Teaching Huna to the Children - Max F. Long



The best stories of all are those which tell all about how WE were made, and also the animals, birds, insects and even flowers. It is also fun to hear how such things as clouds and rainbows came to be.


In the Beginning, ever so many years ago, there was no world. There were no animals or people, not even stars in the sky. But all through the places where the stars and world and sun and moon were to be put, there was God.


Now God is so large that no one can imagine anyone or anything that big, and so, in telling the story of CREATION (which is how things were made), the men of old had to think of God as a very wise and strong MAN, and they called Him, “The Father”, and said that he lived in the heavens.


The odd thing about God is that he is invisible. That means that no one can see Him. He has no body like ours, but is made of the STUFF that is used to make THOUGHTS. We can call it “thought stuff” or “self stuff” because even people know that they are themSELVES, without having to stop to think that they have bodies. (You and I and all the creatures were given a bit of think stuff so we can know that we are alive and are God’s Children.)


If you have trouble thinking of things which can’t be seen, you might like to play a little game like Jack and Jill did long ago. (You may know their story, but there was a part of it that was secret and did not get into the books. Now you can know the secret part.)


Jack and Jill were playing and Jill had her crayons and a sheet of paper on a board so she could draw pictures. Jack was trying to tell her the Secret. He used the thought stuff in his head to make a fine big thought, than said to Jill, “I’ve made a thought. See if you can see or feel or hear or taste what it is.”


“There isn’t anything that I can see,” said Jill after a minute of trying. She felt in the air around Jack’s head and listened and smelled. But, of course, she could sense nothing. Jack’s thought – just like God and His thoughts – was as if nothing had been made. But something very real had been made. Thoughts are very real. Jill said, “I’ll give up. I think this is all pretend.”


“No it isn’t,” said Jack. “A nice lady at the library told how to understand such things as God and THOUGHTS. It’s easy, and I will show you. First you have to make a thought, just like I did, and then you have to find a word to match it. That is how everything was made to start with. The lady told us that in a very old book some wise man had written, ‘In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ I don’t think God was really the Word. He just must have thought a thought and then found the right word to match it before He spoke the Word. Anyway, we all can think a thought and find a word for it. The word that will make you able to hear my thought is BLUE. I made a thought of blue. Take your crayons and mark a blue patch on you paper, then you can also see my thought. But the blue spot will be harder to feel, and can hardly be smelled or tasted at all.”


Jill made a blue spot with her crayons. She studied it and then asked, “If you think of God and say the word ‘God’ for Him, can I draw Him in a picture?”


“I asked the story lady that same thing,” said Jack. “She said that ever so long ago the Egyptians who built the pyramids we see in our geography books had tried to make a picture of God so they could put it into their tombs. But finally they had to pretend. They said that a shadow was the nearest thing they could think of that was like God. And because the sun made a shadow with its light, they said that the SUN should stand for God in all their pictures, and that for God’s invisible body they would picture a shadow. They said that God had given men shadow bodies just like his, and the shadows of Kings were so royal that there was always a servant standing around just to see that no one ever stepped on the king’s shadow and he tried not to step on it himself, so when he walked in the sunshine, another servant carried an umbrella to cover him so he would not make a shadow to get stepped on.”


“Does it hurt one’s shadow to get stepped on?” asked Jill.


“I don’t know,” said Jack thoughtfully. “It just might. But more sacred even than the king’s shadow was the sun itself. They believed that it stood as the real Thought and Word of God – even that it WAS God – which the story lady said was a mistake. But, mistake or not, they used to think of God and then say the word, SUN or the word LIGHT, and that was how He got that name. And they called God’s great power SUNLIGHT.”


Jill picked up her scissors and her paper. “If thoughts are real, I am going to make us into a king and a queen.” She snipped out two crowns from her paper and put one on her own head and the other on Jack’s. “There you are, Mr. King” she laughed. “See to it that you don’t step on your royal shadow and spoil it. But come, we’d better go up the hill to the spring and get Mother that pail of water.”


They took their pail and climbed the hill. As the sun was in front of them and threw their shadows behind as the went, they had no trouble in not stepping on them. But when they had filled their pail and started down the hill with their shadows in front of them, they tripped in trying not to step on them, and Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill, who had also tripped, came tumbling after.


Jack shivered as he picked up Jill. Spring water is very cold. “I don’t know,” said Jack, “whether my shadow body – my real one, not just my shadow – can get wet, but my regular body sure can. We’d better get another pail of water and hurry home and get into dry clothing.”


So, now that you know what really happened that time to Jack and Jill, let’s go back to the story of how everything was MADE. But first it must be explained that because God and His shadow body and Sunlight Power are hard to imagine without the shadows or the sun, we will do like an ancient neighbor people of the Egyptians did. They made everything simple and called God THE FATHER. And, (here is a very special secret for you) because even God cannot be a father without there being a mother, we will call her, in our stories, THE MOTHER. She is also too large to imagine and has a shadowy body one can’t see, and is very powerful. She is very beautiful and very kind and she loves everything, especially baby creatures. Try to remember that our story is not all true. Most stories are part PRETEND, and so ours will have to be.