Teaching HUNA to the Children - How Everything was made

Excerpt of the HUNA Vistas Bulletins

Max Freedom Long

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Published on 04.07.2016, Format: Paperback, 136 Pages, Language: English

Hardcover: ISBN: 978-3-7418-2957-4 - Softcover: ISBN: 978-3-7418-2956-7 - Ebook: ISBN: 978-3-7418-5778-2

In Mai 2016 Monika Petry published the English Trilogy of the HRA Bulletins of Max Freedom Long from 1948 to 1970.


Max F. Long wrote a lovely story in Febr. 1967 in Huna Vistas Bulletin No 76 -  Teaching Huna to the Children, How Everything was made. In this story he explains the basics of Huna in the Creation of the Universe and all Species. He introduces his story:


"The best stories of all are those which tell all about how WE were made, and also the animals, birds, insects and even flowers. It is also fun to hear how such things as clouds and rainbows came to be. In the Beginning, ever so many years ago, there was no world. There were no animals or people, not even stars in the sky. But all through the places where the stars and world and sun and moon were to be put, there was God. Now God is so large that no one can imagine anyone or anything that big, and so, in telling the story of CREATION (which is how things were made), the men of old had to think of God as a very wise and strong MAN, and they called Him, “The Father”, and said that he lived in the heavens."


"The odd thing about God is that he is invisible. That means that no one can see Him. He has no body like ours, but is made of the STUFF that is used to make THOUGHTS. We can call it “thought stuff or “self stuff” because even people know that they are themSELVES, without having to stop to think that they have bodies. (You and I and all the creatures were given a bit of think stuff so we can know that we are alive and are God’s Children.)"


"If you have trouble thinking of things which can’t be seen, you might like to play a little game like Jack and Jill did long ago. (You may know their story, but there was a part of it that was secret and did not get into the books. Now you can know the secret part.)..."

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