Max F. Long, Vol 16 (1969-70), English HUNA VISTAS Bulletins 87-98


Predictions for 1969

January-February, 1969



PREDICTIONS FOR 1969 are again in order, even if a month beyond the New Year.


(The year lasts 11 more months, so we still have time to get in some good predicts.) The Tarot Cards used in this work are the Pamela Smith set, republished a few years ago here in U.S.A. by University Books, Inc., New Hyde Park, N.Y. Price was $5 the pack or $10 with the book telling about them. Best inquire at this late date to be sure they are available and at what price.)


More plain and fancy foolishness has been written about the supposed meaning of the Tarot symbology than the originators of the cards could possibly have imagined. However, if used with some caution and until the operator is somewhat skilled at such activities, the cards serve as a substitute for dreams, visions, crystal balls, and everything except the crossing of the palm with silver – a time honored part of fortune telling which, in our case, we have to perform ourselves. All of the following predictions, as given by the fall of the cards in answer to a mental question and a shuffling of the deck, are My (sic) guaranteed to come true. If they do not, a new prediction will be happily made at any time upon request. Now you can insert the “grain of salt” into your mouth as a very necessary precaution, and go ahead at your own risk.


THE DELAYED VIETNAM PEACE which the cards predicted last year: The first question, “Will there be a peace signed as a result of the present negotiations?” The cut was Page of Wands, indicating a small success and new beginnings. Then the Wheel of Fortune, a high trump of final success. I judge that both sides will save much face, but that not too much will be settled except, possibly, that the great oil interests of the West in that part of the world will be protected and business can go on “as usual”.


“Will Uncle Sam’s fighting forces be removed from Vietnam?” The cut gave the Four of Swords, the card of delay and waiting with the promise of eventual reward. Next Eight of Pentacles, a man leaning on his hoe while he looks at his money tree which is filled with fruit and about ready for harvest. From this I take it that we will leave rich plunder behind, but will profit ourselves by the cutting back of war.costs. I’d say the return of our fighting forces will be slow to come, but that money considerations will hasten our eagerness to get clear. With other cuts, I suspect that we may try to withdraw and be forced to take up a war stand again to prevent the Reds from taking over the moment we stop backing the South Vietnam leaders. We may see some swift action and changes with the cut bringing up both cards of change, the Eight of Wands and the Six of Swords. The situation there is by no means cut and dried in so far as the future is concerned.


WILL PEACE COME TO THE MIDDLE EAST? I asked, and the run of several cards show pressure being brought to bear by money and business interests, then someone steals the other fellow’s weapons, and soon after that a peace is happily established. There will be small bickering between Arab commando units and the Israel side, but on a larger scale, business and money pressure will join to get a peace sufficient to open the Suez Canal, but not without a hard push.


MONEY CONDITIONS FOR THE WORLD AND U.S.A. came up for questions. It will be recalled that the cards last year predicted “business as usual” and it came out that way despite close shaves. The reading that Russia might do something to help the American dollar has not materialized, nor the need of such help. Now for the run: Well, the first break brought up the Eight of Swords, and shows a woman bound and helpless to move while surrounded by eight swords stuck into watery sands beside the sea. Here we have what I read as the wars bound and staked out – stopped. With this card comes the Ten of Pentacles, a card of fine domestic prosperity. In it the family is seated amidst comfort and plenty. I predict that the wars will be stopped and the money diverted to domestic and peace purposes thus allowing Western nations a relief from present war drains. Following: cuts for the stock market turns up cards indicating good dividends and rising prices for shares. “Business as usual” again despite slowly rising inflation such as is being reported from month to month the world over. France will give up war preparations and the atom bomb expense and will get loans to see her through. England will do better with all her war expenses cut to the bone. Oddly enough, I cut the same pair of cards for her as in the first cut for world money. Watch England’s money situation to judge how the world situation will shape up. Also watch to see whether war spending can be cut down, for this is where money can be released to mend domestic fences. The cut for the retaining of the Gold Standard shows a dual currency backing, bankers’ credit replacing gold more and more to provide the needed money to use to carry on trade. Gold speculators will not be happy.


THE RACE TO THE MOON is next to be questioned. Let me see what is offered by the Tarots. Strange: the Eight of Cups, which shows a night scene with a moon at the full and at first quarter combined in the sky. In the foreground stand 8 cups, lined up and perfect, but a lone figure in a red cloak and with a walking staff, sets off into the night for some unknown destination, always said to be the search for two more cups to make a quota of ten. From this card and the Ace of Pentacles with it, I predict about enough money given by our Congress in U.S.A. to send up one more exploratory flight, and then that the project will be allowed to slow down or even stop entirely, other interests being more pressing, and the public beginning to demand that the billions be used for needs on the home front. (I am impressed by the turning up of the one card in the deck which would tell the story of “giving up” so clearly. I wish they would not try to land men on the moon with the hope of getting them into orbit and home again. But if such a final try is made and it is a failure, the doom of the moon probes would certainly be inevitable for this generation at least.) Cuts for probes of other planets, such as Mars and Venus, cut indifferent cards. Too expensive.


THE COLORED REVOLT around the world, and especially in U.S.A. is very important and in America is demanding a solution to head off riots and the burning of property, college campus struggles, and the danger of open race war. I shuffle and cut for the situation as a whole, and get: THE DEATH card, a major trump, together with the 9 of Wands, the latter being a card of struggle and of defense of position. Cutting more cards and getting no violence, but cards which show much money spending and many efforts to bring justice and help. I judge that the keynote was struck with the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King, and that the majority conscience has been moved, (with a good prodding of fear of riots and burnings and reprisals). Efforts seem to be in the making for mutual understanding and help all around. Cuts for the college strife show concessions, but not enough to suit the striking students and teachers and minority students. But the Magician turns up as a major trump and shows a new beginning and much change in the present educational system. The practical needs of education may break into the cultural niceties and certainly the old cut and dried ways of doing things will be gradually changed. Schools will be fitted to the needs of those who come for an education, not so much to the classical standards of the Colleges where there is a Royalty of PhDs before whom all must bow low. (I do hope the cutting of the Death card does not warn of violence and more death.)


THE NEW REPUBLICAN PRESIDENCY in U.S.A. looks well enough with the president to be, Richard Nixon, giving a P.A. reading of good and constructive qualities and 363 degrees, the same as outgoing President Johnson. (In a recent tinned letter from my desk I mentioned this reading and made the guess that things would go on about as before in our government.) Now to see what the Tarot says: My cut brought up the Seven of Cups, where a man stands gazing up at cups which overflow with threats and promises, hopes and fears, ideals and bright plans. This is a card of “great expectations”. With it comes up the Nine of Wands , the suggestion in this card being that business interests will be foremost for the new groundwork of plans – “what is good for General Motors, must be good for the U.S.A.” Success after a hard struggle to get on top and stay on top is indicated, but the card is not quite up to the full cycle card, the Ten of Wands which is completion of the successful effort in business. We have here the “new broom” using old methods to sweep up the littered social floor. The next cut gives the Ace of Swords, which is encouraging for the Viet Nam or other war difficulties and gives success. With it comes the prime card of “isolationism” in which the lady stays in her isolated garden where she has plenty of pentacles, or money, and sends out her falcon when she wants something from the world outside. I judge that home interests will occupy major attention and that we will see the big efforts being made to adjust our home affairs while doing as inexpensively little as possible to help or humanly hinder other nations – or explore the moon. Added cut brings up the Six of Wands: “Small business successes”, and the Eight of Wands, “rapid progress or change in money or business matters.” We are not going to stand still, but whether planned changes are to the fore or whether we are forced by circumstances into rapid changes, it is hard to decide. Not a bad outlook for the governmental year, all considered. A final cut is now made for President Nixon and his personal success. I get the highest trump in the deck, the SUN, and the Six of Cups, which latter reads, “Newly arrived play in a strange garden”, and he is newly arrived to fit. His marked success as indicated is very greatly to be desired, so cheers for the Tarots! One final cut for him: The Ace of Wands and the Magician::: expect innovations and some fine progressive ideas.


It must be remembered, however, that this was a cut for him, personally, not the Presidency. In winning the highest office of the United States, he has fulfilled his long time ambition, and the SUN trump fits that event, BUT it does not say that the land, under his guidance will necessarily hit the highest pinnacle of good.


FOR THE BRITISH ISLES the King of Wands, a good card for business, cuts out, and with it the Eight of Pentacles, showing a man busily engaged producing things to make money. It looks like a steadying influence at work and more prosperity. May see a Royal Romance with the LOVERS ALSO CUTTING.


FOR AUSTRALIA, where we also have some good HRAs, the cut is a bit mixed and contradictory. The lack of rains seems to be represented by a low card, Two of Wands, but other Wand and Pentacle cards point to recovery and also an effort to get more manufacturing and industry going. Oil discoveries with fuel to work with should begin to help.


FOR NEW ZEALAND, where we have a few active HRAs of value, the cut is Ten of Cups, with the meaning of home fires kept burning happily and brightly. With it the Ace of Pentacles, a probable windfall in prices of things which are marketed. A good year ahead.


FOR SOUTH AFRICA, where we also have a few fine HRAs, the cut is, the Ace of Cups, meaning good and friendly relations all around, and with it the Six of Pentacles, showing the rich man with his scales weighing out portions to give to two poor people who depend upon him. I look to see better racial conditions and a more equitable distribution of the good things of the land this year.


FOR EUROPE, where the HRA also has some valued members, the cut is mixed, some good cards and some contradicting the good. In general the year will be good, but there are cards which make me think there will be more social unrest, perhaps in France end even trouble in the German regions, East and West.


FOR RUSSIA, where our one faithful HRA in Czechoslovakia has recently passed on, the cut is for a contradictory several cards, oddly enough, the same one we cut for our U.S.A. prospects of cutting back the expenditures for moon exploration. Two other cards show a backing away from former plans, possibly the big plan to make the world Red. Money for domestic needs is stressed by the Queen of Pentacles. Not so warlike and a bit less prosperous.


RED CHINA cuts the DEATH trump, and the death of some high personage may cause drastic changes in the political ambitions to paint the world Red. Or, falling with the Five of Cups, in which the man cloaked for a journey sadly looks at three upset cups out of five, we may see a giving up of the Red ambitions. A further cut brings up the Knight of Pentacles, showing the change from war plans to commerce. The justice trump comes with the knight, and I would not be surprised to see China allowed into the United Nations as a respectable member at last. The Death card might also point to famine and plague. (I hope they do not develop a worse Hong Kong flu than this time, as this variety was plenty bad enough.) The JUDGMENT trump cuts out, making me expect a reverting to some of the old ways of the past as the country changes after its bad year.


FOR CALIFORNIA AND THE PREDICTIONS GIVEN YEAR BY YEAR that  a great quake will come and the state slip off into the ocean. I cut: three cards came up together, all major trumps and all good. First, the SUN, then the Empress, and then, Strength. Nothing in this run to indicate a disaster. I’ll cut again for an ordinary quake such as we have periodically and one of which the scientists here in California think will come in the first ten days of April. The Five of Wands is the only one of several cards cut which might have to do with a quake. If one comes, it will be of no major proportions as the card shows boys with staffs playing a mimic game of war. The other cards which came up show “business as usual.” Now a cut for the rest of the world and the quake and disaster possibilities. The trump of Strength cuts for the rest of the world also, and I judge that our shell will hold together as well as usual this year.


Now for the progress of OUR HUNA RESEARCH AND LECTURE TAPE WORK. DEATH and the Ace of Swords come up together on the first cut. The first reading death or change or new beginnings to affect the course of our work. The second, a Sword card, gives authority and power to command, lead and carry on. We may run into a severe change or obstacle, I judge, but as an organization, will manage to pull through. Following cuts give the King of Swords, more authority, and power to overcome obstacles. With it the Knight of Swords, the knight galloping on a white horse to rescue someone, perhaps preserve Huna in our case. There follow the SUN and the Ace of Wands, the first a card of success, the second the card of new ventures and undertakings. I judge that we will have some obstacles this year, but will overcome them and even make new plans and begin to carry them out successfully. It promises to be an interesting year for us, if the cards run true, and especially for the new venture with the tapes and classes aimed at starting healing circles. Hold on to your hats.


Our Dr. Martin A. Larson’s brilliant work (and writings) are so important to the U.S.A. that I must include A READING FOR IT. His Essene Heritage book has been circulating well for some months, and is the most compelling study yet made of the origins of Christian beliefs and dogmas in the Essene schools from which came the Dead Sea Scrolls. The impact of this set of findings is slow to be felt on the frozen mass of dogmatic Christianity, but like my book, The Huna Code in Religions, it keeps chipping steadily away and leaving lasting impressions. Mainly, for this series of readings, I am anxious to know the way his latest book, The Great Tax Scandal, will be accepted and acted upon. In it we have the great scandal of the tax dodgers hiding behind church immunity to property and income taxes. It would be all well enough to let the church buildings and land go free of taxes, but NOT the vast accumulations of profit making properties and businesses which are protected by the fraud. The same holds for the abuse of the tax free “foundations”, many of which are disguised as religious organizations or under the protection of some church. If these dodgers were to be forced to pay taxes like the ordinary small business men, the income would be an amazing help in easing the rather desperate tax situation. As I write, Larson is about to go to San Francisco to engage in a series of meetings aimed at starting the ball rolling to get remedial measures going on a national scale. The cities, states and the federal government are all in almost desperate straits for tax money, and any new source of taxes cannot help being welcomed with great, if silent, enthusiasm. The necessity and the awakening of the public by Dr. Larson’s penetrating studies and revelations, should begin to pay off soon.


The cut brought up the Knight of Swords, the knight galloping on his white horse, sword in hand, to right some wrong. This certainly applies better than any other card in the deck could do. With it THE TOWER, trump No. XVI, in which the tower is struck by lightening and three people are being thrown out of three high windows in the tower. This is a lovely symbol of the ousting of the “inside track” boys who have found such fine ways to evade paying their just shares of the expenses of running the country. AND, if the lightening strikes here in the U.S.A., how can it help striking all over the Western World where the same abuses are found. A second shuffle and cut brings up, (would you believe it!) the same TOWER, but with it the major trump, WHEEL OF FORTUNE. The “wheel” is good fortune through the turning of the wheels of progress. I feel that we stand on the verge this year of making a reform which has been very badly needed for a long time, and which will shake some little known institutions to the core. Lend a hand if you can. Spread the good word. Buy the book and circulate it, or, at the very least, insist that your library put the book on its shelves if it is not well represented there already. Your own taxes could be cut perhaps in half if the dodgers were made to do their shares.


If you do not have Dr. Larson’s invaluable RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT, which is the most enlightening thing yet on the materials of the Christian religion, and shows how it was pieced together by slow steps, you can get the soft cover edition direct from Dr. Larson for $2.50. (His address is 4108 East Stanford Dr., Phoenix, Ariz., 85018) Or, his cloth cover ESSENE HERITAGE may be had for $3 – 2 copies for $5. His monumental GREAT TAX SCANDAL is only to be had as yet in hard covers, and is priced at $4.95 if you send to the author for it. Please do not send your order to me, but to him.


By the way, do not expect the daily papers or other periodicals to dare to mention this war on the entrenched Church and Foundation interests, for they depend on subscriptions and if the churches passed the word to the faithful to boycott or cancel subscriptions, the pocketbook behind the presses would be hit. A letter to your representatives in Congress is in order, and as the pot gets to boiling, a series of letters urging action despite powerful lobby work to try to protect the loopholes.




While we are speaking of books, there are two in for review which are of interest to those of us in the Huna part of the field.


THE LADDER OF LIGHTS, by William G. Gray, published and sold by Helios Book Service, Ltd., 8, The Square, Toddington, Nr. Cheltenham, Glos., ENGLAND. Price $6.20 including postage. 230 pages and the book is slightly larger than most to allow for diagrams of the famous Kabalistic “Tree”.


As I pointed out some time ago when we examined the Kabalistic  lore in the Huna Vistas (almost 3 years ago) there were Jews in Spain some centuries ago who had a fair knowledge of Huna, and, apparently, they decided to write about it in language so veiled that only a Huna initiate would know what was actually being discussed. The original manuscript contained about 22 pages, and therein was contained all the Huna. But men who had access to that portion of the writing, down the years, busied themselves writing commentaries on the original – the inner meaning of which seems to have been lost almost at once and almost entirely. I have on my shelves the entire set of writings, 20 volumes in all, and have been surprised and made to wonder by the things that developed in the commentaries  and are still developing in modern hands. The original few pages gave us, in veiled language, the three selves, three aka bodies and three manas of Huna as well as the physical body as the vehicle used during earth life. That makes up the famous TEN ELEMENTS of the man as the na kahuna knew them, and the diagram of the Kabalistic “Tree” still carefully keeps the “10” units to the fore, even while assigning them to all sorts of things other than the originals.


What surprises me always is that, having lost the meaning of the aka and mana six units, the guessing and meditating commentators of the years managed to construct a mystically delightful NEW scheme of LIFE and its parts. They managed to keep the three selves but added to them many characteristics of a novel sort. The tradition developed that the Tarot Cards came from the same original initiates who gave us the invaluable evidence of the first 22 pages, but no one had been able to prove this, or even that the men who gave the many volumes of comments were Tarot originators.


In this well written and handled book, the secondary or speculative system as we now know it under the guise of the Kabala, is beautifully presented and set in excellent marching order. For the many who have found in the Secondary writings and speculations a mystical way of life, this will be a fine addition to books already on hand. For one new to the subject, this is a fine text and an exceptionally lucid introduction to a veiled and meditative lore which is still being enlarged from year to year.


ESP Your Sixth Sense, by Brad Steiger, is a 190 page paperback book of 1966, but new to me. Mr. Steiger writes exceptionally well and is outstanding in his successful search for a variety of modern incidents in which everything from telepathy to precognition is illustrated and covered. He is especially good at laying before his readers the problems which arise when the old Psychology and Science try to explain the psychic and other events which are laid before them. His point of view is that of a clear thinking student and investigator. He gives you the explanations that can be offered and the speculations that may have some value, but modestly refrains from insisting on a personal preference.


For lack of modern instances, apparently, those of the past are often dusted off and used. Undoubtedly he was well acquainted with Fodor’s Encyclopedia of Psychic Science which has recently been reprinted and which contains mention of most of the cases in the last century in which mediumistic talents were involved.


I found no mention of the na kahuna and the theories which they offer to explain most of the phenomena of ESP which are covered, but that is not to be brought up as a criticism for, had Mr. Steiger attempted to include the theories which we know so well, he would have found himself badly limited in space. He would also have found himself in a part of the field which deserves treatment by itself rather than to be compressed into pill form and given to be taken with a sip of water and several grains of salt – as are all the other theories which he mentions. An example of the possible explanations is to be found when he takes up the problem of HOW the future can be foreseen in dreams, visions, hunches and the like. HOW can things which have not happened as yet be seen ahead of the event? Walking weidershins around the question with delightful care, he asks whether our idea of time is perhaps wrong, and tells us of the suggestion that past and future are both here at the same time. One wonders just how he might have handled the Huna idea that one of the three selves, the Aumakua, has the ability to see that part of the future which has crystallized or become real enough in the aka pattern material to be identified. He points out the fact that events which are foreseen can often be changed, as in many cases in which a hunch has prevented people from embarking on train or plane which is doomed to disaster. This points up the still fluid nature of the unmaterialized events, and adds weight to the Huna idea that the Aumakua can so act as to break up a future event or even a series of them, and replace the unwanted by the wanted. (That is the explanation given by the lore of the na kahuna for all changes brought about by our prayer actions in which we work with the na Aumakua to tear down a bad piece of future and remake sickness into health, poverty into affluence, etc.


Mr. Steiger has a book on the beliefs and demonstrations and theories of Paul Twitchel about to be published in paperback. Perhaps one day we might get him to apply his investigative talents to Huna and produce a popular account of what the na kahuna believed. He might even hint at what we of the HRA and FHF have been trying to do about it. (One of our good HRAs met him recently at a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, and told him of our research work, also offering the suggestion that he might find in it good “copy” for a book. The offer of a set of my six books was made, but at this writing nothing has come of it.)


BARON EUGENE FERSON (a recent letter reminded me) discovered that he could collect mana, but didn’t know what it was. He taught his pupils to take the “Star Position” which was with feet wide apart and arms fully extended at the sides level with the shoulders, then to affirm, “The universal life force is flowing through me now – I feel it.” He did not know that deeper breathing helped one to accumulate the force which he found to accumulate, but accumulation was not hard to learn, as I have related in my book, SSBM. Ferson made great claims for the power of this accumulated force, saying that it could be projected through the hands for healing or changing substances like fuel oil so that they were much better. (He claimed to have so treated tanks of fuel oil and to have made them give much more heat.) One might say that he almost rediscovered what the old na kahuna named “mana”. A part of his theory was that the body was surrounded by a “double” or astral body which insulated it from the universal life force which saturated the air all around us, and that by extending the feet and hands far enough they would protrude from the astral case and touch and so absorb (at command of the mind) the outside force – and store it. There is little question but that he and many of his pupils accumulated good extra changes of mana. Some, including myself and a friend, were able to command the accumulated mana to exert a pull like a magnet on the bodies of other people (or a dog in our experiments). The strange Russian is gone now, but his teaching is not yet entirely forgotten, and his lectures, printed and bound in snake skin at $25 per copy are still to be found now and then in used book stores. If a tenth of what Ferson claimed he could do with the accumulated force is true, we are overlooking something very powerful and good. Perhaps we should attempt greater things and expect more.


In passing, it might be said that, in time, we probably would have rediscovered the whole of Huna, but the process would have been a slow one, with here a bit found and there a bit, but with little to tie the discoveries together, and with no criterion by which to judge them or pull them together. Modern Psychology had discovered the Auhane and Aunihipili early in this century, but it still does not do more than guess occasionally at an Aumakua. Mana and aka are still lacking.


SPEAKING OF PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS, one of the most difficult to explain, in terms of Huna or anything else, is that of the well authenticated cases in which whole battles have been reenacted as if material happenings before the eyes of a number of people, as in two cases in England. In Hawaii the processions of long dead chiefs, with torches blazing at night and chants and drumming were reported by natives who hid in fright until the procession was past. Huna tells us that thoughts are impressed on aka substance to make memories. This is easy to accept and understand, and we see spirits returning with their memories intact, so decide that the memories-in-aka were taken along with the shadowy body of the Aunihipili at the time of death.


But HOW can the memories of great battles and other group activities get from the minds of the participants   long dead  into a form which can be seen as “materializations” by the living? In seances we have the materialization of bodies for the dead, and one wonders whether or not the battle or other dead might be involved in some way in this psychic reproduction. A famous case is one in which two English ladies visited the old French Summer Home of the French Royalty and found themselves in the midst of surroundings and moving people of a century earlier. They saw buildings that no longer were there, but were found to have been many years earlier. The Theosophical idea of the “akasha” as a substance (the idea may well have been the Huna aka originally) on which all events were imprinted as a nature memory, has been the only real explanation offered in modern times, and this explanation seems to be uncertain as to what intelligence unit and what element of force (mana) is used in making the imprints of the memories on the akashic substance. Also, we have no effort, so far as I remember, to explain how the akashic memories can at times begin to be materialized so that they can be seen as moving and noisy battles or marches or gardeners attending their duties in a long past royal garden. We still need to know so much, and the answers are so hard to come by, even with the help of the Huna theories in which we have the three units, consciousness, mana and the substances, aka, or denser, to work with in trying to construct our answers to puzzling questions.


THE FILIPINO HEALERS are less often in the news of late, interesting as they are with their psychic surgery, spiritualism and all the reports of miracle and bloodless surgery. Riley Crabb, of the BSRA journal travels about and often hears strange things. One which he related to me is too good not to pass on. He met a lady who had the suspicion that she had developed a tumor inside her body. Going to Manila, she did not try to go up the mountain to the summer city where the famous “Tony” and others hold out, but began the rounds of the several healers in Manila. Six different ones treated her, and each took out and displayed a removed tumor. After this had happened six times, she relates with a sober face, she decided that she must be cured, and came home. Tony, by the way, was recently reported in U.S.A. where some Canadians whose trip to be healed by him proved costly and the healing service either not lasting or no good, was sued by the group. He was arrested here in the U.S.A., but bailed out by a wealthy friend who came to the rescue. The story continues that arrangements have been made for a protected spot where he can work his miracles in the islands south of Florida. I have been expecting more grapevine news of the matter, but none has come in. The tendency is to belittle all the spirit healing, but so long as there are many cases of lasting healing, the hopes of those in need of non-medical attention remain high.


THE TAPED LECTURES are still being welcomed by those who can get together classes to hear them, or who can play the tapes to established groups. Tape No. 6 was sent out after Christmas to 75 classes or individual HRAs who are buying them to add to their collection of literature on Huna. Many tapes which have been out on loan have been copied and returned so that they could go out again to a newly formed class. Some groups have been kind enough to send in donations for the new Tape Fund which helps me with the expense of the project. A number of free books have been furnished by our Library Fund, and money from outright sales is farmed back into the Tape Fund where it is needed to buy raw tapes and pay for postage and packing. All seems to be very much under Guidance. Several good and understanding HRAs have donated liberally to the Fund to help me get tapes and recorders. Copies of the lectures on the little cassettes are not too satisfactory as the little tapes are too short when the lectures on the 5 inch reels run slightly long – the end sentences often being lost off the cassettes. It is urged that the effort be made to get recorders to play the regular reels.


As might be expected, the surprising interest in the lectures and the added time taken by the project, has been almost more than I could handle, what with my regular book business and usual HRA correspondence, the Huna Vistas and my other duties. Letters to me should be made brief and if an answer is expected, a short one may be all that time allows. Visiting and callers are out.


THE SHIPPING STRIKE ON THE EAST COAST of the U.S.A. has tied up the surface mail for some time, but I hope soon that it will end and that tapes and bulletins and books intended for Europe and Africa can once more be mailed. (When I get to be King, I am going to make a law that all unions must strike at the same time, also all employers, then all wages will be raised the same per cent, all products be boosted in price by a like percentage to even up. This will make no strike or price boost pay off, and all such foolishness will stop and I can mail a letter any day in the year. Or if YOU get to be king first, you tend to it, what?)


One more tape reel with two more lectures is planned at this writing. This should round out the brief survey of Huna and its uses for those listeners who know little of the ancient system and who either will or will not be starting to dig into the books and go ahead on their own steam, either in groups or alone. Already the hope of spreading the knowledge of Huna is being realized in a very encouraging way, and further hope of permanent groups, firm organization and healing circles seems more and more possible.


A call for prospective group members has been made by HRA Mrs. Jean West of Fremont, Calif. She has asked that her name be placed in the Huna Vistas and her residence phone be given. She and her friends are planning big things for Huna, with a healing circle and perhaps a center.


A new HRA in Lexington, Kentucky reported as of January 15th, “Everyone is wildly enthusiastic over the tapes. Don’t know if we can wait a week in between each lecture or not.”


HRA Bill Glover, of Glendale, Calif, who is, by the way, doing a delightful job or rewriting my Stories for Children to get them down to the level of his little daughter, who is five, also reports on the lectures. He writes, “I am using the tapes now in an adult discussion group at church. The Huna concept has created quite a stir!” The first chapter of the Stories, which he sent me, has been neatly typed and spaced to allow the insertion of drawings done by two of his youngster friends, and I must say that the drawings are surprisingly good. Bill has introduced the “Mother” of the Stories as “Mother Nature” who helps Father God with the job of creation. I think that is a fine expansion of my short statement that we cannot have a Father without a Mother to match. He writes, “Kendra, our daughter, likes the ‘GOD Story’ better than any other bedtime story she has. By now she fills in most of the words   after I read part of a sentence and pause.” (My version of the Stories is, really, aimed at the parents, with little things to chuckle over to reward them while they digest the incidents and get ready to retell the yarns to their younger children, or even those from the 7 to 10 age group. The illustrations being done for these by artist, HRA Tony Mapes, could also be used with Bill’s version. Perhaps we should at some time get HRA Glover’s version on tapes with assorted illustrations to go along, to be looked at as the tape is played. All children should have an introduction to Huna in a simple form while still in the process of forming their ideas of how the earth was made. The Huna version is so much more complete and modern.)


PLAYING TAPE S IN THEOSOPHICAL LODGES was a lovely idea, but too good to be true. First the Blavatsky Lodge in Sydney, Australia, refused to let the tapes be sounded, and now the largest lodge in Canada, at Vancouver, has also put thumbs down on the tapes. HRA, FHF Mrs. Eva Scott, who tried to get the Vancouver Lodge to listen or to allow the tapes to be played for the public in the Lodge quarters, reports that most of the members are elderly and quite set in their T.S. views, especially when it comes to upsetting Karma by healing people who should, by accepted beliefs, be made to suffer and so get rid of old karma, and perhaps make a little that is good. That and other objections. Anyway, Huna is not something that Blavatsky rediscovered, or even Mrs. Besant, shame on it. (Not to say all T.S. members accept both of these “authorities”. Years ago in Honolulu I was invited to stop attending the Lodge there when I ventured to champion some of the controversial Blavatsky ideas as better than Mrs. Besant’s. No mind is so imprisoned as that of the person who makes and closes his own iron doors against anything new or different.)


A PLANT WAS HEALED BY HUNA METHODS, reports our HRA artist, Mrs. Dan Mapes, whose illustrations are signed, “Tony Howard”. She writes of her experience, “It was with your Huna method that I first got results. One in particular, I can share with you and other HRAs. It was the complete rejuvenation of a plant. While we were away for a weekend trip out of town, my sister- in-law was going to water the plant I had there, but she forgot, and when we got back its leaves were completely crunchy, brittle and dry – dead to all appearances. I used the Huna method of accumulating mana, sending it to my Aumakua and picturing it being returned – stepped up and vibrant with life thru my body and out of my hands and into the plant. I also pictured the plant full of life, green and beautiful again. I did this twice for three times the same day. I did not water it as it was past the normal stage for normal help so far as I knew. When I would notice that the plant was still in its dead stage I repeated the whole process of transfer of the life force so that I would not be hindered by holding the mental picture of it dry and withered. I did not get immediate results, but the next day when I noticed the plant, it was healthier than ever and all but part of one leaf had been completely restored. So I KNOW HUNA WORKS.” Klamath Falls, Oregon, HRAs contact Tony at 975 Alameda if you will. Perhaps a group can be formed and a healing circle. Or study and discuss.




HRA, FHF, Mrs. Patricia Brawand, of the Garden Home Group near Portland, wrote: I took my recorder over and played the introductory lecture for a group of friends of Nina Van A. We started at 7:30 P.M. and didn’t get home until 3:00 A.M. I know how all these people can go for hours and never feel tired when they are involved in such stimulating circumstances with people who are interested and eager for more.


They can hardly wait for the next lecture this coming Friday. Nina’s sister, Eva, attended the Friday night meeting and on Sunday, lost her wallet with $90 in it. She and Nina treated for it Sunday night and Monday morning, and Monday night a man returned it with every penny in it. This really surprised her that things could work so fast and well, and of course all of these things help to convince people that this is a working system. Our parish priest came on Sunday and listened to 3 of the lectures. He didn’t commit himself at all and thought you were a little hard on St. Paul. This was the first he had ever heard of Huna.”


More “Games” to train the imagination were enclosed, this time one called “The Father Game”. It is like the others but deals with the father. HRA Phillip Warren, of Collegeville, Minn., wrote to send more such games and to say that they were a variation on the techniques taught in L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology courses. Phillip plans to run the tapes before some members of the Psychology classes at the local University. Similar plans are reported by HRA Dr. Wingo who teaches in a large college at Cape Girardeau, Mo., and I am much pleased if only students are exposed to Huna and allowed to consider it as one of the variations of modern psycho-religion. These are new and most valued members, the first dubbed off a set of the tapes and sent them with the return of the set he had on loan. The second is making an index for my book, The Huna Code in Religions, which I hope some day to incorporate in the book when a reprint is needed. The book badly needs an index short enough to be put into the book. One made up for me by a professional at the behest of HRA Clinton Roberts at a considerable cost, is too long to be practical for inclusion. The book covers too much ground. Dr. Wingo also is making up an index of the Huna Vistas up to the present point of publication. I hope that this index may be right for mimeographing for those who have the bulletins and want to have the help in finding particular things in them. I am trying to find a set of the older HRA Bulletins for him, but so far have not succeeded. If you have a set which you would let go, please write to me. Another rather new HRA, Mrs. Melothe, who, with her husband, is in the printing and publishing business in Los Angeles, may have the lectures typed from the tapes, edited, and printed in booklet form eventually. It would be a great help as the lectures could be read as well as heard.


HRA Rev. Blanche Butler, of Phoenix, Ariz., writes to enter a friend as a new member, saying, “Please mail the latest Huna Vistas to Mrs. Virginia Blanck, 3107 North 26th St., Phoenix, Ariz. She is a wonderful healer and uses the Huna methods. My copy of the Huna Vistas goes on quite a circle as I loan it to many.” (She also has the tapes and shares them.)


Most interesting experimental work with eating companions is being done by HRA Wm. Boone, of La Mesa, Calif. He writes, “I have been using the pendulum and find plenty of people with obsessions. ” He has treated several with success, using Huna methods. (He is also a good hypnotist.) “I have treated some with the ‘absent treatment’ method with success.” He checks with his pendulum over their signatures to learn whether those treated remain clear of spirit influence.


This seems a very important step in the right Huna direction.



New Groups & The Taped Lectures

March-April, 1969



THE NEWS IS GOOD on all the Huna fronts. The seventh reel of taped lectures was sent out to some 80 classes, groups and individuals, here and abroad, in February, and covered the use of self-suggestion, also closed the initial series of lectures as a unit. (One of our long time HRAs writes that this tape is one he wishes to play to himself, a side every day, to help him catch the swing of the use of self-suggestion and the Coué version, of “Every day in every way, I am growing better and better.”) What further tapes will be made up and sent out, remains to be seen as I have called for suggestions and need now to have reports from the new groups to let me know what they are doing and what might be of help. Of one thing we are already certain, and this is that Huna has been introduced to many people who are more prone to listen to a lecture than to getting and reading books. What we still do not know is whether from the listeners we can form the desired permanent groups with a HEALING CIRCLE which puts to use all that we know of the Huna methods – and this includes practically everything that has been worked out in recent years in Psychology and Religion.


CITIES ARE HARD TO ORGANIZE from the point of view of tape classes, and the best bet seems to be to interest groups which are already organized but which may be open to giving Huna a hearing. Smaller centers seem best, perhaps because prospective members are not scattered and so very far apart. However, there is the prospect of a warm reception of Huna from a NEW YORK group.


Mrs. Jack Becker, HRA, FHF , (323 W. Pine, Long Beach, N.Y. 11561, if you live in New York and want to get in on the work), has me on my toes here waiting for the next and next installment of a series of contacts and efforts to get a group started on Huna in New York City. She is making new friends and getting help from them in the work of interesting groups such as the American Society for Psychical Research and the Society of Hypnotists. (About 150 licensed professionals) Another group which she does not name is being worked over, and as I begin work on this bulletin, she writes that she is sure she is going to be able to establish a center there for the kind of Huna work which we envision. She even asked me to run the Tarot cards to see what they might say of the prospects. I ran the cards and the first draw turned up the Magician – card of a brand new beginning. With it came the Knight of Cups, bearing a friendly offer; the Nine of Cups, which shows the teacher at work instructing in something; then TEMPERANCE, the card of very high guidance and of “graduation”  which may be a matter which will call for much attention in a future study of Huna. From the fall of the cards I predict success for the venture. I have suggested that the American Society for Psychical Research group might be interested in research work in the field of Psychometric Analysis readings and its use as a very practical form of psychometry. Through another of the energetic HRAs we have a contact already established with the president of this Society. With the scarcity of physical mediums who can produce apports and get materializations for the Society to observe and study, it is very possible that we may get an interest awakened in P.A. ESP rightfully belongs in the list of things into which probes should be projected, but the cards and dice have been worked so long and the results so well certified, that they are rather lacking in prime interest. In passing, let me call attention to the long list of paperback books which grows day by day as publishers and the public open to books on psychic matters. Hard cover books also come right along, and it is no longer a disgrace to admit an interest in reincarnation, ghosts, UFOs and even Huna. Two of my friends of the HRA have written to suggest that my books be brought out in paperback, but I have had to report that they are not “popular” in treatment, and deal too openly with accepted Religion to go into the news stands. To get them into the paperback form would require a new version of each book, or a completely different approach to the subject. If this is an Intention, on the part of the na Aumakua of the Great Company, from whence our Guidance seems to be coming, we shall have paperbacks in due time. Meanwhile, we are not doing too badly with what we have in hand in the way of not-too-expensive books and the taped lectures. (I may be doing a lecture on Huna on tape to be played before the Hypnotists group in New York. before long.)


A ROUND ROBIN TYPE OF TAPE LETTER is being planned by HRA Marge Wein, of 20 Erskin Dr., Venice, Fla., U.S.A. 33595. Those of you who are new to Huna are especially invited. Huna will be the topic of discussion. I do not know just how such a project is handled, but suppose the tape is sent around with questions asked and comments and answers added. Mrs. Wein has good recorder equipment and has dubbed off all my lecture reels in 5 inch running at 3-3/4 speed and in cassettes, if I understand correctly, and there may be tape letters in each style of tape. The ideal letter would be one on a 7 inch reel playing and recording at the slow speed of 1-7/8 IPS. Such a reel would carry three hours of talk and, when filled, would be quite a document. I wish I had time to join in this fun, but I am everlastingly pressed for spare minutes these days… which reminds me to thank those of you who are tempted to write me long letters or send me taped letters, the latter taking even more time to play and hear than letters do to read and answer with a few lines. I have several long letters on my desk still read only as far as the first few paragraphs. Some of my friends do not realize how busy I am, and a few, despite my telling them, have no mercy. If you are tempted to write a very long letter, be sure to put anything important right at the start, for I may never get farther than that in the reading. Having started the tape lectures going, I have really gotten myself into a corner in so far as time is concerned. Another item, while I think of tapes: If you get a reel of taped lectures from me which is defective in some way, please be sure to mark it and tell me when you send it back, for otherwise it may go out at once to some waiting friend and the defect endured in repeat. I dub three copies at once on my recorders, and do not play the dubs to check. That would take too long. I have to work fast and take the chance of imperfections.


I STAND CORRECTED. William F. Boone, FHF and HRA, was mentioned in the last H.V. as a hypnotist. He is anxious to correct me on this, and writes, “I noted my name in the Huna Vistas and had people tell me about it before I received my copy. One Parapsychology devotee was disturbed at the mention of my being a hypnotist. In the true sense of the word I am not a hypnotist as I do not use trance states on anyone at any time to dispossess them of obsessing entities or rid them of blocks. I only enter into a very light trance state myself for removing the obsessing entities and to get the circumstances surrounding the blocks. I think it is also possible to do this work by mail as well. It would be accomplished in this way: you could tell those of the HRA who desire to have their blocks removed or their ‘eating companions’, to send me their signatures written in ink. This is all I need to enable me to reach them and work through their na Aumakua and their ‘George’ (Aunihipili) for more effective prayer. The signature can also be used by me to run a P.A. reading of the person’s Aunihipili and ascertain the years in which the situations occurred which produced the outlaw memory. From the data I send back, the person can clear himself by contacting his Aunihipili and establishing communication. If the situation and the year named are not correct, the Aunihipili will say so. However, if right, a ‘yes’ answer will be given (by the pendulum?), and then the outlaw memory with the experience giving rise to it can be rationalized until the Aunihipili agrees to reclassify it and to place it in the proper relationship with other memories. Sometimes it is necessary to persist in the rationalization until a ‘yes’ answer is obtained.


“Perhaps there are persons in the various groups with the proper psychometric ability and Aunihipili training to do this work also. If so, I will be glad to give them my methods or do what I can to work with them …….


“We are gradually getting a group started. (HRA Boone even ran ads in the papers in his effort to contact likely class members.) There were 10 people at the last meeting. With four cleared of their eating companions and blocks, we will take up the practice of using the Huna breathing method and accumulating of mana, also forming thought clusters. One man had nine obsessions and twelve Aunihipili blocks. I am now in the process of removing them. The Isabel Hickey tape was played last night to the group and was enthusiastically received. It is a great help in interesting those who are really desirous of serving as sincere Huna Fellows. Your latest tape was also well received when played. (Reel No. 6.)”


I COMMENT: I am delighted with the work which is reported, but most surprised to hear that one man had so many obsessing spirits bothering him. How I do wish time allowed me to get down to visit HRA Boone and his group. His method may be the answer to one of the most difficult problems in our work – that of getting rid of eating companions and fixations. Praise and congratulations. (Address: Wm. F. Boone, 8413 1/2, Lemon Ave., La Mesa, CA, 92041)


THE NEW GROUP AT SAN JOSE, CALIF., is getting organized and on the way rapidly. I had a letter with a message inviting those of you living in that district to join in, but, (shame on poor Cigbo, who takes the blame for things for me) I can’t for the life of me find the letter. However, if you are interested, drop a line to Mrs. William W. West, 4419 Gertrude Dr., Freemont, Calif., 94536, and she will get in touch with you . This promises to be one of the largest groups soon, and in it I look to see the whole bag of kahuna tricks brought into play as the serious work of healing gets started. The ideal healing circle would be one in which prayer was used, mana accumulated and used in the mesmeric and hypnotic or suggestion form, and perhaps a medium be at hand to see and talk to eating companion spirits who were to be exorcised.


THE TAPE CLASS AT LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, U.S.A. is reported going through the usual “shake down” stage which I find experienced by all groups. The introductory tape arouses high expectations, and then, as was reported in one case, the people stopped attending “when they found out that they had to DO something.” Elmer George Martin, HRA, FHF, who heads the group and reports to me its progress, writes, “We have dwindled to 7 or 8 members, but may be able to build up again. Will you please send us your books, Growing Into Light and Self-Suggestion from the Book Fund. I will lend them around and see if that will help. The healing tapes are very good and we enjoyed them.”


A class leader who visited me briefly a few days ago said we should have a tape to set the new classes right in the matter of expecting (after hearing the introductory lecture) some of the things that may be called “popularized” occultism. They have read some of the many paperback books on things psychic, seen ads in the magazines, and are all expectant – hoping for fortune telling, Spiritualistic seances with table tipping, Ouija Board fun and perhaps some neat little “spells” or magic to help get something for nothing. They need to be warned off of the temptation to use the pendulum to get the poor and irrational Aunihipili to predict the future, which it is no more able to do than we of the Auhane. The problem of making up such a warning tape involves first explaining what these activities are before saying that they should be let alone, and the tape space would be gone before a start had been made on the warning.


WHAT TO DO ABOUT HOSTILE PARENTS is a problem still to be solved. One group ran into trouble when some young people were invited to join the class and their parents, who, apparently, were set in their ideas on religion and such things, objected strenuously to having their sons and daughters exposed to whatever it was that threatened. If one could get the parents to listen to the tapes and learn what was intended, that would help, but they will have none of the tapes. They are “sot in their ways” and that seems to be that. Scientology has been “disconnecting” its advanced students from all attachments to things and people – including parents, relatives and even the spouse. The results have been such that a storm of protest has risen and the authorities have refused to let them carry on in England and a few other places. We certainly do not want to be accused of driving a wedge between parents and their children. Perhaps it will be better to wait until the children are out of high school and college and can make up their own minds more freely about what they wish to investigate in the part of the field where Huna resides.




May we ask a question concerning our much loved pet cat, who, after 16 years with us, died last year. We saw and heard him in the home and garden until about two months ago, and then no more. Can you explain this? Could spirit forms be injured? Or could he be detained by the guardian angel who takes care of animals? We have been very much concerned about this change. The little fellow found his way to us the first night after his death, although he was in a hospital seven miles from here. It gave us great pleasure to see him young and happy again.” (Signed by two dear friends of the HRA who have been with us a long time.)


I replied that it seemed quite probable that the animals reincarnate with shorter rest periods than humans, and that their kitty may have found a new body by now. I doubt very much that a kind Providence would let the pet suffer in spirit.


A NEW IDEA FOR THE TAPES has come along as part of the mail in the day since the last page of this H.V. was written. I begin to realize that, in addition to the tapes as they now are intended to get a healing group of new Huna Fellows to work, are not fitted to use in already established groups such as Theosophical Lodges, Metaphysical Groups which have their own teacher or leader and their own set of beliefs, or even groups such as the Hypnotist Society in New York. There are also Parapsychology and Psychical Research groups already with their own programs and pet ideas, and to step into  these with tapes, inviting their members to join us as Huna Fellows, and start work in a healing circle well, I realize that I have asked too much.


WHAT NOW APPEARS TO BE NEEDED is a less brash approach and no open and acknowledged attempt to take away members and perhaps remove them from the groups in which they were found. We need taped lectures of an impersonal nature, educational lectures, which will not go against the grain with the group sitting down to listen. If we ask the listeners to do nothing and accept nothing that is said in the lecture, then there should. be a chance to get a hearing for Huna.


IT SHOULD BE FAIRLY EASY to make a sympathetic approach, say to the beliefs of the Theosophists, and get on with simple comparisons of beliefs and materials upon which they are based. Comparative Religion would be a good name for the deal, and by being careful to keep from stepping on toes or blundering in “where angels fear to tread”, we may be able to spread the knowledge of Huna, AND that is the main thing next to the fond hope of making actual converts and setting up our healing circles or study and discussion groups under our own Huna Fellowship banner.


Such an impersonal approach would relieve the leaders of going groups from the embarrassing necessity of themselves becoming converts or openly rejecting the proposals I have made in the tapes when inviting listeners to join us. If, of course, a number of the listeners in organized groups became interested enough to wish to inquire into Huna and even ask what we are doing, that would not be so objectionable to the group leaders.


Groups are frequently hunting for speakers or projects to keep members interested and attending meetings, and if we were not too blatant in our tape efforts to introduce Huna and show how much better it is than anything else, all might go well and the tapes be even popular.


In addition to the more modest approach to established groups, the tapes might become far more tolerable in college psychology classes, even some of the more liberal churches, (although by the farthest stretch of my imagination, I cannot see the Jehovah’s Witnesses sitting down to listen to a tape).


Of course, the field is wide open when it comes to fishing for individuals with the envisioned type of tape. I get letters constantly from people who have no one of like mind near them with whom they can discuss Huna, and we might be able to find these by a little good advertising, renting the tapes and exchanging them as some of the popular lecturers already do.


In the HRA we have members who may be considered experts in various other systems while well informed on Huna. Perhaps these could help get the material together for such comparative lectures, even write the lectures and talk them onto master tapes against the dubbing. I am well aware of my own none to good lecturing, and realize that a tape is harder to listen to (and remain awake) than the same lecture if given “live”. With the tapes there is also the technical difficulty of not being able to raise or lower the voice very much for emphasis. I tried to vary my lecturing and found at once that the loud parts “clacked” or produced a squeal, while a low voice got lost. Incidentally, the inspiration that comes to a speaker when facing an enthusiastic audience is quite a help, but I have yet to get a recorder to clap for me at appropriate times. “Voice” fidelity in reproduction is also sometimes a problem, but I do fairly well, as proven by the remark of a little girl of the Portland Garden Home Group, Oregon, who had heard my tapes and who also listened on the telephone when I was called long distance for a chat on a meeting night. She said wonderingly, “Why he sounds on the telephone just like he does on the tape lectures!”


“DEAR MAX:” writes HRA W.G. from Alabama, “I see in the papers that you have had the worst rains in California in years. Shouldn’t your Tarot Cards have made a prediction of that to warn you?”


I reply: I am sure I would have had a “bad” card turn up if I had anticipated such a danger in the weather and has ask a yes/no type of question as to rain disasters. In the deck there are no particular cards for rains, floods, quakes, fires and all the multitude of things which might happen, so much depends on the forethought of the reader – perhaps on his or her intuition which might prompt the asking of a question to cover a certain possibility.


We must not forget that predicting the future with the cards is still a very uncertain matter, and must be looked upon as more or less of a game. In the game of running the cards we do well to view with interest what the cards seem to predict, then watch interestedly to see how close they come to what does or does not happen.


Far and beyond any parlor game value, the Tarot Cards really come into their own when it comes to their symbology and the hidden meanings when viewed singly or one following another in some sequence. The symbols make an ideal tool to be used in MEDITATION. They will start a train of thought going and as from the inner parts of oneself will well up thoughts and images to push the train forward. Old memories are often fished out of the deep of memory and can be considered in the quiet rationality of the period and given their verity and correct values.


Long use of the Tarots in this manner will often build a surprising new set of concepts built on the levels of all three selves. Old concepts may be called to mind and held while a Tarot Major is selected at random and then used as a starting point for meditation. In this way the old concepts are subjected to a very healthy working over and cleaning up. Most of us have old ideas from earlier days which need to be brought up, aired out and modernized. Often the old recollections have an emotional quality when brought up for airing, and when this is noted, the Aunihipili (being the maker of emotions) is sure to be involved and, just as surely, there is the danger of the old concept being slightly fixed or unreasoned. There we soap and scrub hard, and wash and wring and hang out clean to dry. Usually one is not aware of these half baked concepts until they crop up as if by themselves with the meditation on some card happening to touch the aka thread connected with them in the memory store. You might say, “One thing leads to another”, and have the idea in a nut shell.


The history and origin of the Tarots remains obscure. Every bright boy or girl who gets the brilliant idea of assembling borrowings from various beliefs and making them into a “course” to peddle to the unsuspecting, will, at some time or other, drag in the Tarot by the ears, and make a big claim of having the one and only set of true secrets hidden in them. Mixing bogus ideas supposedly hidden in the Tarots with supposed Hermetic and Rosecross traditions, the “course” grows.


WHAT I PREFER TO CALL LEGITIMATE TAROT, however, is to be found outside the “course” circles. Serious students continue to be fascinated by the old symbols and to find uses for the cards on which they are drawn in a variety of ways. In FATE magazine for April, 1969, Brad Steiger has an excellent article on the work of a young psychic by the name of Ron Warmoth. He lays out the cards for readings of the past, present and future of his clients, all in the accepted manner but gets from them things which the symbols alone would not indicate. He seems to use the cards as sparking points in some way for his native intuitions or what the French call “clear seeing”. The predictions which he makes would call for a stack of different meanings for each card, if the psychic element were discounted. Mr. Warmoth says that he has worked out many meanings for the cards, and that, as they are not to be found in books, he plans to do a book of his own. The importance of his work to us is mainly in that it shows what good work the cards and their symbols, sequences, etc. can do in sparking off the intuitional power of the reader. It is almost too much to assert that the Aunihipili makes the cards fall in an exact way to tell what it has already learned about the client of the reader. And, unless the Aunihipili of the psychic is getting some help from the Aumakua to be able to tell the Auhane what is to happen in the future, we have just run “fresh out” of explanatory theories.


NOR HAS THE TAROT CEASED TO EVOLVE. In these days there are more and more students of the Tarots who are using them for leaping off  points for inspiration as well as meditation. Even the spirit friends on the other side have come to join in the studies and to discuss with the living the speculative side of meanings. Two such living students are our own HRA John Cooke and his friend and fellow worker, Rosalind Sharpe. I do not know just how it came about, but the impressions came through for a revision of the Major symbols as we have known them in this century, and when revised, a slightly different and augmented series of meanings were developed. John took brush in hand and painted in most pleasing color the new version of the Tarot majors. These were done in about 8×11 inch size, and were later reproduced as a set in full size and color –  a very beautiful and rather amazing set, and of a fine large size for use by the student who wishes to stand one up before him for meditation purposes. (I hope later to be able to find out where this set can be obtained and at what price. John made me a present of a set, and it is one of my treasures.)


A FINE PAPERBACK BOOK was next on the program, and I have before me a review copy. It is titled THE NEW TAROT and has been written by John and Rosalind as a team. Fine reproductions in reduced size and in black and white, show all of the Trumps Major. (No minors have as yet been worked out, so far as I am able to learn.) With the repros of the new Tarot major designs is given a fine description of what is seen in the picture and the symbolic meaning attached to the various parts or items. For example, in the NEW TAROT, the old card of THE HERMIT, which showed an old man holding a light and searching for something or someone, is replaced by a slightly similar old man who is blindfolded and stripped of everything, even his clothing, but who seeks. This is THE SEEKER, and a wealth of picture material has been added to carry the symbology into a wider, deeper and higher significance. In the background, a mountain spouts smoke and fire, and from the foreground winds the “old, old PATH” familiar as a prime symbol of progression to all occult students. The description of the new design begins, “The Seeker is that in every man which causes him to seek  – and sense –  the light. Blazing on the mountain top, the Shiva fire of the One light shines like a mighty jewel. This is the crown chakra of the Citadel; the mountain is the Tree, the former tower or pyramid. The mountain is the Self upon which the One jewel blazes. The fire on the mountain top is also the Way Shower whose eyes irradiate the earth with beams that are like searchlights. For the jewel blazes and can be seen by everyone. And it is day.


“But the Seeker is blind folded.


“He has purposefully bandaged his eyes from the light. This is because it is so bright that it is blinding. But it is also because if he relied on his vision and thinking alone he might be diverted from the true goal by the golden clouds that encircle the mountain top which might be compared to the false light …………


“For another meaning of this Book is that the Seeker is not diverted by externals, not even by the light itself. His ten fingers need not touch the light. He is feeling, knowing, acting intuitively from within. He knows the light is there. He is going toward it. It is not an external as it would be if he were looking at it with his eyes.


“The Seeker is far from the mountain top, yet, having found himself in the unassailable stronghold of the Citadel, Completed Man, he is, in a sense, already there.


“The meaning of the Book of the Seeker is Right Direction.


“The Seeker is related to the past, the Hermit, in that he is balding and white-bearded. The weight of the ages and of man’s entire past history is contained in him. Yet does he stand nakedly before the light, not shrinking from the path he must climb nor the water he must enter before he can actually climb the winding path up the mountain.


“The water is baptism, and it is that which dissolves form and structures. That is why he must go through it in order to penetrate the final veil.


“Symbolically he is to be born again of water and of fire.


“And perhaps he already senses the cup of fire he must drink at the mountaintop, and the Renewer, Death, which lies beyond – for through these gates he will be re-born, and step forth as a baby.


“On another path leading away from the Seeker, is a comely woman bearing riches. Beyond her are flowers and a book; before her is the city at a distance. The objects symbolize the things she craves of life which she hopes to fulfill in the city. The city is her goal. It is the fulfillment of tangible goals, or the desire to attain happiness through earthly things and conditions. This represents the wrong direction. The Seeker, the old man who, as the Hermit, spent centuries wandering alone in the darkness, guided only by his lantern, knows that this direction leads to naught since it leads not to the light or the One which is on the mountain top, and which alone is real and enduring. There alone is found the immortal elixir ………”

This brief excerpt will give the flavor of the work. It is Mysticism at its best for it offers points for the leaping off of mind and emotions. It will appeal to the student who loves his Kabala and its “Tree” as well as to the one versed in Theosophy and the lore of ancient India. The presentation does not start from a basic beginning and build and offer a completed system. It relies on the background knowledge and beliefs of the reader and strives to make of them material from which to kindle an inner glow AND, it does this very nicely and satisfactorily.


PLEASE NOTE that I have found by now where the large Tarot paintings in full color may be obtained, but the price is not given. Write to East Totem West, 159 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley, California, U.S.A. 94941 for price information. The book, THE NEW TAROT, is priced at $1.95, to which should be added 15¢ for postage and 5% sales tax if you live in California. Include a readied envelope with your book order so that information on the large color prints can be sent easily.


THE GREAT TAX SCANDAL, by our Dr. Martin Larson has been printed in condensed form by READERS DIGEST magazine, which has a very large circulation. (This most needed book was reviewed in the last issue of Huna Vistas.) The press, careful not to step on exposed tax toes, is carrying the news of the impact of the book by telling what this or that legislator had to say about “tax reforms”. A delightful smell has been raised by the big tax free Foundations which were called on the carpet recently by a Congressional investigation committee. Washington would sweep the scandal under its rug as usual, were it not that Dr. Larsen’s findings are getting so well known that voters are beginning to demand that something be done. Now is a good time for U.S. citizens to write to their representatives in Congress, mentioning the book, and demanding that action be taken to correct what has become a most disgraceful and dangerous situation.


TO RETURN TO THE TAROTS before we get too far past them, I want to pass on some information concerning the traditional origin of the cards. I have before me Volume III of the fine translation of a mass of early Hermetic literature. The three books are from the pen of G.R.S. Mead, and the publisher is John M. Watkins, the title being THRICE GREATEST HERMES. (The subtitle reads, “Studies in Hellenistic Theosophy and Gnosis, being a Translation of the Extant Sermons and Fragments of the Trismegistic Literature, with Prolegomena, Commentaries and Notes.) (The published price was 3 pounds, 3 shillings a few years ago.) (Ask Stewart & Watkins, 17 Cecil Ct., Charing Cross Rd. London.)


In the section chaptered “The Virgin of the World”, page 152, (Vol. III), Mr. Mead writes:


“In this connection it is instructive to refer to the account which Syncellus tells us he took from the statement of Manetho.


“‘Manetho, says Syncellus, states in his Books that he based his replies concerning the dynasties of Egypt to King Ptolemy on the monuments.


“These monuments, he (Manetho) tells us, were engraved in a sacred language, and in the characters of the sacred writing, by Thoth the First Hermes; after the Flood they were translated from the sacred language into the common tongue, but (still written) in hieroglyphic characters, and stored away in books by the Good Daimon’s son, the Second Hermes, the father of Tat, in the inner shrines of the temples of Egypt.


WE MUST REMEMBER that Manetho was a High Priest of ancient Egypt, and that he must have been aware of what had been written in the sacred language (which seems now to have been that used by the original na kahuna as well as those of far later Polynesia). The point I am trying to make is that this sacred writing is said to have embodied the material which came down to us in the universal language of the symbol, via the Tarot. In the book THE NEW TAROT, John Cooke and Rosalind Sharpe have decided that the Tarot dates back to the legendary ThothTehuti, the “scribe of the gods”. It is this gentleman’s glyph name that has been used with a vary large “T” on the cover of the book, and the subtitle has been added , “The Tarot for the Aquarian Age.” The introduction was written by Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., and contains items new even to me, an old Tarot fan, as well as a very excellent short survey of the part of the “occult” field in which the Tarots are found. I say, Praise and Congratulations to all concerned with the book.


THE NEW INDEX FOR THE HUNA VISTAS which was mentioned in the last issue is very fine and complete in 18 mimeographed pages. HRA Ortha Wingo, Ph.D., one of our energetic new and younger members, made up the Index and even cut the stencils for it to send to me to run. If you have the back issues and want a copy of the Index, Cigbo will send you one, and will add (he promises) three of his best meows if a donation for his box is sent with the request. Looking through the Index I am surprised at the scope of the material we have touched upon since the H.V. was started as a continuation of the earlier HRA Bulletins,  (now out of print). It is a satisfaction to me to be able to look up things lost to me in the back issues. For instance, I had been trying to find the issue in which I gave for the second time a short prayer adapted to our needs as HRAs. Now I could locate it. It is on page 5 of H.V. No. 28, and, as many of you will never have seen it, and as it is good to memorize and use daily, here it is again.




If I have hurt someone today,

With thought or word or deed,

Or failed another in his need,

I now repent.


And if a hurt has struck me deep,

And no amends are made,

I ask the LIGHT to balance all,

I count the debt as paid.


If I can take those steps again,

Tomorrow will I make amends,

And heal with love those hurts,

I do this pledge.


Parental Spirits whom I love,

And whom I know love me,

Reach through the door I open wide,

Make clear my Path to Thee.


CLEANSING OUR MINDS AND HEARTS of certain things is as good and right each day as washing hands and face. We meet people who rub us the wrong way with what they do or are or say, and we read in the papers of things that we may strongly disapprove. The Aunihipili is a suggestible fellow and may have had a bad habit over the years of making an inner note of condemnation against various people. In cases where anger is aroused but no retaliatory action is taken, there may be left a small knot of fixation. It is wise to watch all these emotional reactions and to have a general cleaning up daily, or immediately, if we have had an encounter that has upset us. By laying the problem and the retaliation in the lap of the Aumakua and taking our hands off for good, we make the best possible retort. If we have hurt another in a way not richly deserved, we may have a sense of guilt to take to bed with us. This is not good, and we should promise to make amends if that is needed, or even up the score mentally before going to sleep.


HAIRS MAY BE SPLIT over the question of striking back when we are put upon unjustly. The classical teaching is “to turn the other cheek”, but the more practical one is to put up a defense without harboring a grudge or getting a hate fixation that will rebound on one harmfully. In Hawaii, if a person were so hurt, he could go to a kahuna and ask that the culprit be forced with kahuna magic to make amends, or, failing this, one could “grumble to the na Aumakua” … in other words lay the case before one’s Aumakua and ask it to balance the score. Here, indeed, “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”, and it is often a bit harsh from our lower level way of counting justice, to see how the Aumakua handles a naturally evil person when called upon to take over. The ancients must have observed this form of justice, for they wrote, “The mills of the gods grind slow, but exceeding fine.”


NEWS CONCERNING TONY, the spirit healer of the Philippines (right or wrong) is that he was sent home by the ones who had posted bail and the bail money sacrificed. Garcia, one of the best of the healers, couldn’t stand the pressure of constant calls on his time and psychic energies, became ill, and retired to his farm, where he accepts no patients. It looks as though the tall flurry caused by these healers has about died away.


“PSYCHOLOGY TODAY”, a new magazine published a few miles from Vista, at Del Mar, Calif., claims over 350,000 circulation and it has hardly more than started. Editors, contributors and perhaps the office girl, all seem to have Doctor of Philosophy degrees. $6.00 a year. Ultra slick paper type. Its use of “two bit words” is an education to the layman and makes him suddenly aware that in the Psychology of today, there has grown up a new vocabulary. The primary appeal is to the graduate psychologist who is familiar with the expensive words and is accustomed to threading a way through and around them to get at the gist of the things in the articles which, it seems to me, might have been said in a simple fashion so that the rest of us could understand. However, there is a fine and learned effort, often in five colors and with sheets that unfold from the center of the magazine – a fine effort to cater to us, the unlearned, and give us a taste of what seems to be considered “popular psychology”. Dr. Rhine was given a great spread with his ESP work, cards, dice and what have we. And there is a fold-out game having to do with testing the IQ , so far as I can see from a quick glance, and intended for those of us who sit below the salt in the field of Psychology. The advertising is most satisfactory, most. Books and book clubs, records and all the accepted things, and not a single come-on ad to sell me a “course” or a genuine crystal ball made of the finest bubble free plastic. Highbrow is the word. It would be the ideal place to air the Huna version of the psychology of man, alive and also as a spirit, or even the popularized version of Psychometric Analysis reading, but I fear it will be a very long time before I could scare up enough of the new words to be able to explain even to their office girl what we have found that we think would make thanwhicher (sic) copy. Of course, there may be no hope of ever getting a magazine to admit that there ever was such a thing as a kahuna. My favorite lowbrow magazine, FATE, which popularizes everything and happily brings ghosts and flying saucers down to the two cent word level for us, will not touch any part of Huna with a ten foot pole. However, I get even. I refuse to buy a single one of the “courses” it advertises, or send in five dollars to psychics to have “three questions answered”. Seriously, it is odd how such a complete and logical system as that of Huna can be described in my books for so many years and never get a nod of recognition from a School of Religion or a magazine. Can it be that the ladies and gentlemen who might be interested can’t avoid the thought that by mentioning Huna they might be giving free advertising to some slicker who invented it all and was getting rich peddling the “dimes worth of God – which he doesn’t have.” Also, I sometimes wonder whatever became of the books and letters which, in my more hopeful days, I tried to get into the hands of the Pope at Rome, or perhaps some secretary or librarian. Never once was a letter or book acknowledged, nor did they come back. Some day I must hunt up a Catholic blacklist of books forbidden to the faithful and see if mine are there. I must admit, in all fairness, that if I were Pope, and that if I wished to keep my position safe, I would avoid Huna and the Code which changes all Christian dogmas, at all costs. It would make no slightest difference to me that there WAS a freshly discovered body of knowledge which would throw great doubt upon the historicity of Jesus.


A HUNA TYPE HEALING CIRCLE was formed after the Sunday morning session of the Religious Research group seminar (HRA Franklin Loehr’s organization) in Missouri recently. HRA. Dr. Otha Wingo attended and writes, “The epilogue to the Sunday morning session in which a Huna healing circle was formed to channel the mana gathered by the group as a healing agent for Carolyn’s throat difficulties, was to me the highlight of the entire meeting. It would have been worth the entire weekend to have that moment. It was something new to me, a fairful (sic) full experience of what I have felt something of only to a very small degree. As the group was taking deep breaths, my own breathing became heavy and measured and as the words were spoken, wave after wave of rippling magnetic or electrical type current coursed through my body from about the base of my spine to the top of my head. It wasn’t exactly a traveling up the spine, but wave tides throughout the entire body and extending a foot or so on each side of the body. Soon after one wave would start upward, another began at the base of the spine, so that there were some half  dozen or so in motion at one time. I COULD ALSO SEE THESE WAVES, as waves of light, although it was taking place behind me – or rather beginning behind and extending all the way through. Even as the healing words were spoken, I realized instantly that a severe crick in the neck, causing a painful stiffness (from craning my neck to watch the speakers during the preceding sessions), immediately disappeared completely. It was evident that the healing was also successful to Carolyn’s voice.


THIS IS A MOST EXCITING AND HELPFUL REPORT as it shows us that our tape class healing circles could accomplish much the same thing. It is too bad that we do not have a healing center with a group such as is described in this letter, and that the tape classes cannot go there and see for themselves – see and experience, that is just what happens when mana is accumulated and the na Aumakua are invited to use it for healing.


The “Carolyn” whose voice was healed is one of the two entities which come in turn to take over Franklin Loehr’s body. I am not well informed on what has been done to Franklin’s body, but take it some operation to correct a dual sex organ birth defect. He has been officially declared a woman recently, and feels that he has accomplished a good and beneficial thing in forming such a male/female union in one body. This is a far cry from a complete integration or blending of the two personalities, and still a farther cry from the “graduation” of two na Auhane to form a single Aumakua, as we find taught in the coded part of the Four Gospels, and which we count the goal of experience in the present life cycle. At any rate, the successful trading back and forth of the two personalities, regardless of the outcome, appeals to Carolyn-Franklin as a fine piece of religious research rather than a form of split personality or semi-obsession. Another activity of the group which is supposed to be of religious research significance, is the trance reading of the past lives of people. Over 3,000 such readings have been made, and are set down as proofs of reincarnation. In other groups, of course, similar works with no religious implications depend on hypnotic regression.



Short “Talks” on Tapes

May-June, 1969





HRA Eva Becker of Long Beach, N.Y. is a most enthusiastic member and has been doing everything possible to get a group started in the New York region, buying books to lend out, even serving refreshments to get people to come to the meetings.


She has learned from hard experience that a 45-minute tape lecture is too long and that people grow restless after about 20 minutes and start talking and will not be called to order. They want to discuss things and argue. So, at her suggestion, I have put together three 20- minute “talks”, each followed by a few questions which I ask and then answer learnedly. I can get three of these units on to a 5 inch tape and have considerable room left on the tape’s second side, (which bothers Cigbo’s Scotch heart and makes him want to fill in the time with meows or at least warnings that he is about to clean the list of members who have not paid their share of the bulletin production expenses).


In making up these Shorties, I have written them “off the cuff” directly on mimeograph stencils and have run off a hundred copies of the three units. This will answer the need expressed by Eva Becker for printed copies of the lectures for those who listened but would like transcripts to take home and go back over.


AND SO, SPEAKING FOR THE “TAPE FUND”, Cigbo (who is our imaginary “kitty” and is really the cigar box in which we keep the HRA work funds, when there are any) ANNOUNCES OUT that the new Short Talk tape No. “A” is ready at $4 for those who wish to add it to their tape library, or for free loan to a class or group. In addition, the transcript of the talks, mimeographed, may be had for 50¢ each. For the impatient, these items can be hurried along by air mail, adding 70¢ for the tape and 30¢ for the transcript of “Talks A”.


THE SAD TRUTH seems to be that people are not as eager to be converted to Huna as was hoped. They have very definite ideas of their own in this field of the psycho-religious or “metaphysical.” They are not only “bored to distinction” by the 45-minutes of Max on tape, but as statement after statement is made, they arise with more and more indignation to refute, to argue or even mildly but firmly “suggest”. As “Youth will be served” (note our universities), so, the “heathen” will be heard.


THERE IS NO FIRM RETORT to boredom, or to the flat statement, “I do not believe that.” I do not get to attend tape classes, but I get the typical reaction in letters. One in this week says, “I don’t believe there is an Aumakua.” Another recent letter read in part, “I’ll go along with some of Huna, but not the wild idea that there are three grades of vital force or such a thing as a subconscious.” What can you do in such cases? Argument is useless. However, in some cases of misunderstanding, explanations may be in order, as in the case of a new HRA who wrote about a lady whose. P.A. reading was before her. “If she hasn’t got eating companions, then why doesn’t she eat good instead of yogurt and no sugar?” Even the long seasoned HRAs who make up the bulk of our membership are largely Huna Hyphenates who do not accept all of Huna, and these differences with Huna cause differences with other members where groups are proposed – with the result that group work seems to be impossible.


IN THE NEW SHORTIES I am not asking or suggesting even that listeners make an inner pledge to live the hurtless and kindly Huna life. I am not suggesting that a healing experiment be undertaken or a healing circle formed. I am not asking ANYTHING of the listeners except a hearing for Huna. This new approach may be less resented than my open purpose of conversion to Huna as shouted from the roof tops in the seven reels of long lectures. This is “take it or leave it” stuff, and I am hoping that out of those who may listen through these short talks, we may attract to Huna a few of the “needles in the haystack”. If we can get the knowledge of Huna before just a few, and this has been done in the past, (the few who can really find values and sanities in the ancient system) we will be well rewarded. In between and betwixt, we will spread the word that there is such a thing as Huna, and THAT will be something toward keeping the Secret from becoming lost again.


The Shorties are what may be called “Slam-Bang” Huna. The tape time is too small to allow much by way of explanation or background, and the story of Huna is condensed while every effort is made to PRESENT THE TEN ELEMENTS OF HUNA. (Not quite as condensed as the statement of the once famous Harvard professor of Psychology who was asked to give his opinion of the subconscious. He pontificated, “The story of the subconscious can be told in three words, there is none.” I am at least allowing myself four words, even at the risk of having my tape talks interrupted by objections. I ventured rather greatly in the first talk to head off those who would hear the tapes and rise to argue, saying, “That isn’t so, for IN THE WORD OF GOD it says.” I have said that as there are several such authoritarian scriptures which were written by men who did not agree, I could not be slapped down by quotes from any of the several “Words”. I earnestly hope that when this almost opening shot is fired, the listeners who hold to the particular “Word” to which they have become addicted will rise noisily and leave, slamming all doors behind them. If they won’t accept the Word of God according to Huna and Max Freedom Long, they are a good riddance. (Cigbo says that anyone who has the temerity to laugh at this point will be scratched.)


By the way, any of you who may want to borrow Tape A for your own edification without buying it, may request a loan and help by making a little donation to the Tape Fund to cover postage, envelopes and expenses. The tape to be returned soon. Which reminds me that quite a number of tapes are out on loan and are long over due for their return. I am put to it to find money to buy the raw tapes and stamps, so be good scouts and return tapes not in use. (Tapes are 5- inch and play at the speed of 3-3/4 IPS. This fits most tape players.) I would also appreciate at least four words of report from the various ones who have the tapes and are supposed to have played them to a class, group or friends.


THE TRANSCRIPTIONS OF “TALKS A” ( Reel “A”) are not to be returned. They will come slow mail when ordered, like the Huna Vistas, but if wanted by air mail, 80¢ should be sent instead of 50¢. Unfortunately, these are U.S.A. prices. Air mail to far places would be up to $1.50 on the transcriptions. Tapes about the same, as they go at a slightly different rate.


“Dear Max: I know you will want to know what happened in regard to the Huna Round Robin (a proposed tape mentioned in H.V. 88). NOTHING, not one word from all those people with recorders. Frankly, I can’t believe this. I did get a phone call from Jean Dobbs in Sarasota (Florida), 17 miles north of Venice (where she lives) and took my recorder to her home so she could listen to the tape you mailed her.


“Your suggestion of a R.R. on a 7″ reel at 1-7/8 speed would be much too long. My idea was 4 people on a 5″ reel, each person having about 20 minutes for conversation about Huna and their experiences with it. So it goes. Thanks anyway for your notice in the Huna Vistas. Bye for now. Keep the Faith, HRA Marge Wein.


(Anyhow, Marge, it was a noble effort. A few of us pipe like mad, but almost no one will dance. “Many are called, but few are (willing to be) chosen. Max)


THE “NO HURT” DOCTRINE OF HUNA needs more discussion and better understanding, says a dear friend in a letter to me after playing the tape lectures of the first series to some of her friends.


As we may never have the opportunity to handle this on the longer tapes, it may be well to consider the problem here. (I am not advocating the “No hurt” doctrine in the Short Talks, feeling that it would be of no use and a waste of time.)


People who have listened to the longer tapes and who have read my books are confronted with the problem of just how far to go in “turning the other cheek.” For 20 centuries Christians have also pondered this question. There seems to be two side s to it.


First, as Gautama, the Buddha, taught, it is ourselves who are damaged by our hates or hateful acts. The idea is that we must rise above hates and resentment, refusing to be moved by hurts done to us or our loved ones. This is very fine from the moral point of view, and fits the Auhane level of being rather better than it does the level of the Aunihipili, where the laws of the animal world hold forth and where “self protection” is the primary rule of life. This includes protecting the loved ones, AND, it includes protecting ourselves against the impositions of the loved ones as well as well as of enemies.


One of the HRAs once told me that he thought the way to handle this was to turn the other cheek, then, without anger, “knock his block off.” We might make it simpler by saying: Hold the general intention of being hurtless and helpful, but when you have to do battle, do so without anger if possible. In doing battle, we must remember to be JUST to the last degree in dealing with friends, enemies and our children. Hate and resentment must be avoided at all costs, for they react on us if not upon the ones hated. It takes much schooling for some of us to teach ourselves not to allow ourselves to be made angry or resentful, but it can be done, or at least fairly well done, with time and practice. A recalling of old hurts done us and a “draining off” of the hates left over is good. Old hates appear to be behind many types of cancer. “Forgiving others….” is good therapy, and this is especially important in the relationships in the family. Mother-daughter resentment seems to cause cancer of the breast all too often – or to accompany it at any rate.


Dear Max: (Writes one of our newest HRAs) Do you think that I could qualify to be a Huna (healer)? You say that we must have a very high P.A. reading to join one of those groups and can’t have any counterclockwise swings and so on.” HRA Rae F.


I reply: There are at least two kinds of healing one might try to do, regardless of the P.A. degree reading   as long as one reads clockwise – and these are healing in which one accumulates and gives mana through the hands to a person in need of healing, always holding the intention of bringing about healing; also, the form of healing in which the mana is given to the Aumakua and it is asked to do the healing. A combination of both methods would be ideal. In addition, the na kahuna of the mediumistic level called for spirits to help in the healing, much as do  the Filipino Spiritualists these days. There is no healing circle to join as yet, the new tape classes not forming such circles (at least in so far as I know) and the Garden Home circle near Portland, Oregon is a closed circle – although members of this old and long-established circle have been working very hard with outsiders to try to get a group of them organized and at work. (Efforts are made very difficult, I hear by letter, because the listeners who are gathered to listen to the tape lectures do not agree with Huna and the argumentation about yaks (sic) the class out of existence.) (Trying to teach these days seems to be getting all tangled up. The pupils want to do the teaching. Or they riot and beat up the profs and bring their guns to class. It used to be easier in the old days, at least in the teaching of religion. One could threaten the reluctant ones with Hell Fire and Damnation.)


I AM OFTEN ASKED ABOUT the “Ring of Awareness” papers which seem to be circulating rather widely. In these a spirit who calls himself “Awareness” pontificates on no end of subjects through his medium, who in turn spreads the messages. Certain releases have to do with the na kahuna, and after reading these, I am led to suspect that someone in the Ring had read at least one of my books on the na kahuna and so was ready to stand as an authority. I may be wrong, but it all has a very familiar ring to it except where it goes off a bit to one side to do some inventing – which is perfectly legitimate, of course, but which would sit better with me if anything was divulged that would HELP us to a better understanding of the art of INSTANT HEALING as once practiced by a few of the na kahuna of the highest grade. I am sorry to say that in many years of examining the findings of psychics, in which something was said about the na kahuna, I have yet to gain an iota of further insight. One medium had a kahuna spirit give her the formula for instant healing: one first became a kahuna by “thinking good, good, good” long enough to become a kahuna, after which came the power to do the miraculous healing. I am sad to admit that Old Kahuna, Max, has tried for years to think “GOOD” sufficiently to make the grade, but with no results as yet.


WILLIAM BOONE, HRA, FHF, delights me with his fine enthusiasm and ability in getting a group started in San Diego, Calif., and who has just written that his group now meets regularly at 7 P.M. on Wednesday nights, and have their own meeting place at Suite 8, Arcade Building, La Mesa, Calif. This is just out of San Diego proper. He may be reached during the week days before 5:30 at his place of business. Some of his group members have taken the “No hurt” inner pledge and are full fledged Fellows of the Huna Fellowship, also sending in $2 very often to start Cigbo sending them the H.V.


Mr. Boone’s letter came after I had just written in the bulletin that no healing circles had been forming in the few classes which seemed to have started, but of which I now hear no more. He reports that his group has a healing circle and that he, himself, makes P.A. readings of those in need of help and works (I think) in and also out of the class to help. In an earlier Huna Vista I told of his practice of throwing himself into a light trance and in that state doing his treating. I had hoped at the time that he could teach the rest of us to work in this way, as he was getting such good results. But he now writes, “I was in error in saying that I might show others the method, as I am now convinced that the power is or is not present in each person and will manifest itself at the proper time in individuals if it is present, but we cannot say when or expect to force it. In my case it has been the Aunihipili or the Aumakua which has taught me …. and is still doing so. All I can say is that one should cultivate the ability to use the pendulum, and await developments. If the abilities are there, the person will attract to himself the higher forces and the guidance for constructive work.”


I have hesitated to ask HRA Boone to work on healing cases which have come up for the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group ministry, but which we do not seem to be able to help. He is a busy business man, and I realize full well the time these healing efforts take. So, I asked him what should be done in the matter and he said:


“I am telling people that I make no charge, but I think it is fair all around to let them know that a love offering may be given if they wish. It may also be their way of ‘priming the pump’ for an abundant return to them, and is according to the Law. It is just as important for others to conserve their resources, if they see it that way; also my Auhane is not distracted by the contemplation of monetary gain as motivation in my work of serving others, with negative results.”


He reports a new angle in the healing work with the driving out of obsessing or influencing spirit entities. I quote: “One obsessing entity, who displaced the normal Aunihipili of a woman, was homosexual by nature with a P.A. reading of 200 degrees. It showed peculiar features, combined male and female, and had to be forcibly removed with the help of the Aumakua. Where the natural Aunihipili had no swing or degree, there was a very weak clockwise swing after the exorcism of the foreign entity and restoration of the old true Aunihipili. This weakness of the na Aunihipili usually lingers for awhile after the excitement and disruption of the exorcism. I will do as much as I can and according to the Aumakua guidance as best as I can interpret it. As Isabel Hickey said in her lecture, ‘We do not choose the work: it chooses us.’ By the way, give me her address so I can thank her. What an inspiration she is.”


I was much pleased to have his opinion of the new short talk tapes. He has this to say, about them. “The shorter tapes are much better. I think they will be well received everywhere. After the first time or two, Max, we also found it was best to play them for a shorter time. Those having dubs of the longer tapes were also able to listen to them for only about 20 minutes.”


SO, CHEERS FOR SHORTIES! What a great help it is to have friends who are actually working with classes and who can try out the tapes and discover what is wrong. I am planning to buy a little machine that erases tapes when they are laid on a metal plate. Then I can erase the old excess tapes as they come in and use the tapes for the Short Talks. As it is, my recorders all seem to make a good erasure of old sounds before putting on the new, but I am always suspicious, and fear that on a rerun there might be Max-on-top-of-Max voices, and I have learned since last August (the hard way) that listening to a tape lecture going on and on and on is similar to listening in my youth to our good preacher doing likewise.


Dear Max:


I had a marvelous experience last weekend through my eight year old daughter, Laura. We were riding in the car and something got into her eye. It was very painful, and since I was on the  freeway there was little I could do immediately. I told her to think of her Aumakua or her Mighty I AM, and ask Him to get the object out. In another few moments she said, ‘Its out!’ That night she awakened with a very painful ear ache. So much pain that she was literally sobbing with pain. I reminded her of the eye incident and told her to do the same thing again. She said, ‘I can’t, it hurts too much.’ I got a small bit of cotton and put it into her outer ear and told her all the while to think of her Mighty I Am and realize that it did not have an ear ache. Then I took deep breaths and visualized her surrounded by a brilliant white light, at the same time visualizing a large Divine Being standing there with a golden light shining from his heart, focused on her ear. In just a few moments she was sound asleep. The next morning she awakened and her first words were, ‘Daddy, my ear ache’s gone!’ Needless to say., she is mighty impressed with the power of her Aumakua. And so am I. God bless you, Ralph.


Huna DOES work. Children, who have unclogged paths to the Aumakua are especially open to Help. In the Great Drama, Jesus said, “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” The Aumakua is the “Kingdom”, and the coded message is clear. All too often we forget to ask for Help when we run into trouble ourselves or with our loved ones.


SPIRIT KNOWS ALL – WILL TELL ALL, for a price. Recently I had a phone call from a stranger who told me that she had been told by a medium that I should get into touch with her as she had a very important message for me about the nakahuna. The medium’s address was given, and I obediently wrote to ask what the message might be. Soon a letter arrived, and in it the message:


“Tell Max Freedom Long that he came to this planet on the same space ship from Venus that you (the medium) did, and the reason he desires so much to know the secrets of the na kahuna is that he remembers a much better rule than we have here on earth today. Tell him Yomoka and Nokoma are now rulers of Venus, the planet of love rule.”


Of course, since this message and since learning the true facts, I doubt that I am speaking to any of you plebeians who were born on earth instead of arriving by space ship from Venus. (I have my new social standing to protect.) It is such a nice feeling to know that I am spaceship  upper  crust and such. I might even have been a Kahuna First Grade on Venus before my present “fall”, who can say? (Will the gentleman at my left please not stand on my sacred shadow!)


The letter continues most excitingly. “Mr. Long, I too am a Kahuna and as you know the difference of Huna and Kahuna, I won’t go into that, but I have the information on all of the things you spoke of plus why Los Angeles area did not slip into the ocean, and information on Kahuna law from the time the world started, up to the present time and some two hundred years into the future. However this will cost you money as I am a widow and do not have the source of income that it takes to publish books and such. I have to say this: I have the answers to most any question that you ask that you are permitted to know, but I will have to separate them from my daily communications with the spirit world. I have an appointment the tenth with a newspaper to talk with them, as a friend of mine asked me to tell the the world more about our world and what is happening to it, so I will be here until the last of the week. If you want this story let me know by return mail as I have not accepted their money yet for an exclusive. It entails a little spirit girl who was seen by a couple in Tenn. in 1967 in Jan. who told me she was to be re-born and I sent the message to the parents even to the date this Feb. How she led me to the grave of Satan in June of 1968 and how he was chained etc., who God was and where he is today, all kinds of Science data etc. What causes tornadoes, heart attacks, most car wrecks and smog and how it will be removed. How they heal and kill and why many millions were killed by God 1976 years ago.” Yours Resp. A.S.


For the want of a nail a shoe was lost and because of the loss of a horse a kingdom was lost – or however the story goes. (Will you stop reading this and see if you are standing on my shadow. If you are, please get off and let ME stand on it. Don’t forget WHO I am …. and besides, it’s my shadow anyway.) (My dear mother, were she alive, would be much interested in knowing that I arrived in a space ship from Venus. We always thought that a prairie chicken brought me, as storks were unknown in our part of Colorado – also I couldn’t have been brought by the doctor for we didn’t have one.) At any rate, I am grateful in my very grasping way for the free information. It is a great relief to know that the thing that breathes down my neck at times is NOT Satan, and that his grave has been opened and the Gentleman de-horned and placed in chains. I am also delighted to learn that at last someone knows “who God was, and where he is today.” We important upper-saucer-crusters need to know things like that, or at least that someone, who is “one of us” knows, which is almost the same thing. (I see that it is time, as I write, for me to go start dinner. I wonder what diet I should begin to follow, now that I know that I am Saucer People. This is the night for leftovers. Perhaps I’ll feed them to Miss Ethel and thaw out a steak for myself from the freezer – if there should by chance be one.)


(Later.) Well, the leftovers were better than I had expected for my new Saucer-arian appetite. All joking aside, and as I wrote to the medium, for many years I have courted the spirits who appeared on the horizon and said they were na kahuna or knew about Huna and would tell us what we want to know; but out of the dozens of instances nothing was ever divulged that we did not already know or which was of any help. Just because a person dies and goes over to the other side does not make him wiser or more honest, and those who come back with messages are often prize liars and pretenders. ALL the “revealed” religions fall into this general class, be they the Revelations of John, the Book of Mormon orOahspe. If any two spirits agreed on a system of teachings, it might be more impressive, but they never, never do so why should we play favorites and champion one of them against another? This also goes for the statements of psychics who act as their own “spirits,” be they Edgar Cayce or the predicting psychics who had half of California sleeping during April with one eye open and one hand on a life preserver or pair of well oiled wings. Not that I condemn all spirit communicators by any means. I have enjoyed my share of them, but only when they make sense, OR when they limit their predictions to something nice about to happen to me or the HRA (which predictions are always welcome, even if most of them fail to come on deck and stand inspection. Mrs. Jack Becker, who is doing such fine work trying to get a group organized in the New York region, has a medium friend who keeps predicting a successful group. I am ALL FOR her.)


DISTRUST ESPECIALLY predictions made by a person under hypnotic or mesmeric influence. I have just learned that this influence had evoked the famous prediction that California would be jolted into slipping into the sea. The gentleman who asked for a prediction from this subject, tells me that it was later specified that the prediction made under mesmeric influence NOT be made public, but it was too good for the subject to keep. I also view with great suspicion the spate of regressions under suggestive influence and, even with still more suspicion, the flow of “Psychic” readings of one’s past incarnations. No one can check on whether the regressions are valid or not, but most of those I have seen impressed me the wrong way, to put it mildly. A few valid regressions, perhaps, but not the ones offered increasingly at from $25 up per “reading”. If I were not a Saucer brought high upper, and if I were broke and Cigbo would allow a digression from his very strict rule of moral “trepitude”, I might be tempted to go into the reading business myself. I have a set of world history books and could give a very authentic little placing in history for each of several incarnations – yes, with at least one life as Cleopatra for all the really nice girls. (If the nice girl also happened to be a Saucer apported one, I would see that she got two incarnations of the famous queen of the Nile – and twice as much fun.) Cigbo has been reading over my shoulder, and now suggests that as people love pets, he would join me in the nefarious graft and give readings for Kats and Dogs, seeing to it that really loving pets got plenty of incarnations as Bubastes, the sacred Kat of Egypt, or Dick Whittington’s famous Kat, or as a Katamoran; while the dogs could all be ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’, or Old Dog Tray or even that famous canine character, Doggonel. Lead us not into temptation. WE must remember who WE now have been found to be.


(Cigbo wants me to add that any HRA who has a pet cow can be guaranteed at least one incarnation as The Cow Who jumped Over the Moon.) But we must cease frivolity and get on with serious matters.


A FABULOUS VOYAGE around the world has just been started by Jack and Pat Fletcher, of Seattle, WA, U.S.A., taking along their two teenage sons who will stand watch in turn with their parents on their specially built and equipped sailing boat which measures 45 feet. It is named, if you please, Kahuna Magi, and the purpose of the voyage is to search from Central and South America through the Pacific and on around the world, always hunting for traces of lost and forgotten civilizations. Huna traces will be watched for with eager care, and evidences will be sought in all parts for Lemuria and Atlantis. They have incorporated as “The Anthropological and Psychic Research Foundation of King County”, and will be sending back films, reports, artifacts and articles with proper illustrations. During the long voyage the boys will study via correspondence courses and so keep up with their formal education. I am sure that at least a part of my books on the na kahuna will be aboard. Oh to be young, and to go along …… and not be subject to seasickness (If you want to donate a little and have a part in the adventure, I do not know just how this is planned, write Mary Sheldon, Anthropological Research Foundation, 421 North Percival, Olympia, Wash., 98501.)

SPEAKING OF VOYAGES, I see that Thor Heyerdahl of the Kon Tiki raft drift trip from South America to Easter Island and on, has built a big boat of reeds in Egypt and will try to drift it from Africa to South America to prove his theory that early voyages of this sort were made, accidentally or on purpose, and that the Egyptian type of civilization reached South America, crossed it, and drifted on to the Pacific. See the account in the current Geographic.


THE MOST FABULOUS ADVENTURE OF ALL, in my humble opinion, is the one currently engaged in by our very able and brilliant HRA, Dr. Martin Larson. I consider his work more important by far than the settling of the Vietnam misadventure, or the quieting of the feuds in the Middle East. With amazing courage, Dr. Larson, in his big book, THE GREAT TAX FRAUD is giving battle to the richest and most powerful group of people in the world – the wealthy tax dodgers of the U.S.A.


He is like a modern David, armed with a sling and a deadly stone from the brook of True Democracy. Behind him stands a tiny band of warriors in the form of the LIBERTY LOBBY. But there are two Goliaths to fight, one is the Rich Tax Dodger, who is out in the open now, while the other is so powerful that so far it has managed to avoid being brought to the attention of the public, this is the one of the Churches and Foundations doing a profitable commercial business and still dodging all control and most taxes.


The publication of his book has caused a storm of protest which even the graft ridden Congress dare not ignore. The House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on February 24th, last, and Dr. Larson laid before it in fine and smash hitting outline, the facts on which he has based his book and study. I have before me a transcript of what was said, and it does not make comforting reading. It shows the extent to which the rich and powerful have misused their power to get richer at the expense of the less fortunate.


Dr. Larsen is noted for his historical studies dating back to early Christian times, and he has not neglected to concern himself with political and economic history as he went along. The committee, and through it the Congress, were sternly warned of the danger inherent in the present unjust situation. I quote:


“I most sincerely hope that the Congress of the United States will not permit conditions in this country to develop into a crisis similar to others which have brought upheavals and revolution to civilization in the past again and again. For all these catastrophes have had their inception in some form of exploitation intimately related to tax inequity. It is my fervent hope that such a fate may never prove the termination of the American dream.”


Articles are being run giving digests of THE GREAT TAX FRAUD in many magazines. Readers’ Digest recently condensed and printed the whole book. In the May issue of Pageant, starting on page 97, begins a fine spread and article setting forth the situation and telling of the efforts to correct it. In the May issue of Fortune, which is a magazine of the rich, there is another fine article, and it should serve to warn the Tax Dodgers that there is a Sword of Damocles now suspended over their heads and that the thread may be cut in short order.


So far, little publicity has been given to the Church situation. Publications fear the vast power of religions, and tend to go easy in that direction, but there will be more to follow Dr. Larson’s book,CHURCH WEALTH AND BUSINESS INCOME, and the heat will gradually be on in that direction. The Committee was told, “If churches and other tax exempt corporations were taxed on their unrelated business income and if the subsidies now going through back doors and by many devious routes to the churches were to be terminated, the federal Treasury would be enhanced by at least $7.5 or $8 billion a year.”


Some Congressmen are already seeing the crying need of the proposed tax reforms and are trying to do something about it. Senator Fred Harris of Oklahoma and Senator Russell Long of Louisiana are behind the reform project, and others are beginning to see that they must get involved as the protests grow. One Senator wrote, “everyone who has …. wealth should pay something… in taxes.”


THE NEW TAROT MAJOR, in large size, in full color, by John Cooke were described in the last H.V., but I was uncertain about where to send for a set of these beautiful and newly designed Tarots. John has now set me right. The price is $5.95 (add 5% sales tax in California). Order from Mrs. Alice Kent, Box 248, Kentfield, Calif. 94904, U.S.A. (For foreign delivery add a dollar.)


GOOD NEWS comes from HRA John to the effect that his book will be put out in larger and better form and that he has finished designing and drawing the minor Tarot cards, so that in no long time there should be a full deck available, together with the book – and THIS is the ideal set up for students who wish to go meditatively into the major Tarot symbols, or to begin to get well acquainted with the deck and the symbols and begin running the cards to read “past, present and future” (something which I love to do, even if the results are never to be fully depended on).


John writes, “I was not sure that you would like our book. It shifts away from so many former concepts of the cards. (I liked the new arrangement and meanings very much.) Let me assure you of one thing: the man with whom we worked and got the spirit dictation did not know a thing about the Tarot, nor had he ever worked a Ouiji board previously. He was the real medium. I simply happened to have my hand on the silver dollar which we used as our planchette. Not until he was completely at ease with the writing did anything begin to be written about the cards. I have actually about 300 pages of these writings (selections are given in the book) comprising an entire philosophy of Being which I hope someday will be published. They are revealing and refreshing and interesting – as interesting as anything I have ever read along ‘spiritual’ lines.”


I will be watching excitedly for the letter to come to tell me when the full deck will be ready and at what price. And, of course, I will pass the information on in the Huna Vistas. I feel that this new pack has corrected several mistakes which were made in the designing of the Pamela Smith pack which has been the best available for some fifty years. John Starr Cooke is a mystic as well as an artist, and is ideal as a receiver of such material. His friend who worked the marker with him as the “medium” would not have to know a thing about the Tarot as long as John was around and could make the sense out of what came through.


As you know, I look with grave suspicion at all spirit communications and especially “revelations” giving us a new religion. But there is a REAL set of truths somewhere and starting with Huna we are beginning to get it in bits and pieces. For this purpose, SYMBOLISM is the ideal vehicle of transmission, and in the New Tarot the symbolism allows no end of latitude. Each of us can read into the symbols that part of the Truth which has been given us, and understand it according to our needs and evolutionary progress. Perhaps we should make use of the inspirational material given John and his friends to make a type of Masonic “degree” to tack on to our outward Huna initiation given via books and tapes. I nominate John as High Priest for this new degree. He would make a fine one.




Made after a run for the course of the Vietnam war:


Military advice will prevail at the White House. More billions will be given to the Pentagon to use for war purposes. There will be ups and downs in the fighting, which will continue, with nothing definite accomplished. Everything will remain higgle piggildy in the matter. Peace is in sight but in the far distance. Those who make money from war or defense contracts will lobby greatly and keep playing both ends against the middle. Mixtures. Confusion.


A RUN FOR THE STUDENT REVOLT IN THE COLLEGES gives rather surprising results. Not a bad card in the run, but cards of peace and adjustment. It may be that with the end of the school year, things will quiet down on the whole and revolting students return in the Fall with a greater desire for education.


FRANCE AND EUROPE, with De Gaulle no longer in power, gives a promising run with new prosperity and cooperation. Money matters seem to be safely adjusted with some foreign assistance.


TROUBLE IN THE MIDDLE EAST seems, according to a run, to be eased by some outside business pressure. It could be that pressure will be exerted to force the re-opening of the Suez Canal.


A NEW P.A. CLUB seems to be in the making. For a time we had such a club and members checked readings with each other, but it did not last for one reason or another, I forget just why. Now Jack and Shirley Ezratty, 1600 Howard Ave., San Carlos, Calif. 94070, write that they will act as center for a new Club and will trade checks on readings with other HRAs who have learned the gentle art. This will be a great help for me as it may lead to supplying readings eventually for those who cannot read for themselves. I have a long waiting list of friends who have asked me to read for them, but time is so hard to find that the list simply grows longer and longer all the time. No reading service is yet in sight, but just an exchange of checks on readings already made. If we can get the Club going and three readers can check each reading, and come up with a similar set of results, things will flourish. The Ezrattys are a most unusual couple in that both of them are equally interested in Huna. They have the back issues of the bulletins and spend many evenings together over them. In most families either the husband or wife study Huna, but seldom both. They have been trying through the pendulum to learn how many more incarnations they each have before Graduation. I can think of no more fascinating undertaking. Shirley, in writing to me says that their reading for me is most encouraging and Shirley says her intuition tells her I will “make it much earlier” than I may expect. Perhaps I will not have to come back again after all. I’d certainly love to be able to take the next step up.


THE DOCTRINE OF NO SIN: NO HURT needs to be made more definite, so says a recent letter from an HRA who has played the original tapes to her friends and finds them confused on that point. In the new Short Talk tapes I have tried to clear this point. In the Great Drama we are told to “turn the other cheek” and in Buddhism, which has much Huna in it, the teaching was that by accepting a hurt and not striking back, we avoided making new Karma of a bad kind. (There was also good Karma to be made.) The na kahuna seem to have ignored such a thing as Karma and taught the rule of the sane and still the kindly and helpful life. The sanity in the situation demands that we protect ourselves and loved ones in so far as possible against the people who hurt us or them. In dealing with children the parent must often cause minor hurts and indignation when correcting children, but if care is taken always to be very JUST, the hurt will be rationalized and do no lasting damage to anyone. On the other side of the picture we find hate and hurt spun out of the same wool. If we are hurt and cannot get even, we hurt ourselves all the more by dwelling with hate on the situation. Buddha said, “There is no pain like hate.” It is something that eats on one while doing no harm to the one hated. For our own protection and well being we should avoid hate as well as hurting others unreasonably.


Of course, the greatest value of the No Hurt: No Sin doctrine is to be found in the relief given those who have been brought up in a religion and have been taught that no end of things are sinful, when they are not. “Sell all and give to the poor: and come and follow me.” has caused endless guilt complexes. Sex as a sin has been an even greater cause of inner conflict. To miss going to church or paying one’s tenth to Holy Church (to support the priests, very largely) is NOT a sin. Look at the Ten Commandments and pick out those bearing on hurting others, then note which are valid. Keeping the seventh day holy is early Egyptian and we are just escaping from the religious pressure of the years to keep us from doing anything on a Sunday except go to church. Some keep Saturday, as if it made the slightest difference to a God so vast that we cannot begin to sense His verity. Religion has had a very long childhood. Instead of trying to make it grow up, most of us are simply leaving it in its cradle to be rocked by its unmarried priests and doctrinally unsexed preachers. Blessed be common sense and the na kahuna who point the way to it for us.




CLARK WILKERSON, who advertises himself as a kahuna, and who signs himself as a Doctor of Divinity, has been traveling about and holding “course” classes in various places for some time. In his book which is under review, HAWAIIAN MAGIC, he tells of his studies under an unnamed kahuna in Hawaii and under the “Masters of the Far East”, the latter swearing him to secrecy lest the teachings be passed on to the unworthy who might use them for evil purposes. He is also instructed by Beings from Venus and Mars. Such things as have not been taught by such teachers, he has managed, apparently, to evolve for himself, the result being a system containing Huna and much else to round it out. He has seen fit to change the Polynesian “mana” to “Lee”, and this is to be generated as a surcharge in much the same way as we of the HRA do it. The book in question tells of his mental conversation with frogs and trees and flowers, a thing I have not heard of the ancient na kahuna doing. But he is a modern kahuna and has added several things to the old ways and methods. This is not quite my variety of Huna, but at least he is spreading the word that there was such a thing as a kahuna. I get letters frequently asking what I know or think about Mr. Wilkerson and asking whether or not he is a real kahuna. I have not taken his $40 course or read more than this one book, so reserve judgment. The book mentioned is to be had for $6 from Institute of Cosmic Wisdom, 8674 Falmouth Ave., Playa Del Rey, Calif. 90291. (For the same price he has a later book titled Wisdom from Venus. In his ads he offers both for $11.)


I HAVE JUST DISCOVERED that I have duplicated the comment on No Hurt: NO SIN. Perhaps it is just as well to have the matter brought to our attention doubly, but it has been unintentional and at this late date and hurrying to try to make my mailing deadline, I will not try to correct the oversight. Pages 1 through 11 have already been mimeographed, and this is the last of the stencils to be cut. My production method has been one of doing things on the installment plan.


DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME IS HERE AGAIN and we have set up our clocks an hour to fit. This makes it easier for some of you to join in the 3 and 7 P.M. sittings, but harder for others. If you cannot make the contact at these times, activate the cord to the Great Company of na Aumakua by sending love and mana and make your prayer. Others will be with you.





Huna Groups & the Lecture Tapes

July-August, 1969


THE SHORT TALK TAPE LECTURES have been receiving a fine reception, I am happy to report. They are written out on stencils ahead of time, with a page left for questions and answers. I ask a question, which I think will be enlightening in terms of what has been said in the lecture, and then answer it. This sets the pace for group discussion, and has received much praise. The lecture, written out, has to be read instead of talked off the cuff, and I thought this might lose in ease of delivery, but it seems not to do so. At least the listeners do not fall asleep, and the interest holds for the full length of the tape. Should the more serious students feel that the lecture only touches on points, and all too briefly, they can then demand and get the full 45-minute tapes. I am thinking of the last tape out as July 1st comes and the Huna Vistas swing into work. I have just sent out Short Talk No. 9 to the Eva Becker group in Long Beach New York, and it gives very scant instructions for administering self-suggestion, but in the longer tapes, the No. II lecture is very full and complete.


In the last Huna Vistas, I was a little discouraged by the lack of response of the several groups where the longer tapes had been sent, but since then I have had letters urging me not to be downhearted, and praising the Short Talk tapes as just what was needed to get and hold the interest of those new to Huna. Four good groups have been formed and have reported in nicely, while the lesser groups have at least kept alive in most cases. And, the individual HRAs who have had the tapes for their own listening and perhaps to play to a few friends, have been universally enthusiastic. It would seem that my books are read and later, thoughts turn to a number of other things while the main points of Huna become dim. The lectures serve a fine purpose in bringing the whole of the scattered Huna bits back together and into sharp focus so that interest is renewed and fresh efforts are being made to put Huna to use.


Tapes and the Short Talk lectures with their TRANSCRIPTIONS are now in such form and supply that I can begin to send them out on loan to groups and individual HRAs. In these I do not ask that people accept Huna or adopt the hurtless way of life…. I just present Huna in condensed form on a take-it-or-leave-it basis, and the new listener seems to like this freedom from being urged to join up. Later they can, if interested, ask about the organization and having a part in it.


ENGLAND MAY ALSO HAVE A HUNA GROUP. A letter received June 11th from Mrs. Constance Riant, of Cambridge House, High Street, Old Portsmouth, England, Telephone Portsmouth 24060, says, “My husband and I are esoteric healers and have become extremely interested in the Huna Lore. We find that we can integrate the two teachings with excellent results.


“We would like very much to meet any people in this area – or indeed anywhere on the South Coast – who either practice Huna or would like to discuss it with other interested persons. Have you any knowledge of likely people with whom we may make contact?


“We would also like to keep abreast of any further information on the subject of Huna. Would you please inform me if you issue regular leaflets, pamphlets, etc? We are at the moment using Growing Into Light and I have passed the book to those of our Group whom we feel are ready to take its teaching – I would even like to lecture on it when I am more sure of all it means. Have you any objections, or any ideas to give me in this direction? I should be very grateful for your advice and any literature you could send me, other than the book advertisements in the end of your book. If any money is involved please notify me and I will send by return mail. Yours Sincerely, Constance Riant”


I have written at length to Mrs. Riant and told her of the efforts being made here to get groups going, also telling her of the tapes and offering a free set of my books for the group. I also told her I would run her letter in the Huna Vistas and urge any of the English HRAs to write to her, even if they could not get down to visit the group. We have a few HRAs scattered far and wide over England, and it would be ever so good if we could get them together by letter. I do not have their permission to give out their names, but here is a chance for them to make themselves known and perhaps get into touch with other HRAs. Mrs. Riant is to be greatly thanked for giving this first possibility of getting into contact with each other. My books sell steadily in England, and I am sure that there are many who have not written to me, but who would welcome an opportunity to talk Huna to someone. Drop her a line. She may be too busy to answer, but at least let her know you are there and approve what she is doing. If one is in need of healing, this might be the looked for place to find it.


AURAMETER IS OFFERED FOR RENT. HRA Mrs. Jean West, who ismy correspondent for the Fresno Group, writes that they have purchased an AURAMETER from Vern Cameron, famous dowser and maker of the instrument, and that it is a jewel. She offers it on a rental basis to other HRAs who may wish to test their skills. Write directly to her for information at 4419 Gertrude Dr., Freemont, Ca., 94536. She reports that the several members have been attending Harry Aron’s Hypnotic Seminar and have not had a chance recently to meet and play the Short Talk tapes, but wants them all sent along to have in hand. She writes, “I have so much to tell you that it will take a week.” I have too little information on this group. They have a meeting hall and the core of the membership have all taken hypnotic training. They have plans to buy some land in Oregon and build a center one day in which to use their hypnotic skills along with Huna healing methods. Perhaps they can regress people to pick up past lives. Who knows? I take it the other members of the group are not hypnotists but are gathered in to learn about Huna and to get worked on for healing. In one of of her letters she mentioned in passing a healing session with mana being accumulated and healing efforts made – all with the room darkened and a candle lighted to represent and keep the members always reminded of the Aumakua. In their group she says they have a medium also, and in her recent letter she asks me to recommend a book on mediumship. Libraries are filled with books written thru mediums telling what spirits have said, but directions for developing mediumship are not easy to find,   possibly because there are few ways to reach this end other than to find a place where a good medium is (also difficult to find these days) and to “sit for development” hoping to be assigned a good guide spirit and to avoid obsession by a bad or evil spirit. I know of two books in which men or spirits have tried to tell how they work on their side and cooperate in healing with the medium. Perhaps I had better pause here and review the two books mentioned.




A Guide to Spirit Healing, by Harry Edwards, famous English healer. (Spiritualist Press, Ltd., 48 Old Bailey, London, E. C. 4, England. No price given.) We read, “The desire to heal is natural, and a talent may go with it. Generally speaking, all who ‘feel’ for those who suffer and have a desire to help them possess the healing potential. There are a few people who are what is termed ‘natural healers’, in the same way that others may be naturally inclined towards music, mathematics, etc.

“Within the Spiritualist movement, there are two main divisions in the method of healing, those who work under trance and those who heal while possessing their normal reasoning powers. With those who work in trance, the spirit guide takes possession of the mind of the healer and works through him. In these cases, a period of development is necessary to bring the personal healing guide within his orbit. There are thousands of churches and home development circles in which people sit to develop their healing and psychic gifts in this way. Whichever way the healer chooses to work, the healer’s first objective is the obtaining of a sense of affinity with the healing spirit guide.


“As man can direct physical force, so it requires a spirit mind to direct a spirit force, for it belongs to the spirit realm and not to earth. So it is with the spirit healing forces, every act of healing demands independent, intellectual direction. (No attention is given to direct healing with mana. mfl.) This is easily demonstrated. With an individual healer, one witnesses healing of a widely divergent character, the restoring of an unbalanced mind, the dispersal of a growth and the correction of sight and hearing. Obviously a different quality of healing force is necessary in the three examples just mentioned.


“To apply the right quality of healing force in its correct strength to a given human disharmony, intelligent direction is needed. As man has never possessed this knowledge, it cannot exist in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the repository of experience. Because it has never known the way to motivate the spirit forces, the human mind cannot be responsible for the application and discrimination of these forces. The act of healing which produces a change within the physical body, demands not only the knowledge of how to manipulate the metaphysical forces but also how to coordinate them with the physical forces that govern the human anatomy.


“Let us remember from the foregoing that we can act only as receivers of the healing forces, which are then transmitted to the patient and that no human act can produce the healing result. A medium possesses a spirit body (Aumakua? mfl). So does every other person, though the psychic potential may be dormant. (The Aunihipili is much involved in all psychic sensitivity. Mfl)


(Page 63) “Seated facing the patient, the healer prepares himself for attunement. He forgets his surroundings, the patient, everything, indeed, as he allows his spirit self (my underline. mfl) to become in the ascendant, for which his previous training has prepared him. (Sounds as though he were speaking of the Aumakua, not of a spirit guide.) When he feels that this condition has been obtained, he must then ‘blend’ himself with the patient. A good way to do this is to hold the patient’s hands, to bring about a sense of ‘oneness’ between them…


“… Like can only attract like. The spirit force flows through the healer’s spirit organization, so closely allied to his physical body, and through him to the patient’s spirit body and then to the patient’s physical body.” (Note the implication that the shadowy bodies of the patient are perhaps first healed, then the physical.)


(He continues to say the healer may place a hand over the heart and another hand over the part to be healed to make a “circuit” of force. The sense of “oneness” with the patient is very important. The “positive” hand is the one over the heart and the negative over the part to be healed as the “terminal” of the circuit.)


“The hand may move as if dispersing matter or erasing pain, and may be used in movement to denote or express this, as if ‘wiping away’ the ill condition.”


(The element of suggestion inevitably creeps into the method, and is good as a way of directing the flow of force or mana and setting it to work.)

(Page 92) “Let all of us engage in healing co-operate. As co-operation exists in the spirit realm, it should also be achieved here.” (He speaks of ‘healing bands’ of spirits, perhaps a little like our na kahuna spoke of the Great Company of Na Aumakua. mfl) It is a happy thought that healing guides work together in harmony, and we should learn our lessons from these great individuals.”


There is much more in the book of value to aspiring spiritual healers. THE MEDIUMSHIP OF ARNOLD CLARE, by the same author, Harry Edwards, is probably out of print, but inquiry might be made of Stuart & Watkins, 21 Cecil Court, Charing Cross, W.C.2, England for a new or used copy of this or the other book reviewed.


This book is largely a report on the mediumship of Arnold Clare, what he did in producing materializations, ectoplasm (with photos) and diagrams, also very interesting and provocative things which the spirit guide, Peter, had to say about life and its mechanics and physics. Much of what Peter says reminds us of Huna with various names for various things. He speaks of gossamer threads which extend in all directions and which center in the living man; of the “etheric moulds” which roughly match our aka bodies; of vital forces resembling our concept of the three manas. He speaks of the “trinity of man’s make up, the triune constituting his physical body, his soul body and his spirit.” The physical seems dominated by our Aunihipili. The spirit appears to be the Aumakua, and the mind not given a place as the Auhane. He speaks of “zones of supply” which seem to match the aka bodies in a way, but in trying to get his beliefs across to his listeners, he is not too straight line or satisfactory. He says animals are overlooked by an “over soul” and are different from men in that we have a “Polarized” or dual intelligence and individuality, the implication being that we have na Aunihipili and na Auhane, the Aunihipili of the animal world and with an over soul, perhaps. His “polarization” that gives humans individuality might also include the male and female halves into which Huna says the One is divided until graduation to the Aumakua level. He has considerable to say of the value of “rhythmic breathing” to get “etheric vitality”, which may be our mana, as well as oxygen. It is all provocative, as well as of great interest, almost telling what one wants to know. Let me quote from a summary given of the guide’s statements by the author on page 125.


(An “auric” tent has been described as something that the spirits build around the medium and sitters, and inside this tent they can control forces and work.) “The Guide in control creates the conditions necessary for the phenomena to be manifested. These conditions are an extension of the auric field of the medium. It is composed of the aura pertinent to the physical body and is misty silver in color and (b) the auric atmosphere that is limitless in extent: a storehouse of electric energy which belongs to the soul body and is subject to pull from each condition. To create séance conditions, the auric field is controlled and concentrated into the area within which the phenomena are to be created, like an umbrella or tent.”


In my earlier review of this book in H.V. 74, page 12, I wrote, “The efforts to explain dematerialization touched upon radiations and atoms and ethers, free and bound ethers and free and bound atoms. Not much sense can be made of it, but one gets the impression of a complicated world of Physics quite beyond the reach of the physical senses. A good illustration was given by Peter as he strove to make himself understood. “All material things,” he said, “have the ability to change under outside pressures. Ice becomes, for instance, water, and water steam. In some such way the solid substance is made into its thin form, then transported with the ‘etheric double’ (our aka body), which has not changed, and once more densified or materialized in the familiar mold so that it is back to its first form and condition.” As Peter said that neither the Guide nor the Control spirit can produce mat and demat phenomena, this leaves us only the “elementals” or nature spirits, each able to do a particular kind of work, and all supervised by the much higher Nature Spirit or perhaps the “Group Soul”. The force used in the work is said to be of a kind still unknown to our men of science, and we might guess that it was the High Mana in action as directed by High Nature Spirits equal to the na Aumakua in evolution and using the subhuman or never human lesser nature spirits as helpers. Peter added that some simple psychic work can be done by the subconscious self of the medium, but that the ‘physical phenomena’ cannot. So there we have the little that seems known about the strange manifestations at the present time.”


THE THETIS ISLAND GROUP, NEAR VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada, is headed by two young men who are engaged in gathering and sending out marine specimens to various large Universities. In summer they work early until late, but find the time for a weekly meeting of the group of twelve and for a morning meditation. James Egan and Jack Nesbit are the gentlemen in question. They have a home on the Sound and keep six dogs, three Labrador Retrievers and three Chihuahuas, all, admittedly badly spoiled. They like all the tape lectures, long and short., and HRA Egan reported by tape on the groups activities recently. Let me see if I can transcribe parts of his report.


“Aloha Max. This is Friday evening, June 20th. …. We have an interested group, enthusiastic and all especially interested in the healing circle. We have had a number of quite marked successes in healing, nothing miraculous, I guess, and nothing in the nature of an instant healing, but we are either in the center of a remarkable set of coincidences, or we have been helping bring about some healings which I think are quite notable, considering that we are just getting started. I might say that when we were getting started, there was a great deal of discussion as to how the prayer should be formed. As you stressed, the prayers should be identical, each member of the group saying the same prayer. Many of these people are ex-Unity and they are aware of the mental aspects of healing. We finally settled upon a prayer. Actually Jack and I more or less drew it up with the aid of one of Agnes Sanford’s books. We were most impressed with some of her books on healing, particularly the HEALING LIGHT. Whether she knows it or not, she’s practicing Huna, of course, and we finally settled on a prayer which goes as follows: We say, Heavenly Father, we hold these children of God up to your Light – now by Children of God I mean those for whom we are praying for healing – if it is just an individual, we say this Child of God up to the Light. Then we give thanks because we know that they are perfected in spirit, mind and body, according to Thy will. We put in according to Thy will so that the Aumakua could bring about the healing in whatever way He saw fit. In other words we are not asking the Aumakua to cure in any specific fashion. The healing may take place through the direct intervention of the Aumakua, or He may nudge the person into reading a magazine article in which a new treatment is mentioned. There have been one or two cases of this kind, one, for example, where a man in Victoria had been suffering from a peculiar ailment that they had not been able to properly diagnose. The main symptom was excessive nosebleeds and sometimes it would take hours to stop them. We started these prayers for him and immediately he began to feel somewhat better. He and his wife and another couple decided that they were going out for one evening, and they did, and in the middle of the evening this gentleman took a nose bleed and was whisked off to the hospital in very, very bad shape. While they were in the process of working for him, a doctor happened to drop in and heard from this man’s doctor the story of his illness, and the visiting doctor said, ‘Have you heard about this new treatment, so and so?’ The doctor said no he hadn’t, and they did try it, and almost over night the ailment cleared up. So we feel that this could very well be an intervention by the Aumakua.


“In another case – whether to attribute this healing entirely to the group – but anyway we had a call from a lady whose grandchild had been taken to the hospital in Vancouver suffering from what was later diagnosed as osteomyelitis. This was on a Sunday. She knew of our interest in Huna and phoned us and asked for a prayer or something. So Jack and I made a prayer on Sunday night and again on Monday. We have a half hour of prayer and meditation every morning so on Monday morning and Tuesday morning we made prayers. Then on the Wednesday night I asked the group to make a special prayer for the child along with other prayers for people we have on the list. To make a long story short, between us, either with the group or Jack and I alone – but anyway instead of what might have been a good many weeks, and in some cases months, in a hospital with bone scrapings and heaven only knows what, the child was only in the hospital for four days, when he was completely well and could come home. His case had been diagnosed by three specialists, so there was not much chance but that it was what they had called it. The doctors said they had never seen anyone respond so quickly and therefore maybe we may reasonably assume that the healing was due to our efforts.”


I see that the tape takes more space than I had planned to use – and there is a delightful part of it still not transcribed, so I will give highlights.


Other healing results are very satisfactory, if not spectacular. Tapes are listened to and discussed and often replayed. A MOST INTERESTING AND POSSIBLY SIGNIFICANT THING WAS REPORTED. Jack asked his Aunihipili via the pendulum whether the mana sent to the Aumakua with the prayers was getting delivered, and got a reply that made him doubt that it was. Next day it occurred to him to ask whether the dogs were getting the mana, and the answer was that the three Chihuahuas were the culprits. The dogs were shut up in another part of the house after that at prayer time, and the Aunihipili reported that the mana was then being delivered safely. HRA Egan said that some Theosophists will not keep pets because of the loss of vital force to them. Spiritualists usually will not allow a pet dog or cat to enter the séance room. I comment that this is something new to me, but that I think it possible and suggest that one ask one’s Aunihipili if there is a loss of mana when generating and sending it to the Aumakua. The pets may not be the only ones who take the mana. Spirits may be attracted to the scene when mana is being accumulated and help themselves. One might make a mental picture of being surrounded by a protecting wall to block out these mana thieves. We know full well of persons who sap our vitality on visiting them and who leave us tired if not exhausted while they are filled with animation. The tradition of vampirism is very old and may have a modicum of truth in it.


I am much pleased with the progress made by the Thetis Island Group and believe they are off to a good start on a sound footing. My greetings to the Group.


REPORT FROM THE LONG BEACH, N.Y. GROUP. The address of Mrs. Jack Becker, who is the group leader, is 323 West Pine St., Long Beach, N.Y. 11561 for any of you who may wish to get into the activities there. HRA Mrs. Becker reports that they are enthusiastic over the new Short Talk length of tape lectures and especially the question and answer part, also that the members join in the discussions. She has interested Mr. Keith Ayling of BEYOND magazine and he has attended a meeting and may give us some publicity, even to publishing an article on Huna and the groups.


A SECOND GROUP is being started in New York City proper, for those who find it too difficult to get all the way down Long Island to Long Beach. Mrs. B. will also lead it for the start. They are looking for a home for the meetings also in Brooklyn, and may soon have a third group there. They have about six prospective members for this group. Groups seem to have to meet in homes at least for the start, and later, when a healing circle is formed, it may be necessary to keep it small, but with healing being offered to the public, a larger place may have to be rented. It may be necessary to charge a membership fee to have a kitty into which to dip for expenses, and confine healing ministrations to actual members and their relatives. With expanding groups another thing will have to be done, and this is to segregate those wishing to come in, and start them several at a time playing the first tapes to them and explaining Huna so that they can catch up without holding back older groups. I have been doing my best to supply the Short Talks and have four reels, A, B, C, and D done with 9 talks now. Some of the things touched on are not treated fully enough to do much good, but the longer tapes can later be played by the ones really interested. For instance, the tape D-9 lecture on the use of self-suggestion is just a teaser and needs the regular lecture No. 11 to give details. The books, of course, may be and should be read by serious students. (I can supply groups with a set of lending books. Many of Mrs. Becker’s group buys the books from her – she gets a 25% group discount.)


I will be happy to have a tape report from any of the groups, and with their permission, can dub off copies and send to other groups, as I have done with the taped report from Thetis Island and Jim Egan. His dubbed tape has been sent to HRA Becker for her group.


The question as to what name to use for the Becker Group has come up. She suggested MFL Seekers of Truth Alliance but I objected. I should be kept out of the tide. In my best judgment we should have a uniform name for all the groups and I suggest SECRET (HUNA) FELLOWSHIP of Long Beach, as an example. People do not know what “Huna” stands for, and “Secret” will be a translation to hold until the matter can be explained to them. A subtitle can also be used such as “Reviving the Ancient Mystery Schools” or whatever the local groups might settle upon. Or we might have something like “A Healing Ministry”.


SHORT REPORTS have come in from the William Boone group in San Diego, Calif. (841-1/2 Lemon Ave., Zone No. 92041) and they now have two meetings a week and a public lecture given by HRA Boone. I am not able to give much information but understand that they have a healing circle and get good results. (I see that the address is NOT San Diego, but on the outskirts, at La Mesa. Please excuse.) The GARDEN GROVE group near Portland, Ore., has been more or less on vacation except for the closed older group. After a while, renewed efforts will be made to continue the work with outsiders.


A REPORT MADE IN PERSON for the Glendale, Calif. group (Wm. Glover, 1216 North Isabela, Glendale, CA., 91270 to inquire) has recently been made by HRA Glover. This group is composed of young businessmen for the most part and “Bill” has two groups going now, with enough on the waiting list to start a third. They stress the use of Huna in business problems and all the affairs of life, and have had some very impressive results. They also have healing circles and I was told of three lesser instances of healing, one instant of a bad earache for a boy of 8.


HRA Glover is a very enthusiastic leader who does not believe in the aka thread or cord of the na kahuna. Being an electrical engineer, he prefers to believe that the Aunihipili can send out impulses of sufficiently high frequency to account for telepathy and to send mana to the Aumakua. (He does not bother to explain how the Aunihipili can find a person for a P.A. reading from a signature or photo, which can hardly be said to be broadcasting its identifying radiations.) He found the idea put people off badly. At casual mention in the tapes it sounded too much like some ancient superstition. If it had to be brought up, it could be much later or through reading my books.


Another thing, which puts people off, was calling the selves, low, middle and High. They would accept subconscious, conscious and Superconscious as something with which they were familiar. He found also that most of them knew a little about breathing exercises, and so could get them along with the accumulation of mana and and sending it without the aka cord to the Superconscious. He also leaves out any call for prospective members to join anything or live the hurtless life, so I take it.


To have tapes that fit his needs, he has selected parts of my longer tape lectures and dubbed them off, interspersing his own explanations to make things clearer and more acceptable to the modern man or woman with a background which is blank on metaphysics. He says he has put many hours into this cut and splice to get what he wanted and needed.


Especially he cut out all reference to the CODE and to the Four Gospels and to my references to Jesus as the leading figure in a Drama of Initiation. He said he found that most of the prospective members had either definite ideas as to the divinity of Jesus and that to have it suddenly implied that he was a Drama Figure only, was too much for them. Others were not of the Christian religion and were irked, while some had rejected Christianity entirely. (He had managed to find a way to get past this in presenting Huna to a class at a Glendale church.) His idea is to give them what they can accept and absorb with ease and begin to learn to use. Later on, those who are deeply interested can read my books and get the things he has left out.


I am again impressed. Mrs. Becker convinced me that the long tapes were too long and hard to listen to, with the result that I have started and am well along with the Short Talks. NOW, Bill Glover has given me still another set of suggestions for the tapes and I will have to start all over to make them avoid the things he has found “threw” people. He argues that many people have been reading about the Power of Positive Thinking for some years and are conditioned up to a point by the teaching. He adds that most have already learned that something is lacking and that few results are obtained. Bill is a high power salesman and sees Huna as the addition that will make Positive Thinking work – and he presents it as such, trying to leave out the things that would put one off at the beginning, and to add the accumulation of mana and sending it with the prayer picture to the Superconscious. He did not say so, but I imagine he also considers thought-forms and the construction of memories from them made of aka or ectoplasmic substance, a figment of ancient superstition and makes no mention of them.


In the matter of “eating companions” and obsessions, large or small, or the P.A. readings, I did not get to this part in our luncheon discussion, but I suppose these also went down the drain in so far as the newly arrived group members are concerned. I must confess that the idea has stopped some in my time and frightened others. However, it is a large part of Huna understanding and needs, as I see it, to be included some time in the presentation of Huna. His introduction to the na kahuna leaves out the na kahuna as far as possible and cuts out all possible details.


Bill has promised to make dubs of his cut and splice tapes and send them to me. It might just be that these can be listened to, but I have my doubts about new Short Talk Tapes to [be] started over to conform – but if they go on and on, perhaps at the end they could bring in the things which have been left out in the presentation. We shall see. Bill also has big ideas for the expansion of the work, but so far, nothing definite has been settled upon. His phone number is 246-9835 for anyone in the Glendale, Burbank or Pasadena area to call evenings to ask about the group activities.


A MUCH APPRECIATED LETTER OF APPRECIATION has come from one of the first Huna Research associates, Mrs. Basil Sutton, of Brisbane, Australia. I have heard from her now and then all through the years, and value her as a dearest friend. She seems to have sensed my slight discouragement and at the end of a very helpful letter about the Short Tapes – and commending them – she writes:


“This leads me to the real reason for this letter, which is to tell you how much I owe to you and Huna. I always think that you have been my chief guide in life these many long years, finding Huna and your first book changed all my previous thinking.


“Yesterday, when I picked up your first book as I so often do, the one given me by Lul Gardo, dead these many years – and all marked around the margins by her penciled notes in Russian, it came over me with a rush that I must write and thank you, especially for the very long chapter III and its Case 33, about Realization, and to tell you that I close my daily meditation with the prayer words, AUM-Aum-a Ua Noe… Hele wale akua Ia. I also love Case 51 and your Comment. (These refer to my first book, Recovering the Ancient Magic, which had a short life in England before the Blitz burned what was left of the stock. Perhaps some day I can check to see what was taken out of this book to go into SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES and what was left out, as was Case 33 – which she suggests might go into tapes and so made available.)


Such letters warm my heart and take me back to the days when Mrs. Sutton had the first group in Australia, but it was torn apart by argument and strife.


TAPES ARE OUT FOR SEVERAL SMALL GROUPS where a few friends listen to them and have discussions. I hope that some of these will develop into groups eventually. Meantime, they are doing a good work in helping spread the knowledge of Huna. They are not forgotten, even if not mentioned in the list of larger groups.




Several books have been sent in for review since the last issue of the Huna Vistas. First to arrive was not sent by the publisher, but borrowed. It is titled Kahunas, the Black and White Magicians of Hawaii. This 112-page soft cover is nicely illustrated by drawings, and is by Sibley S. Morrill (who also acts as “Editor and Publisher”, P.O. Box 24, San Francisco, Ca. No price is given.) The book is a collection of stories of the killing exploits of the bad na kahuna, and I find nothing to say that they were “white magicians”. Perhaps I have overlooked some reference to their healing activities. Morrill writes one story of a child killed with the death prayer as revenge taken on the parents. He also seems to have written the foreword. The other articles tell the story of the night marches of ghostly chiefs and their followers, and of a white man who disbelieved and went to investigate and was found dead. It is authored by Shadrach Minor, whoever he may be. Then Dean Lipton has an article on fire-walking in which he mentions my studies of the practice.


The valuable part of the book, to me at least, are three excellent accounts taken from papers read before the Hawaiian Historical Society or the Royal Hawaiian Board of Education. All give information on the native beliefs and practices, often with the original prayers in Hawaiian, but all dealing with the “black” side of the kahuna magic, sad to say. It is good to have this scarce material brought together under one cover for the use of the better students. (I wrote, ordering three copies of the book some time ago, but have had no response so far.)


THE PSYCHIC READER, by Martin Ebon, given as editor, is published by the World Publishing Co., 110 East 59th St., New York, N.Y. 10022, at $4.95. This is a hard cover book, nicely done. 226 pages. It is a compilation of articles by various authors, and these cover the general field of Psychic happenings very entertainingly, giving the facts but seldom trying to explain anything. Of the 25 well-written articles, one was especially interesting. It is a study of Sirhan Sirhan, the man who killed Robert Kennedy, and who, oddly enough, was an avid student of Theosophy. In his prison cell he had a copy of Blavatsky’sSecret Doctrine. My P.A. reading of Sirhan showed strong fixations, but not obsession. There was no indication of insanity. A very strange and tragic case of ingrown hates. A good book for one’s occult library.


HAROLD SHERMIAN’S new book, Your Mysterious Powers of ESP, is just out. The publisher is the World Publishing Co. whose address is given above, and the price is 5.95 for this large 241-page book. Mr. Sherman is the foremost exponent of telepathy, and has the distinction of being able to demonstrate what he writes about in that line. He is famous for his Thoughts Through Space in which he received, day after day, messages from Sir Hubert Wilkins who was in the far arctic on a searching trip. At times he picked up impressions of things which Sir Hubert had not yet done or had happen to him. When messages were not intentionally sent, they were picked up by apparently reading Sir Hubert’s mind. It was a most amazing feat, and one that made history. It gave ESP a great acceleration as a popular study and a do-it-yourself project. This is the 11th book in a long list, and is almost a small encyclopedia of ESP.


The book is up to date and covers Mr. Sherman’s trip to the Philippines to watch the native healers do their psychic surgery. He has found and reported a large number of cases of which I have never heard, and which would have passed me by but for his careful presentation. He comments on the progress of studies in ESP and at the back of his book gives a short set of instructions to help one learn to use telepathy and come to a better realization of God.


Mr. Sherman is the founder and president of the ESP Research Associates Foundation, centered at Little Rock, Arkansas, and, with his group, carries out experiments in the use of ESP. At the present time he is giving a seminar, replete with speakers and allowing members to get together to become acquainted.


His book is excellent browsing material, filled with many short reports from various places, and all roughly classified under chapter headings. Good to own.


MANY LIVES by Joan Grant and Denys Kelsey, (35 shilling plus postage from Helios Book Service, Ltd., 8, the Square, Toddington, Cheltenham, Glos., England.) was sent to me by HRA H.R. Ronnebeck, whose gift of the books is much appreciated. Joan Grant is to be remembered for her Winged Pharaoh and various other books and is a prolific writer about her past incarnations. Her husband, Denys Kelsey, is a psychiatrist, and they work together to try to help difficult patients whose blocks are found to come from a past life instead of the present one.


“Far memory”, she calls her memories of past lives, and in her book she scampers around from very early lives to very late ones, from male to female incarnations, and seldom with a life that does not make a good story. The female lives seem to be most adventurous while the male ones are more or less colorless and have to do with some injury or disease, fragments of which have come over and have pestered her at one time or another until the life has been recalled and the memory examined and the force in it drained off. In her work and in Dr. Kelsey’s practice, they have developed a number of confusing theories to try to explain the old memories they unearth of past life troubles brought over to cause fixations and physical disorders in the present life.


Dr. Kelsey resorts to a reincarnating personality, which may be broken into pieces and memories heavily charged with energy, which he calls “ghosts”. But, strange to say, he has run into nothing that resembles even faintly the obsession by disembodied spirits. He reports no dual or multiple personality cases, or, if he does find them in his practice, counts them as parts of the one personality which have broken off and are going on their own steam, only bothering the main personality by impressing the old memories on them as compulsions, phobias or fixations of some general kind.


Joan, in her exploration of the way man evolved, writes, “He starts with only enough energy to organize a single molecule. As the energy increases, and his experience begins to expand, he requires more complex forms through which to express them. After growing too adult to be contained by the mineral phase of existence, he enters the vegetable kingdom, and then graduates, by a series of incarnations as various species of animal, to his first incarnation as homo sapiens.



“During his first few lifetimes as a human being the whole of his personality incarnates, so he is likely to have approximately the same capacities and perceptions whether he happens to be incarnate or excarnate. But as his consciousness expands, it becomes too wide to be contained within the framework of a single personality. So the incarnate individual is now both a single personality and an integral component of his total self.” [There is more to this bulletin, but it has been lost. Ed.]


Huna Groups and Vivaxis

September-October, 1969



EVEN WITH SUMMER HERE in USA, and the work of some groups recessed for the warm season, other groups have kept meeting and working. We now count TEN groups, with a few more  possible, but not reporting. The very active group in the San Diego, Calif. region had its address given wrong. It is William Boone, 0413 1/2 Lemon Ave, La Mesa, Ca., 92041. This correction is for those who would like to have a part in such group work, and for those who may have found the address as last given, lacking. (Cigbo says he will take the blame, bless him.)


A TAPE OF REPORTS FROM SEVERAL GROUPS was made up at the end of July and sent to the active groups. It is also available to those who are just interested in hearing what is going on in groups. On loan for a donation to cover postage and leave a bit for the Tape Fund. Full Reel Numbered Misc. #1. A direct report on the second side from the leaders of the Gulf Islands Group near Vancouver, Wash.


MY TAROT CARD PREDICTION OF THE OUTCOME OF THE MOON WALK was very close to the mark. You will recall that I cut two cards together for the success of the venture, the first card being THE THREE OF CUPS, showing three people holding cups high and rejoicing. This was, happily, the outcome. But with it I drew THE FALLING TOWER, in which the Tower is struck by lightning and two people fall from an opening in the side to their destruction. When one considers what happened, the second card came so close to being “true” that it is amazing. The men in the landing craft had to pilot the capsule by hand on a long leap over a crater filled with boulders and barely managed it, with 1% of their fuel left. Had they run out of fuel and fallen on the side of the crater, turned over and rolled to the bottom, this card would certainly have applied. By the way, John Cooke’s Tarot Cards, in new and beautiful color design to fit the description given via the Ouija Board spirit dictations, have been reduced to hand size, and the minors are being made up now to fill the deck. It is hoped that the beautiful new cards, together with a book and the instructions for their use in playing a “game”, will be ready shortly before Christmas at a price around $6.00. We will announce out loud and clear when all is ready.


NEW LIGHT ON MANA AND ITS NATURE is to be had from the recent work of two women, Frances Nixon and  Bettie O’Connor, who have given us a new book to tell of their remarkable findings. The book is titled VIVAXIS, The Spiral of Life, and is published in Toronto, Canada, by Abbey Book Publishers. (The price should be under $5 as it is a small book, but illustrated with plates and drawings.) The copy I have for the moment is one on loan from Riley Crabb, Editor of the BSRA journal (who, in passing, may I say, gave generously of space in his last issue to reproduce the material on the na kahuna from the articles formerly published by the Hawaiian Historical Society, and with a page or so of comment on the statements by me. The quotes were from an article appearing [in] the “Theosophist” in 1897 and is from the pen of the French Consul in Hawaii who seems to have interested himself in native beliefs and practices.)


In VIVAXIS (for “Life Axis”), the writers tell of a long series of studies and experiments carried on over a period of time on Thetis Island, B.C., Canada. They do not call their discovery MANA, and we have to expand our own ideas of the force as used by the Aunihipili and the body to include the new angles. On the dust cover of the book we read, “VIVAXIS is the source of each individual’s magnetic energies.”


They explain later how this polarized magnetic pattern surrounds and fills us, and how, if it has been broken in part by X-rays or illness, it can be set right again by the method of re-polarizing it. The book is made to include case histories of the successful treatment of many ills, including a number of side ills caused by X-rays of body or feet or teeth. Reading the book makes one wonder if some of our Charley horses may not be left over from visits to dentist or doctor.


TO UNDERSTAND WHAT APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED, we need to go back, FIRST, over what we know of mana from the accounts of the early writers who have reported on what they found that the Polynesians believed. I have gone back to a fine digest of this source material given by Werner Wolff in his 1948 book, Island of Death, which is all about the similarity of the strange Easter Island writings in glyphs resembling in many ways the early Egyptian, and suggesting some ancient tie between the Egyptians and the Easter Island branch of the Polynesians.


POLARITY of the mana, as a form of energy, is something basic to the new VIVAXIS, and so we look to early beliefs for more light, always keeping in mind the fact that the concepts of polarized mana were badly warped and changed as handed down, and that there was always an outer doctrine, but a secret one known to the na kahuna. (In the coded Gospels we find the energy of mana extending beyond Jesus’ body when the hem of his garment was touched and he “felt the power leaving him” to heal a certain stranger. This suggests a protruding “energy field” or aka body which served to house the energy of polarized mana – to give it a “pattern”. Our terms are always apt to trip us up.) Be patient with me, and I will try to make a slow approach to the several parts of the question.


Speaking of the lifting of the great STONE IMAGES of Easter Island up over the rim of the crater of the volcano from which the images were cut, and letting them down again on the steep outer side, then transporting them for miles, (contrary to Thor Hyerdahl’s experiments in which smaller statutes were successfully handled with reed ropes) we have again the familiar “levitation” of spiritualism, or are reminded that there was a tradition that the great stones of the Egyptian Pyramids were lifted and set into place by the early na kahuna. Wolff opens his discussion of mana with, “… a story which entirely satisfies the native mind and is repeated on every occasion. There was a certain old woman who lived on the southern corner of the mountain and filled the position of cook to the image makers. She was the most important person of the establishment, and moved the images by supernatural power mana – ordering them about by her will. (The word “kahuna” has for one of its several meanings that of “to cook”, so we may guess that this woman was a kahuna of much power.)


WE COUNT THREE GRADES OF MANA, one for use of each of three spirits who use the body. But the count must be enlarged to take in the Universe and its “energy fields” which overlap and react one on the other from the most vast to the microscopic field of the atom. Wolff makes these points concerning mana, beliefs:


All mankind carries mana, but the great representatives of this force were the king, priest, the bird and the statues.


Handy has compared mana energy with electricity. This is a pertinent comparison since it also involves other mana concepts which electricity has made familiar: the fluid force of energy common, in a greater or lesser degree, to all active, transference of contact, loading, discharging, and ofpositive and negative poles. (The underscores are mine as we go along and it is desirable to call attention to certain words or ideas. Mfl.)


MANA is not a flowing force, but the flowing force. It is not inherent and can be possessed by no person or object but, depending on the carrier’s development, can be partaken of, in a greater or lesser degree, for a long or short period. Human beings “borrow” their mana from the WORLD MANA; persons having a high degree can destroy it, but the world mana, passing as it does through the gods, cannot be destroyed. A human being can charge himself with mana, increasing or decreasing it, transferring it to other beings or to objects, and provoking transformations and mutations with this energy. This force, stored in beings and objects, remains only as long as they “live”. When death comes, mana leaves, taking the shadow image (aka body) of the being or object to which it was attached, keeping it until the shadow has been extinguished. (Here we see the original idea mixed with outer beliefs, such as the fact that the king was a special receptacle of mana, or that by eating a dead enemy, one could absorb his mana.)


The organism of the man who is the receiver must correspond to the mana degree with which he is charged, otherwise short circuits win result, endangering the receiver as well as the transmitter. If a man of insufficient power provokes the cosmic mana, intentionally or unintentionally, great disturbances may overwhelm the whole people, producing explosions, earthquakes, etc. Mana energy was regulated and directed through rites and ceremonials and taboos.


The objects from which mana emanated and those to which mana could be transmitted, as well as the means of transmission and reception, were not limited. Man could receive mana through each of his organs, from each of his manifestations: eyes, ears, taste, smell, etc. He could transmit mana by thinking, seeing, acting, dancing, etc., and every object could be used as a storehouse for this energy.


The polarity manifestations of heaven and earth create the energy of life and destiny; polar manifestations of male/female create the child; the polarity of active and passive reception creates the soul. The Chinese have this polarity in their Yang/Yin. The mana concept is found in Easter Island in the “navel and uterus” that name the polar energy of life, which is indicated in the following: the navel for the Easter Islanders was turned outward as a button; this was the symbol of mana energy, leading outward, whereas the uterus was the symbol of mana energy turned inward. To the Maori the cho, or navel, means the “umbilical cord” and the “heart or kernel of anything”. The uterus was the symbol for the descending or negative pole of mana.


The same concept existed in the Mayan civilization. It is the concept of the dual principle in the creation of man who, in the embryonic state, nourished by the umbilical cord, is born toward life, but because of this birth is also born toward death. Mana, the world energy with two  poles, finds its representation in the structure of man’s soul. (Keep in mind the belief that man and woman eventually unite as na Auhane to “graduate” to the level of the United na Aumakua.)


In Easter Island the volcano from whose crater the images were carved and sent flying to their posts, was considered the great primeval mother, and each islander was connected with this “navel of the earth”. The stone images or embryos of the volcanic womb were a symbol of eternity, reassuring the islander in his fear of death. Death appears only as a long sleep from which the creature may again waken through the volcanic mana… The birds carved on statues and rocks were the magic seal of eternal life. (The bird was the secret symbol used for man as a spirit. A medium to whom spirits came and who spoke through the medium, was called “the roost”.)


NOTE: We have in the Easter Island and other Polynesian beliefs, the idea of the mana on a universal scale as well as a scale small enough to enliven even the tiny things. Always there is polarity. In the book of VIVAXIS the authors found that one retained a definite relationship with the place of birth. It was the same idea as of the umbilical cord (or aka thread) which ever contacts the earth. In the work of correcting the polarity of a person, he must locate the direction from him of his place of birth and align himself with it as with the positive pole of his very being. There is a “channel” lying in the direction of the birth place, and one walks back and forth only in this during the restoring process. The flow and movement of the polarized or non-polarized mana or force is not to be measured by an instrument, for it is NOT electromagnetic. It is measured with a pendulum or a dowser’s “angle wire”. These things are sensitive enough to tell what is needed to know about the force and its lines of force or direction of its poles.


NOW CONSIDER WHAT MODERN SCIENCE SUGGESTS that may help us. It offers the energy field, very definitely pattern to hold the created basic elements and their related groups together in related and intermingled patterns.


I am indebted to M. Wayne Brown, B.A. D.C., of Los Angeles, Calif., for a very fine article in which he shows how the Huna concepts link up with the field theory. I would like to give the whole article, but space limits me, so I will pick up parts and try to string them together. I will now quote.


With the advent of Einstein’s physics and quantum theory, our understanding of the world in which we live has undergone a tremendous transformation. From a world of dead, inert matter on the one hand and a world of mind – which was suspiciously regarded as hardly more than an epiphenomenon of cell function in the brain – we have arrived at a world in which all phenomena are regarded as parts of each other. Instead of a world of dead, inert matter, we are confronted with a world of motion in the form of energy. What we have called matter is seen to be the structural arrangement of energy fields – ranging from the simple hydrogen molecule to the most complex protein molecules. We ourselves are a living field encompassing lesser living fields within still lesser living fields.


In this scheme of Creative Evolution we behold a process of expansion and increasing complexity of structure – along a continuum which  starts with the atom, proceeds to the molecule, the inorganic substances and compounds, on to the cell with its colloidal structure, to multicellular organisms, to increasingly specialized structures within organisms until we finally arrive at homo sapiens.


At each step of the way we see energy fields manifesting according to known laws as their complexity of structure increases more and more. Four factors which modern physics holds to be true relative to fields are:


Fields, if undisturbed, will remain permanently in one of a number of possible stationary states.

Any two fields may, under the proper circumstances, interact and exchange their energy in keeping with the laws of the conservation of energy

Under certain circumstances bound states may exist between any two fields.

Fields may arrange themselves in such a way as to produce isomorphic duplications of themselves.


To clarify the above for those to whom the concept of the field is not a working concept, we can define a field as: AN EXTENT  OF SPACE in which LINES OF MAGNETIC OR ELECTRICAL FORCE ARE IN OPERATION.


Einstein was telling us that the universe is one vast electromagnetic field encompassing uncounted lesser electromagnetic fields within itself. Thus, every aspect of the universe is in constant relation to every other aspect in some fashion.


An example with which we are readily familiar is our own solar system. Here we find a vast field centered around the sun, with lesser fields rotating around the center in the form of planets. Some of the planets possess other lesser fields rotating around them in the form of moons. Each of the planets is in turn the center of a field which encompasses countless fields within itself in the form of water, atmosphere, land, plants, animals, etc. We have now sophisticated electrical devices with which we can map these fields,   indeed, to the point of mapping fields in the human body. Were it not for our understanding of the nature of fields, our present ventures into space would be impossible.


Our continuance as a species of life is totally dependent upon a particular kind of field – that which comprises our chromosomes and genes. In these cases we have fields which possess the property of isomorphic duplication, hence the phenomenon of heredity. In most cases, these fields remain in a stationary state until cell division takes place or conception occurs. However, due to outside forces, there are times when these states are disturbed and their characteristic structure is disturbed. The result of these disturbances may be a mutation, a loss of function – or cancer!


Several universities are now conducting serious experiments with regard to the kind of perception which occurs from plants to plants, plants to animals, animals to plants. As a result of the discovery of this phenomena in February, 1966, by Cleve Backster, we have evidence that plants respond to our thoughts in an electrical way which can be recorded, just as human emotional reactions can be recorded for a psycho-galvanic reflex reading. In other words, there is now evidence that there is communication between the living fields – communication by means of a frequency which CANNOT be shielded by ordinary means. The signals have been recorded even though every kind of cage has surrounded the plant – even to enclosing it within lead.


Thus we arrive at the point where we can see that fields can exchange energy and influence each other no matter whether the field be physical, chemical or biological in nature.


Suppose then, with this extremely compact context as our field of effort, we look at Huna concepts with an eye to the rationalizing of them for the individual who insists that he “can’t believe anything that isn’t scientific.”


The Huna understanding of man has maintained that he is comprised of three selves, three bodies, three energies and a physical body. The three selves are designated as the Auhane, Aunihipili and Aumakua. Each of these three selves occupies its own (shadowy) body. Each of these bodies utilizes its own kind of energy or life force. These energies or life forces may be exchanged between these bodies and selves in certain specified ways.


From this understanding of man there is then developed a system by which these elements in man may be made to function cooperatively. There is the concept of sticky threads which link one Aunihipili with another. There is the concept of the aka (or shadowy) finger which may be extended by the Aunihipili to function in a number of ways which we would think of as “extra  sensory”. There is  the concept of “eating companions” which may adversely affect the Aunihipili in its attempts to cooperate with the middle of na Aumakua……………….


These thing were understandable in terms of the na kahuna’s world. Their concepts would take on the nature of “constructs” –  tools for thinking and understanding AS THOUGH this were the structure and function of man.


With this assumption behind us, let us see whether the basic elements within Huna cannot be placed within the framework of modern terminology and be made meaningful.


We would begin with the assumption that man is a living bio-electric field. This field encompasses all other lesser fields within it, yet is in definite structural relationship to each and all such. One such lesser field would be designated as the Conscious Field – corresponding to the Auhane. This field would include within itself a Neural Field which we recognize as the Central Nervous System – itself a very complex field.


Another lesser field would be designated the Sub-Liminal Field – corresponding to the Aunihipili. This field would include within itself another Neural Field which we would recognize as the Autonomic Nervous System with its seat in the Diencephalon – another extremely complex field.


While the two fields can be identified as separate for analytical purposes, yet they comprise a unity. Each field may influence the other and in that influencing there are exchanges of energy. These exchanges may include hormonal fields, neural fields, metabolic fields – fields which may be physical, chemical, electrical in nature depending upon the structural requirements for the transfer of energy.


Now a leap of faith is required to posit the third field. This third field might be considered like the field of the galaxy in which our solar system is a lesser field. This field would be designated as the Aumakua. Although it is outside the lesser selves in a spacial sense, it is also inside the fields in a spacial sense. We live and move and have our being within this greater field but we can more or less ignore it when it comes to mundane affairs. Certainly, if we follow our analogy, we would concede that the energy represented by the galaxy far exceeds that of the solar system, just as we posit that the energy represented by the Aumakua far exceeds that of the Auhane and Aunihipili.


According to the na kahuna, the total self is so structured that energy exchanges do not occur directly between the Conscious Field and the Super Conscious Field, our term for the Aumakua. Such a conception is not necessarily difficult to consider for we find similar indirect transactions taking place within a total field by way of intermediary lesser fields. For example, should the Conscious Self evaluate a situation as threatening, it can not communicate with the fields which might take care of such an emergency. Instead, a signal goes from the Central Nervous System to the Autonomic by way of the Pituitary Gland, which in turn secretes a hormone which is carried by way of the blood stream which reaches its destination to produce a release of blood sugar for emergency energy. Of course, there are many other pathways by which these signals reach other fields at the same time, but none of them directly from the Conscious to the eventually functioning field or fields.


Thus, according to the Huna structuring, the Conscious Field effects an energy accumulation   transformation in the Sub-Liminal Field and by a further expression of energy directs this energy from the Sub-Liminal to the Super Conscious. Deep breathing is seen to be the ordinary method employed for such an energy exchange. However, a strong emotional state may also result in a similar exchange  particularly where an emergency exists or strong religious overtones are superimposed. Many “healings” have been recorded under such circumstances – all such instances following the structuring of middle to low to high, although no conscious effort was made to do so. Such an energy flow appears to be almost automatic in such cases.


When the energy flow is reversed, it will be seen that again the Aumakua does not communicate directly with the Auhane. Instead, the pathway is by way of the Aunihipili – thus, high to low to middle. When this structuring is understood, it serves to lift a warning finger to all communications that are purportedly from “on high”. Such communications may very well indeed be from on high, but they are always filtered through the channels of an intermediary self, the Aunihipili. Hence, there will always be some distortion.


If we turn our attention to the ability of the Aunihipili to extend an aka finger, if such a construct seems too primitive, then we have only to call to mind the capacity even of plants to communicate with each other on frequencies outside our known electromagnetic frequencies to recognize that a similar phenomenon should be possible between more highly developed living fields such as two na Aunihipili. Indeed, for all those who do not have a closed mind to such occurrences, there is more than abundant data existing to confirm this phenomenon in the files of parapsychological research. And serious researchers have utilized field theory to explain these events although admitting that such events occur without reference to the law of inverse squares which applies to the known electromagnetic fields. Plant research has demonstrated this fact within the last three years. There is nothing but confirmation for the possibility of the accuracy of Huna. When Huna constructs are cast in the context of Field Theory, there is abundant data to suggest the validity of the Huna concepts and procedures.


(Our thanks to HRA Wayne Brown for giving us Huna in terms of Field Theory and helping us on to the next step. Mfl.)


VIVAXIS discoveries depend almost entirely on the measuring ability of the Aunihipili to identify and understand the human energy field and its polarization. None of the things studied can be registered on electromagnetic measuring instruments. We appear to be dealing with some force or energy just a little different. Here the angle wire and pendulum are king. The authors of the book telling of the discoveries call the waves and circuits of the Vivaxis electromagnetic, and they may be, but they admit that no instruments other than the angle rods and pendulum will measure them and allow one to work with their own polarized field or pattern. However, in our discussion, as in theirs, the usual terms applied to electromagnetic forces will be used. In any event, the radiating lines of force, whatever they may be, come to points of sorts and are polarized there for a permanent pattern or field, the point of interest to us is the fetus and the place the birth. (Although every living thing seems equally endowed with its fixed pattern and placement.) It is suggested that our bones, being crystalline in structure, hold the polarization and pattern for us, always harking back to the birthplace. The na kahuna had the shadowy bodies and they looked upon the umbilical cord as the tie connecting one with the birthplace.


WE SEEM TO HAVE BEFORE US FOR CONSIDERATION several kinds of energy or force. Or, it may be the same force doing different things in different ways. The classification of the forces is impossible at the present stage of the research, but we can perhaps understand things better if we try to divide the forces or energies as we know them at this time.


We have the mana. It fills the body and the surrounding aura of the aka body, while at times it moves off along the aka threads to other people and to the Aumakua. This is the force in a static or stay put form. It takes on the natural polarization of the body, or it mingles with the force radiating from other places and also filling the body. The pendulum shows polarization with the circles it makes over the hand, counterclockwise for negative, and clockwise for positive. Test your left hand and you may get a negative circling of the pendulum over the palm and a positive over the back of the hand.


We have the magnetic field that seems to spring into being automatically around man or stone or leaf the moment it becomes polarized, and practically all things are found in the polarized state. Water seems ideal as a material to hold the static mana and also to hold the polarized magnetic force. When frozen, it forms crystals aimed at the magnetic north and Mrs. Nixon says in her book that a needle placed between to blocks of ice frozen to 15 degrees below zero was magnetized. She supposes it was the ice that did it. (Riley Crabb, in the BSRA journal, tells of magnetizing plain water by running it from the tap slowly over a magnet, and of drinking the water with confidence that it was magnetized and bettered in several ways. This, of course, without the crystallization of ice.) How this field or charge differs from the electromagnetic force or from mana remains a mystery.


Here we come to something else again. It seems to be force radiating from the earth and coming up through our feet, moving along the nerves, perhaps, and reaching various parts of the body to vitalize them. For some years we have been aware of such a force and a regular system called “Zone Therapy” has been worked out. The feet are examined for sore or tender spots, these said to show places where the life force rising from the earth to vitalize the body is blocked. Charts were made up to show where different sore spots caused different organs to suffer. The idea was to massage any sore spot and open the channel to a normal flow of force. Other people advocated walking with bare feet in the dewy grass of morning to get filled with the earth force.


Add to the list of forces the one or two of Mrs. Nixon. First she tells us that she has learned to know the force she calls VIVAXIS, and then the force in some way connected with it and flowing from the direction of the place of birth. Unfortunately, her book is slightly confusing on the difference. She says that the Vivaxis is a something that may be vertical to us, running from Earth to sky through our bodies, but that to contact it and get it to re-polarize us, we have to find the horizontal direction of what seems to be the same Vivaxis and walk back and forth for ten feet several times, keeping the head and shoulders up and the right hand held away from the chest at about the height of the breast bone, feet well apart. The Vivaxis force, I gather,


flows in a channel to and from one’s place of birth, but must be located with pendulum or angle rod first, before one can do the remedial walking and correct one’s polarization. X-rays are said to leave spots on the bones (which are of crystalline structure) where the Vivaxis is cut off and where a multitude of ills may develop. The Vivaxis is said to be below one if the birth place is at a lower altitude, and above one if higher. She tells of a young girl who has the distinction of having been the first to stand over her Vivaxis. She was born not far away and located her Vivaxis with an angle rod held in either hand. Hunting for her Vivaxis, she located it in a shed, for there the two rods crossed as she held them. I cannot decide, after studying the book, whether one is supposed to stand on one’s Vivaxis, or just face it when standing in the channel where the radiations flow.


That seems to account for all the types of force with which we are at this time working. The electromagnetic proper can be measured by sensitive instruments. The other life or earth forces are measured with angle rods or the pendulum.


In the book we are warned that many things can cause the angle rod to give the wrong reading – transformers nearby, large trees, houses, machines etc. We are also told that in searching for the “channel” in which the Vivaxis force flows back and forth from the place of birth, there is another earth force which flows east and west and which may be mistaken for the Vivaxis. One is advised to use a map and a compass to locate accurately the direction away from one of one’s birthplace. In my tests, according to a map, my birthplace north of Denver, Colorado seems to lie almost east, but just a little north. Here in August the sun is rising north of east, so it was quite natural that my channel would fall in a line to fit the east-west radiation, but just a little to the north, and that is what I seem to have  found.


I used two measuring devices, one a welding rod bent at right angles and cut so that the top or free swing part was about 8 1/2 inches long, while the part gripped by the hand and held with a sharpened point down, measured about 7 inches. In addition I used a ball swivel chain as instructed, taken from a bathroom basin, but removed the stopper, it being heavy and sluggish. As the chain was rather long, I tied a knot in the end to give it the proper pendulum form.


The book says one must wear nothing that restricts the body, no spectacles or hat, and not a bit of tight clothing. One touched the bare side of one’s thigh to “ground” oneself and carried pendulum or angle rod at high chest level before one, back straight and head up.


I went at 9:30 into my lower garden, fairly well away from the main house, but not too far from a wooden storehouse. It was level and no trees were nearer than 40 feet on my right, but one avocado tree of fair size was within 20 feet on my left. Hatless and without my glasses, I tried the pendulum, allowing about 40 seconds for the “time lag” to which I am accustomed, and getting s strong pendulum swing exactly back and forth in the direction of the sun. I tried the angle rod, and got a similar reaction. Turning slowly around the rod and chain both continued to turn to follow the sun. I moved fifty feet out into the garden, well away from a tree or building, and got the same swings.


Next, I put on my old straw hat, which is light and my glasses. I continued to “ground” myself through one layer of cloth – my light trousers. No change in the results was noted. I had received a letter from Jim Egan, of Thetis Island, up in Canada, telling me he knew Mrs. Nixon and her methods, and advising me that instead of grounding oneself with the free left hand, one could lift it also to chest level and hold it palm up under the sharpened point of the angle rod. (The swinging end was cut off square but the lower end ground to a dull point.) Testing this way of handling the dowsing rod, I was pleased to find that it seemed to work a trifle better than the “grounding” method. I walked back and forth, turning around at the end of the 10 to 12 foot walk, and always holding the rod before me. It tried to follow the east-west force flow as I slowly turned. I walked about 10 times.


Ten turns back and forth in the channel walk are mentioned in the book, but one is warned that the force of the Vivaxis kills germs and may kill good bacteria in the body, so a diet of yogurt is advised. Care is also urged, with the statement that we still know too little of the forces in use.


A little later in the day I again tried to find my channel, this time on a higher level and on the driveway in front of the house. There, with hat and glasses on, and with palm held under the point of the dowsing rod I found my channel still east and west. There was a very large pine tree close the the drive, and I found that it attracted the dowsing rod from about 10 feet away, and that the pull was stronger the nearer I got to the tree. Smaller avocado trees around seemed to make no difference, nor did my car, parked within 10 feet.


The book warns that a spectator can spoil the tests, and I had a chalice to test this. While I was working, my neighbor, and man of forty, dressed in hat and  shorts came up past the end of the drive and I went out to pass the time of day, also to explain that I was testing a dowsing rod. I tested it on him,  and found that at about four feet the rod swung in his direction. I had him turn away and got about the same result.


In the book we read that one watching the hunt for the Vivaxis or the walk in the channel may cause the test to fail. But we also read that the experiments of Mrs. Nixon were such that she helped others find their Vivaxis by placing a finger in the exact middle of the head, then using the dowsing rod to see which way the flow of force went for them. She warns one not to think concentrated thoughts while working with the Vivaxis, so it may be that with idle thoughts one can watch or come close to or even touch the one who is being lined up in the force channel.


Some people, so we are told, can hold up their hands at the level of the chest and feel the force, knowing from the “feel” when it is strongest and they are lined up with the Vivaxis.


Now we come to the important part   the beneficial uses of walking in the channel or Vivaxis flow to get one’s POLARIZATION restored if it is out of order or has been disrupted by X-ray treatment, which affects bones. One first gets lined up in the proper channel, then, to correct the X-ray effect, must put bending stress on the bone suspected of causing trouble.


In the book it is explained that because of its crystalline structure, a bone, when bent ever so slightly makes a tiny electromagnetic current. All bones are naturally polarized in the direction of the Vivaxis or birthplace. X-rays break up the natural polarization and ill health of many kinds in the neighborhood of the unbalanced part can result. Presto, walk in your channel, put bending stress on the X-rayed bone, and the Vivaxis restores the natural polarity … and soon, health.


Putting bending stress on bones was a problem which was solved with a pound bag of beans, named a “Betty Boonger” after the co-author of the book who hit on the idea of standing off a few feet (so as not to interfere with the flow of the Vivaxis) and swinging the bean bag on the end of a string, “bonging” the one under treatment on the bones in need of re-polarizing. It was explained that ribs were hard, especially with a heavy breasted woman. Nothing was said of bonging the jaw or cheek bones where X-rays of teeth had caused sinus and other troubles, but I suppose something was done. My idea is that, once one is lined up with a landmark or has stretched a line between two posts to follow, one need not keep the hands before one at chest level (or one hand touching the thigh to ground one). With the hands free, ribs could be pressed slightly and jaws and other bones pressed to put them under bending pressure. Also pelvis bones. Below that, the feet could be pressed with bending action on feet, ankles and legs.


The number of times one must take the ten turns back and forth in one’s channel to get re-polarized seems to vary. Sometimes the healing is accomplished in one or two sessions, sometimes after a long series of treatments.


On page 107 the author speaks of “chomping your teeth together while breathing deeply” or if the chest has been X-rayed instead of the jaw, “pressing on the breast bone” – all in connection with getting the polarization set right again. From this I surmise that the use of the bean bag on the string to strike the bones is not always in order.


There are many stories in the book of remarkable healings, and HRA Jim Egan, in his letter, tells me that the cures have been many and remarkable. My tentative opinion is that Mrs. Nixon and her friends have made some valuable discoveries. I suggest that you get the book, and can now give you the price. It is $5.25 and you can buy that amount in Canadian money if you go to your post office for a money order (speaking for USA) Send to Abbey Book Publishers, Box 32, Station J, 685 Danforth Ave, Toronto 6, Canada. The book tide is Vivaxis.


Not everyone can use a pendulum or angle rod, but we can help others, and in groups especially, by having those good with the instruments assist others who can not find their channel and Vivaxis. I have barely begun my own experiments, but will continue testing. I have had chest X-rays and numerous X-rays for dental purposes in the past, some dental pictures quite recently. By taking a short walk in my channel daily, I may find that I am getting some of my Charley horses fixed up. If you join in the testing, let me know how you make out. I will report again later. Meantime, may I tender our thanks to the originators of the system for what seems to be a unique and carefully carried out program of exploration.


THE GROUPS ARE GRADUALLY GROWING IN NUMBER so that we now have 12 in all. Some are small, but they count. We also have the promise of another group or two to be set going when the summer is over. HRA Faith Johnson, in Johannesburg, So. Africa, cheers me greatly with her enthusiastic reception of the Short Talk tapes. She writes, “The lectures are absolutely INSPIRED, so clear, so excitingly practical, and – to me – overwhelming, that I was completely silenced, and did not know how to knock out a letter to thank you and your Aumakua who must have been behind you every step of the way.”


WILLIAM GLOVER, of the Glendale, Calif. two groups, has reported by tape on his group and how it is carrying on the healing circle. If I can get a master tape copy from his cassette, I’ll dub off additional copies to send around. He also recorded for me his rendition of the story of the little Adams and Eves which I wrote for children a year ago, and which he tells about once a week to his small daughter. He tells the story well. He suggests that I make and mimeograph a list of the leaders of the several groups and send the list around so that they can get acquainted, and if possible, visit back and.forth. I will try to do this, but unless he has better luck getting letters and reports of activities than I do, he may be corresponding on a one way track.


BEYOND MAGAZINE, similar to Fate, but a little farther out and more open, has given Huna and the Groups nice notice and a few inquiries have resulted. The editor is Keith Ayling, and he promises an illustrated article on Huna soon. ($5.00 a year. Address, BEYOND, 3 Kuhl Avenue, Hicksville, NY, 11801. A frequent news letter is also sent out, giving late news of flying saucers and other exciting items.) Mr. Ayling has attended some of Mrs. Jack Becker’s group meetings in Long Beach, NY, and reports a very mixed assortment of people attending. She ran ads.


THE PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS EXCHANGE CLUB is temporarily held up in its activities, sorry to have to say. Jack Ezratty (1600 Howard Ave., San Carlos, Calif. 94070, if you need to know again) who makes the readings for comparison with other HRAs, had an accident in which his elbow was injured so that his pendulum does not function. He reports that they had a few calls for reading comparisons. Later on, when the elbow is healed, they plan to continue the work. Shirley corresponds and reports some response.


THE TELEPATHIC MUTUAL HEALING GROUP work has got out of hand, with so many strangers asking for the help of the group in Huna type prayer that the older names on the list have had to be dropped. The rule of a report every 30 days is going to have to be stayed with to prevent overcrowding. Fresh requests from those who are not members of the HRA or the new tape groups and their healing circles will have to be turned away.


HRA WILLIAM BOONE, who has been specializing on psychic treatment for the removal of blocks and eating companions, has had much success but cannot be imposed on for help for other than members of our own organization. Moreover, correspondence covering these outsiders will have to be curtailed. There are many other places where requests may be placed for prayers. Sit in at 3 and 7 PM if you can and send mana to the Great Company. The power runs strong I feel. Daylight saving time is due for its change in no long time. We adjust to fit it. By the way, HRA Boone may be reached during most business hours at phone 463-4122. A new group is beginning or is rather well along for Sunday nights, but still another running of the tapes probably will follow for those interested San Diego, (Calif.) residents.




The Manifestations of Christ Universal by Francis Rolt Wheeler, PhD, of England, but written in French in the form of a series of lessons, and translated by Robert W. Wilson, LL.B, is of especial value to the student who prefers to believe in the historicity of Jesus, and that the worship accorded to him over the centuries has made him “Universal Christ”, or a spiritual force in its own right. The lessons range back and forth over the Old and New Testaments and eventually enter the field of Comparative Religion. The book is run from typed sheets but is well done. This very scholarly and helpful work is in 14 lessons and one medium size paperback. If this sounds to be up your alley and you wish a copy, let me know. The price is $3.


TAPE GROUP LEADERS are urgently requested to report so that a list of active groups can be made up. Please tell me what is being done, whether you have a healing circle started, what your phone number is, and when you meet, also if your group is open to new members now or whether a new group will be started to accommodate those desiring to join. Give any added details which may be of interest. If yours is a study group or the tapes have been played to members of some other group and is not meeting on its own, this will be of interest also. Tapes are in hand and may be had on loan if there is an opening. Many with only one or two friends have asked for the tapes, then dub off copies and return them. It is all excellent as it spreads the knowledge of Huna, and one never knows when such a small group may develop into a larger one. Try finding members’ Vivaxis for interest. Use compass and map to point to places of birth and try to see if pendulum or angle rod will tell you where it is. (I just found mine was well north of the east-west swing, and adjusted.)



Vivaxis, Huna-Hyphanites, and Huna Groups

November-December, 1969



FIRST OF ALL, as the Huna Vistas will be reaching you for its last issue before the holidays, here in the Americas, and well after them in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa, let me wish you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the blessed things of a happy season when we join in the celebration of the Leading Figure in the Initiatory Drama of Secret or Huna Lore. May you be able to live up to your highest ideals during the coming year – than which, I can think of nothing finer to wish for each and every one of us.




The tests of Mrs. Nixon’s “Vivaxis” finding and “walking” in its channel, have been carefully tried out for almost two months now by myself, here at Vista, but the results have not been sufficiently noteworthy to be identified.


It may be that I have not located my Vivaxis with the angle rod, but it has swung always in the same north of east direction pointing as to the place of my birth, and I have chewed hard, and part of the time (until Mrs. Nixon wrote that it couldn’t be done that way) have pressed on my ribs to cause them to bend and make a magnetic current so that the forces of the Vivaxis could do their corrective work. The address given in the book for the publisher proved to be out of date, and a letter came saying the book had run out of print and was being reprinted by Mrs. Nixon herself. I have not learned whether or not the reprint has been finished but did learn that a smaller paperback was being planned by Mrs. Nixon, to be called Magnetically Yours, and to be had from the author at PO Box 718, Chemainus, BC, Canada. No price is set on it. The book, Vivaxis, should be ordered from VIVAXIS, at the same address. Priced at $5.25 and, by now, should be available. Mrs. Nixon talked in San Francisco recently and one of the HRAs reported hearing her give a slightly confusing account of her discoveries and of the (not confusing) benefits derived from the use of the Vivaxis “walk”. So far, I seem to be the only one of the HRAs who has really tried to find his Vivaxis and then walk back and forth in the channel hands held out chest high in front. I was hoping to cure a slight deafness of the left ear left from Hong Kong flu last Christmas, but no results.


In her advertising sheet which Mrs. Nixon sent to me, she writes (telling of the contents of the new book, MAGNETICALLY YOURS … ) is an extension of the knowledge contained in Vivaxis, including new techniques and aids for individuals to locate their Vivaxis; especially adapted for those hampered by chest X-rays. The book explains how magnetic wave messages controlling the reflexes are relayed from the brain to the receptor cells of the motor neurons. Individual cases are described illustrating the reaction to the reflexes when magnetic wave messages are corrected; for example, the technique used to cure the suffering of a severe emphysema victim by reactivating the reflexes controlling the lungs. Other examples include the re-polarizing of nerves associated with hearing (my underline), sight and sinuses. The results have been spectacular and the knowledge holds exciting potentials for all who earnestly desire to utilize it themselves.


Mrs. Nixon has kindly offered me a review copy of the new book when it comes out. Perhaps I can find in it the thing I have done wrong. I am wondering now whether wearing shoes with composition soles might cut off the radiation from the earth or something detrimental. There must have been results all along the way of her experiments to encourage Mrs.Nixon to keep on exploring. I feel that her findings would be a great general help if we can learn to make use of them.


HRA Dorothea M., of California, has not tested VIVAXIS herself, but has some interesting comments to make. I quote. “Has it occurred to you that anywhere one stands is in a direct line with one’s birthplace, since the earth is a globe? In the course of a day’s activities one is certainly many times facing in that particular direction. The idea of walking back and forth in that particular line with ‘expectations’ sounds greatly like a variety of other terms: self-suggestion, faith healing, prayer of any kind, etc., etc. The emotions connected with any of these: interest, enthusiasm, faith, belief in results, anticipation, excitement, etc., reach the subconscious or Aunihipili and the creative energies of the Aumakua, perhaps, drawing them by magnetism –  whatever that is –  to accomplish the purpose expected. The principles are the same – only the terminology differs – whether we call it Huna, Christianity, Science or Vivaxis, etc.


“Man’s mind – whatever that is – seems to be his one instrument of creativity. He conceives an idea, a new terminology, and Presto! He ‘knows’ the answer, especially these days when he can write a book or get a following and earn a living.


“This is all very necessary – don’t think I am being cynical – I am not. I fully recognize the need for ‘search’ whether it is called ‘re’search or otherwise. I also recognize the need for individual experience ‘experimentation’ in trying out new ideas to ‘prove’ them or otherwise. Our minds need that useful exercise.


“Science has left us no doubt that the universe is a total of thousands of kinds of energies, so organized and so intermingled and interrelated as to produce all our small minds can conceive or imagine  – and much more. The search goes on. Man’s mind keeps expanding, a little at a time [for] a life time. Our seeming ‘new’ discoveries keep us enthused, ever searching , for Truth, which is for each man what he ‘knows’ up to now. The future vista is endless …..


“And so I sit and think: ‘Every atom of my body thrills with life’ and can feel the thrill go through me; ‘Life flows through me like a river’, and can feel the flowing; ‘Within me is all knowledge’, and can my brain not feel the hum, even though facts don’t necessarily become humanly conscious? But there comes a feeling of Oneness with everything, a ‘universality’, which is really what I have been expressing in this letter!


“Since we each have a different Vivaxis we, of course, respond with differences to everything! I’ll be fascinated to hear of your progress. May your ‘Charlie horses’ and X-ray damage disappear!”


I might say that a few days ago I broke off a tooth and had to have the root extracted. The dentist insisted on an X-ray, so have been doing my walk to take away any new ill effects. My neighbor, who irrigates and cares for the place for me, observed my activities with the angle rod while hunting for my Vivaxis and, naturally, wanted to know what was going on. I tried to explain in terms of waves and magnetisms and such things, then suggested that he might have been X-rayed at some time and have some left over effects. Perhaps he might like to find his own Vivaxis and begin to walk his channel to correct trouble. He listened carefully, then pulled his wallet from his pocket and produced a small card which said in effect, “In case of accident, do NOT X-ray this man. He has had all the radiation he can stand.” My friend is a retired Navy Chief Pharmacist Mate, and I was at once all out to have him try Vivaxis and get rid of his galloping Charley horses. I was sure he must be falling apart. But he smiled tolerantly and shook his head. “You try it out, Max, and let’s see if if does anything for you, first,” he said. So, was my golden opportunity lost. Of course, he complains of nothing, and so isn’t as good a subject as he might otherwise be. As a matter of fact, he is extremely on the fit side.


HRA Dorothea M, having pundited so well for us, has added a lighter touch by enclosing a little poem. It is so delightful that I pass it on herewith.




My little soul

Is oft quite droll

And has itself great fun.

It flies with birds.

Or hops with frogs

And gambols in the sun.

It feels just like a daisy

Nodding it’s little head,

Or sips the nectar from a flower,

Or sleeps in a baby’s bed.

It flows with sap inside a tree,

Or digs into the ground.

Whatever it sees, it wants to be

And has the wit profound

To identify with all that is

It seems to get around

I sit and watch it at its play

And feel my heart expand.

It’s a bit like being Peter Pan

In the Never Never Land!


Thanks so much Dorothy. There’s a world of deep philosophy in your amusing “little soul”. When we have such a vast and complicated Universe to live in, it is very relaxing to just be little and ONE with the things about us.


I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that I have suddenly realized that Huna must be mixed with other creeds, techniques, beliefs, superstitions and what have we if it is to be normal and survive. As Dorothy M. has just told us, the human mind (whatever that is) is not satisfied with standing still. It wants to have a gander at all the things that are offered and will, despite my wild cries of objection, continue to mix Huna with anything and everything that appears on the horizon, or has long since appeared.


This is as it should be, I have come to realize. I NOW JOIN THE HUNA HYPHENATES, realizing that I have been one for a long time  –  perhaps from the very first day I decided to look into the secrets of the na kahuna. I had dreamed of PURE HUNA, and had been long convinced that in Huna we had the best and, by all tokens, the only real explanations for psychic science, Psychology, the Psychology of MAN after death, and all the rest. I thought that Huna covered the field so very, very well that there should be no need for further delving, unless it be to look now and then at new offerings and measure their short comings in terms of Huna. But at last I am mellowed. We have not yet found the key to instant and unfailing healing, which has been the hoped for goal. We are little better off, healing wise, than the average Science of…. advocate, and are far behind the Spiritistos of the Philippines, Brazil, parts of England, and where else they may be found. It now seems that the spirits of the deceased must be coaxed to help us through their chosen mediums if we are to have PSYCHIC SURGERY and all the healing that is so well verified and so loudly denied by the doctors who do not care to have this kind of competition.


Yes, I am now a fully admitted Huna-hyphenate:  Spiritualist-Theosophist-New Thoughter-Unity-Vivaxis, and whatever you wish to offer. I was tossed out on my ear by the local Theosophists in Honolulu long years ago when I questioned the utter and infallible dictum of Mrs. Besant, to say nothing of the later disgraced Leadbeater. My taped lectures were denied a hearing in the Lodge in Sydney and also in Vancouver, Canada, recently. That is sad and regrettable. They are very backward to refuse to become hyphenates as Blavatsky and fellow founders commanded. But WE are now beyond that littleness and have expanded. NOW Huna will go ahead in a grand way to invite and to include all the cults and isms in the catalog.


The only thing that I ask (on bended knee) is that when you mix such things as “Positive Thinking” and Huna, you SPECIFY that this is a borrowing and name your book or man instead of claiming the system as original to Huna. Don’t borrow names and phrases unless you give credit where credit is due. Don’t say “Huna teaches TRUTH”, and have in mind the New Thought or Unity type of idea.


Try to keep Huna and the other cults in separate baskets, but have as many “Baskets of Wisdom” as suits your fancy. We are all “Metaphysical Tramps” and will remain so as we keep investigating, tasting, trying, accepting, discarding and otherwise messing around with the materials of this cluttered field.


Measure everything you come across in terms of Huna and its three manas, three selves and three aka bodies. Hunt in each cult system for something that will answer the questions a knowledge of those 9 elements will answer. If you are interested in Psychic Science, you will see that nothing, no NOTHING, will answer all the problems except the Huna elements and explain man in the seance rooms with his spirit communicators or obsessions and such, or man after death as a spirit. But “half a loaf is better than no loaf at all”. If you can’t accept the three manas, stay with “vital force” and “vibrations.” They will answer a third of the questions. If the idea of the aka or shadowy bodies and thought-forms is by far too unscientific for you, then forget them and teach a fraction of Huna. But don’t, in all conscience, advertise that you are teaching ALL of Huna. Admit that you are teaching only a fraction of the ancient system. Then, perhaps later on, you can venture to tell your friends about the things you have taken it upon yourself to deny them.




The few new Groups which have been formed are having a wonderful time mixing Huna and whatever the leader may have as his hyphenate pet belief. It is doing no harm, and many are being exposed to Huna in such part as may be. I had a fine long visit by phone with Pat Brawand of the second Huna Group at Portland, Oregon, the other evening. They teach all of Huna, but have been attending classes in self-hypnosis and recently, some strange teaching which claims much healing and which includes (so I gathered) much lining up with the north while sleeping or being treated, even holding rolls of toilet paper under bent knees and elbows while observing directional force flows, something like the Vivaxis flow. I cheered them on. See everything, hear it all. Keep Huna wide open and investigate all the strange and new things. A person well grounded in Huna will come to no harm, and there is always the long chance that someone will come along who can teach instant healing – even by some other name. This group has also been having a most interesting time attending seances and watching mediums and psychics at work. If they do not get a well-rounded education on all lines of “Metaphysics”, it will not be their fault. Meantime, they use Huna as best they cam. Pat told me that her husband continues to use it very successfully to get various things. (He is a man after my own heart.)


One of the HRAs visiting the William Boone group phoned to tell me he was surprised to find that Huna was being taught but that there were items of other systems also. I had not attended a meeting or known too much about the fine Group, but HRA Boone’s healing work at a distance or at first hand has been most successful in handling obsessions and complexes. I am all for anything that may help explain Huna.


William Glover’s Group has elected to reduce Huna to its simplest form and to present it as another and perhaps superior kind of “Positive Thinking”. But they are getting good results, and that is important. They can always go back and pick up for examination the things left out at first.

Eva Becker’s Group in Long Beach, New York, is the prize example of what we are talking about. Her Group has remained almost entirely a discussion unit, with Huna and the Short Talks edged in sidewise when the general discussions would permit. She wanted, however, to include the young people in the work, and to this end has brought into the group hypnotists and dramatic teachers with the plan to open a general school where anything and everything is to be taught and Huna introduced where there is a chance. She and the  new “faculty” which she had gathered, advertised in the Long Beach newspapers to say that a school would be opened with classes in art, music, drama, dancing, voice, lighting, makeup, writing and costume design. It is a most ambitious program, with tuition to be charged, a proper housing rented, and everything set to go off with the start of the Fall Season. She hopes to see plays written, some including Huna elements if possible, then staged. I have not yet heard how the project went at the start, but do hope that it made a good beginning and is going full swing. Eva has two very talented daughters, so I understand, who are already well along in their theatrical training. One, at least, has played the past summer in stock. (I may have word on the progress before I finish the cutting of the stencils for this issue of the Huna Vistas, and if I do, I will add a note to let you know what has happened.)


The Group in New Zealand is teaching almost straight Huna, and is gradually expanding its scope, lending out the tapes even in other cities. HRA Dora Jensen is the very able leader. She has come up through the New Thought school of thinking, but lives in a land where they used to have na kahuna and where the old lore is still often discussed. She also publishes a very interesting little magazine called “Summit” and is much engaged in healing activities.


In South Africa, HRA Faith Johnson is trying hard to get a group started, and so far, has mostly women members. These meet in the afternoon because of the danger of being abroad after dark, the race and crime question being very similar to what we have in US.A these days. The men who are interested in Huna, but who work days, have so far not been organized into a group, but that may also come, now a start has been made and the tapes and transcriptions are in hand.


Australia is still not quite organized. Gaye Meridan, long a good HRA, has given much of her time and has gone to much trouble trying to get the first group started. She got the tapes and contacted some of the very seasoned HRAs, but they knew all about Huna and were not interested in forming a group. Several other contacts have been made, and judging from a letter just received, there is an excellent prospect of getting a start.


Some correspondence has been started in England, and a group may get started there after Christmas when the proposed leader has finished moving and has become settled. Unfortunately, no other HRAs are close by, but the contact by letter is an encouraging item.


Other progress is being made as the tapes are being played here and there and Huna is being discussed. Some of the groups have not been heard of for some time, and may have become inactive. Others are on the point of getting started, and several new HRAs have been welcomed, some getting the tapes for their own listening, some the back issues of the Huna Vistas to help them catch up. HRA Erick Askew of the Los Angeles region, tells me a most interesting story. He borrowed the first two long tapes for a Unity minister friend, and the minister was much enthused over the material, so sent it on to his father, who is likewise a Unity minister. But, as it turned out, his father had discovered Huna for himself and by now has all my books. However, he was happy to hear the tapes. I have just sent on the next four tapes, and Eric thinks that in a short time he will try to form a group. He, by the way, is from New Zealand, and knows more than most of the na kahuna of that part of Polynesia.


HRA Dr. E.E. Rogers, of No. Burnby, B.C., Canada, writes that he is continuing to have good success in his use of Huna in his personal life and in restoring aberrated people to rational thinking and behavior. He has come up through the school of Dianetics and has made his basic approach from that direction. He writes “In Dianetics and psychotherapy in general, since I have been commencing the sessions with Huna breathing and a final request to the Aumakua of the patient, (and his own), to guide and supervise the session, I have been able to accomplish in a very few sessions what otherwise used to take many and much more time.


“I do not make the mistake that the psychiatrists make of computing what is to be run, but leave it wide open to the na Aumakua and their tools, the na Aunihipili. In this way I am not, like the psychiatrists, running my own case, and the pertinent and destructive incidents are reached quickly and without irrelevant material wasting time and efficiency.


“At present I have a man and wife who know you and your books. Both came to me for therapy less than two weeks ago and both are leaving tomorrow with none of the mental or emotional problems they came with. This can not be done, I am sure – at least I have never heard of such fast results – without the inclusion of the spiritual aspect, done in the Huna manner, in the procedure.


“I thought this information might be of value to you, or to someone who knows clinical psychotherapy and also Huna principles. Contrary to many cults, patients should know that self-clearing, or clearing by amateurs is not possible, and may make a case worse. In the realm of real science, which this is, there is no substitute for knowledge and for experience.”


Thanks Dr. Rogers for sharing your experience with us. This would make the advocates of Scientology most displeased.


HRA MRS. EVA SCOTT, of Vancouver, Canada, writes: “You will be glad to know that after my initial trouble with trying to introduce Huna (via the tapes) to the Theosophical Society here in Vancouver, they have requested a lecture and this is to be given next Sunday. It will have a pretty good attendance as we have the Sunday meeting open to the public and there will be at least 50 there and of course this will help to spread the tidings! I will take my Huna Code in Religions along and will try to answer questions.”


Cheers! The closed doors are beginning to open. Good work, HRA Scott.


THE HUNA GROUP IN SAN JOSE, CALIF., leader Jean West, has meetings, but the reports I get are of such a nature that I do not know where the meetings are held or at what time or what is being done. Mrs. West may be reached by mail at 4419 Gertrude Drive, Fremont, Calif. 94538. Recently she became acquainted with a Hawaiian who seems to have claimed that he knew all about Huna, but who refused to share his knowledge. If he is like the many I have run into in my time, what he knows and keeps secret might not be helpful to us in learning to do instant or even slow healing of a superior nature. I have run down so many of these people in my time with disappointing results that I no longer have much hope of finding a real Huna initiate in the flesh. I think this group meets on Tuesday nights and have their own meeting place. They go in for all the hyphenate things from Spiritualism to hypnosis.


NEW HRA OLIVER THOMAS, of La Crescenta, Calif., writes: “My special field of interest is Alcoholics Anonymous.. I have been active in regular local meetings and institutional work with AA and have not had a drink since my first meeting ten years ago. Today, young people in their late teens and early twenties are coming to the program and working it successfully. They have usually been heavy users of  ‘pills’ and narcotics, as well as alcohol. Though they arrive ‘quite bent out of shape’ as individuals, it is amazing how fast they grow on the program which is basically spiritual.


“The fundamental trust of AA is that of turning one’s life and guidance over to a ‘Higher Power’ of one’s own understanding; self-analysis of character defects and asking one’s Higher Power to help correct same, making amends and ‘no hurt’ plus serving others by ‘carrying the message’ to others still suffering.


“It is easy to speculate that some or many with this type of daily living philosophy might benefit from Huna. For several years I have pondered the inability of some who seemingly make a strong effort to grasp AA as a program, to get whatever it takes to maintain sobriety. The book, Alcoholics Anonymous, which is the only recognized authority on AA, suggests that these individuals are unable to be honest with themselves. While this can apparently be true from a psychological viewpoint, I suspect the possibility of ‘eating companions’ being responsible for the lack of initial success as well as the drastic personality swings and depressions of those who are successful in staying dry ………..”


Yes, indeed! Those who have eating companions can be spotted easily through a Psychometric Analysis reading, and those wonderful people who give their time to try to help them can be guided by this knowledge. If the person is by nature counter clockwise in his Aunihipili reading, he may be beyond help. (Our prisons are filled with this type.) But if he is a normal individual who is periodically obsessed, then the obsessing spirits need to be removed. HRA William Boone, of the La Mesa Huna Group, is doing excellent work along this line, and I have a letter just in from a gentleman who is a freelance writer who wishes to come to visit me as soon as possible and discuss his additions to the PA reading system as we now have it. HRA Boone uses such readings to locate eating companions and fixations, and then works mentally to clear the person in question. My new correspondent tells me that with a surcharge of mana he can dislodge the eating companions while letting the pendulum swing and holding the contact. He tells of how he demonstrated the reading method at a private girls’ school and that two girls went off the deep end and ran down the halls tearing off their clothes. He treated via pendulum and mana and they were immediately rescued and set right. Some years ago I knew a man who was expert with the pendulum and who treated by swinging the pendulum over the palm of the patient or over his picture or signature until the movement, whatever it might be, changed to a good and normal clockwise circle, at which time he considered the patient cured. I will try to find time for a visit with this new friend and do what I can to help him, at least with theories. He plans to do a book on the subject.


ONE OF MY RECENT FRIENDS, through correspondence, sends in additional information on “Zone Therapy” which was mentioned in HV 91 in connection with the article on Vivaxis. He writes: “We were particularly interested in your explanation of ‘Zone Therapy’. I have taken this course of instruction, or rather, study of technique in what is known as the ‘Reflex Method of Compression Massage’ in its application to the glands and kindred ailments based on Zone Therapy – ten zones – via the reflexes, in accordance with the principles as discovered and outlined by the late Wm. H. Fitzgerald, MD. Whereby the nerves of the body may be likened to an electrical system. The ability of the body to make normal contact with the electricity in the ground through the feet and from the elements or atmosphere determines the degree of power we are able to manifest in the proper functioning of these glands. Have you ever noticed when your feet are cold – you are cold and uncomfortable all over? Some day when I’m down your way I’ll give you a demonstration of that Zone Therapy and its relation to Gland Reflexes and also show you the chart of how our organs relate to the foregoing. The method has contributed largely to the excellent state of health my wife and I have been enjoying these many years past. I believe it is just as well that you do not give my name if you use this information.”


In Hollywood some years ago, when I was trying to organize a group to try out the Huna healing methods, we became “hyphenated” all the time with everything other than Huna being brought up for discussion. Among them was Zone Therapy, and one whole evening was taken up by a most well intentioned gentleman who had us all shoeless while he prodded and pressed our feet for tender points and then nearly slew us one by one, despite howls of protest. If we did not have a tender spot that showed the need of corrective massage, he soon made us one. I fear I was not too well impressed with the method. However, it may be excellent.


A CHARMING PICTURE is presented by Padgett’s messages. Jesus comes very highly recommended. He is in the higher or “Celestial” heaven, together with Dr. Stone’s soul mate, the Disciples, Paul, Moses and a number of others. The medium’s grandmother is still in the lower heavens, but she sends messages telling how wonderful Jesus appears to them on her level, and urging that he be accepted. at full face value. The impression one gets is that of seeing the highly advanced spirits descending through the lesser heavens to contact the medium and also to listen and watch at Sunday services which the medium attends, frequently making comments on what the preacher has said, and always correcting him on some point of doctrine and belief. Jesus signs himself, “Your brother and friend”. There is little in his corrected version of Christian teachings with which one cannot agree at least in part, and one gets the impression that the spirit is trying very hard to stay within the letter of the law and still inject some good common sense and some fine inspiration into Christianity as it is found in the several churches of today. He even goes so far as to praise Christian Science for some of its concepts and ideas about God. I am not sure to what extent he might praise Huna for its ideas, but feel that had he known of the ancient and original source of Christianity, he would have given it limited acceptance.


To return to my question: what would you say if you were a spirit Jesus and were asked about your divinity and the Trinity, and about the part played by the Holy Ghost? You probably would have a difficult time formulating an answer which would fit the need, but would not entirely deny the best aspects, but still would not make Jesus a part of the god head or duplicate that error for the Holy Ghost. I am filled with admiration as I read his careful answers and see how cleverly he treads between the pitfalls.


HE IS NOT DIVINE he says, but as he has a soul that can aspire to the love of God, and as he has done this, he and the “Father are one” in a soul quality which is the higher love. All through his message giving he urges that one pray to be given that divine love – given it as a gracious gift to lift one from the lesser man to the higher or Celestial level. He is not God, but an elder brother.


“THE HOLY SPIRIT is that part of God’s spirit that manifests His presence and care in conveying to men’s souls his divine love.” There are other and similar spirits, a creative spirit, a caring spirit, and the spirit who makes effective His laws, but these are quite different from the Holy Spirit mentioned in the New Testament. It bears the gift of divine love and may give it by degrees if one ‘prays long and steadily. It is indeed, a “Comforter”. At the Pentecost the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples was a giving of the divine love, and nothing more. “Much of the healing” writes Jesus, “of physical ills is caused by powers that are bestowed upon men, or some men that are not connected with or proceed from the Holy Spirit.” (This seems a little confused, as love, not men, is said to “proceed from the Holy Spirit”.) The scheme of Creation, according to Jesus, is very important in the light of what comes later. Dr. Stone explains it on page XXII.


“Human souls created by the Father, according to the messages, are duplex: they are male and female in composition and at the time of incarnation divide into their two component parts. Each thereafter in the  flesh is a complete soul as to itself. These soul mates may or may not meet and marry in the flesh, depending upon various conditions and circumstances which prevail at the time of their marriage. Soul mates, after death, eventually meet and stay together in real soul mate love, though not before a period of purification, and in accordance with their condition of soul.” (I take it reincarnation did not come into the calculation at that period, or was ignored. The period of purification would seem to take the place of experience gained by incarnating several times.)


Tarot Readings for 1970

January-February, 1970



GREETINGS, AND A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to you all, even if it is a bit late. By now we will all have read the various predictions for the year ahead, and as they will have contradicted each other more or less violently, I will proceed to run the Tarot Cards and John’s T. THE NEW TAROT (as best I can on short notice) and find out for us what is really going to happen.


First question: Will there be a world disaster, with the earth reversing its polar axis and putting an end (even if temporarily) to the perplexing question of the population explosion, the war between the races, the haves and have nots, the Reds and the “Wicked Imperialists”, and Pollution Problem, to say nothing of the danger of an Atomic War? (I see that a Polar Switch such as Cayce predicted, has some very great advantages, but hardly feel that I am ready just yet to begin to benefit from them.) (Edgar Cayce’s predicted date for the great disaster was 1998, with earth mutterings beginning in 1950 and becoming pronounced by 1978.)


Answer with the old Tarot Cards: The Majors for the run are, the STAR, DEATH, TEMPERANCE and THE HANGED MAN. The minors are X of Swords, Knight of Swords, and III of Cups. From these I read that no great and world shaking disaster will come in 1970, but the indications are that we will see a confused year with many difficulties. The STAR shows “much cry and little wool” – little really accomplished. DEATH and the X Of Swords indicate a considerable number of fatal disasters in various parts of the world, but with TEMPERANCE, they will be localized and the “storm will be tempered to the lamb”. The Knight of Swords rides in his idealistic way to right some several wrongs, but may not overcome the “opposition” ( X of Swords) completely. The HANGED MAN is the indication of nations suffering largely as a result of their own misdeeds and greeds. The III of Cups is the happy note for the year, with little things to be thankful for. Under the TEMPERANCE card we have High Guidance which allows us to profit by our blundering and mistakes, if we will. But the run for the year is not such that I would predict peace and plenty, or ease and mutual understanding. We may see some radical changes during the year (DEATH card indications) with death and violence forcing action and decisions. (Had the DEATH card come up with the FALLING TOWER, I would have predicted much death through the agencies of earth disasters, quakes, tidal waves and so on, but this combination did not come.)


Next, using John Cooke’s T, The New Tarot cards, which many of you have already purchased, (Order from Western Star Press, Box 248, Kentfield, Calif. 94904. Price $7.50 in USA. Add more for foreign postage. Add sales tax of 42¢ if you live in California. Set includes the deck and three instruction and description books, also the large sheet on which to lay out the cards.)  In my method of running the cards for world and other events, I use the lazy man’s spread, which consists of shuffling the whole deck, then laying the deck face down and patting it to a wide spread on the table, after which five cards are chosen from the points where there are the widest “breaks”. In the usual method of reading for a person, that person participates, as described in the instruction books and the big “Royal Maze” sheet is used. My five card spread with the “T” cards came up with THE REVERSER as the only major trump, and this, much to my delight, is the card that in John’s set takes the place of TEMPERANCE in the old deck. For the minors, I drew The Stone Knight, the Stone Queen, the 10 and 1 of Pears, and the 6 and 2 of Swords.


THE REVERSER shows an androgynous figure with one hand uplifted to heaven and  the other pointing to the earth; from each hand we see force or power moving, the “water” or “fire” flows down from above and is channeled to the earth to correct the forces which may have gone wrong. The figure being male and female can be taken to represent the na Aumakua and the part they play in the world, IF WE WILL ASK THEM TO TAKE A HAND. If we do not ask, we have our free will and can make wars and do all the hurtful things from which we may eventually learn our lessons. This card, again, indicates the Guidance and Help that stands above us ready to Help when allowed to do so. The influence may divert the worst of the disasters. In “T”, the face cards are very important and we have the Knight in the Stone suit which replaced the Wands of the old cards. Stones represent the earth, and this Knight is of the West and is “the tester, the cross and the balance”. There is over a page in the”G” book about him, and he has to do with “sensation and earthquakes”. Being of the West, he seems to predict possible quakes in the western world to balance earth stressed forces. “He is the horseman of the Apocalypse who rides the black horse” and so matches the DEATH major card of the other run. We may see some bad quakes in California as well as elsewhere this year, if I read the cards right.


THE QUEEN OF STONES. (See the “I” instruction book, page 11 for meanings.) There are positive and negative meanings given, one the protective and jealous mother, trying to keep all in order; the other is “ponderous, depressing, depleting, lethargic. Can be hoarding, materialistic, humorless and tough. A terrible enemy.” This last meaning might possibly point to wars and a “terrible enemy”, but with the balancing force of the REVERSER, this danger is minimized. The numbered cards, (see page 7 of “I”) give the influences of the planets after the familiar systems of astrology, so we have our 10 of Pears the Pluto influence which stirs things up and brings regeneration. If we have a switch of the poles, it would offer “regeneration”. If no switch, it helps things to become better. The 1 of Pears is the Mercury influence, giving us “diffusion”, which might spread the disasters over a number of places and not confine them to the West. The 6 of Blades (I miscalled them Swords) gives us Saturn and its material structures and delays, with the card meaning one of “striving”, and we may have all interests striving to get on the top of the heap. The 2 of Blades is the MOON card said to “personalize” and the card to mean, “ambivalent”, which I take it may allow us to look for this card’s forces to be used to strengthen the meanings of other cards. If disaster comes by way of war or racial strife, the emotional force of the moon might indicate the sudden thoughtless rush into places “where angels fear to tread”. Anyway, I do not expect the earth to switch poles, but lesser troubles may overtake poor EARTH.


By the way, John did a fine job of looking into the future via the cards. He wrote, “I got the Mother card, which is the womb, or house, and with it the Changer on the in-out place on the Maze pile, and the 7 of Stones which is Uranus on the earth sign, and on the “present” pile, just before the winds came, the 7 of Stones which reads Perfectionizing or FAILURE of the structure – a collapsing. The Changer certainly changed the Mother womb or house violently.” The next day the winds rose and, in the storm, the roof of his house was blown off! Most of the windows were broken, but, fortunately, no one was injured. John lives in Mexico. (I have been so short of time that I have still to get the complete hang of the use of the Royal Maze and the “T” cards for the prediction of events, but I see that John has it down to a fine science.)


NOTE: In the “G” instruction book there are more meanings given for the minors or numbered cards, should you wish to go back and check on the cards I drew.)


To continue the Tarot predictions, lets run for the PEACE which was promised for Vietnam by the cards last year, and which has not yet arrived despite the most strenuous efforts and the sacrifice of 40,000 of our men thus far. The run indicates that the effort to protect South Vietnam from the Communists will continue, but the pressure of the business (oil interests) will ease off, and we will get our PEACE with justice to all eventually. (SUN and JUSTICE Major trumps.)


RUSSIA AND CHINA and the prospects of a war between the two? The run brings up a surprise in the situation, with three minor cup cards indicating friendship restored and an understanding between the two countries. They show a united front and get back to producing goods for home use, with success indicated in their main purpose of communizing the world. I fear the continuing aid to North Vietnam will continue and make the Peace more difficult.


A RUN FOR SOUTH VIETNAM: The death card comes up and with it the Ace of Cups and the EMPEROR, also the Page of Wands and the IX of Swords. The DEATH card could predict death and disaster or change, but conditions will be better, business will continue to improve and the country will prosper.


FOR NORTH VIETNAM the cards show some continued fighting, then the end of it and the WORLD card, indicating success and prosperity. I would judge that the North and South would again be united and that some form of government would be set up in which both sides could participate and live in peace.


FOR THE UNITED STATES the run brings only Minors. Business slows down in the year ahead. More peace moves are in the works, and our policy is one of waiting for better conditions. We give up some of our hopes for correcting world affairs, and spend most of the year getting in each other’s way in the Congress. A year in which little progress is made but no major disasters are predicted.


FOR GREAT BRITAIN: The year will see a new start: business and politics. The Majors of the run indicate a religious and inner growth, with Huna and the occult getting a fair share of attention. All is under Guidance with the card of TEMPERANCE leading the way. Less strife and more effort to love and understand and help. Oddly enough, no money or business cards were in the run, so we conclude that these things will go on about as usual.


EUROPE? Also under the TEMPERANCE major trump, with more and more efforts being made to gain a friendly understanding and to work together. Business is slightly off. Old enmities are being given up and friendly overtures are to the fore. No indications of war or disaster.


AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND? The FOOL is the Major Trump card here, and indicates new beginnings in thinking and in world attitude. This shares the revival in England, with the interest in religion and the occult spreading. There will be new business enterprises this year that will mark the start of more home industry. Troops will be pulled out of Vietnam. There will be much argument and waste motion in governmental circles. Things look up a little this year.


ISRAEL? The TOWER, JUDGEMENT, EMPRESS and MOON, all majors, turn up. It looks very much like a year of great efforts to improve things in a business way, but with much time and effort wasted fighting off traditional enemies. Some major disasters are indicated by the falling TOWER and the JUDGEMENT card which reads, “taking up unfinished business recurrence”. We may see the war of 1967 opened up again. Israel has good friends and seems to hold her own.


EGYPT AND THE ARAB STATES? We see here WHY Israel had the TOWER card, for we draw both the falling TOWER and the DEATH card. The cards of friendship come up, indicating help from outside for arms and munitions. I would judge from the run that an attack will be made on Israel this year by the united Arab states, with Egypt leading off. The cards show far more losses than for Israel, but all participants suffer heavily. There is a small hope in the 2 of cups card that a peace of sorts may be made. Egypt and her friends are left poor and all is far from rosy for both sides.


CANADA? Only one major trump turns up here and it is THE STAR – the card of waste motion and misdirected effort. Business will be rather better than usual, but there will be some incident causing sadness. Poverty and the voices raised to protest it will be to the fore. Friends and allies will be of value only as encouraging items of good will. The year’s end will see some of the threats to the peace and well being of the land growing less. The world seems to share a period of indecision and waste motion in which many try to correct difficulties, but with too many cooks, the broth is spoiled and nothing of consequence is accomplished.


RACE ANTAGONISMS in the United States? The TOWER is the major here and it comes up with STRENGTH. There will be more race conflict and death. The government will take strong measures to suppress black militants as riots and burning repeat themselves and the minority groups show more anger at a “do nothing congress” and at increasing poverty as inflation measures bring on a near depression. Instead of winning more acceptance in white circles, the minority seems to be separating itself more and more. Two armed camps and no solution in sight.


DRUGS, HIPPIES, CRIME? Worse and worse. The major trump is the TOWER, which seems to be the keynote of world unrest these days. Legal steps are taken to try to preserve order, much money is spent, but the disregard for the law increases and there could be much trouble, both for the offenders and those citizens of quiet ways who are being robbed, beaten and murdered. The end is not yet, but the problem may have to be met with drastic measures.


A Nice New Book


I HAD A LOVELY GIFT for Christmas, two books of her poetry from HRA Opal Winstead, Daughter of Saul and Other Poems, and the later, Torch of Wonder. Let me share my gift with you – a poem titled:




I find the peace of God in little things:

The healing tongues of animals; the wings

of swallows, breast down from the rabbit doe,

the soft and deep compassion of the snow;

The gentle mantle twilight brings, the still

and kindly benediction of a hill.

The sweet, half haunting melodies of rain

hummed to sleeping flowers; the little lane

That leads to cabin hearth. The evening call

to children playing in the street; the fall

of leaves. The forward swinging of a door;

a friendly beacon on a lonely shore.

The willow tree’s protective sympathy,

the tenderness of all maternity.


I once read someplace, somewhere, the command, “Think beautiful thoughts.” That is what has been done for us by Opal Winstead, vicariously. The poem is from her Torch of Wonder. How restful to forget for a moment the fight in which we are engaged against all the world’s evils, and to allow ourselves to be reminded and refreshed by contemplation of the almost forgotten beauties which we have known, even if they do not surround us now. Thank you O.P. You put beautiful thoughts into beautiful words.


BERBER NA KAHUNA MAY STILL WORK in Morocco. I have just received a letter from a Polish gentleman in Marrakech, in answer to my inquiry (instigated by a Polish friend, Mme. Dr. Uherck), in which he tells me of a Dr. Vitjas, who is an authority on the Berbers, and who will, when the books I have sent, arrive, try to learn what the Berber na kahuna may still know of the original Huna. He says that the tradition seems to be that their knowledge came from the ancient Hebrews – which is quite logical, as we now know that they knew Huna and coded it into the Old Testament as well as the Four Gospels. Dr. Vitjas also is well versed in the beliefs of the “Blue Men” far back in the Sahara Desert, well back of the Berber territory. Our John Cooke visited these people I believe, but in the short stay, had too little time to investigate their beliefs and practices. I will report later on what may be learned.


THE HEBREWS HAD NA KAHUNA of sorts from way back. One of the Australian HRAs who belonged to the first study group there years ago, and who has just renewed his interest in Huna, asked in a letter, “In the 103rd Psalm, ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul…’ is the soul here not the same as the Aunihipili?” I got out my trusty Concordance and found that in the Hebrew, as used in the Old Testament, nephith was the word translated “soul”, but the word comes from the root for “breath”, and we have the code here for the Aunihipili as the one who breathes as a part of the act of blessing or worshiping – which points to the Aunihipili accumulating mana and sending it to the “Lord”. The idea of the “breath”, as used in the code, seems to have spread. We find that “spirit” in “The Spirit of God moved over the waters….” comes from ruwash, which means “breath or wind”. The Greeks used the word pneuma for “spirit” or “soul”, and that meant “to breathe or breath”. The Auhane is included in the action by inference, as it has to start the action by wishing to “praise the Lord” and getting the Aunihipili to do its part. “The Lord” is our translation of Jehovah, and this word can be also the symbol of the Aumakua, for it seems to have had a still higher god above it. To “bless” comes from the Hebrew root for “kneel” as a ritual of worship, and in the Greek they used the word eulogeo which is “to thank, praise, invoke”. (For our purposes the idea of “invoke” comes closer to what we really do in prayer.)


The HRA who asked the above question, also wrote, “I do not ask much for things, perhaps not at all, but for guidance and protection. The prayer I mostly make is,’Reveal to me my secret faults. Give me the grace of true repentance, that I may awake in Thy likeness.”‘ If we use this prayer thinking of the Aumakua, it has many ramifications – even one of reincarnating in a condition more like that of the Aumakua. However, the prayer is excellent for ordinary use, and a humble attitude of mind is much to be sought.


A MOST ENCOURAGING REPORT came from Eva Becker about her Huna Group on Long Island, near New York. She phoned me on the eve of the New Year to tell me all about it. Her Group has succeeded in starting the School for the younger people, and they have a building with a theater and rooms for classes. The Drama School is best patronized, and I was amazed to have her say that in the short time in which they have been at work, they produced nothing less than the Mikado. The girl who was to take the lead part came on the morning of the performance to say that she had a very sore throat and feared  she could not sing. Mrs. Becker asked if she believed in God, and when the answer was, “Yes”, said, “then this is where we get His help.” When the evening came, the throat was well and the girl gave a brilliant performance. They also have classes in music and other things, with experienced people to teach and direct. Huna will be put forward as opportunity offers. I have hunted up a play which I wrote years ago – all about the experience of a missionary who tangled with a kahuna in early Hawaii and bested him – but got thrown out of his own church group because he had ventured to use some Huna methods. I have sent the script to Eva to be revamped and put in shape by their expert and perhaps the young playwrights of the school, so that it could be staged. The play covers a real life experience on the part of one, John Paris, so might have more impact as a Huna propaganda vehicle. Perhaps the music department could find some of the lovely old Hawaiian music for those who play the bit parts of the Hawaiians. I can imagine a rather striking presentation, with music to match the moods as the play went forward. I also talked for a moment to Eva’s mother, who has been such a help, making refreshments of all kinds for those who have been attending the group meetings and hearing the tape lectures.


This is the first group which has expanded in a way that promises to give financial support to its activities, and although it includes many things outside the scope of Huna, the central directive is good – that of interesting the younger people and getting them away from frustrating occupations. Congratulations, Eva Becker




Dear Aunties and Unkles:

I feel as distracted as Ohasimoro Togo, who used to write letters to the editor from a Japanese schoolboy, when he wrote, “I am very sorry to report that the hand which rocked my cradle has kicked the bucket.” Well, it isn’t quite like that about boss, who didn’t kick the bucket, but almost as bad …. and I, as usual, have to take the blame to let him off the hook, or whatever he is caught on. (Just between us, I think he is beginning to dodder and things, especially things.)


Anyway, what I am groaning about is that when boss and ME addressed the ennelopes for bullington Nomber 91, which was all about Vivaxis, and I had licked on the stamps, we had more ennelopes as would go into one box, and so we put the ones addressed to HRA A all the way up to HRA E, into another box, and somebody, (I’m not divulging which) forgot them when it came time ten days later to stuff in the bullingtons and seal and mail. All of which amountings to all you Aunties and Unkles whose last names begin with from A up to E, didn’t get your bullington. But it is kina funny. Out of all of you, only two wrote to say they didn’t get any bullington that time. (What do you do with the precious things I send you? Put in the waist basket before you read? Or did you think boss had slipped for that issue?


Well, ME and boss stopped work on the present bullington and hurried to bring up from the basement a lot of #91ses, and stuff like mad and seal until my mouth got all hot from licking, and tomorrow we mail them, and, I betcha you will wunner how come. I suggnest that we club together and get some more kats. A boy kat to watch boss and remember for him, and a girl kat to boss the boy kat and see that he remembers the right things instead of going off on moonlight nights to collect shoes and things from irate sleepers, and maybe be a hippie and smoke pot and such – like I suspect the neighbors Mr. Kat does about once a month. Anyway, SO VERRY SORRY, PLEASE, CIGBO, hra kitty and cigar box. (and boss.)




Mrs. Nixon has published her new book, Magnetically Yours, (to be had from Magnetic Publishers, P.O. Box 718, Chemainus, B.C., Canada, price $5. 25, post paid.) Mrs. Nixon and John Pearson, also of Canada, have sent a copy of the book to Riley Crabb, of the BSRA journal, and to me, for review purposes. The revised and updated book gives information not contained in the out of print Vivaxis book. Again we read of the marvelous cures brought about by her ministrations, but little of the success of the people who read her books and try to use the system she has discovered. I have not yet had time to try the system again, but see now that I did many things very wrong – in fact, I wonder how I managed to come out unscathed. I wore shoes with insulating composition soles; I didn’t keep my hands down at my sides; I pressed my ribs and tapped my self with my own hands – a greatly forbidden thing – and I wore my belt, which is against the rules although I did take off my spectacles.


She tells of a man who used his hands to “bong” his ribs so that the bending of the bones would allow them to be repolarized, and whose hands and arms became red and mottled as if by atomic burns. I gathered from the first book that one might press on head bones with hands, but she says “not so”. In the book she shows with marks on a model head where one should  “bong” with a wooden spoon for certain troubles, and speaks of the spots as something which can be tested in some way to find out whether or not they are in need of repolarization – but does not say how she tests for this. She also warns greatly against having anyone near by when you are standing in your vivaxis and are repolarizing. She warns that the very powerful forces you set into motion may radiate and hurt anyone near. But she remarks that she has a method of protecting herself when she stands near to supervise the work. She does not describe her method, so I suppose that it is too complicated in some way for amateurs to try to use.


I had the impression that one had to be out of doors and walking on the earth when in the vivaxis walk, but she speaks in one place of working in a room, so I now change my mental picture of her patients walking in stocking feet outside in the cold or wet or even snow. Moreover, I used to walk back and forth in my vivaxis for some ten feet. Now I seem to feel that one stands still but turns at right angles, breathes deeply for a few seconds, then turns all the way around and repeats, then makes another right turn and repeats. After which one exercises for a half hour a walk seems to be enough.


The method, if applied at the noticing of the very first symptoms, she says, will kill the virus of a cold and cure one up at once. She tells of a young woman who was suffering from emphysema and was in a desperate condition, but was cured. Several other cases are described, and one wonders whether the world is not now beginning to beat a path to Mrs. Nixon, bringing the sick, blind and halt to be treated as only she knows how to treat.


When I get time, I shall take my angle iron and test in my living room for my vivaxis, and if I locate it, I shall then, in greatest privacy, take off my shoes, wear my next-to-nothings, remove spectacles, keep hands to my sides, and bong in some manner or other on the skull points which I suspect are not functioning right. I will be warned not to do this more than a few times, and to exercise in solitude for a half hour lest by contacting another person I upset the apple cart for them or for myself. Meantime, if any of you get the new book and experiment cautiously, making use of the rather scant directions given, DO let me know so I can report. I am just a little confused.


But, perhaps I had better quote a page from the new book; you may be able to follow directions. Page 84


Attack the virus by polarizing at the earliest symptoms of a cold.

Mark the direction of your channel with tape as described in Chapter 4.

Start polarizing by facing into your channel; stand with the spine erect, head level, eyes shut, feet apart, hands held down at your sides. (Never hold wires while polarizing.) Breathe three or four times as deeply as possible, stretching or depressing your lungs to their limit and pass the air through the nostrils. Swallow your saliva three or four times because the movement of the muscles involved will direct the magnetic wave flow to the throat glands. Remain for a period of some four seconds without moving.

Turn clockwise, some 90 degrees, which now puts your shoulders in line with the direction of your channel. Repeat the routine as described in (3) above.

Turn clockwise, another 90 degrees, which now puts you in a position with your back to your Vivaxis. Repeat the routine as described in (3) above.

Turn clockwise a further 90 degrees, which places you in a position opposite that of (4) above. Repeat the routine as described in (3).

Stay in isolation for at least one half hour after polarizing. This is a period when your own atoms align themselves into a strong pattern and it is important there is no interference from other people to weaken the strength of the pattern. After five minutes exercise moderately.


If the first polarization does not seem sufficient, repeat in about three hours time, but it is recommended not to carry out more than three polarizings, spaced at three hour intervals.


A large number of people (I take back what I said about there being no reports on what others have done with the method. mfl.) now report that they control colds successfully by this method.” (End quotation)


ANOTHER GROUP HAS BEEN HEARD FROM! HRA Whitley Dresser writes: “This is also to let you know that one small Huna Group is alive and well in the far reaches of New York City commuterland. We have undergone some profound changes in membership [and] have incorporated into Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship,  but still regard ourselves as a Huna Group. We are now in the process of telling our new members about Huna with the reading of the Short Talk transcripts. I think you have hit on an excellent way to introduce the basics to an assorted bunch of spiritualists with both a large ‘S’ and a small ‘s’. We also number as one of us a rather prominent scientist-business man who seems to gradually be coming our way. More about him later. As soon as is practical, I will forward to you a tape with a condensed history of progress toward the high adventure of knowing the Aumakua. We have had some fine healing ………”


This is most welcome news, and begins to show what we can do as Huna-Hyphenates, working with others of like minds and purposes. In Baltimore, Md., the local Spiritual Frontiers people are looking into Huna and it may be possible, later on, to get them to listen to the tapes. Contact with the departed is good when the aims are good. Mediumship used only for communication with the dead loved ones is less good, and for trying to pry into the future is least good.


THE SPIRITS AT WORK. Recently one of the seasoned HRAs wrote about his experience with spirit healing. His account is most interesting and tends to show what can be done in this line. (As we have been seeing with the Filipino, and English spirit mediums and their ability to call down healing help.)


“Well, I think we are finally going to see Sid overcome his afflictions. He found out about a trance medium who performs miracles in a trance state with the help of a group of spirit surgeons. Sid and I flew to Atlanta, Georgia, then drove 100 miles north to have the spirit surgeons work on him. They did a great job. They operated on the etheric body by elevating it a few inches above the physical body.


“One doctor makes a complete head to toe examination and diagnosis. This doctor found three nerves in Sid’s spinal area pinched, (Sid was hurt some years ago in an auto accident, and has been in a wheel chair most of his time.) a spinal curvature between the shoulders area, a large abscess on one lung, a big oversize kidney stone, suppuration in a large area of the liver, one hip socket rotted away, three lower, spinal disks partly deteriorated, coccyx damaged and pinching the spinal nerves or cord. Two inch opening in upper thigh left leg draining constantly. Huge open sore six or seven inches in diameter caused by a large bed sore developed over the 28 years Sid has been in wheel chair.


“The diagnosis was remarkably accurate and complete. The medium then acted for another doctor who took over and corrected the nerve in the neck condition first. He next asked me to examine carefully the spinal curvature and feel and trace same with my fingers, which I did. Also had the medium’s wife examine the spine. Then he operated on the spine to correct the curvature – about four minutes – then asked me to examine the spine and feel carefully again. The curvature was gone and the spine perfectly straight. Next he removed the kidney stone, first asking the medium’s wife, a nurse, to put a stethoscope on the kidney area that she and I might listen and compare the sound from both kidneys before and after the obstructing stone was removed. The medium’s wife is able to see all the work that is being done clairvoyantly. Next, another doctor took over and controlled the medium while operating on the suppurated liver. He then had us use the stethoscope before and after the work on the lung, and there was a very pronounced change in the sound after the abscess was removed.


“The doctor said that Sid could not stand any more at one session, that we should put him to bed and they would try to finish the work the diagnostician had outlined on the morrow.


“Sid was back on the operating table next morning and they did a bone graft to rebuild his hip socket and another on the spinal disk area. They then operated on the damaged coccyx, after which the doctor had us examine carefully the large open sore at the base of Sid’s back. He then treated the area with some electronic device. When we, at his invitation, examined the sore again, it had changed color over much of the area, turning to a light pink. The doctor said this was the start of the healing process. They didn’t touch the open sore on his thigh. Said it should now dry up and heal over with the other conditions they had corrected.


“It was amazing to see the operations take place, the medium’s eyes closed all the time and the hand motions so deft and controlled. Each doctor is a very distinct personality. There are some 28 of them in the group who work through the medium.


“Sid was pretty tired, and even more so by the time we got back by plane to San Francisco and on by car home. Last time I saw him, after a few days he was feeling great and was much excited about his future possibilities.


“The whole thing was a marvelous experience to me. I saw a fellow have a prostate operation and another man had calcium deposits removed from his eye.


(In a still later letter, the writer wrote:) I spent part of the Christmas holiday with Sid and he is doing famously. Looks much better and feels fine. The large open sore on his lower back is healing and filling in very nicely. He is looking forward to seeing Rev. Brown in about six months when he makes a trip out to the West Coast. By the way, the man who had the prostate operation which I saw, was very old, and an M.D., from New York.


“Rev. Brown works on a free will offering basis. Mrs. Brown feeds the patients during their stay, and each one has to stay in bed for about 24 hours. Anyone accompanying the patient has to eat at the local restaurant, but can usually sleep in the same room as the patient, as there are twin beds.”


NOTE: Rev. Brown’s address is Rev. William Brown, R.R. l, Box 64 Ep Collier Road, Toccoa, Georgia, 30577. A stamped reply envelope will be appreciated. Rev. Brown is a Christian and there is religious music played as one enters the operating room. A picture of Jesus hangs on the wall, and there is another of the Last Supper, so I am told. I have asked for more information as to the West Coast visit which is planned.


THE CASE OF HRA ECB, needs to be noted here. He went three times to see the Filipino spirit healers and get treated, each time having lumps of material removed. His trouble was cancer of the bladder. After the second trip he sent the healers copies of my books. On his third trip he took his ailing and blind wife to be treated. She later died in a Manila hospital. He came home, still uncured and had his entire bladder removed. He wrote before Christmas to say he had gained weight and was feeling fairly well again. One wonders why the healings from this source were not permanent. Perhaps the aka or etheric body was not healed at the same time?


CIGBO WRITES A POSTSCRIPT, with much agitation and shedding tears. We have just heard from one of the “B” name HRAs, who reports that she has received the supposedly belated No. 91 Huna Vistas, and is wondering WHY we sent a second copy, as she had hers right on time. It is quite possible that WE have doubled up on the wrong bulletin. Woe is us!!! But if you get an extra copy, give it to someone you don’t like. No need to waste postage to return it. And if you are missing on some back number, let Cigbo, know. He says (from the hiding depth of his cigar box) that perhaps he will have to get two little boy kats to remember for me – and FOUR little girl kats to boss the little boy kats.


LOOK MAGAZINE, in its January 13 issue, had several articles looking ahead into 1970 and beyond. Some of the articles were surprising, and the predictions were, among other things, that a group would make up the family and that births would be limited to two per female. (But what about Brazil and India and the other places where people are too poor and ignorant to limit births?) Anyway, the articles were most provocative and one of the pictures came surprisingly close to giving us the three selves in a blending of nude human bodies. The photographer is to be congratulated on his work. The articles are disturbing. They point out all the things from which we have suddenly moved, such as the “survival of the fittest”, to a new necessity for cooperation. The old rule of grab by all possible means and at the expense of any and everything … then to waste when the grab is completed, is being replaced by a non-hurt and helpful attitude of mind for the more thoughtful. After reading the several articles, I find that I am listening to writers who have the same ideals as I have. I think that we will find this issue of LOOK being carried around much as was and is the little book, THOUGHTS OF MAO, and that our eager young idealists will be preaching sermons from the texts. Of course, there will be some youngsters who are in a revolting stage and who will want to use force to get peace and mutual help and respect. The article on the political situation is especially provocative, as is another article on the slow way in which men have broken the grip of the priests. Now we are told that we must break the grasp of organized labor and allow men to work and to produce instead of starve along in idleness on welfare. I am greatly encouraged to see that a magazine run for profit in a capitalistic system has dared to face up to that part of the complex problem that it can partly understand. Some of the ideas put forth in the articles, especially in the one on education, seem to me unsound, even if aimed at an ideal and much betterment. But find a copy of the magazine, if you can, and make up your own minds.


A QUESTION WAS ASKED in a letter from HRA Morly Calenso, of Canada. He writes, “With the pendulum in hand and wanting a ‘yes/no’ answer, should we send the question in pictures or in words to the subconscious, especially if you want it to ask the Aumakua? Does the same rule for communicating apply to prayer as to a question aimed at the Aunihipili, or are they two different cases?”


I answer: The Aunihipili helps us with memories of things and of words, so it can be spoken to in words with the idea getting across nicely. But with the making of a prayer action in which we address the Aumakua through the Aunihipili, we need to present a mental picture which can be used as the “seed” which the Aumakua can use to “grow” or materialize the thing or condition we desire. It is hard to pray in words to make the pictures, for we are first transforming pictures into sound symbols, and we cannot help making a muddled picture carrying the seed of the need.


Saying, “Please help me to find a new place to live”, automatically includes the need of a new home. The proper way, according to Huna, is to picture in your mind a new home and yourself living in it comfortably and happily. Try the shoe on for size and fit, then WEAR IT. SEE yourself in the desired condition, and let the Aunihipili accumulate mana and send the picture to the Aumakua as a thing made real, here and now. This is the Huna method which explains and corrects all the other methods of making prayers. It carries with it its own magic. The Huna formula is:,


Try on various forms of the pictures and find one that exactly fits what you want.


Breathe deeply and slowly, the while accumulating mana and getting the Aunihipili to work with you.


See yourself and the Aunihipili IN CONTACT with your Aumakua.


Picture strongly and emotionally the condition you desire to have materialized.


The Aumakua, called in on the prayer action, will automatically begin to accept the pictured condition, and to clear away the old negative pictures of lack and ill health and fear. You may find that when the old “future” is broken down, the pieces will fall on your head and threaten disaster, but sit tight and hold your picture without wavering as you continue daily and hourly, if necessary, to send mana to “water” the “seed” and help it grow. Keep trying on the lower levels to realize the picture. Keep moving. Keep trying. You may be Guided to the right doctors or methods of healing, or to the right people or place for the new home.


“Positive thinking”, so dear to the hearts of some of the HRAs, is visualizing what you want, then going after it by every means at your disposal. “The Lord helps those who help themselves”, and so keep letting your needs be known and doing all you can to materialize the picture on this level. The Aumakua will take care of the level above ours.


A second part of HRA Calenso’s question was, “I want to ask about your opinion of the reality of Jesus as a man or a deity. In some places you write as if the whole story is a myth, and in others it seems to me that you accept him as having been on earth, in the flesh, as a very real and historical man. I may have missed some bulletin in which you explained your position, and I have not read your book, Huna Code In Religions.”


MY answer is that the breaking of the Huna Code and the piecing together of the hidden teachings of Jesus in the Four Gospels compelled me to conclude that Jesus was the leading character or player in a mystery drama intended to initiate the novice na kahuna, and kept secret. The various versions of the mystery play seem to have been stolen, but (without the Code) not understood for what they were. The result was the growth of the Christian religion as we know it – know it only as the outer form of a Drama intent on the teaching of the INNER form. There were many such mystery plays in those days. Egypt seems to have started them and the Greek mystery plays may have been borrowings from Egypt of the Four Gospels. We hear much of such Mysteries, but never are told what they contained.


Dr. Martin Larson’s late book, ESSENE HERITAGE, gives us further proof of the fact that Jesus was NOT a flesh and blood man. He compares the beliefs of the Essene colonies with the teachings found in the Gospels, and finds unmistakable evidence that the beliefs and doctrines were NOT original with the Four Gospels or Jesus.


It has caused me much sadness to have to state openly and honestly what my research has brought to light. So many of my friends love Jesus as a personal savior, and feel pain at having his authenticity attacked. Rudolph Steiner, the Theosophical writer of last century, taught that the worship of Jesus over the years made his image a real and lasting thing that could and would answer prayers. We cling to the loved, old things, even when we know they are based on myths.





by Max Freedom Long


1.The search for the inner meaning of the Gospels has gone on steadily since Jesus told his Disciples that there was such a secret teaching, as recorded in Mark 4:11, when he said, “Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables.”


THE SECRET HAS AT LAST BEEN FOUND and we will study the Inner Teachings, a part at a time so that we may be fully initiated, as were the ones closest to the Master. After that we will take up the outer form of the teachings, as given in the Four Gospels and will see what “mysteries of the kingdom of God” were being hidden behind the outer parables.


We will see, as we proceed in our study, that there were many things far too difficult for “those who are without” to understand, and we will rejoice in that, in this modern time of greater enlightenment, we are now ready to be given the greater truths.


AS HAS BEEN LONG SUSPECTED, Jesus was a high initiate into a very ancient set of teachings. Because of the similarity between his outer teachings and some of the teachings of other religions, it has been claimed that he traveled afar and studied in many lands before beginning his ministry in the Holy Land. The nature of the secret teachings is now known, but where they originated is still an unsolved mystery. Some say in Egypt, others that they were Phoenician and were brought from some far land. Others give India as the source, but one cannot be sure.


HOWEVER, early Egypt is where we find the first written signs of the the existence of the great truths. This was the Egypt of the days when the picture writing had developed far enough so that certain pictures or glyphs were used to make an alphabet. It was a clumsy alphabet as yet, and at the end of each word as it was spelled out with the written glyph pictures, was given one of the older pictures which stood for the word itself. It is from these pictured writings found in tombs and on monuments that we have been able to learn the secret of the inner teachings which Jesus came to know so well, and which had been taught secretly by initiates to their novices century after century. We still do not know just why there was such a cult of secrecy, but we do know that what was taught in the Mystery Plays of Early Egypt and Greece was the best kept secret the world has ever known. Perhaps Jesus had been pledged to secrecy when he was being taught. It is evident, of course, that he regarded the secret wisdom as something which should be told outwardly in parables, and only inwardly to those who were willing to be his disciples and study with him at length.


THE WRITERS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT were very often initiates also. They included the secret lore in veiled language in many parts of their writings.


An Appeal to Christians

March-April, 1970



THIS ISSUE OF THE HUNA VISTAS is, as you shall see, given over to an experiment, and I need your advice and help. I have mimeographed the first 11 pages of a piece to be used as a desperate try to reach the people of the various Christian Churches. I realize full well that “Many are called, and FEW chosen.” It is these few who may have open minds, especially the younger ones, to whom the message is hopefully directed. It is greatly doubted that any of the priests or preachers will pause to listen, and it is to be supposed that if they did, they would refuse to admit the veracity of the writer or the facts of the findings.


I wish very much to test this start of the presentation on young people who have a Christian background, and I need your help badly. Do try to find one at least and see what reaction you can get, and see if that one asks for more. It has been made very simple, but may still be too complicated. No doubt has been cast on the historicity of Jesus, or will be. The idea is to build, if we can, on the faith already built up, and then to teach the making of the Huna type prayer. If you give away your bulletin, or part of it, I will send you another to replace it. If we can find out how to approach the subject, I plan to try to sell the editor of a paperback publishing house on the idea of a book suited to newsstand distribution. We could also have tapes for those who will listen but not read. I plan to include, with the final piece, reproductions of the early Egyptian hieroglyphics which are mentioned in the text. These will be more visual and perhaps a little more impressive. The thesis is that Jesus was an initiate of the Secret Lore and that he believed it and taught it in secret to those who were ready. Want to help? Do so if you can. If not, be part of an interested audience. Here are some glyphs:


 bowl, Lord, all

bowl with handle. “My cup runneth over.” The cup became “horn of plenty”

Seeds poured from bowl (Answer to prayer?)


Three zigzag lines for “water”, life force, or mana.


cord – The “silver cord” or “way” or “Path” between the man and the Father in heaven, living above the man. The cord had several forms, one meaning “offering”.


Genesis and Isaiah, especially, are rich in such passages, as we shall see later. Jesus knew all these references to the Inner Teachings and incorporated them in his teachings very often. The outer teachings, however, he often discarded, giving the better teachings to replace them, as in the case of the sacrifice of animals as a means of pleasing God. The parts of the New Testament which include Acts and the various writings of Paul, all came after the writing of the Four Gospels, and show plainly that the authors were not initiates, although much was done by Paul to try to explain the things said and done by Jesus.


TWO THINGS  IN THE LIFE OF JESUS are outstanding. First, he taught both the inner and the outer doctrines; and second, he showed by the example of his life the great truths of life – the ways in which men may live to obtain the final Salvation.


THE INNER TEACHINGS were hidden behind symbolic words, as, for instance, the word “seed”, which had two meanings, one symbolic, the other the usual or literal meaning. There was also a list of words which were drawn from a certain language which was especially adapted to the use of the veiled teaching. It contained words naming parts of the secret system of knowledge, words not to be found in other languages. Also, in this language there were words with a double meaning, and only those who were initiated were given to know both the inner and outer meaning of these words. A “double talk” was thus provided which was used in speaking of the Inner Teaching. It formed a special CODE, and only those who knew the key to it could understand what was being taught through its use. This special language was given up after the Four Gospels were written, but it was carried to a far place and there preserved in excellent condition up to the present time. Later in our survey of the teachings, we will consider the special or code language and show its use in the parables. It will also be very helpful in understanding what was said and done by Jesus and the Disciples, quite aside from the parables.




For our study, we go back about 7,000 years, almost to the First Dynasty, and we can follow the hieroglyphic inscriptions with a few changes all the way down to about the year 100 BC, when the picture writing at last gave way to the cursive writing which is called “Hieratic” and was the form in use when the Rosetta Stone was inscribed in the several languages and writings which enabled the men of our period to begin to translate the many early hieroglyphic inscriptions which divulged the religious beliefs and practices of the Initiates. As in the time of Jesus, the beliefs were kept very secret and were veiled in the writings. To break the symbol code system of the SECRET, one had to know what the symbol words stood for, and what the coded words signified. For the initiated, it was all very simple, but for the uninitiated, it was all but impossible to gain an understanding of what was written or said.


THE RELIGION OF JESUS, as outlined in the Egyptian writings, was made up of ten parts or elements. There were what we may call the body-soul, the mind-soul, and the Higher Mind or “Father” soul which lived in its halo outside the body, but always in touch with it. These three souls were united to make up the complete man. In addition, each soul had its own kind of life or vital force. And, lastly, each soul had an invisible body which it inhabited after the death of the physical body. Modern psychology has almost rediscovered the Egyptian belief. It has given us the subconscious or body-soul or self and the conscious mind-soul or self, the two living in the same body together, but as yet, no Superconscious mind or soul self has been identified, although it has been put forward as a postulation by some. In religion, of course, it has long been known under various names. It is the wiser and more powerful of man’s three souls, and is the “Father” or “Parental Spirit” who lives NOT in the body, but in “Heaven” or the “SPACE ABOVE”. Jesus knew all these things and taught them in secret to his Disciples. We may say that he stood as a psychologist about 1900 years before modern psychology and “the Science of Mind” was beginning to be born. Moreover, he knew all about man as he is after death, and knew that some evil men and women returned and became the “evil spirits” who fastened themselves to the living and who had to be “cast out” before those people could be healed. In Egypt these spirits were called “fiends” and we find them mentioned frequently in the famous Book of the Dead which was enclosed in the tomb to guide the spirits of the deceased. In the Gospels we use the translation of “devils”.


THE ESSENCE OF THESE EARLIEST TEACHINGS was preserved in the doctrines of the Essenes, and it has become evident, now that we have recovered the Dead Sea Scrolls, that Jesus was well versed in those doctrines. About half of the things taught by or believed by the Essenes were also taught by Jesus. (For the student who wishes more information on this, the book by Dr. Martin Larsen, THE ESSENE HERITAGE, may be consulted. For the Egyptian materials, the works of Budge may be used, especially his translation of the BOOK OF THE DEAD, and the word list which is part of his translation.)




The secret teaching was hidden behind a number of simple words which stood for the TEN ELEMENTS of the man or for things closely related to them. These words appear in the parables and are often made a part of the text in the Four Gospels without a parable, but we know that they were understood by the Disciples to have a hidden meaning. In the language which was used in building the CODE – the “Code Language” we may call it – we find words which have two or more meanings, the outer one and the inner one.


THE MOST IMPORTANT, and loveliest, of these symbol words was LIGHT. In the Egyptian it was Ra, the sun. In the Code Language it was La, meaning all light, or LAA, meaning sacred light. It was the symbol of the “Father” or third and highest soul part of man. Many who have been converted and who have repeated and reached out to the “God within” have been given the wonderful evidence of contact with IT, by being allowed to see it as a great white LIGHT. This is the “gift of the Holy Spirit” and it cannot be commanded. It is given to those who are chosen, and when the time is right. Sometimes it is seen more than once. The seeing is the mark of acceptance by the “Father”, who says, “This is my beloved son,” for the man of the two bodily souls is “the SON” in symbol.


This experience of seeing the Light is the first step in winning salvation. It is of the greatest importance, and is something never to be forgotten. One may backslide and return again, as did the Prodigal Son, but once the gift has been given, it is never taken away. It remains the open door to the Father’s house, (in which there are many mansions), and which is known by the symbol word of KINGDOM. The “Kingdom of God” is better thought of as “the Kingdom of the Father”. It is close and personal, not as far away as the fringe of the Universe. When we call, it comes to dwell with us, and we can say, “The Father is within.” Because it has no physical body, the eyes do not see it, but it is there and very real in its body which artists have unknowingly pictured as the HALO above the heads of sainted men and women who have become “one with the Father” and have seen the LIGHT. Moments of contact with the Father are of wonderful beauty, and the great surge of LOVE and devotion which is felt marks the contact. Love is the symbol also of the Third SELF, “the greatest of these is LOVE”, said the Teacher. It has been written, “God is love”, but the highest love we are able to touch and experience is that of the Father. And, perhaps it is enough. It “never faileth”.


JESUS BEGAN HIS MINISTRY, according to the various accounts given in the Four Gospels, by setting the example in his own life for all men to follow. We can be sure that he had long been initiated into the heart of the Mysteries, but he went to John in the wilderness and submitted to the baptismal rite, and the Father-Light came to him in the form of a DOVE, which gives us another symbol word. The dove and all clean birds symbolize spirits. In early Egypt the bird selected to be used as a picture or glyph of the human spirit was the stork. And we find in the ancient writings that the three spirits or selves of men are written as three storks, standing closely in line. Bits and pieces of the sacred lore have escaped  into the hands of the people who are “without”, and we find the stork in the strange position of bringing the babies, and it is allowed special privileges, such as being allowed to build its nests in the chimney pots of Europe.


AFTER BEING BAPTIZED, Jesus went to be tempted in the wilderness, then returned to begin to teach the most important fact of all: the existence of the “Kingdom of Heaven” and of the “Father” who presided over His kingdom. Jesus taught that the first step was, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven”, and he added, after presupposing that one FINDS the “kingdom”, that there is a reward … “and  all these things shall be added unto you.”


WHAT WERE ALL “THESE THINGS”? They were the answers to prayers, to our need for guidance and for all the things that can come to the good person who has become aware of the presence of the Father and has invited Him to take  His rightful part in living the life. The ancient teaching is that we are all allowed “free will” and are permitted to learn by experience, which is the painful teacher at best. But, when we have realized that the Father is a close part of the man, we can invite it come, come to dwell with us and to Help and Guide and take its rightful part in the life. It’s rightful part is a tenth of our time and attention – the origin of the idea of tithing. In this small part of the time given to living, we praise the Lord, and think of the Father and his LOVE, and set ourselves to live in the way that HE would have us live. His WAY is that of love for one’s fellow man and service. If we wish to deserve Help and Guidance, we must be willing to pass it on to those who “are without”, and who are in need of a shepherd. All cannot be “chosen”, but their needs and problems are just as real and difficult to them as our own. Love and tolerance and, especially, UNDERSTANDING, are the order of the day and of the LIGHT.


HOW MUCH BETTER WE CAN NOW UNDERSTAND the passage in the account of Matthew, 3:13, “Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him. (14) But John forbade him, saying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me? (15) And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now; for thus becometh us to fulfill all righteousness. Then he suffered him.” And (4:16) “The people which sat in darkness saw a great LIGHT; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death, LIGHT is sprung up.” And we read that Jesus at once set about choosing those who should be able to accept the INNER TEACHINGS. He began calling his Disciples.


“And Jesus went about all Galilee, … preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people     (5:1) And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain, and when he was set, his disciples came unto him., (2) And he opened his mouth and taught them, saying, (3) Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (14) Ye are the LIGHT of the world.”


JESUS ALSO SAID, “I am the light of the world”, and it is easy to see that what he meant was that all who teach the verity of the LIGHT as the Father, are standing forth as THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. In the Code Language, there are no verbs for “I am” or “to be”. The subject is given and the object follows. So we see that the account of the Master, which was originally written in the Code Language, gives us, as in John, “I … the Light” and “I … the Life”, and “I … the Way”. Jesus was NOT these things. He TAUGHT about them. We read, John, 1:4, “In him was the life, and the life was the light of men.” This “life” was the very vital force animating Jesus, and it also included the life of the Father, who was the LIGHT of all men. To continue, (5) “And the LIGHT shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”  In this case we see that the “darkness” represents those “who are without” or who still have no knowledge of the Light – the ones who are not ready to be chosen as yet. These are the “little ones” who need a shepherd. We continue to read: (8) “He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light ………. (12) But as many as received him, to them he gave the power to become the sons of God. By “God” we see that it is the Father who is meant.


THE FIRST GREAT TRUTH WHICH JESUS TAUGHT was concerned with the fact that there WAS a Father self. After that he taught the SECOND great TRUTH, which has to do with the secret method of making contact with the Father, and of making the proper prayer to get Help and Guidance. The so called, “LORD’S PRAYER” is taken from the early Hebrew writings, and is only the outer prayer method. The inner or secret method is such that much more is added to the simple “outer” prayer method. Again, we come to the symbol words, and in this case to the word “WAY”. Jesus said, I … (teach) the WAY. Again we go back to Egypt to get help in understanding the meaning of this symbol word. We can also go to the Code Language, and through its words, verify the inner meanings. The word “PATH” has the same hidden meaning, and in Isaiah we find reference to the “stumbling block” which blocks the path or way to the Father. From these veiled references we can learn that our sins can block the path to the Father and prevent our prayers from being heard. The true meaning of sin is very simple. It is the act of going contrary to the law of LOVE. If we fail to love and to help and guide those of less understanding, we “block” the way or path that leads to the Father.


WHY THE SECRECY OF JESUS IN HIS TEACHINGS? There was a cult of secrecy which surrounded the Inner Teachings. It had existed for centuries. In Matthew, 13:34 and on, we read, “All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them. That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.” In Mark, 4:12, we read, “That seeing, they may see, and not perceive; and hearing, they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.” This paragraph may tell us something of the reason why there was such secrecy, but it seems to run contrary to the general purpose of bringing all people to know that there was a Father. We can only speculate on the reason for such secrecy. But, at this late date, and with the advance in general learning, it seems that the time has come to make the secret teachings available to all who can and will accept them. When Jesus instructed his followers to go out to preach the Gospel to all the world, he did not make reservations and say that only certain chosen ones were to be instructed. Perhaps we have, with the new understanding, been given a new dispensation. Perhaps all are to be given a chance for salvation while there is still time left. In any event, the SECRET is now made available to all who will listen, and we remember the many promises to the effect that the secret would be revealed. “Knock and it shall be opened unto you. ” Or, “For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.”


SEEDS WERE OFTEN FOUND IN THE EARLY EGYPTIAN TOMBS, with the mummy, and it appears that they were considered an important part of the funeral offerings. The glyph for “seeds” was a picture of small seeds being poured from a bowl, and the symbol of the bowl, when shown all by itself in a glyph, had the meaning of LORD, or “all”, and the simple outer meaning was “bowl”. The glyph for the word “ceremony” was very similar. It showed something being poured out of a container. Both symbols had to do with a part of the Secret. Jesus spoke the parable of the sower who sowed seeds, some of which fell on good ground and grew, some of which were eaten by the birds, and some of which fell on rocky ground. That was the outer teaching given to the multitude. The explanation which he then gave to the Disciples seems quite convincing, but, like most parts of the real Secret, was still only part of the great Truth. We have only the single verse, as in Mark 4:14, where we read, “THE SOWER SOWETH THE WORD.” This is pyre CODE and SYMBOL.


The symbology and the Code open to us the real secret. WORDS are SEEDS in the inner meaning. All this has to do with the making of a proper prayer. The words we use in prayer are the seeds which we send upward to the Father self. We sow them as the seeds of the things for which we ask. If the “sowing” is correctly done, the seeds will grow into the “answer to our prayers”. The greater part of the Inner Teaching is given over to the matter of making the prayer properly. The 10 elements of man which we have listed, are all involved in the process, and will be considered in their time and place. We may call the properly made prayer “THE PRAYER OF THE MIRACLE.” Jesus made such prayers and told his Disciples that they could also, and he demonstrated the art of prayer and said, “Greater things than these shall ye do.” But prayer is a very sacred thing. It takes care and preparation, as we shall see. Jesus warned against loud prayers made in public, and advised his followers to go off alone, into a “closet” to make ready and utter their prayers.


IN THE GOSPEL STORY AS RECORDED BY JOHN, we find that he opens with the veiled words which tell the initiate at once that he is speaking of the second most important thing in the Inner Teaching. The first thing of importance was the Father, who is here called “God”. We read, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”


IN EGYPT the ones who were not initiates, knew that there was something mystical and wonderful about the idea of “The Word”. For that reason they made it into a god, and worshiped it. In the glyphs the picture of a mouth is drawn to stand for “word”, and as a god, the glyph was accompanied by the glyph of a small flag on a staff, which stood for “a god”. The misconception has come down to us across the many years, and we speak of the Bible as “The Word of God”.


“IN THE BEGINNING” says John, and we can see here he is speaking of the beginning of the creation of the answer to a prayer. He goes on,” … was the Word”, and the translators of the Gospels, making the ancient mistake of those “in darkness”, thought the WORD stood for God. But the code tells us that it did not. It was the beginning – for words are the seeds which we must plant with the Father, who stands with us as the God Within. John says, “… and the Word was God”. The coded meaning here is that the Father accepted the seeds of the prayer as part of Himself. And we read, “All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. ” In other words, all the things which come as answers to prayer are first made by the Father, then given to us.


The passages are heavily masked and veiled. In verse 14 we read, “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. This was the answer to the prayer “made flesh” or made real and material.


In Matthiew 4:4 we have coded reference to the Word. We read, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.” And 8:8 “… speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.” 8:16, . . . and he cast out spirits with his word and healed all that were sick.” 13:10 “When anyone heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one and catcheth away that which was sewn in his heart. This is he that received seed by the way side. (20) But he that received the seed into stoney places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it; (21) Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while; for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, and he become unfruitful. (23) But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”


Mark takes up the veiled theme in 2:2, “And straightway many were gathered together and he preached the word unto them.” And at the very end of Mark, 16:20, “And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. “


Luke seems to consider the “word” of the greatest importance, for he opens his version of the life of Jesus, saying in the second verse of his first chapter, “Even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the WORD.” Again in 4:32: “And they were astonished at his doctrine: for his word was with power. (33) And in the synagogue there was a man which had a spirit of an unclean devil, and cried out with a loud voice. (34) Saying, ‘Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.’ (35) And Jesus rebuked him, saying, ‘Hold thy peace, and come out of him.’ And when the devil had thrown him in the midst, he came out of him, and hurt him not. (36) And they were all amazed, and spake among themselves, saying, ‘What word is this for with authority and power he commandeth unclean spirits, and they come out.'” In 5:1 we read: “And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret.”


Jesus PREACHED THE KINGDOM OF THE FATHER SELF, and THE WORD. These were the to main themes of the Inner Teaching…. but note how veiled were the accounts of his teachings.


JOHN, IN HIS OPENING SENTENCES, TAKES UP THE NEXT PART OF THE SECRET. We pick up his words at 1:4: “In him was life; and, the life was the light of men.” Here we have two items which relate to the Father self. The first is the LIFE. or vital force, of which each of the three selves has its own particular kind, and the second is the LIGHT, or the symbol of the Father.


THE LIFE FORCE was of the utmost importance. In early Egypt it was shown by the glyph of the combined male and female forces, and this symbol, as a glyph, was carried in the hands of all the gods. The Secret symbol of the life force was “water”, and this was shown in the glyphs as three wavy lines, one above the other –  one for the vital force of each of man’s three spirits or selves.


IN THE CODE LANGUAGE, the symbol was “mana”, and this word was used as “manna” in the Old Testament. But it was not a physical something on which the Children of Israel fed. It was the living force, or life force.


In Egypt and in the Code Language, the grasshopper was used as the !symbol of the body-soul of man. In the tombs and in the glyph writings we find the grasshopper neatly drawn to make a glyph. The insect was an especially good symbol of the subconscious self, for when we try to catch the grasshopper, he is very evasive. But there is another thing about the insect which is both amusing and still very much to the point as a symbol of the “water” or vital force – the “mana”. When caught, the grasshopper exudes from his mouth a watery juice. So, he was said to “make mana”. The Egyptian initiates used this symbol to good effect. They knew that the body-soul was the one who lived in and controlled the body, and that it was the manufacturer of the vital force. At the command of the mind-soul, or conscious mind, it would set to work and accumulate or manufacture a large amount of the force. For this purpose it used oxygen from the air, and burned the food in the blood stream. AND SO, the heavy breathing of the process was also given a glyph, that of a SAIL filled with wind. The mind-self takes the force from the body-self and makes it into hypnotic force. The two souls or selves, however, must WORK TOGETHER to send the extra vital force, once it is accumulated, TO the FATHER self to give it power to make the SEEDS grow. The Father has no dense physical body and must depend on the body-self for the large amounts of life force needed to grow the prayer seeds. This is one of the great Secret Truths hidden deeply in the Ancient Teachings. The life force, when accepted as sent by the “Son” or two lower souls from the body, was symbolized as HONEY. The bee was very important for this reason in the tombs and when the bee was not drawn as a glyph, it was replaced by a little picture of a beehive. This force, which the Father used to create answers to prayers, was the ambrosia of the gods in the Greek versions of the Mysteries. It was THE BREATH OF LIFE itself. It was the sahu of the Egyptians. In John 20:22 we read, “And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, ‘Receive ye the Holy Ghost.'”


THE WORD “LORD” had lost its secret meaning by the time it was used in the Old Testament to replace Jehovah, and in the Gospels the meaning was still further lost. Originally, in Greek, it had the meaning of “one in supreme authority” and so fitted the Father, but NOT Jesus. The symbol word in the Egyptian glyph of the “bowl” had been lost. But in the Code Language it had been retained, and it was Ha-kugiving the outer meaning of “A lord, ruler, master or overseer.” It has a secondary or inner meaning of “To put words in order, as in composing a song (or prayer).” But the Code meaning is revealed by examining the two little words which have been put  together to make the whole word. These are haand ku.


HA means “to breathe more strongly and deeply”, and is the symbol of the accumulating of the vital force in order to send it to the Father.


KU means “to extend or reach from place to place”, and indicates the secret of the cord which extends from the body to the Holy Spirit, and along which flows the accumulated mana with the seeds of the prayer so that the seeds may be “watered” and made to grow.


OUR LORD was the Master of the Breath mana rite. This is called the ha rite in the code language. Jesus was the great TEACHER in that he taught the chosen ones to understand and use the Ha Rite in making their prayers. Jesus spoke of offering up his flesh and blood as a sacrifice, but it was not the actual flesh and blood: it was the LIFE FORCE of the physical body which was so very important because the Father has no physical body with which to manufacture the life force. Paul, who was not an initiate, however seems to have an inkling of the true meaning of this sacrifice, for he urges his friends, (In Romans 12:1 we read,) “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable, unto God, which is your reasonable service.” Later, when he had thought long, he advanced the idea that the actual body of flesh and blood, of Jesus, had to be offered as a sacrifice to God to save mankind from the original sins of Adam and Eve. The belief still is accepted in most of our churches. But the TRUTH of the Inner Teaching is that the vital force was the gift or sacrifice. The burnt offering of the outer doctrine was something left over from savagery. The God of Love could not revel in the offerings of blood sprinkled before the altar, or flesh burned in the sacred fires. And Jesus was strong in his condemnation of the archaic practices. The God he taught was the Father who lives above us – in “heaven” – and who is the embodiment of LOVE.


SALVATION IS NOT, according to the Inner Teachings, the saving of man from the taint of sin left on him because he has descended from Adam and Eve. The first step toward Salvation is that of realizing that there is a Father self. The second step is taken when one has learned to pray correctly and has established a FREE AND EASY CONTACT with the Father along the silver cord. The cord is called “The Way” or “The Path”. It has to be opened so that we can make easy contact with the Father. If we learn to pray and do our best, the Father will help us to get the “Path” unblocked. This HELP is THE LOVING GIFT OF THE FATHER or the Holy Ghost. It is given in love and this is the secret of being CHOSEN. It is the meaning of being ONE OF THE ELECT. How confused are Christians who believe that Jehovah was harsh and retributive and only to be softened by the sufferings of the innocent Jesus, who was both God and his son, but neither of whom could give salvation except through the capricious intervention of a third god, called the Holy Ghost, who gave or withheld salvation with no good reason. How well the Inner Teachings of Jesus explain all these things to us.


THE PROBLEM OF THE GRASSHOPPER was a very grave one. The insect was the symbol of the subconscious self in the religion which Jesus had learned in taking his initiation in Egypt. This evasive body-self was discovered in modern Psychology only a few years ago. And it was found to have fixed and unreasonable ideas at times, called fixations or complexes.


Because of this characteristic, man is caused many troubles. He may be forced to do things which he as the conscious mind-self knows are bad and does not wish to do. All the impressions that we get from outside the body come to us through the five senses. As these impressions are received, the conscious mind RATIONALIZES them and decides what they mean. But once in a while a series of impressions gets past the screen of rationalizing and becomes lodged in the subconscious, there to be “triggered” or acted upon as if the original idea had been given the blessing of the conscious mind and set in its proper place.


As we see, this is a difficult thing to understand, and little wonder that Jesus did not try to explain it in a few short words when speaking to the multitudes. These fixed and irrational thoughts buried in the subconscious often block the PATH to the Father self. We may have a fixation that prayers are never answered for us, or we may have a deep and unreasonable sense of guilt which has lodged in the subconscious and is cutting us off from the Superconscious Self. Fears, doubts, greeds and many other things have been traced to fixations in the subconscious, and it is because of these that it was found that the HOLY GHOST sometimes could give one the gift of the opened path of communication along the silver cord, and sometimes could not.


The cleansing of the baptismal rite was aimed at getting rid of the fixations and getting the Path or WAY opened. The subconscious is greatly impressed by things such as WATER and rituals. When actually washed or cleansed with water and the suggestion is given that one’s sins have been forgiven, they can often be removed as stumbling blocks and the WAY cleared. But, as all Initiates knew, the man had to undergo a conversion or “turning back” as the first step. He must have done his best to undo the evil he has done and arrive at a deep feeling that he is deserving of the good things which the Father can give him. Conversion is a deep seated psychological process. It must be accompanied by strong emotion, for the emotions are of the subconscious self. This emotion often shows in tears at the mourner’s bench. But after the emotional storm is past and one has vowed to turn over a new leaf and “seek the Father”, there is hope that baptism will clear the path. Often it clears it but the person reverts to old ways and the deep sense of guilt returns to make the subconscious self turn its face away from the Father, and the contact is lost.


The writer of Ecclesiastes was undoubtedly an Initiate. We read, 12:5, where he describes in veiled language the things that block the path. “Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way and the grasshopper shall be a burden.” In Isaiah, 35:8 we see the veiled language again, and read, “And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring  men, though fools, shall not err therein. (10) And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs, and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.” And back for a moment to verse 6 for the vital force symbol: “For in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert.” (Isaiah was also a great Initiate, and it is claimed that he foresaw the advent of Jesus as the Great Teacher who should come to show the way to redemption.


Hearing From the HRAs

May-June, 1970



THE RECEPTION OF THE LAST HUNA VISTAS has been enthusiastic on the whole.


One long time HRA was impatient with the material, What Jesus Taught In Secret, as we have covered this going and coming for several years. She asked me not to send her any more of this kind of material. Some very appreciative letters have arrived, with two HRAs most pleased to have additional light thrown on Christianity and the mystery teaching that lies behind the Four Gospels. I gather the idea that most HRAs consider the pace too fast, and would like to see me spread out the material and present things with more detail until the readers become slightly more acquainted with the newness of things. Some misconception has resulted, and one good HRA wrote, “I am so glad you take a stand for the reality of Jesus as a person. The belief that Jesus really lived is still changing people’s lives.” I admit that I have, as I said I would in the bulletin, handled the reality of Jesus without bringing up the question of the actuality of the man as a living human. I think we are all anxious to try to build on the faith which prospective readers might bring to the religion which we are setting forth as the teaching behind the outer teaching. There will be time enough for the readers to answer the question of “reality” for themselves after seeing what is being offered. It must be remembered that I may be quite wrong in my conclusion that Jesus is only the leading actor in a great mystery drama of initiation.


So far, I have had no reaction from anyone of Christian background and beliefs who has been brought to read the bulletin. I gave one of the bulletins to a very promising younger man, a Catholic, and asked him to call me up and let me know how he reacted. He happened to be a postal worker who delivered a load of books to me and was curious about what I put into my books. I responded happily by offering him the bulletin and a very brief explanation of the research angle, only later learning that he was a Catholic. I could, of course, still hear from him, but I hardly expect to after almost a month.


The Portland Group has responded with much enthusiasm to my call for help in testing the piece. They called for 35 more copies of the bulletin and have planned a meeting, with some forty people invited to attend, most of them youngish, and mostly of Christian backgrounds. If there is a report in on the outcome of the experiment before I finish cutting the stencils, I will give it. The group has had sheets mimeographed asking for age, sex, and reaction to the material. The results should be enlightening, to say the least. One group member asked for 5 copies of the bulletin to mail to her friends whom she thinks might have their interest kindled. Several copies have been sent to HRAs desiring duplicates, and a few have asked for multiple copies without saying what they intended to do with them. A NEW GROUP IN SPARKS, NEVADA, near Reno, has been started and the tapes have been sent. In fact, Reno and Las Vegas both seem to be showing unusual interest in Huna. In San Francisco a small group of friends have the Short Talk tape lectures and will soon get started.


OTHER GROUPS ARE ACTIVE. William Glover has sent in two rewrites made up from my longer lectures, these are No. V and VI, and run just 30 minutes. I have put the rewrites on tapes and HRA Glover tells me that while the original group has disbanded, owing to people moving away and interest being lost for one reason or other, he now has three new groups about to get started, and will use the new writes of the tapes with them. (He also might tape his telling of the Huna Story of Creation, second installment, as told to his small daughter, who calls this “The God Story”, and who loves it above all other stories. This first story of the series can be duplicated for anyone who wishes a copy.)


IN AUSTRALIA, a group is getting started, and gives promise of at last doing well. In New Zealand, the tape lectures have been duplicated and passed around so that Huna is gradually getting known and friends also share my books with others. No word has been had from the Eva Becker Group near New York for some weeks. This is the center of a most interesting experimental school in which well qualified teachers started last Fall to teach acting, music and related subjects. Plays dealing with Huna were also to be staged by students. So far as I know, the regular group activities had to be dropped because the leaders were all too busy with the school. I hope one day to have good news of the project.


William Boone reports two Huna groups working in La Mesa, near San Diego. HRA Boone gives much spare time to helping others get rid of obsessions and fixations, and the reports I get from HRAs who have been helped, or whose friends have been helped, are most gratifying.


Jim Egan, reports that the Thetis Island Group is going strong, and that two members had friends who were treated by HRA Boone and were helped, one staying helped, but the other having slipped back into his former contact with an obsessing spirit. HRA Egan’s report was made on the tape I had sent with another group report on it, and his recorder failed to erase the first voice, so I cannot send it out as a dub, although it is very interesting. Fortunately, the Egan recording was a little stronger than my dub, and it is possible to make out the louder voice over the other, that of HRA Glover. The Canadian group is mainly interested in healing, and efforts to get them to experiment with the Aunihipili and try to teach the box trick and the use of the pendulum in P.A. readings have left the members cold. Most of them, I am told, are of the older group or age level, with a strong ingredient of Spiritualists.


THE TIME CHANGE IS HERE AGAIN for the Telepathic. Mutual Healing Group, and we are now on daylight saving time for the summer. I sit at 3 and 7 daily and do my best to call down Help and Guidance for those who request it. Many join in regularly and send me mana to pass on the the Great Company of na Aumakua with my invocations. The results are often excellent, although I send the names on to HRA Boone when there is a P.A. reading of spirit botheration to be contended with, or some strong fixations. This week one of the HRAs living in Canada, wrote, “Again – as happened so many times before – within minutes of dropping my (request) letter into the post box to you, things took a decided turn for the better. What is it, Max? How come just getting your letter posted is so important? I agree this sounds superstitious and like ‘Popery’ but it has happened several times, too often not to have something behind it.” This call was part of a complicated case in which HRA Boone has been helping greatly. I had the signature of the writer and of her husband in the TMHG collection, and had been working on both twice a day. So, when she wrote her request for Help, the very fact that she put it into writing seems to have set the na Aumakua and their forces to work. Prayer is worship in Huna, the highest form of devotion to the na Aumakua, who hover [over] us and are only too glad to Help if we but do our part. In the language of the Huna Code, “to worship” is hoo ano ano, which from the roots means “to make a strong or doubled SEED”, and the secret behind this is that when the Auhane has made the thought-form of the desired condition, and has given it to the Aunihipili to “double” the strength of the “seed” before sending it with mana to the na Aumakua, the three selves are brought together into fine working contact. Huna differs from all other systems in that we learn through it to pray in a very special manner. Our prayers are not “breathless” ones, as were those of the early Missionaries who surprised the Hawaiians when, without accumulating mana, stopping long to get their prayer pictures just right, and then making the proper approach to the na Aumakua, they raised a hand and started with no preparation to ask for what they wanted. Ha oli, as I have often reminded you, means, “breathless” and is the name given the white people by the Hawaiians. Remember, no breathing to accumulate mana, no sending of a powerful of “seed” to the Aumakua to be grown to a “reality” for you. Also, remember, “No HURT: no SIN.” Take a few minutes out each day, and worship your Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirit – or, just think lovingly of the Father-Mother and make it a little gift of mana while picturing your life being Guided by its superior wisdom and superior power, if you have supplied it with mana.


“DEAR MAX”, writes HRA C.E. Saunders of Peachland, B.C., Canada: “I have a ‘viewing screen’. This is a large sheet of white cardboard hung up behind my work table – and on it I see those I treat – much easier than trying to see them in a crystal ball. I have been listening to your 6th and 7th tape lectures before sending them over to the group at Oliver. And I have been trying to make sense out of the Huna Three Separate Selves idea, and the answer just won’t come out right. Here is the problem: (a) The Aunihipili has all the memories and emotions, (b) Graduation (from Auhane to become a Aumakua) comes and the Auhane goes up to be an Aumakua, but has no memories or emotions. (c) The Aunihipili moves up to be an Auhane, but apparently ditches all its past memories and starts off with a new Aunihipili who has no memories at all????


“We learn that ALL LIFE and ALL BEING is ONE, then why not ALL SUBCON-SCIOUS MIND? It seems to me that to say Huna contains ALL that is of value in ALL religions is sticking your neck out altogether too far. Man has developed through the ages, and the Cosmic did not tip out ALL of Truth into the laps of the na kahuna, but gives us more, as we are able to receive it! As regards the matter of NO HURT – that was part of my code of ethics long before I ever heard of HUNA.


“When doing P.A. readings, it should be possible to learn what line of endeavor is best suited for a youngster – be it art, music, healing, science or what have you. Aloha, C.E. Saunders.”


I COMMENT: HRA Saunders is a Huna-hyphenate after my own heart. He experiments, does very well with his healing ministrations, and raises questions which may help round out the Huna System as I have tried to put it together from the very old pieces picked up all the way from ancient Egypt to later Polynesia.


While most religions are based upon Divine revelation or on a book which has been inherited and the contents of which have come to be believed, I fear Huna lacks both these sources. While I have not paused to repeat between every paragraph of what I have written, the warning that I may be dead wrong in my conclusions, I have hoped to remind the reader often enough to prevent my book, say a century from now, from becoming “Holy Writ”. I stand corrected  whenever anyone delights me by thinking carefully about what I have set down, and bringing up a question.


When, as I see the Huna beliefs, the Auhane Graduates to become an Aumakua, then the Aunihipili becomes a new Auhane. From the animal level arrives a new Aunihipili. So, the man starts with a clean slate, he has no memories of a past incarnation as a human being, but as a savage man he may dream of being a tiger or ape or dog. Most of us do not remember what we did in past incarnations as it is, so I see little difficulty. The new Aumakua, which knows all that has gone before by a strange process of mentation quite foreign to the na Aunihipili, will furnish the Guidance for the Three self man. I see no objection to this way of considering the evolutionary process.


The belief that ALL LIFE and ALL BEING merges into a “ONE” may be very right, but for a time there seems to be separation into stones, trees, mullygrubs and man. The ultimate evolution may end with all life being drawn back into the Cosmic, but to my way of thinking, that is not of the “here and now” but of the distant future. HRA Saunders asks, “why not ALL SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS?” I suppose that would answer the problem of there being three selves. or, we could have all life belonging to the conscious mind level, or to that of the na Aumakua or of the still higher beings, even God. It might make things simpler to think about, but then we would still have all the problems left which Huna seems to me to explain.


I still think that Huna DOES contain ALL that is of real value in any religion. To my way of figuring things, the “Cosmic” poured just as much of the “Truth” into the laps of the na kahuna as into the laps of other founders of religious systems. Of course, I have to qualify the statement by saying that as a privileged Huna-hyphenate, I claim the same privilege as the others of the breed (may its tribe increase), and toss out all the ideas that seem to me to be less than the “Truth”. For instance, I consider the idea of a Universal Subconscious not as good as that of a Universal Mind which would include all forms and levels of consciousness. I refuse stoutly to accept the revelations of Joseph Smith through his gold tablets and his version of “Truth” as set down in the Book of Mormon. Huna is an excellent system and I recommend it to all HRAs. Accept what seems rational and good and true, also what may help one in living a happy, healthful and helpful life.


And finally, if HRA Saunders can find in a P.A. reading the natural talents of a youngster and help the parents to guide the child into a fitting occupation, more power to him. I can’t do it, although I have tried several times. Each to his own gifts, say I, and happy be the individual who finds a Service fitted to his personal psychic or other talent. Yes, the idea of NO HURT seems to be slightly older than my first book. The early Egyptians had also in some way discovered it.


ONE OF OUR AUSTRALIAN HRAs reported that he had tried out VIVAXIS and, with a friend, had found the friend’s Vivaxis at the top of a small hill, also that the vision of a king sitting on the top of the hill was seen by his companion in the adventure. He reports no healing and that he had a feeling that the method was one which his own experience with it prompted him to say that he had quite finished with it. He suggested that we have more P.A. readings reported in the Huna Vistas, and particularly asked for more information on the methods used by HRA William Boone for clearing away fixations and spirit influences from people, either at first hand or by means of the aka thread contact to be had from signatures or pictures of those asking for his help.


I wrote to Mr. Boone and asked for an article or description covering his work and his methods. He was generously obliging, and here is his reply:



Max has asked me to write something about the technique of removing the obsessing entities and fixation blocks.


First, I must say that I am only the medium through which the Aumakua’s power acts, as I frequently find that certain entities are too strong for my individual psychic strength to handle, and that I must ask the Aumakua’s help, which is always promptly forthcoming. I always offer a good surcharge of mana to the na Aumakua before attempting exorcisms.


I have been asked by different people if it is possible for me to instruct others to do the same work, and the only answer I can give is that those with certain psychic abilities may be able to do the work, but only by making the effort can they ever know. Help will come to them as the work is done. In my case, my “George” gave me a rapid training in the use of the pendulum for locating and determining the nature of entities, the number and kind of fixation blocks, the two Lower Selves’ degree of development, their natures and problems, etc.


If a person does not have the overall development necessary, then the psychic ability must be developed separately. The training of the Aunihipili in the accurate and dependable use of the pendulum is the first necessity for locating and checking on the entities and the fixation blocks. Next, the ability to psychometrize must be well developed. This embraces powers of visualization and voluntary control of the attention. Strong will power and ability to concentrate, of course, is a must in the beginning for the psychic authority and control to do the work.


As for the entities who obsess the living, a large book could be written about them for they are as diversified and complex as the troubled lives of their earthly victims.


I have found that by following the methods of the na Kahuna, as given in Max’s books I have been helped greatly. I know that the Huna use of breathing for mana production is highly necessary. The processes are faint and I am weakened considerably unless enough mana is produced beforehand.


The aka substance from pictures or from writing leads my Aunihipili to the person’s shadow bodies, where the work is done. It is significant that I now contact and influence the na Aunihipili of a person in the same way that the na kahuna used to find and restore the drowned boy to life. This technique can be used in many ways to help people on the psychic plane.


The first, and greatest, requisite is FAITH, of course. One must believe in the reality of whatever takes place, accept it, master it, and use it in a positive manner, at the same time being alert to the guidance and help of the na Aumakua, who know and who will direct us rightly when necessary.


We are using certain methods in our Huna Fellowship Group here in La Mesa, California, that can develop the psychic abilities for this work and hope to have others who can do it completely so or in part time.


We are following in the footsteps of the ancients, who were the fit instruments of the na Aumakua and their work and we will find the same guidance if we dedicate ourselves – Aunihipili and Auhane – to the principles of Huna and sincerely seek that guidance.


It has been said that  “there is no easy path to virtue”. The same is true of psychic abilities usable on this earthly plane. Sometime, somewhere work has to be done to develop them or, rather, to reactivate them. It is true, also, that certain people have psychic abilities waiting to be uncovered and will become  active when encouraged. A book, which influenced my development of the psychic abilities for this work, is In My Mind’s Eye by a professional psychic named Fred Marion. His method is called


Cryptesthesia, crypto meaning “hidden”. He used Huna methods without being aware of it, even to the taking of deep mana breaths before beginning work. He could contact the na Aunihipili of people through their writing or photographs and receive impressions and images of a meaningful nature concerning the life and problems of the person. At one time, he idly picked up a photo of an acrobat friend and perceived a warning of great danger which saved the man from falling from a defective trapeze. (Note: Crypto is a most interesting root word. It has the additional meaning of – in cryptogram – a “hidden or concealed” writing. Mfl.)


The nature of psychic abilities, or gifts, are such as to cause the same ability to express itself in many and varied ways in different people. It seems that each person is directed into different ways of service according to prevalent tendencies in the person’s overall consciousness. Nothing can be predicted – no course can be mapped out with certainty. People can only develop and go in their own peculiar path of growth and work at what they find before them. It seems that there is more of a falling into the work we do rather than the deliberate selection of what we do. Everyone should strive to awaken or strive to develop latent psychic powers, for this is the ultimate state of being which man is collectively evolving toward and must have for achieving high spiritual growth and the powers we will use in the next life that we are all gravitating toward.


I will be glad to hear from anyone regarding their experiences and psychic efforts and will help them in any way possible. (Address Wm. F. Boone, 8413 1/2 Lemon Ave., La Mesa, Calif. 92041. A stamped and self-addressed envelope will be appreciated to carry back your reply. Mfl.)


HRA WILLIAM BOONE’S HELP is really remarkable. I have a letter just in as I write, from a fairly new HRA who suspected that he might need some help in this part of the field and who says, “Well sir, although not overly surprised at what Mr. Boone found with me, I was none the less aghast to learn about it from one who knows, can be trusted, and knows what to do about it. Even before I received his statement of what he had found – and what he was doing about it – I was most certain that he HAD done something marvelous in my behalf. It is my consideration that this is a service that no one should do without if they are really trying to make any personal progress toward enlightenment and unfoldment. For myself, the wonder is that a person can be anywhere near rational with all that interference blocking him.” I am warmed and made happy by every good report that comes in. Perhaps we should award Mr. Boone a medal of sorts for being our first kahuna. At least he is getting many “stars in his crown”.




Let me report the latest on the method. Mrs. Nixon, who discovered it and has written two books on her system, has recently given up treating people and has organized a corporation in Canada. The corporation, I suppose, is to take over the work load and it is soliciting funds in the way of gifts, but for what purpose the funds are to be used, the paper I saw did not say. Meantime, Mrs. Nixon has been traveling about giving seminars in which she has taught her methods to those wishing to be given intensive instruction.


HRAs Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sorin, of Northern California, were down Vista way a short time ago and told me of their experience in taking the seminar training from Mrs. Nixon. As they both use the pendulum expertly and are both interested in Vivaxis and Huna and all such matters, they were able to give me considerable information and even to demonstrate the use of the two angle wires in finding one’s Vivaxis. They reported some excellent results for at least one woman in the class who was put into line with her Vivaxis and depolarized. Their own cases gave less positive results, but they felt that they had been helped at least to some extent.


The angle wires they showed me are made of wire about the thickness of that found in coat hangers as they are sent out by the cleaners, but the wires were made from welding rods, and each was sharpened to a point at the end that is held downward. They let me make a photocopy of the typed notes Ralph had taken while attending the seminar. He knows what they mean, and we can get the general drift from them, short as they are. I will reproduce a few of them for you in case your interest in Vivaxis still continues. (I confess that I haven’t gotten around to making a second series of tests with my shoes off, shame on Cigbo – who takes the blame for almost anything that I toss in his small direction, faithful Kat that he is.)




Always walk with head level at all times, everywhere.

Practice on receptors, do not press.

Close eyes to keep from picking up other rays.

If too many receptors on head are out, means a mental case.

Check brain receptors at one time, others at another time.

It is best to be above elevation of Vivaxis when checking.

Check yourself, head down, counting, one wire – if no receptor is out.

Do not sleep in your channel.

Sit on bed, if wire goes round and round, use another bed.

Liver receptor on inside of elbow too.

Keep spine straight when testing.

To check another, he shuts eyes out of channel, check top of head then back of head. 

Center of top of head is center of magnetism, rod goes one way one side, then the other way 2nd side. 

Always stimulate with head down, repeat multiplication tables, to keep out others. 

When polarizing head be sure to do feet too, bringing disturbance down. 

Correcting thyroid, do head and feet, do not touch thyroid. 

If points check on cheek bones they will also be straight back on rear of head. 

For a cold, polarize only three times three hours apart – swallow, breathe deeply. 

The one doing the testing must know where his Vivaxis is located and stay out of it. 

There will be a difference if one is above or below Vivaxis. 

Also if hand is above or below eyes – X-rays must be out first. 

Everything must be reasoned, not memorized. 


To get the channel of another, have head level, touch one ear and body fluids, cross over, head down then check other side. Do not press, barely touch.

When polarizing colds be sure to swallow saliva for throat stimulation, breathe deeply through nose. 

Normal when wires go one way on one side, the other way on the other side of the body. 

Center of magnetic influence, the point of the nose, wire points then reverses. 

Brain receptors out, get in channel, eyes shut, tell eyes to move backwards and sideways, stop at count of four, move 90 degrees, another 90, all four points. 

Always stand higher than the one being checked.

There is another page of notes, but this will give you an idea of the many things that must be done or not done. It sounds as though Mrs. Nixon had worked out a system that grows steadily more complicated, and I fear that everything I did was wrong, and probably will be wrong if I continue without first having taken her special course at first hand.


GREAT NEWS: Riley Hansard Crabb, head of the Borderland Research Associates, editor of their journal, and student whose long and varied studies in the occult and psychological field deserve at least a doctorate for him, has taken time from his busy life of lecturing, writing and traveling to put together a lecture on the na kahuna and their lore. I have just had the pleasure of listening to his new lecture as given in San Francisco before an audience gathered under the auspices of Fritzi Armstrong at her Metaphysical Center, and I am told that the lecture was greatly applauded. (I listened to a tape.)


The lecture, which was given on April 24th, begins with a survey of the news of the day from the papers, and comments on the growing restlessness in the U.S.A. these days, perhaps brought about by cosmic influences and certainly being observed by the Flying Saucer and other invisibles. From this present day field he moves with easy grace into the Hawaii which I loved and left in 1933. He came a little later and lived there longer than I did, observing the remaining na kahuna and their work, and telling of the healings performed by a native Hawaiian woman who appeared after my time. He spoke of the Flying Gods of Old Hawaii, and suggested that some of these might have been UFO’s, telling the story of a ball of fire which followed power lines in Manoa Valley and dimmed the lights for several seconds during a lecture which he was giving before the Theosophical Society members at the time. He, by the way, was president of this society in Honolulu for a number of years, and one sees the coloring his Theosophical knowledge often gives his comments and conclusions. I also came up through this school and feel that it is the finest training possible for one attempting to understand the na kahuna and what they did and why.


The late and loved Daddy Bray was active as the last of the na kahuna in the days under discussion, with Dr. Pluharich and others filling out the picture. But the lecture reaches back much farther to make a start, and a picture is drawn which is almost more than filled by the very large Hawaiian queen who visited the Missionaries, modestly dressed in nothing, and who later led her people in a day of grand house cleaning in which the then corrupt temple na kahuna were deposed, the idols burned, and the temple platforms more or less taken apart.


Soon striking his stride, Riley gets down to the serious business of describing kahuna uses of what we call “magic” and divide into BLACK AND WHITE. He tells of a paper read by an early Theosophist and later published, in which he describes how the black magicians among the na kahuna went about making an Aunihipili which would then obey his orders as an “elemental” and go to do his bidding in killing people, gathering information and so on. While this information is incomplete and shows that the writer was not aware of the fact that only the subconscious selves could be so captured and controlled by hypnotic suggestion, the story is interesting.


The tape is completed with some excellent chanting in which Riley shows a surprising proficiency, and in which Daddy Bray chants a blessing with great fervor and feeling. A good example of the line at  a time or prompted chant is given, and Mr. Crabb manages to follow it for a time before having to drop out. There are also some of the old favorite Hawaiian songs, and the listener is left with a fine sense of beauty despite all the difficulties and dangers touched upon in the lecture. It is to be hoped that this is only the first of a long series of lectures on the ways of the na kahuna of yesterday, and that audiences accustomed to expect slightly different subject matter from earlier lectures, will swing over into the part of the field where so much is still to be explored. The tape, “White and Black Magic in Hawaii” by Riley Hansard Crabb is to be had directly from him, tax and postage paid, and orders should be placed with him at P.O. Box 548, Vista, CA., 92083, and your check should be made out for $4. 50. Send to him direct, not thru me, please.


DID THIS POET KNOW HUNA? One of the good HRAs sent me the following poem from Unity’s DAILY WORD. It is untitled, but by R.H. Grenville. I underscore the sections that suggest Huna.


In meditation, as I thought about 

The substance of which all that is, was made, 

And tried to picture it, my mind took fire with joy. 

My soul was awed, but unafraid, 


Each drop a spark, each spark a living thing 

I was immersed in gladness like a tide, 

And each transformed cell began to sing 

For rapture and for wonder. Then a voice 

Spoke gently in the region of my heart: 

“Of all that is prepared, thou hast but seen 

The fragment of a fragment’s smallest part. 

Try not to stretch your mind to My Mind’s measure; 

But seek to match your purpose to My will, 

And whatsoever vessel your faith brings Me, 

I will fill. “



A very lovely meditation verse at any rate, and we are reminded that “All Truth is one.”




The three astronauts who went up with the ill-fated Apollo 13 make good subjects as their pictures may be found in many magazines and newspapers. I read from the April 24th issue of LIFE magazine. Lovell has a degree reading of 377, Haise of 370, and Swigert of 368. All have clockwise leaning will patterns at about 12:30 on the chart face, showing great “‘will” or concentration power and drive. All have good round clockwise Aunihipili circles. No sign of fixations or obsessions. A most exceptional set of very good and intelligent me


Fidel Castro, of Cuba gives an interesting reading of 294 degrees, well below the 330 level at which people begin to grasp abstractions. He has

a V will pattern, and his Aunihipili circle is a thin circle with its axis leaning to 11 o’clock. We can expect little good for Cuba under such a man.

Bobby Seale, the negro whose trial has been much in the news, and who says, “We must civilize white America,” is hardly the man one would expect to accomplish much. His degree is only 260, although his will and personality circle are on the clockwise side and we see that he means well.


What makes a famous musician? Yehudi Menuhin may furnish the answer. He reads only 340 degrees, but has a will swing at 12:30, indicating great determination and ability to stick to his work. However, the real secret of his success may be found in his Aumakua reading of 560 degrees – very high. He may have a strong element of inspiration to help along in his performances.


What makes a great showman? P.T. Barnum, who managed to start “The Greatest Show on Earth” in the early days of the circus in America, reads 345 degrees and is clockwise and normally good. The level of from 340 to 350 is one in which we find many men who have fine business ability and who can enjoy a touch of the psychic insight of the 350 mediumistic level.


BACK ISSUES OF THE HUNA VISTAS are again available alter quite a struggle and the re-cutting of a number of stencils. They are bound in soft covers to open flat. Books I, II, and III contain 25 issues each, but Book IV, only from 76 thru 94, but with the early part of the Huna Stories for Children and the Transcript of the 9 Short Talk tapes. If the set is wanted with  the Index up to issue 89, please ask for it to be included. The price is $7 the book, while the stock lasts. Much material not found in the regular books has been included in the bulletins, and through them one can trace the slow progress of our research from step to step.


HUNA WORKS FOR A FRIEND who never has belonged to the HRA. She writes:


“All these years, ever since 1954 when I read your books and joined the Becks and their New York City Group, I have used the Huna method of healing with great success. Did you know that for a few years I worked with a doctor in Manhattan doing absent healing? I am really best at this. What I term telepathic healing. I seem to be able to see the very inside of any given situation whether the problem be physical or psychical. This led me into some very strange areas of healing and some variations on the Huna theme. For one, I became an exorcist somewhere along the line. I used the usual method of taking in vital force with the total Aunihipili cooperation and then tuned into the ‘patient’. Then I contacted the patient’s Aumakua and sometimes had to create a very strong link on the Aumakua level between myself and whoever I was healing. But mainly, I was given two helpers in the ether, years ago, and they assisted and sometimes were away ahead of me, but it seems as though I provide the link, and that without my mana or force, not much could be done. In any case, I have been successful at healing. I do not do this professionally, but I have received some handsome checks from several people in gratitude ……..”


I COMMENT: This is a fine confirmation of the fact that mana must be accumulated and sent to the Aumakua or made available to “helpers in the ether” to give them the needed power to work well on this dense level of living. I think we have just begun to realize how important this sending of mana really is. And, of course, there can be no telepathic contact without the aka thread or cord, the “web of the spider” which binds all together and makes communication possible. Lastly, no force or mana acting along the aka threads could have meaning or be effective were it not for the INTELLECT guiding the action from all levels. Whether it is the Auhane giving the mental picture to the Aunihipili to deliver to the Aumakua, or to spirit healers called upon to help. All have to have the direction of MIND to be effective. Only Huna, of all healing systems, includes all three elements and presents the information as to their use. Healing demands close team work on the part of the three selves, and the use of the three grades of vital force and the contact means of the shadowy threads. This cannot be too often repeated. No mana, no healing. No aka thread contact, no healing. No MIND to direct the work of the mana, NO HEALING. Ordinary prayer or affirmation is a hit and miss method. We have outgrown that. We are ready to breathe life and power into both prayers and our affirmations of “healing, here and now.”


HRA E.D., writes from Alabama, “I thought your March-April Huna Vistas was just the greatest of them all, and I certainly like the idea of incorporating the ‘Secret’ in a paperback for newsstand distribution. I am going to give this ‘Vista’ away and would appreciate your sending me a replacement. Also, your Transcriptions of the Short Talks is deeply appreciated.”


HRA BLANCHE B., of California, now visiting in the East, reports that one of her younger friends to whom she sent a copy of my SSBM, wrote that the idea of the death prayer and the hypnotic control of separated na Aunihipili had frightened her greatly and she wanted no more to do with Huna. This reaction has been noted, sad to say, at various times from different people. They do not read the book well enough to learn that the last of the death prayer na kahuna has long been dead and the danger to one is no longer present. They simply panic and throw up their hands. However, in reading the account of the life of Jesus as given in the Code filled Gospels, they see no threat at all to themselves in the mention of the “devils” who were driven from people by Jesus. These evil and obsessing spirits are just as prevalent now as in the Gospel days, and can do just as much damage. Charles Mansen, leader of the Hippie “Family” who is being tried now in Los Angeles on multiple murder charges, along with his hypnotized associates, is a fine example of “devil” obsession. His P.A. reading gives a 350 degree level making him naturally mediumistic and so inviting spirit influence or obsession. His will pattern is entirely on the 11 o’clock or bad side of the chart face, and his Aunihipili circle is bad, being counterclockwise. That he is a powerful hypnotist is indicated by a powerful will swing at 12 o’clock. I am wondering just how I can handle the “casting out of devils” part of the story of Jesus without danger of frightening people who are already prone to such fright. One walks with great care and must have great sympathy and understanding. Such fright is very serious for those who suffer from it.


REPORTS OF REACTIONS TO THE JESUS TAUGHT IN SECRET BULLETIN have come by now. The Portland Group had a rather poor attendance at their first meeting, but got some of the report sheets filled in and sent them to me. One young man, a divinity student, rejected the whole idea out of hand and affirmed his belief that “Jesus is God”, which ended the matter in so far as he is concerned. His mother and sister were almost as positive, quoting Acts and Pauline verses at me. This was about the reaction expected by the leader of the group, who said she could almost see the “curtain being drawn down” before the presentation was even begun. But, on the other hand, the general reaction from the others was enthusiastic and they wanted to know more.


A “straight A” student in the University at Austin, Texas, was delighted with the presentation and tried it on some of her friends, reporting general interest and the desire to know more.


One young lady of 12, daughter of a college professor, wrote me a very nice letter, surprisingly adult, saying that she understood everything with ease, and that she would like to know more. Her P.A. degree was 372, so her understanding is to be taken for granted, even at her tender age. She said she was much surprised and had never heard anything of the kind before. This is the kind of person who needs Huna and whom we hope to reach. Very soon I shall begin work on the book and start hunting for a publisher. I think we are on the right track and can do a great Service. (No word from my Catholic acquaintance as yet.)


THE SECRET OF “GRADUATION” is very old and Gerald Massey traces it bark to very early Egypt. He wrote: “With Egyptians the soul was of both sexes. The divine being as Ptah, Atum, or Osiris, was of a biune nature. Hence Ptah and Osiris are portrayed as male and female in one image, and the one prototypal soul was discreted as human in the two sexes. In passing through Amenta (or heaven, mfl) the human soul is represented as the male accompanied by the female, the wife, sister or some other female as supplemental to the male. This soul, divided into the two halves of sex, was united again in establishing an eternal soul. The soul was divided into Adam and Eve, the typical two sexes of the Hebrew legend. Adam was Atum in the original mythos. Tefnut (Eve) was not cut out of the side of Shu, (Adam) but she was depicted as the hinder half of the lion with Shu the fore part. Atum was the lion as representative of the soul or force. The soul that lived forever was held to be established for eternity by the female being blended with the male.” (We might add that at the end of a number of incarnations, this final blending of the two parts does not take place – only in the last stage or final incarnation when “two become One” and the graduation into an Aumakua takes place. So, we have the “Father” in Christian literature, with no Mother, for the Mother has blended into the Father.) (The Sphinx was a monument to GRADUATION.)


“In Africa, Melanesia and other parts, “continues Massey, “the women will volunteer to be strangled at the funeral of their husbands, or buried alive in their graves.” (In India, up to modern times it was the custom for the wife to mount the funeral pyre and allow herself to be burned with the husband. We see how old truths are warped as they travel abroad and become meaningless for the most part. The followers of Joseph Smith have a “sealing” ceremony in their temples, and a woman may get herself sealed to any man of her choice, even if other women are sealed to him. In this way she is supposed to partake in a soul – a soul which she lacks otherwise. But try to explain “Graduation” to a Latter Day Saint and see how far you get. Dogmas crystallize, and once accepted, they become fixations for most people.)


HRA EVA BECKER reports that her group near New York keeps her busy, but that she has to support the school which was started for the several arts. For the children’s dramatic class they may make a play of my Children’s Stories, with music written and little songs. Delightful project!



The Huna Religion According to Dave “Daddy” Bray

July-August, 1970



I HAVE RETIRED from the book business, and all orders for my books (not the bound books of back bulletins, however) should be sent to DeVorss & Co., 4900 Eagie Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90041, U.S.A. In order to keep the books in print, owing to the steady advance in reprinting costs and postage, the price has had to be raised for the first time in all the years. SSBM and SSAW go up from $4 to $5.50,GIL, S-S and P.A. up from $3 to $4. HCIR up from $6 to $6.50. It had come to the place at which in order to give the dealers their discount, we were selling the books at about cost. Friends at DeVorss have long been distributors for us, but their business is about 90% wholesale, so the raise was necessary. All orders sent to me will be forwarded to them and the books will be sent out with a bill for the difference between the old price still given in the books and the new price. (They add 15¢ to the price of the book for postage.)


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THE BULLETINS WILL CONTINUE AS USUAL as long as I am able to manage them. There is nothing wrong that turning back the clock a few years would not mend, but the race with the Galloping Charlie Horses grows pretty strenuous for me and for my partner, Miss Ethel Doherty. The change will ease up greatly on me and also on the keeping of accounts, which is her end of the work. With the price of the books raised, we will get a small royalty on sales, and can see our way clear ahead under ordinary contingencies. The new arrangement will give me a little extra time and I am working on the paperback book, WHAT JESUS TAUGHT IN SECRET, and trying by letter to find a publisher with a newsstand outlet who will put it into print. One rejection has already come in. The publisher may be hard to find. They are afraid of offending the old established churches, and I must admit that the book will be hard on much old dogmatic belief and theory – praises be. I am making it as simple as possible.


CORRECTION, PLEASE. The first page of the last issue of the Huna Vistas was accidentally numbered 94 instead of 95. Cigbo takes the blame, but my face is red. I was surprised and pained at the number of questions asked about the numbering and the fear by HRAs that they had missed an issue. Some of you still seem unaware that we publish only every other month, NOT each mouth. The number 94 H.V. was given over to the What Jesus Taught In Secret condensation, and the article was numbered 1 to 11, but with the first page, made up the full 12 pages which a six cent stamp allows to go in the envelope. There was no more of the article. It ended on page 11. By the way, the piece has by now been tried on a few prospects, mostly people known to be of open mind but members of churches. Some reports are most encouraging. One Baptist Minister was given the bulletin, and later he was using it in his mid-week bible study program. That is almost more than I could have hoped for. People hunger for more light, but, it must be admitted, they have to be at least a little bit intelligent to understand what the Code was and how it applied to the Gospels.


WHAT I BELIEVE ABOUT JESUS has been questioned by one of my good friends and associates. He asks, “Max, how are we to know just where you stand when you say at a given time different things about the reality of Jesus? One time you say that he was the Great Kahuna who knew and taught the Secret, another time that he was just a myth. In HV 94 it is enough to make one think that Jesus was real. Can a character in a play teach something in secret, or anything at all? If it were only a play, somebody had to write it. Can you dig up the name of the author somewhere?”


For many years I have been unable to see how Jesus could have been more than the leading character in a mystery play, but as such, he certainly could be made by the supposed authors of the Four Gospels to voice teachings, directly or using the Huna Code, and showing in his life story an example of what to do or not to do. What I said in H.V. 94 was that in the paperback I would not bring up the question of the historicity of Jesus as I did in my book, HCIR. To give the coded Huna teachings makes the book controversial enough, and I prefer to leave it to the reader to decide the question for himself if it occurs to him to raise it. Many cling to the belief that Jesus lived in the flesh and to question this gives them distress. I feel that living the teachings and following the good part of the example do not depend on the historicity, and that more people may be brought to read the paperback and to benefit from it if I limit the discussion to the Code and the light it throws on the inner teachings. All Associates must always remember that I am not setting myself up as a “Teacher” and saying, “Hear me! I am giving you the last word. I am right, and all others wrong. Believe me or else.” We have had too much of this from the people who set themselves up as authorities and peddle courses. Let me retain a little modesty. I offer only the tentative fruits of my research   and often yours. If something is said that you feel is correct, then accept it, but if not, then do not. Of course, there are different ways to look at things. For instance, I see Jesus making a vast mistake in thinking he was the Messiah and that he was going to sit on the right hand of God and judge the Jews. I think this was given as a great example of a leader who got “biggety”, and that his crucifixion was a great example of what not to let happen to one. I believe that the story of the transfiguration comes after the crucifixion and his rising from the dead in the Drama, and that this shows the example of the triumph of man over evil and personal weakness and pride. For nearly 2,000 years others have seen the crucifixion as the supreme sacrifice which offers salvation to all who believe and turn to good.


WILLIAM GLOVER, FHF, who started the Glendale, Calif. groups and who is now working out of Sunset Beach, Calif., reports good progress and that the revised lecture tapes are being typed off for further description to fit his needs. He sent me what he calls “a paraphrasing and condensation of a course given by David “Daddy” Bray, and asked me to comment on the correctness of the contents as I see them from the point of view of my own research. He writes, “The business of the Haven of the Spirit, which seems to me too much like the Third Eye of some teachings, seems confused. At one point Mr. Bray states that the mana enters through the Hunu and in another place he states that the psychic light enters the body here. Also the discussion of the positive and negative forces are something which you have not brought out in your books. What do you know about this concept?” In order to comment fully, I think I had better give first the condensation of Mr. Bray’s teachings.




The Hawaiian Religion was called Hoomana and many na kahuna had special temples or Heiam. Within these temples was the “Oracle” or Kaleoakeakau which was shaped something like a pyramid. Four posts were placed in four compass directions and leaned inward, but did not touch. The outside was covered with tapa cloth and the top was left open. Ordinary worshipers were never allowed near the Oracle, and only the High Priest could enter when he wished to speak with the Aumakua. The four sides of theKaleoakeakua represented the four elements, Air (Koka Lani), Fire, (Koka Ahi), Water, (Koka Wai), and Earth, (Koka Honua) which were thought of as the four pillars of nature. The open top of the Oracle represented the entrance of spirit or mana power into matter. The four elements also symbolize the nature of man.


The physical body is made of earth and water, however there can be no life without the breath of air and the vitality of fire. The elements represent man’s body and the mana power that gives man his divine spark.


Each element was ruled by a special god and the na kahuna believed that by focusing the mind in meditation upon these gods, the power of the four elements of life could be released. The na kahuna taught that there was one great God, Io. Io means “reality and truth”, and He was the eternal reality of all truth. Io was and was not a creation, having form and no form. He was both the all and the void, eternal and indestructible. As He was held to be so holy, prayers were very rarely addressed to Him.


Each line of na kahuna had their own special Aumakua, although all respected the power of the Great Company of  na Aumakua. They also had their own spirits who were contacted to perform their work. The na kahuna believed that they were directly related to and descended from their Aumakua. At one time some of the na Aumakua lived on this planet, but the highest lived long ago and had evolved into higher beings. A few of the highest are concerned with the development of the world and would contact the na kahuna. They could also act as intermediaries to the forces that never contact this world but who can contact the Supreme God, Io.


Four na Aumakua are considered the highest. Kane was created to create the world. He was the first born of the first creation. He gives life and light. Since air was considered the highest element, it was ruled by Kane. Ku is both the divine architect and destroyer. He governed death, but also brought health and wealth and, along with Hina, (Mother Earth), ruled the earth element and all the spirits of earth.


Kanaloa is the sustainer of life and ruled the vast ocean. Lono is similar to the Christian concept of the Logos or Christ. He was the first born of the Second Creation and, as his father is Kane, was the messenger between mankind and the highest Aumakua. All prayers and chants derive their force to contact the Aumakua from him. He dwells in the rain clouds of purity and life, and with Kanaloa, ruled the water element, and all the spirits of water.


The four great gods, representatives of the Supreme God, were in turn represented by numerous lesser deities. Some of these were Pele, and her sisters and brothers. Many, such as Hina (Mother Earth), were goddesses. Pele, and her brothers and sisters once lived on earth and fulfilled their obligations on earth. They became gods and goddesses and were sent back to earth to help mankind. Pele is the fire goddess and lived in the volcano. Fire can warm and heal, but it can also burn with fierce temper. Pele and some of her brothers and sisters ruled the fire element and the spirits of fire.


There were many other lesser deities who served the four great gods by acting as intermediaries between them and mankind. Their importance lay in the ability to intercede with the higher gods, theAumakua Mai Ka Po Mai.


The na kahuna taught that mana power consisted of both positive and negative force. The positive works through the mental and spiritual, while the negative force works through the material and physical. All life is the union of the positive and negative forces. The highest represents those forces of nature that work for the benefit of mankind and the harmony of nature. The lowest of the negative forces work for destruction. 


The positive force is the knowledge of the Truth or God within, such as self control, patience, kindness, humbleness, and love. The negative forces of man are his biological processes and his emotions. The negative or material things of life are composed of emotional attachments which create negative emotions such as greediness, selfishness, lust, envy, hate, and jealousy.


To the na kahuna, all action takes place because of a spiritual being. Our emotions are the tools that spiritual beings of the lowest negative force use to control us. So long as we hide from the emotions and do not understand them., we can be prey to the power of the lowest negative spirits. The highest of the negative power could be used by the na kahuna to heal, to bring peace of mind, and to achieve material wealth. The na kahuna strove to learn to distinguish between the highest and the lowest of the negative forces. They learned to control and to know the negative of their own natures. The kahuna derived his power by bringing the negative forces into harmony with the positive forces. They taught that the negative is centralized below the navel and the positive is located in the center of the head between the eyes. Between these two centers is a bridge of energy that flows back and forth. He taught that one must balance the positive and negative for health and true happiness. There is then established a flow in which the positive refills the negative and the negative allows the positive to find material and psychic expression.


When there is a balance of positive and negative, then mana power flows freely throughout the psychic centers of the body and the Haven of the Spirit (Lua Uhane) is flooded with light. Man does not then merely reflect the light of God, he radiates the light. The Lua Uhane is the Cavern or the Haven of the Spirit located between the eyes at the bridge of the nose, but filling the entire forehead as the man develops and obtains Kukui, or the inner light of psychic sight. The Hunu is the back of the head where universal mana power enters to refill the positive and negative centers of the body.


In order to understand the meaning of the positive and the negative it is necessary for a person to put aside all the moral training of western religion. The Hawaiians did not believe in sin. The ancient na kahuna taught that “sin” is a man made law (kapu) that is only real for the person who thinks it is real. This means that the person who is possessed by negative emotions of guilt cannot be free. He is “sinful” because of his feelings of guilt. His own mind enslaves him.


Dreams are very important to the na kahuna. The interpretation of dreams could furnish understanding of one’s destiny. The Hawaiians believed that when the body sleeps, the Aumakua maintains its vigil and infuses or implants dreams in the mind for one’s instruction and warning.


There were different kinds of dreams such as simple dreams when one is almost asleep, visions which take place when awake, and reveries which come from very strong impressions on the mind during the waking hours that reappear during sleep. Dreams that come just before the break of dawn are those which enter into the realm of seership. When taken into meditation, these dreams can open up problems and show a very clear answer. If one lets the mind go and considers all the possible meanings of the dream, suddenly ideas will come to mind.


The na kahuna believed it was only possible to contact the Aumakua when one had a completely free and clear mind. It was necessary to relax the body, the emotions and the mind. The body must be made to let loose of all tensions and be free of any strains that might interfere with the thoughts of the mind. The mind must also be relaxed so that it can be open to psychic impressions. Most important was the relaxation of the emotions. If there is envy, hate, or some other emotion, the mind cannot become free and clear. All images, thoughts, and the imagination must be discarded from the mind.


When the mind is empty, it will seem that the head is filled with light. This is kukui or the inner light of the psychic sight. The na kahuna believed that psychic light enters from the back of the head or honuand fills the inner cavern of the Haven of the Spirit, the Lua Uhane. One then focuses the consciousness on the purpose of the meditation. If there is a problem, think of it as if God and the Aumakua were solving it. Feel that the problem is already solved and be receptive to the solution. If you are healing someone, close your eyes and see the person in your mind’s eye, the Haven of the Spirit. See the patient as cured from the physical or emotional disease. Feel that God or the Aumakua is making the patient perfect and ask that you be used as an instrument to help the patient.


These steps are important for successful meditation. Use prayers and affirmations that are most meaningful to you. If you have trouble from outside disturbances, you have not mastered the technique of relaxation. Often long periods of time are required before results occur. People develop at different rates. However, sometimes the person who is slow in developing goes further than the person who suddenly succeeds without a solid foundation. Meditation is used in preparing the mind for addressing the Aumakua by prayer or chant. The chant derives its power from the god, Louo. He was the power of heaven that vibrated in the kahuna’s heart, throat and mouth as the prayer found expression. In the chant, the forces inside man acted to raise the mind to the level of communication with the Aumakua.


Prayer must be sincere. If one prays with doubt or pretense, he will fail. The power will not be released. As the kahuna meditated and prayed, he was always sensitive to the feeling that he was being directed by the Aumakua. In prayer we reach beyond the limited consciousness to the infinite mind. We pass beyond mind to the great power of the universe.


Prayer is simple and childlike. Better than all the complicated prayers of ritual is the prayer of the sincere heart that states simply its feelings and need.


The mind that is clear of the lowest negative force of emotion and filled with the positive power is like a child. Hawaiians believe that man is the child of the gods. Faith, trust and honest prayer is the way to talk with the Aumakua.


The traditional chant has definite words and na kahuna were taught to use special tones and gestures in chanting. The sounds of the chants acted as a bridge between the kahuna and the Aumakua. More takes place on a psychic and spiritual plane than is apparent on the physical. Sometimes the results of prayer and chanting only becomes apparent after a long time. The main thing is to develop confidence and to continue to pray without ceasing. Then the feeling of inner harmony with the great power of the Aumakua suddenly blossoms. (End)


COMMENT: With David Bray now gone, and unable to defend his teachings, it is a rather sad and difficult task to point out where and perhaps why his synthetic system differs from what I consider the genuine Huna. “Daddy” Bray was a small man, very appealing, and a showman of the first water, having spent his early years with his wife and family touring and presenting the Hula Dance and the loved Hawaiian music. He was of mixed blood, an English grandfather and a Hindu grandmother, a Hawaiian mother and some additional English or American blood added someplace to the mixture. He espoused the cause of the fading lore of old Hawaii, and had an uncle who seemed to have taught him some of the beliefs of the na kahuna. He soon became more Hawaiian than the pure Hawaiians, and in his later years billed himself as “The Last of the na kahuna”, chanted at state occasions, and was available to ask a native blessing on cornerstones and building projects.


He also found that after my books had introduced the subject of the na kahuna, he could lecture and teach his brand of Huna, and proceeded to do so, selling his “course” for $40 to all who would attend his lectures, and offering meditation sessions in which he sat silently with his pupils to allow them to have his help in developing their psychic powers. As a healing kahuna, his achievements were not too great. I met him but once, and liked him at once. He had a beautiful chanting voice and used it with heartfelt fervor. But he had no use for my research or findings and was not at all backward about saying so. He refused to discuss anything with me, and I gathered that he had never read any of my books, so he could not have discussed the Aunihipili and Auhane intelligently. We just visited, and he chanted a blessing on our house before he left.


What can I say? He did not believe in an Aunihipili or subconscious self, nor did he believe that the Aumakua was a third part of the man. To him a man had one self and was a Biblical “Soul”. My Aumakua was for him a vague ancestral spirit who helped men but who was the deified soul of some long dead ancestor, and he had Lono as the higher god on whom man and Aumakua depended for power.


With only one self, he had only one mana, and did not believe in suggestion or hypnosis, so far as I could learn. He had no idea that the Aumakua needed extra mana and could use it to bring about healing or the answers to prayer. The three aka bodies meant nothing at all to him. His philosophy included not even one, and as to the aka cords, they were entirely beyond his ken


Mr. Bray’s excursions into modern religious thought gave him a strange and very mixed background on which to set his system which he patched together with a little Huna and much of other things. Brought up a Christian, he had joined the Mormons, later dabbled in Christian Science, then in New Thought and with some final borrowings from Indian beliefs, possibly because of his Hindu grandmother, or from a slight contact with Theosophy. He neglected nothing except the Huna that lay there exposed to any good student of the Hawaiian language, but which he failed to notice. The Hawaiian words he used were usually poor even to describe the ideas he had assembled from the four corners and had invented from what seems to have been whole cloth.


It is like calling the word “worship” Christianity. Hoo mana is to accumulate mana, and we know from the other code words that the mana was then to be sent to the Aumakua. But the word did not mean a religion by any stretch of the imagination. That the three primeval gods of Polynesia represented the four elements is forcing a meaning. Writers have speculated and thought that this might be true in some far fetched way, but it is not at all definite. Lono had little resemblance to Jesus, and still less to the Christos of the Greeks. It was pure invention to hook him up with prayers and chants addressed to the na Aumakua. The god, Io, was not known very well outside of the Society Islands where he was the god of the cult of what might be called strolling players. It was a name possibly retained from an ancient contact with Egypt or Greece, but as Universal God, it fails. In the old Hawaiian dictionary on which I depend, “Io” is not given as a word having anything to do with a god. It does, however, mean “real or true”. Tregear, in his dictionary of the several Polynesian dialects, gives the meaning of the word as, “power, force, energy, spirit, and soul.” Only in Tahiti and some parts of the Maori world did it denote a god.


Pele and her brothers and sisters were lesser gods and but little known on islands where there were no active volcanoes. Her part in Huna is very slight.


‘The idea of the “Third Eye” which has recently been popularized in western occultism, seems to be the pattern upon which Mr. Bray’s teaching of the “Haven of the Spirit” is based. I am sure that any kahuna of the old days would have been greatly surprised at an idea so foreign to his beliefs. Lua uhane does not appear in any dictionary on my shelves. Lua has the meaning of “two, or second.” It was also the art of breaking bones in war, and with ahi meant the fire pit of a volcano, and so might have some reference to a “cavern”. But what that “cavern” might have to do with the Auhane of Huna is hard to see. Mr. Bray gives no word for the “bridge” leading back to the rear of the head and the Hunu which marks the spot where the “universal mana power enters” – this supposing mana to be filling the atmosphere like thepran of the Hindus, and to be drawn in by some unspecified method. (A later word coined in Hawaiian to use in anatomy is luauhane, but it means only “the canthus or corner of the outer eye”, not a cavern deep in the head behind the brows.) There is no hunu in Hawaiian, but Tregear gives it in some other dialects as hunu or hununu, which is “to singe or burn as toast, also as a skin disease”. It has no root to connect it in any way with mana.


The word given for the “light” which fills the supposed cavern is kukui, but this is a very bad word to use for such an exalted idea. It means such light as may be cast by burning oily kukui nuts strung on a splinter of palm frond to make a torch. How much better it would have been to use the code word for light, la.


The na kahuna may or may not have believed or taught the several items mentioned in the article. Nothing of such teachings are clear in the roots of the words which they used or the code which we have uncovered. However, they may have looked upon sin as breaking a kapu (or taboo), rather than the act of hurting someone, as I have decided. I agree heartily that a sense of guilt is a thing that acts as a “sin” to cut one off from contact with the Aumakua.


Dreams may have been important to the na kahuna, as Mr. Bray says, but I have found little to tell me just what the beliefs were. So far as  I know, “meditation” was a strange idea to the na kahuna, but perhaps I am wrong — also seership.


Mr. Bray’s most surprising idea, which he said was a kahuna teaching, was that the one grade of mana which he recognized was divided into two parts, negative and positive and that one part was centered in the lower part of the abdomen and the other in the head. By its very nature, mana cannot be mana if so divided. It takes the union of positive and negative to make any electric charge or force such as mana. Given the positive pressure on an electrical charge that is ready to leap as a “spark” and there must always be the negative, even at a distance. The two leap to meet and form one neutralized force.


As he had no Aunihipili and no Aunakua, he had no need for anything more than the vaguely understood “vital force” of our belated physiologists. But with that, under the banner of mana, he made up for the lack of an Aunihipili in part and tried to get it to balance the positive, or was it negative, Auhane. He spoke learnedly and with authority about the emotions and the naughty part of us below the navel which must be brought into harmony and balanced. It sounds well when taught, but, like so many “teachings”, it does not hold water on close inspection.


In his system he has drawn heavily on the idea of Paul and the sages of India: the idea that only spirit is naturally good and pure, and that the body and all the things related to it must be wicked and bad. In the sacred literature of India the idea is crystallized, and in the writings of one of the Theosophical luminaries we read the sonorous line, “Kill out desire”. The poor and long suffering Aunihipili has been beaten over the head and kicked in the southern exposure endlessly, but we have never found a way to do without its patient ministrations, and if we refuse to let it have its rightful share in our lives, with all its natural anticipations, it will find mysterious ways to slay us. The necessity for balancing the negative and positive halves of an undividable mana is not true to the facts as we know them. What must be balanced is the normal life and anticipations of ALL THREE SELVES.


When the “last of the na kahuna” taught confidently, “The positive force is the knowledge of the Truth or God within the man”, he was speaking not as a kahuna, but as one whom no kahuna of the old days would have recognized as even faintly resembling them and their system of beliefs and practices. His trouble was that he had too little real knowledge of Huna and so was forced to invent a system of his own.




GAYE MERIDAN, HRA, FHF, of Sydney, Australia, has been giving most freely of her time and money to try to get a working Huna group started and strong enough to hold together for more than one or two meetings in a city where distances are great and few have escaped the binding influences of the Church. Recently she wrote:


“You said in a bulletin that it is hard for you to understand why it is difficult to get Huna groups going when churches flourish. I think I can furnish the answer.


“When people go to church they get a glow of satisfaction and pride at being so good. All they have to do is go and sit and they are carried along by the minister and the service. It is different with a Huna group – they have to do some work. There’s no emotional carry along from hymns, choirs, organs, polished pews, flowers and the handshake on the way out.


“I have thought about this a great deal and have come to some conclusions that are possibly so ordinary and homely, you may have to discard them. First, I hasten to say that this is not a criticism of groups etc., but rather the way I see it as the approach to forming groups. My main idea is, briefly:


“That each person needs to have read, and studied and thought about Huna until they are ready to practice it. Perhaps this is all so elementary that people overlook it. Study is so necessary that you’d wonder how anybody could present himself for a Huna Group without this work and knowledge, but some do.


“Breathing. This is another big thing. So many people, especially city dwellers, don’t know the meaning of proper breathing, and until they place themselves in the care of an expert on breathing, they never will.


“Visualization. It is often an unknown and unthought of procedure. It takes a real effort to learn to do it in the first instance, and then constant practice to make it into an effortless skill ready for using on call


“Concentration. Ability to concentrate will is often a matter of temperament, but it’s better if it is cultivated and you know it will work for you when you need it for Huna. Concentration is also a taught, developed and practiced skill.


“Relaxing We also know that it is essential to be able to relax at will for Huna. But you can’t just ‘do’ it unless you know how, and this becomes another skill to be acquired.


“I am sure you will agree that a Huna group whose members are all able to perform well at these basic skills will be a growing concern with a good chance of becoming better as members go on with their practice of Huna. Just picture a person thus: he learns about Huna – maybe has a loan of a book – is invited to a group, not very sure of anything, but is agreeable to participate. He has no idea how to breathe although he has been doing it all his life, but not properly. He is a shallow breather – he has tight chest muscles. He is tense – maybe he would relax, but he hasn’t ‘time’. What he should admit is that he doesn’t know how. His job may or may not give him some practice in concentration.


“Visualizing skill is acquired in some jobs, but here we are the creative ones and not the common lot of everyone. Last, but certainly not least, is the inescapable fact that being able to ‘do’ is the greatest of all learning aids. When we can add the practice of Huna – with all its marvelous and interesting results – onto the study and reading and thinking, we get along very fast.


“All this is so primary and down to earth that I hesitated to put it into a letter, but I offer it humbly and won’t be aggrieved if you can’t agree with the practicality of it.


“Our group is coming along and they are now convinced that it is better to proceed slowly and thoroughly. One is going to America to visit a sister in Miami, one has gone to Singapore and one has moved sixty miles up the coast to live. This is a nuisance but not important as we who are left are working with great gusto and interesting things are turning up all the time.


“You already have 2 votes in favor of reprinting Recovering the Ancient Magic, and perhaps you could get two friends to read your copy and see if they are as enthusiastic about it as we are. A re-issue with more pictures, a late day photograph and a biographical piece on your life and work as a frontispiece?


“Thea is making a tape of part of Recovering for her daughter who is coming over from Adelaide for a short visit soon. My daughter is getting excellent results from prayers for people in her own area, and sometimes telephones her mother for extra telepathic help for special healings.


“Don’t be polite about the foregoing if you find it tedious. You know how I value your opinion an Huna far more than my own.” (Signed) Gaye


I am most pleased with the above letter, and the thought given the problems which surround the formation of groups. I am all for the careful training she has outlined, and must admit that I was never able to hold members of prospective groups in line to make them get down to hard work on such basic practices as are described. I fear I have been all too timid in asking those who turned up for a group to do anything but listen impatiently for five minutes to what I had to say about Huna before they began to argue for some pet system of their own. At that early time we had no books as yet, Recovering the Ancient Magic having been burnout in England by the Blitz. I got the little pamphlet written and printed on Huna, but couldn’t get anyone to read it before coming to the group meetings. When I tried to get them settled down to actual work on accumulating mana and concentration or visualization, they at once lost interest and always someone wanted to argue. We had difficult people for our purpose. Most of them had been dabbling with the various forms of occultism and metaphysics for years and had listened endlessly to lectures in which they had been stuffed with misinformation, or had taken courses, or, as with the Rosecrucians, were still taking the courses which never end. Many were members of clubs given over to the study and practice of hypnosis, and these seemed especially opinionated. I was hoping to get experimental work started to find out what could be accomplished. My leadership was poor. We lacked proper meeting places and money. Eventually all four groups talked themselves to death, most enthusiastically, and I gave up, contenting myself with what could be accomplished through the books I proceeded to write and then the bulletins.


I am delighted to have clear thinking set me back in line on the matter, and to find in the Sydney group people who are willing to learn basic steps and to read my books and get themselves ready before entering a group and starting to put Huna to work. Our need is first to have someone able to teach breathing, concentration and visualization, along with relaxation. Perhaps we should have a mimeographed text book on these subjects, and work hard by letter and lectures on tape to get a teacher ready who could take charge and train others as a preliminary step before forming the group, and later, before allowing any candidate into a working group. We are gradually learning that groups can get results, and that is most important. We can begin to promise results, even if not every time or what is expected, but often enough something is accomplished that is to be seen plainly and can be pointed to with confidence. Perhaps it is organization we keep needing. If we could promise results and a living to healers like the Science of cults, and make the candidates for the schools pay well for their schooling, we might go places. What do you think?


Yes, RECOVERING THE ANCIENT MAGIC does have a freshness and high enthusiasm or something about the writing that is different, but I had not realized that it would be sufficiently attractive to invite special reading and even copying off as it has been by some. When we get the paperback and the changeover of the book business out of the way, perhaps I can read it into tapes so it can be available and we can begin to judge whether an illustrated reprint might be in order. Perhaps one day we can find someone with money to spare to give us a foundation grant such as has been given the American Theosophical Society and the Casey A.R.P., which has enabled them to put out many books in paperback but with better print and paper. They also put out fine hard cover books. Three of my books are now up for reprint editions, and to ask for a reprint of Recovering would be hardly in keeping with possibilities, but DeVorss is a very active publisher and distributor and might one day be able to help in these matters.


THE NEW SANTA ANA (Calif.) GROUP under the leadership of HRA W. Thomas Rapp, is getting a good start. They meet every Saturday night, listen to the tape lectures, and have questions and discussions to clear up points and get a better understanding of Huna. HRA Rapp writes, “We all practice P.A. reading on interesting people that we have come into contact with during the week. We also practice telepathy. Usually the colors are easier to send and receive than the objects. We are also working with the crystal ball as an added experiment. Patricia is very good at it, but I’m still practicing. The meeting starts at about 7:30 P.M., and usually gets over about 1:30 A.M. We have so much to do that the time just flies.” Nothing is said as yet about trying out healing practices in the circle, but that can come later on. Mr. Rapp suggests that we republish the century old Andrews Hawaiian English Dictionary, as he would very much like to have a copy with a full list of words instead of just the selected ones given in the back of my book, HCIR. He is even anxious to have my copy to get it photostated, lacking republication. My copy has had the binding edge cut off in my big paper cutter and was used to photocopy the pages before I began the selection of Huna important words and the cut and paste job of putting them into order. There are 560 pages of the text, and it was really quite a job making the first set of copies to be used to cut up. I doubt that there would be enough demand for a reprint to justify its publication.


THE WILLIAM BOONE GROUP in La Mesa, near San Diego, Calif., has been heard from. HRA Boone writes, “We do not have a meeting place now. The place we had was unsuitable for several reasons, so we gave it up. The na Aumakua will bring us the right place eventually. The old one served its purpose for the while we had it. As a result of giving up the place, I think we were given a method of contact via aka for more effective group prayer work. We do not need to meet, and use the telephone, setting up the prayer effort at a specified time. We have had two cases with good results from both.


“There is no doubt that it is necessary to get proper aka contact with the one to be treated if good results are to be realized, and this method assures it. Some participants experienced reactions, which proved that a close contact is made with the subjects when working with them.


“First, I have found that the telephone can transmit the aka substance or thread from the ink writing or photograph to a heavily inked circle on paper. The circle, then, also establishes a direct line to the person’s Aunihipili, the same as the writing or photograph does. I can use the inked circle for P.A. readings and the removal of spirit entities and blocks and contact both Aunihipili and Auhane for any purpose. The person with the photo and signature holds them to the mouthpiece of the phone and transmits the aka thread to the person at the receiving end where the inked circle is held to the earpiece for about 30 seconds. The inked circle holds the aka substance indefinitely and can be filed away for future use, however, it is not possible to transmit the aka substance from one inked circle to another circle, the writing or photo being necessary for this transmission


“A group may be called the Invisible Huna Circle and there can be groups of twelve that could cooperate with each other to always have twelve making the thought cluster prayer to the na Aumakua. Of course, the subject and the prayer participants should be free of entities and Aunihipili blocks.


“In regard to the Spiritualists I have been working with, you are right about them. I find that they axe determined to rid themselves of their entities and blocks, but only pick up more. One whom I worked on some time ago has passed on. It becomes evident that Huna is not for the average Spiritualist who is inviting spirits to come and take over without too much knowledge of the danger. The man in the Thetis Island Group up Canada way, whom you mentioned “reported to be re-obsessed, required further work and has been clear for some time now.


“The case of a woman in Reno, Nevada, is worthy of note. She has a death wish or premonition, believing she will die when she reaches her destination in a planned trip to the East. I found her two lesser selves unresponsive and with difficulty communicated with them, but they seemed normal enough for a time. Later, I found the Auhane out and got it back. I must check again today. This has some connection with her death premonition, no doubt. It would be interesting to check some other suicide prone person on this.”


I comment, that this is excellent research work, and DO so value FHF Boone’s work and the help of his wife, Essie, who types his letters for him. They sent me their pictures recently and are a most attractive couple. The Thetis Island Group sent signatures for him to see if any of the other members need to have help in getting clear of eating companion spirits or blocks in their aka paths which might prevent full contact with the Aumakua.




A fine paperback by Frank Waters and Oswald White Bear Frederics, (Ballantine Books, Dept. CS, 36 West 20th St., New York, N. Y. 10003, $1.25 plus 25¢ postage), is titled THE BOOK OF THE HOPI. It gives their legends and a fine insight into their traditions and the religious beliefs which have so influenced their culture. Unlike an earlier book on the Indian cultures of the region, Mr. Waters makes no effort in this book to relate the original Indian lore to the Buddhist or pre-Buddhist cultures from which he felt they were drawn, perhaps by some ancient migration. This is straight and delightful Hopi and the material was gathered with much care on the reservation in northern Arizona where the Indian village of Orabi is the oldest continuously inhabited place in North America.


1 was interested to find that, in their story of the Creation, they  had mankind represented in the beginning by two twins, not a man and woman, like Adam and Eve, but two brothers, who were polar opposites one might say and might have once stood for male and female, as one lives at the south pole and one at the north of the earth. Also in the Creation they have a “Spider Woman” who created light and darkness, men and many other things. Nothing is said of the reason for calling her “Spider Woman”(Kokyangwuti), but knowing our Huna, we can guess that in the original at some point she was spinning aka threads and substance as the first step in her creation of everything. The book is well illustrated with drawings and photographs, showing the tribal totem drawings, native signs and ceremonial underground places of worship. 414 pages of delightful reading, and the print larger and clearer than most books of the kind. Thanks to good HRAs, I have an extra copy to loan.


A REBIRTH FOR CHRISTIANITY, by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, written shortly before his death, has been brought out in a very fine hardcover edition by the Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, Ill., priced at $5.95. 215 large pages on the finest white paper I have seen in books. Dr. Kuhn has done himself proud with this work, using his amazing vocabulary with telling effect, and trying to give back to Christians a system of belief that is based on something that will hold water historically and philosophically. While he remained, primarily, a Theosophist and favored the views of the sages of India, he goes back to Ancient Egypt, to Massey’s fine research, and offers a fine version of Christianity in which man has only one soul, (unlike Huna’s three) but shows how the human soul can come to develop in itself the divine spark of the “God Within”. A very satisfying book to read and to enjoy.



Graduation and The Union

September-October, 1970



MORE LIGHT ON “GRADUATION” has come recently. Bernard Bromage has written a most interesting book on “the occult and ancient Egyptian magic and beliefs in amulets and talismans”, the title of which is, The Occult Arts of Ancient Egypt.  It is published by Aquarian Press of London, and my copy bears the date of 1953. It was sent to me as a gift by one of the African HRAs. (I never hear of many books unless someone tells me about them.)


Mr. Bromage was closely associated with Egypt and took to the study of the antiquities with great zeal. At home in England, he spent much time studying the Egyptian exhibits in the British Museum, and also visited the museums of Europe. He believes fervently in the power still resident in old amulets, talismans, spells, curses and the like, and thinks that the early Egyptian religion was based mainly on magic, sympathetic and ritual.


He has the Theosophical point of view in that he feels we have to become freed of all the carnal desires and relegate the Aunihipili to the final discard before we can be pure enough to integrate with the Aumakua and eventually blend with the Highest. But he admits that the Aunihipili has to be allowed to play its part in the love of man for woman until such a time as love is “sublimated” and becomes something so rare as hardy to be recognizable. However, he tells us that the Egyptians were very fond of their wives and families and seldom degraded their loves, having always before them the amulet called menat which even the priests and priestesses wore, and which adorned the necks of the pharoahs and even the gods.


The glyph for this was one that meant UNION. To Bromage, it was the ordinary union of a man and his wife, who are usually shown together in their life in Amenta, or the original “heaven”. While the crude people often carried amulets depicting the sex organs as a means of winning the love of someone of the opposite sex, they soon settled down to carry the menat, or to have it near them at home as a charm and a reminder of the completed and perfect love.


Author Bromage has a taste of rather caustic writing. He says:


“Wisdom percolates extremely slowly into the corroded brain of man, and the perception of his own best interests is lost more often than not in the poisonous radiations of an unimaginative ‘self interest’ and the itch of emotions too unbalanced to be of any profit to man, woman or beast. The Amulet of themenat – usually made of glazed ware – is of singular interest in this regard. It is shaped like a container with a pendant gourd, and was often worn at the back of the neck as a counterpoise to a necklace. It was carried by the gods, pharaohs, priests and priestesses, and was believed to possess very special magical properties. In it were said to be united the combined energy of the male and female organs of generation.


“To the living it brought joy and the abundant vitality which goes with joy. But nothing gross; nothing which is confined to the pull and limitations of earth! Rather is the unruly and dangerous sex impulse here trapped and canalized for a new purpose and a heightened ecstasy.


“It is in fact the symbol of sublimation; but of a sublimation which savors all the delights of erotic fulfillment without any of its limitations. It invites towards a sex manifestation which is transferred lock, stock and barrel to a higher realm of sensation, a wider sphere of operation. When laid upon the body of the dead it brought the power of invincible reproduction.


“And it meant, in the case of the living, that they could enjoy all that sex pleasure has to give, vicariously and by a sympathetic absorption in the pullating raptures of any manifestations of the male-female union. It meant that the Egyptians were behind none in their knowledge of esoteric psychology, of the Force and intelligence which impels the Universe.”


Bromage speaks of “the beauty and glory of the spiritualized Body of Light ”as the ideal and as the ultimate in attainment. Just where he picked up this idea and way of putting it is difficult to say, but it is scattered through the literature of India and has been discussed in Theosophical writings. The theory is that eventually we learn to resist the carnal desires of the lower man and integrate with the Higher Spirit, of which each man has one all to himself. The phrase, “Body of Light” is too exact to be accidental. It can mean only the Aumakua as we know it, whose one manifestation, as far as we are concerned, is the flood of fine cold LIGHT. I once read that it was believed that this “body” had to be grown from a germ or seed of some indefinite sort, and that it took eighteen months for the gestation and birth of the Light Body – after which it was ready for us to inhabit – but nothing was said as to the process of “graduation” or the help given by the Aumakua.


The two halves of the man, which are symbolized by Adam and his rib, Eve, and by the two parts of the divided heart of the amulet, are watched over by the ONE Aumakua. It, we reason, must at all times know where the man and his Auihipili and Auhane are and also where the woman and hers are located, watching over both with loving care against the day when they have learned to love unselfishly and to be trusted not to break the laws that govern everything or hurt others. At last comes the time for the step upward in the evolution, and the UNION is brought about as the “marriage made in heaven”

The divided heart of the glyph for UNION is an odd symbol and could hardly have been worked out better, but it resembles the natural heart very little. Perhaps it was because the heart is divided into two parts in its pumping that the division was followed in the glyph and amulet. It is a symbol of lasting, shall we say “power”? It had lasted for at least 5,000 years and is used in the religous symbology of Holy Church as “the Sacred Heart of Jesus”, all unknowingly. It has been the favorite shape for lockets to hang on a chain around the neck of females from infancy through womanhood. It decorates our valentines and is the symbol of love in its many forms and aspects. All that has been lost is the dividing line down the center of the heart, but this line of division vanishes when the “blending” of male and female halves takes place as we enter the “Body of Light”. The glyph is at the left.


In the glyph which we have just been discussing, the collar part without the cords that hold the heart makes the glyph whose meaning is “beloved”. Putting them together for “union”, we can see how carefully the Early Egyptian na kahuna worked to construct the symbols and build them into the language and writing of the period.


The na kahuna of Hawaii had two fine words for “union”. One was hui, which meant “union, a blending together, an agreement in mind”. Doubled, in hui hui, it also means “much love”. The second word waslokahi, with the meaning of “union, agreement as to mind, and a union that makes ONE”, (my caps).


I find that many, especially among the women, shrink from the idea of this final graduation and the blending with a male mate. But I take it that they are thinking in terms of the men they have known, and have never met their true mates. But for myself, I look upon the final union as a thing of ultimate beauty, dearness and fulfillment. To me it is the Second Salvation, the First Salvation being the discovery that there is an Aumakua and making the first full contact with it. Once we have been through this and have felt the flood of love and wonder from the Aumakua, how can we draw back from the attempt to become one?


WORK ON THE PAPERBACK to be titled, What Jesus Taught In Secret, progresses nicely. The writing is complete and has been approved by Miss Doherty, who remarked that it was “surprisingly good”, which is most encouraging. The book is now being typed for the final MMS, after which it can begin to go out to editors of paperbacks whose companies place such books in the newsstands. “Connie”, a friend of one of the Indiana HRAs, was asked about the book and if she could get a “flash” on it. She already knew of the nature of the book and that one editor had already refused it. The question was put to her over the phone, as she lives in another town. After a moment’s pause, she said,”It will be published by Dell and will get a fair distribution, reaching many who are now ready to graduate. Mr. Long will get nice royalties.” Connie has hit the nail on the head so often for my HRA friend, and once before for me in a small matters, that I went downtown and hunted on the news stands to find Dell books. I found two on occult subjects, so know they are in line for such material. I have made inquiries to get the address of the Dell editor, and in due time will send the MMS with the several drawings of Egyptian hieroglyphics, each captioned with explanatory lines. The book is written very simply, and should be easy to read and understand. If, after all efforts to find a publisher fail because the book is “too specialized” (or really too hot a potato to handle without danger of arousing the antagonism of the churchly fraternity), then I shall see to getting it published and offered through DeVorss & Company as a last resort, hoping to reach a few of those who are ready for it. It may take another year to see the matter settled one way or another. I aim fairly sure that the attempt has been made under Guidance and is good. I have run the Tarot Cards for the outcome, and while the royalties promise to be small, the real success of the book is indicated by the very high trump, the SUN, which assures me that it will serve a fine spiritual purpose for many who are ready for it. I hear that some of the “hippies” have metaphysical and occult leanings, and recently I saw what I took to be a typical member of the fraternity buying a book on Zen and wondered what he would make of the system which abjures all sense impressions and teaches the devotee to meditate in order to get super sensory flashes of such actuality or “realization” as may be obtained from the realm of the na Aumakua, not that it is considered in that light in the texts. It is a long and very difficult discipline and when the mind is completely emptied to invite the “realization”, sleep often invades the sanctum and blocks out the far, faint other impressions. But after much patient work, such flashes  may come, and they give the impression that they are the complete and utter “truth” – what the na kahuna called “the real truth” (oia io, in which the root oia means ordinary “truth”, and the second root “the real “or god”. It may be the original from which the phrase “God’s truth” was derived.) I am told that when one is under the influence of mescaline, one often gets the same convincing impression that the “real truth” is being touched in some way or other. Perhaps there is some source other than the Aumakua from which such superphysical impressions come, but I rather doubt it.


In my early years of research in Hawaii, I had a friend who had been three years in a Zen monastery in Japan working to get on to realization. He was an Englishman and had been trained for the ministry of the Chuich of England, but became dissatisfied with the life, so resigned and went in for Zen. He had worked under two masters in turn and struggled endlessly to find the answers to the ‘koans”, or riddles which have no answers that are given the beginners. One day, when almost reduced to despair, he was walking aimlessly in the monastery garden when suddenly, like a remembered dream, he got the answer to his “koan”. After that he got answers more easily, and found in the end that aside from an intellectual pleasure, mixed perhaps  with something higher, he had arrived no place. He felt that what he got was a delayed reception of the telepathic pictures or answers to the “koans” projected by the master – but what worried him, still, was the question of how the first Zen master had come by his realizations. He left the Zen studies and got himself ordained as a Buddhist priest of the Hongangi sect, and as such, I knew him. He lectured in English to the younger Japanese, and I sometimes was invited to speak before his audiences. Years later, I heard that he had gone to Ceylon to live in a Buddhist monastery there and try for deeper understanding, but failing to get it, had reverted to Christianity, joining the Salvation Army and its work – a very strange end for a strange and restless seeker with a slightly cynical outlook. I never knew whether he had reverted to Christianity, discarding most of its dogmas, or whether he turned as a Buddhist outcast monk to the Salvation Army’s shelter and security. I like to think that he gave up trying to save his own soul and found profit in helping the downtrodden to save theirs.


THE “NO HURT NO SIN” command of Huna still bothers many. A letter came recently from a fifteen year old boy in Hollywood who had found my books in the library and was worried over the problem of whether or not we should refrain from all competition in which, if we won, the losers whould be hurt and he would have sinned. He was trying out for acting parts in competition with several others.


The thing we must keep in mind is that we LIVE IN THREE WORLDS, so to speak. As the animal man or Aunihipili, we have to meet competition at almost every turn. We have to be able to win through to a position, then to hold it against the hungry others who want it and who would not hesitate long in taking the position away from us. This is the “dog eat dog” level, like it or not. We fight off and kill the members of the microscopic and insect world to hold our own. We must do our best to protect ourselves and loved ones from the predatory and evil men and support the police and laws that keep the prisons full to overflowing. A criminal may feel badly hurt and mistreated by being punished, but on his Aunihipili level there is no other way.


But on the Auhane level we can be hurtless to a large degree, and balance the hurts with deeds of kindness and mercy. If we are not strong enough to defend ourselves, we can “turn the other cheek”, but that may only buy peace for a time.


Christian teachings offer precepts which are valid and good as an attitude of mind or a fine ideal on the level of the Auhane (and, of course, on the third level, that of the Aumakua), but which are not always practical on the level of the important Aunihipili. It is a lovely ideal, for instance, “to take no thought of the morrow” etc. , but when the “morrow” comes, it is well to have harvested the crops and laid in firewood for the winter.


THE QUESTION OF THE THREE SELVES bothers some of those who write to me. In the OUTER teachings of Christianity and some other religions, as they have come dawn to us, we have matters simplified by giving the man a single “soul”, and many hesitate to give up that idea.


In early Egypt, and in the later Polynesian Huna, we have our familiar concept of THREE SELVES or souls, and in India the selves gradually multiplied and the manas and emotions and mind levels were treated as “selves”. The founders of Theosophy sorted and tried to put the tangle in order, coming up finally with only SEVEN selves, which they termed “bodies”. This was a valiant effort to replace the TEN ELEMENTS of man, his three selves, his three grades of mana, his three shadowy bodies or doubles, and his physical body during life. Their Atman or Aumakua was left with only the vaguest of shadowy bodies and mana, and no effort was made to explain where these came into the picture, or why they should be left out. The mana we send as a gift to our na Aumakua was symbolized by honey in the Egyptian system, andawa, in the Hawaiian. It was the nectar of the gods for the Greeks, and in India it was the sacred soma juice, which no one had ever seen or tasted, but which was still considered the drink of the gods or of the evolved soul.


One gets used to the idea of the three selves and finds it very useful in explaining the modern idea of the subconscious, conscious and superconscious. It is worth the effort to make the acceptance – very much worth all the letting go and rebuilding of one’s background picture. I have so many letters arriving which tell of the joy of finding at last a system that answers the many hitherto unanswered questions and which acts as a catalyst to make the valid parts of many religions fall into place neatly and with meaning. More than that, it is a workable system. We can get Help with our problems many times, if we just remember to ask, and pray in the right way with properly visualized ends and the sending of the mana to empower the na Aumakua to get to work.


AN EXCELLENT PENDULUM is being made by Curtis C. Wallace, Jr., 109 Neptune Drive. North Star, Newark, Del., 19898. Or this HRA may be having the pendulums made up for him to his order and on order. It is made of a dark and perfect ball of rust-proof iron with a hole drilled through it, perhaps with a diamond drill, but at any rate it fits exactly the medium size needle passed through it and fixed. Through the eye of the needle is passed a twist proof cord, and with the nice weight and balance and the needle point protruding to show just where the pendulum is swinging, it makes a very fine instrument. $6.00 will get you one if you will write to him and say you are an HRA. It comes packed in a clear plastic tubular container which makes it easy to carry in the pocket or purse. Fits my specifications in every respect and is much better than my similar one with the needle passed through a large plastic bead.


I AM DISTRESSED by a letter from a good HRA saying she was deeply hurt by my “attack on Rev. Brown” in a recent Huna Vistas. I had reported at some length the good healing he had accomplished for “Sid” with the aid of spirit doctors. The “attack” was not meant to be that. I had a letter from a person who had been treated and who had paid rather a high price to add to the expense of the journey to Rev. Brown and the lodging during the time of treatment and who had received no help at all. I reported the letter and remarked that, as in the case of the famous Filipino spirit healers, the cures often were lacking or, if successful, did not last. I have to be honest according to my lights, and feel that to refuse to publish the adverse side of the coin would not be fair. My indignant HRA went on to say that she found the bulletins filled with extraneous matter where she had anticipated articles following on the same lines as my books. She ended by resigning as an HRA. I repeat, I am distressed, but what can one do? Perhaps the material in the bulletins is not above criticism, and sometimes I go off on a wild goose chase, but at least those who read the articles are kept abreast of the latest efforts in the field, such as the “Vivaxis”, which promised so well and failed just in my hands. But it might work well for others. How can we tell without being informed and making tests?


IT HAS BEEN SUGGESTED that I share more of the letters that come in from HRAs telling of the successful use of Huna, and that this would encourage others to try to use it. Two letters are in this last week, both showing what results can be obtained. I have hesitated to use too many such letters for fear it would sound like the “testimonials” used to mislead readers or to sell books offering some system or other but which usually are found to be far from what they are claimed to be. Above all, I want Huna to remain on a conservative level and to keep its hard earned stand for strict honesty.


HUNA PLUS YOGA WORKS IN AUSTRALIA, according to a letter from Huna hyphenate F.P. in South Australia. I will quote parts of her letter.


Dear Mr. Long:


I have an interesting healing to report. A friend’s 5 year old son was badly burned in an accident (3rd degree burns to 40% of his body). The mother sat by the child for the first three days chanting, “You’re going to live, you’re going to live.” She doesn’t know whether she chanted to herself or aloud. After three days the child’s fluid balance had been restored and the child was out of danger (the hospital had expected it to take at least a fortnight for his fluid balance to be restored, if at all.)


We found out about the accident about three weeks after it happened. My husband and I decided to make the 500 mile trip to the hospital, taking another friend with us. I rang my mother to ask her telepathic help and also visited Swami Kurunanda to ask his assistance. He promised that he and his disciple would “be with us on Monday” (the day we hoped to see the child). We spent all day Monday and Tuesday at the child’s bedside. Ten days previously, the child had had his first skin graft operation. He proved to be, almost fatally, allergic to anesthetic. So they had grafted half the area. He only just survived the operation. On Tuesday he was to have the second skin graft operation, to cover the remaining area. On this occasion, I feel sure because of our prayers, he showed no hint of any adverse reaction to the same anesthetic (to the doctors’ amazement).


We had to travel on at this point but continued to pray for the child. Ten days later he was able to leave the hospital for his home 300 miles away. Ten days after that he was walking. At first the doctors held it unlikely he would ever walk again. The specialist who heard the news by phone from the mother at first refused to believe it possible. He confirmed the report and then said there was no doubt that the child had made 4 month’s progress in three weeks.


I feel I can account for this remarkable “healing” in a number of ways:

The child’s exceptional courage and determination.

We had the telepathic help of Swami Kurananda, an adept Yogi.

The healing was a group effort – six people able to contact their na Aumakua were involved.


The child’s mother is unusually sensitive as a telepathic receiver. We worked through the mother to the child on the Swami’s advice because he said that intimate channels to the child were essential. We had intimate communication with the mother but did not know the child. The mother has always been a psychic, able to pick up telepathically any news of illness or death amongst her relatives, for example. My husband and friend and I worked through the mother to the child. I also gave mana to the child directly by laying on of hands, using suggestion also. The Swami and his disciple and my mother worked telepathically through the mother to the child. After we left the hospital all our telepathic healing was done through the mother as medium.

As healers, my mother, h

usband and I have all become immensely stronger because we have opened the “Crown Centres” which are the 7th Chakra in Yoga lore. This enables one to generate “inner heat” and communicate healing. An alternative explanation for this phenomenon is that very much stronger contact with the Aumakua is achieved with the Crown Centre awakened and that, because the body is an imperfect conductor, the psychic heat is produced as a by product of the transmission of energy. The amount of heat experienced would then be a measure of the amount of energy transmitted.


I firmly believe that the way to Greater Healing is through inner development – that is, through the development of better and better contact with the Aumakua. My aim at present is to attain continuous contact. The Swami assures me that this can be achieved if sufficiently intense contact is achieved and maintained frequently enough. Contacting the Aumakua then becomes reflex, as automatic and continuous as breathing. I need a fortnight’s retreat to achieve this, which will probably not be till Christmas, but I believe it can be achieved.


I cannot stress too strongly the difference that awakening the Crown Centre has made to us as healers – we have obtained results very much more quickly and remarkably since. I feel the healing of this child is only a beginning, but it demonstrates the very real possibilities that have been opened to us by following the Yogic path of self  realization. Huna, as we know it, does not go far enough. Better practical results will follow greater inner development, I feel sure. And awakening the Crown Centre is the way to such development. This awakening can be learned telepathically from one whose Crown Centre is already awakened. I learned it telepathically from Swami Kurananda, taught it telepathically to my husband and mother and have since taught it to another friend who now works with us in our healing group. I hope our experience will be useful to you and the HRAs.


Yours Sincerely, Frances Pearce.


I COMMENT: Here is someone who knows both Huna and the Yogic system taught by the Swami, who, I take it, lives in Australia. I do not know whether he is a Hindu or not, but he interests me greatly. In the past I have tried to get a hearing for Huna from three different Hindu gentlemen who were in the United States teaching their system, but was brushed off each time as having nothing to interest them in the slightest. I must confess that this intellectual – or is it spiritual – arrogance did little to make me admire them.


The theory behind the mana and, as the Hindus called it, prana, is different in India and with the na kahuna. The na kahuna believed that deeper breathing and an act of mind caused a surcharge of mana to build up, and that to send it to the Aumakua for its use, was accomplished by a command given mentally to the Auihipili. It was very simple. The path along which the mana traveled was one made of the aka substance and the cord might leave the body of the man from the solar plexus region or from the top of the head. Nothing definite was taught about the point of departure. Nothing was taught, furthermore, about the possible gathering of the force in the region of the lower end of the spine, or of the necessity of learning to cause these “serpent forces”, of which there were two parts, to rise, winding around the spine or passing upward through the spinal center, until they reached the top of the head at “the door of Brahm” and were made to pass out to some indefinite higher being to be put to use. This is a great simplification of a system which has vast complications and the use of mantra and the involvement of the centers or “chakras” all along the back bone, lower head and upper head. I had decided that all this was a confused effort on the part of the Yogins to rediscover the original Huna system which seems to have been shared with them and for which there is evidence in the very earliest Yoga texts. However, I am quite willing to consider the ability of the mind to impress on the Aunihipili the benefits of sending the force through the top of the head, and have no doubt that if a heating sensation was expected, it would be felt.


But I may be quite wrong in my conclusions, and happily remain open to instruction in the fine art. But as to the “spiritual” awakening or benefits of this effort to send the force through the top of the head, it seems to me that here we have something slightly different, a mechanical approach to what is supposed ta be an Auhane development of knowledge and thought, which involves the Aunihipili as it is trained in study and cogitation or meditation to play its part in any reception of a “realization” of the presence of the Aumakua – which is, after all, about the sum total of what spiritual development has to offer.


The healing work of Mrs. Pearce and her friends is very fine, quite apart from the various theories as to just how it is best accomplished, and I am delighted to have the report and her experience to guide us in our work. I only wish that more of us could be dedicated to such selfless service and learn to use the latent powers in us for such helpful purposes. By the way, if you are interested in going more exhaustively into the Yoga theories of the “kundalini” there is an excellent book on the subject by an Englishman who spent many years in India. I recommend, THE SERPENT POWER, by Arthur Avalon, published by Ganesh & Co, Madras, India. My P.A. reading of the book, which is a trident for the forces and a clockwise chart circle, with the degree at 332, may interst you. John Watkins of 21 Cecil Court, London, W.C. 2, England, supplied my copy of this rather massive book some years ago. (Yes, I do a P.A. reading on a book as soon as it comes into my hands, and it is surprising how well it is found to fit my conclusions after a reading.) Incidentally, the Theosophical leaders long ago warned against trying to “lift the serpent forces” without proper supervision from  an experienced guru or teacher, warning that one can easily injure oneself or even cause one’s death. I think Mrs. Pearce’s simple method of telepathic communication of the method would be much safer and better.


As to the ambition to keep constant touch with the Aumakua, I am not sure. I had never considered the benefit of this, but always thought the ideal was to be able to make contact at will. We seem to be very largely on our own to think things out and live our lives and learn by so doing. We have the Help of the Aumakua and its Guidance to fall back on when needed, but … are we supposed to have it constantly?


AT LONG LAST two new groups have made a start at almost the same time in England. Both will be composed of women with church affiliations who are interested in the possibility of Huna and most of whom have read one or more of my books.


The group, which was to start under the auspices of Mrs. Riant and her husband, who is a healer, has been held up for some time because of the necessity of finding a new house into which to move. This is evidently difficult, as I have had no word from them for some time. The address of the old location is Cambridge House, High St., Old Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.


Mrs. J. V. Clarke, Oakroyd, Horan, Heathfield, E. Sussex, England, is the leader of the first group to get off to a start. They will take the nine Short Talk Lectures in transcript form and read and discuss them to get a general and recent view of the progress of Huna, and will then decide whether to try for a healing circle. The transcripts are better for these British groups than the tapes, for my American brogue is hard for them to follow, even though years of association with English friends has rubbed off a little and shows in my speech.


The second group of similar make up is under the leadership of Miss D.M. Paddon, 1 Acre Close, Worthing, Sussex, England. She has joined the HRA and will share the bulletins with the group members.


We have a number of HRAs scattered over England and usually too far from others of like mind to form groups. It would be encouraging perhaps, if some of these could drop a note welcoming the new groups. Perhaps a few might live close enough to request the privilege of visiting the groups when they have had time to get a little organized.


Our congratulations to these new groups and a warm welcome to the effort.


HRA MRS. JOYCE V. CLARKE leader of the new group mentioned above, writes to say, “There is only one thing that I really cannot accept in Huna teachings [and] that is the theory that the 3 selves are 3 separate Spirits.


“Modern Psychology from the Spiritual point of view, agrees with 3 ‘minds’ which seems so much more appropriate and logical. Do you not REALLY agree? I cannot understand how reincarnation can work logically with three Spirits working together like this, for first the Aunihipili is ‘all emotion’ then it becomes an Auhane. How does it suddenly become intellectual without emotion? I suppose you have studied the western ‘Mystery’ teaching? They seem to fit in very well with Huna and complement each other. In Growing Into Light, which I am reading just now, (a very nice book), I DO wonder at your remarks about the Kundalini and the Chakras, if you do not believe in their existence. I have understood that the Chakras can be seen by some psychics as beautiful flowerlike ‘things’ in those who are ‘awakened’ and several of my friends who are Spiritual Healers say that the ‘Spirit Doctors’ treat through them quite often, as they are in the places where the nerve centres are found… I find that ‘George’ is so important and we cannot do much without his Auihipili co-operation. Mine is very good mainly, and I can use the pendulum very well for many things, but CANNOT identify an object in a box, etc., as you suggest in your book. I wonder why. I can find medicines, food, ‘She’ can indicate on a chart where in the body an illness is, yet to find a missing article, or an article in a box is hopeless! I  mean re: medicines, that I use Radiesthesia, with a sample of hair of the patient in an envelope.


I wrote an answer directly, but might COMMENT here on the items mentioned. THE THREE SEPARATE SELVES is a thought which has been difficult for many to accept, and my book, Secret Science Behind Miracles has given about all the arguments there are for the correctness of the Huna theory. The problems presented by psychical research and Abnormal Psychology cannot be solved in any other way than by admitting that the Auhane and Aunihipili are separate entities and CAN be parted in certain circumstances, although, ordinarily and normally, they remain together in close association. Multiple personality cases can be explained easily in this way but the psychologists still prefer to say that there is a “split off” part of one of the two “minds” which can function independently and cause the trouble. It is easier to say that the two “minds” can be separated, for dividing up one of the units of human consciousness into several parts, and finding each part able to function as a whole and complete being, is something that demands a stretch of the imagination quite beyond my ability.


The case of the girl suffering from dual personality in which her Aunihipili alone changed and she had a new set of memories, those of a Spanish dancer, to replace her own, is an excellent example of the proofs. The efforts to show that the Spanish dancer entity was a “split off” part of the American girl’s “mind” (no effort was made to say whether conscious or subconscious) raises the question of where the girl learned Spanish and the dances, and how she completely forgot her own language and past. Years have passed since I wrote my book and gave the explanation of the na kahuna, but the limping science of Psychology has not come up with a single new explanation, theory or idea in all that time. It seems to have become bogged down in its own verbiage  as one gathers from a look at the latest magazines which are given over to discussions by “experts” of matters psychological. A late letter tells me that a little light is dawning – a leading psychiatrist in an eastern city of U.S.A. had admitted that he had “learned more” from my SSBM than from all his years of study and practice heretofore. Psychiatry, as a separate branch of medicine, has long been held back by its being so firmly tied to Freud and his ideas and methods. Perhaps it will begin to grow again with a better understanding of what it has to contend with in cases of mental illness, so called.


No, I don’t REALLY agree that the na kahuna were wrong. If we can’t accept the theory of separate selves, we can just ignore the problem, but to take the ignoring back beyond the start of psychology and refuse to accept the 3 parts of mind is a very bad thing, even if Holy Church still loudly preaches ONE soul, and continues to confine its dividing of “selves” to a division of God in the Trinity idea. Isn’t man made in the “image of God”? I contend that originally, in Christianity, the Trinity idea was something borrowed from the na kahuna of Egypt and applied only to man, but got mixed up badly and was taken away from man and imposed on God – of all things!


Reincarnation is better explained by the 3 self idea when we think of the ones who reincarnate by some quirk of fate with the Aunihipili or Auhane belonging to another individual, as we see in the difficulties of men and women born into male or female bodies, but with one self of the opposite sex and causing no end of trouble. As to the graduation of the Aunihipili through evolutionary necessity into the state of the Auhane, this is not too great a problem. It happens once in a long time, as does the evolutionary upward step of the Auhane to the level of the Aumakua, and we can be sure that the change is watched over and brought about by beings with a higher intelligence than we are blessed with as na Auhane.


The pendulum response of the Aunihipili is, sad to say, unpredictable. It varies from person to person. I once had a whipping branch from a tree in the grove knock off my glasses. My pendulum said the glasses were in the next lower row, but look as I would for them, they did not turn up. Next year when mowing weeds again, I heard a grinding sound, stopped to investigate, and there, sure enough were what was left of the lost glasses. But I never could spot the points or causes of illnesses.


In the matter of whether or not I have studied the “western ‘Mystery’ teachings”, I am just a little uncertain as to what is meant. We have so many teachings of various sorts that could fall under this heading, but I imagine she is referring to The Order of the Golden Dawn. I have never belonged to any organization offering instruction along these lines, but am fairly familiar with the various systems and while they are not as satisfactory or inclusive as I have found Huna to be, they are a fine example of the efforts of different ones to put together from the then available knowledge in the “occult” field something that would be more fitted to the western mind than the long and slow and rather severely ascetic training under a guru in India. The West demanded “instant perfection” and so something had to be found to fill the demand. Starting with the Kabala, perhaps, and going on to Fortune, Crowley, Regardie and their friends, one covers the “Mystery” field and such “tradition” as it has managed to find to base itself upon. It was a bold and imaginative venture and did rather well with the material at hand, but it has always seemed to me to be too very bad that they could not have had a knowledge of Huna to help them fill in the many vacant places. Then we must not forget the Order of the Rose Cross and its uncertain beginnings, followed in modern times by the gentlemen who have elaborated greatly on the scant material of Christian Rosenkrantz and added endless ideas of their own to make up “courses” to sell to those who are willing to accept them as teachers. (I am remembering a recent letter from a stranger who wrote that after years of searching and the reading of endless books and taking of more endless courses, the writer was so greatly pleased to have found Huna, and to be helped by it to straighten out the tangle and make the pieces fall into place.)


A FORMER HRA who got lost for a time, but who recently returned to us, gives her experience in a letter. I quote parts. “I am beginning to feel that I am back in the groove. The work I did with you years ago has been re-awakened in my mind. As I wrote you, I am working with your TMHG healing group again, and yesterday received word of a definite prayer answer. The news came as such a surprise that I didn’t recognize it as an answer – but ‘George’ didn’t let me forget. It would appear that I have a closer relationship with George than I realized. I had just forgotten that he was the source of my hunches. To be specific, my daughter has been unemployed for several months and was becoming quite discouraged about openings in her field, which is office management. But she did not give up. In prayer I visualized her at a desk in an office in a position of authority, in harmonious conditions and with an adequate pay check. That was about a week ago. Last evening she phoned me that she would go to work today in just such surroundings and with just such pay. It all came about in less than two hours. Her son, also included in my prayers, started work the day before. To say I was thrilled is putting it mildly, and I am very grateful.”


I comment happily that so many times when efforts hang fire in getting results, the na Aumakua can give a push to get things over the line. This is especially so in cases where one gets tied up and some friend can lend the weight of his prayer  visualization to help get things off dead center.




For $1.50 one can get a booklet entitled Brushwood Boy and Map, by Dr. A.S. Raleigh, the publisher being The Hermetic Publishing Co., 3006 Lake Park Ave., Chicago, Ill. This booklet claims to give the esoteric interpretation of Rudyard Kipling’s story of this title. The story is one of his earliest and tells of a boy’s dream that came time and time again, and of the girl who was part of the dream. It is a fanciful story, as one of a dream should be, and Dr. Raleigh, who seems to be a Theosophist, shows how the “personality” and “individuality” of Mr. Kipling were making a union as a soul. This is rather vague as he does not pause to explain just what he has in mind. But soon he goes on the say that the author is giving in veiled language the story of the UNION of the male side of his soul with the female side so it could enter Nirvana which is peopled by symbolic spirits described in the story of They, and as ghosts of children.


He says that “as every occultist knows” the individual is made up of male and female sides to his or her nature, and that when these are made to UNITE, the great step into Nirvana is taken. I have been reading occult literature for most of my life, and his theory is one that this occult student never heard about. As I have read Theosophy and the literature of India, from which it was derived, I have found the reference always to an animal or lower part of consciousness or to the more evolved conscious mind type of entity. There is something still higher with which one or both of these must UNITE eventually to become complete and enter the Nirvanic state. Never did I find the two sex halves of the individual treated in this way. Egypt, Huna and Christianity agree that it is the actual man and woman who must UNITE, and Dr. Raleigh’s thin and tasteless gruel in which he makes a sexless sex something with which to unite in love and living is to me most tasteless and meaningless.


For centuries our thought has been stained off color by the anti-sex teachings. Men have written of their beliefs, not women by and large. Perhaps the women could have done a much better job than the grim ascetics who resented the attraction women had for them and preached the doctrine of “stamp out desire”. Huna gives us back the central theme of life and living and experience. Man and woman must stand side by side in the end to graduate, the Aunihipili helping mightily with its form of LOVE and the Auhane crowning the structure of love with attraction on its higher level. I am for empty arms and hearts and all parts of the man to be filled. When Dr. Raleigh recommends that I leave and forget the Beloved and turn my heart and mind to a sterile union with another sex lost inside of me, I refuse to play. Half a loaf is not good enough. And, I want butter and jam on mine, and my Darling to sit beside me and join in the eating. What does Dr. Raleigh think men and women were created separate and distinct human beings for? His theory leaves me as empty as Paul’s of the New Testament. “The greatest of these is LOVE” says Jesus, and for my money it was not love of some lost sex element in myself which I have never found, nor wanted to find. The na kahuna preached NORMAL living as nearly as we can accomplish it. Trying to build a wall between men and women and love and life in pairs is not normal by any standard. And I am reminded of a joke in Readers’ Digest, it went, “Boy: Do you like Kipling? Girl: I never tried it. Is it habit forming?” That’s about how I feel of the secret metaphysics in Kipling ‘s stories. And I will not let anyone spoil my appreciation of him as a favorite writer.


A “FARTHERST NORTH” FOR HUNA, is the new group in Anchorage, Alaska. HRA Vernon Rowe writes, “I write this to send good news. We moved from Soldatna to Anchorage where we inquired around to see if anyone would be interested in Huna. There were several who expressed a desire to hear the tapes we have. We now have a large group meeting Wednesday nights. I have been unable to lead the group due to my work. A very fine fellow by the name of Ray Nelson has taken charge. He reports great success. Huna has already changed the life of most of the group, especially Ray Nelson. I can only say that Huna has done more good here in Alaska than I had expected. They may write a letter this week to explain what they are doing.”


Welcome, and again Welcome, Anchorage Group!




November-December, 1970



AN EARLY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!! may you all be happy and well and prosperous in the year to come and may your Service be an inner comfort to you.


THIS WILL BE THE LAST REGULAR HUNA VISTAS. From here on out I will be sending out perhaps a newsletter as I am able, but circumstances are suddenly such that I am having to face the necessity of letting go my hold. My own health and that of my little partner, Miss Ethel Doherty, are the primary cause, and I want to wind things up neatly while I can. Cigbo has enough on hand to supply me with whatever I may need, so do not send him more for his box. Besides, he has announced that he is planning on taking a good kat nap and resting his feet, just like boss.


AS PART OF THE WINDING UP PROCESS of our long research work in which we have engaged together, we have had the great good fortune of having an HRA “Angel” in the person of Dolly Ware (Mrs. Morton G. Ware, 1501 Thomas Place, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107) who has come to the rescue. She is beautiful, sings like a lark, lectures all over Texas on various subjects, telling whenever she can about Huna as she addresses churches, clubs, conventions and student gatherings. As plays on Broadway are supposed to have an “angel” backing them, so she is cutting out a wall and joining two large rooms in her spacious home to make a library and a bit of museum to house her many books and MY ENTIRE LIBRARY as well as have a space for fine items left from her ancestors and for some Huna mementos. The bookcases are especially made and oriental rugs will decorate the floors in open spaces. Four of my best oil paintings, together with the potentized picture made by Mrs. Kingsley Tarpey of England for us years ago, and also a painting in a round frame of an idealized Cigbo – all will have a place. (I am now using a painting of hills and a lake in a valley surrounded with trees on two sides in the TMHG sittings, which will be continued as long as possible – now on regular time for the winter). Mother of five fine children, only one of whom is still at home, Dolly has arranged to endow her home and place it in charge of her two daughters, one of whom is a second year student at the Texas University at Austin, where the other teaches English and is married. They will take over when their mother wishes to turn things over to them.


Dolly has just finished four days with me in which we had the movers in and packed up 28 boxes of books, pictures and some special items of furniture including a Chinese altar table. With the clearing here at our house, we now seem quite spacious, but miss nothing, what with the expert rearrangement of other things.


The library museum will be open to the public as a reading only room, and no books or bulletins to be borrowed. A retired librarian is waiting to take over as soon as my books arrive and begin to catalogue them and place them on the new shelves   which will be quite a task, what with the mixed nature of my collection of the years. If you visit Fort Worth some day after about the first of the year, all may be ready and you might like to visit and see everything. I am very much pleased with the arrangement, as I had feared some of my most treasured books would wind up in time with the second hand man or be taken to the dump. Blessed be such good friends. When they have at last done their homework and go across, may they all be welcomed at once to the graduation class and not have to return.


VERNE L. CAMERON’S NEW BOOK ON DOWSING has been the fulfillment of a dream of his for years. He was assisted by local friends, Bill Cox as editor, and several others helping with the making of many photographs, sketches and drawings. It is a fine hard cover book selling at $6.95 or may be had in soft cover for a dollar less. The title is one that is almost in an international language, AQUA VIDEO or Locating Underground Water. But in writing his book, Mr. Cameron did not stop with water; he covered the entire field from oil to treasure, leaving out only the quite different work we do in the HRA in making Psychometric Analysis readings, which is a true part of the whole scheme of dowsing. Even the doodle bugs are carefully covered for what they may be worth.


This delightful book is a combined history of dowsing and its theories as well as a most complete and step-by-step text book for amateur or advanced pro in the field who needs to have the last word from the Master Dowser himself. Credit is generously given his many friends by the author, including myself, and there is a description of some of our aurameter experiments such as the one in which we took the measure of the shadowy bodies of the Aunihipili, Auhane and Aumakua, and Verne found that advanced souls have a surprising wing structure, but less advanced just short wings. The book, to accommodate the many illustrations, has been printed by offset and is a work of art as well as a “last word” on dowsing. Order your copy from the author at El Cariso Publications. Rt. 2. Box 526, Elsinore, Calif. 92330.


THE STORY OF HOW VERNE DOWSED FOR THE THREE SELVES is worth repeating. It was told with a mimeo sketch in an early issue of the old Huna Bulletin. The time was in the early fifties as I recall. Mr. Cameron was already famous for his accuracy in water dowsing and had just perfected the instrument that we named the “Aurameter” after he demonstrated the fact that he could measure the shadowy body or “aura” of the three human selves, as well as those of visiting spirits. He visited me in Hollywood and we decided to make a full test. For this purpose we placed a ladder against the side of our house next to the chimney of the fireplace. He took on the measurement of the Aunihipili aka first, finding that it extended out from my body (I was the one being used for the measuring) about three to four inches, and about five feet above my head he found a strange aka formation three feet across like a doughnut and with a hole in the center, which we decided must be the shadowy body of my Auhane NOT interblended with my body and Aunihipili as we suppose, but living well above the head. He tried next to find my Aumakua and with his Aurameter in hand and feeling here and there, mounted the ladder then the roof and then stood on the top of the broad chimney. Reaching high, he located something or other and so I lay down on the grass (much to the surprised interest of passing friends and strangers) while he stood on the chimney and felt about, now finding the Aurameter outlining what seemed to be a human form of sorts, which we decided could only be the aka of the Aumakua. I do not recall that he found the aka cord reaching from the Aumakua down through the hole in the doughnut to the body.


Another time, as reported in Meade Layne’s BSRA journal and in the bulletin, Verne visited a Mark Prober seance and one of the communicating spirits spoke through Mark and they arranged that he was to hide himself in some part of the room and that Verne should try to locate him with the Aurameter. The search began and all the room was being covered methodically. Verne came to the table at which they had been sitting, and in feeling under it, the Aurameter reacted and its tip swung back from something. The feeling around soon outlined the rough form of a man, and the communicating spirit, whose name I have forgotten, spoke up and said, “You have found me, all right. I was under the table. I have often had the idea that if a search were made about the insane who are obsessed, he might be able to  able to find the obsessing spirit, AND, as the theory of Huna seems to be that the Aumakua lived in a body of LIGHT, with no semblance of human form, we might find or conclude that what Verne found hovering above me was an old kahuna offering help in the research work, much as Mark’s spirit friends were trying to offer their advice and information through him. Yes, “them were the days”, and were they exciting. The Aurameter is still being made and sold, the price being $30 last I heard. It is useful only in the hands of one who can use the pendulum, and is really a mounted pendulum which swings sidewise, made firm by a wire with a stiffish coil in it holding a pointer shaped like the head of a small soldering iron, and hinged between two pins in the handle. It swings to or from aka bodies and away from water radiations as one approaches the underground water supply. Verne used to communicate with his loved daughter who died in an auto wreck and over his Bible the Aurameter tip swung away from words she wanted to use to give him a message. His use of this and other instruments have been many and fabulous.




A photo of the hole at the North Pole that leads to the hollow center of the earth has recently appeared in journals here in America and in German publications. It is supposed to be one taken from a satelite and shows the usual cloud formations, but the strange part is a great black spot hundreds of miles across and a little off center over the Pole. This is terrible! Undoubtedly all the water and much of the floating ice in the polar sea is pouring into the hole and soon I should imagine, the water level will be reduced to match the bottom level of the Arctic basin. Pitty the poor Deros and other inhabitants of the inside of the globe! They’ll all be inundated, and the light will be let in in summer and all their devilment will be put to naught. No longer will they cast spells on the living atop the earth and perhaps their evil influence will stop working and wars can be replaced by peace. Or can they magically hold back the waters with a spell and shut out the light with another? Fie on someone!!!


A LETTER FROM A VALUED HRA reads in part: “I have read the last Huna Vista, No. 97, with much interest. I think we too often read other material, books, and get with the idea of trying to make them fit into Huna, and if they don’t, cast them aside. I, for one, don’t believe that Huna is the last word or the complete truth.


“Some of the other theories may have a lot of truth in them. Percival, in his book, Thinking and Destiny, states that man is an indivisible Self unit, consisting of a Thinker, Knower and Doer. But also he has a Breath Form which gives life to our animal body and leaves the body at death, but reincarnates again along with the Triune Self. This breath self corresponds roughly to the soul of Theology, and I think to the Aunihipili of Huna.


“After going through many incarnations, and after balancing feeling and desire, the Triune Self makes the body into an immortal sexless body. I think that many of the ideas in the book could be used to enlarge and improve the Huna theory.


“The theory of Lunar Germs and the Solar Germs is also given in detail in this book.” (Signed, G.K.)


I comment that I fear I did not do Mr. Percival full justice when looking into his work. I was tossed for a loop right at the first when I ran into his statement that the world was hollow and I forget what else threw me – things that I could not accept. He was an omnivorous reader and after years of filling his mind with assorted ideas, he hit on a novel plan and would lie down in an easy position and let someone ask him a series of questions. The questions were hit and miss and covered much ground, but were never edited as he gave answers to give a straight line system of beliefs to cover the psycho-religious and physical field. At any rate, he announced that in this way he was speaking directly from something he called “Consciousness”, which was supposed to be, so I took it, the “truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”


There emerged the very mixed conclusions of one man’s thinking, based on what he had read of the thoughts of many men over the centuries, and with quite a showing of matching an idea here and one there to form bits of a larger system. It was not like the usual spirit  communicated material, each spirit contradicting the next – no “revelation” to be taken under penalty of hell and damnation if rejected. It was a valiant effort, indeed, and let “Consciousness” be his authority for what it might be worth …. and for me it was not worth enough to satisfy. He went all around Robin Hood’s barn and almost approximated Theosophy and even Huna in many of his strollings.


I rather think that men of a like P.A. level of intelligence attract others of a similar level. Several of the HRAs have, down the years, urged Percival on me as something to use to better Huna or to discount it entirely and accept the dicta of “Consciousness”. But my P.A. level seemed not to match Percival’s and I fear I shook him off without giving him due credit for a massive book filled with a fine assortment of ideas. Sorry, George, but I still like Huna and its ten simple elements as a satisfying system. I don’t know where it came from originally, but doubt that it was the work of one man and his cogitations. It seems too perfect and too tight and complete for that. (My two copies of his massive book have gone to their Happy Hunting Ground down in Fort Worth, and I can’t thumb them through to see what else I found on my first reading that convinced me that “Consciousness” as he presented it was filled with prejudices and lacked that fine thing we need so badly, the judicious element that weighs and balances with extreme care and which does not accept ideas because they are in print and seem authoritative.)


THE OLD HAWAIIAN DICTIONARIES were discovered by HRA W.A. Rapp, 2021 S. Eastwood, Santa Ana, Calif., 92705, in the library of the University in Los Angeles. Being an ardent student and wishing to go deeper into the coded meanings in Hawaiian words, he had microfilms made of both the old Loren Andrews Hawaiian-English Dictionary that I have used down the years, and also the smaller HitchcockEnglish-Hawaiian Dictionary. He next had the copies taken off in Xerox copyflow, two pages to an 11×8-1/2″ sheet and reports that they came out very nicely. He writes that if any of the other HRAs would like copies, he can have them made up for $55 for either dictionary, plus a dollar for mailing. Unfortunately, the New Testament in Hawaiian and English has been out of print for some time. It was a great help to me in finding the various passages and studying them. The abbreviated little dictionary I included in the back of my book, Huna Code in Religions, covers most of the words I used, but a student will find the full dictionary valuable in hunting for still more coded material.


PRAISE THE LORD FOR TAX EXEMPTION is the title of a new book by our Dr. Martin A. Larson and and Dr. Stan Lowell of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State. It is an enlargement of Dr. Larson’s earlier book, CHURCH WEALTH AND BUSINESS INCOME, and certainly lays it on the line in showing the way the churches have been taking advantage of their tax exempt status to gather in all kinds of outside money making businesses and continue to fill their coffers while the rest of us pay the full of our taxes and don’t like the way the Churches are running out on their share of the responsibilities of financing the nation in which they exist and demand all services, protections and privileges. Ask your book dealer to order a copy for you and when you get it, become indignant enough to back the movement to stop the ever increasing holy graft.


THEY SPEAK WITH OTHER TONGUES is a paperback put out by Pyramid at 75¢ on the newsstands. It was sent to me by a good friend who said he would like to see me review it in the Huna Vistas. And it is well worth attention, for in it the author, John L. Sherill, tells of starting out to report on those who speak in tongues and ends up a strong advocate of the method or experience or whatever one may call it.


Speaking in tongues has always intrigued me greatly. I can find no actual place in the Bible before the time of the writing of the New Testament where it is really mentioned in a way to make me think that it was known generally at an earlier date. Mr. Sherrill hints that it was known to those of earlier times and speaks of the mention of “Spirit” as “a blowing of the wind or a strong breathing”, but that does not prove that the spirit of a high and holy order, The Holy Spirit, that is called upon to make one speak in tongues or to translate the meaning of what another has said is one known in earlier times for the same kind of help or inspiration.


It has long seemed to me that this Holy Spirit is the Aumakua in some guise or other, or that it is a group of spirits of very high spiritual attainment who are urged by the na Aumakua to make people speak with tongues. The Aumakua as we know it never speaks to us in English or any other language. It appears SILENTLY as a cool and intense white light, and often brings great joy at its appearance.


The author tells of having an operation and being in the recovery room later with a boy and an old man who had been operated on and who were in pain, just as he was. Late in the night he tried again to pray but his words seemed to touch nothing. Very late, he desperately tried again, and a white light appeared in the hall and came from it into the room. He felt that there was something very different and strange and good about this light and seemed to recognize it as an old friend from his childhood days. Suddenly he asked “Christ?” The Light came a little closer and suddenly he was filled with the sense of health and well being and his pain was gone. He asked a question as to whether the Light could help the boy and the Light moved to him and immediately he was out of pain and relaxed. The same happened with the old man. Then the Light faded and was gone.


He had been very uncertain about the matter of Jesus as the Christ and could hardly bring himself to believe, but he had found something that seemed to be all good and helpful and that could and would heal. With this always in the background of his thoughts, he began hunting out the meeting places of the Pentecostal Church and entering into their strange ways of wooing the something, as he thought they might be doing. If they were not, and if Jesus as the Christ as they thought, was in the guise of the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, then who? What?


The meetings were protracted and lasted often three or more hours. People of all races, ages and sexes attended and mixed freely and with complete understanding with no set order of worship. Someone would suggest a hymn and they would all join in singing it, with much clapping of the hands and frequent shouts of praise as they worked slowly up to a pitch of sorts which became more and more charged with emotion.


After a time someone would suddenly begin to speak in tongues. Here he tells of something strange about which I have often wondered. Often the “tongue” they spoke was not gibberish but some foreign tongue. He heard Polish spoken and one day when a woman Egyptologist was present to translate, even a message in an ancient dialect of Arabic. Often messages were for some one person and were helpful in some way.


In addition to those who spoke in tongues, there were others who were given the gift of being able to understand what was said, presumably by the Holy Spirit, and to translate it. He often heard these translators at once put the things said into English for the others. (I kept watching for the one “in spirit” as they called the special state, to be reported as speaking in English, but failed to find it. A “tongue” seems to have to be in a language other than that of the one making the utterance.)


Mr. Sherrill goes on after his first few chapters to tell the story of the beginning of the modern Pentecostal Movement, and relates how the account in Acts was taken literally. It reads: “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the spirit gave them utterance.” So, they had meetings and invited the same Spirit to descend  on them in a modern “Pentecost” and to speak through them. They observed that in Paul’s accounts the spirit seemed to be most active just after a convert was baptized and was made to speak in tongues. Eventually after much calling to Jesus, Christ and the Holy Ghost, one of them was”filled” and started to speak in tongues. Then others and the movement began to spread, and continued to spread. It went around the world and is still going, with the numbers involved quite impressive.


Little is said of healing to accompany the “filling” but that seems to have been a small part of the attraction of the new approach. The big thing was the joy it brought to feel so close, not the actual speaking, just to be “filled”. He attended many meetings and apparently became convinced that the Holy Spirit was a very real something but, as I read, it seems he was never sure whether the Christ and Jesus were equally real, although members called on them as one and had no doubts to plague them. In time, as he had planned, he wrote his book on the subject, giving us an intimate view of two things: first, his contact with the Light, known to the na kahuna and to us as the Aumakua, which can help and heal, but which seems never to enter the body of anyone or speak any language through them; second, he gives us a fine broad view of the sudden beginning of the Pentecostal Movement as a church, and of something which he never speaks of as associated with the seeing or feeling of the Light, but which seems to enter the bodies of the faithful and speak through them with ancient or modern languages and to give the impression of being still a man but a very advanced kind of man, and in spirit.


When we are researching in the hope of finding the ways and means of getting instant healing, we must remember to keep watching for this strange “Spirit” which seems to be multiplied and speaking through people in meetings here and there, perhaps at the same hour in many places.


In our work in decoding  the New Testament we do not find anything that will help with the problem. Jesus, when baptized, did not speak in tongues, but it is said that the Holy Spirit descended on him like a dove and said in the current language of the region, “This is my son, in whom I am well pleased.” We are left by the na kahuna who wrote the code into the New Testament to draw our own conclusions about the incident, for nothing more was said of the matter and we are left to suppose that he had the “Spirit” stay with him as he went about his work of teaching and healing. Whether it helped in these things, we do not know, but Jesus is made to explain, “Not I but the Father (Mother), he doeth the work.” The “Father” tells us certainly that he depended on the Aumakua for healing help. Later on we have him promise that after he is dead, he will “send the Comforter” to them, but the word is not helpful in a code way to tell us just what it was which would be sent. We have supposed that it was the Aumakua again, but there is the long chance that it might have been something else.


Paul, you will remember, was not an initiate into the Huna lore. He showed this by the way he set about inventing things to add up to a religious system which only faintly resembled the Huna taught in secret by Jesus. The inventions became the accepted, but false, dogmas of the early Christian church.


We read in the account of Paul’s life that he was touched by something while on the road to Damascus, and it might have been the Light, or, as some suggest, an epileptic fit. But whatever it was, he came out of it impressed to take up the teachings of Jesus as he had heard of them and to begin organizing a church.


We may wonder whether or not he was what in these times we would call a “Spiritualist” and familiar with mediumship and with the spirits of the dead speaking through the living. Perhaps he envisioned a very advanced and able and helpful body of spirits who could be called for in the name of the “Holy Spirit” and who would come when emotions ran high and there was mana to be used, and to speak through those who waited and called.


To return to the book for a moment, let me tell of something rather odd which Sherrill described at length but did not try to explain. Behind the front of the meeting place was what he refers to often as “The Red Door”. It was a door leading to a carpeted room with chairs and one wishing to call to the “Spirit” in private, joined others in the room. All knelt down before the chairs and prayed and hoped and some were eventually filled. The act demanded faith and willingness to be touched in the peculiar way with which they had become acquainted. He often speaks of the strangers who came and eventually affirmed their faith and “went through the Red Door”, there to be transformed in some way and able to make the full contact with the something.


One member told Sherill, “You have to believe that Jesus is God and also is the Holy Spirit and that He is everywhere.” And one’s faith had to be complete and unquestioning. But the author could not bring himself to this point. His belief grew, as far as concerned the Holy Spirit, but the theology of the orthodox Trinity left him very much in doubt. He seems not to have arrived at the point at which he was filled to the extent that he spoke with tongues, or perhaps I overlooked any mention he might have made of it.


Back again to the SPECULATIVE side of the question of just what is this Holy Spirit, we can remember that Rama Khrisna, a holy man of fame in India, who worshiped the Great Mother, often fell into an ecstatic state when in contact with the Mother, whatever she may have been, and remained separated for some time from his faithful chelas. But, so far as I know, he spoke in no tongues, only cried out happily in his own language. (My book by Romaine Roland on the subject has gone to the Place of Safe Keeping with Dolly, and so I can only rely on my memory in this matter.)


Theosophists, in boiling down the many systems of belief in India to make one systematic line of belief out of the tangle, are strong on THOUGHT-FORMS and in Tibet especially, there was the belief that one could, by thinking, create a very solid thought-form in what we would call the substance of the Aunihipili aka, and send it in some intended shape to do certain things. It might be a man or an animal and would go, as an Aunihipili under hypnotic command, to do various things, good or bad, and would have mana enough and mesmeric power enough to have a very definite effect on the living person visited. These thought-form people seem to be very enduring, and we might believe that they remained for years in Egypt to put a curse on the anthropologists who entered tombs over which they had been set as guards.


The na kahuna of the degraded temple worship kind in Polynesia, sacrificed a victim instead of laying a cornerstone to build a temple platform of rocks. The Aunihipili of the victim was commanded to separate itself from its Auhane and remain indefinitely as a spirit to guard the temple and punish any who might try to desecrate it. Even to this day, the knowing Hawaiians make a prayer and an offering of a leaf placed under a stone when visiting some temple ruin.


All of which brings us to the belief of some that whether or not there was a genuine Jesus in the flesh who became an initiated or christed one – a Christ – such an entity would have been created and given body on the astral plane with mana power to act and help and heal, by the prayers, belief and picturing down the centuries of the many true believers. In order to be right on call in a moment wherever an appeal was made to him, this created Jesus would have to spread over the world like a blanket, or be multiplied almost without limit. To help in making this idea better, it has been suggested that the spirits of holy men and women the world over, from lowly monk to highest worshiping scholar, may have died and elected to become spirit helpers of the Jesus who had been made real in a way by having a thought-form of him created – a multiple entity built up from century to century by worshipers and ceremonials of the Church.


It is argued that with such helpers, perhaps just below the level of the Aumakua, this Jesus could be called upon as the Holy Spirit and come to help as needed or, in the case under discussion, perhaps enter and “fill” and cause the expectant Pentecostals to speak in the language of the dead spirit. Or, regardless of the thought-form of Jesus, the spirits in question might come to help and to give the hoped for and expected “gift” of tongues. In any case, something apparently very real and with some mana power seems to be involved.




Psychometric Analysis readings with chart and pendulum show the same old story in the case of Charles Manson who was instrumental, with his hippy “family”, in killing several innocent people. Now John L. Frazer, only 24, and part of a hippie community near Santa Cruz, California, has an almost identical reading, counterclockwise and bad all around, and very near the mediumistic range in the degree. Both men are badly obsessed by very evil spirits, who apparently urge them on to their murderous deeds. Frazier, in his picture in TIME magazine of November 2nd, appears to be a very pleasant, bearded young man and to look at him one would not suspect his dangerous obsession. He tied up, then killed a doctor, his wife, two sons and his secretary. Both men had made the excuse that they were starting a revolution or, in Frazier’s case, a Third World War. Frazier was familiar with the Tarot Cards and intimated that four people were involved, saying they were represented by the four Knights of the deck. I repeat: someday we will get around to learning to sort people at an early age with the aid of P.A. readings and perhaps keep the obsessed ones where they can have a pleasant life but not murder innocent people who never have done them the slightest harm. Fairly recent efforts to interest the sheriff in an Eastern town of the U.S.A. came to nothing. Mass murders raise a problem for our astrologers. Could there be something in the horoscopes of all the murdered so exactly alike that on a certain day and hour they would be killed?


MUCH THE SAME QUESTION is brought up by valued HRA Robert E. in California, in a letter he wrote: “I have been pondering for some time now the old, old question of the percentage of self  determination versus pre-determined fate. The work of Cayce and many other seers seems to indicate that we have very little control over the main events of our lives. I am sure that problem has occupied your inquiring mind at times. In some future H.V. I would certainly like to hear your views or conclusions on the subject.”


I was told that the na kahuna of old believed that the Aumakua of a person selected his parents and arranged the birth and time and place, but that they were in a small way limited by the chance of accident for the child as it would inhabit an animal body, that is, a body living under the laws that govern all flesh. If the child survived and grew, the superior mentation which is the gift of the na Aumakua, would enable them to look ahead and see the main events of the life and the time and place and circumstances of death. However, it was also said that the requests of the individual for help from the na Aumakua could bring changes in almost anything that was about to happen, although our future came along day by day, formed in aka substance ahead of the event, roughly by our plans and hopes and even fears.


Prophets and seers are able to contact the na Aumakua and get from them, through their na Aunihipili, glimpses of the future, but these glimpses may be colored by the Aunihipili as it tries to transmit them. Cayce, for instance, had his home and photo studio burn down, and the question in one’s mind very naturally is, why would so gifted a man not have forseen this fire and been able to take steps to avoid it? In my book, Secret Science Behind Miracles, I tell of an elevator builder in Honolulu who each morning made contact with his Aumakua, thinking it was God, and getting a “ting-a-ling” to tell him contact was complete. He then asked to be warned of any danger for his workmen for the day, and often would be given a vision of some accident in the course of happening. He then would take steps to prevent it, and was always successful. He got a special bonus from the elevator company for his strange ability to prevent accidents. I also told of my own experience with a mediumistic lady kahuna in getting instructions, from she knew not where, to help me sell my store.


I had already seen the only possible buyer of my camera business and offered it to him and been turned down. Had it not been that she foresaw the fact that he would change his mind if I put the offer in writing before him again, I would have lost everything instead of getting at least a little out of it and being able to pay off what I owed at the bank.


If we could look frequently into the future and see the bad things that might be coming up for us, we might then know what to ask the na Aumakua to do to protect us and Help us. But lacking this precognative ability, most of us get right into the midst of trouble before we realize it and can only then ask the Aumakua to break down the future that may lie ahead, also if bad, and rebuild it for the better.


On a national scale, the chance of avoiding trouble seems all but impossible, as we would have to be able to convince the majority of people that disaster was on the way and all pray in unison to have it stopped. In the family group the same thing applies to a much lesser extent, of course. Events often effect the lives and fortunes of a number of people when one comes upon deep trouble.


It seems to me that the best we can do is to keep in as close touch as possible with the Aumakua and keep up a constant picturing and plea for good conditions.


The Hindus believe in an absolute and unchanging “law of karma”, administered from the first crack of the dawn of Creation by “Lords of Karma”. They are fatalists and do not believe that one can change the future in any way, but that all trouble, illness and difficulty must be lived through to “pay off past karma”.  They count karma accumulated over the centuries in our many incarnations, and offer no other solution to the problem. But in Buddhism, which was a reform doctrine, the idea was laid aside and all but ignored. One lived the proper life and followed the “Noble Eightfold Path”, or one put on the yellow robe, gave away all of one’s possessions and became a holy beggar, without desire of any kind, the idea being that in this way one could avoid karmic retribution and attain Nirvana after death. (The Code tells us that the secret teaching was that this led directly to what we have came to call “graduation”, in which one blends with the mate and graduates from the Auhane level of consciousness to that of the Aumakua.)


In later Buddhism there developed the doctrine of Amitaba or a vicarious  atonement to be had by living the proper life and depending of the kind heart of Gautama to do the rest. The idea spread around the world some centuries before the birth of Christianity and was adopted, as were so many other foreign ideas, as the doctrine of the vicarious atonement. Karma was very poorly presented in the “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” verse, and later the idea of “salvation” from the inhetited curse of the sins of Adam was added, but as a gift given to the faithful, not as something earned.


Arthur Findlay wrote several books to prove that all religions came from the psychic experiences of mediumistic persons, and in the study of psychism we have had numerous books written to show that some of us carry over memories from past lives and also fixations which cause us to do strange things, or visit upon us the ills remembered dimly. Then ever present is the threat of obsession of the living by the dead to complicate matters.


The idea of karma may have originated from such a mixture of psychism and obsession, and we can see how it was expanded to the vast scope it now possesses in India and in part by Theosophists and many who have accepted the idea totally or in part. I am constantly getting letters in which something is blamed on bad karma. Good karma seems to be lost from the picture. The na kahuna had no such belief so far as I can learn. Nor is there one in early Egypt or in later Christian


WORD HAS REACHED ME FROM A FRIEND that one of the loved and valued HRAs is gone. She was a teacher of metaphysics and New Thought who turned to Huna and while she was in health did much good work for the Ancient Lore. But she was attacked by cancer, and there followed the usual surgery and burning until the doctors sent her home to die. Realizing what lay ahead for her, she read the chapter in my Growing Into Light titled, “The Last Enemy”, turned the book over on her bedside table to mark the place, wrote a note to her loved husband who had just gone to work, and took a lethal dose of sleeping pills. She was well across when they found her. Some day, when we become civilized and can fight back the Church and its objections, we will have a better way of handling these things. But at present, if one wishes the chance to bow out, one needs to act before going into the hospital or nursing home where all chance is lost to reach an agent through which one can make one’s escape. When one sees that there is no hope and also when the family means may be exhausted, this is an honorable and reasonable way. One should impress on one’s mind the need to watch for a gleam of light when over, and to go to it at all costs, not allowing apparent friends or foes to make one deviate or hesitate. The path leads through the lower realm straight to the intended goal. The Aumakua will watch over one in the journey down the “Lighted Passage” and help to get to the end of it. Mercifully, we take our pets when old and ill to the vet.


THE PAPERBACK BOOK titled What Jesus Taught In Secret is still with Dell publishers. After some time I had a form card saying it had been received and would be given careful attention and would be reported on in from 2 to 3 months. So the time has not come yet to know the publisher or the price or whether our psychic, Connie, was right in her flash on the matter.


CONSIDER THE WHOLE MATTER OF KARMA as the sages of India have stretched the theory to the breaking point, as they do with almost all their philosophies when they try to rationalize them to make them fit a beginning and an end. They couldn’t get far  enough back to make Karma work unless they started before the first man so they created imaginary “Lords of Karma” before Creation, as I have said. Then they mixed in a badly stretched and warped idea of reincarnation and its many lives (as many as there are grains of sand by the seas), and they had thrown into the mixture the idea that man had to evolve from his lowest estate to that of almost a god, so they gave him plenty of time to outlive the Aunihipili and get to be all Aumakua, with no graduation steps in between. The congealed general idea, once formed, was clung to through thick and thin with the amazing setness of the Hindu mind, which is almost as mulish as our own.


THE KARMIC SYSTEM was invented in an effort to explain the Supreme Being and to bolster the assumption that He must be entirely good and entirely JUST. The Vidic religion had both male and female parts in their idea of God. The signs had THE LIGHT as half of the final power and THE DARKNESS as the other half. These two, according to their surmise, were always at war, with first one winning, then the other. One had but to look about one to see the evil getting its good licks or the good presiding. The good Light was the friend of the good people, but could not protect them from the attacks of the Dark, so that illness and death eventually came. The good were supposed to have more good come to them than the evil, and to go to a place of Light after death, while the evil ended up joining the Devil’s minions.


Much of the beliefs of the Far East traveled to the Near East over the years and ideas were shared and often adopted. The early Egyptians had their own ideas and seem to have believed in several gods as a Supreme Family. They also believed in a strict system of justice, watched over by the gods and in evil gods of lower animal nature who stood ready to devour the souls of the ones who, after death, came to have their hearts weighted in the scales to see whether they were to go on to their version of heaven or to be cast at once to the crocodile god. The Jews had a heaven and a hell which were earned by goodness or evil.  In Christianity the only God taught was the Father, whom, so the  Code tells us, was really the Father-Mother Aumakua, above whom all the still higher powers were misty and more or less out of reach. The Jewish idea of hell was not stressed by Jesus, but was accepted, as was the idea of Jehovah as God, by the ones who came upon the outer teachings in book form and misunderstood them while they added old ideas to fit them to their needs.


IT IS WITH GREATEST RELUCTANCE that we give up the idea to which most of us have been reared, that God is near and hears our prayers and that he is very kind and good and utterly just. In his place we have the Aumakua, who is also “Utterly Trustworthy” and good and kind and who hears our prayers and materializes the answer if we send enough mana and make the prayer picture in the correct way. But here we have, instead of a Devil or Darkness or ill visited on us endlessly by “Karmic retrobution”, simply the Laws of Mother Nature which govern the animal and material world in which we are housed in the human body.


We recognize the facts of the Laws of Nature, and never question gravity as such a law or any of the other constant reactions which are expected when we put two chemicals together or when waves of light are found to have always to travel at a given speed. We watch through our telescopes and see the vast array of new and old stars and reason that beyond the farthest limits of sight and knowledge there lie endless other universes.


SCIENCE HAS EXPENDED OUR KNOWLEDGE of the way Natural Law works without variation, or, perhaps with some slight variations. And the near and dear old concept of our God gradually is forced to expand to cover all of Creation, and that is such an expansion that to our very limited minds makes the Supreme very far away, very thinned out, quite beyond our reach and call. And we rightly question the old concept we once accepted in Christianity, at least in part, of a Jehovah who was a near and jealous God and who must be propitiated by burnt offerings. The same must be said of the Devil (“who goeth about seeking whom lie may devour”, like the crocodile god of the Egyptians). We are growing up, at least a few of us are. And we wonder anew where and how the original na kahuna inherited or evolved their so modern and so realistic and satisfactory system.


AGE AND NATURAL LAW has caught up with my little partner, Ethel Doherty, and with myself. She fell on September 2nd, breaking both hips and was long in the hospital after two operations, then to a Convalescent Center and on October 30, finally, we managed to get her a single room in a nursing home just down the street, where she improves and gets her rest. My left leg, owing to poor circulation, has become swollen and walking difficult. I can sit at the typewriter only in short stretches and pray and do the best I can.