HUNA in the Kabala & Tarot

Excerpts from the HUNA Vistas Bulletins

Max Freedom Long

Published on 04.07.2016, Format: DIN A5, 264 Pages, English

Softcover, ISBN: 978-3-7418-2942-0  -  Hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-7418-2943-7 - Ebook, ISBN 978-3-7418-5782-9 

In September 1959 Max F. Long started the Huna Vistas Bulletins taking much care of the Kabala and Tarot. In Dec. 1962 he started his predictions for each year. He wrote: “My experience with the Tarot, for what it may be worth, is that it is an outer expression of veiled “magical” truth and that, in the hands of psychic and expert users, it forms a valuable tool with which to probe past, present, and to a degree, the future.” In this context this subject merges with Huna and is worth being presented to the readers.

Monika Petry has collected all writings and correspondence concerning the Kabala and Tarot Cards in the Huna Vistas Bulletins so that readers who share Max Long's interest in Kabala & Tarot may find these subjects in a condensed form.

Important notice: This is NOT one of thousands of Tarot books but the first Book of HUNA IN TAROT.

The excerpts are presented in chronological order. 

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