid.


I will not go into details. Let me. say only that I have been so impressed with what has been given me that I have, with great reluctance, given up my fondest hope – that of being able to “graduate” into the Aunakua level at the end of this incarnation. I have spoken of this dear hope in earlier Huna vistas, all of you more seasoned HRAs will perhaps recall.


The short of the matter is that I seem to have been told by the Ones  who have guided my life and who were responsible for pushing me into the long job of investigating Huna and working so hard to recover it – all the way up to the finding at last of the “Code” in the Four Gospels – THAT MY JOB WAS NOT FINISHED and that instead of graduating, they wanted me to come back after a rest and continue the job. I was not denied the privilege of “graduating” – not in so many words – but I suppose my final decision in the matter was already foreseen. Anyway, I have agreed to come back and do the best I can to pick up the threads and carry on.


You may remember that I have been very happy at the prospect of finding the Beloved and “Graduating”. I have, I suppose, been running off from a world which seems not worth trying to help. I admit, now that I have had a good look at myself, that it was not a nice attitude of mind. It was downright selfish. I wanted to “chuck” it all and leave it to those who might like it to try to run things and help better a world which seems to be getting more irreligious, immoral and savagely greedy day by day. I excused myself by thinking I had done the job which had been given me, and I was willing to let posterity take Huna or leave it – to let them stew in their own darkened state if they wished. I am now much ashamed. My only excuse is that I had not realized what I was really intending or the consequences of my refusal to keep on. Oddly enough, one of the advanced HRAs made a psychic investigation of me earlier, and warned me that I would have to come back. As I had seemed to get via pendulum and an Aunihipili-to-Aumakua, assurance that I would be able to “graduate” at the end of this incarnation, and as there was my “will to believe”, I discounted his pendulum investigation in favor of my own.


AS NEARLY AS I CAN GATHER at this stage, I have been asked to come back in order to simplify the Huna we know and fit it so that the less intelligent “masses” can accept and benefit from the first basic principles. The teaching is to be, NO HURT: NO SIN. What is to go with this, I do not know, but simplification seems to be the need. It may be that we will do as did the na kahuna of yesterday, have a simple teaching and a healing ministry for the “little ones”, and the abstractions of the more complicated higher teachings for those who are ready for them and can take a form of initiation. I have no doubt that when the time comes, more Guidance will be given and perhaps more Power released to get the helpful lesser teachings spread where they will do the most good in helping to gentle a savage world.


I do not know just why I stopped short in my work after finding the Code and learning about “graduation”. Perhaps I was too bedazzled by the prospect of finally meeting and blending with the True Love and stepping up to the lower level of the na Aumakua. Logically, I should have recalled things I have long known, especially the tradition of Prince Siddhartha, long known as one of the Buddhas. This man had the Finger laid on him to investigate verities such as are contained in Huna. He did so, not without much effort and a long struggle. At this point he could have gone on and “graduated” (Nirvana to him), but he was asked to give up that reward and stay on to teach his doctrine. He simplified it and kept on to a ripe old age. The higher learning evidently was placed on the initiate level for the more able to be initiated into it as a secret. His Brotherhood, which included women, was organized, and members elected to take the begging bowl and depend on the charity of the public for their food while giving all their time to teaching the “Noble Eightfold Path” and “The Four Noble Truths.” Privately, they meditated for the benefit of their souls, but their primary work was to teach and to encourage those who would listen to live the hurtless and helpful life. In those days, 500 years before the advent of Christianity, the “sins” were almost endless, and the impossibility of sinning in some way or other was fabulously great. If one sinned and made new and “bad” Karma all the time, there was said to be no escape, ever, from having to incarnate and suffer through life after life. Buddha offered the great simplification of winning through to Nirvana by living properly and hurtlessly. His doctrine is almost as practical today as it was then.


ACCORDING TO THE TRADITION, Buddha agreed to return as many times as needed until “the last soul was saved”. Eventually he was given a lesser position as a man god and assigned the task of looking after anyone who prayed to him, offering to see to it that they got their salvation in due time if they just did their best, hurt no one, and BELIEVED in the help from on high. In this we have a very close parallel with the dependence placed on Jesus for salvation by Christians.


HEAVEN KNOWS, I do not delude myself into thinking I am a Buddha who can establish a religion that will sweep half the world; but I do rather fear that I am a very small pilgrim about to follow in the footsteps of the Jesus of the Great Initiatory Drama upon which the Four Gospels were based. Jesus came back to finish up …… which now seems to me the main significance of the Resurrection part of the Drama. But there is comfort in the thought that I will not be alone. Everyone who comes to see the Light and begins to try to share his vision with his fellows and to help and encourage them in the task of hurtless and helpful living is a “Savior” even if in a small way. Many fine HRAs are already across. Perhaps we can come back together.


That is, those who were really convinced that Huna was the best system. I am not forgetting that the HRA is largely  composed of people who cling to such teachings as they have accepted in earlier life. Only a few have endorsed Huna   as we have reconstructed it  without reservations on one or more points. Well, shall we say that I might hope to have a few of those who have gone over be willing to come back in such a way that we would be attracted to each other and work as a unit.


A few months ago I dropped from the bulletin mailing list almost a hundred names. Most of these had not been heard from for a very long time, and all were behind in contributing their share to the expense of getting out the Huna Vistas. Of the lot, only two missed getting the bulletins and wrote to inquire and be put back on the list. Perhaps 2,000 people have come into the HRA and gone out in  the past 20 years since a bulletin was started and organization efforts were begun to get on with the research. A very few of the earliest members have kept on with me, and these I value most highly. Perhaps we have enough earnest and well enough convinced HRAs to act as the seed for a future working group from which can grow the movement to spread the simpler teachings of Huna. I have no way to judge this possibility, but in the past the Guidance has always appeared when the time was ripe for one move or another.


GUIDANCE has become a very real thing to me. For a long time I did not recognize it, but a little by a little, when I had gone far enough with the Huna work to be able to look back and see what small events had “accidentally” pushed me in one direction or another, I began to see that all the pushes had been in the direction of promoting the Huna recovery.


STRANGE DELAYS have spaced off various steps and stages, as if it might have been necessary to wait a bit until certain other conditions were brought about. As a youth I accidentally fell to talking with a bewhiskered stranger whom I met walking his dog on a side street of my small home town in Colorado. He had a strange missionary spirit and took it upon himself to take me, a young and not too convinced Baptist, and give me a liberal education in religions, politics and doubts. When he left town I went to priests and preachers to ask them what they believed and how they knew this or that sect was the right one. I delved in the encyclopedia and read about all the different religions, ending up with a belief in nothing.

Three years passed, then I “accidentally” ran into a traveling photographer out in a small town in Wyoming. As I was also a small time photographer by that time, it was natural that we should have a common interest. After two meetings he suggested that we team up and work together. I agreed and the next day we moved on to the next town. We made photographs together and he taught me to see in Theosophy a wealth of values which I had missed in my momentary touch with it through the encyclopedias. He soon went back to his profession of mining engineer, and I went East to take a job in a small camera store. Two years passed, and then I rejoined my engineer friend in California as a helper and he taught me to be an assayer and mill hand. Again, I became enthusiastic about Theosophy.


The mining job lasted while we dug out all that was worthwhile in three old mines, then I went back to being a traveling photographer. It was summer and business was bad. I “accidentally” ran into a school principal and his wife who had a Ford and were also trying to make a little money with a camera. We worked together for a few weeks, managing to eat, but, most important for  me, getting into my head the idea that it would be nice if, with the Fall coming on, I could go, as did my friend, to a good teaching job. I decided to go to Normal School and get to be a teacher. I had ten days before the school opened to get to the city and enter.


Starting with $20 in my pocket, and with books to buy, I had hard going for a time, but never became really hungry. I found jobs and things improved. I even joined the Hollywood Theosophical Society and put myself under the charge of its head to practice the teachings and see if I could develop some of the psychic powers which were promised in the books on Yoga. I got some valuable experience, and little more at the time. BUT, one leading member of the Lodge was a man who had been born and brought up in Hawaii. He had known the na kahuna and had learned various things from them. I listened to his accounts of his adventures with the greatest interest, and promised myself that some day I would go to Hawaii and look up some na kahuna.


The arrival of War I found me in the end of my second year at Normal. I got my draft card and number and carried on, graduating in due time. With that I set out to find a job in the teaching field, but no school board wanted to take a chance on hiring me lest I be called up to go into the war before I got well started in the teaching. I gave up and took a job as assembler in a big auto painting plant. This job dragged on for a few weeks, and then I received notice that I was being laid off at the end of the week. That night, on my way through downtown Los Angeles between street car lines, I “accidentally” ran into a Normal School friend whom I had not seen since our graduation. He told me that he had signed up to go to Hawaii to teach, and that they were asking for more teachers, paying little attention to their draft status. He urged me to let him cable Honolulu for a job. I agreed to the idea, and in a few days was told to come on, and that a school would be found for me when I arrived. (That was touch and go Guidance. Five minutes either way would have caused me to miss meeting my friend and I should not have gone to the Islands.)


In Hawaii I was assigned to a small school of three rooms as principal in the region of the Volcano (Kileauea) and to share the school cottage with me as teacher of the second grade was a young Hawaiian lad who later began to tell me no end of stories about the na kahuna and to pass on to me the native tales, beliefs, fears and superstitions.


Two years slipped by. The war ended just before my draft number came up, and, during my third year of teaching, after trying to get several reforms made in the very backward school system, I got fired. I went to Honolulu at the end of the school year, firmly intending to return on the next steamer to California. But, in the meantime I went to see Dr. Brigham and asked him about the na kahuna and fire-walking, and became caught up in that mystery. I made friends and found a job in a camera store, and remained on in Hawaii chasing down information on the na kahuna as a hobby for 16 years.


The Depression of ’28-29 finished me off in business. Dr. Brigham was dead, and I could learn no more about the na kahuna. I packed my things and bought a ticket for Los Angeles. There I met my boyhood sweetheart, Louise, who was by then giving up a writing career with the picture studios in order to retire to a beach cottage near Los Angeles, and with our old friend of years, Miss Ethel Doherty, to try making a living by writing fiction. I married Louise and went along. The market for fiction was very poor, times were desperately hard. I worked at odd jobs days and set to work under the instruction of the two ladies to learn to write. I produced three murder fiction books, but they brought in so little that I gave up before filling the contract I had for five books with the publisher. Looking for some better subject about which to write, I decided upon the na kahuna, and soon produced a book which I titled, Recovering the Ancient Magic. (Guidance had pushed me into a spot where I learned to write, and poverty had forced me to make use of the kahuna material in an effort to produce something that would sell.)


The new book could not be sold in the U.S.A. but my agent found a publisher for it in England. It came out, with a thousand copies printed and 800 of them bound. They were hardly on the market when World War II struck. A few of the books were sold and I received a few letters from readers, one correspondent being able to give me considerable information on the kahuna tribe which he had found in North Africa. Writing seemed to be a bad bet. I found a job in a printing plant and soon the Japanese raided Pearly Harbor and my spare time was taken up as an air warden.


AGAIN THE LONG TIME LAPSE. Seven years passed and I had left the beach town with the ladies and moved to Hollywood, where we bought and operated a small print shop. Meantime, I had discovered the secrets of Huna through a study of the roots of the words they had used. I had revised my RECOVERINGto include the new material, and my agent had been trying in vain to find an American publisher for it –  the English publisher wanting no more to do with it because of the small early sale which was stopped when the “Blitz” burned the remainder of books in stock.


Guidance again took over, and when I had given up hopes of getting the revised book into print, I “accidentally” met Wing Anderson, who was just entering the publishing field by publishing books and selling them by direct mail advertising. I happened to tell him of my book on the na kahuna that no one would publish. He became interested, read the MMS, and signed me up at a royalty of half that usually paid, but he DID bring out the book and with rather lurid advertising, managed to sell over fifty thousand of them in less than two years. Again, Guidance had found the right spot and had selected a time when the War was over and people were beginning to think of other things. Letters poured in. I organized the HRA as an experimental group to work by mail …. failed to form working groups close at hand … and soon had The Secret Science At Work ready to be published. But Mr. Anderson had been in a bad accident and was inactive. He did not wish to publish the new book, but would rent me the names of buyers of the first book, SSBM. I was being pushed into the publishing business, and that seems to have been the place in which I was seen to be best able to carry on the research and writing.


There are many more incidents in which Guidance was unmistakable, but this will give some idea of WHY I feel so strongly that I have been used all these years, and, probably, will continue to be used. And I am trying, with much clashing and grinding, to change gears and turn into a very different road.


WHAT TO DO NOW? Some of you will remember how, a few years ago, I tried with my pendulum to get the Aunihipili to go to the Aumakua and get some direct Guidance for me and our work together. Two things seemed to be approved by the Guidance. One was to write a book on the “Code”, which was successfully done. The other was to try once more to get groups started. When I made the new try, it was decidedly “no go”. A lot of beautiful HRAs came to my home and we took turns saying what we thought might be good for a group to do, but we agreed on little or nothing and could not decide on a purpose for going further. We had all read my books and everyone knew about as much as I did about Huna. No one was much interested in experimental healing work. Finally, after we had enjoyed ourselves greatly, talking and getting acquainted, we had refreshments and called it a day. I reported in the next Huna Vistas that I had been forced to decide that I had made a mistake in thinking that Guidance had told me to try again to get groups started. ….. Now, I am not so sure. Perhaps, after a time lag, I must change my mind.


THE IDEA HAS BEEN up to now, that groups were to be formed to study Huna. But those who joined a group had already read my books and many had been through the back bulletins, so there was little of interest in the reviews. Discussions usually ran off the Huna lines to New Thought or other angles. The original plan for the groups to carry on research and to experiment with the application of the known Huna healing methods did not work out. Research, except in the hands of those patient enough to keep plodding without knowing where to look for new items, was not for groups, but rather for the individual. Experimentation never got well started. In the whole field of “metaphysical” or “Faith” healing these days, be it in the hands of the practitioner or preacher or priest – even our own TMHG – the one needing healing or other help comes and asks for help. The healer at once uses whatever method she or he has adopted, and “treatment” is given. Sometimes the results are swift in coming and excellent. More often, no results are obtained.


THE DIFFERENCE in our approach should be that the applicant for help should first be willing to be put through the process of the kala or cleansing, and then, if the healer is perceptive enough, the preliminary steps will be ordered. If the applicant is unwilling to take the steps to undo hurts done others and rid his mind of the knowledge that he is guilty to some extent; and if he will not make some sacrifice large enough to impress his Aunihipili that amends have been made, and that he is CLEANSED AND READY AND DESERVING of being Helped or Healed, then the Huna type prayers and invocations of the na Aumakua should NOT be made.


If we are to undertake to press ahead with the healing aspect of the work, two things will be necessary. First, the Huna “practitioner” will have to be trained and schooled in Huna to a workable degree, perhaps needing to have some native healing or psychic talent to begin with. Second, the applicant for Help would have to be taught at least enough about Huna to understand what was being done and WHY. This would entail personal instructions, perhaps the reading of a simple text (which we do not now have), or sessions in a class where several applicants are taught. The healer could also act as the teacher. This slow approach would hold many back from asking for it. The idea has for so long been that one prayed or got prayed for, and results were at once to be expected. If the applicant is already fairly clean in terms of the kala, the immediate prayer may get through to the  na Aumakua and results follow. With so many in urgent need, the practitioner or Huna healer would hardly be able to refuse to take a chance on the presence of old guilt fixations or awareness of late hurts done others, and make no delay in the immediate start of treatments. Present results all over this healing field are very uncertain and spotty. I believe that if we could work out a way to follow the methods which we know were used by the na kahuna, results would be much better.


ANOTHER IMPORTANT ANGLE if we attempt this approach, is the training of the individual to treat himself. This would demand instruction and a rather good practical knowledge of Huna and of how to go about cleansing oneself and then beginning the proper series of HA rites or self treatments. Instruction and classes seem indicated here, with the Huna practitioner again, probably, acting as teacher and even as coach later on when the individual had finished with the classes and begun to try to put the methods to work.


NO HURT: NO SIN would, of necessity, be the basis of this ministry, and to it for motivating the individual and getting him interested and active, the idea of SERVE TO DESERVE could legitimately be used. Few are ready, without long training in the philosophy of religions (including Huna), to exert themselves and do good just for goodness’ sake. Selfless SERVICE is the highest ideal, but few are ready for it. Even in Selfless Service most of us want to see at least some good done.


AS YOU CAN ALREADY BEGIN TO SEE, the simple message that I am requested to reincarnate and to teach “No hurt: No sin” has thrown me into rather a tail spin. I reply, “Yes”, and as soon as I begin to wonder what I should do while finishing up this incarnation, in order to get things started against taking a hand when I return, the little slogan of “No hurt: No sin” is like a baited hook bringing up a whale of complications. One thing leads directly to another, and there are no end of angles which have to be considered.


FOR INSTANCE, if we are to have healers and teachers in this modern day of laws and restrictions, we will have to conform and organize ourselves in the form of a “church”, dislike it as we may. We will have to certify the healers and give them some kind of legal standing to keep the AMA from putting them all in jail. To begin training healer  teachers, we would have to have a school, and this would take texts and teachers and administrators and certificates. Standard methods would have to be decided upon and tested, then adhered to rather carefully. In all conscience, the work would have to include an experimental and research department. We would need a headquarters and staff to care for all the details of the effort and, to keep the movement active and growing, at least a small magazine which would serve to keep everyone in touch and going in the same direction.


I BELIEVE THAT we now have carried on the research phase long enough to have a sufficient knowledge of the working philosophies and methods of the na kahuna to attempt to use the lesser healing methods. If we can get started, we may, given time and delving, learn the mechanics of instant healing.


THE SUCCESS of the healers in this field has been made possible by the system worked out by Mary G. Baker-Eddy in which practitioners charged for the time and effort they expended without guaranteeing results. In this way the healers could make a living, and they were also expected to act as leaders in the churches which were set up. As such, they could explain the system in meetings which were often attended by people new to the movement, perhaps gaining customers for their healing practice. The Mother Church was sent a percentage of the income from healing or other activities. It also produced all magazines, papers and books, the profit from these remaining at the center. A lending fund grew and was used to help build churches throughout the land. The organization soon became financially strong enough to carry a test case through the Supreme Court and win it to fight off the gentlemen who objected to the entry of the practitioners into the healing field. This victory made it possible for the various New Thought types of similar healing organizations to get started and flourish. The pattern is well laid out, and it would be simple for the Huna teacher-healers to set up centers as “churches” and enjoy all the privileges of a religious order – which it cannot escape being, even if still quite free from hindering dogmas and the hindering dictum of a founder who has decreed that the teachings and texts shall not be changed in any way, world without end, Amen.


WE ARE ALREADY INCORPORATED as the “Huna Fellowship”, although the corporation status has never been used and the original board members are gone or scattered. The papers could be found and dusted off and we would be in business as a “legal entity” entitled to ordain ministers, teach and use Huna methods. The only hitch is to be found in two questions. (1) Do we wish to get going on this line? (2) If we do, how can we finance the training school to get healers ready and set up in business, even if working and meeting in their homes (as do some of the Unity healer teachers here in Vista)? Our healers would have to be able to finance themselves until they could work up a following and get a practice started. Pay classes would be the natural way to start, and, as in the other organizations, class members might be attracted by the prospect of learning what was to be learned and, themselves, eventually be able to set up in business as Huna healers. Many look for a way to make a living, and some of these also are altruistic and would prefer to be performing a Service while earning their daily bread. We read in the Gospels that “the laborer is worthy of his hire, ” and also that “He sent them out without script or purse” to begin their soul saving ministries.


FOR A SIMPLE BEGINNING we could drop the bars and start getting acquainted. The reason why this hasn’t been done before is that it worked out badly in a few instances when tried 18 years ago. At that time I undertook to get the scattered HRAs into letter touch, or personal if they lived close together. I published the names and addresses of the members who were willing to get acquainted, and a few round robin letters started to circulate. One group, in their letters, for some reason which I never understood, began to criticize me, the work, the Huna system and all that went with it. They offered no leadership or direction themselves. One more kindly member began to send the letters to me as they circulated. I was amazed and distressed. I was accused of trying to start a new cult by inventing Huna and of trying to get rich in the effort. Another member took time out to write letters of bitter criticism to as many of those appearing on the list as possible, and some of these letters came on to me. One rascal tried to move in on a widowed HRA and beat her out of her ranch after getting his foot in her door as an HRA. Nothing good seemed to come from the much time and effort spent on giving out names, handling all the additional letters, making introductions by letter, etc. Discouraged, I put up the bars and have, ever since then, kept HRAs under initials and quite apart.


TO TAKE ANY NEW STEPS will now be impossible for me unless I have help. Going along as I am, I am barely able to keep up with tasks I now have to perform. If you HRAs should decide that you want to have names and addresses and chance meeting rogues or rascals or getting caught in a vindictive gossip circle, some of you will have to volunteer to take on the job of publishing names and addresses, keeping file cards to learn which members are near enough to make a personal contact, and to write such letters of introduction as may be needed – also stand ready to answer questions and consider complaints. How much time this would take I can’t say, but if YOU wish to take a chance and send in your name as one who would correspond and get acquainted with other members, drop me a line. If enough HRAs respond, we will see what can be done. I will no longer stand in the way, and you can take me apart if you wish. How’s that?


I REALIZE THAT I AM ASKING you of the HRA to help me rake my chestnuts out of the coals. Primarily, of course, it is my problem, for I am the one who has been made to change my plans and begin to try to make what preparations I can to keep Huna alive and in such shape that when I return in perhaps 50 years, I will run into it and be able to be Guided to take up my part of the recovery job again. BUT, since I have given up being so hard of heart as to be willing to let humanity take or leave what I have unearthed of Huna, it seems to me that we are all more or less tarred by the same stick. Many of us may be sent back in the next incarnation whether we like it or not. I am told that great social changes are on the way, and now that I (for one) am coming back, I would like to do what I can in what is left of this incarnation to begin leavening the loaf with such Huna knowledge as we have that can be fitted to simplified presentation – No sin: No hurt. Everyone is caught up in the task of trying to get past the threat of atomic war and provide more equal opportunities for our mixed level people.


GROUPS except for the purpose of getting acquainted and finding friends who also like Huna and will discuss it with you, seem “out”, at least for the present. Heretofore all groups were formed to study Huna, and I am beginning to see that with most members already well versed in the lore, such study is of little interest. I am now watching with much interest the progress of a Home Study Group up in the region of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. From it I hope to learn how such a group works best. It was made up of people who were neighbors, were congenial, and who had a common interest in metaphysics, psychology and philosophies in general. They chanced to run into one of my books, and decided to take up the study of Huna. At about that time they also ran into one of the long time HRAs who was happy to give them advice as to my books to study, and now and then attend a meeting. They meet at the home of a member who is centrally located for them. They have a varied program, with discussions and meditations after the assigned study unit. Each week some member provides light refreshments and now and then the interest is so high that the meetings do not break up until well after midnight.


I have not been in touch with this group very long, but by now am beginning to know individual members from a distance. They all wrote letters telling me about themselves and families, work and so on. They also sent me pictures of themselves and some of the children. I ran P.A. readings for them on all, and was delighted to find that everyone in the group was in the “professional” level in terms of degree – a surprisingly intelligent and fine group, indeed, and just right in standing to understand Huna with no trouble at all. They have sets of the bulletin, the old HRA ones, and the new Huna Vistas. From these they can select material for study and discussion. I am watching their progress to try to learn just what should be done to make a successful group. One thing already learned is that a study group should start with all members at the same place in the approach, and advance step by step together. As I write, I am waiting for a letter to say when the group will give me a long distance phone call when having a meeting, and let me talk to them through a “squawk box” which will allow all of them to hear what I say at my end, and me to hear them reply as individuals. In their letters they report already having put Huna to use and having obtained some very fine results.


GUIDANCE APPEARS TO BE AT WORK. I have prayed in the Huna manner for some sign of Guidance in this new step. I tried with my pendulum to get, via the Aunihipili, an indication from my Aumakua as to whether or not I was doing the right thing in trying to get us organized for spreading the good word of Huna. I got a strong affirmative from the pendulum. I opened my Hawaiian dictionary at random – a method of asking which, in the past, has seemed to give me the right word to tell me whether I was on or off the track. This time I opened the dictionary and my eyes fell on the word ike. This seems to fit exactly and in the affirmative for the new step. Examine the word with me.


Ike: “To know”. (Which we do in knowing Huna.)

Root, i :”To speak; to put into words.” (Yes, we need to speak  and tell others about Huna.

Root, ke: “‘To create; to beget.” (Yes, we can create an organization if we will all give a hand as we may be able, and push forward.)

Hoo ike ike: “To explain; to make very clear.” (Yes, this we will have to do.)


CUTTING THE TAROT CARDS for the new setup, I drew Justice, telling me that the legal aspect is to the fore: the incorporation and the Huna Fellowship. Next the Strength trump: the Guided and Helped effort. Then the Ace of Wands: for a new and auspicious start in a business venture. I take it from this that we will be able to raise money for our expanded work.


It takes several days to write these Huna Vistas, even though I write directly on stencils and do not edit and copy, as one should. After finishing the present writing to the middle of page 10, the mail came in after collecting in the post office box over the July 4th holiday, and in that mail were two letters which seem to show that Guidance is beginning to push hard from the other side. Both letters were from strangers. I venture to quote from them, but will not give the names and addresses, as I have had no time to ask permission for that as yet.


“I am the leader of a group using the Huna prayer method, and meeting each Wednesday night at the local Unity Center. (An order for books and request for membership in the HRA followed.) I also wish to inquire if you would be agreeable to giving a lecture here in New Orleans in our Unity Temple. It has a seating capacity for about 400 people, and we have had speakers in the past who have just about filled it. If you can arrange to come, let me know enough in advance to properly publicize the event. Our minister, Mrs. Ruth Murphy, is a member of our Wednesday night group, and is very open minded about our studying other teachings than Unity. One of her close associates and a member of the Church, Mrs. Irene Fisher, was a secretary to “Baron” Ferson, so you see we are exposed to many teachers, and are endeavoring to find the Truth wherever we can. I have studied and practiced Huna since 1958 (!!) and have been helped immensely by it.” The signature is that of “W.A” our newest HRA, and a warm welcome to him.


This letters shows that we can work successfully with established churches and groups in the non-dogmatic religious circles, and that is VERY encouraging. Our members have been Huna hyphenates this long time, and Huna certainly is so universal that it can blend in and be helpful with and to all progressive schools of thought. I look forward to the day when we can have a good lecturer to travel about and introduce Huna, perhaps then forming classes from which groups may take shape. Or classes might be formed and turned over to local HRAs to teach. Until we get a lecturer, perhaps we might have some lecture tapes which could be sent out and used for the same purpose of introducing Huna and building up class interest. My two ancient tape recorders are in need of repairs, and I have at the moment a fine five inch reel reporting a seance in which Hawaiian words were used by supposedly kahuna spirits coming through a Denver, Colo. medium. BUT, the tape is in the slow 17/8 speed and my old machines will not play it. I tried to borrow or rent a machine modern enough for this speed, but failed to locate one. If this project could get off the ground, we would need someone to duplicate the original lecture tapes for those who wanted to buy them, and to have to lend out to HRAs who are able to use them. (Any of you want to try your hands at giving me an outline or even a full lecture of introduction to run less than an hour? Or, by any lovely chance, does one of you wish to produce such a lecture tape for us?)


“Dear Mr. Long:

Thank you for your prompt reply to my letter of inquiry and your typed comments. (Typed on the usual form letter telling of the HRA and its TMHG. mfl) My letter was a shot in the dark and I am grateful that it hit a target.” (He had come upon one of my books at the library and had found my Vista address in the back of it. Mfl.)


“After twenty years of searching, it appears I have found the worthwhile subject, Huna. My wife is just as enthusiastic as I am. This letter will be brief because you made it clear how busy you are.”


The Taped Lectures

September-October, 1968



MY WARM THANKS to all of you who have read with indulgence of my decision to do all I presently can to spread the Good Word of Huna while I am in this incarnation – to the end that the Ancient Lore will have a better chance to survive in recognizable form when I get back in a fresh incarnation. I must admit that a few of you have sniffed at the whole idea, and that the majority have remained silent and have not written to say I might introduce them to other HRAs with the hope that we could begin to form groups, if not to meet regularly, at least to get those who know Huna acquainted. Too few letters of permission have come to allow much to be done by way of introductions as yet, but in time I think we will do better. The HRA mentioned in the last H.V. as desiring to meet others who could talk with her about Huna, has, I am most pleased to say, been introduced to four who live near enough to be able to visit with her now and then. (They have the lecture tapes and a recorder, so will play them and this will help along.)


THE FIRST PART OF MY GUIDANCE has been acted upon with a will, and is proving to be excellent. The part about organizing on a larger scale may not be part of the Guidance, or at least not be for us yet. I have had several letters from different HRAs objecting strongly to the idea of “Church”‘and paid healers. Some feel these organizations on which I proposed that we pattern ours, are decadent and are NOT what we as a free and spiritual group desire. I am content to wait and to see what appears proper to do when the time comes and we begin to feel that we need a better form of organization for any one of several imagined reasons. THAT THERE IS NEED FOR A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FORM OF ORGANIZATION HAS BEEN seen already because members (and a few new arrivals) are playing the lectures to people who have never heard of Huna before. They may later on read my books and become better informed, but the missionary effort of the moment is based on a great SIMPLIFICATION of Huna and the presentation of a working prayer method to enable one new to it to begin practicing to get the system to working. These listeners are asked on the tapes to subscribe to the Huna way of life and make a pledge to themselves to begin living the hurtless and helpful life and to invite the Aumakua to begin to take its full share in living their lives. They are asked to accept the dictum of “No hurt: no sin” and “Serve to deserve”. They are invited if they agree to conform, to count themselves members of the Huna Fellowship and to accept the privilege of counting themselves Fellows of the Huna Fellowship, (F.H.F.) In starting the tape lectures I announce myself as a Huna Fellow and one holding the title of “Founding Fellow” as well as of “Teaching Fellow”. (Some day I hope that we will have “Healing Fellows”.)


THERE ARE THREE LECTURES already available. These are the basic “starters”.


The first lecture is on both sides of a reel and runs for a full hour. In it I tell what Huna is and how it was rediscovered by means of a breaking of the language and symbol code. In the lecture I try to stir enough interest and curiosity in the listeners to get them to come to listen to the second lecture. In the second lecture, which is 45 minutes and on one side of a tape reel, I go at once into the simplest possible explanation of how and why to use Huna. I ask that the Huna beliefs be taken on faith for the time being so that we can get on with a method which has been used for centuries and found workable. I avoid Hawaiian words as much as possible and try to make the instructions as entertaining as their serious nature will allow. But, this is 45 minutes in which point after point is laid on the line and which demands close attention on the part of the listener. (I have had letters already saying “I must play that lecture over and over and absorb every part of it.” Two have asked the price of the two reels and have sent their $10 to Huna Research Publications, who will handle such sales and collect the sales tax where it applies. The lectures are sent out on loan with the understanding that when they have ceased to be used, they will be returned so that they can go out again to others.)


The “Garden Home Study Group” (which is closed to outsiders, but which is planning to start playing the tapes and forming a class of people whom they find may be interested) near Portland, Ore., has played the lectures and arranged to have them duplicated by a friend who has recorders, then the originals can be returned. (The tapes are on 5 inch reels and run at a speed of 3 3/4 I.P.S., and so will play on most of the older recorders and all the larger new ones, the exception being the small recorders which use 3-inch reels or little cassettes where two reels are encased in a shell and need not be threaded.)


I have had such heartening help with the expense of equipping myself with fine recorders to make up the lectures and “dub” off the copies, that I count that help a strong evidence that Guidance has placed a finger on other HRAs to bring them into the new phase of the work. (As I write, the three big recorders on the table at my left are making a noise like a hive of bees as they run off, in duplicate, two copies of Side 1 of Tape 1.)

One seasoned HRA wrote, “I have known Huna through your books for some time, but had become rather lost in the various angles. Your lectures were wonderful in that they suddenly brought everything into sharp focus and laid down a very direct and logical method of procedure. We have played the lectures for ourselves, and will soon begin playing them before a local (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) group where a variety of things are taken up for consideration or study.”


I suggest that any of you who feel that you have been unable to see the forest of Huna because of the too many trees, might find it worthwhile to ask to borrow the three lectures and use them to sharpen up and even to play to a few friends in the hope that some of them will be able to grasp the ideas and will wish to help form a class – with a prayer healing group possibly to follow. The Garden Home Study Group is mainly a prayer and meditation circle, and they tell me of remarkable healing results as well as Help in affairs and circumstances. The new Huna group starting the study of Huna in Walnut Creek, up south of San Francisco, has heretofore been a Cayce Group and as such, reports some healing of a high order. The Huna studies are in addition to the other line and are given a special day, also being opened to others. They also will duplicate the lectures for their own use.


A MOST PROMISING GROUP in Ellensburg, Wash. (Mrs. Jerold O’Hare, P.O. Box 575, Zip Code 98926 for information if you live up there), has been making a study of Huna and is now using the tapes. They send word that they all have elected to follow the Huna Way and to become Huna Fellows. A very generous contribution has been received from them, and I am greatly aided.


A PLAN TO FORM A CLASS OR GROUP is being pushed by HRA, Mrs. Jack Becker, 323 West Pine St., Long Beach, N.Y., 11561. She has the tapes as her own now and is one who will play them repeatedly. She wishes to get a class together of young people, knowing several likely ones, when school again starts. Meantime, she would very much like to contact HRAs in and around New York City and on Long Island, with the hope of getting acquainted and having a chance to visit with those who speak our language, that is, know and can talk about Huna. She is a business woman and is in and out of the City often.


EDITH M. PARKEY, long an HRA and who has taught her own groups often, now lives at 2928 Linwood Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio. 45226. She would welcome a contact with those in her city or Northern Kentucky and central and eastern Indiana.


IN NEW ZEALAND, at 10 Turakina St., New Plymouth, Dora Jensen, a seasoned teacher and the publisher of a fine little duplicator magazine, “summit”, has been sent the three lectures and will, when they arrive, get together a class in Huna. They know na kahuna in New Zealand, so will not be at all surprised at what I report on the Hawaiian ones upon whom my attention has mainly been fastened these long years past.


LECTURE NO. 3 is a follow up for No. 2. It is intended to be played with a week between it and No. 2 so that time will be allowed for the class members to practice making simple prayers in the Huna fashion and be ready for a little inspiration or help by way of partial reviews and the discussion of various phases of the theory and practice. The temptation has been for those planning class formation to gobble all three lectures immediately as soon as they arrive and this may not be as good as to allow a week to pass during which the instructions have been put to work. Here, and in a group where all three lectures have been heard, the call is for “More! More!”


ADDITIONAL LECTURES will be taped and made ready as soon as possible, But until such a time as I get some substantial reports on the reactions of those who hear the lectures and get down to try to follow the instructions, I will not know what further help and explanations are needed and what questions have come up that need answering. One good question is already on the list of those to be answered, and this is what to do about the feeling of guilt arising from giving up the church affiliations of earlier years. I have stressed in the lectures the need to measure all our “sins” or doubtful deeds against the “No hurt:no sin” standard. One must review things which seem to make the Aunihipili feel guilt and ask in every case, “Did that act HURT me or anyone else?” If not, it is NOT a sin. But, as the Aunihipili may have a fixation on the “Do and do not” list, it may be necessary to keep applying the test frequently to bring the Aunihipili into the Light. An explosive point here may turn out to be my casual way of referring to Jesus as the leading character in a great Drama of Initiation. We shall have to see whether or not this trips up anyone who has not read my book, Huna Code In Religions, and who may not know all the reasons for looking upon Jesus in this light. Of course , it is hoped that all of the new arrivals will eventually become sufficiently interested to go into my books and get all available information.


HUNA HYPHENATES will be welcomed and Huna is being offered as something to augment more or less fixed beliefs held by the ones who chance to hear the lectures. True, some adjustments will have to be made in each individual case, but a member of almost any Faith should be able to fit Huna into the older and more familiar things already accepted. I have already had a letter telling me that the “Universal Subconscious” of Troward seems to fit nicely with the idea of the “Great Company of na Aumakua” of Huna. “Universal Mind” fits easily, and while we have little to say about God, as the “Ultimate” (except that He is too large for us to encompass with our limited power of thought), the “God Within” and “Christ Spirit” match the Aumakua perfectly – provided, of course, that we do not stop to argue the Church dogmas of the Trinity. Theosophy has its differences, but these are not of too great importance, and its “Seven Bodies of Man” can be matched well enough with the ten elements of the man in Huna. Unity and the Science Of…. schools of religion are not too far from basic Huna, and even Christian Science, and its view that all matter is unreal, is not too hard to match on the points of practical value. Only the “schools” who sell a never ending course in religion, may object strongly to members allowing themselves and their monthly dues to be weaned away. All grounds for objection will be based on dogmas which Huna may question, but few can object to the “No Hurt: no sin” or “Serve to deserve” basics of Huna as it is now being presented in the lectures.


CHEERS FROM DOWN UNDER. HRA Gaye Meridan, of 22/6 Ithaca Road, Elizabeth Bay, 2011, Sydney, Australia, wrote, as of August 22nd:


Dear Max:

I am overjoyed at the news of the tapes and classes for Huna. This is the way that will open up … but why didn’t we do it long ago? I think I could start and keep a class going here with the tapes and help from you, and perhaps some inter-com from the American groups. Will you send the tapes that are ready so far? I am so happy about this! (Signed:) Gaye Meridan.


The tapes are being mailed at once, and also I have taken the liberty (other HRAs in Australia at or near Sydney, please take note) of giving her the names and addresses of HRAs who might be contacted and who might help get audiences for the lectures. The Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society in Sydney has been selling my books for some time, and there should be lodge members there who might show a kindly interest and give a hand.


IN NEW ZEALAND lives HRA Dora Jensen, of 10 Turakina St., New Plymouth, New Zealand. She has been teaching “Truth” for some time and is a good psychic. She has a ready made audience for the tape lectures, and has welcomed the opportunity to spread the Good Word of Huna and get together classes with the thought that from them groups may form. (Help! Help! I have just discovered that when I started writing this H.V. three days ago, I had already told happily of Dora’s work and of the lectures being on the way to her. Since that writing I have had a delightful short tape from her by air mail, and could enjoy her voice and a dissertation on the Kabbalah, a short talk by a naturalist on the birds of New Zealand, and some fine bits of music. Little wonder she was so fresh in my mind today that I overlooked the earlier reference. Excuse please!)


I HAVE BEEN PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to learn that so many HRAs have good tape recorders and so can play the tapes. Recorders, especially the quite new small ones, sometimes play the tapes slowly at a speed of 17/8 I.P.S. (inches per second), and in this way make a tape carry almost twice the length of lectures, however, these recorders often will not play at the 3 3/4 speed, and none of them take the full five-inch reel. Then there is the fast play, running the tape through at 7 1/ 2 I.P.S. to get better sound on music. The between speed I am using for our lectures is excellent for voice, and the majority of older recorders will handle it. Later on we may find enough call for the little cassette type running at the slow speed to make it worthwhile to get equipment to duplicate the lectures for use on the small recorders.


In sending out the tapes from our new Loan Library, I am placing two reels (containing a lecture of introduction of one hour and two 45-minute lectures) in one book mailing carton. In the package I include gummed tape to be used to close the carton when finished with, and in the cartoon I also include a picture of myself which I have had printed for this purpose. Several book lists are included, so that those who listen to the lectures and who may wonder what literature on the subject is available, may have the information ready to hand. The carton is creased so it folds on set lines, and I suggest that if YOU are returning reels, you TURN THE CARTON INSIDE OUT before repacking it and sealing and addressing it. An address label is also enclosed against the time of return.


THE PICTURE OF MYSELF was taken a bit over a year ago and has been slightly retouched to pretty up the old boy. So many people have asked for a picture of me that I have decided to include a print in this Huna Vistas [not included, ed.] to be inspected and perhaps then placed in any one of my books which you may have handy. For those of you who make P. A. readings, you can use it for a run. And, for any of you who may happen to have a picture of yourself to spare, a copy would be most welcome.


SEEING THE WHITE LIGHT OF THE AUMAKUA has been discussed in the tape lectures and has been stressed as something which may be seen once or twice in one’s lifetime, and which one beginning to use Huna should watch for and expect hopefully. I tell of my own early experience of being awakened at night, with my room flooded with this strong heatless light. One of the HRAs who listened to the lectures delighted me by sitting down at once to tell me of her experience. She is a practicing healer, and one day she was called on the telephone by a young mother who asked her to begin treating her young son. The school had just called her to ask her to come and get the little boy because he was ill and running a fever. It was added that he had been exposed, as had others, to scarlet fever, and that two other children were ill. Calling on all her inner power of spirit, she told the mother with great positiveness, “Your boy has been exposed to NOTHING BUT DIVINE LOVE. He is all right.” And, as she spoke she was suddenly surrounded with the White Light. It lasted but a few moments, but greatly impressed her. Next day the small boy and the other children who had been ill were all back in school, completely normal.


In giving instructions for the simplest method of putting Huna to work and getting in line to see the LIGHT as a lasting evidence of contact with the Aumakua, I stress the value of meditation – which is nothing more or less than quieting down and thinking of the good aspects and characteristics of the Aumakua. In this way the Aunihipili is brought into line and given help in making the full contact. Try it.


Dear Max:

(Writes long time HRA Victor Frankenstein.) At last! Your July-August Bulletin arrived today (23.8.68) and I wondered for a long time, where the Huna Vistas including you and me were going.

A repeat of already often repeated findings, explanations in Hawaiian, etc. actually meant a standstill for most of the HRAs who have been with you now for over twenty years. You have my full help in the new guided step, but as you say yourself, “Groups” are out as they lead nowhere.

I meet here regularly with another old HRA, Stuart Lucy, but one would have to have basic directions as to what to do, step by step, and also to know what the ultimate goal should be. That means that there should be a kind of charter worked out.

A further question is, what could the HRAs contribute in this part of the world – but if the Lyons restaurants spread all over the globe, why not the HRAs? Perhaps a voluntary organization which teaches members not only Huna, but also to heal themselves. The only difficulty might be that there are so many cranks who will join that the good supporters will flee in terror.

I hope that many other HRAs will voice their opinion in approval of a new step to be taken and all our suggestions will give you a little help in formulating the right steps to take.

In any case I am with you 100%.

Best wishes and regards, Vic.


THIS IS A MOST HELPFUL AND ENCOURAGING LETTER, with the several points brought up in connection with the work. I quite agree that we have been going over and over much the same ground of late, and that the HRAs who have been in the organization for  a long time miss something new and vital in the results of the research or of healing experiments. The healing tests have been very slow in coming, owing to lack of groups and all the things it would take to test out a full circle to see what mana power could be accumulated, sent to the na Aumakua and put to use in healing. But NOW, it is my hope, we are making a start in that direction. First the classes and tape lectures, then coordinated groups of up to 12 to make a circle. If we are to believe that the Drama of the Four Gospels was made to include practical suggestions for work, then our circles should have 12 members, with perhaps a thirteenth to take the place of any Judas who fails to come up to the standard and leaves the circle. The Last Supper saw “food” supplied, the wine being the fluid to represent the water of mana. The blessing was asked, the food offered to a Higher Power, and then, Jesus, as the Aumakua, returned food in a form of eucharist with each member of the circle given his sop or return of the quickened and cleansing high mana. One assumes that the outer side of the picture was hidden behind the coded version that only a knowledge of Huna reveals. But we may eventually find that such a group or circle can call down miracles much as the ones performed so dramatically in the various versions of the Gospels. We need to have proper material for such groups, a knowledge of how to balance them as to sexes, and organization to put the candidates for healing through the kala or cleansing rites. I see a slow and well ordered system in which things are not taken on the spur of the moment by one healer, but in which things go step by step and with a circle expanding the power under the very best of leadership. But we must learn to walk with classes before we can run with larger and more permanent circles. We must feel our way. The tape lectures are aimed directly at those who have never heard of Huna. I am writing letters to the people who have just discovered my books and wish to know more of what is being done. I offer the tapes on loan if they can be played to even a few. As I see it, we must experiment in this way to see whether a simple and popular version of Huna can be taught, and be made to “catch on”. We are now so few in number and so scattered that it is difficult to get two HRAs located even in the larger centers and introduced – if they will exert themselves to the extent of meeting others. I want to give you a letter from a stranger who is quite new to Huna, but who wrote and who was told about the tapes. He is not an HRA, but I hope one day to have him on the list, or to be able to register him as a Huna Fellow at least. He wrote:


“We would like to thank you for the recent introductory materials which you sent us. We find it very interesting and would like to know more about the Huna research. I belong to an Edgar Cayce study group and I presented the materials you sent me for the consideration of the group. Our thinking was that your Huna study group sounded interesting and is possibly something we may take in as a supplementary study. Your letter mentioned an introductory tape. If this is available we would like to hear it. From what I have studied it sounds as though what you are doing is very pertinent to our lives today. May God bless you in your efforts.”


I have made an immediate reply and explained more about the lectures and plans, and have at the same time sent the three lectures. We shall see in time what this type of approach brings by way of results. If the lectures are good enough and will do their intended work, we will continue in this way.


The Edgar Cayce people, so I hear, came into a fat gift that has enabled them to get around and organize study groups in many places. The Walnut Creek group was the first of these with which I have come into contact, and the way we have been welcomed and Huna given a hearing is most heartening. Huna is not being studied in the Cayce group, but members of that group also are looking into Huna and listening to the lectures. As every good teaching has many points in common, I hope that we are able to work with more such already formed groups. It has been suggested that we advertise the lecture tapes in magazines which may reach suitable people, and we may try this out soon. It will not be too long before reports and questions begin to come in, and from these I will learn what to do in changing the original lectures or getting others ready for the follow through.


I have high hopes of getting at the young people in some way. As a junior in high school I recall that I found in an old trunk a manuscript containing what we would call today a “course”. It laid out the steps to be taken to gain an inner enlightenment, including cold baths in winter, and several other things which (I marvel to remember) I was brought to follow for some time. My youthful hopes had been aroused and a fine enthusiasm for the promised spiritual unfoldment, and I stuck with the exercises for the whole of a winter before backsliding when I got no results. Huna is infinitely better and more practical than the things in that old MMS of an unnamed secret order, and youth is still idealistic and some levels of the young will certainly respond if they can be reached.


SOME YEARS AGO I had a dream in which I had, after years of waiting, finally been given a hearing by a committee of learned university men so that I might present my Huna findings and ask that they be judged, with the hope that they would be pronounced valid. There were a dozen old men in the group and I felt that at last I was getting a chance to be heard by the most learned and influential men in their field. As I write, I have before me a letter from a gentleman who might very well qualify as a member of my dreamed of board. AND, he has given his approval. I take the liberty of quoting a paragraph from his letter.


“After writing you before,  I chanced to find at a bookseller’s a copy of HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS and I have just finished reading it. I am completely intrigued and fascinated, inspired even. It synthesizes for me dozens of ideas and impressions I have had for a number of years. I find it readily acceptable, almost as if I were drawn to it, the interpretation offered by the code. In my studies of ancient Greek, Latin, mythologies and religions I have been increasingly aware that some meaning must be concealed in the variety of meanings of ancient roots. I had inklings concerning many of the passages you have explained, and these impressions have been confirmed, clarified and concretized by the code.


Dear Max:

(Writes HRA Mrs. A.H. George, 9625 Aqueduct Ave., Sepulveda, Calif. 91343. Phone 23 892 5783 evenings, who invites those of you living in the San Fernando Valley to get into touch with the aim of becoming acquainted and forming a group.) Earlier today I returned by post the two tape lecture reels. We had to hear the tapes on two separate Tuesdays since they are quite long and Mrs. Gray had to leave early.


You have a pleasant, friendly voice, which made us feel that you were right there with us. After having read your books, and then hearing you explain and teach, it seemed to clarify many points to us. However there is still a little contradiction as to the breathing for the gathering of mana. Were you perhaps considering making a tape with the actual breathing exercises included?

We are looking forward to your next tape. I am enclosing a dollar to help with the tape project and postage.

Aloha to our friend and teacher, (Signed) Anne George. (Dated 8.29.68)


I COMMENT: This what I have been waiting for – reports on the reception of the three lectures. I agree that the breathing exercises used to gather mana may cause some confusion when described so briefly, and have run the tape trying to see just where the “contradiction” came in, but so far have not located it. However, this gives me a most valuable lead for the next lecture, and I shall see if I cannot make the simple exercises more easily understood. I hope that this tiny group will grow and call for the tapes again to play to new members so that a class can be started, and that by then I will have more lectures ready. What I am most anxious to hear in a report is whether or not the listeners actually tried out the Huna type prayer method simplified and laid out in short form in the second lecture. It is one thing to listen to this lecture and find it interesting, and quite another thing to give the method a serious try. Of course, we have in the above group only those long familiar with the work, so the method was not new and exciting as it might be to those first hearing of Huna and its methods. The San Fernando Valley is near Los Angeles, and should supply us with a good group.


THE BREATHING EXERCISES may not be entirely clear to HRAs who have not heard the tape lectures, and this seems a good time to discuss the matter. The method was explained in my book, Secret Science At Work, as we then knew it. This was before I had come upon the coded information in the Four Gospels which shows that not only was deeper and “stronger” breathing to be done to accumulate mana, but that there was a rhythm of FOUR hinted at in the meaning of the Hawaiian word ha, which means both to breathe more strongly and four or forty. I may be wrong in thinking that we do best to take four deeper breaths one after the other, then pause about 20 seconds before taking four more, and this to keep up until forty breaths have been taken. In my own tests, however, I find that I soon fell into a kind of evenness or rhythm in counting the breaths by fours, and that this was beneficial. It also helps to take over the breathing process from the Aunihipili, and impresses the self and sets it to work gathering mana. The slowness or deepness of the breathing has no definite limits so far as I can see, and one must try the method and learn from testing what seems most natural and easy and so best.


THE “HEARTBEAT COUNT” rhythm is an old favorite. While holding the command thought that the Aunihipili is beginning to accumulate mana, one begins to breathe just a little more strongly to the silent count to keep step with the heartbeat – one (in) two, three, four. Hold a beat, then exhale, one, two, three, four. Hold a beat, and repeat, One (in) two, three, four … One (out) two, three, four.


When four inhalations and exhalations have been done, a pause with the breath allowed to come as it will for 20 heartbeats is good, after which the next four breaths in the same way can be taken. If one is getting overloaded with oxygen and begins to feel light headed or one has some unusual or unwanted sensation, the pause between sets of four breaths can be lengthened. It is not necessary to count until forty sets of four breaths have been taken. Ten sets is often sufficient, and it may be better to make the accumulation and offer the prayer more frequently than to make too strenuous an effort at one time.


It takes a little practice to make the heartbeat rhythm a habit and a standard way of accumulation into which you, as the Auhane, and the Aunihipili automatically fall as you begin a prayer action. At first the attention will be too much fastened on the “count” and the command and expectation covering the accumulation of mana may be neglected. But with practice the rhythm is learned and one falls into it at once, then being able to command the accumulation, and with the end of the breathing series, to command the Aunihipili to contact the Aumakua and to begin sending it the gift of accumulated mana. Hard on the heels of the order to begin sending the mana, the prayer picture is called to mind and the order is given to send it with the flow of mana to the Aumakua. Once this order has been given mentally, the picture of the DESIRED CONDITION is to be visualized as perfectly as possible, and if a prayer has been formulated and memorized, it is now to be repeated, preferably aloud, three times, slowly and carefully. The prayer may be simply a description of the desired state as though it had already been materialized. This description amounts in almost every case to an affirmative statement – an “AFFIRMATION”. Instead of asking for health for oneself, in a prayer such as, “Father-Mother, please give me perfect health”, one presents the thought-form “seed” picture of the end product, the finished answer to the prayer. One describes the desired state and one affirms thrice, “I am in perfect health. I am in perfect health. I am in perfect health.” And the picture of oneself actually in perfect health is held firmly in mind to the exclusion of the ills which one is asking to have corrected. One pauses a bit, then ends the action quietly. Amen.


Or, one can use the ending of the na kahuna, “The prayer is ended. it takes its flight. Let the rain of blessings fall.” With this ending an “amen” can be used or not, but one waits expectantly to feel the return flow of mana from the Aumakua, and sometimes it can actually be felt. It is generally like fine rain falling with little needle and pin tingles on one’s head and shoulders. The “Amen” may be held off to see if the “fall” is felt, then said after a proper period of waiting. The idea is that a prayer action should not be left “dangling”. It should be most carefully planned and delivered if one is to get the best results. It must be said, however, that the emotional heart cry of “Help” often reaches the Aumakua and Help is given in emergencies. The Aumakua is not one to stand on ceremony when the time is lacking and the need is sudden and great. Emotion replaces the accumulation of mana and the Aumakua takes and uses the mana which happens then to be in the body.


All “give me” types of prayers include in themselves the picture of the thing asked for and strongly desired, and for centuries such prayers have been answered, but, if we have the theory of Huna decoded correctly, the best results are obtained from the best TEAM WORK and the team is composed of the three selves. The perfectly made prayer is the one that gets the swiftest and most satisfactory answer, an answer in which the things we ask to have changed are not hung like a kite tail to the answer when it descends to our level.


In TEAM WORK, we must also remember, that we have invited the Aumakua to take its rightful part in living the life. It is so much wiser, and it can see ahead as we cannot, so it will accept the daily offering of mana and plan for us and find ways to bring about things which IT sees to be best for its man. This we recognize as “Guidance”, and it is well to expect it and to watch for little indications that we are being guided in one way or another – often in most unexpected ways. The lower man must use what intelligence he has and plan and work as wisely as possible, but even “the best of plans of mice and men” go often wrong without the Aumakua taking a hand at the proper moments. (“Lead Kindly LIGHT” is pure Huna, even if the composer of that famous hymn had never heard of Polynesia and “LIGHT” has been the code symbol of the Aumakua with the na kahuna from time immemorial.)


FOLLOWING AND RECOGNIZING GUIDANCE deserves a page of discussion in itself. It is a fine art, if ever there was one, and when one decides to live forever after the hurtless and helpful life and TO ASK FOR AND FOLLOW GUIDANCE, one must be of stout heart.


FIRST OFF, the old and faulty future which we have been causing to be built for us from our hopes and fears – sent daily to the na Aumakua, whether we know it or not – must be changed. Often it seems to be broken up suddenly by the Aumakua to make way for the new and better future which is to be built with its help. In this “break up” the pieces often fall upon our luckless heads, and we join Job in bemoaning our woes, but the “storm is tempered to the lamb” and we always seem to survive even when the worst befalls.


Quimby, who blazed a trail in the metaphysical wilderness at a very early date, discovered that those he healed with his special methods usually became worse after his treatments began, but then took a sudden turn for the better and often went on to a complete healing. One does well to brace oneself for this to happen when beginning to invite the Aumakua to help run one’s life. And, when one backslides and later renews the old resolves, the sky will fall in on one again, in just the same way. The final results, however, make a shining end reward.


Our Dear Max:

(Writes the leader of the new Huna Group and Class at Walnut Creek in California, as of August 29th.) So today is the 5th class in Huna instruction of our Study Group, and has been a very successful month, having learned so much via your tapes and books; we thank you and send you our loving offering of the enclosed check ($17!!). The donation box was opened after the class this afternoon and we felt no better use could be made than to pass it on to you, knowing full well that you can put it to good use. (It goes, happily, into the special Tape Fund. mfl.) I am hoping you will now have the beginning of say 19 others, to start with. You deserve the support of all interested people for your long dedication to its projection into the physical consciousness ………….


We will be glad to have further tapes as you find time to make them; in the meantime we will continue to use Secret Science At Work as our text book ……


Many of our class have said their whole lives have been changed since coming to the classes, and it has been a big step forward for them, so they are, very naturally, enthusiastic, and do not like to miss a class. I find the young people are taking to it, and it should be the answer to the wide gap between the churches and the materialism of today, which is rather hopeless. We have four who are around 16 contacting us as the present.time ……….


Our best wishes from the class and ourselves – Aloha


Signed: Will (For William J. Cooper, 2116 Golden Rain Rd. , Apt. 6 Walnut Creek, Calif. 94595)


THIS IS THE KIND OF REPORT I hope to have arriving more and more as the number of classes and groups increases. The young people are, I feel, very important these days. They are faced with drafts and world uncertainties which often discourage them and pull them down to the “Hippie” level of “who cares”. To be able to give them a good grounding in Huna and an introduction to their own na Aumakua is indeed a privilege. If they contact Huna before they have accepted some set of creeds and have become rather blindly fixed in them, they will not have so much to unlearn, and can make straight line progress. The woods are full of really fine youngsters who are ever so much worthwhile. Even the ones who go “Hippie” seem to be searching, and one reads that they are talking about Zen and Metaphysics. (In my mind I see young Max Long lighting a lantern and going out on cold nights in winter to find a quiet place in the barn to read the old “course” and try to meditate and concentrate and follow the instructions given with such fine promises by the unknown course writer. There must be a great number of such eager young people ready for Huna if we could but find them.)


SEEING THE AUMAKUA “LIGHT” is being stressed as a wonderful possibility in the tape lectures.If we are to believe the New Testament account, Paul was not especially seeking spiritual things, but was walking along the road to Damascus when he suddenly found himself surrounded with a great light. From his later muddling of the Gospel Drama of Jesus, we can see that even though we are blessed by a contact with the LIGHT, this does not guarantee that from then on we will get the right slant on all religious matters. But such opening contacts come to people in all walks of life, usually when not expected. An Associate sent me a clipping from The Christian Science Journal in which a woman wrote of her experience. She had received a fine healing and had just completed reading an article on healing, when the room was flooded with a “brilliant light,” and in the moments that followed, she received the last step in the healing that had been progressing.


MY HANDS AND HEART have been beautifully upheld over the bulletin years by the love and tolerance and gentle understanding of friends, many of whom I still know only by letter, although I feel as close to them as if they lived across the street. Since sending out the last H.V. with the news that I had been convinced that Guidance was valid and that I should give up the bright hope of “graduating” to the next higher level – with the dearly Beloved – and accept the obligation to return in my next incarnation and pick up the Huna work once more to carry it further along, letters of sympathy as well as of encouragement have steadily come in, and I am delighted by the number of dear friends who promise to do what they can to come back, get into touch, and help me carry on. We agree that it is impossible to know how long it will take for the returns, and that when we get back, we will be in a very different world. HRA Olive Sutton, of Brisbane, Australia, tells me of her psychic impression of many unexpected changes. (It is comforting to have her foresee the fact that there WILL BE a habitable earth to return to in the years ahead.)


Long time HRA and dear friend, Dr. James Allen, of 2 College St., Toronto, Canada, writes in part: “H.V. 84 has given us much cause for thought and contemplation, as it will undoubtedly give to many other HRAs. Your complete change of attitude is of course, quite understandable under the circumstances, especially if you are convinced that you have been given definite Guidance in the matter, and we must respect your convictions accordingly. It is sure a very different kind of a future to look forward to, to say the least, and no one can doubt the validity of the claim that you will be better able to further promote the growth of the Huna Truths if you are on the spot here to do so yourself – for who knows as much about the problem as Max does? …….


“One is compelled to wonder, though, whether you would not be able to utilize the enlarged potential of the Other Side, with all the wonderful contacts and help that would be available to you, to a greater advantage, in being able to help and direct things from This Side – for you unquestionably will have the ability, and all the necessary help, to get into touch with potential  helpers here, wherever they may be, and with increased awareness that must take place in the inevitable change toward higher outlook that MUST take place with the unfolding of the Aquarian Age, which certainly is a much higher level than the Piscean. You should not have as much difficulty in getting your message through as there has

been in the past. It is a big question, Max, and we are sure that it has given you a pretty drastic inner upheaval, and we can very definitely sympathize with you on what it has meant to you. However, it must be your own decision, of course, and should it eventually work out this way we can only give you our most sincere prayers and help to the fullest extent of our possibility. But our own personal advice, for what it is worth, would be for you to leave it all in Higher Hands until you reach the Higher Realms, and then you can really find out which of the two plans will be the right and proper one to follow.


“Any way, Max, God Bless You and the very best of luck, now and always!” (Signed:) James and Margaret.


I reply in part, return or no, I will try now to make the most of the time left to me in this incarnation to get the Huna work growing and expanding on as permanent and practical a scale as possible. Yes, all is in the hands of the na Aumakua. My job is to Serve as best I can and continue to plant Huna seeds.



Games to Play with the Aunihipili

November-December, 1968



AN EARLY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR when it arrives. For some, Christmas will be the celebration of the birthday of God when he incarnated in the flesh and came to live on earth and allow himself to be crucified as a bloody sacrifice to save the people of the earth from the utter damnation of “original sin”. To others, who refuse to accept the Pauline doctrines when they find little or nothing of them in the Four Gospels, the celebration will be for the appearance on the stage of initiation of a man who had nothing at all to do with original sin and offered Salvation only in the form of moral teachings. But, we will celebrate, each according to his bit of Light, and there will be a few hours or days of happiness to offset the rather hopeless world conditions with which we are surrounded and with which we must live and have our being, except for those priceless moments each day when we can turn our minds and hearts to the wondrously loving and confident na Aumakua and rest in them as we commune and send our gift of love and mana.


For those of us who have been blessed with the knowledge of the inner teachings of the Four Gospel Drama, I suggest that we make Easter only a day in which we recall the failure of Jesus (in the drama) and the penalty he paid for that failure. I would reserve the second half of the year at mid-summer to celebrate the passing of the tests by Jesus and the resultant glory of Transfiguration in the Light. For the Autumnal quarter I would set aside a day to observe the Resurrection as the final act of “Graduation” when we have finished our course of instruction through a sufficient number of incarnations and have learned at last to become “utterly trustworthy”, as one must be in order to become an Aumakua. Instead of the sign of the cross as all that is holy and as the very symbol of Salvation, I would return to the far more ancient symbol of the LIGHT. The sun has been the prime symbol down the centuries, and the crossed lines to make a plus on the circle need not remind us of the cross  of  dismal  failure, but of the Father-Mother polarity of the Aumakua as “the Light that cometh into the world” to light the life of each man. The halo of light symbolizes the Transfiguration which each of us experiences when we learn that the Light is there, and one day find ourselves surrounded by its white light. For the Resurrection and Graduation we have no symbol in the West, but could well borrow the Yin-Yang circle of Union of the Chinese.


IT IS WITH GREAT PLEASURE that I am able to report to you of the HRA and FHF, that the missionary effort via the tape lectures continues to be most promising. At this writing, late in October, I have managed to keep up with a greatly increased load of letters and still find time to produce tapes No. 4 and 5, containing lectures 4, 5, 6 and 7, each 45 minutes in length (allowing part of the evening for discussion or practice at forming a healing circle, using the pendulum, etc.).


About 40 classes, groups or individuals are now on the list to get each new tape as I can make it ready and send it. I am sending the five tapes to the Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society at 25 Bligh St., Sydney, Australia, and when they arrive by surface mail in a few weeks, I think a playing of the lectures will begin, perhaps for just the few who may be interested in Huna. I suggest that any of you who live near there and who might wish to hear the lectures, get into touch. I understand that strangers are welcomed. This gives me much satisfaction for I owe so much to Theosophy for my early introduction to the lore of India, which has in it so much of Huna and which helped me greatly in later years to begin to make sense out of what I began to uncover when digging up the fragments of coded Huna. I have not belonged to the T.S. for many years, but it has always had a warm place in my heart. Another T.S. Lodge in Vancouver, Canada will also begin soon (if not already started) to play the tapes.

RESEARCH HAS BEEN STIMULATED by the organization of classes, I am happy to report. New ideas have come to the ones taking part in the class work where there is practice done to learn to make full contact with the Aumakua and present the properly readied prayer picture, along with the gift of mana. The new research findings center on two methods, the first aimed at learning to make a better mental picture of the thing desired, and the second having to do with the use of the pendulum to measure Aunihipili conditions in relation to faith and love of God. Let me take up this last item first.




HRA and FHF Myrtle Odin, of the San Fernando Valley, California group, has been trying to work out a method which can be used to tell one why prayers are not getting through, or are not answered. With her own Huna type prayers not being answered, she asked for Guidance and was led to question her faith. (Which is largely a thing which we have or do not have through the convictions of the Aunihipili.) Let me quote from her recent letter.


“……. Since listening to your fifth (reel) of taped lectures, I have made what is to me an astounding discovery. I learned that I can measure the exact degree of my faith in God to answer my prayers, and not only the degree of MY faith but also that of those for whom I have signatures or pictures for P.A. readings. I was also able to measure the degree of love of God for myself and others. Naturally, it is my Aunihipili who does all this measuring and reporting.” (The method is very simple. One asks the Aunihipili to find out about the faith or love element of the one to be tested, and to report it with the pendulum in terms of degrees running from 1 to 100. Thus, faith reported at 42 units makes a handy 42% in use. I was asked to try the method on a signature of the writer’s mother – this signature giving her no reading for some reason. I told my Aunihipili what was wanted and explained that it would test, then give me the answer in the number of pendulum swings, just as it does for me in giving the degrees Biometric of the P.A. readings. The count was to be ten degrees per swing of the pendulum until the right point had just been passed, then stop and go back to start at an even multiple of ten, as 40%, 50% or 60%, where I would again count pendulum swings, but this time giving one number to the swing. If the pendulum stopped after the by-ten count had reached 40%, then the count by units would be resumed from 40, as 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 etc. If the pendulum stopped at 46, that was the answer: 46% perfect faith or love of God or the Aumakua or whatever Deity was asked to hear and answer the prayer. My Aunihipili caught the idea immediately, and on first try we were off, making the readings with ease. I was delighted. The Aunihipili seems to be right at home in this field where its emotions are so much involved, to say nothing of its fixations and mistaken beliefs which are hidden usually from the Auhane. The mother’s signature, by the way, gave me readings at once for both faith and love of God. Not too high, but solidly there.)


“I checked myself, with the scale in which perfect faith was 100%. 1 also checked, with their permission, the other members of our group. I learned that I have 49% love, but only 81% faith! My mother checked no love and no faith. (I later found her to have both. mfl) Doris Gray also checked NO love, No faith. Ann George has 19% love, NO faith. Now I realize fully that my findings should be checked by several other readers, but so far I am the only one of the four of us who has ‘broken the ice’ and done any P.A. work. But if my Aunihipili is doing even a fairly accurate job of the reading of these qualities, this indicates a famine of faith among us.


“I questioned my Aunihipili further on this matter and learned the following: My Aunihipili feels that 60% faith is the minimum for answered prayer; below that, forget it! She assured me that love of God is also an essential ingredient, but couldn’t give me a minimum figure for it. My Aunihipili also asserted emphatically that it is one’s FAITH that ‘unlocks’ the mana so that it can speed upward with the prayer, and told me that no matter how much mana I generated prior to praying, NONE of it had been sent up to my Aumakua because of my lack of faith. And I have achieved as high as seven times the normal amount of mana by practicing the HA rite breathing, all to no avail. Now I see plainly why I’ve been getting nowhere with my prayers. …….. It has also occurred to me that there might be a danger of attracting evil spirits if the Huna Group joined in generating a surcharge of mana with which to pray, if all or even a majority of the members lack sufficient faith to allow the mana to fly upward. Certainly our small group should not try this, if my reading of no faith to speak of among us is valid. If you agree with me that there is this possibility that the group’s pooled surcharge of mana might be prevented from rising by the group’s lack of faith, I think a warning should be given in the next Huna Vistas.


“If it is possible to identify so easily who has ‘prayer power’ and who has not, this should greatly simplify the identification of those who, theoretically at least, should have, or easily be able to cultivate, healing power. And each interested HRA should be able to know if he is growing in faith and love, and how close he is getting to the perfect state. I am working now to increase my faith and love instead of just wasting my time praying because I know now that I don’t have the requisite prayer power. If only I had known this earlier I could have been working to remedy my lacks instead of fatuously assuming my prayers were rising.”


I comment that if this method of testing works out as well as it has done so far and can be perfected, it will be of the greatest importance to our work. I have been so tangled in tapes and snowed under by letters that I have not yet had time to run further tests myself, but certainly will do so. I also urge others of you to see what you can get by the way of readings. In the matter of a group accumulating extra mana and the danger of a stray and evil spirit stealing it, I think this is a very remote danger, especially if the individuals hold in mind the fact that they are accumulating the surcharge for the purpose of sending it to the na Aumakua of the group or to give to someone who is to be healed after the first gift of mana is given to the na Aumakua.


The na Aunihipili are automatically in touch with the na Aumakua, according to the na kahuna, often touch the lower man to take a little mana as they need it. Undoubtedly the group call to the na Aumakua will attract them, and even if the na Aunihipili lack enough faith and love to unblock their individual paths and let the prayer pictures ascend on the mana, the mana flow will go on just the same.


The na Aumakua are superior to us in intelligence as well as power, otherwise they would not have reached their evolved position, and I think we can depend on them to draw near, see what is being attempted, and give their Help even if the making of the prayer is inept. The gift of mana is the main point, and no evil spirit can stand between one and his Aumakua when there is worshipful love and the offering of a gift. It is the evil and idle person who would attract bad spirits by accumulating mana for evil purposes or for no purpose at all, as in some mistakenly advocated Yoga exercises. It might be a good idea to do as the Spiritualists do before a seance: pray for protection and guidance. I do not know of a case in which this has been done that more than a temporary obesssional effort has been made by some evil spirit, and this has usually involved only the medium. Of course, no accumulating is done before a seance but enough of the mana which the sitters normally have is taken and used in such things as materialization and the bringing of apports. It is standard practice for the one who presides over the seance to ask the visiting spirits to return the vital force they have taken so that when the medium comes out of the trance, he or she will not be left exhausted. This seems usually to be done, although some mediums are still left so weakened that they have to limit the number of seances which they hold. Hypnotists may also feel weak and exhausted after working with a patient or, especially, with the audience if a show is given. The remedy is to take time to accumulate more mana to bring the force level back to normal. (The pendulum test over the palm to see when the normal size of circle swing returns, is good to use in such replenishment work.) (The same test can be made by anyone in a prayer circle who may suspect the theft of mana – but it must be remembered that the surcharge will show as a large circular swing, and that when the mana has been sent to the Aumakua, the circle will come back rapidly to its normal size – a size which can be determined at any time by testing when no accumulation is being done.)


THE OTHER RESEARCH PRQJECT is not original with us, but is a carrying on started by the Portland, Oregon Huna Fellows who were given their start and are being helped by Dr. Binkley, of whom I still know but little except that he seems to be a learned man in this field and to have evolved a system of his own, perhaps with some borrowings – the object of his work being to clear the Aunihipili blocks that keep one from normal and proper use of the said Aunihipili. We would say, prevent it from making full contact with the Aumakua and sending the mana and the prayer picture upward along the aka cord.


Mrs. F.M. Brawand, HRA and FHF, of the closed Garden Grove Study Group, is responsible for most of our information about Dr. Binkley’s guidance and the good results that have been obtained through it. She has organized a new group outside the closed group, in which she also works, and may even start still another class for those who missed the first and still wish to take part. (If you are near and wish to join in, her address is 7706 S.W. Florence Lane, Portland, Ore. 97223.)


In the closed and older group, Dr. Binkley’s “Games” are played as a part of the program for each evening. They have speakers, play my tapes when a new one arrives, discuss various things, have a meditation period and give time to direct or distant healing – a very fine program often lasting quite a time. I would like to have other classes or groups take time to play the “Games” and see what results, and report back to me so I can average results for all to know through the bulletins. As you know, the Huna method of making the proper prayer includes creating a mental picture of conditions AFTER the prayer has been answered or the mental picture materialized in the physical level. Mrs. Brawand wrote concerning this:


“The meeting went well last night. The big thing they seem to be having difficulty with right now is the visualization of the entire picture when forming their prayer. We have some very excellent exercises to help in this, given us by Dr. Binkley during our classes with him, so I am going to use one each week with this group and by the time we get through the set, the imagination of the members will be sharper, their awareness will be keen and they will be able to ‘mock up’ anything their hearts desire with no effort at all. It is amazing just what these exercises in game form do and how many mental blocks they will uncover. They may seem silly, but they serve several purposes nicely. (Ten days later, after the new group had played the first game called “Boys and Girls”, she wrote:


“It is amazing what these games do for a person. I taped part of it so I could study results later and consider the comments. The object of the games is to help people cast off their limitations, realize that they are mental blocks that have to be cleared up, separate imagination from reality, and realize just what a powerful thing the mind is.


“One man could not get his children down off the roof without a slide or means for them to get down. Another could not get her children off the ceiling. She got them all in one corner and then had trouble going any further. Another could not change the color of the dress from purple to green without going thru brown, and this bothered him. Only one could project the children from one place to another in a flash with no trouble. Each week we will use a game. As the series progresses, they become more difficult and are presented (by the leader) faster and faster and in this way people learn to visualize quickly and also learn to change their minds – which is what we must learn to do if we are going to clear out any mental blocks. Members all want copies of the Games so they can practice them at home, and also with their children. (A later letter gives still more information along this line. Again I quote:)


“You ask to know more about the games and what they do for a person. When the game sheets are read off, I tape the comments of various members and then go back to study them. I can’t tell you how many mental blocks and limitations these bring up.


“I checked with Dr. Binkley this morning on a few things that came up in the third game called ‘Mother’, and will pass this information along to you so you can get a better idea of what I mean.


“One woman could not see her mother in any kind of water, because her mother had always had a great fear of the water. In reality, the mother had passed on this fear to the daughter and this woman had a subconscious fear of water herself without realizing it and also a sympathywith her mother because of it. Such sympathy is not always a good thing.


“One woman became upset because she could not see her mother doing anything but sit at the kitchen table and smoke and drink coffee with every curtain in the house closed. She also keeps her curtains closed.


“Another could only see her mother doing practical things and not any of the ‘way out’ actions.


“One woman had trouble looking at her mother in the water. She did not know how to do this, from the top looking down or from the side or from the bottom looking up. This is a limitation.


“Another point to bring out about these games is to have the people NOT remember what the different colors are and the different positions, but to LOOK BACK AND SEE”


Now for the games themselves:




Let us imagine that there is a boy standing in the comer of this room. Let us give him a hat. What color would you like the hat to be? Let us give him a jacket. What color would you like it to be? Let us give him some trousers. What color Would you like his trousers to be? Let us give him some shoes. What color are they?


Now change the color of his hat. What color did you change it to?  Change it again. What color is it this time? Change it again. What color? Look at the jacket. What color is it? Change it to another color. Change it again. Change it again. What color is it now? Change the color of his trousers. Change them again. Change them again. What color are his shoes now? Change them to another color. Change them again. Change them again. What color are they now?


Have him standing on one foot and holding his other straight out in front of him. Have him stand on the other foot. Have him walk over to another corner of the room. Have him go to another corner.  Have him sing, “Yankee Doodle”. Have him go to another corner. Have him lie down and roll across the floor.  Have him run around on his hands and knees.  Have him stand on his hands. Have him sing, “Yankee Doodle” while he is standing on his hands.  Have him run around the room on his hands.


Have him stand on his feet.  Have him jump up into the air. Have him Jump higher. Have him jump up and touch the ceiling.  Have him sit in a chair. Have the chair float up to the ceiling.  Have him sing something while he sits up there. Have the chair come down.  Have the boy float up to the ceiling without the chair. Have him float to another corner. Have him float to another corner. Have him come down to the floor.


Have him say “Good by” and go to the door to visit a friend.  Look into one corner of the room and see that he is not there. Look into all other corners, above and below and find he is not in any of them.


Put a girl in one corner of the room.  Give her a red hat.  Give her a blue sweater.  Give her a green skirt.  Give her brown shoes.


Now make her hat blue.  Make her sweater yellow.  Make her skirt purple.  Make her shoes black. Change them to green. Change them to yellow. Change all her clothes to white. Change them to black. Change them to purple. Change them to green.


Have her be in another corner of the room. Have her in another corner. Have her sing “London Bridge is Falling Down”.  Have her in another corner. Have her float to the ceiling. Have her turn upside down and stand on the, ceiling.


Have her walk around the ceiling, looking for the boy who was there before. Have her look in all the corners up there and find that he is not in any of them. Bring the boy back and put him on the ceiling beside the girl.


Have them standing on the ceiling playing ball with one another. Put another boy and another girl on the ceiling with them and have all four play ball.  Put some more boys and girls on the ceiling, and have them all play ball. Turn them all right side up, and put them on the roof of the house.  Put them in the play yard at school


Make a new crowd of boys and girls on the ceiling.  Put them on the roof. Put them out in the school yard. Have all the children shouting and running around.


Look at the ceiling and see that there are no children there. Put one boy there. Put him in the school yard. Put one girl on the ceiling. Put her in the school yard.




We are going to start with one little mouse and see what we can do. Let us imagine that there is a little blue mouse somewhere in the room. Where would you like to put him? All right, have him sit up and wave to you. Have him turn to green. Change his color again. Change it again. Have him stand on his hands. Have him run over to the wall. Have him run up the wall. Have him sit upside down on the ceiling. Have him right side up and put him in a corner up there.


Put another mouse in another corner up there. Put a mouse in each of the other two corners. up there. Put other mice in the four corners down below. Are they all there? Turn them all yellow. Have them all say “Hello” at the same time. Have them all say, “How are you?” Have them all promise to stay in their corners and watch the rest of the game.


Put a little dog right over there, (pointing). Have him bark. Have him sit up and laugh. Give him the name “George”. Ask him his name and have him answer “George”. Have him grow bigger. Have him grow smaller. Have him grow much smaller. Have him grow so much smaller that he is no bigger than a pea.


Have him turn into a cat no bigger than a pea. Have the cat grow as big as a potato. Have it grow as big as your head. Have the cat grow into a big fat blue cat. Have it turn into a horse, but stay the same size. Are the yellow mice all in their places? Have them clap their hands because the cat has turned into a little horse.


Have the horse grow bigger. Have him grow bigger still. Have him become very big. Have him become little again. Have him as big as your head. Have him as big as your hand. Have him as big as your thumb.


Ask him his name and have him tell you “George”. Change his name to Rudolph. Ask him his name and have him tell you Rudolph. Change his name to Harry. Ask him, his name and have him tell you Harry. Take away his name. Ask him his name and have him shake his head. Pick a good name for him and give it to him. Ask his name and have him give you that name.


Is he as big as your thumb? Change him to an elephant and keep him the same size. Have him grow as big as a pumpkin. Have him grow as big as you want him to be. Have him shrink until he is as small as your thumb. Have him shrink until he is no bigger than a pin head. Have him shrink until there is nothing left of him at all….


Look at the place where he was and see that he is not there. Have the yellow mice clap their hands in admiration. Put a new elephant there. Make him as big as a police dog. Make him as big as a cat. Make him as big as a mouse. Make him as big as a pea. Have him shrink away into nothing ….. Look where he was and see that there is nothing there. Have the yellow mice cheer and wave their arms and legs. Put the new elephant where the other one was. Make him as big as you want him to be. Make him as small as you want him to be. Have him shrink away to nothing.


Put a new elephant there. Change him to a dog. Change the dog into a cat. Change the cat into a mouse. Change the mouse into a pea. Change the pea into nothing. Look and see that there is no pea there.


Put a new pea there. Have it not there. Have a dog there. Have a cat there. Have an elephant there. Have the yellow mice clap their hands. Have them come to the place where the elephant was. Have them grow smaller. Have them grow still smaller. Have no mice there. Have some new mice there. Make them blue. Have no mice there. Have one mouse there. What color do you want him to be? What do you want to do with it? All right, do it. . What was the name of the game we just played? Note: The object is to get people NOT to remember what the changes are, but to look back and see.




Let us imagine that Mother is standing right there. (Pointing.) Let’s give Mother a hat. What color hat will you give her? What color dress will you give her? What color shoes will you give her? All right, change the color of her hat. Change the color of her shoes. Change the color of her dress. Change the color of her hat again. Change the color of her dress again. Change the color of her shoes.


Have her go to a different part of the room. Have her go into another room. Have her go outside the house. Have her coming in the front door. Have her cooking in the kitchen. Have her washing dishes. Have her setting the table. Have her asleep in bed. Have her making the bed. Have her singing. Have her talking on the phone. Have her standing on the roof. Have her sitting on top of a box. Have her taking a bath in the bathroom. Have her cooking dinner outdoors. Have her sitting on a ladder. Have her sitting in a tree. Have her cooking dinner up in a tree. Have her taking a bath up in a tree. Have her asleep in her bed up in a tree.


Have Mother at the store buying things. Have her buy something nice for you. Have her come home and give it to you. Have her walking through a forest. Have her standing on a mountain. Have her in a boat. Have her swimming in a swimming pool. Have her swim in a lake. Have her swim in the ocean.


Have her riding a horse. Have her riding a camel. Have her riding an elephant. Have her riding a tiger. Have her riding a donkey. Have her riding a hobby horse. Have her riding in a car. Have her riding a bicycle. Have her riding a motorcycle. Have her flying a jet plane. Have her riding a space ship to the moon. Have her cooking dinner on the moon. Have her making beds on the moon.


Have Mother walk through a jungle. Have her riding across a desert. Have her driving a dog sled through the snow. Have her rounding up a herd of cattle. Have her walking on the bottom of a lake, looking at the fish. Have her walking on the bottom of the ocean. Have her cooking dinner on the bottom of the ocean. Have her making beds on the bottom of the ocean. Have her doing the ironing on the bottom of the ocean. Have her reading you a story on the bottom of the ocean.


Have mother sitting on a chair at home. Have her combing her hair. Have her sweeping the floor. Have her looking into her mirror. Have her washing her face. Have her sitting at dinner.


What would you like to have mother do now? All right, have her do that. Have her do something else. Have her do something else. Have her do something else.


How does Mother feel now? Have her feel happy. Have her thank you for putting her in all those interesting places. Is there anything else you would like to do with Mother? All right, do it.


What is the name of the game you have just played?


COMMENT: I have not played the game as yet myself, and would like to hear from any of you who have, and know what the games brought up from your Aunihipili by way of old associations or fixations, etc. I will be sending copies of these sheets to leaders of the various tape classes so that they can try them.




A 326-page atomic bomb in the shape of a book has resulted from the continuing research of HRA Dr. Martin Larson, whose matchless research books on the Christian Religion (origins and growth and history) and his Essene Heritage (showing just how the Essene doctrines served as a source for teachings supposed to have originated with Jesus), has been so helpful to the world and especially to those of us who strive to understand Huna and where and how it originated.


In his 1965 book, Church Wealth and Business Income, Dr. Larson made public the beginning of an investigation of tax evasions which he now follows up with a much larger book covering the whole field of tax evasion by the rich and crafty, churches, corporations and individuals. The new bomb shell is tided,THE GREAT TAX FRAUD. And how the federal government favors the rich and exploits the masses. (The Devin Adair Company, Publishers, 23 East 26th St., New York , N.Y. 40010 at $5.95. A paperback edition will soon be available.)


Dr. Larson has been using his fine talents to get behind the scenes and see how the rich and powerful of America have managed to get laws passed quietly which allow loopholes which allow them to escape taxes, but not the people of modest incomes.


It is practically impossible to get rich and still pay the sliding scale of income taxes which all are supposed to pay. So, the trick is to get a good lawyer and set up a corporation, then foundations and to get oneself paid a fine tax free salary via one loophole or another. To read the dozens of ways in which this gigantic tax fraud is practiced, makes the little tax payer’s hair curl.


If this Atom Book gets to exploding, it can, happily, blow the grafting inside track boys sky high. Buy your own copy, circulate it. Demand it at libraries.


THE CHIROPRACTIC STORY is a book for which the public has waited all too long. In it Marcus Bach traces the history of the healing arts for the past 5,000 years and brings us up to chiropractic and its origins. From childhood he knew chiropractors at first hand, and eventually married the daughter of one. He knows whereof he speaks, and he speaks well and brilliantly for this branch of the healing arts. Published by DeVorss & Co., 4900 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90041. 250 larger- than-usual pages. $5.95. My copy was the gift of Wm. Brown, D.C, HRA, FHF, of Muncie, Ind. who has a tape lecture group at work under his supervision and will welcome a contact with those interested in his neighborhood. The Medical Trust has been trying for years to stop chiropractic without success. It is too valuable and too many people know when only an adjustment can help.




THE LECTURE TAPES have been made up as fast as possible, and at this time, (October 31st), there are five reels. These include the introductory lecture telling the nature of Huna and how the code was broken to recover it. This is an hour-long lecture on two sides of one reel.


Reel #2. Two lectures of 45 minutes each. The first (No. 2) tells in the simplest and most direct manner how to make the Huna type prayer and the reasons for what is done. Lecture No. 3. follows up and, like the Huna lectures to follow, addS more and more information about Huna. These additions are largely aimed at informing class members who have not read my books as yet.

Reel #3. THis is a 70-minute lectures on both sides of a tape, duplicated from a 1966 lecture given by Isabel Hickey of Boston. It tells a remarkable story of what happened after she dedicated herself to Service and asked for Guidance.

Reel #4. Has two 45-minute lectures carrying on the class instruction.

Reel #5 Has two 45-minute lectures carrying on class instruction.


This makes 7 lectures so far, contained on 5 reels. The reels may be had on loan to those who can get a few together to form a class, or just to hear the lectures. Some of the HRAs have wished to buy the tapes outright, and a price of $4 per reel, post paid in U.S.A. and $4.50 for other countries, has been decided on as the charge. This money goes into the Tape Fund which I have started with my own donation and which HRAs have been helping me to keep going. I have also had most welcome help in getting together the recorders to use in this missionary effort. A few who would like the tapes have only cassette recorders, and I am hoping to be able to get equipment to use to dub off the regular reels on the small cassettes which run 45 minutes to the reel side, and use the slow speed for playing as well as recording. The purchase price for cassette tapes will be a dollar higher, as the tapes are surprisingly more expensive to buy in the raw. All direct sales in California need to have the sales tax added. They will be handled for us by Huna Research Publications.


The delighted listeners of the past few months to the Isabel Hickey lecture tape have asked various questions, one of which will be of interest to you all. It is, just what was said by Isabel when she, with her medium friend and the other friend who stood by and probably supplied added faith, confidence and mana when evil spirits were being exorcises from the living. Here is what she does: First she draws in the air before her the protective Sign of the Cross. Then she says in her most forceful and commanding voice and intention, “In the name of Jesus Christ I cross out from your magnetic field all intruding forces and bring down the healing power of God! Go back to your source and be lifted up for Light.”


This is white magic, if ever there was any, and a formula which carries positive power. It calls for the na Aumakua, as “Jesus”, to do the work, and the majority of evil spirits know of Jesus and fear all good powers. I would say that this formula, delivered as she delivers it so effectively, can be used by all good persons and that the evil they sense can be driven away.


Mrs. Hickey, in her lecture, covers almost the entire spectrum of Huna, and in addition she includes her specialty, Astrology, of which the na kahuna seem to have known little, although they navigated by the stars and had a surprising knowledge of them, of their rising and setting and seasonal changes. Chants still tell of just where in the Islands starts were to be made, at just what time and just what season and, over thousands of miles of empty oceans, they sailed.